Bethel Red Flags

Bethel Red Flags

Let’s look at the latest weirdness from Bethel in a nutshell.

A ministry at bare minimum claimed growth that may actually be in the negative -1-3% growth, in contraction either way, is now liquidating a billion in US real estate assets, maybe a billion more internationally, maybe a billion more in other investment (in the last 4 years alone), milking the congregations for even more money to the last drop of the JW turnip, laying it all in hedges and derivatives globalist “casino” ensuring it is all to be liquidated in time, while claiming the “end of ends”, “maybe the last memorial”, “attack of the Assyrian any day now”, “it can end anyday now” expectation campaign, while embarking/planning on two long range massive HQ construction and relocations with multi-year completion projections, potentially leaving JWs in HQ limbo “at that time” FOR YEARS, while compressing the Bethel organizational control structure further down to the CO level, hidden as “removing the DOs” but it actually facilitates silencing any “elder” issues that may arise from elders that can put 2 and 2 together and get 4, while Bethel promotes 666 instead, “as crazy as it sounds you must obey” and follow the org to 8th Kingville.

Yeah, everything is just fine at a non-existent “Bethel”.

Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

What it is really called is the Bethel coup-de-grace. Now the 8th King backed lawless GB can finish what it started in 1976.

Then it will be the Revelation 9 Destroyer’s turn to follow them back to their home 8th King territory and prep them for where it will lead (Armageddon) some years after the Bethel downfall, and it is all already in the prophecies Bethel covers up for their 8th King pals.

Daniel Prophecy and 8th King Globalists
Daniel 11:36-41 and Daniel 8:23-25 8th King Globalist Details and the Bethel Apostasy Co-Development

In time the prophecy by God guarantees the whole truth will come forth from the Bethel apostasy, and it will aid the explanation as everything they now cover up, will be the focus of the final explanation, the final Kingdom invitation warning ever to be given to Adamic mankind.

The 8th King is to be headed for the same destiny Bethel will soon be subjected to by divine decree of Daniel 8:13-14. The JW judgment will produce a recovery, and a picture of a fuller world judgment that will develop in the final cycle the temple judgment activates into. (1Pet4:17; Rev8:3-5).

After temple recovery, the whole 1914-1919 pattern will repeat as a final Kingdom warning will go forth, again (Rev10:11), into a global tribulation to be resolved (Matt24:29), into this time 8th King world government (Dan11:45; Dan8:25) at Daniel 12:11 again, as final fulfillment.

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