Was Charles Russell an “Illuminati” Agent?

Why I Think Charles Russell was a Sincere Christian, Not an “Illuminati” Agent

Well since all of Christendom is already apostate and infiltrated, why even create a Russell sect at all? Know what I mean? How much further could Charles Russell have taken a ship more off course when the whole is already lost?

I have seen these arguments and have to say some parts have definite truth as far as Free-Masonic influence in the early Jehovah’s witnesses development. Now mind you this is from a person who believes modern Bethel is a full blown apostasy, I am not defending JWs per se. But at the same time all of Christendom is steeped wall to wall in a metaphysics of “Christ” and is full of Masonic symbology just as much as a US Dollar bill. So Charles Taze Russell echoing the themes of accepted symbology and teachings from Christendom from his era and time seems par for the course, all the churches were already fully occult in teachings anyways. (And still are) So what exactly was Russell infiltrating? Where the Illuminati and Masons were already running the Christendom joint anyways?

SO that much of the argument falls flat, like pot calling kettle black, the whole context of Masonic Christendom seems by this definition to have been infiltrated long before the Illuminati group was even coined as a term. Its full blown, it could get no worse.

But in the long run, here is the problem I have with theory that Charles Russell was a successful Illuminati agent.

(1) He led the way to undermining their Christendom occultism and exposing it globally, and he led the way to

(2) exposing the League of Nations as a prophecy of world government that eventually completes and triggers Christ’s arrival.

Why, I ask, would the Illuminati undermine their more important overall operation in Christendom and world government development for some speck of a sect of Christianity in JWs that barely broke a million people membership in Russell’s and Rutherford’s time if that?

Wow, what a dangerous conspiracy! Makes no sense. Even now JWs are an insignificant movement as far as numbers. Wow, quite the Illuminati “operation” there. And all it does is distract attention from the far grander Christendom Illuminati operation now peaking. (Not to say after Russell, LATER, that things are not NOW suspect in the Bethel ministry as I cover later here)

1. Russell’s campaign undermines the Christendom occult secrecy

Russell’s basic theology totally undermined at least 1000 years of the Christendom metaphysical and Masonic occult infiltrations. Russell dumped all the metaphysics of the immortal soul, trinity and hell fire and more Christendom myths.

My question is, why would the Illuminati undermine their own control of the churches in a manner that negated all the Roman and Reformation era infiltrations and error weaved in the Christendom “mystery religion” of that time and after?

So that, to me, seems like the Illuminati shooting themselves in the foot, as the Christendom “apostasy” was to become a major theme of the JW global ministry Russell spearheaded, fully exposing the meta-physics of the Christendom “decoy” as actually from ancient occult Babel origins, which we gather today is the same origins as Masonry and occultism.

Why send out a guy that helps DESTROYS the Christendom Mason and Illuminati engineered myths? Makes no sense overall.

2. Russell’s campaign set the stage for world government exposure as “image” and “wild beast” prophecy

Now the Russell “Illuminati infiltrated” Jehovah’s witnesses of 1919 come out and say that little League of Nations world government thing is also prophecy at Revelation 13:11-15, and they come out later and say the United Nations is a continuation of this same prophetic course as second step to world government in 1945 as Revelation 17:8-11.

Now my question is, why would “the Illuminati” also throw on the lights that their world government is prophecy and heading to doom at Armageddon when it finally completes as what JWs basically are trying to say, and that it is all prophecy?

Why expose that Christendom will not explain nor endorse this prophecy because they are an occult wild beast “anti-Christ” override of the same overall development?

All that headache for the elites starts with Charles Russell. If he was intended to be an “illuminati agent” he TOTALLY failed. If he was intending to be a sincere Christian he TOTALLY succeeded!

Why would the Illuminati undermine 1000 years of hard deception work in Christendom and the world system, for one rogue preacher to establish a itty-bitty “occult” ministry that exposes it all to the world at grand scale, in spite of the small JW numbers? Makes no sense.

If the Illuminati was using Russell as some imply, well then they used him to shoot themselves in the head now, they used him to expose the true roots of their existence and undermine the entire Christendom sham as the more significant infiltration aiding world government acceptance.

Thus imo, it would be better to have just let Russell make the next Sears department store chain, and stay totally out of religion and just let Christendom continue on the hot rails to world government, selling it to their masses as the “kingdom of God”, and none of this would still be in the spotlight today. If Russell is an Illuminati agent, then they are some of the biggest dolts in world history, they undermined and exposed their whole operation through one man.

Why mess with the perfect Christendom occult override in the first place?; it is already totally occult, full of metaphysical fictions and error, and supports human world government development, so why not just let that Titanic proceed as planned? Why even toss Russell in the mix at all?

And that is why logically, Russell may have had Masonic ties and relations, but like Moses who also did, Russell went full rogue Christian and in the end did it the way he chose, obviously not the way the Illuminati would have intended or originally planned. Russell was to the Illuminati what Moses was to Egypt and what Paul was to the Pharisees, a rogue nightmare.

But that is not the end of this story.

Modern JWs are far more suspect

Now modern JWs, who by Bethel lead, became UN DPI Outreach Program UN NGO (1991-2001) is far more suspect of a successful “Illuminati” operation—Right NOW, today, at this moment, not in 1914. (Awake1 9/8/1991)

Thus suspicions of Charles Russell “conspiracy” add to the diversion from the real “conspiracy” at Bethel “operation of error” NOW

That Bethel also conceals the 1990 historic 3rd United Nations presentation after the Cold War, that would now logically connect to the first two UN presentations as steps to world government since 1919 and 1945, had they maintained the Russell set course, that JWs [used to expose live and real-time] is far more suspect.

Now with JWs supposedly God foretells the first two UN placements as prophecy, but somehow forgets to also foretell the 3rd UN placement in 1990? What’s up with that JWs?

And now JWs also imply God does not foretell the future 4th UN placement that would logically be world government that this now 1-2-3 UN development is leading to UN 1-2-3 and 4, 1-2-3-4?

When JWs could have used the 3rd UN presentation of 1990 to revitalize their ministry along the classic JW theme since 1919-1945 in those first two UN presentation exposures as prophecy, they just ignore it and devolve into a global debacle of UN NGO, pedophiles and cult programmed shunning instead? Very weird indeed are modern JWs and their UN NGO endorsement. It is modern JWs that have “Illuminati” written all over them, now.

It is modern JWs that appear to be Illuminati infiltrated because the 1976 “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” (GB), a dictatorial corporate coup exposed by Ray Franz, is who has made certain this is the current apostate state of the JW ministry. If you want to find “Illuminati agents”, that is where they are now, in Bethel and in the Governing Body, RIGHT NOW, fully covering up modern UN and globalization activity, not to mention every dimension of questionable developments in NATO military expansion, 911, false-flags, finance and banking swindles at global scale, massive national debts, food production monopoly, high energy technologies potential, etc. Bethel conveniently IGNORES all modern globalization research and ramifications many instead expose in global alternative news and research.

It seems what JWs started under Russell, is now to be reversed, whatever success Russell led the way to, modern Bethel is overriding to break the whole continuity of exposing world government as prophecy.

And Bethel and JWs are now globally known UN co-promoters as UN NGO, the basic function of a UN NGO UN “partner”? Come on folks, it is MODERN JWs who people should pay attention to the signs in.

My opinion is JWs started out as a valid Christian reform ministry, for real, with huge prophetic insights, and Charles Russell played a key role in that reformation inception—he was a rogue Christian dynamo for real, no way an “Illuminati agent”, and if he was he defected; BIG TIME, lol. But in time, very slowly, Bethel and JWs devolved into apostasy and “spiritual slumber” and eventually allowed a full GB centered defection from “the holy covenant” and a full infiltration of enemy aligned impostors now owning and running the JW apostate ministry in UN cover up and UN NGO endorsement, as well as its whole corporate global complex and its billions in assets.

It is now that JWs are about to be finished.

If Charles Taze Russell was a “crafty Illuminati agent” then he certainly was the WORST one in all history, his work fully undermined the world government goal from global exposure, connection to prophecy, with the full exposure of the global Christendom sector sham that does promote that world government as a counterfeit “God’s Kingdom on earth”. It is modern JWs who carry out the Illuminati agenda in the modern JW ministry, even endorsing the rival 8th King UN “image” as co-advertising UN NGO.

That’s why I think if anything Russell went rogue, and became a true Christian spearhead minister furthering exposure of globalist world government reality, and it all does connect to the League of Nations 1914-1919 epicenter of this development of global domination when Russell peaked. Even now Russell continues to haunt the globalists with their ultimate destiny of a war with God for this planet’s rulership, and to open the door to later connect all that to prophecy, as is the theological opinion of old school Jehovah’s witnesses.

Today’s JWs are not of the same lump of doe, imo, who knows what they believe; they believe they can be UN NGO, and also be with the “Kingdom of God”; JWs try to serve two masters, the UN and God, so now the subversion is truly successful and complete. Now the JW org can be sunk, tell JWs it is “the end of the world”, and just let JWs be scattered and figure it out for themselves as the world proceeds to world government anyways, because it appears Bethel will go down long before world government completes, mum and silenced. Today’s Bethel is not teaching truth any longer, they are UN cohorts and in modern times, imo, is when JWs were fully successfully infiltrated and subverted to the point a 3rd UN presentation has no meaning to them.

If not just a simple obsessed and sincere Christian reformer, like Paul, then Charles Russell was an Illuminati agent gone terrible, terribly wrong, a total loose canon that blew their own house down, lol.

8 thoughts on “Was Charles Russell an “Illuminati” Agent?”

    1. Thanks I will watch it, and read. I have had a few Bible Students contact me, and I stated they “Jehovah’s witnesses” LABEL, though a reality, does not limit God’s view of who He is using, or going to use in the future.
      By now we KNOW truth and error must occur together as sure as wheat and weeds and potential sheep and goats. GOD makes the final call, as Christ is appointed GLOBAL judge. And now we also have, in that truth and error REALITY, certain PRINCIPLES, that we can now fully be aware of. This is because we discern what is error, and what truth and principles of global and kingdom development to keep.
      The 1914 based truth, and that from 1874, completed the principle of exposing and removing the core “Christendom” errors, for the basics. Charles Russell was the most effective global preacher, for his own era and to today, since the apostle Paul. Those BASICS, and PRINCIPLES God allowed and aided him to found, must be retained for a “proper foundation”.
      From there, many have the foundation, in spite of the problems that have emerged from “men who cause divisions” in the JW org, and we must “not judge anything before the Lord arrives”, we cannot know who is who, in detail. We see the fruitage, we see the divisions, we see the problems in the modern JW ministry, and problems since after Russell’s death, because weeds are all over the place.

      Thus, as with Job, “un-covenanted” as far as Israel, but obviously in a personal covenant with God Almighty, we have the PRINCIPLE, that God WILL ASSESS every person of Earth, as sure as Satan has tested every human of earth, in various ways. God’s coming CYCLE of judgments, WELL BEFORE THE END, will begin to appeal to his “other sheep” PRINCIPLE, that there are individual “sheep” out there, that must iun time “BECOME on flock”. They are not one flock, like the consecrated “little flock”, at this time.

      We can respect the PRINCIPLE, without getting derailed into arguments. The principle is, God has other sheep and “MY PEOPLE” STILL in BTG, all the way until world government outlaws global religions. WE MUST promote a BIG OPEN SALVATION TO ALL PEOPLE, and ALL CHRISTIANS, rather than a “our team” versus “their team” DIVISION.

      It is a FAITH, not a “religion”. “Religion” “team labels” is the first step to divisions. The “church” building, is the first step to physical idolatry. Faith and “congregation” are spiritual realities, that the Devil soon packages into “religions” and “churches”, as the human inclination is to require visual representations and “team brandings” to believe they are worshiping God. In time, they start to worship “religion”, and physical symbols of the religion.

      But with God, His “vision” is not eclipsed by such divisions and veneers is it? No, He assesses all mankind, and He understand the variou divisional and traditional limitations placed on all people. We have to endeavor to “see” as God “sees”, and not let visuals and modern idols, distract out focus, on God and Christ, but also on the big salvation to come.

      God CANNOT just preserve people by a “religious label”, He will create a global context to appeal to many people, in the most basic ways, as the advancement of the “second witness” of the “two witnesses” comes forth in time. 1914-1918 was the first witness that many Bible students accept, but in time it was hi-jacked by Bethel. We do not know every detail, we know many truths continued with JWs, but many truths continued with all the Bible Students as well. It seems there was intrigues designed to sow seeds at Bethel, while cutting out people who should not have been cut out. When it comes to JWs, you do not leave, you get kicked out, PERIOD. Yes you can try to leave, but if it enters their illegal “legal” congregational channels, many get the boot. True some fade, but the point is, “gnat straining” and self righteous elements have influenced the JW ministry “gradually given over” (Dan8:12), to the total scandal ridden “disgusting thing” (principle), the JW org is today. It was not overnight. And it will not escape the Daniel 8:13-14 judgment.

      At the same time, many Bible Student groups, have I assume, kept greater unity, but of course “weeds” are everywhere, as Jesus said “the field is the world”, in principle. But they will be given full opportunity for the “second witness”, that will emerge upon Bethel getting the justice they need, that is a mega-judgment of God on the now full-apostate, UN-allied, JW Organization. Many will be exonerated, when Bethel is indicted, sentenced (already (Zech3:1-3)), judged AND EXPOSED in that “Second witness”. We cannot know yet, what human aids, God will employ, as I did in Russell’s day, employ human and secular tools.

      Thus there was not reason to be divided, it is the wrong elements INSIDE OF BETHEL, that has GRADUALLY AND PROGRESSIVELY, now totally ruined the JW ministry and reputation. (Zech3:3) But as with using “Christendom”, God will use “Bethel”, because there always needs to be an “epicenter” of the CAUSE of His judgment. Bethel is of the proper global scale and notoriety, to garner the proper scale of global attention, when and after Bethel is “sacked” (Dan11:41; Dan8:13-14), because God will use that period (Dan8:13-14; Rev8:3-5), to awaken all “ten virgins”, and all people affected as such. (Hag2:7)

      Not all “ten virgins” make the Temple Judgment approval. Thus OTHERS are candidate for anointing and participation, regardless of their future aspirations in God’s purpose. Beth Hell’s Judgment, will mean an anointed depletion, “five foolish virgins” worth, and much of it is a bad attitude, which the GB promotes, a self righteous and cold attitude, and now God will call them ice cubes out to the over of the weeds. Mnay JWs have now adopted the same “holier than thou” attitude. (2Thess2:11-12)

      It is for a purpose. Not everyone, has allowed that attitude an spirit to afefct them, to the degree of rejection. And the temple judgment is for the purpose of cleansing and repentance, for the final warning clarification to emerge from Bethel’s downfall, as the enemy “starnger’s voice” is silenced from Bethel’s shut mouth.

      (Hosea 4:5) And I will put your mother to silence.

      Daniel 8:13-14 is phased (Dan8:26) and timed, to help doubters to come to full awareness, as and after it runs its course. And it will be in the Daniel 11, Daniel 11:42 position. NOT “Daniel 11:44 brothers! it must be the end! look no further!”, which Bethel is priming JWs to believe in deceptive error (2Thess2:1-2), so the Bethel apostates and impostor renegades have a “its the end brothers!” smokescreen for the Bethel downfall events.

    2. Alright, sorry it took so long, I thought that was an hour long usual Russell Mason expose. Now if Fritz Springmeier doesn’t convince me, this thing certainy is not, but because this is pretty flimsy.

      1. In general after Russell died we have no idea who made the decisions for his headstone accent pyramid piece. We know his October 31st occult date death, suggests murder rather than natural causes, and its “Halloween sacrifice” dating speaks for itself. So we know some group wanted him dead. The only ones that come to mind are Illuminati type secret groups who back demon/human world government. Charles Russell always backed God’s Kingdom, and Christ’s Messianic Kingdom and coming full “King of kings” kingship and placement by God Almighty.

      Many Masons are unclear who their King is, in their histories it is Nimrod, and so on. But elite Freemasons with the Illuminati option-pack, proclaim Lucifer as their King.

      Hence they had a core dispute with Charles Russell and the King candidate he backed. So, his death is no surprise, and his anti-mason stance for Jesus Christ, not Lucifer, is well known.

      2. So there is a Masonic center there. Proves nothing. It was probably constructed later. But even if it wasn’t, is now everyone in this cemetery a Mason? Is it a Masonic burial ground now? Probably not. So this is pretty flimsy “guilt by post mortem” association.

      3. Now in an investigation I did for a family who has a loved one who “committed suicide”, for he left a suicide note, we can deduce another anecdote to consider in this videos claims.

      See, everyone thought this person committed suicide, by taking a 357 with his right hand, and firing it below his chin, which bullet frags entered his frontal lobe, ceasing his consciousness, but allowing him to be alive until he bled out.

      Upon closer examination of the logical and forensic evidence, however, another scenario emerged.

      Dominic was LEFT HANDED. A “strong lefty”, as in everything he did in sports and life, was left handed. So, he did not fire the gun. And the note was written by a right handed person. So, he did not pen his suicide note.

      HE WAS MURDERED. And the crime was subterfuged by a fake suicide note, and forgetting to consider Dom’s left handed characteristics.

      Now with that “Charles Russell” letter, it is not known who wrote that. And the wording in the rest of the letter, certainly is NOTHING in the character of Charles Russell’s other 50,000 pages of writing.

      So, we cannot know where that forgery comes from, but a forgery is possible and likely, given the Masonic bend to defame Russell even after death.

      Now Charles Russel endorsed and promoted EVERYTHING contrary to the Masonic elite mission of their own world government. What Mason defames the very roots of his supposed “brotherhood”, and curses its Luciferean diety too boot? LOL

      That is why claims Russell was “Illuminati” or Mason are ridiculous. It detracts from Bethel’s MODERN MASONISM, which is not ridiculous but rampant. Their organization book has 33 chapters. “JW” is a number-gram of 33, J=10, W=23. THAT is why everything is now “JW” this, and “JW” that. 33 dot org, 33 org run, or a Mason CIA infiltration sign.

      Thus all the Russell distraction distracts attention from Bethel’s MODERN Governing Body UN Masnic “body”. Russell openly cursed everything Mason’s love, worship, and believe in. So, he was no Mason, that is certain.

      That is how you know this Russell sleight of hand project, is just that: a distraction from Bethel’s modern CIA backed operation. They will try to destroy the “JWorg” in the future, that is when you will know this is not make believe.

      Russell was clearly ANTI-MASON. Clear as day.

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