Bethel’s Deep Illogic as Stated Policy – What it Actually Achieves “Between the Lines”

Bethel’s Deep Illogic as Stated Policy – What it Actually Achieves “Between the Lines”

This is the final portion intro of this full article, occurring at the end of the article: 

Ten Virgins and Temple Judgment

Which is this ending portion:

The Bethel Watchtower March 15, 2015 Dumb Down Policy Revealed and Applied

Which has this intro:

Deeper Implications in Bethel “Logic”

Of course much of this discrediting and waffling doubt process takes place “between the lines” to give further “food for thought” in various ways for individual Jehovah’s witnesses to psychologically grapple with in their own level of understanding of prophecy and Jehovah’s witnesses foundational truths of prophecy as formerly aided by parable symbols. Thus “between the lines” Bethel sows in deep logical contradictions actually weaved into the new Bethel rationale.

A problem that aids this being undetectable to many, is a Christian must be fully experienced in deep understanding of the original truth, to fully see how Bethel is slyly diverting it. Many Jehovah’s witnesses have “nodded off” so as to lose touch with deep study, in lieu of various Bethel organizational distractions and walking around neighborhoods in an imbalanced way.

Then there are the newbie JWs. For newer Jehovah’s witnesses the current Bethel “wormwood” diet just seems to be the way it always was, business as usual at Bethel. It is understandable why they will not detect the deeper development, they are not experienced enough in deep prophecy. Thus the whole thing is being diverted with deception and affected by well sown doubts, or hot off the press error, in different ways.

Since there is a “gradient” of experience and individual study, in general, the more Jehovah’s witnesses think about it, the more disharmonies with former teachings and principles arise in the process, purposeful Bethel disharmonization with the foundational truths is actually forming a warped and disjointed overall “message” now: it is simply the end, everything else we [used to believe] was all wrong. That is what Bethel is really saying, but by the illogic and doubts, not stated outright, but for people to determine on their own, later, progressively.

Deep internal doubt, that dumping of “oil”, that dawning of the realization of an illogical modern farce, is what is being sown.

The whole body of truth is being disjointed right under Jehovah’s witnesses noses. Now rather than show preview principles in these prophetic progressions since Israel’s time, to Christ’s time to Christendom’s time in their own “operation of error” apostate principle, now plainly surfacing at Bethel, Bethel just scraps everything that can be learned in that cyclic process of the replication of the same key apostate-to-judgment principles.

Of course this drops Bethel’s apostasy off the parable and prophecy “radar”, where their own apostate “blip” is now showing up: beep… beep… beep… As long as no one explains what that “blip” means, and that it is in prophecy and former principles as well, it will not occur to most Jehovah’s witnesses—they can continue to be misled amidst what is actually a final signal apostasy in maturity, concealing itself in the process. (2Thess2:1-4, Dan8:12, Dan11:30-35, 41, Zech3:1-3)

The current transformation of Bethel’s core process of presenting illogic as logical, divinely backed and beneficial, leaves many thinking Jehovah’s witnesses with logical contradictions to ponder later. The more deeply a Jehovah’s witness understood the original truth and prophecies, parables and principles, the deeper is the process of trying to resolve the hidden contradictions of the “new”, actually contradictory logic, actually deep illogic. That process of trying to fit all this together is of course far more confusing than anything Bethel is claiming to be “clarifying”. That psychological process, like a pebble in the shoe, will root around in the brain for quite some time, because these anomalies cannot actually be harmonized with the original Jehovah’s witnesses truth framework, they are changing and replacing it with no appeal to the more important core principle to retain.

At the same time, an experienced or insightful Jehovah’s witnesses Christian is who should be able to see the progressive Bethel apostate symptoms immediately, not as random hypocrisy, but as modern signal prophecy fulfilling—terminal apostasy maturation is the precursor to divine judgment, because only God and Christ can deal with such a deep rooted and fully advanced deceptive development. (Zech3:1-5, 2Thess2:8, Isa66:6)

And that divine encounter is the temple judgment and it will also form MORE notable, prophetic, SIGNAL developments to continue to manifest prophecy, from there, all the way to human world government and Christ’s arrival because this is a multi-year cycle, fully forecasted in prophecy repeating fulfillment in final form, not “the end” but of Bethel’s apostasy.

Thus the repeating principles are what manifest as repeating prophecy that must have a climax phase. Thus Bethel also conceals this principle of repeating developments signalling repeating prophecy in the process.

Everything Bethel does is to reinforce that HUGE premature end delusion, because it provides the cover for the final ministerial coup operations upon the JW organization, and it also provides dense cover for their exit to delay Jehovah’s witnesses awareness of reality as long as possible for after this coup completion. (Dan8:13-14)

Thus as things actually repeat in sovereign world power developmental history (and thus prophecy), those spiritual cycles that form apostasy in the same process also forming now, cannot be shown to also be a repeating principle (and its overall process). This is because the core pattern and principle is being conveniently discarded by Bethel, not re-clarified with the identification of new repeating developments displaying these principles so JWs can “catch on” to the concept and see modern reality.

Of course the Bethel apostates are not going to come in and point themselves out in judgment prophecy! Instead they are going to cover their arse.

Now Jehovah’s witnesses are also unaware of the overall repeating cycle of global developments that will eventually intensify as the JW ministry is fully dumbed down, to delay Jehovah’s witnesses as long as possible in the whole process. Thus none of it can be seen by Jehovah’s witnesses to be repeating principles, such as the apostasy leading to judgment principle, now plainly repeating right at Bethel.

The apparent doubt, right from Bethel, will also have a psychological effect upon the perceived validity of certain key original prophetic and principle truths and concepts upon which the whole original anointed Christian ministry is based since 1914. Those spiritual developments parallel global world power sovereign developments in prophecy concurrent in progressive development, thus truncating one continuum, aids breaking the other and both of their logical parallel continuums actually in the prophecy—because as before in the 1914-1919 cycle, they co-develop concurrently and are in a recognizable cycle that forms the basis of a recognizable cyclic repeat. This spiritual cacophony can manifest in conscious logical ways, but subconsciously this disharmonizing effect must also be taking place in Jehovah’s witnesses. To many outside observers it just seems ridiculous.

Thus along with the Web based attack on the 1914-1919 cycle, Bethel is performing their own covert attack on the JW foundation as well, merely hidden in the illogic and precedents being set. Those developments are related, internal Bethel waffling aids the external Web attack—they both have the same goal, to undermine the more important sovereign cycle from being recognized, that leads to world government, previewed in the 1914-1919 cycle but that will have a final cycle.

Thus just one major teaching based on 1914-1919 events (like the “faithful and discreet slave” “new light” “update”), described in a new application with no respect for the original principle of main importance, but totally replacing it as being totally invalid in its original explanation, in this implication, seeds in deeper doubts that progress the more one thinks about it.

But Bethel is now proceeding to do the same thing to the “ten virgins” parable explicitly, as well as other critical parables, with actually far different modern applications completely removing the original principle of faithfulness versus unfaithfulness and divine judgment in the principle of God making the final determination. Instead Bethel just grouts in basic minutia to glue together fragmented pieces to make it seem informative, while denuding the real “lesson” of the parable, as per the justified policy also publicly presented in this issue.

Thus implicitly Bethel is undermining far more than just these parables, but by implication all parables and prophecy regarding this temple judgment period and its key apostasy signal are being discredited. And if people wonder why Awake! IGNORES modern global wealth, military and globalization politics developments and prophecy the refers to all these progressive “signs in sun, moon and stars” (Luke21:25), well then, here is your reason: Bethel wants to keep it simple.

Thus a key objective of Bethel is to conceal global prophecy fulfillment. Bethel also has the goal of concealing their own apostate development and its great evidence and symptoms, such as this policy, already outlined in prophecy, parable details and important core principles. Thus Bethel also conceals from Jehovah’s witnesses the temple judgment this modern Bethel apostasy is indicating as also necessary as part of that progression of the prophecy—apostasy (present at Bethel) manifests first, and leads to “house” judgment first (that is in prophecy to start fulfilling beyond just the apostasy with this temple judgment event), and people will be affected (anointed Christians first; 1Pet4:17).

It is not “the end” Bethel also uses to conceal the meaning of what starts off this final period, it is just this final period cycle about to begin.

Thus in reality we are watching the “foolish virgins” designate class in the “evil slave” designate class in the Bethel leadership now doing exactly what the unfaithful would be doing: concealing themselves while casting doubt on everything, and undermining deeper warnings for their own version of truth as official self-justified one-sided policy of spiritual retardation—all while claiming to be doing just the opposite; thus further concealing their own activity of evil by deception. It is Bethel, with teachings such as these, that helps maintain the “ten virgins” “nap” (Matt25:5).

Ironically in the process, Bethel is now, for those awake, the main signal evidence of this “nod off” and its greater apostasy that aids it.


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