World Government Complete Triggers Christ’s Arrival

World Government Complete Triggers Christ’s Arrival

What can we figure out now from the global system and the prophecy that ultimately forecasts its coming climax period and final sovereign monolithic “8th King” fully globalized entity? (Dan11:42-45, Dan12:11)

1. World Government [must complete] BEFORE Christ arrives, and this is very very important to comprehend.

So the world government final development cycle (Dan11:42-45) is in the global system research which now openly speaks of the “new world order” as plainly a fully implemented world government. Of course such a climax development of all human history will also be in the prophecy to the last detail. (Rev16:1-16, Rev17:8-18; final cycle fulfillment)

2. Now we know why apostate Bethel derailed JWs in 1990 to conceal the true meaning of that 3rd UN related global event (Dan11:31b, Matt24:25) that first presented that “new world order” as its official UN mantra— One that Bethel echoed in print dozens of times between 1991 and 2001 as also a UN NGO global UN partner organization for global co-promotions; what a UN NGO is and does. (Awake! 9/8/1991)

3. What Bethel also conceals is the FACT the “great tribulation”, in both of its phases as “tribulation of those days”, that plainly expires BEFORE Christ even arrives (Matt24:29-31, Dan12:7, Rev13:5-7, Rev11:1-7), and the “four winds” “of the earth”, under full 8th King world government (rev17:12 “one hour”) final agenda (Rev7:1-4, Matt24:31), are ALL OPEN PERIODS OF OPEN SALVATION—it is never too late, until the very very end, hence Matt25:41-46, Rev14:17-20.

Of course that is a very important detail for people to become aware of now and in the tribulation period.

As per Revelation 14, post Christ arrival sequence (Matt24:29-31, Rev11:11-12 begins Rev14), even AFTER Christ arrives in that Daniel 12:11 period, people can still be saved as backed by angelic aided final proclamations of such salvation opportunity as per Revelation 14:6-11.

And that means even in the Babylon the Great judgment, still a present entity, and progressing to termination under 8th King complete world government (Rev14:9-11), people can also still and will be saved (Rev14:6-8, Rev11:13, Rev17:15-18) as that judgment finalizes (Rev14:14-16) BEFORE the absolute end of Revelation 14:17-20.

Thus apostate Bethel is covering up more than just that 3rd UN step to world government, of four (Dan11:31b, Dan11:45), that they used to be tracking in the first two UN steps to that goal in 1919 and 1945. Bethel is also “shutting up the Kingdom before men” as “set in opposition” “lawless one” (2Thess2:1-4), apostate and internally infiltrated (Dan11:32a), as a final King North/8th King aiding apostasy, diversion and subversion—also fully foretold in the same 3rd UN prophecy they also conceal as policy. (Dan8:11-13, Dan11:30-35,41, Zech3:1-3)

The UN NGO tells us what Bethel really is.


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