Why Have JWs gone so Bad?

Are things REALLY going very good for JWs and the JW “Organ”?

Did you know that other than Islam controversy, JWs are the number one controversial religion on Earth due, not to the “Kingdom message” alone, but due to hypocritical scandals added to the mix now successfully UNDERMINING the message and reproaching God and Christ?

All accidental and just typical religious corruption?

NO NO NO!!! (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12)

There are now about 10 million people ENGROSSED in the JW scandal and damage control on both sides of the battle lines for all kinds of different reasons.

There are another 10 million paying marginal attention, and another 10 million paying even less attention but they have caught a few things.


See, God is not pleased with this mess. (Zech3:1-3) It distracts from Christ’s work and message, plain and simple.

And now that God has a lot of people’s attention by first allowing this to happen in the first place, read 2Thess2:11-12, NOW he can let the Bethell Timebomb of Sins, Murder, and Child Sacrifice to the Modern Molech Molestors EXPLODE like you ain’t never seen:

1. An apostate religion implode globally by divine judgment. (Dan8:13-14 “trampling”; Isa28)

2. A global context that will quickly be known by many as the “tribulation of those days” PHASE of the “Great Tribulation” starting at global scale in earnest (Rev8:1-12; Rev16:1-19), including the required final world war “sword stroke”= Daniel 11:41 on JW “decoration” and Daniel 11:42-43 globalist financial takeover of the US, EU and the world nation-state system.

3. And ALL of it, even this JW signal apostasy is a PROPHECY ALREADY ACTIVE!

As big as the JW Org downfall will be dragging on the “evening” 3.19 years of Daniel 8:13-14 MINIMUM, it will PALE in comparison to the world war and economic collapse context that will also have activated globally!


When the smoke clears and what can be used of some Jehovah’s witnesses repentant and spared and wandering (Zech13:7) out of the smoke (Rev9) start to emerge to the “morning” of Daniel 8:14,26 REALITY OF THE SITUATION, the global signal attention of the global signal Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses will be known by a BILLION people and it will turn into 3 BILLION+ people by these final massive actions of “trampling” the JW “temple” before the eyes of the world, right on CNN in fact.

This GLOBAL ATTENTION is for a reason.

It will fulfill Daniel 8:13-14 and Rev8 will be ACTIVATED in the first trumpet temple judgment encapsulated parallel! And the rest of the trumpets 2-4 will give news of the Bethel apostasy and its source as the 5th trumpet is the recovery!

It will have the initial 3.19 years of 1150 days of Daniel 8:13-14 for proof. It will have the events of Daniel 8:13 and Zech3:1-5 for proof too, and the rest of the prophecy of them seven trumpets will START to be explained AS this ministry is CLEANSED and recovered, and God will throw the GB heads on pikes into the fires as the first peace offering to all their victims, the ones still alive screaming for vengeance on them dirty UN-toting vipers!

The JW Org downfall will be the FINAL CYCLE INCEPT SIGNAL!

And it will lead to the final warning and open salvation invitation as the world continues to head towards complete WORLD GOVERNMENT 8TH KING completion!

THAT is why God has let this sh*tbomb of Bethel HYPOCRISY get as bad as it has:

TO GET YOUR ATTENTION!!!!! for what is to follow.

And to add a few billion people to the list of jaw-dropped onlookers so WE CAN ALL PREPARE for the final events to lead to Christ arrival which shall be triggered by complete world government (Rev13:3; rev17:8-13; Dan11:44-45; Dan8:25) and their final “world peace” pitch to help sell 666 deceptions (1Thess5:1-3) as the final warning must precede that event by 1260 days of that final global warning. (Rev10:5-11; Rev11:1-7)

That is where the desolation of the apostate JW organ is heading. And it will take a good 15 years to fully unfold.



Daniel 8:13-14 will prove itself on the apostate JW Organization as the global visible epicenter of the temple judgment it is.

One thought on “Why Have JWs gone so Bad?”

  1. [QUOTE who=”rsss1″]
    Why is all three called God yet in Isaiah says there is no other God with him….is God a liar?


    The church sell-out system is doomed. JWs recently joined it as UN NGO. That is where the Trinity comes from, the doomed church corporatocracy.

    So these kinds of one-liners are not enough to try to support a Trinity, because it only exists in the church mind, and they have been lost for hundreds of years, and fully exposed since 1919 for what they really are.

    But the proof of this total judgment STARTS on JWs apostasy. It is small scale, but as you see it run its catastrophic course of divine judgment on JW org first, we can all know it is a snapshot of what comes on the churches under world government after they are used to first sell the 666 world government to their flock.

    We will see:

    1. JW org go down as Daniel 8:13-14, timed as such;

    2. A final warnign eventually emerge from the JW rubble;

    3. World government complete

    4. They WILL destroy global religions

    All that has to happen.

    So this has to run the full course.

    All I can say is take note of Daniel 8:13-14 and the JW org implosion, although it takes 3 years to run its desolation course, it will be the fastest organizational takeover of a religion to date.

    Then you can know it is just a wake up signal to the whole house of Christianity, but as JWs get with the program to pronounce the final warning, the church-harlots will proceed to endorse, support and preach the accolades of 666 world government, after which their doom is sealed and it comes on that house to completion.

    In the meantime, you, me and others can benefit from:

    1. This forecast coming out at least 7 years in advance, fully complete since 2012;

    2. Daniel 8:13-14 becoming undeniable in events and timing on JW org desolations

    3. The disclosure JWs will have to make which will include this forecast and the admission the GB is from King North and the Devil, GB deposed and destroyed.

    JW apostasy is a sign of the final cycle about to begin, and it will proceed exactly where all recovered JWs who can become repentant and honest will, in time, be saying more clearly than this outline just given.

    The sign is, JWs will carry this exact same message after their “JW org” is judged, desolated and provides the signal location of Daniel 8:13-14.

    That takes time, we have time, until then that is pretty much all I can say, but before it happens, because this is a prophecy, it just has to come out early, and in time it will be all JWs have left, but it is the final warning outline, they will know what needs to get done from then forward.

    This will all come true because the final cycle REPEATS the JW first cycle framework of 1914-1918 and 1919-1922, it is just updated for modern UN 8th King progress to world government, which when finally complete and stated, triggers the Christ arrival.

    This is why the forecast has to come out this time BEFORE it all happens with much proof, to complete the full final 1260 day warning this is all leading to BEFORE World Government completes when the warning can be of most use.

    JWs-gone-bad and judged for it, just gets the required global attention at the location of the first warning, so that people have a frame of prophecy reference properly.

    Everything else is just a stall and a distraction from reality.

    We are talking 15 more years or so for this to all unfold.

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