How GB Fake “The End” Uses Erred JW Final Prophecy Sequence

How GB Fake “The End” Uses Erred JW Final Prophecy Sequence

Why can’t Jehovah’s witnesses understand modern zenith 8th King (King North) designate world government prophecy unfolding in their very faces?

1. They trust the Governing Body which is in a purposeful stall and subversion process of the final prophecy sequence. (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12);

2. That former JW prophecy interpretation sequence though in error is all they see;

3. JWs are tiring out, they want “the end” to be tomorrow— this premature fake “the end” expectation of 2Thessaloninas 2:1-2 appeals to their spiritual lethargy;

That current JW prophecy sequence error is why JWs expect the arrival of Christ for final Kingdom completion prematurely because that is all the GB hypes. The Governing Body has capitalized on every error JWs former prophecy interpreter Fred Franz has made. Worse, they do not fix it to the real final sequence as it became understandable after 1990 and the fall of the erred USSR which cannot be King North (Dan11:36c). The real King North meaning is the globalization “gather the nations” complex, same as the 8th King.

And what do those demon inspired utterances of Revelation 16:13-16 “gather the nations” into?


8th King/King North World Government, the final King North, King Fierce and 8th King meaning of final globalized sovereign rivalry with God’s Kingdom by means of a coming globalization completion which is to manifest after this next major global crisis coming up, “heals” into that final form of earthly sovereignty. (Rev13:3; Isa41)

1. The Governing Body will use this premature “the end” delusion taught by that GB among JWs of 2Thessalonians 2:1-2 to sell  that global crisis coming up AS IF “the end”; it will be a fake doomsday, a fake Armageddon— and it will smokescreen the real Daniel 8:13-14 “trampling” meaning of the JW ministerial organization downfall coming up in that global crisis context. (Dan11:41; Rev8) The final JW prophecy fail will be of that fake “the end is here!” final JW announcement in this apostate period. That JW fake “the end” will NOT resolve as per prophecy and basic globalization purpose logic— they must complete 8th King King North World Government before it can end. (Rev17:8-18)

2. By not fixing the King North Globalist System meaning of Daniel 11:31b (from that USSR error), but profaning and misleading JWs as per Daniel 11:31a and Daniel 8:12, the GB can use any dire developments that spin out of control with Russia as if King North revived in a USSR related entity in Russia.

Now what would that mean for JWs?

They would be misled to think Daniel 11:44 has activated which leads to the end directly. In reality, the Globalist real King North/8th King designate system has not yet fully pawned the “King South” (7th King) nations financially and in every other necessary means to fulfill Daniel 11:42-43. In addition, Daniel 11:41 is the coming JW Organization “invasion” and Daniel 8:13 “trampling” to accompany the GB “The End Hoax” development for:

1. The attempted dissolution of the JW Organization internationally;

2. The GB sanctioned “preaching work is done!” coup as if “the end”, which is an apostate Christian ministry only in the temple judgment desolation at that time; (Dan8:13-14)

3. The final JW discrediting prophecy MEGA-fail and the final stumbling salvo in this crisis period. (Dan11:32-35)


Now if you can see the potential value in the Russia King North Decoy for the purpose of reinforcing in the JW mind that “the end” must be here with any future serious trouble with Russia, then you can see these latest Cold War warming up scandals with Russia and Trump could be a set up for that final “sword stroke” to involve a Russian aggressive act which very possibly could lead to a final world war. (Rev13:3) We do not know. What we do know is if this occurs and Russia spins out of control for whatever reason leading to global conflict with the US, the GB will sell them as the “next King North” and at a prophecy placement well over-advanced in the Daniel 11 prophecy at Daniel 11:44.

In reality, it is Daniel 11:41-43 which is activating with a global crisis forming to define the “tribulation of those days” of Matthew 24:29-31 which results not in “the end”, but as per Revelation 13:3 into a global “healing” into 8th King King North World Government (the real Daniel 11:44-45; Dan12:7,11). And as Jesus said the end will not come with a period of global crisis and disorders or with a period of wars and reports of wars (Matt24:6; Lukie21:9). Instead, as in 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 it comes with the 8th King Scarlet Wildbeast “World Peace” and “time of security” (Dan8:25) of that final world government mantra reinforced as Babylon the Great is deposed under world government, not before, as JWs are misled to believe. That real world peace and security comes with complete world government after this next global crisis resolves by design.

This is part of the reason Daniel 11:42-43 is very explicit in its King North 8th King globalization meaning of dominating the King South 7th King nation-state system in the future as it is stressed by this final global crisis coming up; A crisis that heals, a global crisis that JWs will think, for a while, must be “the end of the world”. But it will not be as JWs have been misled to believe, they have burned out too soon, they are not “enduring to the end” but taking a respite detour into a nap-time (Matt25:1-13). Instead, it has to lead to a cleansed ministry and a final global open salvation announcement and we have several zenith prophecy years remaining…

Daniel 11:42-43 Explicit in Coming 8th King Globalized Wealth Control


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