One of the things that began to wake me up early that not all was well in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry was the stalled nature of commentary on many global developments which have occurred after 1945 and World War 2.

Was I to believe God simply stopped tracking global “gentile” rival sovereign development towards a world government counterfeit of God’s Kingdoms for all this time of GB total SILENCE?

Thus, this short article will explain why there is nothing new being taught by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses as far as signal prophetic progress since 1945, when in fact much modern prophecy has been fulfilling the whole time. And that silence is the “throwing truth to the earth” of this foretold “gradually given over”  subversion of the JW ministry at Daniel 8:12:

(Daniel 8:12) And an [JW] army itself was gradually given over [as this 72 years shows], together with the constant [feature], because of [JW and GB] transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

Now one thing developing is this GB centered apostate lead of Daniel 11:32a from and for the real King North Globalism powers:

(Daniel 11:32) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant (in JWOrg), he (8th King/King North Globalists) will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. (The WTBTS “smooth words” and gradual subversion in the 8th King WT cover-up in the JW publications is part of the smoothly justified apostasy of modern Jehovah’s witnesses);

And first, that should be noted, these GB frauds are not about to start teachings JWs that they all are that apostasy being led by a King North Globalism development (2Thess2:1-4), not the USSR which they retain as a decoy error to ply the rest of the deception process, and now for well over 20 years since that 1990 3rd United Nations related event was concealed as this Daniel 11:31b prophecy:

(Daniel 11:30-31) “And he (8th King/King North) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively (produces a successful operation Dan8:12b); and he (8th King) will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (anointed core defection at Bethel aids internal 8th King access) 31 (Bethel subversion:) And there will be arms that will stand up (at Bethel; Dan11:41; Luke21:20), proceeding from him (8th King planners);  and they (collusion) will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. 

“And they (team effort) will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (3rd UN placement, 1990; UN NGO, 1991, at Bethel; Matt24:15; Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”);

Thus, the actual progression of United Nations “place the disgusting thing” “image of the wildbeast” has not been furthered among JW explanations since the League of Nations and United Nations were explained as prophecy after 1920 and in 1945 after two world wars resolved into those UN-related “we shall ensure global peace and security” pitches. Thus, the use of a global crisis phase “sword stroke” to resolve IN ALL CASES (Rev13:3) into their prophecy-marked United Nations presentation is also ignored by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses. This is no accident, it is prophecy— and no wonder the GB will not explain they are the modern signal apostasy leaders.

When JWs Dropped the UN-Prophecy Tracking Ball

Jehovah’s witnesses did expose the Revelation 13:11-15 first League of nations placement in 1919-1921, and they did expose the United Nations placement as Revelation 17:8-11 since after 1945. But in 1990, when a third world war cycle called the Cold War (Dan11:29 unique) also resolved into a United Nations placement 45 years into this current JW nap and after WW2 and 1945, in 1990, the GB said nothing.

Rather, they too “placed the disgusting thing” among Jehovah’s witnesses as UN NGO. (Matt24:15) The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses, rather than explain then revived world government-designate prophecy, they instead adjoined the JW ministry to that United Nations as a UN NGO as an endorsing sell-out ministry and co-quoted “place the disgusting thing” statements in the Awake! magazine of September 8th, 1991.

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the (UN NGO; Dan11:31) disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (modern Dan11:31 “disgusting thing that causes desolation” as parallel of Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”), standing in a holy place (in the claimant anointed Christian “constant feature” ministry as UN NGO), (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (Because the JW Bethel desolation judgment for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is near; 1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14; Rev8:3-5);

When prophecy could have been revived in that 45 year lapse from 1945 to 1990, the GB went silent and partnered with the UN instead and thereafter ignored all modern globalization developments in corporate expansion and global geo-politics such as Global NATO, GWOT, 911, the 2008 Global Credit Crisis and everything else. Although globalization is the global force which “gathers the nations” into eventual 8th King world government and the Armageddon condition-global (Rev16:13-16; Zeph3:8; Joel3:11-18), the GB says nothing.

And though we have actually a prophetically connected UN1-2-3 progression since 1919, 1945 and 1990 leading to a 4th UN related phase as actual world government next, JWs are truncated at 1945 UN progress. They have dropped the ball.

Clueless JW FAKE “Armageddon” “End of the World” Deception Coming Up

And now that we could predict Globalist 8th King future use of a global crisis to “heal” and resolve into their final world government UN-related presentation as in the Revelation 13:3 “sword stroke heals” principle used the three previous times after WW1, after WW2, and after the Cold WW3 resolved, the GB says nothing acting clueless to make JWs clueless that we are heading into the final global crisis “sword stroke” phase and its preparatory UN presentation principle soon. (Rev13:3; Rev17:8-18;)

And now, rather than explain this next global crisis will also “heal” into this time full complete 8th King World Government, as it did the last three times all marked in prophecy in reality, the GB will simply tell JWs it is “the end of the world” so they can depose the JW ministry from their own mouths, attempt to dissolve the WTBTS globally (Dan11:41; Dan8:13; Rev8), all undercover of that final GB deception campaign which all this silence has actually led to.

Think this 72 years of nothing up at WTBTS is just coincidence? No, this apostasy is also in the prophecy in the very places that 1990 silenced 3rd UN presentation is in prophecy. (Dan8:11-14; Dan11:30-35) The real King North is the Globalism power-system of “8th King” world government on the way after this next global crisis also resolves as per a predictable formula not just from prophecy, but from the Globalists own record, World War to UN1-2-3 so far, including the Cold War phase. This is why the real Daniel 8:13-14 Temple Judgment events and its phased timing is what will actually manifest upon apostate JWs and JW Org globally as JWs think, in error as in 2Thessalonians 2:1-2, that it is “the end”. In time, JWs have to wake up (Matt25:1-13) and this is the event that will eventually do it.

After the GB is deposed by the “Angel of the Covenant” (Zech3:1-5; Rev8) in that global JW chaos coming, everything the GB has been silent on and covering up must be revealed as the final witnessing of them Revelation 11 TWO “witnesses” is what this rectification will lead to, in time, en route to 8th King world government and that global crisis, as in 1914 and WW1, will be a distracting context to try to obscure these facts. (The real Daniel 11:41-43) But they fail to stop the announcement, but they will also depose that final open salvation announcement ministry— but it will be a valid cleansed final announcement of God’s Kingdom. Rev11:3, Rev12:14, Dan12:7; Revelation 14:6-8

Sept 2018

13 thoughts on “WTBTS: 72 Years of NOTHING NEW”

  1. In line with this notion of “nothing new since 1945,” one of the things I seem to be uncovering in the scriptures by cross referencing accounts such as Zechariah Chapter 11 with prophecies like the “seven times,”

    is basically that the shepherding class of the JW organization went the way of the Dodo in 1914, and all that remained for a time afterward was exactly what was prefigured with the ancient ten tribe kingdom of Samaria.

    Immediately after speaking of a complete desolation of the shepherding class of his people in the opening verses of Zechariah Chapter 11, Jehovah speaks of himself as taking direct responsibility for the shepherding of the “flock” that was left remaining at that point, and doing so until they too would fall into complete apostasy. (Zech 11:7) This of course unfolded in the exact reverse in the case of the ancient fleshly nation, and in fact this prophesy was recorded AFTER this ancient Samaria had already been taken into Chaldean exile, so I am proposing that this prophecy was written in connection with the subsequent spiritual nation.

    In other words, with no earthly manifestation of a legitimate theocratic shepherding class, it begins to make a lot of sense to me that really we never witnessed new scriptural revelations of any real significance after the early 1900s.

    This idea in fact appears to me to be reflected in several different ways throughout the scriptures. For example I personally recognize the timing of the emergence of the TWO-horned wild beast in Revelation to coincide with the exact time that the appointed shepherding class of the International Bible students fell into complete apostasy in the early 1900s as they themselves conceded around that time. In other words, I recognize this prophetic and symbolic representation as depicting the moment that what was prefigured with the ancient two tribe kingdom (namely the shepherding class as opposed to the flock) climbed atop the “wild beast” with an spiritually harlotrous/adulterous alliance. Correspondingly particularly when referencing accounts like Zechariah 11, I see it as no coincidence whatsoever that what we soon find next in Revelation is a depiction of a TEN horned entity atop the “wild beast.” In MY mind at least there is no question that this ten horned entity is primarily being used to represent exactly what was prefigured with the ancient ten tribe kingdom of Samaria. (Once again the severed flock as opposed to the shepherding class)

    I would propose that this is only beginning to scratch the surface of how things start to get interesting here however. For example if we were to calculate the [1,290] days of Daniel 12:11 in the same way we did the 1,260 to end up in 1914, we end up with the year 1974. What I find particularly interesting about this is the fact that this would line up rather well with this “one lunar month” of Zechariah 11:8 if we were to continue applying the “day for a year” formula when doing this calculating between 1945 and 1974.Bear in mind that the entire context of this 1,290 days in Daniel 12 is with reference to yet another complete apostasy of God’s people or otherwise yet another emergence of the “disgusting thing that causes desolation.”

    Things like this seem to get all the more interesting when we begin factoring in things like the fact that 1974 was right around the time that the JW organization made the false claim that 1975 would bring in Armageddon. And when we bring to mind that it was exactly the year of 1975 that living in the U.S.A (speaking as a resident both before and after this year) went from feeling like an honored guest to an oppressed slave, we might be reminded that the death of Joseph in ancient Egypt was used to represent the spiritual death of God’s people, as well as the spiritual bondage or captivity that always follows it. In other words, I also see it as no coincidence that the JW headquarters is located in the U.S. A., or that much like with ancient Egypt or Babylon, it was playing host to God’s people when thee spiritual deaths or apostasies occurred.

    You see, when Jesus in Mathew 10:23 is speaking of the “circuit of the cities by no means being complete when the son of man arrives,” I happen to believe he is speaking of the foretold “seven times” or a foretold cycle of “seven times” in which God’s nation would climb atop the “wild beast” with a harlotrous covenant and in so doing create seven cities called “Babylon the Great.” In other words, I absolutely believe Jesus DID in fact “arrive” in 1914 in the sense of establishing the HEAVENLY “camp” of the “Shulammite.” (Ca 6:13) Song of Solomon) Just as indicated clearly in Revelation 12 however, this was only good news for the “heavens” at that time. (Re 12:12a) With regard to the earth on the other hand, there remained one final “circuit of the cities” in connection with the Samaritan facet of God’s people. (Re 12:12b)

    Obviously I happen to recognize the “seven times” prophecy as being much more about a foretold seven apostasies of God’s nation than merely the time span over which they would occur. This prophecy BEGAN with a complete spiritual overthrow of the SHEPHERDING class (as opposed to the flock), and it ENDED with this very same shepherding entity in 1914. The problem here is that with NO shepherding class here on the earth after 1914, we basically had no one to tell us that we were to expect one final apostasy or spiritual “sleep” of God’s people before the Millennial Reign. (Mt 25:5) (2 Th 2:1-3)

    Actually, it seems to me that the entire history of the JW organization matches up rather perfectly with that of ancient Samaria after becoming separated from her Judean shepherding counterpart. The ten tribe kingdom started out as almost a complete disgrace and things only got worse from there until she was taken into captivity and exile by the Assyrians. This of course symbolically prefigured the spiritual captivity of the subsequent spiritual nation which was foretold to ultimately to continue being experienced an additional three times after the first century. One of the things we seem to have overlooked however is that these apostasies actually occur in two separate stages. The flock entity had ALREADY been taken into Chaldean exile when this “seven times” prophecy officially began, and as is the case with ANY cycle or “circuit,” it ends in the exact reverse of how it begins.”

    Agape love;

    1. Thanks for the comment. I will agree Samaria’s judgment is the one on JWs next in principle— that is Isaiah, Hosea, Micah, Amos and Joel have direct prophecy patterns for JWs as a “wake up” judgment coming up, for the whole of Christianity to witness as it runs it Daniel 8:13-14 timed and phased course.

      Because it is a lapse in temple completion work in the anointed, Zechariah and Haggai apply as Christ prepares to complete the temple. But as in Malachi, after a final inspection, apostasy indictment, and a desolation.

      JWs will provide a desolation pattern, but the warning signal will be for all who can witness it and ascertain the larger meaning. That is everything JWs go through for apostasy, will eventually come on all Christianity.

      Then the Temple is completed, as is Messianic Kingdom, and that epic period is all open for salvation, 1260 days and 1290 days marked with a salvation guarantee which concludes with the global angelic offer under Christ of Revelation 14:6-8.

      Failure of all religion is good news, it means God assesses all on the basic attribute of what we are really about, love or hate, very simple. Many will be saved, of course some are evil and will pass on.

      But the truth must come out in basic form, it always has been as easy as loving our neighbor as ourselves, even for those who never heard of Christ, and there are some on this earth. The ministry is also a testimony for the world power [world government] who will be deposed by the Messianic Kingdom.

      But good news it actually is, which religions have over complicated and reproached by manmade laws. As hard as it may seem, is it easier than it appears. The more we know, the more is expected of course. But many know little, they are not left out just because they missed some corporate-religious details.


      1. Greetings KINGNORTH and thank you for your response as well which I found to be thought provoking.

        I noticed I have at least a couple of typos in my last post like the “1,390 days” as opposed to 1,290. Oooops! Do you guys have an editing feature on this forum by any chance? If not hopefully a moderator might be gracious enough to fix that for me along with perhaps any other obvious goof. Yikes!

        I suppose I am a little more fixated on the JW organization specifically than you are based on what I seem to discern from your comments and I hope you don’t mind me taking just a moment to touch on a couple of reasons why.

        The primary thing that inclines my thinking in this direction is that it appears to me that in modern times at least this organization seems to have been the only religious group that was even in a POSITION to crawl atop the “wild beast” with a spiritually adulterous alliance, or otherwise commit this final foretold apostasy on a national level. My own observation has always been that all the others have been involved with things like accepting political office or joining the military from their very inception.

        Another primary reason I do not have my eye on so called “Christianity”: as a whole is because God’s nation throughout its entire history appears to have always been identified as the “small one.” (Am 7:2) (Isa 60:22) Christendom on the other hand not only qualifies as anything other than small, it is actually the largest religion on the earth.

        I don’t mean to suggest I am always correct on my views or understandings however. I always do my utmost to be open to any and all views that are accompanied with sound reason and scriptures that might appear to lend support to them. I’d love to hear more about why you happen to see things a bit differently than me on this particular issue even if it would involve creating an entirely new thread or topic.

        Agape love;

      2. Thanks for the clarifications, I’ll edit that.

        Well, it is JWs who now fit the Matthew 24 developments of false prophets wherein it is all to cause confusion to topple any Christian possible, but especially those shooting for more responsibility now and in the Kingdom God willing.

        This is why it will be the JW apostates in their leadership teaching capacity that will inspire the many versions of the plural “seller’s oil” which the fallen foolish virgins will go after aided by this form of modern confusion on what it all means.

        You know enough to see this is no random religious devolution but the final signal apostasy in action, imo you are correct that JWs were the only ones capable of “leaving the holy covenant” as in Daniel 11:30-32, and in that 3rd UN 1990 context of a “disgusting thing” post Cold War global placement ending that unique Daniel 11:29 cold world war phase from after WW2. This places enough identifiable clues to know the 3rd UN presentation is as foretold as the first two after WW1 in the League of Nations and after WW2 in the United Nations, 1919-21 to 1945.

        This also places JWs as the apostasy development of Daniel 11:30b, and Daniel 11:32a, and the profanation by internal “spiritual arms that stand up” proceeding from the King North globalism system developers who are the King North that becomes world government 8th King— which JWs also very tellingly also cover up by full omission from modern prophecy commentary and required updates.
        Thus this period is a temple judgment to determine which of the “ten virgins” will continue with the “oil in reserve” which is in the early IBSA/JW ministry in that the tribulation period of WW1 did resolve in the League of Nations world government nucleus and “image”, and so will this last global crisis period also “heal the sword stroke” into a mature final version of that same “image of the wildbeast” AND the whole Scarlet Wildbeast itself as also King North synonomous, also with King Fierce and the whole Daniel 2 “immense image” of a whole global government.

        THAT is what it is all leading to, that is what eventually triggers Christ arrival for sheep sweeping securing process first, then eventual conquest at the end of the 1290 days in final form.

        But as Jesus said in this period many false prophets will arise saying see here, see there, but it is ALL premature, the real Christ arrival is after the full course of sovereign development on Earth has completed in world government, he arrives possibly in stealth form again to oversee the deposition of global religion, hence the OPEN SALVATION OFFER of Revelation 14:6-7 is being taken to all making by angels of Christ, as the events on BTG result in the final proclamation of its downfall globally as Revelation 14:8 as outlawed by world government in official form.

        That BTG deposition must be complete for the final world government “world peace and security” mantra to go out globally in official form as 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.

        When that completes the Revelation 19:11 phase of the Christ arrival in full King of kings power manifests for conquest, after all are given opportunity in Rev14:6-7 to surrender to the Kingdom, because the Messianic Kingdom defined completion of Rev7 and 14:1-5, occurs just prior to Christ Kinging as Zechariah 6:9-15, as King of kings and King-Priest of also the completed temple, a non-physical Immortal Temple.

        It is for the blessing of all the nations over the 1000 year reign as “all things given him” are restored, blessed, and set into eternity. The human things of course must be free willing, but other things are also restored as “all things on earth” as in heaven, is “gathered into Christ”, holder of the keys of not just Hades, but Death itself. (Heb2:14)
        We have time, all claims and forecasts will be tested, including this one, the one with the valid oil will give the actual enlightenment “light” for the five discreet virgins to make the final announcements as it develops towards a healing global condition into said world government rival sovereign in completion.

        This period is to sort out what is what, an opportunity for anyone to make the required adjustments for the final open salvation proclamation of the coming Messianic Kingdom completion to be carried out that 1260 days final parallels of Dan7:25, Dan12:7, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:14 and Rev13:5.

        There is time, God never fails especially when we know who it is who is dropping in, they will give full fair warning and open salvation opportunity to all, prior to and after arrival. Rev1:7, Rev11:7-19, Matt25:31-40, Rev14:14-16, etc
        Be patient, this period must, in enough time, become the epic period of all human history. Matt24:13

        JWs are not done, they stalled on “good news of the Kingdom” preached to a completion to all the nations, that wraps up as the epic period matures, we have time. 2Thess2:1-4, Dan8:13-14, Zech3, Rev8.


      3. Hello kingnorth:

        Thank you for your reply which I greatly appreciated.
        I’m currently working on an article on the topic of the “seven times’ prophecy as well as the “day for a year” time calculation the scriptures appear to have assigned to it. The objective of the article is basically to help my fellow spirit anointed brothers and sisters come to a much better understanding of this prophesy. My hope is that if they actually understood the prophecy itself they would in turn come to a much more scriptural understanding of exactly how the 2,520 time frame ACTUALLY ties into it. My own research indicates it actually DOES although rather differently than what we have long been taught.

        Unfortunately I have come to recognize that to truly accomplish this would require the overturning of MANY false teachings which continue to cast a veil over the actual truths or what the scriptures TRULY teach on this subject. Therefore the article will be somewhat lengthy. Nevertheless I was hoping you might be willing to have it posted on your website. I would be happy to send it first to an email address of your’s for review in case you are concerned it might be something you would object to being involved with altogether. It appears this is actually your website and if so that would certainly be your prerogative.

        From what I can discern so far from your own writings however, I will state in advance i very much suspect that the more carefully you consider the article the more you will appreciate it. I suspect the article will be finished within the next two weeks or so, and it likely will end up being around 50 pages long. If you do recognize value in it and nonetheless see it as too lengthy, perhaps we could even work together on some editing before actually posting it.

        Please get back to me on this and let me know your thoughts. I personally believe that both the information I will be presenting as well as it’s timing is extremely crucial for the anointed ones in view of the prophetic time frame I currently recognize us as being in at the moment.

        Agape love;

      4. Jeffrey,

        What I suggest is making your own WordPress blog because it is simple and free:


        Once you set up the initial user info like blog name, etc, it is one click blog or page posts. It is the easiest to use blog platform, imo. But, I do consider everyone’s’ comments on these matters, so when you do it let me know too, I’d like to read it.

        But you can also paste your article as a comment or multiple comments, as I do not disable or delete any comment, within the general discussion because everyone has a right to their viewpoint— and then people can view it in a context it may be related to as far as this blog’s articles. I’ll think about a section for other opinions, as this is quite confusing in its own right, because a lot of prophecy elements are setting to activate, all based on former IBSA/JW principles in prophecy, in a global context of many opinions, in a world that has been overloaded with information. Plus, I am not the best writer, and I did not have time to edit much, it just had to come out WYSIWYG.

        Unlike the GB of JWs I also state any view I have is a speculation, I do not react negatively if someone disagrees like the GB does to protect their wealth and power. If it is true, it will come true, if it is not it is either a basic error, an evil misleading ploy, or whatever; but I do not set out to steal people’s faith and money like the GB, and I point out this JW apostasy when seen as required final apostasy prophecy, builds faith, imo, it will lead to the Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a context the whole world will eventually see. Though that nature of this being opinion is not always stated as clearly it it could be, because I do believe it is an active apostasy signal prophecy in action now which leads to the rest imo most assuredly, it is the truth this is SPECULATION because humans only know so much in regard to God’s ever unfolding purpose. But, the prophecy has common language aided by symbolic-meanings and principles which relay its deeper meaning especially when a MATCHING PATTERN, such as JW apostasy, more clearly affirms the prophecy purpose, that is to be awake, to on guard, and to SEE what JWs are doing with the wildbeast and with lawless abuses, is indeed very significant and telling as they drag God and Christ’s name in the gutter with their GB rogue, spiritually and often secularly, criminal leadership— EXACTLY what Christendom became after the apostles died. JWs “god” and “kingly” rogues are merely cloaked in today’s standard of respectability, that is the corporate CEO Daniel 11:32 “smooth word” appearance and demeanor. The GB are corporate sell-outs in known and still active partnership with the wildbeast systems of today in globalist system form to aid the secrecy of world government certainty and ramifications, in time.

        And, as with the “faithful slave” parable, there are times the purpose of God seems to be “delaying” which always allows the “evil slave” time to develop for the purpose of purging that element, in time, from the temple context, and then marking a verifiable prophecy about the temple judgment it will be as this all REPEATS in the future upon principles that have been repeating since Israel’s judgments, and the one that identified the International Bible Students of that day, as a forerunner for what became labeled Jehovah’s witnesses as that is what they USED TO ACTUALLY BE as well. But now approved JWs of the 30s, have become brazen apostates under the modern day GB tyranny which looks like an over-organized vain corporate circus and experiment in corporate-style commercial branding and media based brainwash and misleading propaganda– much like the GB’s own owners, who are not God.
        THAT is the real issue, God’s final ministerial progress has been subverted as in Daniel 8:12a, apostatized and involved in Daniel 8:12b cover-ups of modern active globalist “King North” prophecy while leading a stumbling of millions by mega-reproach and increasingly known WTBTS criminal activities. And all that, to the tune of 30 BILLION lowball in JW assets in GB control. So, it is not for nothing these guys devolved into a freak show of greed, while using a Holyman-CEO-disguise to run their con-game. And, for and by the real King North JWs conceal and aid, as in:
        (Daniel 11:30b-32a) …And [King North Globalists] will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively [as seen in JWs now]; and [King North Globalists] will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant [amongst JW anointed leadership].

        31 And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from [King North Globalists]; and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. [as now seen in JW Organization] “And they [King North Globalists and the JW apostates] will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. [as the UN NGO is the JW version of “placing the disgusting thing as this prophecy is the signal Jesus referred to in modern Matthew 24:15 application]

        32a “And those [now all JWs misled by this KN based intrigue] who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant, [King North Globalists] will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. [and the JW GB are the silver-tongue vipers of those misleading “smooth words”, very polished, but full of lies; Rev2:2]


        But now that once approved progress with God’s purpose of former Jehovah’s witnesses, even with certain errors the evil slave GB self-appointed masters capitalize on now for the stumbling prophecies of Daniel 11:4041 and Daniel 11:32-35, is now fully subverted and stalled. Time for a judgment to get the train back on track. But, JWs are not 100% in error, only certain things like the GB and org policies, and certain prophecy areas are being used, instead, for deception and that fake “the end of the world” delusion of 2Thess2:1-2, which is now rampant in the JW mindset. It will fail. Then it will all come out as the world heads to King North 8th King World Government Rev13:3 rather than “doomsday” or “the end of the world”. That delusion will just be the smokescreen-pretext to depose the JW Org and pillage its assets while JWs sit by and do nothing but “head to the JW Bunkers” by GB Pied Piper command.


      5. Hello again kingnorth and thanks for your reply.

        It appears you and I see things in very much the same way and I’m actually a bit curious if you happen to recognize that as being nearly as rare a phenomenon as I do. It was like a breath of fresh air to read over your comments here, but what I find most refreshing is what appears to be a level of humility that unfortunately seems equally scarce.

        .I think most of us tend to overlook the fact that in the first century, pride was actually pinpointed quite clearly as even the biggest obstacle for us to overcome in what I often refer to as these post apostasy and pre-appointing contexts or otherwise the very middle of these spiritual cleansings or national baptisms. (Deaths and rebirths of the theocratic nation) In other words, before the disciples were actually appointed to Apostles by means of yet another blood inauguration of yet another marital covenant, it appears their biggest problem was the way Jesus would often find them arguing over who was the greatest among them. How embarrassing is that?.At the same time however we seem to forget that “ALL things written aforetime were written for OUR instruction…” (Ro 15:4)

        I’m relatively computer illiterate actually and I had no idea just how easy it is now to create your own web-page or website. (Is there actually a difference?) So I greatly appreciate the heads-up on WordPress. The issue here however is that among the things I recognize as part of the responsibilities of the anointed ones in these very same settings is the following: Not simply to assist in the “feeding of Christ’s domestics” which (contrary to what we have been taught) is actually all about the anointed getting started on basically cleaning up THEIR OWN HOUSE before they would once again be in any position to put the figurative “official garment” back on and embark once again on a PUBLIC ministry, but to do so as effectively as possible. (Mt 24:45 25:40) (Jon 3:6)

        In other words while I would hate to come across like I take myself too seriously, due to the importance and urgency I attach to the very scripturally based material I will be presenting in this article, (in view of the prophetic time frame I see us as currently being in) the whole idea here was to deliver it to websites such as this which already by this time have developed some actual web traffic.Therefore what I am most excited about here is your openness to the idea of having it on your own site. Particularly in view of its size however, (as well as the fact that much like the way we have managed to veer totally off topic here already, it would likely merit its own separate thread), i’m not sure that posting it as a comment would really work. But whatever it takes as far as i’m concerned.

        You see this material is not simply demonstrating scripturally what the “seven times” prophesy is ACTUALLY all about. It simultaneously will be demonstrating exactly how MANY false teachings have only served to cast a veil over it or even further obscure what i’d have to insist in reality is among the most pertinent and crucial things for the spirit anointed to grasp in this prophetic time frame. Its sheer volume alone therefore would seem to make it a bit strange to post as a comment.

        Assuming its content is not something you would completely object to, If your site is not set up for an outsider to launch a completely new topic or thread, would you be open to having it emailed to you so that you could launch it yourself under its own title or topic? Please understand i’m brand new to this website and rather unfamiliar with exactly the way things work here.

        Agape love;

      6. Hello Jeffrey,

        After about 20,000 pages of ministry on forums and articles on actual prophecy progress being covered up by the GB, my task is now boiling it down in simpler more concise form, I say this so you know I sort of overloaded when I saw how real this really is back in 2010-2012. This is a comment not about your own research but so you know what I am doing in this 3 year stall since 2015’s end, after 5 years of at least 8 hours a day, sometimes 16 and more, to me being driven by a concern for the real state of the ministry, I had to take a break and the seven times things was the final realization in 2015. Now it is time to end the break, in controlled manner God willing.

        (You can email me a bibleresearchfiles at gmail dot you know what (com).)

        I say this because now, after this distilling break and things are now remotivating in my soul, the house ready to catch fire again for another drive God willing, I see certain things to reinforce as simply as possible for a person as if day one to the faith, NOT A RELIGION, but to the faith as explained in the gospels in the public physical form of God’s Word, the Bible, like at Rev14:12— that is why the Bible is everywhere, God’s promises to mankind are freely available at any Goodwill store, motel, library, front room bookshelf of family or friends and even in a garbage as that is the place some people end up throwing this message from God. Religions are who became a middle-man to monopolize the Bible for their own power and profit, nothing less, nothing more, modern day Pharisees in the end, plain and simple, it is what it is.

        So, like someone doing a Master’s thesis or report, the initial research boils down to a few pages, in its most concentrated and simple to follow manner. As you state about humility, it is true PERSONAL ATTITUDE actually becomes the number one driver of whether we resolve to drive in the dedication further, or as Jesus said, bury our mina of knowledge and responsibility. As we see, religions are the NUMBER ONE reason people’ attitudes towards God can often become soured. Now true, the Devil does things like he did to Job, but it is the case study of RELIGION, in this case Christian religions, who end up like the Jewish religion, becoming the number one public reproach and public enemy number one of God. No joke.

        One of the reasons why this occurred is the egos in those religions, before you know it every busybody in the place is on the steering wheel, just look at JWs. They get all uppity, full of themselves, and in a power trip in time as JWs are a case study in degenerative-apostasy we can study thoroughly with much public evidence as this all occurred in but one century of time. What spanned a millennium and five plus centuries in the Catholic apostasy, and several centuries in the Reformation devolution into apostasy, can now be studied in a span of 1914 to 2014 overall, but 1930 to today in JW religion, as a very very convenient “apostasy case study” to look at in great amounts of detail, as I was doing when explaining and exposing how the GB are apostates, became apostate leaders and who they work for in Daniel 11:32a.

        But now it is time for some simple reminders to myself that I share soon with others God willing of what the Christian mission really is, not a confusion due to lies, not a cover for lawlessness, not a stall into negligent coma, but time to be ready for the next stage. And as you said, getting out of those filthy robes as in Zechariah 3:1-5, is about us personally assessing ourselves NOW, to improve, because when this judgment of Zech3>>Rev8>>Dan8:13-14 does hit and run its course it will become a full requirement from God. We have THE LUXURY of seeing now, what will take several more years for JWs to see, that we need to revive ourselves as in Revelation 1-3 letters which always have applied to the anointed and all affected by them, that in imperfect flesh we do devolve into lies, lawlessness and a deadbeat stall— I admit it, JWs will not, but the judgment will make us all admit it, for admission is the first step to repentance and actually being cleansed by God as in Daniel 8:14 “right condition” met by the fire of purification pictured in Zech3:2 and the Revelation 8:1-6 “fire of the alter”, for cleansing as in Isaiah 6, Malachi3:1-5. Cleansing, not total destruction even though some must come, its purpose is for a Matt25 ten virgin wake up call, as in Revelation 11:1 GET UP! as in Zechariah 4 waking from a nap of negligence.

        Now we are not totally to blame, for JWs and their leadership are who lead this coma as they hypnotized JWs into an “its all over” ATTITUDE, when in reality the epic grand finale ministry is what is getting ready to be cleansed for final deploy. So, this is not the time to stay in that “nodded off” ten virgin nap, we got an early heads up, so glad to see you are awake too, and in admission it will mean an assessment of ourselves just as Christ warns, as in Rev1-3, he does inspect, he does come for a look, and we know this and have to help others to understand what the JW downfall really will mean in the longer process of it leading to an expose’ of that final signal apostasy for our own time, not the old hat “news” of 1914’s era, as important as it was in its OWN TIME, we need to live in OUR TIME, as you know JWs live in the past which aids their sleep, and it was not one of them, well, very few of them now, in that 1914-1960’s ministry when it was clean, truthful, and approved and— as per a prophecy as well.

        On the sites, they have not much traffic, but at times below a million on Alexa (not visitors, but the Alexa website ranking: Google is number 1 on Alexa, a low traffic site is like a 11 million, 1 million is not much but not that bad), so there are times of surges when a few dozen find the sites in a day for a month, not huge traffic but some info is getting around.

        But in general I am just putting up a raw journal with a decent “search footprint”, not trying to “drive traffic” as I have done for others as a web designer, because it had to come out sometime in its raw first form. The lawlessness in JWs has a source, it is a prophecy that leads to more prophecy all the way to world government and Christ arrival, that is why I do not give up even if I took a break, the JW lapse into coma and crime will have ramifications.

        Send me an email over at gmail bibleresearchfiles when you get a chance. I plan to post a Google Drive file libraray of everything since 2011 which ended up on the sites, all articles, all drawings, all Photoshop images, everything, so maybe some will archive it for future use, because I think when it develops they will scrape the web of all this information for a while— and not just this, but much new info on the web these days.


      7. Amen my brother; and hopefully I can be among the ones that helps to continue re stoking the fire of the holy spirit not just in you, but in all the spirit anointed ones who continue to gather around the devastated Job entity here in the spiritual “wilderness” like “eagles” gathering around what unfortunately now for the final foretold time much more resembles a “carcass” than a “faith.” (Mt 24:15, 16, 28) (Re 12:14 14:4) (Isa 21:13-15) Yahawah willing, (The name of God in the original Paleo Hebrew according to my research) we can be among the ones who at least BEGIN to more resemble the Elihu entity than the “troublesome comforters.” (Job 16:2) (“Which was another way of representing the “discreet” rather than “foolish virgins” of course) The best way to do so is to lead by example of course as opposed to burying our figurative “mina”
        in the ground which becomes rather tempting to do in view of all the unrelenting demonic opposition the anointed ones face and particularly in these foretold settings.

        Speaking of “religions” or even “faiths” for that matter, Iv’e reached the point where I almost always refer to TRUE Christianity strictly in terms of a nation or kingdom. In other words much like we more often heard in the earlier days of the JW organization, I more often use terms such as spiritual Israel. A more careful consideration of the scriptures will reveal that almost without exception the first century Bible writers actually used terms like Jews or Israel when speaking of the new spiritual nation, while words like Christians by contrast were actually used a grand total of three times.

        Most of us have been led to believe that when words like Jews or Israel were being used in the New Testament, this was with reference to FLESHLY Israel, which of course by that time did not even exist from God’s standpoint. Not only had fleshly Israel once again completely violated the Law covenant that CONSTITUTED them as Israelites in the first place, but by this time the Mosaic Law code had even been made permanently “obsolete” with the death of Jesus. (He 8:13)

        A more careful examination of scriptures like Romans 2:28, 29 or Acts 18:24, 25 will help us to understand that by this time the term Jew was used with reference to exactly what the two ancient southern tribes were basically used to symbolically prefigure in the first place, namely the “spirit” anointed ones or shepherding class of God’s people. If you were not among the anointed you were now simply a spiritual Israelite as opposed to a spiritual Jew. For anyone who might have difficulty swallowing this information I would suggest you consider things like the following:

        If the first century Apollos was a FLESHLY “Jew,” then I’m afraid you will need to explain why he was also identified as a “native of Alexandria” (an Egyptian by birth) with a Greek name who was “aglow with the spirit” while at the same time preaching the Gospel of Jesus right alongside Jesus’ Apostles. (Ac 18:24, 25) Yes the degree to which we have all been misled is absolutely astonishing! But this brings me back to why I mostly use terms like spiritual Israel these days.

        I’ll contend the constant and unrelenting OVERUSE of words like Christian or Christianity has greatly contributed to ones such as ourselves failing to “keep on the watch” for the proverbial “thief in the night.” (Mt 24:42, 43) You see if you have managed to be gradually lulled into imagining that “Christianity” is a mere religion or belief system as opposed to the nation it actually is, then we in turn would be rather inclined to begin overlooking the very thing that establishes its very EXISTENCE in the first place! In other words, just as was ALWAYS the case, God’s nation or kingdom, (whether fleshly or spiritual) is established not only on the basis of the formation and official adoption of a marital covenant between God and an appointed shepherding class, , but also on the basis of these shepherds “KEEPING” this covenant or continuing to hold to its terms. (De 29:9) This means that just as pointed out in scriptures like Daniel 11:30-32, this “thief in the night” that we are supposed to be “keeping on the watch” for is an “apostasy” of God’s appointed shepherds which is considered as having been COMPLETELY preformed with a spiritually adulterous alliance or agreement between those “acting wickedly against the covenant” and satan’s political system of things.” The fact is however that the implications of this go far beyond anything we have ever been taught.

        You see once we understand that TRUE Christianity is actually a nation and that like ALL nations its very existence is based on whatever legal authority had been granted it (whether by God or by Satan), we in turn are forced to acknowledge that the moment this covenant has been completely broken, TRUE Christianity basically NO LONGER EXISTS AT ALL!!! It is precisely this recognition that comprises the “catching SIGHT OF (with our eyes of spiritual understanding) the disgusting thing…standing in the holy place” or otherwise realizing that the constant stream of false teachings that seem to increasingly be emanating from the JW organization is ultimately due to things like the NGO or OSCE agreements they formed with the U.N. This recognition in turn is what should correspondingly now prompt us to “flee” to the spiritual “wilderness” to begin endeavoring to provide “comfort” to what now once again has become a completely devastated Job entity. (Mt 24:15, 16) (2 Cor 6:17) (Re 18:4)

        We seem to continually overlook the specific context in which Jesus commanded his followers to pray for the coming of God’s kingdom.” (Mt 6:9, 10) It happened to be in the exact context or setting we ourselves are once again in at this very moment, namely a post apostasy and pre-appointing context. This is a setting which is right in the middle of a baptism (spiritual cleansing) or spiritual death and rebirth of God’s nation. In other words when we are praying for the coming of God’s kingdom, we are essentially praying for the return of CHRISTIANITY!!!
        What Jesus’ first century disciples (as opposed to Apostles) were actually praying for was exactly what was manifested at Pentecost of 33CE, namely the very theocratic shepherding authority and power that Jesus officially announced after his resurrection which in turn marked the conclusion of yet another BAPTISM or “harvest of the firstfruits.” (Mt 28:18, 19) Since “where there is a covenant, the death of the covenantor needs to be furnished,” this moment marked the BIRTH of the “kingdom of the son of his love” (as opposed to the Millennial Reign that we will soon FULLY witness) which is simply another way of saying the birth of CHRISTIANITY. (He 9:16-18) (Col 1:13) We always seem to forget however that the very same marriage covenant that brings Christianity INTO existence is exactly the same covenant that takes it OUT OF existence upon an act of spiritual “harlotry.” (Lu 22:29) Okay, change of topic.

        I’m still working feverishly on the editing of the article I’m writing which to be honest is beginning to more resemble a book. Upon its completion I’m hoping to have it posted on several websites such as this and I greatly appreciate that you are open to the idea of including yours. The target audience here is strictly the ones who are either “fleeing” or otherwise have already fled to the spiritual “wilderness,” As Jesus endeavored to help us understand in accounts like Matthew 10:5, 6 and 28:18, 19, authority for a PUBLIC ministry is not granted us until the next “harvest” or resurrection of the “firstfruits,” I can assure everyone that the next birth of God’s nation will make what occurred at Pentecost 33CE pale by comparison since we are no longer dealing with the mere “stewardship” associated with the “kingdom of the son of his love.” (1 Cor 4:1)

        I was actually notified of your site by someone on discussthetruth.com who insisted that your postings very much resembled my own. (Which unfortunately also means he has great difficulty understanding either of us even if he greatly appreciates our input) I will keep you posted and in the meantime I hope I will be included in your prayers just as you will be in mine.

        Agape love;


      8. Thanks for your thoughts, I have been recently thinking much about a terminology from the Bible that better fits what the “faith” is as in it is also a “covenant”. These realities which then become those terms you explained in hierarchical ways God defines, become ECLIPSED by human terms like “religion” and “organization” which even taint and subvert words like “Christianity”.

        Humans can even be misled by words and what gets applied to their meanings, which with apostasy ends up denuding the original meanings from the terminology. Like with JWs and their putting “organization” and the fake “faithful slave” in competition with the “body of the Christ” as they stopped connecting the two to complete cessation, and instead set them against each other.
        And not only are they now “in opposition” as against the “sets himself in opposition” as the lawless one now runs the temple environment, they are confused as to deeper meaning in the minds of now thorough misled sheep.

        Slowly, the morph spiritual realities sacred to God into mundane profanities, which JWs now bathe in as in a spiritual sewer of treason in God’s eyes.

        That transformation took a few decades to slowly wrap itself around everyone now in the JW ministry. And it was so slow and “smooth words” Dan11:32a subtle, JWs would think talk like this exposing it is “crazy”.

        What is really crazy is the Devil now rules the JW “unholy nation”, as their song now says “which god do you NOW obey?”, as the evil one running the ministry even changed their lyrics of To Whom Do We Belong to reflect the “good” JWs NOW obey, is the Devil— and that right in the words and meanings of their own song book, [Sin]g to Jehovah.

        Injection of words and symbols and their new meanings which reinforce actions and beliefs is the main way the lawless one GB has fermented the whole JW loaf as far as physical things they do.

        Like Daniel 11:32a says, by “smooth WORDS” KN leads JWs into the final apostasy, by means of that KN-GB device of “the lie” of 2Thess2:11-12.

        This is why when it does come on JW Org, it will be a tsunami of judgment, it has progressed to very severe blasphemies as in the profanation work of Daniel 11:31a.

        What is coming on the JW Org and ministry will become of “Biblical proportions” as they say, or “Prophetic proportions”, it is that bad in reality, it will take the “Angel of the Covenant” to lift the coming siege.

        And had he not, JWs would have been wiped off of earth before world government came into being as a total fail in “witnessing”. But that can be diverted by the fire of Zechariah 3:2 and Rev8:7, Isa6: it is a cleansing fire by cessation of what could have been a total destructive fire upon JWs— because it has to ignite a final proclamation in time. Rev10:11 You MUST prophesy AGAIN.

        Now we know what that really means AGAIN. Witnessing 2 of the TWO witnesses.

        God does this on JWs so they stay on the focus, but after that desolation it will be amped up for the eventual global stage of the final proclamation. We have time.

        We just have to learn from Judas GB of what NOT to do when it comes to being patient with what God will do. The GB is an example of what NOT to do, as JWs influenced by them are also an example of what NOT to do.

        But when the JW thing really gets going and their final prophecy fails, it will spark much reaction. Even now JWs have stoked the fires of those “signing and groaning” over all the detestable things in JW “Jerusalem”.

        To be spiritual Israel, it has to fit the same pattern, even apostasy was used by God to effect the discipline and cleansing for approval.

        JWs already think they are approved, when the opposite is the truth, and that can form a very severe life and death test by visture of their attitudes, once they find out the opposite, the disapproval, is the reality and the thing they love and worship, the GB, is the reason why and the one who stabbed them in the back,

        That can be a big pill to swallow. Glad we have accepted it by admission rather than desolations without a clue— as JWs will be that.


  2. I very much appreciated your thoughts on these issues KINGNORTH and I continue to be amazed over how closely our understanding on things lines up. (Haven’t witnessed anything quite like it yet) Its likely you are well aware that in these prophetic time frames the spirit anointed ones in general are prefigured with prophetic dramas such as the 12 bumbling, confused and generally prideful disciples doing things as shameful as arguing over who among them was the greatest.

    Another drama I often point to is the “troublesome comforters” that were pictured as surrounding the completely devastated Job entity. The “journey” they took to find him of course represented the “flight to the wilderness” or “mountains” that “those in Judea” (a representation of the anointed) always ultimately embark on upon waking up to yet another complete apostasy of God’s nation. (Mt 24:15, 16, 28) (Re 12:14) (2 Cor 6:17) (Re 14:4 18:4)

    While most of the disciples ended up qualifying as “discreet virgins,” I’m sure that prophetic figures such as John the Baptist or the Elihu figure that ultimately joined the discussion between Job and his “comforters” were meant to directly represent the “discreet virgins” or otherwise illustrate the difference between the “foolish” and “discreet.” (Mt 25:1, 2)

    There’s absolutely no question in my mind that at least some of my scriptural understandings are at least partially if not completely incorrect, and the fact that my understanding continues to grow only confirms this. I’m sure the important thing here is that we all continue doing our utmost to remain humble and continue relying heavily on prayer and the Holy Scriptures when it comes to our spiritual feeding. We of course also have the authority and even the obligation in these settings to both express our understandings and consider the input of our fellow anointed brothers and sisters. The idea of course is to sharpen each other even if my experience indicates that quite often it is only a few bystanders who seem to recognize that actual spiritual food is being dispensed in the arguments of at least one party or the other.

    Until the final foretold massive outpouring of holy spirit that always accompanies the rebirths of the theocratic nation or kingdom occurs, (which I’m sure will be very soon), I’m certain that the majority of what continues to issue out of the mouths of the anointed ones will much more resemble the dialogue of the “troublesome comforters” unfortunately, as the prophetic patterns make this painfully clear. (Job 16:2) Hopefully our own is at least beginning to be recognized by God as more resembling the expressions of the Elihu entity.

    Either way I’m sure we are both earnestly awaiting the final foretold time in which the entire shepherding class can once again “speak in agreement” on basically everything. (1 Co 1:10)The incredible amount of holy spirit that is poured out when the “discreet virgins” finally make it all the way to the proverbial “marriage feast” of course allows for this and much more. (Mt 25:10) The words that Paul spoke in 1 Corinthians there were of course in a setting in which this outpouring had already occurred, (Pentecost 33CE) which is exactly why these spiritual shepherds now qualified as Apostles as opposed to mere disciples such as you and I today.

    I wanted to take this opportunity to comment on a couple of the things you bring up in your latest post here.

    KINGNORTH wrote:
    “This is why when it does come on JW Org, it will be a tsunami of judgment, it has progressed to very severe blasphemies as in the profanation work of Daniel 11:31a.
    What is coming on the JW Org and ministry will become of “Biblical proportions” as they say, or “Prophetic proportions”, it is that bad in reality, it will take the “Angel of the Covenant” to lift the coming siege.”

    The prophetic pattern makes it abundantly clear that what you say here is quite true. The particular way you worded this however prompted me to wonder if you may currently be overlooking yet another common feature of this same prophetic pattern. Perhaps you can get back to me on this and let me know after I remind you of it.

    The very same pattern also makes it clear that by the time this coming judgment is actually poured out, the organization is at least a somewhat different animal than it would be at this moment. In other words I personally see it as not so much the apostate organization that suffers these foretold complete “desolations” or outright annihilation, but rather what is finally left of it by the time that the GENERAL “harvest” (as opposed to the “firstfruits” of the “harvest”) has been accomplished or completely fulfilled upon it.

    I believe the best example of this phenomenon is found both in the scriptural as well as the historical (secular) account of the first century Christian congregation and particularly in the vicinity of fleshly Judea and Jerusalem. (As opposed to spiritual Judea and Jerusalem) Bear in mind that the foretold “desolations” in this case were earmarked both for the fleshly nation of Israel and as always also the political entity that had once again dared to crawl into bed with it. (Da 9:26, 27)

    The “harvest” or resurrection of the “discreet virgins” (which in this case meant Jesus himself of course) that had occurred in 33CE had of course made provision for the theocratic shepherding authority always required to extend the Christian ministry also to the general public as opposed to simply the “lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (a representation of the spirit anointed that were “fleeing to the (spiritual) wilderness.” (Mt 10:5, 6, 28:18, 19) Over the next few decades after 33CE the entire inhabited earth of course experienced an extremely powerful public ministry.

    By the time these foretold “desolations” were poured out upon apostate Judaism between 70-74CE, the indication is that she had already been stripped clean of all the sheep like people left remaining in her by means of nearly four decades of a true Christian ministry. The first century historian Flavius Josephus actually pointed out that the moral character of the people who were left remaining in the area of Judea and Jerusalem when the Roman armies descended on them was absolutely shocking and repulsive even by worldly standards. In fact after mentioning things like open and flagrant acts of public homosexuality, he went so far as to say that the infighting among them was more to be feared than what the Roman soldiers were inflicting upon them. If what Jesus and his disciples were dealing with in 29-33CE wasn’t bad enough, what was now being dealt with was exponentially worse.

    What I find in scriptural accounts such as Daniel 12:1-4 and Matthew 24:29-31 appears very much to me as a prophetic depiction of the final foretold PUBLIC ministry that always follows a “harvest of the firstfruits” or resurrection of the “discreet virgins.” (Mt 25:7, 10) In line with the very same prophetic pattern that was witnessed particularly in first century Judea, I strongly suspect that by the time the full force of God’s judgments descends upon his apostate nation and their adulterous bedfellows, we will be looking at an organization that is even much worse than it is now. I’m also rather certain that by this time it will be a significantly smaller organization than it currently is, with the majority of its constituents having already performed a mass exodus out of it just as pictured also in ancient Egypt. Regardless of any specific religious background however, we can be sure that by this time that the words found in accounts like Romans 11:25, Revelation 6:11 or even 1 Corinthians 15:51-53 would have been fulfilled, and therefore the “Christ” and all its corresponding blood atonement would by this time have been “fully formed.” (Gal 4:19)”

    KINGNORTH wrote:
    “Now we know what that really means AGAIN. Witnessing 2 of the TWO witnesses.”

    At least as long as I remain sinful and imperfect there always of course remains the possibility that I’m wrong, but this is something that I currently understand a bit differently than you.

    In my case all the scriptural research I have done until now leads me to believe that what is being represented by the “two witnesses” is at least primarily if not exclusively the distinction between what is referred to in Song of Solomon as the “two camps” of the “Shulammite.” (Ca 6:13) I find it interesting that the literal definition of the name Jerusalem is actually—foundation of TWO-fold peace. While it was ultimately a prophetic/symbolic representation of the theocratic shepherding authority and power of the SPIRITUAL nation or true Christianity and by extension certainly involves a heavenly “camp,” it is also spoken of as an entity that would at some point be “coming DOWN from the heavens” to extend this very same theocratic authority and power completely over the earth. (Re 21:10)

    It appears to me that the primary way this dual aspect of the “Shulammite” was represented in the first century was with the way in which while there was a theocratic headquarters established by the Apostles in literal Jerusalem, there was actually a second headquarters established by Paul and Barnabus in Antioch Syria. This becomes all the more interesting not only when I delve into the symbolic significance that was assigned prophetically to the tribe of Benjamin, (Paul was a Benjamite) but also the fact that Paul specifically distinguished himself as an “Apostle to the nations.” (1 Co 1:1) Everything about this appears to be pointing more particularly to the EARTHLY “camp” of the “Shulammite.”

    This is only a few of the things that have led me to this conclusion but of course I could very well be mistaken. What I’m personally seeing in Revelation in connection with separate or distinct ministries is not two but rather a total of at least three ministries being foretold to occur between the first century and Armageddon; the final one being in connection with the “eighth king” or “image of the wild beast.”
    BTW have you had an opportunity to take a look at the attachment file I recently sent to your email address? I wanted to at least make sure it actually reached you. I apologize for how large it ended up being but anything of that depth I’m sure could use some rather ample scriptural substantiation and explanation.

    Agape love;

  3. Hello again KINGNORTH. I hope all is well with you. Its been some time since I visited your website and I’m happy to see you are still up and running over here.

    I was browsing through this discussion here on the topic of– “WTBTS: 72 years of Nothing New” and stumbled upon some comments I made several months ago on it that I now see as meriting some updating on my understanding. This would be specifically on the issue of the “two witnesses” that scriptures such as Revelation 11:3 speak of. The comments I am referring to are the following:


    “Now we know what that really means AGAIN. Witnessing 2 of the TWO witnesses.”

    A portion of my response:
    At least as long as I remain sinful and imperfect there always of course remains the possibility that I’m wrong, but this is something that I currently understand a bit differently than you.
    In my case all the scriptural research I have done until now leads me to believe that what is being represented by the “two witnesses” is at least primarily if not exclusively the distinction between what is referred to in Song of Solomon as the “two camps” of the “Shulammite.” (Ca 6:13) I find it interesting that the literal definition of the name Jerusalem is actually—foundation of TWO-fold peace. While it was ultimately a prophetic/symbolic representation of the theocratic shepherding authority and power of the SPIRITUAL nation or true Christianity and by extension certainly involves a heavenly “camp,” it is also spoken of as an entity that would at some point be “coming DOWN from the heavens” to extend this very same theocratic authority and power completely over the earth. (Re 21:10)

    What I would now add to comments such as this would be the following:

    While I still very much suspect that the scriptural expression “two witnesses” at least includes the notion of the “two camps” of the “Shulammite” that is spoken of most particularly or directly in Song of Solomon 6:13, I now strongly suspect that among the symbolic spiritual meanings that this expression is pointing to is a rather important distinction that exists between Jehovah’s actual prophets during these foretold periods of the spiritual cleansings and re-births of his nation as opposed to the spirit anointed ones in general.

    In other words I’m referring to the periods of time in which Jehovah’s prophets are represented as “dressed in sackcloth” while performing their ministry specifically to “Christ’s domestic’s” or “brothers,” or what is also referred to in these interim periods as the “lost sheep of the house of Israel.” (Mt 10:5, 6 24:45 25:40) (Re 11:3) These would be the foretold periods of time in which the only DIVINELY ORDAINED ministry is that to the ones who actually recognize the apostasy of the nation (or otherwise the fact that a “disgusting thing” now occupies the “holy place”) and have “fled to the mountains” in a spiritual sense. (Mt 24:15, 16) (Da 11:30-32)

    This of course means that they have “gotten out from among and separated themselves” from this apostate nation just as demonstrated also with the disciples of both Jesus and John the Baptist in the early part of the first century. (2 Cor 6:17) Just as demonstrated for us ALSO in this same time frame, the authority and power for a PUBLIC ministry is only furnished by yet another act of blood inauguration of yet another renewed kingdom covenant. (Lu 22:29) (He 9:16-18) (Mt 28:18, 19) In the case of Revelation 11 this same prophetic pattern of the anointed ones or -Christ (Strong’s #5547) is reflected in verses 11, 12 when these “discreet virgins” who have sacrificed even their very lives are once again called by Jehovah to the heavenly “marriage feast.” (Mt 25:10)

    Careful research of both the context of Revelation 11:3 as well as reference scriptures that speak in terms of God’s prophets wearing “sackcloth” as opposed to their “official garment” will first of all reveal (among other things) that such expressions” are with reference specifically to the “DISCREET virgins” among the spirit anointed ones during these foretold periods of national “planting” or spiritual death as opposed to re-birth or “harvest.” It represents how they humbly and repentantly recognize that the kingdom or marriage covenant that has just been broken by what HAD BEEN the appointed shepherding class always forfeits the level of power and authority associated with the PUBLIC ministry of the theocratic nation.

    Since it was the kingdom or law covenant that QUALIFIED them as God’s nation and people in the first place and correspondingly afforded them with redemption and atonement, the spiritual adultery that had just occurred now qualified them more as unclean or even “leprous” spiritual foreigner dignitaries in dire need not only of “putting off their official garment,” but even willingly engaging in yet another of the seven foretold spiritual cleansings or baptisms (deaths and re-births or “plantings and harvests”) of the nation or kingdom. (Jon 3:6) (2 Ki 5:14) (1 Sa 2:5) (Jer 15:9) But what exactly am I getting at here?

    We might recall that while there ended up being at least 120 disciples that ultimately qualified for the massive outpouring of holy spirit that occurred at Pentecost of 33 CE in the first century after both John the Baptist and Jesus himself had been executed or otherwise had furnished this very blood inauguration of the renewed covenant, not only does there appear to have been exactly TWO “witnesses” that actually furnished this blood atonement, but also exactly TWO who actually served as MORE than simply “disciples” or even spirit anointed “virgins.” (Ac 2:1-4) Yes while there proved to be MANY “disciples” of both John the Baptist and Jesus during this time period of their “wearing sackcloth” as well as up to DOZENS who even went so far as to actually have a share in the same ministry as them, it seems to me that ultimately only TWO people were actually recognized by both God and man as actual full fledged PROPHETS. Moreover not only was this SPIRITUAL Israel that this precedent was being established with in this case, but we can observe this very same prophetic pattern THROUGHOUT the scriptures. For example we have the scriptural precedent of Moses and Aaron as well as Joshua and Caleb leading the Israelites out of Egypt and into the Promised Land.

    If we were to pay the proper respect to what seems a clear scriptural precedent when it comes to these foretold “two witnesses,” I see no reason why we should not expect to ultimately find exactly two prophets of Jehovah somewhere out here in the final foretold manifestation of the spiritual “wilderness.” (Am 3:7) Hopefully you and I can ultimately qualify as at least among the “discreet virgins” if not at some point even among these “two witnesses.”

    Speaking of Joshua and Caleb however, I find it well beyond coincidence that while Caleb was represented as coming from the tribe of Judah (clearly a shepherding representation and by extension more of a heavenly one), Joshua on the other hand was an Ephraimite. (Ge 49:8-12) (1 Chr 4:1, 15) (Nu 13:6, 8, 16) More so than ANY of the tribes of Israel, Ephraim was an EARTHLY representation, and in fact so much so that his name was excluded altogether from the list of the figurative tribes of SPIRITUAL Israel found in Revelation Chapter 7. The tribe of Ephraim was in fact assigned the symbolic significance of the “full equivalent of nations.” (Ge 48:19)

    Agape love;

    1. Good points, and since I do not just toss the baby with the bath water the dual-prophet work of Fred Franz and Nathan Knorr was required at that time for both spiritual [maintenance] and ministerial global strategy.

      And had Franz and Knorr (and even Ray Franz) been “evil slave” already, there would have been no need to form a WTBTS corporate based board of directors takeover coup by hook and crook in 1976, to then be Frankenstein Veneered in that so-called “Governing Body” myth, just as the Papacy used but focused on Peter as their successor.

      They are the same thing, the original apostasy virus just spread by the same corporate devices into the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry.

      And I say Fred Franz was spiritual maintenance, because both he and Knorr had been coached by JFR (died 1942) to make sure to expose the 2nd United Nations related presentation of eventual then unknown 1945, which was very important, because that is why they killed JFR at that time.

      BOTH Charles Russell and Joseph Rutherford were “taken out” in the time of a world war distraction period, and the end of the Cold War distraction period is when they “took out” Fred Franz.

      Think ministerial spearheads ALL dying during or shortly after a world war phase is coincidence? Was the UN NGO news released one month after WTC 911 a coincidence?

      They axed Ray Franz illegally and unjustly because he would have been the next “prophet” status individual in 1992 (to understand that 3rd UN [REAL King North Globalist System] event of 1990, after the cold war as Daniel 11:31b) and indeed his Bible knowledge background may have even surpassed Fred’s.

      The GB WT apostasy is detailed with the events that led to UN 3, 1990, and their UN NGO in Daniel 11:30b, Daniel 11:31b, and Daniel 11:32a. Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” soon, to the apostate JW nation, is that explicit UN NGO wildbeast worship and service global partnership.

      It is also Matthew 24:15 as Christ stated in connection with Daniel’s prophecy.

      It was also a period of maintenance because Joseph Rutherford is who was given all the “first witnessing” Revelation fulfillment insight. The ONLY new and actually accurate “truth of prophecy” JWs ever revealed that was new, was UN 1945; Rev17:8-11.

      In reality, JWs are almost a total century in a stall, because Fred Franz well-meaning errors of prematurity in Daniel 8 and 11, are now very misleading total errors that help conceal [REAL] “King North” Globalist-System world government in-progress as we speak, to come after this next “Sword-stroke” of Revelation 13:3 principle runs its coming global course.

      In fact, the WTBTS board of directors attempted coup which failed in 1917, is why they had to opt for “Plan B” in 1918 and actually threw the brothers in prison, to attempt to takeover, subvert, or wipe out that key ministry.

      Instead, they furnished the first 1260 days “witnessing” to 1290 days “killed” context (1914-1918; 1919-1922) which marks all the 1260 days and Daniel 12:11 first cycle to the League of Nations. Then came the subsequent recovery into the temple purification and rebirth of that time after 1922—AND THE VERY REASON WHEY WE ARE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS NOW! The “first witness” 1260 days was indeed a Revelation 11:3 success, unto this final JW apostasy now prepping it all for 1260 days “last witnessing” of the future.

      It is NO ACCIDENT a “League of Nations” New World Order coined “global governance” development in progress arose, while a Kingdom of God counter-proclamation was also coming forth AT THE SAME TIME!

      NO ACCIDENT! DIAMETRIC AND HEAD-ON WAS THE FIRST WITNESSING 1260 DAYS upon global-Anglo-American ‘elite’ (“two horned beast”) world government in-progress by their League of Nations “image”; (Rev13:11-15)

      Now like other possible “Seller’s Oil” out here in the camps of the scattered “alien residents”, I have views on prophecy which anyone is free to speculate on, and perhaps millions in all Christian undertakings are doing this. But, I know A JUDGMENT coming is what will allow GOD to cause the truth of His prophecy to emerge according to his eternal to sub-atomic timings, and everything in between. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5)

      Personally, I do not get involved in arguments any longer as I did at times in 2010-2011. The time for chasing the dog’s tail are passing, and the views which are incorrect will end up being true “Seller’s Oil”, but they will not believe it is false.

      THAT is how accidental false prophecy by skewed motive goes, THAT is what also occurred when the JW ministry was hi-jacked by the GB. “gradually given over” to subversion as in NWT Daniel 8:12b.

      The good strategy of Franz and Knorr was to anonymize the ministry.

      They did not put personal names on publications, and had it not been for general Christian religious history in action, they would have been also virtually unknown.

      They did not form the idea later, that the GB formed, to then take explicit credit for all that anonymous work in 1976.

      In Ray Franz Crisis of Conscience chapter 4, we get the details ONLY Fred Franz and Nathan Knorr were against the GB tyrannical ideas. In time, they acquiesced with much “Ray Franz” head in the bucket later to persuade them, since that occurred a few years later, obviously they had that guillotine available before.

      Just as Fred Franz said “I am just sitting back to see what happens” paraphrased from his ominous view of what the GB pulled in 1976. NOW look what they did, wildbeast riding, child sacrifice to pedophile “molech”, theft, money laundering, fraud religious-charity rackets, real estate robber-barons, liars, basically a GB of Devil Worshipers at global zenith form and authority, for they are leading God’s nation into the gutter, and worse. (Zech11)

      So, the GB seeking fame, credit and secretly eyeing the post 1970s billions rolling in, we see they morphed THE ENTIRE JW MINISTRY to shine the spotlight ON THEMSELVES ALONE; (2Thess2:3-4)

      At the GB Carnival Circus of Signal Final Apostasy, God and Christ are organ-grinding monkeys only to be used to get people’s money; they are the shill to run this con.

      Whatever comes next, cannot make that same mistake of Korah like grasping, or seeking recognition.

      Like John the Baptist I hope it is just a “voice in the wilderness” that “drops from the sky”, because ultimately the correct rundown will be from God to complete the promised oath of Revelation 10:5-7, and I know power-trippers and others who may attempt to impede it get “fire called down”, because that ministry cannot be stopped.

      God will not eat more apostasy, and the “Angel of the Covenant” is who is also the Furnace of Jerusalem (as Isaiah 31:8-9 fulfills on this apostate and trespasser situation in the future; Mic5:5-7), it is he who will be “visiting the temple”, this final anointed temple to form the Daniel 8:14 “RIGHT [PURIFIED] CONDITION], to ensure no criminals or miscreants further obstruct what will then be heading to the “last witnessing” 1260 days, to eventually complete 2520 days; “seven times”, in two 1260 days witnessings since 1914.

      Nothing will be known until the “evening” phase of Daniel 8:13-14,26 passes, because that is when the approval and spirit comes. Be patient, be cautious.

      The errors the GB uses to jackhammer 1914 will be blown away by real gentile times history and prophecy. That is the other area Ray Franz was getting close to looking at, and also why they axed him to keep that 607 BCE Jerusalem Destruction major error in place.

      Now true, the “two witnesses” is an assured ministerial group effort, it will “call down fire” [from Destroyer, btw] to get around obstacles, but it will also be ceased and conquered by ascendant world government as parallels of the “remove the constant feature” of Revelation 11:7-10, Revelation 13:5-7, Daniel 12:7,11.

      The final ministry must cease when completed by enemy hand (Dan12:11), but by that time the final sealing will have been affirmed in the approved anointed who maintain approval by carrying out that final 1260 days requirement of the “little scroll” total summary and final God’s Kingdom Sovereign Ultimatum.

      And of course, the Messianic Kingdom completion notification and the World Peace and Open Salvation Guarantee of that actually totally positive and hopeful Christ arrival, must be given.

      Christ must complete his seven years ministry as combined from his earthly perfect human 3.5 years ministry with the 3.5 years of Daniel 12:11 [in the future] in his salvation arrival and global salvation parousia (Matt24:29-31; Rev14) for that whole timed period prior to his total conquest upon the Devil and his World Government (Eze38:7) project.

      Anything not honoring the truth of 1914 and not telling the people the true open salvation positivity to come with Revelation 14:6-7 and the Christ Arrival, will never make it into the “little scroll”.

      The days of anointed Christian haggling and power-tripping and living a myth for those heading into rejection, (which is God’s judging work, not man’s, but we have some cases of this) are coming to an end in Daniel 8:13-14 timeframe.

      Not all by death, true, but it will NOT be allowed “in the temple” to pollute, subvert and stall it or “water it down”, hence why the “discreet virgins 5” do not share “oil”.

      God will make sure what has to be said, will be said. (Rev11:3)

      True, there will be erred darkness sold as “Seller’s Oil” for the “foolish virgin 5”, that is “the wicked will act wickedly” as in Daniel 12, there will be plenty of false-prophets alive and well, but as far as God’s Kingdom announcement for Christ’ Kingdom Completion and King of kings coronation of the future, and its Christ-Kingdom Eternal Counter Offers to EVERYTHING World Government will also claim to be offering (including “world peace”; 1Thess5:1-3), not one particle of a letter will be left out of the little scroll global notice.

      When it comes to a nearer and nearer to full Christ arrival, neither God nor Christ will be messing around or pulling punches, this is the homestretch.

      And as in Matthew 10:23, when that human ministry fails to reach everyone overall, and the final ministry witnessing is ceased also not reaching everyone (as in matt10:23), CHRIST WILL ARRIVE in sheep gathering mode first and complete his own “everlasting good news” ministry globally (Rev14:6-7).

      Christ has to make a complete peaceful offer, not man, to every human. Hence Matthew 10:23 and Revelation 14.
      It is all about The Choice, the Final CHOICE.

      And anyone willing can [choose to] walk into his Kingdom (Rev11:13-15), rather than [choose to be] a 666 subject in allegiance and worship of the so-called “new world order” World Government, the choice will get very clear, at the most basic [non-religious] level, for many many people, over these final years.

      As an example of a counter claim, but it is the everlasting truth, God and Christ are bringing in The New Universal Order, far larger, more powerful, employing, deploying, vibrant, alive forever, tireless, limitless, immortal, wise, just and truly FOREVER and eternal “everlasting good news” for even “two sparrows”.

      Who needs a lame “new world order” botch of globalist corporations and their puppet bankers, politicians and war lords just a few steps from cadaver land all humans are on the path to? Are we joking here?

      Just have to leave the actuality of how it unfolds up to God, because no way is the arrival of the King of kings, not going to get a notification and more than fair warning, in fact an open salvation offer. And JWs or any religion, will never make that summary real.

      This final outpouring of holy spirit on approved with the judgment, and with years for many to be able to repent to get with it in Daniel 8:13-14, will be a true divine miracle, God and Christ will have to get the deliverance credit, that is how comatose the “ten virgins” really are at this time.

      But, God knows this, Christ is the way and the way out, and everything needed to get past the fleshly obstacles as long as we have the right “preserved oil”, because as in Zechariah 4 replenishing supply also coming in parallel with Revelation 11:4, God only burns ONE OIL.

      The truth of His Prophecy which He dictates, as you also note in Amos when He starts to kindle the flame.

      Now knowing prophecy is NOT a basis of salvation (meaning total understanding and total consensus), but it can help people’s resolve to stand firm especially when the storm in a prophecy busts out right over our own heads, live and real-time, like this one will as Haggai 2:7. Everything has to keep focus on Christ as the ONLY salvation God has purposed and provided, everything else was to support that fact, not be used to distract from it.

      But the truth of the Christ arrival is that it will be just as positive as his first arrival, but no one is “nailing” the Christ this time around, as Immortal Mighty God he will also cover ever square inch of Earth with that positivity in SUPERHUMAN MIRACLES to encourage and even persuade all the people he will “be after” for good intent of salvation.

      When that is complete, world government and the Devil will be vanquished, one to deposition, one to POW Abyss. At Revelation 14:6-7 God calls it “Everlasting GOOD News”, and that is exactly what it must prove to be. We are done with the lame religious bad news versions based on self-righteous fantasy victory.

      (I am going to fix that comment you asked about, btw, soon here.)


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