My Apologies for JW Behavior

My Apologies for JW Behavior

[excerpt from coming article]

Note: Although this (coming) essay will use prophecy and the secular global-record to expose and criticize the lawless Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses and their corporate “Worldwide Organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses” (JW Org) with full prophetic descriptions of its apostasy and “wildbeast riding” prior to its coming downfall, Jehovah’s witnesses individually are not being personally hated or attacked—as disappointed, sad and disgusted as we may be with their hurtful behavior.

They are being pitied and warned, albeit being exposed as apostates today “acting wickedly against the holy covenant” as in Daniel 11:32a.

They are the latest poor-victims of a clear case study in corrupted “Christian” religion “gradually given over” (Dan8:12)  into an apostate devolution by the corporatocracy they have developed as their own “Theocratic Clergy” merely described in new terms and corporate wardrobes. All of us Jehovah’s witnesses should have seen this in development, I personally apologize for our spiritual slumber, sins and negligence.

So, I include myself in this criticism prior to me making the conscience-based and scriptural decision to “disassociate” myself from this twisted albeit masterfully disguised Jehovah’s witnesses’ codified corruption of a “corporate religion” and their corrupt deceptive ministry and its child-rape and personal and family-abuse support and its UN alliances. (2Thess2:3-4,11-12)

All of the criticism of Jehovah’s sad witnesses is not “apostate lies” and “disgruntled loser” accusations it is now a voluminous part of the global public record in this reproach Jehovah’s witnesses have become by the careful “governance” of their criminal “Governing Body”. The “Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses” is in every sense of the “criminal” word a justly-applied true criminal application both spiritual and secular.

If any Christian group is blood guilty as many are, Jehovah’s witnesses get the dripping gold medal because we had the most progressive “accurate knowledge” at one time and we should have known better than simply become the “worst that Christendom has to offer” after having exposed that Christendom corporate apostasy for nearly a full century as a major part of our global ministry.

By now, we should have been experts at detecting apostasy and the polished frauds through whom it is introduced. (Dan11:30b; Dan11:32a) Instead, today’s Jehovah’s witnesses worship this “smooth word” fraud “Governing Body” rather than God and Christ.

“People sinned there instead of offering the proper daily sacrifices, and true religion was thrown to the ground. The horn was successful in everything it did.” (Daniel 8:12; Good News Bible)

While I was a practicing member of Jehovah’s witnesses as a manmade “religion” (all of them being “false religion”) (rather than a witness of God for Christ as a life-mission as what this “job” really is) I am also guilty of everything today’s Jehovah’s witnesses continue to practice.

And I personally, with much shame, feelings of guilt and humiliation sorely apologize to all you people and the world for the criminal nature of modern Jehovah’s witnesses and all the reproach we brought on God and Christ and the prophecy. How sad it really is, I am sorry Jehovah’s witnesses and myself have become such a murderous, lying, thieving and raping joke of a fraud ministry. (Rev2:2)

I regret not seeing it sooner due to my own “asleep on the guard”, negligence and sins. (Matt24:15)

But now, I have repented personally before God through Christ not in regard to a fraud “Theocracy” wherein the JW “Pope” of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses is any authority whatsoever but a criminal apostasy forewarned of in prophecy. (Dan8:11-14; Dan11:30-35; Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-12)

And now my job is to help others “discern” and obey the command of Christ at Matthew 24:15 to flee the apostate Jehovah’s witnesses organization and their “disgusting thing” UN NGO partnership (Dan11:31b; Dan8:13) and ministry and shun their congregational system, but not thoroughly misled Jehovah’s witnesses personally lest they may also have questions to be answered from the actual valid prophecy of God.

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses is far more guilty than your average dolt-of-a-Jehovah’s-witness, imo. And many new Jehovah’s witnesses are nearly completely innocent, they have not known this truth and all this modern garbage about the WTBTS may have slipped past their awareness as it did many of us.

They have not been there long enough to have known anything but the current GB Show and they never have experienced the true spiritual depth of teaching from the days of 1930-1969. They have been fully GB “dumbed down”.

But to get the full repentance from Jehovah’s witnesses in the future for Jehovah’s witnesses who can eventually come to this realization (Rev8) it has to be of “prophetic proportions” in judgment, Jehovah’s witnesses are now terminal and beyond “human fixes”.

God has permitted this Jehovah’s witnesses apostasy (2Thess2:11-12) to eventually lead to the actual cancellation and global-catastrophic destruction of the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry and its debased “organization” as a religion and an apostate-ministry from its own mouth and apostate actions because such an event will undeniably mark Daniel 8:13-14 (Rev8) as the modern temple judgment.

In the long run, the “falling away of Jehovah’s witnesses” will aid the salvation of millions of people not by their desire but by God’s. This is how God does “tough love” and He does not coddle apostasy in His house but it has to come about in His timing. (Dan8:13-14; Rev8-9)

The purpose of this actually divine “temple judgment” (Zech3) is the eventual “open salvation guarantee” for all people willing (Rev14:6-8) to also comprehend the meaning of in the aftermath of the Jehovah’s witnesses downfall for apostasy (not because of any “end of the world”) and in the rest of the progress to world government over some years as more prophecy will continue to fulfill after the apostasy of Jehovah’s witnesses is deposed in horrendous manner and full-scale and exposed in its aftermath.

That “right condition” recovery of Daniel 8:14 is to become a “final witnessing” of the “two witnesses” of Revelation 11 by a non-religious-affiliated final “anointed Christian” ministry.

Even if the final anointed Christian ministry has roots in what eventually became “apostate Christendom” now including Jehovah’s witnesses “organization” in that “man of lawlessness” and “Babylon the Great” overall Cornucopia of Corruption worldwide it is only in reference to the sincere and truthful advancements in prophetic progress which co-develops with this lawless Christian “religious complex” over the centuries as the world’s national system progresses with the globalism objective of World Government.

The failure of Jehovah’s witnesses so-called “true religion” is the failure of all religion as false. Religion is a snare and a racket as JWs so amply demonstrate. THAT is the truth.

It is sad that after the International Bible Students and Jehovah’s witnesses broke free from such a clear “Christendom corruption” and apostasy that Jehovah’s witnesses have been so eager to return to man-worship, self-righteousness and idolatry in now a much worse condition of apostasy today than any religion in history except Christ opposing first century “Judaism”.

Jehovah’s witnesses have become the worst example of humanity in the modern world because everything we tried try to do good in has a hypocritical reality in the lawlessness of JW leadership and the effects that has had on millions of stumbled, abused, raped and murdered people by the hand of the teachings of the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses” a truly evil experiment in ministerial management from day 1, 1976.

When I had questions about the apostate-criminal condition the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry had devolved into and thought this really was a truly serious lapse of Christian faithfulness in Jehovah’s witnesses ministry I said “God’s prophecy MUST have an apostasy this serious already and fully described in it” because “XJW” Web information did not answer all the questions nor completely connect this apostasy to prophecy.

Well, that “apostasy prophecy” is in Daniel in explicit and historic context. Only the Governing Body retained error in Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-32 is why Jehovah’s witnesses are not applying that apostate prophecy “bloody glove” to its “perfect fit” now and on the “hand” of the so-called “Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses” the rotten- leaders of this apostasy for a “King North” system they also conceal the true identity of (Dan8:12b) in their mad “Anti-Christian” quest as Daniel 11:32a states in direct explicit terms about them and their Globalist System “King North” Masters.

This essay will attempt to explain many features of this apostasy in Jehovah’s witnesses and in the prophecy they mark and how their “Governing Body” and other corporatized leadership of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTBTS) is now actively involved in covering up prophecy (Dan8:12b) as it so amply applies to rampant globalization progress since after 1990 with the future objective of World Government in full and complete form as the globalization process must complete in time, in the future.

In fact, we have to now rely on a veritable Global Web Army of globalism researchers to find the information about this progress as it not covered in mainstream “corporate media” as important as it is. (Luke21:25; Hab1-3) We will be discussing some basics in this essay, because Jehovah’s Witnesses “Globalism Helpers” are DEAD SILENT on this progress in prophecy. We must connect the two.

1. Now JWs who do have the prophetic outline have no globalism understanding to connect the two as fulfilling.

2. Now secular researchers who do have the expertise in globalism and its forms of global progress in global-corporate aided finance and military have no in depth understanding of the initial prophecy progress Jehovah’s witnesses did make up to 1969 and also cannot connect what they know about the Globalism Goal of World Government with prophecy fulfilling either.

Now that means a dead stall regarding explaining modern prophecy fulfilling in globalism development towards a world government.

And because Jehovah’s witnesses despise anyone critical and more advanced than them in understanding and only quote from UN publications and co-globalist books they will not utter so much as a single “PEEP” in regard to their Globalist Masters proceeding to “8th King” World Government “in progress” and “under construction” as we speak all in the prophecy continuum to that Christ triggering event-cycle.

Rather, the GB just loves to count their billions while constantly repeat therapeutic basics of the “milk” as a facade which Jehovah’s witnesses should now know like the back of their hand rather than progress with modern relevant globalism prophecy. This is the Daniel 8:12b “throw the truth [of prophecy] to the earth” now fully active in this apostate Jehovah’s witnesses so-called “ministry”.

Do you want to know the effect of all these hypocritical positive words of Jehovah’s witnesses? Throwing up when compared to the JW Criminal Record. THAT is the end effect.

1. Fool JWs effectively by use of a bunch of positive albeit fake talk from the GB;

2. Make people jack-knife and deep gut wretch in disgust when we KNOW what the JW Organization really practices in criminal spiritual imperialism;

Now as the veneer JWs hide under people see all the positive cover words the GB plagiarizes from the past and acts “Christ like” using by the aid of “many helpers” (because the GB are full-time loafers) as JWs always talk about these “wholesome and up building” things.

But, then people see the hypocritical global criminal record of Jehovah’s witnesses who never actually “practice what they preach” as the global record attests to child-abuse cover up, “wildbeast riding”, documented perjury and the attempted destruction and condemnation of families and “the little ones”; the sad result of the damaging ramifications of JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES [actual] BEHAVIOR!

It makes one want to vomit, really. THAT is what the hypocrite JW ministry has been morphed into by the “Rogues of Ramapo” the Governing Body. If something is stumbling MILLIONS of people and KILLING sheep and “laying up riches” in the tens of billions and slandering God and Christ with disgusting hypocrisy is it from God or the Devil? Should be a no-brainer right? Any child could answer this.

But, Jehovah’s witnesses today cannot answer that question though they live in the virtual epicenter of its ruinous effects. But, then again the Jehovah’s witnesses apostasy is square as a cube in prophecy! No wonder, far be it from Jehovah’s witnesses to now point and the spiritual criminal signal finger to themselves rather than others. Typical, Israel did the same thing.

Prophecy is from God Almighty and that is why it “has it all” already described in its modernly applicable information transmissions about this Jehovah’s witnesses mega-apostasy and who leads it and when it became fully ascertainable and what its goals are.

It is not because Christendom or Jehovah’s witnesses are “totally false” but because both have been the vehicles of threads of truthful prophecy progress at times in their history as one whole “Christian development” regardless of the many failures both emulate; few and far between, but there none-the-less, some people have emulated Jesus Christ as best they could who is no failure but the eternal winner.

Apostasy develops into a fully stalled “well healed” corporate organism by means of corrupted leadership “gradually given over” just as with Daniel 8:12 and Jehovah’s witnesses GB Subversion today. JWs are just like a Catholic Papal “Mini Me”, same thing, same old story, new camouflage techniques, it is what it is.

This because there is truth here and it must be discredited by the current temporary “powers that be” even within the “Christian congregation” as Jehovah’s witnesses now worship the Kings of Warwick on their “1 Kings” drive in honor of the demon liars they serve.

In time the apostates impede this progress as first occurred under the horrendous Dark Ages tyranny of the Catholic Papal System which catalyzed the ‘Reformation Reaction’ when even secular rulers became disgusted with “Catholic Church” atrocities and the deleterious effect it was having on all Europe as “religious atrocities” became the main slogan to bless the Renaissance “era of enlightenment” with a freedom from Papal Darkness as their “divine authority” was exposed as the joke it is today.

They were out to “rule the world” now. Just like the GB of Jehovah’s witnesses.

In the Renaissance era anyone with a smidge of decency, tolerance, smarts and open mindedness was considered a beacon of  hope and light compared to the “Dark Ages” which were governed by the apostate Catholic Regime which put the “Dark” into “The Dark Ages”. But in time “worldly people” aided those “waking up” in the Christian faith and a first step out of an illegal attempted “monopoly of the faith” was made.

For it is no secret Martin Luther was aided by German Princes and “abducted” to the Wartburg Castle for his own safety and prevented from walking into his own “burning at the stake” after his final appointed meeting with the Catholic self-appointed authority at Worms Germany at the “Diet of Worms” of 1521.

A “worldly” prince had more foresight in what they planned to do with Luther than he himself some historians claim. I guess that is why they called him “Frederick the Wise“.

In time the Bible got slapped on the printing press for all people in their own languages for the first time out of the Catholic Dungeon and the archaic Latin tongue they performed their rituals in.

Regardless of what “Protestantism” later became and if every Catholic error was not rectified in one weekend the Reformation is why we can now discuss this without being burned at the stake.

The Reformation was a critical step forward out of darkness for Christians. It really is a “Great Controversy” and that effect ripples deeply into the human world and at times God moved forward by use of “Christendom” church progress even if Jehovah’s witnesses think they can just lump sum condemn the whole thing as useless and “apostate”. Look whose talking.

The Reformation led to the Protestant “Escape Hatch” and that led to the Adventist progress (as well documented historically in Ellen White’s CHRISTIAN CLASSIC “The Great Controversy”) and that led to the Bible Students and others and then “Jehovah’s Christian Witnesses” and no way is the JW RoadKill Disaster of today where it shall remain—stalled, enslaved and apostate once again.

The final freeing is from all religion for good, that is where the JW Apostate Catastrophe is leading to.

In fact as with Israel of old it is a judgment on a true “house of God” (1Pet4:17), and that first in the priority, that wakes everyone up from the apostate heroin overdose of the time. It happened in 1919 as the Adventist branch of the Reformation Movement was still focusing on the “Catholic Heresy” which crystallized into an apostate exposure of all Christendom which had since Luther “re-apostatized” into the same Catholic error and teachings merely streamlined for Protestantism use.

But reasonably, the “Protestant Reformation” did not instantly purge all Catholic error it just gave people some religious freedom for once in their lives. And even that took a few more centuries even after the 1500s, as even Isaac Newton was fearing be accused of being a “heretic” (and maybe worse) by the Catholic Papacy. Thus approached the truly freer times as the Catholic “Authority” was then truly nearing its death-rattle mode of spiritual insignificance but as organized monumental “heresy” itself.

By the time the Bible Students fully activated in the early 1900s there was then enough freedom and new prophetic evidence to eventually launch into the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry by early 1930s tasked with further exposure of the failings of that “house” of “Christendom”.

Had “Christendom” “always been a lie” there would have been no Reformation to try to rectify that apostasy, there would be no “protest” there would be no Adventism there would be nothing but more “Dark Ages”.

And had there been no truth in the Bible there would have been no reason to erect the Papal Tyrants to try to control and murder anyone who would not abide by their apostasy and “shut up and put up” with it as they “dungeonized” the Bible under lock and key; yet, earlier “they” also compiled it and there is no way God was not involved with the assembly of HIS own “Word”.

So, at one time there was some benefit in Catholicism, but it was really individuals God could use as even Luther came from Catholicism.

Like John the Baptist in his own time and mission, God does not need an army to make the next step in progress and no “mountain” can stop Him, of course. (Zech4:6-9) Christ was the ultimate “one man army” of God Almighty and now he is well beyond human.

And once again a major prophetic apostasy at a critical crossroads in the world sovereign trek and in Christian prophecy progress is now fully terminal and operative in Jehovah’s witnesses. Will God now let the prophecy go down a dead-end which Jehovah’s witnesses have been headed for decades now?

Or will God once again take command and take the road which exposes from prophecy the final epic global cycle of the culmination world history for the Adamic Era and its final event and sovereign global indications of the “second coming of Jesus Christ” as fully and totally well-mapped, described and gauged in Bible prophecy?

Were all of God’s prophets just fictional writers wasting their time and doodling meaningless daydreams and wild imagery out of sheer boredom like insane fools as Jehovah’s witnesses and some people would have us believe—that the “universal answer” exists in such meaninglessness, deception and a total waste of all our time?

We got another thing coming folks. (Rev1:7-8)

(Revelation 1:1) A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place.

There is the answer, Jehovah’s witnesses will be removed as the latest obstacle against prophecy progress and the finality must be fully known and proclaimed this time BEFORE it all happens. Jehovah’s witnesses are just a Dwarf Catholicism Cloned Apostasy, merely modded with new props for the latest act in the Apostate Play, it just sets up the epilog.

In fact, the codified Papal response to their own criticism from within their own former ranks is much like that of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses.

Except today secular rulers are who keep the Governing Body which is the “Torquemada” of modern Jehovah’s witnesses “Inquisition” from actively and physically “burning people at the stake” because plainly such fanatical fancies are present among rabid Jehovah’s witnesses, and “we are doing God’s will” is, like Catholicism of old, the main JW Dope to hyper-fuel the judgmental enthusiasm and the delusion murder is OK with God.

But, let not the fact escape our notice that Jehovah’s witnesses do worse than just WT Twisted Policy induced “murder” and “rape”:

1. They condemn people to “Gehenna” (eternal destruction folks!) in spiritual fraud as dictated by their own GB “Neo-Papal” “Corporate” “Global Inquisition”;

2. They do psychologically torture individuals, families and abused-children, covering up crimes, silencing victims and condemning and expelling critical whistle-blowers to protect their own reputation and that of their “organization” while using a pretense of being concerned with “reproaching Jehovah God” while all their covered-up crimes have exploded-globally and done just that, mega-reproach, further exposing them as vain deluded hypocrites.

Now Jehovah’s Reproach Witnesses “Global Reproach on Jehovah Complex” is Globally Volcanic in erupting “blowback” ramifications. Jehovah’s witnesses Criminal Empire is now a full-blown global-scale volcanic eruption of reproach on God and Christ in flowing rivers of septic-swill lava and the pyroclastic ashes and soot of dead sheep as the river floods through the global press and media and the ashes of the abused rain down on the whole world!

Am I really lying and making this all up? Or are Jehovah’s witnesses those “found to be liars” like in Revelation 2:2?

3. Jehovah’s Reproach Witnesses dance around like God’s Chosen in irreversible and INFALLIBLE “DIVINE APPROVAL” in spite of the massive global expose’ and records of their crimes nullifying any “divine warning” they may imagine they are delivering! They are the greatest religious hypocrisy the world HAS EVER SEEN! The real divine warning will come with their own apostate downfall. (1Pet4:17; Isa28; Dan8:12; Zech11)

Can that all be accidental and simply meaning they have been a “total lie from inception” making the whole Reformation a total lie as well since Jehovah’s witnesses are the modern “DNA” of the Catholic Apostasy?

Jehovah’s witnesses are merely clothed in new corporate buzzwords and spiffy corporate wardrobe as if the Catholic and Jehovah’s Witnesses Inquisitions are not related to the same goal of the Devil to effectively discredit God, Christ and Bible prophecy. Do not be fooled by labels, THEY ARE THE SAME THING OVERALL!

Whatever demons were running the Catholic Apostate Inquisition as the Papacy tried to stave off their own exposure and condemnation are also now within the Jehovah’s witnesses religious corporatocracy with the exact same raping, murderous and lying nature merely modified for the modern world. (2Thess2:9; Matt22:1-14)

Jehovah’s witnesses have merely fallen right back into the older larger “Christendom” apostasy which now envelops them as foretold as well for one whole lump-o-leaven.

What that means is God has to now use Jehovah’s witnesses for a catastrophic global “temple judgment” as “the end of their world” of criminal “organized” corporate-guided apostasy comes while the world remains.

“The world” just proceeds through a final “sword stroke” cycle (Rev13:3) to peacefully resolve (1Thess5:1-3) into “8th King” World Government (Rev17:8-12) as shown fully in prophecy (Dan8:25; Dan11:44-45) to be examined next. This is the globalism system prophecy which JWs now fully and actively CONCEAL as prophecy (Dan8:12b) as part of their own apostate devolution. (Dan11:32a)

And you can bet your life every needed detail is in God’s prophecy and has been there the whole time! 

In prophecy, there is no doubt the current Jehovah’s witnesses ministry will not “prance into paradise” as “the world ends” in “doomsday” as they claim but will now “reap what it [really] has sown” in a “desolation trampling” (Dan8:13) and its river of tears we so eagerly made run from the eyes of others, and even “little ones”, far more innocent than the GB-Drunken-Zombie-Gargoyles we now see in today’s so-called “Jehovah’s witnesses”. (Hos1:4-7)

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