Daniel 4 “Gentile Times” Prophecy—Part 1

Daniel 4 Gentile Times Prophecy—Part 1

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Daniel 4’s “Tree in the Midst of the Earth” Symbolic Meaning

Daniel 4 Tree Symbology: Basic
Symbol and Basic Meaning
Tree Rootstock Birds/Beasts Earth Chopped Down Seven Times
All Humanity (Since Eden) Symbolic/Literal Earth Period Conclusion From Removal
Preserved Human Society Global Removal of Rulership Judgment Action
Earth Life System By Divine Judgment Forward in Time
Rival Symbols
Revelation 13 “Sea” Prophecy “Ships” System of Things
Beast Implied “Old Earth” Sailors Conclusion
Wildbeast Gen10 Nations/”Isles” Merchants Lake of Fire
War of the Great Day
of God Almighty
Rulership Termination Rulership Neutralized   Seven Times  
the Tree Down”
Chopped Down
Metal Banding Divinely Timed
King Nebuchadnezzar 7 Years
Babylon/Jerusalem 70 Years
Global 2520 years
Global Noachian
World Explained Later
Rulership Expiration Rulership Neutralized Metal Seven Times  
2048 BCE-2034 Restrictive Banding Iron Under Strongest Divine Ban
World Judgment
Future Restrictive Banding Copper Revelation 11 Gauged 2520
609-539 BCE Restrictive Banding Copper 70 Active Years 609-539 BCE
Sovereign “Trampling”
607-537 BCE Restrictive Banding Iron Under Permitted Ban
“Tree” Rulership Becomes God and Christ’s “Kingdom of the World”; Revelation 11:15
The “rootstock” of all humanity (underground “root” and above-ground “stock”) back to Eden is to be restored in Jesus Christ as perfect “Last Adam” and the “Eternal
Father” as one final “Eternal Tree” Rulership. (1Cor15:24-28; Rev21-22)
Comprehensive “Tree” and “Earth” Restoration Under Christ’s Implied “Eternal Tree” Rule to Divine Completion

1. The Daniel 4 “Tree” is a symbol of a divinely time limited rulership structure, which does end up being taken over by God’s Kingdom. That is why the “seven times” have applied to both entities gentile and divine at the same time.

2. And that is why the “Tree” can be applied to rival limited “gentile” rulerships and in the end to God’s Kingdom as it has “preserved the rootstock” to be restored into the Christ “Sprout” of perfect Immortal Kingdom Rulership, in the end.


To better understand the whole Daniel 4 “big picture” as applied to all world history since Eden and its “two worlds” which have resulted (Pre-Deluge and Post-Deluge), there are two basic principles that have to be understood in relation to Bible number symbols and to prophecy with repeated descriptions in the same prophecy:

1. The numbers two, four and seven in prophetic symbology will be explained as applying here in Daniel 4;

2. Prophecies whose description is repeated in the prophecy itself like Daniel 4 (Dan4:10-17, Dan4:20-23) as in Daniel 7 (Dan7:7-8, Dan7:23-26), and Matthew 13, (Matt13:24-30, Matt13:36-43) and Revelation 17:8 (Rev17:8a, Rev17:8b) are prophecies with two applications certain.

Prophecies with Repeated Descriptions
Daniel 4 Application Prophecy/Record Prophecy/Principle
Pre-Deluge World
Noachian Period, Demon Rule Genesis 6-9 Jude 6
Nephilim Demigod Rulership
Post-Deluge World
Modern National Rulership Genesis 10 Romans 13
Modern Globalized Rulership Future Revelation 16:13-16
World Government Revelation 17:8-17 Ezekiel 38
Daniel 8:25 Daniel 2:31-45
Daniel 7:23-26 Daniel 12:7,11
Daniel 11:45 Revelation 19:19-21
Daniel 7 Application Prophecy/Record Prophecy/Principle
Roman National Government Romans 13
World Globalized Government Revelation 17:8-17
Matthew 13 Application Prophecy/Record Prophecy/Principle
Christendom Apostasy Historic 2 Thess2:3-4
Jehovah’s Witnesses Apostasy Daniel 8:11-14 2 Thess2:3-4
Daniel 11:30-35 Zechariah 3:1-3
Application Prophecy/Record Prophecy/Principle
United Nations, 1945 Revelation 17:8-11
World Government Future Daniel 12:11

3. In a unique manner, Revelation 9 repeats prophetic terms in their single line or single verse context over thirty times, because the entire Revelation 8-11 prophecy repeats in the future. Since Revelation 8-11 could not be worded twice, Revelation 9’s repeated words encode this hidden meaning for the future. Revelation 17:8 has a similarity in double described symbology.

4. All of those prophecies will have two applications, past and future. Though a number of prophecies repeat in the future, not all of them repeat the description in their text explicitly as does Daniel 4, Daniel 7 and Matthew 13.

Seven Symbology

1. The meaning of the number seven, as applied to elements of the divine purpose must be understood as a required divine completion numeric symbology. Genesis 1 set the original seven based pattern and meaning of completion whether as completed or in that case in the process of completing.

2. The “seventh day” is the final period of Genesis 1 in prophetic and future global reality terms, as the “sixth day” still runs that largest “seven times” course into Christ’s Kingdom “seventh day”. The last period of that “divine week” of Genesis 1, the “seventh day”, is to be ruled by Christ, for an example of a “seven” based history and prophecy relationship still in progress which encapsulates all prophecy in its 7,000 year timeframe.

3. Whether the seven symbology is applied to God’s Kingdom purpose (Rev8-11; Rev16) or to the rival sovereign development in the spirit realm (Rev12; “seven-headed dragon”) or on Earth (Rev13; Rev17 “seven-headed wildbeast”), or to both applications as in Daniel 4 as will be shown, the seven symbology indicates a divine timeline of required completion which is guaranteed by God therefore, it must complete its “seven” based purpose in the future.

4. Thus, God has used seven-based prophecies often, and other “seven times” principles apply here but are not noted as this study is intended to recover what others (Barbour, Russell, etc), the Bible Students, and Jehovah’s witnesses did have correct about the “seven times” sovereign time-limit principle which is divine and truthful.

5. Since Jehovah’s witnesses have now been misled to “serve the wildbeast” as known UN NGO partnered cohorts, they also are undermining this prophecy with errors which are rectifiable.

A. Part of the goal here is to explain this rectification as it will also come with the “final witness” of the “two witness” of Revelation 11 of the future, after God “chops down” the JW apostasy as Daniel 8:13-14, another prophecy they now bury in error and past insignificance. (Dan8:12b)

6. Because we are in an incomplete state at present in all things prophetic (as aided by apostate Jehovah’s witnesses, as well), the final seven based completions of prophecy will aid the comprehension of where we are in the process and what must yet occur (Rev1:1), to the required divine completion in the future.

A. In the process, such as with the Revelation 8-11 seven trumpets, signal and globally seen milestone indications will be provided in the future for a crash-course in global and personal orientation in relation to the arrival of Christ in the future.

7. Prophecy shows the Christ Arrival is to be triggered by World Government in the future, as shown in prophecy in timed, structured and cross-registered manner both historic and logical. World Government “8th King” “King North” will be final and last “gentile” “sovereign infraction” God will tolerate in this wayward “Tree” “seven times” timed-process.

8. That is, before Christ arrives a number of final global milestone indications will be completing the steps to his arrival that all the world will witness and experience in varying degrees.

A. Thus, the Christ Arrival of the future will NOT be a “thief in the night” except upon apostasy and rivals (for a time; Rev6:12-17), it will arrive in “slow motion” over the final years of this “Tree” “system of things”, with full fair forewarning and global Kingdom Peace Terms. (Rev14:6-8)

(1 Thessalonians 5:4-5) But you, brothers, you are not in darkness, so that that day should overtake you as it would thieves, 5 for you are all sons of light and sons of day. We belong neither to night nor to darkness.

B. God’s prophecy already has the assuredly final accurate forecast within it. (Rev1:1)

C. It also does not “end” in the “end of the world” overblown fear delusion, the final global-crisis “heals” peacefully (Rev13:3) and resolves globally into said “8th King” World Government (Rev17:8) as then gauged by the Revelation 11 “seven times” as 2520 Days complete of full Kingdom ministerial global “two witnesses” “little scroll” notifications in the “last witnessing” of 1260 days, in the future.

Two and Four Symbology

1. Like the “two witnesses” the number two or things occurring twice or in twos in a prophecy at times, like the two metals of “iron” and “copper” composing the divine-restrictive singular “banding” placed on the Daniel 4 “Tree” after it is “chopped down”, will have a guaranteed assured dual fulfillment with an emphasis on both comprehensively related meanings in the “two” symbology.

2. Because there are also two global scale applications (which forms the principle of the modern world rulership’s 2520 years larger “seven times”) and two basic sovereign rivalry versus spiritual sovereignty applications of “seventy years” (which connect to Zechariah’s Temple Revelation), the four major principle applications mean this has an earthly absolute global complete meaning.

3. But with the 586 BCE to 516 BCE Second Temple of Jerusalem destruction-to-completion “seven times” of seventy years, there are more major “seven times” applications (with other extensions to be explained later) .

A. (In fact, there are many “seven times” examples of how God uses divinely purposed developments marked in sevens, but these basic but comprehensive ones being reviewed here form the principle to extend to Revelation 11’s final 2520 days “seven times” certainty.)

4. God uses “seven” to mean guaranteed required divine completion completely “to the hilt”. NEVER is “time, times and half a time” (3.5 times) a completion UNTIL it is doubled for “seven times”.

A. Hence, the TWO “witnessings” of Revelation 11:3, past 1914-1918 1260 days, and the future 1260 Days “final witness” (Rev10:11), for 2520 Days as the final “seven times” from human means. (Matt10:23) And it began, as the 2520 years ended.

5. Then, Christ arrives to complete his own ministry in also “seven times” meaning. Christ’s first “3.5 times” first ministry of 3.5 years must also be completed by him and his angels globally (Rev14), for the totally final “seven times” completion as seven years in the final Daniel 12:11 1290 days period.

A. In that Daniel 12:11 final 1290 days of the current global “Tree”, it will then be under World Government for a very brief symbolic “one hour” stay, unto the “Axe of Christ”. (Rev17:12-14)

Daniel 4 Global Scale Framework and Genesis 1

1. Daniel 4 provides the longest range prophecy in its 2520 year “seven times” timed and “seven-based” history-verification signature framework of all the prophecies for the Post-Deluge world system development.

2. Even though Genesis 1’s seven thousand years is a larger “seven times” timeframe overall (encompassing everything), and the most fundamental basis of all prophecy which Daniel 4 relates to perfectly and explicitly in final certain sovereign meaning, it is an implied “seventh day” basis derived meaning, not a direct prophecy in the Genesis 1 context. But, in Daniel 4 it also has a “seven times” meaning to be explained later as related to that whole seven thousand year restoration prophecy.

3. Genesis 1’s “seven days” set the pattern of how God develops elements in His purpose since “the beginning”, and has continued to use the “sevens” in the divine “seven” completion process. (Dan4; Rev8-11; Rev16; Rev11)

4. As will be examined later, Genesis 1 and Daniel 4 are completely related in scope and ultimate meaning for God’s eternal unchangeable purpose for Earth. The Genesis 1 stated purpose of God for Earth (Gen1:26-28) cannot be changed, it can only be “seven times” principle delayed.

A. The original purpose of God and the sovereign rebellion in Eden in Genesis 3 as Satan’s purpose for Earth and all creation here are thus in diametric sovereign conflict, and the ultimate divine target of “chopped down” removal.

5. Thus, this exact sovereign issue is identified very quickly in the Bible in the first few chapters. Everything to follow is a record from God of how He purposes to complete the Divine Eternal Purpose regarding Earth and its “Tree” “problem”, with a new incorruptible rulership.

6. The Genesis 3 sin and sovereign rebellion led within approximately 1500 years to the Genesis 6 divine 120 years time limit. From the “founding of the world” in the creation of Adam it took approximately 1656 years to arrive at the Genesis 7 Divine Deluge Judgment, which is also pictured in Daniel 4’s first divine judgment “chop the tree down “meaning”.

7. What can be learned from that time period for the future, is eventual Satanic progress to an extremely dangerous level makes it necessary to “chop the tree down”. (Matt24:21-22)

8. There are other worldly changes humanity has to deal with (Matt24:29; Hag2:7) before the Christ arrival which will prove very “earth-shaking” indeed. (Hag2:7)

A. In fact the Christ arrival is actually the least of humanity’s “problems”, for his arrival is for beneficial life-saving reasons (Rev14:6-8; Matt24:21-22) and the only true solution which prophecy has been describing fully the whole time. But, we will soon examine how all these “divine sovereign time limit” timings are present in all the “seven times” meanings by means of “gentile times” based history.

Modern Apostasy is another Spiritual Sovereign Opposition

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god.

1. Into the Daniel 4 sovereign frame-worked principles, timing (Dan8:14), meaning and logic all the other apostasy, sovereignty and temple prophecies perfectly relate. That is why the current JW-Abomination of Apostasy will explode the start of the final prophecy cycle in a verifiable event, timing and eventual purification context as Daniel 8:13-14 to provide initial foundational proof of what it is all meaning.

2. The Daniel 4 principles, as supported by the rest of the prophecy, is so principally and logically simple it unfolds when required so that anyone can understand this, especially once the current JW apostate error effects are accounted by “desolation trampling” and removed permanently, soon. (Dan8:13-14)

A. The apostasies are applicable in this continuum of “sovereign conflict”, because the defector anointed who misled those ministries (2Thess2:3-4) past and present, allow the rival sovereign system to further “trample” and “oppose” (2Thess2:3-4) the [approved] anointed Christian guidance of the Kingdom Mission ministry. (Dan11:32a)

3. And the apostasy is all for one goal, to aid the “gentile” based botched rule progress (Dan11:32a), now to “King North” World Government “8th King”, the assured colossal sovereign-folly of all time, for its completion and it itself triggers the Christ arrival shortly thereafter. (Rev11:7-12; Rev17:8-14)

4. That approved anointed Christian guidance is now totally defunct and absent from the Jehovah’s witnesses apostate enemy-system guided ministry.(Dan11:30b,32a)

A. It is apostate compromised anointed and impostors, at best, who “govern” the JW ministry to apostate ruin. It is by now, possibly 100% “King North” impostor “governed” in the worst case scenario whose presence probably extends through the global congregational network of apostate Jehovah’s witnesses. (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12) It is a “King North” Kingdom Hall now. (Dan11:32a; Rev8:9; Isa31:8-9)

5. This apostasy-principle, which ALWAYS precedes a judgment (1Pet4:17), has been demonstrated in the case of Christendom’s academic clergy-based centuries long coma and stagnant example of well-engineered prophecy stall. Jehovah’s witnesses are just the latest “organized” spiritual lobotomy in their own multi-decade devolution into corrupted apostasy.

6. All of these apostasies are foretold in God’s prophecy. And that required repeating prophecy forms the basis of the awareness as also aided by now easily recognized active-apostasy- prophecy which has a modern historic context which the JW apostasy co-developed concurrently with, to full recognizability in time. (Dan8:11-14; Dan11:30-35)

A. The repeating apostasy leads to a repeating temple judgment (Dan8:13-14; Rev8), which starts (1Pet4:17) the entire prophecy repetition of Revelation 8-11 of the future final fulfillment of this whole prophecy to world government and the Christ Arrival it will trigger.

Repeated Prophecies Mean Two Fulfillments

1. Many prophecies have repeating fulfillment. But prophecies which REPEAT a vision have two applications as being noted in the prophecy itself. In addition to Daniel 4, Daniel 7 (Dan7:7-8, Dan7:23-26), Matthew 13 (Matt13:24-30, Matt13:36-43) and Revelation 17 (Rev17:8a, Rev17:8b) are also examples of prophecies with repeated prophetic descriptions in the prophecy text itself which have two fulfillments yet in progress.

A. Those explicit repeated description prophecies show examples of this divine technique of future event meaning communication, because they all relate to the principles of the first fulfillment.

2. The original dream-vision Nebuchadnezzar described in Daniel 4:10-14 is repeated by Daniel in Daniel 4:20-23. Because there are two “Tree in the Midst of the Earth” descriptions, there are two applications to the two worlds of humanity [and] their two judgments (as one past and one coming), creating a prophecy of dual application at worldwide scope from the global past to today.

A. The “Tree” is singular, but the “chopping down” symbolizes two worlds, two rejected rulerships, and two judgments of God, yet with one global comprehensive meaning overall and in the end.

Daniel 4 Sovereign Benchmarks

Two Overall Judgment “Chop Down” Applications

1. Daniel 4:10-14 has a whole world application from first the downing of the post-Edenic “world” “tree” in the first judgment by the Divine Deluge to remove the demon and hybrid Nephilim demigod rulership of that “world”.

2. Daniel 4:20-23 then extends to the future final world judgment conquest of Christ over this world of humanity which emerged after the Divine Deluge as recorded in Genesis 10-11 [2], to then remove all “Tree” global rulership structure, national and of globalized world government it all converges into.

Applying “Seven Times” Seventy Year Applications

There is also a more focused smaller application of the “Tree” judged, rejected and “chopped down” rulership principle [seven times gauging] to BOTH sovereign entity developments, “gentile” and “divine”.

1. “Gentile” Babylon sovereign 70 years ascendant to ruling “seven times”; (609 BCE – 539 BCE);

2. “Divine” Israel sovereign-impotent 70 years “trampled” “seven times”; (607 BCE – 537 BCE);

As you can see from those 609-537 BCE overall dating, the “seven times” are close to exactly parallel.

Dating “Seven Times” Seventy Year Applications

The divine Kingly lineage [of God] as expressed in Jerusalem was in a constant “trampled” state from 609 BCE onward, well before the Jerusalem destruction event of 586 BCE. From the time King Josiah was killed by a “gentile” Egyptian archer’s arrow, the “trampling” principle began. But the historic [anointed] Cyrus dates are placed by God as certain to deduce the “seven times” start point certainty and meaning for both “seven times” applied sovereign entities.

1. Babylon’s  “Seven Times” Seventy Year Application 609-539 BCE (Babylon destruction by Cyrus and Medo-Persia 539 BCE);

2. Jerusalem “Seven Times” Seventy Year Application 607-537 BCE (Jerusalem Emancipation by Cyrus Liberation Decree 537 BCE);

Benchmark “Babylon” Symbology of Rival “Gentile” Sovereignty

1. But the prophecy “seven times” for the Israel divine-entity is marked by the “Benchmark gentile Nation” in the Babylonian ascension of King Nebuchadnezzar’s lineage and final Dynasty of Babylon. (Neo-Babylonian)

2. Thus, “Babylon” is the main-central Bible and prophecy symbol of sovereign rivalry against God’s will and on-going opposition to God’s Kingdom, for a little while longer as this folly is also “divinely timed” to the last micro-second. (Dan12:11; Dan7:23-26))

3. This is why the Daniel 2 “head of Gold” Babylon is the “gentile” benchmark for rival-sovereign rulership development on Earth from the past to today. But,  “Babylon” symbology in prophecy is also used for another “Babylon” Bible prophecy symbology meaning which depicts global rival-spiritual rulership of Earth in “Babylon the Great”. (Rev17:18)

Benchmark “Babylon” Symbology of Comprehensive Rivalry Sovereign and Spiritual

Thus, “Babylon” symbology pictures both a masculine “sovereign” and a feminine “spiritual” complimentary rival ruling system at work at the same time in this world from the time of Babel (Gen11) and Babylon (Dan2) of the past, to today.

1. Rival-Sovereign Rulership “Babylon” symbology. (Dan2:31-45)

2. Rival-Spiritual Rulership “Babylon the Great” symbology via the global corporate “religious” complex. (Rev17:18). (See [2B])

Thus, the “Babylon” symbol in Bible prophecy is the apex “Babel-based” [rival] gentile sovereign and “Babel-based” [rival] spiritual sovereign meaning in prophecy and in the real world extension whether in Genesis 11, Daniel 4, Revelation 17-18 or the actual reality in this modern world today.

Genesis 11 Babel and Daniel Prophecy identified Babylon co-relate as the foundational benchmark symbology and chronology of all prophecy (and sovereign conflict) as far as setting the gentile world prophecy-to-history stage of the future resolution of this continuing sovereign-conflict and issue by the Kingdom of God by means of the future arrival of Jesus Christ and the Messianic Kingdom completion, salvation sweep (Rev14; Matt24:31) and conquest of the future.

Literal Application: One “Tree” but Two “World Judgments” and Two-Metal Restrictive “Banding”

Two Rival “Rulership” “Tree” Judgments Principle

The Daniel 4 “Tree” pictures the [temporary-timed] rulership (which is removed as “chopped down”) over the human Adamic world of the “midst of the earth” meaning in two “worlds” and “world judgments” we know in this Bible history, Edenic to flood, and post-flood to today, for the future world judgment.

1. The [rulership] of the Eden to the Divine Deluge “world” (and its “chopped down” direct demon rulership);

2.  The [rulership] of the Post-Divine Deluge ” Flood of Noah’s Day” “world” from then to today.

But, since this prophecy is upon Babylon and King Nebuchadnezzar in explicit terms, extended meanings are in principle. Thus, the divine judgment on Jerusalem of the same era for its “seven times” meaning is also an extended, but relatable principle.

The judgment of the Divine Deluge on the antediluvian world before the flood can also have an extended “Tree” judgment principle and a “seven times” application which will be shown later.

This post-deluge ancient to modern world has been progressing to the Final World Judgment of Christ of the future, and Christ “chopping down” the ruling “Tree” of this current world’s [temporary-timed] “gentile rulership”, once they finally get their doomed World Government “Tree” done and ready for “The Axe of God”. (Joel3:9-12; Eze38:7; Rev17:8-17)

This modern “Tree” of world rulership derives from the Post-Deluge Genesis 10 based “seventy nations” [2] for its ancient to modern Adamic “world” context from the past, to today and the future “midst of the earth”.

The Saved “Rootstock”

1. The “rootstock” is the human basis of the creation of humanity “from the beginning”, the deepest human root. It is the same as the “sea” symbology meaning the Revelation 13 “wildbeast” “ascends” from as this all develops as human population expands over time, globally.

A. The “rootstock” also pictures humans dead “root” and alive “stock” after the “chop down the tree” judgment passes. This is shown by the implied “root”, which is below ground picturing those dead “under the ground” (Phil2:10), while the stock or “stump”, is humanity alive above the ground, still alive symbolically shown.

B. But, to God, the entire “rootstock” the “root” and the “stump” is alive and to be preserved and restored in Christ’s “Sprout” “Tree” Kingdom of the World finality.

(Luke 20:38) He is a God, not of the dead, but of the living, for they are all living to him.

Birds and Beasts

1. Other life of earth, which is shown as “birds and beasts” and “all flesh” sheltered and fed by the “Tree” is the effect the rulership has on the planetary life system when extended beyond the original application to Babylon’s literal national rulership of the past, in literal terms, to today.

A. In symbolic meaning the “birds and beasts” are earthly institutional and organizational systems, and “all flesh” as peoples which are aided in operation by human government. (Rom13)

Two Metal Banding Notes

Due to that overall largest Daniel 4 prophecy application duality, there are a couple prophecy dual-application parallels, which have paralleled or continue to parallel.

For example a “gentile times” related timeframe which expired in 1914 for a reason leading to Revelation 11 (2520 days prophecy), does still parallel in rival “gentile” world rulership opposition to God’s Kingdom.

For future proof that opposition will soon express itself in the judgment destructions upon the apostate JW ministry soon as Daniel 8:13-14. (Matt24:15) And that will in time relate to Daniel 4, as will be explained more later.

Dual Application 1: The Daniel 4 prophecy a picture of TWO global judgments.

1. GLOBAL: Pre-Divine Deluge “world” World Judgment

2. GENTILE: Future World Judgment;

Dual Application 2: The Daniel 4 prophecy a picture of TWO smaller judgments.

There is also a duality with the divine Jerusalem judgment intrigues which also must have applicable parallels with the gentile sovereign opposition and the gentile judgment which came upon Babylon, which will be discussed later. In the 609 BCE to 516 BCE era there was a dual judgment as well, the smaller judgment parallel.

1. One judgment came on apostate Jerusalem with a “seven times” application nearly perfectly parallel with Babylon’s time-limited but permitted rival “gentile” sovereign domination period.

2. As Jerusalem’s divine judgment decree criteria were fulfilling [3] in seventy years as “seven times” applicable meaning, a seventy years “seven times” expired on Babylon in 539 BCE, 609-539 BCE.

A. That “gentile” judgment ended the Neo-Babylonian era overall, but specifically upon the seventy year “seven times” time limit on Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian dynasty which meaning is also in the Daniel 4 prophecy.

B. The 2520 year overall “gentile times” has an initial benchmark which past in 1914 for reasons which will be explained, while the largest overall timeline since Eden’s time is still active at this time.

Daniel 4 General Note

1. Because it applies to the GENTILE [rulership] World Judgment of the future “Tree” “chop down” judgment prophecy, (with a restoration goal; Rev11:15), the historic global “gentile” record must be used for the foundational application of events and timing.

2. This is how JWs made the date/event initial critical error by false assumption.

Two Metal Banding

Because of these two forming overall judgment scenarios, one past in Noah’s day and one coming, there are two metals of “iron” and “copper” in the restrictive [singular] “banding” placed on this “Tree”. That metal duality pictures sovereign-restrictions by both world judgments (past, future) on timed-rulerships being downed by God, and the eventual release of the “banding” for the “rootstock” to continue on under Christ into one new all-convergent “Kingdom of the World” (Rev11:15), of the “New Earth” “regeneration” of Matthew 19:28, coming.

1. The “Iron Metal” was the decree of God to down and suppress the stronger direct demon and hybrid-demigod rulership “Tree” (Jude1:6), in the context of the stronger human world before the flood, yet not destroy the “Rootstock” of humanity. (Gen7-10)

2. The “Copper Metal” is the one to be placed on the “Tree” of the modern Adamic world when Christ conquers it in the future. (Rev11:15-19)

Ultimately Satan’s Rule is what is being “Chopped Down”

(John 12:31) Now there is a judging of this world; now the ruler of this world will be cast out.

1. Overall, it is ultimately one Satanic “Tree” being removed, and overall it is one Christ “Kingdom of the World” implied “Tree” that will replace this temporary sovereign insurrection, but permanently.

A. Thus, all of the world judgments will be for one divine purpose and one “Tree” can picture the whole development of the rival rulership timed period to removal as “chopped down” by Angelic “Watchers” who carry out the divine world judgment decree as dictated by God Almighty and now Christ as temporary King of God’s Kingdom. (Rev14; Rev4-5)

2. Ultimately, the world of mankind since Adam and Eve are ” one world” of human beings, even if two Biblical and real world eras have formed for two eventual world judgments, it is all from Adam now via Noah and his three sons and wives. (Gen1-2; Gen10)

A.  Thus, a single “Tree” of rulership over and “in the midst” of the “earth” of Adamic humanity can picture the whole prophecy development and ultimately demon-guided “Tree” structure now still “growing” to World Government in the future.

B. There is also only one “Tree” in the Daniel 4 symbology, because the whole world “new earth” of mankind will be “rebirthed” into “Last Adamic” Christ as ONE “Kingdom of the World” Divine “Tree” related “Rulership” in the future.

C. Christ is to be the “New Adam” for the regeneration of all mankind back to Eden’s “Old Adam” human “root”. Thus, the deposed Adamic “Tree” will be renewed “Kingdom of the World” replaced from the preserved “rootstock”, as afforded by Christ’s all-saving perfect atonement sacrifice. (1John2:2) Christ, as the final and new progenitive “Last Adamic” life-source, Christ is the basis of the restoration of humanity and planet Earth down to the depth of the “root” of humanity back to Genesis 1 and Eden.

D. That is another reason Revelation 22 has restoration symbolisms for [earthly conditions of perfection] which directly “loop back” to Genesis 1-3 in meaning for a full divine-circle in time, but for the Revelation 21-22 “curse removal” into the everlasting blessing (Gen12, Gen22) of Revelation 22:1-3 under the rule of Christ.

3. There is also one “banding” though of two metals in Daniel 4. This is because the overall unified purpose of God’s will is one divine perfect “world judgment” action which has encompassed all of the Bible and prophecy based judgments required to recover the divinely preserved “rootstock” of all humanity back to Edenic time, in one divine purpose. (Eph1)

4. The “rootstock” is singular with the “Tree” because Adam and Eve are the human “root” basis for the entire human creation “rootstock”. Noah is the patriarchical root of this post-flood ancient to modern world through his three sons and their wives (Genesis 7-10), but it all came from Adam and Eve from God. And that is the one total fullness of God’s one Restoration Purpose through Christ which Daniel 4 is picturing.

Spiritual Application: Two Sovereignties in Conflict, Gentile Versus Divine

1. There will be the sole “Tree” application upon the “gentile” rulership over the world (Babylon symbol).

2. There will be the “seven times” “Tree-based” [and timings] application on the divine “spiritual” world (Jerusalem/Israel symbol) divine rulership (from Israel, human form basis to Christ the perfect human) which will run a parallel course of conflicting sovereign development.

A. The divine rulership was “chopped down” from gentile intrigues forming since 609 BCE, because it had transformed into a divinely rejected divine rulership picturing system then coming under divine judgment.

B. Israel’s [rejected] divine rule “Tree” principle was also being “chopped down” by God by the same judgment in its own “seven times” punishment for its own apostasy, unfaithfulness and lawless abuses.

C. There is no doubt, God had judged and “denounced” Israel as made certain in this later Jerusalem destruction (609-586 BCE), after Samaria’s earlier judgment by the Assyrian divine judgment “Hammer of God” in 740-720 BCE. (Isa28)

3. The “seventy year” “seven times” approximately parallel concurrent in one “sovereign drama” event in ascertainable “gentile history” involving both the “gentile” and “divine” entity of the prophecy.

A. While Babylon’s gentile rulership system was active, it still had a “seven times” principle in the “seventy year” timeframe which paralleled Israel’s “trampled” “divine rulership” inactivity  in the “divine king” line of Judea.

B. Thus, as the “seven times” run on both entities “gentile” and divine, one is ascending to active while the other is “trampled” as a parallel “seven times” principle prophetic application.

4. The main parallel “seven times” example is from the time Babylon ascended in power in Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingly Dynasty in the 609 BCE to 605 BCE timeframe. In that active “seven times” timeframe the sovereign opposition ramifications upon Israel from 609-586 BCE began to also co-develop in that same approximate “seven times” inception period.

A. Eventually, Babylon was also eventually “cut down” by 539 BCE in its own 609-539 BCE seventy years “seven times” limit. The gentile “seven times” was active in ascendant sovereignty as the divine tool to “trample” the chastised “divine sovereignty” into inaction and desolations as one overall comprehensive prophetic and real-world divine judgment scenario.

The “Kingdom of the World” Daniel 4 “Tree”

1. Please Note: The Daniel 4 “Tree” only applies to the RULERSHIP aspect. Whether the “Tree” is applied to the world of humanity as a whole development since Edenic origins in Adam and Eve and on to the Divine Deluge, or applied to the Babylon sovereign opposing ascension, or applied to the divine rulership coming under judgment as with Israel, the judged and time-limited RULERSHIP STRUCTURE is what the Daniel 4 “Tree” symbol is picturing.

2. From the beginning, when the Edenic human sin developed with Satan’s sovereign rebellion affecting it all, the “Tree” rulership model was condemned by God, but it had not been acted upon in a “chop the tree down” action yet at that time.

3. Thus, the “seven times” [timings], related to events on that world “Tree” of “gentile” humanity’s RULERSHIP, also have dual application to gentile events and their spiritual sovereign opposing ramifications.

A. Because Israel originated from Genesis 10 from Shem’s lineage [2], even if a divine nation for a time in covenant with God, they are in the overall “Tree” meaning of all humanity since Adam and Eve.

B. In addition, in the Daniel 4 context “Israel” is now globally recognized as even specifically rejected and “chopped down” by God in Israel itself, as a whole “rulership” failure due to a complete covenant failure along with the expiration of its purpose as it failed to grasp even when Christ was there directly explaining it all to them, in person. (John1)

C. The Roman destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE finalized the rejection of Israel Daniel and Christ [both] foretold (Dan9:26-27; Matt24:15), which Israel’s actions in opposing, rejecting and murdering “The Messiah” sent from God in Jesus Christ led to the final rejection of that nation for more illustrative prophecy purposes as well.

2. The Daniel 4 “Tree” is ultimately all rival rulership over (and derived from) the “rootstock” of humanity and “earth”. The “Tree” is under divinely appointed time limited “gentile” rulership as governed by God Almighty. THAT is the simplest main point of all this, the days of this world’s ruling systems are numbered, by God.

A. Ultimately, the “Tree” [implied eventuality] is the “Kingdom of the World” now being ruled by Satan and various physical “gentile” minions who will be forcibly vacating that position according to this “seven times” totality of time limits, when it arrives on this “Tree” as “chopped down” in the future. (Rev19:19-21; Rev20:1-3)

Plural Appointed Times

1. That is, as Christ stated at Luke 21:24, the “gentile time[s]“, the “appointed time[s] of the nations” is a plural meaning, there are more “seven times” applications than just the 2520 years all-encompassing “seven times” meaning. (7×360 days)

(Luke 21:24) Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations, until the (plural) appointed times of the nations are fulfilled.

2. In time, as that “gentile times” time limited meaning in the “seven times” and all its extensions expire, the “Tree” of the rulership of Earth, humanity and all creation will be “chopped down”.

3. But, it will still be the “Kingdom of the World” in its preserved “rootstock” and global “midst of the earth” basis, but then coming under God’s Kingdom rulership as manifesting in Christ’s Messianic Kingdom sovereign agency (Rev11:15), legally and spiritually designed for this Universe “New Heavens” and planet Earth’s “New Earth” eternal rulership going into God Almighty’s Ultimate Supreme Sovereignty. (1Cor15:24-18; Rev22:3-5)

(Revelation 11:15) And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.”

4. Thus, it is no accident that is a “seventh angel” “seventh trumpet” event in that symbolic “seventh trumpet” completing in the future as the Christ Kingdom Conquest.

A. It is also no accident that occurs after the final 1260 days “two witnesses” ministry completes in the future, as World Government is “ascending”, thus after World Government as well.

(Revelation 11:7) And when they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss (Rev17:8) will make war with them and conquer them and kill them.

5. Revelation 11:2’s “holy city will be trampled” (Rev11:2) is also what Christ referred to as well in Luke 21:24.

(Revelation 11:2-4) 2 But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary], cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for forty-two months. 3 And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.” 4 These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees and the two lampstands and are standing before the Lord of the earth.

A. That final 1260 days final “witnessing” of the future will complete the Revelation 11 “seven times” as 2520 days as an example of one of these “seven times” plural extensions which will be examined more later. (“TWO Witnesses” Witness 1: 1260 Days 1914-1918 and Witness 2: 1260 Days future is 2520 days as “seven times”.)

6. The “seven times” time gauging unfolds on “gentile times” gentile-based national sovereign histories ascertainable to the whole world. The spiritual “seven times” applications manifest concurrently because their sovereign-intrigues parallel the gentile oppositional sovereignty events.

A. Thus, both meanings and effects, gentile and spiritual manifest the prophecy at the same time, on both the gentile world and the spiritual meaning in the prophecy as they became real world historic events.

7. Also note that the JW “Tree is God’s Kingdom” is a valid future meaning, originally as pictured in Israel of old and its Davidic Covenant Judean King line being rejected and “chopped down” by God by use of concurrent gentile rival-sovereign events.

8. The “seven times” TIMING is what does apply to both the (1) divine “trampling” events by directly and concurrent “gentile opposition” in (2) global historic “gentile world power” developments in the same prophecy and history context.

A. This development will continue and will indeed lead to God’s Kingdom re-generating (Matt19:28) the implied “New Tree” in the future from the final “chop the tree down” event of the future Christ conquest.

B. The restoration of the whole new “rootstock” is by global humanity from the “founding of the world” being transitioned into Christ based perfection, in the renewed “Kingdom of the World” and “New Earth” by Christ’s Messianic Kingdom rule for one thousand years, in the future.

Affirming 607-1914 Actuality Upon the Proper “Gentile-Based” Historic Events

1. We have to do this re-analysis to hope some people may “reconsider the gentile times” yet again, with the purpose of affirming God’s own 537 BCE Cyrus “anointed one” based benchmark, which is actually the most reliable basis and the one of the most detailed accurate datings in this period.

2. The actual God-permitted abuses of the Judean “divine kings” in David’s lineage and covenant begins with the actual “Rival Gentile” Egyptian and Babylonian sovereign “trampling” events which mark the 609-605 BCE period well documented in “gentile” history and literally wall-papering the Web with ease of complete research material.

The real symbol of God’s sovereignty is the KING, not the “city”. 

3. Thus, King Josiah slain by a “gentile” power in warfare, is a very clear “trampling” which Egyptian Rival “Gentile” King Necho II provided.

4. The destruction of Jerusalem was the “last resort” for both God and Babylon, it never was required to mark the “seven times”. Israel could have obeyed God and been spared. The destruction of Jerusalem was also never required to mark the meaning of the abusive “trampling”.

A. Obviously, the  gentile histories of the “gentile trampling” of all the kings of Judea from Josiah to Zedekiah, which they all underwent from 609 BCE to 586 BCE in approximate secular dating, is indeed “trampled” marking realities of the past, by obvious “gentile” humiliation treatment.

B. In addition, those timings in hundreds of historic sources are far more accurate than the massive JW error and their revision of all dates Pre-537 BCE. [1]

5. Because this regional “gentile world power” transition was not “cut and dried” we have to see the whole period in question which led to the eventual destruction of Jerusalem to see the “big picture” of the basis of the Daniel 4 “gentile times” prophecy.

A. In addition, several seventy years requirements were being met [3], and they did not have to be in one absolutely concurrent seventy year setting. In addition we can point out the “seventy years” basic principle of “seven times” because now Babylon also is shown to have its own “seventy year” permission unto destruction.

6. JWs never have explained any of this properly. Nelson Barbour and Charles Russell did explain the basic principle of the meaning correctly, in time, the validity got lost in date+event errors which can now be thoroughly rectified quite easily.

7. The Jerusalem Destruction End-All “Trampling” Required Benchmark ASSUMPTION, is what was in error and it got established early on, and at a time you actually had to “go to the library” to look this historic information up.

Jerusalem Temple Destruction Significance

1. We also have to realize the Jerusalem Temple was the more intimate “location of God” in principle than the city of Jerusalem, it was HIS HOUSE in that city.

A. Thus, the Temple destruction (and Second Temple Rebuilding) from circa 586-516 BCE will have a direct “seven times” seventy year connection to link and connect Zechariah 4’s and Zechariah 6:9-15’s massive epic meanings for the future “King-Priest” Christ “Temple” Completion Event of the future by God Almighty.

2. Thus, the 586 BCE Temple Destruction to the 516 BCE Second Temple Completion seventy years is also a very important “seven times” principle to derive from this period.

3. The Temple “Seven Times” as seventy years is what connects Zechariah’s prophecy directly into this Daniel 4 sovereign drama.

4. Zechariah 4 is a direct prophetic connection and relationship to Revelation 11’s “two” 1260 days “witnesses” and its 2520 days “seven times” completion of the future.

5. Zechariah 4 and Revelation 11 “Temple King-Priest” prophecies are obviously future proofs of part of the Christ Arrival priority of the future “chop the tree down” when World Government is complete, ready and forewarned enough (two 1260 days “two witness” 2520 days completion) to be “felled” by Christ.

Simultaneous Double 609-605 BCE “Gentile” and Spiritual
“Divine” Sovereign Benchmark

Judean Kings 609-586 BCE
Egypt/Assyria to Babylon Transition
Egypt/Assyria Decline Egypt/Assyria Conquered Fully
Josiah (1) Jehoahaz (2)   Jehoiakim (3) Jehoiachin (4) Zedekiah (5)
Deposed (609) Deposed   Placed (609)
640-609 BCE 609 BCE 609-605 BCE
Babylon Ascension Transition Nebuchadnezzar
Crown Prince (607)
Babylon Dominance Complete
Josiah Jehoahaz Nebuchadnezzar
Jehoiakim Jehoiachin Zedekiah
Resisted Deposed Nebu II Vassal Nebu II Deposed Nebu II Deposed
Deposed Imprisoned 605-598 BCE 598 BCE 586 BCE
Killed (Megiddo) Revolted Nebu II Vassal Neb II Vassal
  Killed 598 BCE 597-586 BCE
“Gentile” “Trample” Transition to Babylon
Imprisoned Revolted/Killed
Egypt “Trample”  Egypt
609 BCE 609 BCE 607 BCE 605 BCE 598 BCE 586 BCE
Babylon Begins
1. Divine 537 BCE Calculable
Babylon Fully Conquers Jerusalem/Temple
2. Average 609-605 Date Egypt/Assyria
at Carchemish
Extends 70 Years to Second
3. Secular Crown Prince 607
Completion 586-516
, More
A. Babylon Benchmark
B. “Gentile Times”
* Approximate Dating (Wikipedia Kings of Judah, Encyclopedia Britannica and other sources)
Babylon: Seventy Years “seven times” 609-539 BCE (Dynasty XI of Babylon (Neo-Babylonian); Ends with King Nabonidus, son Belshazzar) Fall of Babylon 539 BCE
Jerusalem: Seventy Years “seven times” 607-537 BCE (Babylonian captivity)
Jerusalem Temple Seventy Years “seven times” 586-516 BCE (Second Temple)
1. 609-605 BCE Jerusalem Davidic King “Trampling” demonstrated by historic “gentile” domination prior to Jerusalem destruction of 586 BCE.
2. Babylon Ascension also marked in 607 BCE by Nebuchadnezzar as King-Designate Crown-Prince in world history.
3. Babylon 607 BCE period marks “gentile times” trampling dating, even if Egypt was also “trampling” Jerusalem’s divine kings
because Babylon is the main prophecy “gentile” symbol and benchmark nation back to Babel’s history and Genesis 11.
4. Dating shown is within accepted variance of calendar dating issues.
5. Dating shown harmonizes with accepted global Biblical chronologies and “gentile” history.
6. Dating shown rectifies and removes erred JW fantasy dating issues which affects all pre 537 BCE dates in JW research. (See next table)
7. Dating shown has known secular chronology variances of a couple years at most, which is more acceptable
than the JW major “twenty year glitch” which minimum error magnitude extends back into all JW dates prior 537 BCE.
8. In effect, JWs required 607 BCE to be the “center of their calendar”, which put all JW dates prior to 537 BCE in error.
See Supporting Tables and Information section below, [5] and [6], for more details.

1. From the destruction of Israel’s Judean King Josiah at Megiddo (2Chro35:20-22) by Egypt in 609 BCE this sovereign “trampling” conflict progressed to the Jerusalem Destruction Benchmark of 586 BCE (a “seven times” benchmark for the Second Temple Completion of 516 BCE).

A. All Judean “Divine Kings” after Josiah to Zedekiah were subjugated vassals of gentile kings, and often renamed, placed, deposed, imprisoned and killed by gentile kings.

B. The first three of these Judean kings were dominated by Egypt, in the “gentile-shared” King Jehoiakim, during the Egypt-Babylon transition in the Babylonian sovereign ascension of this 609-605 BCE “Trampling Period”, the last three Judean kings were dominated by Babylon.

2. In the process, Egypt and Assyria were fully deposed as prophetic gentile world powers by Babylon by 605 BCE, as King Designate Nebuchadnezzar was crown-prince in the 607 BCE historic date to full Babylonian Kingship by 605 BCE.

3. Thus, from 609-605 BCE, even before the 586 BCE Jerusalem Destruction Event, the then ascendant gentile world power of Babylon became clearly benchmarked as the real “GENTILE time” basis the 2520 years “seven times” must all be based on. After all, it is a “gentile time” being foretold in Daniel’s and Christ’s prophecies. (Luke21:24)

4. Thus, from 609 BCE as well, King Josiah was destroyed and “gentile” power deposed in 609 BCE by Egyptian power in decline at that time, as Babylon’s regional powerdrive was active to also depose the Egyptian-Assyrian alliance by 605 BCE. (Battle of Carchemish)

A. Thus, Babylon fully dominated both Egypt and Assyria as Babylon became the third gentile world power of Bible prophecy symbology of the seven national-based world powers leading to “8th King” final globalized world government power of the future. (Rev17:8-17)

5. In the global eventuality, and in Daniel 4, it is shown the spiritual Kingdom of God is to be the completely dominant, indomitable and eternal ruling sovereignty of the universe and of planet Earth within it. (Rev11:15),

A. The “gentile” rulership “Tree” will be deposed, but its “rootstock” of humanity (past, present, and future) will emerge through “sprout” Jesus Christ into the “Kingdom of the World” finality implied “Tree” rulership.

6. In this adverse world judgment on the rival world government coming in the future (Dan2:31-45; Rev11:15-19; Rev19:19-21), “gentile” humanity will be preserved in the divine restoration of the Rulership of Christ “Tree” in the “Kingdom of the World” world-reality to come in Jesus Christ’s Millennial Kingdom as ‘Last Adam’, ‘Eternal Father’ and “Prince of Peace”, the Immortal “Mighty God”. (Isa6:9)

Complex Period Intrigues affect Seven Times Applications

1. Because there is multiple “seventy-year” judgment criteria [3], the “seven times” has a period of “cushion” to effect all of the “seven times” requirements in the “seventy-year” marked event periods.

2. This is because the gentile world power transition took a few years to finalize in Babylon’s domination of the Egypt/Assyria alliance and also “juggle” the Jerusalem problem at the same time. In addition, Egypt and Assyria were definitely a bigger problem than puny Israel, so Jerusalem could be and had to be “back burnered” as a lower priority for a while. Babylon knew they weren’t going anywhere, so they took there time.

3. Further, like Rome in later times, Babylon saw destruction of Jerusalem as a last resort, they tried to make Israel comply with their subjugations, as did God by the prophets, and the prophets themselves. Advice, mind you, Israel could have taken seriously, but they were renegade “scorpions” as history proved (Eze2:6), time and time again, and that aided their own destructions by THREE sieges, in 605 BCE, 597 BCE and 586 BCE.

4. And yet further, we have to realize these post-Josiah Judean kings were barely 30 years old. Nebuchadnezzar was around 25 years old when coronated, Jehoiachin was at most 18 years old, as an example. What were we all like at 21? In any event, Josiah was the only one approved by God in his conduct, then judgment came home.

Last Judean Kings 
Gentile Egypt/Assyria to Babylon Transition 
King Name Josiah AKA Reign Date Reign Gentile King Named by Coronation Age
Josiah Father Shallum 640-609 BCE 31 Years Necho II Deposed NA 8 Years old
Jehoahaz Son 4 Shallum 609 BCE 3mo Necho II Deposed NA 23 Years old
Jehoiakim Son 2 Eliakim 609-598 BCE 11 Years Necho II Placed Necho 25 Years old
Babylon     605 BCE   Neb II Vassal/Deposed    
Jehoiachin Grand Son Jeconiah 598 BCE 3mo,10d Neb II Deposed NA 8 or 18 Years old
Zedekiah Son 3 Mattaniah 597-586 BCE 11 Years Neb II  Deposed Neb 21 Years old
*Approximate Dating 
1. Dating shown is within accepted variance of calendar dating issues.
2. Dating shown harmonizes with accepted global Biblical chronologies and “gentile” history. 
3. Dating shown rectifies and removes erred JW fantasy dating issues which affects all pre 537 BCE dates in JW research.

5. This approximate “seven times” seventy year paralleling is also because the sovereign-dramas Judea’s kings were tangled in got even more complicated by their own incalcitrant rebellious attitudes, badness, unpredictability and revolts; far from “cut and dried” is this period to untangle the real meaning hidden in those many complications.

Required Connection to Zechariah and Revelation 11 to Today and the Future

1. This is also because there is also an important Jerusalem/Temple destruction-to-second-temple-completion “seventy years” “seven times” marker from 586-516 BCE.

A. The Jerusalem Temple is the direct association to God in Jerusalem and in the future to God’s final Sovereign “King-Priest” (Zech6:9-15), as Zechariah’s “Temple Revelation” must be thoroughly connected to this Daniel 4 prophecy period which foretold it first.

2. Then the future Temple completion of Zechariah 4 is must directly linked explicitly to Revelation 11, so that the future completion of the “seven times” as TWO witnessings of 1260 days each can be completely connected to this prophecy directly related to the future Christ Arrival to complete the prophecy and be King-Priest Coronated as the Temple Completion “Headstone” by God in the future.

(Zechariah 4:6-9a) Accordingly he answered and said to me: “This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. 7 Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. There will be shoutings to it: “How charming! How charming!”’” 8 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 9 “The very hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house, and his own hands will finish [it].

(Revelation 11:3-4) And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.” 4 These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees and the two lampstands (of Zechariah 4) and are standing before the Lord of the earth.

3. At that time, all prophecy symbolic “bodies” will complete in immortal power from God, the “New Jerusalem”, and Immortal “Holy City” “Jerusalem”, the “Temple of God”, the “Bride of Christ” and the entirety of the Messianic Kingdom which “embodies” it all, to then fully take over planet earth. (Rev11:15-19)

4. This has been foretold in Bible prophecy in timed and gauged detail in a number of ways from Daniel 4 scale, to the sequential Daniel 8:14, Daniel 12:7, and Daniel 12:11 to Daniel 12:12 scale and in the Revelation 8-11 and Revelation 15-16 inter-relating seven “trumpet” and “plague” final gauged global steps to that future reality. [4]

All that needs to now be demolished first, by the required and certain divine judgment, is the JW based final apostasy obstacle (Daniel 8:13-14, Zech4:6-9), and that first (1Pet4:17) in the coming future final fulfillment process.

Benchmarking 607 BCE to 1914 CE “Appointed Times of the Nations”

1. Benchmarking 607 BCE is first done from God’s own 537 BCE assured Isaiah 45 Anointed Cyrus prophecy fulfillment importance (in the Liberation of Israel Decree), because with faith we know something “seven times” related in seventy years must have occurred in that 607 BCE to 537 BCE period, by simple deduction from 537 BCE, knowing God is certain in His prophecy.

2. But now we also have the 607 BCE average of the 609-605 BCE dated timeframe of Babylon’s ascension phase.

3. And we also know historically that the ‘King Designate’ position of Nebuchadnezzar as Crown-Prince of Babylon was in 607 BCE;

4. And we know since the death of King Josiah in 609 BCE, the following four kings of Jerusalem were all subjugated vassals of Gentile power and “trampling” by that very disruptive fact from 609 BCE all the way to 586 BCE.

A. That historic “gentile” based “gentile times” actual recorded history, is much more defensible to further reinforce the 607 BCE “gentile based” benchmark on Babylon the central nation of Daniel 2 and Daniel 4 prophecies, than the “20 year glitch” the JW apostasy still promotes like Dead-beat “Bible Scholars” in coma now for decades of this foretold apostate “confirmed drunkard” pass-out. (Matt24:48-51)

B. Thus, this late in the game and to this degree of apostate subterfuge, reproach and discrediting of God’s prophecy it cannot be “accidental”, mere corrupted “oversight” or coincidence; rather, JWs are clearly the final signal apostate development, even “King North” allied as UN NGO and in obvious “throw truth to the earth” cover-up of all of these facts. (Dan8:12b)

C. In addition, EVERY other JW date prior to 537 BCE is also in a considerable amount of error at a minimum eighteen-year to twenty-year variance with known world histories in ALL cases. [1]

5. Therefore, it is not just the 607 BCE Date/Event Error in question. [1]

A. One cannot simply reinvent every Biblical date prior to 537 BCE to fit a required assumption. That fully tells us something is wrong (not just with the 607 BCE assumed event), and that “something wrong” is with Jehovah’s witnesses “scholarship” as affected by the “King North” allied the apostates and impostors who manage them. (Dan11:32a)

Bible Judean King Dating Comparison with JW Errors Table

Bible Judean King Dating Comparison with JW Errors (Table 1)
Real World Dating Approximations (BCE) JW Fictional Dating (BCE) Years
King Name Albright Thiele Galil Kitchen JW Diff1 Diff2 Diff3 Diff4 Variance
David 1000 NA 1010 1010 1077 77 NA 67 67 10
Solomon 962 NA 970 971 1037 75 NA 67 66 9
Rehoboam 922 931 931 931 997 75 66 66 66 9
Abijah 915 913 914 915 980 65 67 66 65 2
Asa 913 911 911 912 978 65 67 67 66 2
Jehoshaphat 873 870 870 871 937 64 67 67 66 3
Jehoram 849 848 851 849 919 70 71 68 70 3
Ahaziah 842 841 843 842 906 64 65 63 64 2
Athaliah  842 841 842 841 905 63 64 63 64 1
Jehoash 837 835 835 835 898 61 63 63 63 0
Amaziah 800 796 805 796 858 58 62 53 62 9
Uzziah 783 767 788 776 829 46 62 41 53 18
Jotham 742 740 758 750 777 35 37 19 27 18
Ahaz 735 732 742 731 762 27 30 20 31 9
Hezekiah 715 716 726 715 746 31 30 20 31 11
Manasseh 687 687 697 687 716 29 29 19 29 10
Amon 642 643 642 642 661 19 18 19 19 1
Josiah 640 641 640 640 659 19 18 19 19 1
Jehoahaz 609 609 609 609 628 19 19 19 19 0
Jehoiakim 609 609 609 609 628 19 19 19 19 0
Jehoiachin 598 598 598 598 618 20 20 20 20 0
Zedekiah 597 597 597 597 617 20 20 20 20 0
Actual start dates BCE of Judean King reign
JW fictional start dates BCE of Judean King reign
Years variance between actual history and JW fictional dating 597 and prior
Maximum variance in secular chronologies
All “gentile” “trampled” divine kings of Jerusalem, starting in 609 BCE.
Kings of Judah
Watchtower Library CD 2010

The Apostate JW-Jackhammer on 1914’s “Temple Foundation” Truth

The JW Apostasy Effect and Purpose has to be covered a little here because it can help build 607-1914 credibility when we see what JWs are aligned with to undermine this prophecy, as also part of the prophecy, the modern apostasy prelude portion.

1. The truth is the JW 607 BCE date is not what is incorrect, it is the JW assumed EVENT which they say marks 607 BCE is what is in complete historic error.

A. Thus, by others assuming the Jerusalem Destruction was the one and only way “divine kings” of Israel could be “trampled”, an error formed. The Jerusalem destruction occurred in the circa 586 BCE “gentile history” dated reality, but the destruction of Jerusalem was the end of an entire 609 BCE process of divine king “trampling” since the death of King Josiah at “gentile” Egypt’s hand.

B. Now that the mole hill, which could have easily been rectified with a little thinking and research for decades now, has turned into a Mount Everest of needless controversy, stumbling, diversion and the total loss of the simple sovereign focus that Christ is destined to conquer this planet, and that according to a divine timeline schedule. (Rev11:15-19)

C. The maddening apostate hypocrisy, injustices and glossed-over lawlessness of the Global JW God Reproach Campaign also adds much negative energy to the “1914 Demolition Project” JWs are now the center driving force of. Now, truly, the whole JW Titanic ship is lost, it is done. (Matt13:36-43; Matt22:14; Isa66:6)

2. All that has to be “adjusted” is the event meaning which marks 607 BCE. And that it MUST be based on “gentile times” history as the actual permitted sovereign basis which is under the time limit from God.

3. If we now think God has now suspended the assured time limit on this world’s rejected rulership by Himself, just because Jehovah’s witnesses swim in their organizational sewers of global public apostasy and hypocrisy, we truly need to rethink this.

4. Instead, the [foretold] JW apostasy is a REQUIRED signal feature of the coming final world cycle to the Christ Arrival upon the Revelation 8-11 final fulfillment cycle, which takes several more years to run its full course.

5. Thus, the Jehovah’s witnesses apostasy has helped fill the internet with all the reasons the whole prophecy must be invalid, when the event marking the 607 BCE date is all that must be clarified to an actual GENTILE PROPHECY ENTITY!

6. But, the evil genius which guides Jehovah’s witnesses into the final signal apostasy of the age (Dan11:32a), as also being part of this final prophecy context, can be reverse engineered to understand [exactly] how they have created a 1914 Jackhammer Effect such as this today.

The JW Temple Truth Demolition Plan

Now, modern apostasy ridden Jehovah’s witnesses “Jackhammer” on the 1914 Prophecy Foundation by use of two well-placed errors from their own Governing Body “Man of Lawlessness”.

That illegal and mythical “Governing Body” is not Biblical, its origin is from a corporate system birth from the same Christendom-related corporate-support “body” the “clergy” came from, as one “Man of Lawlessness” whole which discredits prophecy together as one whole, in spite of their globally distributed corporate locales.

The Governing Body is the sole means by which the formerly anointed Christian ministry which Jehovah’s witnesses have claimed to be, has been hijacked by “gradually given over” means (Dan8:12), to help undermine the 607-1914 basis credibility on its front end and its back end, by a couple handy undermining techniques.

1. JWs “jackhammer” the 1914 credibility front-end with their ridiculous perpetually failing Matthew 24:34 “This Generation” debacle and fictional prophecy application designed to fail and stumble many people.

A. JWs TODAY are that “apostate generation” which will see all the judgment events occur on its own apostasy first as per Matthew 24:15 (Dan11:31b; Dan8:13), and that within the brief time span of Daniel 8:14.

B. There never was any reason to watchdog “older anointed ones” in congregations and at Bethel for their whole lives to try to predict when “they [all] would kick the bucket” like some morbid “hour-glass to Armageddon”. That “This Generation Farce” was a doomed-to-fail ridiculous “stopwatch to doomsday” “prophecy application” from the get-go.

2. On the 1914 back-end credibility demolition-plan of the self-appointed so-called “Governing Body”, they employ a ridiculously erred date/event assumption of Jerusalem’s destruction “in 607 BCE”, completely UNHEARD of in the annals of global history from hundreds if not thousands of “gentile” history and chronology sources. Thus, the EVENT is what is in error as assumed to have taken place in 607 BCE.

A. 607 BCE did in fact occur, it did center on known GENTILE prophecy fulfillment upon Babylon, it is valid for a number of good reasons. But, “Jerusalem’s destruction” is NOT the event or prophecy that marks 607 BCE.

B. But, that JW Chrono-Fantasy, which flourished from the time of Russell, prior to actually reviewing the global historic “gentile” record (now readily available on the Web), is completely contrary and at variance with hundreds of global historic “gentile times” histories of the world. That obvious major error is rigidly ignored and retained to discredit the historic 1914 back-end credibility to also aid stumbling millions of people. (Dan11:32-35)

C. And when we see the basic premise is not actually an insurmountable “problem”, for it to have turned into the nightmare it is today, it is all further proof of the success of the simple goal this apostasy-feature has: to make people forget about the simple divine warning that this world’s rulership days are numbered, and to doubt the prophecy of God.

Combined Demolition-Discrediting Effect of Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses

1. Both of these false-prophecy “interpretation” farces now work for one whole “1914 Jackhammer” demolition effect to make the modern JW ministry look like a lost and deluded joke, which it is. But, at the same time, the prophecy of God is undermined and discredited by this reproach and stubbornly lawless JW stubborn ignorance, for now decades.

2. The current 607 BCE [date/event assumption] error, can be easily rectified to the actual “gentile [based] time” histories and the obvious requirement to adhere to an actual GENTILE benchmark nation and time period, which it does upon Babylon.

A. The real “gentile times” has to apply to “gentile” Babylon in that 609 BCE to 605 BCE ascension of Nebuchadnezzar’s reign, as crown-prince by 607 BCE.

B. The assumption Jerusalem had to be totally destroyed to begin the “gentile times” is baseless, as “gentile kings” of Egypt and Babylon had been killing, imprisoning, deposing, subjugating, and placing Jerusalem’s “divine kings” since 609 BCE. Gentile kings even renamed a couple of those kings!

3. The current JW error also affects all other pre 537 BCE dating, as shown in the table below. [1] The current error has been permitted by God because Daniel 4’s final explanation in the final ministry will reaffirm the original “appointed times of the nations” sovereign warning that there is a timed limit on this current “Tree” of the gentile world rulership system today.

4. By that time we will have approached the final 1260 days to precede the prophecy prelude into the Christ arrival which must come after world government is completed in the future (Rev13:3; Rev17:8-12), many other fulfilled and fulfilling prophecy global milestone events and developments will help restore credibility.

When brothers Ray Franz and Carl Olof Jonsson were on the track to make this required “607 BCE” clarification, the Renegade Governing Body axed brother Ray Franz to help keep this error in place. They also removed Ray Franz to sever the  probable successor as the next Bible knowledgeable “elder” who could have explained the 1990 third United Nations event as “King North” Globalist-System reality of “world government in-progress” in Daniel 11:31b, rather than adjoin to the United Nations as an apostate UN NGO global promotional vehicle, as Fred Franz died in 1992 at 99 years of age. 

God permitted this (2Thess2:11-12), because the final apostasy had to form and become “man of Lawlessness” related and recognized for the final cycle judgment. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5) 

Thus, there is more to the resignation and then unjust Rogue-GB expulsion of brother Ray Franz. That 1976 GB Tyrant Scandal allowed the guiding “Governing Body” and its signal apostasy to form with critical errors to help stumble millions of people. It has done all this, while fulfilling the exact historically located prophecy foretelling this final apostasy at Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35 in the exact 1990 third United Nations “wildbeast image” context of Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23. Now, as the “Scarlet Cherry on Top” [apostasy exemplifying] JWs are now partners of, and allies with “King North” whom they cover-up prophecy for, as also UN NGO “mini harlot” cohorts. (Matt24:15)

Can that really all be just a coincidence here at this time?

God will Depose and Expose the Modern JW-Based Apostate and Impostor ” Temple” Rogues

1. Because the JW Governing Body is so adept at perfectly ignorant stalemate, corruption, distraction, reproach and discrediting, to produce a horrendously known mega-stumbling campaign (Dan11:32-35), as aided by errors like this, in addition to their brazen lawless conduct and policies (2Thess2:3-4), we know the JW Devolution into Foretold Marked Apostate Corruption is now no accident. (Dan11:32a)

2. Thus, our latest corrupted-rejected anointed abominations among Jehovah’s witnesses leaders (Dan11:30b), and its renegade “gentile” priests “in the temple” among Jehovah’s witnesses corporatized leadership, now wreaking total discrediting havoc on the prophecy credibility and transforming the JW ministry into a lawless apostate UN NGO allied abomination, is now clearly emergent and identified as the final apostasy. (Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:3-4; Zech3:3)

3. The final apostasy indicates the final temple judgment cycle is nearing the timed and apostate-temple desolating fulfillment of Daniel 8:13-14 and the full-blown activation of Revelation 8-11 as Revelation 8 is the Revelation [modern] Temple Judgment parallel.

4. This “desolation” temple judgment context as aided by God, will eventually purge and depose all rogue opposition “in the temple” now guiding this modern JW devolution into lawless apostasy and error. (2Thess2:1-12; Zech3:1-5)

5. That self-destructive and globally catastrophic coming JW organizational dissolution context will eventually pass (Dan8:14), which will allow the current Apostate GB and JW known chronological stumbling block of the fictive date/event [assumption] of 607 BCE to be rectified, as this latest apostate-obstacle is flattened by God. (Zech4:6-9)

A. At the same time, the JW apostasy can be applied to the final apostasy prophecy in full documented detail to aid the final ministry explanations.

6. As covered above, that 607 BCE date benchmark must be based upon the “GENTILE time” in Babylon’s ascension period of 609 BCE to 605 BCE.

A. In that 609-605 BCE there is the benchmark to actually mark the “appointed times of the nations”, as “gentile [based history] times” from God’s own prophecy benchmark of anointed Cyrus of 537 BCE.

B. The “Gentile Times” actually means the “Gentile Time Limit” because it is the Gentile World’s rival sovereignty, which is what actually has the divine time limit on its rulership.

7. Isaiah 45 is the most divine and most important benchmark for dating because it was God’s prophecy about His own anointed Cyrus the Great who would mark the end of the “seventy years” requirement as we know full well God can perform exact timings and events to support His own prophecy, as the first basis of everything to later support it.

A. Now we have the certain Divine 537 BCE Date as the 607-537 BCE divine basis, the 609-605 BCE Average 607 BCE Date, and the historic Nebuchadnezzar “King-Designate” Crown Prince Date of 607 BCE.

More Daniel 4 “Seven Times” Related Connections of the Future

1. Thus, as the apostate JW ministry self-destructs by its own, actions, sanctions and fake-pretext “prophecy fulfillment” engineering (which will fail in its “prediction” of the “end of the world”), the eventual temple-ministerial recovery (Dan8:14 timing runs its course fully), then leads to the final witnessing 1260 days of the “second witness” of the “two witnesses” of Revelation 11’s final fulfillment cycle of the future.

A. That final 1260 days ministry (Rev10:5-11; Rev11:2-3) will also complete that Revelation 11 identified “seven times” as 2520 days (Rev11:3,7-10) as the combined total of the 1260 days of the 1914-1918 “first witness” and the future 1260 days of the “last witness” to result from this current “gentile opposition” apostasy, as the spiritual resistance continues into the 1260 days, but not as an apostate error. (Dan7:25; Rev13:5-7; Rev11:7; Rev10:5-7)

2. The global notifications to emerge from that final 1260 days “witnessing” [of the future] will make known the certainty that Christ will “arrive on schedule” to then first complete his own ministry in the final 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 briefly active to some degree, but running its full 1290 days course as a known “open salvation” period globally.

(Revelation 14:6-7) And I saw another angel flying in midheaven, and he had everlasting good news to declare as glad tidings to those who dwell on the earth, and to every nation and tribe and tongue and people, 7 saying in a loud voice: “Fear God and give him glory, because the hour of the judgment by him has arrived, and so worship the One who made the heaven and the earth and sea and fountains of waters.”

3. Thus, the combined total of Christ ministry from the first 3.5 years as a perfect human being to the final 3.5 years as the Revelation 14 deploying “Mighty God” will also become the seven year marked “seven times” meaning of spiritual and global completion as Daniel 12:11 provides the final “global open salvation offer” timeframe of completion.

A. The entire prophecy will have been leading to the final superior ministry of Jesus Christ, because he will not be employing humans, who cannot complete the ministry anyways (Matt10:23), but his Kingdom Air Force of the Holy Angels.

B. It is Christ, not humans, who completes Matthew 24:14 as the ever important totally global appeal can really only be accomplished by Jesus Christ by Kingdom Angelic means based on the same meanings, openness and positivity of his first 3.5 years ministry, which many people are and will be familiar with at the most basic and general level aiding many people’s salvation.

(Matthew 24:14) And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come.

4. And note that it is an end of the “Tree”, the ruling “8th King” rival, not “the world” as that earth in the “midst of the earth” “Tree” location. “The “system of things” as ruled by time limited and incapable “gentile” government is what is concluded and replaced.

5. Thus, the highly positive, hopeful, guaranteed and inviting nature of Christ’s first ministry is to be “revisited” by Christ himself for his final ministry as he gathers the global sheep with his Kingdom Angelic Air Force (Rev14:6-8) prior to deposing the final “globalized gentile” world government system. (Matt24″31; Matt25:31-40)

The “Kingdom of the World” Eternal “Tree” in Daniel 4’s Extension into the Future

1. In the Christ “Kingdom of the World” [inception] total ascension as King of kings of the future (Rev11:15-19) , and his “Last Adamic” new perfect “heritage” for humanity, Christ as the “Eternal Father” along with the Christ “Bride” as the implied “Eternal Mother” will be used by God to regenerate, re-create and rebirth (Isa54) the entirety of these two worlds perfectly convergent into one “New Earth” system during the Millennial Kingdom of Christ with its new immortal irremovable “New Heavens”. (Isa34:4; Isa24:21-22)

A. God appointed and deploys Christ to form one global recovery and restoration process unto human and earthly perfection as one whole “Kingdom of the World” meaning, the “Eternal Tree” which Daniel 4 shows God made possible by preserving the “Fallen Tree” “rootstock” for this express purpose of God.

B. Though the “rootstock” pictures the whole human family, from its “roots”, the actual core growth of the tree is from the center of the seed which forms into that “root stock”.

2. Thus, the origin of mankind and all humans to grow from it to root and support the source of this “rulership” “Tree” are recovered by Christ, but into his perfect human based form as the first dimension of being he provided to God at his sacrificial death for this purpose beyond just the atoning “forgiveness of sins”.

3. Christ as [temporary] King of God’s Kingdom has already been given the authority (Rev4:-5) from God and God’s Kingdom to be the anointed King since 1914 ( King of kings [designate]), to be completed with the final heavenly sheep gathering (Matt24:31), for also Messianic Kingdom ” King of kings” and “King-Priest” total completion, in the future.

A. This is what apostate Jehovah’s witnesses have been misled to cover-up and stall the understanding of by their explicitly foretold “King North” connected and allied “man of lawlessness” so-called “Governing Body” illegal “gentiles” as either corrupted anointed or “King North” placed impostors. (Dan11:32a)

4. This latest [foretold] apostate breech and compromise “in the temple” fully demonstrates how apostate and “gentile” impostor rivals “set in opposition” to prophetic truth (2Thess2:1-4; Dan8:12; Dan11:30-32), right from “in the temple” can quickly “transform” a ministry while it was progressing now maturing in terminal apostasy.

(2 Corinthians 11:13-15) For such men are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into apostles of Christ. 14 And no wonder, for Satan himself keeps transforming himself into an angel of light. 15 It is therefore nothing great if his ministers also keep transforming themselves into ministers of righteousness. But their end shall be according to their works.

5. The JW apostate ministry formed right under everyone’s noses, like the others, capitalizing on a few errors to detour the direction and distract the focus. (2Thess2:11) Jehovah’s witnesses are now the single worst global- discrediting “operation” [of error] based ministerial “religion”.

A. The purpose of Jehovah’s witnesses has become the constant promotion of these negative effects due to major errors, which effect is then amplified by mega-lawless-hypocrisies right within the apostate Jehovah’s witnesses ministry itself as today.

6. Today, the Christendom system has been long lost and now close to irrelevant as an “apostasy” from the deep past, it is Jehovah’s witnesses today who are the signal foretold final apostasy locale which now undermines and attempts to destroy the basis of the prophecy of Daniel 4.

A. And as stated as Daniel 11:30a, and Daniel 8:12b, it is very effective and successful at this subversive goal.

(Daniel 11:30) And he will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant.

(Daniel 8:12) And an army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature], because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success.

B. Any “worldly” critics who further the discrediting effect by means of JW evidence of major errors are secondary in development, regardless of motive. And part of the global scale criticism is for valid reason of major errors in assumed events and dates not to mention lawlessness and injustices ad infinitum now festering to terminal degree in the Jehovah’s witnesses “organization”. But, it is all foretold in Daniel, in historic placed detail with the 1990 third United Nations global presentation of Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23.

7. As further proof of the future, the Jehovah’s witnesses apostate deposition “trampling” by God in the future (Dan8:13), is what will be required to rectify this final major apostate error.

A. At the same time the anti-JW ministerial “desolation trampling” will form a global signal by fulfilling the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment prophecy by the internally-aided and sanctioned global scale “desolation” of the Jehovah’s witnesses organization and the self-sanctioned organizational cancellation of their fully foretold apostate ministry while it is all going down.

Daniel 4’s “Seven Times” Connection to Revelation 10-11 Future “Seven Times” Final Fulfillment Completion

1. Thus, the clarified Daniel 4 “Tree” sovereign meaning relates to the entire final Christian summary of Revelation 10 and Revelation 11:1-10, which must emerge from the aftermath of the timed “King North” allied JW apostate downfall (Dan8:13-14) coming up.

2. After that temple judgment and cleansing timing of Daniel 8:14 has expired, in then fully verifiable manner in its timing, phasing and events (Dan8:26), everything must be explained as that foretold epic JW apostate catastrophe will help verify the prophecy to help restore its credibility, which the current JW apostasy undermines at present.

3. Jehovah’s witnesses are now the apostate tool (Dan11:32a), as our modern rival sovereign “gentile” aiding obstacle in this same ages-old drama,. But their apostate prophecy story adds to the final required summary it is all converging into for then, added credibility.

(Revelation 10:5-7) And the angel that I saw standing on the sea and on the earth raised his right hand to heaven, 6 and by the One who lives forever and ever, who created the heaven and the things in it and the earth and the things in it and the sea and the things in it, he swore: “There will be no delay any longer; 7 but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to blow his trumpet, the sacred secret of God according to the good news which he declared to his own slaves the prophets is indeed brought to a finish.”

4. Which becomes known to the degree purposed by God during the final 1260 days ministry of Revelation 11:1-7 (Matt10:23), which completion of 2520 days total notification completes the Revelation 11 related “seven times” as the rival rulership of Earth is “chopped down” in the final world judgment event conclusion of the Messianic Kingdom universal and global conquest.

5. Christ completes the divine objective based in the Daniel 4 foundational prophecy by assuming all global power and the existing “Kingdom of the World” in the entire planetary life system and planet then coming under his direct rulership.

(Revelation 11:15-18) And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.” 16 And the twenty-four elders who were seated before God upon their thrones fell upon their faces and worshiped God, 17 saying: “We thank you, Jehovah God, the Almighty, the One who is and who was, because you have taken your great power and begun ruling as king. 18 But the nations became wrathful, and your own wrath came, and the appointed time for the dead to be judged, and to give [their] reward to your slaves the prophets and to the holy ones and to those fearing your name, the small and the great, and to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.”

6. From there, then upon the modern human nations whose “kingdom is preserved” even as the rival sovereignty is removed (Rev7:12), the symbolic metal Noachian Deluge Judgment “iron” banding-portion and the then completed World Judgment of Christ “copper”  banding portion are “removed” as one released “banding” for one final global world convergence into Christ over the one thousand year reign.

7. The divinely preserved “rootstock” must be preserved and must resume alive through the final-era delivered portion of saved humanity then present on Earth from God, into the Christ physical perfection basis in the new and perfect human ‘Last Adam’ physical dimension of his perfect human sacrifice. (Heb10:10)

A. Those humans who never have to die are then joined by the totality of the resurrection based restoration into the form of ‘Last Adam’ for all humanity. It is also the Genesis 1:26-28 Global Blessing of God Almighty (Ps133; Rev21-22) renewed by means of Christ.

B. The eventual Immortal Humanity (Rev22:14), for those faithful through the entire process, will transform the entire nature of the planetary life system of Earth into an eternal state of being under the Immortal Messianic Kingdom and the Immortal “Image of God” which faithful humans were purposed to become. (Rev22:14)

8. That is why Jesus Christ is “to be called” the Eternal Father, because the New Kingdom of the World Tree of All Humanity will be “rebirthed” and “regenerated” (Matt19:28) into his perfection in the perfect human dimension of his comprehensive sacrifice. In Ezekiel 47 all life of Earth is shown restored into perfection as Romans 8:18-22 is the entire new basis of immortal power and the divine energy purpose (corruptionless, no decay) which will then be the basis of the Everlasting Tree of Earthly Life. (Gen12; Gen22; Rev22:1-3,14)

9. Daniel 4 provides an overall gauged timeframe that ties back to 609-605 BCE very explicitly in real “gentile times” history and thus in also the prophecy which has forecasted its exact direction. It also extends forward into Revelation 11’s final 2520 days total “two witnesses” “witnessing” ministries, to be completed by the 1260 days of 1914-1918 being completed in the final 1260 days ministry of the future, as “seven times” principle, 2520 days.

10. This is why the current globalist-allied apostates and infiltrators in Jehovah’s witnesses leadership and their Governing Body (Dan11:30-32) have retained the known 607 BCE Jerusalem Destruction Mythology, when it could be rectified quite easily.

A. This is because it makes people doubt the original warning, doubt the validity of all prophecy, and thus more apt for deception now and in the future. In time, God will remove the current “gentile” Governing Body obstacle “tramplers” and the entire JW apostate ministry to make the final clarification with the final 1260 days ministry, in the future.

11. This is why the Bible Students removed literally 99% of Charles Russell’s “prophecy theology”, but retained the Daniel 4 “Gentile Times” importance. Charles Russell’s basic clarifications provided on the will of God in accurate basic understanding of the persons of God Almighty Jehovah/Yahweh/YHWH, Jesus Christ and the completing earthly purpose of their “Kingdom” entity in the Bible, was also retained.

Important Daniel 4 Details

Daniel 4 is the largest structured timed-framework prophecy which encompasses all Bible prophecy as specifically focused on God’s “Kinging” of Christ as the final sovereignty leading to God’s Complete Sovereignty as in 1 Corinthians 15:24-18 and Revelation 21-22.

1.Daniel 4 integrally ties into Revelation 8-11 in the future, as Jehovah’s witnesses apostasy is deposed by God for all the world to witness and learn from. (Dan8:13-14)

A. As you may be aware, Jehovah’s witnesses have set-up their own fake-prophecy which creates a self-destruction complex internally, as they sanction and help carry out the deposition of their own apostate organization, and the cancellation of their ministry by self-appointed means.

B. That will but begin (1Pet4:17) Revelation 8-11, in the future, as Daniel 8:13-14 parallel of Revelation 8 as the Modern Temple Judgment Prophecy Fulfillment Phase. (Zech3)

2. Which ties all Babylon “gentile” and Israel “divine” conflicting developments of Daniel 4’s context back to the 609-605 BCE historic gentile period, because this JW apostasy is but another rival opposition formed “trampling” attempt.

A. It is all “set in opposition” (2Thess2:3-4) to the divine purpose of God whether this conflict originated from apostate anointed Christians who corrupted in the JW leadership in the past to today (Dan11:30b) or by the impostors they soon internally wired into the JW Organization (Dan11:32a) to aid the “management” of its multi-billions and to “organize” the apostasy henceforth. (Dan11:32a)

B. In effect, Jehovah’s witnesses came under one “operation of error” and its one apostate purpose, that soon became a full-blown lie (2Thess2:11-12), many can now see plain as day in the apostate JW ministry of today.

C. Apostate Jehovah’s witnesses and the illegal and fraud-based leadership which guides them (Dan11:32a) is the latest impostor “gentile” resistance to the divine purpose as related to this same Daniel 4 principle of vying diametric development.

3. Thus, the JW final signal apostasy for our day will become part of the final fulfillment prophecy especially noteworthy when JWs are globally “chopped down” in the principle of illegal “seated in the temple” spiritual rulership (2Thess2:3-4), at a scale the entire world will witness because it will become an initial global sign. (Isa28)

A. Thus, the spiritual “trampling” divine inaction now in principle in the now active JW apostasy , will activate into recovery when the now active apostasy is “chopped own” into inaction. (Dan8:14)

Main Sevens Times Applications

Main Seven Times Applications 
Seven Times 
Original Basis Application Target Inception Prophecy Timeframe
“Seven Times” Kingdom of the World1 Noachian World Sin/Flood Genesis 6-7 4004-2348 BCE*


“Seven Times” Kingdom of the World2 Modern World Future Conquest Revelation
World Basis Overall Time Limit 
2520 Years Divine Kings
Gentile Rivalry Gentile Times 607 BCE Daniel 4 607 BCE-1914 CE
Prophecy Basis 
Seventy Years Gentile Babylon Gentile Babylon Cessation Jeremiah 25:12 609-539 BCE
Seventy Years Sovereignty Jerusalem Kingly “Trampling” Luke 21:24 607-537 BCE
Seventy Years Temple Destroyed/Rebuilt Jerusalem Temple “Trampling” Zechariah 6:9-15 586-516 BCE
Revelation 11 Final Time Limit 
2520 Days “Seven Times” Holy City Two Witnessings Revelation 11:2 1914-1918/


Christ Covenant 
Seven Years Christ Ministry Global Christ Christ Completes Ministry Revelation 14:6-7 Future
There is a “seven times” multi-application “cushion” which allowed all of God’s “seventy years” judgment criteria to complete. [3]
Christ ‘Eternal Father’ [Last Adam] Recovers “Tree” in Regeneration Rule as the Global “12 Tribes”; Matthew 19:28
Christ Bride Implied ‘Eternal Mother’ [Last Eve] Aids Recovery of “Kingdom of the World” “Tree”; Isaiah 54 
Revelation 21-22 
*Approximate Dating 
Dating shown is within accepted variance of calendar dating issues. 
Dating shown harmonizes with accepted global Biblical chronologies and “gentile” history.
Dating  shown rectifies and removes erred JW fantasy dating issues which affect in error all pre 537 BCE dates in JW research. [1]

See Tables [5] and [6] below, for complete seven times relationships to other divine sovereign prophecies.

Some tables below are also for future parts of this article.


Masculine Globalist and Feminine Religious “Babylon” Symbology

The “Masculine” Babylon “Gentile” Globalist and the “Babylon the Great” Religious Sovereignty Symbols

1. The Daniel 2 “masculine” “Babylon” “head of gold” of the “immense image” pictures the Globalist-System World Government Development as the rival sovereign “Babylon” symbol (As in Habakkuk) in the world system in world power ascension in the world today.

(Daniel 2:32-33) As regards that image, its head was of good gold, its breasts and its arms were of silver, its belly and its thighs were of copper, 33 its legs were of iron, its feet were partly of iron and partly of molded clay.

(Daniel 2:36-38) “This is the dream, and its interpretation we shall say before the king. 37 You, O king, the king of kings, you to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom, the might, and the strength and the dignity, 38 and into whose hand he has given, wherever the sons of mankind are dwelling, the beasts of the field and the winged creatures of the heavens, and whom he has made ruler over all of them, you yourself are the head of gold.

A. The root of that “Babylon” symbol is due to the fact Babel under Nimrod was a “national system” composed of all the post-flood nations of Genesis 10. And it did attempt to form the first world government in Genesis 11:1-9. Thus, the “gentile” basis of the modern world is based on Babel, and its Globalist-System engineers are connected with the same Genesis 10 bloodlines and goals of ancient Nimrod and other national supporting entities.

B. Thus, both Daniel 2’s “immense image” and Daniel 4’s “Tree” are applied by Daniel directly to King Nebuchadnezzar explicitly stated, and thus Babylon, by extension.

(Daniel 4:20-22) The tree that you beheld, that grew great and became strong and the height of which finally reached the heavens and which was visible to all the earth, 21 and the foliage of which was fair, and the fruit of which was abundant, and on which there was food for all; under which the beasts of the field would dwell, and on the boughs of which the birds of the heavens would reside, 22 it is you, O king, because you have grown great and become strong, and your grandeur has grown great and reached to the heavens, and your rulership to the extremity of the earth.

2. Thus, all masculine Babylon symbology is based on prophecies originating with Babylon in their own world power era. Therefore, these first prophecies of Daniel from God form the entire foundational framework of all sovereign prophecy foretelling God’s Kingdom to follow upon these master principles and timings. They are guaranteed to fulfill to the true last and smallest detail.

3. When Revelation 17 “8th King”, Daniel 2 “immense image”, “King North” World Government takes eventual total world ruling power in the future, the Globalist-System which engineers this final sovereignty will be the ultimate “head of Gold” “Gentile Rulership” of all time in this “Babylon” symbology originating with the Genesis 11 first world government attempt under Nimrod.

4. It is interesting to note Nimrod was a Hamitic originating ruler. Israel, Babylon and Medo-Persia were Shemitic. And the final Anglo-American development is mostly Japhetic in origin in relation to Genesis 10.

A. Thus, the entire global national system equating to the future global final-sovereign totality from the Genesis 10 past origin from Noah by means of his three sons Ham, Japheth and Shem, is what will comprise globalization complete World Government of the future.

The ” Feminine” “Babylon the Great” ” Harlot” Babylon Symbology

(Revelation 17:18) And the woman whom you saw means the great city that has a kingdom over the kings of the earth.”

1. The Revelation 17:18 “feminine” “Babylon the Great” “Harlot”, who has a religious “kingdom over the kings of this world” in that “Babylon the Great” symbol, also originated with the Babel System of Genesis 11’s timeframe.

A. That is, “Occult” secrecy based “Mystery Religion” was the Babel spiritual counterpart to aid the overall “gentile” sovereign expansion goals.

Incidentally, Babel is where the “Governing Body” entity originated, which the Occult Mystery-Priests used to manage the original Babel Religion, and its people.

“”The Mystery Religions each had their secret councils which ruled them, and these councils themselves came under the guidance of a secret supreme Grand Council or Governing Body.””

(Today, as in the “Two Babylons” book by Alexander Hislop, the Catholic Papal system is an example of a religion based upon Babel Occultism grafted over centuries beneath a “Christianity veneer”, as well demonstrated in that book. That Two Babylon’s book is not Daniel 4 applicable, but it shows the Catholic Papacy is of the same “Spiritual DNA” as the Babel Papacy of Nimrod.)

Though Jehovah’s witnesses from the Bible Students past did “leave Babylon”, it is Jehovah’s witnesses who have revisited a core Babel “Governing Body” key-managerial element, along with its fake “Organization Theocracy” which that body now rules over. Now the whole thing has become the final signal apostasy in this post 1944 experimentally failed “governing body” [injection] development to the GB Tyrant Coup of 1976 made complete.

Within 15 years the Governing Body had Jehovah’s witnesses “riding the wildbeast” as UN NGO “harlots” while covering up the third United Nations Globalist “King North” event of Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23. THAT is how the Babylon “harlot” “queen” aids her Babylon sovereign “king” as one overall God sovereignty opposing enterprise.

2. Together this Gentile “Babylon” system has a Paternal System [Governmental] and a Maternal System [Religious] which still guides the world system now in its modern national to globalization-based world government developmental maturation of the future.

A. Therefore, the final years will be like the milestone of “world government ascending in slow motion” which will help people ascertain it is the final sovereign infraction of the proper truly global scale and the logical convergent terminus of prophecy to actually trigger the Christ arrival. It is logical and complete in all ways prophetic and in world development that this rival world government sovereign zenith shall trigger Christ as its own impetus to “chop the tree down” in its final deviation which began in Eden, revisited in Babel of ancient times (Gen10-11), and now certain from the prophecy in the future.

3. Thus, when the current purposely designed and implemented Daniel 4 error among Jehovah’s witnesses final apostasy development is removed with their apostate judgment downfall coming up (Dan8:13-14), the Daniel 4 comprehensive actual meaning will reaffirm the original intent of the Daniel 4 “appointed times of the nations” purpose, but upon a completed and truthful basis in both dating and complete interpretational explanation.

Some tables below are also for future parts of this article.

Supporting Tables and Information

[1] Bible Judean King Dating Comparison with JW Errors 

Bible Judean King Dating Comparison with JW Errors (Table 2)
Real World Date Approximations JW Fictional Dating
King Name Albright Thiele Galil Kitchen JW Diff1 Diff2 Diff3 Diff4 Variance
David 1000 NA 1010 1010 1077 77 NA 67 67 10
40 (reign yrs)
Solomon 962 NA 970 971 1037 75 NA 67 66 9
Rehoboam 922 931 931 931 997 75 66 66 66 9
Abijah 915 913 914 915 980 65 67 66 65 2
Asa 913 911 911 912 978 65 67 67 66 2
Jehoshaphat 873 870 870 871 937 64 67 67 66 3
Jehoram 849 848 851 849 919 70 71 68 70 3
Ahaziah 842 841 843 842 906 64 65 63 64 2
Athaliah  842 841 842 841 905 63 64 63 64 1
Jehoash 837 835 835 835 898 61 63 63 63 1
Amaziah 800 796 805 796 858 58 62 53 62 9
Uzziah 783 767 788 776 829 46 62 41 53 18
Jotham 742 740 758 750 777 35 37 19 27 18
Ahaz 735 732 742 731 762 27 30 20 31 9
Hezekiah 715 716 726 715 746 31 30 20 31 11
Manasseh 687 687 697 687 716 29 29 19 29 10
Amon 642 643 642 642 661 19 18 19 19 1
Josiah 640 641 640 640 659 19 18 19 19 1
Jehoahaz 609 609 609 609 628 19 19 19 19 0
Jehoiakim 609 609 609 609 628 19 19 19 19 0
Jehoiachin 598 598 598 598 618 20 20 20 20 0
Zedekiah 597 597 597 597 617 20 20 20 20 0
11 5.4 Ave.
Actual start dates BCE of Judean King reign
JW fictional start dates BCE of Judean King reign
Years variance between actual dating and JW fictional dating 597 and prior
Maximum variance in secular chronologies
Average variance in secular chronologies
All “gentile” “trampled” divine kings of Jerusalem, starting in 609 BCE.
Kings of Judah

Watchtower Library CD 2010

[2] Genesis 10 Seventy Nations

Genesis 10 Seventy Nations
Japheth 14
1 Gomer
2 Magog
3 Madai
4 Javan
5 Tubal
6 Meshech
7 Tiras
8 Ashkenaz
9 Riphath
10 Togarmah
11 Elishah
12 Tarshish
13 Kittim
14 Dodanim
Ham   30
15 Cush
16 Mizraim
17 Put
18 Canaan
19 Seba
20 Havilah
21 Sabtah
22 Raamah
23 Sabteca
24 Nimrod
25 Sheba
26 Dedan
27 Ludim
28 Anamim
29 Lehabim
30 Naphtuhim
31 Pathrusim
32 Casluhim
33 Caphtorim
34 Sidon
35 Heth
36 Jebusite
37 Amorite
38 Girgashite
39 Hivite
40 Arkite
41 Sinite
42 Arvadite
43 Zemarite
44 Hamathite
Shem 26
45 Elam
46 Asshur
47 Arpachshad
48 Lud
49 Aram
50 Uz
51 Hul
52 Gether
53 Mash
54 Shelah
55 Eber
56 Peleg
57 Joktan
58 Almodad
59 Sheleph
60 Hazarmaveth
61 Jerah
62 Hadoram
63 Uzal
64 Diklah
65 Obal
66 Abimael
67 Sheba
68 Ophir
69 Havilah
70 Jobab

[3] All Seventy-Year Judgment Criteria

Seventy Sabbaths

(2 Chronicles 36:17-21) So he brought up against them the king of the Chaldeans, who proceeded to kill their young men with the sword in the house of their sanctuary, neither did he feel compassion for young man or virgin, old or decrepit. Everything He gave into his hand. 18 And all the utensils, great and small, of the house of the [true] God and the treasures of the house of Jehovah and the treasures of the king and of his princes, everything he brought to Babylon. 19 And he proceeded to burn the house of the [true] God and pull down the wall of Jerusalem; and all its dwelling towers they burned with fire and also all its desirable articles, so as to cause ruin. 20 Furthermore, he carried off those remaining from the sword captive to Babylon, and they came to be servants to him and his sons until the royalty of Persia began to reign; 21 to fulfill Jehovah’s word by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had paid off its sabbaths. All the days of lying desolated it kept sabbath, to fulfill seventy years.

Babylon Servitude Seventy Years

(Jeremiah 25:11) And all this land must become a devastated place, an object of astonishment, and these nations will have to serve the king of Babylon seventy years.

Babylon Dynasty Seventy Year “Seven Time” Limit

(Jeremiah 25:12) And it must occur that when seventy years have been fulfilled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘their error, even against the land of the Chaldeans, and I will make it desolate wastes to time indefinite.

Seventy Year Reactivation

(Jeremiah 29:10) “For this is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to you people, and I will establish toward you my good word in bringing you back to this place.’

(Daniel 9:1-4) In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus of the seed of the Medes, who had been made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans; 2 in the first year of his reigning I myself, Daniel, discerned by the books the number of the years concerning which the word of Jehovah had occurred to Jeremiah the prophet, for fulfilling the devastations of Jerusalem, [namely,] seventy years. 3 And I proceeded to set my face to Jehovah the [true] God, in order to seek [him] with prayer and with entreaties, with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. 4 And I began to pray to Jehovah my God and to make confession and to say…

Related References for the Temple Restoration

(Zechariah 1:12) So the angel of Jehovah answered and said: “O Jehovah of armies, how long will you yourself not show mercy to Jerusalem and to the cities of Judah, whom you have denounced these seventy years?”

(Zechariah 7:4-5) And the word of Jehovah of armies continued to occur to me, saying: 5 “Say to all the people of the land and to the priests, ‘When you fasted and there was a wailing in the fifth [month] and in the seventh [month], and this for seventy years, did you really fast to me, even me? 

[4] Revelation
Seven’s Timeline Continuum

Revelation Seven’s Timeline Continuum 
Global-Crisis     Temple
  Dan11:41-43 Rev16 Revelation 8 Dan8:13-14 Zec3:1-9 Mal3:1-5 1150/
2300 Days
Sword-Stroke Rev13:3 Plague 1
Trumpet 1 Desolation
    Plague 2
    Plague 3
Trumpet 3 GB
    Plague 4
Trumpet 4 Apostate
    Plague 5
Trumpet 5        
Zec3:4-5 Mal3:1-5    
      Trumpet 6        
      Revelation 10        
      Final Commission Rev10:5-11 Zec3:6-9    
      Revelation 11       1260 Days
    Plague 6
Final Ministry Rev11:2-3     Rev12:14
Dan2:31-45 Eze38-39         Rev13:5-7
  Dan8:25 Rev13:14-18         Dan12:7
  Dan11:44-45           Dan7:25
  Rev17:8-18   Ministry
Rev11:7-10     1290
Dan7:23-26           Dan12:11
    Plague 7
Trumpet 6        
Rev11:11-12 Mat24:29-31 Rev16:17
Rev7:1-4 Rev14:1-5    
Peace Covenant
Rev14:6-8 Eze34:25
The Great
Rev17:11-18 Rev11:13 Rev18 Rev16:17-18
Sheep Sweep
Rev14:14-16 Mat25:31-40  
Rev14:14-20 Mat25:31-46  
      Trumpet 7       1335
*Daniel 12:11 Dual-Criteria Defining: World Government “placement” and 
ceasing final ministry exact order unknown. 
When World Government “placement” and final ministry ceased at same time, Daniel 12:11 1290 Days begins

Main Seven Times Complete Prophecy Connections to Future Christ Arrival

[5] Sevens Times Prophecy Connection 1

Sevens Times Prophecy Connection 1
Seven Times
“Seven Times”
Target Inception Prophecy Timeframe
Kingdom of the World1 Noachian World Sin/Flood Genesis 6-7 4000-2300 BCE*
Edenic Sin
7000 Years
Divine Deluge
Kingdom of the World2 Modern World Future Christ Conquest Revelation
Lunar Years of Years
2520 Years Future Revelation
Days = 360 Years
Seven Times
7 x 360 Years Inception
World Basis Overall Time Limit
Years to 2520 Days
Gentile Gentile Times Daniel 4
Multi-millennial “seven times” as 2520 years ended in 1914
Revelation 11 “seven times” as 2520 days began in 1914
“3.5 Times” = 1914-1918 first 1260 days “witnessing” ministry
“3.5 Times” = Future final 1260 days “witnessing” ministry
“Seven Times” completes as 2520 DAYS
Application Target Benchmark Event Prophecy Benchmark Date
Gentile Times Babylon Gentile Babylon Cessation Jeremiah 25:12 609-539 BCE
Seventy Year “Seven Times” Connection for 607 BCE – 537 CE King Neb’ Dynasty Deposed 609-539 BCE
Seventy Year “Seven Times” Connection for 607 BCE – 1914 CE “Gentile” Sovereign
607 BCE-1914 CE
Divine Sovereign Parallel Jerusalem Kingly
Luke 21:24 607-537 BCE
Seventy Year “Seven Times” Parallel Connection to Recovery Emancipation 607-537 BCE
Seventy Year “Seven Times” Parallel Connection to Divine Sovereignty 607 BCE – 1914 CE
Divine Temple Link Jerusalem Temple
Zechariah 6:9-15 586-516 BCE
Seventy Year “Seven Times” Connection to Zechariah Temple Prophecy 586-516 BCE
Temple Completion
Second Temple Completion Zechariah 3-4 586 BCE to 516 BCE
11 Connection
Application Target Benchmark Event Prophecy Benchmark Date
Connection to Revelation 11
Zechariah 4 Rev11:2 “Holy City” Divine Temple Completion Zechariah 3-4 Future
11 Final Ministry
Zechariah 3:4-9 “Two Witnesses” Christian Ministerial
Zechariah 3 Future 1260 Days
11 Final Time Limit
Application Target Benchmark Event Prophecy Benchmark Date
“Seven Times”
Holy City Two Witnessings Revelation 11:2 1914-1918/Future
Times of the Nations”
Comprehensive Completion All Applications Final Witnessing Ceased Luke 21:24 Future
Revelation 11:1-10 Future 1260 Days
Daniel 12:11 1260 Days Ends
11 Continuum
Application Target Benchmark Event Prophecy Benchmark Date
Connection 1914 CE
First 1260 Days First “Witness” Witnessing One Revelation 11:3 1914-1918
Finality Future
Final 1260 Days Final “Witness” Witnessing Two Revelation 11:3 Future Repeat
1260 Days expires into Christ Arrival
Completes his Ministry
Daniel 12:11 1290 Days Global Revelation 14:6-8 Revelation 14 Future
Christ Covenant
Christ Ministry Global Christ Christ Completes Ministry Revelation 14:6-7 Future
Christ Ministry
Regional to Global Israel First Christ Arrival Luke 1:30-33 ca. 1 BCE/1 CE
Christ Ministry
Global Planet Earth Final Christ Arrival Revelation 11:12-19 ca. 1 BCE/1 CE
Christ ‘Eternal Father’ [Last Adam] Recovers “Tree” in Regeneration Rule as the Global “12 Tribes”; Matthew 19:28 
Christ Bride Implied ‘Eternal Mother’ [Last Eve] Aids Recovery of “Kingdom of the World” “Tree”; Isaiah 54
Revelation 21-22 
*Approximate Dating 
Dating shown is within accepted variance of calendar dating issues 
Dating shown harmonizes with accepted global Biblical chronologies and “gentile” history
Dating shown rectifies and removes erred JW fantasy dating issues which affects all pre 537 BCE dates in JW research

[6] Sevens Times Prophecy Connection 2

Sevens Times Prophecy Connection 2
Seven Times Main Global Framework [Long Range]
Spans 609-605 BCE to 1914 CE Main Prophetic Gentile Times Continuum
Application Target Inception Prophecy Timeframe
Kingdom of the World1 Noachian World Sin/Flood Genesis 6-7 4000-2300 BCE*
Kingdom of the World2 Modern World Future Conquest Revelation 11:15-19 607 BCE-1914 CE
World Basis Overall Time Limit
Modern World Global Gentile Gentile Times Daniel 4
Global timeframe and largest range “seven times” prophetically based global
rival “gentile” sovereign divine time limited timeframe
Seven Times Linking Prophecy Framework [Medium Range]
Spans 586 BCE Jerusalem/Temple Destruction to 516 BCE Temple Completion 70 Years “Seven Times”
Application Target Inception Prophecy Timeframe
Gentile Babylon Gentile Babylon Cessation Jeremiah 25:12 609-539 BCE**
Sovereignty Jerusalem Kingly “Trampling” Luke 21:24 607-537 BCE***
Temple Jerusalem Temple “Trampling” Zechariah 6:9-15 586-516 BCE****
Purpose  Prophecy Prophecy
Links to Haggai, Zechariah and Malachi Temple Revelations
by prophetic “seven times” connective “seventy years”
Allows “two witnesses” prophetic link to Revelation 11 via Zechariah 3-4 Zechariah 3:6-9 Zechariah 4
Highlights God’s Temple Completion and Christ King-Priest future completions certainty Zechariah 6:9-15 Revelation 11:15
Seven Times Final “Two Witnesses” Prophecy Framework [Short Range]
Connects 1914-1918 Witness 1 1260 Days and Future Witness 2 1260 Days for 2520 Days Total
Basis Application Target Inception Prophecy Timeframe
Witness 1: First Ministry Holy City First Witnessing Revelation 11:2 1914-1918
Witness 2: Final Ministry Holy City Last Witnessing Revelation 11:2 Future
Seven Times Completion Holy City Two Witnessings Revelation 11:2-3 Future
“Seven Times” terminus into both Revelation 11 “Two Witnesses”
global ministries, 1914-1918 and the future.
Final “witnessing” ministerial announcement leads to Christ arrival
with Messianic Kingdom completion details known.
Christ Arrival: Global Open Salvation Peace Covenant Completion
Messianic Kingdom Completion Phases
Basis Application Target Inception Prophecy Timeframe
Ministry 1
3.5 Years Regional Isaiah 42 Isaiah 53 29-33 CE
Ministry 2
3.5 Years Global Daniel 12:11 Revelation 14 Future
Christ Ministry Global Christ Christ Completes Ministry Revelation 14:6-7 Future
Purpose Prophecy Prophecy
Messianic Kingdom Completion, Global Sheep Gathering Revelation 14
Final Judgment Authority Daniel 7:26 Matthew 25:31
Sheep/Goat Judgment
Matthew 25:31-46 Revelation 14:14-20
Global Conquest: Depose World Government Revelation 11:15-19 Revelation 19:11-21
Universal Conquest: Abyss Satan/Demons Revelation 20:1-3 Isaiah 24:21-22
Marriage of the Lamb Revelation 19:1-10 Psalm 45
Millennial Kingdom Reign Revelation 21 Revelation 22
*Approximate Dating;
**Approximate Dating
***Approximate Dating
****Approximate Dating
Christ ‘Eternal Father’ [Last Adam] Recovers “Tree” in Regeneration Rule as the Global “12 Tribes”; Matthew 19:28
Christ Bride Implied ‘Eternal Mother’ [Last Eve] Aids Recovery of “Kingdom of the World” “Tree”; Isaiah 54
Revelation 21-22
*Approximate Dating
Dating shown is within accepted variance of calendar dating issues.
Dating  shown harmonizes with accepted global Biblical chronologies and “gentile” history.
Dating shown rectifies and removes erred JW fantasy dating issues which affects
all pre 537 BCE dates in JW research.

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