Temple Judgment of The Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses “Temple”— 1150/2300 Days (Daniel 8:13-14)

NEXT SIGNAL: The Daniel 8:13-14 [Timed] Epic Judgment Downfall of Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses Ministry 

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Temple Judgment Daniel 8:13-14: First Prophetic Timed Period which Activates the Final Prophecy Cycle; ( 1 Peter 4:17)

(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God. 

What was the [first] 1260 days of 1914-1918 to become recognized later as the “temple judgment”, will now signalize for the same modern “temple judgment” purpose upon the apostate JW ministerial target as its epic global downfall judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 which will allow timed-verification and recognition BEFORE the [future final] 1260 days activates.

This time there is no “hindsight time” to “interpret” the prophecy, for then it would be too late, world government would be completed as Christians would be disqualified in what would be a forfeit and failure, by default.

1. The whole final Revelation fulfillment cycle based on and reaffirming the original Revelation cycle 1 of 1914 is outlined and cross-registered with all related Bible prophecy and principles from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22.

2. The entire meaning and historic prophecy context of the WTBTS and its corporate “board of directors” apostasy-leading defection (Dan11:32a) and WTBTS Tyrant-Coup meaning of 1976, is fully proven in prophetic historic context of Daniel 8:11-14,23 and Daniel 11:30-35 and in general apostasy principle of Zechariah 3, Malachi 3:1-4, and 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12.

A. From that core GB “rotten apple” power-tripping WTBTS corporate coup of 1976, 15 years later in 1992 that ” Korah Class” GB then hopped on board the “scarlet wildbeast” “image” third United Nations presentation of 1990 as the Matthew 24:15, 1991-1992, UN NGO Kingdom Sell-outs now in global hypocrite view.

Apostate JW Volcanic Eruption: The Apostate JW “UN NGO Mountain” Obstacle Will Be Destroyer-Flattened

Since demonic power is involved (2Thess2:9; Zech3:1) with this JW apostasy walking the halls of their apostate ministry and criminal organization (Dan11:32a), similar super-human angelic means, but of the holy nature, will be required to rid the temple of all trespassers in the context of the JW Organizational destruction globally, when the Daniel 8:14 “evening” expires into the “morning” for assured recovery. 

That is why Christ “visits the temple” again, for the purpose of ministerial purification and recovery as aided neutralization of the enemy trespassers and apostates “in the temple” environment itself. (Hos1:4-7))

1. The means by which EVERYTHING is being covered up by Jehovah’s witnesses, has to be removed with a purpose of full disclosure and exposure in the final 1260 days ministry.

2. And, as usual, time it will also be the “Angel of the Covenant” who has to enter the JW-Fray and use the situation to neutralize the [globalist] “Assyrian” apostasy-core, personally (Rev9; Isa31:8-9; Zech3:8).

THAT is how this [Globalist Assyrian] “O Great Mountain” JWs now lodge with, is removed:

(Zechariah 4:4-7) Then I answered and said to the angel who was speaking with me, saying: “What do these [things] mean, my lord?” 5 So the angel who was speaking with me answered and said to me: “Do you not really know what these things mean?” In turn I said: “No, my lord.” 6 Accordingly he answered and said to me: “This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. 7 Who are yougreat mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the (divine temple completion Christ “crownstone”) headstone. There will be shoutings to it: “How charming! How charming!”’”

A. The [REAL] [Globalist-System] King North backed (Dan11:32a) JW based apostasy [leadership] today, is that “mountain” and its idolatrous UN NGO JW-Centerpiece red flag mega “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 note. (Matt24:15)

B. That is why this UN NGO issue will instead require the divine “splash-down” destructively right into the apostate JW global ministry to wreck it as permitted and required by God Almighty now:

(Revelation 8:8-9) And the second angel blew his trumpet. And something like a great mountain burning with fire was hurled into the sea. And a third of the sea became blood; 9 and a third of the creatures that are in the sea which have souls died, and a third of the boats were wrecked.

C. And that is why this UN NGO “Mountain” actual administration “crag” ‘of the [globalizer] Assyrian’ (inside the JW ministry leadership), and its core sovereign issue raised, will be “hurled into” the JW “sea” in this judgment. This issue of apostasy AND a “riding of the wildbeast” as Jehovah’s witnesses have performed as UN NGO as well, will NOT “JUST GO AWAY” QUIETLY!

(Isaiah 31:8-9) And the Assyrian must fall by the sword, not [that of] a man; and a sword, not [that of] earthling man, will devour him. (See Hos1:4-7) And he must flee because of the sword, and his own young men will come to be for forced labor itself. (neutralized; Job7:1) 9 And his own crag will pass away out of sheer fright, and because of the signal his princes must be terrified,” is the utterance of Jehovah, whose light is in Zion and whose furnace is in Jerusalem.

D. That UN-NGO Transgression Desolation, which it will cause is to be upon the apostate JW ministry and corrupt organization (Dan8:13; Matt24:15), and in time the “Modern Assyrian” GB and its aiding enemy-system-backed corporate “Crag” as “King North” (Dan11:32a) placed administrators [right inside the JW ministry leadership] will be escorted to the door, at the least, by the temple cleansing “Angel of the Covenant”, aka the Furnace of Jerusalem.

E. It is a “divine message” for them alone (the world will not “see” it), the action will be Zechariah 1 stealth-angelic (Zech9:8), and “from the dark”, but they will KNOW who, “The Destroyer” (Rev9), the “Furnace of Jerusalem”, is involved [only] to get them out of his ministry (2Thess2:8-9), not for total conquest—yet.

(Revelation 16:10) (Rev9 fifth trumpet parallel) And the fifth one poured out his bowl upon the throne of the wild beast. And its kingdom became darkened

F. They will be shown why “The Angel of the Covenant” is called that “Furnace” “of Jerusalem”, for the “Darkening” Fifth Plague of that 5th-6th Trumpet parallel recovery period “morning” (Dan8:14,26) time phase, to clean the “Jehovah’s witness” frauds out and in memorable fashion (Isa37:30-37); but in limited means, only to escort them out of the controlling “in the temple” (2Thess2:3-4) location of this JW apostate fiasco! (Rev9)

(That action leads to the 1260 days final ministry guaranteed. They will not cease a ministry again, until that 1260 days completes as revelation 11:7. (Rev13:7; Dan12:11) The point is, God has to “cause my two witnesses” to “prophesy again” (Rev10:11) for the 1260 days wrap-up ministry. (Rev10:5-7)

G. Losing key anti-JW and anti-temple “illuminators” (Hos1:4-7), by the “hand” of the Destroyer (Isa31:8-9′ Mic5:5-6; Rev9), is how their counter-system is “darkened” and a “plague” hits their “throne of the wildbeast” in the globalist-system, as Isaiah 31:9 “the signal” is also dark and foreboding to their system privately and personally.

3. The final cycle will begin with this signal apostasy being dusted in its own tracks by its own course and context and when the dust clears the forming picture to emerge from the haze will include this apostasy as chapter one of the forming “little scroll” summary from a ministerial recovery which context is unknown at this time.

Everything else in the forecast to follow the apostate JW- downfall and eventual recovery of the truth of prophecy forming in the Christian ministry for around 2000 years now, will then have to come forth, as overseen by that “Temple” “Furnace”, also the “Light of Zion”, aka, Jesus Christ, in the:

[1.] Apostate downfall of JWs exposed fully and explained as prophecy with a Daniel 8:14 “morning” “temple recovery” phase of letting this all soak in.

[2.] Emergence of a final 1260 days ministry in an active global-crisis which peacefully resolves…

A. …into “8th King” “King North” world government it will have been warning of, for the final ministry to be ceased under world government. (Dan12:11; Rev11:7; Rev13:7)

[3.] Christ Arrival and the final judgments on Babylon the Great, which aids the Global Open Salvation (Rev14:6-7) Sheep-Sweep, en route to the end of the 1290 days in the Christ Kingdom conquest upon all rival rulerships, human and demon. (Rev19:11-21; Rev20:1-3)

And in that final sequence is the final three timed periods prior to the Daniel 12:12 final timed period (fourth), which is under completely Christ rescued and controlled planet Earth.

[1.] Daniel 8:13-14: The “Temple Judgment” Period of Daniel 8:14 1150/2300 Days determined by the events and timing of the future.

[2.] Daniel 12:7; Revelation 11:3: The “Final Ministry” as the “last witness” of the “two witnesses” required 2520 days completion in that final 1260 days. (Dan7:25, Rev12:14, Rev13:5)

[3.] Daniel 12:11: The World Government “ascension” and final ministry cessation to mark the activation of the Daniel 12:11 1290 days. (Dan7:23-26) which triggers the Christ Arrival for open salvation backed global sheep-sweep for the rest of the 1290 days.

[4.] Daniel 12:12: as the Christ Kingdom Conquest to finalize the global staging preparation for the Marriage of the Lamb, as only the “great crowd” humans are invited (and accepted via Rev14:6-8) to attend.

4. Now we can cover the final timed prophecy periods, and the final Christ “week of open salvation” and why 2034 is a notable prophetic year even if we do not know the exact events or events which will mark it.

Temple Judgment of The Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses “Temple”— 1150/2300 Days (Daniel 8:13-14)

Like 1914-1918 became known as a ministerial marking affirmed prophecy coming (2520 year marker forward) and going (1260 days understood working in reverse from 1918 events ending backwards), the coming:

1. Apostate judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses [downfall globally, and globally witnesses], for a timed prophecy affirmation and signal verification, along with their day over day and year over year FAILED “end of the world” to also become evident over that Daniel 8:14 timing, will also mark the next prophecy cycle of Revelation and Daniel essentially wrapping up. (Rev10:5-7)

A. The Timed prophecy fulfilling-in-our-faces also gives greater believability in the process which is active towards a final 1260 days ministry, also timed and to be determined if that is the purpose as it approaches and proceeds. In any event, a final announcement must precede the Christ Final Arrival because it is the biggest event in all world history and it will give an open salvation forewarning because it has nothing that can be lost, and everything that will be gained.

(John 10:28-30) And I give them everlasting life, and they will by no means ever be destroyed, and no one will snatch them out of my hand. 29 What my Father has given me is something greater than all other things, and no one can snatch them out of the hand of the Father. 30 I and the Father are one.”

(Ephesians 1:8-10) This he caused to abound toward us in all wisdom and good sense, 9 in that he made known to us the sacred secret of his will. It is according to his good pleasure which he purposed in himself 10 for an administration at the full limit of the appointed times, namely, to gather all things together again in the Christ, the things in the heavens and the things on the earth. [Yes,] in him

B. The timed period of “meting out justice” on the debased Jehovah’s witnesses apostate-subverted ministry will lead to the final “gathering of all things” in its initial form as it has to also proceed over the 1000 Year Reign of “King of kings and Lord of lords” Jesus Christ in complete universal and earthly power.

(Luke 21:20-22) “Furthermore, when you see Jerusalem surrounded by encamped armies, then know that the desolating of her has drawn near. 21 Then let those in Judea begin fleeing to the mountains, and let those in the midst of her withdraw, and let those in the country places not enter into her; 22 because these are days for meting out justice, that all the things written may be fulfilled.

C. It is Daniel 11:41 completing in the future when it will be Jehovah’s witnesses “apostate Jerusalem” today, which will be globally ” surrounded by encamped armies”, which for those really awake, these “forces” can be seen inside the subverted JW ministry already. (Dan11:32a)

(Daniel 11:31) And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from him; and they will actually profane the sanctuary,

This is evident in the fact apostatized Jehovah’s witnesses even “ride the wildbeast” as a globally known UN NGO while performing other “world government promoting lobbies” as guided by their “globalist” Governing Body billionaires who are those “[spiritual] arms which stand up” to “profane the sanctuary” as any honest person with open eyes can see JWs have devolved into an apostate and criminal ministry of hypocrite and lawless works (2Thess2:3-4; Zech3:1-3), as their leadership “gets away with murder”, albeit, not indefinitely shall it be the case.

D. Jehovah’s witnesses are the criminal ministry as the devolved furthest point the prophecy-progress has made in Christian Bible study. Their apostate-resistance is related to the overall Daniel 4 “gentile” conflict over global rulership, because Jehovah’s witnesses conceal the facts of where the prophecy fulfillment is really heading: World Government to trigger the Christ Arrival.

E. Though these misled spiritual frauds of late cannot stop the prophecy, they can subvert it with error and distractions aided by their global criminal record of abuses, and thus keep many people uninformed as to what all this “delay” means. The long and short of it is, Jehovah’s witnesses lead the “ten virgins” nap like a temple R.I.P. Van Winkle, but their coma has lasted longer.

(Matthew 25:5-6) While the bridegroom was delaying, they all nodded and went to sleep. 6 Right in the middle of the night there arose a cry, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Be on your way out to meet him.’

2. Now there would be no reason to wake up the “ten virgins” with the Christ Arrival, for what use would groggy anointed Christians be has Christ actually arrived for global-takeover to catch everyone asleep? It would be a defeat by rejection across the board.

3. This wake up call coming is the Christ “Temple Visit” to prepare the final “light” of the “five discreet virgins”, that is anointed Christians who can be approved and awaken spiritually for what is to follow in actual prophetic “oil” accuracy.

A. This “wake up call” is the Jehovah’s witnesses downfall event coming up and its global-context (Dan11:41-43; Rev16 starting) of many thinking Christ is going to “arrive” prematurely (2Thess2:1-2), for it is not just Jehovah’s witnesses who suffer that signal delusion of 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2.

B. If you think the JW Naptime has been long as it has been going on several decades, Christendom’s “clergy guards” in that Christendom Coma of their academic system has been “nodded off” even past the 1914 “wake up call” now past as they slumber on. That system has been asleep for literally centuries and will never “awaken” from the coma as a collective, but some people in that system (Rev18:4; Rev11:13) can still be saved.

2. But this time (as per Rev1:1), the true meaning of the JW downfall and final “prophecy interpretation” failure has to be known before and as it is happening, to be fully explained after that timed signal temple judgment runs its “desolation” [evening] course (first) of Daniel 8:13-14 and Daniel 8:26.

3. The Daniel 8:14,26 “morning” temple judgment phase is the temple-recovery period to the purified “right condition” as aided by the temple trespassers hitting the road, one way, or another, as the temple desolation “evening” completes..

A. Thus, the Temple Trespassers now in Jehovah’s witnesses leadership (Dan11:32a) will get the Daniel 8:14 “evening” [darkness] to work some evils on the ministry, but when it ends, so does their stay there “in the temple” end as well. But they can still work their evils, just not “in the temple” any longer.

(Daniel 12:10) Many will cleanse themselves and whiten themselves and will be refined. (Dan11:32-35) And the wicked ones will certainly act wickedly, and no wicked ones at all will understand; but the ones having insight will understand.

B. The Daniel 8:14 “evening” is the dark Revelation 9 abyssed-state of the anointed Christian ministry undergoing temple desolations, before the “Angel of the Covenant” “opens” that abyss of the temple judgment to the “light” of the Daniel 8:14 temple judgment “morning” phase of recovery prior to the 1260 days ministry being able to officially activate later.

(Revelation 9:1-4) And the fifth angel blew his trumpet. And I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to the earth, and the key of the pit of the abyss was given him. 2 And he opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke ascended out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun was darkened, also the air, by the smoke of the pit. 3 And out of the smoke locusts came forth upon the earth; and authority was given them, the same authority as the scorpions of the earth have. 4 And they were told to harm no vegetation of the earth nor any green thing nor any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

C. Now the ONLY ones ” who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads” that this can apply to is the “five foolish virgins”, not the public in general who never have been tasked with the Christ Kingdom Mission as in covenant.

D. This recovery of the temple must expose the Jehovah’s witnesses apostasy to the last scrap of “locust” devoured fodder. Just as the last temple judgment resulted in Christendom exposed as apostate and irrecoverable as a collective corporate controlled ministry, Jehovah’s witnesses are now the “profaned temple focus” undergoing judgment. How complete the JW destruction is unknown, but some form of an anointed Christian ministry must come out of that Revelation 9 “abyss”, but certainly non-religious, and not idolizing any secular corporate tools which may or may not be present, we do not know.

“Two Witnesses” “Fire”

1. To “get out of Babylon the Great” also means to discard its corporate “religious labeling” techniques and its corporate “board of directors” who with Jehovah’s witnesses became the “lawless one” Governing Body in time, as those boards have ALWAYS ruined the ministry.

2. There is guidance, and it is from Christ and no matter what earthly tools it may employ, NONE of them can be touted as divine and no “holy men” frauds can end up taking over as they did with Jehovah’s witnesses, and the “Angel of the Covenant” will be out in stealth force (Zech9:8; Zech1) to neutralize anything which tries to get in the way.

3. THAT is how the “two witnesses” can “call down fire”, that is, Christ “The Destroyer” will not suffer another apostate aberration in the short 1260 days ministry, because he will have fried and escorted out all trespassers, “weeds”, and reject-anointed, in the temple “evening” phase conclusion, which purification also allows the “morning” light” of that same revelation 9 “abyss opened up” meaning for the [guarded] temple recovery.

4. THAT “weed removal” is how ” all the green vegetation was burned up” in the temple judgment desolation phase:

(Revelation 8:5-7) But right away the angel took the incense vessel, and he filled it with some of the fire of the altar and hurled it to the earth. And thunders occurred and voices and lightnings and an earthquake. 6 And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them. 7 And the first one blew his trumpet. And there occurred a hail and fire mingled with blood, and it was hurled to the earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees was burned up, and all the green vegetation was burned up.

5. The luxury of a post-judgment decade to “figure it all out in hindsight” will not be possible; or, you know, world government would arrive before the final 1260 days recovered ministry could expose it in a required “non-religious” actually “anti-religious” manner, and the entire “anointed Christian” globally distributed  ministry would fail, no final sealing could occur, Christ would be stuck with a partially incomplete “Bride”, the Messianic Kingdom could not complete, the final portion of God’s prophecy would fail.

6. Now you know WHY the enemy has chosen to enter “right among” Jehovah’s witnesses to subvert them by operations in their corporate leadership capacity, targeting “anointed Christians” first. (Dan11:30b)

The Governing Body “Cave of Robbers” Must Fulfill Their Thieving Judas “Son of Destruction” Prophecy Moniker and Meaning

(Ezekiel 7:22) ‘And I shall have to turn away my face from them, and they will actually profane my concealed place, and into it robbers will really come and profane it.

1. That is also where all the billions in assets Jehovah’s witnesses now possess organizationally are held, which are also “Governing Body” “Judas Class” “son of destruction” plumbed for the real King North Globalist System liquidation to come with the JW “end of the world” and their organizational downfall downward-spiraling through their self-cancelled apostate ministry globally in the future.

2. The real globalist system “King North” will even share some of that ill-gotten booty with their old pal “King South” and its financially failing national governments and economies, to be fully “national-system” crashed in the final global-crisis as in Daniel 11:42-43, because what JWs have “on the ground” has to be liquidated by national-system means.

A. What JWs have “in the bank”, stocks and derivatives devices will go “direct to King North” via the globalist finance system conduits.

(Hosea 7:1-3) “At the time that I would bring healing to Israel, the error of Ephraim is also actually uncovered, and the bad things of Samaria; for they have practiced falsehood, and a thief himself comes in; a marauder band actually makes a dash on the outside. 2 And they do not say to their own heart that all their badness I will remember. Now their dealings have surrounded them. In front of my face they have come to be. 3 By their badness they make king (north) rejoice, and, by their deceptions, (globalist) princes.

3. Thus, if Zechariah 11 Jehovah’s witnesses do “go to the [GB Pied Piper and Savior] bunkers” in this process, if it gets that far, their own personal assets will end up in King North’s globalist system pocket by way of “King South” intakes in prison and internment (or worse) for the JW “human resources”, and into the legal state system for any abandoned homes, assets and savings.

A. This is what Jehovah’s witnesses WTBTS organizational and Governing Body fronted “Rich Man Class” is actually fulfilling, selling Jehovah’s witnesses to the desolation for profit:

(Zechariah 11:4-5) “This is what Jehovah my God has said, ‘Shepherd the flock [meant] for the killing, 5 the (worldly) buyers of which proceed to kill [them] although they are not held guilty. And (the Governing Body) who are selling them say: “May Jehovah be blessed, while I shall gain riches.” And their own shepherds do not show any compassion upon them.’

(Zechariah 11:13-16) 13 At that, Jehovah said to me: “Throw it to the treasury—the majestic value with which I have been valued from their standpoint.” Accordingly I took the thirty pieces of silver and threw it into the treasury at the house of Jehovah. 14 Then I cut in pieces my second staff, the Union, in order to break the brotherhood between Judah (JWs) and Israel (their ruling class organization; Hos1:4-7)

(Zechariah 11:15-16) And Jehovah went on to say to me: “Take yet for yourself the implements of a useless shepherd. 16 For here I am letting a shepherd rise up in the land. To the [sheep] being effaced he will give no attention. The young one he will not seek, and the broken [sheep] he will not heal. The one stationing herself he will not supply [with food], and the flesh of the fat one he will eat, and the hoofs of the [sheep] he will tear off. 

(Zephaniah 3:3b-4) Her judges were evening wolves that did not gnaw [bones] till the morning. 4 Her prophets were insolent, were men of treachery. Her priests themselves profaned what was holy…

(Zechariah 11:17) Woe to my valueless shepherd, who is leaving the flock! A sword (Isa31:8-9) will be upon his arm and upon his right eye. His own arm will without fail dry up, and his own right eye will without fail grow dim.”

4. But, you also may be aware, God never fails and Revelation 11:3 final 1260 days ministry is what will instead emerge from the coming signal JW apostate downfall as they also “suicide” “Kamikaze” their own apostate-ministry by self-cancellation as guided by their own Corporate “gods” they now serve. (2Thess2:1-12)

5. That “it is the end of the world!” WTBTS very handy “self-fulfilling prophecy” pretext has been Governing Body engineered and provided for a very believable JW “smokescreen for the crash” (2Thes2:1-2), to temporarily smokescreen the whole JW Catastrophic Downfall festivities then to unfold.

Only problem is, it is just a smokescreen pretext, the world is not going to end according to the words of a lawless ministry (Rev13:3), God cannot use a criminal enterprise to actually “warn” people with anything actually truthful.

6. What God can do is judge the apostate ministry (Dan8:14; Rev8), to warn people of more prophecy fulfillments sure to come from that inception signalization (1Pet4:17), and a highly positive Christ arrival open salvation guarantee as a consolation.

7. The other consolation is complete justice will be meted out upon the JW organization for all its crimes. (Matt24:15) Thus, many battered-sheep “sighing and groaning” as literally harmed by these JW criminal policy abuses and the “congregations” which enforced them, can be aided by complete justice to heal and realize who is really coming. (Rev1:7-8)

(Zephaniah 3:18-19) “The ones grief-stricken in absence from [your] festal season I shall certainly gather together; absent from you they happened to be, because of bearing reproach on her account. 19 Here I am acting against all those afflicting you, at that time; and I will save her that is limping, and her that is dispersed I shall collect together. And I will set them as a praise and as a name in all the land of their shame. 

“New Things” “Kept in Reserve” Are Coming with the Temple Recovery into The 1260 Days “Final Witnessing” Ministry

1. New things, MUST come forth from the JW downfall of Daniel 8:13-14 as it parallels Zechariah 3 en route to Zechariah 4’s Revelation 11 parallel, as Revelation 8 activates Revelation 8 as the Revelation “temple judgment” parallel of the future.

(Isaiah 42:9) .The first things (“witnessing 1”, 1914-1918)—here they have come, but new things (of the future “witnessing 2”) I am telling out. Before they begin to spring up, I cause you people to hear [them].

(Isaiah 43:18-19) 18 “Do not remember the first things (“witnessing 1”, 1914-1918), and to the former things do not turn your consideration. 19 Look! I am doing something new. Now it will spring up. you people will know it, will you not?

(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all (in Rev10:5-7 completion). As for you people, will you not tell [it]? (in “witnessing 2” of the “two witnesses”) I have made you hear new things from the present time, even THINGS KEPT IN RESERVE, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

2. The Daniel 8:13-14 Temple Judgment of Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses “House/Temple” will, as per 1 Peter 4:17, but just START the final prophecy cycle!


Temple Judgment Prophecy Parallels
Apostasy Precursor 
Event Description Prophecy 1 Prophecy 2 Prophecy 3 Prophecy 4 Prophecy 5
Prophecy Daniel 8:11-12 Daniel 11:30-35 Daniel 11:41-43 2Thess2:1-12 Zechariah 3:1-3
Generic No No No Yes Yes
Specific Historic Context Yes Yes Yes No No
3rd United Nations 1990 Event Yes Yes No No No
Future Global-Crisis Context No No Yes No No
Anointed Defection Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Infiltration Yes Yes Yes No No
General Defection Yes Yes No Yes No
Concealing Prophecy Yes (Dan8:12b) No No No No
Subversion/Profanation Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Enemy System Sourcing Yes Yes Yes No No
Satanic Involvement No No No Yes Yes
Enemy/Defector Expulsion No No No Yes No
Precedes Temple Judgment Yes No No No No
Leads to JW Desolation Yes No Yes No Yes
World Government Manifesting Yes (Dan8:24-25) Yes (Dan11:42-45) Yes No No
(4th United Nations Event Future)
Temple Judgment 
Signal and Verification Timing
Recovery for Final Commission
Final Ministry
Final Verification: Enemy Cessation
Event Description Prophecy 1 Prophecy 2 Prophecy 3 Prophecy 4 Prophecy 5
Prophecy Daniel 8:13-14 Zechariah 3 Malachi 3:1-4 1Peter 4:17 Revelation 8
Timing 1150/2300 Days No No NA No
Target of Judgment (Anointed) Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
Historic Context Yes No No NA Partial
Apostasy Exposed No Yes No NA Yes (T2-4)
Event Details Yes Symbolic No NA Symbolic
Fire (Purification Symbol) No Yes Yes NA Yes
Purification Goal Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
Priority No No No Yes Yes
Deliverance No Yes No NA Yes
Recovery Yes Yes Yes NA Yes (Rev9)
Final Commission No Yes No NA Yes
Final Ministry (1260 Days) Implied Implied Isaiah 6:1-13 NA Yes (Rev10)
Successful Purification to Deployment Yes Yes Yes NA Yes
Deposition Cessation No No No NA Yes
See 1260 Days Cessation Rev11:7-10
Parallels Dan12:11
Rival Resistance No No No NA Yes (Rev11)
Deposed Final Ministry No No No NA Yes (Rev11)
World Government Manifesting Yes (Dan8:24-25) No No NA Yes (Rev11:7)


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