The Sneaky Deification of the WTBTS Board of Directors; 1944-1950

The Sneaky Deification of the WTBTS Board of Directors; 1944-1950

Do you see the Governing Body and WTBTS self-appointed spiritual elites knocking the ball out of the park with a massive liquidation to fund a 2 billion dollar a year mega-blowout “end of the world” ministry as a “final warning” as certain as they are that “the world is coming to an end!!!”?

No, you see liquidations in the BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, well beyond a decade of ministerial overhead going somewhere, somewhere Jehovah’s witnesses do not know.

You have seen the GB Tapeworm suck the congregational savings, sell off luxury real-estate “side gigs” they had going for 50-years in New York, sell off the billion dollar “DUMBO” WTBTS headquarters, for a Wallkill HQ worth maybe 15 million.

We have seen skimping down the JW poisoned “food at the proper time” to Spartan half-rations, Watchtowers as thin as a rolling paper, laying-off Bethelites like mining slaves dumped in the tailings of this mega-gravy-train the Corporate Billionaire GB are now milking to death.

If they really believe the world is ending ” very, very soon” (WT 7/15, 11/13), then WHY do they greedily hold on to all the JW money, the 30 BILLION ball-park minimum they now control? Why not spend it all, since Christ is arriving and those riches are not what will be needed by that time?

Because the Governing Body is the “Korah Class”, the “Judas Class Son of Destruction”, the “Evil Slave Class” Leaders, the “Five Foolish Virgins Fake” “Savior”, the “WT Rich Man Class”, and the “Man of Lawlessness” all rolled into one sordid spiritually dead corporate sausage.

Thus, expect their fake “the end of the world” to finish off this JW Dead Horse of an Apostatized Ministry (fully-apostatized in but a few decades), but do NOT EVER EXPECT the spiritual dope addicts of the billionaire Governing Body and millionaire “Watchtower Society” “elite cow birds” to spend anything on this ministry but what is required to extend the illusion to finish off the real King North ‘Elite Globalizers’ project to cancel the ministry, now apostate anyways. (Dan11:32a; Dan11:41; Dan8:13-14)

THAT tells you what Bethel and the “elite echelon” of these WT JW investment brokers are doing: Return on Investment; time to cash-out of the JW apostate enterprise with investment money donated by Jehovah’s witnesses who will not even keep a single “Kingdom Hall” in the future.

This is due to the facts the “Kingdom” “hall of shame” Jehovah’s witnesses man as Apostate Zombified Slave Automatons, is their personal “blessed” version of “Worldly” Corporate Politics at its best.

Now, plain as day, Jehovah’s witnesses vainly, but surely, worship the Governing Body and their UN NGO “covenant for a kingdom” “with the wildbeast” (Isa28; Dan8:13; Matt24:15) and it is the modern Rich Man Kingdom for their riches at JW expense.

How did such a clear case in criminal avarice ever develop to this degree right under the JW nose?

How did the “King North” Taxidermist re-skin this hollow JW ministerial carcass to appear “as if doing God’s Will” when obviously we are talking the Will of The WT Globalist Cash- Cowboys here, ready for Zechariah 11 “[JW] flock meant for the killing” completion?

It all began with this:

“” Zion here mentioned is God’s organization, and Christ Jesus the King of glory is the chief corner Stone mentioned by the prophecy.””

(Rutherford’s early 1930s “Vindication” three-volume publications has the development of the “organization” term applied to many entities from “Satan’s organization” to “God’s organization” in possibly the densest use of the term in JW print. This is not accusing Rutherford, this is showing how a descriptive term like “organization” can end up being idolized later to total spiritual profanation as with Jehovah’s witnesses today.)

But it should be noted Jehovah’s witnesses had not the time in 1931 to yet idolize everything they are associated with, they had just began to equate being “Jehovah’s witness” as a life-mission, with a vain and fraudulent “true religion” team-label in the Super Bowl of “Christendom”.

In generic meaning “organization” in itself is an innocuous term implying an orderly arrangement of multiple “organs” or components to form a collective functional entity which can be applied to many things, even atoms or nations. So, how did it become a centerpiece of Jehovah’s witnesses codified idolatry?

It will be shown it was “governed” by the “Governing Body’s” usurpation of ministerial authority developing since 1944.

Thus, in time, the consistent deification of the “divine organization of Jehovah’s witnesses” was born in its initial form of embryonic idolatry which is today, a full grown Monster of Idolatry among Jehovah’s witnesses now, beyond terminal. (Dan11:30b-35)

By 1950, the “JW Organization” had clearly become the “JW Organ” of idolatry even then fully established:

*** Watchtower, 1950 1/1 p. 11 par. 3 Reviewing the Past Year’s Work World-wide ***

Grateful to God who had given them time to revive, and grateful, too, that they had the opportunity of gathering together “other sheep”, this remnant of Jehovah’s organization moved on into greater activity.

*** Watchtower, 1950 1/1 p. 11 par. 5 Reviewing the Past Year’s Work World-wide ***

This is the highest number of ministers of the gospel ever to engage in the work in any one year according to our records, and we rejoice with all these persons of good-will who are associating themselves with the Lord’s organization and are now working under the direction of the Society, all to the honor and glory of Jehovah’s name.

*** Watchtower, 1950 1/15 p. 26 par. 22 Who Will Share in the Final Witness? ***

Jehovah’s visible organization can use you, but can get along without you too. But you cannot get along without it.

*** Watchtower, 1950 1/15 p. 26 par. 22 Who Will Share in the Final Witness? ***

Don’t amputate yourself from the organization and commit spiritual suicide.

After the death of Joseph Rutherford in 1942, even by 1950, the Jehovah’s witnesses leadership was on a fast track to ultra-idolization of the “organization” which may have been defined as “the body of the Christ” in the older days, but in time it came to mean but one thing to Jehovah’s witnesses: The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and its mundane, secularly defined, corporate legal definition as upheld by “Caesar’s” ‘worldly’ national governments.

That is how this Governing Body “divine word” soon promoted the JW organizational Idolatry Complex first developing then unchecked, for the “Lord’s Governing Body” had said it was alright, in fact “holy and blessed”.

JW Vicarious Self-Idolization Via The JW Core Delusion Complex

Jehovah’s witnesses (JWs)—who may have [initially] had reservations of idolizing themselves in the manner of that Watchtower Bible and Tract Society (WTBTS) Corporate ‘Board of Directors’, to-be-re- skinned as a “Divine Governing Body”—could vicariously idolize themselves by being within the “divine organization”.

That is how JWs self-idolize themselves vicariously (as sneakily as the GB Serpent). Jehovah’s witnesses of themselves, could then vicariously also worship themselves indirectly by worshiping the “Divine Governing Body”, now twice-removed in the self-idolization process from the mundane “board of directors” they merely are.

THAT is the deceptive personal-idolatry which really drives this “relationship”, as they also worship ” [Mutha] organization” in what is now the WTBTS Pantheon of JW Idols and Idolatries.

This is why a confronted JW without a scriptural leg to stand on, when confronted with say their UN NGO wildbeast worship, or their Pedophile Supporting “Child Sacrifice” Global-Record, or their Governing Body Worship-Cult, or their ‘System of Worship’ of the [Holy] “JW Organization” , will become quite nasty as you may have found, even insulting in some cases.

Recall, people who do “sigh and groan” and speak the truth boldly in congregations about this very idolatry and its global-criminal network of crime are “Governing Body Judicial Committee Neo-Inquisition” “Condemned to Gehenna” to be shunned, slandered, and dishonored henceforth in addition to “be destroyed forever by God”.

The psychological dynamic of the JW reaction to being outed as a modern-stellar-apostate in action is simple. Many people, like say Jehovah’s witnesses, on their own pedestal of lies, in love with and “high” on their own “God’s chosen” self-applied status, will not simply accept their own error humbly (especially at this stellar scale of ridiculous enormity).

And this JW idolatry “Error” is now enormous, with traditions, buzz-words, sound-bytes and “the worship of personalities” and every authoritative “position” “in God’s organization” we are talking Ten-Cities of JW Idols now. It is not a matter of dumping one error, it is now a matter of dumping the ENTIRE “Jehovah’s Witnesses Religion” because this leaven has overtaken “the lump”.

Now, in the worst case scenario Jehovah’s witnesses promote “getting away with murder” (Matt22:1-14), and in the best case scenario (which is really the worst) Jehovah’s witnesses now vigilantly maintain a true multitude of vain idols, a true “pantheon of false gods”, including themselves, “lifted up to God’s face”.

They may feel threatened by the exposure because with Jehovah’s witnesses this lie is the very foundation of their being and self-worth now, they LOVE being “God’s one and only chosen ones” “we win, you lose you losers”, all comfy within also “God’s Divine Infallible Organization” too boot, with GB Moses leading the way through the Red Sea of Blood, when in fact the Governing Body are who misled Jehovah’s witnesses into this dire reality. (Dan8:11-14)

Rather than worship God Almighty directly through Jesus Christ ALONE (personally), in true “spirit and truth”, very gradually Jehovah’s witnesses have GB-Frankensteined  many mundane devices to become super-idolized as if the worship of that profane corporate entity, that is “working for”, ergo worship of the “Watchtower Bible and Tract Society” CORPORATION “ORGANIZATION”, and its deified Chief Executive Officers in the ” O SO HOLY” [CORPORATE BOARD OF DIRECTORS], AKA GOVERNING BODY, is tantamount with the worship of God Almighty.

The “Christ” “Mediator” of Jehovah’s witnesses is now a globally known by many Corporate Cabal of Frauds, Apostates and Impostors. (Dan11:32a) It is now THEE Final Apostasy and its Dire Signal of the Temple Judgment to now be required to wipe away this JW apostate and idolatrous mess. (Dan8:13-14; Rev8)

Now obedience to this masterfully invented profane device, is tantamount with obedience to Christ, for they are the same thing to Jehovah’s witnesses now.

The True History of the Governing Body WTBTS “Board of Directors”

It is no surprise the “governing body” is actually new in the JW Apostate-Debacle, when we see the development from the International Bible Students of the early 1900s. In fact, they are who “governed” it.

And, actually tracking down how the “governing body” appeared in the first place, between 1944 and 1950, that is, to ask WHY the WTBTS “board of directors” would RENAME themselves as if some “divine body straight from heaven”, is actually mysterious.

A “mystery of lawlessness” indeed. (2Thess2:1-12)

So, here is what we know in generic form. The WTBTS “began to speak” of the “governing body” term in 1944:

*** Watchtower  1971 12/15 p. 755 A Governing Body as Different from a Legal Corporation *** 

In the year 1944 the Watchtower magazine began to speak about the governing body of the Christian congregation.

Yep, there never was a [JW] “governing body” in 1919, or 1920, or 1930, or 1940…

In fact the “board of directors” was never consulted for one WT publication prior to their 1976 finally successful WTBTS coup.

***Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose 1959; pp. 70-71***

Concerning 1917 Board of Directors second attempted takeover:

“”There he persisted in his efforts to persuade Rutherford to send him back to England so that he might make his position more secure. When Brother Rutherford refused, he sought assistance from the board of directors and finally persuaded four members to side with him in this issue by making it appear that Brother Rutherford was unfit to serve as president of the Society. Since the board of directors consisted of only seven men, this meant that now the majority of the board of directors had gone in opposition to President Rutherford, Vice-President Pierson and Secretary-Treasurer Van Amburgh. This put the officers of the Society on one side of the issue and the directors who were trying to wrest administrative control from the president on the other side.

TOM: How did they expect to do that?

JOHN: Their idea was to make the president’s position secondary to the board of directors and limit his authority to that of an adviser. That would have meant making a change in the corporation’s bylaws, and since it was a complete departure from the provisions of the original charter it warned of serious trouble ahead.

[which is exactly what the Governing Body accomplished in 1976!]

Throughout the entire administration of Pastor Russell, the president and the other officers of the Society had been the ones to decide on new publications; the board of directors, as a body, WAS NOT CONSULTED. Brother Rutherford CONTINUED this same policy as he took up the new administration.

So, this is a bold-faced lie:

*** Let God Be True 1946; ch. 17 ***

“”In 1884 the legal servant body of this international association was incorporated under Pennsylvania law. That non-profit corporation, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses have been inseparably associated ever since.””

BUT, at the time of 1944, the notion of the existence of a “governing body” in Jerusalem in the first-century was all that was discussed, it was not applied to the WTBTS Board of Directors until later, the “idea” of that myth of a governing body was only first introduced, like testing the water.

*** Theocratic Aid To Kingdom Publishers 1945 p. 299 Lesson 76 ***

The Rise of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy

“”The organization and development of the Roman Catholic Hierarchy dates from the time of the launching of fusion religion by the Roman emperor Constantine in A.D. 325. It does not date from nor have its source in the original governing body of the apostles. All such claims to apostolic succession and origin are false, and the Hierarchy’s structure is grossly contrary to the original Theocratic organization as established by Christ Jesus.””

Charles Russell and Joseph Rutherford never mentioned a “governing body” in relation to anything truly God appointed, and never mentioned the term in publications I am aware of.

Here is Charles Russell’s view of organizations claiming to be “God’s organization”.

There is no organization today clothed with such divine authority imperiously to command mankind.

The “meek” among the probationers will hear the Master’s voice by whom soever he speaks ; and these will be’ guided into the truth, and prepared in due time for organization as his Kingdom. “The meek will he teach his way.”- Psa. 25:9

Thus seen, both the Catholic and the Protestant views of the Church are erroneous. The Catholic view gets the future organization applied to the present time, and the Protestant view, though ridding itself of some of Papacy’s error, carries along enough of it to injure itself; for, instead of admitting all consecrated believers into a “voluntary association” in which God would raise up his own teachers, Protestantism attempts also to organize and bind with creeds and confessions into various sects, each of which, anxious to perpetuate itself and its ideas, selects and makes its own teachers in its own seminaries.

God’s church is not yet organised. On the contrary, the Gospel Age has been the time for calling out and testing the volunteers willing to sacrifice and suffer with their Lord now, and thus prove themselves worthy (Rev. 3:4,5,21; 2 Tim, 2 :11; 12; Rom. 8:17) to be organized as joint-heirs in his Kingdom at the close of the Gospel Age, when he shall “set up” or organize his Kingdom in power and great glory, to bless and rule the world with “divine authority.” 

Watchtower April 15, 1908


That is one Russell view which should have also been maintained in hindsight.

Since Rutherford already quelled one WTBTS “board of directors” revolt in 1917, as it tried to do what the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses” finally accomplished in 1976, he never would have created a fraudulent connection for the “board of directors” to assume for another coup attempt.

Thus, it is the post 1942 WTBTS which created that fraudulent “board of directors is the governing body” “presto” magical connection after 1944 when they merely mentioned the term for the first time, because that connection was already present by January of 1950:

*** Watchtower  1950 1/1 p. 10 par. 2 Reviewing the Past Year’s Work World-wide *** 

The Watch Tower Bible & Tract Society, the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses, has pointed out…

That all happened between 1944 and 1950, and where it is recorded is a big mystery, because it predates the WT Library CD very conveniently. But we know it was by 1946 from this, repeated here for dating context:

*** Let God Be True 1946; ch. 17 ***

“”In 1884 the legal servant body of this international association was incorporated under Pennsylvania law. That non-profit corporation, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses have been inseparably associated ever since.””

Thus, the record of the rationale for applying the mythical “governing body” term to the WTBTS “board of directors”, to eventually hi-jack the JW ministry and WTBTS entirely by 1976, is not to be found on the Watchtower Library CD which begins its library in 1950. The point is, Jehovah’s witnesses just accepted all this with little thought having bought all the assumptions readily by 1950.

The Self-Deified Corporate-Based “GB God (Theos)” of the So-Called Jehovah’s Witnesses Concocted “Theocracy”

As you may have noticed yourself, after Rutherford’s time the WTBTS anonymized the publications which are now known to have been mostly developed by Fred Franz, but he never put his personal name on any of those publications.

Thus, when the “Governing Body” did “lift themselves over everyone” as a collective “man of lawlessness” right under JW noses, that collective “body” could then take credit for material they never did develop thus creating the illusion they are spiritually minded, when it is just a theft of character and credit for content. That is, the “Rockstar” Governing Body making their own names known, slid in on that former WT writings’ anonymity to take implied credit, but that is also a lie. (Rev2:2)

Now, along with the “organization” setup for the [so-called] “Theocratic Organization” farce-development also from the early 1940s, the actual rationale of the ( 1971 capitalized) “Governing Body”, to be applied to the mundane WTBTS “board of directors”, is difficult to find as it was just accepted at face value long ago among Jehovah’s witnesses.

No wonder this dire development in “temple profanation” of the anointed Christian ministry, now totally hi-jacked and removed from WT teachings, is so deep, and terminal in widespread Jehovah’s witnesses corruptions, plural.

Now the Governing Body Self-Placed “Rulers” could sit atop the “Theocracy” as the “God” of that so-called “Theocratic Organization”. In REALITY, it is all just a mundane secular corporation to manage a secular publishing company, nothing divine in those manmade and governmentally legalized and defined ethereal corporate devices—it was ALL GB “make believe”, for profit and power.

Now the guiding apostasy hand (Zech3:1-3), was also founded in Jehovah’s witnesses as the leadership “body” of the “theocratic organization” as this whole idolatrous “theocracy” abomination is merely “business as usual” to most Jehovah’s witnesses today as it was to the ones of 1950. It is no more divine than the Governing Body’s cars, cell phones, or ties.

And today we all know the WTBTS leaders act as if the “governing body” was present in their ministry since 1919. In fact, it had to be skillfully concocted later, sometime between 1944 and 1950, as covered.

Even if it was a capitalization on an error to develop it into the monumental apostasy and idolatry of Jehovah’s witnesses today, JWs embrace this because it is also the vicarious deification of themselves amidst the entire “Divine Matrix” of the WTBTS.

Then, very quickly, the entire TOTAL BOMBASTIC CORPORATE DELUSION could proceed UNCHECKED FOR DECADE AFTER DECADE, as can be sampled in these forensic signs of total-corruption from the 1970s, right here:

*** Watchtower  1977 1/1 p. 15 pars. 14-15 Serving with the Faithful “Slave” *** 

In 1971, the Governing Body of the “slave” class began to be enlarged in order to give broader spiritual supervision over the “belongings” of the Master here on earth. This includes caring for the interests of the “great crowd.” 

It includes giving oversight to the preparing of Kingdom publications, to teaching God’s people and to helping them in their service in the field. Over the years, the Governing Body of the “faithful and discreet slave” was always associated closely with the corporate body now known as the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, which was first incorporated in 1884, and which administers necessary matters for Jehovah’s Witnesses world wide. 

*** Watchtower  1971 12/1 p. 727 par. 34 What Its “Right Condition” Means for Us Today *** 

Under the subheading “Governing Body” paragraphs 33, 34 said: “In the first century it was the group of the apostles in particular, together with the body of elders that they associated with them at Jerusalem, that made up the visible ruling body of Jehovah’s Theocratic organization on earth.

THAT is how Jehovah’s witnesses worship themselves by association with truly “man made” supposedly “divine entities” they believe are as good as God and Christ.

To Jehovah’s witnesses, for quite some time now, it is “God’s Organization”, now also totally stripped of anything “body of the Christ” related, only emphasizing the illegal JW deification of mundane secular corporate devices and its deified [now billionaire] leaders.

When a lie also happens to pay very well, expect more lies, right? Why change now and take a whopper of a bite from their own blood-money paychecks right?

Now Jehovah’s witnesses idolize a worldly-defined “corporation” and its fraudulent non-biblical “board of directors” as the divine-infallible “Governing Body” as the collective “divine pope” Jehovah’s witnesses worship with themselves as well, by vicarious association with the all embracing idols which have been built inside, over, and all around this ministry.

Thus, there can be NO POSSIBILITY, JWs are also “humble” unless they left “the organization” to pursue projects in being a NORMAL-MINDED human being. JWs think they too, “are god”, as led by their WTBTS “gods” in the Governing Body.

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-4) 3 Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god.

HOW can that be anything but the totality of a now globally-seen-by-some lunatic-driven-arrogance hidden under the JW “smooth word” slickster-spiels, and holy-man-veneers, of this rickety JW-Apostate Facade? (Dan11:32a)

Now you know how this modern Jehovah’s witnesses apostasy has truly been “governed” by all manner of deceptive GB “hook or crook” methods of placing themselves as the Lords of the WTBTS Corporate Profane “Kingdom”.

Now, what was an error in the application of anything truly divine to man-made “organization”, has become a full-blown lie starting to be totally exposed. (2Thess2:11-12)

Now, what was an error to ever think there ever was a “governing body” in first-century Jerusalem, ordering the apostles around and “proof-reading” Paul’s inspired Ephesians and other letters, eventually morphed further into a full blown terminal LIE, later—now “revealing the lawless one” as the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses which must continue through their catastrophic judgment downfall coming soon. (Dan8:13-14)

And that dynamic of capitalizing on an error, to later form “the lie”, is right here:

(2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may [eventually] get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.

Thus, as shown, this JW Apostasy of today has developed very gradually, has it not?

(Daniel 8:12) 12 And an (JW) army itself was gradually given over, (to corruptive subversion) together with the constant [feature], because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, and it acted and had success (in its corrupting process; Dan11:30b)

And it is today the entire Jehovah’s witnesses “divine context”, a lie, the lie, being exposed prior to judgment, certainly not “the end of the world”, which is the earmark delusion of apostasy, past, and present:

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-2) However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. (it must be “the end of the world” according to the “man of lawlessness” for it is a good distraction to complete the operation of error.)

In time, God slowly exposes things which need to be set straight, just as gradually as He has done in the past.

Now the full exposure which may have taken time to finally smell the rotting-corpse under the “Governing Body” skinned Veneer of Divinity, the stench from the crimes against humanity in the many dead children and beaten-sheep within the “JW Organization” Palatial Pedophile Paradise, the stink of the Jehovah’s witnesses personal-“holier than all people on Earth today”-idolization now also turned into hypocrite “spiritually dead” rot, will soon explode into complete global view (Dan8:13-14; Rev8), live and real-time, soon.

Now, what could one possibly “reap” from what ” has been sown” in this case of the spiritual INSANITY we now see fully-developed in Jehovah’s witnesses ministry?

A. Catastrophe; (Dan8:13-14)
B. Tragedy; (Zech11)
C. Downfall; (Isa66:6; Matt22:1-14)
D. All of the above. (Rev8-9)