God’s Immortality Versus the World’s “Immortality”

God’s Immortality Versus the World’s “Immortality”

Excerpt from coming Revelation Comprehensive Immortality Article

PDF Version Draft3 11/2/2019

The Bible’s definition of immortality is very different from the many religious and secular based definitions. And this HUGE difference must be understood to appreciate what the prophecy is promising from God for the human immortality objective of “God’s will done on Earth” which must be brought into the continuum of human beings on Earth, as no one can stop it. (Rev19-22)

It is not just a “promise of God” as a prophecy, it is the promise of God in future reality, for no one can redefine and stop God Almighty. It has always been a matter of the divine finite time period running its course in time, to the full completion of all the “appointed times” of God Almighty. If one can stop time itself, they can stop God Himself. But, no one can stop time, and thus no one can stop God Almighty who created it.

This “define immortality” difference and the true immortality of God must be fully understood so that a human can NOW embark in full accurate knowledge on their own GUARANTEED ‘Quest for Immortality’, and especially in the human realm of God guaranteed access to the perfect opportunity to become a perfect, immortal, incorruptible, indestructible, human being. The opportunity for the quest is guaranteed. To be successful as an immortal human being (Rev22:14), it will be, by then, the result of personal sinless perfect merit based on stalwart obedience to God, through the finite timed period and test.

Because it has been originally hidden from the human realm, since Genesis 3 and made impossible temporarily via Genesis 3:22. In addition, a “great crowd” [of human beings], that is perhaps billions of people, millions for sure, are the majority target for salvation for the future. The human immortality issue is coming to a head for a reason. This is because many people today can lay hold of it in time, and the largest coming salvation will be of human beings, in the future and many of them will enter the next stage of their quest as deathless saved ones.

(Revelation 7:14) These are the [human beings] that come out of the great tribulation…ALIVE!

That is, the quest for immortality is guaranteed, in the long run. It is to be aided by “undeserved kindness” based eventual sinless everlasting life for all humans who continue in obedience to God in the Christ Millennium as human beings. Success to achieve the full fruition of the quest for immortality is up to the person, at the most personal level, by choosing to obey God through any finite timed testing, after Christ’s thousand year reign has completed. (Rev20:3b-10)

Now with humans in sin, the sacrifice of Christ will “buy the time” and “grant the forgiveness” power to achieve the “everlasting life” perfect human sinless basis by the perfect human sinless nature for all willing, as the Christ rule completes. Under Christ’s rule and guidance (Rev7:17) into “stand alone” human sinless perfection, that is the easiest part of the whole process. Now, it is not so easy, nor will it be when Satan is released from the abyss after Christ’s rule completes.

(Revelation 20:3b,7) And he hurled him into the abyss and shut [it] and sealed [it] over him, that he might not mislead the nations anymore until the thousand years were ended. After these things he must be let loose for a little while. 7 Now as soon as the thousand years have been ended, Satan will be let loose out of his prison, 8 and he will go out to mislead those nations…

The sinful human nature at present does not help the “quest [for human] immortality” realization. But this lack of focus on the quest for human immortality has reasons beyond just sin and imperfection. The many religious and other secular definitions do not explain how immortality is the ultimate challenge set-up before all mankind.

Religion, science, and media fantasists have invented many “immortality is…” detours which result in complacency and inaction in humans, by first defining IMMORTALITY itself in error, from the getgo.

Their false Immortality Definitions denude the realization of the Immortality Quest by equating it to “everlasting life”, as “inherent” and “already there”.

One example, in “Mainstream Christianity”, is their corporate academic immortality definition error version. The “immortality” of the mainstream Christianity detour forms the basis for the “immortality of the soul” myth with an eternal simpleton eventuality. Be immortal “in heaven, or frying in hellfire forever and ever”, for a very simple quick exit into a dead-end; “no more thought required everyone!”.

At the churches, you are already immortal (it is “inherent”), just proceed with “life as usual” and wait to die. Now, how is that going to motivate for the true reality of the real quest for immortality? It is not, the Immortality Quest was derailed by “day one” by the “mainstream” Christendom academic sector.

The reality of God Almighty’s divine rewarded human immortality is concealed by these myths. The human sinful nature does not help. And the whole world’s Doubt Complex continues as Satan’s current means to hide The Human Immortality Quest as “God’s will done on Earth” to be regained through Christ, over a defined finite time period. (Rev20:6)

The potential of God granted immortality as the great benefit of obedience to God is all watered down by myths of inherent “immortal nature” (which if one was truly immortal they would not die in the first place), and even the atonement sacrifice of Christ is taught as a “guaranteed given, regardless” for an excuse to bury obedience to God as irrelevant.

True, the sacrificial benefit of Christ’s “free gift” from God, IS A GIVEN, but to think that obedience would not also be tested even in the sinful Adamic form, is a formula for failure out of the box. (Heb3:12-13; Heb10:26-31) Thus, “Christianity” as a corporate “mainstream” religious system has not helped reveal the human immortal “will of God” for Earth. Because Jehovah’s witnesses also failed into their own custom-made apostate dead-end detour, you have to read it and find the Human Immortality Quest in the Bible prophecy for yourself. It is all in Genesis 3:22 and Revelation 21-22, for starters.

Obviously the erred immortality definitions of the world have been helping to conceal the truth of the human immortality quest and personal mission as to be completed in the time of Revelation 20:3b and Revelation 21-22, as a result of the [completion] of the Christ Messianic Kingdom “One Thousand Year Reign” over Earth’s physical planetary realm.

And the human immortality potential in “God’s will [to become completely] done on Earth”, has been a secret Satan has been trying to keep for millenniums. Ultimately Satan is the one concealing the Human Immortality Quest from human beings; yet, it is plain as day in the Bible. (Gen3:22; Rev22:14)

(Revelation 22:14) Happy are those who wash their robes, that the authority [to go] to the tree of life (immortality) may be theirs and that they may gain entrance into the city by its gates.

Obviously, the abyss-released Satan and the demons will be attempting to bar access to the “holy city” of immortality itself, and the symbol in the “tree of life” [within] its total immortal meaning for human immortality manifestation. Spirit Immortality by means of the “Kingdom of Messiah” is the “Holy City” offer of the Kingdom of God and Christ symbology of Revelation 22:14. By Revelation 20:4 to Revelation 21 and Revelation 22 that “holy city” will be 100% complete in immortal angels and ruling members of Christ in his Messianic Kingdom “King of kings” position.

(Revelation 21:1-4) And I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the former heaven and the former earth had passed away, and the sea is no more. 2 I saw also the holy city, New Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God and prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. 3 With that I heard a loud voice from the throne say: “Look! The tent of God is with mankind, and he will reside with them, and they will be his peoples. And God himself will be with them. 4 And he will wipe out every tear from their eyes, and death will be no more, neither will mourning nor outcry nor pain be anymore. The former things have passed away.”

(Revelation 21:10-11) So he carried me away in [the power of the] spirit to a great and lofty mountain, and he showed me the holy city Jerusalem coming down out of heaven from God 11 and having the glory of God.

The “let your Kingdom come” “holy city” is what will be “coming down” to Earth for the human immortality sealed finality over and through Christ’s one thousand year reign. These things will be fully explained and proven from the prophecy in this article.

Secular Immortality Definitions

Immortality (noun)

“”the (inherent) quality or state of being immortal; exemption from death and annihilation; eternal existence; as, the immortality of the soul””


“”Immortality is the (inherent) ability to live forever, or eternal life. The absence of aging would provide humans with biological immortality, but not invulnerability to death by physical trauma. What form an unending human life would take, or whether an immaterial soul exists and possesses immortality, has been a major point of focus of religion, as well as the subject of speculation, fantasy, and debate.””

God’s Immortality Definition in the Bible

Everlasting Life and Immortality Difference

In the Bible, perfect angels and humans begin with inherent “everlasting life” continuing based on obedience to God Almighty and His Sovereign Supremacy. (1John2:17)

That is why the first perfect man and woman in the Garden of Eden died; they had “everlasting life” already (Gen1-2), it was the initial human inherent life state.

But under test they sinned (Gen3), and they were barred from the “tree of life” for HUMAN IMMORTALITY based on tested obedience completed in a finite timeframe. (Gen3:22) They were also ejected from the “everlasting life” domain of the Garden of Eden, and they died, as do all Adamic based humans today.

(Romans 5:12) That is why, just as through one man sin entered into the world and death through sin, and thus death spread to all men because they had all sinned

Not only had “they all sinned”, Adamic death is what is “inherent” in the imperfect human genetic basis of death itself (Heb2:14), which affects all Adamic human beings since the first man and woman, in fact it affects all life of Earth at this time.

Satan and the demons, who also sinned against God, also, even now, have “everlasting life” life power. But it too is under the death curse of God for eventual destruction of that angelic life to non-existence, it is not to remain “everlasting” and that also by sin. (Gen3:14-17) Thus, though the former holy angels who sinned into demonism as “unclean spirits” under Satan also had an everlasting life quality, they are now also [retroactive mortals]; their certain death taking place in the future, from the divine death curse of the past. (Gen3:14-15)

Thus, in both spirit and physical realms “everlasting life” is destructible if one sins. Base “everlasting life” is not “incorruptible”, which means impossible to corrupt by sinning, sinning is impossible to incorruptible beings.

(1 Corinthians 15:53) For this which is corruptible must put on incorruption, and this which is mortal must put on immortality. 

But, over a finite time period, in time, God must know who He can trust, it is what it is. The “everlasting life” being is under a finite timeframe in which period the testing of total obedience to God [alone] will come.

1. Humans who pass the temptation-based testing now being fully carried out by the freewill-fall of Satan and the demons, will be granted immortality by endurance for heavenly-anointed. (Matt24:13)

(2 Timothy 4:6-8) For I am already being poured out like a drink offering, and the due time for my releasing is imminent. 7 I have fought the fine fight, I have run the course to the finish, I have observed the faith. 8 From this time on there is reserved for me the crown of righteousness, which the Lord, the righteous judge, will give me as a reward in that day, yet not only to me, but also to all those who have loved his manifestation.

2. But for humans after Christ brings the willing to human sinless perfection after his one thousand year reign complete will can be granted immortality from God Almighty by personal merit as the earned reward God Almighty grants for those humans who defeat Satan after he is released from the abyss by remaining loyal and obedient to God. (Rev22:14)

Immortality is granted to freewill beings after complete testing as those God then knows He can trust and entrust fully, as proven by obedience through test. That is exactly how Jesus Christ first attained IMMORTALITY by personally perfect moral integrity to God Almighty through complete test.

(Hebrews 4:14-16) Seeing, therefore, that we have a great high priest who has passed through the heavens, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold onto [our] confessing of [him]. 15 For we have as high priest, not one who cannot sympathize with our weaknesses, but one who has been tested in all respects like ourselves, but without sin. 16 Let us, therefore, approach with freeness of speech to the throne of undeserved kindness, that we may obtain mercy and find undeserved kindness for help at the right time.

Christ’s own “everlasting life” became Immortality AFTER his finite time period of testing completed (as a perfect human), and he successfully “continued loving God” as he also obeyed God fully “come hell or high water”.

THAT is the lesson to be learned for both angels and humans, in that main example of Jesus Christ, as will be shown further in this article later.

In this finite timeframe for humans with the heavenly-immortal-destiny opportunity or the earthly-immortal-destiny opportunity, IMMORTALITY is the end goal. It will all follow the same principles as shown in Christ’s history and example. The process of Christ securing a potential immortal NEW human being form AFTER he died in that perfect human form, as successfully accomplished in the test of obedience, is for the benefit of human beings in the final objective. (Rev21-22)

Christ died a tested perfect human to then secure the spirit immortality from God, which Christ now has. (Rev2:7) Christ’s Immortality is for God’s purpose of applying that perfect “everlasting life” new human form by atonement for humanity under his one thousand year reign. (Rev20-22)

After that finite time period completes, the FINAL obedience testing for human immortality will proceed as Revelation 20:7-10 in light of Revelation 22:14. That final human test of obedience comes when Satan is released from the abyss (Rev20:3b), to continue to try to steal not just everlasting life from everything, but immortality itself from human beings, as he is a failed example by such testing in itself overall.

In the Bible, immortality is indestructible “everlasting life”. Immortality is not an everlasting life based on “continued obedience” to God, for it is also an incorruptible life being, for which it is impossible to disobey God. An immortal being cannot sin, they are incorruptible, just like God, the true freewill Being.

“Freewill” in perfect “everlasting life” being then tested for full obedience and trust from God, results in the true IMMORTAL “freedom of the sons of God”. Immortality contains the incorruptible divine will, just like God Almighty’s, thus truly “one with God” as God is “all things to everyone” then obedient and immortal (1Cor15:24-28); truly, “in God’s image”, truly “God’s will done on Earth, as in Heaven”.

Immortality is based on incorruptible (impossible to sin) being, immortally sealed in perfection, truly becoming unified as “one with God Almighty” in the immortal “in God’s image” nature (regardless of the realm spiritual or physical), and thus it is truly the indestructible eternal life form.

(Hebrews 7:15-17) And it is still more abundantly clear that with a similarity to Melchizedek there arises another priest, 16 who has become such, not according to the law of a commandment depending upon the flesh, but according to the power of an indestructible life, 17 for in witness it is said: “You are a priest forever according to the manner of Melchizedek.”

And thus the indestructible life form which immortality is, is granted by God Almighty after testing for obedience, not as an inherent angelic or human life quality initially. And that immortality, as God’s REWARD for personal perfect human merit to the “fully trusted” degree, has to also run its finite time period in the physical realm, for human beings, over and through Christ’s one thousand year reign.

Immortality and “eternal life” and “everlasting life” are not the same thing in the Bible.

Immortality is not “inherent” as in “spiritual life that survives human Adamic death”. Immortality is EARNED by obedience to God from the perspective of perfect “stand alone” being, for both the spirit and physical realms of being. Immortality is everlasting life, but everlasting life, prior to tested obedience trials running its finite time period, is not immortal and incorruptible. “Everlasting life” prior to full testing for obedience, can be destroyed as a result of disobedience to God. That has been a whole point of the Bible since Genesis 3, as revealed in Revelation 22.

Immortality cannot be “mortal as flesh”, and yet “immortal soul” as spirit, “you positively will not die” as Satan teaches, as humans invent many meta-physical myths to further teach and prove; Immortality is the FINAL TOTALITY OF LIVING BEING, indestructible by being incorruptible as granted by God Almighty’s power and love, over a finite time period unto all eternity.

Now it is the final human phase for heavenly-immortals to complete Christ’s Kingdom “body” (Rev14:1; Rev7:1-4), and for human beings to come out of their Adamic imperfect human basis to be guided to “Last Adamic” sinless perfection for all those willing, as a “given” but based on the pattern of obedience from imperfect to perfect human being, over Christ’s one thousand year rule completion.

God’s Immortality

Immortality is indestructible and incorruptible “everlasting life” from GOD ALMIGHTY, granted as a reward for completely tested OBEDIENCE to God Almighty’s commands and laws. 

1. Unlike the grace by “underserved kindness” which will guide many human beings to an everlasting life perfection as new human beings in Christ’s perfect new human being “Last Adam” form, the resulting successful “stand alone” sinless perfect human EARNS Human Immortality as granted by God Almighty, by tested obedience to God, when successful through Satan’s final temptation-based testing of the future. (Rev20:1-10) 

2. For human beings, in the same principle as the immortality of the spirit-realm persons, HUMAN IMMORTALITY is earned by [personal merit] after one is sinless and in perfect “stand alone” human sinless form proven by tested obedience. (Rev20:3b-10; Rev22:14)

Thus, pre-immortal “everlasting life” in perfection is inherent to created beings when perfect and sinless, as humanity will be guided to in Revelation 22:1-7 in all humans willing.

But, IMMORTALITY is personally earned as granted by God Almighty, in persons God can TRUST. The Immortality and the trust of God Almighty is earned by fully tested obedience when in perfect sinless “stand alone” form, to be completed after Christ’s thousand year rule completes. (Rev20:3b,7-10)

That is why understanding this true immortality definition of God, for now and the future, for the eventual human immortal form is so important. It also helps remain focused as a sinful human to be prepared for the Christ Arrival of the future, which is a salvation opportunity for many by sacrificial atonement coverage in Christ’s sacrifice.

It is impossible for an incorruptible being to sin, it will be a fully tested being, that is why that life in immortality is indestructible and given only by God Almighty. (Heb7:15-17) And that is the human purpose for which Christ offered the atonement sacrifice, to first secure the inherent “everlasting life” in his new human perfected nature for all willing humans. (Rev21:1-5; Rev22:1-7) In time, that perfect sinless human person will be tested for immortality, in all humans who make it that far.

Comprehensive global HUMAN IMMORTALITY is how Earth affecting DEATH is destroyed permanently. (1Cor15:26)

A comprehensive immortal life complex in spirit and human form over Earth as “God’s [completed] will done on [immortal ruled] Earth (as in [immortal ruled] Heaven)”, ensures everything living on Earth also has “everlasting life” forever, including the animals, as the “last enemy death” is truly comprehensively and totally destroyed forever, permanently.

Thus, it is really God’s Immortality versus the mortal world, and its temporary mythical ideas of what Immortality is.

(1 John 2:2) And he is a propitiatory sacrifice for our sins, yet not for ours only but also for the whole world’s.

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