Temple Judgment of Apostate Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Foretold Bethel Apostasy and UN NGO

This is an internet record of the ministry of a Jehovah’s witness explaining the temple judgment to come upon Jehovah’s witnesses due to the Bethel foretold apostasy and UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment prophecy of Daniel by God.

The Bethel apostasy signals now (2Thess2:3) what will become a great world signal in the Jehovah’s witnesses temple judgment (1Pet4:17) DOWNFALL, starting the greater overall cycle of prophecy activating as Daniel 11:42-45 to merge into Daniel 12 over some final years leading to the final coming of Jesus Christ, King of kings.

I am a Jehovah’s witness (as a job, not a religion-label) who identifies the real apostasy has developed gradually (Dan8:12) at Bethel/WTBTS in the ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses by non-biblical and unauthorized leadership in UN NGO collusion with United Nations powers and objectives. (Dan11:32a)

The Daniel 8 and 11 prophecies which Bethel covers-up (Dan8:12b) are the very prophecies that describe this final apostasy in great detail very simply. (Daniel 8:11-14; Daniel 11:30-35);

Unlike any so-called “apostate” website out there this is the truth and re-affirms (and extends) the foundational truth in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry (now in its apostasy), and identifies in prophecy where the Bethel apostasy began in 1976 with the Governing Body illegal ministerial “Korah class” coup (2Thess2:3-4) and its 1990 UN NGO full blown subversion campaign. (Matt24:15; Dan11:31b; 1990 UN 3, UN NGO)

This ministry respects ALL of the foundational Daniel 12 and Revelation teachings regarding the 1914-1926 Daniel 12 temple inspection and first temple judgment cycle, while explaining how Revelation 8-11 has a final fulfillment cycle of the future unto “8th King” world government which triggers the Chris Arrival, as a repeating prophecy, TWO “witnesses” witnessings of Revelation 11:3. (Rev10:11; 1260 days 1914-1918, 1260 days future, 2520 days as “seven times”)

This blog contains unedited correspondence in this web ministry explaining the true Bethel state of apostasy to others on the internet regardless of background or affiliation. Thus many subjects are covered in a Jehovah’s witnessing style of spontaneous interchange.

Now other articles are being added which carry on extended prophecy themes explained at www.templelijah.wordpress.com because everything apostate Jehovah’s witnesses conceal is starting to come forth in a final prophecy summary as a result of the things concealed being revealed.

As stated I am a Jehovah’s witnesses as in a life mission not as an associate of the Jehovah’s witnesses criminal organization, corporate religious label so-called “Jehovah’s witnesses” and their apostate ministry. (Matt24:15)

Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses

PDF “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”;

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

Once Upon a Time JWs Tracked UN Prophecy Properly
Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

Complete Report on UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

JW Temple Judgment and 8th King (UN) World Government Final Phase

2 thoughts on “About”

  1. The question I have for you is, do you believe that you are Jesus Christ? What background do you come from that you can come to these conclusions?

    1. No I am not Jesus Christ. Yes, he is my brother. (Heb2:14) Many make that claim, but that is my “background”, in time the prophecy has to come out for all the brothers and sisters and humans of earth. No one need know where it came from specifically, it has to come from God through Christ if it is accurate and it is for all people. This one will be accurate, just test it out in the future, because that cycle takes a while to run.

      The whole final cycle ((1) Dan8:14, (2) Dan12:7 (Rev11:2-3, (3) Rev13:5), Dan12:11), for even a few years after Christ arrives while world government is active, is all OPEN FOR FULL SALVATION TO ANYONE WILLING. ANYONE.

      At some point the summary must surface upon earth. This really is the final stage getting ready to go full blown for some final YEARS.

      The “explanation” is that it all REREATS an already known prophecy. So the things explained here and at http://www.templelijah.wordpress.com are how it REPEATS in a modern final world government cycle context. There is little new here, it merely repeat a major prophecy cycle in Rev 8-11, Rev 15-16, concurrent, but sequential “seven” trumpets and plagues—that is the awareness. World government global sovereign affront of God’s Kingdom, is what trigger’s Christ arrival, AFTER it completes. World government comes first, st the end of this final global stressing cycle.

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