Apostasy to christ arrival

What is really going on here is the Reformation long battle with various elements which accidentally and purposely conceal the true positive nature of the “arrival” of the very origins of all physical reality, the “chosen one of God” not just for that mission but “from the beginning, the “only-begotten Son of God”, for real.

WHY would he have any interest in destroying the very place he has been building for now an easy SIX BILLION YEARS? The truth is his first arrival has the open positivity about himself and his divine mission and his future arrival MUST BE EVEN MORE POSITIVE AND OPEN. THAT is what all this religious trial and error and resistance is hiding and slandering and subverting.

History, Christian history, and prophecy with a little science is how it can all tie together for a more positive summation, one that will also be put to the test of the next few years.  Revelation 14:6-7 is great news promised and guaranteed, it is worldwide, and it is 100% divine and Kingdom angelic and it has to again be open to all people of Earth with a little time to consider it (Dan12:11), and deploy it amidst the last reign of the enemy system as world government global and completed, at the same time, like it always has been.

Every Christian movement began non-religious after the Reformation, and all of them advanced a progress and validity until they religionized into a similar pattern as JWs today. All Christians are involved, which has also ultimately been divided off into warring factions by religions, when all Christians are covered by the same atonement and given the exact same hope. Obviously, over-looking mass error promoted by religion is indeed in the power of the “blood of Christ”.

But, his new human body is also the perfect physical everlasting “genetic”. It is all quite alive to God for future “physical application” for the recovery of planet Earth in totality (Matt19:28), man and animal and the whole planetary biome all to be perfected following the perfection in Christ into the entire planetary life system he made anyway, from the start. 

THAT is his goal, total recovery of all life of the planet which had been designed and “evolved” in the “creation process” to the Garden of Pleasure, and Eden of everlasting life on Earth, most likely to go universal into forever.

Thus, even in basic science concepts of the dynamic change and adaptation of the “creation” in the basic concept of what “evolution” is as the advancement of all life forms is the purpose. We do not have to over-extend science, because it too has a point it breaks down and does not have the whole story, it has enough to know what the perfect genetic means.

The truth is all prophecy truth and science truth where they are actually true, will become one, it is all really the same physical system they are explaining. The point of both creation and “evolving” is to reach NEW levels, man would become super human.

BUT, now man is devolving, the genetic is not improving for the whole planet now. It is no longer true “evolution” to advanced and improved life forms. But, with Christ the creation driver, it will resume in divine reality of true God science, not human.

Six billions years of this work is not stopping for human error, it continues past it back into the hands of its origination which is Christ for God the Creator. Christ is who creates it a creator too, into actual being according to God’s creation direction. Christ never claims to be God’s superior, but his Word, the driving reality who makes reality spirit and physical for God, the number one power after God Almighty, as God’s Son.

Many Christians know the basics of these things, they know world government is coming, they know Daniel 12 is the last chapter of timed prophecy for a reason, they know Christ is arriving into it in its future. Details vary. All this is, is merging where JWs stalled off course and CONTINUING the prophecy which matured as the Reformation spread the good news globally out of the Papal apostate stall. You can know mass confusion will still surround all Christianity and all prophecy. And that all people, Christian or not, are the even bigger target to save.

They have to save “good people” as in Romans 2:12-16 regardless where they may be, and also keep open the chance to repent to the last second, which at the arrival will get super-natural backing signs to aid their “final decision”. It MUST be open and positive so that we choose our own destiny in the end which is the new start. True, some will not want it, some will want their own kingdom now, we do not need to waste time on that futility. Those who will respond positively are all who really matter, they keep going into forever.

The real good news has threads in all Christian development which Jehovah’s witnesses had, which they now subvert. If we extend this with the ultimate “everlasting good news” positivity it becomes so real, no one in their right mind can disagree. Who is going to disagree they can be saved by mere surrender into Revelation 14:6-7 come Christ arrival, no matter of their past with a simple “yes, I agree”? It cannot get any better than that offer, no matter who or what we are now.

We just have to realize our own salvation had to be as open as the one offered to every other human of this Earth. Religions tended to narrow that realization to a certain labeled group they controlled.

We have several years, in the confusion coming obviously, a million guesses, some with good intent some not, the real good news intro to lead to Christ arrival to complete it personally and perfectly, will also “emerge”.

Like with JWs going down next for the timing of the temple judgment purification of Daniel 8:13-14, the real message will have a proof already affirmable to start with. And it will foretell the BASIC milestone world events to lead to the arrival. It will prove itself a step at a time.

It cannot be “religious”, like any Christian post-Reformation escape pattern, it has to be a “movement”, just a generic truth attempt. It will not focus on any person except Jesus Christ. It will know the Revelation 13:3 sword-stroke recovers into world government, as right now millions of Christians all over the world are being led to understand, generically.  That is where the misleading power to think the events Christ describes in Matthew 24:6 is the “Christ arrival and the end”, when it is just the tribulation of those days which passes into world government and his arrival. (Matt24:29-31)

By cross registering many prophecies on event nodes, we get all the details as various prophecies only have a few. Altogether the whole continuum into the future forms. As you know, religions cannot quite manage to do this without problems and glitches.

But, in generic form and also a detailed one, it is falling together anyway, in spite of all this error. It is not one person, it is many. They too “just happened upon it”, we cannot explain how it fell together, but it did. True, it has no consensus view, but it is in the ballpark. 

And it has gone to where JW refuse to go, they could have gotten there too, had it not been for their evil leaders. In any event, it is going there anyway, one step at a time, for several years into the future, and it will describe the milestone markers of Daniel 12’s last three timed prophecies.

If this is an error, the forecast on the meaning of the JW downfall will fail. If this is true, it will define the events, temple purification and timing of Daniel 8:13-14 which is the Revelation 8:1-7 parallel of events.

That but begins the multi-year, actually detailed trek of the seven trumpets and roughly parallel seven plagues which converge the 1260 days into Daniel 12.

The sword-stroke crisis period will pass into global “healing” as in Revelation 13:3. The final world government rival will complete as all of the sovereign symbols of the “8th King” in its “King North” and “King Fierce” parallels as all Daniel 11 and 8 also go into final fulfillment. The Revelation 11:7 “wildbeast that ascends from the abyss” will be the “abyss rise” of the Revelation 17:8-13 “8th King” “scarlet wildbeast” as globalized world government now only “in progress”.

The 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 “peace and security” is the “world peace” mantra of that whole world government ascension into completion.

(So, do NOT be fooled by any “peace and security” decoy which may manifest before world government. Its purpose is to fool Christians, like JWs, because many Christians are expecting that fulfillment, so IF they use it, it can be very misleading for it will be premature.)

Religions globally for the most part will endorse world government 666 as divine. Any scattered ministry which stands for the Kingdom will not, but all religion and ministries will all be outlawed as in Revelation 17:16 and Revelation 11:7-10. 

The deposition of global religion actually frees many people into the direct Christ salvation sweep of Revelation 14:6-8, where Revelation 14:8 is the finality of the religion system deposition. The ministries which explain this will be close enough, as it is difficult to get a ministerial consensus, but beware, many ministries will also sell-out to the 666 allegiance and endorsement of world government.

The point is, it is leading to the eternal good news Kingdom of Christ anyway. It all gets very convincing for the period and into the 1260 days and after to the 1290 days, because it leads to the perfect immortal Kingdom of God to take over all the planet, forever, in Christ anyways. Thus, no reason to expect too much from imperfect human Christians or ministries, it leads to the “one and only” anyways.

That is why Revelation 14 is angelic, human participation will have ended, humans will be the target of the salvation of the 1290 days period of Daniel 12:11 and possibly for all of Daniel 12:12 1335 days as well. Christ is who completes his own ministry, in other words, and it is globally worldwide and perfect and open to ANYONE who wants to surrender and live, ANYONE. It has to be, THAT is what Christ’s sacrificial atonement also provides.

Christ did not die the death he died to kill as many people as possible, but to save as many people as possible.

Obviously, religions have never understood the whole giant positivity of what Christ did, but it comes out anyway, and it leads to the real thing who is the only power that can do it anyway at this perfect worldwide scale coming. 

Religions got into “end all” kinds of events, when this is a salvation event as a final multi-year process to merge into the full rule of the Kingdom of Messiah, and into the one thousand years.

God and Christ need the largest set of living eye-witnesses as possible for the “great crowd” as it is the ground floor of the “Kingdom of the World” (Rev11:15) and the “kingdom prepared for you” “sheep” in Mathew 25:31-34. That is, the spiritual Kingdom of Christ must manifest into planet Earth’s physical world, hence “Kingdom” “of the World”.

As in Revelation 21 “holy city come down from heaven” to earth, it all becomes one Kingdom as God’s “will on Earth done” is expressed on Earth “as in heaven” for one eventual immortally indestructible totality, both spirit (Rev2:7), and physical (Rev22:14).

That takes one thousand years “and a little while” to complete to the immortal post-Satan abyss release to destruction finality.

The imperfect human Christian phase would complete the summary eventually of Revelation 10:5-7, but only in imperfect human form as human words. Good news is, Christ makes it reality. THAT was the whole point the whole time anyway, human ministries tend to make it about itself, you know, when this is converging to Christ’s Kingdom itself, and God and him arriving as in Revelation 1:7-8.

It is no surprise various ministerial errors in prophecy meaning like we see in JWs now, can stall a symbology and veer it well off course for quite a while, when in fact, it also must have a logical totality of harmony. But, the point of the harmony is that it leads to Christ’s perfect rule and power as the reality.

The human summary is just human, it just outlines actual events and the real perfection work of Christ to become world reality. As in Revelation 10:5-7 it will be a summary Christ swore and promised to God shall be completed, but we must realize only Christ is its true reality.

Christ “the Word of God” is also fully capable of speaking for himself for God in time. THAT is what it was all leading to the totality of forever, anyway. 

This came by speculation but also paying attention to the JW apostasy AND the final prophecy they are actually GB tasked to conceal. There is also the need to reinforce the Reformation purpose, it also ties into this. In what JWs are hiding is the rest of the story. In the Advent movement is the start of everything that went into JWs to this point of stall. That is how the Reformation is the more important freeing event. That is how it ties all Christianity together in non-religious eventual general totality.

A person is a person, not a label, they are targeted to save in all this. A Christian is a Christian also not a label or religion tribe, forget about religion, they are control and profit rackets. Any ministry who stands for Christ even with errors, will stand for Christ NOT the rival world government, we will have some of them I speculate.

It is all to go to one purpose anyway, Christ’s arrival and Kingdom, for humanity past, present, and future to eventually be shown by God and Christ how to actually be one. Until they arrive, division and confusion is what prevails.

Division and confusion are used by God and Christ BOTH for a greater end purpose. Christ said “I came to cause division” and it is in his whole house. God, since Babel has been confusing mankind, because confusion delays the process, confusion is the best way for now, they both can lift their confusions and divisions when Christ arrives; Christ alone is the world unifying power and intelligence. 

“I am chosen by God” is what all Christians claim, it is what “Christened one” means. But, every religious error has hundreds of people who claim this with other results, so it has no meaning, only God can really know, people don’t care, Christ was chosen by God and it means resistance. So, I don’t make that claim other than being Christian as all Christians are “chosen by God” as long as we keep doing what HE directs, not some middlemen, as frequents religion.

We are on our own mission, yet it has one purpose: Christ’s Kingdom reality. As you know, that can be overridden and hi-jacked very easily if we do not guard it, just look at JWs now. THAT is what the Roman Catholic apostasy was all about.

That is why the Reformation freed the field, then also devolved into one stall after the other, it was the Devil’s desperate attempts to try to keep the final logic and prophecy from finally just falling together on its own, from God, not men, yet from all the men and women and children who did move it forward since the time of Christ’s first arrival, AND PLENTY OF PEOPLE, LIKE ISRAEL AND BEFORE, WHO ALSO SAW THE KINGDOM OF GOD COMING.

Did not want to leave out that since Abel and on to Noah and Genesis 10 to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob MANY HUMANS as God fully knows are and will stay involved in the restoration. It has been open to all as Job was an independent so to speak worshiper of God and there have been many more over time since Genesis 10 and 11.

ALL of them are part of it, God knows who is who, we do not, but they are, and so can we be, and many more people today. All Christians must be FREE to let Christ use them how he sees fit, not us, not religions, just them. It got this far, and it will keep going to the Christ because the errors we do have can be removed by him, and the sins covered by him for the greater goal.

Now, it is just the future to affirm it for us in patient steps into the years it has to go according to prophecy. Any errors, imo, will be minimized and minor now over the whole continuum, we know the basic pattern now. And those years will provide the rest of the detail.

Nor will the premature Christ arrival occur to please their deluded fancies. (2Thess2:1-2) Nor is the destruction of 7.8 billion people to save them criminal JWs the goal. Now, their repentance by judgment is the goal.

They too can be recovered, but not into the pollution of that ministerial context as it is now. How completely God destroys WTBTS is not known, but it will be bad. It will be up to JWs own repentance as to how they can be used in the future, as it is with all of us.

They just happen to be so apostate and bad now so as to be made a good example of for a global signal, if we see what it really means when that apostasy also goes down. The Reformation was about identifying and removal of apostasy, even if its many ministries kept devolving just the same. It keeps going to the Christ, now there is a generic global Christian mass awareness of world government coming. That can give the world a witness even if the exact details are spotty and get confused by more ministerial dramas.

Thus, imo, we head into a very clear summary AND a very generic global background general Christian one, in the future, which both have the same goal anyway. Until Christ comes, it will stay a divided mess though, navigate it with that in mind. Contrary to the JW myth and that of other doomsday religions, much more is yet to come and in a Haggai 2:7 “rocking” manner anyone can also come to realize what it will be meaning.

The good news has to actually be great news. Christian religions always turn the good news into bad news, it is what it is. It will come as “eternal good news” in Revelation 14:6-7 anyway. No one can subvert Christ “the good news of God”. And NEW, it will be!

JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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