Why 1914 is Valid for Many Reasons

1914’s Main Validation? World Government and World History

First off, the historic development of human world government in modern history was founded in official global presentation in the League of Nations Anglo globalist foundational presentation in 1919.

That is [[WORLD HISTORY]], independent of prophecy. 1914 stared the era of World War 1 commencement that enabled that later event, both events are significant HISTORY.

That is the historic inception of modern world government in progressive development – regardless of “prophecy” – it is first HISTORY. It is what it is.

Human world government’s first presentation was made official after World War 1 (WW1) was resolved, which began in July 1914, and was resolved by November 1918. THAT IS ALSO HISTORY.


That is what marks 1914 as historically significant in World War development in itself unique. But world war was made possible by advancements in global banking, investment, technology and industry.

1. Thus 1914 is as significant as it’s globalizing central banking and distributed market investment system that also expanded in especially 1914 onward. 1914 is as significant as it’s colossal militarized industrial system that even allowed it to become a world war that also fully founded and expanded in 1914 onward. The 1914 based globalist war behemoth system ensured world wars 1, 2, 3 (Cold War) and 4 (GWOT phase 1 and 2). 1914 is the marked year of the “new world order” inception.

1914 is the most significant year in world history since the birth arrival of Jesus Christ, plain and simple. 1914 will be seen as the beginning of the end of the Adamic era, in the next world system when the story is all told.

It took massive preparation to produce world war at this scale. It reaped the shadow globalist “diplomatic” system a 200 billion dollar profit and capital expansion globally. [1] The Anglo-American globalist planners, bankers and industrialists made out like BANDITS big time, world war is their gravy train, patriotic fervor is their grinding wheel.

1914 founded the banking and industrial giants that guided the next world war, and the next, and the next. 1914 was the birth of the globalist war profiteering system in undeniable action, WW1 itself.

2. 1914 marked the globalist marriage of the Anglo and the American globalists. The full Anglo-American world power was born in official irreversible alliance in 1914. In time that alliance of Anglo empire, employing American financial and resource servitude would suck the whole world into the final world war cycles, over (2) and over (3) and over (4), needed to produce world government after the fourth cycle.

1914 marks that Anglo-American bad moon rising, the future will affirm the many forecasts of global doom that this kind of greed for power and riches will eventuate to when this 1914 based process completes in little over 100 years. 1914 marks this inception and it’s first cycle.

And it did produce the “disgusting thing” (1919) which the 1914 incept WW1 “desolation” provided as the “world womb” that birthed the human world government bouncing baby world government of 1919, BUT it is [basic world history] that affirms it [in the first place].

Even if Jehovah’s witnesses never came forth from the same world developments, people still WILL face a complete world government after the final “desolation” cycle also completes for a final world “peace and security” statement period of the future.

But there is more, it founded the first world government cycle of four to play out in time.

The 1914 Based Four World War Cycles

1. But as we see the League of Nations presentation of 1919 was aided by the resolution of World War 1 in 1918.

World War 1 brought the issue of a needed peace keeping council to the fore.

But World War 2 proved the League of Nations power to enforce peace by diplomatic logic or non-existent force was impotent – it failed it’s mission.

2. After WW2 came, again, a world government rendition in the United Nations with a restated global peace mission was presented in 1945.

Thus we have a world government presentation after WW1, followed by another world government presentation after WW2. Now we have a world war cycle to present world government occurring NOW TWICE in HISTORY. Again a hot world war brought about the presentation stage of another human world government presentation. All historical coincidence?

Then we had the drawn out Cold World War, a global military expansion project of the Russian centered USSR and Anglo-American world powers and their military and technology systems entering many other nations in that almost 50 year process of “Cold War” global.

3. Now AGAIN, after that conflict of “cold” but world war scale expansion of military bases had been resolved with the fall of the USSR, ANOTHER United Nations presentation, a THIRD, came forth as the “emerging new world order” of 1990.

See the pattern forming here?

Now as HISTORY we have a world government advancement to completion for the third time, but upon a hugely expanded military global presence of all the super powers. The first NATO operations began immediately after the Cold War ended, and by 1999 Global NATO was the new NATO term, their sphere of influence went global, world wide.

World War 4 and World Government 4

NOW the post 911 “Global War on Terror”, as a great pretext for another declared but mostly unrecognized “world war” in that “global war”, has expanded the NATO system further, for 13 more years of global NATO military expansion. Now “World War 4” is ready for a full blown cycle.

Now one more world war phase will establish NATO as the UN aligned sole military power, and that sector or world government will be established fully. Now the financial system born prior to WW1 will in Daniel 11:42-43 wealth globalization manner expand to global domination of all the world wealth and finance and establish the world government finalization in that sector of world power.

Once uni-polar world government wealth and military power come out of the falling nation-state system in the tribulation bearing such, which bore the national labor and expenses of much of this operation, the deposed national sovereignty will also be globalized into world government. The national sovereign downfall will be recovered into the world government final super-sovereignty on the same formula as the one started in 1914. (Rev17:11-18; Rev16:13-16; Dan11:42-45);

4. Thus the fourth world war cycle, like the three before it, will resolve into the fourth world government cycle conclusion, in the world government completion of the objective stated in 1919 in the League of Nations.

Thus it is historic, it is well founded as cyclic in historic development employing some form of world war, and it is certain the fourth cycle is a continuation of the first three, and their incept cycle was indeed founded in 1914 and World War 1.

Denial is Futile, Distraction Aids It

Thus to get distracted in “theological debate” regarding whether this is prophetic or not, is simply distraction from the historic reality that is not dependent on prophetic validity to be a world government reality all will soon face in the final cycle of world war and global tribulation as a final cycle coming soon. (Dan11:42-45)

Thus whether it was people trying to deny this reality by discrediting those who have been pointing it out for 100 years, or taking Bethel’s lawlessness and scandals to doubt the whole 1914 validity, none of those counter-arguments will stop the fourth cycle from starting and proceeding to world government.

World government is what all surviving will have to face anyways, and all the distraction merely allowed people to hope to ignore the wildbeast 666 reality and identity so as to be more easily sucked into it as world government supporters, when that time comes. This is why world government employs secrecy of development until it is way way too late deep in the fourth cycle.

Thus it is good to see rather, the basics of world government history have indeed presented themselves in 1914, as WW1 produced the world peace resolution stage of the League of nations world government foundation with intent of completion in the future in the fourth phase of world government and it’s formulaic use of world war to aid the presentation of it’s claims and necessity.

That historic TRUTH is not dependent on prophecy.

But to make it even more valid as prophecy that forecasted what is now world history, and will continue to forecast it to become more world history, all four of those world war cycles and UN cycles are indeed foretold in prophecy. [2] People are free to believe what they want of course, but they cannot simply escape the world government issue with denial, it is coming in final form through the coming tribulation and final world war cycle. Denial gets one nowhere. (And now we see how the Bethel apostasy also aids world government secrecy and uncertainty. [3] )

The word to the wise is people should consider facing the reality a tribulation of Biblical proportions is coming, and it will resolve (Matt24:29) into world government first. World government is coming, and that is when Christ will arrive to give them a sovereign retort in person, on behalf of God’s Kingdom and the Messianic Kingdom agency to also complete over this final cycle of global tribulation.

From the Bible’s base message, God wills His Son to be world ruler, not UN elites, politicians, bankers and warlords. Regardless of Jehovah’s witnesses message as valid or not, THAT Armageddon reality is right in the basic Bible warning.

By the time that tribulation resolves into world government world “peace and security”, the ONLY choices will be the “New World Order” or God’s Kingdom.

Christendom, which also ignores all this reality, is already set-up to lead their followers to the “New World Order” that they call “God’s Kingdom on earth”. The fleshly Israel “carrot” will be used by them and the globalist elites of world government to lead Christendom followers right into the “new World Order”. The “Israel” issue, to come forth at the end of the cycle, will be used to make it all look real as “prophecy fulfilling people!”, but it is what Jehovah’s witnesses and others influenced by them have been warning the world about, the “New Word Order” will end up being a divine and Satanic cataclysm for all following that 666 marking “order”.

This is the bitter reality mankind has successfully now ignored to the last cycle.

THAT is what 1914 means overall, the true end of the world of the rival sovereigns of God and Christ, and a final cycle of tribulation will be used by God to wake up (Hag2:7 as Rev16 first six plagues) all the final sheep (Matt24:29-31) to his final call (Rev10-11 final fulfillment) to also come forth IN that tribulation in progress.

Thus all the 1914 is this and that minutia, merely puts off the inevitable. It’s a non issue overall. 1914 is the globalist world government history incept date. OF COURSE God is also going to foretell it.


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