Why This JW Testimony is Unique

Unique Testimony of Final Prophecy and it’s Final Cycle of Adamic Human History

What makes this Jehovah’s witness testimony unique?

1. This Jehovah’s witness testimony reaffirms the foundation Kingdom proclamation of the original Jehovah’s Witnesses ministry in it’s valid form (1914-1969) – with key post 1970 updates in prophetic meaning now lost to Jehovah’s witnesses due to the foretold Bethel final apostasy. (2Thess2:1-4)

This testimony affirms that original Jehovah’s witnesses ministry, it does NOT refute it or attempt to over turn it, or attempt to raise doubt in it.

This testimony affirms that original Jehovah’s witnesses Kingdom ministry and it’s relationship to the Kingdom sovereign meaning (Rev10-11) AND the globalized world government 8th King sovereign rival as valid prophecy that merely was fully derailed at the 1990 3rd UN placement (Dan11:31b) by the unrestrained Bethel apostates (UN NGO co-proclaimers) upon the death of Fred Franz. (2Thess2:1-12);

This analysis respects all Jehovah’s witnesses’ truth of Bible exposition up to 1969, around the 1976 “lifting themselves over everyone” of the Bethel unBiblical Governing Body self-exaltation which soon eclipsed the entire former Kingdom ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses.

The UN NGO is just the “tip of the iceberg”. (This was the first “lift up”, the last has been the “faithful slave” “new light” of 2012 which is a clear fulfillment of 2Thessalonians 2:1-4);

The Bethel apostasy also included the Daniel 8 and 11 modern interpretive diversion campaign along with an internet stumbling campaign now causing even anointed Christians to be confused as to what it all means.

2. Though timed signal prophecy of Daniel 8:14 is discussed, no specific dates are attempted to be given – just the meanings of the periods as milestones soon to be seen by the world globally.

What is given is the fact of a reaffirmation of the original Kingdom ministry of Daniel 12’s final fulfillment timed periods will repeat in the near future, and will honor the truth, again (Rev10:11), in the near future activation of the temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 upon Jehovah’s witnesses.

The temple judgment, like the lawlessness and apostasy signal that preceded it right at Bethel, will be a great signal, and it is therefore timed in Daniel 8:14 for future affirmation to lost Jehovah’s witnesses.

3. The only prophetic updates this analysis is making is those of the current Bethel apostate diversion since 1990 of Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-45 as 8th King identical King North activity.

4. This analysis is also identifying, for future proof, that the wealth and finance nature of the 8th King as King North intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43 is what will be activating next as the context of the temple judgment.

In light of the fact national power and sovereignty is not the final form of world power, but 8th King globalized world government is, this analysis converges all national former interpretation into a final globalized world government meaning.

This means the prophetic sovereign progressions of Daniel 2, 7, 8, 11 and Revelation 13, and 17 ALL converge into 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” meaning.

Just as all national powers will capitulate (Rev17:12-18) to the ultimate world union (Rev16:13-16), over a final cycle of world history already outlined in a final cycle of prophecy (Daniel 11:45 merging into Daniel 12 finale), so to all of the Bible’s sovereign national power progressions will all culminate as well into the 8th King world government.

If not for the Bethel apostates, Jehovah’s witnesses would understand this logic and prophetic requirement, and that is why Bethel houses “the lie” of 2Thessalonians 2:11-12 in final form diverting a once valid Kingdom ministry for this purpose.

5. So this analysis does not teach a premature “end of the world”, but it proves a final cycle of some years is required that will utilize a global tribulation that MUST resolve (Matt24:29), into a world government, the 8th King.

Therefore this analysis is not a fear tactic “end of the world” premature end scenario, but a climax “hour of test” period of some years, to come upon all the nations that will result not in the end instantly, but in 8th King world government, world peace (1Thess5:1-3), and true world recovery potential. (Isa41:1);

The immediate future is very different than Jehovah’s witnesses are misled to believe.

Tribulation cycles are how the 8th King used world war in three former cycles of 1914-1919, 1939-1945, and 1945-1990 to birth a United Nations rendition AFTER those world wars, including the “Cold War” resolved. (Dan11:29);

So rather than add to the confusion and fear of a premature end scenario, or questions as to what the future holds through a final world tribulation, this analysis shows the Bible shows the future days hold events not expected by humans as it will in time lead to a United Nations based world peace, and that is the consolidation and psychological purpose of this final tribulation cycle to be resolved to highlight the UN world government and it’s necessity.

This analysis describes a PROPHETIC REPLICATION, already fulfilled once in 1914-1926, that serves as the master pattern of the final cycle.

Thus it is not “interpretation” it is merely an awareness that Daniel 12 repeats, and so does the Revelation 8-11 and 15-16 seven trumpet and plague segway that it underlays, but in final form, and it takes some final years to accomplish.

This analysis identifies the true reason for the Jehovah’s witnesses temple judgment to clarify a final ministry (Rev8-9) to explain this final cycle (Rev10-11) as a final Kingdom proclamation. God is not fully rejecting His people, or all people, or the truth, He is making a “1/3” symbolic cleansing as per Revelation 8 applied to Jehovah’s witnesses in final fulfillment of that cycle. (Matt25:1-13);

Everyone should understand how Bible prophecy, principles and judgment repeat over time, and that a final cycle is required to clarify the true final trek of mankind to Armageddon in detail, with a focus on salvation first, given to the people clearly recovered from the Bethel error permanently purged in the process . (Zech3:1-5; 2Thess2:8) – and some final years to give the final witness.

Therefore this analysis ties together ALL the coming world events, such as the Bethel downfall, and explains where they must lead as an assured continuum of prophecy upon the original Jehovah’s witnesses Daniel 12 fulfilling ministry.

This is because that original Kingdom proclamation, that deployed into a global tribulation of it’s own time, leading to the League of Nations rival “kingdom” presentation, will indeed repeat in the exact same principle manner, but to a final Kingdom ministry, deploying into a final world tribulation, that resolves (Matt24:29), into a final 8th King full world government.

It is ALL the same story, it merely repeats in final form, and will be explained again as it fulfills towards Christ’s final arrival and his own full Messianic Kingdom completion.

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy AGAIN with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

That final Revelation 11:1-7 “two witnesses” prophesying will be clean and will speak the truth, and the final invitation and warning of the Kingdom of God for salvation purposes first.






3 thoughts on “Why This JW Testimony is Unique”

    1. I use Jehovah’s name, you just have a few thousand more pages to find where.

      “TWO Witnesses – Jehovah Uses Established Patterns Over and Over and Over – Why?”


      Of course I can refer to hundreds of more examples.

      So I do not know what you are talking about, because what you claim, is simply not true.

      As far as the JW acronym, Jehovah’s witnesses is not always word replaced before a post, for time.

      Jehovah, Yahweh, and other variations of YHWH are the name of God Almighty.

      Jehovah God Almighty is who is now to perform the Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses, as a people.

      Because the JW “religion” label, has now become a separate distraction, from a spiritual reality, no able to be labelled other than “God’s people”.

      And God’s people are all over the world, at this time, they are also not confined into the JW modern constriction.

      But the Temple Judgment is when and where that final global open salvation message must broaden out from.

      Positive Global Message—Open Global Salvation Opportunity

      Global Open Salvation—How Christ Completes His Own Ministry

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