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US/EU 7th King/King South Required Downfall

US/EU 7th King/King South Required Downfall

Structured Global Sovereign Progression in Seven Bible Chapters and Its Christendom and Bethel Cover Up

We Are Here:

To get where we are today in world power progress understanding, we just track history and modern global developmental news in relation to well known prophetic patterns maturing, aided by the far more voluminous post Roman era developmental information. The structural incremental gauging of Daniel and Revelation provide a world power developmental framework based on the post Noachian record of Genesis 10-11, but tracks it through all world time since then, to today, to the final phase coming up. Thus everything discussed in the spiritual seven trumpet and seven plagues framework will merge with the 8th King finale progression to the end of the road.

Both Daniel and Revelation outline the entire world power progression from the national powers of (1) Egypt, (2) Assyria, (3) Babylon, (4) Medo-Persia, (5) Greece, (6) Rome, (7) Anglo-America, as national powers to eventually unifying into a collective unification (United Nations) of ALL the world powers as nations in the 8th King globalist unification final world power; (8); (This is the 8th King entity the Messianic Kingdom will war with as a collective whole symbol and its global reality representing ALL world powers combined). (Dan2:31-46; Dan8:23-25; Dan11:40-45; Rev16:13-16; Rev17:8-18)

We can note the first four world powers are of Eastern origin, as the Greece (5th world power) split is the beginning of the following four Western based powers, as the finale globalization is actually of all world powers as global unified nations in totality, to define King 8 as one global whole—the last in the trajectory and the one slated for the shortest reign of them all; just “one hour” of symbolic final folly as it rolls into the Lake of Fire at Armageddon, its eternal destiny. (Rev16:13-20; Rev17:8-13; Rev19:19-21)

To arrive to today’s true global meaning, the updates from 1914 in actively fulfilling prophecy, regarding the marked dual development of the ascendant post Roman “7th King” national alliance of Anglo-America, is the nearly final portion of the prophecy to track. All that needs to complete is the 8th King world government.

That 8th King designate entity has been co-developing in its own progress since 1914-1919 in “image of the wildbeast” development which development has paralleled that of the 7th King (Rev13:11-15; Dan12:11; Rev17:8-11), as both the 7th King and that 8th King designate “image” emerged in the same 1914-1919 period of marked significance. What we now know is the United Nations focused international development tier, is also implied in quadruple numbering as an overall UN 1-2-3-4 incremental progress to its coming fourth cycle completion and ominous terminus: Armageddon.

Now, if, let’s say, 99% of the prophecy has already turned to history, of course the final “1%” will also transform into live history in the irreversible future, as we are in that epic final period. Now this final cycle is also well gauged in all the primary needed features and details to ascertain where we are in pre-to-full 7th King required downfall development, to allow that grand finale 8th King final ascension into world government—and thus, finally, the long awaited trigger event of the Christ arrival. (Dan12:11; Rev11:7-13; Matt24:29-31)

Therefore the “seven trumpet” future “itinerary” 1-7 sequential framework, and its three final timed periods of the sovereign Kingdom and temple progression noted earlier (Dan8:14; Dan12:7; Dan12:11), adds additional unique detailing to those structural seven chapters of prophecy-turned-to-history of Daniel and Revelation which track the global developments reliably to today. (Dan2,7,811-12; Rev13,17)

It is not that the prophecy is incomprehensible in such a basic 1-8 progression, now undeniably at king 7, requiring king 8 to complete the trajectory. Rather, it is by sheer spiritually “harlotous” ignorance that Christendom’s coma, and Bethel lobotomy have devolved to the sad state of spiritual catatonia that they both now share on their figurative gurneys and “sick beds”. (Rev2:20-23)

In basic terms the “old world order” national system is to be pawned by the “new world order” world government system, also easy to ascertain from prophecy and globalism research, it is not rocket science to see how the two converge for Armageddon’s final maturation of world government. Thus, in also easy to answer, but for some “ugly truth” hard-to-accept form, Christendom and Bethel are BOTH working for the world government concealment operation.

In reality, Daniel lays the sovereign historic yet prophetic foundation that Revelation builds upon and finalizes, as both forecast the grand finale, for both God’s Kingdom objective completion and the defiant progression of the first seven world powers to final future 8th King world government completion, concurrently, in this final cycle parallel phase.

Thus the final cycle is the epic period of the completion of both the rival system “8th King” “King North” purpose and God’s purpose of Messianic Kingdom completion as they mature to the final long foretold confrontation to eternally settle the global sovereign issue as to who will actually rule planet earth, upon the “trampled” rubble of the loser.

Of course, at Armageddon, the domitable poor 8th King is who is “rubbleized” in Daniel 2:31-46 and in its final parallels in prophecy covered earlier, but as the typical blind, forlorn, and power addicted world rulers—they do not seem to get the first message, actually just diametrically defiant to it.

So God gives them a final warning, the “second witness” of the “two witnesses”, prior to their divine demolition under the “White War Horse” and “boot heel” of the real “King of kings”—the IMMORTAL Jesus Christ. (Ps2)

Daniel 2, 7, 8, 11-12, structures the sovereign progression of human world power in historically traceable symbolic world power symbols and themes, benchmarking times and national historically ascertainable named names in Babylon, Persia and Greece. Now the well known progression of (1) Egypt, (2) and Assyria, to (3) Babylon (Dan2,4), (4) Medo-Persia (Dan8:20-21; Dan11:2), and (5) Greece (Dan8:20-21; Dan11:1-4), to the subsequent (6) Rome, (7) Anglo-America (in nation-state decline), and (8) the 8th King globalist unification world power development (in progress), which developed from that historic basis, can be “registered” into Daniel’s implied eight “Kings” 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8.

But by Revelation’s explicit 1-8 structure of those same 8 Kings, it is symphonic in final progress and its global-sovereign meaning. Very simple math, backed by available histories, amplified by modern research and globalization news—all working for, and headed to, the so-called “New World Order” 8th King finale.

All they have to do is finally gitterdone for Armagitterdone.

Revelation 13 and 17 continues from the Christian era, and its contextual Roman world power period. (Rev17:10) The base named world powers of Daniel, thus, are present as a historic benchmark in Babylon, Medo-Persia and Greece (Dan2; Dan8:20-21; Dan11:1-4), also present in the seven headed wildbeast progressions of those Revelation chapters 3rd, 4th, and 5th “Kings”/”heads”, to the globalist full bodied 8th King, total “scarlet wildbeast”, as a complete globalization based unification of all national powers into an apex world sovereign world government and its representative “United Nations” “image” 8th King world power nucleus, as one final totality. (Rev17:8-18; Dan12:11)

Over time, all that Bible students and researchers have had to do was match a simple global power history, and then keep up with modern events, through post Rome activity to that prophecy’s continuation of the main 1-8 structure, to nail the “7th King” Anglo to Anglo-American rivals of God’s Kingdom to the well founded 1-6 base structure at Rome, which Christendom conveniently fully ignores and truncates for centuries now, at the Rome “cut off” of all prophetic reality.

Thus JWs are truly unique in bridging the post Roman “gap” to 1914 marked “7th King” Anglo-American progress with the “8th King” designate “League of Nations” world government nucleus development, which will complete and arrive at Armageddon. The BTG enveloped Christendom “harlot” has not, and will not, expose that “7th” “King”, because that rival power system is her true global masters and handlers. Yet tracking the final two kings in prophecy, 7-8, from the history that led to Rome as kings 1-6, is not really rocket science, nor requiring Sherlock Holmes, or the prophet Daniel to complete for us. It’s just 1-2-3-4-5-6 and then 7-8, really a “no brainer” that a kindergartner could “add up”.

Thus Christendom is in a blatant cover up of easy-to-see prophecy, “miraculously” stalled at Rome—yet that mother apostasy is also a fulfilled prophecy made known by JWs. And like that sold out corporate Christendom Madame “harlot”, modern Bethel as the shiny new “fresh harlot” is also now performing a similar, but more modern and crucial, cover up to truncate the 8th King defining, UN1-2-3-4 ascertainable prophecy, from being explained fully, stalled at WW2 and the United Nations 1945 global-presentation revealed prophetic event.

That the “8th” “King” is marked by four developmental UN related “steps to world government” [1], as UN1-2-3-4. And it is also in an easy-to-see, numbered, four UN related world government developmental steps in (1) 1919, (2) 1945, (3) 1990 and (4) the future, as Bethel conceals the 3rd (1990) and 4th (Future) UN manifestations, as our modern signal apostate and impostor hybrid-harlot miscreants. (Dan8:12; Dan11:30b-35; 2Thess2:1-4; Zech3:1-3)

Thus one can cross reference all the other prophetic details from other prophets and Bible portions into this timeline and framework—including Bethel’s modern apostasy and cover up—but the basic Daniel and Revelation chapters of those prophecies are the basis of it all as far as an identifiable structured prophetic-to-historic progression that for the most part are prophecies that are now world histories. So there is not much direct structured prophecy to actually read to review the framework of the dual progression of God’s Kingdom and 8th King “world government” finale final development which parallel each other, to arrive together, to Armageddon Global Arena. This is because most of the other unstructured “floating” Bible prophecies and histories are just supporting information to give extra detail to the main prophetic framework. The actual base Kingdom and temple framework is but a few pages of the Bible, everything else “registers” into that overall master guide.

Because of this latest cover up and apostate activity at Bethel, they are who are dealt with first by God and Christ in the coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses (1Pet4:17), timed for future verification in Daniel 8:13-14.


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607 BCE versus 586 BCE Dating—All’s Good! All’s Well, Couldn’t Be Better!

Jerusalem Exile=Destruction? 607 BCE versus 586 BCE Dating—All’s Good! All’s Well, Couldn’t Be Better!

Part 1 of 4 Part Series; UPDATED 7.4

Prophecy Score Card
Seven Times Detail Landscape
Seven Times Detail Portrait
Seven Times Global
Seven Times Seven Global Color

A New Peak Inside the Bethel 607 Centric Time Machine

King Nebuchadnezzar and King Cyrus are the dating benchmarks for 607 BCE and 537 BCE’s “seven times” as 70 years. Nebuchadnezzar is the visible “seven times” benchmark of 607 BCE as at the least Crown Prince, or King designate of Babylon, whose dynasty ended in 537 BCE, by the hand of Cyrus the Great’s Medo-Persian alliance empire pinnacle conquest. TWO marked dates, 70 years as “seven times” chopping down Babylon, but with no restoration of the physical nation or empire—as the door was opened for Israel to restore the temple and Jerusalem. In that context, the 70 years of Davidic King “trampling” and the 70 years of exile manifest, while retaining the full 607 BCE significance, with some added benefits to be covered here. 

The “seven times” is thus marked by BOTH the Gentile domination beginning with Nebuchadnezzar’s marked ascension, AND Jerusalem’s divine king subjugation, concurrently established. The exile is merely a third 70 years development in that greater “Sovereign Confrontation” setup, fully demonstrating ALL of Daniel 4’s prophetic features, while maintaining the 607 BCE benchmark with even greater sovereign meaning, as will be covered here.


This sovereign summary:


  • Respects the original “seven times” significance of 607 BCE to 1914 CE.

  • Sets up the “70 years” of Jerusalem and Temple destruction to restoration of the temple to completion in the 586-515-516 BCE spiritual tie in to Zechariah and Governor Zerubbabel and High Priest Joshua’s symbolic King-Priest coronation of Zechariah 6:9-15.

  • Sets up the “two witnesses”, 2 x 1260 days=2520 days Revelation fulfillments in its “seven times” significance in 1914-1918 and the future final witnessing warning, of the very real King-Priest coronation of Jesus Christ in the completion of the Messianic Kingdom agency of the Kingdom of God total sovereign “Jerusalem Above” system in the future.



In noticing “Penny’s Disassociation Letter”, and interesting idea and new perspective,…

…that 607 BCE is still valid, the only thing wrong was the assumption of a “exile and destruction” dual event requirement. So I took that idea and expanded on it in the direction I assumed sister Penny is possibly heading.

Bethel has minimized the initial Jehoiakim-to-Zedekiah Jerusalem intrigues and their actual significance in that era’s Jerusalem and Davidic king progression disruptions by gentile powers in Egypt and Babylon. Instead, the eventual climax of the Jerusalem destruction event became the main focus. And that 607 BCE magnetism drew in everything around it to 607’s centric gravitational nucleus of all Jehovah’s witness chronology timing from then to the past. That then sucked twenty years of the 586 BCE future (of that time), into that 607 BCE black hole “past”, by the massive gravity of the 607-1914 required “seven times” JW psychological super-mass, expanding everything after it 20 years, so the assumed 70 years destruction, could meet the 537 BCE Cyrus solid date. That 20 years is what is causing the pre Cyrus dating discrepancies we see today.

At the same time, Bethel is ignoring the 70 year length of the Babylonian dynasty as the “seven times” of permission also manifested on that world power when it fell to Cyrus and the Persians in 539 BCE, marked by Cyrus 537 BCE full ascension, also ending its 70 years domination, demonstrating its prophetic significance marker respecting Daniel 4’s main sovereign plot. Bethel claims Babylon dominated the region for 86 years, 625-539 BCE.

In the interim, in that vacuum and time warp, certain assumed events of admittedly great psychological prominence came to mark a valid 607 BCE date.

Back to the Future: Resolving The Missing 20 Years, Yet Keeping 607 BCE Validity

But in reality:

The exile and desolation do not necessarily have to be concurrent as a requirement in the prophecy, and yet still maintain the 607 BCE importance, for even more valid reasons to be covered here, once the clarification is made.

1. Babylon defined by Nebuchadnezzar’s “Gentile” rulership also comes into the 70 year significance; (As obvious in Daniel 4 as well, and for more reason than seven years of Nebuchadnezzar’s insanity. In THAT marked “seven times” as 70 years, everything else manifests, but we have a solid “gentile” benchmark date)

2. The initial subjugation of King Jehoiakim is actually more significant to the Davidic Kingdom Covenant “trampling” significance and its complimentary “seven times” 70 years parallel with Nebuchadnezzar’s 70 years; (also obvious in Daniel 4)

But as with Cyrus the Great 537 BCE dating, Nebuchadnezzar’s 607 BCE dating is the established benchmark, to not have to rely on the chronological forensics in the convoluted details surrounding Jehoiakim’s subjugation and the multi-phased exile. (Or worse, invent event dates to match the Bethel time machine input expectations.)

3. And that provides the actual seventy year Jewish exile context with greater actual meaning to the Daniel 4 prophecy theme as those dual sovereign developments in 1 and 2 come into play; (the exile “scattering” symbology is also in Daniel 4)

4. The Jerusalem and Temple destruction have their own “70 year” significance to arrive from 586 BCE to 515-516 BCE for the temple completion;

5. The “seven times” of 2520 years to 1914 CE is maintained, with extra emphasis.

And in so doing we can slide everything before 586 BCE (in the JW alternative reality timeline), twenty years “into the future” from the “alternative 607 BCE” to meet its real 586 BCE reality, to get back that lost twenty years properly, and still keep the validity. Right now Jehovah’s witnesses have Jerusalem destroyed twenty years before its time, in an “alternative past” that came with the ‘Bethel Time Machine’ “607” default setting.

With Bethel’s “Time Machine”, they were capable of transporting the entire set of events with them! Nice feature!

The Real Diametric Sovereign Theme

1. In what looks more and more like reality, if we examine secular dating and its tens upon tens of chronologies in rounded terms, Nebuchadnezzar was “crown prince” in 607-605 BCE, or was King of Babylon in 607-605 BCE, and in possible reality, in that “possible future”, his dynasty expired also within exactly 70 years in 539-537 BCE significance. (The variance of a couple years in the secular chronology is a non-issue at this scale of elapsed time, 537 BCE is the ultimate anointed one Cyrus benchmark—the rest just takes faith in “Time’s” very Designer, God Almighty.)

Thus this is the foundational first truth of Daniel 4, that King Nebuchadnezzar is a Daniel 4 “seven times” dating Babylon dynasty benchmark, as well, for 607 BCE:

(Daniel 4:20-22) ‘The tree that you beheld, that grew great and became strong and the height of which finally reached the heavens and which was visible to all the earth, 21 and the foliage of which was fair, and the fruit of which was abundant, and on which there was food for all; under which the beasts of the field would dwell, and on the boughs of which the birds of the heavens would reside, 22 it is you, O king, because you have grown great and become strong, and your grandeur has grown great and reached to the heavens, and your rulership to the extremity of the earth.

2. Jehoiakim and the first “Davidic Kings” subjugation is also 607 BCE in that context of the Daniel 4 prophecy required Babylonian gentile dating benchmark, and the first wave of possibly four waves of exiles (the 607 one “implied” also possibly began in 607. Then 597, then 587 and one after that, and probably other smaller transitions as well. But because we have Nebuchadnezzar 607 BCE and Cyrus 537 BCE datings, we have the required actual “seven time” 70 year well marked context to look at.)

Thus seventy years beginning, in the Davidic king interference parallel as well, marks this ultimate dual sovereign reality that the prophecy is actually about BOTH Nebuchadnezzar AND the Davidic King line interference:

(Daniel 4:19) “Belteshazzar (Daniel) was answering and saying, ‘O my lord, may the dream [apply] to those hating you, and its interpretation to your adversaries.

Now the “seven times” apply to BOTH Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon kings dynasty expiring in 70 years, and the Davidic Kingdom disruption activities from Jehoiakim forward for seventy marked years, as concurrent, adding greater sovereign emphasis to the dual sovereign conflict of Daniel 4’s main plot—BOTH of which had “seven times” as 70 years pass over them concurrently in the same prophecy and its reality manifested on BOTH Babylon and Jerusalem at the same time!

And thus 607 BCE is still good, couldn’t be better in fact, times 3, with a greater contextual connection to the theme of the still ongoing Gentile versus Davidic Kingdom conflict. And Babylon then relates to the first controversial figure in Nimrod and the world government attempt of the days of the “tower of Babel” going back to the start of this post Noachian era’s sovereign conflict. (Gen10-11)

Thus the issue of world government defiance and its eventual completion and deposition is also present in the whole “Babylon” symbol deposition theme in Daniel 4, and the global reality.

Now there are actually three convergent reasons 607 BCE is marked, and how it is even more significant in harmonious sovereign conflict thematic meaning. And we know why a .01-.03% supposed “secular error” is normal when men try to affirm exact dating from over 2500 years ago, while correlating a dual timing system. But in reality, that sovereign timing, the Creator of the Universe, has timed like an atomic clock, to they very billionth of a second, in his jurisdiction of exact timings and meanings, which He opens when He purposes.

Regardless of the controversy the hourglass is running.

(Acts 1:6-8) When, now, they had assembled, they went asking him: “Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” 7 He said to them: “It does not belong to you to get knowledge of the times or seasons which the Father has placed in his own jurisdiction; 8 but you will receive power when the holy spirit arrives upon you, and you will be witnesses of me both in Jerusalem and in all Judea and Samaria and to the most distant part of the earth.”

Thus very interestingly, with the modern Bethel scandal and apostasy development heading to a judgment (Dan8:13-14), it appears the new look at 607 BCE will instead, in time, revisit the 1914 issue not to undermine it, but to affirm it in a greater manner and clarification, and it can emerge after the foretold Bethel downfall.

Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus are the dating benchmarks for 607 BCE and 537 BCE’s “seven times” as 70 years. Nebuchadnezzar is the visible “seven times” benchmark of 607 BCE as at the least Crown Prince, or King designate of Babylon, whose dynasty ended in 537 BCE, by the hand of Cyrus the Great’s Medo-Persian alliance empire pinnacle conquest. TWO marked dates, 70 years as “seven times” chopping down Babylon, but with no restoration of the physical nation or empire—as the door was opened for Israel to restore the temple and Jerusalem.

The Temple “70 Year” Link Extends to Zechariah and Temple Restoration and Completion

Thus the temple destruction, in what seems to be around 586-587 BCE or so, with the city of Jerusalem, is also a 70 years “seven times” connection to the temple restoration and completion in 515-516 BCE. At that time of Davidic Zerubbabel’s Governorship, Zechariah was directed to “crown” High Priest Joshua as symbolic King-Priest with the crown of “silver and gold” in Zechariah 6:9-15 (Ps110 foregleam) in “King-Priest” symbolism of Christ, when the Temple completed as recorded in Nehemiah and Ezra, as prophesied by Haggai and Zechariah in their “Temple Revelation” records that are now being tied in by this second 70 years extension from 586 BCE to 516 BCE.

And this is why these supporting Jerusalem and Temple “70 years” time spans do not have to be concurrent with the human psychological requirement of such a parallel present in Jehovah’s witnesses current interpretation. In fact this offset marked by the real Jerusalem destruction climax event of 586 BCE, highlights the Temple completion of 515-516 BCE and its climax event symbology, with a clear complimentary 70 years time span bridged into the prophecies of Haggai and Zechariah. And thus the post 537 BCE time period of Israel’s emancipation that led to Malachi’s final temple prophecy, is spanned to the far clearer Christ connections actually present in this entire 607 BCE to 516 BCE progression.

Connection to Christ and Revelation’s “Seven Times”

By Christ’s time, where Revelation’s Revelation 8-11’s parallel with Zechariah 3-4 and other parts of Zechariah’s and Malachi’s Temple Revelation are certain, the final connections and parallels to Christ’s future manifestation of the true meaning in all these synchronized events, “appointed time” limits, and the ultimate “Jerusalem” and “Temple” patterns, to become a far greater reality in the future, is completed and maintained.

In that way the affirmation God is providing in this epic era of Israel’s and Jerusalem’s prophetic and historic development to this very climax transition to the Christian era, is actually greater than currently provided in JWs problematic interpretation, although it does contain the sovereign import, basic theme and connection to 1914. Now 1914-1919’s ultimate “Gentile” “8th King” designate , “image of the wildbeast” arrival in the League of Nations in 1914-1919, during the “first witness” of the “two witnesses”—and the emergence of a Global Government claiming development is of course not a mere coincidence. Instead it is the final “Gentile” entity to be permitted to complete, state their global claims, and then meet the Kingdom of Christ, for real, to settle this sovereign dispute as to who will rule and be King of planet Earth.

And that is why they received a “first witnessing” of 1260 days, or 3.5 times, but half of the divine “seven times” of fair warning amidst final Gentile rulership permission to lead, in time, to the “second witnessing” of also 1260 days, that must precede 8th King full World Government. And thus the “seven times” will be complete in that final 1260 days, “3.5 times”, as it repeats the final time, hence “two witnesses”.

To get there, the 20 years offset for the 586 BCE Jerusalem and Temple destruction, allows a deeper extension to the temple restoration and completion propehtic parallels, and it too is highly spiritually significant.

Now the solid link to post Cyrus 537-515 BCE into Zechariah’s time and prophecy and the Temple reconstruction significance of 515-516 BCE “Temple completion” in all this, is also now tied in to the entire post 607 BCE events, in a new way.

Now another solid spiritual meaning leading to Christ’s Kingdom and Temple King-Priest of God significance, in this harmonious actual reality, emerges.

And thus “four” “seven times” can apply, but three to “607” BCE directly, as (1) disrupting Jehovah’s David Kings natural flow, in the events after King Jehoahaz deposition by Necho II, and placing Jehoiakim by Egyptian influence, who very quickly came under (2) Babylonian Nebuchadnezzar’s also 70 year marked domination, to activate the (3) Jewish “exile” overall context , all also in the 607 BCE neighborhood as far as secular history and Bible chronology.

(4) The fourth related 70 years is this “Temple Extension” offset into Zechariah from 586 BCE to 516 BCE significance.

And that final Revelation “seven times” is affirmed by all this actual synchronisms in the prophecy. The fifth “seven times” connection as all that original symbology leads to the real completion in Jesus Christ from God Almighty whose purpose is actually exact, in spite of human error and waffling for centuries and centuries in the post Christ progression to Har-Magedon—just a matter of time, and the final “seven times” completing as “two witnesses”, 2×1260 days, for 2520 days, “seven times”, of open salvation invitation to extend in time to world government before it arrives, and thus to and through the Christ arrival, to end the “Gentile Times” for good.

1. Kingdom.

And thus the Davidic line was also being “trampled”, in that Gentile rulers were actively interfering with the natural flow of the Davidic Kings line, since after Josiah died. But King Nebuchadnezzar, as with Daniel 4’s benchmark focusing on his Gentile “Kingdom”, is also the supporting 607 BCE “gentile” figure with a 70 year limited dynasty and kingdom, and that dynasty expired within 70 years, in 539-537 BCE, as also foretold as implied as well, in Daniel 4. Secular dating may waffle a year or two, but 537 BCE is solid with God to know great events, more than one, mark 607 BCE.

But now we have the parallel “Gentile versus Jerusalem” sovereign “seven times” and seventy years significance as the real context of Daniel 4 and the complete spiritual theme God has instituted as to the time limit of “Gentile” sovereignty, to be replaced by the Jerusalem Christ final sovereign transition to God Almighty, in time. (1Cor15:24-28). Thus this explains Daniel 4 fully, by seeing the “seven times” as 70 years that Babylon was also limited too, not 86 years as Bethel’s erred math claims.

And in so doing the dating can harmonize with the tons of secular, Jewish and Christian research chronologies, which themselves waffle a couple years, but not with 20 year anomalies like Bethel’s premature assumptions allowed.

2. Temple.

AND the TEMPLE is tied in as well, thus “Kingdom” “seven times” meaning and its supporting “Temple” 70 years connection from 586-587 BCE destruction to the post Cyrus, Jerusalem Temple restoration, now reinforced meaning, are the central issues in reality, KINGDOM and TEMPLE (Ps110), both traceable with a massive history that totally harmonizes with all prophecy like a perfect puzzle leading to the future Kingdom and Temple COMPLETIONS to come, under Jesus Christ from God Almighty, well after Apostate Bethel goes down as the modern “apostate Jerusalem” symbol. (Matt24:15; Matt22:1-14; Dan8:13-14; Matt25:1-13; Isa28)

And if that is the case, and it seems it is the only explanation, now all Bible prophecy chronology, all Jewish history chronology, all Babylonian and Assyrian and 100 other chronologies as well as all secular history datings all “jives” like a Cosmic Clock in ACTUALLY PERFECT HARMONY, as 607 BCE is even more important than it was previously thought to be!

All’s Well that Ends Well!

And so EITHER WAY 607 is the marked date, still, but now in time it will revisit 1914 CE with added emphasis of a truly perfectly harmonious total overview all the way back to 740 BCE (and before), all the dates are valid, the events just shift “20 years” forward, and thus the “20 year” “problem” is fixed for good. And as Bible students we might as well go with a more spiritually powerful rationale, also accurate with all the global chronologies, and realize expecting an exact year every time, is unrealistic, but we are in the exact 607 range.

Now the 70 years marked directly:

1. The length and end of “Nebuchadnezzar” symbolic Gentile rule, in 70 years.

2. The King Nebuchadnezzar marked disruption of the natural flow of the Davidic Kingdom Covenant kings for 70 years, eventually retaining a “son of David” in Zerubbabel, but as “governor” rather than “king”, thus still being “trampled” to this day. (As Zerubbabel ties to Kingdom-Temple, completion meaning of Zechariah’s Temple Revelation)

3. This context Allows 70 years of exile and “Seventy Sabbaths” to be fully accounted within a 90 year overall cushion zone, but no doubt also tied to 607 in some manner, but not having to be so—it still works!!!!

And that great Jerusalem deposition context thus benchmarks the fourth “70 years” overlap to 515-516 BCE.

4. Therefore all this solid “seventy years” in “seven times” principle, allowed the Temple Priesthood Covenant of “Melchizedek”, to be demonstrated on High Priest Joshua (Joshua) (Zech6:9-15), after of an offset phase of 70 years of also Temple destruction with Jerusalem’s destruction 585-586 BCE, when Jerusalem’s second Temple was COMPLETED in 515-516 BCE, 70 years after its destruction.

(Zechariah 4:6-9) Accordingly he answered and said to me: “This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel, saying, ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. 7 Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. There will be shoutings to it: “How charming! How charming!”’” 8 And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 9 “The very hands of Zerubbabel have laid the foundation of this house, and his own hands will finish [it].

(Zechariah 6:9-13) And the word of Jehovah continued to occur to me, saying: 10 “Let there be a taking of something from the exiled people, [even] from Heldai and from Tobijah and from Jedaiah; and you yourself must come in that day, and you must come into the house of Josiah the son of Zephaniah [with these] who have come from Babylon. 11 And you must take silver and gold and make a grand crown and put [it] upon the head of Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest. 12 And you must say to him, “‘This is what Jehovah of armies has said: “Here is the man whose name is Sprout. And from his own place he will sprout, and he will certainly build the temple of Jehovah. 13 And he himself will build the temple of Jehovah, and he, for his part, will carry [the] dignity; and he must sit down and rule on his throne, and he must become a priest upon his throne, and the very counsel of peace will prove to be between both of them.

And thus an divine “seventy years” iron link is forged and also connected to Haggai and Zechariah, far greater modern meaning to ALL the “Kingdom”, “Temple” and “Holy City” significance in prophecy and the reality to arrive with Christ, to the very year, day, hour and second the Almighty purposes!! All the world has to do, is get 8th King World Government done first (Dan11:45; Dan8:25; Rev17:8-18; Rev13:3,15-18), as the 7th King/King South must fall [5], to allow that final rise of 8th King/King North!

Then the real “Gentile versus Jerusalem” dynasty showdown of Armageddon can truly conclude this Biblical theme as foretold by God Himself.

In God’s divine timing all this stuff is to the day and hour, we just have faith. (Rev14:12)

(James 1:16-18) Do not be misled, my beloved brothers. 17 Every good gift, [the “Grand Father Clock”], and every perfect present is from above, for it comes down from the Father of the [celestial] lights [and the Clock of the Universe, Christ], and with him there is not a variation of the turning of the shadow. 18 Because he willed it, he brought us forth by the word of truth, for us to be certain firstfruits of his creatures.

Human error of a couple years is understandable. Controversy? If the coming Messianic Kingdom eternal reign of God and Christ was all cool with the “Gentiles” global “powers that be”, then worry—then something is wrong.

(Luke 6:26) “Woe, whenever all men speak well of you, for things like these are what their forefathers did to the false prophets.

(Matthew 5:11-12) “Happy are you when people reproach you and persecute you and lyingly say every sort of wicked thing against you for my sake. 12 Rejoice and leap for joy, since your reward is great in the heavens; for in that way they persecuted the prophets prior to you.

Of course there will be doubt, discrediting, resistance and apostate Bethel to mark our final era! It’s a “no brainer”! It only makes it all MORE realistic and still TRUE!

And now Bethel actual error motivates a quandary of assumptions that because they are in an error of events, not dating, they must be totally invalid. Now people are not lyingly accusing Bethel, there is actual error, but the meaning of that error is what is being overblown, and aided by Bethel scandal to undermine the original warning that the “powers that be” do have a basic time limit, that is the basic warning in all this: Christ is indeed coming to rule earth.

Therefore any “1 or 2” year variance in secular, Jewish and Bible dating correlation, is just standard .01-.02% human error over this multi-millennial timeline with the various “ascension, regnal” year, Jewish calendar offset and counting traditions and their seeming inconsistencies, and, at time, possible purposeful disinformation, which are actually all “right on” in divine and prophetic reality and chronological harmony.

But this rationale is far better than Bethel’s current 20 years of the unaccounted time which developed when the BETHEL ASSUMPTION was made that the “seven times” of 70 years (and thus the 2520 years basis) had to begin with Jerusalem’s total destruction, as if their was some divine law the exile and desolation had to be concurrent and it HAD to be in 607 BCE, which there is no divine requirement that they have to be concurrent [4]. Additionally, and 607 BCE is marked by even greater dual sovereign events of even greater significance.

And in reality the “gentile” fiddling with the divine kings of Jerusalem, as far more significant to the Davidic Kingdom Covenant theme, and Luke 21:24 than the destruction event itself, though related.

And yet, with this “update”, it all still retains the truth of the significance of the 607 BCE date!! Nice!

In fact it makes it all the more significant, as now with triple the “seven times” emphasis, as shown, in what is actually most important in Daniel 4’s sovereign prophecy which contains Nebuchadnezzar’s dynastic limit of 70 years as well, concurrent with the Davidic Kingdom disruption of 70 years, and the “Shake off its foliage, and scatter its fruitage” of 70 years exile context is also met. And all that during that marked epic sovereign conflict focusing on both the “Gentile” Babylon sovereignty versus the “Israel” Jerusalem sovereignty, as the fuller plot of Daniel 4’s meaning, while maintaining the basic sovereign timing principles Jehovah’s witnesses already understand.

And thus the real gentile versus Jerusalem sovereign conflict is still emphasized, but with the added detail that Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylon dynasty also has a 70 year “seven times” frame concurrent with the overall 70 years of the Davidic Kings “seven times” servitude to that same gentile dynasty. And that “seven times” still continued to 1914 CE in its greater “trampling” context.

Plus, it makes a direct connection into Haggai and Zechariah Temple restoration prophecy of 515-516 BCE! Nice!

(Daniel 4:13-15) I continued beholding in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, look! a watcher, even a holy one, coming down from the heavens themselves. 14 He was calling out loudly, and this is what he was saying: “CHOP the tree down, and cut off its boughs. SHAKE off its foliage, and scatter its fruitage. Let the beast flee from under it, and the birds from its boughs. 15 However, LEAVE its rootstock itself in the earth, even with a banding of iron and of copper, among the grass of the field; and with the dew of the heavens let it be wet, and with the beast let its portion be among the vegetation of the earth.

And yet, Two “bandings”, “iron and copper”, in Daniel 4? Two timings! 607 and 586! The big “seven times” of 2520 years still applies overall from the 607 BCE triple marker.

1914? “Two witnesses”? TWO witnessings, 1914-1919 and the future! Double whammy! [3] Plenty of “twos” and “sevens” here, and valid extensions into further prophetic development from Zechariah to Christ and Revelation to today to the future.

The real sovereign theme of conflict still continues in the world to today, as even Bethel has overrun anointed Christian authority at Bethel itself, while they cover up the fact the world is headed towards 8th King World Government!

The Bethel “Time Machine”—How All Pre Cyrus Dating Became Hinged on the “Target 607 BCE” Dual Event Assumption Gaining 20 Years of JW “Alternative Reality” Time

By understandable error in Charles Russell’s time, and at old-school Bethel, the valid DATE, 607 BCE, by such an erred assumption of the ASSUMED EVENT that marked it and its “exile” and “destruction” assumed concurrency, became the Jehovah’s witnesses benchmark date—but with 20 years time shifted events; JW time travel.

In this case OTHER RELATED EVENTS, real historically valid ones, that actually marked the 607 BCE timeframe were not yet fully considered.

And given the FACT the ca. 605 BCE and ca. 586 BCE date had been determined by Isaac Newton, and others, using the Bible’s own chronology and secular dating of those more dated eras, it is more than a single source of chronology data which forms this accepted range by many chronologies.

*** The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended ***

“606. Nebuchadnezzar invades Syria and Judæa….

588. The Temple of Solomon is burnt by Nebuchadnezzar.”
By Sir Isaac Newton; posthumously 1728 CE

There are some people who seem to think Newton can count correctly and was relatively good with numbers. Thus he is just one more person who did not “time travel” and that we can use to help disprove Bethel’s Modern Theory of 607 Gravity.

These secular dating data sources include the Babylonian Chronicles, which Bethel uses to support their modern time travel theory, though it itself states the Jerusalem destruction date in the ca. 586 time-frame.

The Babylonian Chronicle

*** Insight on the Scriptures Vol. 1 p. 447 Chronology ***

“Accurate chronology requires that some point in the stream of time be set as the marker from which to count either forward or backward in time units”

So Marty “Bethel” McFly set his own “point in the stream of time”, without consulting the Doc. It was actually very understandable how the error set in so deeply, for the context and 607 BCE date is indeed valid, it was just a shift in assumed event(s) that marked that prophecy.

Thus there is a missing traceable time link in the Bible’s own chronology between the destruction of Jerusalem and the universal Cyrus 537 BCE date because the Bible does not state the beginning point or explicit event of the 70 year time frame though it does state the context [5]* (and as we are seeing, all the requirements can all be met, and do not have to be in one 70 year concurrency). Bethel also uses human assumption to base their 607 BCE timeline graph origin upon, in all their datings prior to Jerusalem’s assumed destruction date in that Bethel alternative time graph actually based on a premature assumption.

*(2 Chronicles 36:21) to fulfill Jehovah’s word by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had paid off its sabbaths. ” All the days of lying desolated it kept sabbath, to fulfill seventy years.”

For example the exile releasing Cyrus decree 70 years marker of 537 BCE, respecting the prophecy, does not mean the 70 years of sabbaths being repaid fully must be concurrent by divine decree—its concurrency is a human psychological assumption. In the interim return to Judea, there is room to fulfill the sabbath requirement in the few years after the 70 year marked return initiated as the land production was definitely far below maximum for some time. And thus such a progressive unmarked restoration allows the “seventy sabbaths” to be accounted as God traced all the requirements.

But the high priority “seven times” 70 year requirements are all marked by marked time periods in Babylon’s 70 years and Persia’s emancipation of Israel, the 607 BCE to 537 BCE fully marked.

(Jeremiah 25:11-12) And all this land must become a devastated place, an object of astonishment, and these nations will have to serve the king of Babylon seventy years.”’ 12 “‘And it must occur that when seventy years have been fulfilled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon…

(Jeremiah 29:10) “For this is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to you people, and I will establish toward you my good word in bringing you back to this place.’

(Daniel 9:2) … I myself, Daniel, discerned by the books the number of the years concerning which the word of Jehovah had occurred to Jeremiah the prophet, for fulfilling the devastations of Jerusalem, [namely,] seventy years.

(Zechariah 1:12) So the angel of Jehovah answered and said: “O Jehovah of armies, how long will you yourself not show mercy to Jerusalem and to the cities of Judah, whom you have denounced these seventy years?”

And if you notice in these previously noted sample datings, even in secular terms, a two year approximate variance is present, and that is typical of this research into other chronologies. Thus 607 BCE validity is found to be possible in that variance, based on the solid dating of the post Cyrus 539-537 BCE chronology, by having the faith of God’s assured 70 year timing in all regards. One will find this research will open a new can of worms, as many chronologies will emerge in this research, but NONE of them with a “20 year” error. And thus it is not just one source of the secular estimations, and thus it cannot just be a “lie”; there is merely another explanation present in this opportunity that respects the validity of the whole “seven times”, since 607 BCE’s benchmark and Cyrus 537 BCE terminus.

And thus the topic is not just abandoned because of an error of assumption and a 607 heavy expectation as if this Bethel error negates the entire Jehovah’s witnesses and Christian faith, for it does not—instead, it clarifies and harmonizes it. Thus, instead, it is studied more carefully and open mindedly with faith in prophecy, based on supporting events based around the post Cyrus datings and secular datings to find a valid alternative explanation for the actual events that match the prophecy and yet retain the sovereign import.

It requires a lack of bias, other than in affirming the prophecy, for many “607 critics” have completely lost the whole sovereign import, entering another vacuum and limbo, while attempting to discredit Bethel and the JW ministry as if 100% invalid by default, which is also an error. They hit the time travel button, but now with no destination whatsoever in mind other than the lost La La land of another past in Christendom’s own time warp.

And that is how that dual-event assumption at Bethel, became the basis and nucleus of the “607 BCE Center of the JW Chronology Universe” and its inertia for all dating prior to and with King Zedekiah’s deposition, with an erred 607 BCE EVENT-to-date assumed required concurrency, that had to correlate with Zedekiah’s removal, also at 607 BCE, but in error—and thus the twenty year abruption in harmony with secular chronologies.

And yet adjusting the chronology to fit reality, changes nothing of the sovereign import of the prophecy or the original validity of the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry, now derailed in other ways as well, so we can expect nothing but more error from apostate Bethel.

The date is fine, the assumed events are what “time traveled” 20 years in the JW universe.

That is why everything chronological, after Cyrus 537 BCE, “Jives”, and everything before 537 BCE has a “twenty year” error, starting with Zedekiah’s chronology drawn to the 607 BCE Black-hole Bethel “Time Warp”. Just subtract 20 years, prior to King Zedekiah’s dating, for all Jehovah’s witnesses dating based on this 607 JW Center of Bethel Chronology calculations, all counting 20 years from 607 backward, with Zedekiah being deposed twenty years too soon.

Thus, 20 years of Jerusalem future history, at that time of 607 BCE, were lost. It just went “to the future” of 586 BCE real events, transposed to Bethel’s 607 BCE “alternate future” for Jerusalem and that “virtual reality” as they lay in ruins 20 years too soon, and everything else chronological then shifts back 20 years with Time Traveler Zedekiah to make that “alternate reality” work. And thus the JW Clock, got spun back 175200 hours, or 7300 days, or 20 approximate years from the real 586 BCE, for the Bethel “alternative reality” 607 BCE events. Now why should every king in Israel and Judah starting with Zedekiah backward also have an average twenty year discrepancy with secular history including Jewish chronologies from the past?

(Admittedly there are dating variances in secular chronology, but a consistent Bethel 20 year shift backward in time is suspect when its source can be traced forward to the 607 BCE assumptions, though there is evidence even more significant marked events mark 607 BCE anyways. Meaning there is no reason to provide an area for stumbling, when none actually exists, and 607 BCE seven times basis is maintained at the same time.)

In reality King Nebuchadnezzar and King Jehoiakim initiating concurrency is the 607 BCE starting “seven times” marker, not Zedekiah’s deposition!

And thus the unneeded Bethel time “decompression”, sliding JW chronology backward in time “20 years”, starting with Zedekiah’s chronology, also correlates with Jehoiakim’s 11 years and Zedekiah’s 11 years needing to shift back 22 years, compressed to meet the 607 central JW chronology target. And thus, everything before those kings, had to now chronologically fit the “607” date by a DESTRUCTION EVENT marker assumption.

And that became that “20 year problem” in 22 years of an unaccountable time shift backward in time, as the original mistake pushed all dates around 20 years back, while everything forward in time aligned as expected, like Cyrus the Great’s 539-537 BCE “set in stone” date, another key date and its 70 year terminus that actually saved the day—thus Cyrus was the “anointed one” from God for good reason to be another reliable benchmark dating as in reality King Nebuchadnezzar is the other divine “Gentile” tool marking 607 BCE!

I’ll say it again: Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus are the real 607-537 BCE dating benchmarks with even greater significance. Nebuchadnezzar is the visible “seven times” benchmark of 607 BCE as at the least Crown Prince, or King designate of Babylon, whose dynasty ended in 537 BCE, by the hand of Cyrus the Great’s Medo-Persian alliance empire pinnacle conquest, after SEVENTY YEARS. TWO marked dates, 70 years as “seven times” chopping down Babylon, but with no restoration of the physical nation or empire. And the door was opened for Israel to restore the temple and Jerusalem, prophetically well connected.

Thus Nebuchadnezzar and Cyrus are the two reliable 607-537 BCE markers, of “gentile” powers opposed to God’s Kingdom kings of that time, into which the 70 years of Davidic king “trampling” and the 70 year exile manifest. And that core Gentile versus the Kingdom of God in its typical/visible form is a symbolic picture of the future final Kinging of Jesus Christ in the Messianic Kingdom completion event and the final deposition of the Gentile globalist 8th King contender, in very clear “Gentile” versus “Zion” kingly conflict and subjugation.

And that still ties in to the 8th King designate of the 1914-1919 presentation of the first step to world government in the League of Nations to continue the conflict all the way to their final “World Government” presentation of the future, and the arrival of Christ at Armageddon, to settle the issue eternally. Josiah may have lost at Megiddo against Gentile Egyptian Pharaoh, leading to the subjugation of Gentile Babylon, but at Har-Magedon Christ will not be defeated. And thus the climax showdown has been set up in that historic transition of Jerusalem to fall under the hand of Gentile domination, as fully historically marked by Nebuchadnezzar’s Babylonian marked ascension in 607 BCE, and his seven times of permission for 70 years, no more, no less.

(Jeremiah 25:11-12) And all this land must become a devastated place, an object of astonishment, and these nations will have to serve the king of Babylon seventy years.”’ 12 “‘And it must occur that when seventy years have been fulfilled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon…

Doc: It was the JW “Time Machine”, and now it has to come “Back to the Future” regarding that 20 year shift to the past, a past that does not actually exist at its correct position in universal space time and temporal Biblical reality Marty! JWs have screwed with the past Marty!

Marty McFly: Wait a minute. Wait a minute, Doc. Ah… Are you telling me that Bethel built a time machine… out of an assumption?

Doc: Precisely.

The 607 BCE date still applies, as shown, the Jerusalem destruction was actually offset that 20 years to 586 BCE, for “Holy City” and “Temple” purposes of linking later to other supporting prophecy and the Zechariah’s prophecy continuum to “King-Priest” Christ coronation (Zech6:9-15) and the “Temple Completion” meaning. Which climax event was not in “God’s Kingdom” in 1914 (a valid event, but not the final one), but in the future Messianic Kingdom and temple completion reality on the way.

The REAL dual event of great spiritual significance, marking 586 BCE, is Jerusalem’s “Kingdom Capital” destruction and the “Holy Temple” destruction of 586 BCE, for its prophetic extension into the Zechariah era temple completion tie in of 515-516 BCE—also 70 years! That then summarizes it all, as the temple is restored and completed in post Cyrus activity extending to Haggai and Zechariah’s prophecy, perfectly concluding the ancient Israel era, just extending this “70 years” forward 20 years from 586 BCE to 515-516 BCE, but with the same 70 year significance of rebuilding and completion and still linked to the original “seven times” events of ancient Jerusalem!

Christ and Revelation arrived to wrap it up for our era, same themes, same 2520 years carry over to 1914 for the final 2520 days as Revelation 8-11 must fulfill twice, once in 1914-1919, one more time in the future, [3] BEFORE Christ arrives into the rival 8th King “Gentile” world government completion triggering his arrival to truly complete that critical sovereign conflict resolution once and for all.

Jeremiah gave the final kings of his days full warning for 40 years (Jer1), and from Josiah’s time, but especially for Jehoiakim to Zedekiah’s time, they could have repented, with the people, but they all ignored all 40 years of Jeremiah’s warning and divine advice for admission, and submission to Babylon. Thus the interim to Jerusalem’s destruction was a warning period that could have been responded to, as to why God allowed it all to stretch on for a critical final 22 years prior to total Jerusalem destruction.

Cyrus the Great Time Marker

This is why Cyrus the Great was God’s “anointed one” that solidifies the divine benchmark of that time, 537 BCE, just as Christ the “anointed one” also provided in 29 CE for the “seventy weeks” (Dan9).

Cyrus is also the key to know the seventy years terminus.

(Isaiah 45:1-7) This is what Jehovah has said to his anointed one, to Cyrus, whose right hand I have taken hold of, to subdue before him nations, so that I may ungird even the hips of kings; to open before him the two-leaved doors, so that even the gates will not be shut: 2 “Before you I myself shall go, and the swells of land I shall straighten out. The copper doors I shall break in pieces, and the iron bars I shall cut down. 3 And I will give you the treasures in the darkness and the hidden treasures in the concealment places, in order that you may know that I am Jehovah, the One calling [you] by your name, the God of Israel. 4 For the sake of my servant Jacob and of Israel my chosen one, I even proceeded to call you by your name; I proceeded to give you a name of honor, although you did not know me. 5 I am Jehovah, and there is no one else. With the exception of me there is no God. I shall closely gird you, although you have not known me, 6 in order that people may know from the rising of the sun and from its setting that there is none besides me. I am Jehovah, and there is no one else. 7 Forming light and creating darkness, making peace and creating calamity, I, Jehovah, am doing all these things.

In keeping with this use of Gentile powers to establish the benchmarks of God’s “seven times” purpose in this prophecy, Nebuchadnezzar’s 607 BCE date is the benchmark, as is the limited 70 year duration of his Babylon dynasty destroyed by King Cyrus the “anointed one”. The exile and Davidic King trampling progression of 70 years is thus contained in this context.

The physical total removal of the final Davidic king in 586 BCE, and thus the total absence of any David related Israel “reigning” authority for 70 years Desolation Phase, until the 515-516 BCE “coronation” of Aaronic High Priest Joshua, crowned by Zechariah in Governor Zerubbabel period, Zerubbabel the “son of David” in dual symbolic foregleam at Jerusalem Temple completion (Zech6:9-15; Ps110), concluded that total absence of a divine king in Jerusalem—albeit with a low key “Priest” “King” in Joshua and Davidic Zerubabel as a subservient Judean Governor.

But in time the point will be made, when Christ assumes total true Messianic Kingdom Kingship as High Priest of God’s Complete Temple as Immortal “Melchizedekian” King Priest, with the “Gentile” Globalist 8th King King North World Government completed then put eternally under foot in the Global Sovereign Arena of Armageddon in the future, when the “other guys”, the “powers that were”, get their big “trampling” (Rev19:19-21; Rev14:17-20), once they are complete (Dan8:25; Dan11:45), and stated in global sovereignty (1Thess5:1-3), in their final “one hour” of World Government “Gentile” defiance active (Dan12:11; Rev11:7-13), to the fullness of the whole prophecy. (Rev17:8-18; Rev16:13-20; Rev8-11)

(Psalm 110:1-2) The utterance of Jehovah to my Lord is: “Sit at my right hand Until I place your enemies as a stool for your feet.”  2 The rod of your strength Jehovah will send out of Zion, [saying:] “Go subduing in the midst of your enemies.”

And that is how Christ completes the final portion of God’s Kingdom, the Messianic Kingdom earthly sovereign agency in the future, “in the midst of” his unified-globalized global “enemies”, in the face of the then ruling 8th King World Government, “in their midst”, as well. Christ arrives upon a complete 8th King King North world government in complete form to cap off the ultimate complete showdown of all history for this Adamic “Gentile” era.

The Cyrus emancipation of Israel to place Governor Zerubbabel legally in Judea in 537 BCE marked progression in Jerusalem’s restoration, was the end of the “seven times” of that Davidic King “trampling” for this prophecy “seven times” focus, but with a subservient governor, not a reigning King in Jerusalem. Which thus marks that “seven times” as 70 years in all “Gentile” versus “Jerusalem” parallels by the marked consistency of God using two Gentile “power tools”, and BOTH of their datings, as the dating benchmarks in Nebuchadnezzar 607 BCE and Cyrus 537 BCE—and why Nebuchadnezzar is the first central figure of the Daniel 40 “seven times” prophecy equating to 70 years of the divine permission of Babylon under the Nebuchadnezzar dynasty, and its continued existence.

Nebuchadnezzar’s Main “Seven Times” Application and Thus Benchmark Dating: 607 BCE

The prophecy actually starts with the Nebuchadnezzar ascension marker, everything else is parallel:

(Daniel 4:19) “At that time Daniel himself, whose name is Belteshazzar, was astonished for a moment, and his very thoughts began to frighten him.

(Daniel 4:20-22) “‘The tree that you beheld, that grew great and became strong and the height of which finally reached the heavens and which was visible to all the earth, 21 and the foliage of which was fair, and the fruit of which was abundant, and on which there was food for all; under which the beasts of the field would dwell, and on the boughs of which the birds of the heavens would reside, 22 it is you, O king (Nebuchadnezzar), because you have grown great and become strong, and your grandeur has grown great and reached to the heavens, and your rulership to the extremity of the earth.

(Daniel 4:25) seven times themselves will pass over you(Symbolic upon King Nebuchadnezzar (in foregleam form, seven years), and “seven times” upon the total Babylon 70 year time permission parallel of this period, and this prophecy, also applicable to Babylon’s 70 years in this development under Nebuchadnezzar’s dynasty of the final kings of Babylon and its empire ceased within 70 years—not 86 as present in the Bethel error.)

(Jeremiah 51:59-64) The word that Jeremiah the prophet commanded Seraiah the son of Neriah the son of Mahseiah when he went with Zedekiah the king of Judah to Babylon in the fourth year of his being king; and Seraiah was the quartermaster. 60 And Jeremiah proceeded to write in one book all the calamity that would come upon Babylon, even all these words written against Babylon. 61 Furthermore, Jeremiah said to Seraiah: “As soon as you come to Babylon and actually see [her], you must also read aloud all these words. 62 And you must say, ‘O Jehovah, you yourself have spoken against this place, in order to cut it off so that there may come to be in it no inhabitant, either man or even domestic animal, but that she may become mere desolate wastes to time indefinite.’ 63 And it must occur that when you will have completed reading this book, you will tie to it a stone, and you must pitch it into the midst of the Euphrates. 64 And you must say, ‘This is how Babylon will sink down and never rise up because of the calamity that I am bringing in upon her; and they will certainly tire themselves out.’”

Jerusalem’s Ultimate Parallel “Seven Times” Application

But as Daniel nicely baited Nebuchadnezzar with this seeming support cited below, the “good news” before the bad news so to speak, before dropping the “seven times” bomb on him, that it was he the “seven times” would apply to in Daniel 4:20-22, Daniel says this:

(Daniel 4:19) “Belteshazzar was answering and saying, ‘O my lord, may the dream [apply] to those hating you, and its interpretation to your adversaries.

Thus that is true at the same time, in application upon the “Kingdom of God” as expressed in Jerusalem’s symbol and that of the Judean Davidic kings “chopped down”, as it is also upon Babylon and Nebuchadnezzar’s 70 year “seven times” final dynasty in that “gentile” kingdom to also be “chopped down” by Cyrus in time:

(Daniel 4:23) “‘And because the king beheld a watcher, even a holy one, coming down from the heavens, who was also saying: “CHOP the tree down, and RUIN it. However, LEAVE its rootstock itself in the earth, but with a banding of iron and of copper, among the grass of the field, and with the dew of the heavens let it become wet, and with the beasts of the field let its portion be until seven times themselves pass over it,”

Now by that symbolism of the “rootstock”, we know who the “Sprout” is in the 515-516 BCE Temple completion symbolism, and what Davidic Kingdom “rootstock” he sprouts from, to connect this prophecy finally to the “adversary” of the Babylonian symbol of temporary and divinely numbered gentile earthly rulership:

(Zechariah 6:11-13) And you must take silver and gold and make a grand crown and put [it] upon the head of Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest. 12 And you must say to him, “‘This is what Jehovah of armies has said: “Here is the man whose name is Sprout. And from his own place he will sprout, and he will certainly build the temple of Jehovah. 13 And he himself will build the temple of Jehovah, and he, for his part, will carry [the] dignity; and he must sit down and rule on his throne, and he must become a priest upon his throne, and the very counsel of peace will prove to be between both of them.

The symbol is, in the completed Temple—of the future—is where the Messianic Kingdom Christ “King of kings” and King-Priest will be coronated when the final “seven times” of Revelation 11 is fulfilled after the final 1260 days “two witnesses” completes into the pinnacle “Babylon” “head of gold” world government of the “8th King” “King North” of the future.

That Messianic Kingdom must also complete in the future, thus the import in this “seven times” connection to Zechariah’s prophecy, of completing everything required to enable the full Christ of God final coronation. Christ completes the final Messianic Kingdom and Temple entities in this final “seven times” drive of the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment and then the final pre-Christ-arrival 1260 days, which TOTAL COMPLETION God Almighty Himself finalizes with the placement of Christ as King-Priest of it all as top Kingdom and Temple authority and reality.

And so the “seven times” as “seven years” which resulted in the humbling of Nebuchadnezzar, is a symbol of the Global “Gentile” also coming to know “that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind, and that to the one whom he wants to he gives it” and Jesus Christ is the God anointed Ultimate King this Sovereign right has been, and will be fully given to:

(Daniel 4:24-25) this is the interpretation, O king, and the decree of the Most High is that which must befall my lord the king. 25 And you they will be driving away from men, and with the beasts of the field your dwelling will come to be, and the vegetation is what they will give even to you to eat just like bulls; and with the dew of the heavens you yourself will be getting wet, and seven times themselves will pass over you, until you know that the Most High is Ruler in the kingdom of mankind, and that to the one whom he wants to he gives it.

Thus the whole Daniel 4 prophecy has far greater application from this entire “microcosm” of Babylon versus Jerusalem intrigues, that span further to the Temple completion from 586 BCE to 516 BCE as the symbolism concludes for that era in full summarization. And adding emphasis is that as with the prophecy flow itself, Nebuchadnezzar’s gentile dating benchmark of 607 BCE is the start point of the prophecy “seven times” in 70 years also expressed upon the final divine permission of Babylon, expiring also in “seven times” as 70 years, as further demonstration of the whole prophecy import.

Enter the League of Nations Modern Nebuchadnezzar First Step* to World Government
(*first step of four; see [2])

And thus the theme of Gentile versus Jerusalem is fully set in this prophecy and extendable in the 2520 years “seven times” that just so happened to arrive into the first Gentile World Government designate system global presentation in the League of nations in 1914-1919—that is no accident!

The global stage of the grand finale eventual sovereign conflict between God’s Kingdom, and its ruling Christ, also required to assume Messianic Kingdom completion operations and final “King of kings” placement, and “King Priest” Kingdom-Temple Coronation in the future, is still fully set. It is all still fully valid in divine “seven times” warning, as a final 1260 days warning emerges in time, in the future, prior to complete “8th King” world government defiance in completed form, in the future, as Revelation 8-11 has a final fulfillment cycle, “two” “witnesses”, that is 2×1260 days warning=2520 days or “seven times” and the end of Gentile permission of earthly ruling authority forever.

(Daniel 2:31-35) “You, O king, happened to be beholding, and, look! a certain immense image. That image, which was large and the brightness of which was extraordinary, was standing in front of you, and its appearance was dreadful. 32 As regards that image, its head was of good gold, its breasts and its arms were of silver, its belly and its thighs were of copper, 33 its legs were of iron, its feet were partly of iron and partly of molded clay. 34 You kept on looking until a stone was cut out not by hands, and it struck the image on its feet of iron and of molded clay and crushed them. 35 At that time the iron, the molded clay, the copper, the silver and the gold were, all together, crushed and became like the chaff from the summer threshing floor, and the wind carried them away so that no trace at all was found of them. And as for the (Messianic Kingdom) stone that struck the image, it became a large mountain and filled the whole earth.

And thus as Daniel recalled Nebuchadnezzar’s dream for him, and concluded it as such in another dual fulfillment climax:

(Daniel 2:44-45) “And in the days of those kings the God of heaven will set up a kingdom (a new entity) that will never be brought to ruin. And the kingdom itself will not be passed on to any other people. It will crush and put an end to all these kingdoms, and it itself will stand to times indefinite; 45 forasmuch as you beheld that out of the mountain (God’s Kingdom) a stone (the new kingdom; the Messianic Kingdom) was cut not by hands, and [that] it crushed the iron, the copper, the molded clay, the silver and the gold. The grand God himself has made known to the king what is to occur after this. And the dream is reliable, and the interpretation of it is trustworthy.”

“Babylon” and “Nebuchadnezzar” becomes, again, as in Daniel 4, ultimately the symbol of Globalized “Gentile” Global Government “immense image”, as who the prophecy applies to as well, at its pinnacle “head of gold” location:

(Daniel 2:36-38) “This is the dream, and its interpretation we shall say before the king. 37 You, O king, the king of kings, you to whom the God of heaven has given the kingdom, the might, and the strength and the dignity, 38 and into whose hand he has given, wherever the sons of mankind are dwelling, the beasts of the field and the winged creatures of the heavens, and whom he has made ruler over all of them, you yourself are the head of gold.

Thus that zenith “head of gold” at the top of the whole image, is the “King North” parallel of a whole world government. And so the full progression since the 1990 3rd United Nations presentation to the finale in Daniel 8:23-25 and Daniel 11:40-45 will also converge into final application into that Global “King of Fierce Countenance” and “King North” parallel of the synonymous “8th King” World Government, completed before the King-Priest designate, Jesus Christ, arrives for final Kingdom Coronation by God Almighty Himself, “in the Temple” completion of the future. And then the fur will fly on the “scarlet wildbeast”. But first Christ secures all global sheep as it all arrives into that final Daniel 12:11 final open salvation zone of 1290 days then active to an initial degree.

The stage is set, the Daniel 2 “immense image” merely needs to stand at Armageddon’s “place” (Rev16:13-16) as the full complete and officially stated World Government—the final gentile defiance at truly global “United Nations” scale in the future.

8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

Because Bethel will not divulge that SIMPLE SUMMARY, they are removed first in the process. (1Pet4:17) Bethel is removed first, because corporate Christendom goes down under full world government (Rev17:15-18), as their global scale, with all global religion, is too enormous to be concentrated on at this time. Bethel is the perfect place for a prophetic proportions judgment to occur, and that first and soon. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5; Mal3:1-5; Rev8:3-5)

IT ALL WORKS! GOOD NEWS! The Bethel Time Machine mishap “Bad News” is GOOD NEWS in reality! Thank God through Christ and all His prophets for sticking to the purpose, come hell or high-water, as it still unfolds to Christ arrival, the thing it is leading to!

Sovereign Marker 1914 CE Revisited

And it will in time call attention to 1914 CE, once again (Rev10:11), once God “tramples” apostate Bethel (Dan8:13-14; Dan11:41), also in 70 years of post GB shenanigans since 1944 [1], and 40 years of their usurpation of real anointed Christian input in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry since 1976 [2], for the illegal “in the temple” Reign of Error of the illegal Governing Body of Dictators since 1976 (2Thess2:1-12), as illegal as “gentiles” in God’s temple arrangement, soon to be “cut down” too, but those slick modern Bethel apostates (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12) aint coming back up. (Matt24:15; Dan8:13-14; Isa66:6; Zech3:1-5)

Thus Daniel 8:13-14 is the temple judgment and its phasing, timing (3.19 years minimum) and Bethel “trampling” events that will prove itself first, so Jehovah’s witnesses can be put back on track in time for the final warning. (Rev8-11:1-7)

Of course APOSTATE Bethel is not going to make anything easier or clarify a single thing, they are going to stumble people and beat sheep and their FELLOW slaves! It is all now Apostate Bethel lawless “business as usual”. (Dan11:32-35; 2Thess2:1-12)

But even with the erred event assumption (and subsequent dating 20 year error), it is still a valid 607 BCE DATE and YEAR, it is just the EVENTS that mark that valid date, needed clarification.

In reality it appears the subjugation of Jerusalem was no slam dunk and was a warning in those intrigues, as Jeremiah warned for 40 years, 5 kings of Israel from Josiah, to Jehoahaz, to Jehoiakim, to Jehoiachin to Zedekiah, and finally God had had enough. (2 Kings 24:2 marks Jehoiakim’s reign as the period of activation) Thus God delayed the exile and destruction as a fair warning period that could have been responded to, but was ignored.

(2 Kings 24:1-4) In his days Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon came up, and so Jehoiakim became his servant for three years. However, he turned back and rebelled against him. 2 And Jehovah began to send against him marauder bands of Chaldeans and marauder bands of Syrians and marauder bands of Moabites and marauder bands of the sons of Ammon, and he kept sending them against Judah to destroy it, according to Jehovah’s word that he had spoken by means of his servants the prophets. 3 It was only by the order of Jehovah that it took place against Judah, to remove it from his sight for the sins of Manasseh, according to all that he had done; 4 and also [for] the innocent blood that he had shed, so that he filled Jerusalem with innocent blood, and Jehovah did not consent to grant forgiveness.

(Daniel 1:1-2) In the third year of the kingship of Jehoiakim the king of Judah, Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon came to Jerusalem and proceeded to lay siege to it. 2 In time Jehovah gave into his hand Jehoiakim the king of Judah and a part of the utensils of the house of the [true] God, so that he brought them to the land of Shinar to the house of his god; and the utensils he brought to the treasure-house of his god.

(2 Chronicles 36:5-7) Twenty-five years old was Jehoiakim when he began to reign, and for eleven years he reigned in Jerusalem; and he continued to do what was bad in the eyes of Jehovah his God. 6 Against him Nebuchadnezzar the king of Babylon came up that he might bind him with two fetters of copper to carry him off to Babylon. 7 And some of the utensils of the house of Jehovah Nebuchadnezzar brought to Babylon and then put them in his palace in Babylon.

These Jewish exiles from the Jehoiachin batch of 597 BCE were considered by God to be within the “70 year” time limit of exile:

(Jeremiah 29:1-32) And these are the words of the letter that Jeremiah the prophet sent from Jerusalem to the remainder of the older men of the exiled people and to the priests and to the prophets and to all the people, whom Nebuchadnezzar had carried into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon, 2 after Jeconiah the king and the lady and the court officials, the princes of Judah and Jerusalem, and the craftsmen and the builders of bulwarks had gone forth from Jerusalem.

(Jeremiah 29:10) “For this is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to you people, and I will establish toward you my good word in bringing you back to this place.’

Which was this same 597 BCE exile group:

(Ezekiel 33:21) At length it occurred in the twelfth year, in the tenth [month], on the fifth day of the month of our exile, that there came to me the escaped one from Jerusalem, saying: “The city has been struck down!”

Thus the exile start point could have, but does not have to have been concurrent with the destruction finale of 607 BCE JW “alternate reality” or the 586 BCE real thing. The actual Nebuchadnezzar based Babylonian dynasty timing, and the interference with the natural flow of Davidic kings, is more significant to the Daniel 4 theme, and to the spiritual theme it supports. It is not that there was necessarily more then 70 years of exile, it is that there is plenty of room to fulfill the “seventy years” of repaid Sabbaths in this context, meeting all the requirements and more at the same time, all in God’s jurisdiction of timing and oversight.

But now we also have the “Kingdom” and “Temple” destruction and restoration issue emerging in its related but offset timeframe to connect to the 515-516 BCE restoration events, to cap off the whole sovereign theme and prophetic development with even greater future significance than the current Bethel experiment in alternative reality.

Connecting to Temple Completion, in full Kingdom Significance

1. Kingdom.

In the Kingdom and Temple 586 BCE 70 year “seven times” connection to 515-516 BCE and Governor Zerubbabel’s Davidic line legitimacy, Jehoiachin (Jeconiah) was then the grand father of Zerubbabel by Zerubbabel’s father Shealtiel, Jehoiachin’s son while in captivity, as the Davidic line is maintained. It is an exile context marker as well, as is Jeremiah 29:1-13. (and Daniel 1:1-2, Ezekiel 33:21, Zechariah 1:12)

(Matthew 1:12) After the deportation to Babylon Jeconiah became father to Shealtiel; Shealtiel became father to Zerubbabel;

There is more proof Jehovah started to count his “70 years” exile before the Jerusalem destruction, and we can see others details when we look at ALL the “seventy years” prophecies—and a concurrent exile and total desolation is not required**[4]—they can be offset and still retain the truth! And they are offset to connect to the 516 BCE important Temple completion and Christ King-Priest significance of the future!

(Psalm 110:4-6) Jehovah has sworn (and he will feel no regret): “You are a priest to time indefinite According to the manner of Melchizedek!”  5 Jehovah himself at your right hand Will certainly break kings to pieces on the day of his anger.  6 He will execute judgment among the nations;

2. Temple.

And in the Temple connection of 516 BCE, and Joshua’s Aaronic connection of legitimacy as High Priest, Joshua was High Priest Seraiah’s grand son (killed in Jerusalem), son of Jehozadak, (Hag1:1-2; Zech6:11-13), as the Levitical high priest line is traced back to Aaron (1 Chronicles 6:1-15), all the way forward to Joshua, to the 515-516 BCE completion and coronation ceremony of the second Temple of Jerusalem.

Thus we have a truly legitimate and traced High Priest to then base the “King Priest” foregleam of Jesus Christ upon for the climax of this whole development since 607 BCE:

(Zechariah 6:11) And you must take silver and gold and make a grand crown and put [it] upon the head of Joshua the son of Jehozadak the high priest. 

Now by the Zerubbabel and Joshua Kingdom and Temple maintained pattern, the “King Priest” and Temple Completion issue was foregleamed in 515-516 BCE, with a direct overlapping connection to 586 BCE and the Jerusalem and Temple destruction dual event linking back to 607 BCE and Nebuchadnezzar’s 70 year domination beginning upon King Jehoiakim and the Davidic line’s 70 year disruption.

And thus that era wrapped up perfectly as detailed by Zechariah and Haggai and now strongly linked to those key prophecies from the same key event. Malachi’s further temple judgment prophecy (Mal3:1-5; Zech3:1-5) was in the last prophetic book in the Hebrew portion of the Bible, all leading to the Christ for that Jewish age conclusion set-up, now also tied in. Then the Christian and Revelation wrap up of John, from God, as Christ arrived as foretold, and will do so again, as foretold in all this whole story, upon the same sovereign and prophecy framework as laid there in 607 BCE, projected it all into modern times.

(Revelation 1:1) A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place.

And Jehovah’s witnesses have the valid initial master pattern, the “first witness” (of “two witnesses”), merely being discredit by Bethel error and modern evils, and needing a clarification round once Bethel is sacked in the modern temple judgment coming (Dan8:13-14), as their modern foretold apostasy is fully deposed to also continue be fully exposed in the process (Rev8-9), minus their damage control “stranger’s voice” interference. (John 10; 2Thess2:1-4)

Now we can be totally and absolutely certain the validity of 607 BCE, which still holds, as 1914 speaks for itself in other ways, as WW1 led to the “8th King” world government designate system first presentation (of four) [6] and THAT is no coincidence. NOTHING changes, it just got stronger. 1914-1919 was a true “Gentile versus Jerusalem” demonstrative period of the same theme since Daniel 4!

The final “seven times” are 2520 days, are in the “two” “witnesses”. 2 x 1260 days = 2520 days, “first witness” 1914-1919, and the future “second witness” final witnessing to emerge from the Bethel apostasy judgment. (Dan8:13-14; Rev8-11) And that “seven times” must also complete and it will.

In the meantime 607 BCE is good. 1914 CE is good as well, and re-affirmed by stand alone 1260 days prophecies, and the globalist King North/8th King events that saw the counter-Kingdom “League of Nations”, the very “Gentile” rulership entity, also raise its head as the 1260 days, in “TWO witnesses” two kingdom “witnessings”, will also end up being “seven times” as “October 1914” linked to “stand alone” 1260 day beginning December 1914-1918 to start the 1260 days first round.

But there is a final 1260 days for the “second witness” of the “two witnesses”. [3]


Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 11:2-3, Revelation 12:6,14 and Revelation 13:5-7 also manifested in 1914-1918, and 1914-1919 (Rev11), without any direct reliance on Daniel 4.

And those prophecies manifest again, as the final 1260 days to complete that “seven times” as 2520 days as Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 11:2-3, Revelation 12:14 and Revelation 13:5-7 repeat parallel, while enroute to 8th King world government, and then the Christ arrival, not “the end” (2Thess2:1-2), but the final cycle of Revelation 8-11 and 15-16. [3]

That “seven times” in Revelation 11 “holy city” significance (Rev11:2), coming into full completion, is the finality of the warning and required Kingdom proclamation.

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy again with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

(Revelation 11:2-4) But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary], cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for forty-two months. 3 And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.” 4 These are [symbolized by] the two olive trees and the two lampstands and are standing before the Lord of the earth. (Zechariah connection)

8th King/King North world government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

THAT is the simple main point upon this whole very sovereign conflict theme.

Thus the 607 BCE “70 year” link to Cyrus, 537 BCE, and the offset 586 BCE “70 years” link to Temple completion and Zechariah, Haggai in 515-516 BCE significance, is all doubly “seven times” assured, as God opened the door by Cyrus (Isa45), and that set in stone Global Date of 539-537 BCE, and “70 years” Babylon “Gentile” rule symbol, ended as well.

Cool! All’s good!

Prophetic Harmony Test Chart and Scorecard

*And, no Time Machine required.


Seven Times Detail Landscape – Seventy Years Graphic 607 BCE to 537 BCE 586 BCE to 516 BCE

Seven Times Portrait

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Seven “Seven Times” Global

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Seven Times Seven Global – Color

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Figure 1 – Seventy Years and Offset and Global Sovereign Convergence

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Figure 2 – Detail 1 – Sovereign Convergence

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Figure 3 – Detail 2 – Seven “Seven Times”

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Figure 4 – Detail 3 – Seven Times Initial – Babylon/Jerusalem First 70 Years

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1944: The Governing Body, UN Allied Apostate Leaders of the Implied “Wrong Condition” of Daniel 8:14


1944 Governing Body Birthday—1914-1976 WTBTS Board of Directors Coup Finally Realized


Why TWO Witnesses?


All Seventy Years Prophecies:

Notice there is no exile and desolation concurrent requirement:

(2 Chronicles 36:21) to fulfill Jehovah’s word by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had paid off its sabbaths. All the days of lying desolated it kept sabbath, to fulfill seventy years.

(Daniel 9:2) 2 in the first year of his reigning I myself, Daniel, discerned by the books the number of the years concerning which the word of Jehovah had occurred to Jeremiah the prophet, for fulfilling the devastations of Jerusalem, [namely,] seventy years.

As we see Nebuchadnezzar’s dynasty was also going to be limited to 70 years as well:

(Jeremiah 25:11-12) And all this land must become a devastated place, an object of astonishment, and these nations will have to serve the king of Babylon seventy years.”’ 12 “‘And it must occur that when seventy years have been fulfilled I shall call to account against the king of Babylon and against that nation,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘their error, even against the land of the Chaldeans, and I will make it desolate wastes to time indefinite.

These people were in Jehoiachin’s marked exile, when God told them this:

(Jeremiah 29:10) “For this is what Jehovah has said, ‘In accord with the fulfilling of seventy years at Babylon I shall turn my attention to you people, and I will establish toward you my good word in bringing you back to this place.’

(Daniel 9:1-4) In the first year of Darius the son of Ahasuerus of the seed of the Medes, who had been made king over the kingdom of the Chaldeans; 2 in the first year of his reigning I myself, Daniel, discerned by the books the number of the years concerning which the word of Jehovah had occurred to Jeremiah the prophet, for fulfilling the devastations of Jerusalem, [namely,] seventy years. 3 And I proceeded to set my face to Jehovah the [true] God, in order to seek [him] with prayer and with entreaties, with fasting and sackcloth and ashes. 4 And I began to pray to Jehovah my God and to make confession and to say:

(Zechariah 1:12) So the angel of Jehovah answered and said: “O Jehovah of armies, how long will you yourself not show mercy to Jerusalem and to the cities of Judah, whom you have denounced these seventy years?”

And thus the TEMPLE completion was also a priority for God to mark with 70 years as well, from the first temple destruction to 515-516 BCE.

King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order


Four 8th King UN Cycles to World Government1919-Future

UN 1. 1919 – Rev13:11-15 (Dan12:11 first fulfillment) as League of Nations after WW1;

A. International Bible Students Association (IBSA) explained as prophecy;

UN 2. 1945 – Rev17:8-11 as United Nations after WW2;

A. Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) explained as prophecy;

Unknown and unstated by UN NGO allied Bethel and Jehovah’s witnesses:

UN 3. 1990 – Daniel 11:31b as United Nations “New World Order” Initiative after WW3 (Cold War) (Dan11:29);

A. Covered up by Bethel as UN NGO, not explained as prophecy by any religious group;

[We are Here…]

UN 4. Future – Daniel 11:45; Daniel 8:25; (Daniel 12:11 last fulfillment) as United Nations and World Government after 4th world tribulation/war cycle to come.

A. Not currently explained by Bethel in lieu of a premature “end of the world” deception. (2Thess2:1-2)

B. To be explained after the JW temple judgment desolation, purification and removal of lawless Bethel engineered subversion (2Thess2:1-4; Dan11:30-31; Dan8:11-13);



Major Prophetic Milestones to Armageddon

The Final Phase – Final Prophetic Cycle Periods and Sovereign Meanings

8th King/King North World Government as Simple as Possible

Temple Judgment to World Government to Christ Arrival

End Time Prophecy Coming Milestones To Christ Arrival – Now and of the Future


Four 8th King UN Cycles to World Government – 1919-Future

UN 1. 1919 – Rev13:11-15 (Dan12:11 first fulfillment) as League of Nations after WW1;

A. International Bible Students Association (IBSA) explained as prophecy;

UN 2. 1945 – Rev17:8-11 as United Nations after WW2;

A. Jehovah’s Witnesses (JW) explained as prophecy;

Unknown and unstated by UN NGO allied Bethel and Jehovah’s witnesses:

UN 3. 1990 – Daniel 11:31b as United Nations “New World Order” Initiative after WW3 (Cold War) (Dan11:29);

A. Covered up by Bethel as UN NGO, not explained as prophecy by any religious group;

[We are Here…]

UN 4. Future – Daniel 11:45; Daniel 8:25; (Daniel 12:11 last fulfillment) as United Nations and World Government after 4th world tribulation/war cycle to come.

A. Not currently explained by Bethel in lieu of a premature “end of the world” deception. (2Thess2:1-2)

B. To be explained after the JW temple judgment desolation, purification and removal of lawless Bethel engineered subversion (2Thess2:1-4; Dan11:30-31; Dan8:11-13);

Engineering “World Peace”

Engineering World Peace, Just Like Engineering World War—to Help Sell World Government

Original question:

Will JW Supposed “King North” Russia Take Syria?


The problem with the Russian Federation is it is weak, as in the past there strength is greatly over estimated. Russia just lost control of the pro Moscow government in Kyiv which is now pro Western. The FSB was particularly ineffective there and elsewhere in Ukraine. This is a big loss for Russia. Things have not been going well for the Russian Bear. Worse they cannot live with sustained oil prices under 60 dollars. The economic slowdown in China and Europe are driving oil prices lower, this is very bad economic news for Russia. The truth is they could not even keep let alone take Ukraine which is directly on there boarder which matters far more to Russia than Syria.

Syria and Iraq are like Lebanon in which the previous imposed European nation states have dissolved. They have been replaced by a large number of warlords. ISIS is loathed by Iran, the Saudis, Iraqis, the Turks, the warlord Assad and virtually all other warlords. Pretty much everyone hates ISIS.

Turkey is the real one to watch, they are the critical power that will decide how things will go. The Turks have a modern well equipped million man army.

A weak Russia that wants to be great but physically can’t is the real danger. The other unmentioned threat is conflict is coming to Europe and Europe matters much more.

While it may be fun to indulge in fear manipulation by shoehorned religious fantasies on imagined current events this has nothing to do with actual reality.

That is all part of the “Global Play”.

World Peace Everyone!

1. Expect a HUGE “EPIC WAR” to nicely resolve into the final UN “World Peace” to pitch the World Government totality rising. (1Thess5:1-3; Rev11:7; Rev17:8-13)

2. Expect the EU and US financial meltdowns and transitions into globalist global-wealth pawning (Dan11:42-43), to be blamed on everyone but the Anglo-American globalist corporate and banking system.

A. The 8th King comes after the 7th King has fallen. [1]

B. King North comes into full power after King South becomes a “she” is subservient nation-state system. (Dan11:42-43)

World War is Engineered—World Peace Will also be Engineered—to Pitch World Government

Everything else is just the “global play” and the global distraction for the final cycle use.

What we know from globalism history research is the wealth and elite tier of world power has been puppeteering the nations for massive profits based on world war scale military spending. That PREPARATION is phenomenal in scale in pre-war planning and development required for such massive military multi-national events since 1914 and WW1.

This is aided by increasingly complex, expanding and globalized financial and investment markets and corporate NETWORKS to channel everyone and his mother’s nation-state monies and human resources to the military effort by fueling the global industrial and tech development expansion process, which is put on steroids come “world war” time.

The “Great War” “to end all wars”, or WW1 as it later got named and numbered after WW2, was a unique first example of the cyclic and formulaic use of such massive global-war efforts to re-engineer portions of the national systems, expand the industrial tech and central banking model, fully installing it into combatant and investment supporting nations, and then using it in destructive (WW1,WW2) or constructive phases of “world war” (Cold War (Dan11:29); GWOT).

The skinny is world war is as engineered as is any system, technology, weapon or logistics system that makes it all possible.

It takes intelligent planning to prepare for world war, with massive tech/investment profits, to implement in even more profit, to deploy as a war or world war for more profit, and to “reparation phase” at even more profit, as the elite war machine and its backing financial and investment network expands with the top, now trans-national, corporations that plan the war phases—globalist system profiting the entire time, in every world war cycle, as the national system goes down in debt, is what it means: Intelligent design, compounding cyclically, since especially 1914 and the use of WW1.

Thus “World War” is well engineered, and so will “World Peace” be engineered, by the selfsame globalizing “engineers”, come the time to sell everyone on earth the WORLD GOVERNMENT “global solution” after a good crisis and scare.

It is a global con game.

Russia and China elites are as “in on” it as the Anglo-American elites, it is all a global-elite-team effort. When the coming “world war” resolves after a few years, no matter how it may manifest hot, warm, or cold, and it will, they will all come out as the World Government UN Elite Kings.

No wonder they are all “in on it” (Dan11:36-39), some people do in fact “want to rule the world” FOR REAL.

Russia and China Very Nicely NATO Pre-Positioned

NATO Unified Combatant Command

To see Russian and Chinese global pre-positioning for eventual Global NATO unification, all one has to do is look at the Global NATO Unified Combatant Command map** of planet Earth, to see what they are doing. The clue is NATO is already running their spheres of Anglo American empire power, but look at Russia and Chinese positioning**.

Now if one looks at the 6 NATO global commands**, we see how Russia (USEUCOM) and China (USPACOM) are very conveniently positioned in their own massive spheres of eventual NATO alliance and domination for the team world government effort:


Think that is all “accidental” how Russia and China just so happen to be poised in their own enormous global domination sectors?

Global NATO Convergence into World Government

World War, Then World Government, Easy Peasy Japaneasy—Play the Nations Like a Fiddle

As we look at ALL the world war cycles, whether hot or “cold” (Dan11:29), THREE SO FAR, we know they ALL RESOLVED very conveniently into a UN “we must have world peace” pitch of the “image of the wildbeast” globalist elite world governmental nucleus in formation, ALL THREE TIMES!

We weren’t born yesterday folks; this is the FOURTH CYCLE coming up, 1-2-3-4, of just such a convenient global-formula cycle to push World Government and its “world peace” supposed objective.

So expect a final George Bush Sr. foretold “epic war”…

“Because the cold war’s battle of ideas is not the last epic battle…”

(UN General Assembly; October 1, 1990)

…expect it to run its massive course (Rev13:3; Dan11:40-41), and:

1. Expect a grand finale world war “sword stroke” (Rev13:3) with Russia and China as the focus “bad guys” (along with Islam/Iran for the “Global Crusade” effect)…

2. Expect Russia and China to eventually and conveniently “capitulate” by pre-planned design into a TRUE GLOBAL UN-NATO, and…

3. Expect the fourth UN global-presentation to be in “World Peace everyone!” (1Thess5:1-3) mode (Isa41:1), to then be the complete “Scarlet Wildbeast” “8th King”/”King North” world government system.

4. Expect that World Government to rebrand the UN and NATO in some nice Global Buzzterm “New World Order” “world peace for all” wholesomeness sales pitch, in a “sword stroke-to-healing” recovering post world war world government “ascension” (Rev17:8-13),

5. Expect the UN to seem to go down into an “abyss” of inaction, and then “admiringly” “revive” (Rev17:8) from that coming Global “Sword Stroke” to, all so very very conveniently and “admirably” “heal” (Rev13:3), and relieve everyone with great global hopefulness as foretold (rather than “WW3” “doomsday”), to sell their World Government and its 666 of allegiance to everyone they can (Rev13:15-18) at global scale. (Dan8:25; Dan11:45)

It Is All a Global Formula and a Con

A. Their “World Peace” is based on a global military NATO-centric monopoly, a “Supreme Global Court” “United Nations” for world peace and world government, and all the “participating” nations (Rev17:11-18), ALL of them, fully financially and militarily pawned into also a “World Government” sector of financial wealth control. (Dan11:42-43)

B. All the global elites in the Anglo-American system, the Asian system, and the Russian and European system are all already “in on it” since 1914 and “World War 1”, for this now predictable and foretold purpose: A final Global Government opposed to God’s Kingdom. (Rev16:13-16)

C. (That is also when Global “Babylon the Great” Religion is deposed. (Rev16:12,20; Rev19:1-2; Rev17:15-18; Rev18))

D. But that is the perfect and required time for Christ to also arrive. (Matt24:29-31; Rev11:11-12; Rev14; Rev19:11-21)

Kick the Super-Universal Lion

6. At that “world government” time, THEN EXPECT Christ to show up, when they are completed (Rev16:13-16; Rev17:8-13), stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11) and ready (Dan8:25; Dan11:45), for the real “World War” with the Kingdom of God and the Messianic Kingdom of Christ in the Daniel 12:11 finale Armageddon period.

In The Meantime

They have to run a fourth cycle.

Then they will engineer world peace, just as they controlled and engineered world war.

They are 1-2-3-4 predictable now, because this is the FOURTH time they will use the same cycle to pitch their UN Jalopy to everyone, UN1-2-3-4, but this time in true global authority and fully globalized “gathering” (Rev16:13-16) under complete global World Government reality. (Rev18:8-18)

Everything else in the Islam this, Russia that, blah blah distraction phase, is all to distract and freak people out and stress the nations with a mega-global-crisis “tribulation of those days” context, as they down the 7th King King South system to subservience instead, while, diverting the attention of everyone.

Then in climax form, they “all become friends” for the “world peace” “golden age of mankind”, as they highlight the World Government “solution”, as before. Predictable now.

But for now the Anglo-American elites (Rev13:11-15) and their pals in Saudi, Russia and China (Dan11:39, etc) can run the FINAL CYCLE as well prepared, and pre-planned, instead, not for “doomsday” that many will be hyped to expect (like JWs; 2Thess2:1-12), but for hopeful global healing (Rev13:3) into UN centered world government and its final “world peace” requirement. (1Thess5:1-3)

WHAT a relief everyone! (Rev13:3) We do really all love each other! ALL hail World Government! Hip Hip Hooray! (1Thess5:1-3 signal)


And that is when we can expect God (Zeph3:8-9) and Christ (Rev16:17-20, Rev11:11-12 begins Rev14 final sequence), to literally “drop in” to the globally set World Sovereignty Arena, to become well warned before this occurs (Rev9-11), and as already long foretold, for this global sovereign confrontation OF ALL TIME! Arma-gedder-done by God and Christ! (Rev19:11-21; Dan2:31-45; Joel3:9-17; Rev11:15-18; Ps2; Ps110; Rev20:1-3)

(To aid this global nap now prevalent, this is why Bethel concealed the 1990 3rd UN event (Dan11:31b; Dan8:23), UN 1-2-3, actually enroute to UN1-2-3-4 (Dan11:31-45; Dan8:23-25).

That helps people NOT see the THREE CYCLES that >>>already ran<<< their FORMULAIC BIG PROFIT COURSE, for a UN “we need world peace” pitch primer. Instead the dated, yet still significant, WW1-to-League and WW2-to-UN has all gone to the back of the mind, so people lose sight of the UN1-2-3, and the UN1-2-3-4 reality as long as possible.)


The Four UN Cycles


Comment: what makes you think Russia is the king of the north? is it because Russia is north of Israel?

King North Globalized System

I think the globalist forming world government system is “King of the North”. The nation-state global system is “King of the South”.

King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

Everything else is a decoy and distracting “global play” in the nation-state “King South” global domain.

“”The real King South and King North have simplified in meaning, yet the symbols have gone truly global in scope:

1. King South is the Global National System, or the Nation-State based “Old World Order”;

2. King North is the Anglo-American Globalist guided Globalization core Elite World Government System, or the Globalist “New World Order”;””



USSR-to-Russia JW Decoy

The USSR of the past, and maybe Russia next, will be a “King North” hoax decoy for JWs…

Russia Framed as King North—The Purpose

to make JWs think “the end is here brothers!” to be misled into various stalling intrigues “at that time”. (WT11/15/13; pg. 20, par. 17, #3)

Some others out there also consider Russia to be a possible “King North. JWs still think a national puppet power, actually of the “King South” global-national-system “play”, COULD EVER BE THE REAL “King North” global gold (Dan11:42-43) and eventual world ruler. (Dan11:45; Dan8:25; Rev17:11-18)

Of course the REAL “King North” is the 8th King final world ruling system of the future: World Government.

The “King South” Nation-State System “Play”

IN REALITY the national-conflict distractions are all just squabbling “King South” “old world order” system puppets, all politically puppeteered in order to run the globalist controlled “global world war play”.

Once the “world war play” “miraculously resolves”, it all eventually, very conveniently, resolves into the final true “King North” United Nations centered WORLD GOVERNMENT grand finale presentation (after the world war resolves), very nicely rebranded and re-packaged for “world peace everyone!” World Government.

The “doomsday” impression passing (Rev13:3), then inspires AMPED UP great global relief, hopefulness and acceptance of the World Government “World Peace” system, as per design and formulaic con. (1Thess5:1-3)

The Final Cycle “Global Play” of the Future

The US/NATO versus everyone and his mother impression and reality, is all just for the distracting effect of “the global play” to cloak the final cycle true intent—WORLD GOVERNMENT—as long as possible. It is all just a distracting diversion, but this one will be the biggest one, because not only is Russia potentially involved with China, the Iran “Islam” dimension is ALSO active.

So this is a unique global cycle preparing to run in a number of ways including nation-state debt pawning, massive global financial system “transition” and social unrest ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

This final cycle will be the “tribulation of those days” Global Doozy of a cycle for such “chaos” reasons to birth the “New World” “Order” from. All very predictable now.

The real King North is the Anglo-American engineered globalist super-corporate controlled system. Russia will have to join it, with everyone else.

8th King World Peace—Guaranteed

8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

Because Bethel will not divulge that SIMPLE SUMMARY, they are removed first in the process. Bethel is removed first, because Christendom goes down under world government (Rev17:15-18), their global scale is too enormous to be concentrated on at this time. Bethel is the perfect place for a prophetic proportions judgment to occur, and that first and soon. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5; Mal3:1-5; Rev8:3-5)

World War 4 to World Peace 4

Future Global War “Sword-Stroke” to Define UN Peace Keeping “Abyss” Impotence— Sets the Global Stage for the “Healing” “Ascension” of Full 8th King World Government


Comment: Russia king of the north???

Did the wt or you reinstated Russia back to the king if the north ?

Just asking

I am speculating Bethel will, come JW coup time.

Russia is just a King South nation-state system puppet (Dan11:27b), in the meantime a JW decoy “King North”.

So I did that title to attract JW attention, then I can explain how globalization based globalist system world government is what “King North” really is.

The “8th” and final “King” parallel.

JWs are under the Bethel delusion that “King North” was the USSR. But when the USSR “failed” so did their “King North” potential. (Dan11:36)

Until the ops at Bethel are deposed, JWs will continue to be misled for capture***, instead, by use of the King North DECOY they are still accepting from apostate Bethel.



8th King World Government Rise with 7th King Nation State Fall

King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

8 Kings: Why the 7th King Anglo-American National System Must “Fall”

The End of National Sovereignty, Not The End of the World

***Your Deliverance is Getting Near!—The Question is: Deliverance to What?

Daniel 11 Merges Into Daniel 12 In the Future

Daniel 11:40-45 Final Cycle Culmination Must Converge into Daniel 12 Final Fulfillment


Progressive King North global power development must culminate into World Government over the final cycle.

Daniel 11:40-45 One Time Prophecy Must Merge into Daniel 12 Repeating Prophecy
(Daniel 12:1) And during that time Michael will stand up, the great prince who is standing in behalf of the sons of your people. And there will certainly occur a time of distress such as has not been made to occur since there came to be a nation until that time. And during that time your people will escape, every one who is found written down in the book. 
Daniel 11:40-45—One Time; Final Cycle Prior to World Government Daniel 12—Repeats; World Government to Christ Arrival  Revelation8/16—Repeats; Christ Arrival Gauge in Seven Trumpets and Plagues
Daniel 12:1 “During that time” of Daniel 11:40-45 convergence Original 1914-1919 Pattern Repeats Trumpets Plagues
Daniel 11:40-43 Global Context First Time of Distress/Tribulation of Those Days Revelation 16 First 4 Plagues Global Context Rev8—Temple Rev16—Global
Daniel 11:41 Temple Invasion Daniel 8:13 “Trampling” of Temple Judgment Starting—3.19 Years (1Pet4:17) Revelation 8—Temple Judgment Rev8:3-5 activates P1-P4
Daniel 8:13-14 3.19 Years “Evening” Events and Timing First Christ Temple “Stand” Prelude (Mal3:1-4) Revelation 8:3-5 P2
Temple Judgment “Evening” 3.19 Years Begins P3
Temple must be cleansed “right condition” before the 1260 days can begin. (Dan8:14; Zech3:1-5)
Daniel 11:42-43 Global Wealth Control Prelude Developments to Daniel 12:7 1260 Days Revelation 8 First 4 Trumpets Context P4
Revelation 13:3—Global “Sword Stroke” to “Healing” Develops T1
Revelation 17:8-13—World Government “Wildbeast” “Plunge” to “Ascension” Develops T2
Revelation 13:15-18 Global “Buying and Selling” Control Develops T3
Temple Judgment “Evening” 3.19 Years Ends T4
“Healing” Upswing May Be Temple Recovery Parallel Christ Temple Arrival—Temple Cleansed
Final Warning Prelude Temple Recovery Revelation 9 Activates T5
Daniel 8:14 “Morning” 3.19 Year Phase Begins Trumpets 5-6 Declare First 4 Trumpet Meaning T6 P5
Zechariah 3:4-5 Purification P6
Malachi 3:1-5 Clarification
Isaiah 6:6-9
Daniel 8:14 “Morning” 3.19 Year Phase Ends
Final Warning Commission Final “Little Scroll” Commission
Revelation 10:5-11
Zechariah 3:6-9
Matthew 24:45-47
Daniel 12:7 1260 Days Begins Two Witnesses Final Warning Deployed Revelation 11:1-7
Revelation 11:2-3
1260 Days Expires
Daniel 11:44 King North  Attack Agenda to World Government Daniel 8:25 “Bring many to ruin” Parallel Two Witnesses Deposed Rev11:7
1 Thessalonians 5:1-3—World “Peace and security” World Government Proclamation Daniel 8:25 “during a “Freedom from care” Parallel Four Winds Period Under World Government “3.5 Days” Final Segway Begins 
Revelation 11:7—Final Sealing Accomplished by Final Warning Mission Completion
Daniel 11:45 World Government Complete Daniel 12:11 1290 Days Begins Revelation 11:8-10 “3.5 Days” Merges Into Daniel 12:11
Daniel 12:11 Dual Criteria Activation of 1290 Days
“Plant palatial tents” 1 “Place the disgusting thing” as World Government
“Tribulation of those days” ends with Global “Sword Stroke” “Healing” into World Government Presentation 2 “Constant Feature” removed as Two Witnesses Cessation (Rev11:7)
Christ Arrival—Final “Stand” into Messianic Kingdom Completion Revelation 14:1 P7
Matthew 24:29-31 Revelation 11:11-12
Revelation 6:12-17 Revelation 7 Completions
Revelation 19:11-14
Judgments Overseen by Christ in Messianic Kingdom Kingship Christ Completes Ministry (Rev14:6-7) Revelation 14:6-16
King North Final Attacks Matthew 29:31—Sheep Secured Revelation 14:14-16
1 Two Witnesses Deposed (completes first, already accomplished) Sheep Secured Throughout These Final Developments Matthew 25:31-40
2 General Global 666 Campaign (Rev13:15-18)
3 Babylon the Great Deposed (Rev17:15-18; Rev16:19)
1290 Days Ends
Armageddon Christ Global Conquest Revelation 11:15-19 T7
8th King/King North Deposed
Messianic Kingdom 1000 Year Reign Begins



Low resolution image


Bethel’s Armageddon Hoax Basics

Bethel’s Armageddon Hoax Basics

Comment: I expect the behavior and mood is weird maybe even bizarre [among Jehovah’s witnesses] from all the changes being made recently and anticipation of more changes coming. Really would like to know their thoughts at Bethel or has any of it sinking in that these changes are from God and it is not a welcoming change but a judgment of extermination. Of course it is persecution and not from any criminal acts on the part of the Watchtower who is god on paper in a printing company.

The Overall Premature “The End” Delusion Now Used by Bethel For Future 7th King Downfall Cycle Meaning Concealment

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-2) However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. (way too soon)

It’s going to take an awake and discerning JW to see through this actual Bethel setup for the “trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14 as Daniel 11:41—and they have to be aided by God to see the final apostasy prophecy NOW fulfilling at Bethel with explicit Daniel 8 and 11 UN ties to 1990 3rd UN global presentation and the Bethel UN NGO of Matthew 24:15 signal meaning made explicit in 1990 Bethel developments, come to full light in 2001 UN NGO global news.

Bethel has a perfect “the end” delusion deep in the JW head.

So JWs can think all this is because the GB Seers “know how close it is! How exciting!!!!” “IT’S CLOSE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!” PARADISE PIC NICS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!


Of course the Globalist Killers in the GB mean “deliverance” as Hitler would have meant it, to modern US Globalist Modern “Nazi” FEMA system, and such related traps setup globally to scoop up JWs systematically. (Hos1:4-7 states God will give them Bethel, but NOT JWs Globally! It sis the foretold Temple Judgment prelude development of the REAL Daniel 8:13-14.)

This is DEAD SERIOUS!!!!

So they want to amp up the “GB Prophets” effect, as well, to a GB “Pied Piper” Climax of Credibility in the future, among the Global JW Lemmings. They want to make those Globalist Bethel Deadbeats look like real prophets by MAJOR GLOBALIST WORLD EVENT SYNCHRONIZATION.

So the GB Final Forecast will be 100% based on internal globalist planning shared by Bethel and King North (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12), to make these final “connections” to prophecy for JWs LOOK AND FEEL totally REAL, for the Global JW Hoax to manifest in full actual form at GLOBAL SCALE of world event context. (Dan11:41-43)

So the External Globalists know just what to manifest with Russia and the “Coalition of Nations” DECOYS to make it look REAL, and OFF THE CHARTS for total hyped JW ADRENALINE as “foretold” by the Bethel Internal Globalist Puppets at Bethel! (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12) ALL acting in concert to manifest the full Global JW “The End” Hoax! (During Daniel 8:13-14 anti-JW-org events as Daniel 11:41)

So the FIRST BETHEL HOAX SETUP is selling Bethel’s Judgment as if “The End” Signal altogether!

If you think JWs clam up their minds now to the truths of the GB UN Apostates (Dan11:32a), just wait until that collective JW mind goes into a FRENZY of FALSE EXPECTATIONS, fanned to a furnace by the final GB tricks, WITH REAL GLOBAL EVENTS OF A MASSIVE GLOBAL NATURE!.

We know from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 the general delusion of a premature end is a signal to look for. We KNOW FULL WELL Bethel is promoting HEAVILY this “The End” delusion among JWs, in DETAIL of key prophecies, and in general uninformed expectations. That is they bypass the required 7th King fall, by keeping JWs totally out of date as far as global reality and modern prophecy, since 1990.

As you know Bethel has a few misapplied prophecy “HANDLES” deep into the JW mind, to latch on to for Globalist use “at that time” (WT 11/15/13) to TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THESE specific Armageddon Hoax, and premature end delusion general atmosphere, now deep in the JW psyche, to manifest it in the near future to better control and dupe JWs “at that time”:

WT quote (WT 11/15/2013, pg. 20, par. 17, #3):

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.

Obviously Bethel is planning to use the org, to herd JWs to capture.

And cancel the JW ministry also prematurely:

WT quote (WT 07/15/2015, pg. 16, par. 9):

9 This will not be the time to preach the “good news of the Kingdom.” That time will have passed. The time for “the end” will have come! (Matthew 24:14) No doubt God’s people will proclaim a hard-hitting judgment message. This may well involve a declaration announcing that Satan’s wicked world is about to come to its complete end.

Now we can know these DECOYS and their events will be, in time, used to CONNECT those Bethel misapplied prophecies’ and their JW-BRAIN-HANDLES, to upcoming Globalist provided MAJOR Global Events with the Key Final Global-Hoax Players (BUT very REAL events), to MATCH PERFECTLY the baited JW EXPECTATIONS. But SOON, aided by REAL HUGE Global developments BIG TIME!!!

Global JW “The End” Super-Hoax

But these are the specific set ups we know they can use in the future on JWs:

HOAX 1: Attack on Bethel is The End Signal Brothers!!!

1. The first Super Hoax event is the Bethel “Trampling” of Daniel 8:13, that Bethel will sell to JWs as “The End of the World Brothers!!” It has to come with the DECOY “King North” “Russia” and the “Coalition of Nations” DECOY developments to be brewing with the coming “attack on Bethel” real events, manifesting in some manner in very real anti-JW-org events coming up in tangent with the final global cycle just beginning, for selling Bethel’s Judgment of God, as if “The End” Signal altogether!

2. That way they sell the REQUIRED Bethel Temple Judgment signal “Trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14 and Daniel 11:41 actual Daniel 11 position, as if “Daniel 11:44 ATTACK Brothers!!!!!”. But it will be a DECOY and a HOAX, it is only at Daniel 11:41 in reality, going full blown “at that time”, “soon, very soon”; (WT 11/15/13, pg. 20, par. 17, #3; WT 7/15/15 “Your Deliverance is Getting Near” article Recent “The End” Attack on Bethel baiting programming.)

3. Babylon the Great Decoy:

A. So Bethel has JWs expecting an “attack on Bethel” “soon, very soon”.

B. They use the premature Babylon the Great expectation to also cloak these coming events on Bethel. The “attack on Babylon the Great” is a broad cloaking Hoax 1 aiding DECOY. (BTG+Christendom Totality has to go down under full World Government, for a number of reasons, a number of years after Bethel goes down first. (1Pet4:17).)

HOAX 2. “Expect Daniel 11:44 Next Brothers!”

1. This King North “USSR” error can now be Revisited and amped up with FUTURE Russia, and or the “Coalition of Nations” developments now nearing something. This is hanging JWs too far into Daniel 11. Daniel 11:41 is what must come fully on Bethel visible globally. But they are already “entered” to keep Daniel 11 un-updated to King North World Government final cycle of Daniel 11:42-45. (Dan12:11);

Russia Framed as King North—The Purpose

HOAX 3. Gog of Magog is a Handy Coalition of Nations Brothers!

1. Now they just updated Gog, to conveniently align with King North potential “Coalition of Nations” who the Globalists can now create global events to make it look like those entities. But we are far from KN and Gog who must come under World Government final attack on the cleansed and updated Two Witnesses finale.

2. So the Globalists can create future events to fit the bill, and that will put JWs into a TOTAL “End of the World” Mental Frenzy! That Super-Hype on Steroids come the time for this to go into Global Overdrive,  aids the “Obey Obey Obey and Be Saved” BULL for the GB Globalist Pied Pipers to now play Moses, or whatever they have planned for those actors.

Next King North Hoax, Now “Gog” Primed For JWs

HOAX 4. Possible “Peace and Security” HOAX!

1. Now that the globalists KNOW this “peace and security” statement is expected by way more Christians than just JWs, it may be too good to pass up to aid a GLOBAL HOAX of hyped up premature end expectations. We have to see when they may use this. No doubt Bethel has drilled this into JW heads as the “leading signal” for them to expect if used globally.

It would have to be also a Global Hoax Baiting development, if it is used, based on this general premature end atmosphere also prevalent in the “Doomsday” minded global atmosphere of deep uncertainty today. So it has a very broad potential audience to also hype up with “the end” expectation way too soon.

Bethel Delusional 1-2-3 Formula Versus Prophetic and Global Reality

TOTAL GLOBAL “Doomsday” Expectation

And so we actually have a TOTAL GLOBAL “Doomsday” Expectation in place, for everyone, to hype and confuse many people in the start of the final cycle. The worse it looks, the better will look the recovery. The DOOM EFFECT, which JWs aid in their own way, aids the eventual Global “Healing” recovery cycle, the more doomful they can make it all look for the “sword stroke” phase of total doomsday hyping:

(Revelation 13:3) And I saw one of its heads as though slaughtered to death, but its death-stroke got healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with >>admiration<<.

Which admiration is also amplified by the parallel UN recovery “ascension” also taking advantage of the global hopefulness this turn around will instead produce:

(Revelation 17:8) The wild beast that you saw was, but is not, and yet is about to ascend out of the abyss, and it is to go off into destruction. And when they see how the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present, those who dwell on the earth will >>wonder admiringly<<, but their names have not been written upon the scroll of life from the founding of the world.

And by that it all makes the Final Complete World Government Global Presentation all the more hopeful and “Admirable” so people follow the Wildbeast as a “savior” and the counterfeit of God’s Kingdom, also a DECOY aided by use of false prophetic application, to hype up premature expectations globally before this unfolds taking full advantage of all the doomsday hype to recovery effect. Of course JWs are now aiding this “The End” Hype, when the prophecy is clear on the final outlined forecast to complete World Government required BEFORE Christ arrives.

Knowing THAT TRUTH, is of course very important now and later, and very simple to summarize:

World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

THAT is the simple main point that Bethel is covering up for their Globalists King North Masters.

But I think that they want to create an “End of the World” Armageddon Hoax, and it will have some enormous global events, and a period of time during the Daniel 8:14 timing, to make it all LOOK AS REAL AS THEY CAN MAKE IT LOOK to the global masses; to confuse them, control them, and confuse the temple ministry recovery as long as they can. (And to conceal the final World Government intent, until they are full ready to present it in total global irreversibility.

But with the “healing” period, can also come a final warning emergence just as the real World Government goal is becoming also globally known, before they complete the Final Abomination in global totality of the entire Revelation 17:8-13 Global “Ascension” of World Government. (And then the two witnesses cessation also completed, and the BTG judgment of Revelation 17:15-18, AFTER World Government completes.

By mass prophecy failure, year over year, starting with Bethel first, they will discredit all Christian prophecy in that process of global scale disappointments, when instead the real Signal UN “World Peace” of World Government [2] of the real 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 will emerge, under World Government, as people start to “admire” it and say “it wasn’t that bad, we survived!” “enough of all that Christian doomsday prophecy already!!! we have world peace!” “celebrate the World Government!!!

And that is why the FORETOLD KN Bethel UN-Attaché is also covering up the simpler final cycle meaning and certainty.

World Government and Premature “Fulfillment” of Prophecy

In depth examination of the Bethel delusion of “the end” too soon complex:

Bethel Hoax: Premature End Expectation

Bethel’s Main Delusion: The End is Near, Jehovah’s Day is Here! – is a Signal of The Final Apostasy


Ten Virgins and Temple Judgment—”Your Deliverance is Getting Near” Hoax Setup


King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

8th King World Peace—Guaranteed

The “Pure Language”—One Global Human Language After World Government Deposed

The “Pure Language”—One Global Human Language After World Government Deposed

Take the “pure language” thing as an example of a spiritual concept that instead stalls in the JW cul de sack. I understand the concepts mean well, but in time the concept stalls and ends up eclipsing the reality:

(Zephaniah 3:8-9) Therefore keep yourselves in expectation of me,’ is the utterance of Jehovah, ‘till the day of my rising up to [the] booty, for my judicial decision is to gather nations, for me to collect together kingdoms, in order to pour out upon them my denunciation, all my burning anger; for by the fire of my zeal all the earth will be devoured.

9 For then I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language, in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder.’

What is the main real point of verse 9 “I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language” that now does not progress beyond the JW buzzterm “pure language”?

Well when did God intervene the last time as connected to the confusion of the languages in the first place?

Here, at the first attempt at world government based on one human language:

(Genesis 11:1-9) . . .Now all the earth continued to be of one language and of one set of words. 2 And it came about that in their journeying eastward they eventually discovered a valley plain in the land of Shinar, and they took up dwelling there. 3 And they began to say, each one to the other: “Come on! Let us make bricks and bake them with a burning process.” So brick served as stone for them, but bitumen served as mortar for them. 4 They now said: “Come on! Let us build ourselves a city and also a tower with its top in the heavens, and let us make a celebrated name for ourselves, for fear we may be scattered over all the surface of the earth.”

5 And Jehovah proceeded to go down to see the city and the tower that the sons of men had built. 6 After that Jehovah said: “Look! They are one people and there is one language for them all, and this is what they start to do. Why, now there is nothing that they may have in mind to do that will be unattainable for them. 7 Come now! Let us go down and there confuse their language that they may not listen to one another’s language.” 8 Accordingly Jehovah scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth, and they gradually left off building the city. 9 That is why its name was called Babel, because there Jehovah had confused the language of all the earth, and Jehovah had scattered them from there over all the surface of the earth.

And what was that? A first World Government attempt; that is what God “broke up” in non destructive means, by means of the multiplication of human languages by divine miracle.

So when it says “I shall give to peoples the change to a pure language”, it means the return of one language on Earth, for the purpose of unity. And the same reason why God confused the original language, because its unity for the purpose of a global government had to be thwarted, and delayed. The delay time is what is expiring now into a final world government attempt.

So when it says “for my judicial decision is to gather nations, for me to collect together kingdoms”, contrary to that very “gathering” thing they attempted in Genesis 11:1-9 “let us make a celebrated name for ourselves, for fear we may be scattered over all the surface of the earth” in defiance of the command of God to disperse globally:

(Genesis 9:1) And God went on to bless Noah and his sons and to say to them: “Be fruitful and become many and fill the earth.

God has an allowance, a divine “judicial decision” to allow that final gathering into that World Government to completion for the final intervention setup globally.

(Daniel 11:27) “And as regards these two kings (national and globalist final world power development), their heart will be inclined to doing what is bad, and at one (global sovereign) table a lie is what they will keep speaking. But nothing will succeed (as far as partial national blocs), because [the] end is yet for the time appointed.)

(Daniel 11:36) . . .And he will certainly prove successful until [the] denunciation will have come to a finish (at Armageddon after Daniel 11:45 World Government completes convergent into Daniel 12:11 final fulfillment); because THE THING DECIDED UPON MUST BE DONE.

(Habakkuk 2:3) For [the] vision is yet for the appointed time, and it keeps panting on to the end, and it will not tell a lie. Even if it should delay, keep in expectation of it; for it will without fail come true. It will not be late.

(Daniel 9:26) . . .And until [the] end there will be war; what is decided upon is desolations.

Yet “wars and reports” of wars active globally means “the end” cannot come under such a state:

(Matthew 24:6) you are going to hear of wars and reports of wars; see that you are not terrified. For these things must take place, but the end is not yet. (see also Luke 21:9)

So at a time of global signal peace, is when “the end” comes, hence:

(1 Thessalonians 5:1-3) Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, you need nothing to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know quite well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. 3 Whenever it is that they are saying: “Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly upon them just as the pang of distress upon a pregnant woman; and they will by no means escape.

(Also see Daniel 8:25b “[[during]] a freedom from care” as this same “world peace” period signal)

And that peace comes when the Revelation 16:13-16 full global “gathering” into globalized world government, permitted by divine “judicial decision” permission, occurs for the purpose of the use by those “disgusting thing” world government engineers of desolations, to then engineer their final developmental selling hope of World Government, by then ceasing the “desolations” by wars they themselves engineer.

It will be “desolations” until the national sovereign conflict arena “old world order” is neutralized for the “new world order”, by one global sovereign system monopoly; 8th King, King North synonymous as World Government.

And that is why God’s “judicial” decision is to permit them to complete the globalization gathering:

(Revelation 16:13-16) And I saw three unclean inspired expressions [that looked] like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and perform signs, and they go forth to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty. … 16 And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Har–Magedon.

Globalization is the main “inspired expression” of the main global force in globalization to progressively produce that global “gathering of nations” “collect together kingdoms” at global scale of “united nations” to the full of World Government:

(Daniel 11:45) …And he will plant his palatial tents …(Dan12:11 final “place the disgusting thing”)

(Revelation 17:12-13) 12 “And the ten horns that you saw mean ten kings, who have not yet received a kingdom, but they do receive authority as kings one hour (world government reign in completion) with the wild beast. 13 These have one thought, and so they give their power and authority to the wild beast.

At which time Zephaniah 3:8 fulfills, at which time God and Christ conquer the rival system:

(Revelation 11:15) And the seventh angel blew his trumpet. And loud voices occurred in heaven, saying: “The kingdom of the world did become the kingdom of our Lord and of his Christ, and he will rule as king forever and ever.”

Then God can complete the intervention by the same means to “reset” the languages back to one “pure language” so that under the Messianic Kingdom the sole language can aid the objective “in order for them all to call upon the name of Jehovah, in order to serve him shoulder to shoulder” as aided by that unified language basis, which Satan tried to take advantage of by Nimrod in Genesis 10-11 millenniums prior with the his own global sovereign goal.

So Bethel’s foretold internal subverters (Dan8:12), from the expert engineers of that rival system (Dan11:32a), have entered a valid Christian spearhead ministry, to use these concepts to remain stalled in these conceptual principles, while bypassing the ultimate world government meaning of the summary it is actually leading to.

Be versatile, and focus on God and Christ and the Bible, because weird stuff is coming on Bethel, as they are in fact COVERING UP the final phase meaning of the dialectic use of the global wars and “desolations” “PROBLEM”, used in time to then resolve, like an 8th King miracle, to instead present the world government “SOLUTION” in full, in this final DRAWN OUT MULTI-YEAR PROCESS and it is all simply in prophecy.

Prophecy now COVERED UP by especially these latest post 1990 Bethel stalling and subversion developments in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry. (That UN NGO is THE “Red Scarlet Flag”! (Matt24:15), it is NOT innocent and accidental. (Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”; Daniel 11:31 3rd UN placement related.)

STAY ALERT (Because they are out also beyond Bethel, into branches, and even some congregations.)

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The Governing Body Experiment—1944 to Present

The Governing Body Experiment—1944 to Present

Governing Body 1976

The “Governing Body” coup of 1976 is a purposeful development utilizing the 1944 introduction of the “governing body” idea (among JWs). The “idea” is that Acts 15 describes a “governing body” in some sort of supreme authority and perpetuity, which idea  is actually originally from Christendom, which self-same “rule by committee” concept and entity also played a guiding role in how that ship went well off course.

And if we notice in Acts 15, a “body” is not mentioned at all. In fact the SEPARATE entities of the emergency meeting were listed as apostles, older men, and even the “congregation” was involved in the decision:

(Acts 15:2) But when there had occurred no little dissension and disputing by Paul and Barnabas with them, they arranged for Paul and Barnabas and some others of them to go up to the apostles and older men in Jerusalem regarding this dispute.

(Acts 15:22) Then the apostles and the older men together with the whole congregation favored…

Now the point is the “itemized” “attendance list” was to established so that a “body” was NOT to be the outcome of this one time only meeting. No “body” is mentioned whatsoever, in fact the opposite, the authoritative components of the emergency session are listed, one by one, not a “body”. The idea of a body is superimposed later.

Even Christendom clerics of the Protestant bend, have also noted this distinction:

Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers (Acts 15:1-4)

“The reference of the question to the “Apostles and elders” is in many ways important. (1) As against the dogmatic system of the Church of Rome.”

And so the point is, while some used that distinction to argue against the Papal “body”, in time Christendom adopted this same “governing body” “synod” technique of ministerial control and eventual subversion as well, also using Acts 15 to do so, long before the WTBTS “board of directors” latest version of 1976:

Pulpit Commentary (Acts 15:2)

“”The apostles and elders. This phrase marks the constitution of the governing part of the Church of Jerusalem.””

Cambridge Bible for Schools and Colleges (Acts 15:2)

“”These with the elders appear now as the governing body of the infant church.””

The term “governing body” has only been used by the WTBTS since 1944.

1944— [[“governing body”]] Idea

Now we know what brother Rutherford thought about “board of directors” attempted takeovers since 1917:

***Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose (1959); pp. 70-71***

“”There he persisted in his efforts to persuade Rutherford to send him back to England so that he might make his position more secure. When Brother Rutherford refused, he sought assistance from the board of directors and finally persuaded four members to side with him in this issue by making it appear that Brother Rutherford was unfit to serve as president of the Society. Since the board of directors consisted of only seven men, this meant that now the majority of the board of directors had gone in opposition to President Rutherford, Vice-President Pierson and Secretary-Treasurer Van Amburgh. This put the officers of the Society on one side of the issue and the directors who were trying to wrest administrative control from the president on the other side.

TOM: How did they expect to do that?

JOHN: Their idea was to make the president’s position secondary to the board of directors and limit his authority to that of an adviser. That would have meant making a change in the corporation’s bylaws, and since it was a complete departure from the provisions of the original charter it warned of serious trouble ahead.

Throughout the entire administration of Pastor Russell, the president and the other officers of the Society had been the ones to decide on new publications; the board of directors, as a body, was not consulted. Brother Rutherford continued this same policy as he took up the new administration. “”

1944—governing body

So the point is it is very interesting the “governing body” idea, to cloak the WTBTS “board of directors”, resurfaced in 1944 AFTER Rutherford died on January 8, 1942:

*** w71 12/15 pp. 755-756 A Governing Body as Different from a Legal Corporation ***

“”The official magazine of Jehovah’s Christian witnesses is The Watchtower Announcing Jehovah’s Kingdom. In the year 1944 the Watchtower magazine began to speak about the governing body of the Christian congregation.””

1971—Governing Body

And by 1971 they even “lifted up” the capitalization of their self-glorified title to “Governing Body”:

“”The Watchtower of December 15, 1971 was the first to unambiguously capitalize the term “Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses” as the defined group leading the religion, with a series of articles explaining its role and its relationship with the Watch Tower Society.””

And from that first 1971 “GB Title” “lift up” (2Thess2:3-4) the Governing Body error fully ” slipped in” (Jude4) AFTER Rutherford had died. At one time the “legal servant body” was the whole WTBTS corporation, no mention of Acts 15:

Let God Be True 1946

“”In 1884 the legal servant body of this international association was incorporated under Pennsylvania law. That non-profit corporation, Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses have been inseparably associated ever since.“”

See how they just slip it all in, as if it was all always there since 1884 (and back to Acts 15), in the then non-existent “governing body”, by such smooth association?

“… and the governing body of Jehovah’s witnesses have been inseparably associated ever since” [1884]

(And this in 1944-1946 two to four years AFTER Rutherford died?)

1976—Governing Body Coup

And yet that whole GB concept and entity, “slipped in” in 1944, is well before the Bethel coup stunt they pulled off in the 1976 WTBTS takeover of the JW ministry by takeover of corporate Bethel, to be run by a dictatorial “Governing Body” as if present since 1884, as if present since the first century in Acts 15 already common superimposition.

So by the time of the 1976 Governing Body total power coup, Fred Franz had this to say:

“”The vice president said he too thought the two organizations were going to run parallel (per-haps like Antioch and Jerusalem?) and said: “I never had in mind what the Governing Body wants to do now.” [(in being a collective dictatorship)]

Fred Franz:  “”…went on to say that he had not been in favor of the [(GB)] change then and that from that point forward he had “just been watching” to see what would result.”” (Crisis of Conscience; Ch. 4)

Which more than implies, along with Fred Franz and Nathan Knorr advising AGAINST such a GB dictatorial scheme, that Fred had a suspicion about the Governing Body dictatorship.

And now, approximately 40 years after the coup of 1976, (approximately 1/3 of the whole post 1914 Jehovah’s witnesses ministry (Rev8:12)), we are starting to see why Fred Franz was not comfortable with that dictatorial GB decision, he was “just watching” to see what that experimental GB ” time bomb” would blow up into.

As Geoffrey Jackson stated to the Australian Royal Commission inquiry into child abuse polices in the WTBTS:

“”But even people who fly aeroplanes realise you can’t fly an aeroplane by committee, there has to be a pilot and a copilot. “”

And you cannot fly an anointed Christian ministry “by committee” either, as the leaderless and apostate GB  has now hit the mountain.

The “Governing Body” Rule By Committee” is an Experiment

But the point is, an error in the Governing Body concept and entity is the problem since 1944- 1976 [1], not the entire formerly valid and clean ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses and the anointed Christians [2] that were using that visible earthly ministerial vessel for the foretold final global witnessing campaign. (Rev8-11, twice [3])

God is using Caesar “superior authorities” to just begin to expose some of the other major problems (1Pet4:15-17) with this Governing Body and its lopsided and over extended [private corporate] “judicial system”, which now disobeys both God and men, goes well BEYOND “the things that are written”, and is near removal by God (Zech3:4-5).

And this is because it will not reform nor make full disclosure, on its own, the Governing Body development, 1944-1976 to present regime, IS AN EXPERIMENT. An [[experiment]] in ministerial management by committee, that has FAILED, and it is not Biblical to begin with.

God allowed the error to develop, for greater future purposes.

The “Governing Body” is the entity that has now guided the post 1969 Christian ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses totally off course [2], as they even became a member of the ‘ United Nation of Non-Kingdom Organizations’ as UN NGO UN sponsors (rather than tell JWs and the world that that 3rd UN presentation of 1990 is ALSO a prophecy at Daniel 11:31b; Daniel 8:23).

JW “The End” Hoax

But as stated at other times here, this actually evil “set in opposition” GB entity (Dan11:32a), OBVIOUSLY 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4 “lifting themselves over every one” in the global-congregation of Jehovah’s witnesses, can also use that 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 premature end delusion “to the effect the day of Jehovah is here” too soon, to smokescreen the real reason for the coming Bethel downfall (1Pet4:17; Dan11:41; Dan8:13-14), for divine disapproval (Zech3:1-5; Dan8:11-13), NOT “the end” as JWs are expecting TOO SOON.

They use the USSR retained error as well, to bypass all this prophecy [4], and to keep JWs in premature expectation of “the end” way too soon.

So this is NO WAY just a random disaster all “falling into place” at this time, AND COMING TO LIGHT ALL AT ONCE, as in the Australian Royal Commission, as far as globally-examining REAL Bethel problems and liabilities.

This is final, signal, apostasy at Bethel, as foretold in the same prophecies they now divert, >>by recent error<<, that can be proven to be error in light of that 1990 3rd UN presentation, and its concealment as to prophecy. PAY ATTENTION, please consider this whole rationale for later, because this anti-JW-org development will get worse in the near future. (And as it does, many JWs will think it is “the end”, but well too soon of prophecy reality. [5])

In REALITY the King North progress in 3rd UN manifestation (1990), AND the [modern] Bethel apostasy, CO-DEVELOP in prophecy and these events just outlined above, simultaneously and parallel. [6]

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