The Bethel Over-Simplification Process to Conceal Modern Prophecy and Bethel’s Modern Apostasy

The Bethel Over-Simplification Process to Conceal Modern Prophecy and Bethel’s Modern Apostasy

Question: Can you specify your dumbing down comment regarding the 3/15/2015 WT? What particular article reveals this dumbing down?

Response: They do it in “by the way” fashion, let me explain why and the priority Bethel deceptive goals.

1. Conceal Apostasy at Bethel:

Keep in mind part of this Bethel analysis of classic apostasy and its symptoms on this blog and concerns the FACT this apostasy is in prophecy due to its timing and actual severity. So of course Bethel is not going to admit “we are the final apostasy you are to be on the watch for brothers!”. Rather they will divert attention to their own “approval” and “keeping awake” and that there “can be no evil slave”, and other techniques of diverting the attention to the “apostasy” elsewhere; out to the pews and upon the JW opposers on the Web.

And keep in mind Biblical apostasy ALWAYS concerns the ministerial leadership, so they have JWs looking in places that do not apply to major prophetic apostasy—it is Bethel who has devolved into apostasy, “gradually given over” (Dan8:12), and so the defectors and impostors at Bethel distract JWs to “lying apostates”, when Bethel does in fact have a scandalous record, it is no “lie of opposers”, especially under the GB tenure since 1976. THAT is when this devolution to apostasy and human focused idolatry began in the JW ministry: by its leadership. (Dan11:32a,41)

2. Conceal UN 8th King/King North Modern Activity:

The other thing this blog informally describes in a correspondence record of mostly forum discussion, is that Bethel is also concealing that 3rd United Nations “New World Order” presentation of 1990, which is actually just as foretold as were the first two UN presentations of 1919 and 1945, as they are continuum of 4 UN presentations in prophecy, UN 1-2-3-4, the final as full world government. ( goes into detail on this 3rd UN Bethel cover-up and UN NGO in more structured explanations)

(And so Bethel also conceals the FACT “King North” MUST BE the “8th King” global development, it CANNOT be the “USSR” failure. (See Dan11:36))

3. Conceal Fact Apostasy Co-Develops With 3rd UN Event:

So it is in Bethel’s deceptive interest to conceal their apostasy that [[co-develops with]] these major UN foretold events of that 1990 3rd UN presentation at Daniel 11:30-35,41, and at Daniel 8:11-14,23. IN THE PROPHECY, the apostasy develops with that 3rd UN presentation to become visible in evidence and symptoms. The UN NGO is the main evidence, as is the devolution of JWs overall into a completely foreign religion now, totally transformed from the 1960s JW faith, at its peak of validity. So Bethel is concealing the 3rd UN presentation actual meaning, along with their co-developing apostasy—and it is the prophecy, not a “conspiracy theory”, that reveals the true Bethel internal condition and objectives. (Dan11:32a, 2Thess2:3-4)

4. Conceal the Final Cycle and Required Temple Judgment:

Thus taken altogether, by removing the real prophecy details now in action since 1990, fully covered up by this kind of Bethel “simplification” process, now admitted, Bethel is concealing the fact this is a FINAL CYCLE ABOUT TO START, NOT “THE END”. They are breaking JW awareness the UN 1-2-3 is what is present, not just the UN 1-2 as JWs did expose. And in so doing JWs have no idea, in prophecy, in coming reality, it is UN 1-2-3-4 to world government completion OVER THIS REQUIRED FINAL CYCLE. (The real Daniel 11:42-45)

And in so doing JWs do not perceive THE TEMPLE JUDGMENT IS WHAT COMES FIRST, THE FINAL ONE, THE BIGGIE. And that temple judgment comes on apostate Bethel and anointed Christians for final purification to prepare the actual valid final warning AFTER the Bethel apostasy is judged, removed and exposed as part of that final warning process. Thus they do nto want JWs to understand, the final cycle, is a repeat of the whole major prophetic structure of Revelation, with unique elements in Daniel 8:13-14 and Daniel 11:42-45 activating in this final 8th King cycle, UN 1-2-3-4 4th UN cycle, that fully runs and forms a complete 8th King full world government, BEFORE Christ arrives. The final cycle aids the process.

How Bethel Dumb Down Policy Fits In

So it is not just the butchered parables in this article, Bethel has admitted that it has been a policy for quite some time—but they admit it in a informal manner—it is for those who “may have noticed”, which are older JWs in the org at least 20 years. It is JWs who are familiar with Fred Franz in depth style of explaining Biblical prophecy and parables, who now detect this “filler” Bethel regurgitates to take JWs no further in understanding, and to retard them by lack of in depth study, now applied for over 20 years in a progressive manner. It is also a development newer JWs will not have seen the “shift” in, since it has been being “simplified” for about 25 years now.

So they speak about it like this, particularly for those who have noticed the “shift” to “an increased emphasis on simplicity and clarity”, thus to older JWs who “may have noticed”:

Watchtower March 15, 2015 pgs. 7-11; Article: This Is the Way You Approved; Heading: Making Deep Truths Accessible to All

par. 4 In recent years, the spiritual instruction provided by Jehovah’s organization has reflected an increased emphasis on simplicity and clarity.

par. 7 If you have been serving Jehovah for decades, you may have noticed a gradual shift in the way our literature explains many of the narratives recorded in the Bible.

This is true, because this “shift” has taken place over 25 years or so. But when they were “shifting”, they certainly told no one about it. But now that some older JWs “may have noticed a gradual shift”, as I did notice that “shift”, now they come out and say so. It indicates JW are now backward and dumb enough to be told why they are on vegetables and Wormwood water. (Rev8:10-11)

And this is because they are now totally denuding, what was once deeply covered prophecy and parable information which IS PROGRESSIVE—it is NOT “all about done brothers” “Daniel and [Revelation] prophecy has fulfilled to the smallest detail” (WT 6/15/12). They want JWs to accept this as ” This Is the Way [GOD has] Approved”, so they can sell their dumb-down campaign as “approved by God”; don’t ask too many questions, we are now explaining things with an ” increased emphasis on simplicity and clarity”.

So they are giving an rationalized excuse for over-simplification, but in fact they ARE NOT TEACHING JWs what is now active in the prophecy or parable principles. (This attention to killing certain parables is important, because these parables PARALLEL major temple judgment PROPHECIES of the future, and reveal the present apostate symptoms (like the “ten virgins” (WT 3/15/15) and “faithful slave” (WT 7/15/13) parables), with added, modern, important, details!)

So they want JWs to NOT pay attention to these prophecy and parables details: BECAUSE THEY ARE PRESENT IN THE BETHEL APOSTASY! These prophecies and parables NOW reveal apostate and impostor symptoms INSIDE OF BETHEL!

“an increased emphasis on simplicity and clarity”. That is not true. They are [[OVER-SIMPLIFYING AND IGNORING MODERN PROPHECY AND PARABLES, FULLY SINCE 1990]] and leaving out modern developments contained in prophecies and parables by use of these “We need to keep it simple” rationale. It is a subterfuge to keep JWs NOT studying prophecy vigilantly, and NOT trying to apply these things to Bethel and world government development since 1990, and their UN NGO, OBVIOUSLY a major transgression that WILL be in the prophecy.

(And the UN NGO is in prophecy, it is the “TRANSGRESSION CAUSING desolation” to BETHEL, soon, as the “trampling” of Daniel 8:13, for the Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing and phasing. Dan8:14,26. It is in the “they” “will certainly place the disgusting thing” of Daniel 11:30-31, as Bethel is a King North aid and concealers, who ALSO placed their own UN NGO “disgusting thing” INSIDE the JW ministry.)

par 10 The details of such teachings—who pictures whom and why—can be hard to keep straight, to remember, and to apply. Of even greater concern, though, is that the moral and practical lessons of the Bible accounts under examination may be obscured or lost in all the scrutiny of possible antitypical fulfillments. Thus, we find that our literature today focuses more on the simple, practical lessons about faith, endurance, godly devotion, and other vital qualities that we learn about from Bible accounts.

par 13 Has our literature also come to explain Jesus’ illustrations in a simpler, clearer way over the years? The answer is unmistakably yes!

Thus these presumptions are then presented as advisable and beneficial, with these empty kinds of rationale that it is all good:

=== Watchtower March 15, 2015 pgs. 12-16; Will You “Keep on the Watch”? What Is the Parable’s Message?

par. 3 We noted in the preceding article that over recent decades, the faithful slave has gradually come to explain the Scriptures with less emphasis on symbolic prophetic pictures and more on practical application. In the past, our literature at times assigned specific symbolic meanings even to small details of Jesus’ parable of the ten virgins, including the lamps, the oil, the flasks, and so forth. Is it possible, though, that we were allowing the spotlight to shift from the parable’s simple, urgent message? As we will see, the answer is of vital importance.

So as they move through the butchery of those parables discussed in this Watchtower issue, they weave in the “we are keeping it simple” rationale on why these parables are explained in such simplistic terms as they progress in the article:

Questions From Readers

So for these reasons our publications in recent years have emphasized the lessons we can learn from Bible accounts instead of trying to find typical and antitypical patterns and fulfillments.

And thus they are telling JWs, in a by the way manner, why there is no real prophecy discussion anymore. But to those understanding Bethel is a full blown foretold terminal apostasy, they are covering their tracks, described in those prophecies and parables, and making JWs think it is for a good reason. It is more SMOOTH WORD, Bethel DECEPTION:

(Daniel 11:32) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant (at Bethel), he (8th King/King North) will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. (The Bethel “smooth words” 8th King cover-up in the JW publications is part of the smoothly justified apostasy);


Here is some detail on just the “dumb down policy” rationale and some examples from that WT 3/15/15 issue:

The Bethel Watchtower March 15, 2015 Dumb Down Policy Revealed and Applied

That above article is the last part of this article where is first explained the real “ten virgins” meaning. This article has the whole real “ten virgins” explanation, for modern times, and how it parallels the coming temple judgment prophecy and events, and it ended with that portion in the article above.

Ten Virgins and Temple Judgment


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