Was it Rutherford or Knorr who discovered the UN was the 8th king?

> Was it Rutherford or Knorr who discovered the UN was the 8th king? Do they
> teach it is the abomination that causes desolstion?


> I should know this but I don’t and I’m not sure where to start to get this
> information?

Brother Rutherford had to have been developing it, as he was taken out in 1942, again, right in the heat of a WW, this time WW2. That is how they did call that prophecy (Rev17:8-11), before it manifested globally in 1945.

So I think they wanted JF to NOT “pass the UN exposing torch” to brother Knorr for global exposure as prophecy (Rev17:8-11), but by that time Knorr and Fred Franz were also totally aware of what to be looking for “ascending from the abyss” of WW2, as a League of Nations successor.

So yes they did continue to connect the UN to the 8th King and “image” abomination. And 1963-1969 is when it went into major Revelation 4-22 complete commentary with the UN exposed, in book form. (BTG Has Fallen book; Rev14-22 (1963); and “Then is Finished the Mystery of God” Rev4-13 (1969) of God book, both connect the UN to the abomination)


1. 1970 to 1975 was 10-15% peak growth, and

2. the Revelation was fully opened in “preview” form.

And now we know why the GB, the very year they went into the coup, started KILLING all the progress, ALL of it. They “fixed” a “wheel” that was far from “broken”, it was PEAKING in blessing growth and light.

NOW it is totally “broken”.

And we have the GB as the statistical epicenter of that true “downward spiral”, it ALL began in 1976. Obviously, God did NOT like what the GB pulled, from the getgo, when they seized the dictatorship, from individual leaders who OBVIOUSLY had furthered light, and had expanded growth, like NO OTHER time in this leg of the modern anointed Christian ministry.

Since their time, JWs have been dwindling statistically, and there has been no major “new light”, but rather SCANDAL has been FULLY “codified” into Bethel policy as if “new light”. The JW “cancer” BEGINS to truly go terminal, with the GB 1976. (Now it is on its deathbed)

That 1989 Revelation Climax book, compiles information from 1963 “BTG Has Fallen” book, and 1969 “Then is Finished the Mystery of God”, which both have the UN expose’, but BTG Has Fallen is in detail of Revelation17:8-11, by 1963. BTG has fallen covered Revelation 14-22, so the UN gets detailed in Revelation 17:8-11.

The Watchtower magazine had been exposing it since 1950. In books before 1963, I am not sure. But, very importantly, the first two UN related steps to world government have been totally exposed properly. (Of course that all fully ends when 3rd step UN was concealed fully, since 1990, as UN NGO too boot.)

But the interesting point is, the GB 1976 is the epicenter of the JW downward spiral, provable, in both blessing of growth, and enlightenment. It just went from bad to worse since then, but had to be “preparing” from before. But 69 was indeed the notable peak of JW blessing in growth and enlightenment, and of course the Revelation was NOT going to be allowed by God to be screwed up, but opened up, BEFORE the GB coup. Daniel 8 and 11 is the place with the only modern subverting errors now. And that is very very important, because the “second witness” can now just repeat a “first witness” pattern ALREADY in the accurate parts of Daniel, and the Revelation.

Now Revelation 17:8-18 CAN REPEAT for the final “ascension” of full 8th King total “world government”, and we will know EXACTLY what it means! (This time all of Revelation 17:8-18 runs with this final “sword stroke” to “healing” global cycle) BECAUSE they successfully exposed UN 2nd step, 1945. Very very important that Rutherford and Knorr were not totally derailed!

And we can bet they tried! And that is why the GB 76, leading to the UN NGO 1991, and the COVER UP of that 3rd UN step, is so important also, in terms of apostasy and “those leaving the holy covenant”. It is NOW, through that evil GB control device, that they are NOW concealing, that should ALSO be fully exposed. But God allows this to meet prophetic criteria we can recognize, to recognize that derailing, results in an enormous temple judgment, starting a very important final cycle of the final prophecy enroute to the very thing, world government, that they are now actively covering up!

But in the final warning it will be fully exposed, while enroute to its 4th UN related event of prophecy (with that 1990 3rd step link to world government then also fully explained), but as the complete whole “abomination” totality of world government as what will be coming. And why a 1260 day complete accurate warnign precedes the very thing they have been covering up this whole time, since concealing the 1990 3rd UN placement meaning.

> I should know this but I don’t and I’m not sure where to start to get this
> information?

I’ll search it on the CD, because the 1963 “BTG Has Fallen” is a continuation of the UN expose tied to Revelation 17:8-11, and usually has WT magazine versions and was being exposed from 1950, as far as I can research. Of course by 1989, when they rehashed that older Revelation material from up to 1969, they did repeat the connection, as one book. But its information was completed by 1969.

And now, rather than tell people God did all this “preview pattern” fulfillment with the League and UN since the 1914-1919 first cycle, so we can see how their “sword stroke”-to-“healing” “formula” works, TO BE ABLE TO SEE THE FINAL PATTERN [BEFORE] IT EMERGES, and that it REPEATS to the abomination of total world government successfully, they make JWs think the Revelation is pretty much all fulfilled, when in fact its true final fulfillment cycle is about to start!

So when they released that red Revelation Climax book in 1989, they had plans to reinforce the “revelation is all done brothers!” impression, to aid their modern premature end delusion among JWs. BUT in God’s strategy, He also made sure we got refreshed on this stuff, so when it is time to open it to anointed body AGAIN, we can KNOW prior to manifestation, what it means, and thus the “second witness” will be truly complete and a total summary of the whole UN exposing ministry, that paralleled God’s King and Messianic Kingdom proclamations! ALSO for BOTH “witnessings”.

Thus no man can make this up. This is not an “interpretation”, this is a REALIZATION that is SIMPLY [[REPEATS]] that tried formula of global “sword stroke”-to-“healing”, ONE LAST TIME, to hoist up the full abomination, as totally foretold, as the final 8th King total world government finale.

THEN God and Christ drops in to respond IN FULL. Thus God’s way of doing this, is of course with strategic reasons of being able to explain it with HUGE evidence this is how Revelation has manifested with Daniel reinforcing it by EXPLICITLY outlining in prophecy, that 3rd and 4th UN placement leg, to that 4th even as world government “King North”, all the same 8th King guys all the same “scarlet wildbeast” global grand finale.

Daniel 11:31b is 3rd UN parallel. Daniel 11:45 is 4th UN event world government. Daniel 8:23 first “stand” is that 3rd UN parallel. Daniel 8:25 last “stand” is world government, 4th UN event. King Fierce in Countenance “cold defeated” the USSR, they are the same as King North, it all converges in prophecy global sovereignty, JUST AS IT ALL CONVERGES into 8th King King North in the real world of global sovereignty.

It REPEATS in this final leg, the temple judgment (Dan8:13-14 as Dan11:41) kicks of its activation as the 7th King starts to fall (dan11:42-43), as the “sword stroke” phase begins to manifest first. Then it simply runs its final course to said 8th King “rise” into world government. World government and its sovereign claim of final world “peace and security”, triggers God and Christ’s full sovereign response, BUT SAVING “sheep” FIRST!

And that simple truth, is why they are no holds barred inside of the the JW ministry, to derail it and conceal it, and drag it into heavy sins, all at the same time, and to try to do that as long as God allows, hence Daniel 8:13-14 meaning.

I will confidentially tell you, that is confidence as faith in God’s prophecy, that this is now in total harmony of Revelation and Daniel’s applicable parallels like no other time in history, and that stick to it in looking into this, and it will ALL “fall into place” as God aids your understanding to the completion we are heading into, to help others see the whole picture, all the way to Christ arrival, as long as we can by God’s will in the process, to become part of it as anointed Christians, so we need to guard our potential crown, like never before. And by RESPECTING the “first witness” that GOD CAUSED through Jesus in the first modern anointed Christian ministry, is how we can let God “put it all together” over this bumpy ride into the “second witness”.

It is virtually the SAME THING, except this time, instead of WW1, it is the final global “sword stroke” no matter how it manifests, and instead of the “League of Nations”, it is now total 8th King world government coming up. Same old story, just now in everything in  final form! OF COURSE that first witness handy “preview” is important to understand in its basic principles and concepts, “sword stoke” “heals” into world government as a global formula, to sell it to people as hopeful and beneficial with the recovery. And that is exactly how they sold the “League of Nations”, and that is how they will sell 8th King world government counterfeit abomination.

But I know you see 1914-1919 is valid, and believe me I am glad you do, it is the key to it all, it was a very very important ministry to see the true final cycle outline! Do not let anyone sow doubt about that first witness. As you know the GB subverters’ scandals ALSO help discredit the first witness. There is a reason 1914 is under attack, it is the valid preview of the final cycle! OF COURSE they are going to try to uproot that end as well! Buncha temple rats! geeeeez…lol

It is now totally obvious the two ends they need to discredit, start and finish. They need to undermine the preview first cycle, and then they need to cover up the truth the final cycle is the same thing en route this time to world government. We will “have our work cut out for us”. But God will help big time, in time. And yes, do not be surprised to even maybe meet an angel or two in the process. But in any event, holy spirit will be BLASTING into the temple when the befouling rats are purged, to “cause” and push the final warning and global open salvation invitation as final Kingdom proclamation. It will all occur, exactly as foretold.

1969—The JW Peak of Spiritual Enlightenment: Revelation Complete

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