March 2016

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Actually it’s easy to see why: All JWs understand that their cult would immediately collapse without the 1914 doctrine.

No it wouldn’t, because the focus has shifted. By now the “Org”, Governing Body and their flag is enough for JWs to worship. The theology is being prepared for worse than dumping 1914, but the premature cessation of the entire JW ministry has now emerged in GB “Theology” since 2012.

JWs are not the only ones who have taken no note.

Now JWs always expected the end, but not “soon, very soon” as indicated in that Watchtower July 15, 2015 forecast from the GB. How does the GB know the organization will go under siege “soon”?

Well JWs don’t ask why or how they know this all of a sudden. And from 2012 we have the video of the siege expectations, to be projected to modern times. In 2013 we have the “obey the org as nuts as it sounds” INSANE directive, ALREADY crazy sounding.


Except it will just be the end of the WTBTS based modern apostasy.

This is really the most significant so-called “new light” EVER to come from that GB contraption’s mouth. But because it is just a smokescreen for a corporate takeover completion, they do not tell JWs just how unique this forecast really is.

JWs are too asleep and cultized by the GB Golden Calf to care.

And now you will witness the temple judgment, on an apostate and comatose flock.

As usual, same old story, same old reason: apostate leadership worshiped like God.

So world government is what is really coming, to be presented over a final global crisis world war cycle. And in reality, as shown in the UN NGO, JWs are actually being prepared for full-blown wild beast worship, when that is what will arrive next, not Christ, and they want to transition JWs into the “new world order” as aided by their own downfall, as the wild beast will seem to some JWs, as all that is really left.

The temple judgment will clarify what is really going on (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5), but the JW org will be “trampled” in the process. THAT is what they are producing this Bethel Cover Story to cover up.

God, Christ, the Kingdom and 1914 have all been “back burnered” to veritable freezer storage in the JW mind. Today’s JWs, are NOT your 1950 Jehovah’s witnesses. They don’t mind the UN NGO, they don’t mind a lawless GB cabal leading them, they don’t mind Jehovah’s name being reduced to a “J” in a Bethel bumpersticker logo.

JWs are done for this phase. Just a matter of time. But there will be a recovery, but it will require dumping, condemning and exposing the GB for what they are, and repentance.

Same old story really.

THAT is going to be a great test of Jehovah’s witnesses faith, and THAT is why this has formed. (2Thess2:1-4 premature end delusion, lawless cabal at Bethel “in the temple”, and an error and lie too boot 2Thess2:11-12.)

Days of judgment are now coming on the WTBTS (Dan8:13-14 in Dan11:41-43 context) and all of us Jehovah’s so-called “witnesses”, blind as bats, asleep, in heavy transgression, UN allies, GB worshipers, no HQ, robbed blind, and pedophile and money laundering Bethel schiester Damage Control Team players, are in this judgment. (1Pet4:17)

JWs have devolved into a GB-UN-NGO cult of man worship.


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No, He didn’t. Jesus was explicit about when He assumed all authority, and it was nowhere near 1914.[/QUOTE]

There are two kingdoms in the Bible. 1914 is marked by two independent prophecy contexts. There are 6 separate but cross related prophecies in action with WW1, 7th King US UK national alliance, and globalist League of Nations “8th and final King” “image” emergence, all in 1914-1918 also marked by WW1’s first cycle.

No way that was all synchronized as pure coincidence. You will probably choose world government, which is coming, which most people will accept for their foretold 666 mark.

World government arrives well BEFORE Christ. That is why the suckers will fall for the world government, world war 4 cycle, recovery climax. WW1, WW2 Cold WW3, all ran the same scamming con game cycle to sell the “idea” of world government.

You’d have to be a dumb sucker not to see the significance of all this. But, many people are just that, born every minute.


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LOL. Watchtower/dub prophecy has a perfect 100% failure rate, yet those who are unwilling to simply believe God’s word declare these monumental failures of a false religion to be “the most advanced and defined theological prophecy framework of all history”.
One of these days you’re going to have to admit what you already know: That there is absolutely nothing special about this religion or these people. It’s just another false religion on the pile, using the same high-control techniques that have been used by other controlling false religions for a long, long time.

There’s a very good reason why this religion and these people have absolutely no effect on the planet. Because this religion is nothing, and these people are just people mislead by a hateful religion who refuse to acknowledge what’s in front of them in black and white.[/QUOTE]

Many out here are a Bible fakes, that JWs were out exposing, that is their main motivation of why they want to discredit JWs. Now JWs are in an apostasy just like them other fakes, and so they think they got an out for being Bible hypocrites. Now JWs and them are all peas in a pod, and that is their “good news”, being hypocrites is actually acceptable! Celebrate! Rejoice! Hurrah!

That is what motivates most JW blowback. GB frauds are not helping the matter, they introduce crap all the time, the Bethel GB Bible fakes are worst than the people and the churches. Only the Pharisees have out sinned the GB. The GB makes the Devil worshiping Pope look like a Virgin Girl Scout in white raiment.

But the core Jehovah’s witnesses TRUTH is what is the target of all this discredting and distraction. That much is EASY to see, this is not random. The GB are wildbeast priests, from the Devil too.


Funny thing is Bethel put out a “World Government” tract, yet failed to say a single thing about 8th King World Government, as a counterfeit so-called “New World Order” to try to decoy as the New Universal Order of God Almighty, under His chosen King Jesus Christ as Messianic Kingdom world order Lord and King.

World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3), triggers Christ’s arrival.

8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

So that missing paragraph is added above. It is all you need to know, it is what Jehovah’s witnesses will be saying AFTER God wipes out apostasy from Bethel, and lays the Governing Body of Lawlessness low, and tosses them in the heap of lies that they sprang from. (2Thess2:1-4,9,11-12; Zech3:1-5)

Because Bethel is actually a United Nations partnered UN NGO sell out, they leave open ended statements like that World Government tract, to be filled in by their globalist King North wildbeast pals as they misled Jehovah’s witnesses ?(Dan11:32a) to serve the wildbeast and by the lead of its  main mount among Jehovah’s witnesses the so-called Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

The temple judgment is next as Daniel 8:13-14 in the Daniel 11:41-43 global context. After Bethel goes down trampled and invaded, then the truth will emerge in time. ?(Dan8:14)

8th King World Government Rise with 7th King Nation State Fall

King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

Why TWO Witnesses?


[QUOTE who=”little lamb”]The phrase ‘ new world order ‘ is not scriptural
Gods Kingdom is scriptural ….
new world order sounds like Hitlers , 1,000 year Reich.
In fact what is interesting about Gods Kingdom is that it starts of as a stone , and becomes a huge mountain that fills the earth …and it actually hits man rulerships on the toes ..
Its interesting that Jesus return is said to occur in the LAST day ..not the FIRST day of any world order …but Jesus comes subduing among his enemies .
.and his rule is until he puts all enemies under his feet . [/QUOTE]

Christ will arrive after world government completes in globally stated manner, as the big global sovereign rival of all prophecy for this period.

As per Psalm 110, Christ will arrive to secure sheep first as in Matt24:31, Rev14:14-16, and Matt25:31-40. So, they will know he is “around” truly subduing IN THE MIDST of his then fully world government active enemies. (Rev6:12-17)

We know it MUST be in the Daniel 12:11 period (Rev11:11-12 parallel), just activating, when Christ arrives, so the rest of that 1290 days will all be Christ arrived, “in the midst” of the enemy.

That activates Revelation 14:1. AFTER all global sheep are secured, including those falling out of the BTG destruction, to salvation for some, (Rev14:6-8; Rev11:13), under world government (Rev17:11-18, THEN Christ will confront the world government seated wildbeast, (Rev19:19-21, then Satan (Rev20:1-3).

That will be the finale of the Armageddon situation nd global culmination of the rival system, prior to their being fully conquered by the real King of kings. They are fakes, counterfeits, and impotent.

JWs have gone silent about all of these summarizing details, because the world government king north boys, are INSIDE of Bethel, as per Daniel 11:32a, LEADING this final signal apostasy. God will neutralize them first, in the temple judgment coming up as Daniel 8:13-14 in the Daniel 11:41 context.

After the apostates and JW apostasy condoners are out of the way (Zech3:1-5), the BIG TRUTH will emerge.

The final global circumstances to indicate the Christa arrival, can EASILY be explained well before he arrives, thus well before world government completes. The ONLY reason why Christendom and Bethel will NOT summarize the end of the story for all people, is THEY ARE ALL SERVING THE WILDBEAST, THEIR LEADERSHIP ARE ALL WILDBEAST GOOD OLD BOYS.

>>>>ALL OF THEM!<<<<

Future Fifth Plague: The Destroyer Darkens the “Illuminati”







On March 06, 16, Lordylordy9111 wrote:
> What do you think about the death of LaVoy Finicuim? It is such a tragedy.
> I am no where near finishing my manifesto. Everytime I think I am close to
> rapping up my research I come across something that takes weeks to research. I
> have learned so much about history I never knew. I should have learned this in
> high school or at home but my mother was not interested in educating me and my
> father was always gone.
> How are you? Find anything interesting going on besides tyranny?
> Donna

If it is all true, it is a tragedy. I am starting to think the whole thing, everyone involved at some level, is part of an elaborate patriot discrediting psyop. But I have done little research, so that is just from my hip. It is all too convenient; either Bundy’s are puppets or CIA, imo. IT is just too conveniently timed, in a number of ways. So I avoided the emotionality, like with Sandy Hook, because it is hard to get emotional if I question its reality. Not trying to be cold, just cautious. If I am wrong, it is typical predatory government and its crony killer agencies at work. No wonder God lump sums them into the “wild ebast” category.

Yes, this whole MOL “fall asleep on the guard” has motivated some of us, to REALLY study the Bible, and the history it but outlines the framework of, so we can fill in the pieces of the puzzle, into a reliable Christ pointing framework.

This way, we can actually KNOW the certain circumstances that lead to the Christ arrival. In this way, the final warning will get very “generic”, because it is logical world government will be the LAST STRAW. ANd with the predatory nature of its mere cells, the national so-called governments, imagine how actually deadly word government will attempt to be. So Christ will enter the arena of open warfare with them, in time, as triggered by their own pinnacle folly.

It is also why the 1914 and JW discrediting takes place. So th world can ignore the first witnessing warning, along with the megalomaniacs of world government, the ultimate fools we shall ever witness go up, and down, in all world histroy, along with their lead fool Satan.

The fifth plague aligns with the release from the abyss of anointed Christians of the fifth trumpet. To “darken” the “kingdom of the” “throne of the wildbeast”, some Illuminati will meet the Destroyer, when God truns backtheior hand from upon the anointed Chritsian and Jehovah’s witnesses minsitry. That means the backing off of this attack, will be for a reason. When Christ “comes to the temple” this time, he will have to kill and nuetralize internal enemies, one way, or another.


THAT is the main message of that midpoint of the temple judgment, and its Daniel 8:13-14 timing, and events. The “morning” is the same as the opening of the abyss. When it gets light for this darkened ministry, it will get dark (but not total destruction) for the illuminators. They will not stop thier world government mission, they will be delayed (Isa38), to mett the timetable of God. BUT they will haave to be destroyed from “in the tmple” environment. THAT IS CERTAIN, like Pharaoh they will not leave on their own.

BUT they will leave, pronto, when Destroyer comes to the temple. THAT is why he comes, that is also God saying, “let my people go”. And the window of the final warning, will be most assuredly opened. That is how the “two witnesses” can figuratively call fire from heaven, they can state angels of God will back the final warning, until God alows it to be ceased, because they will be out doing just that. Out in the night of the wildbeast final drive. (Zech1; Zech9:8)

(Zechariah 9:8) . . .And I will ENCAMP as an outpost for my house, so that there will be no one passing through and NO ONE returning. . .(of the MOL gangsters)

Goodbye to MOL, and good riddance. Now the will “hear from heaven” on this apostasy and sin matter, it will no longer be silent. (Rev8:1) But it just opens up the final warning opportunity, it is not the end, just setting them back to the proper timing, and GETTING THEM THE HELL OUT OF THE TEMPLE!


JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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