December 2018

The GB are now claiming, in scheduled “self fulfilling prophecy” manner, that “the end” is coming:

1. for the world and

2. for the JW ministry to be cancelled (thus “the end” of the historic “Christian ministry”;

And all that, just as soon as the Apostate GB get “official word from God and Christ” on when to say goodbye, and send JWs out with that last WT 11/2015 “end of the world” “hard hitting judgment message”. Imo, JW Org is what general apostasy does, it tells lies believed as truth and JW GB apostasy is the same beast. (2Thess2:11-12)

Here is the dilemma JWs have brought “to light”. Neither IBSA or Jehovah’s witnesses invented nor monopolize “Christianity”, nor does any other “religion” which came after the apostles. JWs liked to think they were a special thing, “True Christianity” and EVERYONE ELSE claiming Christian faith was “Christendom”. Is that true “in light” of now a full blown JW apostasy with its supposed earmark “wildbeast” endorsement as stubborn UN NGO associates and condoners? (Not to mention a policy set which endangers people, children and family and even brings WTBTS and JWs into potential financial criminal activity)

The point being all of Christianity as convoluted and divided as it is has grown globally in similar manner to JWs, they are ministries, they print Bibles, some even try to be “Christ-like” in their lives— to judge them then is also to judge JWs as actually part of Christendom (as they always were, is the point, in generalized historic form of the evolutions of Christianity), because now JWs practice similar hypocritical and reproachful practices, they even “ride the wildbeast” as they have excuses for their sins just as any group going bad also forms.

With JWs it is merely specialized and modified for the JW apostasy, with its own differing pretexts, claims and terms— yet resulting in a more severe stumbling than any religion of earth with the worst retention rate of them all.

What is “brought to light” by this strange apostate JW devolution and sleight of hand, the questions it raises now once the JW Apostasy Distraction is set aside for what it is are interesting.

1. Is the whole of Christianity from inception and all the prophets and Israel’s past history in this evolution all invalid?

2. If Christianity is valid, does the Christian “preaching work” really end, or just the JW Version of it in the Apostate GB Sanctioned cancellation of the JW ministry and probably dissolution of the WTBTS as if JWs are the only Christians?

3. The question is, are Jehovah’s witnesses really Jehovah’s witnesses?, and do they actually have the actual divine authority to make these claims seeing how lawless and apostate they are while they claim only Christendom is lawless and apostate adding insult to injury over and over again as they tromp the earth trampling justice and common human decency?

The bigger question JWs raise is:

4. Is it the end of the whole Christian world’s ministry or just the apostate Jehovah’s witnesses ministry or is it both?

Imo, the evolution of Christianity will continue as in an “everlasting good news” which has no end, in that Revelation 14:6-7 sort of principle. Imo, JWs are not authorities but are a “Christendom Apostasy” like anything they claimed to be exposing, and instead they join the Apostate Roadkill Lessons for the rest of the world at large to be fully exposed as but another apostasy in rampant racket profiteering and criminal lawlessness, [eventually]— in time they implode as an abject lesson in what religious cult deception can accomplish and what not to do as a ministry.

Imo, there is no “end of the world” coming either, just the end of the world of apostate JW Org. JWs violate and twist Bible prophecy to fit the GB self fulfilling prophecy, in other words.

Thus, all the “the end” claims of the Apostate Governing Body of Jehovah’s Supposed Witnesses are false, Christianity proceeds as does the world to witness only “the end” of the apostate JW Organization in some grand manner fitting their own fraud “self fulfilling prophecy”. The GB are frauds, JWs are frauds, but that has to be made official by events and powers beyond them Class A Apostate Chumps.

That JWs raise these questions provides more proof they are apostates in classic form. Get ready to witness the final JW fail, and it will be the grand slam and the end of their apostasy, imo.


This is actually good news. This is imo, because now the long list of Christianity “religious” fails has its final chapter for this period in the obvious apostasy of JWs against their own rule book and that by the very same “clergy” CEO entity that they accused the other “religions” of being misled by since 300 AD.

The good news is if there is a God Almighty, which I believe there is but do not push a persons personal quest, then it means none of the religions, not just Christian, can accurately describe his purpose in a truly complete manner. And imo, I think this is because of the abundance of human issues and the lack of the complete power of love, limitations God does not have.

It means, imo, any global transition in sovereignty has only a false human “doomsday” expectation, it is not what even a powerful angelic power would need to conquer human planetary systems. Now it is not just religions that install these mental myths which aid the confusion and control of people in various ways, as you can see now amping up in the JW FearPlex.

Whatever is coming in the future of the planet once past the human experiments with human government, even a world government, have matured to a limit, where they ascend to the level of their own incompetence and omnipotence, the actual transition would be based on true love, not human ideas of it, but its actuality and everyone has developed towards a reality of what we are really about as hopefully we truly try to be better human beings. Imo, anyone doing that, anyone guidable by omnipotent power which is what it would be transitioning into, would have to be “saved”.

Religions turn it into an Spiritual Olympics but not because it is true, but because it is false if its actual corporate motive is control of people rather than encourage and teach them to control themselves towards a superior spiritual power which would be the freedom being promised. Religions tend to form their own psychology as I have seen in Christian religions which I mean, but I think others may do this too. But the open salvation open minded and open hearted go for broke reality is not one they promote or even comprehend, because then their middle-man “Christ surrogate” roles would become unneeded, they self-appointed that position of mythical-authority which equates to also physical profiteering and spiritual racketeering, and that is no accident that is what they became, and how or why would a omnipotent “God Almighty” use criminal corporate entities to actually help people?

Thus the good news is it has to be easier and more open than any religion have taught, it is the human conflict elements that bring all the imbalance and contradictions as is really demonstrated in this microcosm of a JW apostate religious devolution. It is a good case study to ID how lies based on things they did not write in their Bible can be morphed into lies by playing to human ideas cultured for quite a while in the JW Mind Cauldron.

It will fail, it may look real for a little while by virtue of its larger context, but it will fail, “the end” will only come for a weed infested “a system of things” as in Matthew 13 I think, and that is the WTBTS, JW Org abomination. The JW “the end of the world” must fail for a number of reasons. It is typical, it is over advanced, and its motives are impure, these WT guys are in control of 30-50 BILLION in JW assets since 1970s progressively, and THAT is what they don’t tell JWs and THAT is the fruitage they want to haul off with. But they are a fractal of a greater whole, but a thorny one that gets alot of attention due primarily to JWs own big mouths and walking on water holier than thou false projections which help conceal by the GB’s same trick, the diametric opposite condition in reality.



Yep, I think this is a “the end” microcosm which comes on the JW Org “a system of things”. There are too many well engineered control myths which will try to extend “the end” as if “of the world” in the JW mind, when they have no evidence whatsoever, they even hi-jack and shuffle the prophecy and re-arrange even the basic sequence. And they are truly a criminal enterprise so there can be nothing of any valid “divine warning” there as they claim. It has all been arranged to smokescreen the JW Org downfall and final liquidation of low ball 30 BILLION.

What can be a “warning” is witnessing this WTBTS dissolution and seeing it as “what not to do”, such as using the name of God and Christ as shills to run a stellarly vain criminal racket. It will be the final JW fail, its larger context may actually be severe, but it has to fail for a number of reasons.

Now when the GB talk of Matthew 24:14 they say they have completed it, they leave JWs out because that completes their blasphemy for it is not true, and they lead the stumbleworks, they are the Number 1 slanderers of God now-a-days. That is all they completed, a signal mega-apostasy, the Devil’s GB makin’ history, but in a very negative way.


It will be the religious corporation scale and record of criminal activity imo, that will dictate who goes down first. The Catholic system would not be taken down just have to pay and they can afford it— it is way too big, and this initial process is not when that would be dissolved.

Now, JW Org at 30 billion low ball assets can also afford it, but their scale could mean a RICO like WTBTS total dissolution because the GB have hardwired pedophile guilt down to the pews by policy in a unique way present in no other religion, their WT-RICOed clergy-congregation system can be held accountable to the grass roots. But if they use rackets and money laundering type charges, that is as fast acting as “enemy of the state” prosecutions, that hit the top fast.
No one would really notice if JWs cancelled their own ministry as the GB has also hardwired in a fake “self fulfilling prophecy” that outlines the JW “prophetic expectation” that the whole JW Org will be dissolved with the cancellation of their ministry from the GB’s own mouth, “soon, very soon” wt7/2015, “at that time” wt11/2013. Thus, it is two birds with one stone principle, the state will want to take down JW Org and squeeze out some assets and the GB WTBTS already has this expectation in print as their “rich man class” will also try to run off with a few billion, but the background banking and investment system seems to be whole will skip off with the brunt.

Now all the GB has to do to bankroll their exit is cancel the ministry and dissolve the WTBTS globally under a very convenient but fraudulent “end of the world” which in this scenario of grand lawlessness is really only “the end” of the WTBTS, they then smokescreen the JW Org dissolution amidst a legal firestorm as if “persecution”, but in reality to the state and the world it is just long-coming prosecution. It is all too well programmed for “the end of the JW Org”, that “the end of the world” is just the smokescreen to aid the WT dissolution process along with the GB official cancellation of the JW ministry. No matter how the global context may aid the delusion, such as a global crisis, it will only be the end of the WTBTS, the world will plod along, as usual, witnessing it.

I would bet my life God cannot use lawless-criminal-JWs to announce anything valid as far as an “end of the world” “divine warning”, it is JWs announcing their own end into an eventual global laughing stock mega-final-fail. That is all this JW Org drama really is, imo, the end of the JW ministry with a very well-designed exit strategy and false “the end of it all” fraud pretext. That is the only thing criminal racketeers can lead JWs into, it cannot be valid when it is also a stellar global criminal enterprise.


It is down to a 3 year or so window for “the end”— of the WTBTS, that is. So the math is how much money can they make now of branch sales while closing the ones down only on the periphery of possible JW notice. Without the actual data we do not know the whole story, what we know is the are going to liquidate the core during “the end”— of the JW Org that is.

In the decade leading up to this they have slowly increased the velocity of certain OH costs they can cut and investments and JW Org props they have liquidated in increasing manner; such as Brooklyn DUMBO, where they scored a billion there. Add a billion in other lesser known properties and a couple billion super-low-ball in dumbo JW donations and inheritance grants, while sucking out KH savings accounts (probably 250 million USD), and cutting 80 mil or so, maybe more in OH costs by less material, layoffs, skimping, etc, and you get the picture.

They do all this under the blind noses of JWs very carefully, and JW media is designed to increase donation intake, it is preaching [solely] to JWs. What it is is skimming out the easy billions now, and going tooth and nail come “the end”— of the WT that is.

The world keeps going even if a world war, mega global-economic crash, or both, to witness JWs ending their own ministry with no actual Biblical grounds or evidence, sucking up to their own “self fulfilling prophecy”, and worshiping the GB criminal cartel who designed the final scoop to go completely out of WT control with a very handy FAKE “the end” to smokescreen said little affair within.

It certainly is not the JW “the end of the world”, and the current liquidation evidence and forecasted easy-low-ball 30 BILLION, all points to “the end” of the WTBTS. And a bitter lesson for JWs to eventually learn, hypocrites that they have become.


Doubt is normal on earth, aided by religious hypocrisy which JWs are just modern recruits into. It boils down to the leadership being the apostates, the JW GB are an APOSTATE criminal cartel, and that only makes it all the more true. God is real, and how you shall know this, is what he is about to do to JW Org for all us doubters out here. WTBTS is what “ends”, not the world. JWs are headed for the “Jonah Dive”, about to become spiritual refugees amidst a decimated JW fake “the end” rubble-fest worldwide.

THAT is what JWs signal. All JWs worshiping the GB are the real “apostate”, by their own teaching, we are the only ones “sighing and groaning” over all the WT criminal activity. We are “marked for survival”, JWs are judgment bullseye groundzero epicenter of a momentary hell on earth, “the end of the WJ Org”, and that also from their own teaching. The world just witnesses the final JW fail and folly.



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I always love how you think and use scriptures to back it up. I hope WTBTS is destroyed in my life so we can get on with the rest of Bible prophecy. I almost feel like this little mini anti-christ (and yes I know the actual definition) was orchestrated by the devil to try and outsmart God once again. Silly satan, God has it all in the bag lol
It is all for a signal to the people, JW Org downfall will be the real Isaiah 28:21 “strange deed”:

(Isaiah 28:21) For Jehovah will rise up just as at Mount Perazim, he will be agitated just as in the low plain near Gibeon, that he may do his deed—his deed is strange—and that he may work his work—his work is unusual.

But the enormity of it on JW Org, NOT “the world” or “Christendom”, will be for an eventual good reason:

(Isaiah 28:18-19) And your covenant with Death will certainly be dissolved, and that vision of yours with Sheol will not stand. The overflowing flash flood, when it passes through—you must also become for it a trampling place. 19 As often as it passes through, it will take you men away, because morning by morning it will pass through, during the day and during the night; and it must become nothing but a reason for quaking TO MAKE OTHERS UNDERSTAND what has been heard.”

(The global context: Dan11:41; The future timed/event verification proof: Dan8:13-14)

Basically JWs are burnt out and have had nothing new to say that was valid since 1945 with that UN meaning, but they never finished the story, they are worn out and silent nowadays.

But in reality much has been fulfilling which JWs sin by omission in their lame lawless ministry instead. Like the GB led apostasy, their wildbeast ride, their man of lawlessness version in their own rotten house.

But since you like scripture, it is all there even if JWs are silent. It is going to lead to something that must SPEAK what JWs have been silent on, and it is a summary as in Rev10:5-7, but Isaiah has the hints too:

(Isaiah 43:18-19) Do not remember the first things, and to the former things do not turn your consideration. 19 Look! I am doing something new. Now it will spring up. you people will know it, will you not?

(Isaiah 42:9) .The first things—here they have come, but new things I am telling out. Before they begin to spring up, I cause you people to hear [them].

(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell [it]? I have made you hear new things from the present time, even THINGS KEPT IN RESERVE, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

So the JW Org downfall will end up being a signal marker for the rest to come out as it must expose the JW apostasy as chapter 1. Then it has to tell all the things JWs have been covering up since UN 1990, when they hopped on the wildbeast as UN NGO— rather than explain King North cannot be USSR or Russia, it has to be KN Globalization System in progress to eventual world government.

And all that has to come out before they complete 8th King KN world government. JW Disaster-Coming will be a wake up reminder what we are supposed to really be doing here. Basically what JWs are doing in apostasy prophecy, imo, has to also be made known as connected to prophecy. Many are out here exposing JW lawlessness, but in time it will be laid on the apostasy prophecy they are silent on because they are fulfilling it also shown in their lame-brain silence.

JWs are worse than Christendom, and it has to be made official and JW Org downfall oughta do the trick, as well as their final fail “it has to be the end of the world”, but it was just the end of JW Org.

Recall, JWs are victims and the GB is burning them out and that fatigue is also why they hope for this “the end” way way out of sync with the real prophecy.


I have a speculation on Trump, but it goes a couple ways but he cannot “Make [King South] Great Again”. But now Russia is back on radar so they can heat up the Cold War for phase 2, if it goes that way. The GB deception of Russia=KN serves that purpose too, but in the JW world. What we know is King North Globalization System is who they serve by keeping JWs in the dark.

Now what global context will be “the end” for the JW setup? Will it be a Russian global aggression or just one against JWs in Russia? Either one could serve that pretext. In either case as the GB “predicts” and “explains” the meaning they will say “Daniel 11″4 has activated in fulfillment” some time in the future.

But that is over-advanced. The USSR did not fulfill Daniel 11″42-43, its setup is still in progress, but in this phase coming up it will complete as King South “Egypt will not prove to be an escapee” of King North Globalization national pawning. The KS nation-state system predominant in Anglo-American guidance, will give up all their “hidden treasures of the gold and silver” and all their “desirable things” which occurs by financial and economic means.

As that turbulent time occurs for the nation-state global system, they will sell all that drama (which will simply resolve into full blown world government over a decade in the making) as “the end of the world”, imo. Then they can crash the WTBTS into the melee and walts off with the JW resources for KN use, as the GB is Daniel 11:32a’s apostasy leaders, and their source is said “proceeding from [KN]”, “he will lead into apostasy all those acting wickedly against the holy covenant” which is now not just the GB, but all JWs still in apostate “JW Jerusalem” of Matthew 24:15 complete with their “disgusting thing standing in a holy place” UN NGO which they are totally oblivious too as a replacement alliance with the real KN they also cover-up the identity of in their service.

When JW Org goes down it is not in “the end” but of the WTBTS to whatever degree necessary, the world will heal from the “sword stroke” into OWG. That is what JWs have been fooled on as the whole rides the 1990 UN 3rd presentation “disgusting thing” as UN NGO in full global view as far as the record.


Just another thought. The apostasy pattern had begun in Israel which ended up in 3 major judgments (Samaria, Jerusalem 586 and Jerusalem 70) marked by the next world power coming in at their respective times for Assyria, Babylon and Rome. The general “Christendom” apostasy has now also 3 forms as the Papal apostasy led to the Reformation churches which also devolved and now ends with JW apostasy upon the same pattern.

This time the new world power will be the 8th King world government which is covered up by JW apostasy by silence, and it has to be a notable epic period imo, for the world. Not for “the end” hype, but for the general awareness in some catching on and understanding that 8th King King North world government is a serious sovereign escalation in scale and intent.

In time, as the “the end” premature expectations fail in JWs and Christianity in general and the world’s versions of “doomsday”, those fails will allow the easier to see world government meaning to emerge. It was what all this apostasy and fearful hype has been distracting attention from the simpler meaning. Like with JW error, the fails distract attention and time away from the simpler solution which has been there the whole time.

In addition all the religious fails mean the real “open salvation offer” of Revelation 14:6-7 will be OPEN TO ALL HUMANS for this ENTIRE final epic sequence. I feel Rev14:6-7 is pretty clear on the global scope of that eventual coming announcement, it is “everlasting good news”, it is positive and anyone can accept the offer even now in spirit. But in time it will be as big as the scripture means, and fully angelic in being carried out so the incomplete ministry as per Matt10:23, will be completed by Christ finishing what he began for the Adamic age. But, in final full form as “King of kings” with salvation as the purpose, not fear. What he will be delivering many from in the 8th King system in complete form, that is what he is sent to do then in also final form.

So, it really is and must be “the good news”. It is error and fear that paints a doomful picture. ANYONE can be saved in that period in real form, but we have to believe it, and many many more will come to that awareness, and those new to it still have the possible Romans 2:12-16 reality wherein no one who is not incorrigibly evil, must be saved regardless of their former religion or knowledge of Christ, as some will be lacking it, but they still get the Rev14:6-7 offer to then be in the Matt25:31-40 sheep camp.

They are so new, they have not even read Matthew 25 as shown by the questions they are asking concerning their salvation. Because they are generally righteous in being people who loved their neighbor, even if driven merely by their own good conscience guidance. Romans 2:12-16 is a very very huge and openly positive scriptural promise from God and Christ.



In the period out of the Dark Ages the RCC system went through a similar exposure that at first they quelled here and there but in time it became the full blown “Reformation” blowback due to Papal apostasy. Once the cat is out of the bag, they never can get him back in. Same with JWs, all the way up to “the end” (and I mean solely of the WTBTS) more JWs will flee the Titanic of JW Org, the exodus will grow as the exposure does as well of the GB apostasy, which aids others getting the hell out while the time is signalling flight like in the Matthew 24:15 principle and directive.

Since “the end” is being foretold really for JW Org, using “the end of the world” as a distracting pretext to smokescreen the collapse and prosecution of the WT corporate system, JWs are the “apostate Jerusalem” which undergoes eventual seige and deposition and then even more full blown exposure of how GB led JW lawlessness resulted in this catastrophe and all the final “the end” lies will fail as the cherry on top. JW Org will “reap what it sows” and what it sows now is pure evil and that has to come out more and more, in similar manner to the Catholic system of old, but far faster. JW Org will soon enter its own “the end” fast track to destruction, based on its own evils and them having to come to full blown exposure with a catastrophe on JWs to prove it and finalize it.

Everything else the GB plys in “doomsday” hype and fear is just thier own FAKE-Armageddon which only explodes globally on JW Org, it was all a fear and guilt hype self-righteous judgment debacle driven and evilly designed to distract from the true reason JW Org is going down globally, soon— for being a damaging criminal-cult empire cloaked in a religious charity. They have foretold their own end, but drag the world’s end into it for distracting effect. Only JW apostasy and WTBTS is what “ends”. The rest is distraction by fear hype.


Since “the world” is not “ending” but JW Org has foretold their own downfall “soon, very soon” (wt7 2015) and “at that time” (wt11 2013) amongst a few other pre-programmed hints, if we read the rest of the “signs” untold, that is what imo will occur. In other words the GB has engineered a nice “self fulfilling prophecy” based on a re-arranged final sequence of a prophecy continuum wherein “the end of the world” is imo a smokescreen to cloak the real reason JW Org has to go down. At the same time they have left the continuum’s other features absent, that of a “purification” upon the now same age-old pattern of “reformation” after a major catastrophic fail. In the other patterns since Israel’s time this was known as “the temple judgment”.

That part of the puzzle left out of the picture is merely using the same pieces of the puzzle JWs themselves have laid on the table, it is part of the bigger picture of the prophecy meaning, so it is as good a speculation as the current GB picture which plays “the end of the world” picture as one huge distraction from what they are (apostasy) and the pieces they leave out of the picture for their self-predictive tale.

IMo, it is a better speculation, you, me and many others see the basic concept of what would be the intended outcome— in spite of the many detours and distractions the current GB debacle puts in the way to obscure this pattern. Yes, moderation based on a turn-around “repentance”, but also full disclosure, global apology and then FINISH THE STORY properly!

Of course the “Governing Body” concept and what it became in JWs would also have to be scrapped as a fraud lie, that thing is not coming back. They began as a corporate board a slowly morphed into a Neo-Papacy and morphed the entire JW ministry into a neo-apostasy, complete with murder, intrigue and cover-up by means of their neo-inquisition, and a JW “clergy” set out to enforce what is criminal policy, plain and simple—- blasphemous, unbiblical and now full of compounding error based on the first error. The GB has finally self-revealed as what they were the whole time, a “man of lawlessness” in the JW world of Christianity, a JW version of an “evil slave” “rich man” “fool virgin” and the effects and rotten fruitage merely have added to the distraction away from the far simpler solution: Catastrophic “desolations” that could lead to a stream-lined honest recovery and completion of the basic story going on here for now centuries.

The world will not end, and because of that the only option is adjustment, because it is very difficult for a ministry to just roll over and die. None of the ones in this continuum have done so in spite of what befell them, like with Israel. But unlike Christian versions of this story, the JW catastrophe has to be tantamount with the destruction of Jerusalem in either case of 586 or 70, this thing must become enormous.

But, imo, it will not be the end of the story (or the world), just the end of the JW apostasy season. How severe it affects the org as in a scrap left over or total obliteration is yet to be seen. BUT, they are not the minsitry, they were just a corporate arrangement of things which aided it. They started to equate themselves with the trek and object of Christianity, which they are not, and that arrogance will have severe ramifications, and I say that is not my opnion, it is written on the JW Org wall by the hand of their own fraud priests. Even they agree it will be of “prophetic proportions”, but not the prophecy-tale they have spun. But none the less, imo, part of the overall prophecy. That is an opinion. The “reaping what has been sown” principle is that JW Org must reap to the scale of their own crime and injustice, I think that is a cosmic truth which has raised its head a number of times in this story, since Assyria took Samaria in fact.


I empathize with you and others who are being “beaten” as in hurtful emotions delivered by the supposed “flock of God”. This is because I was outer-orbit in the congregation and skipped around so as to stay in outer-orbit, but I have had the strokes by other means inspite of the attempt at distancing. It aided my fade though.

For those like you more deeply in the rotten fabric of the congregation inquisition system where the GB protects their own power and wealth with what amounts to a neo-inquisition I really do fell for you and ones in a similar position because you have to deal with the razor-viper tongue JWs on a daily basis riding their high horse of stellar hubris in an act of righteousness which is but self-righteousness and plainly shown hypocrisy to help protect the lawless evil “priesthood” of billionaires as they transform JWs fully into a criminal empire with no equals since the Dark Ages.

THAT is the real reason they beat the sheep who try to speak and blow the whistle on the criminal JW cabal called the GB and their sordid society of sin and misery. They want no JWs to wake up and fire that twisted board of frauds, they must continue to GB Pied Piper lead JWs to disaster, because God will not use lies, liars of criminals to “warn the world” except by what will befall JW Org, the evil empire of modern times, to become a sign, a big one, in time.

It took me a while to just get by the thoughts in my head of being the “apostate” in JW eyes, as they twist in the knife of guilt. Until, that is, I SEE WITH MY OWN EYES JWs are the real “final apostasy”, and they are who are guilty and bathe in the blood of even raped and at times destroyed children which evil policies they helped enforce as they silenced these little victims daily with their hubris and gags.

Now I pity them, for when JW Org reaps what it truly has sown, it will not be a pretty picture and these testimonies of what is really going on in there will outlast the WTBTS, they cannot escape what is really going on in there anymore than Israel could. Now I see how JWs are “spiritual Israel” they say, they sin to the same capacity, they are as evil as some of the Pharisees, and they, like Israel, think in total error “all’s good”— and like Israel when they come down from the high horse, it will be a bitter awakening for JWs who do not flee now. (Matt24:15)

JW Org is what “ends”, not the world they use as a smokescreen fear mongering to help conceal the lawless reason of their real apostate downfall coming, just like Jerusalem of old. Same old story. Thus, the truth and time and he who made it all, is on your side, on the side of all out there in the “mountains” “sighing and groaning” over all the detectable things being done by JWs in JW Organization of Apostasies.

The global context of JW Org implosion may become distracting, but it is only WT that is “ending”, their “warning” is invalid by idolatrous apostate forfeiture. It is what it is. All we can do is try to get as many as we can to flee that JW Titanic before the real sinking phase begins, and even as it truly goes down.


Though many know more details of this than me, like you, it shows this will be no “slam dunk”. So the “doomsday” thinking actually stalls some in morbid fear to see this evolution to the final form of human designed earthly power will have to complete, and as it does there will be some severe times, but no “end of the world”, just a completion of “one hour with the wildbeast” (Rev17:12) as that symbolic “hour” is under completed and stated world government IMO.

I have noticed as it steps along now even movies, TV Shows, and entertainers are mentioning the main globalism players by their old names, and thus more and more people know what it means when they mention these deeper terms like “illuminati” in the media in certain productions. As it steps in over the decade more and more it will get more and more obvious it is not “conspiracy theory” it is what it is.

And with that global awakening over the epic period many people will consider the Kingdom they will have to attempt to push-back, the Kingdom of the Heavens, will also become real for salvation of many sheep before the decisive final meeting. It has been building up to this resolution the whole time, but there is a certain time it reaches the “King North” “top” of the mountain, and the truth of it all has to become easy to see and generic because in the end, religions became a stall, it is from “the world” and from scattered people that these things are finally put together.

The choice is also simple, world government or the Kingdom of God, but any man can make that choice even to the last second, because that is really the offer in Revelation 14:6-7, which will also come to all in final indomitable “everlesting good news” form under world government, right in their faces Christ will “rule in the midst of his enemies” and secure sheep as this whole thing converges into one meaning.

Then he will take the planet. No “end of the world”, just an end to the rival attempt to take the planet. Rev11:15-19 Good news is ANYONE can be saved and religion has nothing to do with it after all, lol. (Rom2:12-16) FAITH is the word. (Rev14:12) And people can get faith very quickly depending on the circumstances, like Saul of Tarsus did.

There is no “doomsday” only the Good Day. This has to run the full course of the true EPIC and that first like a bulldozer over the JW Org globally, the real “final apostasy”, first. Dan8:13-14 The end of JW Org is what JWs are foretelling, they just think it is “the world”, but the world moves forward through the epic. JW Org is all that is “ending”, and it is real evil crimal empire and apostate too boot, good riddance and real justice is coming on that JW abomination. (It is the opening salvo of the epic, imo, which also develops with a turn in the global context to form the real epic backdrop over the ensuing YEARS. JW “the end of the world” will fail, it will be a mega-fail sign, good news actually.)

This is for anyone, but especially for those who entertain the possibility just maybe there is a little more to this whole story of Christianity since year 1. May be that revised calendar is itself a sign, many men from old to today have been wondering on this very subject. It will not be a waste of time, just have to set religious distractions and errors aside as it tries to eclipse the simpler scenario at work.

But REALITY steps along as a better teacher, it will get clear as day by its own accord. That is also why there is no instant “end of the world”, it has to run the entire course to completion and in that epic transform many many many people will just see it simply, for what it really is. We have enough time.


It could be a more, I was merging a speculation that once they really start their “the end” hoax context to dissolve the JW ministry by their own sanction “self fulfilling prophecy” it would run in peak mode for 3 years, a total speculation on how long a truly global anti-WTBTS operation would take to pillage min. 30 billion in assets and tie up the rest in legal entanglements for years, imo.

But to start it is what that opinion was about, I should say 3 to 7 years because of the post projection of the global crisis cycle start point speculation, max 7 years, min 3 years, all approximate in my opinion. Now this is not a “doomsday” prediction, there is no “end of the world”, this is an opinion on a global crisis period which is not an “end” but a transition into complete globalization. That means something must topple the final vestiges of nation-state “sovereignty” in real form, to allow the globalization tier of super-national corporate power to actually dictate the global recovery terms for the national systems.

The period will have a peak scare phase, and that is when they run the “end of the world” final fail scam on JWs and their WTBTS, which is actually a 30 to 100 BILLION dollar net worth enterprise. What we do not have is the total data set and variables as to actual net worth but easily 30 billion can be calculated. The variables is for example, how many billions they have already skimmed in the past, and as another example how much is already positioned for easy transfer when the SHTF for JW org.

What we KNOW, it this is not really the “end of the world”, it may look like it for a little while, it may have the fear in other places as well as JWs, but it is a transition period many have seen coming for years as the nation-state is now financially done, and all it takes is the right set of events to finalize that total loss of true wealth sovereignty. But for the master creditor and financial expert system that runs the international monetary system, it is not a crisis, it is them buying out the nation-state with their own money, modifying the huge debt and unfunded laibility portfolios for recovery upon new terms with them as the primary stakeholders, then instituting a truly globalized finance and economic system with a global governance finance sector as its admin, as part of the greater whole of world government, the no brainer goal of this whole ordeal.

And THAT is what JWs have been omitting from commentary for 40 years, since this has all been known in the global management academic system since the 80s in verifiable form anyone could have seen since then and many have. Today it is just the way it is, but JW live in a cave from a 1950s global mindset where the nation-state was the end all, but it is not.

That is why “the end” makes sense to JWs, it is the end of their JW Org, imo, but it is not the end of the world, not an opinion. The world uses cycles to evolve the global management system to its intended final form, a world government. That takes several years like easily over 10, but they do not have forever to do this, they also have a window of opportunity that overlays the one JW Org has to get ready for their own downfall mega pillage. They have to be synchronized, but the global cycle is what will also ignite the JW Org downfall cycle in some manner as its context. That way it also looks very real to JWs, and they will then aid the pillage rather than resist it, by doing NOTHING but shaking, and heading to them trap JW Bunker Systems, all for capture, btw.

There is not “end of the world”, it just keeps transitioning. True, there can be an end to types of ruling systems like the national ones, but it is superseded by a superior form, if that ends it is just transitioned, it is also superseded by the superior form.

“The end” is just fear hype to control behavior and paralyze deeper investigation into stagnation, like JWs are now famous for. The world just keeps plodding along to its eventual true purpose, once all the experiments have run their full course. Nothing to fear anymore so than everyday life, but maybe even less than that in free reality. Just be very patient and attentive to the course, and don’t get tossed by the many failed predictions we shall see, so I say this is a speculation, some parts can fail, some cannot, and most of it is just the timeline. The globalism momentum cannot be reversed, that will not fail, it is what this cycle is all about, completing globalization in authoritative complete governing form, for real.


What is amazing is JWs used to know all the patterns from the Bible of apostasy and the players names it was manifest from. But, they liked to apply it to “Israel” and “Christendom”.

But lo and behold when ALL the scriptures apostasy, evil slave, lawless one wildbeast riding sellouts hypocrite “classes” manifest in their sordid circus of ill repute, the SEE NOTHING, HEAR NOTHING and SAY NOTHING.

There is a moral to the story we each arrive at as we see, hear and speak of this strange turn of events and it is actually good news, religious views from corporatized religion has merely distracted from the simpler truths. These distractions are being fried off the eyes like cataracts leaving a clearer picture that is boils down to a simpler equation with no need of an inserted “religion variable” which merely screws up the math.

The JW thing will become a total catastrophe, this is not the climax, this is the calm before the storm lighting up the scene finally. JWs have a final mega-fail “end of the world” to actually publicly announce (wt7/2015 [1]), but it fails for never has God used lawless criminals to speak any truthful warning in his name, how JWs think this would be the first is mind boggling, they have zombified in their well worn tracks, it is on autopilot smashing straight into the mountain.

But the moral of the story will continue to emerge. It is a log in a fire, Zech3:2, and when it is pulled it is a lighter log. I would like to add a “LOL”, but it is not going to be a pretty picture for JW Org, it has sinned against God and man, the writing is on the wall now, it has been found wanting in human decenecy, Lord knows they have enough silver to satiate their “rich man class”. (They control like 30 billion, it will go into other hands shortly)

It is “the end of JW Org world”, that is all it is.

WT quote (WT 07/15/2015, pg. 16, par. 9):

9 This will not be the time to preach the “good news of the Kingdom.” That time will have passed. The time for “the end” will have come! (Matthew 24:14) No doubt God’s people will proclaim a hard-hitting judgment message. This may well involve a declaration announcing that Satan’s wicked world is about to come to its complete end.

But, that will be the final fail instead. Yes, people will continue to proclaim a “hard-hitting judgment message” on JW Organization of apostate lawlessness even after the bulldozer on The WT has passed.


JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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