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Nope. Neither Jesus nor Jehovah are omniscient.

How do you explain this:

Genesis 18:20, 21
20 Then Jehovah said: “The outcry against Sodʹom and Go·morʹrah is indeed great,+ and their sin is very heavy.+ 21 I will go down to see whether they are acting according to the outcry that has reached me. And if not, I can get to know it.”+

Or this:

Genesis 6:6
6 Jehovah regretted* that he had made men on the earth, and his heart was saddened.*+

Newton, Jehovah:


2. Creates all creatures

3. Creates a creature’s perception of reality

4. Creates the reality the creature is actually within

5. Creates a reality ONLY Jehovah knows.

Jehovah is more than omniscient, he invents all reality and every way it must interact and he can affect it in the past, present or future and the future beyond the future people think is the limit of the future as in “time” beyond physical time we base on sun movements, nultiple “times”, multiple realities.

This is why to Jehovah, Satan is like a dog turd up at the park on the grass, meaningless in any real power in comparison to Almighty God, scoopable and destroyable easier than it would be to bag that POS.

Since the seven seals OPENED to Christ [understanding] Christ is all-knowing as far a God’s post 1914 purpose for the seven trumpets Kingdom Messianic Purpose to the 1000 years reign day one to year 700 or so, because NEW scrolls shall be opened for all eternity during the 1000 year reign, so yes, Christ cannot be omniscient to the degree of Jehovah for obvious ALMIGHTY reasons, but as far as all created beings he is beyond all.

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No you are part of the problem. You are helping no one. Get over your ego. Everything is under control Jehovah has it all worked out and is laughing at the evil and their evil deeds. There is no winning so you should give up now. [/QUOTE]

Jesus: “I have conquered the world”. If you are not for victory then you are already a loser. Describing the MOST EXPANSIVE OPEN SALVATION [CONTRACTUAL] OFFER of Revelation 14:6-8 is what it is, only an ego issue to a ego-fluffer such as yourself. In reality to come the FINALITY of the SALVATION OFFER GUARANTEE is to be carried out by Christ and the holy angels to ultimate global coverage.

It shall also complete the full seven years of the DIRECT in the face Christ ministry as he began in 29 CE, and as he will complete in Daniel 12:11 1290 days which final 3.5 years is also open for salvation was will be the 1260 days which leads to the finale to conclude the human warning which “by NO [human] means” would be able to “complete the circuits of “Israel” [all earth] as per Matthew 10:23.

It is what it is, you are the one with the ego issue which will keep you in the shadow as long as you keep fluffing your BS the way you do, you do NOT know any better now than 10 years ago.You should, but your pride and ego is your quicksand.
[QUOTE who=”Johno”]How do you all explain eternal torment in fire in Revelation. I asked two Jehovah Witnesses once they said its symbolic but couldn’t explain how. Which surprised me as he was a church preacher a “Pastor” or “Deacon” I think he said.

I’m willing to accept its symbolic but I’m not willing to accept its symbolic just because someone says its symbolic. Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

In the Bible “fire” has been a symbol of purification, such as at Revelation 8 and Zechariah 3:2. But, in that process the fire could have been destructive had God not cut the “fire” phase short. The other main meaning of ‘fire” in the Bible is DESTRUCTION, for nothing lasts in that kind of fire.

For example, if one imagines the calculated temperatures in a neutron star or a black hole it is very hot, and due to heat and huge pressure nothing atomic stays in tact. But, if we take the super-enormous energy of the “big bang”, the multi-trillions of degrees that originally gave birth to the basic universal material ingredient, then every blackhole and star in existence would be “vaporized” so to speak for they would all be reduced to a nothingness many orders smaller than sparticles.

Thus, in the symbolic sense NOTHING “survives” the “lake of fire” so as to be tortured forever, its “torment” is a “ment”, a STATE of DESTROYED eternally, eternally in this state, otherwise described as “torment”, for no spiritual or physical “nerve” or cognitive structure could withstand that symbolic quadrillions of degrees implied in the lake of fire of Revelation, it means what goes into that DESTRUCTION is eternal, non-existent to its base essence, as gone as if it had never existed at all.

And being symbolic it is not even earthly “fire” as man knows it is a “fire” that symbolizes utter destruction to the state of non-existence with the no-recall seal of being destroyed forever, the “second death”, the “lake of fire”, the place even “hades” is “vaporized” to non existent with Satan, the demons, their wildbeast and the “new world order” ultimate false-prophet. Since Babylon the Great is destroyed by the world government “scarlet wildbeast” prior to its own splash-down into the “lake of fire”, it is not shown thrown into the lake of fire, and when Satan and the demons are finally slam-dunked into the lake of fire, after the 1000 years, all those final lies will be exterminated in that final fell swoop.

Apparently those of the “and the rest”* present at the lake of fire phase 1, will get a resurrection:

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies, gathered together to make war against him that sat upon the horse, and against his army. 20 And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought the signs in his sight, wherewith he deceived them that had received the mark of the beast and them that worshipped his image: they two were cast alive into the lake of fire that burneth with brimstone: 21 AND THE REST* were killed with the sword of him that sat upon the horse, even the sword which came forth out of his mouth: and all the birds were filled with their flesh.

[QUOTE who=”The Real Karen”]But that does not necessarily mean that they are marked for survival. They must be marked by the ‘man with the secretary’s inkhorn.’ The facts show that “the faithful and discreet slave” class is doing that marking work today.-Matthew 24:45-47. All who want to be marked as having God’s approval must accept the instruction that Jehovah is providing through that “slave” class and become true worshipers of Jehovah.” Survival into a New Earth p.96 [/QUOTE]

They did a little “inkhorn’ video schpeel by David Splane for one of the annual meetings after having “lifted themselves up over everyone” around 2012+ to define the modern-in-the-JW-face “evil slave” group claiming to now be the sole “faithful slave” cabal, globally-publicly-finally self-judging themselves like God, as such (2Thess2:3-4). So it was non-sense merely dictated by the ruling prince of WTBTS to maximize the final “man of lawlessness’ signs and blasphemies to drag sleeping JWs into a heavier judgment.

What makes it doubly ridiculous when spoken by the GB (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12) of today;s dire Satanic proportions, is that in the case of Ezekiel’s day it was the Ruling Priests who were inkhorn-unmarked for destruction, the inkhorn being was an angel, and the supposed “faithful slave” was so bad Jehovah commanded the Destroyer to actually START RIGHT IN THE SANCTUARY when the judgment came on that ALSO apostate profaned house of that day!

Thus, while it is utterly ridiculous to see this UN worshiping cabal of GB Dragon Priests in the GB making all of these, out of the blue, crazy fluke, utter signal “lawless one’ blasphemies, it is OMINOUSLY THE SAME PICTURE EZEKIEL SAW way back when;—now Jehovah must again begin the judgment with his own house first (1Peter4:17), and the foretold-signal Profaner GB of the “sanctuary” and “sanctuary class” is first on the Destroyer’s hit list, yet they claim to be the benchmark of salvation all the while to the clapping seal JWs of these latest crazed “annual meetings” of the WT Demon Society.

Oddly enough, Those Jehovah’s witnesses actually whining and complaining, bitching, protesting and moaning—-about all the horrible things the GB and JWs have been up to lately—-are the ones being marked for survival!!!!

“Go throughout the [JW] city of Jerusalem and put a mark on the foreheads of those who grieve and lament over all the detestable things that are done in it. — Ezekiel 9:4

“It was revoked on that day, and so the oppressed of the flock who were watching me knew it was the word of the LORD.”— Zech11:11

It is the oppressed sheep, the beaten sheep, the pummeled and assaulted ‘fellow slaves” who come to eventually see what is going on first, where it is actually going on, and what is really about to happen, Temple Judgment Zechariah 3 = Daniel 8;13-14 = Revelation 8, next, final cycle cleansing prior to the final warning God shall prepare by these horrific anti-temple events.(Rev10:11, Rev11:1-7; Eze37; Rev9; Dan8;14 “RIGHT Condition” to be met)

Matthew 24:15 is advisable to flee the JW Org now, make it easier on God to spare the marked ones.

The GB is the foretold pure MOL blasphemy, the leaders of the final JW “great apostasy” we now see Pied Pipering JWs to the sacking of “Jerusalem” of Matthew 24:15; Isa66:6; Eze10; Rev8:1-8) to be simply sold to JWs as “the end”, then abandoned to itself with still a number of years of ‘sword stroke’ world war to “heal” into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT which triggers Christ arrival—-and why a final 1260 days warning will eventually follow this Daniel 8:13-14 JW Temple Judgment event, phasing (Dan8:26) and timing of Daniel 8:14.

JWs have been totally fooled as far as the dopey JW crew now in there eating up this sugar plum dumbling fest, Isaiah 28 “vision”, of the modern MOL GB, Rebel Korah Cabal Rogue Renegades of 1976.
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Part of the coming deception? I wouldn’t doubt it…Satan and the fallen angels will pulling out all the stops.


It is the familiarity with these concepts that forms a big part of the media system story lines in the themes of supernatural beings, supernatural human beings, whose power is displayed in superhuman feats of ability and “magical” powers– in all the cases their is a fascination with superhuman abilities cultivated in the audience as in reality the demons of Genesis 6 have used these powers in the development of the current human system of a sovereign development from the nation-state “King South”/”7th King” system which has been temporarily sanctioned and approved by God (Rom13=Gen10).

But along with these themes and the ones that verge into alien powers and advanced cybernetics and AI in tangent with a theme of super-human inter-stellar power development we move to the themes of the “future” of mankind under a world government scenario which preceded the advanced human future themes of Star Trek and Star Wars as an example of a background story which was needed to lead to such advancements, in spite of the contradiction that humans developing such advanced technologies would require the cessation of war entirely to allow the full resources to go to beneficent goals. In the Hollywood storyline it is OK to have a continuation of war and super advanced technology at the same as in the Marvel and Lucas stories, so they are conditioning human minds for some other use.

Then we have themes of prophecy which then become amalgamated into the whole Hollywood Cornucopia of predictive programming and mental conditioning to aid the deception of the period after this next world war fulfills Revelation 13:3 into a global healing into world government. To smokescreen the actuality of the progression into world government and 1Thess5:1-3 “world peace and security’ we have the Hollywood “doomsday” plethora of ‘end of the world” and “World War 3” delusional and dreary expectations– which also relates to the premature Christ arrival and “rapture” delusions now present in all Christian religions and JWs.

What we know is Satan and the deceivers in the human system MUST apply their deception to flase-prophecy which must “fulfill” in a deception BEFORE the real prophecy finalizes. This is because the 8th King system and Satan must apply it all to themselves as if “Gods Kingdom” complete with heightened supernatural events so the ‘world will admire the wildbeast” as in BOTH Rev13:3, and Rev17:8-12. Satan and the 8th King cannot wait until after Christ arrival to ply their false prophecy for then it is too late.

They MUST apply it to the scarlet wildbeast decoy BEFORE true prophecy climax, and God requires Satan the “you MUST become their Guard” to try to protect world government from destruction as per Ezekiel 38:7, so Satan can “arrive” as potentially many things depending on which deception set he will be culminating in the minds of the Hollywood-aided misled. Satan can even be the decoy Christ arrival as Satan and the demons play Christ and the angels to back world government.

And there is a whole set of fleshly “Israel” decoy-prophecy and rapture decoy-prophecy to apply to the scarlet wildbeast as the come from the final world war “sword stroke” “abyss” of this temporary phase “tribulation of those days” coming up, the phase they sell to JWs and the world as if “the end”, but that doomsday “sword stroke” “AS THOUGH slaughtered to” [doomsday] HEALS into 8th King final phase complete WORLD GOVERNMENT, instead.

JWs will be toppled into a fake Armageddon fake “the end” into to final out, instead, that “the end” is the final sword stroke that heals into 8th King world government as Rev13:3 and Rev17:8-18, Dan11:44-45, Dan8:25, Isa41:1.
==============\[QUOTE who=”truthsetsfree”]After the catholic church adopted many pagan beliefs. Falsehoods such as the trinity, hellfire and the immortal soul. They spent a lot of time ,effort and persecution in keeping the bible in Latin so it could not be understood by the common people in order for them to analyze these catholic teachings.

What they knew is that you’re not supposed to analyze these adopted pagan falsehoods AND STILL BELIEVE THEM!!![/QUOTE]

Well, the common ground is Catholics founded the first “great apostasy” and WTBTS post-1976 founded the last “great apostasy” which are both prophetic yet “great apostasies” for different reasons. The irony is the Reformation culminated in the IBSA/WTBTS becoming the global exposer of the severity and depth of the Catholic apostasy to a completion.

Yet, even more ironic indeed is the post 1976 GB “Papal-like” WTBTS power coup uses the exact same “rule by committee” Neo-Papal corporate control center for the JW apostasy, and in the end, the JW apostasy is far more severe because it was as the UN fulfilled a required 3rd of 4 “place the disgusting thing’ prophecies is 1990, which GB controlled JWs said nothing about at Daniel 11:31, but adjoined as global UN co-sponsors as UN NGOs in 1991-1992 instead.

Thus, the ministry that had exposed the Catholic wildbeast “BTG” connection in 1919-1921 to that “League of Nations” based world government nucleus of an “8th King” (post WW1 Rev13:11-15), was now also riding the wildbeast as UN NGO rather than continuing to expose the UN in 1990 (UN 3rd as Dan11:31) as JWs had in 1945 at the 2nd UN prophecy of Revelation 17:8-11.

BOTH of these apostasies are from the same source but the GB, not the Catholic apostasy fulfills Daniel 11:30b-31 and Daniel 11:32a among the JW anointed Christian claimant ministry.

So, know this, the JW apostasy is foretold and leads to the temple judgment cycle on JWs first as 1Pet4:17, Daniel 8:13-14, Rev8:1-8. And the UN NGO itself is in prophecy at Matthew 24:15 in relation to that UN NGO temple “TRANSGRESSION causing desolation” to the JW ministry soon as Daniel 8;13, to be timed 3.19 years “evening” of desolation as Daniel 8:14.

And know this, the final global cycle to world government is reached after this next “sword stroke” world war “heals’ into 8th King world government over several final years (Rev13:3; Rev17:8-18), as JWs plunge into the temple judgment abyss of Revelation 8-9 totally misled and in heavy sins and reproach, to be recovered to the Daniel 8:14 temple “right condition” to complete the 3rd (1990) and 4th (future) UN1-2-3-4 prophecy exposure mission, the fourth UN event being as complete 8th King King North WORLD GOVERNMENT— AFTER this next “sword stroke” coming up which will be the “tribulation of those days” prelude to world government.

Know this:

1. The GB is the final “man of lawlessness” and are destroyed as the 3.19 years “evening” desolation of that judgment runs its course, and they must be exposed with the final warning to emerge as the world heads through this FAKE ‘end of the world’ to instead recover into completely globalized world government as the end product of this fourth world war cycle including the Cold War 1945-1990 UN cycle 3.

2. World Government 8th King “arrives” BEFORE Christ arrival finale. The 8th King world government sovereign claims to planet Earth is what triggers Christ arrival. World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and “world peace” stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

THAT is the simple main point the current JW apostasy is covering up as Daniel 8:12b, “because of transgression”.

But BOTH the Catholic and JW apostasies are related and have been prophetic but the JW one will serve as a final signal regarding the apostasy of 2Thess2:1-12, it is more severe for obvious reasons.


Dan Winter explains some of the math of paradise in everything, the vortex in a heartbeat and how emotion shapes the DNA molecule like a fractal of God. As we know the Imbalancer messing this all up by means of human sin and disharmony will be erased (Heb2:14) and Christ will “Re Create” the “Last Adam” perfection whose outline only remains in Adamic DNA. (Matt19:28; Rom8:18-22)

Christ is the FIRST and only-begotten God Fractal so he is chosen to guide the Re Creation as he was chosen as the Creation of God which it all comes through by the power of God Almighty Jehovah. He is getting closer.

On January 24, 18, andrewa771 wrote:
> Hi there,
> Hope all is well. Did you see my reply to your post on ETs and Vatican?

Yes, I put a reply but perhaps it was shadow banned, so I’ll attach it here but preface it with the idea that one thing leads to another as has been the case since Genesis and that the “theories of everything” now being explored by many with mathematical and physics backgrounds as well as guys like Trey Smith and it ties into EVERY core “conspiracy theory” as in reality it is all converging for the showdown of all time whose climax state is called “Har Magedon” in the Bible which “war of the great day of God the Almighty” is just the final stage of the “Mount Magedon”, Har Magedon “global situation” when ALL the nations stands as one AGAINST God’s Kingdom as in Psalm 2.

The point I tried to make is the background concepts they are putting in the mass mind of people’s globally are going to be for a reason as this all pans out into the “healing” phase into world government which will COMPLETE the “gather the nations” incept of a true global Armageddon state. Globalization is the main global force to “gather the nations”. But, the GB stall in JWs is trubcating many things that can soon be explained in final form as this all MUST lead to not just world government full 8th King King North COMPLETION but also their judgment globally upon the harlot as global religions are also destroyed as foretold leading into and after the final warning 1260 days completes and is also conquered as in Revelation 11:7-10 and Revelation 13:5-7’s parallel in the future— but by that time that final warning will be Rev10:57 COMPLETE as far as the “sacred secret of the good news being brought to a FINISH’ in a total final explanation and open salvation precursor of the Revelation 14:6-7 Christ ministerial conclusion to be carried out by his angels to all mankind with the offer to “worship God” whose form is Messianic Kingdom power over the NWO rival.

Christ must complete his own ministry because as per Matthew 10:23 human minstries by “no means” can complete the global “circuit of the cities of Israel”. But Christ with the Kingdom Angels and all 144000 can and will COMPLETE the global circuit. So. some of them last sheep are confronted by angels with the salvation offer and guarantee of Revelation 14:6-7, which must be made known before they arrive to complete the mission of salvation in light of Romans 2 and Matthew 25:31-40.

Thus the apostate GB is concealing final big truths as per Daniel 8:12b. But as the world heads to Christ arrival we can expect more super natural activity to precede it from Satan and his attempts to apply prophecy to himself and the NWO 8th King in very deceptive ways to back the acceptance of the 666 by many misled people.

Thus the JW Org downfall to mark Daniel 8:13-14 and Revelation 8 will lead to the final summary of the whole prophecy while Satan attempts to distract attention away from the big salvation truth.
Oddly enough it is the GB “valueless shepherd” of Zechariah 11 who has led JWs astray from God, true undefiled worship and Christ so a few men can play 2Thess2:3-4 gods for their own name even telling JWs it is OK to “place the UN NGO disgusting thing” in they now profaned holy place of Daniel 11:31a.

So, as the GB went apostate from day 1 power grasp 1976 it has been DOWNHILL the rest of the way as shown in the stats of JW growth since the very year 1976, a downward spiral “due to transgression” among JWs as “governed” by the bad GB.

Daniel 8:12

New International Version
Because of rebellion, the LORD’s people and the daily sacrifice were given over to it. It prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground.

New Living Translation
The army of heaven was restrained from responding to this rebellion. So the daily sacrifice was halted, and truth was overthrown. The horn succeeded in everything it did.

English Standard Version
And a host will be given over to it together with the regular burnt offering because of transgression, and it will throw truth to the ground, and it will act and prosper.

New American Standard Bible
And on account of transgression the host will be given over to the horn along with the regular sacrifice; and it will fling truth to the ground and perform its will and prosper.

The “host” “given over” to “small horn” control through the GB is JWs. It results in Daniel 8:13 to fulfill next in time:

King James Bible
Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the [UN NGO] transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

So now, due to transgression in general among JWs and UN NGO transgression causing desolation in specific, the JW Org must be judged for the 2300 “evenings and mornings” of the coming JW ministerial desolation and eventual recovery to the temple cleansed ‘right condition”.

Though few leave JWs who have left Jehovah because of that UN NGO treason from the top, Matthew 24:15 is a now modern command of Christ to flee apostate JWs and their poor profaned Organization for it is subverted and “given over” and must now be trampled in the temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses of Daniel 8:13-14 as 1Peter 4:17 first priority and the start of Revelation 8 whose first four trumpets are this temple judgment whose outcome over those years will indicate the final Revelation cycle of the TWO witnesses has begun en route to the final 1260 days warning to precede the Christ arrival after the “8th King” “King North” WORLD GOVERNMENT completes its globalization “bather the nations to Har Magedon” as a global sign of Christ arrival after that event is complete. (Rev13:3, Rev17:8-18)

This coming world war “sword stroke” will “heal” into world government not devolve into “the end” yet as misled JWs would have you believe. To find Jehovah one has to now flee the apostate and “man of lawlessness” led JW ministry of today. It will not be in the “right condition’ again, until after Daniel 8;13-14 has bulldozed the JW Org for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to the JW minsitry.

So the JW rebellion from God with the GB central idolaters is a prophecy of the end cycle inception.

JWs have said they are “non-governmental” so they can join the UN NGO global wildbeast club and think that will fly with God and Christ as JWs are now unfaithful to the fullest degree necessary to require the JW Org judgment desolation of Daniel 8:13.

Oddly enough it is the GB “valueless shepherd” of Zechariah 11 who has led JWs astray from God, true undefiled worship and Christ so a few men can play 2Thess2:3-4 gods for their own name even telling JWs it is OK to “place the UN NGO disgusting thing” in they now profaned holy place of Daniel 11:31a.

So, as the GB went apostate from day 1 power grasp 1976 it has been DOWNHILL the rest of the way as shown in the stats of JW growth since the very year 1976, a downward spiral “due to transgression” among JWs as “governed” by the bad GB.

Daniel 8:12

English Standard Version
And a host will be given over to it together with the regular burnt offering because of transgression, and it will throw truth to the ground, and it will act and prosper.

The “host” “given over” to “small horn” control through the GB is JWs. It results in Daniel 8:13 to fulfill next in time:

Daniel 8:13

King James Bible
Then I heard one saint speaking, and another saint said unto that certain saint which spake, How long shall be the vision concerning the daily sacrifice, and the [UN NGO] transgression of desolation, to give both the sanctuary and the host to be trodden under foot?

So now, “due to transgression” in general among JWs and UN NGO transgression causing desolation in specific, the JW Org must be judged for the 2300 “evenings and mornings” of the coming JW ministerial desolation and eventual recovery to the temple cleansed ‘right condition” of Daniel 8:13-14.

Though few leave JWs who have left Jehovah because of that UN NGO treason from the top, Matthew 24:15 is a now modern command of Christ to flee apostate JWs and their poor profaned Organization for it is subverted and “given over” and must now be trampled in the temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses of Daniel 8:13-14 as 1Peter 4:17 first priority.

Matthew 24:15-16
“Therefore when you see the ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION which was spoken of through Daniel the prophet [at Daniel 11:31, 1990 3rd UN event), standing in the holy place (let the reader understand [it is among JWs as UN NGO by prophecy]), 16 then those who are in Judea [apostate JW Org] must flee to the mountains [NOW]…

The Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment is the start of Revelation 8 whose first four trumpets are this temple judgment whose outcome over those years will indicate the final Revelation cycle of the TWO witnesses has begun en route to the final 1260 days warning to precede the Christ arrival after the “8th King” “King North” WORLD GOVERNMENT completes its globalization “gather the nations to Har Magedon” as a global sign of Christ arrival after that WORLD GOVERNMENT event is complete. (Rev13:3, Rev17:8-18)

This coming world war “sword stroke” will “heal” into world government not devolve into “the end” yet as misled JWs would have you believe. To find Jehovah one has to now flee the apostate and “man of lawlessness” led JW ministry of today. It will not be in the “right condition’ again, until after Daniel 8;13-14 has bulldozed the JW Org for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to the JW minsitry.

So the JW rebellion from God with the GB central idolaters is a prophecy of the end cycle inception.

Newtonian is eating pie in the sky if he thinks JWs are in the “right condition” of Daniel 8:14 at this time.
IF the Word was God Almighty then there is no “in the beginning”. This is the BEGINNING of the Word of God, who is divine like God being His only begotten Son, which sonship fills out the theme of his authority for that chapter meaning to others;

“”But as many as received him, to them gave he the right to become children of God, even to them that believe on his name”” John 1:12

One way of rejecting the Son of God is promoting the lie he is God Almighty the Father, so in time the point of the scripture is not understood by rogues but by those truly believing in his name as God’s Son sent for their salvation and for many others who will come to believe the truth.

“”My little children, these things write I unto you that ye may not sin. And if any man sin, we have an [a]Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous: 2 and he is the propitiation for our sins; and not for ours only, but also for the whole world. “” 1 John 1:1-2

Thus, the battle of the self-appointed illegitimates like the Pharisees, the sons of the Devil (John 8:44) and the real sons of God shall continue until all the goats are sent to the “fire prepared for the Devil and his angels” which cannot be stalled, avoided, reversed or stopped.

The sons of Satan love to masquerade as sons of God like the JW GB is also doing as the battle has been carried to the very heart of the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry making all the more real— but the sons of the Devil lose with their father.
Obeying the first command no matter how it occurs, is what will save a person, those who love their neighbor even if a harlot or tax collector seeming riif raff of the earth, will be saved in the judgment of the sheep and goats wherein the sheep help in a loving way, and much opportunity exists in this lawless world to show love to strangers.

And just as Satan tests all men to offer an accusation God must asses all mankind’s basic motive for the reality it is to excuse by atonement sacrifice those He shall save, for many sheep are unaware they are sheep and many goats think they are sheep so the REALITY of what our motive is, is what will save or condemn us for those without knowkedge:

“”(for when Gentiles that have not the law do by nature the things of the law, these, not having the law, are the law unto themselves; 15 in that they show the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience bearing witness therewith, and [h]their [i]thoughts one with another accusing or else excusing them); 16 in the day when God [j]shall judge the secrets of men, according to my [k]gospel, by Jesus Christ.”” Romans 2:14-16

“”26 If therefore the uncircumcision keep the ordinances of the law, shall not his uncircumcision be reckoned for circumcision? 27 and shall not the uncircumcision which is by nature, if it fulfil the law, judge thee, who with the letter and circumcision art a transgressor of the law? 28 For he is not a Jew who is one outwardly; neither is that circumcision which is outward in the flesh: 29 but he is a Jew who is one inwardly; and circumcision is that of the heart, in the spirit not in the letter; whose praise is not of men, but of God.””

But, for those with knowledge we have greater responsibility to guard the truth and to expose those who end up working against it like the JW GB and their UN ride and lawless laws of misery they have heavy-handedly oppressed the flock with TO RETIAN THEIR OWN POWER AND MAKE THEIR OWN NAME FAMOUS, while using God’s name to work such evils.

But as ALL RELIGIONS fail, so too the world government judgment of BTG to destruction, as the harlot is being literally destroyed, say around 2030, sheep shall shake out of that destruction too, as guaranteed at Revelation 14:6-8 and Rev11:13.

BTG Harlot Global RELIGIONS will be destroyed by fully complete scarlet wildbeast world government which she, THE COMPLETE HARLOT GLOBAL, will also ride in on promoting to the end as complete harlot symbol astride a COMPLETE WORLD GOVERNMENT wildbeast scarlet symbol in final meaning (Rev17:8-18)

Even from BTG will come final imprisoned sheep who shall find out their religion is GONE and all who remain is the only ones who matter: GOD AND CHRIST.

It tells us why human religion, human power on earth, human authority MUST be replaced by direct Christ Command over EVERY ASPECT OF EARTH AND EARTHLY LIFE.

And as God knows who is who, if a person can COOPERATE with the coming authority of the King of kings, they WILL BE SAVED, just as surely as those who will not cooperate will be removed. By now with the final example of the lawless JW devolution into apostasy, lawlessness and even their own wildbeast worship all GB justified we see why a human ministry never can hold on to truth in a sinful Adamic state, and thank God it will not have to, Christ shall arrive like an Armageddon Bootcamp Seargent and take all control and give ALL direct command of what to do next FOREVER— and those who can obey his commands WILL BE SAVED, those who can’t or start to disobey will be removed fast.

All human failure at the perfect worship of God merely proves the help needed to achieve true perfection is beyond man and is in CHRIST’S hands, the best a religion can do is itself try to observe the FAITH, but as we see they all fail: so place all hope in GOD AND CHRIST ALONE!

The global trek to world government through a final coming “sword stroke” is your gauge to Christ arrival to follow those COMPLETIONS.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

If the GB betrayed the sheep they will not escape severe punishment. If you are against Jehovah’s will you too will experience severe punishment.[/QUOTE]

But instead:

Micah 3:9

“”Hear this, I pray you, ye heads of the house of Jacob, and rulers of the house of Israel, that abhor justice, and pervert all equity. 10 They build up Zion with blood, and Jerusalem with iniquity. 11 The heads thereof judge for reward, and the priests thereof teach for hire, and the prophets thereof divine for money: yet they lean upon Jehovah, and say, Is not Jehovah in the midst of us? no evil shall come upon us. 12 Therefore shall Zion for your sake be plowed as a field, and Jerusalem shall become heaps, and the mountain of the house as the high places of a forest.”

All I am doing is explaining the apostasy to judgment prophecy JWs now fulfill for a cleansing to prepare the final warning which has to come from this now GB defunct JW house.

But the good news is the man of lawlessness GB being judged then exposed AS PART of the final warning will be a provable set of Daniel 8:13-14 Rev8 events on JWs that will lead through the sword stroke to the rest of the global developments the prophecy says it must go like complete 8th King ruling world government and the destruction of all religion before and into the Christ arrival.

JW apostasy is the first step into the final cycle which will bring all these things as even the final warning is to be ceased in Daniel 12:11 and Rev11:7 as world government comes from the sword troke abyss into global healing as at this time JWs are trying to tell us it is “the end” rather than the true culmination of the final cycle of Revelation prophecy.

JW apostasy is the signal not of the end, but of the final global cycle unto world government 8th King on 7th King downfall, King South downfall into King North globalist world government which triggers the Christ arrival in a way all will be able to put it together by that time if they want, but it began with JW UN NGO signified apostate unfaithfulness before Jehovah and Christ and no wonder JWs do not want to admit it any more then their Christendom far less sinful sister.

All patterns fit for the final cycle to unfold on JWs for final warning proofs like the world ain’t seem since 1914.

Without this prophecy explanation in full form JWs wouldn’t know what the hell is going on once KN comes on JW Org as Daniel 8:13.
[QUOTE who=”knowsnothing”]JWs, this is a very serious topic. You believe that since the only ones Jesus made a pact with are the 144k, that only they can eat the blood and body of Christ. They are the only ones born again. So I’m asking you to defend your belief, because when you preach, this is at the essence of your preaching Paradise Earth and a conditional resurrection based on the deeds done in Paradise Earth.

If you are wrong about this, if you have no basis to deny Christ’s blood and body, then you are doing yourselves and those to whom you preach a great disservice. If you are right, then carry on preaching what you preach.[/QUOTE]

The symbols of perfect HUMAN life blood and body (Heb10:10) are to be applied to willing HUMAN sinners as Christ was a HUMAN when he offered that HUMAN sacrifice in perfection. So, it is for HUMANS as HUMANS are recovered into perfection in “Last Adam” Christ as “Eternal Father”.

Byt who is Eternal Mother, implied Last Eve? The 144000 is the bride of Christ “Eternal Mother” (Isa54) to bear perfect HUMANS into perfect being WITH CHRIST, so they partake because Earthling Sheep destined for perfect life eternal can BECOME the PERFECT LIFEBLOOD AND BODY of perfect HUMAN REALITY on Earth only symbolized by the bread and wine at present—FAITH is all they need to partake of— they “partake” in real 1000 year reign of Christ form by BECOMING THE HUMAN REALITY of that PERFECT HUMAN bread and wine.

Jesus will complete his own ministry as seven total years. The final 3.5 years is the Revelation 14 sequence and it is AFTER Scarlet Wildbeast 8th King World Government has been established on Earth as can be shown from the prophecy registry of final global events and indications of the Christ arrival so Jesus can complete the “circuit of the cities of Israel’ GLOBAL, which man “by no means” can do; Matt10:23

It is equatable to the final OPEN SALVATION PERIOD of Daniel 12:11’s final 3.5 years in the prophecy outline of events. It is also based on the Daniel 9:26-27 Salvation Principle of the final “week” of salvation also found at Genesis 7:4.

Arguing is fun, but we best understand while men stall in controversy when a perfect world is easily imaginable to all normal people, God shall keep moving forward in global development to the coronation of His Son as King of kings in the MESSIANIC KINGDOM OF DAVID CONTRACT with God, David and Jesus Christ and men will be caught, as usual, goofing off.

Everyone could agree that a peaceful world with no crime permitted and eternal life in total restoration with total justice for all wronged beings, even a dog, in total everlasting truth would be a fun and good thing, and that is what is coming.

How it occurs is where men start to argue and miss the whole point.

Thus, it is necessary as per Revelation 14:6-8, that if alive at that time, we, you, all, will be confronted by the angels of Christ to make that final offer as clear as day stated NOW at Revelation 14:6-7. THAT is how Christ completes his own ministry, he transcends humans and human error and sends the angels out under his own direct presence and completes it himself. Matt24:31; Matt25:31-40
When JW Org goes down for the Matthew 24:15 signal Daniel 8:13 1990 UN NGO “TRANSGRESSION causing desolation” for 3.19 years to the JW ministry—to be officially cancelled by the illegal GB– KNOW that Revelation 8’s first four trumpet “Temple Judgment” has 1Peter4:17 BUT BEGUN!

Then the sword stroke ride to full 8th King world government through a world war that heals into world government BEGINS as well— WORLD GOVERNEMNT COMPLETED will, in short time (Rev11:7-10) trigger the Christ arrival, it is the Daniel 11:42-43 global context.

Daniel 11:41 is the parallel of the Daniel 8:13 “trampling” of the JW ministry. The anti-JW desolation is to be ceased by God by Christ for temple cleansed recovery which leads to the eventual 1260 days final warning purpose after Daniel 8:14 verification timing is complete from JW desolation “evening” to “morning” recovery into final light of this age.

The GB will be removed and exposed thereafter as the man of lawlessness which has been a final cycle prelude signal for quite some time now— hence why we are even here now talking about them lawless ones. (2Thess2:1-4)

The JW apostasy is prophetic, it leads to the start of the final cycle of Revelation prophecy.

[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]<quoted text>

Don’t worry truth – the way they treat us is because they want to fulfill Jesus’ prophecy about the evil slave beating fellow slaves of Jesus – Matthew 24:49.


That logic worked from 100 AD forward but it took real “faithful slave” potential believers who transformed to then produce the fruitage of the “evil slave” if ever they should start to beat their fellow slaves.

But, a new chapter of Christian truth on the anointing and other elements of the sacred secret of God have come forth since 1914-1919 and the God judged “faithful slave” ministry of this modern era is what made all these truths known from the IBSA and JW ministerial vehicles of anointed Christians empowered Rev11:3 by God to make these truths known with a timed verifiable prophecy as the basis, hence the 1914-1922 first cycle of the Revelation’s “first witness” of the TWO witnessings to eventually be Rev10:11 required.

Today, the evil slave must originate from the actual “faithful slave”, and that began to be noticed when the GB beat down Ray Franz who had a valid concern on 1914 to keep silent the coming fact 607 BCE ‘GENTILE time’ must be based on the coronation of King Nebuchadnezzar, not on Jerusalem destruction which insteaf marks its own “seven times” of temple destruction to completion of 586 BCE to 516 BCE bridging now solidly into Zechariah and Haggai’s prophecy parallels of Revelation 11. (Zech3-4)

The GB who claims there can be no “evil slave” are who have been the evil slave as some members of the FDS global anointed got greedy and power mad and decided to pull the Korah Coup of 1976, very nasty ego driven event it was.

Now, again, a time judgment will set the matter straight as God will now judge between evil and faithful slaves and “virgins” timed as Daniel 8:13-14 and registered in coming fulfillment continuum as Revelation 8-11 when the whole thing final proceeds past the Revelation 8 Temple Judgment parallel of Daniel 8:13-14 and Zechariah.

The GB is who persecutes those interested in getting rid of them and their ways and getting the final ministry back into the hands of faithful anointed Christians which is to be the ‘right condition” result of the ‘five discreet virgin” final “faithful slave” identification to come AFTER Daniel 8;13-14 runs its course on JWs next.

Stumbled people here complaining and going in circles as a GB by product of Daniel 11:32-35 as they are Daniel 11:32 as UN NGOers of UN 1990 as Daniel 11:31. They are who have profaned JWs as Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:31a, from THE REAL King North globalists. This is why they conceal the real King North as globalism based world government and worship the wildbeast as UN NGO.

It is just more active prophecy they “throw to the earth” as Daniel 8:12b.

What has happened to JWs is the training wheels of conscience have never been taken off. When one was 3 and learning to ride for the first time, in time as you got the hang of it and sped up on the bike the training wheels actually became an impediment. Try to take a turn the training wheel would limit range of angle and even jack up the back end in a dangerous way. Do a downhill with training wheels and wipe out, they became dangerous.

The solution was, hey dad, take these damn training wheels off they almost killed me on that last turn.

Same with JWs, until all matters of behavior become up to YOUR conscience and not that of the GB, JWs will be a spiritual danger to others and even to the now truncated truth because the GB HAS NO CONSCIENCE, they ride the wildbeast, they lay up riches to a vain debree, and they harbor child abusers AS POLICY. They are conscience dead committe of billionaire CEOs and that is the life they live three times removed from avaerage JW reality as they instill threat of punishment to retain their power glory and riches.

Leaving it all up to conscience yet even with principled advice would have alleviated the dangerous cult mentality we now see JWs have become, the WTBTS would not have incurred trillion dollar liabilities and crimes as they have at this time. All will be judged by our own conscience motives and fearing men never has equated to an approval from God, do not expect one in the case of JWs either.
Had people of 1850 seen a B52 fly overhead they would have thought it was a “miracle” when in fact it is just a commonly understood thing today. What men cannot understand which arises at a point of some needed aid, like a bullet missing a persons head by a 100th of an inch, needs a description that requires no why and how, that word is miracle.

We know from today’s physics understanding the greatest adjustments to new understanding imply atoms have perhaps millions of sub atomic parts, and dimensions of infinitesimal tinyness, and states of reality previously not even considered by men and an atomic force faster than the speed of light so that couple electrons can sense eachothers state million of light years apart and react instantaneously to the partners state requiring a faster than speed of light reactor which could be called a “miracle” but today’s physicists never use that word they just keep investigating until they can understand the cause.

Thus, the deeper men dig, the deeper it goes and there is many things in this God designed matrix that can be affected by Him, but not humans or angels by the power of His spirit, for what could retain the exact makeup of the oldest most powerful angel when he became dead? What could rtain the exact memory of both that angel and the human Christ he became to be restored to Chrost at his resurrection?

These are things Christ was not even capable of when he died but this “power of life’ is now also given to him because he recognizes NO ONE can understand and control God’s whole domain and what men understand today, as baffling as it is to even gifted physicists, is veritably NOTHING when compared to what men cannot see or understand and no stolen fruit of knowledge will yield the correct and precise answers.

Thus any “miracle” in the Bible was brought about by God’s power which men cannot comprehend, yet the possibility of its existence should be plainly seen in the magnitude of the physics we already understand to see something of incredible power has designed reality as we know it even if in incomplete form AND the angelic and human means to perceive it and both the real reality and the human and angelic minds perception of it is all in ONLY God’s total control.

Once it is understood it is no longer a miracle but it is always the power of God when applied for His will, because even Satan can perform miracles before men, because men have limited incomplete understanding of the HOW it really works.
[QUOTE who=”missy2″]<quoted text>it is amazing that none of the things done by the JW’s are brought up, like the pedophiles that exist, and what about all the cover ups and lies. Any religion is just made up of imperfect people all making mistakes and those who find fault with all that is done. JW’s are not perfect as they would like you to believe–why are so many so-called dates always being changed?4003


Well JWs are developed late on the Christian scene, but the same thing that affected the Catholic Church in 400 AD, or Reform Churches since say 1800 is now affecting JWs since 1950s. They all become stalled by parasitic leaders who just tow the former party line as millions pour in from the sheep.

Because Satan is active against all man, and thus all Christians, ALL of these ministerial leaders are tested by the same things they are all tested with, lust for power, ricjes, fame and things like this—- and that is where the GB fell, they love money and power more than God, and because of that demons can work lawlessness under the cover they provide.

Since JWs only arose since 1930, it is just the latest and most delayed corruption, but in time Satan mover in to stumble sheep and also kill them, and that is why the demonic leadership of JWs will NOT fix one stumbling block, if it stumbles well, they keep it in place and they introduce error with the truth to the point it is all doubted because the truth is the GB works for the enemy and Satan in both spirit (Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-4,9) and human realms (Dan8:12; Dan11:32a);

But once humans come to trust those leaders as with the Pharisees and the GB, then they doubt these things and continue to be misled by lawless ones merely disguised in a former context of truth in prophecy.

It is all the same old story, but now it leads to the JW judgment first in the cycle (1Pet4:17) as Daniel 8:13-14 next which starts Revelation 8 when that activates in timed form to prove later, when it has passed.

But JWs will not believe this, so the liar (Rev2:2) misleading them will be vanquished, the GB will be destroyed and thereafter exposed for what they really were. It is part of the final warning when you see that come in several years time. (Dan8:14)

Instead of everyone seeing it is the same boat and working as one, they set the crew to fighting among themselves to delay spiritual progress.
[QUOTE who=”Jehovah Delusion”]<quoted text>

Only Jehovah’s Witnesses, those of the anointed remnant and the great crowd, as a united organization under the protection of the Supreme Organizer, have any Scriptural hope of surviving the impending end of this doomed system dominated by Satan the Devil. Watchtower 1989 Sep 1 p.19

The leaders of the Watchtower Society, the Governing Body, are said to be appointed by Christ and the only means by which he directs his true followers today.

“Consider, too, the fact that Jehovah’s organization alone, in all the earth, is directed by God’s holy spirit or active force. (Zech. 4:6) Only this organization functions for Jehovah’s purpose and to his praise. To it alone God’s Sacred Word, the Bible, is not a sealed book.” Watchtower 1973 Jul 1 p.402

You would know this if you were anointed![/QUOTE]

ANYONE accepting the end of Christ’s ministry for the Adamic phase in Revelation 14:6-7 can and will be saved. So, Jehovah has been against the GB since 1976 coup when the true colors of the rogues appeared and from then forth the hardline lies (Rev2:2) they speak help repel people from Jehovah and Christ to the coming Dan8;13-14 Zech3:5 demise of GB power coming.

Because “ny NO MEANS” can human Kingdom reps reach all people of earth as per Matthew 10:23 we have recorded the Revelation 14 Post-Christ Arrival Sequence wherein Christ therefore shall complete the Invitation for Salvation of Rev14:6-7 by Kingdom Angel power.

The final salvation shall transcend all religion and world government 8th King King North who will be destroying global BTG religion anyways as the offer of Revelation 14:6-7 is taking place while the BTG destruction events result in the Revelation 14:8 angelic announcement of that completion, the final sign to follow world government the preceding sign of the Christ arrival for world government completion will trigger the Christ arrival around 2030 or so.

Revelation 14 takes places as Revelation 11:7-12 results in half the criteria of Daniel 12;11 1290 day activation under “place the disgusting thing” world government also completed at that time of final warning 1260 day conclusion.
[QUOTE who=”Nedoba “]Since the Governing Body claims not to be inspired, where does “New Light” come from? If not from God, why should anyone listen to them? Why should anyone trust their faith and spiritual lives to men who have such a terrible track record of preaching non-truths?[/QUOTE]

There has been no “new light” on any sovereign prophecy since 1945 because the UN was obviously the intended Executive Branch of 8th King World Government. In 1990, when the UN made its 3rd step of post world war progress, after the Cold World War, JWs went all of a sudden silent, though their leadership did notice enough UN to join in its worship as a JW mouthpiece as UN NGO in 1992, all clandestine to this day.

So, what should be suspect is that saying nothing to prove that King North must be globalism based world government development, and the USSR was just another nation-state based fail of Daniel 11:27b, when it MUST be Daniel 11:36c succesful the whole way, while now saying WTBTS goes down next and the GB is the FDS, totally off the wall “new light” is actually a bit weird.

Where did the GB get the end of the JW Org itinerary, which they have been weaving into their JW Bunker hype, with such precision? Perhaps from the same King North they help conceal the true identity of? (Dan11:32a)

And why do they not label that “flee to the bunkers” “insight” “new light” rather than just slip it in every now and again but with regularity?

What it shows is the “new light” they do “receive” is actually strangely random, of no true continuum of prophecy worth, and in the case of the GB=FDS actually blasphemous.

So, they are the “man of lawlessness” for final phase note prior to the Daniel 8:13-14 judgment to now come on JWs for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to the JW ministry soon.

The GB will cancel the JW “constant feature” as polluted and off-course as it is and they will tell JWs Daniel 11:44 is activating with that actually final “sword stroke” they will instead try to sell to JWs as “the end” in 2Thess2:1-2 error.

But, in reality, it will be Daniel 11:41-43 as the Globalist King North pawns the 7th King King South national system as the 8th King parallel to become world government AFTER the “sword stroke” “heals” into that complete entity RATHER THAN be “the end” JWs will soon think it is due to GB misleading “operation of error”. (2Thess2:3-4; Zech3:1-3)
[QUOTE who=”Nedoba “]Since the Governing Body claims not to be inspired, where does “New Light” come from? If not from God, why should anyone listen to them? Why should anyone trust their faith and spiritual lives to men who have such a terrible track record of preaching non-truths?[/QUOTE]

There has been no “new light” on any sovereign prophecy since 1945 because the UN was obviously the intended Executive Branch of 8th King World Government. In 1990, when the UN made its 3rd step of post world war progress, after the Cold World War, JWs went all of a sudden silent, though their leadership did notice enough UN to join in its worship as a JW mouthpiece as UN NGO in 1992, all clandestine to this day.

So, what should be suspect is that saying nothing to prove that King North must be globalism based world government development, and the USSR was just another nation-state based fail of Daniel 11:27b, when it MUST be Daniel 11:36c succesful the whole way, while now saying WTBTS goes down next and the GB is the FDS, totally off the wall “new light” is actually a bit weird.

Where did the GB get the end of the JW Org itinerary, which they have been weaving into their JW Bunker hype, with such precision? Perhaps from the same King North they help conceal the true identity of? (Dan11:32a)

And why do they not label that “flee to the bunkers” “insight” “new light” rather than just slip it in every now and again but with regularity?

What it shows is the “new light” they do “receive” is actually strangely random, of no true continuum of prophecy worth, and in the case of the GB=FDS actually blasphemous.

So, they are the “man of lawlessness” for final phase note prior to the Daniel 8:13-14 judgment to now come on JWs for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to the JW ministry soon.

The GB will cancel the JW “constant feature” as polluted and off-course as it is and they will tell JWs Daniel 11:44 is activating with that actually final “sword stroke” they will instead try to sell to JWs as “the end” in 2Thess2:1-2 error.

But, in reality, it will be Daniel 11:41-43 as the Globalist King North pawns the 7th King King South national system as the 8th King parallel to become world government AFTER the “sword stroke” “heals” into that complete entity RATHER THAN be “the end” JWs will soon think it is due to GB misleading “operation of error”. (2Thess2:3-4; Zech3:1-3)
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

I am saying it is all in Jehovah’s hands.. Whatever this is only he can stop it. And will. This is a test for all to endure. Becoming an activist is not what Jesus preached. [/QUOTE]

Well if this did not come out by then a decade before it all transpired in the JW judgment JWs would end up 5 years behind in just the updated information which when refined before this occurs would be SEVEN years behind. NO WAY would JWs be able to untangle this mess in time to make the final warning and that would be a disqualification across the JW board, the whole flock would be in danger.

Add to that the 30 years JWs have ignored UN 3 1990, obvious globalism based “gather the nations’ world government, and the many details involved with this real King North advancement it could not look bleaker for JWs, except they do not have to also have seven years to figure it out when Daniel 8:14’s “evening” 3.19 years has run its KN desolation course.

Jehovah will make this all happen for it is right in the simple parallel prophecy of Dan 11:30-35 and Dan8;12 even knowable at this time if JWs did not want to live in denial while shrinking back and being silent on exposing the enemy world government system. So yes, JWs are now ALL INACTIVE, and effort and action, activism for this age’s Messianic Kingdom Message Declaration of Salvation will BE SORELY REQUIRED.

Now that YOU KNOW about this the ball is already in your court to continue to shut up on the bench or say something to your endangered brothers and sisters, But when it all comes as described you will have to come from your denial or suffer expulsion from God because inaction and no effort is not acceptable to God nor will it ever be. You oughts be thinking God you got a totally complete and accurate prophecy heads up before hell on earth brings judgment of apostate JWs, which the whole JW ministry now is in.

Now you get to see Daniel 8:13-14 desolate, chastise and wake up JWs by temple cleansing while that final sword stroke gears up for the “tribulation of those days” JWs will soon find themselves in without a clue at this time. But, that will change fast, and the explanation will have been out 10 years BEFORE it all came upon this JW mega-apostasy, foretold for its explanation WILL BECAME Little Scroll Chapter 1 final proclamation REALITY.

And JWs will be the focus, from UN NGO apostasy and silence to trumpet blowing updated reality like a lightning bolt from the sky. But exposure of UN 3 and 4 World Government will then be the main update as far as the world’s 8th King King North coming in to trigger the Christ arrival. There is a few years, quit wasting the time you have had.

Speak up, quit sitting on your hands.

[QUOTE who=” little angel”]<quoted text>

My Bible looks as if Satan had been hurled out of heaven before it ever mentions Jesus. Satan was in the serpent tempting Adam and Eve, and there was no Jesus in the Garden in Genesis. But, there was the promise that even though the serpent would bruise the Savior’s heel, the Savior would wound the Old Serpent’s head.

Yet, it also seems to say that Satan accused people to God during this time. In Job he tells God that Job is God’s pet, so to speak, and is protected. God then allows bad times to come to Job, knowing that Job’s reactions will disprove what the Accuser of the brethren says.

Nowhere do I see anything about 1914 being the time of the beginning (or the time of the end, as Charles Russell claimed). Russell even had to change his 1914 prophecy to 1915 before 1914 ended, and the world governments did not end.


Romans 13 allows world governments, that is the national powers to operate “in their relative positions” since Genesis 10 matured into the first 70 nations—- but when in Genesis 11 they tried to form a Tower of Babel idoled first world government, God ceased the project non-destructively by multiplying language and changing them.

So in the future, the nation-state system King South is made subservient to King North WORLD GOVERNMENT (Dan11:42-43) wherein the nations are globalization “gathered the nations” (Rev16:13-16) into that one world government which as per Rev17:8-18 is what is destroyed by Christ, for the 7th King “lasts a short while” as in they are not specified as destroyed, the 8th King is, they are “gather the nations” united nations into WORLD GOVERNMENT.

So, the final sword stroke world war “tribulation of those days’ will NOT result in “the end” and the Christ arrival. As per Revelation 13:3 that sword stroke on the “7th head’ or King South its identical entity in general will heal into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT.


The JW Org judgment downfall of Daniel 8:13-14 will be Daniel 11:41 into that sword stroke context globally. The GB (Dan11:32a) will cancel the JW ministry under a fake “the end” hype saying Daniel 11:44 has activated in Russia as the decoy King North.

In reality Daniel 11:41-43 will be activated towards King North WORLD GOVERNMENT. The GB is a misleading entity placed in JWs since 1976 to mislead them into silence and judgment. But, they will be recovered after the 3.19 years of Daniel 8:13-14 runs its course for the final 1260 days warning to then follow Daniel 8;14 timing.

[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Well, kiss my grits. Happyandfree is right.

From the jw.org article called “What Is the Coming of Christ?,” it says:

The Scriptures make dozens of references to the future time when Christ comes to judge the people of the earth. * For example, Matthew 25:31-33 says:

“When the Son of man [Jesus Christ] comes in his glory, and all the angels with him, then he will sit down on his glorious throne. All the nations will be gathered before him, and he will separate people one from another, just as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats. And he will put the sheep on his right hand, but the goats on his left.”

This time of judgment will be part of a “great tribulation” unlike anything in human history.

<quoted text>

Hmmm. Interesting.


God states these things through the Bible, in time it has been unapproved sinners acting as shepherds whose job it is to confuse the simplest issue: The Messianic Kingdom coronation of Christ is not complete and it comes AFTER the Kingdom of God coronation he recieved in 1914.

This is because the judgment of the sheep and goats of parallel Revelation 14 MUST occur as Christ sits on the Messianic Kingdom throne at the last 1290 days of this age, which whole “half week” at the “half of the week” (1260 middle 1290) is OPEN FOR SALVATION.

Now it is plainly obvious the GB has no intent of clarifying anything but just sinning and stalling as they have become the enemy of prophecy note at 2Thess2:1-4 in general and Daniel 11:32-35 in specific.

Thus the time like never seen is coming, it is the parallel of the “sword stroke” of Rev13:3, but it results not in “the end” as the GB would mislead many to believe, but in 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT. THAT is the biggest coming sovereign sign to be seen, it triggers the Christ arrival.

The goal of the GB is to back the 2Thess2:1-2 premature Christ arrival and ‘end of the world” deception so people misperceive that final “sword stroke” AS IF “the end”, stalling them, deceiving them and trying to get them in disapproval.

This is why we actually must see the whole timed periods in this order still fulfill in the future:

1. Temple Judgment Daniel 8:13-14; 3.19 years minimum, 6.38 years probable.


2. Final Proclamation; Dan7:25; Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3; Rev12:14; Rev13:5; 1260 days


3. Open Salvation Christ Arrival to Conquest; Daniel 12:11 1290 days

The *** time in the transitions is unknown.

Until the GB is deposed, expect only more confusion and stall from them and JWs worshiping them.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]Job 38:4 says:

<Where were you when I founded the earth?

Tell me, if you think you understand.>

And verse 7 says:

<When the morning stars joyfully cried out together,

And all the sons of God began shouting in applause?>

Therefore, since verse 7 says “all” the sons of God… that would mean that Michael the Archangel, aka the Word of God(according to JWs) was included with them. However, in a similar scene in Revelation chapter 4, I was wondering why the lamb/Michael/the Word of God isn’t included with those in heaven who were praising God for having “created all things.”

Any thoughts?


Revelation 4 is just the intro to the Lamb’s Kingdom Inauguration, Revelation 5 concludes the ceremony (free of Satan, btw), and there we shall read, Rev5:13:

And every created thing which is in the heaven, and on the earth, and under the earth, and on the sea, and all things that are in them, heard I saying,

Unto him that sitteth on the throne, and unto the Lamb, be the blessing, and the honor, and the glory, and the dominion, for ever and ever.

But. because the Lamb is the center of the proceedings there in 1914, his approval is what is important, obviously he is in full agreement and the only approved agent of the Will of God as it was given him in full revelation of the whole “seven sealed’ sacred secret details of how it would unfold in prophecy and reality after that coronation and mission acceptance of the Lamb from God.

Thus Christ has overseen everything since 1914 to its REPEATING final cycle of the same seven trumpets but in final form leading to the Messianic Kingdom Completion event coming with ALL the other required completions like 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT. The “seven sealed” scroll, though opened to Christ understanding in 1914, is a TWO-SIDED scroll, meaning it has TWO fulfillments of the seven seals nested prophecy as the seven trumpets is the seven seals sub-prophecies in exact detail, and this time they are blown and unfold to 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT which triggers the Christ arrival as Messianic Kingdom King of kings in the future completion of that for now incomplete final sovereign agency which Kingdom Messianic is the one the rules Earth directly.

All these details have been known by the Lamb since 1914, Rev4-5. But, as you see, JWs are saying nothing about ANY OF THIS, being misled by the “man of lawlessness’ GB which is also in the prophecy.

I never really did ‘fall out of the truth”, I came to realize from the 1990 apparent Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:30-35 that JWs are who have fallen. Then I came to realize the fraud cabal who had led this modern “operation of error” it was the GB and that is why they joined WTBTS to the UN, they are Daniel 11:32a. For some reason the Robert Kings and other Masons like Cedars just did not seem to hit the nail on the head, but the Daniel 8:11-14 prophecy did as did Zechariah 3.

As per Matthew 24:15 command of Christ to flee the UN NGO “disgusting thing” I could no longer share with JWs in their massive sins and was sad they trusted men an strangers more than God, prophecy and Christ and his brothers, for the GB are not approved and are strangers to all JWs, they are the ‘man of lawlessness’ and this JW apostasy is the start of the final prophecy cycle.

“The end’ of the JW Org will com before the end of the world’s 8th King who has not even arrived in world government yet, so the end JWs expect now will just turn into the end of the UN Org they are backing, the final sword stroke will heal into world government 8th King King North and JWs will have to fess up, repent and give the final warning as per Rev10:11 and Rev11:3.

Thus there is no need to justify oneself with an apostate ministry living in GB aided denial, Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JWs next. To KNOW where the GB breaks the rules of the game one has to fully understand the game too. Most JWs have allowed themselves to be dumbed down to not even be able to explain the basics of prophecy any longer which aids misleading them into the impression the faithful works of 1930s and 40s JWs can carry this motley crew into approval.

It cannot. Modern JWs need to stand up and be Christian rather than silencing all modern 8th King King north WORLD GOVERNMENT prophecy updates. (Dan8:12b)
[QUOTE who=”knowsnothing”]<quoted text>

Thanks for sharing. I don’t believe your take on prophecy, but I commend you for having faith in God and Christ and not men. I would be wary of interpreting prophecy, many fool themselves thinking they can, and then end up failed prophets just like the JWs or like Harold Camping.[/QUOTE]

This time the real thing has to emerge well in advance of the JW downfall for obvious final warning reasons.

Although Christ is not arriving manana as Jws fulfill 2Thess2:1-2 believing, it is close and this time the prophecy will be told in complete accurate form BEFORE he arrives. This occurs next:

JWs go down 3.19 years and into a recovery after cleansing as Dan8:13-14, Zech3, Mal3:1-5, Rev8.

In this downfall for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” (Dan8:13) on JWs, comes the final world war “sword stroke” (“tribulation of those days”) which as per Rev13:3 is NOT “the end” either, it “heals” globally into 8th King World Government– which is the complete global-sovereign entity that deposed Babylon the Great AFTER world government completion.


All that takes over 10 more years to unfold into the JW final 1260 days warning after they recover from Daniel 8:13-14 “trampling”.

So, the prophecy has this outline so it will start with JWs, after that the rest of the above will unfold. In time, this will be the ONLY explanation JWs will have in their desolated state with no sign of Christ for some years, so in time ALL approved JWs will also speak the same warning message to culminate into that final 1260 days of Rev11.

Christ arrives in the Daniel 12:11 1290 days period activated, all 1260 days and 1290 days are Rev14:6-7 OPEN FOR SALVATION.

When JWs go down it starts the Dan8:13-14 events and timing which lead to the 1260 days, etc. Daniel 8:13-14 is the Rev8 parallel, Revelation 8 starts with the JW Org downfall and JW ministry GB backed cancellation—soon.
[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]Temple – You are so mixed up I don’t know where to start!

OK, do you agree that in the prophetic drama in Galatians chapters 3 & 4 that:

1. Abraham pictures Jehovah
2. Sarah pictures God’s woman, the Jerusalem above – Galatians 4:26
3. Hagar pictures earthly Jerusalem.
4. Jesus is the seed of God’s woman singular.
5. The bride of Christ is New Jerusalem – Revelation 21

Do we agree so far?[/QUOTE]

We agree, but Paul spoke a riddle which JWs over-extended into their current error.

I am not mixed up, JWs made a mistake on Isaiah 54 application, that is understandable.

Sarah CANNOT be the barren one with NO HUSBANDLY owner, only Christ’s bride can be this.

“for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife”

“For the sons of the desolate one are more numerous
Than the sons of the woman with a husband” says Jehovah.”

Sarah is the one with the husband, BUT she will bear LESS children in Isaiah 54, for the Bride of Christ shall bear BILLIONS of people.

Sarah was desolate but married, her’s is the symbol of the bearer of the 144000, a small number of children. But the Bride of Christ has no husband, is unmarried and is also desolate, but when she is married and gives birth it will be to billions, far more than the 144000 number.

THAT is how the prophecy is fulfilled, it was a riddle, it is in harmony with what Paul spoke for he too spoke the riddle correctly. Obviosly, Isaiah 54 is about the Bride of Christ and JWs in haste have fudged it up by trying to interpret it before its time which also occurs with Daniel 8 and 11.

[QUOTE who=”TempleBBQ”]<quoted text>

We agree, but Paul spoke a riddle which JWs over-extended into their current error.

I am not mixed up, JWs made a mistake on Isaiah 54 application, that is understandable.

Sarah CANNOT be the barren one with NO HUSBANDLY owner as below is the implication in Isa54:1b, only Christ’s bride can be this.

“for more are the children of the desolate than the children of the married wife”

The 144000 are to be the “children of the married wife”.

“For the sons of the desolate one are more numerous
Than the sons of the woman with a husband” says Jehovah.”

The desolate Bride of Christ shall have MORE CHILDREN than 144000, many more than that small number.

In addition, Sarah is the one with the husband, BUT she as God’s woman, will bear LESS children in Isaiah 54, for the Bride of Christ shall bear BILLIONS of people.

Sarah was desolate but married, her’s is the symbol of the bearer of the 144000, a small number of children. But the Bride of Christ has no husband, is unmarried and is also desolate, but when she is married and gives birth it will be to billions, far more than the 144000 number.


When in the “Jerusalem ABOVE” birth as anointed it is the free WOMAN who bears the finally free children of God.


When the anointed are on Earth in the Christian awareness of our personal sins, the anointed are slaves of sin, children of Hagaar in a second application, yet to be called righteous in this state by the blood of Christ.

But it is not until the birth into immortal incorruption when true freedom is made real forever.

That is also what Isaiah 54 means in this second application since the one Paul was making was for that days battle with the Jews, today is when the Rev10:5-7 total “sacred secret of the good news will be brought to a finish” because JWs are not there yet, by GB error JWs can no longer be accepted by God as a valid and true final warning, 1945 level of prophecy insight cannot cut it while ignoring world government 8th King certainty and prophetic requirement to arrive from “abyss” of the final world war in “one hour” full form of Rev 17:8-12.

JWs must be disciplined, for unlike the 1914 flock modern JWs have never been disciplined, but that comes with Daniel 8:13-14 soon. JWs have gotten soiled—Zech3:3— so the discipline is the equired cleansing, then the rest of the prophecy will be revealed to all JWs so they can tell the world about it as the final warning 1260 days.


Those texts are too old, the GB had not gotten the dialogue propaganda techniques down like todays “smooth word” (Dan11:32a) Watchtower, JW Media and all publications.

Post 2000 Watchtowers are a far more clear in the mind control use of language “dumbing down” techniques it is like sifting through Zombie Meal. But, the technique began to be applied in 1990 and once they nixxed Fred Franz it went into overdrive.

They want to use it to send JWs to the prison processing centers called the “JW Bunkers” and to aid the dementalization of serious sins, crimes and policies [in the JW buttered mind] the GB applied in systematically timed manner to “gradually give over JWs” to this now colossal apostasy. (Dan8:12a)

All this, as per Daniel 11:32a, is done for the joy of the King North Globalists who JWs also conceal as the real King North as national powers can never be King North the way Globalized nations in World Government will become in about 12 more years.

So, Watchtower text is the waving watch which has aided the hypnotic state JWs are now in.
[QUOTE who=”rss”]<quoted text>

Foes personage have emotions?,grieved,love……..does personage can be lied too?….does personage called a he or I?……..does personage teach,comfort,convict……can personage be a advocate?….ect ect………[/QUOTE]

Yet, the Trinity Theory remains a historic Dark Ages addition of Platonic Metaphysics from Greece and the 4th century Papacy of Evil. This is plainly recorded in your local University Library, maybe even in a good public library, hell it may be in a bad public library as “philosophy’ is right next to “theology” in the Dewey Decimal System which translates to those subject being next door neighbors on the book shelves.

The Trinity is derived from ancient Platonic sorcery sources imbibed in Plato. It looks ‘all Christian” now, because this spirit-viper has now shed its original skin as it slithered into Christianity and had been pushed by the Pusher Man Clergy dealers of “salvation”. It is from 300 AD, so its old age means it came in early as if always there—BUT it was NOT always there, sad to say, it is a God blaspheming viral deception.

Just look at the acts of Christendom to know which spirit they channel, it ain’t holy by a far sight.

[QUOTE who=”truthsetsfree”]<quoted text>

You make no sense. At no point do I read Mark 13 and believe that Jesus hasnt told me all things BEFOREHAND.

In times past in general prophecy is explained after the fact over a little trial and error. This time we are heading into world government which OBVIOUSLY requires a full prophetic outline BEFORE it goes into full power for NO ONE is making any anti-world government statements after they are in power.

But because of the first Daniel 12:7,11 cycle with Revelation 8-11 and that 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 pattern, we can foretell the final pattern because this time Revelation 11:7 is Revelation 17;8-12 abyss rise of world government out of this coming world war sword stroke REPEAT (in final form) of Revelation 13:3.

The GB are loafing to dumb down JWs so none of this (at this time) makes any sense to you greenhorns, even Newtonian is now a greenhorn again due to GB dumbing down of JWs for 27 years now.

When Daniel 8:13-14 cleanses JWs by global-discipline then you guys will catch on if approvable by mass JW repentance.

That leads to IT ALL COMING OUT BEFOREHAND this time, for Daniel 8:14 leads to the final 1260 day warning of what will be TWO witnessings, 1260 days each, 2520 days “seven times” final warning as Revelation 11:3 final 1260 days completes Jesus’ statement at Luke 21:24.

JWs think it is all done, but the summary is what must yet come of Revelation 10:5-7 as JWs are who must “prophesy AGAIN” as Revelation 10:11=Rev11:3.

If you think the final world war sword stroke on the way is “the end” you shall be sorely disappointed. hat sword stroke, INSTEAD, heals into full 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT and YOU need to be saying so in time, on point, not gone off the road in “operation of error; as JWs let the GB fly the plane into the mountain.
[QUOTE who=”Remnant of 144000”]<quoted text>
I agree with you,man of lawlesnees reside in the holy place, this place is now under judgement because false,fake illegal leadership and their worldly claims ending with UNO membership,
all those who knows that body is poisoned first from head, they leave this false body head leadership and surrender as children of GOD UNDER LOVE OF HOLY SPIRIT WHO WAS SENT BY JESUS,MAT 10;23…..IS CLEAR AND PLAIN ADVICE TO FLEE FROM THE VIOLENT CITY(CHURCHES OR ORGANIZATION JW,


That is true, it is the command of Christ to flee the UN NGO of Matthew 24:15 as 1990 UN 3 is Daniel 11:31b and that UN NGO of JW GB LEADERS is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13, whose desolation is now to come on JW Org with a massive global plunge into temporary “sword stroke” ‘tribulation of those days” which HEALS GLOBALLY into 8th King NWO World Government which now JWs SAY NOTHING about.

But, the JW Apostasy is the signal prophecy to see the “man of lawlessness’ is embodied in the GB, it had to happen because God permits it for a test as 2Thess2:11-12.

JWs are the “flock meant for the slaughter” of Zechariah 11 and the GB is the Judas Shepherd of Zechariah 11.

[QUOTE who=”Remnant of 144000″]<quoted text>
I agree with you,man of lawlesnees reside in the holy place, this place is now under judgement because false,fake illegal leadership and their worldly claims ending with UNO membership,
all those who knows that body is poisoned first from head, they leave this false body head leadership and surrender as children of GOD UNDER LOVE OF HOLY SPIRIT WHO WAS SENT BY JESUS,MAT 10;23…..IS CLEAR AND PLAIN ADVICE TO FLEE FROM THE VIOLENT CITY(CHURCHES OR ORGANIZATION JW,


That is true, it is the command of Christ to flee the UN NGO of Matthew 24:15 as 1990 UN 3 is Daniel 11:31b and that UN NGO of JW GB LEADERS is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13, whose desolation is now to come on JW Org with a massive global plunge into temporary “sword stroke” ‘tribulation of those days” which HEALS GLOBALLY into 8th King NWO World Government which now JWs SAY NOTHING about.

But, the JW Apostasy is the signal prophecy to see the “man of lawlessness’ is embodied in the GB, it had to happen because God permits it for a test as 2Thess2:11-12.

JWs are the “flock meant for the slaughter” of Zechariah 11 and the GB is the Judas Shepherd of Zechariah 11.

As you can see JWs staying in the Org as totally duped and being fooled, but God is shaking some out, but when it goes down JWs are scattered as per Zechariah 13:7 and the “awake O my sword” is the King North ops, they meet Hosea 1:4-7 3.19 years into Daniel 8:14 as Isaiah 31:8-9, adiablo KN boys.

But we are to help JWs, the GB is who is to blame, JWs are the target “flock meant for the killing” of Zech11.
[QUOTE who=”Remnant of 144000″]<quoted text>
I agree with you,man of lawlesnees reside in the holy place, this place is now under judgement because false,fake illegal leadership and their worldly claims ending with UNO membership,
all those who knows that body is poisoned first from head, they leave this false body head leadership and surrender as children of GOD UNDER LOVE OF HOLY SPIRIT WHO WAS SENT BY JESUS,MAT 10;23…..IS CLEAR AND PLAIN ADVICE TO FLEE FROM THE VIOLENT CITY(CHURCHES OR ORGANIZATION JW,


That is true, it is the command of Christ to flee the UN NGO of Matthew 24:15 as 1990 UN 3 is Daniel 11:31b and that UN NGO of JW GB LEADERS is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13, whose desolation is now to come on JW Org with a massive global plunge into temporary “sword stroke” ‘tribulation of those days” which HEALS GLOBALLY into 8th King NWO World Government which now JWs SAY NOTHING about.

But, the JW Apostasy is the signal prophecy to see the “man of lawlessness’ is embodied in the GB, it had to happen because God permits it for a test as 2Thess2:11-12.

JWs are the “flock meant for the slaughter” of Zechariah 11 and the GB is the Judas Shepherd of Zechariah 11.

As you can see JWs staying in the Org as totally duped and being fooled, but God is shaking some out, but when it goes down JWs are scattered as per Zechariah 13:7 and the “awake O my sword” is the King North ops, they meet Hosea 1:4-7 3.19 years into Daniel 8:14 as Isaiah 31:8-9, adiablo KN boys.

But we are to help JWs, the GB is who is to blame, JWs are the target “flock meant for the killing” of Zech11.
[QUOTE who=”PrufSammy”]<quoted text>

The more I’ve been thinking about patriotism and nationality, the clearer it becomes that the nations are separate — against one another in many cases — out for their own interests — sometimes claiming God as their protector, sometimes starving its citizens to death — killing its own citizens, and on and on.

Though God will judge nations and does not condone murder in Romans 13 this is the wat approved by Him. This way is approved because of Daniel 11:27 “and NOTHING [national based] will succeed” because stupid nations, literally, will expend themselves in futility causing division which DELAYS what God was DELAYING in Genesis 11: WORLD GOVERNMENT.

God will not destroy the nations as the promise in Daniel 4 is proof the gentile kingdom is given to Jesus Christ as the “Kingdom of the World’ of Revelation 11:15. But when they globalize ‘gather the nations to the place called Har-Magedon” in a “United Nations” WORLD GOVERNMENT, He will act immediately upon their “world peace and security” proclamation under World Government AFTER Babylon the Great is destroyed as the main seen element of “peaceful’ credibility by the harlot’s removal.

Thus, bickering nations slows down the trek to world government so that God guides it into His own timeline of Daniel 8;13-14 timing to lead to Revelation 11:3 timing to lead to the final 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 all OPEN FOR SALVATION.

The globalist King North system will try to fast track in world government but Destroyer will slow them down to meet God’s timeline and His final events, for those indications will be so crystal clear a chimp will know that complete world government shall TRIGGER THE CHRIST ARRIVAL.

THAT is why God is dragging this out and delaying the nations into this final world war “sword stroke’ from which FAKE DOOMSDAY as per Rev13:3 they will globalize the nations into WORLD GOVERNMENT. We got over 10 years at this time.

[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]On your unquestion.

Oops – UN question.

We have been an NGO appealing to the UNHRC for human rights.

It is interesting that our detractors condemn us for doing this, but do not condemn other human rights organizations who appeal to the UN for human rights!

The practice is praiseworthy – why anyone would condemn appealing for human rights is beyond me!

Btw.: the definition of NGO is “Non governmental organization” which we are.

For an example on our website, see:



“In the meantime, on March 24, 2011, the United Nations Human Rights Committee (UNHRC) ruled that South Korea violated internationally recognized standards of human rights when it imprisoned 100 conscientious objectors who are Jehovah’s Witnesses. (These 100 brothers had appealed to the UNHRC for having been imprisoned.) ”

Would you condemn the apostle Paul for appealing to Caesar (Acts 25:11), the ruler of the 6th head of the wild beast of Revelation 17:9,10?[/QUOTE]

Not in 1992. At that time as now JWs were employed by the wildbeast image to promote the post Cold War “public information” on UN progress and goals after the Cold War victory over the USSR by financial bankruptcy of this supposed King North USSR of Daniel 11:31-43.

Problem is the REAL KING NORTH is successful, not a fail as per Daniel 11:36.

So what the fakes in the JW Org and the anointed-gone-bad (Dan11:30b) “those [actively] leaving the holy covenant” [666 marked as said UN NGO] accomplished was to also silence the globalist UN 1990 fulfillment of Daniel 11:31b, as JWs had the “arms that stnd up” IN THEIR MINISTRY as they are the spiritual “army” of Daniel 8:12 “gradually given over” to the globalist wildbeast world government coverup agenda.

THAT is what the UN NGO really is, the JW “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 which comes with world war in some Daniel 11:29 form as this post 1990 UN progress must result in world government which triggers Christ arrival.

This is what JWs are now concealing by omission of the latest (1990) UN prophecy fulfillment from the minsitry. As in the past getting an apostate defunct fantasy ministry back on point will take judgment, from God as Daniel 8:13-14 and Revelation 8, soon, next, global.===
[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]Temple – Wow! You go even further than knowsnothing is condemning our appealing to the UNHRC for human rights!

I suppose you similarly condemn the apostle Paul for appealing the Caesar (Acts 25:11) since he was the ruler of the 6th head of the wild beast of Revelation 17:9,10?[/QUOTE]

Prophecy says the Scarlet Wildbeast will destroy global religion. If you believe this…

1. Then why appeal to your Destroyer for “religious freedom’ now that JWs are “back in Babylon”?

And I guess by way of UN IGO fornications JWs are again in bed with the wildbeast. The past UN NGO is just a distraction and stepping stone into more UN unfaithfulness it appears.

Now when you see the desolation God shall send on this JW Org apostasy you will understand why it was so severe as Daniel 8;13-14, you guys have lost all rationality by GB ‘smooth word” misleading voice of you WTBTS Pied Pipers.

Yes, GB and JW actions will be under and are under divine condemnation it is surprising you cannot see this, blinded by the “wine of her fornication” in BTG now.

[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]moving on the good news book claims: pp 94
17 What is it that God ‘raises up’? In most cases, nothing remains of the dead person’s body. The corpse may even have been burned or perhaps devoured by beasts. However, in the resurrection, God will create an entirely new body from the elements of the earth, implant therein the personal identity of the individual’s former life, and restore the life-force to make that soul live again.

please notice its not your original body that is raised but a new one.. an entirely new body…

am i going to fast?

You are going too fast for yourself. Your body is comprised of atoms, molecules which create the basis for cells and tissue. NONE of the cells in your body are the same and by now have been regenerated a number of times.

So, the “original body” you question you do not possess even at this time. But the makeup of the sentient being you are is still the same; and in fact as angels show a sentient being of their makeup can inhabit various bodies.

What makes up a human is now beyond just the atoms, the “soul’ definition is in God’s level of complete understanding not men’s. As long as the memory is restored a person can know who they were and are, as occurred when God restored Jesus in exact detail of EVERY experience he ever had as Archangel or Human, capitalized because he was as Archangel and as perfect Last Adam Human the ONE AND ONLY and first of the kind since Adam is no more.

So questioning things too deep for modern misled sinful humans will not get anywhere because the words now have different “meanings” so as to result in but more questions and no answers for those who cannot digest the simplest of concepts of human resurrection into either perfect human or immortal spirit form.

These are remedial topics JWs nailed as a group by 1950. Time to move ahead not remain in a dead end discussion.====
[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]<quoted text>
ihv this last sentence is misleading in itself… resurrection meaning has not changed meaning… new body hasnt changed meaning… its a joke to try to pull this one one intelligent people.. and yet i hae to wonder if you know how to understand a dictionary? how do you detrnimen the difference between the first websters dict in which he used the bible in his descriptions and the new ones that have words he didnt even know existed?
<quoted text>

ihv you put oall this up but the society says what? god is going to create a new body… it didnt say he was going to bring the same body back… its gone accordint to them.. disolved into the elements..

what more do you need to see how rediculous your post is>>>> i can find other quotes that makes it even clearer if you need…

ITS NOT A DEAD END DISCUSSION DUDE.. its using lies to mislead people and they dont realize it.. and then run from truth for fear of losing faminly and friends in the cult


It is all based on memory, even clearer then the person could recall in the dead Adamic state. It must be a new body because Adam’s cursed body is a one way ticket to the dust. In the case of Jesus Heb10:10 states the body did not dissolve it was GIVEN TO GOD in its perfect state as it can go on forever through Christ into new humans, “ALL THINGS MADE >>>NEW<<<“.

So you are arguing points from a stalled ministry that does have problems updating problem areas to real ‘new light” because they are done, they joined the UN the placed a committee over their own former God placed leaders usurping Knorr, Franz, God and Christ and real anointed in the process.

They only stumble, this current cabal of lawlessness will not smooth out this problem areas with final insights gleanable with more Bible study.

So, it really is a non-issue to haggle over words from a now fully apostate JW ministry. But, before the end Daniel 8:13-14 shows us the final updates will come forth AFTER JWs are desolated soon for that timing in that temple judgment prophecy. Until then expect nothing but stall, damage control and more criminal activity from JWs.
A Theocracy would be the Rule from God the Jews were under, as an example. In time with the Jews, the Pharisees and other cabals ended up playing God and leading the people to near extermination in the case of Rome and the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE.

In JWs TWO separate developments converged for a similar catastrophe today. The idea of “Theocratic Organization” was developed with that back burner Daniel 8:14 interpretation since 1958, while on the other hand, yet never connected for JWs, the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses’ went into corporate control in 1976 by a scandalous coup at Bethel. In time, these two developments have converged into a GB (Governing Body” Rule. (Dan8:12; Dan11;32a) But, all the time, they NEVER spell out this outcome for JWs to see what this “Theocracy” really is, a Bethel Papal-like CLERGY, a CEO CLERGY!

Thus, in hindsight the JW “Theocracy” was to be ruled by the “Governing Body’ which has become “God” to JWs, which is idolatry. But the good news is this is prophecy, now the real Daniel 8:13-14 must be meted upon modern JWs as a temple judgment, in the near future (Rev8 parallel), for the “firey” expulsion of the GB and an eventual return to a temple cleansed “right condition” of Daniel 8;14 in its timing; 3.19 years JW desolation minimum. Now in case you wondered if the UN NGO wildbeast worship of JWs is explicit in prophecy, it is, it is that JW “transgression causing desolation”, the UN NGO, of Daniel 8:13 and modern day Matthew 24:15.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>
<quoted text>

I don’t agree with a lot that Temple says, but he does make a good point. Also, Newtonian, Paul’s appeal to Caesar didn’t involve signing up as some sort of member(whether it be a governmental or non-governmental member) of the Roman government, and which involved supporting the Roman government, but only involved appealing to Caesar about his situation. So is that what JWs did with being an NGO? Or did it involve more?


The first two globalist international world government forums where foretold in prophecy as IBSA/JWs fully exposed live and real-time—so it stands to reason the 1990 3rd UN event WOULD ALSO BE FORETOLD*, which the United Nations is this world government forum or “image”, a nucleus of international commentary on this task.

(* it is foretold at Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23 where the globalism system is King North and the King Fierce as they even put down the mighty USSR in bankruptcy meaning the USSR CANNOT fulfill Daniel 11:42-43 or Daniel 11:36-39, or any of Daniel 11 for that amtter save Daniel 11:27b “and nothing [nation-state based] will succeed…”

So, when talk of world government again surfaced under the buzz-term “new world order” in the Bush speeches, JWs went mum and worse JOINED the UN pantheon for supporting “public information” organizations.

Because JWs are in denial of this wildbeast worship there will be a global massive judgment on the JW Org for a sign. The UN NGO is Matthew 24;15 in relation to “Daniel the prophet” in Daniel 11:31b, 1990 UN 3.

And for the desolations to come as punishment on the JW Org, Daniel 8:13 also EXPLICITLY identifies the UN NGO as the “transgression causing desolation” soon to come on this apostate and lawless modern JW defunct ministry. And, to track the Daniel 8:14 timing the GB will themselves officially CANCEL the JW ministry from their own Pied Viper mouths, soon.

The “sword stroke” coming will heal into the very 8th King King North WORLD GOVERNMENT JWs have been concealing the progress of in globalism progress “gathering the nations to Har-Magedon” as a globalized world government ruled whole. (Rev13:3; Rev17:8-12)

Whether he knows it or not, Newtonian works for the King North Globalists as they whitewash the modern foretold JW mega-apostasy, the worst ever since the Pharisees.

Take note Tony, the judgment is near erupting with the global downturn coming and YOU will know far more than JWs when they go into the darkness “evening” (Dan8:14,26) of the Revelation 9 abyss of the modern Temple Judgment of Daniel 8:13-14, Rev8 final cycle.

JWs have been FULLY SUBVERTED as per Daniel 8:12, and the GB it is who “throws truth to the earth” for the enemy world government system.
[QUOTE who=”the Mad JW”]”Non-denominational’= people that try to hide what they believe, and take no stand on Biblical Truth

Such churches usually have all the standard church porn; Twinity, Hellfire, etc.

And those of REAL denominations STILL hide which one they are a part of.



Yes. Most are appalled at the “Christian” reputation the churches have slathered on their faces, so they want an independent identity but it is just a new overridden “denomination” now.

Unfortunately JWs are now adding GB Poop to the slather repeating the same pattern the preceded Christendom’s judgment which now comes on only JWs next, soon, as Daniel 8:13-14.

All religions who follow glory hounding men fall into the same reproaches and sin, they start to stumble and kill sheep, the idolize mere sinner men, they hide and whitewash mass lawlessness and they all ride the wildbeast as UN NGO like all the global-corporate Christendom thinktanks and mega-synods, there is no variation.

Thus, following Christ in the worship of God cannot really be a “religion” for they are ALL and “snare and a racket”. As per Revelation 14:12 it is THE [Christian] “FAITH of Jesus”. Period.

JWs have grought doomsday on the org, not the world, by GB lead, Zech11, Daniel 8:11-14, Dan11:30-35, 1990 obvious as UN NGO wildbeast advertising allies.

[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]
So let me continue by asking Newtonian or any other JWs some questions:

1) So at this point, what had happened to or may have happened to Jesus’ body?

2) After Jesus’ resurrection, what does Luke chapter 24 verses 36 through 37 say what occurred next?

1. You might ask Michio Kaku. Men can only “hack” matter. God can transform the energy by subatomic means into anything or anywhere with those materialized bodies. Now, as far as the “Last Adam” Christ body (Heb10:10) it has had to be possessed by God for future application to perfected humans, in its most intrinsic form.

And this means do NOT be asking stupid questions like “does that mean Christ’s body is in the heaven freezer?” The sub-atomic “body” divine-definition form is even “smaller” than the perfect DNA and verges into the spiritual realm where it is “stored” in said perfect human form. There are THOUSANDS of ‘sub atomic” “sparticles”, and in that infinitesimally “small” ORDER stored in spirit “technology” well beyond human understanding is where the perfection of the human Christ “body’ is to be found for it had to be delivered to God WITH the blood atonement POWER to make any of this possible.

All you need to do is IMAGINE an eternity of GOD TECHNOLOGY that is SEAMLESS between “spirit” and “materiality” and understand EVERYTHING you see in the “material realm” or “plane” MUST HAVE and Almighty God stored DEFINITION of EVERYTHING that makes up a “soul”, a human or animal being as well as all life such as plants and microbes and all matter and “dark energy” in this universe as well as the probable billions of other ones that ALSO EXIST in a divine parallel that knows no limitations for divine recal of every “sparticle” and spirit counterpart that stores even EVERY human and animal being AND memory of those humans not tossed into eternal erasure in the second death symbolized by Gehenna and the Lake of Fire.

Man’s understanding at present is closer to a chimps intellect than to even an angel much less the massive complexity God created for his use of TOTAL RECALL of evrything anytime he purposes as he did when he resurrected the Mighty Jesus Christ whose pre-human existence already contained ALL MEMORY OF ALL REALITY as he was the master Worker who actually brought it into REALITY from Jehovah God’s Creator DESIGN in perfection. ALL OF THAT was gone when Jesus died as far as him the container of those things, but it was never “deleted” from God’s Almighty Memory and he recalled and restored Christ down to the millions of parts that make up the millions of sub-atomic sparticles, SPIRIT PARTICLES that meld into the “spirit world” where they all had their original birth in God through Jesus Christ.

It is not even funny how far behind that Eden Knowledge Fruit as stunted human understanding and progress into these things, Einstein might as well be a retarded slug, THAT is how much and how deep human physics has dug into Almighty God REALITIES, hence why people can only think in terms of things they learn in so-called human schools.

Think bigger than that. It is bigger than we can even imagine.
[QUOTE who=”red blood relative”]it will all get sorted out on judgment day………. right now the first fruits are being gathered to form the initial group inside the new jerusalem…………… the wicked will end up in prison= hell for the 1000 years and then the eternal lake of fire.

so don’t fret, you can lie your arse off in the next phase and see if it works.[/QUOTE]

Same error as JW Red Revelation book on Rev21-22. And it affects many things. The ‘firstfruits” are not “inside” New Jerusalem, nor do they “inhabit New Jerusalem”.

The 144000 ARE NEW JERUSALEM, they ARE THE BRIDE, they do not live in her bra strap, they do NOT “live in New Jerusalem, they ARE New Creation Jerusalem.

New Jerusalem is for humans, NJ comes down from Heaven for humans to attain IMMORTALITY. HUMANS are who can live “in” New Jerusalem.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]Here is my repost: If topix deletes I will keep posting there is no reason to delete this Topix.

People here need to be more concerned with just how close to the end we are…

Take a look on youtube. Do a search for “Jehovah’s Witnesses” then use the filter(s) one hour, one day.

You will find there is a daily almost hourly attack with anti JW videos. This is part of a campaign against true worship. It is organized and not organic. It is being done on all forms of social media. But it is provable on youtube looking at what I said proves this.

Google is allowing it’s platform to do this. The Globalists are behind it. So the Biblical foretold attack is taking place covertly yet out in the open. It is up to us to see what it is.. When you catch site of the disgusting thing causing desolation – let the reader use discernment….

Well I am using discernment and I say the org is already under attack by anti jw propaganda by the globalists who own the web.

folks we ARE at the end now.

For all you participants here in the attack understand all your actions are being noted by Jehovah and he will repay in kind soon. You have been notified. When the end actually is here no one can say they did not know.[/QUOTE]

Believe it or not the mass exodus of JWs is from Jehovah, to get them OUT of the trap as per Matthew 24:15. There is some globalist stuff too, but it is so some sheep can be cleared from JW Org ground zero. In 2011 it was hard to find 10 anti-JW vids, most from Mason Cedars types, all hogwash.

NOW it is real Jehovah’s witnesses too disgusted with the GB and the lawlessness so they fulfill Daniel 11:33-35 and are splitting as per the coming KN “sword” prep of Zechariah 13:7.

Yes, KN Globalists are coming, “at the doors”, for JW Org as per Daniel 8:13. And when the GB tells you it is Daniel 11:44, KNOW it is really Daniel 11:41, there will be 3.19 years, 1150 days of hell on JWs, then destroyer will dust “185,000” top ranking Illuminati and r/f and some of their losers. (Isa31:8-9; Hos1:4-7)

He, Destroyer, is by then the 5th Plague on the Illuminators and that is why their kingdom is to be darkened, less “Illuminators”, Rev 16:10

THAT is when JWs are let out of the Revelation 9 “abyss” of this Temple Judgment on us. The fifth trumpet and that fifth plague are parallel.

1150 days and they taste some firey furnace of Jerusalem, by the LIGHT of Zion, Michael is his name. Isa31:9b

The more JWs who leave the JW Org trap now, the better, Matthew 24:15.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

Sure they are.. Cultures are being destroyed by them right now. Its being done every day. The disgusting thing that causes desolation.. Already happening.[/QUOTE]

It has been ruling since even 1919, but it takes time it is a systematic process and far more desolation is coming because as the NEW world ORDER they even destroy global religion AFTER the complete meaning of the BTG ‘harlot” “rides” the Scarlet Wildbeast in endorsement “blessing” as the New World Government. They will not destroy religion as a global matrix by international law until AFTER the harlot gives the endorsement, just as JWs did in 1992 as UN NGO as a forewarning.

For now the desolation of the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation’ comes upon JW Org. After JWs go down they have to Eze 37 come back up as Rev 9 of the Daniel 8:14,26 “morning” of recovery of the ministry in full final warning form in progress. At the same time the world will go into the sword stroke HEALING process which leads into full world government and this thing is going to become like a movie of NWO takeover because although most people will accept the wildbeast many people will understand in the simplest form that this monster is very real, “conspiracy theory’ wil no longer be “theory” it will become THE WAY IT IS.

By that broad knowledge as many seek it and find it, basic men understand, of those with ANY FAITH, the yes, Christ is the ONLY HOPE to get these bloodsuckers off the world’s back and to get Satan in prison where he belongs for now.

It starts with JWs because the apostasy there will have dire consequences which form a snapshot of the BTG doom to come, but JWs will be recovered because starting with JWs also REPEATS the whole prophecy they made known but then at NWO GLOBAL WORLD GOVERNMENT SCALE.

The convincing certainty of that prophecy pattern REPEATING RIGHT IN EVERYONE’S FACES is why it gets so BELIEVABLE by the average person, they have acces to the Bible, they already know the basic prophecy they just did not know it takes the full limit of the time to manifest and when it does it is right in their face, many will KNOW the Christ attack on the whole wildbeast is the only hope, and he secures the sheep first as in Zechariah 14, Revelation 14:14-16 and many other scriptures then he exterminates the NWO by perfect Kingdom 144000 and Holy Angelic Christ AIR FORCE of the 7th PLAGUE, and they will be Amos 9 sought wherever they may try to hide, for hide they will, they will be bashed and pummelled to white ash. (Just like the current Temple trespassers will be fried into as the 1150 days of Daniel 8:13-14 completes on JWs in the very near future.)

As proof watch what happens to the GB, there gritty ash will be removed by flat shovel and vaccum cleaners in the face of some spared brothers to relate the story and if some escape they will be sought and terminated in Amos 9. (1-8)

You will see this all come true, as you do you will understand it more and more because you will have SEEN AND FELT it. You will have to tell recovered JWs what is up for the final warning is then “AGAIN” Rev10:11 required, JWs MUST prophecy AGAIN regarding [ALL] the nations.

[QUOTE who=”YES”]<quoted text>

Are you aware that the eighth Kingdom will be called the Kingdom of God?

Now we beseech you, brethren, by the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and by our gathering together unto him,
That ye be not soon shaken in mind, or be troubled, neither by spirit, nor by word, nor by letter as from us, as that the day of Christ is at hand.
Let no man deceive you by any means: (But the WT sure has haven’t they? for their entire history) for that day shall not come, except …..that man of sin be revealed, the son of perdition;
Who opposeth and exalteth himself above all that is called God, or that is worshipped; so that he as God sitteth in the temple of God, shewing himself that he is God.

This is right before Christ returns and…..then shall that Wicked be revealed, whom the Lord shall consume with the spirit of his mouth, and shall destroy with the brightness of his coming:[/QUOTE]

Yes I know they will sell the 666 NWO world government as the Kingdom of God. But even though you see the warning to NOT expect Christ too soon as also per Matthew 24:6 you still insist on doing so.

“This is right before Christ returns and…”

You got till 2030 for Daniel 12:11 1290 days to have been activated a short while, and until 2034 overall, so be patient.

When 2Thess2:3-4 is revealed by JW self disclosure that the [Isa66:6-destroyed] GB is that final “man of lawlessness” that will be with the final warning startup and there will still be 1260 and 1290 days remaining in the world “system of things”, Christ arrives after the 1260 days is completed as Rev11:7-12. But, FIRST and NEXT, Daniel 8:13-14 timing runs on JW Org desolation judgment BEFORE the 1260 days begins. That is at least 3.19 years JW Org desolation.

Fasten your seat belt, do not hit the eject button, you got over 10 years to see this unfold.
[QUOTE who=”YES”]<quoted text>

Are you aware that the eighth Kingdom will be called the Kingdom of God?


And more. As per Ezekiel 38:7 Satan will be REQUIRED—by God— to try to “guard” and defend his abomination, the Devil and his demons shall ‘arrive”, manifest AS IF Christ and the holy Angels.

Israel in the flesh will become the crown jewel of the King North=8th King crown as well.

And this all so they can sell, by the aid of religion also as BTG, the 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT as if the “Kingdom of God” and the “Golden Age” of mankind.

But as per Rev17:8-18 and Rev13:3 that’ll be the FINAL LIE. Rev19:11 will erupt on their heads.

That the GB is NOT saying this but promoting a premature end delusion of 2Thess2:1-2 tells you they are Daniel 11:32a fakes and apostates.

[QUOTE who=”wow”]<quoted text>

Interesting and a good possibility.

This “Two Witness Rule” might just be the Destruction COMING for this Religion .

A lot will depend on how much can REAL Parents put up with. When a CARING JW Parent KNOWS their child is telling the TRUTH….and can not get the GB to HELP…then they will SEE and KNOW
it IS a bad Religion! THINGS WILL HAPPEN!


It is GUARANTEED in prophecy, the GB is the final “man of lawlessness” to hamper Christian ministerial progress while a last witness of the two warning is yet to come.

So the world “sword stroke” of Rev13:3 will run its course to a great global “healing” and world government 8th King will fulfill as that is also what JWs cover up as in Dan8:12b at this this time. All that is being covered up will come out by aid of the GB being destroyed and JWs being judged as Dan8:13-14 timed and Rev8 and Zech3 as 1Peter 4:17.

JW downfall and recovery will form an initial final “sign of Jonah” they go down 3 days as Hosea 6:3 as 3.19 years of Daniel 8:14,26,
I think it is something like that that will manifest more strikingly in the future by becoming known by “all mankind” possibly to end the final “sword stroke” phase of Revelation 13:3.

We know space is the ultimate position for global dominance and that in “conspiracy theory” people are already explaining the use of space placed precision energy, laser and nuclear devices.

Given the advancement of all technologies it is foreseeable a computer-global-networked space placed weapons system will be revealed in time for various “time of the end” uses as when Jesus arrives he will have to arrive or “no flesh would be saved” as in Matthew 24:21-22, because these NWO guys will not stop until they are stopped.

It being less secretive and far more advanced over this decade is how, imo, “all mankind” will “see” it in action for 8th King world government purposes. The “the end of the world” “doomsday” thinking is a distraction, Rev13:3 and Isiah 41:1 show a healing into 8th King King North WORLD GOVERNMENT is what is born from this severe period coming up.

Do NOT be fooled when the SHTF, it is the sword stroke that defines the “tribulation of those days” as in Matt 24:29, and that leads to a global “healing” to help present world government. We have over a decade left at this time and a “last witness” warning and open salvation offer has to arrive before world government. The TWO witnesses are two periods of marked warning, one has passed the other 1260 days warning has yet to come. This is why they have derailed JWs with cover up and lawlessness, to impede that final warning, but it will come because God “causes” it in Rev11:3, IN THE FUTURE.

JWs go through Daniel 8:13-14 next and that 3.19 year minimum desolation goes into recovery for the final warning with a removal and exposure of the GB, etc, as part of that final witness warning.

Thanks for the question Easac.
JWs used to expect to go down last, BTG first. But some “new light” has emerged which is not touted as such by the GB which now says JWs go down first because the GB is a KN enclave of Daniel 11:32 and King North Globalists are who are taking down JW Org FOR JEHOVAH because JWs have transgressed the Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” of that UN NGO worship (advertising’ for UN 3 1990, Daniel 11:31.

JWs have not seemed to notice they are being told to ‘obey the org as crazy as it may sound” WT11/13, because the org is slated to go down with the start of the Rev13:3 “sword stroke” which “heals” into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT which they cover up prophecy info on.

So “the end” is NOT what the JW Org going down means, it means the “thief in the night” has caught JWs sleeping with the enemy in the house as this news will catch up with them as Daniel 8;13-14 temple judgment desolates the JW ministry prior to recovery. Very strange, hence the UN NGO also signal “catch sight of the disgusting thing” of Matthew 24:15.

The “end” is still over 10 years away as 8th King King North WORLD GOVERNMENT COMPLETION and its global-gala “world peace” 1Thess5:1-3 is what triggers the Christ arrival in full Kingdom power around say, ballpark, 2030. AFTER world government completes BTG is deposed breaking free a few final sheep into Matthew 24:31, 25:31, Rev14:14-16.

JWs have fallen way behind by the GB Grand Detour into KN Babylonville.
[QUOTE who=”rsss11″]<quoted text>

so are you guys really saying their is going to be death in Gods kingdom…….when God says the last enemy that is put under him is death….death is a enemy of God..and not found in Gods perfect kingdom…..that’s why in the garden of Eden before the fall of man death was not found……………..everything God say it was very God…if it was found before sin…God would have to say death is very Good…………..which didn’t happen.[/QUOTE]

True. Revelation promises Christ EMPTIES death and Hades because more than man is in “Hell”. The EMPTYING of death is even a more general statement than the specifics of Hades/Hell/Sheol which in Ecclesiastes 3 shows BEASTS ARE IN SHEOL. And when Solomon asked the question if animals are recalled by God, that is their “spirit ascends upward or down to the earth (forgotten)” it was NOT an empty question. This is why Isaiah 34:14-17 also contains the TRUTH that God has “cast the lot” in favor of the seemingly insignificant night hawk and vine snake, and this is a later secret to be revealed as Isaiah stated SEARCH THE BOOK OF JEHOVAH FOR YOURSELF, for such details.

But not that JWs preach to each other because JW Media is the GB preaching only to JWs to extend the stalled state further, no new true insights are coming from JWs, only dated material, cover up and final Lawless One deceptions prior to the Temple Judgment of Daniel 8:13-14.

Animals have the promise of everlasting life, man has the opportunity for the Revelation 22 IMMORTALITY TEST against Satan at the end of the 1000 Year Reign. These things are obvious from scripture once the Revelation 2:2 LIARS are not leading the flock as they are in the GB against JWs and all mankind, Christ and God and for this JWs must be judged first as 1Peter 4;17 relates.
[QUOTE who=”DR SOS”]MadJW.


But this is preaching in public to many more people than face to face 1 on 1 now inefficient method due to dominant global communications tools like devices on the Web. Plus you can do it by the pool with an ice tea, save gas and save time as 80% of foot based preaching is walking to the next empty door— nothing wrong with that, but the GB wants JWs OFF THE WEB so they can preach to JWs via JW Media so when the Org goes down they can still isuue misleading Pied Piper commands to the scattered sheep, hence Matthew 24:15.

It will be Daniel 8:13-14 on JW ministry “due to transgression”, in specific the “transgression causing desolation” of the JW Wildbeast UN NGO kneeling agreement.
Just a speculation in his case. In the summary of this age, when the second witness 1260 days comes in the future such speculations will be filtered for the main message minus things that cause to much distraction and really are not that important overall because the assasination of all the WT Presidents has occurred with every world war cycle except Knorr, but he was organizational, not the spiritual lead like Fred Franz.

With Russell the Halloween date is the giveaway, with Fred Franz the winter solistice, two key occult “holy days”. But with JFR and Knorr it seems radiation poison was what caused their cancers imo.

The point is they have been trying to subvert, derail and control the ministry for a while. Ray Franz was axed for a number of reasons.

1. He was getting to the 607 BCE fix which needs to be “GENTILE times” based, that is based on King Neb viceroy to King of Babylon date.

2. His “apostasy” so-called was a distraction away from the far more sinister GB dictatorial coup by a clearly totally illegal corporate board merely disguised in the “governing body” assumed authority not found in any Bible or Revelation where Jesus could have easily gotten that specific. The apostles where the authority and they acted in dispersed manner not as a lazy board ruling from Jerusalem.

3. Ray Franz would have become Fred Franz natural successor at the key moment 1990 “King North” was to be obvious in the 3rd UN Globalist presentation after the Daniel 11;29 unique Cold World War signal— a type of constructive and expansive world war unlike the previous two which goal was to expand the global martial and military systems through the US and USSR nation-state “King South” based systems.

So that is why they made sure Ray Franz was ousted. But definitely the Freemason type organizational purpose is against God’s Kingdom and they mark their territory in symbols. Like with JW Org, J is 10, W is 23, which is really “33 dot Org” now also labelled on all the KH’s.

The more you look the more you find so it is there but to most eyes they cannot see it, but many can.

Part of the future global downturn context of Daniel 11:42-43 includes the anti-JW-ministry “invasion” of Daniel 11:41. The GB will try to tell JWs it is Daniel 11:44 activating possibly in the new Russia resistance as a nation-state, but it will be Daniel 11:41 as Daniel 8:13-14 as Matthew 24:15 “judgment of Jerusalem” which is now in an apostasy but there are faithful mixed in the confusion of it all.

Do NOT be fooled, Daniel 11:40 is globalism King North undermining and infiltration of the “King South” nation-state mostly by debt dependency which is how Daniel 11:42-43 “Egypt=King South” nation-state “gold and silver” and “all the desirable things” will be pawned by Globalist System King North WORLD GOVERNMENT IN THE MAKING, IN THIS NEXT SWORD STROKE CYCLE, the last one as far as these kinds of “nation versus nation” intrigues which is all controlled by King North Globalist global puppetry of ALL THE NATIONS.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]I was wondering if a JW could help me with something. Could you tell me what is the difference between God and Jesus giving “them[Jesus’ domestics] their food at the proper time” and the faithful and discreet slave class acquiring this ‘food’ at the proper time through diligent Bible study?

Because from what I’m understanding is that if the faithful and discreet slave class hasn’t been able to figure out a Bible truth or Bible principle yet, then it’s because it wasn’t God or Jesus’ time to reveal that information to them yet. Or in essence, God didn’t want them to have certain information at a particular time. However, what I don’t understand is: Why would God not want the faithful and discreet slave to have certain Bible understandings at a particular time if those Bible understandings could help Jehovah’s Witnesses?

But I guess that is one of the reasons why non-JWs have a difficult time with JWs’ faithful and discreet slave doctrine because some non-JWs cannot understand why God wouldn’t want the faithful and discreet slave to have certain Bible understandings at a particular time. Also, according to JWs, would it be correct to say that God is ‘blocking’ certain Biblical understandings from the faithful and discreet slave during certain times? [/QUOTE]

JWs cannot answer this because of now about 30 years of “left overs” and by-product from a former phase of prophecy that is marked by UN 1945. The GB preach to ONLY JWs on JW Media to reinforce the illusion that “food” is fresh, but it is freeze dried, artificial and poisonous as per Rev8:10-11. Rev2:2 is the GB in the modern prophecy cycle.

OBVIOUSLY JWs have lacked a true guide like Fred Franz for now getting close to 30 years. The diffusion of the GB parroting the past is how JWs are led into this modern subversive stall and much purposely omitted update to King North Globalism as marked by UN 1990 after the Cold War which the GB knelt to as UN NGO to mislead JWs as Matthew 24:15.

[QUOTE who=”Remnant of 144000″]<quoted text>


The enemy is now running JWs by a long GB process since 1944. The prophecy has TWO witnessings, one has passed 1260 days, one is coming as the world heads into 8th King King North world government for a final 1260 days AFTER the temple is cleansed as the timing of Daniel 8:14.

The TWO witnessings will equate to seven times as 2520 days or the last form of “gentile times” [plural] of such “trampling” of “Jerusalem’. JWs will be sold Russia in a final Rev13:3 “sword stroke” as if King North, but King North must be world government as the prophecy must converge with 8th King, King Fierce, Daniel 2 WHOLE image, Dan 7 4th beast.

JWs have the sovereign principle of a once clear as day Kingdom of God backed warning which no religious group has had, but JWs lost it when the sinned the Daniel 8:13 “TRANSGRESSION causing desolation” of the UN 1990 promoting UN NGO since 1992. If the GB worships the wildbeast as they have done they still do by covering up the world government completion prophecy as they Daniel 8:12b “throw truth to the earth” by not updating prophecy to expose modern globalism as the main global force which will “gather the nations” by globalization power to said Har Magedon.

Jehovah GOD will cause events on JWs “due to transgression” of Daniel 8:11-12 so the prophecy can be explained from step one, temple judgment first four trumpets, through the sword stroke to healing into world government to the destruction of BTG as steps in time wih clear indication that when step 1 fulfills in JW ministerial desolation, the rest will also come true as the world winds down to world government so the final 1260 days warning will precede the UN World Government based offical rule and eventual “world peace” of 1Thess5:1-3 to follow the global outlawing and destruction of the global corporate empire of religion.

They cease the successful final warning too, to fulfill Daniel 12:11 with Revelation 11:7-10 as world government “ascends’ from the sword stroke abyss as Revelation 13:5-8, 15-18 parallels of all 1260 days prophecy which expires into that final 1290 days of OPEN SALVATION OFFER of post Christ arrival Revelation 14:6-8 as Christ sweeps for sheep first, then conquers last, at the end of the 1290 days.

That will all come true and it is the same prophecy pattern as 1914-1922 but in final world government form so it will come true and Jehovah’s witnesses remain the focus in part due to apostasy to fulfill the man of lawlessness sign in the GB who are King North developed frauds so when this all starts to come true on JWs, in their recovery the rest can then be easily forecasted BEFORE it happens when it is most useful, it CANNOT wait until the aftermath of the world government prophecy or it would be too late.

The “four winds” is the post “tribulation of those days” phase of the overall “great tribulation” and it is under full global world government depopulation agenda start up, hence “four winds OF THE EARTH”, from man, the same “from earth” the Globalist Two Horned Wildbeast controlling power also sprung from in Revelation 13:11-15 as made known since after 1919.

The prophecy outlines all this and keeps it in exact seven trumpet gauged final sequence and order, it is certain this unwinds with 2034 as the max date, Christ arriving 1290 days approximate before 2034, ball park. Gen6:3 and Revelation 11 since 1914, 120 years time limits as Genesis 7:4, Dan9:26-27.

[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Not according to Newtonian. Because according to him, his has twisted Matthew 24:42-44 beyond recognition to say that it reveals that it’s perfectly natural for true Christians to try and incorrectly figure out the date for the end. 😉


No man knows the day or hour. So, we can figure out the year, and month aspect. We already know the Lord arrives on his day, Memorial. But because Daniel 12:11 the final open salvation period his arrival into world government may be stealth for the most part to gather the sheep. But to end the presence he will manifest in full glory to extinguish the enemies. That cannot go past 2034 by simple Bible “flood math” of the “last days as in the time of Noah” which was a 120 year time frame (Gen6:3) and a seven day final warning (Gen7:4).

We know by King Neb 607 viceroy to coronation, (Jerusalem destroyed 586 BCE), 1914 is the “last days as in Noah’s time” to add that 120 years allowance to. The final week is the 1260 days (final warning after Daniel 8:14 temple judgment timing coming first) and 1290 days (open salvation “half of the week” marked by constant ceased as in Daniel 12:11, Rev11:7) as in Daniel 9:27 in the principle of Genesis 7:4.

We do not need to know the day and hour, we just need to know the approximation of the end of that final seven year week coming up.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Oh, that’s right. But I guess I got a little bit side tracked because of this thread(see link below) that everyone is afraid of. lol 😀



At any depth there is no Trinity to “defend”. In the other covenants and Zechariah 6:9-15 prophecy Christ is anointed to be King and appointed Global High Priest so there is no room for a schizophrenic diety in basic human logic which the Bible tries to appeal to until the confusers get a hold of it as the GB is also now doing.

But these are basics of all Christianity when devoid of the philosophical mumbo jumbo from the period of trying to find Greek concepts in Bible truth, which there are none as taught by now Christendom standard, which like JWs today, has been there only to confuse people from taking things past the basics.

With JWs going off track now the entire Christian effort is derailed is what it means. But that has to change for the pre world government warning completion phase of the final 1260 days completion requirement of God as many numbers and processes must complete to the full prior to Christ arrival. But as we see with JWs and Christendom in general they always try to take a short cut to the real Armageddon completion which will not work in the overall global universal cosmic time-table of God Almighty.

Patience, for it also cannot be slowed, reverse or stopped.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

But wouldn’t that prayer be referring to the quality of ‘undeserved kindess’ of God’s throne, and is not questioning whether or not God’s sovereignty is undeserved?(Sigh!… Now let me see what else this guy has to say.)

<quoted text>

Eh? So are you saying that even though man is not worthy of eternal life because we’re all sinners, there’s still a ‘worthy’ aspect of eternal life if God puts you to the test to the point of death and you pass? And kind of like when Job insisted to God that he kept his integrity to God and passed God’s and Satan’s test(unbeknownst by Job at the time that it was also Satan’s test), but Jehovah ended up yelling at Job in the 38th and 39th chapter?

<quoted text>

Well, I find it interesting that how we as humans will see poor little helpless and needy babies and children, and say that they “deserve” to be loved.

<quoted text>

Sigh!…. Religious fantasy, mythology, and delusion.


It helps if you understand the sin put humanity on a course to extinction which is what it deserves for such original transgression as fully warned by God. So, keep the “grace of God” in its exact context and then it is not so hard to understand why Christ sacrifice is the “free gift of God” where in FAITH outweighs entitlement ideas or trying to be holier than thou or the thousand other things many humans use instead of FAITH to be saved.

FAITH and LOVE are the goals, hope passes as the promises are realized, but LOVE is the end goal of faith at which point when man is sinless accountability cannot be transferred to Christ and grace ceases for true moral responsibility to obey God as the basis of eternal life, which final Revelation 22 detail shows HUMAN IMMORTALITY can be achieved in that process when Satan’s final test passes after the 1000 years.

So it has all been a means to an end that never can end for the faithful. In the meantime, all are in this process at varying degrees of determining the truth and value in what Christ means, there is no life for sinners without his eventual direct assistance beyond the atonement for the transformation into “Last Adamic” perfection at which time “death is brought to nothing”. But then too, all are then directly accountable with no more need of atonement for there is none for perfect humans at such progress of the objective in the future.
Now for the benefit of humans in relation to those who tried to establish their own righteousness by works of law God explained that his gift is free kindness by faith in Christ. In that principle it is “undeserved” in that humans cannot earn salvation by works we may imagine to be proving we are righteous, we have to have faith in Christ and understand the sins in the flesh are beyond Adamic humans to overcome the guilt of.

In that way of viewing “undeserved kindness” it was to show God’s gift is free, absolutely FREE by faith in the perfect atonement in Christ’s blood offered to God in behalf of all mankind. FAITH is the only way out because we fall many times and ultimately Christ’s blood is what covers this worst case scenario and it was given FREE by God to ANYONE who desires to exercise faith in Jesus Christ which is finally offered post Christ arrival by the holy angels in final form to all mankind as Revelation 14:6-8.

FREE. No human works can equate to that forgiveness value.
The center of error in the JW Clock is assuming 607 BCE was the destruction of Jerusalem which was in 586 BCE. From the Cyrus 537 date forward JWs are in sync with real world time. Because of the approximate 20 year glitch in the 607 versus 586 assumption all JW dates prior to and with 607 are twenty years off, twenty years “back in time”.

1975 should be 1995, since the error goes back in biblical JW Time Machine Calculations all the way back to the assumed creation of Adam. But in all cases the 6000 year assumption is wrong for humans do not know how long it took Adam to sin, and JWs always chop it down for convenience. Another assumption in probable error was that 6000 years was an exact time God would allow in Satan’s rule, which is conjecture.

Not all JW prophecy is conjecture, it is usually the ones which are not even a prophecy but of Bethel that are ALWAYS WRONG when taking the test of time. Some final fixes but happen upon JWs with the temple judgment, as per Daniel 8:14 JWs are now in the Zechariah 3:3 befouled WRONG CONDITION anyways, so their warning is invalid and they are disqualified for now so “the end” cannot come as they wish, but according to the prophecy to be revealed in ‘the morning” recovery of the Daniel 8:13-14,26 temple judgment of now apostate and illegal “Jehovah’s witnesses” by GB fraud and illegalities, the “man of lawlessness” for the final prophecy cycle.
[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]Temple – on your post 711 – thank you for posting on thread theme.

However, 607 BCE is the basis for 1914 not 1975.

Be that as it may, 607 is correct since it is 70 years before the Jews returned to Jerusalem/Israel in 537 BCE to once again plant in the land that paid off its sabbaths for 70 years.

As Ezra explained concerning Jeremiah’s prophecy of 70 years:

2 Chronicles 36:19-23 – Study Bible (nwtsty)

19 He burned down the house of the true God,+ tore down the wall of Jerusalem,+ burned all its fortified towers with fire, and destroyed everything of value.+ 20 He carried off captive to Babylon those who escaped the sword,+ and they became servants to him+ and his sons until the kingdom* of Persia began to reign,+ 21 to fulfill Jehovah’s word spoken by Jeremiah,+ until the land had paid off its sabbaths.+ All the days it lay desolate it kept sabbath, to fulfill 70 years.+

22 In the first year of King Cyrus+ of Persia, in order that Jehovah’s word spoken by Jeremiah+ would be fulfilled, Jehovah stirred the spirit of King Cyrus of Persia to make a proclamation throughout his kingdom, which he also put in writing,+ saying: 23 “This is what King Cyrus of Persia says, ‘Jehovah the God of the heavens has given me all the kingdoms of the earth,+ and he has commissioned me to build him a house in Jerusalem, which is in Judah.+ Whoever there is among you of all his people, may Jehovah his God be with him, and let him go up.’”+[/QUOTE]

The point is 1975 is calculated from the supposed creation of Adam which due to the 607 Jerusalem time/event glitch is a date affected by that error. At 537 BCE Cyrus Time gentile world history is very clear so everything comes back into sync. All JW dates after 607 are good, all JW dates before 607 are off 20 years approx. So, it is not just the Jerusalem destruction date in error, EVERY OTHER pre 607 Biblical event date is also off because Bethel bases all Biblical time from 607 backwards which is in error, and 537 forwards which is not in error.

This is all fixed in the temple judgment coming up and its timing in Daniel 8:13-14 btw. It will make the final warning “the sacred secret of God is brought to a finish” in an exact way with an exact world government 8th King King North forecast given BEFORE it happens this time, for that entity will trigger Christ arrival in full form as Daniel 12:11 becomes activated just with the “three and a half day” symbolic death state of that ceased final warning in Revelation 11:7-10.====
[QUOTE who=”Orion Spirit”]<quoted text>
very interesant about 1975 is information from satanic free mason-illuminaties ocultists NWO designers
Alice Bailey of the Lucis Trust,and occult organization affiliated with United Nations,claimed that her spirit quide,sent by lucifer’s hierarchy,advised beginning 1975,a ferven period of occult propganda, armagedon and NWO would be lunched
this escalated activity was expected to culminate in the inauguration of glorious new age kingdom on earth(not god’s kingdom only satan kingdom nwo)
1975 have nothing to do with ancient prophecy,
rather cycle fulfilment years 108 years from establisment of new idead of free masons-illuminatie,go to 1975
since russel was 32 nd degree mason, also 1867 was establishe bible student group-designers of NWO AS FINAL YEARS

IS WE COUNT THEIR TIME 108 YEARS, FROM 1914- 2020-22, can be 3 ww made by illuminaties,they call armagedon and glorious NEW ORDER NEW AGE,
We also know that fred franz, was one of them,even his NWT translation was back up,by occultists,like johann geber -german catholic priest-free mason-ocultist,who claimed that heaven souls have constant sex
read carefully my post, it is good for wise man like you,not for those illiterate dead spiritual lunatics without of any knowledge


They got the Kingdom of God warning Witness 1 of Revelation 11 and they will get a Witness 2 in the future as what needs to be exposed will be. In the meantime they create confusion concerning the sovereign warning of God and Christ and subvert the ministry as per Daniel 8:11-12 and Daniel 11:30b-31a.

When JWs worship the wildbeast as UN NGO RATHER THAN expose the required prophecy update with UN 3 1990 and cease a modern continuation of the sovereign warning of God’s Kingdom we know the King North NWOers have infiltrated the witnesses organization and worse is yet to come with the FAKE ARMAGEDDON now brewing in the world scene with Russia to continue the DECOY KING NORTH deception as related to the USSR=KN error.

They are now positioned to cancel the JW ministry, permitted by God as Daniel 8:13 and 2Thess2:11-12 from the mouth of the “burning mountain” GB King North annex of control as splash down will now occur as Revelation 8:9 jn relation to JW wildbeast services since 1990 in brazen manner which was in the works for a while leading to this point we now see.

The drama will continue to focus on JWs for the Daniel 8:14 recovery for final 1260 days Witness 2 warning in time. It has all been prophecy with the GB man of lawlessness apostasy now made obvious in all this JW borne scandal.

They want to silence JWs for good and discredit their exit in grand manner as NWO puppets to try to impede the final warning as world government is what comes from the final sword stroke world war Rev13:3 and that globalized sovereign entity will trigger the Christ arrival upon a step of world events all can see and understand where it is leading to: Christ Arrival for sheep sweep then conquest.

A final 1260 days warning will emerge prior to world government 8th King King North official completion and “world peace” claims of 1Thess5:1-3 based on that NWO World Government offical “one hour” ruling global authority. Rev17:12
The easy trick with Revelation 11’s TWO witnessings is that each witnessing period past and future is 1260 days long for a full 2520 days final warning when completed and this is what they think they will prevent Jehovah’s witnesses from completing in the future.

When Jesus said Jerusalem would be trampled by the nations until the appointed times of the nations fulfill (Luke 21:24) he referred to the [[plural]] gentile times because the seven times of 2520 years led to the announcement of his Kingship from God in God’s Kingdom as Revelation 4-5, Revelation 6 white horse.

But the final 1260 days of the future will announce the completion of his Kingship purpose as also Messianic Kingdom “King of kings” in his own “Kingdom of David” as that Kingdom was only BORN in 1914 and must also complete the full court number of his brothers as per Revelation 7 and 14.

God does NOT work with fractions in prophecy so the “time, times and half a time” occur for EACH of the TWO witnesses as 3.5 times twice to equate to the final “appointed times of the nations” in relation to Revelation 11:2-3. (Dan7:25, Dan12:7, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:6,14, Rev13:5)

Witnessing 1

This was 1914-1918’s first warning of 1260 days for God’s Kingdom.

Witnessing 2

After Daniel 8:13-14 brings Jehovah witnesses back into the RIGHT CONDITION in the temple judgment coming up the final 1260 days of the future second witness warning and open salvation offer to all reachable will COMPLETE THAT REVELATION !! SEVEN TIMES [REQUIREMENT] as seven times as 2520 days for the Messianic Kingdom Sovereign Ultimatum.

This is a simple “seven times” concept in also Revelation 11 as 2520 DAYS JWs should easily understand but due to lawless one GB delusion and dumbing down it is all unseeable to many JWs at this time, but not for that much longer.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

It appears to me BTG is already falling. It has been co-opted to do the NWO will. The heads of most religions have been replaced by insiders. This explains the odd changes in many beliefs directions. In a sense they are taken down already. Never to return to their former selves.

When BTG goes down under 8th King King North world government it will be the global sign leading to the UN “world peace” signal of 1Thess5:1-3. They are all infiltrated, but it is to subvert the flocks for the world government 666 endorsement, like the UN NGO precursor they set in JWs. But with JWs they know they cannot keep the place, they know they can use the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to secure a desolation to attempt to cancel the JW ministry for good by its own GB mouth.

But in Daniel 8:14 time it will fail, but it is a very bad sin and sign in JWs now. BTG sheep, the 1/10 of Revelation 11:13 can be extracted from the anti-BTG operation because in spite of BTG bad leadership many sheep are still imprisoned in BTG so Christ scoops out some final sheep which finalizes Revelation 14:6-7 as the Revelation 14:8 BTG has fallen announcement of the angels of Christ.

The worst and best is yet to come, it for now leads to sword stroke global to global healing into world government completion “one hour” globalized rule of Revelation 17:12. The GB has misled JWs to think it is the end, which will help stall JW recovery for the Daniel 8:14 timing. The JW recovery leads to the final 1260 days warning before world government fully competes.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

Things can be outlawed without a law doing so. Its called social conditioning. The social platforms are already at work on this.


The point of global government is “ten horn” international law enforcement that cancels the final warning AFTER it is 1260 days fully complete as in Revelation 11:7-10 which first chapter salvation is Revelation 14:6-8 warm up for the angels of Christ to save many people based on Romans 2 principle and Revelation 11:13.

When Christ arrives the 8th King system will be more dangerous than the sword stroke from which abyss they arise and global sovereignty will be in a sole authority which God did NOT approve of as he did the nations in their “relative position” as in Romans 13. This means world government “fiur winds” final phase of GT will need to be terminated or Satan would rule as king again as in Genesis 6.

Christ as Messianic King will take command of the Revelation 11:15 “Kingdom of the World’ as sprout in Zechariah 3 in relation to the gentile kingdom preserved for humans in Daniel 4 by means of his Last Adam master patriarchal role in the restoration of the whole world as “recreation” of Matthew 19:28.

God is about all the completions in Revelation 6-7 and Revelation 17:8-18 and Daniel 11:45 as it all merges into Daniel 12 final prophecy cycle. WORLD GOVERNMENT must complete and in its completion many in the world will finally realize it is serious business and it shall trigger the Christ arrival as Messianic King upon the complete Kingdom Court for global judgment, including BTG, as in Daniel 7:26 parallel 12:11.

God drags it out to the fullest completion as required to also complete the “sacred secret” of Revelation 10:5-8 promise as the longer it takes in all seven trumpets unfolding the more basic people can come to realize what it means in its most basic Christ salvation of the sheep and universal conquest form as the New Universal Order. NUO because Christ’s Kingdom also displaces Satan and the demons to the abyss for unimpeded 1000 Years of the everlasting rule of Christ as Messianic Kingdom King of kings. At such completion time he will hand back God’s Kingdom to God Almighty as Christ’s “Kingdom of David” is eternal over earth and upon Earth, under God’s Kingdom as the “last enemy death” is brought to nothing with all these former world powers that culminated into globalized world government as the final straw prior to Christ arrival.

8th King must cross the line in WORLD GOVERNMENT after the next sword stroke cycle heals into that final truly global sovereign rival system. That is when BTG is deposed, to shake out the final sheep from that bag. In this way all can see it and put it together as many as desire to be saved as Revelation 14:6-8 is angel backed, not human, confronting all willing humans with that guaranteed open salvation offer. GOOD NEWS, EVERLASTING GOOD NEWS.
In another example of required completion as a perfect seven Jesus Christ first arrival was a 3.5 year ministry. But as Daniel 9:27 shows in principle when Christ arrives into the Daniel 12:11 1290 days as Revelation 11:7-12 “at the half of that week” of 1260 days transitioning into the 1290 days he keeps open the final “week” of seven years as Genesis 7:4’s final week principle of open salvation offer of Revelation 14:6-7 in post Christ arrival.

Thus Christ as superhuman Mighty God King of kings will also COMPLETE HIS OWN MINISTRY IN PERSON for a full seven times as at the “half of the week” of seven years overall the post 1260 days final warning is ceased by the 8th King “gift offering ceased” as they go into full world government as Christ arrives first to secure global sheep in his completing 3.5 years of Daniel 12:11.

Thus the seven years of Christ’s ministry overall and the 1260 days and 1290 days as all open for salvation all complete by the power of Christ as appointed by God for the final mission to secure the start of his 1000 Year Reign as Messianic Kingdom “King of kings” in that future Kingdom required completion WITH world government 8th King as his rival to conquer at the end of that seven year “week”.

This is why man cannot “by no means complete the circuit of global Israel” (Matt10:23). But in Revelation 14:6-7 Christ employs the Matthew 24:31 angels of the sheep gathering to definitely complete the global territory by superhuman angelic perfect means as “everlasting good news” in THE GUARANTEED OPEN SALVATION OFFER OF HIS MESSIANIC KINGDOM POWER!
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So give me some examples of disinformation that has been printed in Watchtower literature on purpose, Sweet Baby Ray’s?


King North must end up at the same place as the 8th King which is a globalized world government employing all the nations in its power base, it cannot be a sole or partially collective nation-state or collective of nations. It is obvious from globalization’s stated goals that world government is the final human based power system of Earth after a final world sword stroke prepares the world for it.

This became obvious in 1990 when the USSR went down that no part of Daniel 11:30-45 is about that failure as per Daniel 11:36c. And they fulfilled the 3rd UN prophecy of “placing the disgusting thing” globally in that 3rd UN presentation after the Cold War in 1990 which selling point was the cold defeat of the USSR.

Bethel is purposely covering up the true identity of King North to now be able to still use Russia in that decoy misleading role in the future. Instead, the GB worshiped the wildbeast as UN NGO rather than expose their master. Thus, although we are at Daniel 11:41 in the coming JW Org takeover, the GB can now sell the final Russian resistance to the NWO as if Daniel 11:44 has started the trek to the end, which will be well premature for the nations are debt captured as Daniel 11:42-43 in the next crash well before final world government King North 8th King makes it abyss rise from that sword stroke of Revelation 13:3.

What this DISINFORMATION from the GB does is keep JWs expecting the end too soon as per 2Thess2:1-2, rather than to finish the final warning mission completely, stalled and in the dark as JWs now are and in treasonous apostasy with the wildbeast world government objective.====
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So what does that have to do with what I said in my reply #50 about your looney conspiracy theories… and having proof of those looney theories?


What it has to do with is world government is the main theme of geo-political studies on globalization, but apparently that subject matter has alluded you and JWs because it is not mainstream but it is the future and yet neither of you seem aware as to how globalization of everything will change the ruling structure of earth in a short time.

So speaking with people who are purposely or accidentally oblivious to the objective of globalization is like talking about modern chemistry to a dark ages alchemist it just seems like hogwash to the uninformed. With JWs it will form a disaster because they can continue the USSR to Russia decoy for King North, sell JWs a fake end of the world, while all the time since post Cold War globalized world government is the clearer and clearer global agenda of the real powers that be and it must equate to the King North reality convergent with the 8th King finale which JWs now conceal by omission. It was not easy to find since it is alternative media driven but JWs are also trained to fall asleep on world developments at the same time.

But it is the global goal, world government, it will complete that sovereign aspect of the prophecy in time while JWs look to the sky for a Christ who will not arrive until after world government completion and you will have to plod along with them with no particular hope you preach but your personal doubts. It cannot be stopped.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

(Skimming through TempleBBQ’s same-ole-song-and-dance…. *Yawn!*) So why do you keep answering for IKBN? Are you two dating now?


Bible Prophecy and Conspiracy Theory Converge

Sovereign Bible Prophecy, World History and Globalization Research (and
Conspiracy Theory): Where They All Shall Meet in Unified Reality

Click to access bible_prophecy_and_conspiracy_theory_converge-htm.pdf

The conspiracy started in Genesis 3 and ends in world government as that crossing of the line in the sand will trigger Christ. The rest of the real world history is related to the first conspiracy of Satan and the demons against God and all life.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

What proof do you have that: “they are now involved in many more NGO and IGO aiding aspects of religious lobbying for the Globalists now in many nations.” Can you point to any proven sources?


I came across the one from Mexico but cannot recall the context but the Roman Catholic Church was there at the same table lobbying some UN ideas

UN NGO: What the United Nations of Non-Governmental Organizations Global Expansion System Really Is

That article in rough draft form tries to illustrate the UN NGO evolution for the purpose of recruiting organizations into UN influence which goes from nations, to organizations, to every man of earth in that kind of expansion.

The OSCE example is how Bethel used the UN NGO as a “resume piece” to step past UN NGO into specialized UN “consultative status” lobbying. THAT is when this can mean involvement in many nations on issues which seem beneficial but this low level UN lobbying is meant to influence national law and attitudes toward the UN goal.

Thus, the goal of the UN NGO system under the UN Secretariat is to continue to use willing UN NGOs in more and more lobbying missions and this is why Russia is trying to boot NGOs. Now Bethel and other NGOs or former, can be used in UN Intergovernmental Organization aiding lobbying, but at the same time the JW billions can be used to aid the world government goal while JWs are told it is for “religious freedom” and hunger removal or whatever.

But now Bethel is as the objective was, a true wildbeast aiding party internationally. The point is the UN NGO System itself has a HUGE OBJECTIVE to suck in every organization of earth and come world government time to suck in all the people in those organizations and the people they reach out to, hence UN Outreach Programme, or the setup of the global 666 marking device as allegiance to world government, 666, is what they will finally really want as the goal, hence Revelation 13:15-18 and Revelation 14:9-11.

There is always more to it hidden in the original purpose now grown larger and more powerful by things like Bilderberg corporate pantheon than any government of Earth. Soon they will own King South nation-state system global lock, stock and barrel. Dan11:42-43

All the apostasy patterns we see in Bethel illegal override of the ministry was also in Israel prior to the Assyrian takeover as a judgment of God. Like the Assyrians of old the modern KN Assyrians think they get “Jerusalem” as well. But as Hosea 1:4-7, Isaiah 37 Isaiah 31:8-9 and Micah 5:6-7 show, they are sadly mistaken.

Like the 2 tribe kingdom of the past we have King Omri/Ahab/Jezebel GB frauds in place which will secure the judgment on “Israel” as per Hosea 1:4-7 Bethel will fall hard. But when they try to capture global JW “Jerusalem” they meet the Isaiah 31:8-9 FURNACE OF JERUSALEM, the Destroyer.

This is why Michael toasted 185000 Assyrians as a warning of what he will do to the KN Assyrian when it is time for them to get their foot off the abyss lid of the temple desolation as 5th trumpet/plague parallel of what the Angel of the Covenant will do to some of these KN ops in the minsitry and trying to capture all JWs world wide.

They will see the “Light of Zion” and that is the last thing some of them will see, the KN “crag” will be removed from leadership over Jehovah’s witnesses by the temple cleansing Angel at the evening to morning midpoint of the Daniel 8:13-14 timing of the temple judgment.

Isaiah 66:6 comes on the GB fake “Israel” as will Zechariah 11. Zech9:8
As we know nationl governments are corporations of special design. Thus the communism vs capitalism smokescreen really has no meaning when all is a neo-fascism based on about 40,000 big corporations all arranged in tiers and interlocking directorates to control the wealth in legal chess wherein the nation-state system will soon go into debt default and receivership into a financial proxy leading to the world government of finance tier.

So, communism is just state corporatism with ties to big corporations and their global matrix. Socialism was the economic system which China, Russia and the rest of the big nations scrapped for globalism-capitalism, as capitilism’s goal is use of global funds to complete the globalization process in time.

It is also why the Daniel 2 “clay and iron” do not mix well because the sovereign aim of globalism is the removal of national sovereignty which seems to have a valid form, but its sovereign goals are diamteric to the nation-state of the past. That is why it is called the “new world order’ it is not based on “superior authorities” with true autonomy, but on them being puppets as in Daniel 11:42-43 of the King North world sovereign world government end entity.

Because God allows it and Satan is the architect as the seven headed dragon is mirrored in his seven headed scarlet wildbeast the nations cannot stop themselves being globalized “gathered to Har-Magedon”, it is just a matter of a sword stroke phase and a little more time.

Political philosophies actually answer nothing when all are KN Globalist puppets and dead end distractions where the answers do not lie, just more useless questions.

The basic warning is very simple, 8th King King North KFIC World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and “world peace” stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

As you can well see these basic globalism concepts are fully unexplored by JWs as a ministry, they are now a religious philosophy devoid of any true loyalty to God’s Kingdom due to sly GB misleading teachings and omission of King North globalist world government in prophecy and final world developments. JWs are now part of the global disinformation network for wildbeast secrecy of the world government goal and certainty after this next sword stroke runs its Rev13:3 course to a global healing into said 8th King World Government. Rev17:8-18

I know in time God will shed light on the trickery but world government will complete and it is the terminus of that prophecy so at some point in recovery Jehovah’s witnesses will have to update the message in a final manner as in rev10:5-8.

So, in the meantime humans get confusing, it has always been like this because there are truths God makes certain cannot be erased fully so Satan’s only option is to toss as much straw as possible on these needles of truth. But God will come in and summarize what must be fixed.

In the meantime many enemies are IN various ministries as the “seller’s oil” which the fiive foolish virgins will try to use for light. At this time anointed are on low light status, the original oil is the truth update at the time from 1914-1918 and 1919-1922 which just so happened to emerge with the LON wildbeast image in initial world government promoting known global form after WW1.

The next “oil in reserve” light up for final warning enlightenment will NOT try to raise doubt on 1914 as King is doing, dumping original oil. But it does have to adjust out some current stumbling errors, but they do NOT affect 1914 as the marked date of the “last days” and the final warning will re-emphasize 1914 again, but it will speak the world government updates in complete form.

It is a prophecy God keeps some thing new in reserve for the final warning knock out punch which “reports disturb KN” because it will be big and complete, even if little scroll the message is universal in magnitude when it comes and it will come because God is to save many many more people than just Jehovah’s witnesses for “my people” are many still stuck in BTG and when world government destroys BTG final sheep will shake out as Rev11:13, Rev14:6-8.

Speaking of Isaiah and the new things on the way in the second witnessing (Rev10:11) of the future:

(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell [it]? I have made you hear new things from the present time, even things kept in reserve, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

(Isaiah 42:9) . . .“The first things—here they have come, but new things I am telling out. BEFORE THEY BEGIN to spring up, I cause you people to hear [them].”

(Isaiah 43:18-19) 18 “Do not remember the first things (1914-1919), and to the former things do not turn your consideration. 19 Look! I am doing something new. Now it will spring up. you people will know it, will you not? (Isaiah 42:9) .The first things (1914-1919)—here they have come, but new things (of the future) I am telling out. Before they begin to spring up, I cause you people to hear [them].(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell [it]? I have made you hear new things from the present time, even THINGS KEPT IN RESERVE, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

====[QUOTE who=”Orion Spirit”]<quoted text>
soon true slave enter this broken fallen group of evil slave,
and we will make all things right
their transgression is not forgivable because mistrust and abuse of HOLY SPIRIT,MADE THEM HIMSLEF UNDER THE DEATH PENALTY ROMANS 6;23


JWs were the target because they have some prophecy loose ends that tie into their apostasy to temple judgment cleanse to recovery as a global Rev13:3 sword stroke (not the end as expected by JWs) will globally heal into full 8th King globalized world government as the final signal sovereign rival who shall then depose the final warning JWs will have emerged into which BTG destruction will be the larger context.

The prophecy outlines all of that including the pawning of the nation-state silver and gold system and all assets for King North world government use as in Daniel 11:42-43 to empower Revelation 17:8-18. Though the prophecy is about a page and a half of structured outlines in Daniel and Revelation, a no brainer when paralleled with globalization processes to world government, JWs say nothing because as per Daniel 11:32a their man of lawlessness related GB is the King North controlling agency foretold to be “in the temple, lifting themselves over everyone” in globally notable manner which the GB did accomplish as the “faithful and discreet slave” blasphemy they now override all anointed with as they illegally say they are the only truth authority in the temple.

So we have “angel of light” GB anointed of Satan now leading the anointed Christian ministry to cancel it from their own mouth and takeover the JW Org 50 billion for King North uses, which God will allow for it leads to the “lawless one being revealed” which is now in the GB based apostasy and its fake end of the world pretext used to paralyze JWs into a stalled unacceptable “constant feature” as they INSTEAD worship the wildbeast as UN NGO and UN Consultants for wildbeast world government lobbying affecting all the nations now.

Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JWs next as the Revelation 8 temple judgment first four trumpets of the final cycle to recovery for the 1260 days last witness warning of the TWO witnesses witnessings.
Now we see the JW exit from the UN NGO was also a handy distraction away from their heightened corporate role as UN lobbyists assisting UN IGO agendas in now many countries and all of it far less King north News worthy than the UN NGO scandal as KN marked JWs 666 for all the world to see. Thus the UN NGO has branded JWs as treasonous hypocrites while the JW dolts in the rf just wich it away with excuses and good reasons to kneel to the wildbeast agenda, forsake the Kingdom as a “non-kingdom organization” and still go out preaching in spite of this Daniel 8:13 UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as God must now crush the JW org in a mega-judgment while JWs are as spiritually lost as can be.

Now it proves as withthe unrepentant Jezebel influenced congregation in Revelation 2, JWs have had time to repent from the Jezebel Mutha Bethel activities, but being led by Jezzie GB they will not and 2001 has come and gone when they could have come clean of the UN NGO— instead to conceal Matthew 24:15 and secure an even heavier judgment they still cover up the UN NGO from JWs in printed form for all the congregations.

Now God has only one last resort, throw JWs into the sickbed and crush this tainted UN allied fake ministry and forlorn “organization” because it is now a dangerous place to be infested with KN agents and it is heading into a judgment the same scale as Jerusalem in 70 CE, but God has to issue a final warning from the JW rubble, because JWs are now inacapable of anything but kneeling to the GB liars of Revelation 2:2, Daniel 11:32a and Daniel 8:12 and STILL BEDDING DOWN WITH THE WILDBEAST AND HARLOT as there envoys lobby for UN issues far and wide as worse than a UN NGO but a participant in the world government groundwork in all the nations.

But like the ten virgins super-dark-nap, JWs will be woken up with the world in what is coming and they will find themselves square in the middle of the temple judgment with not one clue as to who the GB has been working for to squelch Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz since day 1, 1976. Fire is coming for that GB good squad of liars.
[QUOTE who=”dee rightful”] Can any JW’s answer as to why they believe all other religion are wrong but must follow THE SELF ADMITTED FALLIBLE men of the WTS for salvation?[/QUOTE]

In spite of syntax changes the GB “theocratic organization” is another BTG clergy now and that is why lawlessness seeped in and the rf live in denial. Just like at any church.

But with the GB, even though Fred Franz was not too confident on the interp, they applied the “theocracy’ as how THEY brought the “organization” into the Daniel 8:14 “right condition” by some “Watchtower charter adjustments”.

In reality those “adjustments” set the way for the GB Papal tyranny we see today and about 50 billion in Chase and Goldman King North Globalist control while JWs, like the churches, see nothing at all wrong with plying UN agendas far and wide and aiding and abetting child rape in the congregations, much like Israel they are involved now even with child sacrifice to the demons by way of the GB demonic high priests.

So, in spite of church and JW justifications, nothing good can come of this but the REAL Daniel 8:13-14 because the GB has brought JWs into a deadly dead wrong condiition of the temple the “organization” never was nothing more than material things OKd by Ceasar for corporate affairs.

JWs idolize men, organ and a now apostate religion like the rest.

Stick to God, Christ and the Bible everything else is fading away.
[QUOTE who=”True Believer”]<quoted text>

yeasterday i received call from one of my friends who works in UNO,
he said that fewGBJW members were chosen to fly in disaster zone of Syria bombed by west,
they accept weapons equipment, salary, and membership uno and cia low ranks religious loons so called “misionaries from UNO NWO.


That is what defines the BTG “harlot”. They all claim to be working for God, but the leadership has the “certain men have slipped” in as in Jude who are “transformed apostles” of Satan and who work towards a One World Government goal which is also the terminus of required final prophecy or the “8th King” King North which will be real king systems over the earth in the end.

But with JWs God will act first, under world government in around 12 years BTG will be detsroyed AFTER the complete “harlot” symbol meaning rides in endorsing One World Government Scarlet Wildbeast also in its total global meaning.

While it is a no brainer world government will rule “one hour” as in Rev17:8-18 and Dan8:25 and Dan11:45 JWs follow the GB CIA/MI# misleading disinformation which promotes an delusion, instead, it can end any day now. This way the sword stroke of Rev13:3 which is coming BUT “heals” into said 1 world government, can be explained by JWs and other religions as if “the end is here everyone!” which premature hype merely stalls people from finishing the prophecy timeline which instead heads into WORLD GOVERNMENT just prior to the Christ arrival and which post BTG destruction mantra will be a world peace statement of 1Thess5:1-3.

Anyone can see these things easy to outline in a prophecy that boils down to one page of Daniel and Revelation combined, so all the Devil can do is hijack religions and JWs from inside and tell a lie instead by the trusted leadership. Slap on a tie and parasite off the sheep and the sheep will believe you. Come like John the Baptist or Christ and they will kill you and hate you. It is what it is, JWs are now in the middle of a hell on Earth about to erupt on the minsitry as Daniel 8:13-14 for a long long list of sins and treasons and idolatries and millions of lost sheep scattered hither and thither waiting for this signal from God, because JWs cannot mock God by wishing it all away, now a mega judgment, the temple judgment is required to get this mess cleaned up and back on track for the final warning last witnessing of the TWO witnesses. Rev10:11, 11:3

JWs are going down as on organization globally, but as the cover story they will ply the lie the whole world is ending but it is just their UN NGO marked apostasy that is coming to its brutal end. But that will rid the place of the GB and if JWs just have a tent and a laptop left that will be used for the final warning because they have too much blood money to expect much left over.

It is all Daniel 11:32a with the GB of the King North Globalist infiltrators.
Unfortunately the GB has installed a BTG-style clergy they call “theocratic organiztion” where in the second trumpet of the future Revelation prophecy cycle King North is god to JWs and the GB is protecting the 50 billion for Goldman and Chase for KN.

Right in front of our very eyes over 40 years JWs have been transformed into a UN allied “minister of Satan” and like the churches who preceded them in that work, the commoner JW has not a clue but a few who accidentally or purposely obeyed Christ to flee the UN NGO “disgusting thing” of Matthew 24:15 for it is the judgment trigger coming up as the UN NGO is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13.

JWs went back to Babylon and are voiceless in Nineveh as the Pied Piper GB has led the crew back into darkness and worse. Now the Daniel 8:13-14 judgment comes as Rev8 and Zech3:1-5 and Mal3:1-5 in the Zechariah 11 context of Daniel 11:42-43 fall of the King South nation-state as a global sword stroke runs its course to heal into JW covered up 8th King King North World Government around say, 2030 or so.
Before Christ arrives, that is even before 8th King world government which shortly precedes him the entire prophecy is to be known BEFORE the big final events unfold as in the promise of God at Revelation 10:5-7.

What kind of power would a volcano, a hurricane, 20 tornadoes and 70000 bolts of lightning have with an earthquake, tsunami and flood mixed in? The weakest angel of Christ has 1000000 times more power and that is what 8th King World Government will be fighting but the whole heavens worth.

Don’t be rooting for the NWO when Christ drops in. As in Revelation 14:6-7 open salvation offer from them angels, choose God and His Kingdom and honor the King of kings, he aint going anywhere forever as far as moving over for King North 8th King rover.
There is some truth in every Christian religion, well at least the ones everyone knows about. JWs got FUBAR under the GB but there is still some things that will not change and will outlast the GB who is doomed to judgment as illegal and the KN intel prophecy of Daniel 11:32a.

KN already had the rest of the churches, they needed to get busy after JFR died to get INSIDE JWs to FUBAR it from within. JWs were just the last to fall, but what is true among Christians will outlast King North who aint even world government yet as that triggers Christ arrival.

It is pretty simple once one backs out of the dead ends all the little minutia which misleads people driving in dead-end circles rubbernecking eachothers distracting errors while the whole world continues to 8th King world government to come from the healing of the next sword stroke as per Rev13:3.

People go on detours into oblivion designed by guys like the GB who actually work for the Devil and that is why stumbling is what they cause but refinements also take place as in Daniel 11:32-35.
Obviously upon a little investigation the 1975 and “this generation” ideas were human ideas with ZERO prophetic indications whatsoever.

There is more evidence by far for the 2034 end year of Daniel 12:11 in light of the prophetic principle at Genesis 6:3 120 year limit of the “days of Noah” a phrase equated by Christ to the last days which did begin in prophecy backed 1914. The week warning of Genesis 7:4 in light of future events which will match the master pattern of Daniel 9:27 is also valid.

If JWs think they can defend a failed bankrupt USSR as fulfilling anything successful as UN based King North then with Daniel 11:27-45 they also started to infuse human conjecture into a prophecy fully marked by the NWO Globalists in the 1990 3rd UN global presentation. The USSR as a decoy King North can fulfill NOTHING in Daniel 11:31-43. Yet, JWs also accept those pages of unsubstantiated myths which merely helped conceal King North Globalist World Government in progress to the guaranteed “one hour” sovereign requirement of Revelation 17:12.

Slowly but surely JWs have allowed men to bring the ministry into prophetic irrelevance and unupdated prophecy of the past. JWs are now only relevant as our final signal apostasy by such negligence. Daniel 8:13-14, Zech3:3
The false idea Jesus main mission was Kingdom preaching is how, in part, JWs have devolved into spiritual dummies. Jesus first priority was the PERFECT WORSHIP OF GOD that meant paying attention to God’s Word as the living embodiment of it as God verbally approved and guided Christ in actual word, spirit and by angels.

Then, when everything was on point and perfect Christ embarked on the Kingdom proclamation and some details which are important but he did not waste all day knocking on empty doors neglecting paying attention to his worship and the living Word of God. JWs have done this, by over-organization and wasting time in the most inefficient form of preaching in light of rampant global communications ease, JWs have literally went brain dead as far as actually examining and studying God’s word with world government progressive events and thereby their worship is not acceptable and their constant feature is profaned and also rejected by God as per prophecy as the end goal of becoming lazy bums with the GB.

Now, Daniel 8:13-14 events will come on these apostate JWs and their befouled illegal GB and it will be so obvious other people will point out it has fulfilled on the JW Org downfall for the UN NGO treasons against the Kingdom of God. JWs are so stupidified today they think there is some good excuse to kneel to the UN as co promoting UN NGO endorsers, THAT is how far JWs have plunged spiritually.

But for future generations to wind up at Christ arrival on a prophecy to become known by recovered cleansed JWs, this current catastrophe and its causes of negligence will become world history for review of more generations in the 1000 year reign and JWs will, thankfully, lose thier current boasting rights which glorified men and organization and religion and tradition more than God and Christ by this downward spiral into accepted lawlessness very “gradually given over” to the enemy as in Daniel 8:12 and as a result “throwing truth to the earth” in regard to final 8th King=King North obvious progress with globalism “gathering the nations” into world government.

Newtonian is an example of a JW sleepwalker hanging on to a former JW approved state as if it could be perpetual in the absence of vigilant attention to the acceptable worship of God and His Word. Now even their Kingdom ministry is defunct for a time longer.
[QUOTE who=”GreatSouthbay4040″]<quoted text> Don’t you tire of writing this same garbage? You’re like a broken record.


No. In time all Jehovah’s witnesses will be required to “prophesy again in regard to all the nations”. The longer you put it off the more likely you will join the goats. You may be one of the flakes or you may be real but the judgment is what will say so as Daniel 8:13-14, in the meantime you might as well be Mormon or Baptist for you are invalid and in union with temple sinners.

Jehovah’s witnesses now work for the 8th King World Government agenda by cover up as in Daniel 8:12b. Now your JW Organization is going down in accounting for 40 years of GB lawlessness. But when it does all happen as written in Revelation 8 and Daniel 8:13-14 you will have to at least consider the true nature of JWs at this time as the final signal apostasy and world government required completion silence is how you help the real King North Globalists.

You are the one who should tire of the bullshit you now ply for the Devil. But you don’t because you JWs are too arrogant to see the sins of our own house so God will START the judgment with his own temple and house.


Unlike any other JW critics I respect Russell, JFR and Fred Franz were legit apostles of the periods they brought out the exposure of the League of Nations as fitting the prophecy exactly at the right 1260 days timing. The amazing thing is Russell was pretty much 99% dumped because the reformationists were too focused on the Catholic apostasy, when God simply stuck the Popes in the bra of BTG and moved on to expose the “new world order” as it was called in the 1920s as the “image” or nucleus of world government— but no one was very specific on the requirement the 8th King be a real Global King not just an ‘image of the wildbeast”.

But Russell clarified the basics of God’s purpose and the role of Christ in it and the seven times link of 2520 years to the seven times final of the 2520 days of Revelation 11 as BOTH of the two witnesses are 1260 days warnings, past and future and Jehovah’s witnesses after the temple cleansing of Daniel 8:13-14, Zech3, will be ordered by God as in Revelation 10:11 to carry out the fin al 1260 days.

Detractors at that time will say JWs are just inventing a fix, but because this whole forecast has been out in complete form since 2012 based on Daniel 8:13-14 starting Revelation 8 in the near future temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses it cannot be said this is a post-JW-catastrophe fix explained after the fact. This time the completing of the good news as Revelation 10:5-7 comes out in complete accurate form BEFORE the 8th King completes said world government when the warning can be of most use for salvation. IF JWs had to call this prophecy after the fact it would be too late, all JWs would be cut off with the long sword of Christ’s mouth as failed.

But, God promises in Revelation 11:2-3 the final 1260 days warning will be caused by Him and the OPEN SALVATION OFFER carrid out by Christ’s Kingdom Angels will be the offer of “everlsating good news” taken to ALL HUMANS of Earth, for angels, not Matthew 10:23 men, will complete the minsitry of Christ as a full seven years since 29 CE time, in the final 3.5 years of Christ Sheep Securing 1290 days of Daniel 12:11.

JWs should easily be able to explain all these loose ends now, but the GB is Daniel 11:32a and they aid world government secrecy to instead bring the globalist backed fake end of the world instead, when it is the final sword stroke which heals into a positive world government “world peace” message of 1Thess5:1-3 note.

JWs have gotten lazy with the easy escape of a premature end idea as in 2Thess2:1-2. And they have forsaken the stalwart vigilance of brothers like Russell, JFR and Fred Franz and Nathan Knorr who used to CHECK THE PROPHECY when a UN event took place as they did in 1919 and 1945 but failed to expose UN 3rd event of 1990 as Daniel 11:31b as the real King North is Globalism Based World Government in progress and JWs cover this up as UN GO wildbeast aids now UN lobbyists all over the world in that UN NGO lead in acapacity, fully wildbeast worshiping at this time.

Like the GB frauds of Revelation 2:2, JWs have gotten lazy spiritually and now the GB “man of lawlessness” is “in the temple” claiming to be lifted above all others as per that signal prophecy they blasphemously fulfilled in 2012 of 2Thess2:3-4.

So the JW forecasted “end of the world” will only be “as though slaughtered to death” as the globalist take over nation state King South for instead a very hopeful and world-admirable healing to highlight their world government as “savior of the world” and as God’s Kingdom by deceptions now aided even by JWs. JWs got lazy, the GB stalled progress and too many greenhorns have not a clue what the earlier brothers were doing in regard to updated prophecy in regard to the rival world government who must emerge and complete BEFORE Christ will arrive. Rev17:8-12, Rev13:3, 15-18
Like Israel and Chrisetndom before them JWs are Adamic human and do not like the dirty stick pointed into their own sins which are now, good news, the final apostasy signalling prophecy IN ACTION.

So, we must be judged as a mega prophecy igniting worldwide. It will be timed and phased as Daniel 8:13-14 for future proof to Jehovah’s witnesses of the true state of this wayward GB misled ministry. Then JWs will have to take the same medicine on our own apostasy, Christendom is old hat now in comparison to the treason of JWs whose UN NGO is the “transgression causing desoaltion” of Daniel 8:13 and the “disgusting thing” to “actch sight of in a holy place” of Matthew 24:15, so it is advisable to FLEE the to-be-judged JW organization.
The current JW “end of thw world” hype based premature prophecy will fail. As it does JWs will have to come clean, that is the purpose of the temple judgment, to get the mission back on track from a long stall.

JWs will fail, and we know why from prophecy of Daniel 11:30-35, Daniel 8:11-14 in specific and Zechariah 3 and 2thess2 in general.

But when it is summarized it will be a grand slam of “disturbing reports” that will rile world government then going into power as risen from the sword stroke abyss yet to come.

JWs will fail, the illegal GB power grab is the root of the lawlessness causing this JW failure and eventual exposure for world review by God. JWs got a little too lazy while a little too uppity, and now God will put us in sackcloth before the final warning emerges.

JWs have done wrong and now it is terminal, it has to go down into Rev9 abyss with the sword stroke but the final warning prep will also emerge with the global healing. JWs just ignore prophecy criteria to be tested at will not, like total prophecy retards. No way can the USSR nation-state bloc be world government King North, they will just as Russia become a part of it as in their Global NATO Command position, as China has its own position as does the US.

Three kings to fall now as USA, Russia and China and that will fall into World Government as globalized the nations to Har-magedon as them nation-state entities “give their power and authority” to the world government 8th King King North Scarlet Wildbeast in complete form around probably 2030 or so.

JWs current false prophecy about the end will fail big time.

[QUOTE who=”North_Peace”]<quoted text>
Greetings, GSB. Hope all is well with you and yours.
I agree the poster thinks he got the Daniel prophecies NAILED DOWN .

But he STRONGLY BELIEVES, just as you do, that JW is the RIGHT religion, but for him, it’s just that the LEADERSHIP somehow got corrupted in the late 1900’s, and to that end he has put together a theory where prophecies in Daniel etc, relate specifically to the WTS leadership, and that eventually the present GB get their comeuppance and everything works out in the end for the WTS and JW still remain God’s “chosen people”.

So he is defending the JW “faith” more than anything, like most JW naturally would, but aims his criticism at the leadership in place since late 1900’s, like most JW naturally wouldn’t.

Have a good one!



I know approved Jehovah’s witnesses and others will be used by God for a very clear complete warning as the final true global indications of Christ arrival proceed step by step to a world government. I do not know about the WTBTS corporate entity though. But Nahum 2:1 does have a hopeful statement the “strongold” will be preserved as the “fortress” of Daniel 11:31a and the “established place” of Daniel 8:11, which is now also compromised. But of course it can never say it is divine because it is just secularly required corporate legal entity, nothing prophetic about it as being “God chosen” even if the “established place” is mentioned in prophecy.

But when I first had the doubts as to what was going on I thought God’s prophecy will have the exact nature of this development, which it does. But because of former erred attempts in Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35 in regard to this subversion, JWs think those things have already fulfilled but Fred Franz was the first to admit in print he had reservations concerning Daniel 8:11-14.

And if we see the adjustments since 1958 in 1999, we come to realize band aids are not going help prove a prophecy which simply had not yet fulfilled, and far be it from the ministry before 1970 to think it had to go apostate before it could fulfill the implied “wrong condition” which the temple judgment will counter in the future.

And the truth is it is NOT about Jehovah’s witnesses being valid as an emissary for God’s Kingdom for the BIG SALVATION of Revelation 14:6-8 shows ANYONE can agree with those angels when they come and walk right into the Marriage of the Lamb staging area as saved. The problem with JWs is like the Pharisees they too have overly narrowed the hope, but Romans 2 also shows how “gentiles” can be approved by simply minding their own conscience and obeying the law of love albeit “accidentally”, they are the Job Folks, because just as Satan is trying to test and condemn all men, God is doing the opposite with all man, all men muct be judged on the most basic reality of what we are about.

So, with the JW downfall and the disclosure having to come from the “horse’s own mouth”, it can furnish a very convincing central warning credibility ONCE Jehovah’s witnesses act like honest seeing witnesses and give proper testimony to the sins in our OWN HOUSE, Christendom is now an old dated apostasy compared to JWs. And if God can forgive JWs who knew better, only topped by the Pharisees, JWs now fully outsinning all the churches as UN NGO, then it stands to reason among those not so aware that they too can be saved.

Judging JWs into a pummelled humility will bode well for all mankind and the OPEN SALVATION GUARANTEE of Revelation 14:6-8 is the main salvation message underwriting the Messianic Kingdom completion of Christ in that Kingdom only born in 1914, its maturity to full court must also have a preceding announcement– but as we see the GB just leaves the future full maturity of the Kingdom of Christ as a loose end, eve though it is very logical as to why the King of kings is yet to be crowned as in Zechariah 6:9-15 as King of the now incomplete Messianic Kingdom which Kingodm of David legality is it is to be the “Kingdom of the World” actual ruling entity on earth, from heaven, but Revelation 21 square as a “large mountain” ON EARTH, new creation reality.

JWs refuse to complete the message, and the GB liars of Revelation 2:2 are now the matured lawless one entity which “gradually given over” JWs to subversion of the rival demon/human system which now runs JWs from “in the temple” as it always has been Satan subversion technique also in israel, Jerusalem and Christendom, now JWs just repeat the same apostasy signalling pattern prior to the real Daniel 8:13-14 coming on the place.

Thus rather than the JW ‘we win with a fast end of the world’ this thing is going to drag on several more years and by that running of the complete course of the full prophecy and finishing up these JW loose ends to the full, the most people can be positively affected to have confidence in their salvation REGARDLESS if they are JW or not, the Christian reality has to trasncend any man made unnatural barriers of the faith.

As the final event to promote the beleievability of world government 1Thess5:1-3 “world peace” and the freedom from care of Daniel 8:25, BTG must be destroyed UNDER FULL WORLD GOVERNMENT [AFTER] THEY HAVE ENDORSED THE 666 WORLD GOVERNMENT, riding the scarlet wildbeast as a whole, as a whole harlot.

Even from that downfall as parallel Rev11:13 and Rev134:6-8 timing, God’s “my people” still stuck in BTG will be freed by the evaporation of their “religion” before there eyes. So, God will be saving “a tenth the city” as BTG falls, it is the last sign and it frees up a final batch of sheep in that BTG prison.

In the wordl system of the ignorant and what have you, they can be saved by hopefully being basically kind people who obeyed the law of love accidentally by conscience but it is as good as faith in God’s eyes, he will not destroy a person who tries to do what is right and there are plenty of these kinds of people.

Thus since the time of Christ, the final offer is to be the most open salvation call in world history because that is the power God has put in Jesus Christ to save ANYONE willing come the Revelation 14 wrap up, post Christ arrival into world government and the BTG downfall.

When God toppled Babylon of old far more than just Israel was freed from those maniacs. Same with BTG, many people shall be freed to salvation by the BTG downfall as reality smacks home— there was ONLY God, there was only God and Christ (for Christians), the religions were just Satan trying to cordone of God’s “my people” for his own use, God is all people will have left, there will be only that reality as only that reality has always been the case in spite of BTG setting themsleves up as “authorized middle men for salvation”, as the GB has done to their own demise as the precursor of the total demise of BTG, that is JWs have to go down first as a signal warning of the same pattern to befall all global religions.
[QUOTE who=”happyand free”]<quoted text>

An example of you following men is the “overlapping generation”. Give me a scripture and logical explanation and I will believe it.( Even my dad, an elder said he didn’t know why the governing body didn’t just admit they were wrong and say they don’t know.) They pulled it out of a hat and everyone just goes with it. They don’t understand it but they go along with it because the governing body said its so. Geez. Use your intelligence and think for yourself. An “overlapping generation” would make it GENERATIONS (more than one generation) instead of GENERATION.


With the 1975 thing it was part of the transition to “human prophecy” as JWs have been trained to consider prophecy-less guesses as if the structured prophecies of 1914-1922 of Daniel 12:7 and 12:11.

How this plainly human concocted pure bull got in as if based on a structured timed Bible prophecy is from the element that slipped in with the GB cabal scandal before 1976. God does not condone uppity busybody men who wanted to meddle with known JW leadership as the GB just had to get some limelight too, and this will become obvious when the GB is destroyed and exposed by God soon.

There will be a fallout larger than what has already occurred, it will be the final discrediting move allowed by God from “in the temple”, but the apostasy is also the start of the final prophecy cycle of Revelation and that into 8th King KN world government which must complete before Christ will arrive.

Men have fooled JWs, men from the enemy system and that is why they were also UN NGO and now engage JWs in world government lobbies the world over. It is way worse today than with the UN NGO as far as the CIA/M1# use of JWs to aid the secrecy and agenda of world government hence why Russia kicked out NGO JWs, they know who is using them to infiltrate world government ideas and processes.

As you can see here, JWs aint got a leg to stand on due to lawless hypocrisy they now damage control for the GB Satanists.
In Bible symbology human society is depicted at times in the “sun, moon and stars’ as a hierarchy of power and enlightenment. In Luke 21 there are “signs’ in “sun, moon and stars” which give dire indications of big global problems brewing. Thus, from the world system itself in every area of power and education there are people who see the cause of the “roaring of the sea” and the cause of the “anguish of nations not knowing the way out” and the fear it inspires.

In the study of how globalism developed the formula for promoting world government has been to run a hot or cold world war and then resolve it into a peace mantra dependent on globalist rule in an eventual world government. Thus WW1 resolved into the League of nations, WW2 resolved into the United Nations, and the Cold War resolved a third time into a UN centered global presentation of the idea of a “new world order” all of which are in prophecy but only the first two have been explained by JWs.

Thus from the globalist method of creating a global problem for which they become the global solution we have their own world government promoting formula to use a “sword stroke” or a threat of one as in the Cold World War to then resolve it and the public reaction to admire their wildbeast solution as a requirement for the “survival of mankind”.

This is how we know even without prophecy a fourth sword stroke is being planned to finally “heal” into the solution of world government and it will be severe enough to seem “as though slaughtered to death”; but as per Revelation 13:3 it will instead “miraculously” resolve into this time complete 8th King world government as the financial collapse of the nation-state economy is the Daniel 11:42-43 precursor to the King North World Government of Daniel 11:44-45 which emerges after the sword stroke heals with that Isaiah “let the nations regain power” into the 8th King system, world government.

That is how we know what is coming is going to define the “tribulation of those days” in that sword stroke global, and that is why Christ does not arrive until “immediately after” the “tribulation of those days” has resolved in Matthew 24:29-31 as the real global events Luke 21 was only the “signs” of preceding it as we see today. This is why Christ said the end would NOT occur with “wars and reports of wars” as this final sword stroke will manifest, but after it, in the UN centered world government final “world peace and security” proclamation after the sword stroke heals as in 1Thess5:1-3. That world peace is the freedom from care of Daniel 8:25 which results from the global recovery after this next global sword stroke runs its course.

Thus to be teaching JWs this is the end coming up is deceptive so JWs continue to conceal the globalism method of presenting world government after a swrod stroke and the requirement in prophecy that a world government must rule “one hour” as the 8th and final King or King North and KFIC and the WHOLE Daniel 2 image.

The other development JWs will accept is the cancellation of their ministry in illegal but God permitted manner because they will think it is “the end”. But as with WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3 this next sword stroke will run its course not to that fake “end”, but into the global healing into 8th King full world government which will be far more dangerous than the sword stroke period that preceded it. And final warning will have to be recovered from the JW catastrophe coming to peak with the sword stroke in the Daniel 11:41-43 global context of the fall of the nation-state “superior authorities” for the Globalist World Government as they “give thier [national] power and authority to the [scarlet] wildbeast” as said WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Now you know why the fraud GB works for King North to ply this current JWs deception of the 2Thess2:1-2 premature end delusion so they can cancel the JW ministry and attempt to shut up the final warning 1260 days to come after Daniel 8:13-14 has run its temple judgment course AND TIMING, it will be the verification signal event as JW Org “trampling” and its timing to form the recovery cleansing for the final 1260 days last witness warning of the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11 it MUST lead to as God tells Jehovah’s witnesses and any able Christian “you MUST prophesy AGAIN with regard to all the nations” in the final warning of Revelation 10:8-11 final commission for the “disturbing reports” to world government of Daniel 11:44 as the 1260 days of the “little scroll” of Revelation 11 to complete the 2520 days total “seven times” final warning since 1914-1918, which must now “second witnessing” be completed after the JW judgment coming up and their Fake Armageddon bewilderment in that coming sword stroke for “the end” will NOT come as soon as JWs are stating it will.

Jehovah’s witnesses are NOT in the Daniel 8:14 “right condition” at this time, but this judgment will bring the temple back into the right condition for this final warning and if you can catch the gist of this rationale you can help JWs at that time and others, because JWs have not a clue what this means, they are Daniel 11:32a totally misled by the illegal temple rogues known as the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses whose 1976 forward objective is the Daniel 11:32-35 stumbling of millions, lawlessness and the destruction of JWs and the minsitry. It is what it is.
The GB go down (Zech3:4) and are exposed with the final warning for who they have been as the endorsers of the “burning mountain” of world government aiding which is now to be thrown into the JW “sea” as the temple judgment and its initial expose’ is what Revelation 8’s first four trumpets describes in this JW apostasy led by the King North placed “crag” GB as JWs now slave for and help support the 8th King UN World Government agenda and final rival sovereign entity opposed to God’s Kingdom.
Often research has shown (reaction formation based) that homosexual “homophobes” are some the most critical of gays when they are “closet queers” themselves who vicariously condemn themselves in others.

If 10 people condemn gays here then 3 of them are closet gender benders or so the stats try to say, it could be worse.

But now with the hormonal issues and mixed gender at the DNA level it is not just “nature” or “nurture” “conditioning produces this internal gender war in some people in increasing manner. Thus Satanic cheats such as these are possibly others related to wave and subliminal technology, it is impossible to say why, with any real certainty, a person may become attracted to their same sex, both sexes and other derivations, it is now a genetic, hormonal and spiritual chemistry lab and Satan is the lab head tech.

Leave it up to God, anyone can try to repent for success at it varies, but if one battles things they know are not quite right, they can be saved even if unsuccesful because Satan is known to cheat at the highest and lowest levels within the compromised creation and we also have spirit possession and advanced internal behavior control sciences being applied in the social lab, so you don’t know if someone may also be under a strong demon spirit control and not all of them roll around in the fire foaming at the mouth, some of them rule various aspects of Satan’s Kingdom in perfectly “sane” capacity with even genius level intelligence which Satan possesses in comparison to man and is capable of “roaming the earth” even in Job’s time undetected by dulled humans.

The reality is far deeper than people could even imagine and because of this God has to take that reality into account and had Jesus lived today he would have told todays hyper-righteous pharisees and their followers “the porn stars will precede you into the Kingdom of Heaven”, it is the same problems today as it was in Jesus time and it is the same opportunity for gross sinners to avail themselves of that Revelation 14:6-7 offer BEFORE the angels are blasting the talons of truth to every man of this Earth, in that offer of SALVATION to ANYONE who can break the doubt barrier and SEE it IS the “free gift of God” and sinners is who HE PURCHASED with Jesus blood as atonement and Christ Perfect Genetic for PERFECT RECOVERY out of this confusing LIE we see the world immersd in today.

Believe in the POWER OF LIFE AND FORGIVENESS in Christ and even if a sinner battling various inclinations, even if unsuccesful at it, YOU WILL BE SAVED! But, Satan will try to break you in YOUR OWN mind, and religious hypocrites are who give many the bad after tastes that drives people AWAY from God and their salvation.

Screw them bums, SALVATION IS THE FREE GIFT OF GOD all you have to do is BELIEVE IN IT in Christ, IT IS YOURS, not the hypocrites out here. make it worth the price we pay anyways, make it worth the price Christ paid and don’t just survive but LIVE FOREVER and see all these demons go down hard and help stomp their face too.

BELIEVE, for it is YOURS if you SEIZE IT and KEEP IT and say something about it! YOURS, from G–O–D A–L–M–I–G–H–T–Y in Jesus Christ the coming Eternal King under God’s Supreme Authority.

GO FOR IT!!!!!
[QUOTE who=”GreatSouthbay4040″]<quoted text> Question: Are you a homosexual? You sure do come off like you’re mighty invested in this. What is this for Pete’s sake….A thesis? Geez! Lighten up.

You are single….Aren’t you? Yep. I think so. You get carried away. If your diatribes are any indication as to who you are in actual life….Then, Ain’t no way any mate can put up with you.


I see why investigative work is not what you do. After reading Revelation 14 as a [[post]] Christ arrival masterpeice from God of the final sequence of this “system of things” in its longest form as one structured prophecy in the Bible this really hit me for what it will really be:

As a setup in time this OPEN SALVATION OFFER TO ALL MANKIND FROM THE HOLY ANGELS OF THE CHRIST “AIR FORCE, PLAGUE 7” is going forth as BTG is going down finalized in Revelation 14:8:

Revelation 14:6-8 King James Version (KJV)

6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

8 And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.

It finally dawned on me what the King is all about, Jesus Christ. HIS Open Salvation REALITY from Jehovah God is far broader than the churches can seem to “widen out” their hearts to accept, in fact his purpose is even the resurrection of the animals in Sheol in Ecclesiastes 3. And this is why he EMPTIES Hades AND DEATH itself.

EVERYTHING in such a DEATH under the hierarchy of Genesis 1:26-28 (blessing turned to curse of EVERYTHING under that hierarchy under humans) is to be restored by an immortal life power (Heb2:14) of eternal universal and super universal capacity (Rom8:18-22). Thus, humans should reserve doubts in such a power as Jehovah God Almighty and now the Lamb who has “life in himself” and is empowered as if Jehovah Himself “He Who IS Like God Almighty”, but of course he is the Archangel Chief Messenger and Firstborn Son of God elevated to this “superior position” by the tested mission completion of obedience to God in perfect absolute moral integrity as an example to men AND angels that there is good reason to be this way.

Now his mission is LIFE. And if one wants to GUARANTEE THEIR OWN SALVATION then open mind and heart to the GUARANTEE at Revelation 14:6- that ANYONE willing will be saved up to the last second. The final offer must become the most open salvation message since Christ himself came and opened the gates of hell for this coming reality because he certainly will expend MORE EFFORT in actual salvation than he did in dying the death to secure it.

Christ did not waste his time on a torture stake to the death to lose what has been purchased with his blood, if that were the case he might as well never died and the whole world can go down condemned for Good– but he did die, and he will now exercise his authority as King and High Priest to SAVE ANYONE willing to abide by the Kingdom requirements. True, some attitudes cannot quite see this and those attitudes within a human are what can lead to death when unaffected by the free gift of God IF we let it stay in us as hatred and judgmental with no prophecy to speak, judgmental just to be hateful. (Because God’s judgment is to be spoken of as a number of prophecies and we may sound judgmental but we must reserve that reality to Christ as the Judge God has appointed.

So as Paul said “it does not matter what you formerly were” as to regard to whatever, if we TRY TO REPENT, for the battle varies from person to person, we can conquer by faith, because even if we think we have repented we still sin and we are still guilty, faith in the Christ coverage is what forgiveness becomes reality from, that his righteousness covers our sins, because trying to be perfect before its time can lead instead to self-righteous attitudes when God wants a TOTAL ADMISSION in our sinful reality and homosexuality is but one of a long list of sins humans practice and must battle to overcome.

So, there is no reason to just single out that sin, Satan has the full gambit enveloping the fallen flesh and any of them bring guilt before God for all men sin and fall short of the glory of God. Why make one group of sinners the supposed worst of the lot?
So as Paul said “it does not matter what you formerly were” as to regard to whatever, if we TRY TO REPENT, for the battle varies from person to person, we can conquer by faith, because even if we think we have repented we still sin and we are still guilty, faith in the Christ coverage is what forgiveness becomes reality from, that his righteousness covers our sins, because trying to be perfect before its time can lead instead to self-righteous attitudes when God wants a TOTAL ADMISSION in our sinful reality and homosexuality is but one of a long list of sins humans practice and must battle to overcome.

So, there is no reason to just single out that sin, Satan has the full gambit enveloping the fallen flesh and any of them bring guilt before God for all men sin and fall short of the glory of God. Why make one group of sinners the supposed worst of the lot?

Jehovah’s witnesses will HAVE TO broaden the salvation message when the time comes, plain and simple, because the OPEN SALVATION MESSAGE is as important as the Messianic Kingdom Completion message it emerges with, and it is the truth. At present JWs are not speaking the fullest salvation truth which is required. It puts a very positive reality with the final Kingdom proclamation of the future final 1260 days which Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses will lead to, and when you see it all occur in those years of judgment it will not seem crazy at that time.

Big Salvation REALITY never has been crazy since Christ came to town and “conquered the world” and God and he is who will make it worth the price THEY paid.

Jehovah’s witnesses need to become more loving like the actually believe Revelation 14:6-7.

Given the magnitude of the destruction of Sodom and other cities there was probably more going on that had to do with demon roosts and where they are sin intensifies. Sodom was just the city recorded because we can see 10 and 20 ton perfectly cut demon-temple stones in South America strewn about like vegas dice in valleys and hillsides and can only wonder WHO tossed them demon strongholds and why such technologies are now unavailable to humans, for now.

Thus as with Melchizedek or other missions of the holy angels Christ came to “break up the works of the Devil” in very clear manner, before then him and the angels of God have been busting up demon enterprises when they got to a certain point of danger. At the Tower of Babel God merely multiplied the syntax of language, but with all them people scattering out the demons followed and at times demons have had to be shut down.

Whatever hit Sodom went far underground in a force similar to nuclear weapons but from the angels of God even its light turned people to desiccated elements. So, them angels were killing or disrupting more than a city of bull queers it seems the seed of Satan had taken physical root in the region, but not for long. But people miss the bigger picture to go out witch hunting perceived flamers, no pun intended, who may have not even been present. Just like people arguing on the shape of the torture stake and missing the meaning of who died upon it.

As Jesus asked would he really find the faith when he arrived? It is up to us to put aside minutia and get to the real RELATIONSHIP, down to the big picture of what is REALLY going on down here. Time is limited, there is wnough time, but as usual it will dwindle away to the Christ arrival and the treatment of Sodom will be nothing in comparison to his vengeance on World Government King North 8th King. Make a mental note, the world aint seen the last of the Christ Air Force. (Rev16:17)
[QUOTE who=”lone cricket”]<quoted text>

Dear Bethel, Do yo have any idea why this one-

and “# 82”
won’t post?

[the “permalink” is probably dead b/c it’s just pretend -posted, I think , as with the many, many previous attempts to post it today]
I wrote every word of it myself , some of it here, some on email, and then pasted it here, but maybe it supposedly had too much “not original”, Because it was shadow banned so fast it didn’t even make the thread move up on the forum , but stayed down low with “Jacey” on it , though it, of course is on my pcll profile , when I’m logged in, only, though.
I just thought it would be only fair, since you and “Jacey” answered the “overlapping generations” post, that maybe a witness could try too, maybe not on the first 20 or so tries -we wouldn’t expect that- but maybe after that?[/QUOTE]

First. Human civilization since the time of Adam IS BASED ON A CONSPIRACY, which is no theory, it is in Genesis 3. Now with Satan’s game changing to camouflage and doubt of his current existence and power the “conspiracy” continues and ANY bastion of Christian truth will be a target. Thus his method as world ruler is to train his “seed” to train the puppets in his techniques of effective covering secrecy while he moves the world to the place God has already known in prophecy centuries ago, because God is the maker of all reality and Satan is just a bug to Jehovah.

Thus the doubters and fear mongers and guilt trippers and controverts and contrarians and whatever are just part of the manner in which Satan remains concealed by the RIDICULE and dismissal of anything which goes beyond the Academic and Mainstream “Official Conspiracy Theories” they teach people in topical histories and fake reasons why events have occurred.

It is Satan who knows how to keep people in the dark by snuffing the light of anyone who lets some neurons fire in a new direction. But God is not fool and already has outlined in short order the exact trek the nations will take to 8th King world government and it is a no brainer in the prophecy timeline that final defiant global sovereign entity globalized monopoly of global “power and authority” ultimately from the “7 headed Dragon” MUST BE FULLY COMPLETED AND RULING [[BEFORE]] Christ arrives and the whole world will see it and from that world government many will come to realize what the ramifications shall be because Christ is stated and real King from God and when they complete world government he completes the Messianic Kingdom which is not in full “cabinet” of co-rulers under Christ under God at this time.

There is no way to try to sweep Christ and prophecy under the rug as JWs are now doing in regard to his FINAL KINGDOM MISSION of his own completions of Revelation 7 and 14. It just has to come out in every manner of convincing evidence and signs that that is where this next world war “sword stroke” is leading no matter the form it takes, that it is NOT “the end” it is a global crisis which will “heal”, resolve into WORLD GOVERNMENT.

It is in broad daylight the globalism and internationalist objectives in this regard so it can’t really be a “conspiracy theory” and in time the New World Order will simply be what it is and [some] people will be trained and manipulated to believe in as if it was always there.

It takes the downfall of JWs in the sword stroke incept and the recovery into world government some years to complete, hence the current JW belief it can end anyday now is just a ruse to Pied Piper them into “abyss” of inaction which will require divine delivery to instead emerge from Rev9 abyss with the last witnessing of the TWO witnesses final warning for an eventual 1260 days preceding the arrival of Christ upon a COMPLETE King North 8th King KFIC rival world government for salvation of global sheep first a large number of which are stuck in all religions in Babylon the Great whose downfall will free up some final sheep from that prison, then Christ will truly “conquer the world” as King of kings of the Messianic Kingdom then also completed in all 144000 in immortal power under Christ under God ALMIGHTY.

[QUOTE who=”lone cricket”]<quoted text>

Dear Bethel, Do yo have any idea why this one-

and “# 82”
won’t post?

Topix is unmoderated, the little kids running the place are out surfing. It has algorithms which are buggy used botmods in their place and that is why it has random issues with posts, there is no one checking this stuff, the kids are doing other things more interesting and Topix is on autopilot.

You just have to try different techniques, watch strange ascii or unicode characters, and break it up in different ways and use an unexploited browser or a very clean VPN. Eventually it will post, I had few issues with Topix and it seems I had plenty of reasons to be filtered but like WordPress the kids are for freedom of speech at Topix, if not for WordPress and Topix Google would have the monpoly of the fake “ministry of truth”, they are not free speech but quack digital dictators.

WordPress and Topix STAND ALONE as the Web bastions of free specch on the internet, they do NOT let quack moderators disfellowship anyone who makes them piss their pants with scary answers to scary questions. Jehovah always gives a way for the truth to come out unimpeded when it needs to flow freely.

Anything else is just Topix bugs, because the kids are out surfing no one checks this place but bots.

[QUOTE who=”AuldSoul1″]< crickets >

You can always tell when you have found a subject Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t want near the top of the topics list.

You will find a FLURRY of frenzied posting on lots of topics, and the one they want buried falls off the first page.[/QUOTE]

Actually the period of Nebuchadnezzar ends up in that 607 to 605 range and that would be a “gentile time” and then it all stands based on “gentile times” not that of Jerusalem.

Jerusalem just slides up in time to the 586 to 516 far more intimate (to God) destruction of the temple to its 70 years “seven times” to completion for the King-Priest as in Zechariah 3:5-10 and Zechariah 6:9-15 and Zechariah 4:6-9.

What is off with JWs is the assumption of a “time+event” in Jerusalem destruction of 607 BCE which throws ALL JW DATES prior to 607 off by 20 years or so; so it is not just the Jerusalem destruction glitch date, all the dates are off prior to 607 with JWs because the center of the JW clock and time machine is 607 BCE.

Easy fix, use King of Babylon 607 crown-prince or coronation “gentile time” which Daniel 4 is about anyways, and “sprout” takes over his kingdom to preserve the gentile “Kingdom of the World” for mankind, just as God promised poor Nebby.

Then let the temple completion be more important in its 586 to 516 foregleam of when Christ is to be crowned King-Priest when the Revelation 2520 days “seven times” completes with the last witness of the 2 for 1260 days final warning and trampling after JWs are desolated next as Danial 8:13-14 for definite sins against God.

2 witnessings X 1260 days will also equate to “seven times” as 2520 days so the 2520 days ending into 1914 is no accident when the first 1260 days began. This is why Jesus referred to the the appointed [times] of the nations in plural form and why God works in perfect 7s as the 1260 days “time, times and half a time” must occur twice to complete God’s timing as a perfect “seven”, 2520 days full warning since 1914.

People are now in a deadend non-issue, the gentile times are obviously to be based on a gentile power which is King Nebuchadnezzar dydnasty which last only “seven times” as 70 years to the minute if we had access to the divine clock of God.

It has to be based on GENTILE recorded history because a final warning from God with a fuse to Christ is what it is and will always be in global history when they complete world government 8th King to trigger the by then easy to see Christ arrival saving the most people by dragging this on through the full course of required divine completions.

But Bethel as MOL has done their job in diverting people into what are actually non-issues and very very very easy to rectify logically on “GENTILE” history.

JWs will have to make this fix or be the first tossed into the fire. The choice will be ours, God will commission the final 1260 days warning to “prophesy AGAIN” as that last witness of the 2 from the JW Org downfall coming up as Daniel 8:13-14, Zech3, Rev8.

When this all comes to pass in that first event, the temple judgment, it will get very easy to see, accept and understand and it will go on for some final step by event step years to world government through a healing sword stroke to trigger King Christ in final Messianic King-Priest coronation as per the Zechariah 6:9-15 foregleam 586 to 516 led to.
[QUOTE who=”happyand free”]<quoted text>

I know! It makes NO sense, but they had to make up something when they re examined Mt. 25:31 to tie in with their belief that he came back invisibly in 1914. Jesus evidently has the crown, but doesn’t sit on the throne until after the tribulation. What king is crowned but doesn’t sit on the throne at the time he receives the crown? And where in the Bible does it say that?? It doesn’t.

It’s a no brainer. If JWs would finish their own logic it makes perfect sense. As Jesus said I make a covenant with you as my father made a covenant with me for a kingdom.

God’s Kingdom is what Christ initially receives power in, it has always been it is not “born”, it is as old as God Almighty, He has always been KING. That is the Kingdom Christ “hands back to God” when the final enemy death is destroyed.

But there is the “Kingdom of David” God swore to David which was only “born” in 1914 in Revelation 12, it is the “Messianic Kingdom” and it is Christ’s for he is “Son of David” and HE ALONE is given that Kingdom, for David, by God— and it HAS YET to complete full court 144000 of Revelation 7 and 14.

So, Christ assumes the “seven seals” opened to his understanding which seven seals has the seventh seal which is seven trumpets which lead to Messianic Kingdom power IN THE FUTURE, on the same pattern it led to Christ set as King in God’s Kingdom in the 1260 day process of Revelation 11:2-3, Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Revelation 12:6 and Revelation 13:5 as all “time, times and half a time” 1260 day prophecy cross register as the same timing and the concurrent events in those prophecy parallels.

Because there are TWO WITNESSES there has to be TWO WITNESSINGS of 1260 days to also complete the 3.5 times twice as 7 times, and the 1260 days twice as 2520 days the same “seven times” principle as in the 2520 years which ended in 1914, which began the FIRST WITNESS 1260 days of 1914-1918.

But because the MESSIANIC KINGDOM, only “born” in 1914, MUST complete to the King of kings Kingdom of Christ IN THE FUTURE, it too has a preceding 1260 days “Kingdom Proclamation” IN THE FUTURE to come after the Daniel 8:13-14 coming downfall of apostate Jehovah’s witnesses we see in many sins today as led by the illegal GB.

THAT is why the GB devils of Satan will NOT complete the simple TWO KINGDOM logic JWs have plainly taught, but refuse to summarize, since they began as a ministry.

This is why in Revelation 6 Christ carries a “bow” because he does not rule Earth yet but his kingship in God’s Kingdom is being made known in “parousia” form, the bow is a long range weapon with the “crown given him” in Revelation 6, it is a symbol of his power in God’s Kingdom FIRST. But by the time of Revelation 19 and the “many diadems” earthly crown also given, Christ is armed with the sword which is direct warfare with world government scarlet wildbeast after it completes as close range symbol of warfare in direct Earthly confrontation as Messianic Kingdom King of kings with full Revelation 17:14 144000 in immortal final-ass kicking power with Christ.

There are TWO WITNESSES of 1260 days past and future for TWO KINGDOMS of prophecy and the Messianic Kingdom is the entity which will be on Earth as in heaven and will rule by legal covenants directly over mankind as the “became a large mountain” of Daniel 2:44, which Kingdom God “sets up a Kingdom” which is the Messianic Kingdom “cut from the mountain not by human hands” because God’s Kingdom has always been, Christ’s Kingdom is about to complete upon complete 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT rival in a few more years, AFTER the 1260 days Last Witness is complete IN THE FUTURE, after the JW downfall coming up for many sins and illegal “Korah Style” GB rogue override as the final apostasy of Daniel 11:32a, 2Thess2:1-4.

THAT is why the GB will NOT complete this no brainer of a summary, TWO KINGDOMS, TWO WARNINS, end of story, Revelation 14:6-8 final salvation offer to all.
Things are more complicated in the genetic realm today than it used to be. Obviously something more than the past morphology is creating an internal gender war in this modern generation, especially the youth, in a new way.

Not saying the old developmental morphology is not also present, but genetic and hormonal mayhem purposely inspired by Satan is creating many new forms of psycho-active imbalances not just in sexuality, but in death-dealing predatory activities as well.

And it ain’t going to get any better until Christ cans the Devil. It will get worse, but we only have a few years left anyways, it has to be wrapped up by 2034 (Daniel 12:11 1290 days terminus), easy math from 1914 marker with the 120 years of the “days of Noah” a known symbol used by God and Christ to denote also these “last days”.

The world will enter or be near entering world government around 2030 after this next global “sword stroke” heals into the 8th King system as in Rev13:3, Rev17:8-12. JWs will be told it is the end so the KN boys can crash the org under that pretext, but the sword stroke “tribulation of those days” resolves into UN healing and “world peace” signal of 1Thess5:1-3, Dan8:25 “freedom from care”. In that mayhem, confusion and final delay, JWs will have to then accept this forecast present in full form on the Web since 2012, so it will not be “hatched” as some JW fix, it will be the truth and lead to the final 1260 days warning, AFTER recovery “morning” of Daniel 8:14.

The “time of the end” only found in Daniel is not the whole “last days” as JWs think, it is the “time of the end of the last days” and it will begin as Daniel 8:13-14 in the coming Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses— after God removes the GB the final light will shine in “the morning” of Daniel 8:14,26 and the GB will be exposed as to who they really are as Globalist King North World Government-in-progress system aids, Daniel 11:32a.

See how lost JWs are at this time? Ever wonder how JWs got this stalled, off course and in mega lawless hypocrisy? The GB, that is how. Daniel 11:32-35

The whole truth must come out after the “trampling” of the JW Org in the Daniel 8:13 temple judgment in the Daniel 11:41-43 global context— the GB will tell JWs Russia is King North and that Daniel 11:44 has activated, but it will be, IN REALITY, Daniel 11:41 JW Org “invasion” as Matthew 24″15 judgment of apostate Jerusalem now picturing JWs in Revelation 8 meaning of Daniel 8:13-14, Zechariah 3, Malachi 3:1-5, 1Peter 4:17..

[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]Correction:

and Topix (is) profiting (from) our posts…[/QUOTE]

Well the whole internet is based on profiting from user created content it is the basis of modern data based research into human behavior and language as an example of what search data can be used for.

Topix is a top ranked forum because they allow users to create all kinds of content for them and they try to let most it be published on their platform and by that openness they are in the top 10K global websites, and got to the 700s for a while on Alexa.

So the strategy of free speech has worked for them but they do not have an agenda they ply like forums of xJWs who like you to bash the GB, etc, but you cannot tell the real intel story of the Bethel innards. This is because those xJW sites are also financed by JW monies by King North Globalists who plan to cancel the JW minsitry soon under these various deceptions most of which are rearranged prophecy and former errors JWs already believe, the KN Boys just need to provide the GB “self fulfilling prophecy” for the Org to go down in a supposed “end of the world” which is just a hoax.

How the GB plys their fake divinity in that little drama coming up will get very very interesting. How JWs react to and end that will not come as soon as they expect will be even more interesting.

But, that is where this GB scandal and disinfo mill is heading as Daniel 8:13-14 as God will not just allow the decimation of JW Org He requires it now, it has gone that bad and off course into the enemy world government aiding agenda.

[QUOTE who=”The Real Karen”]If Michael was ever Jesus, then the bible should state that shouldn’t it? No where does it say that and no where does it even point to that. Yes there are scriptures that point to Jesus being a God so please don’t use that. [/QUOTE]

Daniel could be called the Book of Kings Future, Daniel was the FIRST prophet to record a divine prophecy which is a symbolic picture of the future from his time all the way to Christ arrival to receive his Kingship from God in Daniel 7. Christ’s Kingdom is also the stone which crushes the feet of the world government “image” of Daniel 2 when it is complete, he is the one who vanquishes the Daniel 8 Fierce King— also the same as 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Daniel is the first post-historically verifiable prophecy which covers centuries from the King of Babylon benchmark in Daniel 2’s “head of gold” in Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingdom of Babylon dynasty, Christ is the sprout who comes from that Daniel 4 stump.

Many kings “stand up” in Daniel 11 the most detailed of these prophecies as Daniel 2,4,7 and 8 all have “beast” and other structural symbolic details of the Devil’s counter-kingdom against God and who it is–CHRIST– that will “crush and put and end to all these kingdoms”, as appointed by God in Daniel 7 to do so.

But it is Daniel 11 that has important specific details about today’s King North GLOBALISM based power system forming world government which will capture the nation-state systems of King South.

Thus when a special someone “stands up” in Daniel 12:1 as KING OF THE UNIVERSE in the future in a similar manner that he stood up as King in God’s Kingdom in 1914, then we already KNOW who that King is, Jesus Christ. When Daniel described that prophecy to the Jews, Michael was already known by them to be the Angel of Israel and had they followed the logic, as some did individually, they would know that angel came as the Messiah Jesus Christ.

With the power of the Book of Kings Future–The Prophecy of Daniel, KINGSHIP OF THE UNIVERSE is the theme as that kind of SUPERHUMAN KINGSHIP will AUTOMATICALLY mean Earth will be taken by that King who is Jesus Christ.

It is the same person as Michael the Archangel in Daniel 12:1’s “coronation” which Christ of God Almighty is now the Immortal Mighty God of Isaiah 9:6, Super-Archangel as promoted superior position God in reborn immortality as reward and covenant in divine-mission accomplished to buy this life system and humanity by BLOOD FOR GOD ALMIGHTY, for the application of that perfect HUMAN BODY (Heb10:10) and divine perfection for the recovery of planet Earth from the claws of Satan.

The importance of Michael will not be erased because some people can’t see the bigger picture of the Book of Kings Future in Daniel which relates perfectly with Revelation where Michael shows up again as the “crown” of that “woman” of Daniel 12 as King of the Angels, Mighty God Jesus Christ.

People like even JWs today, would rather just relax in the dated progress of the own respective “religions” whose job it is to help stall and eventually try to erase this truth. But they fail, and world government is the end of these religions, ALL OF THEM. A 1260 days final warning will precede and converge into said King North=8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT as the final Christ arrival trigger.

JWs are in coma so now the BTG heroin has affected all religion.

The main references in Daniel about Christ is “someone like a son of man gained access to [Almighty God’s] throne” and “the Great Prince who stands up in behalf of [Israel]–Michael, and the ‘sprout” of Daniel 4 and the Daniel 2 Messianic Kingdom as the “stone cut not by hands” from God’s Eternal Kingdom “mountain” and the “leader of the covenant” and maybe a couple others I can’t recall at the moment.

The point is if Daniel did not connect any of it to “Jesus Christ” directly how is anyone to know it is about Jesus Christ? Because Christ came and when he did only Gabriel was around to declare his arrival to Mary, where was Michael? Preparing for transit to earth into Mary that is where, War Girl MARy. War on Satan that is.

So, though the connection to Christ in ALL the other Daniel symbols is obvious now that he has come and explained it and the Revelation 1:1 guarantee, we can safely know Michael can only be connected to the one and only Immortal Life Socket ALL THE PROPHETS were speaking of.

Jesus Christ, there has always been only ONE “Great Price” God has set up to be the Great King of kings to vanquish human/demon world government 8th King King North scarlet wildbeast King Fierce Fourth Beast Dan2 “immense image” when it comes and all those symbols equate to the one and only final rival of God’s Kingdom: HUMAN NWO WORLD GOVERNMENT.

Now, in these last few years to include a sword stroke that devours the JW Org as Daniel 8:13-14 and heals into world government as already outlined like a map to Christ arrival in Daniel and Revelation, now it is all globalizing, converging, gathering the nations to the place, Har-Magedon, where all these symbols become reality and where the rivals meet their end under the King of kings’ mighty sword.

That is a big event and as true and required as it is some people will find it fearful and that is part of the reason many people do not want to finish the easy equation. But Revelation 14:6-7 has eternal good news hope for anyone who chooses to surrender to the Messianic Kingdom of Christ and reject the NWO world government rival.

The final choice will become crystal clear over these few final years. If you have a newborn baby of average intelligence that baby will not graduate high school before Christ arrives and that child can be saved by the angels of Revelation 14 by CHOOSING KING CHRIST not a cabal of warlords, bankers, politicians and spin doctors in the “New World Order” world government which is the “one hour” shortest rule of all these kings (Rev17:12) being the last, the 8th King of Revelation 17:8-18.

It seems no one wants to finish the story even though it is a no brainer where this is leading. Rev1:7-8

Jesus Christ as KING of kings

[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So why are you trying to complicate things(as usual), Temple? Also, wouldn’t “Beyond Watchtower” indicate that this is a forum for non-JWs/ex-JWs? Duh?


That is what you want. You won’t even make into a JW Forum. You want a mixed crowd. From what I have seen Topix is about as many JWs you will find engaging in this, they have taken a step many will not even consider.

But the degree of “XJW” is what varies as does the problem of sparse traffic. You will not, for example, find but 1 in 1000 JW defenders at JWN, you will get plenty of what you want to hear there. But it seems you want some JW input from members “in good standing” as far as topical assessment by the elders, and here is the most you will find.

After doing this 8 years I can tell you I have tried most of them and this place is the most balanced mix you will ever find and the tamest crowd. JWN posters make SOS look like the virgin mouthed girl scout as are some other forums in Topix literally brutal compared to this little scared straight camp lollipop here.

But for me I am fishing for JWs and others who can see globalism is a process with a completion, I am not looking to harass JWs because I was butt hurt or think they did not have any truth whatsoever, I am out to expose the GB as KN intel, which is what they are and the purpose is to cancel the JW ministry BEFORE it has completed the final required 1260 days mission, or this last batch of anointed, the TRUE REMNANT now with teens and older folks, will NOT get the final seal.

IF the final anointing is not completed which also must take place, and the final warning mission completion sealing of the last of the 144000 does not take place, then the Messianic Kingdom cannot be completed. But all the above shall take place and a final 1260 days mission is how it will complete the sealing and how this will all wrap up in spite of the enemy now ruining and running JWs.

Now JWN will not have that kind of topic because they are hypocrites and df people like the GB at will when they do not like what you have to say. Not so at Topix, there only problem is the ever changing Google search algorithm– they NEED traffic and things like Facebook want ALL these Topix people. In so doing this is a programmatic REQUIREMENT, they need coded bots that “check” things and with that comes limited algorithms, not AI, and bugs. That is the main reason why posts drop. But even the world is not up with the extermination of a sexual orientation or racism or religious hatred. And discussing topics is not religious hatred but a certain thread crossed the line, apparently a certain “happy” word cannot even be in a thread.

But in the meantime this just delays JWs from the required final warning 1260 days prep. The “this generation” is all gone now, they did the FIRST WITNESS and it has been the success. NOW this remnant has to do the SECOND WITNESS, the Last Witnessing of 1260 days after Daniel 8:13-14 mows over JW Org globally. AFTER, for that event timing and prophecy fulfilled is chapter one, little scroll, final warning.

This last batch of now JW rookies and mostly new anointed being led by a KN intel cabal in the GB has to finish the new mission, the past will not save modern jehovah’s witnesses, we have our work cut out for us, once JWs are smacked awake in the coming days of Daniel 8:13, Rev8.

It is new to JWs who can see this now, all approved will see it later:

(Isaiah 43:18-19) 18 “Do not remember the first things (1914-1919), and to the former things do not turn your consideration. 19 Look! I am doing something new. Now it will spring up. you people will know it, will you not?

(Isaiah 42:9) .The first things (1914-1919)—here they have come, but new things (of the future) I am telling out. Before they begin to spring up, I cause you people to hear [them].

(Isaiah 48:6-7) You have heard. Behold it all. As for you people, will you not tell [it]? I have made you hear new things from the present time, even THINGS KEPT IN RESERVE, that you have not known. 7 At the present time they must be created, and not from that time, even things that before today you have not heard, that you may not say, ‘Look! I have already known them.’

===[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So what about Hebrew two verse five, TempleMicrohead?


Christ is Mighty God, not angel, a newborn immortal “Son of God”, God is subjecting the universe and heaven for the moment, to an Immortal Son, Jesus Christ.

That new “superior position” does not mean Christ did not have the Archangelic past, he did, he came from nothing by the power of God, TWICE. Once at his initial birth as the first angel slated to be the Archangel, and once from non-existence after his human sacrifice.

That sacrificial mission accomplished is how that Archangel achieved divine immortality. If Christ already was God, and all that, then the whole story is lost Satan was testing what could not be tested. But in reality Christ as a man was “Last Adam” a perfect human who could have been broken.

But he wasn’t.

The rest will be universal history forever, the errors will blow away with the dust of time, and not much time at that.

All the angels are the “sons of God”, but Michael is Mighty God in the first immortal birth of its kind but all his “court” will also be immortal. THAT is how God called him his Son at baptism although he already was his Son, he was reborn into the prospect of immortality made official in his baptismal public mission acceptance and God’s approval by voice all could hear, as in the temple and on the mountain.

Immortal Sonship is much different than angelic or human sonship, because it is a NEW Creation, it is different, it is higher powered faster and smarter and it cannot never be killed. Humans and angels can die, but the way of immortality will follow on the example of Christ as even humans can acheive immortality as per Revelation 22 and the tree of life. The tree Adam and Eve did not make it to, due to?


No one is getting anywhere here on Earth is disobedience to God, so things will be changing in a universal scale manner under Mighty God Christ to aid the process to perfection. There has been time God allowed this rebellion and all the human problems, but in time these ways of humans today must change in order to actually live forever. Sin does not promote everlasting life or immortality, ONLY complete tested obedience to God can make that offer, and that is the offer.

Sin and die, obey God in every detail and live forever.

Something has to and will change the trajectory into death on this planet for humans and animals. Hebrews 2:14, Romans 8:18-22

Eden is out of this world, but not for long. We go with it, or we blow away with the dust, simple as that and God has been very patient allowing us to ascertain things for ourselves in much trial and error. That ends though in time. Enough of this folly.
[QUOTE who=”girly”]Topix Lets Temple get away with alot. Everyone elses posts (including mine) gets shadow banned. And his stay up without any problem.[/QUOTE]

Well Topix knows I am positive with their free speech agenda with Matt from WordPress. Or I like to imagine that is the case. It is a mystery because I can’t look into these other ISPs, systems and browsers to see if the messages are code-questionable. I could have gotten lucky by using Chrome which tries to keep secure.

But more content helps drive more traffic for Topix and the content I posted is recognized for differences in the overdone anti-JW message out there. I hit the globalism prophecy, the real meaning of the UN NGO, the eventuality of a world government and the true apostate state of JWs and machine learning likes that kind of fresh persepctives based in former learning it already knows for the machine’s father is globalism, it knows what I am saying is based on a globalization evolution which is quite real.

That kind of fresh-globalism content, imo, for say a 5 years example, has probably driven in about 40,000 new visitors, some bounced others clicked ads, etc. But that was not my goal, the goal was to make this unique perspective known so when JWs do go down as Daniel 8:13-14 many will see it is Revelation 8 as the seven trumpets have a last witness round of that second witnessing of the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11.

Thus my goal and Topix in a general way is more information. As long as it is good information or at least fresh to machine learning and what it already knows, the algorithms, not humans per se, will in a non-biased context, invite this kind of free content. A full time SEO doing this for a hack is better than minimum wage, for an expert they could pay 100K a year and more. Either way, this is free, we both have the same “More Information” goal, because on the Web they say “Content is King”, but in reality NEW CONTENT, based on NEW IDEAS, NEW PERSPECTIVES, is what is king.

All the major internet enterprises offered something old in a new way, whether the browser itself, a social network or the search engine, the leaders all did it in a new way and that since 2000 in earnest. I am just helping the overall sea of information, I am not actually knowledgeable on any background agenda in specific, but that can be researched on YouTube for now if anyone is suspicious of Google, GoogleEarth “Keyhole”, Twitter or Facebook, because King North also knows how to do the new information game, they lead it, but we have diametric Kingdom interest ultimately.

Daniel 2:31-45

If Topix called me I’d say to keep the formula from 2010 and engineer better security on the back end, not the front. Just go free for all, and they will keep coming. It appears they are not designed for exit strategy, they want to stay free, but a proper offer could change that story. IF it does, the changes would not be good most likely.

What Topix does that works in forum-function is, imo:


2. Anon posting easily

3. In the face one click tracking of replies

4. No mod geSTOPo

Many forums track replies two or more clicks in (or worse, you have to track it), the Topix Dashboard is pure genius and strange others do not adopt it exactly. Most forums have a few biased dolts kicking people out and they are not techs, they couldn’t make one PHP mod or VS mod. As at JWN you MUST (you puppet) to abide by their mindset, which is just mind control to reduce deeper thinking and analysis.

So, they limit their breadth of information and most of those places’ goal is not as big as Topix, most are KN support sites in those XJW sites to lay more traps of “seller’s oil” in the immediate periphery of KN Central WTBTS.

Topix just works better on a functional level than many other forums. They are not out to help ply JW disinformation like JWN, King and Cedars, 11th degree boys shooting for 20th.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

And why would anyone want to post there? That’s just a big confusing mess.


They all are until you get familiar with the neighborhood. Forums based in other countries can be interesting too. But the traffic becomes a must for things to move along faster. More mainstream Christian forums are pretty good, but you usually get 2nd hand JW concepts, but they can be interesting.

Such as:






Christians [are supposed to] be “like Christ” in that he stressed mercy more than judgment. Sinners are sinners, for example a heterosexual or homosexual or bisexual fornicator will face a battle whther they repent or not. If they repent the battle intensifies and many battles are lost, but because of Christ the War on Sin can be won.

Had Christ been a hard ass judge Mary who washed his feet with her tears would have gone of to hide rather than already KNOW how a sinner, LIKE HER, could approach Jesus, because he was the real thing, the mercy of God, and he moved people forward he did not send them on a detour of disgust from religionist hypocrisy.

And if you think she was some snaggletooth Jane she had to be the most tempting woman or girl in Jerusalem the evil Pharisees could find as a temptation too, but they wanted Christ to condemn her as they already had–a picture of many people today. Instead Christ invited her into the Kingdom and her example and others is why Christ said the truth that harlots would precede the “holy men’ into the Kingdom of God.

Think that is a joke? Keep judging first rather than extending mercy FIRST and find out for yourself. Act like Christ not the Pharisees.

Christ would not condone ANY sin, but he was realistic people are more apt to battle the sin IF they know his forgiveness is as real as it was for Mary or Peter or Saul. When people BELIEVE that, they have the sword in their hand for the war on sins. Judgmental sinners judging other sinners leads no one away from God— it’s always a hypocrisy.

Gotta think positive, people have to form their own real reason to battle various human sinner inclinations, a positive OPEN SALVATION MESSAGE is more powerful, we know Mary could not continue to be the call girl she was for “corporate Jerusalem” BUT with the help of Jesus SHE ARRIVED AT THAT TRUTH ON BY HER OWN FREE WILL.

Now Mary is an IMMORTAL. We oughta watch OUR OWN butts, not that of others. As regards the GB their exposure is a prophecy so you can judge them unrepentant King North aiding body all you want (Dan11:32a) because God requires liars to be exposed in the minsitry (Rev2:2). The illegal MOL body will NOT repent, doom is on its way for that illegal cabal. But that is a collective body, an illegal rule, we can’t say individually who is who or what the judgment is as humans, THAT is God’s job, but prophecy shows who He is coming for in this latest apostasy of Jehovah’s [supposed] witnesses turn coated for the UN secrecy of world government agenda.
[QUOTE who=”rsss11″]<quoted text>

how are you assurded you are looking through the right lens?……bottom line arch angel or not Michael is a high ranking angel.[/QUOTE]

Not according to Hebrews. The Jews had been following Michael since they were freed from Egypt. Knowing God’s first commandment among the faithful, as few as they seemed to be, they would be very interested how an angel achieved such a high position.

Hebrews is the summary of why the Archangel was ALLOWED BY GOD BY CHRISTENED ANOINTING to become a figure who could even be called “He who is like God” [himself]. But he is a totally distinct being and person and Hebrews is all about his upgrade to Immortal Mighty God.

No, God would NOT bestow the universal and earthly rulership to an Archangel, UNTIL he completed the perfect human sacrifice mission FOR GOD TO GOD, then the Hebrews of faith understood why God even has given Michael His own Kingdom of God to rule in until the “Authority of God’s Christ”, Michael, hands it back to him when the sacrificial mission of perfection and destruction of the totality of Death is ALSO COMPLETED in the future.

To keep thinking Michael is just Archangel, having not even yet received the Kingdom of God in 1914 in Revelation 12 in official capacity until AFTER he cast Satan, is like the churches reducing Jesus to an infantile idol come Xmas time.

JWs are doing the same thing in a way, because the Kingdom born in 1914 is NOT “God’s Kingdom”, it is the Messianic Kingdom of Christ and it has yet to complete the rest of the 144000 in the future after Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JWs in the final temple judgment cycle of Revelation 8, for the final witnessing cycle of the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11.

Much has changed in Michael’s world, he is Jesus Christ of God, Mighty Immortal God now. THAT is who God has given the King of kings rule to come to. He WAS an Archangel and still is, but his Immortal Mighty God REALITY now, outranks his former station before God.He is that “CROWN” subservient to God upon God’s “woman”, King of the Angels in 12 angelic “star” orders.

Why stay stalled with your two sentence slander of Michael as if it is some static Trinity blasphemy supporting myth which must be true just because you have believed the lie?
The plan is to “divide and conquer” by use of JW discrediting based on real criminal activity run by WTBTS but extended down into the KH level of accountability. The pedophile thing is an example of such organizational tenderization and exposure.

But the RICO style prosecutions, which all the former scandal paves the way for, is how they plan to shut down the JW Org literally overnight. Pedophile stuff takes years, with RICO indictments they can kick down the doors of WTBTS at dawn. But divvying up the 30 billion in assets, probably 20 left over 10 in the ground will take a few years of Daniel 8:13-14 judgment.

But anyone with a little vision can see the writing on the wall. The 2Thess2:1-2 FAKE “end of the world” delusion rampant among JWs is the cover story for this coming global anti-JW-Org operation and it is due to JW apostasy from top to bottom, not because of any known “Kingdom stand”. (1Peter4:14-17) JW Org will just be reaping what it has actually been sowing. JW Org is about top suffer for evil doing. (Dan8:12; 2Thess2:3-4)
[QUOTE who=”Saidlits”]What do you think?[/QUOTE]

Well the early Reformation “clergies” did produce most of the world’s Bibles of that time period and set the trend for God’s Word to be published globally in a magnitude some say is miraculous given the Papacy’s attempt to keep their monopoly which kept the Bible out of the hands of the public by stake bound incineration if found with one page of the Bible.

But the post Apostolic Catholic Church did have some successes prior to the Papal “GB” taking over the joint.

Today the GB have devolved into aiding world government completion by their stalwart secrecy on the true now obvious identity of “King North” as GLOBALISM based world government.

Thus in time all clergies go bad as the JW GB based clergy hidden in a fake “theocracy” have followed suit in the Devil’s Full House of churches.

So “good job” is relative to the time period in question, at this time no clergy is going anything but stalled evil parasiting of the sheep as a group, but individually God is judge but none are progressive. The GB is now just another clergy merely hidden under fancy new JW syntax to disguise their tyranny.

Daniel 8:11-14; Daniel 11:30-35

Same old story, but then again God starts His progressive cycles with a house judgment, which means the JW apostasy of today being judged soon as Daniel 8:13-14 is how the final Revelation cycle starts as God deals with any apostasy which attempts to stall the Christian Kingdom Mission, so JWs will be butt-kicked by God to get busy with the mission at hand which is NOT schmoozing the GB man-idol billionaires of this JW clergy system from Babel. Clergies originated with the “mystery religions” of Babylon.

We are at a temple judgment about to begin and take Daniel 8:14 timing to cleanse the temple to prepare the way for the FINAL warning of the LAST WITNESSING of them TWO witnesses of Revelation 11.

Until the JW GB clergy is removed, JWs will stay on the broad road for a while longer: Daniel 8:14, Zech3:1-5; Rev8
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

This Youtube ex witness ‘campaign’ is nothing more than a globalist production. They are not real ex witnesses. The globalists have made up a strategy to make it appear the org is falling apart. What better way than to use social media to propagate a mistrust of the ‘truth’. TB you should know this is what is happening. Why would the globalists not stoop this low? Of course it is possible they have guys on the ‘inside’ who also are causing stumbling. All of this agitation will not stop Jehovah’s Day from doing what he must. It is what we will expect from the end. No one should reasonably expect the org to waltz right into the New World. It is called a Great Tribulation for a reason where everything will be turned upside down. Setting it upright again is Jehovah’s job. The end will do this.[/QUOTE]

The end takes a while and you are correct, but there is always a little more to the story. It leads to the final 1260 days warning, but first Daniel 8:14 temple cleanse and timing.

I know the KNG (King North Globalists) are using the stumbling of Daniel 11:32-35 due to the apostasy of Daniel 11:32a which “proceeds from [KN]” as well as one giant anti-JW operation. But I KNOW some of them witnesses and one from 40 years ago whose dad was a respected elder.

1. Not everyone is fake even if KNG is using the overall wave for their purpose.

2. But because many witnesses have seen the UN NGO but have not “caught sight” that it is the “disgusting thing” of Matthew 24:15 they have not left as commanded, so God as per Daniel 11:32-35 is allowing a stumbling of some for REFINEMENT spiritually, which will come when then the temple judgment concludes the “operation of error” by ceasing it for the temple cleansing which is the ultimate form of “refinement”.

Daniel 11:32 Those [JWs] who do wickedly against the covenant [KNG] shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. 33 And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering. [especially in the days of Daniel 8:14] 34 Now when they fall, they shall be aided with a little help; but many shall join with them by intrigue. 35 And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, UNTIL the time of the end [begins as marked by Daniel 8:13-14 verification timing]; because it is still for the appointed time.

The “appointed time” is when Daniel 8:14 3.19 year midpoint end of “the evening” comes, as the temple judgment timing BEGINS the marked “time of the end” of “the last days” and that will lead to JW recovery and a final 1260 days warning because the sword stroke phase of the tribulation of those days HEALS as per Revelation 13:3 into King North 8th King completely gloablized world government.

The global crash/crisis will allow Daniel 11:41-43 to completely pawn the King South global nation-state system for the KN Globalists, that happens with the sword stroke. When JWs are cleansed the rest of the forecast comes out as the world also heads into the ‘healing” BEFORE the officially complete the 8th King world government.

That the 1260 days last witness of the TWO witnesses warning will be BEFORE the complete the final “place the disgusting thing” as Daniel 12:11 world government. Ceasing the constant feature in Daniel 12:11 is the end of that 1260 days final warning as Revelation 11:7-12 which leads into Chrust arrival with the “wildbeast that ascends from [sword stroke] abyss” as parallel Revelation 17:8-12.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

This Youtube ex witness ‘campaign’ is nothing more than a globalist production. They are not real ex witnesses. The globalists have made up a strategy to make it appear the org is falling apart. What better way than to use social media to propagate a mistrust of the ‘truth’. TB you should know this is what is happening. Why would the globalists not stoop this low? Of course it is possible they have guys on the ‘inside’ who also are causing stumbling. All of this agitation will not stop Jehovah’s Day from doing what he must. It is what we will expect from the end. No one should reasonably expect the org to waltz right into the New World. It is called a Great Tribulation for a reason where everything will be turned upside down. Setting it upright again is Jehovah’s job. The end will do this.[/QUOTE]


The end takes a while and you are correct, but there is always a little more to the story. It leads to the final 1260 days warning, but first Daniel 8:14 temple cleanse and timing.

I know the KNG (King North Globalists) are using the stumbling of Daniel 11:32-35 due to the apostasy of Daniel 11:32a which “proceeds from [KN]” as well as one giant anti-JW operation. But I KNOW some of them witnesses and one for 40 years whose dad was a respected elder. (the ‘an elder confesses” video by David Shurtleft)

1. Not everyone is fake even if KNG is using the overall wave for their purpose. There has to be some fakes everywhere**, but not all are fake.

2. But because many witnesses have seen the UN NGO but have not “caught sight” that it is the “disgusting thing” of Matthew 24:15 they have not left as commanded. UN NGO is explicit “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13, (desolation to this ministry coming).

So God as per Daniel 11:32-35 is allowing a stumbling of some for REFINEMENT spiritually, which will come when then the temple judgment concludes the “operation of error” by ceasing it for the temple cleansing which is the ultimate form of “refinement”.

BUT, this stumbling is the Daniel 11:33-35 prophecy in action. Daniel 11:32 Those [JWs] who do wickedly against the covenant [KNG] shall corrupt with flattery; but the people who know their God shall be strong, and carry out great exploits. 33 And those of the people who understand shall instruct many; yet for many days they shall fall by sword and flame, by captivity and plundering. [especially in the days of Daniel 8:14] 34 Now when they fall, they shall be aided with a little help; but many shall join with them by intrigue. [**the fakes you speak of] 35 And some of those of understanding shall fall, to refine them, purify them, and make them white, UNTIL the time of the end [begins as marked by Daniel 8:13-14 verification timing]; because it is still for the appointed time.

The “appointed time” is when Daniel 8:14 3.19 year midpoint end of “the evening” comes, as the temple judgment timing BEGINS the marked “time of the end” of “the last days” and that will lead to JW recovery and a final 1260 days warning because the sword stroke phase of the tribulation of those days HEALS as per Revelation 13:3 into King North 8th King completely globalized world government. Daniel 8:14 desolation stumbling peak ceases with that “evening” for cleansed recovery into the 1260 days final warning.

The global crash/crisis will allow KNG in Daniel 11:41-43 to completely pawn the King South global nation-state system for the KN Globalists, that happens with the sword stroke. When JWs are cleansed the rest of the forecast comes out as the world also heads into the ‘healing” BEFORE the officially complete the 8th King world government.

That the 1260 days last witness of the TWO witnesses warning will be BEFORE the complete the final “place the disgusting thing” as Daniel 12:11 world government. Ceasing the constant feature in Daniel 12:11 is the end of that 1260 days final warning as Revelation 11:7-12 which leads into Chrust arrival with the “wildbeast that ascends from [sword stroke] abyss” as parallel Revelation 17:8-12.
There are two histories in the world. The one for the first to twelfth graders. And the one that is forming 8th King World Government.

The second for of a very real and powerful history is not as easy to find [or swallow] as is the nationalism tales of founding fathers and good reasons for massive slaughters and worship of cloth and money.

The first history has trained its puppets to call the REAL HISTORY “conspiracy theory”, but it is actually conspiracy REALITY.

People who cannot consider conspiracy as a human power reality have been fooled by technique, “he is a master of deception” as per King Fierce, who is KN, who is that 8th King forming to a world government completion.

Because JWs would rather be mushroomed daisies in the dark it continues to lay concealed though it is also square in modern prophecy when it is spoken WITH SPIRIT and truth, which the GB has NONE, they have misled JWs into this weird dream they now dream of an end before its time as in 2Thess2:1-2.
There are two histories in the world. The one for the first to twelfth graders. And the one that is forming 8th King World Government.

The second form of a very real and powerful history is not as easy to find [or swallow] as is the nationalism tales of founding fathers and good reasons for massive slaughters and worship of cloth and money.

The first history has trained its puppets to call the REAL HISTORY “conspiracy theory”, but it is actually conspiracy REALITY.

People who cannot consider conspiracy as a human power reality have been fooled by technique, “he is a master of deception” as per King Fierce, who is KN, who is that 8th King forming to a world government completion.

Because JWs would rather be mushroomed daisies in the dark it continues to lay concealed though it is also square in modern prophecy when it is spoken WITH SPIRIT and truth, which the GB has NONE, they have misled JWs into this weird dream they now dream of an end before its time as in 2Thess2:1-2.
There is in modern relevance only one place in Daniel that Jesus could have been referring to as that 3rd UN presentation at Daniel 11:31b after the Daniel 11:29 UNIQUE Cold World War.

THAT is when we know King North defeated the USSR as the Globalist system KING NORTH in progress. When Jesus spoke of Daniel 9:26-27 it was Rome “standing” in Jerusalem prior to its destruction as the 66 CE sign to FLEE.

Today there can be only Daniel 11:31b as that 1990 3rd UN which WTBTS endorsed as UN NGO and that is when the “they will place” that disgusting thing in the world of course, but by the GB also in the temple as UN NGO while silencing the now obvious fact KN is King North Globalism based world government in progress.

Thus, we have to Matthew 24:15 flee the JW org “holy place” of the anointed ministry for it has been infiltrated and compromised by this silence and UN NGO and lawlessness as Daniel 11:32a “smooth word” policies.

But as stated it is the READER’S own discernment that must see this “catch sight” of that UN NGO “disguating thing” version for JW temple and flee, because now Daniel 11:41 “encamped armies” of the globalist controlled national legal eagles will soon swoop in on JW Org as the “trampling” of Daniel 8:13.

The UN NGO is a direct “transgression causing desolation” prophecy in Daniel 8:13 and that desolation is the one of Matthew 24:15 because God does not accept silence, secrecy, tyranny and a wildbeast image UN NGO in HIS temple.

Judgment is coming and as 1Peter 4:17 stated truthfully, the “judgment STARTS with the house of God”.

And who is the “house of God” today?

Jehovah’s witnesses Christian ministry now in UN NGO transgression. This will have serious ramifications, hence Christ command to get out of JW org, NOW, discernment it please. Ask God in prayer with faith through Christ, They doe not lie.

Daniel 8:13-14 is coming on JW Org, its timing will be verified from the midpoint “evening” and “morning”, evening=desolations, morning=recovery to final enlightement. Dan8:26, it is the START of Revelation 8-11 as Rev8 temple judgment trumpet 1 and trumpets 2-3-4 temple indictments to global exposure guaranteed.
[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

But I thought that Hebrews chapters one and two was talking about after Michael/Jesus had become the Immortal Mighty God. Therefore, those chapters still mention the ‘angel’ stuff.

<quoted text>

So are you saying that Michael is still no longer an archangel? Because that’s not what JWs say.

(continued in my next post)


Archangel is like “human” it is a person’s history of what they are, he is Immortal now, but still the most ancient angel and the King of the Angels as the 12 starred “crown” of God’s “woman”.

Hebrews is for Jews first, the did not believe a trinity, they knew this archangel initmately and knew who he was since the Babylon era captivity prophecy of Daniel. They would want to know how a “mere angel” could be allowed, even required by God, to be called the King of the Universe.

Hebrews summarizes how the “personal messenger” of God Isa63:9 did become the Mighty God and King of the Universe to be.

He will alwyas be the archangel, but he is now Immortal Mighty God as a new creation, way more powerful than the Archangel of the past, way faster, wiser, and power channelled through him, given him, from Almighty God. And a legal covenant King for when this world gets the news how this is all legal to also make former humans kings with him, all legal, all by “blood of the covenant” because that blood is the power with God and from God, the blood of Jesus Christ which atones perfectly so now even humans will be called “Sons of God” in the same form of Immortality and divine new creation as spirit beings in Christ’s 144000 Messianic Kingdom Court.

Legal covenants the Jews knew of and now new covenant and Messianic Kingdom covenant the world knows of and others, Davidic Covenent, Melchizedek, Abrahamic, Edenic, ALL form the legal basis of Christ ruling this world to hand it back to God us eternal KING, but Christ can only be “Son of David” as Messianic Kingdom ruler, and his brothers, forever under God in that Kingdom legally established in the face of all, for the rule of the Revelation 11:15 “Kingdom of the World”.

That is why tracking the legal reasons why this is all possible from God is so important. It tooks milleniums to get to the point we are at now when Christ takes the Trophy forever. LEGALLY by every covenant in the Bible as a process, 1-2-3-4-5-6-7. The 8th legal covenant is the one the “great crowd” (and eventually all the “other sheep”, some in progress) is adopted into as children to be of the “Marriage of the Lamb” after the conquest, the period in Daniel 12:11 as the inception.

[quote=’Boni’ pid=’310342′ dateline=’1524628041′]
[quote=’Kraz1992′ pid=’214694′ dateline=’1410625833′]
I’ve got a question about how Jehovas Witnesses thoughts are about changing the world (manifestating Gods kingdom) without being political active.

Hope for fullfilling answers! 🙂

Jesus answer to Pontius Pilate was that his kingdom was not part of this world and neither were his servants. John 18:36.[hr]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’310307′ dateline=’1524600859′]

JWs may try to be no part of the world. But at the WTBTS they lobby for world government, they have 50 billion in JW assets in Goldman, Chase and derivatives, etc, and they have stalled all mention of globalism based world government from final prophecy for 27 years.

This relates to why WTBTS was a UN NGO and now aids UN IGOs for world government issues in many nations.


I disagree. JWs use legal recourses and legal avenues to legally address their grievances. That’s not being part of the world anymore than going to court to dispute a parking ticket makes you a part of the judiciary or a member of the government.



Except joining the UN wildbeast image campaign is not legal. God allows things in connection to the national governments of Romans 13 “superior authorities”, true, but the UN is to be world government “superior authority” as a SINGULA global sovereign- NOT sanctioned in Genesis 10-11 or Romans 13.

God has set the national governments since Genesis 10 70 nation origins as in a “relative position” of tolerated allowance for now. BUT when world government globalizes ‘gathers the nations to Har-Magedon” that will not be allowed.

Genesis 11 is the first attempt at a world government and God broke that plan up by multiplying the languages.

When they complete world government as the 8th King King North KFIC finality, then Zephaniah 3:8-9 technique shall be used instead, returning the peoples of Earth to the ONE, “pure language” in the process.

JWs do not get this because the GB is from King North as Daniel 11:30b-32a, they did not expose that 3rd UN presentation as the real King North GLOBALIST SYSTEM third “place the disgusting thing” in 1990, they adjoined it as UN NGO instead.

THAT will not be excused by God it will bring Daniel 8:13-14 on the JW ministry soon. The UN NGO is the explicit “transgression causing desoaltion” soon to JWs in Daniel 8:13 and the “catch sight of the disgusting thing’ of Matthew 24:15 in relation to Daniel 11:31b, 1990.

The GB fulfills Daniel 11:32a as KN leaders of this modern JW apostasy.
ALL the dates prior to 607 BCE are off by the same amount of years, like 22. Finally I realized they cannot have every gentile history date off, and it is understandable how such a massive event as the fall of Jerusalem could become thoughts of psychologically as requiring it mark the start of the seven times, but it seems that is not the case. Gentiles have to mark gentile times anyways so King Neb at the least crown prince 607, maybe king, is a good marker.

But in a related psychological overlaod the USSR drama accidentally made it to the pages of Daniel 11 interp. But it was an error of prematurity and it is the global drama to set the stage for the final sword stroke. “Whoever” King North is is the global sovereign who God destroys by Christ. It can only be NWO World Government because as bad as this next sword stroke will seem as stated in Rev13:3, the BRICS bloc will lose, they are way to far behind Global NATO who uses all King South nation-state systems in the end under Globalist King North.

If they say Russia is King North than Russia would be world ruler but their system only aided the NWO and when the NWO decided beforehand USSR went bankrupt unsuccessful as Daniel 11:36 and bankrupt failing Daniel 11:42-43. It is ALL a distraction from the first witnessing warning of 1914-1918, 1914 will never go away it is here to stay in gentile and divine history.

The global media is increasingly going all KN, the US KS system media is all already KN Globalist owned and run so the whole show is produced for the final sword stroke. And KN wants JWs to think the end is right around the corner because this sword stroke will seem like the end possible, but as per Rev13:3 the death stroke will heal.

WW1 was a death stroke for the nation-state, the globalist infused 300 billion in debt AND their own profiteering which is money they “print” anyways, but when it comes back through the system it creates hard wealth and power systems which is what they fully founded in 1914, Federal Reserve 12-1913, so that gravy train cauldron was prepared beforehand.

There are many reasons why this has to run the complete course, saving the most people is to God very important, but causing His prophecy is also important for it to be recognizable without questions from within, ALL the current errors will be fixed, they are few but serious, and only in Daniel 4,8 and 11. But the fixes change nothing about 1914 and the first witnessing 1260 days which just runs a last witness witnessing of them two witnesses for a final 1260 days.

1260+1260=2520 days Revelation 11:2 trampling, seven times full warning from 1914 forward where the 2520 years seven times ended.

The GB KN intel has killed or removed all the vets in the anointed ministrybecause it does take a vet to see the whole picture because TWO fulfillment cycles must be explained, and that has to be kept separate in the head and that takes YEARS of study and especially the “spirit of truth” from God. God will not be shut out by KN intel, the whole story will come out in seven trumpet steps, in the first 6 trumpets.

We have a new demographic in JWs, and the GB are KN intel, they look like vets but they are fakes of Rev2:2. This cannot be read from place to place in the Bible to figure it out, the scriptures have to be in the head already because the cross referencing prep work was over and over and over again. THAT is why those trying to do so are having a hard time, they have to fully believe the first witnessing to understand the last witnessing, it is the same prophecy pattern.

It is the same world sovereign move but in final form.

It is the same kind of subverting aoostasy that made the temple judgment necessary.

And it is the same KIngdom Proclamation— but this time for the Messianic Kingdom only born in 1914.

It is time for the completion of the 144000. Hold that thought

At this time we will have an anointed fall out by judgment of ten virgins parallel of the temple judgement reality. This is why God is upping the anointing show ups at the Memorial. BUT, even the anointings are incomplete and will be further depleted in what is coming, God has anointed now who will buy sellers oil, like the kind Mason Robert King sells.
BUT the Revelation 7 and 14 prophecy show 144000 are REQUIRED for Messianic Kingdom Court completion. SPOILER you probably already know, the 144000 will complete sealing after all anointings are also complete, because some anointings fail, but all 144000 will complete.
BUT, at this time:
1. Anointings itself are incomplete.
2. Thus 144000 sealings total is incomplete.
3. Thus the Messianic Kingdom is incomplete.
This is why this leads to the final anointings, which by carrying out the final 1260 days last witness of the future will get the sealing upon mission completion for those doing so. The temple judgment coming up will approve five discreet virgins and the original “stashed oil” of 1914-1918 relevance and light of prophecy will be the basis of the Zechariah 4 wrap up as Revelation 11 parallel.
THIS IS WHY we have all the guesswork out here and all the doubts missiled at 1914, so current anointed and JWs dump that OIL that MUST be kept in reserve. This is why GB lawlessness with the UN NGO is present, to discredit along with pedophiles and rackets. KN is trying to get the anointed to be low on oil, but the “discreet virgins” RETAIN and protected stash of ORIGINAL OIL, and that is what lit up 1914 forward into this new 10 virgins slumber and darkness requiring one last ten virgins judgment and then a FINAL ENLIGTENMENT.

Keep your oil. Don’t buy seller’s oil, this forecast is based on the original oil it will not fail.
THIS is why this is all happening, Satan is attempting to abort the Messianic Kingdom completion, just as he tried to abort its birth when Michael kicked his arse out of heaven. Satan will fail, but he will try because this is the last shot he has to keep the 144000 incomplete, he will try– he shall fail. But this sword stroke coming up is all part of the distraction just as WW1 was in 1914. It WILL require FAITH and reliance of God and Christ to see this through. BUT, God is who “causes my two witnesses to prophesy 1260 days dressed in sackcloth” and He will do it and it will complete but the Daniel 8:13 temple “trampling” events is what will put Jehovah’s witnesses in temple judgment sackcloth.
God is God. LOL, EVERYTHING will come out in time for a final clear and present warning, witnessing 2, Revelation 11, future 1260 days. I have limited knowledge of Petra but recall the context. I’ll check it out thanks.

The JW minsitry is being primed to be concluded because of “the end”. That much is ascertainable in this GB “self fulfilling prophecy”. The Devil always is out to destroy truth, but in a fell swoop attempt is the way he likes to do it. So, that “the end” will not come but WTBTS materials will be falling into the wrong hands.

But, the Devil cannot destroy truth, that is his problem and why he has to throw straw on the needle of truth, he cannot get rid of it. And in time this all leads to the explanation of the prophecy it is, it requires patience, they get to win a big battle up ahead.

But alas, they lose the war but it will require action and faith with patience. God has many of his “my people” out there not just in Jehovah’s witnesses and He will, in time, even from the post world government fall of BTG, get every last one of them ALIVE. The rest He gets in resurrections anyways, and many more come to Him in truth in the 1000 year reign.

God cannot be defeated. ANY enemy move against Him is turned into two moves for God. Any position against Him ends up placing the enemy right where He wants them. Faith gets tested is all, but God prevails. As usual the drama will keep prophecy focus on Jehovah’s witnesses, He does a judgment when it is time to resume the Kingdom Mission in the “right condition”; Dan8:14, Zech3:4-5
James Corbett is the most complete in background pieces he puts together that I have found so far. But he is so smart he is also the kind of guy the CIA hires, LOL. I have no idea what he is, but his info is many times more complete in a shorter time frame show than Alex Jones. Not to say Alex Jones does not know globalism, just saying JC lays out more background connections ALL THE TIME in his show’s theme subject.
Good day

God’s kingdom will be physically established on earth. Jerusalem will not descend from Heaven. Some things just don’t make sense. The Temple will be rebuilt on the Temple mount. First, the dome of the rock must be excavated. Jeremiah 23:29. “Is not my word like as a fire? saith the Lord: and like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?” The Messiah will cause the Temple to be rebuilt and he will be the cornerstone of the foundation. Psalm 118:22. “The stone which the builders refused is become the headstone of the corner”. Isaiah 28:16. “Therefore thus saith the Lord God, Behold, I lay in Zion for a foundation a stone, a tried stone, a precious cornerstone, a sure foundation; he that believeth shall not make haste”. The Temple is God’s dwelling place and he will not go to Jerusalem until it is rebuilt. When he does arrive, he will be accepted by the Jews and anointed as King of the Universe. Zechariah 9:9. “Rejoice greatly, O daughter of Zion; shout, O daughter of Jerusalem: behold, thy King cometh unto thee: he is just, and having salvation; lowly, and riding upon an [censored], and upon a colt the foal of an [censored]”.

That temple will be built by King North 8th King under world government, it is that final counterfeit position they take in Daniel 11:45 when world government “places palatial tents between the “grand sea” and the “holy mountain” as in Jerusalem today. But there is a deeper meaning. The “holy mountain” is the “large mountain that filled the Earth” of Jesus Christ’s Messianic Kingdom and the between it and the “grand sea” of the people of Earth is that fake temple you are already waiting for. It is the Temple of the 666, the spiritual component of the world government system set up to draw people after this next “sword stroke” to “admire the wildbeast” by use of such deceptions to draw people to itself by its fake temple and location.

But the religions must endorse world government before they are globally deposed (Rev17:8-18), they ride in as a whole “harlot” upon a whole “scarlet wildbeast” as world government complete “8th” “King”. For example the Papacy is who teach what you now believe, they already ride the wildbeast but it is not complete as completed global sovereign 8th King world government yet.

As Revelation 11:7, Revelation 13:3 and Revelation 17:8-12 promise world government (with its temple component) must rule as that global 8th King “one hour”, a short time. World Government is completed AFTER the future global sword-stroke coming of Rev13:3 has run its course and that global hopefulness of it not being “doomsday” or “the end” or “slaughtered to death” is why many people are to be enticed to wildbeast world government “the whole world followed it with admiration” because they were FOOLED.

Who would knowingly take the 666 and give all admiration and allegiance to the wildbeast unless they were fooled? And that “Temple in Jerusalem” long abandoned by Almighty God is [part] of that final deception. But as we step along the final global indications that are to precede the Christ arrival, for he is triggered by that world government 8th King “world peace” lie of 1Thess5:1-3 and their global sovereign claims, you should be able to see by then the nature of the deception for this takes over a decade to run its course at present.

At present you are headed right for the wildbeast world government to admire it because of its fake temple LOCATION and its fake temple to be, for that deception and a few false prophecies for “new world order” false prophets they are, is all they are: a lie.

I am Jehovah’s witness as a job, not a “religion”. The religion of JWs can no longer be associated with as per Matthew 24:15. Daniel 8:13-14 will manifest on JW Org in a massive global corporate takeover with the next global conflagration cycle.

So my aim is to attempt to help people lose faith “in religion” but not in God and Christ who matter much more than human and corporate “religious” clubs. I used to be Catholic from birth, then Jehovah’s witness since seven years old, almost since birth.

I left association with JWs in 2012 because they have been subverted into criminal actions in the spiritual and secular realm that are not “speculation” or “hate speech” but is global public record. And when this perplexed me I checked the web, etc, but only Daniel 8:11-12 and Daniel 11:30-35 had the specifics in who, what, where why and when of the WTBTS detour as UN NGO in 1992 as an example of who the organization of JWs endorses: world government.

Now there is general apostasy scriptures like Zechariah 3 and 2 Thessalonians 2. But Daniel 8 and 11 are very specific and they also contain current WT interps that have major problems and those errors are used conceal the WT apostasy SPECIFICS.

Since I still like speaking of God and Christ but can no longer associate with a lawless “church” organization, I went on-line to do so.

The significance of apostasy is is leads to a marked judgment. And EVERY TIME in Bible history, the judgment came with a new world power, this time the 8th King. In Israel Assyrian ascendancy paralleled the judgment of Isreal and Samaria of prophetic note in Isaiah, Hosea and Amos prophecies. Babylon ascended with the judgment of Jerusalem circa 586 BCE, and the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE was with the ascension of Rome. In 1914, the Anglo-American world power ascended with the general Christian judgment of that time frame.

Now, for future proof, when JWs undergo the Temple Judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 very soon and its timed verification it will be with a FUTURE final Revelation 13:3 global “sword stroke” that shall define the “tribulation of those days”, it will “heal” as prophecy stated into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT as the final Christ triggering rival-sovereign entity all will see. This current apostasy will result in a judgment that can be ascertained as a new final world power is coming on the scene, 8th King=KingNorth=KingFierce world government.

I just explain the pattern is the same as in WW1 and its process to the Globalist League of nations, but this time the UN Executive Branch completes and takes central power in world government after this next global mega-downturn.

It is certain though, the coming [world] “judgment STARTS with the house of God”, 1Peter 4:17. JW devolution into a stall is a signal. (2Thess2:1-4)

Now you gotta know this. As stated I started speaking on-line on basic JW teachings before I left. I was doing some web design contract work and did a hotel asset management site which led me into some interesting financial research for blog content in 2011. I found that global finance subject matter ends up connecting to globalism subjects which ends up being a foundational theme of how world government is actually implemented on earth in the future. As I wrote about 1000 pages for that hotel asset management site’s front-end content and blog, which is a company marketing for helping distressed hotels globally, the angles of logic led to more financial research in the CMBS Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities subject. In addition, you know the financial outlook research was also covering the RMBS Residential Mortgage Backed Securities background which was the basis of the 2008 “Global Credit Crisis” which undermined national fiscal stability and required trillions in “bail out”.
To make a long story short, this research I had to do helped me understand the difference between trans-national scale international finance and national government regulated finance which has become dependent on this massive debt. It is the globalist international corporate entity complex that will would end up being the receiver in a national debt default– which could tailspin into a global scale default of many large nations in the future. (It is the same wealth control concept as what leads to the national “King South” pawning of Daniel 11:42-43 by King North Globalism based power progress, so it is an important global dynamic.)
When I saw how voluminous this research is and what it leads to in globalism basics and advanced concepts I wondered how on earth could a WTBTS group supposedly devoted to “full time Bible study” with a huge research staff and writers not be making the connection? For example, the obvious that GLOBALIZATION in the modern era is the main global force as to HOW nations are “gathered to Har-Magedon” (Rev16:16) If that was all the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses was “missing” it could almost be understandable, but every major global transformation into global-corporate dominance is also being “missed” by them.

When the research led to corporate intel data showing the WTBTS is worth 30 to possibly 100 BILLION dollars it started to get clearer what the “organization” has become, the modern “rich man”, the modern “evil slave”, and the modern “man of lawlessness” in one corrupted unfaithful stalled sausage, quite possibly also infiltrated by high level global-intel. (Daniel 11:32a) Thus, it is no wonder they are a United Nations “organization” since 1992 while covering up that 1990 UN 3rd event prophecy of Daniel 11:31b, as well as UN NGO co-promoters for the developers and concept of world government while leaving out that detail in explained prophecy (now fully absent) and as an official ministry teaching to inform Jehovah’s witnesses and the world audience of the future prophecy of required world government 8th King King North future completion.
As a result, JWs are still in a mid 1970s mindset as far as world power development since that time– severely dated in understanding of every sort as “governed” by the GB. (Dan8:12b) That is not a good position to be in with what is coming as a final world war cycle “sword-stroke” (Rev13:3) to help pawn the indebted national governments globally (Dan11:42-43) to then recover them all into world government whose global-financial component will be the only entity, at that time and now, capable of global national economic recovery. That is why the Daniel 11:42-43 is a prophecy of the future King North [globalism system]dominance over the King South nation-state system to run to completion as the “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3 runs its global war course in the future to, instead of being “the end”, it all instead globally “heals” into said “8th King” actual, complete, world government. (Rev17:12; Dan11:45)

And Jehovah’s witnesses have been warning no one, though they certainly could be, given the volume of globalization research and commentary now present all over the world and in every form of media which now matches terminal prophecy now in action– with zero commentary from the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses as if they live in a cave or work for the globalism interests.
Thus I came to realize the apostasy of Daniel 11:32a and the subversion of the “temple” of Daniel 8:11-14 context is the final signal apostasy now being guided by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses.
I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be apostles but are not, and have found them false.
–Jesus Christ; Revelation 2:2

It is the latter as per Daniel 11:30-35 and Daniel 8:11-12.
[quote=’AuldSoul’ pid=’311089′ dateline=’1525102308′]
[quote=”The inspired scribe and priest, Ezra,”]2 Chronicles 36:20-21
He carried off captive to Babylon those who escaped the sword, and they became servants to him and his sons until the kingdom of Persia began to reign, to fulfill Jehovah’s word spoken by Jeremiah, until the land had paid off its sabbaths. All the days it lay desolate it kept sabbath, to fulfill 70 years.[/quote]

[quote=”The inspired prophet, Jeremiah,”]Jeremiah 25:12
“But when 70 years have been fulfilled, I will call to account the king of Babylon and that nation for their error,” declares Jehovah, “and I will make the land of the Chaldeans a desolate wasteland for all time.”[/quote]

Considering …
[*]… what is recorded at 2 Chronicles 36:5-21, especially 36:20-21
[*]… what is recorded at Jeremiah 25:12
[*]… the fact that Jeremiah never once mentioned any Sabbaths that the land would have to pay off
[*]… the fact that Daniel 5 explicitly depicts the king of Babylon and that nation literally being called to account for their error, in a very dramatic and World Empire ending manner
The king of Babylon and that nation were called to account, in 539 BCE, as Daniel 5 and historians make clear.

Why do Jehovah’s Witnesses choose a different event and another year (537 BCE) that were never prophetically marked to be the end of the 70 years?

Since Jehovah’s Witnesses regard interpretations on the part of C.T. Russell and J.F. Rutherford as fallible (i.e. as potentially incorrect), are Jehovah’s Witnesses required to regard as infallible the doctrine of a second fulfillment of Daniel 4 and the doctrines regarding the timing of the beginning and ending of the 70 years of Jeremiah, upon which their 1914 doctrine depends?

If this specific set of doctrines is also fallible, if they [i]could be[/i] wrong, then why have they been taught to the world as “truth from the inspired word of God” for over 100 years, rather than merely as men’s opinions?

Good points. I have noticed the WTBTS board of directors is ego driven with an obligatory hyper-holy myth they must cloak themselves in, though they did not even develop the interpretations.

Case in point, the first cabal of the 70s to present day who usurped corporate authority from Nathan Knorr which Fred Franz came under the thumb of as Ray Franz came under the axe of had to first establish the “governing body of Jerusalem” myth, which they did with the help of the Papacy who hides under a mythical derivative of the same claim.

In short, the are power driven, ego centric men who have understood the mask they hide behind had to convey authority and the hyper holy act creates a “never good enough” psychology for everyone their objective is to control.

So, we have many unpopped kernels in a prophecy which I believe is from God as do others share this sentiment so as with all His prophecy it does have a fulfillment and a solution with the same objective Christ had: To inform the world rulers and others that God’s Kingdom will take over this planet when the prophecy and world event in them complete in global sovereign manner, ie, 8th King world government.

Because the GB is like Korah they will not admit error, likewise a lie such as that will not have God’s approval EVER, and that explains the lawless quagmire and illegal alliances and leadership JWs are now suffering greatly from as far as spiritual growth and health.

The GB “operation of error” and lie as it is called in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4,11-12 is at present powerful with JWs satiating their need for fame, attention and power. It is also profitable to the tune of 50 BILLION DOLLARS, conservative estimate.

Why change anything, why pop all the kernels? And that is why the GB is stagnant as well, keeps stumbling errors in place, and allows easy fixes to remain unaddressed as sheep are lost in a magnitude larger than the JW population of today.

Thus, the “evil slave” concept is merely emerging in the JW ministry as a last striking form of an apostasy which is in prophecy in specific in Daniel 11:30-35 from especially their UN NGO wildbeast worship alliance and in the cover up of truth and the subversion of JWs plain as day at Daniel 8:11-12.

As per the prophecy WTBTS will now fall, the GB will be deposed-and-exposed for what they really are, and all the required easy “fixes” will come out in the “morning” recovery of Daniel 8:13 for the verifiable future time frame of Daniel 8:14.

That massive anti-JW-Org “temple judgment” event will lead to the final 120 days open salvation offer completion.

It has ALL happened 4 other times in Biblical prophecy of such “temple judgments” and an apostasy few admit is what manifests first to begin the fulfillment recognizably and it leads [i][b]in the near future[/b][/i] to a mega-judgment cycle to START on “God’s house first” (1Peter 4:17) which all will end up seeing, even on CNN, FOX and MSNBC this time.
[quote=’Goldenrain’ pid=’284634′ dateline=’1491378072′]
Apparently the JW cult believes only 144,000 of their lot will make it into heaven. So presumably a selection process will take place, and those that don’t make it will join the rest of us in hell?

If so few are going to be invited through the Golden Gate, why are they always trying to get more converts, it doesn’t make any sense to me?

Jehovah’s witnesses believe there are “many worlds”[abodes]. The spirit realm and the material realm would contain some of these places and each have intelligent beings eventually all “in God’s image” including human beings.

Hell is a place for the dead who have a resurrection, the dead being non-existent. What JWs do not teach is that Solomon prophesied in Ecclesiastes 3 that “the beasts” are also in this place, termed in Hebrew as “Sheol”. Thus, according to God animals are also restored by Christ as in Isaiah 34:14-17.

The 144000 is a literal number to JWs of those destined by anointing and proof of faithfulness for the immortal state of Christ to rule in a “New Universal Order”. That final rulership is a heavenly government with a “Kingdom of David” agency, the Messianic Kingdom which shall become Earth’s new government when that 144000 “Messianic Kingdom Court” number completes from its now incomplete state also about to be depleted in “five foolish virgins” anointed Christian fall out due to apostasy.

Whether literal or symbolic it shows, imo, God intends a completion of a limited ruling Court under Christ all from former sinful humans except Christ.

JWs do not teach that last detail of modern apostasy by but not limited to, for example, UN NGO treason with the rival world government-in-progress, but then again Israel never did see its own apostasy either as both came to trust sinful men in cabals of self-appointed authority rather than God and the rule book of its time.

Daniel 8:13-14 will now come on JW Org, so stay focused on Jehovah’s witnesses for good or bad because the final open salvation offer proclamation will emerge from JW Org downfall soon.
[QUOTE=”jamesdyson, post: 471002, member: 19254″]Scattered then Gathered OR Gathered then Scattered

(Jer 24:9 KJV) And I will deliver them to be removed into all the kingdoms of the earth for their hurt, to be a reproach and a proverb, a taunt and a curse, in all places whither I shall drive them.

(Ezek 36:24 KJV) For I will take you from among the heathen, and gather you out of all countries, and will bring you into your own land.

Once we affirm which came first the next question is why were they gathered then scattered or scattered then gathered?

p.s. anyone who wants to expand the topic into semi-relevant topics is welcome to do so[/QUOTE]

Aside from the punishment aspects for Israel’s apostasy, there is a positive effect overall.

1. The dispersal of Israel and their subsequent subjugation to other nations, like Greece, in time led to the Septuagint version of the Hebrew prophecies which then bridged into the soon to be dominant Greek culture and language. That is no accident. In retrospect, dispersing Israel spread the message to be assimilated into the Greek world before Christ arrived wherein gentiles with faith could be warmed up by exposure to the word in their own language and from there to the Roman world and on to today as an earth covering document, the Bible.

The regathering is so prophecy fulfills and so the Jews knew the accounting was complete which also then created the national context for Christ’s arrival with the stage set in the dominant language of the time as well. In this way the Word we take for granted at times, was actually established by first getting it into the Greek language which culminated in the actual human arrival of the Christ now with enough background to positively affect more than some faithful Jews, but as you see now, the whole world.
[quote=’AuldSoul’ pid=’311179′ dateline=’1525174714′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’311124′ dateline=’1525127319′]So, we have many unpopped kernels in a prophecy which I believe is from God …[/quote]

No, we really don’t. We don’t have any kernels at all. We only have prophecies for which God has not revealed the interpretation. Interpretation belongs to God, not to any men.—Genesis 40:8

The imagined obligation to make something more out of Bible prophecies without God revealing the interpretations is what initially sent C.T. Russell and J.F. Rutherford down the rabbit hole of showy humility coupled with extreme hubris.

I am referring to those men before J.F. Rutherford’s schism from the International Bible Students Association, when he gave the name “Jehovah’s Witnesses” to those who followed his lead. Therefore, I am referring to the International Bible Students Association, NOT to Jehovah’s Witnesses.

No human has been assigned to figure out what the meaning is of the various details of Bible prophecy; the revelation of those details is in God’s jurisdiction, despite the fact that men keep pretending to be able to wrest those details away from God.

Specifically, with regard to the timing of events related to the establishment of the Kingdom, Jesus had this to say.

[quote=”Ostensibly, Luke”]Acts 1:6-7
So when they had assembled, they asked him: “Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” He said to them: “It does not belong to you to know the times or seasons that the Father has placed in his own jurisdiction.”[/quote]

This being the case, why should anyone [i]ever[/i] have imagined that God wanted men to see if they could accurately predict what he [i]never[/i] gave them, or that God authorized them to [i]ever[/i] publish their almost certainly incorrect best guesses as “truth from God’s inspired word” to the entire world, in God’s name?

Decades before there was a religious group that labeled themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses, Pastor Charles Taze Russell published this:

[quote=”Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.”]Zion’s Watch Tower, January 15, 1892, p. 1
FEATURE ARTICLE: View From the Tower

“The [infallible and inspired words of Jehovah] give unmistakable testimony to those who have full faith in its records, that there is a great time of trouble ahead of the present comparative calm in the world—a trouble which will embroil all the nations, overthrow all existing institutions, civil, social, and religious, bring about a universal reign of anarchy and terror, and prostrate humanity in the very dust of despair, thus to make them ready to appreciate the power that will bring order out of that confusion and institute the new rule of righteousness. All this, the [infallible and inspired words of Jehovah] show us, is to come to pass before the year 1915 (See Millennial Dawn, Vol. II., Chapter IV.)—that is, within the next twenty-three years.

([i]replaced “Scriptures” with “infallible and inspired words of Jehovah”, I hope no one disagrees with perceiving those terms as perfect equivalents[/i])[/quote]

Not even a single one of those predicted features came to pass before 1915. World War II was the first war that actually did embroil all the nations of the earth. [i][b]None[/b][/i] of the other predicted features have occurred, to date, over 100 years later.

The Scriptures factually [u][i][b]did not[/b][/i][/u] give the testimony Russell claimed. The Scriptures factually [u][i][b]did not[/b][/i][/u] show Russell, or the Bible Students, what he claimed the Scriptures showed.

In his presumptuous hubris, C.T. Russell chose to try to interpret the timing of things that God has placed in his own jurisdiction. Interestingly, the same article invoked the judgment of Ezekiel 13 against what was being preached by C.T. Russell and the Bible Students.

[quote=”Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.”]Zion’s Watch Tower, January 15, 1892, p. 3-4
FEATURE ARTICLE: View From the Tower


And in attempting to teach others—for all who have the truth are commissioned to declare it to others—let us remember the Apostle’s counsel: “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God.” (1 Pet. 4:11.) To teach what we claim to be divine truth, even in the humblest way, is to incur great responsibility; for in so doing we stand as God’s representatives, and the Prophet Isaiah (5:20, 21) says, “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter. Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes and prudent in their own sight.”

Hear again the word of the Lord by the Prophet Ezekiel (13:1-23) saying, “Son of man … say unto them that prophecy out of their own hearts, Hear ye the word of the Lord: Thus saith the Lord God, Woe unto the foolish prophets that follow their own spirit, and have seen nothing…. They have seen vanity and lying divination, saying, The Lord saith: and the Lord hath not sent them; and they have made others to hope that they would confirm the word. Have ye not seen a vain vision, and have ye not spoken a lying divination, whereas ye say, The Lord saith it? albeit I have not spoken.”

“Therefore, thus saith the Lord God: Because ye have spoken vanity and seen lies, therefore, behold, I am against you, saith the Lord God. And mine hand shall be upon the prophets that see vanity, and that divine lies: they shall not be in the assembly of the people, neither shall they be written in the registry of the house of Israel; and ye shall know that I am the Lord Eternal.”

Let us, therefore, be zealous for the truth, in declaring the glorious things to come, according to God’s revealed plan, but take heed that we be not of those “foolish prophets that follow their own spirit and have seen nothing.” No man has any commission from God to be a teacher of divine truth who has not first learned what the truth is and become fully convinced of it so that he can say with confidence, Thus saith the Lord! and here are the chapter and verse, and thus and so it harmonizes with every other chapter and verse of the Word. Let us have confidence in the sure word of the Lord and with humble boldness declare it and with zeal and vigor as loyal soldiers of the cross defend it against every opposing device of error. “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God; if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability God giveth [not of his own], that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ, to whom be praise and dominion forever and ever.”—1 Peter 4:11.

([i]ellipses and brackets preserved from original[/i])[/quote]

None of it came true. Not one thing Russell predicted out of all his presumptuous interpretations of Bible prophecy actually happened. C.T. Russell died knowing he was wrong about all of it.

Not to be deterred, in 1918, J.F. Rutherford set about campaigning that the world [b]had already ended[/b], four years earlier, in 1914, and that the resurrection of “the ancient worthies” was due to commence in the year 1925. The title of the book [i]Millions Now Living Will Never Die![/i] was taken from J.F. Rutherford’s public address, “The World Has Ended! Millions Now Living Will Never Die!” Some people very much like to forget the wildly false first part of that title. Rutherford was teaching that the Millennial Reign of Christ began in 1914, precisely 40 years (of, figuratively, “wandering in the wilderness”) after Jesus had returned and begun his [i]parousia[/i] (i.e. 40 years after 1874).

It is important to remember that Jehovah’s Witnesses, as a religion, did not even exist in 1918, so in speaking about these matters I am not addressing that religion, at all. I am demonstrating cause for my statement that there is no justification for any human or religious group to presumptuously interpret the prophecies of the Bible without God directly revealing the meaning.

Anyone who would direct others to “wait on Jehovah” ought to be equally willing to follow that advice. It is always better to remain SILENT about the meanings of features of Bible prophecies until, and unless, God reveals the meaning. That is what discretion means; that is what faithfulness is; that course demonstrates proper humility before God.

The Bible never contained any information whatsoever about a second fulfillment of Daniel 4, and God never revealed to any human a single thing regarding a second fulfillment of Daniel 4. C.T. Russell’s MANY “time parallels” were all 100% incorrect. He published a lot of them. Every single one of them was wrong, including his extrapolations of a secondary fulfillment that he interpreted into Daniel 4.

Sometimes I wished such a view was true. But there is more problems with that view than with JWs. If you think God is going to save a massive sovereign prophecy for a 15 minute soapbox effort a year before the wildbeast assumes global rulership as the 8th King in world government then you missed the whole point of Jesus Christ’s mission.

The IBSA were witness 1 of that “TWO witnessings” Rev 11 sovereign warning in a judgment on Christendom for the things JWs are now guilty of.

Now JWs will undergo Daniel 8:13-14 which will begin Revelation 8 in final form and those events, timing and desolation to recovery phasing will prove itself soon prior to the last witness, witness 2, it will lead to in 1260 days “and the sacred secret of God is brought to a conclusion” in one “TWO witness” backed “little scroll” summary.

A short message, but a large impact. The “the WHOLE thing is wacked and wrong” approach is plainly invalid, even Christendom has a little truth because God will save sheep from the Babylon the Great downfall as all kinds of people, “all sorts of men”, will be saved in that Revelation 14:6-8 Open Salvation Final Call wherein ANYONE can be saved and that offer will underpin and be the vanguard of positivity for that final witnessing this JW apostasy is leading to.

Open minds and open hearts will prevail, if JWs can repent as the worst religion of the modern age, ANYONE can do likewise with far less transgression on them than today’s JWs, it is a sign to aid the salvation of many, not just “Christians”, not just Jehovah’s witnesses, but also God’s “my people” still stuck in many forms of organized and traditional error.

OPEN SALVATION has always been the very essence of what Christ has provided in atonement sacrifice. It truly is a free gift, but a person has to believe on their own and the final warning coming will greatly aid that process by open minded open heart positive fronting message that by Revelation 14:6-8 “last minute” that whole final period is OPEN FOR SALVATION TO ANYONE WILLING.

It is just a better message than JWs now preach in their obvious stall into GB detour. The good news does not devolve into some dead end critique, it accomplishes what Christ phase 1 came to do: SAVE PEOPLE!! ANYONE!!

GOOD News it really is. Great News!=============
JWs have stalled, the UN GB is why. Neither you, JWs or the GB have completed the mission you only self approve yourselves to say you have and that is not good too. Revelation 10:5-7 states God will say when the good news is complete, but the preaching about God goes on for a 1000 more years and forever.

Nowhere in the Bible does it say the “preaching work stops”, Christ arrives to complete the ministry and carry on forever. They tell you that myth so the GB and King North can cease your ministry and have a good cover story for it. But God will allow it, then continue from the JW Org rubble as Daniel 8:13-14.

Your “we are all done”, “we won!” attitude is bot helping. You are breaking super bowl champagne alright, but it ONLY HALF TIME!

Good point, Israel wanted a king like the nations, which was a rejection of God as King. But no one plays chess with God and wins. In time, by their own mouth, they set up the way for Jesus Christ to complete the Davidic Kingdom covenant legal heir and the absolute moral perfection to also take the Mosaic covenant and all its kingly benefits now place on Shiloh, he with the legal right.

And poor Irsael, always rejecting God and even his son, they opened it all up for such a final checkmate on their kingdom which has now transcended the physical and will eventually arrive to rule the universe. THAT is how God turns one move against himself, into 7 moves in his favor. It is now a done deal, all the world has to do is complete Scarlet Wildbeast world government “8th King” King North and the real Kingdom will conquer them once they cross that final line. The Revelation 11:15 “Kingdom of the World” has been given to Jesus Christ the future King of kings, it is a done deal, just a few more years to wrap up the final few details for this world current rival power system under Satan, who shall be “cast out” to the abyss.

That decision of Israel to have a human king has instead aided the process of the final coronation of Jesus Christ whom they rejected in the process to also accomplish the rest of God’s strategy to also save many when Christ comes to sweep for sheep first, then conquer the world.

Good news.
The 1260 days and 1290 days of the future are the final week also as in Genesis 7:4. The final warning is ended 1260 days completed, half the week, by world government as the final DT placed in the future.

Thus Christ arrives into an active 1290 days, 1290 days of securing sheep then the conquest at the end of the week.

A final covenant is offered for the “great crowd” is the meaning, it is in Ezekiel and Jeremiah and it is an open salvation covenant (Rev14:6-8) as the first Children of the Lamb because they attend the Marriage of the Lamb as human guests OFFICIALLY adopted into the Lamb Family by Christ and the Bride, in Daniel 12:12 staging.

It will be a very big deal come the day.
Russell completed the clarification intent of the entire Reformation movement, as far as elementary things distorted by inaccuracy he did clarify God’s purpose, Christ’s role and position in it and the purpose for planet Earth under King Christ.

It makes sense because without a clear truthful purpose the rest would have been in vain. Rutherford is perhaps the most important Christian emissary since the apostles, because by his stalwart vigilance he helped IBSA and JWs move past the Papacy error to squarely identify the Global League of Nations as the “image of the wildbeast” and he bridged two “disgusting thing” globalist world “placements” of said DT as it became the United Nations in 1945 a couple years after his death.

But by his stalwart guard, BOTH of the first two of four UN “placements” were zeroed in on in what is now a world government prophecy which would have been impossible to ID today if not for JFR.

JWs cover up the 3rd UN DT prophecy placement of 1990 and became a UN sponsor as UN NGO as the WTBTS also donated about a billion to wildbeast programmes globaly and they fund the current anti-JW global stumbling campaign of Daniel 11:32-35 with such money which may exceed a billion at this time.

After Fred Franz death is when JWs dropped the UN exposing ball and actually joined the world government secrecy effort for a while longer.

Without Big Stick Rutherford on board it would have all been lost in 1917 when the board attempted a revolt which finally succeeded in 1976. By that time the first two UN prophecy cats were out of the bag where they shall remain.

Now we know the 666 which Christians are commanded to avoid is allegiance to world government when it comes. One must chose Christ as King of kings not a globalized cabal of bankers, warlords and politicians.

But JWs will not touch this no brainer final realities with a 10 mile pole, because the GB is Daniel 11:32a apostasy leaders from King North Globalist interests and that is why they will also not reveal King North must equate to the 8th King in the end as a world government full global sovereign rival to emerge from this next global crisis “sword stroke’ which will not be “the end” but the stage set for a global “healing” recovery into world government.

That will all come true and the first IBSA pattern of prophecy will REPEAT for the final pattern fulfillment— a final 1260 day warning will precede the “abyss ascension” of the full 8th King King North World Government, just as the first 1914-1918 1260 days preceded and led to the 1919-21 League of Nations first “place the disgusting thing”.

That pattern will repeat in the future last witness of the two, but this time it is ceased in Revelation 11:7 and Daniel 12:11 into world government and the final 1290 days when Christ complete his own ministry as a spirit immortal to get the sheep out of the battlezone prior to the conquest over that coming demon/human world government and its final 666 campaign of required global allegiance by international law.

BTG goes down not next, but under world government. JW Org is who goes down first. When you see that soon maybe you will rethink your position on these matters.

All this kind of final summary ends up in that final 1260 days sovereign wrap up of God’s Kingdom as per Revelation 10:5-7. Now you know what the 666 mark is, treason for human world government by allegiance to it. Avoid that mark.
Humans are fallible, of course it is my opinion, but it respects the same global development pattern and prophecy of the WW1 cycle to result in an “image” of a world government.

When I say Bethel I mean the JW ministry but the component that is actually anointed Christian, as well as the corrupted frauds as one whole mix which has resulted in a notable modern apostasy— even if JWs deny it, some see it and admit it while exiting (Matt24:15). The mundane corporate names are involved but not Biblical they are just tools. By making these things “divine” the GB have formed an idolatry.

So, I mean, now “Bethel” as apostate anointed Christians in highest governing capacity of JWs (which may include total infiltrated frauds as well, now), but who can tell who is who, so it means the whole “governing” aspect of the modern JW ministry as JWs view it above the authority of their congregations. I mean as Hosea meant (Hos1:4-7), the self-appointed, self-approved, human illegal authority now hampering the JW ministry with much stumbling. But, imo, “Bethel” was not always in transgression, disputes over Russell and JFR, to me, are more theology and personality issues which all the Christian movers, like Luther, also inspire in their own critics. To me, the whole thing has led to a Kingdom of God warning while in a state of wheat and weeds mixed. Personalities are not what I focused on, but the Kingdom making the sovereign issue over Earth known, for a good reason

Revelation 1:7-8

Men cannot make themselves an “apostle”. God can do whatever He please. I do not know, just being sinner human, but I know there is a stall in JWs that at one time took it farther and more up to date than any prior reformation branch effort. And the JW stall is going on 30 years of the total absence of globalization effects in prophecy, which JWs are not just silent on, but UN NGO in league with. Imo, that is not a random corruption or some convenient accident, to me it is Daniel 8:11-12 and Daniel 11:32-35, mass stumbling for refinements.

My opinion is that, prophecy is from God and it fulfills “to the particle of a letter” in its forecast. Rev1:1
When God needs to get things back on track, as in 1914, He does a temple judgment TIMED prophecy. This time it is Daniel 8:13-14 that the GB led apostasy will trigger.

After that event, timing and phasing gets half way, Daniel 8:14,26 “the morning” enlightenment will be able to time verify and prove this apostasy is now fulfilling a signal prophecy, and it led to the real Daniel 8:13-14. Fred Franz tried to interpret that before it happened and even he had doubts on it, that is why they adjusted the date in Daniel book 1999, the GB Daniel 8:13-14 is not valid.

The Daniel 8:13-14 will become valid and its timing will help prove it in the future “eveing” of total Rev9 “abyss” darkness upon JWs.
[quote=’AuldSoul’ pid=’311500′ dateline=’1525301416′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’311464′ dateline=’1525299612′]Humans are fallible, of course it is my opinion, but it respects the same global development pattern and prophecy of the WW1 cycle to result in an “image” of a world government.[/quote]

I noticed that it “respects the same … pattern” imposed by the guy who once believed the woman riding on top was the Episcopalian Church, and who imagined that by measuring the features of the Great Pyramid at Giza one could chart out the Divine Plan of the Ages, all three dispensations!

I disagree that it makes any sense at all to respect the patterns projected by Pastor C.T. Russell, who was proven wrong about almost everything he taught as “revealed truth” simply by the passage of time.

They dumped Russell’s Revelation ideas quickly after 1919, there was only an apostasy-to-temple-judgment pattern at that time.

1. The pattern I refer to is secular and it requires a global-crisis phase to handily “resolve” into an intended global solution phase; in the case of WW1 as the crisis it did resolve into the League of Nations “solution” as an international forum with intent of eventual world government to “ensure peace’. In geo-political theory, and others, that cyclic “problem to solution” formula is known as the Hegelian Dialectic which principle works as well for a movie, novel or a global crisis cycle to, in time, globally resolve to highlight the intended global-focus which after WW1 was globalist talk of a world government necessity. The League of Nations was the “solution” focal point of the WW1 “problem” cycle of 1914-1919 in secular globalism development history.

That problem-to-solution global pattern is also in prophecy at Revelation 13:3 as the dialectic formula:

[b]And I saw one of his heads [i]as though[/i] wounded to death; but his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.[/b]

As you can plainly see, the objective is to scare the beejeebers out of everyone then use the global relief of the “healing” recovery to highlight the wildbeast world government “solution”. Though people think it is doomsday possibly, it does not result in the “end of the world”, it results in a healing phase and in people believing the then highlighted world government claims that they must rule earth to ensure the peace and survival of humanity- a task God has given Christ, not them, btw.

In other words, it is a global con game.

2. By the time they used it the second time globally, the dialectic formula [world-war-to-world-government] pattern repeated as WW2 resolved into yet another step in the world government forming process, getting the US on board and other improvements to highlight the United Nations presentation of 1945. Its now 2nd time pattern is outlined in the Bible at Revelation 13:3 in general form and Revelation 17:8-11 in specific form at that time, but only the UN image emerged, not full 8th King World Government yet.

3. The Cold WW3 also provided a cold version of the same formualic dialectic which resulted in the 3rd United Nations “place the disgusting thing” in 1990.

So, by now one does not even need prophecy to see how the world-war-to-world-government cycle formula works, three times so far, and to safely bet a fourth cycle is planned for the near future to also result in a world government presentation– but this time in full 8th King World Government form. But we can use prophecy too, because it has the basic Revelation 13:3 dynamic of how the “sword stroke” global “problem/crisis”, INSTEAD OF BEING DOOMSDAY–wildbeast head 7 slaughtered to death– it too resolves, us triple-usual, into said world government.

JFR was the one who first explained that principle but not as concisely as that of today’s globalism experts. But more importantly JFR connected it to a major Revelation prophecy. The real miracle is how completely and quickly they dumped the Russell Revelation error for the real target: forming 8th King world government as seen in its image and cycle-formula for global presentation as the League of Nations, United Nations and whatever they come up from abyss as in this final global-crisis “sword-stroke” now brewing with the BRICS bloc of nations versus the US/UK and its Global NATO system.

The world government engineers have to use this formula for presentation in the future. This time as in 1914, it will get a 1260 days divine warning prior to 8th King World Government completion— that pattern also repeats a final time. The first patterns just got us warmed up in order to recognize the final pattern while it is near activating globally.

It is possible, but I think I see it moreso within JWs. For example, I have an apologist that I listen to and think is right on with Calvinism, but I reserve room to doubt his interpretation even though he quotes scripture and context. With the JWs is there any room to doubt the publications found in the Watchtower?
Just to be clear, I prefer to use specifics to keep things neat and tidy, hence why I’m talking about my personal experience and your personal experience.[/QUOTE]

You can doubt, but silently, you cannot speak dissent from GB teachings, that is enforced. It is much more so in JWs, JWs are like Dark Ages Catholocism, the only reason they do not burn you at the stake is that the law of the land forbids it— THAT is how bad JWs have been subverted. No joke. JWs are under a control-by-coercion technique whose example of what to fear for disagreeing with the GB was Ray Franz since like 1980s. THAT put the scare into all JWs then and now, and that is called extortion, coercion, not free will.

In my personal experience I was told only the “faithful slave” could make a prophecy claim to the flock to be trusted when I told an elder Daniel 11:27-45 King North has to be the same as 8th King World Government NOT the USSR decoy national-bloc system fail (Dan11:36c). Being one who partook at JW memorial events I used to be considered a part of the FDS. But that ended in 2012.

When I had that little confrontation with that elder, the GB had made the 2011-2012 claim only they could speak on prophecy as FDS, they and they alone (2Thess2:3-4). Though I exited on my own in 2012 in obedience to Matthew 24:15 and the JW UN NGO, and no longer associate with JWs at their meetings, in time I would have been forced to leave because no way was I going to support the error that the failed USSR is King North, it is Globalism Based World Government “8th King” (Rev17:8-18) still in progress. And no way where they going to respect my opinion, I would be symbolically burned at the stake had I stayed, because kowtow silence is not an option.

JWs are FORCED to accept what the Tyrannical GB cabal teaches by a purposeful controlling coercion technique. Agree, be silent or get extricated, and that from my own experience. But good riddance, in no way is that Christ like but anti-Christ like policies. I don’t trust cabals, I’ll stick to Jesus Christ. He is not going to JW meetings either. (Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JWs soon) I have only the best of feelings for leaving, I KNOW JWs have gone bad by a bad GB influence. Couldn’t be happier about any decision in my life except with my much earlier acceptance and dedication to God and Christ.

Faith in God is not the same as faith in religion, no matter the religion— there is only one GOD to serve. It makes the matter much simpler.
There have been three UN presentations after a hot or cold world war cycle. The first was the League of Nations which reemerged after WW2 as the United Nations and in 1990 after the Cold world war cycle. JWs claim two of those 3 UN presentations fulfilled Revelation “image of the wildbeast” prophecy in 1919 and 1945. In 1990 rather than continue the claims by pointing out King North must be that globalism based world government in progress at Daniel 11:31b, by GB lead the were silent on the issue. Instead, the became a UN NGO sponsor.

So, as Jesus commanded that “when you catch sight of th disgusting thing… as spoken of by Daniel the prophet” at Matthew 24:15, some reader’s discernment recognizes it is that 1990 3rd United nations presentation after the Cold War victory over the USSR, as Daniel 11:31b as the global disgusting thing event spoken of by Daniel for our time. But many JWs cannot see this, they do not “catch sight of the disgusting thing” right under their very noses. The DT stands where it should not be in JWs supposed Christian Kingdom ministry as a globally known centerpiece of treason and hypocrisy to define Matthew 24:15 where Christ spoke that prophecy and command to flee such a locale as the JW Org.

JWs, who also claim to be “god’s Kingdom representatives”, a government btw, now also claim to be “non-governmental” thereby also forsaking their former Kingdom mission as UN NGO for the world government system instead. No matter what one may believe, this is a strange development and not something a “good excuse” can be plied that a Library Card is why it is OK for JWs to ride the wildbeast as the latest “non-governmental” member. It is bad. It is why my discernment meant leaving the JW congregation in 2012, as I did not know until 2011 of that UN NGO due to my own negligence and WTBTS secrecy on the alliance.

Thus, if we question a few shoddy current JW interpretations like Daniel 8:13, the UN NGO would be that “transgression causing desolation” IN THE FUTURE to this treasonous JW ministry, the current interp of Daniel 8:13-14 is invalid and weak at best. And WJs are definitely in the “wrong condition” at this time according to their own claims of being faithful to God and Christ and the Kingdom when they are serving a cabal of GB men, endorse the UN as UN NGO and are in a known treason against God’s Kingdom. The “right condition” will be restored after the real Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JW Org with the next global downturn in the real Daniel 11:41-43 global context of the fall of the “king South” national system at global scale.

It appears the GB “throws truth to the earth” (Dan8:12b) because these now easy to see anomalies are fully absent from modern JW commentary in every detail covered in the above. Can that be accidental? As per the GB King North globalism aids it is on purpose as Daniel 11:32-35 JW apostasy and global stumbling we see all over the world now in connection with WTBTS UN scandal and other lawlessness. It is prophecy, it is no accident.
[quote=’AuldSoul’ pid=’311901′ dateline=’1525351695′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’311556′ dateline=’1525304978′]That problem-to-solution global pattern is also in prophecy at Revelation 13:3 as the dialectic formula:

[b]And I saw one of his heads [i]as though[/i] wounded to death; but his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.[/b]

As you can plainly see, the objective is to scare the beejeebers out of everyone then use the global relief of the “healing” recovery to highlight the wildbeast world government “solution”.[/quote]

No, I cannot plainly see that. This trick you have played on yourself is that you imagined the way you see it is the [i]only[/i] way it [i]obviously[/i] can be seen.

This is precisely the same trap C.T. Russell fell into, repeatedly, hundreds of times.

Interpretations do not belong to you. You can futilely attempt to ignore that fact by trying anyway, but like C.T. Russell you will fail.

Russell did not fail at everything, and the one prophecy principle in Daniel 4 of a sovereign time limit for rival development that he did get on point has grown to the full magnitude of Daniel 2,4,7,8,11-12 and Revelation 13 and 17. There is not much timeline structured prophecy to track and 90% of it already has fulfilled in the trek of seven world powers who will now converge into 8th King world government.

This is not that difficult to see, you don’t need to be Daniel, Sherlock Holmes or Einstein to see this now because that Daniel 2 most basic picture is simply gentile world history en route to a complete whole “immense image” world government.

Jesus messed with a couple things that led to his execution very quickly in one day, he disrupted their currency exchange and commerce system and he spoke of a new kingdom and his role in for he rode into Jerusalem as King, and now when they complete world government in over ten years, he will ride in again in Revelation 19:11 because he is King and he hit the sovereign issue on the head and his disciples TODAY will continue to hit the nail on the head.

The problem with JWs is they now aid temple theft, they aid the big banks and corporations with their 50 billion in stored up rich man blood money and they sponsor 8th King world government in that 3rd UN presentation co-promotional as UN NGO. As first proof their money tables will be turned over into the start of a global cycle that will match the simple pattern of a critical global sword stroke that will heal into said 8th King world government which will have a temple cleansing of Daniel 8:14 that will precede it to give an official 1260 days warning before it completes, it is the last witness to be.

No man can stop this final cycle nor which it away and the news of it emerges well beforehand so no one can really say Jehovah’s witnesses spun a tale to recover out of the mess the GB now has them in. It will be what it is and it will give a fair warning from God and Christ prior to their Kingdom arrival for sheep securing first, the conquest on that final world power in world government which all those sovereign prophecies converge into.

Revelation was given by God through Christ to “show his slave the things which must shortly take place”, and when God says that that is what it shall do BEFORE it all happens this time. Every step in this process has refined further and further as Malachi 3 states, and all of it is built on the principle Russell first nailed in Daniel 4 and that easy fix is Babylon must mark 607 BCE, not the current error.

God allows error in areas that when rectified in a final warning of the future will revist the exact core of the issue again, that Jesus Christ is divine and legally appointed and anointed ruler from God and the powers that be will continue to get the warning because in time it is he they will face to settle the issue of who shall rule this world forever.

The 8th King get “one hour” rule, Revelation 17:8-12. The Messianic Kingdom gets forever and that issue is what will not go away and we are at the tipping point for the final cycle now, the signal apostasy in JWs has been identified now it is Daniel 8:13-14 timed temple judgment events on JWs that will prove itself well before world government is ready to ascend its final time from this coming “abyss” the world is soon to head into in a final sword stroke.

When that final global-cycle-to-world-government is running its exact foretold course to the very years left in its Dan8:14, Rev11:3, Dan12:11 timing and in the “seven trumpet” mapped events in globally felt manner based on an earlier valid foregleam, it will become harder and harder to sweep under the rug.

The 1260 days final warning will help many see and Christ by the angels of Revelation 14:6-8 will help any who fell through the Matthew 10:23 cracks of human limitations because their goal is the largest salvation sweep in world history wherein ANYONE can be saved by accepting the Messianic Kingdom rule of King of kings Christ and rejecting the 8th King world government.

The final warning will not be church rug nap or JW hyper holy hypocrisies, it will be the most open minded and big heart loving appeal to as many people as possible for the largest open salvation positive message since Christ first arrived. After the 1260 days (Rev11:7-12), Christ will complete the last 3.5 years of his seven year ministry (in Dan12:11) in the future as an immortal God with all power of heaven and earth being exercised for the salvation of millions perhaps billions of people because his Kingdom knows no housing, food, health, intel or security issues, not so much as one single limitation in his ability to save, love and care for what will be left of willing humanity come that time.

He always gives a fair warning and open salvation offer but it has to be made real again.
[quote=’AuldSoul’ pid=’311409′ dateline=’1525292520′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’310588′ dateline=’1524786529′]Nope, that used to be the case, true. But JWs as UN NGO now define Matthew 24:15.[/quote]

Some points of factual clarification to your declarations:
[*]”JWs” do not exist as an organization, but only as a religion in concept.
[*]The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of New York, Inc. (WBTS) is not “Jehovah’s Witnesses,” the religion.
[*]The WBTS is, and has always been, an organization which is non-governmental in nature, therefore, has always been an NGO and will always be an NGO.
[*]As an NGO, the WBTS, cannot possibly affiliate to the UN.
[*]As an NGO, the WBTS can apply for an NGO membership to specific departments of the UN.
[*]The WBTS DID apply for Associate Membership to, and became accredited as an Associate Member to, the United Nations Department of Public Information (UN/DPI).
[*]The WBTS actively maintained an accredited Associate Membership the UN/DPI for 9.75 years and fulfilled all obligations of said membership.[/list]The WBTS violated their own published standards of moral ethics in the eyes of God just by seeking to voluntarily join themselves to those disapproved by God. For nearly a decade, the organization maintained a status to the UN/DPI which would have led to public reproof, at a minimum, if an adherent to the religion known as Jehovah’s Witnesses maintained the same status to the YMCA for even a few weeks.

Please speak knowledgeably and with factual accuracy if you are going to speak to others about the subject. Anyone who thoroughly researches the matter might believe that you lied to them and there is no need to speak about the matter inaccurately.

The UN “disassociated” WTBTS, they did not abide by the rule of no bad press in order to maintain the UN good reputation objective. The UN DPI is under the UN Secretariat “Departments and Offices” of the “United Nations System” and UN NGOs are endorsing affiliates of world government-in-progress and there is no unique information at the UN Library not also available 100 other places– plus we see no new research in that 10 years Library visit from them supposed “full-time Bible studiers”, what we see is Daniel 8:12b and Daniel 11:32a.

But now the WTBTS (or its other 100+ corporate entities in other countries and the US) is a UN IGO (Intergovernmental Organization) aiding world government direct and funding lobby as in “UN Consultative Status” as well, in every nation on Earth in some capacity, the WTBTS amped up their wildbeast worship while everyone was distracted by the UN NGO left had going down in 2001.

It has gotten much much much worse since 2001. In fact the GB has sealed the dissolution of the JW Org, soon, by this alliance in particular. UN Mission accomplished.

[b]Reality Check[/b]

Rather the JW-WTBTS “anointed Christian Temple” UN NGO is the “transgression causing desolation” to JW Org very soon as Daniel 8:13. That “temple transgression” is in relation to the covered up 1990 Daniel 11:31b 3rd United Nations presentation after the Cold WW3. That well defines the modern “catch sight of the disgusting thing in a holy place” in Matthew 24:15 as foretold by Daniel– and clarified for today by Jesus Christ, as you can see, plainly visible in the Jehovah’s witnesses “anointed Christian” ministry and its “established place” of Daniel 8:11.

No wonder the JW “constant feature” is profaned and rejected as Daniel 11:31a. They worshiped that 3rd UN event and silence the reality of its Daniel 11 prophecy and the real King North as Globalist World Government in progress, NOT the USSR decoy error.

JW Org is who goes down next and first (timed as Daniel 8:13-14), not “Babylon the Great” for whom WTBTS and JWs are just the latest UN Call Girl on the world government aiding street.
[QUOTE who=”Ben Avraham”]<quoted text>

Not a king but a priest yes, we had Jeshua mentioned 11 times in the book of Ezra and 15 times in the book of Nehemiah but he was just a priest. The main priest-Scholar was Ezra who during the 70 years of exile in Babylon, organized the whole of the Tanach in preparation for the establishment of the New Covenant predicted by Jeremiah in 31:31. Regarding Jesus, the son of Joseph and Mary, he was never king and, priest he could not be because he was not from the Levitical Tribe. Joseph his father was from the Tribe of Judah.


Jesus Christ is the Immortal Mighty God of Isaiah 9:6 and he is the Melchizedekian High Priest, Psalm 110. He is King as we speak (Ps2), he just has not completed the 144000 Messianic Kingdom power-system on Earth until AFTER this world completes a worthy rival (Joel3:9-17), world government 8th King around, say, 2030, maybe a little sooner. (Rev19:11; Rev17:14)

High Priest Joshua of Zechariah 6:9-15 pictures the final Christ King-Priest coronation of Joshua Christ on the head of King North/8th King world government rival, AFTER this next world war, AFTER they complete it IN THE FUTURE. When you see all that in the future, God willing, you can update your erred information.
[QUOTE who=”Ben Avraham”]<quoted text>

That’s not how Jesus was referenced as a king in the gospels. “Kings of covenants!” Let’s not be so
naives! The reference is to real kings and Jesus was not one. BTW, why don’t you quote. Salvation
has nothing to do with the fall of Israel. Any one can be saved if he or she listens to “Moses” aka the Law.That’s what Jesus said in Luke 16:29-31.


As Jesus stated his Kingdom is not from earthly source. He is a real King forever (Rev6:1; Rev19:11-21), just not made of dust as you are seeking to find– and not arrived in Kingdom of David full immortal power until AFTER the rival gets their little world government globalized NATO thingy ready for the war with Christ Air Force (Rev16:17). You guys made this very same mistake in 33 CE too, same mistake, same blindness, same people I guess, to this day, the same. You seem to never learn, but alas, Jesus found this case to be true also in his day when dealing with you guys.

Open salvation GUARANTEE to all willing is Revelation 14:6-8, post world government, post Christ arrival. Some one far greater than Moses will deliver many through the “Red Sea” of Revelation 14:14-20. Paul already set you guys straight on the law all break, listen to him.

[quote=’Tony Price 77′ pid=’312437′ dateline=’1525492862′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’312408′ dateline=’1525467343′]
If the United Nations dissolves … (or becomes inactive due to a world war, for example)

… what result will that have to the doctrine of Jehovah’s Witnesses? How do you speculate JWs will spin this development if it occurred?

This was Auldsoul’s question posted in JW Forum, and even though JWs have no official teaching on this question, it does cause some debate so I started a similar thread here hoping for more input.

Temple you seem to act as if you’re still over at the ‘other’ forum. Because most people here are not going to know what you are talking about, or even care. Also, most people here aren’t even going to know who Auldsoul is.


Then what are you doing here? That was Auldsoul’s question still starving for JW feedback, but as you know JWs are in a post 1969 coma. I moved this to General Religion to discuss a manner in which world government may be instituted globally after this next “world war” coming up.

Thus, neutralizing the UN or giving the appearnce of a threat to it, as in the Cold War, is a common technique to highlight its re-emergence. If we count the first time in 1919-1921, The LON/UN has used this world-wat-to-world-government formula three times, thus a fourth time forecast does not take a prophet, or Einstein or Sherlock Holmes to submit a guess like this.

[b]Speculation: How JWs Will Spin UN Dysfunction in the Future[/b]

I am just throwing my three cents in now, because:

1. It seems JWs will not respond

2. JWs are too apathetic, and by lack of globalism awareness overall, they will not follow global prophecy progress with world government globalization evidence in action since 1970 which is why they cannot respond to this question imo, it is not real to them any longer, too many decades staring at their eyelids and distracted by “over organization”. If commoner JWs did respond now it may be a “God’s Kingdom rules, it does not matter” type of ricochet into a dead end, if the The WT Elites respond later in print it would be a premature “the end” guess from their own “self fulfilling prophecy” schedule.

3. Thus, JWs could just say “it is the end”, which is what the GB will tell them, but it is NOT “the end” (2Thess2:1-2) for a number of provable reasons.

Now to rephrase Auldsoul’s question appropriate for prophecy awareness:

[b]What if the United Nations goes into that global “abyss” of Revelation 11:7 and Revelation 17:8-12 from which they sprang in 1945?[/b]

First, the UN cannot “dissolve” but they can become ineffective at “world peace” and go into the “abyss” by design of such diplomatic “world peace” inactivity as it aids the Revelation 13:3 cyclic phase global effect— all it takes is another world war to make the UN look impotent and “dissolved”, sword stroke, Rev13:3.

The UN System is far larger than any national government on Earth, and by its backing “super corporation” international financial sector and NATO globalizing-military sector in parallel development it is the nucleus of a Globalization System which is larger than ALL the national governments combined.

In addition, all zenith quasi-AI will be part of the UN System’s bigger computers and telecom networks/ satellites in advanced automation-networking also in its corporate+NATO control and it owns and is receiver of all these national government corporations. (Dan11:42-43 will fulfill and the 8th King KN will make it all official and legal in the future) What I mean is the “SkyNet” “defense network” concept of the Terminator franchise will in time be a reality under UN System World Government control.

The United Nations may appear to go down, but now it is impossible for that complex to “dissolve”. It is the executive nucleus of a massive globalization process nearing maturity which completes over the next decade plus a couple years into WORLD GOVERNMENT.

If the UN “dissolve” (as you term it, as if “dissolved” (Rev13:3, “as though”)) it would be the future “goes into abyss” sign with a world war “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3 in the future. And as in the past pattern, they would by formula of “global problem to global solution” and, “order from chaos”,— “rise from the abyss” (Rev11:7; Rev17:81-2) of that coming global “sword stroke” and that ascension in global sovereignty as the “United Nations” central global world government executive branch as the 8th King Scarlet Wildbeast in the signal complete form.

But for themselves they would emerge under whatever final branding, mantra and name they want, United Nations New and Improved, New World Order Guys, “Earthly Kingdom of God”, or whatever and simply fulfill the final massive signal sovereign prophecy of Revelation 11:7, Revelation 17:8-18 and Revelation 13:15-18.

The UN would only be the “executive branch” the globalized corporate matrix manages the globalized wealth and new financial system, the “ten horns” run a super “Global NATO” also in its final form and name and also in totally globalized manner.

In fact they may just do such a thing! Good eye Auldsoul!

In fact they will. And by then now apostate JWs (post Dan8:13-14) will have to spread the Revelation 10:11 “3.5 times” “little scroll” message “AGAIN” before it happens by at least 1260 days (Rev11:3)…

[b] Revelation 10:11 Then [JWs will be told] told, “You must prophesy AGAIN [for 1260 days] about many peoples, nations, languages and kings.” [/b]

…because this time 8th King world government in complete form will trigger Christ arrival with a preceding major globalized sovereign event all shall see: 8th King World Government in complete “one hour” ruling form. (Rev17:12; Dan11:45)

IBSA and Jehovah’s witnesses went on the global stage focus with God’s Kingdom sovereign proclamation since 1914 for a reason and they shall fall (Dan8:13-14; Rev8) but also emerge from Revelation 9 “abyss” of our own judgment to resume, Rev10:11 again, global attention for a reason– it is all the truth of the prophecy continuum to world government as 8th King King North King Fierce and the whole Daniel 2 immense image and Daniel 7 4th beast, all world government, all converging to one last “gather the nations” under world government grand, seen by all, finale!

World Government triggers Christ arrival in Messianic Kingdom co-completion of the 144000. It is to become and is as simple as that!

Great question Auldsoul!


[b]The Obligatory JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy[/b]

Now a worse setup “self fulfilling prophecy” is what the GB tenders for JWs, that the next global mega-crisis will be “the end”. IF we enter the final major global crash/war “sword stroke” cycle as I speculate we must, contrary to Christ’s warning to Matthew 24:6 it is NOT “the end”:

And ye shall hear of wars and rumours of wars: see that ye be not troubled: for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet.

It will be the global condition in which Christ will NOT arrive. JWs will go down into a HOAX “THE END” and the ministry will be cancelled by the GB’s own mouth, as they are already prepping JWs to believe and “obey the organization as crazy as it may sound” directives such as that in WT 11/15/13, “seven dukes” article).

Rather, the world peace of the UN final mantra is what defines 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 after the 8th King is in World Government. That is what Christ was saying, not in time of global war, but in time of global “peace and security” from the 8th King mouth is when Christ arrives, it is now a no brainer to forecast what the 8th King is up to and that they engineer the order in which JW prophecy is to unfold in order to control JWs by a hoax into cessation of their own ministry, as if “the end”.

But it will be Revelation 13:3, not the end, it will be Revelation 17:8-12 for the “one hour” rule of said 8th King World Government and its final “world peace” global-mantra final sign of 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.

The JW end will fail, the ministry will suffer its last discrediting development of the time allotted for this JW apostasy. (Dan8:13-14)

[quote=’Tony Price 77′ pid=’312829′ dateline=’1525763995′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’312827′ dateline=’1525763511′]
[quote=’Tony Price 77′ pid=’312823′ dateline=’1525757354′]
Hey, Temple. Is there anyone with your same beliefs who share you preoccupation with globalism and world government? Because I know that I_know_better_now from Topix shared some of your views, but he was a Jehovah’s Witness.

Thousands of people. http://www.globalresearch.ca as an example. . .


I didn’t read your long post, but are you saying that those thousands of people share your religious beliefs? And in case I didn’t make it clear that I was referring to sharing your ‘relgious’ beliefs, my apologies.


Well you should have read the post. I pointed out that by TWO fantastic sources the SAME PATTERN is emerging and identically converging. These sources are the world’s human researchers/experts/etc and Bible prophecy. I do not know their religious inclinations or status of their faith. But I do know it is the same story from either of them two perspectives.

For example, in the financial transformation subject of globalism studies we know a slow but steady wealth transfer and consolidation is collecting in the corporate supra-national realm and it is fed, in part, by enormous debt in the national realm. By such a slow but sure process the nations will lose their wealth, massive debt defaults will aid that process, and with loss of real wealth and its control is loss of real antional sovereignty— they lose ALL their “gold and silver” and their “desirable things” as Daniel 11:42-43 describes the nation-state system downfall as King South becoming subservient to King North Globalism.

[b]1. Global Nation-State Bankruptcy[/b]

A very simple dynamic known by globalism financial researchers is also the most LITERAL PROPHECY in the Bible at Daniel 11:42-43. It is literal because when it happens there will be no question what has fulfilled, but that takes a few years to topple US/UK, Russia and China as formerly “sovereign” autonomous nation-state systems, the rest tumble in as well. (Obviously, a bankrupt and failed USSR system did NOT fulfill Daniel 11:42-43 as WT claims, and they are NOT “King North” which must be ascendant globalism based world government in progress at this time, synonymous with and convergent as the 8th King Scarlet Wildbeast.)

[b]2. Loss of Nation State Sovereignty[/b]

And what does that kind of wealth=sovereignty compromise empower? The nation-state “ten kings” “give their kingdom”, they “give their power and authority” to the Scarlet Wildbeast World Government 8th King, King North, King Fierce. That whole fall-to-rise final cycle is at Revelation 17:8-18 in very clear English.

[b]3. Globalization of World Government Complete[/b]

And how therefore are “nations gathered” together as in Psalm 2 and Revelation 16:13-16? By the global driving force and power of globalization as the actuality of globalism applied theory. This is happening as we speak, the final wealth transference is tipping into 100% corporate KN-component control, a global sword-stroke will accelerate the nation-state collapse and debt defaults enmasse, and the “healing” will recover it into a final 8th King World Government of finance in that component of global-governance.

Thus it is no accident the Bible covers the process from loss of sovereignty as connected to loss of wealth control and ownership, to surrendering the antion-state system to world government control as the whole process globalization “gathers the nations to Har-Magedon” as an earthly monopoly by an illegal global sovereign for this allowance is not decreed in Romans 13.

[b]4. Global Religion Deposed[/b]

They will cross the line in that Revelation 13:1 sand, when they fully complete world government. It shall rule “one hour”, the shortest rule of any major power and it will be required by God (Rev18:8) to depose the “Babylon the Great” world religious corporate complex will will toss in 500 trillion in assets for global recovery use, and the event context will be seen by all the world.

[i][b]This can all be recovered from JW former prophecy loose ends, THAT is why they are inside JWs to stall this and attempt to keep the story incomplete when we need it most. This si why the GB mislead JWs, so as NOT to finish the warning task completely. (Rev10:11)[/b][/i]

[quote=’Brother Rando’ pid=’287271′ dateline=’1494381981′]
Is the trinity a bible teaching or was it invented by man? What are your findings?

Go to a decent librray like at your local university. Look up Plato. Then head up the aisles and watch Plato turn into the Trinity right on the bookshelves before your eyes as you find various mixes of Plato en route to the Neo-Platonic Trinity in the evolution in time of it becoming a central edict of a religion system.

There could be no Trinity without Plato. Then again there could be no incantation methodology without him either, for he was from a pre Christian time period and his insights are from god. That is from the “god of this world— evil possesor”— Ozzy

The plainly recorded history of the Papal infusion of this bleached sorcery is a part of world and religious history now, it is plainly evident the “trinity” is a metaphysic which became added to Christian teachings slowly but surely, just look on the library bookshelf and see it recorded before your very eyes.

It has power in people because like Santa they get taught it very early in life, but unlike Santa it seems harder to ID the Trinity as also a fictional concept derived from the Greeks and Plato. The Trinity is not subjective in the nature of its origins, it was added to Christian teachings later and it came from Greek “philosopher” meta-physicists, that is plainly documented history up at the public library.

That is has fooled millions is no surprise, when born into a deception with global effect like this one, it is very hard to find the door in that darkness later in life, it calls into question the very basis of the focus one’s spiritual trust: sinful human leaders because that is who the Trinity honors, fallen men, not God Almighty, the One and ONLY.

As per Hebrews 10:10 Jesus Christ “BODY prepared for me” cannot be “disposed of” and still be a sacrifice given to God in total “perfect human being”. If that were the case then humanity and all creation could not be recovered and “recreated” under Last Adamic human perfection which is locked in that BODY of the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Basic elementary human science of today forms the basis of the logic of how perfect DNA would affect all things coming into that perfection too.

The blood aspect of Christ is what is for a purpose of atonement of Adamic human sin. The atonement allows the time for the perfection of the human being in body and spirit, to be transitioned in in a perfect manner in the 1000 year reign. God recieved the WHOLE PERFECT HUMAN BEING in Christ perfect form. Hebrews already showed the limitations of the lambs and rams and why they were eaten as a BBQ and disposed of.

Christ is not an animal, his sacrifice is of the perfect human being whose will become the paternal head of all creation as in the hierarchy of Genesis 1:26-28, THAT is how that curse under death to all things under that Adamic hierarchy is brought into the “there will be no course any longer” (Rev22), that blessing God promised to Abraham via that perfect human “seed” which became the perfect human being Christ who was given to God in heaven in “the tent not made by hands” as a whole perfect human sacrifice, blood AND Hebrews 10:10 “body”. Or, this would all be for nothing. But it is all for God’s purpose instead.



Yes, many yipping combatants and many flaming arrows, tomahawks and spears are whizzing and thumping into the circle of JW wagons in the hunkered down JW damage control caravan to the promised land under the GB Totem Pole scalp dance in the making. It is a grander design, discredit the whole religious complex just as the time arrives in which any prophecy may become useful from Fort Christian. Tragic, but comedic, a sad mix of affairs– surreal yet, very “reality”. But, back to globalism realities and conjecture bar and grill.

The UN may appear to dissolve; I believe Revelation 13:3 principle of a Hegelian Dialectic effect has been cyclic in principle for centuries (in principle, not application fulfillment). But as a prophecy with a specific application, Rev13:3 must apply to the 7th head Anglo-American system as in WW2 dry-run (as JWs have correct, but only for the UN “image” emergence (1945), that is the “nucleus” of world government. But imo, in the the future, they must produce ACTUAL WORLD GOVERNMENT; “wild beast” in “scarlet form” including that “image” “nucleus” and the whole world government; same structure, final rendition of Rev17:8-18, future, same run, final version global cycle);

Thus, imo, there is a Revelation 17:8-18 final global-cycle coming up, for the “seven plagues” global context and the “seven trumpet” spiritual context weave all of Revelation sovereign timeline into one final gauged continuum marked by real and recognizable future global developmental milestones. Imo, JWs previewed this cyclic pattern in 1914-1918, 1919-1922 warm up version when seen in its sovereign-conflict aspect.

I think all the new Russia “cold war revisited” hype on the Trump catalyst is all about: a global, especially US psychological preparatory setup, for the next “sword stroke”– with the obligatory “nuke” scare spike surrounding Iran and North Korea, with a dash of 911 revisited in the back ground. And all that upon a social “divide (before conquest)” formed in the country on the Trump circus issues which are now of world record media attention proportions. We have global record spheres of instability brewing like no time in history, political domestic and foreign, financial, class, gender, religion (Islam vs. Christendom/Israel Crusade), mind and media wars, etc. Think that is really all accidental? Now is when a trans-national corporate matrix in all media controlling tiers comes in very handy to prep the world for a final show down with who else but Russia as that final play was already setup in the Cold War. That BRICS sector “Team Global Boogeyman”.

[size=large][b]”United Nations” integral with Globalism progress, Globalism integral with Everything process[/b][/size]

[b][i]My argument is the “United Nations” (actual entity, not its current “brand”) is a part of a WHOLE globalization process, a globalization organism. The UN “part” is a required component which matures with the whole globalization process into what it is designed to be: the world government “executive branch” branded and visible forum for the support of the globalist-political venue to all humans of earth.[/i][/b]

It is what Scooby was warning everyone about with all them “I want to rule the world” creeps him, Shaggy and those “pesky kids” were stalking in every episode.

It would be as likely for the UN to dissolve, and I mean its entire international law plumbing reality behind the name, as are the chances globalization itself will halt or even start reversing– it is a natural evolution as well as a human aided process, not all from human design. But a “League of Nations” kind of seeming impotence for a final re-branded “image” is likely, imo. (Makes it look like doomsday for the psychological effect, even though it is NOT “the end of the world” or “slaughtered to death” in reality of the objective of the global cycle)

What I mean to speculate is the WHOLE globalization system (and real super-corporate-matrix guided process), the UN, Global NATO, highest technology complex, the super corporate network [1], social engineering media, nation-state acquired dependency on the corporate matrix wealth, and on and on is as integral in its parts for a whole as a baby lion being born and growing into a full grown big cat wherein its brain is as required and integral as the UN “brain”. Or a “wild beast” for example. In time the UN is its brain system as executive branch lobe (actually in super-corporate control), it is part of a greater whole, a part that co-develops and is designed in and required; The UN is part of the Globalism “DNA”.

This is because they cannot manage a true globalized system without an accepted central control authority, massive data handling ability, total networked system, as even now there is a controlling system— AND they require a visual interface to the global masses. That super-corporate controller has not made the global-sovereign claim in official manner yet nor is it fully matured yet, nor will it, until after the next “sword stroke” completes the mass mind social engineering final step with that doomful but recoverable cycle, and the nation-state system debt-system-default is made woefully, be recoverable, official at global scale. For those not able to be brought in financially, force will be used. (other institutions are absorbed and re-engineered over time, or deleted; (Rev17:13-18), assets transferred for world government system use. (Isa41)

And with globalization as a rampant reality with a completion objective (as does capitalism have a completion objective), such a complex system of super-corporate control [1], would indeed REQUIRE an international supreme authority required to enforce its application to the very corner quarter inch of the national systems, ALL of them. It seems the exponential and global growth (and actual application) of the power of AI and digital systems is what makes this actually possible (sorely missed in mass awareness).

World Government would be impossible without computers, etc. Without the “brain system” of world government being capable of being applied globally, digital and possibly beyond to quantum and optical processing billions of times faster, efficient and more powerful, none of this actual “world government” stuff would be possible. And because of that exponentiation progress and some coming “great ideas” and final discoveries, it is all actually right around the corner (in at least a form able to exceed Moore’s Law in just a decade, some speculate. But it is being applied, first, elite international “new world ordering” use first, because the commercial basis of the old world order, is not the basis of the one coming; Nor is the fossil fuel basis, or the nation-state conflict paradigm pert of the new world order concept, but those things must be transitioned out in a planned and scheduled manner),

But, for the world government boys, the good news is even the current state of technology could handle the immense data management needs to ordering the nation-state down to the last person and potato in their domains– at least for the current “beta” system which is already being plumbed. When they say “new world order” they really mean it. And once national sovereign conflict is gone, what do you use that global network of weapons and precision energy technologies for? Even the weapons commerce and application paradigm changes, the global weapons matrix takes on its final function, its last objective. They can then start “Agenda21ing” in earnest to get rid of old urban infrastructure, start to apply the new global “land use plan” and thin some genetic material deemed unnecessary for the “new world order” new-slave-paradigm, but in a planned and scheduled manner and by then with zero nation-state political, “bleeding heart” and rogue media interference.

What I hope to convey is that technology is a whole global governance component complex now— integral with this whole organism. The global-tech-matrix is becoming capable of true functioning world government. And of course world government will be simulated and studied first in a digital virtual world. This kind of world government modeling has already been super advanced in progress since even the 80s (digitally speaking, maybe earlier), now it is just millions of times more robust to handle the predictive data scenarios, and actual data set magnitudes even if having to be artificially aided or generated formulaically, in time it will be the real global scale live-real-time “national system data store” which must be modeled there first as it is being, because 90% of “world government” is computer aided. (And Agenda 21 UN text does discuss the kind of global-digital-system penetration authority which would be needed to bridge into national data systems to collect the actual nation-state big data of the entire financial, social-commerce, martial and governance systems, which is enormous but doable.)

The “United Nations” is also a routine in the test-program in that simulation, “world government beta”, UN 4.0 VR, Global OS 2, NWO. There is no real actually valid reason to “dissolve the UN” (rebranded yes, erased, no), and it is a required central-visual-component of the whole globalization process— for the eyes of the masses, the “image” is very real for such purpose, the world must see it to accept it even if in branded symbols and human personalities. (As stated though, they may use a UN destroyed or dissolved HOAX with that coming sword stroke context; just be aware it will be Revelation 13:3, Rev17:8-12; Rev11:7, just a heads up Ahem– Dan11:41-43 is the financial/wealth-sovereignty fall of the nation-state system as the background global context)

In addition, the most powerful and richest power on earth, the Anglo-American based Globalist Corporate Power System, requires an international scale VISUAL “executive branch” for its visible “world government” political effect and actual administrative functions. People only believe what they see, world government must be branded and have all the required visuals, mantras, claims, and personality, it must appeal to human beings to the core, just like any nation-state politic.

Even if the New United Nations is mostly advanced computing and advanced or quasi AI, it needs a human set of talking heads. And, it may get more than that in time, it may even be an AI system able to even channel the spirit world as in the rebel angels, as Ray Kurzweil took off the kid gloves in “The Age of Spiritual Machines”, if you read between the lines and understand the real possibility of a “Satan USB” into a global Digital Cerebrum like “SkyNet”, these things could be aided by super human intelligence developmentally, and actual controlling system possessing power in a true globalized “Everything Network”. This stuff is not crazy at Google or wherever in the Big Soft Silicon Chasm, this stuff is the goal– “spiritual machines” the “singularity” (with more than just machine I submit); how far it gets toward that objective we do not know. (Eze38:7) We know how far it got in Genesis 6, but that world context is not today’s.

THAT kind of stuff will become possible under world government, that is why the consumption and earth sucking old world order engine of “progress” is to be changed and in that changed there are facets of human society no longer needed, the energy paradigm shifts and the natural world must be rehabilitated and protected, that is a goal. Meaning nature will be more important than many workers of the old world order system, to what degree they no longer require this kind of OWO slavery is yet to be seen, how they plan to schedule the transition into NWO “Zeitgeist” tech-reality remains to be seen, will they bring in super human direct intelligence and power? Remains to be seen. Is that global progress and goal going away soon? No. Every day we move a step closer to new world ordering in overdrive, even if scheduled and planned the task is enormous.

Now the UN may appear to “go into abyss” in the future neutralization of its “world peace keeping mission”, but it is also all be Hegelian effect design, scare the beejeebers out of everyone, “as though slaughtered to death”, “fake doomsday” but with a nuclear roaster sample in a few urban places, THEN “miraculously” hit the “magic moment” as Trump calls it, when everyone out of the blue decides to disarm under world government, all seemingly overnight “world peace and security everyone” (1Thess5:1-3) is a mantra all will hear in time, under world government– I mean over a decade from now, 2018. It can now be “predicted” even without prophecy, they already used this cycle 3 times, WW1, WW2, Cold WW3. WW4 cycle, no matter the form, hot, cold, warm, is now predictable.

THAT “world peace everyone!” [whatever they call the UN by that time] mantra is that 1Thess5:1-3 world peace claim which will manifest under world government after complete global sovereign authority is stated. My speculation is God is real, Christ is appointed universal ruler, the prophecy is good, the global indications are revealing in parallel and this “world government coming” stuff will get clear as day as we step into sword stroke and after, and the United Nations is an integral part of a whole globalization organism, it can change names, it can become dysfunctional but it cannot simply dissolve for its is the visible “image”, the public interface for world government, the nucleus of new world order global visuals and “cult of personality” to come.

Most important awareness for any Christian or person acquiring faith, or anyone really is: Christ CANNOT “arrive” to depose the nation-state, they are sanctioned as Romans 13 as Genesis 10 progressed. But when they give all global “power and authority” (Rev17:12-15) to an unsanctioned “world government”, then the 10 pins will be set for Christ arrival, BUT for a sheep securing process first, final good signs globally (Rev14:6-8) prior to conquest on NWO 8th King World Government in an officially known sovereign global claim at internationally broadcast manner. JWs or Mormons or whatever are just religions in a globalized religious matrix for stall and silence eventual purpose, as we see JWs have dropped the ball too.

Most important simple concept: 8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and “world peace” stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

Jehovah’s witnesses must recover in some form (Dan8:14) for a final summary (Rev10:11; Rev10:5-7; Rev11:3) and global appeal (Matt10:23 limited) that merges into post-Christ arrival Revelation 14:6-8 total OPEN SALVATION OFFER to ANYONE willing to obey the new ruler, King of kings Christ and God Almighty the actual Supreme Sovereign of Everything, as completed by the angels of Christ, beyond human by that time for completion.

The salvation message must become extremely open, positive and aided in belief it will be that best case scenario. Religions have clammed people up, the positive reality must be far broader, positive and loving. God knows people will already have seen enough doom, time for something “good news” actually positive and trustworthy from Almighty God and Christ and their Angelic Air Force, not human beings at that time.

[b]Revelation 14

6 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.[/b]

Pretty upbeat message and offer to ANYONE willing to live.

[1] Super Corporate Matrix Reality, Zurich Institute of Technology


[quote=’Newtonian’ pid=’313064′ dateline=’1525922920′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313058′ dateline=’1525921911′]
Interestingly EVERYTHING has a mathematical explanation. Problem is humans have only discovered .000000001% of these “equations”, conservative, could be worse according to one of them big brains out there. It seems the present state of [human] “math” is too limited to really explain much in comparison to the volumes humans cannot use math to demonstrate one way or the other. Eventually the pure math will come, as will the sole human language. In time.

By now we should be transmitting whole paragraphs of truth with just a symbol, maybe whole books worth, but as you see humans never seem to really progress much in language or math. Why? But it is actually there and it will actually arrive. Certain impediments in the current global ruling system have to be neutralized first, and some of it is not even complete enough to confront for that purpose. Patience is the only vitamin that will work in the meantime.

It is there but not here? Or is it neither here nor there? In truth, in view of the rotation speed of earth, what is here now will be there shortly!

So, what language does God speak? Do you agree God is both the greatest mathematician and the greatest chemist?

On thread title – as posted, the synthesis of the various amino acids require totally different environments, to repost simply:

1 Wet or dry (even super dry requiring condensing agents).
2. Acid or alkaline (ph)
3. Hot (even super hot) or cold.

Yet for the various amino acids to meet and combine to form a protein, they must be in the same place at the same time!

This is impossible by chance. For example, you cannot have very cold and very hot in the same place at the same time – it is actually impossible! Ditto wet/dry and acid/alkaline.

Do you agree that only a chemist superior to humans (as in God) would be able to produce all these environments in the same location (e.g. laboratory) and combine in the short lifetime many of these complex molecules have?


I often preach to the choir too, LOL. There is a literal eternity of proof of Almighty God as Creator, energy itself is proof enough for me. You NEVER will get pure energy from nothing, the “big bang” had a very Big Banger. NO BRAINER!

The ONLY problem on Earth is humans and human management of earth. If humans vanished tomorrow, in just a couple hundred years we would have coast to coast buffalo again. Not just buffalo, but everyone else too. Humans kill and destroy everything in our path eventually. Humans are the problem on this planet. The ONLY problem. See the problem there? LOL

Of course most will not simply accept any reality but what is comfortable. Humans have problems and though I am not a doomsdayer, the problems will get worse before they get better. And without eventual superhuman perfect guidance humans would not progress much beyond today, this is about all you’ll get from the species even if the toys get better. It’s a plateau, downhill is on the other side.

That is why Revelation 1:7-8 tells us what is up, but there is nothing to fear because those are friends arriving (Rev14:6-8), but some human systems have even turned God Almighty into an enemy to be in dread of, by religious malfeasance and hypocrisies and shallow self-righteous religious leaders.

Religions are who should be in dread of God. (Rev18)

God sanctioned the current nation-state system as Romans 13, and he knows they have problems and He is coming to HELP, by getting the bloodsuckers off of people’s backs. The nations have nothing to fear (Dan4; Rev11:15; Gen22; Rev21-22) except globalist ideas of universal independence under a lame world government under a rebel cherub.

Once those impediments are neutralized humanity can meet its Father without any diversions. It takes time, but God deserves to have HIS children know Him, and vice versa, in complete familiarity with every detail of all lives involved. There are too many surrogate fathers who are not the origination of life playing pop in this world. How much longer can they last?

To the degree when God comes home to His tent. (Rev21:1-5; Isa54) All time and reality and its perception is in God’s exact control and understanding, He already knows it is all coming back to Him. (1Cor15:24-28)

[b]Then the end will come, when he hands over the kingdom to God the Father after he has destroyed all dominion, authority and power. 25 For he must reign until he has put all his enemies under his feet. 26 The last enemy to be destroyed is death. 27 For he “has put everything under his feet.”[c] Now when it says that “everything” has been put under him, it is clear that this does not include God himself, who put everything under Christ. 28 When he has done this, then the Son himself will be made subject to him who put everything under him, so that God may be all in all.[/b]

Just a matter of time. It is inevitable the Father will rescue and associate with His family directly. This period is so some enemies can try to raise a little doubt from the shadows, to make it all the more real for those paying attention. (Eph6:12)===
I cancelled the 911 call, I think I’ll make it. I ran into a Mexican cowboy in Tucson at a convenience store and I thought he was homeless. So I offered him some money, he laughed and opened his wallet which had much more green than mine. He did not speak English, but he did have a refrigerator in the backyard (not plugged in) full of Vaca Nora Tequila White Lightning, where he invited me as I did gather he was a real cowboy in spite of the Babel effect. We hung out a couple days, did a BBQ with his grandma whose house it was, met the Mexican mob guys who wondered who I was (and cleared me, thankfully), and discussed the trinity with his sister who drove in especially for that bout, but it stayed cordial. It turned into a very memorable weekend, his nana’s salsa was much hotter than most I had ever tried which only encouraged more drinking to douse the fire. I did not make work that coming Monday. Language had little to do with it.
When you drank from the spigot you got a shock from a malwired ground, so water was not an option.
[quote=’ihveit’ pid=’313229′ dateline=’1526106021′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313132′ dateline=’1525996072′]
[quote=’ihveit’ pid=’312913′ dateline=’1525829980′]
[quote=’may’ pid=’20778′ dateline=’1265795461′]
1914 IS A VERY SIGNIFICANT DATE regarding bible prophecy and chronology .

1914 is the START of the last days .

and its all happening in this time of the end .

the signs of the times are happening and NOW is the time to


JESUS has been GIVEN great aurthority,he has been GIVEN rulership, dignity, and kingdom DANIEL 7;13-14


IHV THIS was posted quite a while back so i might not get an asnewer from jws..

heres the question

do you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that JESUS RETURNED in 1914?


I do. But there is a time/event error in JW calcs. It can be fixed though for greater affirmation of the event it marks. This may not be the forum area to really discuss it properly.

ihv two questions.. one this is a jw forum and someone started this interesting thread so why not discuss it here??

if not then what forum can i go to in order to learn of this 1914 year?



Well here is the thing will. I agree with the concept of seven times, as an example: multiplying the Revelation 11 1260 days once by two, for “two witnessings” and getting 2520 DAYS= 2 x 1260 days, I get it already. I get the simplicity of a simple 7 rather than a “time, times and half a time” super-complicated fraction. Unless I missed it God is appealing to children (Matt11:25) [LITERALLY as well], and I can’t recall a fraction called complete in the Bible. I could be mistaken.

But I have a problem withe the JW time/event assumption of Jerusalem’s destruction, there are only 2521.227 sources that state otherwise, “GENTILE time” historic sources; at the least, so far.

But may be something else event wise marks 607 BCE. (It ain’t hard to find, btw, it is a “gentile time”.

So, for that reason I believe the timed prophecy did wind up at witnessing 1, 1914. But, it has a couple glitches, so I only half agree with the current JW take. But what I do agree on is this:

1. The Kingdom of God has set time limits, such as rival Devil rule, etc.

2. Christ gives fair warning.

3. Jehovah’s witnesses raised a sovereign issue as International Bible Students generic root publicists.

The issue is who shall rule the planet Earth, God or a union of human nations be guided by rebel angelic beings. And I think that simple question is what is lost in time, and then when it did come up again in time, it got lost in some diversions caused by some inconsistencies with “gentile times” history.

But it is easy to fix, it is just not the time yet.

I think Christ came into God’s Kingdom power. But according to JWs the Messianic Kingdom was only born in 1914, it too has to grow up and mature and complete. THAT is not the Kingdom that Christ went into power in in 1914. Thus, the Kingdom Christ ahnd back to God in 1Cor15, is that 1914 Kingdom of God. the one Christ comes into power in is that “Kingdom of David” Kingdom of Messiah, still incomplete, yet to mature in the future. (Rev14)

JWs have taught about TWO Kingdoms, so this is in agreement even if their GB will not finish the story a child can complete. To me, The Rev11 TWO witnesses are 1260 days ‘witnessings’ periods, one in 1914-1918, one to come, for each of those two Kingdom events in which Jesus Christ is the central figure. But, King of kings is in relation to what is coming up: The Messianic Kingdom completion and final Zech 6:9-15 Coronation of Christ, said “King of kings”.

After JWs are taken down a notch (Dan8:13-14), they have to “prophesy again”, see what I mean? TWICE! (Rev10:11), Twice; but many awake Christians all over the place will also take part in it because it must transcend man-made corporate religious labels. But we have until they get ready to complete world government, which takes a while, not that short, but also not that long of a time to see.

If Jesus is “a god” according to John 1:1 in the NWT, does that mean there are two Gods, an almighty God and a mighty god?

—If Jesus is “a god” is he a true god or a false god?

I don’t get into those debates anymore. At the most generic level a “god” is not dependent on food and water for life, but they are dependent on Almighty God, and that is why there is an Almighty God. They are superhuman. So, although technically they are angels or demons, they are gods in generic context. Paul called Satan the god of this world, the Bible calls the demon gods false gods for they are behind the temple systems of many ancient religions and it stands to reason modern religions as well. (demons have chosen independence from God Almighty and they will perish as a result)

I don’t provide input in forums like this for that purpose of debating religious ideas. I feel faith and religion are two different things, (Rev14:12) Whoever Almighty God calls God is God to me as in Isaiah 9:6; and a True God is Immortal, angels must be obedient to continue to live as the demon downfall is due to disobedience (2Pet2:4,5; 1Pet3:19; Jude6). It is no surprise, knowing of Ephesians 6:12 demon ruling reality that religions just devolve into more discussions that seem to go nowhere except for those piecing together some of the puzzle since after birth. Demons are involved in subverting truth, religions are too and it seems humans naturally aid the process, but the truth cannot be fully hidden since Christ came and the Bible was made globally available, spokesman and the legal document.

Ultimately, people have to make their own individual decision on truth. That is what the tree of the knowledge of good and bad was, the tree of truth. THAT is why truth is so attacked since that day and how humans became integral to the development of confusions even if unknowingly. But humans also have to be used to clarify truth, what is what, is up to an individual to determine for all religions have utterly failed because it is The Faith, not a religion. (Rev14:12; Rev14:6-7) It is up to us now as it always was as far as human beings, but faith aids the process, faith in God Almighty and Jesus Christ, not “faith in religion” or their ideas. The Bible itself has all that is needed, it is the “bread” in written form.===
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

We will have to wait and see temple. If nothing is to be taken literally then what is the point of the Bible? I still tend to think that part is going to be literal. At one point this whole event is going to start supernaturally. Otherwise everything is left up to humans to make the changes. That will not happen. God will do Armegeddon via his Son and the Anointed co rulers and Angels. [/QUOTE]

I didn’t say nothing was to be taken literally. But if we have a symbolic Revelation 6, 6th seal meaning for those same light sources it has to also apply to Luke 21:25 which is the same event. The GB does this to not discuss the obvious timeline in Matthew 24:29-31, because Luke is just the SIGNS of these things, not the reality as is Matthew 24:29. Signs are useful NOW. For example, globalist control of national systems is quite a sign to have exposed for many to see.
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

We will have to wait and see temple. If nothing is to be taken literally then what is the point of the Bible? I still tend to think that part is going to be literal. At one point this whole event is going to start supernaturally. Otherwise everything is left up to humans to make the changes. That will not happen. God will do Armegeddon via his Son and the Anointed co rulers and Angels. [/QUOTE]

Armageddon is the “place”– total globalization into world government. The battle is the “war of the great day of God the Almighty”. Technically Armageddon is a very ominous and bad “global situation” as Fred Franz taught. World Government is what defines the global “place” of Armageddon global state, Mountain of Military. Btw, in the Nations Shall Know Fred Franz did forecast a global military dictatorship to the maximum. Read more Fred Franz. The GB has deleted all the needed details. It will go supernatural AFTER they complete 8th King KN World Government, after they are fully warned in valid form, again. (Rev10:11)
But that is not truly “spontaneous”, or should I say the term spontaneous actually explains very little. That is a word used to describe a property of the event not its cause.

Spontaneous Generation

[quote]the supposed production of living organisms from nonliving matter, as inferred from the apparent appearance of life in some supposedly sterile environments.[/quote]


[quote]performed or occurring as a result of a sudden inner impulse or inclination and without premeditation or external stimulus.[/quote]

Inner impulse? Inner inclination? non-premeditated? Meditated by what, who? What “impulse”? As you see, it is a deadend of a word is it not, just as far as can be explained?

That is the kind of molecular and cellular events where a generic word has been applied which covers over much reality left to be explained mathematically, or in any way actually. (Science and religion have many of these handy dead-end terms) At this point it is even hard to explain it philosophically or by just random guesses. Imagine trying to pin down a DNA replication? There is no math for it, spontaneous is the best science can come with as well.

And can the mechanism that drives RNA spontaneous generation be equated to what drives DNA replication? The DNA thing is even deeper into the unknown. Even the word “electricity” says very little about the true nature of its power and true content of its reality and its origination. It is all guess work, which due to the super-complex nature of the subject matter ends up “arriving” at “destinations” which are just mere words not the actual destination. In the meantime, void of any further progress in understanding those words end up becoming dead ends— sold to humanity as end all destinations. Something lay just beyond them, and something beyond that. They are basic “boxes” for human mental progress. Those are the “boxes” some try to think outside of, because they end up composing larger box sets in side other boxes so you gotta think beyond more than one box, in other words.
Although these a concepts of political philosophies as far as I can gather, they do end up effecting society and influencing other social systems, etc. My question is what other areas are being transformed which also use formerly defined veneers to then proliferate from?

I ask this because I cannot see a morphology dynamic like that of a mere philosophy not having other counterparts in similar transformations all around us. I do think this particular media-controlled society is in a studiable mental transformation process (as are many, but the US is a good case study familiar to us) by use of malleable words which can transmit different mental viruses for different points in the progress of time on the system.

And it seems social division is a certain part of the goal. And when ruling societies, or especially when altering the rule by a new superior power system in the human game what comes after divide?


[quote=’ihveit’ pid=’313281′ dateline=’1526167638′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313231′ dateline=’1526111147′]
[quote=’ihveit’ pid=’313229′ dateline=’1526106021′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313132′ dateline=’1525996072′]
[quote=’ihveit’ pid=’312913′ dateline=’1525829980′]

IHV THIS was posted quite a while back so i might not get an asnewer from jws..

heres the question

do you believe beyond a shadow of a doubt that JESUS RETURNED in 1914?


I do. But there is a time/event error in JW calcs. It can be fixed though for greater affirmation of the event it marks. This may not be the forum area to really discuss it properly.

ihv two questions.. one this is a jw forum and someone started this interesting thread so why not discuss it here??

if not then what forum can i go to in order to learn of this 1914 year?



Well here is the thing will. I agree with the concept of seven times, as an example: multiplying the Revelation 11 1260 days once by two, for “two witnessings” and getting 2520 DAYS= 2 x 1260 days, I get it already. I get the simplicity of a simple 7 rather than a “time, times and half a time” super-complicated fraction. Unless I missed it God is appealing to children (Matt11:25) [LITERALLY as well], and I can’t recall a fraction called complete in the Bible. I could be mistaken.

But I have a problem withe the JW time/event assumption of Jerusalem’s destruction, there are only 2521.227 sources that state otherwise, “GENTILE time” historic sources; at the least, so far.

But may be something else event wise marks 607 BCE. (It ain’t hard to find, btw, it is a “gentile time”.

So, for that reason I believe the timed prophecy did wind up at witnessing 1, 1914. But, it has a couple glitches, so I only half agree with the current JW take. But what I do agree on is this:

1. The Kingdom of God has set time limits, such as rival Devil rule, etc.

2. Christ gives fair warning.

3. Jehovah’s witnesses raised a sovereign issue as International Bible Students generic root publicists.

The issue is who shall rule the planet Earth, God or a union of human nations be guided by rebel angelic beings. And I think that simple question is what is lost in time, and then when it did come up again in time, it got lost in some diversions caused by some inconsistencies with “gentile times” history.

But it is easy to fix, it is just not the time yet.

I think Christ came into God’s Kingdom power. But according to JWs the Messianic Kingdom was only born in 1914, it too has to grow up and mature and complete. THAT is not the Kingdom that Christ went into power in in 1914. Thus, the Kingdom Christ ahnd back to God in 1Cor15, is that 1914 Kingdom of God. the one Christ comes into power in is that “Kingdom of David” Kingdom of Messiah, still incomplete, yet to mature in the future. (Rev14)

JWs have taught about TWO Kingdoms, so this is in agreement even if their GB will not finish the story a child can complete. To me, The Rev11 TWO witnesses are 1260 days ‘witnessings’ periods, one in 1914-1918, one to come, for each of those two Kingdom events in which Jesus Christ is the central figure. But, King of kings is in relation to what is coming up: The Messianic Kingdom completion and final Zech 6:9-15 Coronation of Christ, said “King of kings”.

After JWs are taken down a notch (Dan8:13-14), they have to “prophesy again”, see what I mean? TWICE! (Rev10:11), Twice; but many awake Christians all over the place will also take part in it because it must transcend man-made corporate religious labels. But we have until they get ready to complete world government, which takes a while, not that short, but also not that long of a time to see.

ihv you mention the two witnesses… do you know what happens to them? let the bible answer
Re 11:7 And when they shall have finished their testimony, the beast that ascendeth out of the bottomless pit shall make war against them, and shall overcome them, and kill them.

Re 11:8 And their dead bodies shall lie in the street of the great city, which spiritually is called Sodom and Egypt, where also our Lord was crucified.

they ARE GOING TO GET KILLED.. now who would that be? i have my own views but will listen to yours


The final warning “last witness”. Given the future time-frame you are speaking about we can place that event in Bible time.

1. It is after the “two witnesses” have completed their witnessing period of 1260 days. (Rev11:7-10)

2. In Daniel 12, the 1260 days of Daniel 12:7 is then followed by the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 which 1290 day timing inception is defined by two criteria co-existing.

A. The constant feature is removed.

B. The disgusting thing is placed in final form.

By previous applications by Jehovah’s witnesses and others, the constant feature removal is that wildbeast conquest of Revelation 11:7; Rev13:5-7 over the two witnesses to end the 1260 days, the two witnesses pronouncement is part of that “constant feature”.

The place the dt is, imo, 8th King world government as the wildbeast “that ascends from the abyss” as in Revelation 17;8-12 in more detail and the “two witnesses” warning they remove globally is about Christ arrival (Rev11:11-12 parallel), and their world government 8th King meaning ramifications when completed, etc.

Thus, the world government administered outlawed cessation of the “two witnesses” final warning is followed by a “three and a half day” death state that verges into the Daniel 12:11 1290 inception for some point prior to Christ arrival. Meaning, imo, the whole 1290 days is for sheep gathering, all Revelation 14:6-7 open for salvation prior to total Christ global conquest.

Now JWs agree with this in principle, they have not seen that the 1260 days happens AGAIN (Rev10:11) in the future which you do see. 2 witnesses, 1260 days each counting 1914-1918 1260 days and the future 1260 days is thus seven full times of all timings, 2520 days (1260X2) final warning when it runs its full course. And the seven days death state equates as well from 2 3.5 day death states of Revelation 11:9.

Others have extended this into the future final cycle where JWs do not seem to go in their relatable logic. But it seems pretty simple actually. A complete “seven times” is why there are 2 witnessings over an intervening period of “last days” now over 100 years long.
[quote=’Brother Rando’ pid=’313608′ dateline=’1526489669′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313541′ dateline=’1526431708′]
[quote=’Brother Rando’ pid=’313518′ dateline=’1526416395′]
“Behold, I send my messenger, and he shall prepare the way before me; and [b]the Lord [/b]whom ye seek will suddenly come to his temple, and[b] the Angel of the covenant, whom ye delight in: behold, he cometh,[/b] saith Jehovah of hosts.” (Malachi 3:1)

Notice the Lord whom ye seek will suddenly come to his temple to Inspect and what did he find? In 29 CE at the mark of the 70th week, the Messiah would suddenly appear to Inspect the Temple. O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou that killest the prophets, and stonest them which are sent unto thee, [b]how often would I have gathered thy children together[/b], even as a hen gathereth her chickens under her wings, and ye would not! (Matthew 23:37)

Who said this?? Jesus referred to himself like that of a mother hen trying to protect her young by spreading his wings… but they did not want it. In the closing of the book of Revelation, Jesus reveals his identity to his disciples by stating, “I am the root and the offspring of David and [b]the bright morning star.[/b]” (Rev 22:16)

Jesus said to him: [b]“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14:6)[/b]

What has he found today?

Zechariah 3:1-5

[quote]Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord, and Satan standing at his right side to accuse him. 2 The Lord said to Satan, “The Lord rebuke you, Satan! The Lord, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is not this man a burning stick snatched from the fire?”

3 Now Joshua was dressed in filthy clothes as he stood before the angel. 4 The angel said to those who were standing before him, “Take off his filthy clothes.”

Then he said to Joshua, “See, I have taken away your sin, and I will put fine garments on you.”

5 Then I said, “Put a clean turban on his head.” So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him, while the angel of the Lord stood by.[/quote]

It is the Temple Judgment pattern, it repeats. (Dan8:13-14)

These don’t apply for today, for Jesus as the Angel of the Covenant denounced the temple in order to rebuild another one, one not built by hands. Here’s is the actually scriptures:

Zechariah 1:3 And he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of Jehovah, and Satan was standing at his right hand to resist him. 2 Then the angel of Jehovah said to Satan: “May Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, may Jehovah, who has chosen Jerusalem, rebuke you! Is not this one a burning log snatched out of the fire?”

3 Now Joshua was clothed in filthy garments and standing before the angel. 4 The angel said to those standing before him, “Remove his filthy garments.” Then he said to him, “See, I have caused your error to pass away from you, and you will be clothed with fine garments.”

5 So I said: “Let a clean turban be put on his head.” And they put the clean turban on his head and clothed him with garments; and the angel of Jehovah was standing nearby.

Jesus Christ [b]is now[/b] the High Priest of God’s Temple and King of God’s Kingdom. That Temple began construction at Pentecost 33 CE. Those who think fleshly think that man will build the third temple but Jesus is the Chief Cornerstone of that Temple and they are living stones to the temple that make up its foundation.

“Many will cleanse themselves and whiten themselves and will be refined. And the wicked ones will act wickedly, and [b]none of the wicked will understand; [/b]but those having insight will understand.” (Daniel 12:10)


The judgment starts again (Rev10:11) with the house of God. (1Pet4:17) You think it is all done and it ends tomorrow, but you would be mistaken. The log snatched from the fire, this time, is to be modern approved Jehovah’s witnesses after Daniel 8:13-14 comes on the house today.===
[quote=’Amememhab’ pid=’313673′ dateline=’1526520284′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313564′ dateline=’1526452314′]But technically those in Gehenna went to dust[/quote]

And nothing matches the dust exhausted from a detonating supernova’s core, laced with heavy metals, the magnesium, calscium and iron 2++ which become our blood and bones. I pray always for God to banish sin and Satan from our cosmos.

[quote=’Brother Rando’ pid=’313605′ dateline=’1526486744′]He talked about a fiery furnace. Notice what he says who goes there? “The Son of man will send his angels…Teaching an eternal hellfire doctrine is Satan’s way of rejecting the ransom of Jesus Christ…Those who reject that “hell delivers up the dead which were in them” are the ones that are hurled into the fiery furnace…[/quote]

Quite correct. Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego weren’t burnt by Nebuchadnezzar’s fire, but guarded by an angel survived to witness contra the king. Satan is broadcasting the poison of a torture in the trash incinerator in order to discredit Christianity and turn youth from its pursuit. As for what to do about, I dunno, yet I pray every day God will empower us to take down this lie.


What do you know about ceramics in dirty-nuclear detonation air? Just curious.

Satan knows he has a short time, but in a more profound way now. But his human family, at least the ones running the nations ever more directly, have other plans for Earth, as if they shall rule it forever. Satan, on the other hand, knows he has to act prior to the abyss, so his agenda is different and human progress is aiding what can only be speculated upon as far as his final hurrah.

Whatever it is, when Christ comes with myriads of the myriads of the “powerful ones” of Joel 3:11, it will be REQUIRED and the show will be worth the wait. There is no slowing it down even if it seems to delay (Rev10:5-7; Habakkuk 2:1-3)…

There are some final years left, not many but enough for they have to cross the line, they have to claim publicly and globally sovereign rule over Earth and their “world peace” mantra under 8th King King North World Government is that at 1Thess5:1-3.

Globalized “mountain of military” is what defines the Har-Magedon planetary state completion in time, which triggers the war of the great day of God the Almighty.

But Revelation 14:6-7 states some angels of Christ from those myriads will hold the salvation offer open to ANYONE directed from Christ, who wants to live under the rule of the Kingdom of Christ, rather than the so-called “new world order” which choice shall become clearer and clearer as we move along here. Because humans “by no means” can complete the ministry (Matt10:23), Christ as King of kings (final coronation, future; Rev11:7-15) will complete his own ministry in that final period to the full. (Dan12:11; Dan7:26)

The actual salvation of Jesus Christ will be far greater in applied energy than he expended making that purchase in sacrifice to God Almighty, and far broader than some may imagine. (Rom2) It really is good news.

Certain things “temple judgment” related hit Jehovah’s witnesses current defunct ministry globally, next, as a first sign, fyi for future use. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5; Rev8) The context global will be Daniel 11:41-43, the pawning of the national systems by the globalists by one last sword stroke cycle; Rev13:3; Rev17:8-12; Rev11:7)

Because God is about total completions to the fullest degree, He will ‘rock the nations so the desirables come in” (Hag2:7; Rev16) and it will step forward in time in ever clearer manner along each step, as we get to where it must go next. A clear open salvation offer will emerge as well. (Rev11:1-7; Rev10:11) We have over a decade at this time, and it is no “end of the world” or sword-stroke “doomsday” even if it seems to be for a while (Rev13:3; Isa41:1), but a UNIVERSAL transition into the Almighty God promised and secured in Jesus Christ new beginning. (Matt19:28; Rom8:18-22; Rev21-22)

Christ will run Ephesians 1 “New Universal Order”, for Satan and the Ephesians 6 demons are on the way out too, it is well beyond just planet Earth.

Good day brother. Thanks for your comments and extra knowledge. I share your hope too, and believe me (though you well know) there are way more than just the human family but the angelic family who also chomp at the bid to complete this last mission (Rev14) prior to the 1000 Year Reign of the King of kings, Jesus Christ.===
[quote=’Ex-Atheist’ pid=’307640′ dateline=’1521035415′]

So what I want to say is this.. I am a boy and from my childhood I was allways curious about what I am and where I have come from. I started my life as a Muslim. Fearing God as much as humanly possible, but then due to some life events I started moving towards other religious like Hinduism,cristanity, jew etc.. But i realised they are incoherent and can’t be trusted as they contradict there own words. In some chapters the religious text are fair and good but in some chapters religion is mad and insane..

And soo I thought that the religionz in the world must have been Curropted because of so Manny years of existence.. Just like the game of Chinese whisper. Where people form a chain and the first man says something but when it reaches till the last man in the chain the word or meaning is completely distorted.

So I thought I will find my answer in atheism.. but soon I realised that atheism and theism is no different.. Both parties are just people suffering from dogmas.. One blindly believe in what religious leaders say and the other party just believe blindly on scientific experts.. #RIP STEPHEN HAWKING

So, then one day my father died of heart attack and I was devastated phycologicaly .. I had no where to go, no where I can burry my sorrow..and get some relief, all my atheist and agnostic theories were not giving me any support or help.. It was brutal and I realised how hollow atheism is.. If it does’t work in my most vulnerable moment then what is it good for? If something doesn’t work it is better to search for a better alternative.

That was the first time in a long time I wished I had a Religion because then I understood that how much religion can help someone to cope up with the suffering of a lost one. I had respect for it. Because at least it worked.

That was the first time I felt that there is something of value in faith .. So I thought to myself, so Manny people are following one form or some other form of religion what is the actual truth behind it?

So I got curious.. But as an atheist/agnostic I could not just jump up again in the religious train waggon.. So I looked into a different type of religion.. i.e spirituality and yoga.

I know I must be sounding newage hippy right now.. But bear with me I have some valuable lessons.

So, Let me cut to the chase.. I found out that there is no God like the god religious people belive in.. But there is definitely a God.. But nothing like the one any religion says soo.

What I found was much more profound and miracle. Sadly what I found is verry hard to put into words.. Because of this problem only, the truth is soo hard to spread..

And Ironically Religion is nothing but a group effort toward this direction and spirituality is the lonely journey to this goal. You will definitely reach your goal faster with spirituality but if you are not ready to make this journey alone then religion is your best option. Its just the same thing but with two diffrent approach.. Alone or with others.. Religion is just a spirituality becoming an organisation.

So.. Both religion and spirituality is usefull and that’s why they exist.

Now.. In my journey threw spirituality I found Manny Manny things that has made my life 1000 times more enjoyable and blissful..

Ofcourse when I started I was totally suspicious towards the spiritual leaders but slowly slowly when I meditated. I gained many Insights and intution.. This intution was what made my life rich.. And then I realised the intution that I was having was not any different from the revalation that Muhammad or Jesus got from God.. I was getting to know answers about the world and the universe all by sitting in the same spot doing nothing.. It was like I had opeaned a door to a superhighway of knowledge..

Soon I realised this super highways of knowing or GOD KNOWLEDGE.. Is present inside every one of us and passed down from generation to generation.. Its was like I was waking around with a server more powerfull then Google but just now I got the access to it..

I was soo happy and this made me blissful, I felt I was again connected to the collective like the borg in ‘star treak’ .. But borg is a bad example because they are senseless.. What I got was infinite sense to understand the world.. More like the movie ‘limitless’

If you are interested to know more, tell me.. If not, then its ok. Maybe someone else will find it useful.

Well, you got over the first hurdle to discover Almighty God: Relic tribes, aka Religion.

Many people ask the question if God and science can agree? Well, imo, they agree much more than God and religion. The better question to ask is can God and religion agree? No, they cannot, imo. This is because there are a few differences people at first miss. One difference is between the people who write the checks and those who cash them in a religion. The second is faith in religion and faith in God differ greatly, one can become an idol while promising to aid one to achieve the latter. Third, all the faiths predate their religious remora who corporatized the faith for a sort of spiritual tribe or football team us vs. them game play.

There are more differences, but these are some people miss while stuck on the religion hurdle which often times veers in a direction away from God.

Thanks for sharing your story, imo, if we become more truthful and loving (for real) we have found the way to God Almighty, a little more is required but it’s a good start and anyone can do this anytime and anywhere with no middleman of fallen humans required. (Rev14:6-7)

Being of the Christian Faith of Revelation 14:12 I do believe Jesus Christ, [who had some trouble with religion big-time btw], is the viable divine aid sent by God Almighty in the manner of the faith and as foretold by the prophets and Abraham, Moses, etc, not by way of a “religion” but just as what it is, an agent to free all from religion, in time:

[quote]“Woman,” Jesus replied, “believe me, a time is coming when you will worship the Father neither on this mountain nor in Jerusalem. 22 You Samaritans worship what you do not know; we worship what we do know, for salvation is from the Jews. 23 Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. 24 God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.”

25 The woman said, “I know that Messiah” (called Christ) “is coming. When he comes, he will explain everything to us.”

26 Then Jesus declared, “I, the one speaking to you—I am he.”[/quote]

John 4=====
Tony, you may find Douglas Rushkoff’s book Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, a good read; James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees Moog also discuss the “disorder” of the constant present and inability to recognize a flow of time in some people in their book The Great Reckoning in part of a chapter. Though there are probably older sources and higher priority of this concept it is actually a studied development but it probably is not in the psychiatrists Diagnostics and Statistics Manual (DSM-5) as of yet— though I have not looked. Alvin Toffler may have touched on this concept and its social effects in his book The Third Wave.

You may find that this inability to register the flow of time can lead to some interesting behavior as some theorize.===
[quote=’journeyman’ pid=’313705′ dateline=’1526548484′]
[quote=’Imprecise Interrupt’ pid=’313531′ dateline=’1526422637′]
Abaddon/Apollyon (which means destruction in Hebrew and Greek) is the king of the locusts who are acting on behalf of God, punishing those who do not have the seal of God on them. Apollyon is not Satan.[/quote]

God uses the destroyer (as in Job) in this instance (on the unsealed) for the purpose of repentance.


Actually, just to add a little thought to the ideas on this prophecy, it is not unsealed per se, it is those who do not have the seal. The interesting point would be it is of those who say they are sealed, but are not, as in temple infiltrators since that is a Temple Judgment prophecy which parallels the same Daniel 8:14,26 “the morning” of the light of the abyss opening (Rev9:1-4) of that judgment’s “darkness” “the evening” phase, to that final enlightenment when only truly anointed ones are released for the final warning work of 1260 days, future.

Revelation 9 REPEATS certain words, terms and phrases over 30 times like no other Bible prophecy to show it has a dual fulfillment— one is past, one is coming. Take a look to see for yourself the way the prophecy is worded in many paragraphs.

As an example, but the whole prophecy is worded like this:

[quote]The fifth angel sounded his trumpet, and I saw a [b]star[/b] that had fallen from the sky to the earth. The [b]star[/b] was given the key to the shaft of the [b]Abyss[/b]. 2 When he opened the [b]Abyss[/b], [b]smoke[/b] rose from it like the [b]smoke[/b] from a gigantic furnace. The sun and sky were darkened by the smoke from the Abyss. 3 And out of the smoke locusts came down on the earth and were given power like that of scorpions of the earth. 4 They were told not to harm the grass of the earth or any plant or tree, but only those people who did not have the seal of God on their foreheads. 5 They were not allowed to kill them but only to torture them for [i][b]five months[/b][/i]. And the agony they suffered was like that of the sting of a scorpion when it strikes. 6 During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

7 The locusts looked like horses prepared for battle. On their heads they wore something like crowns of gold, and their [b]faces[/b] resembled human [b]faces[/b]. 8 Their [b]hair[/b] was like women’s [b]hair[/b], and their [b]teeth[/b] were like lions’ [b]teeth[/b]. 9 They had [b]breastplates[/b] like [b]breastplates[/b] of iron, and the sound of their wings was like the thundering of many horses and chariots rushing into battle. 10 They had [b]tails[/b] with stingers, like scorpions, and in their [b]tails[/b] they had power to torment people for [b][u]five months[/u][/b]. 11 They had as king over them the angel of the Abyss, whose name in Hebrew is [u][b]Abaddon[/b][/u] and in Greek is [b][u]Apollyon[/u][/b] (that is, Destroyer).[/quote]

The dual nature of the deliverance by Destroyer is why the “TWO wings of [that] Great Eagle” are given “her”:

[quote]And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent.[/quote]

But there are more indications, such as the TWO witnesses themselves that this prophecy must have a future cycle final fulfillment.=========
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

I would not be so sure. God can kick it off whenever he wants. Just as in the days of Noah… Remember that verse.. The org is already under attack by ‘armies’ these are covert ones. People have this vision of the military on the streets against religion. I don’t believe that is how this is going down. The nations are smarter than that. They would loose in public opinion. It must be done in stealth. That is exactly what is happening. Jesus tells us, when you catch site of the disgusting thing.. Let the reader use discernment. That means some would actually not discern it. They are already plundering the org. Russia? Lawsuits.. Infiltrators, sublime art. The holy place is and has been stood upon for a while now. The scriptures reveal that this will make God angry and he will cause a great earthquake. He will rock the world because of his anger regarding the trespass. I would not push it into the future. As I said before you seem to be pushing things into the future, I say the future is now. [/QUOTE]

All true. But God is a Time Master, getting to the 7th plague as you have is jumping way too far into the Divine Timeline;— which is a map for salvation btw, once it is all revealed which final warning emerges with the 5th plague as the 5th trumpet global context. Fred Franz explained all this between the lines, 1914-1918 was the warm up dress rehearsal now comes the real thing and Daniel 8:13-14 is the prelude to that final 1260 days [of the future] again, as in Revelation 10:11. But you have everything else correct. For example it is IMPOSSIBLE to go after BTG and a global sword stroke at the same time, BTG goes down under full “ridden in” scarlet wildbeast world government [complete and globally stated as such], as a whole BTG sell out system giving that beast full endorsement, prior to that destruction. The KN-GB are keeping that error in the timeline to aid the pretext of the JW Org takeover because JWs will buy it for a while and be paralyzed with inaction yet full org obedience. But, you have put the gist of Daniel 11:30b-31, Daniel 8:11-12 in what you said. You see it, you just need to see it step along the coming first four trumpets and plagues, then you will REALLY see it. Be patient but awake fully. It IS coming and it will get very serious very fast on the JW Org too, it is being setup for the coming sword-stroke context. (Rev13:3)
[quote=’Brother Rando’ pid=’313726′ dateline=’1526570889′]


The judgment starts again (Rev10:11) with the house of God. (1Pet4:17) You think it is all done and it ends tomorrow, but you would be mistaken. The “log snatched from the fire”, this time, is to be modern approved Jehovah’s witnesses anointed after Daniel 8:13-14 comes on the house today. (Hos1:4-7; Isa31:8-9; Rev9)

It will start Revelation 8, once again, the final time.

Just a heads up.

Rev 8 already began… the foolish virgins (apostates) left to go get more oil. They missed out entirely. This is how I know a friend from a foe. They have no understanding because they can’t see, they have no more oil to see in the dark.

You’re correct but the timing separates you from the wise virgins. You had the truth but Jesus spit you out, now you are on the outside, (Rev 22:15) soon the weeping gnashing of teeth will be begin your battle with the King Jesus and his Bride,

In Rev 8 notice these event that already occured. 10 The third angel blew his trumpet. And a great star burning like a lamp fell from heaven, and it fell on a third of the rivers and on the springs of waters.

11 The name of the star is Wormwood. And a third of the waters turned into wormwood, and many of the people died from the waters, because these had been made bitter.

12 The fourth angel blew his trumpet. And a third of the sun was struck and a third of the moon and a third of the stars, in order that a third of them might be darkened and the day might not have light for a third of it, and the night likewise.

13 And I saw, and I heard an eagle flying in midheaven say with a loud voice: “Woe, woe, woe to those dwelling on the earth because of the rest of the trumpet blasts of the three angels who are about to blow their trumpets!”

The revealing of these prophecies already occurred as follows: 7 And war broke out in heaven:[b] Miʹcha·el and his angels [/b]battled with the dragon, and the dragon and its angels battled 8 but they did not prevail, nor was a place found for them any longer in heaven. 9 So down the great dragon was hurled, the original serpent, [b]the one called Devil and Satan, who is misleading the entire inhabited earth; he was hurled down to the earth,[/b] and his angels were hurled down with him.

10 I heard a loud voice in heaven say:
“Now have come to pass[b] the salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ,[/b] because the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God! 11 And they conquered him because of the blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their witnessing, and they did not love their souls even in the face of death. 12 On this account be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them! [b]Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.”[/b]

So now it has come down this: So the dragon became enraged at the woman and [b]went off to wage war with the remaining ones of her offspring,[/b] who observe the commandments of God and have the work of bearing witness concerning Jesus.

The third and everlasting Temple of God also acts as Jehovah’s Kingdom. The New Jerusalem. Once finished, well, let me give you the scripture since you were once involved with this process. (Rev 7:2) And I saw another[b] angel ascending from the sunrise, having a seal of the living God;[/b] and he called with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, 3 saying: [b]“Do not harm the earth or the sea or the trees, until after we have sealed the slaves of our God in their foreheads.”[/b]

The finishing of the Temple brings on the Great tribulation. Like a domino effect the work of the demons will become manifest: (Rev 13:13)  And I saw three unclean inspired expressions that looked like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon and out of the mouth of the wild beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet. 14 They are, in fact, expressions inspired by demons and they perform signs, and they go out to the kings of the entire inhabited earth, to gather them together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.

15 “Look! I am coming as a thief. Happy is the one who stays awake and keeps his outer garments, so that he may not walk naked and people look upon his shamefulness.” 16 And they gathered them together to the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon.

(Thessalonians 5:1) Now as for the times and the seasons, brothers, you need nothing to be written to you. 2 For you yourselves know very well that Jehovah’s day is coming exactly as a thief in the night. 3 Whenever it is that they are saying, [b]“Peace and security!” then sudden destruction is to be instantly on them,[/b] just like birth pains on a pregnant woman,[b] and they will by no means escape.[/b]


I did not say Revelation 8 has not occurred (for Witnessing 1) for it did (1914-1918 temple judgment timeframe context, 1919-22, 1922-28+) forward until new apostasy in JWs developed to another judgment requirement; Dan8:13-14, Zech3).

I state it also occurs AGAIN as in Revelation 8-11 and this time the focus is on JEHOVAH’s identified “house” since 1919, and its fallen “1/3”. Fred Franz already said all this between the lines but I guess you youngins no longer read Brother Fred’s commission. (Opting for your Daniel 11:32a fallen-lamp “wormwood” Bethel ear-ticklers instead)

[quote]And those acting wickedly against the holy covenant he [King North (Globalists)] will lead into apostasy by smooth words.[/quote]

But, when Daniel 8:13-14 comes and goes, if we are approvable you will see that Revelation 8-11 repeats, for it will be active unto “abyss” release by King Destroyer Angel of the Covenant, and the light of that “the morning” (Dan8:14,26; Hos6:1-3)will be very bright and fast to reveal the final [Witnessing 2, future] 1260 days warning requirement for anointed Jehovah’s witnesses and eventually all JWs and any who want to join in the 6th trumpet blast “invasion”, last call, 2nd woe.

Jehovah’s witnesses must do it this time, not IBSA (they already did it, 1914-1918), which JWs continued the work of. Now [u]Jehovah’s witnesses[/u] have to gitterdone:

[quote]And they said to [JWs], “You must prophesy [u][i][b]again[/b][/i][/u] concerning many peoples and nations and tongues and kings.”[/quote]

Revelation 10:11, future

After Daniel 8:13-14 cleanses the JW Temple, the final warning will be preparing for final pre-Messianic Kingdom [completion; Rev7; Rev14] global deployment. Just a heads up. (by the way, judgingly insulting people detracts from our message. When you think yourself standing is when you fall. But, I am guilty of such too. Just trying to be tactful, JWs don’t like a judgment message anymore than Israel or Christendom did, I find— see how it is [i]already[/i] repeating in that JW preparatory reaction? Dan8:12a)
I am asking a Jehovah’s witness or anyone who may want to try to prove the failed (Dan11:27b, Dan11:36c) and totally bankrupted (Dan11:42-43) USSR could ever have been the real “King North” of Daniel 11 applicable sections in JW theology.

Then I will prove with or without JW response that King North is Globalism based World Government still in development and the Daniel 11:31b 3rd United Nations presentation of 1990 is that prophecy after the unique Cold War of Daniel 11:29 note. (As you may know, JWs co-promoted that 1990 3rd United Nations “place the disgusting thing” as UN NGO endorsers to fulfill Daniel 8:13’s “transgression causing desolation” to JW Org soon, and the Matthew 24:15 specific modern “catch sight of the disgusting thing standing in a holy place [among JW ministry])

I will show evidence, line by line, that the Globalization System in-progress is what is foretold as the zenith King North fulfillment from Daniel 11:27 (which the USSR is “and nothing [nation-state based=King South] will succeed”) to Daniel 11:45 (world government), and into Daniel 11’s future parallel convergence into Daniel 12’s second cycle (future) to Daniel 12:11 as the final “place the disgusting thing” as said World Government 8th King King North global sole rival sovereignty in opposition to God’s Kingdom in specific its coming future complete Messianic Kingdom agency.

This is because all sovereign prophecy must equate, in the end, to 8th King World Government Scarlet Wildbeast fully globalized “gather the nations” system; the whole “scarlet wildbeast” must have a whole symbology meaning as complete world government. (Rev16:13-16; Rev17;8-12; Rev11:7; Rev13:15-18; The whole Dan 2 “immense image” is also complete world government, as is King Fierce of Daniel 8:23-25, as is the [whole] 4th beast of Daniel 7)

Then we can get into the prophecy that shows why the so-called self-appointed “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” is retaining this handy error as obviously unprovable as it is and with the serious issues that it has, fully revisable since the fall of the USSR in ca. 1990 and the subsequent far easier to now see progressive global dominance of the Globalist System “King North” “new world order” over the declining national “King South” “old world order”.

(It seems the “cave of robbers” JW Governing Body are actually King North globalists too, [u]50 billion[/u] JW dollars worth in fact.( Dan11:32a; Dan8:12))
[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

God will save his organization as Fred Franz himself says. He will do so to protect his NAME. All who would undermine God’s organization need to heed the Bibles message. Much of what you speak about has already happened. We are just waiting for divine intervention. I believe he will save his organization not punish it. He will punish individuals who would do it harm. Both inside and out. Jehovah’s wrath can exist even on a sunny day but we would not know it. Until he acts upon it. That is where we are now.

Nahum 2:1 provides hope for the Daniel 12:11 “established place” and the Dan11:31 “fortress” now profaned severely and idolized. But as in the manner of Ezekiel 36:22-33 God does do it for His name and it would be more advantangeous for the final warning appeal for it to come disclosed fully from JWs own mouths— rather than one more missile the then gone GB directs into the ministry in this massive reproach. All people need to see as well is the judgment was on God’s house first 1Pet4:17 as Dan8:13-14, not Christendom which stood judged in 1919.
Thank you all for your participation in this somewhat obscure subject matter. Best wishes for Tyrion.

[b]How King South and King North became so simple to see as they became most complex globally
To cut to the chase with a simple spoiler all can already see, when King South and King North reached true global governance system recognizability, when their respective systems are the most complex so far in the history of human civilization, it is also when their dual-identities get the simplest to understand. Even if we do not parallel the SIMPLE SPOILER SUMMARY OUTLINE with the most detailed sovereign prophecy progression in the whole Bible in Daniel 11-12 everyone can already see this simple global logic in basic global development reality as far as nationalism decline and globalism ascendant progress.

[b]King South[/b]

1. Nationalism based governmental systems under Anglo-American dominant direction;

2. Multiple “national government” sovereign agencies;

3. Aka, The “Old World Order”;

4. Status: In sovereign decline as especially defined by real wealth control and ownership for massive international globalist central bank and corporate debt and unfunded liabilities; (Culminates in Daniel 11:42-43 King South deposition for King North ascendant globalization completion of global sovereign power)

[b]King North[/b]

1. Globalism based governmental system;

2. Singular global “world government”;

3. Aka, The “New World Order”;

4. Status: In globalist corporate defined global power ascendancy to be aided by final decline of national government fiscal and economic system stability at global scale in the future;

[b]Daniel 11 is the old school Hebrew prophet’s veritable Guide Map to the Christ arrival after “King North” world government completion. [/b]

With the timings of Daniel 7:25,8:14,12:7,11 and Revelation 11:2-3,12:14,13:5 it is also the Divine Guide Map and Final Timeline to the Christ arrival for future use (Rev1:1) of the whole Bible sovereign prophecy outline as the world gets to meet its new temporary king, Globalist King North 8th King in the future for “one hour” of world government global sovereign authority symbolic of Revelation 17:12. (Rev17:8-18)

Daniel is mentioned by name by Christ in relation to this final prophecy when in final form (Matt24:15) which has become evident since 1990 with that 3rd United Nations presentation after the unique Cold WW3 cycle (Dan11:29) which prophetically and historically marks the post-USSR globalization cycle as it truly started going into progressive overdrive since 1990. (It has already transformed the world since 1990 in digital, communications and advanced weaponry and energy technologies many have seen and even worked on here.)

This true globalization expansion boost is in the post Cold War USSR system vaccum in the now globalism system assimilation of billions of new human labor resources in people (offshore treasure trove) and trillions in formerly untapped mega-capital streams of now all the former socialist-economic system nations, scrapping that socialist dead-truffle for the globalist-capitalist global market system, for the first time in global manner such as this, since 1990. (And the King North Globalist run global financial corporate network and corporate central banking system is who plumbs all these trillions, manages those capital market systems and indebts the nations’ own economies in the process— globally, all the same plumbing.

[b][i]That globalizing financial system network which corporately administers this new enormous global market system, investment and currency system (etc) deployment, to help manage national wealth systems, is also to become the main guiding global authority and mechanism for this coming national economic global-system meltdown and its eventual global recovery, as it is also its primary cause from inception. [/i][/b]

And the King North Globalist System, not national governments, are who govern and own that global wealth control system and who will end up also “healing”, recovering and owning all the national systems of “King South” “Egypt” international domain globally in the future, after this coming global-mega-crisis now brewing has passed. (Dan11:42-43 outcome of Revelation 13:3 global collapse “sword stroke” “healed” into King North 8th King world government, aka, Revelation 17 “8th King” “Scarlet Wildbeast”.

[b]Literally Worded Prophecy for a Reason[/b]

Daniel 11:42-43 is the most literal sovereign-prophecy of the Bible in forecasting the coming nation-state system King South total loss of wealth ownership which is loss of true autonomous sovereignty as a national governance. Globalist King North system is who will end up with corporate international legal ownership of the national system assets due, in massive part, to and by global-debt checkmate. (This is worded in Daniel 11:42-43 very literal so when you see it in the future you too can know what it means and where it is all leading over the final years of this era.)

[b]USSR Disqualified as King North[/b]

Next we can show how the USSR was just another national-bloc failed system (Dan11:27b) whose progress-to-failure over the Cold WW3 cycle has aided this global transformation into a [Globalism Based] truly powerful King North international governance system which is what defines the final King North maturity of Daniel 11, not the USSR failed decoy error Jehovah’s witnesses now frame Russia with , as the driving power of the former USSR. Russia, China, BRICS are just another grouping of global nationalism based entities also assured to become pawned by the real Globalist King North system in this final global-crisis cycle coming up. In this future global drama Russia will surely play a strategic role in their “second wind rise” yet they too must fall, with the US/UK into King North’s Globalist hand with the rest of the nations “gathered” by globalization into a true sole global sovereignty. (Rev16:13-16 “gather the nations” globally, is driven by the driving force of globalism)

[i]In spite of all this easy to see globalism history, dated Jehovah’s witnesses say nothing— NOTHING —for now 27 years.[/i]

[b]God is Cool with the Nations [relative position (Rom13; Dan4])- He is Their Father and Friend; King North is NOT[/b]

FYI, Psalm 2, Almighty God has sanctioned the sole global sovereignty of planet Earth in the coming Kingdom of Christ with Jesus Christ as King of kings of the Messianic Kingdom [in its own future completion parallel with that Daniel 11 King North world government), not with some “New World Order” competitor.

This authority from God is for the coming benefit of the entire planetary life system of Earth, including the ants. (Rom8:18-22; Rev21-22) It is a good thing, “good news”, nothing to fear. (Rev14:6-7)

God has sanctioned and allowed nations to rule temporarily as in Romans 13 (since genesis 10); but God has not sanctioned an illegal sole global sovereign in the King North Globalists government and their collection of human technocrats, warlords, bankers, politicians and prophets. Last time someone tried a sole global sovereignty Genesis 11 is what happened. This time a human language confusion delay, is not how this is to be solved. (Rev11:15; Zeph3:8-9)


On May 18, 18, pcloadletter wrote:
> I was just listening to this old radio show about “Common Core” curriculum and
> the host said something like -“When a nation turns against God…

> I haven’t read Crisis of Conscience, but I really am pretty sure he was wrong
> about 1914, which I mention b/c I think that might be part of a belief system
> you adopted that is possibly blinding you a bit to how far along globalism
> really is.
> I barely know anything about the org, the gb, etc compared to you I bet, but I
> would just ask you to consider that possibly in spite of any shortcomings you
> know about, they still have it right, because SOMEONE has to, and that’s who
> it is that God decided would.

The current JW chronology is causing severe problems for 1914 credibility as a true sovereign warning, which it is. When GOD fixes it, and He will, it will refocus attention on the witnessing 1 original sovereign warning of the Kingdom of God which is very real and will do exactly what it has promised to do, GUARANTEED by GOD and JESUS CHRIST.

In God alone there is no greater power and authority, in Jesus Christ you can safely DOUBLE the power and ability to do what they stated before all they shall by their Kingdom power as created by God Almighty for the purpose of taking planet earth…

…And [FOREVER] GIVING IT to Jesus Christ for restoration and everafter, whose it is as heir of God, who hands back God’s Kingdom to his Father in the end. THAT cannot be stopped.

In the meantime, the scandal and controversy governed by the GB has fully detracted from the truth of the sovereign warning of God though Jesus Christ through the anointed congregation of Christ’s brothers and sisters on Earth yet, now silenced in this ministry by frauds from KN; Dan11:32a

When this comes to its volcanic head, and erupt, and it will, that warning it leads to in time (Dan8:14) will have a [last witness] which shall rectify the whole mess. As God has allowed this mess (2Thess2:11-12; Dan8:11-12) He designs its outcome to refocus on his stated purpose and Kingdom goals, the sovereignty of Christ as appointed by God, and his LEGAL representatives on Earth, Christians as anointed and earthly Jehovah’s witnesses (and some scattered sheep for now) to offer once again (Rev10:11), yet in final form, the salvation offer of the GUARANTEE of post Christ arrival 1290 days of Revelation 14:6-7, Daniel 12:11.

With faith in GOD AND CHRIST ALONE, no one need worry He will not state His purpose in a fully convincable and truthful manner for the last 1260 days witnessing 2. And He knows exactly what few areas to draw attention to as these last few errors and illegal authorities are removed. No one can stop God, but to say JWs do not have HUGE PROBLEMS with God as well as humanity at this time, is to be totally naive.

FIRST, Jehovah’s witnesses are NOT in the “righteous condition” of Daniel 8:13-14, but it shall be accomplished in the future by power and promise of God. FIRST, God judges His own house, we know it, we too must accept the judgment as Israel and Christendom also have some who accepted it. To think we Jehovah’s witnesses are above inspection and judgment would be denying the role we must play in the final drama, for that judgment reality and provability to come is the chapter one “little scroll” basis of the final warning as was the 1914-1919 judgment.

And that power of timed prophecy verifiable, this time Daniel 8:14, will have the same motivating effect as 1914’s timed prophecies also had, and it fulfills on the same pattern, but this time they do a world government and that is the last straw, and it will get a warning to precede it.
[quote=’Tony Price 77′ pid=’313799′ dateline=’1526624577′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’313706′ dateline=’1526548951′]
Tony, you may find Douglas Rushkoff’s book Present Shock: When Everything Happens Now, a good read; James Dale Davidson and Lord William Rees Moog also discuss the “disorder” of the constant present and inability to recognize a flow of time in some people in their book The Great Reckoning in part of a chapter. Though there are probably older sources and higher priority of this concept it is actually a studied development but it probably is not in the psychiatrists Diagnostics and Statistics Manual (DSM-5) as of yet— though I have not looked. Alvin Toffler may have touched on this concept and its social effects in his book The Third Wave.

You may find that this inability to register the flow of time can lead to some interesting behavior as some theorize.

And what does this have to do with the price of tea in China? 🙄


It reinforces forms of anxiety based on the misconception (misperception based) of time, due to, possibly, a theoretical psychological disorder in the case of those books. That misperception catalyzes anxiety and if it aint the end of the world it is the end of an individuals personal world, life, that drives the basic dynamic of that needless fear of “the end”.

This is why when described by Jesus Christ as far as anything ending he stated a and the “system of things”, the system of governance is all that ends. In current time it is the nationalism based system of governance coming to its conclusion for ascendant globalization based international governance which is also no “end of the world”.

This is why I am an Anti-Doomsdayer and you will find no appeals to that fear in what I write or say or think. The end of certain human designed governance systems is merely a transformation such as when tribes formed states and nations. Nations “gathered” or globalized into a final form of global government this time, is required to complete for a while to get to the super-celestial form of super human rule pictured in Jesus Christ, a true “Theocracy” leading to the eternal rule of God Almighty, 1Cor15:24-28.

I am not saying the transitions are pleasant and undangerous and that the nuclear potential and worse, precision energy networks, anti-matter weapons, etc, could not destroy the life system of Earth, for they could, I am saying it is natural and there will come no globally total annihilation of any total forms of life on earth because that is not God’s purpose in this transition cycle past or coming up. (Since after the flood for context here, Genesis 10 forward in “time”)

But the transition will be so turbulent the Bible calls it the “tribulation of those days” as in Mathew 24:29-31 which has no “end of the world’ whatsoever in its forecast for the future Christ arrival, it is all good news. (Matt24:31)

Even the world system will help God’s people (Rev12:14) and it will recover from this next downturn crisis (Rev13:3; Isa41:1), because it is all part of the process of this kind of power shift, this time to full complete globalization based global government: 8th King, Rev17.

As we step along, a clearer warning the Jehovah’s witnesses are now incapable of, will emerge, in time, first Daniel 8:13-14 which leads in time to the 1260 days final summary of Revelation 10:5-7 and that itself takes several years.

As we step along it gets clearer and clearer the end of the nation state sovereignty is just the start of the globalist sovereignty, NOT “the end of the world”, just an end of the “old world order”. And even the transition into the “new world order” is not instant, it too takes time but God, by that time, aint giving it much time. (Rev17:12)

When they are complete with their last folly, then Christ will arrive to save many and put an end to inept rival universal and earthly rulers because Satan is going down too.

I see no doom in the Son of God taking his hard earned trophy planet, only good news in all its details for it is the end of the world of animal and human death and misery. That end is very joyous.

Revelation 21:3-4

[quote]And I heard a loud voice from the throne saying, “Look! God’s dwelling place is now among the people, and he will dwell with them. They will be his people, and God himself will be with them and be their God. 4 ‘He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death’ or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.”[/quote]

God will do that through Jesus Christ. The so-called “new world order” has to be removed to get to “the joy set before” Christ to accomplish that which God Almighty has promised, sworn to, and guaranteed by Jesus Christ. (Rev21-22; Ps110; Ps2; Rev11; Rev19,20:1-3)

We just must go with the natural process of the maturation of the final forms of global governance. They must complete the counterfeit— “scarlet wildbeast” (Rev17:8-18), then Christ will arrive to complete all things directly, IN PERSON, even if the Immortal Mighty God, he will be here and as you see Jehovah God Almighty is coming too, for his tent is with mankind. Satan is to be soon, cast out.

God and Christ’s “Messianic Kingdom” is the coming legal global sovereignty to remain forever over earth. (Dan2; Rev1:7-8; Rev22) God’s Kingdom is what is to rule everything. (1 Cor 15:24-18) Christ’s Kingdom is to rule Earth as in the “Kingdom of David” covenant God Almighty forged with King David some years past. They are a different forms of sovereignty in legal details of the covenants and in purpose as in what they actually rule. God’s Kingdom is the ultimate Kingdom, Jehovah God is to be handed back that Kingdom (1Cor15:28) to be King for King of Eternity He alone is, and “Son of David” as Son of God Christ alone is. Thus, Jesus Christ is forever the Messianic Kingdom “King of kings” in relation to planet Earth. But he is subservient as appointed Earthly/Universal ruler to God Almighty the Supreme Sovereign of Everything.

Each have a Kingdom purpose that works as one whole in heaven and earth:

Matthew 6:9-10

[quote]Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name,
10 your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.[/quote]

It is all a natural evolution, nothing to fear.

Great News

There is no such thing as “the end of the world”. It is a myth like “Doomsday”, a human concoction. People can be better controlled when they believe that myth is what it boils down to, fear provides a restraint which gives power of control to others. Love “throws fear aside”. Love is who is coming to rule Earth. Think about it.======
[quote=’Brother Rando’ pid=’313968′ dateline=’1526724529′]
Christ has began ruling his Messianic Kingdom and the second day of Christ is coming to its end.

Let us address your first misconcpetion. As Jehovah’s witnesses have plainly taught the Messianic Kingdom portion of God’s Kingdom purpose was ONLY BORN in 1914 (Rev12) and cannot complete until all 144000 are SEALED (Rev7,14), not just anointing but affirmation sealing from God.

HOW can Christ rule an incomplete Kingdom? How can Christ take 90% of a bride?

And that Messianic Kingdom maturation is in the future and at that time Jesus Christ is coronated King of kings upon a MATURE Messianic Kingdom— in the future.

[b]God’s Kingdom Crowning-1914[/b]

In 1914 Christ was coronated by God as the [temporary] King of God’s Kingdom when he received, as JWs teach, the seven seals full understanding of how the then newborn Messianic Kingdom, by its “remnant”, would be gathered to complete later, the Messianic Kingdom agency.

The Messianic Kingdom of Christ is the covenant legal entity that actually rules Earth directly— forever and ever. This 1914 God’s Kingdom kingship and kingdom is what Christ “hands back to God” in 1Cor15:28 after the 1000 years mission is completed. (1Cor15:26)

[b]Messianic Kingdom Crowning-Future[/b]

The Messianic Kingdom has yet to also have a final proclamation too, and it has yet to complete in the future.

The Messianic Kingdom, yet to mature to completion in the future (Dan2:31-45), is how Christ rules as the “root and offspring of David” (Rev22:16) as in the Son of David Covenant with Christ as the legal heir of Earth, yet Christ is forever under God’s Supreme Sovereignty. Jehovah’s witnesses already used to teach all this but I guess you forgot how it works.

That is why it says this at Revelation 22:5:

[quote]There will be no more night. They will not need the light of a lamp or the light of the sun, for the Lord [Jehovah] God will give them light. And they [God and the Lamb] will reign for ever and ever.[/quote]

[b]TWO Witnessings 1260 Days, Past and Future[/b]

This is why there are two witnesses of Revelation 11.

[b]1. Witness 1[/b] – The first witnessing gives proclamation from God of Chist’s God’s Kingdom coronation and ever revealed purpose, 1914-1918 onward, 1260 days.

[b]2. Witness 2[/b] – The last witnessing coming up in time (Dan8:14>>Rev11:3) is also 1260 days in the future to give proclamation from Jehovah that Jesus Christ is coming to complete the to be matured Messianic Kingdom of Christ and be Kinged King of kings on its completion— for as you see JWs are not doing this correctly at this time.

[b]Seven Times as Also 2520 Days[/b]

And that 1260 days twice with each of the TWO witnessings of Revelation 11 (1260X2=2520), 1914-1918 1260 days and future 1260 days, is 2520 days.

Does the “seven times” have any meaning to you today? It used to, to Jehovah’s witnesses when they were doing good. (Zech3:3)

That 2520 days “seven times”, completed with that final 1260 days of the future, is the FINAL “seven times” Christ spoke of here at Luke 21:24, in relation to the final “times” in Revelation 11:2b “and the holy city will be trampled 42 months”:

Luke 21:24

[quote]Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled.[/quote]

This is why the “until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled” is in plural form in Christ’s key prophecy in regard to the 2520 years AND the Revelation 11 need for TWO witnessings for also, 2520 days “seven times”; BOTH “appointed times” completing their own “seven times” on the “holy city” by “trampling”, one from the past the other soon to be in our face, again, in the future. (Rev10:11) And both the Daniel 4 based seven times and the Revelation 11 seven times focus on “the holy city” “Jerusalem”, yet their meaning has become fully spiritual now in the 2520 days requirement “seven times” completion in the future.

[b]Seven is God’s Completion Number, Not 3.5 Times (Dan7:25; Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3; 12:6,14; 13:5 happen TWICE)[/b]

“Seven times” is how God completes a process, not just “time, times and half a time” and that is the sacred secret of how Revelation 11’s two witnessings for 1260 days is simply calculated for salvation purpose of many— it TOO is a “seven times” completion for a SIGN of the truth in what it indicates.

The first “seven times” is the 2520 years which ended in 1914 and led to the very 1914 year for the START of the last “seven times”, as witnessing 1 of the TWO witnesses in 1260 days in 1914-1918 began this requirement as now 2520 days required, a full final “seven times” but as days, 1260 days, twice, one for each of the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11.

[b]Future Last Witness[/b]

Now there is a final Kingdom Proclamation to give for Jehovah’s witnesses after the temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 comes on us and it is why we must prophesy again in the future:

Revelation 10:11

[quote]And they say to me, “you must prophesy AGAIN with regard to [all the nations]”[/quote]

In Daniel 8:14 time this will get “morning” clearer for you, I understand how you were misled by oversimplifications and the GB of Revelation 2:2 and Daniel 11:32a.
[quote=’Amememhab’ pid=’313975′ dateline=’1526731797′]
[quote=’Tony Price 77′ pid=’313534′ dateline=’1526423958′]Especially since Jehovah’s Witness apologists in that thread denied any culpability for the tragedy that happened in February of this year. Plus, at this forum, I also wanted to get the feedback from people who don’t necessarily have, or have had any association with Jehovah’s Witnesses.[/quote]

Why should the JWs be held culpable for a domestic homicide of the kind that happens 25 times a week in the USA? Except most of these murder sprees don’t make the cover of a tabloid like the [i]NY Post[/i] because there’s no one to bash or blame other than the perp. And the media hammerheads, educated at the Columbia School of Journalism, home of our 1960s radical antiwar protests, [b][i]love[/i][/b] it when a Christian church is involved.

Road to Jonestown (left), after the mass suicide (right)

Perhaps you remember the People’s Temple, a hippie commune founded by Rev. Jim Jones in 1955 which moved to an isolated bush location in Guyana where Jones’s snipers killed a U.S. Congressman, Leo Ryan, and three colleagues before Jones ordered everyone in his flock to drink Kool-Aid laced with cyanide. Some adherents had tried to flee the compound when this shindig went down, but were shot by guards at the perimeter or in the jungle beyond it. Parents forced the lethal juice down the throats of their children. It took Guyanan police months to identify and bury the bloated bodies and dismantle the clapboard town.

Certainly I’m not letting Watchtower off the hook. Restrictive, punitive religion has a long record of creating youths who can’t deal with the real world. But they can’t be tarred for a murder [b][i]someone in their flock[/i][/b] commits any more than the Southern Baptist nose can be rubbed in the Covenant, Sword and Arm’s brutal gunning down of an Arkansas Highway Patrol officer back in 1984.


Yes, the simple supposed end-all answer can get quite complicated. I recall watching the David Koresh “Final Revelation” documentary and noticed how complicated two sides of the supposed same coin can become. 911 event distractions quickly swept away what was being revealed in that Koresh documentary. What is very interesting is after the emotions cool a little people can sometimes get a clearer view and so these “events” which are highly emotional are already charged with the main ingredient of delusion which is emotions which cloud the careful examination of the available evidence which equates to a certain opinion set and a quick dismissal of the full history and ramifications of the event.

Now many may not know this but the current storm of controversy surrounding evidence of JW leadership questionable policies superceding local law enforcement has many dimensions of catalyzing effects and a cause which may be far worse than any can imagine right from within JWs and from the external intelligence groups whose job it is to keep an eye on ALL of this clubs, whether religious, the Hell’s Angels or a book club especially when they begin to detect evidence of criminal wrong doing.

All intelligence agencies I have heard, for example, review every piece of public print and private print they can find and now the medium of that comminucation potential is far larger. True, only England can match the US intel abilities beings its founders, all the nations have intel groups which try to keep track of everything they can. What do people think the CIA does? Play video games all decade long?

I being this up here, because JWs are not the only group being monitored from without and within. And when it is time to move on a group bad press is a tenderization technique to squezze out more juice from the target for the intel sensors. JW group is oozing much new juices as of late, for example the ARC in Australia which is far more serious than a Dateline story which began this wave of tenderization. There are a number of active investigations going on within JWs, they have CIA running into FBI accidentally inside the KH volunteer-clergy admin system there! LOL But, they are down to “local Kingdom Hall” grassroots, not just up in the 500+ WTBTS boards and supporting global admins.

But all joking aside, the pedophile stuff, and this kind of alleged effect of shunning is NOTHING compared to the number and seriousness of the RICO related investigative stuff they have going on inside the JW organization, and in England (and who knows where else, but take a guess) in whatever way rackets are dealt with there— JWs are under in depth corporate fraud investigations, a number of them in a number of countries, no joke, no conspiracy— the future will validate this claim. But the point is when you have harvested 50 BILLION in assets globally like WTBTS it gets hard to stash invisibly it gets complicated and the local legal eagles and the global intel community starts to wonder why and how such a mafia would call itself a “Christian Congregation” if not for the cover and impetus of such wealth. Just saying, it brought it on itself, and the “enemy” is right inside of the JW organization keeping track, piling up the evidence for things far worse than legal ramifications for aiding pedophiles.

Just a heads up that very dire and serious legal prosecutions are coming for the WTBTS at global level in the rackets level of seriousness, this is just one shrapnel-tenderizing fractal of a development here.

JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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