January 2018

On October 04, 17, andrewa771 wrote:
> Hello, I just saw ur reply to my post in the recent thread. I want to let you
> know that i’ve examined the info presented on templelijah, jwupdate, kingnorth,
> and the prior posts on topix. Altogether, it has served to really strengthen my
> faith and has impelled me to encourage as many as I can, both JW and non JW.
> It’s interesting to see how the WT/Bethel is figuring into this world events.
> Exciting times to be in.

When I first started running into the reality of “the organization” it was when I also lost my house due to the 2008 “global credit crisis” and I got some real time to look into it. At first I was just trying to preach so I started “bibleresearchfiles” before I started to run into the negatives of the GB. When I did run into the UN NGO info in finally like 2011, I researched on line which had some “answers” but not enough. I figured the prophecy of Daniel had to have a better fit for the developments except it was hidden under an erred first attempt which was the Daniel 8:11+ stuff and Daniel 11:27+ “King North” stuff which was better fitting the globalism based global power system.

The “trangression causing desolation” to th JW ministry in fuller form soon, is that UN NGO alliance with the wildbeast, plain as day once their lame excuses are seen through. Then, to make matters worse, they say nothing about that 1990 third UN global presentation which is also Daniel 8:23 “King Fierce” and the Daniel 11:31 “place the disgusting thing” as actually the globalist “new world order” system and presentation after the unique “Cold War” of Daniel 11:29 note “different at last then at first” as the first UN presentations of 1919 and 1945 were preceded by a “hot” world war cycle. But we can know now all four UN presentations will be preceded by a world war crisis in some form as we are approaching in time prior to UN world government which will be the fourth cycle.

So, it makes sense the enemy infiltration will be connected to globalist intel and occult as the WT now shows also symbology hidden in the “constant feature” and it is no surprise they are concealing this from JWs and the global JW audience (Dan8:12b), and at the same time hyping the “end of the world” expectation of 2 Thess2:1-2 prematurely into JW minds so they can sell this next global crisis phase “as if slaughtered to death” at Rev13:3, that is AS IF “the end”, but it will not be “the end” yet, they must complete world government and its final uses like the “world peace” of 2Thess5:1-3 after they outlaw and destroy global religion.

So, we have some final years, and yes Jehovah’s witnesses are staying the focus even if for bad at this time, the temple judgment timing and events of Daniel 8:13-14 must unwind on JWs in exact detail for final witness warning proof when the recovery comes probably with the “sword stroke” itself “healing” as in Rev13:3 and Isa41:1.

All that will have to happen is to rectify the lawlessness by full disclosure and adjust just a couple prophecies in Daniel 4,8,11 to fit the exact context of the world government development we have seen since that 1990 3rd UN presentation and by that time as we go into world government at global scale well beyond just the UN “image” in “power and authority’ of Revelation 17:12-18. The current JW false expectation can now be used by the enemy to attack the org as if it is the end and JWs will be too petrified and paralyzed to do anything but “obey the org as unsound as it may appear” and be led to them “bunkers” for capture. And this is why Matthew 24:15 is very very clear the UN NGO is the “disgusting thing” to “catch sight of” stood up by the GB “in a holy place” in the JW ministry and flight is commanded by Christ because it is going to get far worse in the org when they bring on their alotted 1150 days of that “evening” phase of Daniel 8:13-14 in “desolation” for that transgression.

Well, be patient and exercise faith because it will be a judgment assessment to prepare the completion of the final warning and the precursor of the final salvation offer of Revelation 14:6-8 before it is actually wrapped up by post-arrival Christ with his amgels. But the positive headline is ANYONE can be saved by accepting that Revelation 14:6-8 offer and the current JW ministry and GB have instead “shut up the kingdom before men” and that negative message MUST be replaced by that open salvation offer which will lead to and become Revelation 14:6-8 deep in the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11, after the 1260 day “second witness” of the TWO witnesses is completed as the final warning phase this JW temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14, Zech3:4-6 shall prepare as it activates as Rev8:1-6, Rev8 on JW “earth” for the final fulfillment cycle of the “seven trumpets”.

Now it just has to actually erupt on JW’s as an organization at global scale, and indeed God’s prophecy has had all the needed details to explain these developments in the whole who, what, why, where and when of the matter.

Glad you are seeing it all with faith in prophecy because God is the one who already knew what they would be up to from way back and this is why in Daniel 8:27 Daniel was “made sick for days”, because that “vision” is of enormous events coming on this now Daniel 11:32a apostate JW ministry in terminal compromise so bad, God must act to clean out the vipers actually in the ministry and change the course by very big events.


Yes, the “the end” hoax tactic is useful for more than just JWs, it makes people controllable even if by chaotic thinking Getting rid of the trespassers “in the temple” as the “man of lawlessness” will take a stealth divine action as at Hosea 1:4-7, Isaiah 31:8-8 and Micah 5:6+ or so. It will get so bad on the org and their intent to spread the net for all JWs, Destroyer will have to come out to get them off, but only to the degree necessary to allow the final witnessing to come forth in Daniel 8:14 time.

But, the good news is there is time allotted by God to judge the temple, recover to the truth in complete form, deploy it and allow Haggai 2:7 “rock the nations” events time to rock a few people to see this is serious by that time, a number of years from now. As short as it really is, we have time, but as usual it will go by fast.

The problem is we have goats who think they are sheep all over the place and potential sheep who do not know they are sheep That is why, in the end, God must assess everyone at the most basic “what we are” level, the more we know they more that is expected, but ignorant people can be judged by Romans 2 and Matthew 25:31-40 “bare bones basics” standards, because ANY person who “loves their neighbor” will be saved even if in merely “by conscience” motivation.

Of course the blade cuts both ways, predatory hurtful people will also be cut off regardless of personal context. And we know the “sheep” of Matthew 25 are so new they ask questions anyone who read Matthew 25 could answer. So, the “good news” actually is really “good news”, a religious label is not what God shall assess, but he will judge us for what we are and apply the sacrifice for those who have not yet done so to give even very new “sheep-to-be” the benefit of what Christ did as he did not die for no reason and he will expend more effort than even his death to save all he can in reality as that is the reason for that sacrifice at world judgment time, to save all he can and that he came for sinners.

Of course it does not hurt to fight the battle of repentance as soon as possible, but his arrival is truly good news for anyone who tries to live by a or the law of love, Revelation 14:6-7 is such good news it is called “everlasting good news”, and everyone will get that offer eventually backed by angels, because try by human means it cannot complete to the degree of total completion it can at Christ arrival. And it makes sense Christ will complete the very ministry he began also “in person” but as the Mighty God with more angels than men have numbers. LOL

But, the enemy King North 8th King system has a “line in the sand” they must cross with world government completion required. From what I can guess at at this time, the eventual global-crisis events will use Trump as a handy distraction, whether dead or alive–he is now the perfect guy to blame to aid concealment of the real globalist system King North global-culprits.

And, secondly, whatever they may pull, they want people to misidentify the signficance not as the final required “sword-stroke” phase of a few years leading to world government and Christ arrival with a final warning, but as “the end” to keep people hyped and off balance. It will be big enough that some misled people will think it is “doomsday”, but as per Rev13:3, that is part of the scare tactic they use to eventually form a global relief and hopeful “healing” to present their wildbeast world government in the positivity of as the “solution” which is the deception Rev13:3 is also outlining as a phase.

As I told you someone hacked my former “TempleMicrowave”, so ignore that enemy. When I get back here I’ll be “TempleBBQ” as in the temple purification by angelic means in meaning, or BethelJudgmentDan813.

I had to break for workload. But should be back God willing. Thanks




The basic, eventually obvious message they are now stalling in the JW ministry is the “8th King” “King North” is world government and until complete with their “world peace” sovereign mantra and removal of global religions one and all, Christ will not “arrive”. When they are done, complete and ready Christ will arrive preceded by enough global indications that ANYONE can figure it out and be Revelation 14:6-8 saved, such as the coming timed JW org global desolation of Daniel 8:13-14 (Rev8-9) which is soon and first in the agenda into a world war “sword stroke” that will “heal” into said world government 8th King, Revelation 13:3, Isaiah 41, but that will take a final 15 years or so, ballpark approximate.

Prophecy keeps the events in order in reality so they are hyping the 2Thess2:1-2 FAKE and premature “the end of the world” delusion among JWs and the world, but JWs are the most premature of them all which hype will make JWs vulnerable to JW Org “bunker” based capture, hence Matthew 24:15 applied to the JW Org to FLEE ASAP, or get caught in the sweep. JWs will probably lose every dirty dime and Kingdom Hall and Branches in this takeover process of the JW ministry first.

It is the real Daniel 11:41-43 global context wherein the nations will go bankrupt and relinquish all national sovereignty to the global financial recovery system as part of “King North” takeover prior to full world government which events will be of “Biblical Proportions” so all will see it and feel it to some degree but it is NOT “the end”, it is the “rock the nations” full phase of Haggai 2:7 prior to Christ arrival.

A cleaned out semblance of the ministry will be recovered minus the GB and the trespassers of the modern JW “man of lawlessness” now in command of the JW ministry. 3.19 years into Daniel 8:14 the recovery will be brought in by the “angel of the covenant” for the purpose of the final witness of the “TWO witnesses” of Revelation 11.

Much has yet to occur as JWs are useless for this information, they are the first target.


The beasts must be viewed as a whole in the end: WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The Daniel 2 whole “immense image” is WORLD GOVERNMENT of the future post “King South” fall for globalist “King North” WORLD GOVERNMENT.

The “8th King: is WORLD GOVERNMENT, as is the “Scarlet Wildbeast” it pictures with the UN ‘image” as the foundation and “Executive Branch” of said WORLD GOVERNMENT.

King Fierce and the Daniel 7 4th beast are also, in the final sequence, WORLD GOVERNMENT.

JWs say NOTHING about WORLD GOVERNMENT, as they joined its UN NGO coven of “non-kingdom’ organization opting with the GB for the FAKE ARMAGEDDON delusion of 2Thess2:1-2 instead as the final “man of lawlessness” led apostasy of this period.

ALL sovereign prophecy terminates into WORLD GOVERNMENT to arise after this next world war “sword-stroke” when it “heals” in Rev13:3 Rev17:8-12 into said WORLD GOVERNMENT.

JWs will plunge into Daniel 8:1-14 Revelation 8 in the temple judgment of our time AT THE START of the coming global ‘tribulation of those days” “sword stroke” coming up soon, they will think it must be “the end” but the Daniel 11:32a King North propped GB will just lead JWs to “Bunkers” of internment, thus, Matthew 24:15 applies to the modern JW apostasy to FLEE from the JW Org before hell on earth is visited upon this lawless and traitorious JW UN allied and pedophile promoting ministry.

It is what it is.


Temple BBQ or Temple “Microwave” is Christ, aka the “angel of the covenant’ who will fry ALL the impostors from the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry at the 1150 day point of Daniel 8:13-14.

As per Isaiah 31:8-9 Jehovah’s “FURNACE is in Jerusalem” and Christ is the Light of Zion which will turn the GB into white ash and smoking grease to be snow shoveled to the dump where they came from.

When this comes and passes as Revelation 8-9, Zechariah 3:1-5, had The Destroyer not come to the temple this final time, JWs would have been globally exterminated over the world war period. But alas, Hosea 1:4-7 is how Jehovah will save and discipline his to be cleansed witnesses by the “fire” of Malachi 3, the “fire of the altar” of Revelation 8.


[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]Is Catalonia the beginning of the end for the ‘one hour’ rule of the NWO? It’s starting to look like it. Those of you attacking JW’s better hurry up your time is almost up. [/QUOTE]

Their “one hour” has not even started, it starts when they announce WORLD GOVERNMENT [AFTER] this next world war “sword stroke” coming up which may kill a billion people–but ven then it is NOT “the end”, it is Revelation 13:3.

We have plenty of work cut out for us coming up with this JW foopah now in full swing and the pre world government warning that will arise from the JW Org ash heap.

THAT is why they have JWs thinking it must be “the end”, to get us lazy and thinking it is the end when in fact it is the greatest ministerial requirement and push coming up later in all world history, it will NOT go out silent as JWs are now, or with a wimper but with the Thunder of the Destroyer for God to give the final “witness” of the TWO witnesses.

They want JWs to give up by murderous opposition, GB backstabbing and great disappointment.

But the red hot steel Jehovah’s witness Christian is what will come forth. The dross will go down with the GB fakes and loafers.

A final full warning and final invitation must yet be given. Rev10:5-7,11

You must prophesy AGAIN…Rev10:11


“Measuring” the temple is a guarantee of completion, not an inspection as in Zechariah 2 and the measuring in Ezekiel prior to the 517 BCE completion of the 2nd temple. Secondly, an imperfect man like John would not be “inspecting” the temple, Christ would; John would be announcing the prophecy which in Revelation 1:1 time would announce the completion of the 144000.

At this time the “sealing” is not complete, in fact there will be a “five foolish virgin” anointed Christian fallout to rejection as aided by the GB “man of lawlessness” influence of the fake apostles of Revelation 2:2.

So, there will need to be a final call for anointed because Satan’s goal is to keep the 144000 incomplete regardless whether the number be literal or symbolic, Revelation 6-7 is all about its various COMPLETIONS, which leads to Revelation 10-11 final invitation to all people who can be reached prior to Christ arrival into complete world government NWO “one hour” of full global rule.

The final “sealing” will be dependent on carrying out the final 1260 days witnessing of the TWO witnesses which is then 2520 days complete including the first witness IBSA 1260 days of 1914-1918. We have over 15 years left in the world at this time, Daniel 8:13-14 will bring JWs into the abyss of darkness for 3.19 years to start the “time of the end” of the “last days” final cycle sequence of the seven trumpets (temple context) and seven plague (global context).

So, in closing, be patient, a whole lot more has to happen and JWs are deluded by the “man of lawlessness” “lifted up” in their midst whom they are now worshiping in the GB and the JW org and it is obvious that too is very bad.

The “strange deed” and “unusual work” of Isaiah 28:21 is that God will desolate the Christian ministry in the JW epicenter, NOT BTG or Christendom to start it off with. From there they will try to down JWs for good, but a recovery will come but the GB will not make it, they will be exposed for what they really are. It is a “temple cleansing” and as before Christ will toss the “money changers” so JWs will be cleaned out, and that is in the 10s of billions in reality.

The drama will stay focused on JWs, so the enemy “in the temple” at this time, when expelled, will try to leave the worst possible reputation as they can as they exit JWs. In time, it will be the only answer and JWs will have to go to the prophecy to see what is really going on, that is those who are left because they will hit the JW ministry very hard for “the evening” darkness of Daniel 8:13-14 which is also Revelation 8, but on JWs and their own “fallen lamp” of GB wormwood frauds.


If only. In reality this WTBTS is an 80 BILLION dollar money laundry facility and it is cutting costs to maximize loot in the corporate takeover phase to begin soon. It is easy to ascertain the central asset core is worth 30 BILLION in nailed down assets, which is compound profiteered with another 20 BILLION in resources cells which feed the real estate valuation process with the JW slave labor/material–such as the “RBC” racket. In hard cash and investments, hedges and what not, there is another 30 BILLION floating around. The WTBTS globalists will not even spend a percentage of yearly ROI loot “interest” in that quarter billion dollar overhead they do “spend”, it just gives a semblance this is a “real” ministry, but the looting will squeeze out 60 BILLION for the globalist core, 10 BILLION for the nation-state legal eagles and the rest will just trickle down to wherever it goes, but JWs will be destitute, that is certain.

This “they are going broke” talk about this high value global-scale-racket is what the average Joe would surmise, but the real JW asset haul numbers tell the real story, it is a Global-Gravy Train even Microsoft would envy because the free donation money and the JW slave labor force for life is what makes WTBTS 4 or 5 times more lucrative than Google or Microsoft.

You are just seeing them squeeze out another 50 million in some piddly pulp savings for the looters within. (Eze 7:22) Overall since 2011 they are sucking out an easy 10 billion to help oversee the takeover, like grease for the wheels on these hot rails WTBTS is on.


Update 1: Governing Body Motive

Fred Franz once said about the GB coup of 1976, “I am just sitting back to see what happens”, or something like that. It is public record that neither Fred Franz or Nathan Knorr was in agreement with a dictatorial cabal of cornfed globalists taking over the WTBTS ministry through a glorified “board of directors” anymore so than was JF Rutherford who quelled a similar rebellion in 1917 as had Charles Russel in 1897.

By 1976 the third time was the charm for this Korah Dathan WTBTS “board of directors” and the King North Witch Doctors took over the WTBTS by hook and crook on January 1, 1976. But, the “board of directors” is the location they have wanted to use since 1897 and 1917= red flag.

Now we know what Fred Franz meant, it would just take time for the GB thing to be ascertainable as from Jehovah or Satan. Satan wins in the case of the GB because God permits it as per 2 Thessalonians 2:11-12 for the basis of the final Temple Judgment cycle and for those awake to see the GB “lifts themselves over everyone” “sitting in the Temple of Jehovah God” as our final “man of lawlessness” tratorous aberration to signal the start of the final prophecy cycle of Revelation 8-11..

But now we also know the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” have used God’s name and Christ’s to “lift up” their own names for fame, power and attention like any of the worse glory hounds since Satan. This is why Jehovah’s name and Christ’s name are third row back burner topics at the KH and pedophiles for Molech, covered up globalist King North UN presentation 1990 and UN NGO wildbeast lover affairs are now the talk of JW Town. The GB is most assuredly a cursed abomination as bad as the ones they bring into the JW ministry to get a judgment on it. (Zech3:1-3; Matt24:15)

Very simple, the GB motive is impure and evil and based on fraud (Rev2:2), plain and simple and now the reproach is about to blow like a volcano as they use a FAKE “end of the world” (2Thess2:1-2) to liquidate the rest of the JW assets during a world war global crash and crisis cycle (Dan11:41-43) which will instead “heal” as per Revelation 13:3 into full 8th King King North WORLD GOVERNMENT with, as of now, not a single peep from apostate Jehovah’s witnesses who now follow, defend and worship this sad cabal of a WTBTS “board of directors” as they set out, like Nimrod, to “make a name for ourselves” over this now wildbeast run JW city and profaned tower.

Hence use Matthew 24:15 and GET OUT of the guilty UN-NGO-allied JW ministry BEFORE God unleashes his wrath upon it by the hand of Caesar. (1Peter 4:14-17; Isa66:6; Isa28)

It will be Revelation 8 and Daniel 8:13-14



In order to complete the “core score” of the 30 BILLION in hard assets and various goodies in the WTBTS pantheon of booty the insiders have needed to neutralize any possible JW resistance to trying to “save the org”. Alas, the handy “self fulfilling prophecy” of a HOAX “the end” perceived by JWs as if truly “the end of the world everyone” is the PERFECT cover story, pretext and exit strategy to then gut the assets in accelerated manner during the intrigues and meltdowns that precede the next world war “sword stroke”. But this next world war merely “heals” into a fully globalized “wildbeast” world government (Rev13:3) over say the next 15 years or so which entity would be the Christ catalyst of “arrival” in reality.

But to poor JWs they will expect “the end” 2Thess2:1-2 way way way too soon, be left holding an empty bag with a horrid global rep and a final “it is the end’ sign laughing stock placard, while “the end” just never does quite materialize as expected as the JW Org vaporizes in assets right before their eyes and they will not have lifted one finger to try to stop it but will have “Bunker Carpooled” to internment camps voluntarily while “obeying” the GB Pied Vipers “as crazy as it may sound from a human standpoint”. (WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, #3)

Hence Matthew 24:15 and the advice to SPLIT this UN NGO “disgusting thing standing” JW Org shack RIGHT NOW, and avoid the set up entirely. A chimp can see this is all a 50 BILLION dollar anti-JW Org SETUP, the GB is Daniel 11:32a IN ON IT, all fakes and Rev2:2 frauds, ALL OF THEM.

FLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! (While you still can and take your girlfriend with you!)


[QUOTE who=”Passerby”]Please help me on this one, will you? If somebody left the Watchtower and the elders wanted to encourage that person to return to that religion, they would tell that person TO RETURN TO JEHOVAH as if a person left the Watchtower is the same as if that person left Jehovah. Do JWs equate the Watchtower with God? If you do, what would that tell about your frame of mind? Crazier than I thought![/QUOTE]

This crazy mindset is NOT the way it has always been with JWs. It came about with the post 1945 UN developments of their branding of the use of the word ‘organization” as made popular by them:


The United Nations is a global organization that brings together its member states to confront common challenges, manage shared responsibilities and…

The reason this is significant is that the UN uses words like ‘global governance” and “global organization” to put off the use of “world organization” and “world government” as long as they can.

The UN is who made the word “organization” a special term to focus on. In keeping with the globalization of JWs and the WTBTS, as seen in their little UN NGO agreement and endorsement of the wildbeast, they TOO have applied the “organization” word as if a “theocratic organization” rather than a Governing Body Ruled Neo-Papal Clergy–which they actually are, wherein the GB is the “Theo” in this now crack pot “organization”.

And this is also why and how these GB CEOs for King North globalization efforts have transformed a once down to earth, sincere ministry into a “dress coded” spectacle of too much “organization” wherein the “spiritual look” must resemble a TV anchorman or some corporate climbing knob in a global insurance agency as JWs all look like “company people” in keeping with the kind of mind control they are now visually (and spiritually) showing evidence of in mass uniform conformity to their new usurpation manifested GB rulers.

Thus the “organ” JWs now fester with and worship is this hideous “organization word which came about with the United Nations Organization of 1945 which JWs now strongly resemble right down to the Scarlet 666 Tattoo that UN NGO is as Daniel 11:31b, and Matthew 24:15.

The ministry is RUINED (untl Daniel 8:13-14 rolls it over), it’s end is all “the end” that is coming, the world goes through a final world war sword-stroke in Revelation 13:3 (Dan11:41-43) and the first four plagues to ‘heal” into a world government 8th King King North which JWs are now silent concerning and instead strongly resembling in their GB dictatorial ‘royal rule’ of the MODERN APOSTASY of modern Bethel Jezebel and Ahab, aka, them GB goon frauds-Rev2:2; Dan11:32a.


[QUOTE who=”Arkham Bravo”]The common practice for organizations and companies is to pass on any raising expenses as a cost increase to customers or a reduction in benefits for employees like pensions and such.

With most JWs having being in a low income bracket, they certainly are not in a position to increase their tithe.

The other alternative is selling their publications to the public once again. But since the push is towards a web presence, this would be counter-productive.

Just a random thought after seeing Trump comment on the tax exempt stays of Scientology.[/QUOTE]

It would double the cost of the ministry. Now for a place with 100 BILLION in racketed assets overall, skimmed and hidden in over half those numbers for King North Globalist world government partial endowment slush funding and “laundered” in a building/printing outer corporate ring of profiteering, it would mean the quater billion they spend on the ministry would be doubling, plus or minus.

But since they bring in about a billion a year from JWs, and ten times that from KN guided investment returns, they spend NOTHING on the ministry anyways, it is a KN cash cow for 8th King world government use to maximize the blasphemy. If they were not tax exempt it would not matter, a King South tax-parasite would just squander the money in their own downward spiral to lick the King North boots soon enough. (Dan11:42-43)

The WTBTS will be liquidated by KN Globalists and Jehovah will not just allow it He will require it as Daniel 8:13-14. But Nahum 2:1 will still apply. (Isa31:8-9)

The GB has led JWs into the all time worst blasphemous apostasy since the Christ era Pharisees, all money worshipers in the leadership allied with “Caesar” UN and all deaf, dumb and blind among otherwise mostly sincere JWs, as per Daniel 8:12.


[QUOTE who=”Ralph James”]<quoted text>

Thank you, PrufSammy. That’s an interesting explanation at that website. Also, I was curious about something. If to JWs, the Holy Spirit is God’s power in action that God sends out by projecting his energy to any place to accomplish his will, could God’s Holy Spirit have caused me to come to this forum?


Any spirit that knows what it is doing and is allowed or has authority can impell human minds. “The world is lying in the POWER of the wicked one [Satan]” as John stated, so Satan also has a spirit power.

But you are here for this:

Jehovah’s witnesses ministry will go down hard before your very eyes timed and phased as Daniel 8:13-14, in a world war they will [try as they may] to tell you and others “is the complete end of Satan’s wicked world”.

But, that is a Daniel 11:32a GB lie. This coming world war is the “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3, that although inspiring false impressions of the “end of the world” and “doomsday”, will in fact run it’s course to the potentially HUGEST global recovery “healing” man will ever see under Satan.

And the purpose of that world war, will be to highlight the “world peace” (1Thess5:1-3) presentation of 8th King world government (Rev17:8-12) in post-world-war full form as also “King North”.

THAT is the final global sovereign entity that WILL trigger the Christ arrival, and that event is over ten years in the future, JWs go down first (1Peter 4:17) as the first signal. (Rev8; Zech3:1-5)

JWs have done bad by their clergy GB misleading lawlessness (2Thess2:1-4), so this is the “right condition” cleansing temple judgment fire all in the shall see come upon the JW Org evry soon, which their GB will tell them must be “the end” so JWs carpool to the concentration “bunker” camps on their own dime.

Jot this down, this is why you are here now. You will see part of the JW Org judgment, liquidation and downfall of CNN. JOT IT DOWN, world government to eventually emerge from the world war context (Dan11:41-43) is what whall trigger the Christ arrival for Revelation 14:6-7 open salvation purposes of ANYONE willing as first agenda priority.

As a Christian, your task is to tell others about all this once you ascertain for yourself it is all the truth.

You’ll see, jot it down.


The truth is, sister, there is a difference between faith and “relic-gion”, “religion”. (Rev14:12) I am not a “religious person” but I have the faith. The truth is the FINAL APOSTASY does not come with “Christendom” (that one is old hat), it has to come from this JW Org based “mystery of lawlessness” in a globally known claimant anointed ministry gone B-A-D, the GB is from “King North” globalists as per Daniel 11:32a (that is why they went UN NGO in 1991 instead of fixing that USSR=KN error), and they are the “man of lawlessness” that must be globally deposed and exposed well >before< Christ arrives. (UN NGO=Matthew 24:15=Daniel 11:31=Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” [to the “temple”].

That being the case, they keep errors in place and idolize a mundane corporation as if an “ark of salvation” but it is a vessel of foretold error at 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4, and it is what goes down next as 1 Peter 4:17 timed and phased as Daniel 8:13-14 in the Daniel 11:41-43 global context.

Jehovah’s witnesses ministry will go down hard before your very eyes timed and phased as Daniel 8:13-14, in a world war they will [try as they may] to tell you and others “is the complete end of Satan’s wicked world”.

But, that is a Daniel 11:32a GB lie. This coming world war is the “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3, that although inspiring false impressions of the “end of the world” and “doomsday”, will in fact run it’s course to the potentially HUGEST global recovery “healing” man will ever see under Satan.

And the purpose of that coming world war, then past, will be to highlight the “world peace” (1Thess5:1-3) presentation of 8th King world government (Rev17:8-12) in post-world-war full form as also “King North”.

THAT is the final global sovereign entity that WILL trigger the Christ arrival, and that event is over ten years in the future, JWs go down first (1Peter 4:17) as the first signal. (Rev8; Zech3:1-5)

JWs have done bad by their clergy GB misleading lawlessness (2Thess2:1-4), so this is the “right condition” cleansing temple judgment “fire of the altar” (Rev8:1-8) all in the world shall see come upon the JW Org very soon, which their GB will tell them must be “the end” so JWs carpool to the concentration “bunker” camps on their own dime. (Hence Christ’s COMMAND at Matthew 24;15 to FLEE the apostate JW Org the second one “catches sight” of that UN NGO of Daniel 11:31b “standing”, 1990 3rd UN presentation all covered up by the GB)

Jot this down, this is why you are here now. You will see part of the JW Org judgment, liquidation, and downfall on CNN–they will sell it to JWs as JWs will try to sell it to the world, as “the end”, but it is a HOAX. (2Thess2:1-2; Matt24:6) JOT IT DOWN, world government to eventually emerge from the world war context (Dan11:41-43) is what whall trigger the Christ arrival for Revelation 14:6-7 open salvation purposes FOR ANYONE willing as first agenda priority, that is as this wraps up for real, ANYONE can be saved and that is the “everlasting good news” for the “second witnessing’ of the “TWO witnesses”, we have around 15 years at this time; (Isa38).

As a Christian, your task is to tell others about all this once you ascertain for yourself it is all the truth. Many more sheep must be called, even some who obviously never read Matthew 25, because anyone can be saved if they want to be.

You’ll see, jot it down.


This is an “inside op” that took 40 years to assemble the GB and cronies to control this 100 BILLION dollar empire for King North globalist use when the SHTF soon. The GB are NOT what they claim to be and the internal state is 10000 times WORSE than what anyone has to say on YouTube, JWs are dealing with the “anointed” of Satan not as an insulting term but what this body actually is, affirmed knights in Satan’s service for Daniel 11:32a King North globalist world government uses.

Daniel 8:13-14 will come on the apostate JW ministry, so heed Matthew 24:15 and FLEEE FOR YOUR LIFE, because the Devil controls this place 100% now. But he cannot keep it (Isa31:8-9; Hosea1:4-7), they got the GB they get the loot but they do NOT get global Christians affiliated with Jehovah’s witnesses faith gone awry.

When you see JW Org going down on CNN then you won’t think this is so crazy and that peak desolation is 3.19 years (Dan8:14) and merges into full blow world war “sword stroke” that is NOT “the end”, but globally “heals” as Revelation 13:3 into full globalized world government 8th King King North over the final 15 years or so from JW Org down, day one.

Just be glad 300 people a day, 3 congregations overall are disintegrating into “the world” it is going to be safer than them “bunkers” they will funnell JWs to FEMA through—people do not know how truly evil it really is in the rotten core of this infiltrated ministry, you would not believe it if I told you.

GET MORE PEOPLE OUT; Matthew24:15=UN NGO 1991; Much more is coming out with the JW Org downfall and after, it is God’s Judgment, 1Peter4:17; Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5; Rev8:1-8; The attention will remain focused on JWs for the final witness; Rev10:11 But they will be “trampled” and cleansed; Daniel 8:13


What Jesus said about the so-called “end’ is that the apostasy comes first from ‘in the temple” (2Thess2:1-4) and the criminal Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses is the “man of lawlessness”, based on fraud, coercion and lies (Rev2:2) from day one (Jan, 1976), they are disfellowshipped from God and Christ and now their “END” comes which opens the global “revealing” of who the GB picture and are the signal of, that being the timed phased temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 and the foretold liars of Daniel 11:32a from King North globalist intel for whom they cover up modern prophecy for. (Isa31:8-9; Isa66:6; Hos1:4-7)

JWs don’t have a leg to stand on, too busy riding the “scarlet wildbeast” with the GB as UN NGOers who cover up all prophecy from after 1990 such as in Daniel 8:12b; Dan11:30-32 Now JW Org must end in its apostate state of things, Zechariah 3:3.

Poor JWs should be observing Matthew 24:15 and that UN NGO and fleeing while they still can.


[QUOTE who=”blue ox”]<quoted text>
Okay. I’m pretty sure it’s really you, now.

they made an AI bot out of you -probably using a process u developed and then, having no further need of u……

so naive. pity.


Daniel 8:13-14 is the temple judgment of Revelation 8 parallel that JWs are to become the global epicenter of. Very nicely done, God MAKES CERTAIN, for good or bad, JWs stay under the global spotlight he shows upon them for, as said, good or bad.

This is the bad phase of the final signal apostasy, so the timing and phasing in Daniel 8:13-14 will have a provable affirmation of JW centered judgment events on “God’s house” first, 1Pet4:17.

It is Zechariah 11 on JWs, they are now that “flock meant for the killing” from the objective of King North globalist intel’s “Judas” class “son of destruction” and “man of lawlessness’ GB, plain as day a criminal cabal helping tear the JW ministry to pieces, and they will become much worse in the near future and “trampling” the JW Org as in Daniel 8:13.


[QUOTE who=”Nomi”]The 144,000 are directly Anointed with Jehovah GOD”s Spirit. Those with the hope of living on earth benefit from that Spirit as well, by association with the Anointed Ones. There are still a small number of those still living….who may well live on over, into the Paradise.[/QUOTE]

They changed that teaching of surviving anointed in updated Grand Climax text and in a recent Watchtower after 2015 or so.

And they are more accurate now, the final anointed are made immortal on the spot, as in the Enoch prophecy of the context of that event which his experiences and symbol picture; Jude 14

“We the living, WHO ARE >>>SURVIVING>]<<<, will be gathered and meet Christ “in the air””….

Pretty clear they cannot kill all anointed, God transfers the last to immortal power to help destroy the enemy King North world government.


1. Jws are now about their own names, they worship men in GB and Org and that means they worship themselves.

2. JWs follow the GB to hell, they conceal modern King North globalization events like the 3rd UN prophecy of Daniel 11:30-32a.

3. JWs lie to God, Christ, themselves and others when they tell everyone they can be UN NGO yet not be riding the globalist Scarlet Wildbeast like the harlot of all religion BTG.

Thus, God has no choice but to let JW Org be destroyed by KN globalists to fulfill Daniel 8:13-14.

THAT is what Jehovah’s witnesses have been up to, full time, since 1990 not to mention raping children and dfing them when they complain for justice, so God shall give them justice when he tramples the JW Org soon, Daniel 11:41-43 is all it will be, world government King North must come prior to the Christ arrival. (Rev13:3)

JWs are in terminal final apostasy of Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:32a, Zechariah 3:3.

Jws are up to no good with their “man of lawlessness” GB billionaire-thugs.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

If that happens, then I may start listening to you, Temple.


Then also consider the evidence.

Since 2012 the GB has released a series of articles and the fear-inspiring Jerusalem siege video with a message:

1. Obey us as crazy as it sounds, abandon your home and belongings to the state.

2. And now by discontinuing calendars and yearbooks they send a mixed message. To average Joes seeing this they think that 50 BILLION dollar corporation is “going broke”, LOL–wrong.

But to JWs they think “it must be the end, them wizardly GB guys know so much more than us, it MUST BE the end getting oh so close everyone!”

Now IF “the end” was so close why not toss 20 or 30 billion into a final warning bltiz? Nope.

3. Now we see the GB and WTBTS LIQUIDATING BILLIONS in properties, stripping the KHs of millions and reducing costs in the millions too–this is so they can MAXIMIZE the pillage phase for more JW loot.

What it REALLY is:

1. Now the “obey us regardless” Pied Piper talk is so they can capture JWs as easily as possible in those who carpool to them “bunkers”

2. They will have a “the end” appearing HOAX cover story so when JWs do see the place being taken over, shut down and pillaged they will?


3. The King North globalists whose identity has also been concealed in Daniel 11:37 forward by the GB and JWs will then walk away with BILLIONS in JW assets by force of prosecutions sanctioned by God through Ceasar authorities for what has been, in reality, a long 40 years of GB reign of error of 2Thess2:1-4, total mass stumbling lawlessness, and collusion with the wildbeast as UN NGO, or the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13.

NO WONDER God has to now trample this apostate JW ministry who now stumble more people then they ever brought “into the truth’, and we are talking tens of Bethelites, elders and pioneer types in those fleeing ranks. (Matt24:15) And I have seen Bethelites and Pioneers who would hvae been considered “spiritually strong” now stumbled (Dan11:32-35) to the point they are considering themselves not even Christian but “agnostic”.

SAD. And the GB is the sinning against the holy spirit cabal of MI6, CIA and other avowed Satanists who are leading this for?

The REAL KING NORTH as per Daniel 11:32a, and Daniel 8:12 root “small horn” Anglo elite Satanists.

Today’s JW is so dumbed down they cannot even check those simplest prophecies to verify their own apostate development. This means CATASTROPHE is now coming for JWs and they will of course think it is “the end” and obey the Devil GB, as many who have not fled and now we know why Matthew 24:15 commands Christians to FLEE doomed JW Org “apostate Jerusalem’ and those being stumbled are FLEEING even if they do not know the UN NGO is the “disgusting thing standing” of the key Daniel 11:31 prophecy of that 3rd UN even of 1990, all silenced by the GB for their King North globalist Satanist handlers.

You will see this reach rotten fruit fruition now on the JW Org and observe that first 3.19 years of the possible 2300 “evenings and mornings” of Daniel 8:13-14 parallel Daniel 11:41-43 global event context wherein the invaded “decoration” if this JW based Christian ministry being sacked by even divine permission for YEARS of lawlessness by this GB Backstabber Squad since 1976.


Ever see them “apostate” videos when a lone wolf starts a barrage of accusations on the GB at a meeting and all the smooth-faced “brothers” (Dan11:32a) react like bouncers and escort the malcontent “opposer” to the door?

Ever see that KH all full? Nope, you see it, at best, at 1/3 capacity, more empty seats than filled ones in the pews.

In reality, JWs have been dwindling in negative growth for some time, just lied-over by the Rev2:2 LIAR GB to give JWs no super-red-flags the ministry is a bust.

Now, when you see all the elders, Bethelites and Pioneers who have left and are interviewed by guys like ExFifth on YT, you see God is actually getting those he can OUT NOW as per the spirit of Matthew 24:15.

It will only get worse because since JWs cannot see and flee the UN NGO of Matthew 24:15, Dan11:31 and Daniel 8;13, they have to be Daniel 11:32-35 “stumbled” out for refinement by other means, but JWs are dwindling NO WAY IN HELL is there “8 million JWs” no way, no how, it would be lucky to have 6 million left, barely on half-filled hall out there and OVER HALF the JWs you knew in 1990 are OUT, THAT is how bad it is in this JW apostasy of Zech3:3, Dan8:12 and Daniel 11:32a not to mention 2Thess2:1-4.

JW Org is the bloody child bone filled ‘City of Murder” of Matthew 22;1-14 and their “a system of things” (Matt13) is now what will end, well before world government 8th King King North and the Christ arrival it shall trigger. (Rev13:3)


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]The 144,000 have been resurrected since 1918 when Jesus, according to Watchtower theology, moved into Jehovah’s temple.


That is your idea. Rev6:9-11 proves the 144000 are incomplete as does Rev7. The resurrection of anointed 12 (Rev12:10-12; Rev21:14), 24 (Rev4) began in 1914, 1918 was just the beginning of those dead up to that point or dying into instant resurrection of the rest up to that time.

The whole anointing prior to testing and sealing is not even complete and will lose half of all the anointed next as “five fool virgins” are rejected due to GB lawlessness of that “ten virgins” whole.

More are yet to be needed due to JW lawlessness. Satan’s goal is to keep the 144000 incomplete by keeping the anointings incomplete by rejections and confusing the truth while dumping “the oil” of Matthew 25:1-13.



[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]<quoted text>

No, it wasn’t my idea….it was something that I read and was hoping a JW could tell me whether it were true no not….based on their understanding.

I see you disagree somewhat with JWs. Do you believe we are in the millennium right now? Or do you believe those anointed in heaven have been resurrected? Does the millennium being after the “first” resurrection?


When you SEE Christ, with 1000 BILLION angels, destroy “Global NATO” and the 8th King and the whole King Nroth world government, then the 1000 years begins as in the pivot of Daniel 12:11 and Daniel 12:12 timing, in the future around 2034, ball park.

Satan is ruling and is about to get hellstrong next, so bad over these last 16 years that Christ will have to show up or “no flesh would be saved” because the weapons control network will become global as this next world war “sword stroke” ends, and that into world government as per Revelation 13:3.

As long as you see and feel crime on this planet, ANY CRIME, Christ is not ruling in Messianic Kingdom ‘King of kings’ power, for when he does there will be NO CRIME from day one. NONE, those who try this will be exterminated as the thought tries to become reality.

World Government “he is at the doors” 8th King King North must come in full “one hour” power globally and stated as such (1Thess5:1-3; Dan8:25a) BERFORE Christ arrives as per Matthew 24:29-31.

JWs are apostate and the GB is the final “man of lawlessness” signal and they all go down as an organization even before that world war that leads to world government ends which you can see and affirm as Daniel 8:13-14, Dan11:41-43 in the near future for the King South US system will also fall, but only to be recovred for world government by King North system 8th King.

In other words, the most is yet to happen, we got until 2034 round figure. We ALREADY know the day, the Memorial of Christ’s Death, we do not know for sure the year, or hour. It is a Christ riddle to keep the awake awake and to wake up those who have slumbered as Matthew 25:1-13.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]The 144,000 have been resurrected since 1918 when Jesus, according to Watchtower theology, moved into Jehovah’s temple.

In Revelation 4, the “24 elders” are present and that is 1914 so some of the anointed HAD TO BE at that God’s Kingdom Inauguration of Christ AND SATAN had to be cast out for a clean event and thus Rev12:10-12 also has “our brothers” showing some anointed, 12 or 24, witnesses Satan kicked out of heaven so Revelation 12 is the first events of Revelation as whole, then Rev4-5 Kingdom Inauguration.

But there is a Kingdom which was only BORN in 1914 which is the Messianic Kingdom yet to mature which IN THE FUTURE Christ assume eternal Kingship in, for that is HIS KINGDOM OF DAVID his father, as he will after the 1000 years hand back “God’s Kingdom” to God as they “rule forever and ever” as in Rev22, but God is King of all as in 1Cor15:24-28.

There is more to take place in these last 16 years then have taken place since Christ left the first time. Matthew 24:13.

JWs go down next so you know this is true and that we are far from done and so is Satan far from done. (Dan8:13-14)


Well, this is putting it kindly in spite of the GB Satanic activities, or whatever one wants to use as a term for “criminal activities”. But, for those with some faith that Christ is a real being, this is called “man of lawlessness” activity, all that has happened is JWs have now also joined “the harlot” and are “the hypocrites” who also ride the UN NGO wildbeast if we are to stick to the Bible storyline which is apt, for ALL these things are square in the prophecy of Daniel 8:11-12 and Daniel 11:30-35, except it is the GB who leads a globalist led rebellion as per Daniel 11:32a, they make the Pope look like a virgin girl scout in a gleaming angelic raiment white dress.

So, in keeping with the storyline “apostate Jerusalem” JW proper is who is “destroyed next”, not “Babylon the Great” and for proof it is timed in Daniel 8:13-14 for JWs are certainly NOT in the “right condition”. JWs have merely “went back to Babel” and have joined the global corporate church error in the same manner giving the “evil one” a shut out on any organized Christian religion but individual sheep are still present and anyone can be saved when they do finally complete their “8th King” world government which will trigger the Christ arrival but that is like 15 years out even if they rushed this next world war. (Rev13:3)

As per Matthew 24:15 and the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 one is to flee the heap of leaven and UN alliances, pedophiles and what have you that JWs now represent and to FLEE ASAP, hell on earth will now visit JW Org for a “trampling” globally for heavy sins of Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment timing.


What happens, as in Israel’s time, is leaders end up being the thing people put faith in, they go bad, and God takes the blame for having REQUIRED these leaders to teach his laws. Yet, as with anointed Satan (Eze28:12+) it is NOT God’s fault, He does give out REAL responsibility that has ramifications even on him, not to mention his creation, it is what it is, that responsibility will continue to be given out as with Jesus Christ who also could have went bad and turned on God and this place would be far worse off had he done so, it could have worked for Satan’s advantage.

BUT, Christ did not go bad and though broken to death to the point he said “Father, why have YOU forsaken me?”, he was really heartbroken but did not sin by breaking in that way, he just died. BUT, he is not going through all that to just end it out with a God forsaken feeble FINAL completion of his own ministry in Revelation 14 with a GLOBAL OPEN SALVATION OFFER which he will expend MORE energy than he did even making the offer valid by blood at his death.

Revelation 14:6-8 proves the “preaching” NEVER ends, it is called “EVERLASTING GOOD NEWS” and ANYONE can accept that offer and by that time, after the “two witnesses” human representation is done in the future 1260 days to follow the Daniel 8:14 timing (Dan7:25; Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3; Rev12:14; Rev13:5=1260 days), CHRIST AND THE KINGDOM ANGELS will, THEMSELVES, complete the “good news” in global power for by that time Revelation 14:1 is completed, the wildbeast is in full “one hour” of world government 8th King King North power (Rev17:12; Dan11:45: Dan12:11).

And, as shown, Babylon the Great is IN THE PROCESS of being terminated so the offer for the final sheep FREED from that system of lies in Revelation 14:6-7 is then also complete in the BTG terminus announcement of Revelation 14:8 (Rev11:13 parallel; “one tenth” BTG “city” saved), all under world government as Christ COMPLETES the Messianic Kingdom of David agency in their face (Matt24:29-31) which is not “God’s Kingdom” but the Daniel 2 “stone” “cut from [God’s Kingdom]” of a Kingdom of Christ (Rev11:15 “Kingdom of the WORLD”) God “sets up” “in the days of those kings” as it has been in recorded progress since Daniel’s time under the “head of gold” Nebuchadnezzar’s Kingship.

NOW, APOSTASY has ALWAYS BEEN the FIRST SIGNAL of God’s temple judgment cleansing FIRST as in apostasy in Israel 760 BCE, apostasy in Jerusalem 610 BCE, Apostasy in Jerusalem time of Christ, apostasy in Christendom which led to the 1914 judgment. EXCEPT NOW Babylon marks 607 BCE by “gentile times” Kinging of Nebuchadnezzar, Jerusalem must be destroyed 587 BCE which led to the 70 years to temple completion 517 BCE, and problem with 1914 solved. Daniel 4 is about Neb, 607 is good, and the reason the axed Ray Franz was he would have eventually fixed the “20 year glitch” the “man of lawlessness” GB keeps in place to undermine the 607-1914 “seven times”.

So, NOW we have APOSTASY SIGNAL in Jehovah’s witnesses leading to, again, a BIG JUDGMENT ON JWS as per 1Peter 4:17, Daniel 8:13-14, Zechariah 3, Malachi 3:1-5.

And just as Christ said “Jerusalem will be trampled by the nations UNTIL the appointed TIMES [plural] are completed, we have the 2520 years “seven times” but we also have the Revelation 10:11 “you MUST prophesy AGAIN” “second witnessing” of the “TWO witnesses” 1260 days which ALSO will complete 2520 days including the 1914-1918 1260 days, as a SECOND EXAMPLE of a “seven times” completion. BUT this time is is Revelation 10:5-7 COMPLETION of the story and the fact there are TWO ‘witnesses”, 2 x 1260 days (Rev11:2-3), which will also equate to 2520 DAYS “seven times” as the secret of Revelation 11 (each of them TWO “witnesses” is a 1260 day marked warning), when this apostasy is dealt with in Jehovah’s witnesses they who can be repenting and cleansed MUST “prophesy AGAIN” as Revelation 10:11 and that 1260 days must precede full world government so people can be warned that Revelation 13:3 world war “healing” will be in action to promote the wildbeast 8th King globally as it in Rev11:7 and Rev17:8-12 “arises from abyss’ of this next world war for full King North, King Fierce, Dan2 immense image, 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT as the final prophecy sovereign entity to trigger the Chrust arrival AFTER they complete and Daniel 12:11 cease that final 1260 days warning (Rev11:7) AND “place the disgusting thing” globally as said 8th King globalized world government. GLOBALIZATION is the main global force now in action and silenced by the GB and JWs to “gather the nations” in globalized form, to “the place called Har-Magedon” and globalization COMPLETES into a “one world government” to begin the so-called “new world order”.

NOW the judgment comes on JWs with that “sword stroke” (which will eventually “heal” into world government”) and NOW JWs are dead silent on the real meaning, and soon JWs will be “trampled” and cleansed to have to make that Rev10:11 sovereign announcement of now Christ’s Kingdom Messianic in the future recovery of “the morning” of Daniel 8:14,26, which, when ready and complete will become the final 1260 days warning of those 5 1260 days parallel prophecies at Dan7:25; Dan12:7; Rev11:2-3; Rev12:14; Rev13:5=1260 days.

The truth is this final total “revealing of the lawless one” now ensconced INSIDE “IN the temple of the God” in the Christian ministry of JWs will show the GB is from “small horn” elite Anglo global (Dan8:12) King North agency (Dan11:32a) and they have been in power since GB Coup January 1, 1976 and ALL the modern intrigues such as with Ray Franz, the UN NGO, the child sacrifice to Pedophile Molech, the money laundering, the real estate valuation and building RBC rackets, the BILLIONS in hedges and dirty investment, the Chase/Goldman globalist financial plumbing, the “bunker” JW trapping system, the modern “the end” “obey as crazy as it sounds’ lies, ALL OF IT, is from this FRAUD LIAR FAKE GB crew working for the globalist power system as in Daniel 11:31 “THEY… place the disguting thing” 1990 UN, as GB placed UN NGO Matthew 24:15 in JW ministry AT THE SAME TIME!

ALL OF IT is to come out with the recovery and final warning and God is who will terminate the GB and expose them for the prophecy they are (Isa66:6; Isa31:8-9; Hos1:4-7), so in a strange way (Isa28:21) the apostasy of JWs is good news in that the final cycle of prophecy has indeed begun in its initial signal form for the “sheep seeing me” in Zechariah, that is the “afflicted ones of the flock” are the ones WHO KNOW the “valueless shepherd” “lawless one” as shown in the GB sign, is who is now active and permitted by God to do this as 2Thess2:1-4, 11-12. Now, comes the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment as Revelation 8 beginning of the seven trumpets as the first 4 are the temple Judgment of Jehovah’s Witnesses. (JWs are that “flock meant for the killing” of Zechariah 11)

Stay alert, Daniel 8:13-14 events, “evening to morning” phasing, timing and aftermath to the final open salvation announcement WILL PROVE ITSELF IN EASY TO SEE MANNER, for that is the purpose of this from God to provide a HUGE SIGNAL to wake more than just WJs up to reality. (Hag2:7) To also see OPEN GLOBAL SALVATION OFFER THAT ANYONE WILLING CAN AND WILL BE SAVED, must be the headline of the final proclamation, because THAT is why Christ went through hell, to SAVE, not to destroy, but we have to decide to be saved ourselves.

As hard as Satan makes this, THAT is as easy as this is as well, ANYONE CAN BE SAVED, the elitist “shut up the Kingdom before men” closed gate of JWs must be condemned and exposed for the truth of what God and Christ TRULY are offering, Revelation 14:6-8.

JWs going down HARD, will be the first HUGE SIGNAL of more prophecy to come, recovery, cleansing, final open salvation call completion to world government triggering Christ arrival to complete HIS OWN ministry IN PERSON as Rev14, Rev11:11-12, Matt24:29-31 Matt25:31-40 and so on.

When I first “got back” to the ministry in 2010, I was under standard guilt for not preaching. Then more trials came, was homeless and what not, but THEN I finally had the time to “internet preach” and at first I was out defending the GB for about 6 months, full time on-line preaching like 12 hours a day. But, as I started to review the critiques of the GB finally the UN NGO came up, I missed that originally, then I had questions and did the big research on-line. But the xJWs out there, as well meaning as they were, they just did not REALLY answer the true gravity and scope of this seeming “random religious corruption”.

So, I said IF this is as dead serious as it seems, riding the wildbeast and what have you, the prophecy of God MUST have this in it I thought. So, I reviewed some of the “problem areas” even Fred Franz admitted he had with Daniel 8, “IF we accept this as the interpretation” he said in print in the Your Will Be Done book. And sure enough Daniel 8:11-14 is NOT that jimmy rigged “slide it up in time to correlate with WW2” as they did in 1999 “Pay ZERO Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy” book, or the one of 1958 which even Fred Franz said he doubted too, but is is NOW, and NO WAY has Daniel 8:13-14 fulfilled yet, NO WAY.

And this is because the GB now claims to have met the “right condition” by “theocratic organization” by the very means by which, IN REALITY, this ministry has been lost and come under GB Tyranny instead. IN FACT, then, their interpretation is now a BLASPHEMY in direct self-connection to Daniel 8:13-14, so when JWs do have to face the music when the SHTF in aftermath form, the GB will have connected the very prophecy then active they claim to be “fulfilling” to the “righteous condition” as actually the “man of lawlessness” betrayer architects of the WRONG CONDITION of total APOSTASY IN FINAL FORM!

Tehn, obviously Daniel 11:27-45 is not the USSR, so reviewing that next and seeing the so-called “Globalist Elite” globalization system in progress to ‘one world government” it is a NO BRAINER King North is globalized world government from “two horned wildbeast” corporate and military elites and technocrats and that too has been “truth thrown to the earth” (Dan8:12b_ TOTALL covered up by “GRADUALLY given over” subverted JWs as in Daniel 8:12, as “King North” “will lead into apostasy THOSE ACTING WICKEDLY AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT” which NO WAY did the USSR “mislead Christendom”, it is the globalists who have misled the WTBTS to the point they even joined the UN NGO as a BLASPHEMY as they also claimed to be a “non-governmental organization”.

Well the last time I checked JWs said they were REPRESENTATIVES of God’s GOVERNMENT, so now they performed this GB led blasphemy of denouncing all “governmental” representation to INSTEAD be a “Public Information” ESCORT SERVICE for the Globalist 1990 “New World Order” mantra of that UN1-2-3 THIRD UN event to cap off the end of the “Cold War”.

This is ALL in Daniel 8:11-12 and Daniel 11:30-35, PLAIN AS DAY, when we then see the GB is the culprit “man of lawlessness” and King North cover up and promotions attache “IN the temple”. Except, JWs are too bust “exposing Christendom” and this apostasy requires the honesty to be a 20/20 sighted “witness” and give testimony to our own apostasy right at Jeze-Bethel, UN toting, pedophile paradise freak show of King North so-called a “Governing Body” of a JW Neo-Papal clergy that has DESTROYED THE MINISTRY and has a reproach Satan would be jealous of now on God’s name, Christ’s name, the Bible and all JWs who now LIE to God, Christ, themselves and all people with PURE KN LIES! to give the delusion of “the end” as per 2Thess2:1-2, so now the REAL King North can use that delusion to destroy JW Org and incapacitate JWs to “stand erect and look to the sky” for a Christ arrival still many YEARS, well enough, away. (You can now see the final JW flae prophecy will become a global laughing stock in a big way)

Well, this who development is square in the prophecy JWs now cover up for the GB. Well, please keep exposing what you know, the ride is going to get bumpier before it is Zechariah 4:6-9 smoothed out for the final Kingdom announcement as they head into what they were going to the whole time, GLOBALIZED WORLD GOVERNMENT, which globalization completing will complete the “gathering the nations” to world government Armageddon state, which Rev17 “they shall give their power and authority” to that world government wildbeast will follow their money and gold there as Daniel 11:42-43 completes with this global crash cycle which is designed not to “the end”, but to Rev13:3 Isa41:1 HEAL into the potentially greatest global recovery in history to highlight wildbeast world government which for a segment of the global audience will of course masquerade as “God’s Kingdom” complete with a sold-out “Israel” is the UN World Government “crown jewel” of “prophecy” as they MUST “fulfill” false prophecy BEFORE God fulfills his for maximum deceptive effect. They cannot wait until after God’s fulfillment, for then it would be too late. Now JWs aid their false prophecies.

But, God did not have all the prophets and Chrust waste their time uttering and recording false prophecies, they will ALL come true it will have to be told BEFORE they complete their wolrd government, of course when it is most useful for people to use.

JWs, for good and bad and crushed recovery too, will stay the focus because the final warning MUST come from that area, though all can be Rom 2 saved, Rev14:6-8, God has to cleanse the reproach square in the JW face in that location as per Ezekiel 22 or close, and others. (Nah2:1)


[QUOTE who=”happyandfree”]<quoted text>

It seems you are not familiar with all JW teachings yourself. The WT literature itself says those of the 144,000 who have died already have been resurrected. WT 85 2/1 says: “Bible chronology and modern correspondencies indicate that the Bridegroom king came to the spiritual temple in the spring of 1918. Then he bagan to resurrect from the dead the faithful members of the spiritual bride and to unite them to himself in the heavenly kingdom.” BUT, in the God’s Kingdom Has Approached book, Chapter 14, pp 257-283, it quotes the scripture in Mt 25:31 when the book says: ‘So it was then, at the end of the Gentile times in 1914, that the Lord Jesus as the So of man came accompanied by all the angels and sat down “on his glorious throne.” Thus the Messianic kingdom of God was born in the heavens (Rev. 12:5, 10)’ Since then, “new light” has shown that Jesus ISN’T sitting on the throne (although he is crowned). So, if he isn’t sitting on his throne, wouldn’t that mean that the Kingdom of God HASN’T been born in the heavens?? The Messianic Kingdom is when the 1000 years of global peace happens, right? Why does the GB still say it began in 1914? Jesus’ first 100 years of Messianic rule has accomplished what? [/QUOTE]

There are TWO Kingdoms, as with TWO witnesses for each Kingdom. In 1914 Christ was Crowned King of God’s Kingdom as God appointed him, so oversee the BIRTH of the “Messianic Kingdom” also BORN in 1914.

Now that “Kingdom of Christ”, Rev11:15 “Kingdom of the World”, Messianic Kingdom must mature, complete ALL 144000 and then Christ is Crowned King of kings in that now incomplete Messianic Kingdom– and this truth JWs are now attempting to stall as they worship Org, GB and themselves for the works of pre 1960s faithful witnesses of God, riding coattails as it were.

I know some anointed are already resurrected as JWs know too, that is not the issue. What is the issue is that Rev14:1 COMPLETE 144000 is when that Messianic Kingdom completes and “The Court” of that Kingdom is convened as in Daniel 7:26, THEN, in 8th King World Government face, with the 1260 days final warning complete Rev11:7, THEN Christ is crowned in the future, Messianic Kingdom KING of Kings, King of the 144000, and then the sheep are gathered and the total conquest of Rev19:11 BEGINS.

The whole Daniel 12:11 1290 days is OPEN FOR SALVATION, Christ is made Messianic King of kings in that final 1290 days period as it starts after the “3.5 day death state” of the two witnesses of Rev11:7-10 which activates with “disgusting thing” world government, Daniel 12:11 inception timing.

What comes next is Daniel 8:13-14 timing/events on JWs that, in time, leads to the final 1260 day warning of Rev10:11, Rev11 to announce the Messianic Kingdom Coronation to come, of Jesus Christ in full 144,000 completed form, for day one, 1000 year reign.

That is what JW Org sacked starts, Daniel 8:13-14.


Update 3: JW Litmus Test

What kind of “witness” can’t see this stuff? Want to know how REAL the JW nightmare really is, well first is it REALLY real?


1. Human religion, even the one in heaven with Satan, went bad, ALL OF THEM, Israel and Christendom–but, it took time, have JWs had the time to go bad? Are the really the one and only Adamic flesh religion to remain faithful the whole way? (Zech3)

2. The GB came into power by a coup, axed a GB member and installed all the stumbling policies you see today all since 1976. Is all this GB “fruitage” really Christ-like and from God or is there perhaps someone else involved with this GB “mystery”? (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:9)

3. The GB allied JWs as UN NGO in 1991 with the wildbeast image UN, while saying nothing of the 3rd UN event of 1990, suspiciously matching the King North globalist “give consideration’ to apostate Christians modern of Daniel 11:30-35 including ministerial profanation, stumbling, allaince with KN and a UN “place the disgusting thing” similar to Matthew 24:15 which JWs are now allied with as UN NGO. All coincidence?

4. Now we have a “transgression causing desolation” at Daniel 8:13 sounding much like the “disusting thing causing desolation”. Did the GB commit that “transgression causing desolation” to the JW Org soon, as a wildbeast allied UN NGO?

5. We know the apostasy of modern anointed Christians will be a “great apostasy” worse than Christendom, and the GB apostasy must also “be revealed” well before Christ arrival, yet, the GB has JWs thinking as per 2Thess2:1-2 “the end” is next while the GB goes unpunished and unexposed in full by a final warning ministry.

All coincidence that JWs are being stumbled in record numbers while the “cave of robbers” of Bethel just deploys a guilt-coercion cover story as they claim even a garnage can at Bethel “must be God’s as is the GB acabal also God’s mouth peice”, yet they say nothing of modern world government globalization in its completion cycle to complete before Christ arrives.

And now the GB just so happens to be in a UN allaince scandal? Come on folks, witness this!

And this is ALL in prophecy at Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35,41 as far as GB apostasy and the sins of Jehovah’s witnesses now comes the timed phased temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14. Yet, JWs see, hear and speak NOTHING, to in fear of the lawless one GB. Is this not true?

[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]Ok, so I need some help.

I don’t have Studies in the Scriptures Vol 1. Thy Kingdom Come states on p. 235 that the Lord returned in October 1874. But on p23, it says that Jesus isn’t really ruling at that point in time, after having returned.

On page 234, it says,
“And since the resurrection of the Church must occur some time during the “end” or “harvest” period (which was described as the period of 1799 – 1914 on p.23), we hold that it is a most reasonable inference, and one in perfect harmony with all the Lord’s plan, that in the Spring of 1878 all the holy apostles and other “overcomers” of the Gospel age who slept in Jesus were raised spirit beings, like unto their Lord and Master.”

Two questions:

1) Does the Bible indicate a return of Jesus in which he does not rule?

2) Are overcomers anointed? Because it says the “overcomers” were (past tense) raised spirit beings?

Thanks for any input. [/QUOTE]

Yeah, even Isaac Newton understood Luke 17:20. Plus, this is complex the churchplex trick of guilt and condemnation and coercion to secure “overcomers” as overcome as they are is NOT the open salvation offer of Revelation 14:6-8, so Christ’s arrival must be a bit dragged out so the dead final global developments which precede his arrival can be made known to many BEFORE he arrives. These indications are:

1. JWs go down as Dan8;13-14 temple judgment.

2. A world war “sword stroke” heals into King North 8th King world government as the US 7th King King South system crashes into subservient in that phase. (Rev13:3; Dan11:42-43)

3. JWs are cleansed and recovered to “prophesy again” in Rev10:11 concerning the real reality of prophecy which leads into the 1260 days final warning as the wildbeast world government “arises from abyss” to cease that ministry as Rev11:7, Dan12:11.

Eventually global religion is destroyed as the final sign in that Rev14:6-8 segway.

After you see enough of all that you will understand why Christ “delays” but by Rev10:5-7 times prior to “two witnesses” commission from God, “there will be no delay anylonger, but in the days of the 7th angel, when he is about to blow his trumpet, the sacred secret of the good news is INDEED brought to a completed finish”.

The whole story will be made known as we take these final phased steps. JWs go down next as Dan8:13-14 Rev8, that is your first clue this is true.


Update 4: Good News Preached Fully?

Well, the GB has “lifted themselves over evryone” again saying through their “helper vipers” that “WE have fulfilled Matthew 24:14” not even giving the average JW credit for helping.

Of course, the GB has been SILENCING prophecy since that 3rd of 4 UN placements that occurred in 1990 which fulfilled Daniel 8:23 and Daniel 11:31, as they INSTEAD adjoined JWs to the UN as UN NGO “new world order” co-proclaimers!

And this GB apostasy is also in that same Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35 prophecy!

So, how is apostasy prophecy not yet explained globally as backed and approved by God as it will be in the future a “good news” has been “completely brought to a finish” in total refined clarity as in Revelation 10:5-8 and Matthew 24:14?

Because the “good news of the Kingdom” has NOT ‘been preached in all the inhabitant earth as a [completed] witness to all the nations”, because Revelation 10:11 states Jehovah’s witnesses must yet “prophesy AGAIN” with regard to this good news completion after they are temple judged next as Daniel 8:13-14 as Revelation 8 leads to the same 1260 days meaning as it did in 1914-1918.

Rather, the GB “lawless one must be revealed” well BEFORE Christ arrives–now we KNOW what the GB is concealing as they lead all they can to also sin against the holy spirit as they are doing. There is much yet to happen from the prophecy having to complete before the “good news” which must contain that explaining proclamation can be complete.

1. JWs go down “trampled” for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment.

2. A final coming world war “sword stroke” “heals” into King North 8th King world government as the US 7th King King South system crashes into subservience in that marked global “tribulation of those days” phase. (Rev13:3; Dan11:42-43)

3. JWs are cleansed and recovered to “prophesy again” in Rev10:11 concerning the real reality of prophecy which leads into the 1260 days final warning as the wildbeast world government “arises from abyss” to cease that ministry as Revelation 11:7, Dan12:11.

Eventually global religion is destroyed as the final sign in that Rev14:6-8 segway, but ANYONE can be saved by accepting that Revelation 14:6-7 in the last resort.

We have many years left as JWs are given 15 more years in Isaiah 38 from the time the temple judgment begins as Daniel 8:13-14, Zechariah 3:1-5, 1Peter 4:17, Revelation 8.

NO WAY has this lawless GB “fulfilled Matthew 24:15” but they have fulfilled the final “man of lawlessness” who shall now betray JWs so it is advisable to Matthew 24:15 FLEE JW Org while you can before they send as many JWs as they can to prison for the wildbeast for the GB is also the modern Zechariah 11 epitome of the 2Thess2:3-4 :son of destruction” condemned crew of demonic false apostles.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]I’m confused on what it means to be a child of God for a JW. Are the anointed the children of God or are all JWs children of God? Please share your opinions…..scripture preferred. [/QUOTE]

Earthling sheep are sons of Jesus Christ, the “Eternal Father” of Isaiah 9. Their “Mother’ is the “Bride of Christ”, as all anointed are “children of God” (Rom8:18-22) as Christ is the “first of many brothers” and sisters who assume spirit immortal state first to then “rebirth” earthlings into the human perfection Christ made available to them in a “sanctified body” of Hebrews 10:10, as the “blood of atonement” gives the required time for that super-physical body of Christ perfection as “Last Adam” master-patriarch to be brought into humans obeying.

By extension the Bible says God is the “father of all” even you Chihuahua, but humans are, well were, “in God’s image” and they have to be restored into that perfect image by God through Chrust as immortal High Priest and as Christ the perfect human being finality.


Update 5: All Prophecy Will Fulfill [Again]

Did you realize the apostasy of Jehovah’s witnesses is reflected in Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Joel and Micah in full “Israel Judgment’ form prior to destruction by the Assyrians?

And because Jehovah’s witnesses joined the UN post 1990 Proclamation as UN NGO they are the marked and most serious apostasy since Christ was betrayed by Israel prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE?

Now when Daniel 8;13-14 activates as Revelation 8 to express Zechariah 3 on Malachi 3 bad JWs, DID YOU KNOE this timed, phased and global anti-JW event filled prophecy of Daniel 8:14 will lead to the desolation cleansing recovery of Jehovah’s witnesses for the final full open salvation call of the Messianic Kingdom Completion proclamation of Revelation 9-11:1-10?


In the course of these events EVERY APOSTASY>> TEMPLE JUDGMENT>> ARCHRIVAL WILDBEAST AND DIVINE SOVEREIGN KINGDOM PROPHECY OF THE BIBLE WILL FULFILL IN FINAL FORM over the “tribulation of those days” into full 8th King World Government which will trigger the Christ arrival!

As per Revelation 10:11 JWs will have to “prophesy again”, while exposing the then gone GB for what they were in Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:32

The whole prophecy JWs explained of 1914-1922 will now REPEAT in final form over these last 16 years or so.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]<quoted text>

Thanks for the reply. So, when I see verses that speak of the children of God, I can safely say a JW thinks the verse is speaking about the anointed?

And when I see a verse that talks about someone being a child of christ? [/QUOTE]

You’re welcome.

I have not seen a verse that speaks of a “child of Christ” from JWs because their “man of lawlessness” GB has suspended all mature finality of the prophecies for the watered down milk you see JWs sucking on today.

The GB has bypassed UN 1990, globalization, 911, GWOT, 2008 Globalist Credit Crisis, and all kinds of other world government forming NOW ACTIVE prophecy to help sack the JW Org for King North as in Daniel 11:30-32a.

So, yes, because JWs have not been taught deeper details of the Eternal Father and the “Armageddon Covenant” of the Lord’s Marriage Event he MUST make with the earthling Sheep, they do not perceive Christ as their New Father as Last Adam Perfect Son of Man and David—

so, yes, they will think “children of God” are anointed because that too is a first simple truth, but it has a “Bride of Christ’ further purpose to perfect humans and resurrect all in ‘death and hades” which in either “container”, death, or Hades, includes the animals as per Ecc3, Rev5, Rom8:18-22, Isa34:14-17 and about 10 other prophecies that prove the animals must be “re-created” also under Eternal Father Prince of Peace, it has to be more than just the main Adamic human problem.

JWs will go through Daniel 8:13-14 and then a flood of final clarifications will be power-injected into the Jehovah’s witnesses who can repent and be cleansed and recovered for the final warning which must all occur within 15 years of day one–JW Org destruction; Isa38

You shall see this and can then also take part in the final warning of Rev10-11 which leads to Revelation 14;6-8 under Christ as his angels complete the proclamation to every man woman and child of Earth as Christ COMPLETES HIS OWN MINISTRY IN REV14.

[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]What is the significance of Christ’s return in 1914, except for being an object of faith? [/QUOTE]

In Daniel 2 the “stone cut from a mountain” from divine means is the Messianic Kingdom, it was “cut from” God’s Kingdom so it is a different, but related Kingdom. As Christ said “I make a covenant for a Kingdom with you just as my Father made a covenant for a Kingdom” with Christ.

1. God’s Kingdom: At 1 Corinthians 15:28 Christ ‘hands back” the Kingdom OF GOD to God its owner and ruler, in 1914 Christ received TEMPORARY FULL KINGSHIP BY DIVINE DECREE in God’s Kingdom, the events at Daniel 7 and in Revelation 4-5.

2. Messianic Kingdom of Christ: BUT, in 1914 the “stone” Kingdom of Christ was also born, being but a “baby” in Revelation 12 he is not yet ready to receive FULL KING OF KINGS CORONATION as King-Priest in that Kingdom, High Priest of the ‘Temple” which will also co-complete in the future when all 144000 are beyond sealed, but in spirit immortal form too.

The purpose of Christ receiving Kingdom of God power in Revelation 4-5 was to have the “seven sealed” scroll opened in meaning to him which seventh seal a prophecy, contains the seven trumpets of the actuallity–it is a “nested prophecy”.

This is because the seven seals are a prophecy made up of seven sub-prophecies who all fulfill in full during the “seven trumpets” which seventh seal contains them. The seven trumpets will, in final form, parallel the “seven plagues” on the world IN THE FUTURE on the same pattern as in 1914-1926–which “plagues” as in Egypt are judgments designed to cause repentance even if some will not repent, they all lead to the Christ Messianic Kingdom completion, final sheep gathering after 144000 are all gathered in full “Court” (Dan7:26)

Christ assumed Kingdom of God power in 1914 to oversee the “last days” and soon the “time of the end” of them “last days” to guide the completion process of the Messianic Kingdom and Temple, which is a second Kingdom which is God designed to RULE EARTH and be rooted in Earth, though of heavenly source it “Kingdom come” it “comes down out of Heaven” to planet Earth for direct rulership of this place.

The secret of the “seven times” “appointed times” of the nations as Jesus spoke of at Luke 21:24 is that is it PLURAL “appointed times”, it is not just the “seven times” of 2520 years.

In truth, Revelation 11 also contains a “3.5 times” time signature that occurs once for each of them “TWO witnesses” which equates to 2520 days, 2 x 1260 days, or “seven times” Revelation 11:2 “Jerusalem” “the Holy City will be trampled for 42 months” as the TWO witnesses preached for 1260 days as Rev11:3.

This is once in 1914-1918 for 1260 days and after JWs are judged in Daniel 8:14 timing, 1260 days IN THE FUTURE for a final warning, ‘seven times” completed in full marked final offer for salvation.

The point is there are to be TWO global “Kingdom Proclamation’ witnessings, one by The International Bible Students 1914-1918, and one by Jehovah’s Witnesses in the future final 1260 days of that 2520 days ‘seven times”.

Because there are TWO Kingdoms, God’s Kingdom and Christ’s Kingdom (Rev11:15), EACH KINGDOM MUST RECEIVE A PROCLAMATION, hence, TWO “witnesses” and why Revelation 10:11 tells Jehovah’s people they “MUST PROPHESY AGAIN” about these Kingdom details.

And this time the complete “sacred secret” summary will also be completed as stated in Revelation 10:5-7 over that final 1260 days of the future after Daniel 8:13-14 “temple judgment” comes next, soon, on apostate JW Org to remove and expose the GB modern “man of lawlessness” in this process who are actually King North Agents of Daniel 11:32a, plain and simple and UN NGO wildbeast worshiping cohorts.

The GB is where all this stumbling of Daniel 11:32-35 you see all over the Web is actually coming from as Zech3:1-3, and 2Thess2:1-4, Dan8:12. The GB are governors of lawlessness, the modern “man of lawlessness” of signal prophecy of our time.


[QUOTE who=”Postit”]If the Watchtower teaches that when Jesus ascended to heaven He resumed His service and identity as Michael, the chief angel. My question to all JWs: if Jesus is Michael now in heaven, why do you guys still call Him as Jesus. Is it not appropriate to call Jesus with His New name Michael. If I change my name, wouldn’t that be an insult to still keep calling with my old name?[/QUOTE]

They can call him Michael, but Jesus name is the human name and immortal name of the “Mighty God’ for salvation, it has fullest meaning. Michael is his heaven name, when an angel calls him Michael it is of Archangel to them, not their salvation. When a person calls Jesus Jesus it is a name named for salvation which has greater meaning to a saved human than will Michael, which though being a great name, is limited to Christ’s “from the days of time indefinite” title as Archangel, which since there is only ONE ARCHANGEL, it should be capitalized like Archangel, since it is a type of Angel too, the Master Angel of all Cherubim and Seraphs and who knows what else.

Super Angel is what it is, but now he is Christ Immortal Mighty God and King. “Jesus Christ” is the completion of this leg of divine mission so far. That “new name of mine” no one knows as far as men and angels about Christ, but it is tied to the total completion of mission when Satan is exterminated with the demons after earthly restoration to perfection, Planet Eden. Then, it is “accomplished” fully.



[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]<quoted text>

ihv so when exactly did this archangel die for our sins? since 1990 no jw has been able to answer this with any logic


Simple, after he became the Last Adam==perfect human 2.0

God is of course the great Story Teller ever, except it takes time to unfold in the details that make this story of Michael very real for some people– for the Bible is NOT a story about God, it is the story of Michael aka Jesus Christ for whom “all prophesying” is about.

(Let me write the longest sentence I have ever tried so far, maybe.)

From the “seed” of God’s “woman” to its reality weaved into the nation of Israel in David’s line, to the holy covenants of Kingdom and Priesthood which had physical representations in the law covenant and its history with Israel, to the transportation of the Number 1 Agent of God in that Archangel Michael, as recorded by the prophets to lead to some final truly inspired details from Jesus and his prophet apostles through the history of the church to its devolution into Grecian metaphysics and well disguised Babylonian Satanism to the appearance of the fully marked call for the finality of Christ’s anointed brothers and sisters, to the devolution of Jehovah’s witnesses into the worst apostasy since the Pharisees to the final cycle of prophecy coming up to pummel JWs into the Daniel 8:14 “righteous condition” from which they fell by MOL GB lead, through that Temple Judgment coming next into a global “tribulation of those days” as a final pre-world-government “sword stroke” runs its deadly course yet HEALS into 8th King King North World Government the final prelude details of these final global indications leading to the Christ arrival to be triggered by 8th King complete world government “one hour” of true globalized world rule, Babylon the Great destroyed in the process as overssen by Messianic Kingdom completion King of Kings Christ, to Michael standing in that Messianic King form which he is not in now, we will be told just how the “good news of the sacred secret of God is brought to a finish” in these final events and we can all meet Michael the King Christ in his final coronation.

It has always been all about God’s Son for God Almighty is his God and Christ will then tell GOD’S STORY for that 1000 Years, because by then we will know Michael’s fully.

This is why Michael is known as Jesus Christ, it provides the full background meaning in a much realer manner than the trinity metaphysics of a mystical “word of God” when in fact, of course, the first word God ever spoke was “Michael” when the new born Michael was awakened by his father Jehovah. OF COURSE Michael is the WORD of God in all ways, not some flimsy shallow “second person” of some mythical “trinity” pure and total rubbish, for this is a REAL STORY, not a fable of drug addicted sorcery mad “apostles” of Christendom’d GB through the ages.

Who wants that empty trinity fable when we can know the REAL STORY HERE!


No one is as ‘dumb” as the GB, they are smart KN ops as in Daniel 11:32a. The early GB 1976 was about probably 50 50 anointed to KN ops, today’s GB, the whole Zone Overseer ring, all the DOs now compressed into the CO ranks, they are ALL KN ops, avowed Masonic Satanists from various globalist-elite “two horned wildbeast” intel and occult clubs.

The COs are NOT all KN ops, and that is why they compressed the DOs into CO ranks like hit squads to axe any COs who may try to disrupt the “JW Bunker” herding process when it comes with the next big global event or events. THAT is all these guys want, to wipe JWs from the Earth for Satan and to bankrupt the place, seize all printing assets and strangle the corporations in legal webs for years to ty to squelch the final warning.

Update 5: All Prophecy Will Fulfill [Again]

Did you realize the apostasy of Jehovah’s witnesses is reflected in Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Joel and Micah in full “Israel Judgment’ form prior to destruction by the Assyrians?

And because Jehovah’s witnesses joined the UN post 1990 Proclamation as UN NGO they are the marked and most serious apostasy since Christ was betrayed by Israel prior to the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 CE?

Now when Daniel 8;13-14 activates as Revelation 8 to express Zechariah 3 on Malachi 3 bad JWs, DID YOU KNOE this timed, phased and global anti-JW event filled prophecy of Daniel 8:14 will lead to the desolation cleansing recovery of Jehovah’s witnesses for the final full open salvation call of the Messianic Kingdom Completion proclamation of Revelation 9-11:1-10?

In the course of these events EVERY APOSTASY>> TEMPLE JUDGMENT>> ARCHRIVAL WILDBEAST AND DIVINE SOVEREIGN KINGDOM PROPHECY OF THE BIBLE WILL FULFILL IN FINAL FORM over the “tribulation of those days” into full 8th King World Government which will trigger the Christ arrival!

As per Revelation 10:11 JWs will have to “prophesy again”, while exposing the then gone GB for what they were in Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:32

The whole prophecy JWs explained of 1914-1922 will now REPEAT in final form over these last 16 years or so.

The GB do all they do by intelligent purpose as per Daniel 8:12, it is not an “apostasy” except for defect anointed, the KN opes “LEAD into apostasy those” [reject anointed] and JWs “acting wickedly against the holy spirit”. (Dan11:32a)

Many elders are ops as are their “freelance” pedophile rings. JWs are INFILTRATED for the crash. God’s prophecy describes who controls the apostasy of JWs, it is GLOBALIST King North, Daniel 11:30-35. I wouldn’t worry about people you may upset, they like when they rattle your cage. They could be anyone.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Hmmm. I’m curious about something, Temple. What’s JWs’ take on Daniel 11:32 and Daniel 8:13-14?



They say what they do because the USSR=King North error from 1958 was so prevalent, so ironed in by the Cold War USSR vs USA thing, that [somehow] Russia was misleading Christendom into apostasy, when Russia was just plain anti-religious in the USSR period. But, Daniel 11:36 shows the real King North will “prove successful until the denunciation comes to a finish” so the USSR failed out of that fulfillment.

In reality, the GLOBALIST international UN centered system of forming world government surfaced in that 3rd UN event of 1990 which the GB joined as UN NGO as “THEY” the apostates for real in JWs and the KN globalists “will certainly place the disgusting thing” as KN placed it as 3rd UN presentation 1990, and the GB as UN NGO to be involved in the Daniel 11:30-32 apostasy portion allied with the “disgusting thing” as Christ’s signal of Matthew 24:15 which “desolation” is now to come on the JW Org based org and ministry.

Fred Franz died in 1992 so nothing in Daniel 8 or 11 could be updated and because Ray Franz had been axed about a decade earlier the “torch” was passed to no one, the dark silence of the GB still prevails rather than update to post 3rd UN event reality and the GLOBALIST SYSTEM King North reality which the GB cover for as in Daniel 8:12b, and adjoined JWs to as UN NGO.

Now in 1958 the Daniel 8:14 timing was not aligned with WW2 as the GB did in that 1999 “Pay NO Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy” book. BUT, the “theocratic organization” supposed developments where how they were claiming to bring the temple into the “right condition” which in fact was how the GB secured their “theocratic” dictatorship.

But, the important irony is the GB claims to be the governors of the “right condition” of Daniel 8:14, but they are actually those who brought in the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to the JW Org soon as UN allies. So the very prophecy that they blaspheme is the one the have very back-burner manner aligned with themselves, so when the music is over, and JWs have to actually face reality it will have to go back to that Daniel 8:13-14 claim and the actual globalist King North reality rampant in the world since they downed the USSR in bankruptcy as the USSR also fails to fulfill Daniel 11:42-43.

Now the GB just “put the prophecy on hold” at Daniel 11:44 KN attack as if a USSR fails only at Daniel 11:32-43, which is of course impossible the USSR must be scrapped from Daniel 11 entirely except for “and nothing will succeed” as they also failed as in Daniel 11:27.


Now if major global world war erupts with Russia the GB can say Russia has activated Daniel 11:44. But that is very premature, when JW Org goes down soon it will activate Daniel 11:41, when the US system King South collapses in that world war it will activate Daniel 11:42-43 as King North globalists will assume global ownership prior to world government which over 10 years from now will then fulfill Daniel 11:44-45.

But, over this final period JWs must be judged and cleansed and actually brought into that Daniel 8;14 “right condition”, so the final wrap up summary, final warning and open salvation offer announcement can be made BEFORE the world goes into full world government King North 8th King because that is the rival sovereign global entity that will trigger Christ arrival AFTER the 1260 days of Rev11:2, which the Daniel 8:14 JW judgment and recovery timing shall lead to in the future.

Essentially all the final global developments to mark the pre-Christ arrival final warning final “sword stroke” (Rev13:3) will be being laid out in marked mannr starting with JW Org down to fulfill Daniel 8:13-14 for real in the future. As you see the GB liars (Rev2:2) have aligned themselves with the very prophecies they now cover up, so when the prophecies actually fulfill the GB claims will have to be examined and exposed as being deceptive on purpose.


Nebuchadnezzar was crown-prince at the least in 607 BCE and the intrigues that led to Jerusalem temple destruction were in 587 BCE. Since it is “GENTILE times” the timing will just shift to Babylon benchmark and the Jerusalem temple “seven times” equates to the 70 years from temple destruction 587 BCE to temple completion 517 BCE which then assimilates in Haggai and Zechariah’s prophecy more directly rather than the leave-out JWs now have. As proof JW Org goes down in desolation as Daniel 8:13-14 in the near future and that will be the Zechariah 3 parallel as JWs are the Zech11 “flock meant for the killing” because the GB is an illegal infiltration whose goal is to capture as many JWs as possible, bankrupt the ministry and seize all the printing resources so the final warning can be impeded.

The easy fix for 607-1914 as stated in the above is what ray Franz research with Jonsson would have led to in time, so they axed Ray Franz to suspend also any clarification of Daniel 4 and to have no successor to Fred Franz in 1992 when King Nroth GLOBALISTS presented their 3rd UN “disgusting thing” in that 1990 post Cold War UN presentation which the GB, rather than say it was Daniel 11:31 in UN3 1990 and King North is the Globalist World Government System in-progress, they joined JWs to be co-proclaimers of UN Kingdom as UN NGO. That UN NGO is the Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” to the JW Org soon, it is the “disguting thing standing in a holy place” of Matthew 24:15 which precedes the JW ministerial destruction coming up which they just sell to JWs as “the end” as per 2Thess2:1-2.

But, it will just be the final world war “sword stroke” we are going into globally which as per Rev13:3 “heals” into said WORLD GOVERNMENT as the final sovereign rival King North 8th King entity. THAT world government has to come first and it is what triggers the full Christ arrival, but JWs must be desolated and recovered to announce the final witness of Rev11:3 BEFORE that 8th King world government comes in full “rise from the WW abyss” power when people can make best use of it.


[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]Temple – As you may realize, we disagree with your understanding of Daniel 8:14.

Daniel 8:14
14 So he said to me: “Until 2,300 evenings and mornings; and the holy place will certainly be restored to its right condition.”

What is “the holy place?”

When was it previously in the right condition – would you believe 1938?

When was it restored to its right condition?

Would you believe 2300 days later in late 1944?

And, in context, what was/is the “constant feature” in the context – e.g. Dan.8:13?

Please try to be concise.

Thank you in advance.[/QUOTE]

Well if you look at 1958 interp, Fred Franz said “IF we accept this as being the interpretation…” in YWBD book it means Daniel 8:13-14 is weak at this time until we know when it was, it is with Daniel 11:30-35 where King North is that globalist 1990 3rd UN global presentation the GB joined as UN NGO.

Now, if you look at Fred Franz version it has changed for 1999 Daniel book, they recently slid it up to try to coincide with WW2. BUT, Daniel 8:12 says they will “succeed” at that ‘given over” apostasy, it does not fail it is removed in Daniel 8:13-14.

Right NOW in JWs the enemy is acting effectively and succeeding at fooling JWs just as Daniel 11:30b and Daniel 8:12 says they will do.

Right now that Daniel 11:31a profaned and removed “constant feature” is the unacceptable modern daily sacrifice of JWs because of profanation from the GB, but it is removed and the “established place” JW org will be Daniel 8:11 “thrown down” and then the GB will actually CANCEL the JW constant feature==and that is when you can start to count Daniel 8:14 timing in the future.

The problem is there was no GB apostasy yet when Fred tried to interp that prophecy, now there is and now Daniel 8:11-14 is and will fully apply to JWs now in the “wrong condition”. There is nothing wrong with JWs up to 1969, because Fred got the Revelation fully from 1960-1969 which is repeated in Grand Climax book but it was all there in 1969.

If only JWs were as pure now as in 1938 then we would not be stumbling millions to fulfill Daniel 11:32-35 RIGHT NOW.

But the nice thing is the GB has tied themselves to Daniel 8:14 to try to say “theocrtic organization” applied by them is how the “right condition” is now met in JWs since 1944. In reality, it is how the GB secured total JW control for King North in Daniel 11:32a.

But now that the GB has made that claim, when JWs finally do have to face the truth it will naturally lead to the real Daniel 8:13-14 fulfillment by that time “the evening” phase 1150 days, half the 2300, will have trampled JW ministry so this truth is all JWs will have at that time and we have to repent and “prophesy again” 1260 days more as per Rev10:11.

In time, JWs will accept this truth, THAT is what “the morning” is in Daniel 8:14,26, when the lights come on for JWs, and they shall be “brought into the right condition” by the “fire of the altar” of Revelation 8. (Zech3)

Read BOTH 1958 and 1999 Daniel 8:13 interps, you will need it in the future when those fail.


Update 8: The GB 1944


To assess the truth of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s witnesses we must question their origin in 1971 in JWs from the first mention of the term “governing body’ in JW print since 1944.


1. Rather than be from the “first century” or 1914 we find the actually first applied the “Governing Body” title to the WTBTS “Board of Directors” in 1971 and pulled their now infamous Bethel Corporation coup in 1976.


2. By the time the failed USSR was disqualified from Daniel 11:36c and Daniel 11:42-43, in fact all of Daniel 11:32-35 we find the GB INSTEAD of updating any prophecy adjoined JWs as a UN 3rd presentation “place the disgusting thing” 1990 as UN NGO.


3. Thus, covering up modern “gather the nations to Har-Magedon” prophecy (Rev16;13-16) about globalization for 8th King world government purpose and the GLOBALIST King North REALITY now seen, the Daniel 11:32a GB is not just silent on the matter they adjoined the UN as UN NGO for a “transgression causing desolation” to JW Org soon as Daniel 8:13-14 coming upon JWs soon.


So, the dubious origin of the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1971-1976 becomes more suspect when we see them stalled on all relevant prophecy commentary for 30 years and that the mass lawlessness now causing a mass exodus from JWs makes us see they are a “man of lawlessness”. To make matters worse, the prophecy they do “update” is so they can “lift themselves over everyone” as the “faithful slave” as these stalled miscreants actually JUDGE THEMSELVES ALONE “FAITHFUL AND DISCREET SLAVE”, as well as keep erred prophecy in force along with horribly anti-Christian policies that actually AID THE MOLESTATION of countless JW children–COUNTLESS, 1000s and 1000s of pervs run the Kingdom Halls looking for victims and the GB protects them rather than call the cops on them while abusing the victims further to silence their GB-muffled cries.


Thus, Fred Franz and Nathan Knorr were not in agreement with the 1976 GB coup, and Fred Franz stated:


“I am just sitting back to see what happens” and “I never had any idea what the GB wanted to pull now”.


So, we see Fred had premonitions the GB would lead JWs to disaster as they spurned and violated the manner in which God was formerly guiding the JW ministry by God-placed INDIVIDUAL SPEARHEAD guides like Charles Russell, JF Rutherford, Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz.


Now the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” in the manner of Dathan and Korah of old demanded their own power and control and now we see they have led JWs to spiritual disaster to soon equate to real JW Org catastrophe as Daniel 11:41 context of Daniel 8:13-14, Zechariah 3, Revelation 8 and Malachi 3:1-5.


When the GB cancels the JW “good news preaching” it may indicate the timing of Daniel 8:14 desolation and removal of the JW CONSTANT FEATURE HAS BEGUN AND FROM THERE IT WILL GO INTO “TRAMPLING” FOR minimum 1150 days.


[QUOTE=”Transitory23, post: 71947629, member: 403691″]Hello. This is my first post. I am trying to raise awareness of something that has been bothering me. It’s in regard to this robot named Sophia that artificial intelligence designers have created.

This and transhumanism seem like abominable things. I am concerned about where these advancements could possibly lead. Also there is a thing called the internet of things, a guy named Elon musk talking about transhumanism, Ray kurzweil as well.

There is a thing called smart cities, nanobots, crisper cas9 Gene editing, the Methuselah foundation, self driving cars. Biometrics, rfid chipping. Also heard of changing currencies and agenda 21 turning into the 2030 agenda, there is a transhumanist named fm 2030.

Matt brown
Transitory23 on youtube[/QUOTE]

The answer is very simple Matt, it started in human modifications in Genesis 3 and 6, but as you can see we have reached the age of Satanic fruition which is now being worked from the technology and the human end to result in the new species of human taking over with the demons. The human element is plainly stated in Genesis 6.

Now the answer may be simple that it is a Satanic takeover under the guise of globalization and “aliens” and all those distractions. But the answer is SO SIMPLE, yet so disturbing most in the world shall live in denial, but that is no surprise they rejected God’s Son who is the top of the hierarchy of all these beings even the rebel angels who diverged from God which is now having noticeable effects on the human world. That is, they are getting noticeable stronger in progress and the “signs seen in sun, moon and stars” (Luke 21:25-28) of this world’s lights of power systems is describing ACTUALLY HOW they are carrying out the Satanic Agenda.

The answer is mind-blowing because the final signal development is coming when the world war “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3 instead of being “the end” which it is 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 [not] “the end”, but “heals” into Revelation 17:12 “8th King” Daniel 11:45 “King North” WORLD GOVERNMENT and that final globalized sovereign entity will cause the Christ arrival for the Global Sheep Sweep first, for conquest last.

But, in the meantime they will make great progress and though the world will go into the “world peace” under WORLD GOVERNMENT of 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, the true world governance context will BE THE MOST DANGEROUS IN ALL WORLD HISTORY as in Matthew 24:21-22 but it will be in the “freedom from care” Daniel 8:25 context of that Revelation 13:3 global “healing” (Isaiah 41:1) of said 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT, so not all will know the period will be so dangerous CHRIST WILL BE REQUIRED TO ARRIVE or, you know, “no flesh [at all] would be saved”.

Because Christ and the angels offer the Revelation 14:6-8 OPEN SALVATION OFFER TO [ALL] MANKIND at the time of his arrival, ANYONE can be saved once they choose the Messianic Kingdom “New Universal Order” over the globalist human World Government so-called “New World Order” which “order” includes modified humans taking over for the “seed of Satan” which is also why Christ shows up at that time to “cut short the days”.

Be patient, much is yet to happen with this next world war phase, it recovers into said world government and that entity will eventually trigger the Christ arrival, as parallels of Revelation 14:1, Revelation 11:11-12, Matthew 24:29-31, Revelation 16:17-20, Revelation 19:11-21 and Daniel 12:11 is the world government “place the disgusting thing” period he arrives in in that then active final 1290 days which is all open for salvation.

Make a copy this will all come true over the last 16 years we are in now.


The answer is very simple everyone, it started in human modifications in Genesis 3 and 6 by sin and demon-angel genetic meddling, but as you can see we have reached the age of Satanic fruition which is now being worked from the technology and the human end to result in the new species of human taking over with the demon “seed of Satan” and it is very REAL. The human element of this mod is plainly stated in Genesis 6.

Now the answer may be simple that it is a Satanic takeover under the guise of globalization and “aliens” and all those distractions. But the answer is SO SIMPLE, yet so disturbing most in the world shall live in denial, but that is no surprise they rejected God’s Son who is the top of the hierarchy of all these beings even the rebel angels who diverged from God which is now having noticeable effects on the human world. That is, they are getting noticeable stronger in progress and the “signs seen in sun, moon and stars” (Luke 21:25-28) of this world’s lights of power systems is describing ACTUALLY HOW they are carrying out the Satanic Agenda.

The answer is mind-blowing because the final signal development is coming when the world war “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3 instead of being “the end” which it is 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 [not] “the end”, but “heals” into Revelation 17:12 “8th King” Daniel 11:45 “King North” WORLD GOVERNMENT and that final globalized sovereign entity will cause the Christ arrival for the Global Sheep Sweep first, for conquest last.

But, in the meantime they will make great progress and though the world will go into the “world peace” under WORLD GOVERNMENT of 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, the true world governance context will BE THE MOST DANGEROUS IN ALL WORLD HISTORY as in Matthew 24:21-22 but it will be in the “freedom from care” Daniel 8:25 context of that Revelation 13:3 global “healing” (Isaiah 41:1) of said 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT, so not all will know the period will be so dangerous CHRIST WILL BE REQUIRED TO ARRIVE or, you know, “no flesh [at all] would be saved”.

Because Christ and the angels offer the Revelation 14:6-8 OPEN SALVATION OFFER TO [ALL] MANKIND at the time of his arrival, ANYONE can be saved once they choose the Messianic Kingdom “New Universal Order” over the globalist human World Government so-called “New World Order” which “order” includes modified humans taking over for the “seed of Satan” which is also why Christ shows up at that time to “cut short the days”.

Be patient, much is yet to happen with this next world war phase, it recovers into said world government and that entity will eventually trigger the Christ arrival, as parallels of Revelation 14:1, Revelation 11:11-12, Matthew 24:29-31, Revelation 16:17-20, Revelation 19:11-21 and Daniel 12:11 is the world government “place the disgusting thing” period he arrives in in that then active final 1290 days which is all open for salvation.

Now as a first signal event, JWs will go through the Temple Judgment of Daniel 8;13-14 and their “constant feature” will be ceased to possibly start that Daniel 8:14 minimum 3.19 years of JW Org global desolations. It will begin Revelation 8-11 as Rev8 is the Temple Judgment parallel of modern times.

Wait and see what happens to JWs next, that event starts the final cycle and the ‘sword stroke” in final cycle form and Daniel 11:41-43 will be the global context EVEN IF the GB tries to say in error to JWs it is Daniel 11:44 being fulfilled on the decoy Russian “King North” continuation.

Make a copy this will all come true over the last 16 or so years we are in now.


[QUOTE=”Wholesome Thomas, post: 72059215, member: 313965″]Do you know what the biblical prescription is for false prophets?[/QUOTE]
Yes I do, this time it is THE PROPHECY of Genesis 6:3 go figure. You shall see because by that time Satan will be king of the world, 1914 has been marked by Adventist Christians and the Masonic wizards so it is what we add the 120 years “as in the days of Noah” to, from the Christ hint.

You best figure out they cannot all be false prophecies like the churches and Jehovah’s witnesses, this time it is the REAL THING and that is why it winds down over over 10 more years to give full Revelaion 11 “witness” to the FINAL GLOBAL INDICATIONS to be the known prelude of the Christ arrival: Bringing in the new world order is pretty much the final sign of world government 8th King.

You can ride the fence like many Christians do or you too can make the stand to the death for Jesus Christ and his King of kings rule. That is the orst they can throw at you, so avoid the 666 of 8th King Scarlet wildbeast allegiance of Revelation 13:15-18 and Revelation 14:9-11, and LIVE.

Hint, all the undercover Satanist “Christians” in league in their service is to ply premature prophecy fulfillment to cloak Satan as in 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2, this 2034 forecast is so long range it has no time to “fail” because as with this trans-humanist thread they will be getting hell-strong over this next 15 years, so you will have no choice but to accept the final forecast here presented.


Update 10: Why have JWs Gone Silent on World Government Prophecy?


What did it take for former church members to believe Jehovah’s witnesses when they said the churches have nothing to offer?


1. Was it saying nothing about prophecy in modern times since the 1900’s?


2. Was it lawlessness and hypocrisy?


Yes, it was–and now JWs are guilty of the same things, saying NOTHING of the 3rd UN prophecy of Daniel 11:31, being a hypocrite UN NGO advertising crew for that 1990 3rd UN event as well as now plague of lawlessness causing the LARGEST MASS EXODUS OF JWS IN HISTORY, waters drying up as the GB just damage controls it over.


So, how do we come about as Jehovah’s witnesses to see this development is in the very prophecy the GB ignores?


Well, I started in Daniel 8:11-14 because NO WAY was some minor organizational adjustments the meaning of that major prophecy now provable about THE FUTURE, not those two jimmy-rigged prophecies from both Daniel books which have changed the timing to align with WW2 since 1999. Once we see in Daniel 8:13 a major transgression and a prophecy “throw truth to the earth” in Daniel 8:12 with a “gradually given over” subversion of the JW “army” by “small horn” Globalists reflected in to JW devolution since under GB since 1976 we can expect ZERO REAL ENLIGHTENMENT from this fraud GB, just that they are King North globalist agents of Daniel 11:32a.


We know this because brain-dead JWs no longer check or teach prophecy in detail. So when the King North Globalists erected their 3rd UN “image” “disgusting thing”, the modern GB joined it as UN NGO and SAY NOTHING of the OBVIOUS USSR=KN failure in that prophecy.


Instead, the GB keeps the prophecy hanging at Daniel 11:44 which will aid the delusion ‘the end” is next when the world goes into its next “sword stroke” downturn of Revelation 13:3 soon. So, the “Babylon the Great” destroyed next error is also retained in spite of the fact that in Revelation 16:17-20, Revelation 11:13 and Revelation 17:11-18 BTG goes down AT THE END OF THE FINAL CYCLE under world government.


Thus, the GB is concealing, of course, they are the apostasy leaders of Daniel 11:32a and “those leaving the holy covenant” of Daniel 11:30-31 as guided by the real King North Globalists who overcome the temple in that prophecy and its Daniel 8:11-14 parallel.


Now that the GB is canceling books, reducing costs in some areas while sending mixed messages in others, JWs actually think “the end” is next when in fact this GB “lawless one” must now be removed and exposed by God to but START (1Pet4:17) the final prophecy cycle as the Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses of Daniel 8:13-14 is the timed parallel of Revelation 8 and Zechariah 3 and Malachi 3.


So, it is not for no reason the GB “operation of error” is:


1. Saying nothing about prophecy in modern times since the 1990’s;


2. Practicing lawlessness and hypocrisy;


3. promoting the fake “the end” delusion of 2Thess2:1-2;


Because their KN plan is crash the JW org after they cancel the JW “good news” from their own lawless mouths, not by God’s direction for the “good news” is “everlasting” at Revelation 14:6-8, after this next world war “sword stroke” “heals’ into 8th King King North World Government Christ will arrive as per Revelation 14 and COMPLETE THE GOOD NEWS MINISTRY HIMSELF. (Matt10:23)

JWs will now be “trampled’ for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 for the Daniel 8:14 timing, after which they “MUST prophesy AGAIN with regard to many nations” as Revelation 10:11 and Revelation 11:3 for a future final 1260 days after all this apostasy is removed from the temple by God for the Daniel 8:14 temple cleansed “right condition”.



[QUOTE who=”Impending Reality”]<quoted text>

Would you please post the full prophecy?

This seems vague.

And remember, you said PROPHECIES.[/QUOTE]

I think you missed an earlier post. But I will review what JWs have correct. In regards to Knorr and the UN:

In September 1942 while the WWII was going on, in the “New World Theocratic Assembly” held earth wide in 85 cities, at the main city, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, the president of the Watchtower Society, Nathan Knorr, delivers the talk, “Peace – Can It Last?”

Knorr prophesied in 1942 that the League of Nations (Rev13:11-15) would rise out of the abyss as Revelation 17:8-11.

Knorr used the expression “United Nations.”

How could he have known the exact name of the new incarnation, when it wasn’t established until 1945?

Knorr knew the name because it was in a FDR speech from Jan 1, 1945. But the UN is the coming Executive Branch of world government. World government of the future is the then complete direct rival of the Messianic Kingom so expect the Christ arrival for the war of all time AFTER they complete world government and make their “world peace” mantra pitch of 1Thess 5:1-3.

Now, as far as modern JWs their own apostasy and a couple errors in certain valid prophecies is why many are trying to say all Bible prophecy is bunk, but it will all fulfill in world government in the future instead.

1914 is Good

1914 back end has only one problem, Babylon King Neb kinging must mark 607 BCE, Jerusalem was destroyed 587 BCE. But the front end 1260 days from 1914-1918 are OBVIOUSLY the exposure of apostate Christendom and the UN as the “image of the wildbeast’. Thus, the first cycle, for there must be “TWO witnessings” for Rev 11:3, is the 1260 days fulfilled in 1914-1918 for Daniel 7:25, Daniel 12:7, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:6 and Revelation 13:5.

5 front end prophecies and the “wildbeast” UN events from the Anglo-American system all mark 1914-1918 as in 1919 the rival world government “image” arose as the League of Nations; that entity became the UN 2 in 1945 and the UN 3 in 1990 which JWs say nothing of that being the Daniel 11:31 “place the disgusting thing” prophecy as they joined the wildbeast as UN NGO poor things, by GB Daniel 11:32a lead.

So there is a bunch of prophecy about modern UN allied apostate WJs in Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30b-35, even if at present their are silent on their own apostasy, after Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JWs they will have to pipe up.

Although Daniel 4 will require that 607=Babylon adjustment, and Daniel 8:11-14 fulfills next on JWs, and Daniel 11:27-45 is King North GLOBALISTS, Fred Franz laid out the whole Revelation prophecy by 1969 at it stands and is accurate, saving a couple small details King North *th King GLOBALIST awareness makes necessary and that Babylon the Great global religions will go down under world government, last, not next as JWs teach in error.

So, in spite of what JWs have correct its order in time is messed up and REQUIRED WORLD GOVERNMENT COMPLETION to trigger the Christ arrival is also unknown to them as is the Daniel 8:13 “transgression causing desolation” UN NGO meaning.

That desolation for the UN NGO will soon be meted out on the JW Org, you shall see some of it on CNN, it lasts for the Daniel 8:14 timing and, in time, when JWs are “right condition” shipshape again, it will lead to the final 1260 days final warning of the ministry in the future.

The UN will become the executive Branch “nucleus and image” of world government which will arise AFTER the nest world war “heals” into that entity as Revelation 13:3, so you shall see more “JW Prophecy” come true in the future once JWs have been Daniel 8:13-14 judged and cleansed.

So, JWs have dropped the ball on the prophecy truth a post-next-world war “sword stroke” will “heal” into world government and trigger the Christ arrival— but IBSA and JWs did track the globalist UN entity that will end up being the UN 4 nucleus of the world government’s international “Executive Branch”; IN THE FUTURE 12 years or so.

[QUOTE=”TheFriendlyAtheist, post: 72039894, member: 403204″]I have a few questions about why you guys Worship. I get the basic reason for it so I’m more interested in the ancillary details. Like what does the act of worship do for you emotionally? How does it make you feel? How different are those feelings when worshipping by yourself or with others? And lastly for now, do you feel a desire to worship?

I have never been able to fully understand it myself. To me it’s like dancing. I can see people enjoy it and feel something while doing it but I could never grasp it.

Like when people would raise their arms up during the songs at church. I can clearly see that they’re feeling compelled to do that, but I can not figure out what that feeling is like or why it happens. So if you guys could just give me your thoughts on the the subject I’d appreciate it.[/QUOTE]

It depends on how you define “worship”. To me it means “work for’ so I work for God through jesus Christ which for me has no “Sunday” ritual which gives many the feeling they worship as it must be formalized so they can feel it is real, imo.

Not to knock churches much, but the Bible is far more important than subsidizing a few preachers who are usually stalled in prophecy or some theological debate, rendering any work for” for state purposes as history attests to this characteristic of churches.

What gives it all meaning is the obvious need for a new global management system that transcends the UN and New World Order abilities when it is shown their leaders are all in league with other cosmic forces identified in the Bible as Satan and the demons who are very old, powerful and intelligent rebel angels in the Bible since Genesis 3 and Genesis 6.

All that remains is for the world to fall 100% under that full complete world government after this next world war passes into a global recovery of Revelation 1:3, rather than the many national powers whose rule is sanctioned in Genesis 10 and Romans 13 temporarily. Once the world comes under the full rival world government system Christ will arrive to settle their matter and anyone who wants to can Revelation 14:6-8 choose the Messianic Kingdom of Christ instead of that 8th King New World Order King North WORLD GOVERNMENT of Revelation 17:8-18 and Daniel 11:44-45.

THAT forehand knowledge from prophecy is also what makes worshiping God for me very real and interesting. I could NEVER learn that at church or from Jehovah’s witnesses, etc. But both groups did help in the journey there, go figure.


[QUOTE=”JohnC, post: 465645, member: 14039″]Hey all,

I have been thinking about Daniel 2 – Nebuchadnezzer’s dream of the giant image….

One part that gets me hung up is the last bit of Daniel’s interpretation of the feet of iron and clay mixed…
2:43. And whereas thou sawest iron mixed with miry clay, they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.

What shall mingle themselves with the seed of men but shall not cleave to eachother – as iron won’t alloy with clay?

I have seen a lot of interpretations of this.. As likely have you… And very few account for this last part…

If it’s just rulers and subjects – people have no issue having children with different races/status classes/religions…
These “cleave to” eachother biologically just fine…. There is no issue with children….

But robotics? It can’t work biologically… You can “mingle” robotic bits and pieces onto people (and they are working on this feverishly) – but they don’t become people….

And it’s all over the headlines now… AI/Robotics is poised to be the next great “upgrade” for humans… But it has some pretty scary implications to me….[/QUOTE]

Well, think in time where this world government project is going, right? It is going to complete and then Christ will arrive AFTER it completes, not before, for it is the TERMINUS of all sovereign prophecy of Daniel 2, Daniel 7, Daniel 8, Daniel 11, Daniel 12 and Revelation 13 and Revelation 17. Surprisingly the portions that apply to the “time of the end” can be fit on one or two pages, so it is easy to apply prophecy meanings to well-developed final sovereign features.

For example the nation-state “clay” and the globalist ‘iron” will appear to work, but in reality it is contrary to the “autonomy” of nations, they must Revelation 17:8-18 sacrifice their own sovereignty to actually do a world government “8th King”. THAT is an immutable truth you will witness over the next 16 years or so. But, since all sovereign prophecy converges to the selfsame terminus, we know all these complete symbols, such as the whole Daniel 2 “immense” image and the whole “scarlet wildbeast” or the whole Daniel 11 “King North” MUST BE—-WORLD GOVERNMENT.


Now one more parallel to help some see how easy this is we have a seven headed wildbeast in Revelation 13 and a scarlet one with the same structure in Revelation 17. These are also the “king South” and “King North” of Daniel 11, respective to those two wildbeasts of Revelation 13 and 17. This is because, as in Daniel 11, “King South” is the nation-state system who also loses all wealth-sovereignty in Daniel 11:42-43 to support the world government globalization “gather the nations” in Revelation 16:13-16 and the sovereignty transference of Revelation 17:11-15, as “King North” is the dominant GLOBALIST entity when in full WORLD GOVERNMENT in the future. Thus, just as the “Scarlet Wildbeast” Globalist World Government absorbs the Revelation 13 nation-state “seven headed wildbeast from the earth”, so too, King North globalism based world government will adsorb the King South nation-state, even if that clay and iron ultimately do not “mix” well.

Then, Christ “Kingdom Stone” arrives for the war for global rulership, for real. Give it a few years, the next world war is the “sword stroke” that ‘heals” into world government in the future as Revelation 13:3, Revelation 13:15-18.


Update 11: What Will JWs Do When The End Does NOT Come?

We see JWs are fully asleep on modern globalism based King North prophecy of 8th King world government which must arise from an abyss of the final world war “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3, which needless to say takes more years, over 10, to run its full salvation supporting course.

So, when that crazy GB cancel the JW “constant feature” and the world plunges into that final sword stroke, what will JWs do?

Well, at first, some will go to them bunkers and end up in FEMA or worse, the rest will look to the sky for Christ and what not and so on. But after a year turns to 2 and 3, JWs will have to realize something aint quite right–they will be in the darkness of the Daniel 8:13-14 3.19 years.

Then, JWs will have to be “the morning” of Daniel 8:14,26 recovered for the final warning 1260 days of Revelation 10:11, Revelation 11:3.


[QUOTE who=”Impending Reality”]<quoted text>

Do you, despite the diversions, believe jws are false prophets?[/QUOTE]

No religious group will have perfect interpretation because the ones that are interpreted before they fulfilled are always wrong. BUT in the final cycle coming up where complete 666 world government will trigger Christ arrival after this next world war ‘heals” into said world government (Rev13:3), the final prophecy will be accurate and stated BEFORE it fulfills, because if it delayed it would be too late to serve a the final warning.

Christ said all that want to follow him must take up the torture stake, so those who really want the Kingdom must be willing to die for it in obedience to Christ, and this is the limit Satan is allowed in some cases to resist the Kingdom followers of Christ.

THAT is too much to bear for most religious group leaders so their followers follow them into any way to find an easier way in. This results in discrediting any religious group who promotes the torture stake, which JWs [used to] do, so, those not having what it really takes must cajole and criticize because they have not considered what it takes. They are not really interested whether a prophecy is true or false, they are interested in letting go of the torture stake.

But, the testing sifts out what is what. The JW effort is now a UN NGO hypocrite like thier lazy loafers in the GB pack of cowards as shown at the ARC. So, JWs will be judged next as Daniel 8:13-14 and only brass tack JWs serious about the Kingdom will come out of that Rev9 abyss of this desolation of Daniel 8:13.

So, this is not to offend anyone or put JWs above anyone for they are worse than the worst of Christendom, but to remind people IF you follow Christ don’t forget we have to grab hold of that same torture stake, but it is temporary, those who do make the Kingdom will be under Christ and those who make the “resurrection of the unrighteous” will have to understand why they are just spectators— Christ has been clear what it takes to follow him and at present the churches and JWs are not the discipline that defines a “disciple” of Christ, they all took the easy way out.

But if one agrees to the cost, ANYONE can “seize the Kingdom” while it is still available to do so provided we mean it of course, if we do the test will come. Power puffs will want the cake and eat it too of course, and that is what most of the JW critics are really after, the way in by the way out.

It will NEVER world like that with the King Jesus Christ or God, but then again the general resurrection is a time to redetermine what to focus on, because Satan has a post-1000-Year-Reign test that ANYONE can pass, but it has to be far more serious an effort than we have seen most display in this world, so in the end, God will get what can pass the test. Satan will get what fails.

It is what it is, no easy way out so just go for it.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]<quoted text>

I keep hearing from you and JWs that the Churches serve the UN or the Churches are in bed with the government. This was the argument of Charles Russell, too. But I’m not seeing it as any more than an assertion to make their own org exclusive. In what way does my independent church serve the U.S. government, or the UN? [/QUOTE]

I say dump all religion and just worship God direct through Christ with the Bible as guide, all religions have to be watchdogged because religious leaders are notorious for being lazy and corrupt. So, you have to do your own research, I do not know about your group.

What I do know is Christ is NOT taking 666-sympathizers, and since no one seems to catch on that the wildbeast will be world government, even JWs, it will sneak in slowly but surely and when it is the big “hero” after this world war, do you think religious leaders are going to stand up and be counted by Christ, and exclaim it is the deadly 666?

No, they will as per BTG riding the wildbeast, they will promote it as the panacea of global salvation, as “God’s Kingdom on Earth” as the “Bible Students” in the Herald magazine are ALREADY doing.

See, when this world government sneaks in, those who do not take this DEAD SERIOUS that Christ is NOT party with his rival world government from the demons, will take the 666 willingly. ONLY THE UNCOMMON FEW will resist the 666 in knowledge it is NWO World Government, but anyone can do this from any religious group because the religious organizations will be no more by that time. They will be outlawed and destroyed as rev17:8-18 latter portion under that Scarlet Wildbeast WORLD GOVERNMENT.

You can bet even getting JWs back on track from their UN NGO will be a crushing event. So, you can bet the church-corproations will walk straight into the trap and endorse 666 world government prior to their destruction.

Now that you know what to look for in the future you do not have to be “shepherded” to the 666 world government when it does come, and it is not if it comes, it will come for it is the terminus of all the sovereign prophecy of Daniel 2,7,8,11-12 and Revelation 13,17.

It will come, it will trigger the Christ arrival and now you can consider what it will really mean. All that is yet to happen is Jws go down hard for UN NGO as Daniel 8:13-14 “because of transgression”, a world war “sword stroke” global crash will run and pass as the Daniel 11:41-43, and it WILL HEAL into world government as Revelation 13:3, and Revelation 17:8-12. THEN, all outlined in the prophecy above, will wrap up, the global test shall begin.

It is NOT the test in what is coming in this major global crash “tribulation of those days” as JWs and other believe in that 2Thess2:1-2 delusion, it is the period UNDER COMPLETE WORLD GOVERNMENT “ONE HOUR” when that Revelation 3:10 “hour of test” will come, and that is over 10 years from now.

Just jot this down, what have you got to lose, actually you have everything to gain by passing that test.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So then according to you, Temple… who *is* the faithful and discreet slave?


It is a trick question first off. When Jesus said “who really is the slave” it was a trick. See, ONLY GOD can appoint this slave through Christ, it must, MUST be associated with a temple judgment event and its prophecy to be understood later, as happened in 1914-1919.

The trick is the idiots like the GB will think, IN ERROR, they can judge the “slave”. They ate the bait, they are “lifting themselves over everyone”, and I mean actually appointing themselves, not the basic discernment the slave is approved anointed Christians AS A WHOLE “BODY” as a judgment completes.

As in the ten virgins half are good half are bad, so the “evil slave” is defective rejected anointed, they did not stay steadfast to the Kingdom mission and God and Christ. In Daniel 11:30b these are “those LEAVING the holy covenant” by King North enticements. And what greater sign can there be of leaving than joining the counter-kingdom as UN NGO?

And at this time it is OBVIOUS King North is globalist globalism based world government in development NOT the Nazis or USSR. It is the globalist world government system as in League of Nations 1921, United Nations 1945, and then NWO UN in 1990, which the GB also silences any required update on who King North=8th King MUST BE: The Globalist World Government.

So, the GB must be the “evil slave” and now as per Daniel 8:13-14 there is a REQUIRED Temple Judgment for God to appoint the true “faithful and discreet and slave” and in that the GB actual “man of lawlessness” must be removed and exposed as part of the final warning this will lead to.

This is because those real King North Globalists will be moving forward in their WORLD GOVERNMENT PROJECT, and by GB mislead, they have at this time said NOTHING about ANY of this.

See the problem JWs have Tony? They have been misled into defective apostate status as a whole and that ridiculous GB Club of coercion and fear is how it happened and they are also, as per Daniel 11:32-35, stumbling MILLIONS of people by obvious UN NGO and pedophile lawlessness and other CRIMES.

Think that is all accidental? No, it is KN “in the temple” and the GB Daniel 11:32a works with them and for them, that is how they know it is not “the end” but they delude JWs to think it is, so they can crash the Org, cancel the JW “constant feature”, silence JWs and just go through the world war to the Rev13:3 healing into world government.

And at this time, JWs are stalled and dead silent, and that must change and will change, but the Temple Judgment “desolation” of Daniel 8:13-14 which will bring about the “right condition” will be a multi-year massive anti-JW event, it will be seen, and it will be Revelation 8 final cycle inception.

Jot it down, you WILL see these things unfold on JWs and the purpose is to give massive global credibility to the clarified final warning and final open salvation offer completion of Rev14:6-8. It cannot be stopped, only JWs have been stopped and it will all come out in time as per Rev10:5-11, Rev11:3, final 1260 days warning from judged and cleansed “right condition” JWs minus their MOL GB.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Well, if you believe that JWs fulfill Bible prophecy and were at one time, God’s faithful chosen people, and then apostatized from that, but will also be restored back to that, then why didn’t you ever get baptized as a JW? Also, I suppose that in the beliefs that you have now, it wouldn’t be okay for you to get baptized as something else would it?

Plus, if you don’t mind, could you give me a short and succinct explanation of JWs’ interpretation of Daniel 11:30-35 and Daniel 8:12…. and NOT a treatise that I will not read? Because I can not learn something extensive all at once perhaps like you can. But I need to learn something like that in small pieces. (Also, I do NOT want your interpretation of those verses.)


Tony, the current Daniel 8:11-14, 23-25 prophecy is an error, but in Fred Franz’ time it was because the GLOBALIST GLOBALISM SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT was not then well known, and the JW apostasy as not yet full blow as it is today. Daniel 8 gets updated after JWs are restored as part of the final warning.

Daniel 11:27-45 suffers the same error except thinking the USSR was King North because the 1990 3rd UN GLOBALIZATION ERA had not yet arrived when Fred Franz took a guess at Daniel 11:27-45. The GB took over when Fred died to keep the USSR=KN error in place to cover up the final KN=GLOBALISTS news, and went UN allied UN NGO instead. Daniel 11:27-45 will also be updated after JW desolation of Daniel 8:13-14, and when this hits you can check the events and timing and know I was telling the truth. (Listen to JWs after the recovery, that WILL BE the truth at that time)

I am a baptized Christian as a Jehovah’s witness as a JOB, not a “religion” and I partake as a Jehovah’s witnesses of the Memorial meaning. The baptism transcends the GB apostasy if done in ignorance to their state at that time, 1992 for me, I had no idea about their apostasy at that time.

I merely left the JW organization when I saw the UN NGO fulfill Daniel 11:30-32a and Matthew 24:15, around 2011, I did not find out about the UN NGO until later than I could have.

Btw, ANY BAPTISM is valid to God of course as long as it is in the name of the Father, Son and holy spirit and the person KNOWS what they are doing as many do– not in the name of a profane organization which was in my era as JW, but I renounced the Org, it was an inserted blasphemy I was not on to at the time.

I am just realistic about what has actually happened to JWs, and more open minded to the BIG SALVATION of Revelation 14:6-8 which must include tons more people than just JWs. THAT will be in the JW Recovery final announcement, btw, it will be the MAIN HEADLINE underscoring the Messianic Kingdom Completion proclamation.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Thank you for that, Temple.

Also, I might have what may appear to be an ignorant question, but who else knows about this other than the few people at this forum who read your posts and your website? Plus, are you suppose to be preaching this news to the world?


You’re welcome, Tony.

The web has 2.5 billion people on it, you will reach far more people here than any “territory”, as they have been doing with the JW slam campaign which uses real lawless deeds, so it is very effective. This record has gone to 20,000 people minimum on the web in 100 countries, I have no idea who is catching on, but I know some are.

Some other anointed know about this too and some other people who are undetermined as far as their ultimate goal. The reason the GB calls themselves “we alone are the slave” is to discredit all anointed among JWs as NO LONGER authorized channels of prophecy information.

THAT is one reason they pulled that stunt, if you are anointed in a JW congregation now, and you say something new, JWs will toss you, JWs disrespect anointed too, they only respect the GB liars of Rev2:2. The other is to fulfill “lifting themselves over everyone” in JW and world faces, so the scripture is fulfilled at zenith the “man of lawlessness must do this. (2Thess2:1-4)

Is the GB lawless? Of course they are, look at the web record. But to JWs it is unacceptable they have been fooled into the final apostasy just as it is unacceptable to Christendom’s masses they were fooled into the first.

But, it is what it is. Make a note, what has been pointed out from prophecy and incept Daniel 8:13-14, Rev8 (1Pet4:17) will now come on JW apostasy to also, in time, expose and reveal the GB “man of lawlessness”.

Just wait and see Tony, this explanation is complete, and that while respecting the first ministry since 1914 to this point. No other forecast keeps 1914-1918, 1919-1922 meaning while exposing the modern JW apostasy, because JWs are NOT “all wrong” as is the effect in most cases when the GB stumble people today, they think the whole thing must be bunk.

THAT is the real GB goal.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Thank you for that, Temple. Also, could you now compare JWs’ interpretation of Daniel 11:30-32a with your interpretation, succinctly? Also, what is KN and JW Recovery? Because I used to know JW Recovery as a website, but I just googled it and found out that it closed in 2016.


You’re welcome, Tony.

I mean the recovery of Jehovah’s witnesses (by God; Rev9; Eze37) after the future desolation of Daniel 8:13-14 “temple judgment” for final warning purpose as “the morning” of Daniel 8:14,26 is that time of JW updated enlightenment.

JWs interpret from a 1958 Fred Franz try, that Daniel 11:30-32a is UN 1945 (11:31b), as Nazi KN became USSR KN (11:32), and Christendom is “those leaving the holy covenant” Dan11:30b, and USSR is KN “who leads into apostasy those acting wickedly against the holy covenant” as Christendom. (In Daniel 11:31a, it is Nazis “arms that stand up”, by 11:32a it is USSR, which is of course ridiculous)


1. As we know from JWs we have announced Christendom as “leaving the holy covenant” by 1919. (Thus how can then be led into an apostasy they have already been in since before 1919?)

2. Russia could not lead Christendom into an apostasy as USSR, there is ZERO evidence.

3. Neither USSR or Nazi’s were in unision with UN goals, in fact they fought respective WW2 (Germany) and Cold World War (USSR) TO RESIST the Globalist UN goals.


In 1990 the UN Globalists presented UN 3.0 presentation after USSR was defunct in 1990 after the Cold War. (It has been LON 1921, UN 1945, then UN 1990, UN 4 is world government future)

In Daniel 11:31b, that is that 1990 3rd UN. The GB conceal this as UN NGO, whose task is to reflect no negative light on the UN.

The real Daniel 11:30b, “and [globalist KN] will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant” by anytime after 1919 CAN ONLY BE JW ANOINTED. The billionaires at Bethel have much to gain from the real Globalist KN, so their UN NGO is part of some “give consideration” we can only guess at to keep their billions, or whatever, it is very dark. (and infiltrated)

Now as per Daniel 11:32a the REAL King North–GLOBALISTS— are who “LEAD into apostasy those [JWs] acting wickedly against the holy covenant”. Now with a [secret] UN alliance since 1990, with pedophile lawlessness, with billions stored up as greedy CEOS, with JWs sharing in this sin, the whole JW crew is now “those acting wickedly against the holy covenant”.

AND that traitor GB is who leads this by ultimately real King North globalist intel lead. THAT is why the GB will not update Daniel 8 and 11, even though the evidence of Anglo American elite globalist REALITY is now very well developed in world research.

And you will see more of where they are leading JWs to: desolation and a cancelled ministry for King North. (Dan8:13-14)


[QUOTE who=”happyand free”]<quoted text>

So, if Christ rules in God’s kingdom, which is in heaven, he wouldn’t have “returned” there, would he? He has always been in heaven since his resurrection.
In the KA book, chp. 14 starting with page 257 it states: So it was then, at the end of the Gentile times in 1914, that the Lord Jesus as the Son of man came accompanied by his angels and sat down “on his glorious throne.”
When does Jesus come with all his angels? At Armageddon, right? Since this was printed, the governing body realized that this hasn’t happened yet, and Jesus is not sitting on his throne, although he received his crown. So, if he hasn’t come with the angels yet, to me, the Messianic Kingdom of God wasn’t “born in the heavens in 1914”. It hasn’t happened yet. I do believe we are living in the last days, but I see no proof that Jesus has come invisibly. [/QUOTE]

1. DISREGARD the GB they work with King North Globalists (Dan11:32a) to:

A. Stumble MILLIONS (Dan11:32-35,40) while they:

B. Get JWs involbed in serious sins like that UN NGO, pedophiles, banker harlotry and so on to:

C. Secure the Daniel 8:13 JW Org “trampling” for that UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” to:

D. Cancel the JW ministry from the GB mouth you will see soon to back up the fake “peace and security” “end of the world” hoax to come with the final global war “sword strooke” to heal into 8th King full King North WORLD GOVERNMENT as per Rev13:3, 11:7, 17:8-12.

They need to silence JWs, well try to, for the final warning requirement of Revelation 10:11, 11:3 which desolation recovered JWs will have to do.

So the GB is there to weave in contradictions. Everything up to 1969 is valid in JWs in regard to Revelation, 1914 and so on, there is a globalist exposing update coming in Daniel 8 and 11 and 1914 must be based on 607 BCE King Neb kinging and Jerusalem destroyed 587 BCE which is one of them glitches the GB keeps in place as Bible Non-Studiers “in light of world developments”.

Witness 1, 1914-1918: IBSA gave witness 1 for 1914 understanding of Christ in God’s Kingdom as he returned in parousia to oversee the final warning which is to be reaffirmed by JWs witness 2 in the future after the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment desolation comes on JW Org soon, for 3.19 years “evening” of desolation.

Witness 2, Future: JW witness 2 of them TWO witnesses of Revelation 11:3 concerns Messianic Kingdom MATURATION to full completion WITH the 8th King world government also completing parallel as its rival. THEN the global sheep are secured and Christ shall conquer 8th King world government AFTER it is fully completed and “world peace” stated as that real 1Thess5:1-3 a number of years AFTER JWs are desolated as per Daniel 8:13-14.

When you see that take place and that the world war is not “the end” as expected by many as per 2Thess2:1-2, you will reconsider this explanation, because it will go global with the JW recovery.

Stay on this, this JW apostasy is going to literally turn into a JW global catastrophe all will see, for it is the sign of Daniel 8:3-14 incep Rev8.

Kepp spaying attention to the JW downfall, it will get way worse soon.


[QUOTE who=”Jparkh81″]I was simply pointing out that this scripture actually says the kingdom has been here since Jesus’ day not since 1914[/QUOTE]

This is why we have prophecy. rather than disregard prophecy to serve the wildbeast state, like Christendom has done and JWs now do, there is a prophecy in Daniel 7 that is very detailed spiritually as to when Christ would assume kingship in line with Daniel 4 and the parallels of Revelation 4-5, and 6, 8-11 in the first cycle for the “seven trumpets”.

That is why Christendom can say whatever they want, they have been barred by God from the prophecy as they joined the League of nations endorsement “harlot” crew in 1921, as JWs did in 1991.

This is why final Messianic Kingdom prophecy is barred from JWs until the GB is removed and exposed as Daniel 8:13-14 (Rev8 parallel, final cycle) now comes on JWs, who will be cleansed and recovered and then the Messianic Kingdom Completion announcement must be also completed as per Revelation 10:11, 11:3, final cycle “seven trumpets”.

Church folk help keep prophecy did with their wildbeast allied clergy as has also happened to JWs since 1991 by their GB clergy, all from the same “man of lawlessness” KN sector, Daniel 11:32a.

You will be happy to know JWs are judged next as Daniel 8:13-14 in a global GB led catastrophe and afterwards JWs will be recovered and what they have to say will be the truthful final warning and global open salvation offer near completion for Christ arrives after world government completes and by his angels completes Revelation 14:6-8.

You’ll be happy to know Christ must complete his final 1290 days 3.5 years for a full seven in that final open salvation available Daniel 12:11 time period.


Update 12: What JWs Should Know by Now


There are some global developments and “loose ends” in JW prophecy that JWs should be able to figure out on their own, for God kows the GB is stalled.


1. KING NORTH obviously cannot be a failed (Dan11:36c) USSR. Since all sovereign prophecy ends in the 8th King, King North MUST be the 8th King and it must be Anglo-American GLOBALIST based world government which utilizes the “King South” national systems (Dan11:42-43) be a world government “not by his own power” as King Fierce (Dan8:23-24) must also be 8th King King North World Government.


2. King South must be the subservient nation-state global system to come under King North world government rule after the next global “sword stroke’ “heals” in the future.


3. Since (1) 1919 League of Nations was foretold as Revelation 13:11-15 and (2) 1945 United Nations was foretold in Revelation 17:8-11, the (3) 1990 3rd UN event must also be foretold as Daniel 11:31b with the obvious Globalist King North update, and that parallels “King Fierce” of Daniel 8:23, defined by King Fierce Globalists toppling the USSR. (Dan11:36-39 parallel) JWs should be able to tell WORLD GOVERNMENT will be the foretold Future 4th (4)United Nations “place the disgusting thing’ of Daniel 12:11, final prophecy cycle coming up, and it will require a full warning before it places in completion as the 8th King.


4. JWs do explain God’s Kingdom and the Messianic Kingdom (born in 1914) are TWO distinct, yet related, Divine Kingdoms, BUT JWs should be able to tell the Messianic Kingdom is yet to mature and Christ is yet to also take King of kings Kingship in that Kingdom in the future and it too will require a “Kingdom Proclamation’ on Earth for also 1260 days as the ‘second witnessing” of the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11.


5. JWs should be able to figure out GLOBALIZATION is the main driving global force to “gather the nations.. to Har-Magedon”.


6. Yet the GB says NOTHING about ALL of the above and that for years. (Dan8:12b) Because this is all no-brainer obvious now in globalization maturation (Rev16:13-16) towards world government, world researcher exposure of the globalist system preying on the national governments by massive debt control, JWs should be able to tell the GB are Revelation 2:2 frauds and the final “man of lawlessness” stumbling MILLIONS.


7. JWs should see the temple is in the “wrong condition” due to these stalls and lies of omission. (Dan8:12-14) And now the Temple Judgment to start (1Pet4:17) with JWs is required. (Dan8:13-14; Rev8; Zexh3; Mal3:1-5)


JWs cannot see these things because the GB says NOTHING. (Matt24:15) JWs should be able to tell “the end” CANNOT be for some years now. (2Thess2:1-2, Rev13:3)


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So then why don’t more Christians talk about, preach about, and think about this belief?


Ecclesiastes 3 PLAINLY puts the animals in “the same eventuality” as Adamic humans, and the “one spirit” and the same place “Sheol” as the destination.

The ONLY thing Solomon was questioning was would God recall the animals, IF “their spirit went upwards” rather than down to earth as in forgotten. This was not a “heaven teaching” for the Jews barely were taught even about the resurrection much less heaven. The question Solomon had was would animals be remembered by God, which is as good as being resurrected.

Jesus seconds the motion when he said God recalls even two sparrows of no value to man. There is no point in God simply having a memory of perished beings, it is that they matter to Him, and thus would be “re-created” in the “Recreation” which enormous scope of a word means a TOTAL RESTORATION. As Jesus said He is a “God of the living, for they are all living to Him” in that, in time, Satan will be forgotten as God’s objective for HIS creation proceeds as purposed, for billions of years, forever. Whose going to remember this world even 20,000 years after Satan is dead? NO ONE, it will be like a bad vacation, easy to forget.

Human justice accepts apprehension and punishment of criminals as “justice”, but it is half-assed justice, God does not accept it. He get’s his criminals AND he FULLY RESTORES everything they have taken. Justice is accounting AND restoration to God, because He “can bring them back”, the electric chair ain’t good enough for God. He does not “even the score” He WINS by a landslide.

Now wicked humans who Jehovah chooses to forget, to purge from His memory, they are gone. Anything in His memory will live, his “memory” is more than just looking at dead relatives in the dead family album’s yellow Polaroids while half crocked on white-lighting nog at Christmas, it is the record of THE REALITY He knows in totality to the quark, charm and strangeness and the millions or sparticles smaller than them 3.

Thus if God can resurrect a totally non-existent MULTI SEPTILLION “YEAR” OLD BEING, with the memory of Michael, in PERFECT DETAIL, then Christ was “remembered” by God in every possible detail, such as that intricately perfect ancient massive memories of the Archangel himself, “out of thin air”, for God had the totality of Jesus Christ “preserved” in Himself, because He is the Creator of Reality and its perception thus his memory is the exact reality, because time is not a limitation nor is anything else.HE CREATES REALITY AS NEEDED, it is controlled by His power ALONE, and this is why Satan can be whisked away as easy a person flushing his own toilet.

And it is why so many dogs and cats, compared to the Archangel, will be like making popcorn, because all of them up to the point of Jesus time, were in Christ, and everything after him is also in him, because God is the basis but all creation was and will be brought about by Christ from God. What a sorry-arse Kingdom it would be if it did not recall the little things, hardly a Kingdom.

But it will recall EVERYTHING according to God’s purpose, so don’t try to count ants, yet it would not surprise me, because when God says “RE-Creation” He does not cut corners and it is down to sub-atomic levels for this whole universe. REBOOT

Some other Christians do believe these things, JWs are led by ghouls who ride the wildbeast so no wonder they are in the dark for these last 40 years of GB “one third darkness” of Revelation 8:12, 40 years is 1/3 of the whole 1914 IBSA/JW phase so far.

But, this teaching of the Bible is well hidden as Isaiah 34 said “search for yourself”, and it is not required to believe for salvation so it is just a part of the final details, but the ones to come after JW crashola (Dan8:13-14) will be required for salvation, such as being open minded enough to teach Revelation 14:6-8 properly that ANYONE (accepting that Rev14:6-7 offer) can be saved and “organization” is only an idol, it is not necessary.

Update 13: Appointed TIMES (Plural)

Luke 21:24

“And they will fall by the edge of the sword and be led captive into all the nations; and Jerusalem will be trampled on by the nations until the appointed times of the nations are fulfilled.”

As Christ stated the “appointed times of the nations” is a plural set of related “appointed times”, and they will prove to be “seven times” when all of them complete respectively.

1. 2520 Years Seven Times: The big “gentile times” first prophetic time signature is 2520 years as “seven times” from 607 BCE to 1914 CE which will be re-affirmed by the “second witnessing” of the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11 in the future final 1260 days warning wrap up. Once Babylon marks the 607 BCE start point as a GENTILE based time from secular GENTILE history based on the Crwon Prince to Coronation of King Nebuchadnezzar any doubts due to JW “time travel” of 20 years will be rectified.

2. 2520 Days Seven Times: But, beyond coincidence, the 1914 terminus of the “gentile times” of 2520 years also began a final 2520 DAYS prophecy with the “first witnessing” of the TWO witnesses by the IBSA in 1914-1918, in that same 1914 year.

The “sacred secret” (Rev10:5-11) of Revelation 11 is that EACH of the TWO witnesses is a 1260 day warning ministry. One of these is passed in 1914-1918’s 1260 days and the other is yet to come after Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment events and timing runs over modern Jehovah’s witnesses to lead to that final witness (Rev10:11; Rev11:3) of 1260 days. When combined, TWO 1260 days periods will have completed in 1914-1918 1260 days combined with the future 1260 days for “seven times” “appointed times” completion as 2520 days.

In time JWs will have to make this announcement of those recovered and cleansed from the coming desolation of the JW Org.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Sorry, but you’re missing the point. Because in your reply #1105 you said, “I guess they should read the Bible more often was the point.” Therefore, Christians who have been reading and studying the Bible for nearly 2000 years, the Holy Spirit didn’t reveal to them the ‘truth’ about animal restoration?(John 16:13) But voila! Here comes TempleBBQ in the early part of the 21st century… and he knows those ‘truths’….

But what’s more incredible, the Holy Spirit didn’t even ‘guide you into that truth.’ But instead, your Pentagon certified 50/50 right/left brain(is that what you called it?) guided you into those truths.

But I guess it must feel good to think that you are so smart that your fine-tuned brain is able to reveal to you scriptural knowledge and insight that the average person just doesn’t get. 😉

<quoted text>

HOW HYPOCRITICAL OF YOU… You go around trying to teach and preach your ‘advanced’ scriptural insight to others… but now you’re saying that your credibility isn’t important? lol lol lol lol 😀

<quoted text>

That doesn’t even make any sense. lol lol 😀

<quoted text>

Now are you sure that you want people to really believe that, TempleBBQ, since you don’t care about your ‘credibility’? lol lol lol lol 😀


You are being hyper-critical. Christendom studeis church metaphysics at their seminaries, they say NOTHING about the simplicity of Daniel 2 and tracking gentile power to Anglo-American national power and the whole image of world government meaning from Babylon to Rome, because like the GB they cannot expose their globalist and nationalist care givers.

Daniel 8:13-14 will soon come on JWs in a period beginning a global downturn none will be able to ignore, and the events and time signature will register undeniably and verifiable on JWs, because that prophecy must become the credibility of the start of the final warning it leads to.

This world just can’t get it through its thick head that 1914 was leading to an announcement from God’s Kingdom that time is limited, then Christ arrives in full power. Instead they argue, criticize and cajole about minutia while the clock ticks away.

All prophecy which is accurate must be aided by the holy spirit, and Daniel 8:13-14 as Revelation 8 is the proof prophecy for the final cycle and it will come on apostate JWs who could also say they are led by full-time Bible students— but the truth is the GB are the laziest students in JWs, they also say nothing of the serious problems in JWs.

But as per Daniel 8:12 EXPLICIT, “because of transgression”, that is JWs sinning against God by Daniel 11:32a lead, they JW “army is given over” to subversion because God has withdrawn the spirit on JWs. And as per Daniel 8:12 b the GB does “keep throwing truth to the earth” with no modern updated commentary for now 27 years, they just ignored the 1990 3rd UN prophecy of its post Cold War presentation at Daniel 11:31.

But as per Daniel 11:30-35, there is also an apostasy that developed to identifiable with that 1990 3rd UN event, so the GB adjoining JWs as UN NGO is the Matthew 24:15 signal of the JW apostasy, so far be it from them to get up before JWs and the world and say “yes, it is us, we are the disgusting thing allied man of lawlessness everyone!”.

Instead it all will come out after Daniel 8:13-14 tramples the JW Org and the GB cabcels the JW ministry, which they are plainly preparing to do.


Update 14: JW Prophecy Slumber


The truth is JWs have not remained vigilant in the study of prophecy details and MODERN world power developments. The case in point is JWs [used to] expose the League of Nations globalist world government “image of the wildbeast” and made the United Nations “disgusting thing” exposure a central feature of their prophecy explanation. So, for years JWs went out door to door and public discourses explaining Revelation 13:11-15 was that (1) League of Nations “image” being set up after WW1 ended to highlight that 1919 League presentation. Next and as it happened after WW2, the (2) United Nations presentation of 1945 continued that “image” pattern being presented after a world war ended to make the UN peace pitch credible and JWs exposed it.


But in 1990 when the Cold War ended into a similar, but third, UN presentation and world peace pitch, JWs said nothing and instead joined the wildbeast as UN NGO co-proclaimers of the globalist 8th King world government even claiming to be “non-governmental” not even to be associated with God’s Kingdom government!


And the first clue that JWs have gone lazy on prophecy was when the USSR had to entirely fail as King North in Daniel 11:32-45, rather than update King North for the globalist world government development clearing seen progressing in 1990 in that 3rd UN global-presentation, JWs went silent acting as if King North could be “on hold” at Daniel 11:42-43 AS IF the USSR became a global ruler of all the global gold and silver and all the nation-state wealth “desirable things”.


Now the 3rd UN globalist progress goes unexposed because JWs have gone dead lazy and UN NGO apostate with their “super final” fraud “apostles” in the GB. But now when we examine Daniel 11:30-35 we see:


1. “Those leaving the holy covenant” ALSO “place the disgusting thing” in that Daniel 11:31b “THEY will certainly place the disgusting thing…”, and the signal-apostate GB and Bethel is “those leaving the holy covenant” (Dan11:30b) to put that UN NGO JW co-placement of the “disgusting thing” in the ministry to fulfill that Daniel 11:31b scripture as spoken of also at Matthew 24:15. Thus, the real King North “will lead into apostasy [all those JWs now] acting wickedly against the holy covenant” and certainly will not expose themselves as UN King North.


2. The GB is the source “man of lawlessness” who by lawlessness now stumbles millions in Daniel 11:32-35


Now, Daniel 8:13-14 must come on JWs as a judgment for these heavy sins and malfeasance in regard to proper prophecy updates and exposure.


JWs now also “ride the wildbeast” as UN NGO with no repentance or rectification shown. The self-righteous and deluded JW numbskulls on this board are an example of this heavy slumber.



The fact is, after the brothers were sprung from the brig in 1919, the League of Nations became the sovereign spotlight as far as the foretold world rulership in progress opposed to God’s Kingdom. Vigilantly old school JWs exposed the UN in 1945 as that same entity and continued to track it, UNTIL 1990.

In 1990, when JWs should have ALSO EXPOSED THE UN 3rd presentation after the Cold War (Dan11:29), they went silent and amazingly thought it advisable to become an adjunct ad agency for the UN Department of Public Information to help proclaim the 3rd UN NWO manta far and wide rather than state the obvious that is was a 3rd UN prophecy of Daniel 11:31b.

Thus, today’s JWs are just worshiping the tradition of once faithful Kingdom Christians of 1914-1970, they have been reduced to a silent crew of UN partners who would rather idolize the GB rather than actually be Jehovah’s witnesses.

In reality the UN “image” since 1919, will have FOUR prophecies as the first 3 in 1919, 1945 and 1990 were just leading to the final sword stroke to heal (Rev13:3) into Globalized World Government which will become also the fourth and final UN related prophecy.

Since JWs have dropped the UN tracking assignment, they cannot explain anything past UN2, 1945 and must now come under the Daniel 8:13-14 judgment to be desolated, cleansed and prepared to complete the UN exposure in the one they missed in 1990 as UN NGO and the one then to come in UN 4.0 World Government 666.

JWs are in a very poor position at this time, just lip service, cover up and damage control for their GB lawless ones. So, this judgment coming on JWs will be ENORMOUS, and all will see it and be able to verify Daniel 8:13-14 in the future, for themselves if they are not as asleep as JWs of today.


It is so “hidden in plain sight” as to be hard to see but it is very specific with the 3rd UN event presentation of Daniel 11:30-32a wherein King North MUST BE the globalist system. So what better evidence does on need of the Daniel 11:30b “those LEAVING the holy covenant” than a UN covenant as UN NGO? And further, the GB “throw truth to the earth” (Dan8:12b) by not exposing that 1990 3rd UN event was a KN “victory over the USSR” sign, it is obvious they not only conceal the 3rd UN prophecy of 1990 and the King North GLOBALISTS, they went further in an official global alliance with the wildbeast as UN NGO.

Thus, it is plain as day the GB are the “crag” of KN in Isaiah 31:8-9 who “lead into apostasy all those [JWs who now] act wickedly against the holy covenant” in Daniel 11:32a. It is so explicit so as to explain itself when viewed with this WBTS apostasy as UN NGO plus that UN 3rd presentation to celebrate the Cold War victory.

Daniel 8:13-14 will also become plain as day, soon. As per the “ten virgins” judgment it parallels JWs will now lose half of the anointed “due to transgression” of Daniel 8:12, and that UN NGO which source root is the JW ministerial leadership. So, this is probably why anointed partaking is going up among JWs, God has to bring in the final anointed replacements who can get the final seal by carrying out the coming final 1260 day warning (Rev10:11, Rev11:3) when it finally emerges from the JW Org rubble, post Daniel 8:14. More anointed will be needed, Satan’s goal is to keep the anointed number incomplete which would render all required completions in complete. But, that will fail.

Instead the JW UN apostasy will mark the final prophecy cycle just as clearly as has this GB led apostasy to aid the final warning requirement. (Rev10:11) It is all plain as day, the prophecy is already explaining itself upon the JW foretold final apostasy which just so happens to emerge with that now covered up 1990 3rd UN global presentation.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Well, I guess I was also a dumbass D student(which I wasn’t) too. However, the problem that I have with your writing, Temple, is that you expect people to eat the whole enchilada in one bite instead of breaking things down into smaller and more digestible parts.

Also, I have found that even if I do take the time to read one of your long posts… and if I do not understand what you are saying or if I disagree with what you are saying or find it to be preposterous, then I will decide not to spend my time reading your posts anymore. Plus, I’m guessing that most other people are the same way because usually no one responds to your posts or threads, and you cannot engage in a conversation with hardly anyone at this forum.


There are 2 billion people on the web. When JWs go down the truth will eventually come out anyways. Since the time by then will be limited, exposure to the concept of a required temple judgment prior to the final warning may eventually get through to one person. IF one person can repent so as to choose Christ’ Kingdom over 8th King World Government then it is a success. But by the time JWs find out they MUST engage the mission, many more people will accept the reality this planet is actually in process of.

In the meantime, according to text rating systems for content assessment both JW Org and Wikipedia are harder to read than my stuff because I have run it in those tests. Now super string sites are the kind that are more difficult to read in content, but it does not need to be that deep. What is required is the “oil” of the five discreet virgins, that is from 1919 to around the 70s, JWs were approved and their 1914-1918 based Revelation cycle is the same basis as the final cycle, that is an 8th King world government development completes as a warning ends and into the Christ arrival.

JWs have to respect what they are supposed to represent, and if they do, if they kept that “oil”, then the final cycle is the same as the first cycle, but in final form en route to world government through another global “sword stroke” that leads to the triggering of the Christ arrival.

At this time, and as the GB admits, JWs have been in a dumb down process that is now approaching 30 years of this style of hypnotic empty content. The fact we are here confounded by the lawlessness of JWs and how blind they are in those who remain, is testament to the fact weird days are active among JWs in a very sinister and bad way. Now we shall find out why, and when you SEE Daniel 8:13-14 come on JWs with that EXACT timing, you may understand all humanity is heading to the “sheep and goat” judgment and it will require ACTION to be counted among the sheep.

We cannot simply think this madhouse here on Earth just goes on forever and that there is no God or Devil. In time, it leads to the global judgment, those who resist the whole way will simply be removed. Those who ACT in accord with Revelation 14:6-8 will be saved.

Soon you will SEE this is not being made up, this is so there is a verifiable global public record on the Web that what JWs will be saying had already been out in full form since 2012. Thus, one cannot make something up that is ALL coming true by human intuition, it will be what it claims to be, and all humans will be in the process of being determined to be sheep or goat, it cannot be a shoat, a person sitting on the fence. This is why ANY Christian ministry was formed to warn and offer of the judgment and the way out through Christ.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Well, I guess I was also a dumbass D student(which I wasn’t) too. However, the problem that I have with your writing, Temple, is that you expect people to eat the whole enchilada in one bite instead of breaking things down into smaller and more digestible parts.

Also, I have found that even if I do take the time to read one of your long posts… and if I do not understand what you are saying or if I disagree with what you are saying or find it to be preposterous, then I will decide not to spend my time reading your posts anymore. Plus, I’m guessing that most other people are the same way because usually no one responds to your posts or threads, and you cannot engage in a conversation with hardly anyone at this forum.


Fortunately and unfortunately (at times) I have many friends I know and also some I do not know who do correspond with me by web, phone and email, and they pretty much get the basic story here. Even a “worldy” friend I have understands the process of globalization and world government as necessary on Earth, but he is not a “Christian” per se. The question is who has the right to “globalize” humanity as God will indeed do in Zeph3:8-9 time, and who has the legal right from God, for God, to be the King of that coming reality.

World Government is the way it must go, but Christ’s “World Government” is the only one with the right, wisdom, love and power to actually do it, not God complex globalists with little inkling of what makes a bullfrog tick, much less billions of people.

God is not doing an SAT placement exam, the basic story is very simple, time is limited, Christ has been chosen by great pains to be the worthy King. Very simple. But as the real King North proves, they know more about modern prophecy than JWs, so they will get a complete Divine Sovereign Writ and Ultimatum, because they are capable of understanding deep concepts and following this prophecy all the way, because their father the Devil is also unafraid to try to reverse engineer prophecy to resist it, even though he fails all the time. So, for them and the most advanced anointed on Earth and for God, the final summary will meet His Rev10:5-7 spec, it will be complete for every prophecy in the Bible to the hilt of the 8th King system which will be completing its role as rival in the prophecy.

Then, as stated many times now and by then more, Christ shall arrive. He completes his own ministry in seven years, 3.5 years first earthly ministry then the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 in spirit form as “seven times” also encompasses Christ’s own minsitry prior to Armageddon Climax for the Adamic era.

But it runs the full course and this is what JWs at this time refuse to accept, this goes on another 15 or so years, there is no “instant end” for the process, it must be complete in all ways, yet God has the simple version for the babes.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]

However, one of the things that JWs overlook is that if the Magi were being guided by Satan, then why would Jehovah allow these alleged agents of Satan to finally find his Holy Son and do obeisance to him? Because Jehovah could have easily thwarted the Magi from reaching him the way that he thwarted Herod’s plan to use the Magi destroy Jesus in verse 12 of the chapter that we have been discussing(I’m trying to avoid scriptures since Topix doesn’t seem to like too many scriptures).


As with the “tree of life” detail, it became useful for Revelation 22 meaning later, as most definitely sinful humans were not going to access the tree of immortality, but the detail is given for use later in the Bible.

It benefits those who actually STUDY the Bible.

What the late arrival of the Magi tells us is that Satan is also issuing prophecy and taking a role in resisting the Christ, his eventual destroyer. We know a prophecy was known by the Magi from their statements regarding the “King of the Jews”. (It was late, showing Satan is a fail) But Satan produced a guide “star” to help his losers find Christ, but even Satan was late on arrival, showing he takes an active role to damage control his fails.

But as Russell* and hundred others and David Wilcock have shown, as an example of an accurate Satanic prophecy which is also a Bible prophecy, the 1914 date was also tracked by Satan, but it is a marker of the last days of this age, so he would be interested informing his agents to suppress the warning, but that did fail. Now the GB Agents of Satan are being successful in discrediting the warning from within as the prophecy states they would “act effectively” and “act and have success” in Daniel 11:30-31 and Daniel 8:12b.

(Russell was fascinated the Great Pyramid would reflect what was mapped in Daniel 4, but Daniel 4 was his main basis of deriving the 1914 date which has five other 1260 days prophecies affirming it was the start of the “last days” and true to form Satan erected the “League of Nations” to rival God’s Kingdom announcement springing from the exact same time in world history which is, of course, no mere coincidence)

But again, as we now know from many Bible examples concerning Satan’s efforts, he will fail again (Rev10:5-11; Rev11:3) and will be abyssed and eventually destroyed as written from God.


[QUOTE who=”Impending Reality”]<quoted text>

Playing it safe by making a non-specific statement.

What modern prophecy are you referring to?

Afraid to answer? That would be very telling.


King North (Dan11:27-45) is Globalist globalism based world government development which world government will emerge after the next world war (Rev13:3), which will trigger the Chrust arrival for the sheep sweep first.

JWs tracked globalist UN image of the wildbeast development since 1919 League of Nations prophecy at Revelation 13:11-15 and United Nations prophecy in 1945 at Revelation 17:8-11 but did not track post Cold War UN presentation of 1990 which marks King North in Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23.

Instead, JWs by GB lead:

1. Remain silent on modern King North identity in Daniel 11:27-40, keeping the USSR error decoy in place which is an easy to prove lie now that UN 3 arose in 1990.

2. Joined the UN proclamation as UN NGO;

3. Continue with the “it can end any day now” error, when it has to go to UN 4 Daniel 11:44-45 and Daniel 8:24-25 AFTER this next “sword stroke” runs its full course into the global “healing” and “let the nations regain power” of Revelation 13:3 and Isaiah 41:1 just prior to the Christ arrival that world government will trigger.

All this modern prophecy truth is now absent from the apostate JW ministry, which final apostasy is at Daniel 8:11-14, Zechariah 3:1-3 and 2Thess2:1-4.


For the final warning, it has to be very simple and it is in the prophecy. There is obviously a well known Romans 13 Nation-State National system of “superior authorities”, since the Genesis 10-11 roots. But, as we see ever more clearly since after 1990, there is an Internationalist system of Elitist Globalism, the Globalist System that by central banking finance, complex global markets and HUGE debt and intrigues they are buying nations out with their own money. These globalists orchestrated three world wars so far, including the Cold War which debts captured nations, and AFTER every one of them world wars they present a UN Panacea, all foretold; Rev13:11-15 (1919 LON); Rev17:8-11 (1945 UN); Dan11:31b (1990 UN)

So, the King South national system to be pawned by King North globalism into subservience in Daniel 11:42-43 is the King South Nation-State classic governance system of world history, and King North is the Globalism based World Government System of them elite Satanic globalists, also the “8th King” “King Fierce”. Thus, in Revelation 17, when speaking of 7th King, 7th Head, King South, it “remains a short while”, because it will be supplanted by King North 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT as the final truly global single sovereign entity. Though “remaining a short while” it is NOT destroyed as the end of its reign, just as King South is also not destroyed, it is pawned as owned by King North world government in Daniel 11:42-43. It is the 8th King (KN) Scarlet Wildbeast who “goes off into destruction” in Revelation 17 and it will have “globalized all the nations”, “gathered the nations” into that World Government to define the true global situation of Har-Magedon. (Rev16:13-16)

So, “The End” of the 7th King is what is close, not the total end of the system of things. The end of King South quasi-global-dominance is what is close, NOT the total end yet for quite some time. King South Nation-State global-system fall and eventual “healing” recovery from that coming fourth “sword stroke” world war (Rev13:3) will take much time, probably a decade even before world government emerges from that “abyss”. (Rev17:8-12; Rev13:3; Rev11:7)

Thus, King North WORLD GOVERNMENT is the final big sign and before it arrives in full “world peace” (1Thess5:1-3) mantra stated power JWs will have to have been temple judged as Daniel 8:13-14 (timed), cleansed and recovered for the final 1260 day (timed) “second witnessing” (Rev10:11; Rev11:3; Dan7:25; Dan12:7; Rev12:14; Rev13:5 parallel 1260s) warning of them Revelation 11 “TWO witnesses” which will complete that particular “appointed time of the nations” Jesus spoke of at Luke 21:24, because with the first witnessing of 1914-1918 1260 days (3.5 times), as valid as the sky is blue, it will then fully equate to 2520 days, “seven times” final warning and resistance to the Kingdom of God when JWs complete that last required 1260 days. THAT is the simple trick with Revelation 11, 2 witnesses x 1260 days = 7Times, 2520 days total, the end.

So, we got plenty of time, not that much, but not that short at this time. The GB will tell JWs Russia is King North revived from the USSR, which is a diversionary lie, and that Daniel 11:44 has initiated to lead to the end directly. (2Thess2:1-2) But as in Daniel 11:32a the GB is all Globalist Fakes Agents, and as per the “trampling” of the JW Org in Daniel 8:13 and Matthew 24:15 for UN NGO “disgusting thing” “transgression”, DANIEL 11:41 is the context of the JW Org global takeover takedown event.

It will be Daniel 11:41-43 start-marked by JW Org desolations of Daniel 8:13-14 next, and from there we got 15 years as per Isaiah 38, JWs will have their “life extended” 15 years to accomplish the final warning to conclude in the post world government Christ arrival in the Daniel 12:11 final 1290 days of open salvation offer of Revelation 14:6-8; so, minus that period, JWs will have about 10 years to get this done with God’s assured help (Rev11:3), and they will—- from the start of the JW Org takedown, say the GB cancelling the JW minsitry prematurely for KN and Satan. It is not “the end” yet but of the JW Apostasy and the King South system as its first four trumpet and first four plague temple and global respective context. We got plenty of time===


[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

We will see won’t we.. [/QUOTE]

Yes we will have to OBSERVE AND EXPERIENCE Daniel 8:13-14. But there is no doubt the GB is prepping to cancel the ministry from there own mouth, aided by prematurely applied prophecy which will eventually come true, but not according to the GB because they are Daniel 11:32a and their goal is the NWO goal: to destroy the JW ministry by divine right of Daniel 8:13-14, but God has PROMISED the “right condition” is all their hard work against this ministry will lead to.

And worse for them, it will undeniably mark the first prophecy of the “time of the end’ of them “last days” because an affirmed Daniel 8:14 event/timing signal will be Revelation 8 in the ON POSITION. It will be the final countdown as Daniel 8:14 leads to the final warning packed, Destroyer backed, 1260 days, which leads to the 1290 days the “final week” (Dan9:27) of which is OPEN FOR GLOBAL SALVATION for those who choose Christ as King over the POS NWO.

The context of the anti-JW-Org global storm “sword stroke” will allow Destroyer to slip into the fray and destroy those who have sinned against God IN this ministry. All others will learn from 40 years of the GB mistake as they back stabbed Fred Franz, Nathan Knorr and Ray Franz which latter will be FULLY EXONERATED in the final warning too, because his and Olof Jonsson’s work would have led to shifting Jerusalem Temple destruction to 587 BCE to 517 Temple 2.0 Completion “seven times” as seventy years with Babylon Neb Dynasty marking 607 BCE from his crown-prince-to-coronation GENTILE times marker. It must be based on? GENTILE TIMES, not that of Jerusalem which is not gentile, but it parallels the intrigues of “trampling” against it.

But now the King Christ will ALSO BE CORONATED KING OF KINGS in his own Kingdom, the Messianic Kingdom of the Davidic Covenant to await the Chief Prince David when he returns to Earth, for his subservient position under Christ, however thtat Kingdom may cover all Earth as in Daniel 2 and Revelation 21-22.

Either way the frauds will be dusted from this ministry for anointed Christian authority not actors, and the frauds of the NWO LIE will also be served the full writ, for at this time they know prophecy better than JWs, and are about to 2Thess2:1-2 use it against us.

But they fail, Just as Isaiah 36:10 KNOWING Assyrians also failed.

BY THE HAND OF DESTROYER, them “deep place” angels of Zechariah 1 are positioned there for this temple purge coming up on the earth locale of the spiritual temple. The Angel of the Covenant, Destroyer has great fiery zeal for the Temple and he will serve these frauds the flaming writ in stealth manner as in Hosea 1:4-7, Micah 5:6-7, Isa31:8-9 the “Furnace of Jerusalem” and the “Light of Zion” will flash upon the GB and their fraud cohorts to all be cleaned out by halfway point, 3.19 years, 1150 days, Daniel 8:14 timing and they will get that warning before Destroyer flames them on.

JWs are now the Zechariah 11 “flock meant for the killing” but as per Isaiah 31:8-9 and the Spirit of Destroyer on these modern KN Assyrians, they will fail on all “Judea” as in global JWs as per Hosea 1:4-7, for Jehovah’s witnesses have to Rev10:11 prophesy AGAIN, for the final 1260 days to prepare the way for the entry of the King-Priest Christ for the big arrival for sheep salvation first then him purging all Earth of the NWO with a vengeance so great “the earth will be turned upside down” as in KJV Isaiah 24.

The current apostasy of JWs is in God’s perfect prophecy-purpose the best way to get through to as many people, JW and worldy (Hag2:7) as is possible in the shortest period of time. It is what it is, it is the only prophecy explanation JWs will carry to honor the first witness 1914-1918 (IBSA) while carrying out the second witness as Jehovah’s witnesses, the TWO witnesses of 1260 days to fulfill 2520 DAYS in total. (Rev11:3 X 2)

Then it is done.


[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]You all – any comments on my posts 351 & 352?

God’s Kingdom is ruling now – do any of you still pray the Lord’s prayer:

Thy Kingdom come – Mt.6:10.[/QUOTE]

God’s Kingdom always ruled, Satan was allowed to muck it up with his presence until cast down by Michael.

BUT, God’s Kingdom does not rule earth, Satan was cast here to INTENSIFY HIS RULERSHIP unto 8th King world government “one hour” of the future.

If not for the GB UN NGO sinners JWs could EASILY PROVE the Messianic “Kingdom of David” to be future-coronated into the King of kings-to-be Christ is the FUTURE coming Kingdom which SHALL rule Earth as Shiloh is whose right it BELONGS to, and that by Davidic Covenant.

The GB tells the tale God’s Kingdom rules to make JWs think it is all over. IN REALITY Revelation 10:11 states Jehovah’s witnesses, after they are his witnesses again rather than the GB (Dan8:14), MUST ALSO make the Messianic Kingdom Proclamation as did the IBSA-to-JWs about Christ’s TEMPORARY Kingship in God’s Kingdom, for ‘to him the obedience of the peoples will belong” as in Shiloh, but JWs obey the fraud GB, not even they obey Christ EXPLICITLY from God.

There is a final witnessing coming up after Daniel 8:14 leads to the final 1260 days, of them Rev11 “TWO witnesses”.

1. Witness 1 1914-1918 IBSA 1260 days

2. Witness 2 Future Jehovah’s witnesses 1260days

to complete “seven times” as 2520 days “Jerusalem will be trampled” as Luke 21:24 is Revelation 11:3, TWICE, “time, times and half a time” TWICE is “seven times”.


[QUOTE who=”jace”]<quoted text>
No you are not
We all were jw we know the rules and we are calling you out

You can’t rewrite jw rules
Stop it !!![/QUOTE]

1. Well, yes you are IF you call the GB out as frauds as per Revelation 2:2 and maybe you may get a commendation from Christ.


2. You can tow the GB-Party line and CONFORM to a UNIFORMITY well beyond what is written as it was reached “gradually given over” as per Daniel 8:12, and with a greenhorn crew of JWs who can’t tell the difference or that they HAVE BEEN MISLED into the final “great apostasy” which must ALSO be judged and exposed for the final warning.

So, a Christian is free in any “denomination”, DEPENDENT on their ability to call out their shepherds as fraud misleaders. Once that is done, the “truth [of the matter] shall set you free”, and you can leave the sheep-butchers behind, because “the stranger’s voice” of John 10 is what there works and ludicrous time-wating guilt-tripping rules expose them as as the GB are exposed as greedy men using God’s name to make their own name famous and powerful— but as Jesus said their end will be as per their works, they will not be given “authority over the nations” but as the modern-day “cave of robbers” they will help King North Globalists make off with the JW 50 BILLION dollar rotten “nest egg”.

Imo, it is so dirty, UN NGOd and bloody it can no longer be used by God anyways, but we shall have to see.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]Has any JW ever had to defend the 607 date for Jerusalem’s destruction?


No, none with anything new. All dates prior to 537 BCE have the same 20 year error, so the 607 BCE right time plus wrong event error is just the tip of the iceberg. For example the death of Josiah and the coronation of David dates will also be “off’ 20 years. The point is you cannot reinvent EVERY BIBLICAL DATE prior to 537 BCE as the GB has kept in place.

After JW Org goes down hard as Daniel 8:13-14, JWs will have to base the Gentile “seven times” on Babylon’s King Neb coronation phase and Jerusalem Temple destruction ‘seven times” will have to slide up to the seventy years from 586 BCE (temple destruction) to 516 BCE (temple completion) which will plug in Haggai and Zechariah in full form to the Revelation 9-11 recovery to final warning JWs will then be in, as God destroys the GB.

The GB are then to be exposed as the “man of lawlessness” to mark the START (1Pet4:17) of the final prophecy and global event cycle of the last global indication which precede the Christ arrival as JW downfall-to-final-warning-recovery during a final world war which Rev13:3 “heals” into WORLD GOVERNMENT 8 KING KING NORTH, which globalized sovereign entity?

Will trigger the Christ arrival of Revelation 11:11-12; Matt24:24-29, Rev14, etc.

Update 15: Why Do JWs Ride the Wildbeast so Brazenly?

Can a religious group who now claims to be “non-governmental” so they can denounce God’s Government so as to adjoin the UN Wildbeast World Government Development as a United Nation “Non-Governmental Organization” really be a faithful Kingdom of God Ambassadorship?

No, of course not.

So what exactly do so-called Jehovah’s witnesses think they are doing with every excuse in the book to justify their ride on the UN wildbeast?

What so-called “Shepherds” at the supposed highest levels of JW ministerial leadership and authority would actually concoct and approve of such a covenant as a UN NGO with the United Nations?

Obviously with the Kingdom of Christ completion REALITY due to fall upon this rival world government development (Rev13:3; Rev17:8-12) GB Witnesses have no real answer to such questions and have installed a sheep-beating system with the GB to keep all talk of treason and tyranny out of the JW congregation. And by overly vigilant loyalty to men and unfaithful “organization” many JWs are now aiding the subterfuge from the reality JWs have been misled into, (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12)

Only God can (and will, soon) solve this problem as part of a now required Temple Judgment event and time signature of Revelation 8 and Daniel 8:13-14. Because we actually have the GB as the modern “man of lawlessness” “in the temple” today JWs will continue to live in denial of their sins, and help the “strangers” in the GB ‘those leaving the holy covenant” and “acting wickedly against’ it “love unrighteousness” and continue to worship the wildbeast while beating, raping and killing Jesus’ “little lambs”.

Can you imagine what God will do to the JW organization? (Dan8:13; Rev8:1-8; Hosea 1:4-7; Isa66:6; Matt22:1-14)

Just wait a little while longer and see for yourself, it will be Daniel 8:13-14 as the timed parallel Temple Judgment event of Revelation 8 and it will lay low the “cave of robber” and child rapist JW Organization.


[QUOTE who=”red blood relative”]<quoted text>

you poor thing……….. the gentile times will end when jesus shows up………… every eye will see him, and its gonna be a fun blood bath after that.
so maybe you should stop pretending to be the next prophet / president of the jw organization……… no, wait, go ahead……the anti christ will have fun fixing you.

hey jws, how long are you gonna let some con-artists who invented a fake arrival of christ in 1914 tell you what to believe?[/QUOTE]

“Jerusalem will be trampled by the nations until the [plural] appointed timeS of the nations are fulfilled” which as Jesus stated at Revelation 11:3 INCLUDES the 2520 days of the TWO witnesses which fulfilled 1260 days in 1914-1918. But after Daniel 8:14 timing and events fulfill on JWs they will be recovered by God who will “cause my [last witness] to prophesy 1260 days” more to complete the ominous yet hopeful (Rev14:6-8) “seven times” of ALSO Revelation 11 fulfilling ALL the “appointed times” prophecies of “seven times”.

World Government will come which you and JWs live in denial of, and it will cease that final witness AFTER the FINAL 1260 days completes in Revelation 11:7 wherein the “wildbeast that ascends from the abyss” is the 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT of Revelation 17:8-12.

Then, correct, Christ arrives. You best worry about YOUR OWN standing and quit harping on JWs thinking you are standing just because they have fallen, or you will fall too, there is no rapture as you think you know it, you too are expecting things like that too soon as per 2Thess2:1-2.


[QUOTE who=”Oslo fan”]<quoted text>
Have you read the new Oslo book about how Daniel [9, is it?] has nothing to do with that whole disgusting Antiochus Epiphanes episode, that nevertheless didn’t desolate?

[no? me neither… yet(?)]

“Let the reader use discernment.” about the “disgusting thing” “standing where it ought not”.

Daniel 8 it is, and Daniel 8:13-14 NEVER HAS< BUT WILL fulfill minimum 3.19 years temple desolation on JWs in the VERY NEAR future in the START of the final “sword stroke” context of Revelation 13:3, because this coming world war “heals” into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT which is the final entity foretold BEFORE Christ arrives as it triggers him.

JWS are the final age group the whole prophecy will be focused on from their UN NGO Daniel 11:31b MODERN DISGUSTING THING of post 1990 3rd UN presentation proclamation. That UN NGO is the JW “transgression causing desolation” to the JW Org visible entity so the prophecy can be TIMED and connected to NEAR FUTURE anti-JW-Org events “because of transgression” as in Daniel 8:12 also “gradually given over” to the GB King North agents and apostates of Daniel 11:30b and Daniel 11:32a.

Matthew 24:15 applies to modern JWs apostasy and 2Thess2:3-4 to the GB modern “man of lawlessness” JW High Priests of the 666 Wildbeast UN World Government final stages of development.



[QUOTE who=”Jparkh81″]<quoted text>

On this we agree, however I don’t know why you still think, with all the lies that have been exposed, that they EVER were God’s chosen “spirit directed organization”. Were there 2 witness of Jesus choosing them in 1919?[/QUOTE]

1914-1918 Dan12:7 parallel Rev11:3, 13:5, 12:6 and Daniel 12:11 1919-1922 is the truth because the “harlot” church infiltration has been exposed fully, so full in fact JWs now suffer from the same psycho-virus of the same globalist intel now in the GB.

At the same time the God’s Kingdom announcement that “the kings of this earth have had there day” was also heralded as the Satanist Globalist also revealed their to-be-globalism-based “League of nations” as the “image of the wildbeast” and the central nucleuse International Executive Branch of World Government in progress which shifted all IBSA-to-JW prophecy focus to that forming “8th King” sovereign entity.

The churches said nothing. JWs have said something but problems in the GB Apostasy, Danial 4, 8 and 11 will be fixed AFTER JWs are desolated coming up as Daniel 8:14 which will come to the final 1260 days “second witness” of them “TWO witnesses”. In 1919, Christ did ID a provable anointed Christian ministry and singular successive leadership from Russell to JFR to Fred Franz in spiritual guidance. The GB has devolved from a singular guide to a “rule by comittee” JW Papal System which will not make it though the Daniel 8:13-14 timing and events to START (1Pet4:17) in the near future.

But since JWs do have greater sins as UN NGO than the churches because of JW eyes wide open to such fornications with the wildbeast, they will be judged and cleansed again. And if JWs can be forgiven which some will, the churches have INDIVIDUALS who can also heed the 1260 days warning and Rev 14:6-8 and be saved too. But Christendom is a house of old lies and will not be used by Christ, it will be demolished from Earth in the post-final world war “healing” phase of the future, to be outlawed globally by the Wildbeast World Government AFTER they have ridden home on that beast, endorsing it, to the destruction of also global religion for Satan is founding One World Satanism.

And that is why Christ arrives AFTER world government is completed and in its final “world peace” period of 1Thess5:1-3 Dan8:25 “freedom from care” of that global “healing” as global religion is destroyed as Christ is already arrived under world government to save “a tenth” of that BTG city in Rev11:13, as Rev14:6-8 goes global in the completion of the Open Salvation Offer to All Mankind backed by Christ and his angels.

The last cycle of Rev8-11 prophecy coming up will keep JWs as the focus for better, worse and then better again. 9Dan8:14 “right condition” is reached by the Revelation 8:1-8 “fire of the altar” temple cleansing coming up as thet cancel the JW ministry from GB mouth and sack the JW Org at global scale, but it will recover in Danil 8:14 timing.


[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]<quoted text>

ihv actually you are looking at 1914 which is a false prophecy that started back in 1874.. let me quote russell as to why this date
10-11/ 1881 Zion’s Watch Tower
[pp.289]”. . . . notice here that the Bible chronology, first dug from Scriptures . . . . . .shows clearly and positively that the 6.000 years from Adam ended in 1873.”
[pp. 289 cont.] “When 1874 came and there was no outward sign of Jesus in the literal clouds and in a fleshly form, there was a general re-examination of all the arguments upon which the midnight cry was made.
And when no fault or flaw could be found, . . . . it was soon discovered that the expectation of Jesus in the flesh at the second advent was the mistake. . . . . We believe that Midnight Cry was of God, and was fulfilled by the bridegroom’s coming, not because Bros. Miller and Barbour claimed it; but because the word of God supports it.”

so russell claimed aremagheddon was to come 40 years later or in 1914.. another failure.. but the stuck with the 1914 date and eventually changed it to the year of his return..



1914 is affirmed by God and Satan’s prophecy, so it has “two witnesses” to its truth but has been made known to the respective “seeds” for very different reasons. Daniel is far more reliable than the pyramid but as modern David Wilcock shows 1914 is indeed inscribed in pyramidic dimensioning.

This is because it began the first world war cycle for the “Pyramid’ of the “all seeign eye” group of “Satan’s seed” who are tasked with the world government 8th King project which BEGAN in 1914’s WW1 cycle which also “heals’ into the League of Nations presentation in upbeat light, as it did in 1945 and 1990 and will also do after this next world war—- the start of which Rev13:3 “sword stroke’ on the King South 7th Head which JWs will be misled into thinking is “the end”.

But it will not be the end, it will be Rev13:3, 17:8-12 as that “sword stroke” also “heals’ into world government, which triggers Christ arrival in full form.

Daniel 4 will need a slight adjustment because 607 in the “GENTILE time” marked by the crown prince to King of Babylon phase of King Neb, 586 BCE to 516 BCE marks the Jerusalem Temple destruction to 2nd temple completion of Zech3-4, as “seven times”.

The GB works for King North Globalists so they fulfill Daniel 11:32a and keep this hid from JWs and the public and joined UN 3.0, 1990, as wildbeast worshiping UN NGO. The UN NGO is that ‘trangression causing desolation’ to the JW Temple, soon, as Daniel 8:13-14 first fulfills on JWs next.

Good luck when you see this come true, you better get ready for Revelation 14:6-8, you could still make the cut.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]I just wanted to say that there’s more to it than just the basics in debating Jehovah’s Witnesses: i.e. no Trinity, no Hellfire, no Immortal Soul, and Paradise Earth, etc., because even Christadelphians, the Iglesia Ni Cristo faith, and others believe similarly.

However, most simpletons do not understand that. [/QUOTE]
Jehovah’s witnesses are part of a legacy which cannot exist without them completing it, and vice versa. But as in all times past, and all religions, JWs must also suffer the consequences of apostasy.

And in the previous 5 apostasies in Israel, Jerusalem, Jerusalem again and Christendom the judgment of JWs will also mark a New Global Power.

1. 720 BCE Israel Judgment ushered in Assryian wildbeast head 2

2. 587 BCE Jerusalem judgment ushered in with Babylon head 3

3. 70 CE Jerusalem judgment ushered in Rome, head 6

4. 1919 Christendom judgment ushered in Anglo-America head 7

5. Near Future JW judgment as Daniel 8:13 will usher in with 8th head, 8th King King North world government.

All 5 of those power shifts in “seven-headed wildbeast” progress BEGIN with a spiritual judgment. This time its the last one, world government 8th King, still over ten years out but the JW judgment to start soon will converge into its global context.

And those are some basics, really.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]Hmmm. I don’t understand something. Watchtower publicationsHo say that Satan was cast out of heaven AFTER the Kingdom of God was established:

<4 The first mission of God’s newly installed King was to wage war against his Father’s chief Adversary, Satan. Jesus and his angels cast the Devil and his demons out of heaven.>

from “100 Years of Kingdom Rule—How Does It Affect You?” The Watchtower—Study Edition | January 2014


<Although the Bible book of Revelation does not give the precise time of Satan’s ousting, it does mention a series of events that can help us to estimate when he was cast out of heaven. First among the events is the birth of the Messianic Kingdom. Subsequent to that, “war broke out in heaven,” which led to Satan’s defeat and his finally being cast out of heaven.>

from “Questions From Readers, When was Satan cast out of heaven?” w09 5/15 p. 18

However, Revelation 12:10 says:

<I heard a loud voice in heaven say:

“Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ, BECAUSE the accuser of our brothers has been hurled down, who accuses them day and night before our God!> (capitalization is mine)

Therefore, I’m wondering how the Watchtower Society got this information different than what the Bible says… and if there is actually a reason for doing so.


1. First off, the UN is the ‘image of the wildbeast’ and the GB did obeisance to the image as UN NGO. Accept NOTHING then phonies have to say.

2. The ousting of Satan is first in the Revelation actual fulfillment order because he could not be present at the Christ Coronation event in God’s Kingdom in Revelation 4-5.

3. There is God’s Kingdom and there is a “new born” Kingdom of Christ which cannot “rule” in but infant form, it completes to maturity, all 144000 under Christ in the future.

The time frame of Revelation 4-5 can occur after Satan is cast allowing the statement concerning the Christ of God, Michael as the “crown” of the ‘woman” as he did head into Kingship in the continuum of that event, but the Rev4-5 ceremony had to be Satan-free for obvious reasons. The “12 star orders, angelic orders crown” of the “woman” is the crown prince meaning as Christ is king of the angels which crown he cannot “hand back” to God, imo.

4. The Kingdom has NOT been ruling “100 years”, it is not even complete but was only BORN in 1914.

5. God’s Kingdom does not rule earth, it rules everything, the Kingdom of David aka the Messianic Kingdom of Christ is the sovereign agency that is to rule earth after future completion.

The dirty sinner UN GB cannot be given these details for they serve Satan as in Zechariah 3;1-3, Dan11:32a, 2Thess2:9.

You WILL see the consequences soon of this Great JW Apostasy. (Dan8:13-14) The GB shall be destroyed and exposed fully before your eyes in the outworking of Daniel 8:13-14 events and timing of the near future.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]Something else that I nocticed from “The Kingdom Is Born in Heaven” Chapter 2 of the God’s Kingdom Rules! book is that it says:

<27 Finally, the momentous year 1914 arrived. As we discussed at the outset of this chapter, there were no human eyewitnesses to the glorious events in heaven. However, the apostle John was given a vision that described matters in symbolic terms. Imagine this: John witnesses “a great sign” in heaven. God’s “woman”—his organization of spirit creatures in heaven—is pregnant and gives birth to a male child. This symbolic child, we are told, is soon to “shepherd all the nations with an iron rod.” Upon its birth, though, the child is “snatched away to God and to his throne.” A loud voice in heaven says: “Now have come to pass the salvation and the power and the Kingdom of our God and the authority of his Christ.” [scripture citation deleted to avoid shadow banning]>

However, what doesn’t make sense to me is: How can God’s woman—-his organization of spirit creatures in heaven—-give birth to a male child who is “snatched away to God and to his throne”…if that male child was already born in heaven in the midst of God and his throne?

Also, if this male child *is* God’s Kingdom, then how could God’s Kingdom have been in jeopardy of being destroyed by the dragon after its birth? However, I have just started to read that JWs’ interpretation of the symbolism in Revelation 12 may not be correct. Although, I doubt if this thread gets too much discussion from either JWs or churchoids…. since they BOTH seem to be obsessed with their myopic focus on the whether God is one or three persons. lol 😀


“the accuser of our BROTHERS” tells us the Revelation 21:14 12 apostles are who were made present at Messianic Kingdom Birth, they are the “brothers” as angels do not address humans as brothers, as them brothers addressed human brother on Earth.

The MESSIANIC KINGDOM was born from God’s Kingdom from his crowned “woman” as that Kingdom of Christ must yet fully mature with all 144000 PRESENT in immortal form under Christ as Revelation 14:1.

The Devil GB CANNOT distinguish these details and yet keep JWs under the 2Thess2:1-2 delusion it is all done and the end is next, when OBVIOUSLY the MESSIANIC KINGDOM is YET to complete and take over Earth AFTER the 8th King is also completed as world government IN THE FUTURE.

NOW JWs can be taken over and told it is the end as a cover story, but it is just King North trampling the temple in Daniel 8;13-14 future temple judgment now required for the Daniel 8:13 UN NGO JW “transgression causing desolation” which is that unfaithful fornicative UN NGO worship of the wildbeast image, UN.

After JWs go down for Daniel 8:13-14, Rev8, all the final details will come out backed by Michael the Destroyer, Temple Cleansing Angel of the Covenant.


Christmas is a memory node of a one time “good time” in a family’s life for the little noobs. Then the reality of death and lawlessness pokes its fangs into people’s lives and that “good time” Xmas node becomes a point of melancholic nostalgia aided by too many nogs and more trails of life all go through in different ways.

Thus like reminiscing to a better day, Xmas becomes a psycho-heroine where people wish to live a “good ld day” forever, but the trek to death is all that progresses.

Thankfully some see through that addiction to a psychovirus core fantasy and see the real Jesus Christ would not and could not be the central feature in such a mental “H” shooting gallery. And the faith in him will then transcend death and the Season of Walmart for the credit inflated minions who just walk off the Xmas cliff like so many Pied Piper led lemmings.

Faith in Christ is the only sword that slays the Dragon of Death who is actually be celebrated in such a debased lie as so-called “Christmas” and his “joy set before him” good time lasts forever and he will soon do away with all of this production of lies and preying on human hope for profit.


[QUOTE who=”rsss1″]<quoted text>

tell me where I’m off base….the whole package of birth,life,death and resurrection….is how salvation came to man……how can you just remember his death…….without remember the whole plan of God….your mind is so muddied by the lies of the Wtbts…….Jesus is the truth the way and life…..how did he make eternal life for his followers…by him coming to this earth,died a horrible death,and conquered death by being resurrection……..I celebrate it all….not just his death…..can’t have his death without having his birth……..where am I wrong?[/QUOTE]

This is the juice in them plagues poured into the Earth’s sources of water, a hybrid philosophy with no actual merit, just more Trinity filler fluff. Faith is action not rituals to give the impression one has truth and faith. It is a tough road, Satan uses this to get the gullible who don’t really have it in them. It is a nursery rhyme.

Celebrating Ishtar in “Easter” and using Christ to draw people to them Babel aged demons today in that unholy hybridism, is NOT a good thing. Satan just loves the churches to take his murderous “holy day” and skin it with Christ.

What a joke, and it is no surprise someone like JWs, when they were right, would call the card as fraud. Now JWs have skinned their GB in Christ making them worse than the church lies, for JWs knew better but chose to “love unrighteousness” as they turned the good news of God’s Kingdom into another vain ritual.

At least you come from a semi-ignorant background unlike GB worshiping, UN NGO wildbeast riding JWs. And now when God smashes JW org by King North hand, you will know it was because JWs HAD the truth that he must do Daniel 8:13-14 on us. JWs are now blinder zombies than the church of Rome.

[QUOTE who=”pcloadletter”]<quoted text>

Bethel, K.O.N. has not been USSR , per WT, since “the cold war” “ended”.
“Keeping USSR equatable to King North” is not something you can keep accusing them of, is it?[/QUOTE]

The point is a FAILED USSR cannot fulfill Daniel 11:36c [KN] must be successful until the denunciation is finished”, so they are not KN in any way. Since after the Cold War as USSR fell to the globalists and they celebrated it in that 3rd UN presentation in 1990, King North is Globalist System World Government in progress in Daniel 11:31b.

And that apostasy in Daniel 11:30b-32a is the GB, and this is why rather than say all this in 1990, JWs were instead led into a co-proclamation of the UN as UN NGO.

It cannot get any clearer why the GB will not address the easy to see fact the USSR has been KN in no way possible, they are a fail. KN is successful all the way to globalism based World Government on the KS national system pawning of Daniel 11:42-43.

Daniel 11:41 is soon to come on JWs as Dan8:13-14, but true to deceptive form THE GB WILL TELL YOU RUSSIA HAS BECOME DANIEL 11:44. But, that will not be true, but that is what the GB will tell you to complete the deception as Daniel 11:41-43 is what will come on JWs and the KS nation-state system in its “sword stroke” which only seems to be “the end” and “slaughtered to death”, it all “heals into 8th King=KN world government which then triggers Christ arrival.

We have a ways to go yet, that is why they have JWs in a “the end” delusion” as in 2Thess2:1-2 which is a falsehood to mislead them and silence them.


[QUOTE who=”Impending Reality”]The organization is blatantly lying to the public by declaring to news media that members may leave the organization at any time, of their own free will and without any repercussions from the organization.[/QUOTE]

The prophecy of the 3rd UN and its “those leaving the holy covenant” final “great apostasy” now in JWs by GB lead (Dan11:32a) is what is wrong with the JW ministry, it is Daniel 11:30-32.

But in keeping with the fact JWs are in the “wrong condition” Daniel 8:13-14 will bring them back into the “right condition” because JWs had the truth, that is why the Devil is “in the temple” to cause stumbling and discrediting.

So, for good or bad as we see among JWs now, the final prophecy since 1914’s time will remain focused on JWs for the final warning 1260 days will come with their recovery AFTER Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment modern events and timing runs its course on JWs, very soon, but the peak desolation lasts 3.19 years.

Then JWs recover as the world war heals into world government as the final warning precedes that entity for 1260 days of Rev11, as that 8th King “King North” completion as world government will trigger the Christ arrival along the final global indications of the Christ arrival for maximum salvation effect cenetered on the JW apostasy and its recovery.


[QUOTE who=”the Mad JW”]We all know all the evil taking place in the world- but can you name ONE EXAMPLE of an evil WORSE than slandering God and Christ? (Like Jaded and his followers do?)[/QUOTE]

The GB, because JWs knew better. JWs are the worst evil in prophecy cover up, wildbeast UN NGO riding and child rape aiding known to man. JWs are a reproach on Jehovah’s name, because they refuse to repent of JezeBethel’s sins. (Rev2)

Church is bad, JWs are worse, the Pharisees were the worst of them all, but GB is giving them a run for the 30 pieces of silver. The GB is the “useless shepherd” of Zechariah 11 and JWs have become the “flock meant for the killing” because of this JW “great apostasy” ordeal.

MadJW is just another half assed JW living in denial like the churches, as long as he can stomach it all, hence Matthew 24:15 command of Christ to flee the “transgression causing desolation” UN NGO (Dan8:13) compromised JW ministry.


[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]Jehovah is merely permitting the rhetoric from the Globalists. They will serve HIS purposes and yes even do HIS WILL. Not the other way around. Remember Globalists JEHOVAH is the true KING of everything living.[/QUOTE]

Looks like you contradict what Jehovah has stated by Daniel.

Daniel 11:36c

“He [King North Globalists] will BE SUCCESSFUL until the time of wrath is completed [at Christ conquest], for what has been determined MUST take place.”

Daniel 11:36 states from Jehovah, that Globalist King North will indeed succeed “all the way” in the following:

1. They will Daniel 11:41 invade JW “land of the decoration” as Daniel 8:13-14, to carry out Jehovah’s temple judgment on JWs. (1Pet4:17; Zech3; Mal3:1-5, starts Rev8) 3.19 years desolations on JW Org global.

2. They will run a successful “fake Armageddon” as the coming Rev13:3 “sword stroke” will globally ‘heal” into a globally “one hour” successful 8th King=KN world government “one hour” of GLOBAL RULE. (Rev13:3; Isa41:1; Rev17:8-12)

3. After JWs carry out the final warning after Daniel 8:14 “morning’ of recovery timing, the Globalists will Daniel 12:11 cancel that final warning ministry (Rev11:7; Rev13:5-7) and proceed to destroy Babylon the Great whose scale is far larger than JWs which destruction will take longer.

(But God will offer salvation of Revelation 14:6-8 during that ordeal, and it will have been made know beforehand by the 1260 days final JW witnessing)

4. Then the Globalist will succeed in triggering the Christ Kingdom Conquest, to complete by 2034.

So, IKBN, you are wrong and you blasphemously deny Jehovah’s prophecy and have ZERO FAITH in it at this time. But, that’ll change, you will also be “brought into the right condition” before the final warning as per Daniel 8:14.

Dream on— for now, while you still can. JEHOVAH IS THE DEFINITION OF TOUGH LOVE. JWs are who have lost their own love for him to direct it to the “lawless man” GB.

THAT, with the UN NGO “transgression causing [the] desolation” is why this tough love from God will now come. Run on home, wait, and do NOT go to the JW FEMA “bunkers”. (Matt24:15)


[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]<quoted text>
Our understanding is based upon what the Bible says – why do you think otherwise?


People doubt because your GB gods will not properly distinguish the TWO KINGDOMS of Daniel 2:31-45. Instead, to aid the confusion you tell people God’s Kingdom “mountain” is the same as the “stone” of the Messianic Kingdom “cut from the mountain” of God’s Kingdom so you can sin by omission of the news of the coming Christ Kingdom Completion and its final proclamation which mujst complete 1260 days as did God’s Kingdom announcement.

The Messianic Kingdom of Christ was ONLY BORN in 1914, it has yet to complete all 144,000 and it too will get a final 1260 days warning.

You and the GB are silent on this to fulfill Daniel 8:12:

“Because of rebellion, the LORD’s people and the daily sacrifice were given over to it. It prospered in everything it did, and truth was thrown to the ground.”

You are with those “acting wickedly AGAINST the holy covenant” “for a Kingdom” here in Daniel 11:32:

“And such [JWs] as do wickedly against the covenant shall [King North Globalists] corrupt by flatteries”.

JWs have fallen into the final signal “great apostasy”.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So then what is your take on Revelation 12, TempleBBQ? Or are you just a Daniel 8:14-one-trick-pony?



Well, glad you asked, because that 1260 days in Revelation 12:6 has to coincide with the rest of the 1260 days verification time signatures of Revelation 13:5, Revelation 11:2, and 3, and Daniel 7:25 and Daniel 12:7.

(FYI, the Daniel 8:14 timing will, in the future, lead to the final 1260 days cycle which precedes world government to warn of what JWs are now dead silent on.)

So, the only real problem in the Grand Climax “red Revelation book” is they offset the 1260 days of Revelation 12:6,14 to parallel the 1290, but it has to be the same 1260 days in all 5 cases. The Revelation 12:14 1260 is what comes on JWs while they are then post Dan8:14 in the final 1260 days, but “the earth” is what comes to the aid of the woman’s seed, so as per the sheep who help out Christ’s brothers, some in the world will take pity on JWs and help fend of the Globalist resistance, thereby some of these sheep-that-do-not-yet-know-they-are-sheep will get saved by being cool folks.

(Btw, the 1260 days is “time, times and half a time” or 3.5 times, but in the “seven times” principle God does not work with fractions of a half time, it MUST run a final cycle so the 1260 days is 2520 days and that 3.5 times ends up becoming 7 times, complete witnessing warning.)

So, in 1914-1918 the 1260 days was the segway and phase of the Temple Judgment which placed the faithful slave anointed ministry to become globally known from IBSA to Jehovah’s witnesses, it led to League of Nations 1919, it sets the final pattern in the first pattern.

The way the Daniel 8:14 timing fits in this time, is IT is the Temple Judgment that leads to a cleansing and recovery to PREPARE for the 1260 days warning which will lead, this time, to 8th King world government. THAT is the only difference, because this time JWs are NOT ready for no final warning, they are in apostasy, UN allies and need a big judgment, hence Daniel 8:14.

As I said to The Blind Apostate Cave Newt, there are TWO Kingdoms. God’s Kingdom “mounatin” (Dan2) is NOT “born”, it has always been, it is what brings about the Messianic Kingdom “stone” which is what was born, is not complete yet, in 1914. And the “seed of the woman” is the 144000 which last days remnant is what must be brought in, IN THE FUTURE TO A COMPLETION, to complete the then MATURED Messianic Kingdom of Jesus Christ, a second Kingdom, the one which rules earth. But it is from God’s Kingdom which it is “cut not by hands” from.

Witnessing 1, TWO Witnesses—1914-1918 1260 days eventually was summarized thereafter as the Kingdom of God proclamation 1260 days for that first Kingdom to tell the Gentiles their time is up, they have had their day.

Witnessing 2, TWO Witnesses—FUTURE 1260 days must ALSO “prophesy AGAIN” (Rev10:11) to proclaim the maturation and completion of Christ’s Messainic Kingdom (only born, an infant, in 1914) and it too will tell the Gentiles their time is up, they have had their day.

This time, it will result in the final sheep sweep, and then the end of the rival world government.

Revelation 12:6,14 and its context now applicable in the future Revelation 12:14 gives extra detail to the contextual details of the PARALLEL 1260 DAYS of Revelation 13:5, Revelation 11:2, and 3, and Daniel 7:25 and Daniel 12:7.

It is the segway to world government completion this time, rather than the 1919 League of Nations as it was in 1260 days 1914-1918.


That world government triggers Christ arrival, that is how the first pattern dictates the final one explained here eventually to be in all approved JW mouths as well, for BOTH patterns result in Christ arrival, the first time to the temple, the last time as Messainic Kingdom King pf kings, for that final coronation must also complete in the future– and all this is being kept from the JW ministry by the GB. Newt will crap his pants when he sees how true this is, but then again so will ost deluded JWs now under the “operation of error” in the GB “Man of Lawlessness”.

[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So then what is your take on Revelation 12, TempleBBQ? Or are you just a Daniel 8:14-one-trick-pony?


In a nutshell, JWs are correct, but because they do not explain the final TWO Kingdoms each with a witnessing for TWO witnesses, it is sort of stalled by the unfaithful and the GB. The GB blurs the distinction between Jehovah’s Kingdom and Christ’s “Kingdom of David” Kingdom Messianic, and that is so they can bypass this final requirement for their Daniel 11:32a real goal is to silence JWs into a full-fail. But they fail as per Daniel 11:32b, Rev11:3.

Satan was cast in 1914, so Rev12:6 was 1914-1918. The Revelation 12:14 1260 days is a “time, times and half a time” so it parallels events in Daniel 7:25, and Dan12:7 and of course also Rev11:2,3 and Rev13:5 in the future too, as it did in 1914-1918.

The “TWO wings of the Eagle (Christ) were given to the woman to fly into the wilderness” is how we KNOW that 1260 days happens TWICE, 1914-1918 had a deliverance by Christ for the post 1918 work, and this time JWs will be delivered again for the 1260 days final warning. TWO “wings” of deliverance as in: Exodus 19:4 wings of eagles:

“You yourselves have seen what I did to Egypt, and how I carried you on eagles’ wings and brought you to myself.”

This happens a final time in the future to JWs. The 1260 days completes into Revelation 11:7, then Christ arrives as Revelation 11:11-12, matt24:29-31, Rev14:1-8, etc.


[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]If anyone is riding the beast guy its you.[/QUOTE]

You refuse to admit many have “caught sight of the digusting thing STANDING” where it should NOT be standing as UN NGO for a silenced 3rd UN 1990 prophecy among the anointed as Daniel 11:31.

Eyes wide open you apparently enjoy the view atop the Scarlet Wildbeast being its co-promoter among sold out and spiritually comatose JWs.

YOU ride the beast bud. Matthew 24:15 It is on you, your blood and those you fail to warn in your midst. You best get with REALITY. We are about to be plunged into the start of the final cycle, Revelation 8 modern judgment of JW “earth”.


[QUOTE who=”the Mad JW”]<quoted text>

So, in his tiny little churchoid ‘mind’ (really just a motor center), he Judged the GB as more evil that slandering God and Christ.

He just revealed he has no love for them….[/QUOTE]

They do slander God and Christ, so it is an equation where the GB is the sad answer. Like Israel all you so-called JEHOVAH’S witnesses here are in deep denial because the GB slipped in early, permitted by God as 2Thess2:11-12 to put a test on the only place needing a test: JWs.

By the time we caught on, it was “1/3” darkness of Revelation 8:12, the GB was well along on their lawless course just masterfully concealed under the reputations of former faithful guide brothers, but the GB is NOT them and the GB developed nothing new, but they did lift up for all to see as King FDS as the blasphemer must publicly “sit down in the temple” playing g–o–d.

You got the worst possible lawless development now as JW leaders. The pit is where it goes, the pit of Revelation 9 as Daniel 8:13-14. From pit day one, JWs get Isaiah 38 extension. 15 years. But the final warning will get done before then, for that is where this folly must lead, Danilel 8:14 RIGHT CONDITION restored. Minus the GB Devil. (Zech3:1-5)


[QUOTE who=”dee rightful”]<quoted text>

Matthew 24:36
“But about that day or hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.

Way back then, since then Christ got the seven seals opened to his view and understanding. It is now 2034 as drop dead end, 1260 days and 1290 days to it OPEN FOR Revelation 14:6-8 SALVATION to ANYONE willing to choose the Messianic Kingdom over the NWO 8th King, 666 free and free.

Now we know. (Rev1:1) All that is to remain is JW downfall to cleansed recovery to precede that final warning which leads through the final sword stroke to the global healing into world government 8th Kig which triggers Christ arrival AFTER it is complete “one hour” Rev17:12.


[QUOTE who=”NorthPeace”]<quoted text>
You just can’t simply stretch this one out. Father Time and simple math prevent it.

The YOUNGEST of those “millions” – in other words those born when Rutherford first made that prediction would be 99 years old NOW, if not already dead. Those that remain are few, estimates put the number of centenarians world-wide at around HALF a million. And the number of those born in 1918 will be FAR LESS by 2030.

So yes, as far as Rutherford’s prediction, the “fat lady” DID sing, there are no longer millions left that were alive in 1918.

Rutherford was a false prophet, as was Russell. And it didn’t end with them. The WT came up with another false prediction around 1950 in their application of the “1914 generation” doctrine, as it was preached for half a century before good ol’ Father Time showed up and the “fat lady” sings once again.

Then of course, I’m sure you remember all the hype they created around the 1975 date.

And all this mishigas started well before 1976 – the year you seem think the WT leadership suddenly went astray…

And here YOU are doing the same thing the WT has done throughout it’s history – getting into the “date” thing.

But hey, knock yourself out. You certainly can’t do any WORSE than the WT 😉



If you are going to judge a hipshot mistake as a “false prophet” for a guess then everyone is a false prophet. Rutherford exposed the wildbeast FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER as the New World Order “disgusting thing” and connected the exposure of UN 1919 LON to UN 1945. Though he died in 1942, his vigilance to beat down the board of directors vipers (now that filthy GB) is what handed Knorr the UN exposing baton, by 1945.

In reality of Russell, and Fred Franz as contemporaries, JFR’s work has been the most important expose’ of modern times, he did not let the UN slip by with a kiss as the church false prophet harlots have done and as JWs do now as UN NGO.

Rutherford was the key preacher of the end age. His vigilance will lead to the final exposure after JWs go down as Dan8:14 of UN 3.0 1990 AND UN World Government FOURTH “disgusting thing” stand of the future which will get 1260 days final witnessing of them TWO witnesses of Rev11, BEFORE it completes.

Nit picking JFR will not keep the 666 off your face, better get with REALITY. World Government triggers Christ arrival.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So where in Revelation does it say that JWs will be brought low. Because I’ve seen your scriptures from Daniel where you interpret that it says that.


Revelation 9 is when the first ministry was brought low. Since the final cycle repeats the same pattern, JWs go into the abyss of Rev 9 next, and that darkness is:

1. The evening desolation phase of Daniel 8:13-14,26

2. The low lamps of the five discreet virgins of the ten virgins judgment.

3. The plunge of Jonah into the great fish darkness.

When JWs are recovered the abyss opens to:

1. The “morning” of Daniel 8:14,26

2. The abyss opened to light of Revelation 9

3. Jonah spit up on the shores of Globalist Nineveh as JWs are the “3 years” sign of Jonah to complete the warning properly, “right condition”.

The world will see JWs brought low, and the recovery, for the sign is for them to get ready for the Revelation 14:6-8 salvation to eventually come in this process, but one has to CHOOSE the Messianic Kingdom as ruler over the 666 NWO.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

So did you used to have (well, I better say the word “normal” when I think about pcloadletter) normal Christmases before you became a JW?


I did up Until I was 8 or so. My mom changed jobs, she used to be a Catholic Witch Wannabee from the Old Land, but decided Michael was a better Angel to be working for so she switched over to being a real Christian to worship Jehovah minus the beads. No Joke.

When Christmas eventually stopped it really must have made no difference to me, I don’t really remember it. For some weird reason the family stuff always made me feel like I was wasting a night out. But that was at the time my mom disassociated because she was going to kill my dad, but did not want to bring reproach on Jehovah, so I went free from like 17 to 30.

Instead my mom only pistol whipped my dad, they got a divorce, but she could be reinstated because it was a da by duress. She went back before me, leaving me to ACDC concerts and partying, but eventually that got old and around Desert Storm time I got interested in that Red Revelation book and got back in too.

But the Christmas thing wasn’t the usual, it was my cousin getting his ass kicked by my Golden Gloves uncle, too many tamales and Budweisers, then my brothers hippie wife and her fanatical Christmas and all holiday productions whose props took up their whole garage, whose house went color coordinated with the holiday color scheme a month and after the “holy day” who blathered on and on about family this and family that until you had to sneak out at 2 AM to unwind from them “Christmas Dinners”.

So, deciding to just dump the whole Christmas thing came and went, it really was a big drag and slowly it died out, thank God. Of course that it is a celebration of Nimrod’s Birth and 8th King World Government to come, it is not real high on the list, but JWs stopped really explaining this with their Christmassy GB who are really KN Nimrod worshipers of Daniel 11:32a.

Meaning, Christmas will not last forever, but the Memorial and Christ Return Date Celebration will last forever, even if one becomes the other since no reason to really observe his death once he comes back fully Immortally Alive, but we shall see how God does it. I think they will become the same date, imo, but to be celebrated FOREVER for different reasons, of course, by such time as psot-world-government Christ arrival.

Just as a side note, my mom was many times more spiritual than any elder “in the truth”, there Bibles never looked like her’s all full of notes and underlines and loops and circles. LOL My mom was gung ho Jehovah, but not so gung ho org. She told us that “they are elders from the neck up”, she always took them with a handful of salt, but the Bible IS God’s Word.

And she was correct.


[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]<quoted text>

ihv wow you learned this from whom and when? we have known for ages its NOT JESUS BIRTHDAY.

ITS A DAY THE WORLD HAS SET ASIDE TO HONOR THAT DAY….so now you can tell us whats wrong with that?

there is nothing wrong except your occult satanic leaders decided to use this as a distraction of main issues like SALVATION

now why dont you tell us how we can gain eternal life and know today?
i am sure you cant do it but will give you a chance


With real witches, wizards and warlocks (and in the Aerosmith autobiography of the night they signed on with Satan as a band) the presence of Satan is marked by abrupt temperature drop into a freezing atmosphere– much like Christmas and the birth of Satan’s Son Nimrod who was born in the deepest, coldest day of the human years.

So, in keeping with the theme of “Christmas” and it being the birth of Satan’s Son Nimrod and him founding the first WORLD GOVERNMENT attempt in Shinar in Genesis 11, Christmas is a celebration not of Christ as King but as a Satanic Blasphemy against him.

But Christmas is about a King, the Chosen One of Satan, the Christ of the Devil, King North 8th King World Government to come. And when that King does come, and he will, Jesus will arrive shortly thereafter and this full warning Jehovah’s witnesses will have to complete (Rev10:11) after Daniel 8:13-14 comes upon the GB cancelling the JW ministry illegally, and the JW Org being taken over for 3.19 years until Michael The Destroyer comes back to the Temple for the final time to push the 1260 days final warning through after this Temple Judgment of Jehovah’s witnesses completes.

The GB will tell JWs Daniel 11:44 has activated. In truth and prophetic realiity it will be Daniel 11:41-43 which will be active to completion to eventual world government as the final world war “sword stroke” Rev13:3 HEALS into said 8th King World Government.


[QUOTE who=”HopeReigns”]Scripture says this:

1Th 4:13 – 14 Now we do not want you to be uninformed, brothers, concerning those who have died, lest you be sorrowful as those who have no hope. For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, thus also God will bring with Him those who die in Jesus.

Question I have from another thread that no one answered is this:

1. [[[[[[[ Where is God going/coming that He brings with him those who bodies have perished? ]]]]]]]]

The following verses say this:
1Th 4:15 – 18 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord shall by no means precede those who are dead. Because the Lord Himself shall descend from heaven with a word of command, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God, and the dead in Christ shall rise first. Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord. So then comfort one another with these words.

2. [[[[[[[ Is the “Lord” in this scripture God when taken in context with all the verses? ]]]]]]]]

3. [[[[[[[Who are the ones coming with Christ…and WHAT is the form of these who are coming with Christ? ]]]]]]]]

I would like to start with the first question. Then move on to the 2nd and 3rd questions.
I would also like this to be a discussion with scriptures and not doctrinal belief (e.g. 144,000 and a 2 class system).
I would also like it if you respond, please stay on TOPIC and ignore those posts that do not follow the rules and TOPIC.

A side note. The GB now teaches a “rapture” in that all anointed are “taken” before the end, at the Christ arrival “gathering” of Matthew 24:31, etc. But they have a premature end belief so they only put that nugget in to sell the bigger lie of the article that it is in, which also stated some of Babylon the Great will be saved.

So for anointed being with Christ taken as it may, is the Immortal Kingdom Completion of Rev7 and 14. For the earth sheep who form the foundation of the human “last Admic” Paradise ground breaking, they are taken into Angelic Camps of Salvation to be shielded from the fiery destructions of 8th King NWO World Government.

Matthew 24:29-31 is clear on the event list that precedes Christ arrival, for example the coming “tribulation of those days” when the “sword stroke” Rev13:3 “heals” into said 8th King world government will pass from tribulation to global-healing to complete world government for all to see, BEFORE Christ drops in, and when he does as Matthew 24:31, it results in the complete cheep gathering process, that scripture has no “end” in it for that reason.

When you see the sword stroke of world war heal (Rev13:3; Dan11:41-43) into 8th King King North World Government, and that final warning ceased in Rev11:7,13:5-7,Dan12:11, it will start the 1290 days of Christ Return for open salvation 1260+1290, to gather the sheep first.

Then Christ shall decimate and melt the NWO 8th King and abyss Satan and the demons====

[QUOTE who=”Impending Reality”]<quoted text>

If you take JWs, remove the false doctrines, false prophecies, false scriptures, the worship of a man-made entity and get rid of the pedophiles, you will have Christendom.

Paradise earth is a false doctrine with zero scriptural support.

The only people who believe it are the no brainers. [/QUOTE]

Had Adam and the woman not sinned, it would be Paradise Earth now. Christ is “last Adam” his wife is “Last Eve” and from heaven will come the perfect restoration of Paradise Earth as God stated his purpose for Earth in Genesis 1-2, which a chimp can figure out so as to make them happy all the time.

God NEVER changes his purpose, especially when stated before men of mud and the angels. God will perform what he stated he would do: Eternal Life to all Edenic Creatures, Ecclesiastes 3.

The eventuality is now life in Christ the “life giving spirit” to be plugged when the “one having the ability to cause death” is unplugged into abyss to sputter to his own retroactive abortion and destruction, the Devil.

Christendom was informed of their rejection since 1919, JWs get their’s next, but with JWs it must be Rev10:11 recovered for the final warning of them TWO witnesses, JWs “MUST prophesy again” regarding this truth in Rev10:5-7 totally complete form BEFORE it happens this time, when it is most useful for human salvation.

It does not matter what you and Satan may think, God’s Purpose shall prevail upon you anyways. But the good news has gone forth, now it must be completed as JWs are stalled, blown the drive train, spinning wheels and going in lawless circles as the new enemies of the “everlasting good news” of Revelation 14:6-8.

Proof of this comes when the real Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JW Org next. The GB is the final “man of lawlessness”, tyrannical knobs since 1976 when they stabbed God, Christ, Knoor and Franz in the back. Now they will pay and go down in infamy. (Isa66:6)


[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

What good is seeing the disgusting thing standing in a holy place if you also begin to attack the holy place? That means you are also the beast. [/QUOTE]

What is good is rather than be hauled of FEMA you can FLEE the apostate Jerusalem JW Ord now defines as per Matthew 24:15. Flee or die, it is that simple. Go to them bunkers and you will be taken, even if some are released by miracle as stated in Isaiah 49:24:

“Who can snatch the plunder of war from the hands of a warrior? Who can demand that a tyrant let his captives go?”

Some JWs will be set free by Destroyer, but some will not, because Destroyer will kill a symbolic “185000” Illuminati as the darkening of the fifth plague upon THEM. (Isaiah 31:8-9)

The longer you puss-out the more JW blood you incur. Christians are supposed to be courageous not cowardly whiners. You have seen the UN NGO disgusting thing now accept your mission, quit yer whining, get to it, or you will regret it. It is the golden opportunity to warn of Destroyer’s temple cleansing arrival in final form.

The shitcan GB cave of robbers will be fried out 3.19 years into Daniel 8:13-14. The “uburning KN mountain” they are goes down with the second trumpet into the JW sea of hypocrites and cowards.


[QUOTE who=”Impending Reality”]<quoted text>

A valid possibility?

You believe the lies of a false religion.

You are obsessed with dating the return of Christ.

Get real! You are warped!

The false religion has rendered you incapable of rational thinking. [/QUOTE]

Listen Moron of the First Order, you are grasping at straws! STAWS I tell you! Straws!

Bwaaaahaaahaaahhaahah LOL

The prophetic forecast here given:

1. Honors the 1914-1918 first witnessing of the TWO witnesses upon the selfsame Rev8-11 past prophecy fulfilled now future final cycle prophecy, while explaining the JW apostasy is the final “great apostasy” worse than Christendom’s because it was valid post 1914 for the “last days”.

2. Projects the temple judgment proof coming of Daniel 8:13-14 into a forming global “sword stroke” which “heals’ into 8th King world government which is to be post Daniel 8:14 timing warned of by Jehovah’s witnesses in recovery onward to the Destroyer backed 1260 days FINAL WITNESSING of them TWO witnesses.

Now you know, now you have a map to Christ arrival you will be referring to over this last 16 years if your smart, which you are not, but who knows.

Dream on chump. JWs have to give the open salvation completion offer of Revelation 14:6-8 BEFORE Christ’s angels blast those talons of truth to every man, woman and child of this earth with that GUARANTEED SALVATION OFFER for choosing the Messianic Kingdom as ruler rather than men in the NWO as backed by at least 1000 BILLION angels of Christ, enough to manage every star in this universe!

There is no getting away from the final witnessing 1260 days which leads to the 1290 days a Dan9:26 open “week” of Genesis 7:4 principle salvation, seven years, the finale. You buried the mina now receive the judgment if you continue to shovel dirt upon it. Your dogs will make it, will you?


Update 16: When JW Org Goes Down as Daniel 8:13-14

JW Org will be desolated for 3.19 years “evening’ of Daniel 8:13-14 very soon. This will be quite a shock to even WT detractors, but especially to comatose UN NGO toting JWs of today who are spiritually dead with their “man of lawlessness” GB of Daniel 11:32a; 2Thess2:1-4; Zech3:1-3.

The JW Org desolation for UN NGO and many many transgressions against God will serve as a sign to JWs and the world and it will honor the events and timing of Daniel 8:13-14 which begins as Revelation 8 in parallel, also Matthew 25:1-13 ten virgins judgment of anointed Christians from which half are lost, “five fool virgins” worth due to JW Org lawlessness for the “1/3” of Revelation 8:12.

As the Global “sword stroke” hits in Revelation 13:3 JWs go down in its most severe “tribulation of those days” context of Daniel 11:41-43, where Daniel 11:41 is the JW Org global-invasion. (The GB will tell JWs it is Daniel 11:44=KN=Russia, but it will actually be Daniel 11:41)

The JW UN NGO is the “transgression causing desolation” to the JW “temple” ministry of Daniel 8:13 and Matthew 24:15.

As the “sword stroke” tapers into a GLOBAL-“healing” past its peak destructions (Isa41:1; Rev13:3), JWs will be cleansed-recovered (Rev9; Eze37) to give a FINAL 1260 days (Rev11:2-3, Rev12:14, Rev13:5-7, Dan7:25; Dan12:7), “second witness” of the “TWO witnesses” final wrap up warning of Rev10:5-7,11. This completes the “seven times” of Revelation 11 as 2520 days, 1260 days 1914-1918 and 1260 days final future witnessing.

When world government 8th King (=King North) does emerge from the abyss of this sword stroke (Rev11:7; Rev17:8-12) coming up, when complete it will trigger the Christ arrival. By then many will have heard about the final warning and the apostasy among JWs that led to it by Daniel 8:13-14 prelude also 1Pet4:17, Mal3:1-5, Zech3:1-5, Revelation 8.

After world government completes, as also overseen as the first Messianic Kingdom condemnation judgment (Dan7:26), BTG will be destroyed including 666-Christendom who shall ride in on the 666-scarlet-wildbeast, claiming it is God’s Kingdom to the fleshly Israel also “restored” by the globalists for this hoax and decoy. (Rev17:12-18; Rev16:17-21)

You will see some JW Desolations on CNN, soon.

Revelation 14:6-8 GLOBAL OPEN SALVATION OFFER will have been made known prior to Christ’s angels under Christ completing the ministry for this era with that global event.


As Israel found out yet still lives in denial of, people cannot just do and teach whatever they want concerning God Almighty and his Son. Yet, Christendom does just this and far more extensive in lies than modern JWs who have only been at it since the GB seized control in 1970s.

But prophecy is a gauge of spiritual kingdom progress and that of the rival continuum of 8 kings in the world system, so as the 8th King becomes more obvious as world government the final warning will be easiest of them all to prove. But as JWs cannot even count to 8 kings and used to claim the UN “image” was also a ruling 8th King, which it is not in its incomplete form, we know the world must continue to try to make the denial stick, come hell or high water.

But in the end, the denial will be swept away as it was in Noah’s day when even a week of animals streaming to the ark for the open week of salvation was ignored by those knobs as in Genesis 7:4.

Some people never will see the light of it all. But life will go on anyways. Christendom has to find out what Israel found out, and JWs find out first as Daniel 8:13-14 as a warning to all.

In the meantime, until their respective judgments come, with JWs an accounting cleansing 1Pet4:17 first, with Christendom destruction under world government they endorse as its riders, they will all live their own lies blind as bats flapping in airless black space, lips flapping but like Israel getting nowhere but circles.

That JWs have also devolved into the darkness is bad news, now all of Christendom is pawned as far as “organized” guides who all follow the wildbeast as the pasturage of the flock.


The devolution of JWs into policied “beyond the things written” sheep-killing lawlessness and a UN NGO wildbeast worship session before the eyes of the world is not some fluke.

JWs are the last “great apostasy” actually worse than Christendom due to the progress it had made, so their judgment will be globally seen as a sign, and time verified as Daniel 8:13-14 which puts them in that 1990 3rd UN timeframe of that prophecy parallel with Daniel 11:30-32.

So as the temple judgment now required in this lawless JW ministry does come, when it has to be explained JWs will sitting square in 1990, joining the UN as UN NGO rather than expose the UN prophecy continuum in its 1990 UN 3rd presentation.

That is why the “transgression causing desolation” obviously related to the “disgusting thing causing desolation” is indeed explicitly that JW UN NGO heavy transgression causing desolation to the JW Org soon in Daniel 8:13. (Matt24:15=UNNGO=Dan8:13, Dan11:31b)

From that explicit event and timing the final warning will be far easier to explain, JWs cannot spin in circles spinning damage control tales to justify their huge sins, they will have to “get up” and confess it all as part of the final warning. (Zech4:1; Rev11:1; Eze37) And if a witness thinks they can be blind and wish this away like Christendom, then of course God will not accept a Liar Witness.

Thus, the “great apostasy” of JWs has a “man of lawlessness” in the GB and when it all unfolds it will be the first great signal we have entered the “time of the end” of the “last days” as the world will be heading through a global “sword stroke” to a “healing” into world government which at present has no valid up-to-date warning due to JW sins of omission as misled by that “lawless one” GB of 2Thess2:1-4 in its final form, complete with the premature end delusion of 2Thess2:1-2 so JWs just think that Rev13:3 “sword stroke” “must be the total end of all thing brothers!”.

Misled sinners is what JWs now are, but it is a heavy prophecy and it is for a greater final warning reason.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]What is the name of your religion, if it has a name? [/QUOTE]

Religion is a snare and a racket as JFR pointed out. So, since 2012 I am no longer a “religious person”. JWs have shit-on the “faith of Christ” which I refuse to share in as UN NGO and “Friends of Pedophiles”.

I am in the “faith of Jesus” whose faith is in Jehovah, YHWH, The Almighty God and his Kingdom Purpose, and that Kingdom comes upon world government when it completes. Revelation 14:12 is the “faith of Jesus” as what we do as a life-job, Kingdom Ambassadors to the world. Jesus did not found a “religion” he founded the Faith.

It is a Christian Messianic Kingdom Mission, Revelation 8-11, Revelation 15-16, Revelation 14, Revelation 19-22, Revelation 4-6, Revelation 7. Revelation 1:1.

Let Your Kingdom Come is the priority, and the Global Open Salvation Offer of Revelation 14:6-8 to come in real form with the Christ arrival of Matthew 24:29-31, Revelation 11:11-12, Revelation 14:1-8, Revelation 19:11-21, Revelation 16:17-21, Matthew 25:31-40, etc.

JWs and this world have become distracted, as usual, it is the Love of the World Boat is what it is, TV, food and career and pleasures as its reward. But the Kingdom of God is different, and its reps have to be different of message and cannot be addicted to the world’s various offerings. The GB is the world in JWs.


Events to start soon will “fire of the altar” fry and purify the faith from the “religion” that uses it as a host which invariably has a cabal of top level knobs in bed with the UN who also stumble millions of God’s “little ones” and thus the GB and Christendom share core DNA but their camouflage techniques are what vary.

The “JW religion” must be fried from the faith, the Temple BBQ by the hand of The Destroyer, but the”faith” in the “right condition” must be given back to cleaned up GBless Jehovah’s witnesses (Dan8:14), because we won’t have time for another religious based debacle like Christendom or Brooklyn JWs, it has devolved into bad for a good reason.

The JW apostasy is more prophetic than that of generic Babel “broadway” Christendom of Revelation 11; (Dan8:11-14; Dan11:30-35; Zech3:1-3). It’ll all hit the fan in time, and JWs are the bullseye for this round of Revelation 8 as Daniel 8:13-14.

JWs are the ONLY ones who can be the “befouled” now in Zechariah 3:3. But their dirty garb abd turban shall be removed by The Destroyer, The Angel of the Covenant JWs left as UN NGOers. (Dan11:30,32a)


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]<quoted text>

I’m looking for the name of your group….if such a group exists….or if it’s just you. Even the JWs have a ‘name’. What’s your name? Is there a website templeBB.org or something I can go to in order to get a more comprehensive view of your doctrines as eschatology? [/QUOTE]

Well, it needs some maintenance, it is the recovery documentation for JWs for after the desolations, midway into Daniel 8:13-14.




Templelijah is the most complete overview of the JW apostasy in prophecy and its ramifications amidst a final “sword stroke” that “heals’ into world government 8th King to trigger the Christ arrival around 2030, but the Daniel 12:7, and 12:11 periods are all open for salvation. So as Christ arrives after the 1260 days, say 2030 or so, the 1290 to 2034 in some active manner will also be open for salvation prior to global conquest for sheep salvation as first Christ priority before he mops up the NWO King North 8th King wannbees.

But the news of this prophecy was complete by 2012, and those 10,000+ pages have not been added to since the end of 2015, some images can be found at Photobucket but they started breaking the image ref in external websites to suck a buck out of people at PB. The images are a graphical map of the seven trumpet and plgue final timeline of events.

In time, it will be the only fallback JWs will have, there current ideas will fail miserably, literally and the UN NGO is what sealed this desolation requirement, it is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13.

I am a true Jehovah’s witnesses, so that message is what JWs will have to announce when this all comes true on the JW org desolation phase which is next. So, in time this will have to be assimilated into the JW “religion” but the faith will be what is explained, a religion is like the paper of a Bible, it is NOT the message as JWs think it can be in their religious idolatry, it is just a helpful means of mental delivery, like a brand name of a potato chip. The potato is what matters, not the bag it comes in.

JWs glorify the bag and the farmers, not the God and his Christ Son which are more important. This is why JW Org will be Daniel 8:13 “trampled” before the eyes of the world which “smoke” of JW judgment is what comes out of the Revelation 9 “abyss” [of judgment] with JWs in the future.

I won’t repeat the GB error of seeking fame, so the final warning comes from an anonymous source for all anointed first, then all JWs, then as many people as will listen at first, then all mankind in its portion in the 1000 year reign as the prophecy must summarize fully as in Rev10:5-7, and it will.


I do condemn the churches and JWs, BUT AT THE SAME TIME, Revelation 14:6-8 proves anyone who CHOOSES the Christ as King of the Messianic Kingdom over the 666NWO World Government can be saved. Keep 666 off, and be saved, even ignorant people must Romans 2 be judged according to what they really are, as was Job.

So ANYONE can be saved, ignorant, even enemies repenting, or JWs or “churchoids”, which makes this the biggest open salvation messsage in spite of the fact I have to witness to the sins of the hiouse in Xtendom or JW form.

And it is the longest range forecast, we have 16 years, no doomsday hype from me because I do not believe in “doomsday” which is a Pentagon COG term.

They do end as NWO, but the “Kingdom of the World” is given to Christ and he will save many. Rev11

JW desolation to cleansed recovery leads to the final 1260 days warning over Daniel 8:13-14 anti-JW events and timing.

Actually in spite of errors as Churches and JWs demonstrate all Christians are brothers, Christ must make the final comprehensive call not us, BUT there are world government developments that will indicate the time frame of his REQUIRED arrival, especially by that time of Globalized World Government.

The “sword stroke” coming up will be bad, but not as bad as the period it leads to as it heals into world government, that is the “four winds”, that period is far worse than the tribulation of those days that leads to it, because Satan will have 100% global weapons and precision energy system control networked globally in one central control system under his command, hence Matthew 24:21-22– at that time, AFTER World Government completes.

Religions have only added a needless distraction and divide phase prior to 8th King King North global takeover coming up.


Now I finally see the problem. The GB tries to teach the “establishment of God’s Kingdom” and the Kingdom Messianic “birth” are the same event. But they are not. The Revelation 4-5 ceremony for God’s Kingdom (not Messianic Kingdom) coronation of Christ had “24 elders” who cast their crowns, so some first anointed apostles and disciples had to be there. They also had to be there as Satan was cast for they are “brothers” of the accused not angels.

And no way was Satan going to be present for Revelation 4-5 proceedings of parallel Daniel 7 coronation of Christ in God’s Kingdom FIRST, which opened seven seals was the divine information for Christ to then, post 1914, carry out the completion of the Messianic Kingdom but born at that time, because all 144000 were not complete at that time, or even now.

So, the real pressings event is completion of the 144000 sealing to approval, which there is not even all anointed anointed, much less sealed at this time. And it will get worse, JW GB lawlessness will get half the ten virgins of modern times rejected, so new anointed will be needed.

And when we look at the lame stall of JWs not even exposing UN 3.0 1990 as the only possible King North we know the FINAL WARNING 1260 days mission carried out FULLY, is the ONLY way now for all the last of the anointed to be sealed, so Revelation 7:1-8 has to occur AFTER the 1260 days is complete to approval of God.

And thus if we consider the Satanic elements plainly in the UN NGo Child-Rapist supporting GB, we see in Daniel 11:32a the GB is the “man of lawlessness” so them clarifying anything as in the above for JWs, is out of the question, they have to be knowingly the core JW stall on purpose and Satan’s actual knowing worshipers to do this and to join the UN NGO as they lead JWs into also wildbeast worship, all global news now as JWs just can’ seem to finger the criminal GB, out of fear and deep deceptions.

So, God is the only one who can detonate the bomb that will blow JWs awake, it is Daniel 8:13-14, th GB apostate days are numbered and the JW Org downfall will be ENORMOUS as proof as it leads into an “end of the world” which will instead “heal” in Rev13:3 8th King world government, in time, as JWs are all silent on all these developments in rampant fulfilling prophecy due to the “lawless one” at their helm.

Satan slipped into JWs as in Zechariah 3:1-3, by GB “resistance” to “Johua’s” “right hand”. The GB are the “man of lawlessness” we have been waiting for, to be revealed as this JW org desolation unwinds, and even now we see then revealed by their lawlessness and UN NGO to know for certain they are the leaders of the final apostasy “falling away” now active among JWs.

So, it is little wonder they will not smooth out any JW theology glitches, they are the ones who installed these stumbling blocks.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]<quoted text>

Apparently, you haven’t heard of Kirk Cameron and Jessica Simpson and the like…. and believe like the rest of JWs believe that all non-JW Christians are mean-spirited, immoral hypocrites.


No I do not believe as JWs I believe Revelation 14:6-8 as stated many times here. The judgment of the world has to be as generic a Job’s and as generic as the rationale of those who resist the 666 in Revelation 13:15-18 must be saved by default, and that “all” in that scripture or “everyone” is generic of the global population of that time.

I merely find it funny that celibacy gets no traction, I understand how painful it can be physically, but it is an option virtually unexplored.

Because of Revelation 14:6-8 I KNOW ANYONE can be saved, but keeping the 666 off oneself, that is CHOOSING Christ as King, is required. The 666 is the big strike out, so its meaning must be explained explicitly as scarlet wildbeast world government allegiance as slave (666 hand) or as leaders (666 forehead).

Everyone is Adamic, that is why I have no need to label sinners, I am one too, been there done that. But the JW apostasy is no fluke, the world will soon be dragged into what it is leading to, world government 666 to trigger the Christ arrival. As such, the entire slavery of all man to the “system of things” is to attempt to facilitate the final 666 allegiance process as international law. 666 is Satan’s main product and he will bring in a world government system to attempt to force it upon all man, but it will fail for a number of reasons but it will get Christendom and othger harlot religions as it has JWs also at this time.

But JW will be broken free by fire. Or else, they would be extincted in a decade globally from when Daniel 8:13-14 comes on the place. (Hos1:4-7) Until that happens this is all just talk, when it occurs it is the frist four trumpets to lead to recovery to final warning trumps 5-6 to Kingdom conquest 7.

We have 16 years, but Christ arrives in the start of the 1290 days, so we are probably looking at Chrust arrival 2030 plus/minus.


As with Israel, God has to complete a matter with Jehovah’s witnesses who like Israel are unfaithful and condoning many clearly illegal idolatries and crimes.

Jehovah has to “start the judgment with the House of God” for a number of reasons, but for the basic appeal to the global masses it is best to finish a matter where clearly begun since 1914. As far as the TWO witnesses of Revelation 11, it was the International Bible Students who began the reformation completion which Jehovah’s witnesses took up later in that transformation, so the IBSA is the recognizable anointed “witness 1” which began the matter, which Jehovah’s witnesses will have to complete as “witness 2” in their approved anointed to emerge from the Revelation 9 second cycle “abyss” of the temple judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 coming up next as second cycle Revelation 8.

By beginning with JWs to be desolated for many heavy sins and recovered for full global disclosure from JW mouths then the final rectification will not just be another sideline disgusted group attempting to expose JWs with no real prophecy to speak of.

Because in reality the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is explicitly foretold in both Daniel 8:13 and Daniel 11:30-31, the modern JW apostasy will also tie into the rest of the prophecy concerning the final emergence from “abyss” of the final “sword stroke” of 8th King World Government who must terminate in prophecy as King North terminus which JWs now conceal as they say nothing of prophecy although it was clear enough to their GB to decide to join the wildbeast of 1990 as UN NGO.

And because the dirty UN GB claims to now fulfill Daniel 8:13-14 to the “right condition” supposedly present in this lawless pedophile protecting mob of JWs today, the reality of the prophecy will also be directly led to and addressed after JWs go down soon as the real Daniel 8:13-14 as only the blind as with Christendom can now, among JWs, try to deny the massive lawlessness they and their GB are now actively promoting. (Dan11:32a)

Thus, the KN GB has intertwined themselves in the very prophecy which they muddle up with delusions, which must come out after Destroyer lays them low in smoking heaps. In fact, the dirty GB since 1970 is aligned with every sovereign prophecy development now being “throw truth to the earth” covered up by the GB and modern JWs.

Thus, when the clear timed verification of Daniel 8:13-14 comes forth on JWs, the rest of the prophecy it is part of, the continuum of Revelation’s seven trumpets and plgues then fully active, will also be coming true along the same trajectory to a JW “end of the world” delsuion which merely “heals” as per Revelation 13:3 into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT—-which is the final entity, the 8th King, the top King NORTH which shall trigger the Christ arrival over a decade from today.

That is the news that sheep beating and child raping JWs now conceal with their brazen crew of GB rogues, the GB days are numbered and after JW Org down fully transpired, they will be exposed for the KN backed globalist cabal of criminals they have always been since 1970, because nathan Knorr and Fred Franz were NOT in agreement with the GB power coup of 1976, they were the approved leadership who was targeted by it for neutralization, the “restraint was removed’ and in time, as Fred Franz said, they were exposed by their own actions for who they are, the GB “man of lawlessness” of the final “great apostasy” now house “in the temple” right in the heart of this apostate modern JW ministry as it stumbles and kills God’s little ones without a qualm.

No way can a devolved and lawless ministry like JWs be a valid “final warning” any longer, but the self same source of its own exposure as another apostasy, but this one is foretold at Daniel 11:30-35 and Daniel 8:11-14 explicit as generalized in 2Thessalonians 2:1-4 and Zechariah 3.

The prophecy focus since 1914 to apostate JWs of today to the future 16 years left, will remain focused on JWs, for good, for bad, and for good again. (Dan8:14)


Unfortunately all of these documentaries never do boil down to the core chemistry and catalyst that defines and drives the behavior or murderers because even that term is only half the equation. These guys have fused sex and murder into a sole action and thus addiction and that psycho-fusion to form it requires psychoactive neural transformation physiologically for it to have that singular effect as a hybrid of murder and rape in one insatiable desire for some. That is why there is not yet a sole term for the murdering rapist yet, because science and law enforcement fail to see the neural transformation and spiritual receiver it opens itself up to as a reality. You can bet your ass Bundy was a full blown Devil worshiper for this kind of success and sex-murder and this fame.

The “demonic” catalyst is no joke in Genesis 6 but it too is never brought out in any real way in these lame documentaries. I mean Ted Bundy is just a little less famous than the Beatles and a hundred times more famous than Led Zeppelin and people think you achieve that fame with no help from Satan in his world? LOL Bundy has Satan written all over his quest, and it has been a success as a further clue to its reality. “Entity” within me, come on folks it is there plain as day, the “dark passenger” rode in Bundy many times and is still out there.

People do not see the obvious because it is hidden in plain sight while also being too big to see. People get into this research to get a little mind blown experience, yet when you take it further they run off scoffing in many cases. If your going to try to explain it, might as well go all the way and admit human is not the most advanced life form interacting on this planet, there are many Bundys out there he just got caught. It is the world out there in the shadows, in the “opportunity”.


Hey lame JWs, why do you condone globally publicly known child rape and wildbeast worship as a UN NGO like your GB?

You just have to obey that GB? You really fear those sinners against the spirit? Are you that weal yourself?


Jesus folks, see it for the reproach and transgression it is BEFORE the “day burning like the furnace” has to come on JW Org very soon. (Matthew 24:15; Daniel 8:13-14; Zech3:1-5; Rev8:1-8)

JWs, you in apostasy and share in these sins as long as you associate with this ministry and condone the wicked GB fools of Daniel 11:32a.

If it don’t fly with a sinner like me, can you imagine what God and Christ think?

FLEEEEEEEEEEEE! While you still can! Matthew 24:15

How is you fell asleep so deeply as to Christian REALITIES?

WHAT is wrong with you? (Dan8:14)


10 is a human number of completion, so the nation-state system of Daniel 11:42-43 “gathered to Har-Magedon” by world government forming globalization (Revelation 16:13-16) is the meaning of complete global “giving power” to the scarlet wildbeast of complete world government of the globalist King North system by the nation-state target nations.

The significance in the Bible is that since Genesis 10 and Romans 13, God set up the national powers and has no direct beef with them, but when they allow themselves to be taken over by the globalists in full form after this next world war “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3, God will NOT be allowing that to remain, it will be a “superior authority” not the nations “superior authorities” [plural] sanctioned by God any longer.

And only Jesus Christ is legal heir and authority for the “Kingdom of the World’ of Revelation 11:15 FROM GOD, the NWO 8th King “world government” and UN are illegal and to be removed in time, AFTER they complete their world government final affront to God’s Kingdom.

“Ten Kings” is the symbolic completeness when the ALL OF THE nations sell out their nation-states for world government glory, and they will, in time, after this next world war.

You know who that completion of global-sovereign rivalry shall trigger? The King of kings. (Revelation 19:11-21)

We have over 10 years at this time.


[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]<quoted text>

Ok, but what ties my church, or more specifically me, to the 666NWO World Government. I am against world government. I’m against the government from intruding into religious liberty. I just want to serve Jesus the best I can, and help others to come to know the truth. By these standards, I have chosen Christ as King so am I saved? It seems a lot of what you talk about are future events. Is it also required to, in order to be saved, to see the future as you?

I started reading the first link that you supplied. In it, they are separating the great crowds in Rev 7 and Rev 14. Interesting and perhaps possible. [/QUOTE]

I am not a persons judge, but I do know from Revelation 14:6-8 that ANYONE can make that choice and be saved, so I would say you are saved by faith in Christ, but we all mujst stay 666 free. As JWs prove, or will prove, if God can forgive them when they repent in the future in those who can make the leap and those who survive he can then overlook many religious errors, because in truth JWs have known better and out-sinned every religion but the Pharisees, but had they the chance they would railroad Christ to execution, it is the ONLY SIN JWs are not guilty of.

This is for hope in the future for all people, because no way have most of them outsinned modern JWs, no joke, JWs are that bad they ride the wildbeast having FULLY KNOWN what it is.

But this folly of “loving unrighteousness” is 2Thess2:11-12, God permits it because mercy triumphs over judgment and in time JWs must see Christendom individuals as brothers even if they reject their corporatism BTG-mother-controller, as they did not do with the GB-mother-controller, but they will be given aid to see the error of their ways. This is because humility is required in the sheep passing into the arrival of Christ and thereafter, even if it is not fully developed these events will move it in that direction, because obviously Christ is not exposing other sheep (alive or resurrected) to JW hubris, so it must be crushed first, but the result is a more open minded salvation awareness of Revelation 14:6-8 FOR ALL PEOPLE capable of seeing this.

As with JWs now (led to 666 by the leaders), the story will possibly be the same with all religions come world government time. The corporate leaders of the big church orgs, (and other religious corporations), will more than likely accept world government as if God’s Kingdom as the “Bible Students” of today are already doing in their “herald” magazine at this time. As world government approaches you will be able to see if they are coming out with similar statements, so look for them, they are sure to start piping up at various times in their agendas. This is interesting in the Bible Students example because they are ALREADY preparing their flock to accept the NWO as if from God as the prophecy in Zephaniah 3:9.

So, many sheep of Christ will have to stand on their own and reject world government 666 even if their leaders do not– but we cannot know who will be doing what, we just have to know the 666 is with that rival human founded, Satan guided, 8th King as world government as an international allegaince agenda backed by international law; (Rev13:15-18). As with JWs they accept the UN NGO because their leaders worship the wildbeast but JWs are fooled by the appearances, but their GB is Daniel 11:32a— but as we see, JWs did not make their own stand by and large, some left as per Matt24:15, many just stay there buying the GB excuses and sharing in the 666, but they can repent because it is not complete world government form yet, just UN “image”– it is serious but it can be repented from in time.

Here is what will help sheep escape religious backed 666ing. As in the timeline of Revelation 14:6-8, the open salvation offer from Christ’s angels is going forth as the Babylon the Great destruction events are taking place to lead to the Rev14:8 final statement on her demise. Thus, as Revelation 17:13-18 is taking place, Christ angels are scooping sheep with that active offer at the same time as Rev14:6-7, which leads to the BTG fallen statement of Rev14:8.

What this means is, the global-666-religious corporatism BTG will be being destroyed to aid sheep escape and making of the right choice to follow Christ as King rather than the NWO 666 Losers of World Government. As with Babel of old, when it went down, many nations, not just Israel were freed to follow Cyrus who was a picture of Christ. So, final BTG demise frees many to make a freer choice having by then seen all this prophecy come true.

JWs should be merciful and way more open minded, but they emulate the human glory hounds in their GB, so their Christian “new personality” has been corrupted to conform to that fathead criminal GB demeanor of ego driven glory hounding madmen. Thus these Daniel 8:13-14, Rev8, Zech3:1-5 events will humble JWs, and as a whole it means if the worst repentant sinners on Earth today can be saved, as JWs are the worst on Earth at this time, still to repent, as far as claimant Christians, ANYONE can also be saved because few have ridden the wildbeast and promoted child-rape as JWs have done while claiming to know better and have “accurate knowledge”.

As bad as JWs are, they will serve for a globally hopeful super-sign.

And to answer the question, God cannot be pulling a perfect prophecy exam, ANYONE repenting and really following Christ or wanting to do so HAS TO BE SAVED, and as per Romans 2, even people who know nothing of Christ or rejected him because of hypocrisy of others, if they are following the law of love in their own conscience, they too MUST BE SAVED. Christ knows what is what at the basic level of being and he will not destroy a loving person or one who has a pattern of good to show. So, ANYONE can be saved by faith in Christ which can cover all kinds of personal and religious sins as obviously the house has many opinions and problems. But for Revelation 10:5-7 God has to summarize the whole thing to the full for some who can receive it and for the enemy who has been following prophecy for quite some time, and at this time knows it better than JWs and Christians in general.

THAT is why the sheep of Matthew 25:31-40 ask what would be total noob questions of when did we see you naked, those people are so new, they never even read Matthew 25! Christ will expend MORE energy in saving than he did in dying to secure that reality. It will truly be a “great crowd which no man can number”. True, some go down as goats and 666, but not all.

When you see JW Org suffer Daniel 8:13-14, you may know the rest of this has to come true, it cannot be made up by human means, it will become that clear in time, and as it CONTINUES to step through the rest of the signals, to world government, it will get very clear to many people at all kinds of levels because God knows the awareness has to transcend all religions and limitations, many people will just know world government is no good. THAT is why the 666 marking of Revelation 13:15-18 is of ANYONE resisting the 666 to be killed. By default, ANYONE keeping the 666 off of them, anyone condemning world government MUST BE SAVED by default of the meaning in that prophecy.


[QUOTE who=”Tony Price 77″]Jehovah’s Witnesses are in denial of the Revelation 12:10 contradiction. LOL :D[/QUOTE]

But, at this time this is no surprise, it had to progress past Fred Franz death, instead, it stalled as UN NGO. So, JWs have nothing new of verifiable fulfillment since 1945 UN, and when they could have kept the sovereign continuum active in UN 3 1990, they fumbled the ball at the 45, so to speak.

Thus negligent asleep JWs are in the lcoker room blasting champagne on eachother for super bowl win, but it is only half time and JWs are drunk due to these omissions and stalls.

Expect no JW clarification and 70 year stall since 1945 until AFTER JW Org goes down as Daniel 8;13-14. But, expect it to become the final 1260 days warning as well.



[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]<quoted text>ihv anyone would know (except those like you) that the mark of the beast wont be around till the great tribulation starts.. go read the bible… a good one


I never said the 666 was now, but it is preparing itself now.

Even past the tribulation will come the 666 of World Government. I never said it is now except for the UN image worship (like JWs have taken), serious, but not the biggie. The real 666 comes AFTER the “tribulation of those days” even because WORLD GOVERNMENT INTERNATIONAL LAW OF ALLEGIANCE requires a complete Scarlet Wildbeast entity as FULL 8th King world government, THAT is the big 666 marking campaign OF THE FUTURE. (Rev 17:12; Rev13:15-18)

And rather than it being with a “doomsday” as you think it is with the greatest potential global recovery phase of human history. 666 Tat Day comes with the “healing” of the coming “sword stroke” of Revelation 13:3, which heals world war into 8th King World Government for the positive effect of that key signal 1Thess5:1-3 “WORLD PEACE EVERYONE!!!”— the wildbeast will be widely accepted as will its 666 by this little trick of global hopefulness of that “healing” of Isaiah 41:1 as well as Rev13:3.

As with JW-Version “The End is Here”, this global doomsday thinking is what keeps churches and JWs in the premature end and Christ arrival DELUSION of 2Thessalonians 2:1-2, which JWs clearly are in, ready to head to the FEMA Bunkers anyday now. (Matt24:15)

God ALREADY stated this and knew it many years ago:

“And I saw one of his heads as [doomsday]; and his [doomsday] was healed: and all the world worshiped the beast.”

The recovery aids the 666 marking campaign.

“Now we beseech you, brethren, regarding the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, and our gathering together unto him; 2 to the end that you be not quickly shaken from your mind, nor you be troubled, either by spirit, or by word, or by epistle as from us (like GB claims, as do the churches), as that the day of the Lord is just at hand.” — 2Thess2:1-2

For the JW apostasy must now FIRST be revealed before the Lord arrives, and there is more, the 8th King must also come first as 666 World Government.


[QUOTE who=”ihveit”]<quoted text>

ihv since yu mention marks i would like to ask you a question

in rev 7 we hear about those SEALED.. so do you know what that seal is? we know the mark of the beast so wouldnt it be logical to know the seal of the annointed?


The final DIVINE-APPROVAL “sealing” is by final anointed COMPLETING the “little scroll” MISSION of 1260 days as the wildbeast GLOBAL “healing” is starting to take effect, the final warning comes with the GLOBAL upswing from this next sword stroke. (Rev10-11; Rev13:3; Isa41:1; Rev17:8-12)

THAT is why the Revelation 7 “four winds of the EARTH” origin is UNDER WORLD GOVERNMENT and is from “the earth” of HUMAN ORIGIN, it is their “bring many to ruin DURING a “world peace” time of security” of Daniel 8:25.

Complete world government with 100% global weapons control will be far more dangerous overall than the tribulation “sword stroke” that LEADS TO IT, as in prophecy explicit in timeline.

And further, the full anointed sealing of Revelation 7:1-8 has to also be AFTER the “tribulation of those days” ENDS as in Matthew 24:29-31, Christ does not even arrive until AFTER the tribulation of those days is ended— as PLAINLY STATED in Matthew 24:29-31 and that has no “end” as a prophecy it concludes into the “sheep gathering” of Matthew 24:31.

And it makes sense the Super SHTF is DURING a time of “WORLD PEACE EVERYONE!’, AFTER the final warning 1260 days has completed as Revelation 11:3-10, they cancel the final warning into said 8th King domination, 666 and world government as the same thing.

And by that time anyone will be able to see all this aiding the final warning and the BIG SALVATION of Revelation 14:6-8; Global Religion BTG goes down after they ride the wildbeast all the way to WORLD GOVERNMENT, THEIR OUTLAWING DESTROYER. It is the final of all these signs by that time, under full “one hour” of Rev17:8-18 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT.

JWs are covering up all this as UN NGO further proving it has yet to come, and JWs do this to sell a FAKE END OF THE WORLD to aid the confusions coming. They go down as Daniel 8:13 events and Daniel 8:14 timing BEFORE the final warning can be PREPARED for by that judgment and global developments to lead to the final 1260 days totally true and valid FINAL WARNING of the BIG SALVATION OFFER, OPEN SALVATION OFFER of Revelation 14:6-8 as BTG is going down under world government.

Christ arrives into world government as its conquering rival, and as BTG goes down under world government, HIS HOLY ANGELS will do this, as Christ completes his own ministry**:

“And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the EVERLASTING GOOD NEWS to PREACH unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.

And there followed another angel, saying, Babylon is fallen, is fallen, that great city, because she made all nations drink of the wine of the wrath of her fornication.” Rev14:6-8

**Daniel 12:11 1290 days is the “seven times” SEVEN YEARS completion of also Christ’s ministry as the final 3.5 years of his own direct ministry (3.5 years as human, 3.5 years as The Mighty God Immortal), by then in immortal form with 1000 BILLION angels carrying out globally.

The final warning 1260 days plainly states the 144000 completion allows God to Zech4, Rev11, complete Temple and Messianic Kingdom to the full, with the full “seven times” forewarning of TWO Witnessings of 1260 days, 2520 days FINAL WARNING since 1914-1918 with that FUTURE 1260 days Messianic Kingdom Open Salvation 1260 days coming from the JW downfall of Daniel 8:13-14, Zech3, Rev8:1-8 on JW apostasy to be explained with their GB “man of lawlessness revealed” to the full knowledge of all JWs and all the world (part of final warning). (2Thess2:1-12)


[QUOTE who=”Jehovah Delusion”]<quoted text>

So you are afraid of the question too. [/QUOTE]

No, YHWH can be written in many other languages, HE knows who is being addressed, I mean HE is only The ALMIGHTY GOD. LOL

The Jehovah thing is just not a valid discrediting or critique, you still have Yahweh etc, names vary since Babel, it is what it is, God KNOWS who Jehovah refers to as a name with purposeful meaning as to His REALITY as sole “creator”, He is the omnipotent being, too late to try to re-reverse engineer his name into meaninglessness now, the Big CAT is out of the bag, out of the lame cage they tried to put him in.

Jesus Christ, just dealing with Michael, aka Jesus Christ is too much to overcome for humans or demons, who is going to overcome JEHOVAH GOD? LOL LOL LOL

Good luck getting by Gabriel or any other holy angel, he alone, ALONE, could take over planet Earth in less than 15 minutes, and with his upgrade since the King-Michael Promotion, even Satan couldn’t stop him much less one of his lame “Princes” of darkness.

Man cannot stop an angel, much less THEE ALMIGHTY God. So, I am not afraid of these arguments they won’t go anywhere, he who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved by invoking His Almighty POWER. It will always be the MOST POWERFUL NAME in all existence, it could vaporize everything and all the angels in a second, no matter how it may be rendered until the Pure Sole Language comes it is power for those with faith in ALMIGHTY GOD.

It is NEVER going anywhere, THEE ROCK He is and so is HIS Name. Here and everywhere FOREVER. Yoiu are the one who lives with fear IN you. And with good reason for it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD!

Surrender and know the peace of HIS POWER, no one, not even Christ, is THEE ALMIGHTY! For good reason, there is ONLY ONE Jehovah and his name shall be one too once the detractors are vanquished for good.

Does that sound like I am scared of Detour Guides of a lame criticisms?


[QUOTE who=”Jehovah Delusion”]<quoted text>

So you are afraid of the question too. [/QUOTE]

No, YHWH can be written in many other languages, HE knows who is being addressed, I mean HE is only The ALMIGHTY GOD. LOL

The Jehovah thing is just not a valid discrediting or critique, you still have Yahweh etc, names vary since Babel, it is what it is, God KNOWS who Jehovah refers to as a name with purposeful meaning as to His REALITY as sole “creator”, He is the omnipotent being, too late to try to re-reverse engineer his name into meaninglessness now, the Big CAT is out of the bag, out of the lame cage they tried to put him in.

Jesus Christ, just dealing with Michael, aka Jesus Christ is too much to overcome for humans or demons, who is going to overcome JEHOVAH GOD? LOL LOL LOL

Good luck getting by Gabriel or any other holy angel, he alone, ALONE, could take over planet Earth in less than 15 minutes, and with his upgrade since the King-Michael Promotion, even Satan couldn’t stop him much less one of his lame “Princes” of darkness.

Man cannot stop an angel, much less THEE ALMIGHTY God. So, I am not afraid of these arguments they won’t go anywhere, he who calls on the name of Jehovah will be saved by invoking His Almighty POWER. It will always be the MOST POWERFUL NAME in all existence, it could vaporize everything and all the angels in a second, no matter how it may be rendered until the Pure Sole Language comes it is power for those with faith in ALMIGHTY GOD.

It is NEVER going anywhere, THEE ROCK He is and so is HIS Name. Here and everywhere FOREVER. Yoiu are the one who lives with fear IN you. And with good reason for it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the LIVING GOD!

Surrender and know the peace of HIS POWER, no one, not even Christ, is THEE ALMIGHTY! For good reason, there is ONLY ONE Jehovah and his name shall be one too once the detractors are vanquished for good.

Does that sound like I am scared of Detour Guides of a lame criticisms?


[QUOTE who=”haysusjw1992″]<quoted text>

The original Greek timeline has been corrected and that dates the first of Cyrus to 455 BCE, as does the Bible and Martin Anstey. Xerxes and Artaxerxes were the same king per the Bible, now confirmed through archaeology. It is time to expose lying archaeologists who hope to discredit the Bible. Of course, if the Bible is actually true, our main concern now is being chosen by Jehovah to survive Armageddon.[/QUOTE]

Many of the “great crowd” shall be affected by the prophecy of God which has been making itself known since 1914 in “straight-to-world-government” form since then. The world is being mentally targeted by a similar psychovirus we see has turned the JW robotic brain into mush-filled busy body.

So, some obscure day-late-hundred-dollar short calcs from the street of illusions is not going to “all of a sudden lar’s is god” reinvent the whole prophecy to suit a narcissist and if it did happen then it would be a “great crowd” of one lemming led by its own pied piper in one robotoid vermin cleansed in its own blood.

Sorry, a little weird is OK, but this is just TOO WEIRD, it zings by even weirdo heads. It has no branding, some secret ingredient has been left out, it’s just the same old speel of misread dates scrabbled together to be as if Revelation 10:5-7.


[QUOTE who=”I_know_better_now “]<quoted text>

According to your reasoning all mankind is doomed. Because it they do not see the Dan 8 prophecy according to you they are doomed. You see Jw’s will not go in a direction the GB does not endorse. That is why they will never go down the road of the Daniel 8 prophecy. If it is true then all of this depends on God’s loving kindness. What matters is that JW’s do God’s will to the best of their ability in which many are doing. But to say they are in danger is a stretch for Jehovah looks after his sheep. You have this way of trying to make it look ominous and if they do not go in the way you dictate they are doomed. I don’t believe they are, in fact they are being protected as we speak from anyone who would lead them astray. If betrayers are in there, I am sure there is, they themselves will pay for their stupidity. Jehovah will hit them and hit them hard. [/QUOTE]

Nope, I represent the MOST OPEN SALVATION MESSAGE EVER EXPLAINED since Jesus Christ laid it all down as a man and then wrapped up Revelation 14:6-8 which takes what you think about JWs and PROVES BEYOND A DOUBT Jehovah’s HEART is bigger than your heart and includes His “my people”, HIS SHEEP in Babylon the Great not just its Christendom solitaries and death row.

Today there are some sheep who think they are goats and whole load of goats who imagine they are sheep and A TON of sheep who don’t know yet what they are and that core personal delusion is what God uses this next megacycle to blow away in the lost sheep–which also includes JWs who think sheep must learn to surf the wildbeast, go figure.

I explain the largest furthest range open salvation message IN THE WORLD with ZERO DOOMSDAY and no premature “its the end of the world henny penny!” hype. As stated in principle and you are correct, Jehovah has MANY MORE SHEEP “not of the fold” you think is some limit due to GB men who shut up the Kingdom even before anointed whom they pretend they are to give credibility to their deceptions.

Daniel 8:13-14 will be as clear on JW Org desolation as was July 4th 1776 in US history, or June 25th 1876 in Lakota History. It will be one of those events, which compounds and gets worse and worse and more impactful in its aftermath. And with good reason, of the ones who knew better do not get up and start actually being Jehovah’s [truthful] witnesses, then they would be doomed. But as per prophecy the world is plunged into the tribulation of those days “sword stroke” which phases into healing into world government 8th King, so it will be urgent and plainly seen WORLD GOVERNMENT is the final global sovereign entity JWs ignore now as UN NGO compatriots of the wildbeast.

And there will be some years left, not many but enough to make the final warning that complete world government comes first and it is what triggers the Christ arrival. JW “second witnessing” will have its work cut out for it. Franz on first, JFR on 2nd, CTazeR on 3rd, it will be GRAND SLAM TIME.


[QUOTE who=”PCBGillespie”]This personal information provides only the opinion of one person
It is merely a human being voicing doubts.
All people have feelings that may surface but serve not to judge a religion.
From time to time everyone has doubts.[/QUOTE]

Many real anointed tipping towards a “five discreet virgin” judgment when Daniel 8:13-14 runs its course are aware the filth from the GB who stabbed Fred Franz and Nathan Knorr in the back shall require a fire flashflood over JW Org in the context of the final Rev13:3 “sword stroke”.

The UN-KN pigman power trippers (Dan11:32a) up in the loafer self glorified GB idol shop, of course, though “leaving the holy covenant” of Daniel 11:30b note (for a UN NGO covenant transgression of Daniel 8:13; Matt24:15) want everyone to think they are gleaming super-fine apostle angels of God. (Rev2:2)

The Gb wants everyone in JWs to think they are Glorious Gold Plated Fred Franz JRs issuing everlasting life from their very urine and from the golden turds they drop in the Bethel Sewers.

Thus far be it from the GB EVIL SLAVE ON STEROIDS to make the wacked-out and out-of-the-blue grandiose claim of fulfilling all anointed Christian prophecy and being the SOLE “FAITHFUL SLAVE” OF ALL TIME!, when they are the Chump “Man of Lawlessness” we are supposed to have our sights on the look ut for. (2Thess2:1-4; Rev2:2; Zech3:1-3) A GB Rogue Illegal Cabal “Lawless One” ready for extermination from the Temple BBQing Destroyer as the final cycle Revelation 8:1-8 Angel hurled “Fire of the Altar of God” is now to be detonated, exploded, conflagrated and firestormed over the globally dirty UN NGOd up JW Org of modern JW wildbeast worship AT GLOBAL SCALE OF DANIEL 8:13 DESOLATIONS, FOR THE MINIMUM “EVENING” PHASE OF 3.19 YEARS OF DANIEL 8:14,26.

The GB does not represent doubts, they represent full blown apostasy and a UN NGO Scarlet Wildbeast THIRD UN PROPHECY of 1990 being silenced and instead endorsed and worsgiped as UN NGO sell out Temple Traitors


I SWEAR TO ALMIGHTY GOD JEHOVAH, and if you don’t like my french go put your hope in the “politically correct” sold-out FBI, the “spiritually correct” liar UN NGO GB pedophile farmers, and or other limited mud crapping humans who bat 100 when it comes to even CATCHING a criminal, as 500 serial killers now operate in the US under their noses. When Lord Michael The Destroyer arrives NOT ONE of them pieces of shit murdering sacks of shit will live even one more hour before being nailed to many telephone poles all over the world to conclude the Armageddon sentencings and to give the Ravens an appetizer of many more to come.

Now, Revelation 14:6-8 states Lord King Michael Jesus Christ shall be saving many COOL PEOPLE, ANYONE accepting that angel backed offer stated there in Rev14:6-7 to be brought to all man come Rev14:1 Christ arrival reality.

Put your hope in Jehovah’s LAW ENFORCER King Michael. ALL ASSES belong to him and if it aint up to love of neighbor snuff, then breathe your last ghost. This follly of sinner fools is on its last 16 years. Don’t be sad, have hope, for this day coming will settle every damn issue on this planet like an angel punching us in the face. It is coming in Daniel 8:14, Rev11:3, Dan12:11 ORDER, seven trumpets and plagues will gauge that order as they began that orders’s first round in 1914-1922.


[QUOTE who=”PCBGillespie”]<quoted text>

Not from Jehovah! This is an evil mind.[/QUOTE]

Bullshit you ass kisser, you want to think you are the only person saveable and that peace comes with sugar dumplings and ear ticklings via UN-Plated-JW pedophile packers. David would have kicked you straight out of his wild bunch, you could make bread with the ladies and harlots of Canaan.

Jehovah is THEE God of war IF you keep trying to fuck with him, comprende? He is your best friend and protector when you finally SEE Why DAVID is the picture of Christ for BOTH of them WILL kick some bloody ass to get peace on this planet, they will KICK ALL ASSES, not the other way around knob dreamboy.

If you have been UN NGO wildbeast worshiping with the GB as they stroke your buttery dumplings with “spiritually correct” speech while you rape and trample little sheep at the KH to try to turn them on Jehovah, YOU are the evil lump of shit Micheal is coming to CREAM first if you think you hypocrite JW UNNGOing harlot swill is still flying with God, Christ or even lame ass Ceasar and th worst of this world whom JWs make look like Saints.

As Jesus said, you are a lukewarm half-assed beggar who imagines you are rich on GB dainties while you share in UN wildbeast worship as policy and hide pedophiles to prey on and steal JW children world wide, as Jesus said “your deeds are not fully performed before my God” because you do not even comprehend the first commendation of Christ is reading the writ to the GB Pack of Snake Liars.

Revelation 2:2

I know your deeds, your hard work and your perseverance. I know that you cannot tolerate wicked people, that you have tested those who claim to be [GB] apostles but are not, and have found them a bunch of liars.

David would kick your ass straight out of dodge if he could here your soupy “righteous overmuch” bull while your KN and WTBTS closets are full of the bones of dead children and UN NGO incense and smoochies and rubbers.

Daniel 8:13-14 comes on JWs next, they have become transgressed, soft, blind, drunk, hypocrites, self-righteous, half assed UN NGO knee-bending wildbeast noodle fluffing hypocrites, and THAT is from Jehovah.

You go eat your sugar plums with your drunk GB sugar plum vintners. You sound like some Benny Hinn Billy-Goat Graham optimist of spiritual heroin addicts.

Christ destroying 8th King NWO World Government while saving millions amidst the imprisonment of Satan and the demons is how peace and love will be GUARDED by more of the same if needed, because many lame brains think it just happens like some Speilberg movie. LOL

It happens under the iron rod and SWORD of Christ, Immortal David and David did not sit around waiting for them to get an arrow in his ass, he got two in their ass first. Get it? LOL

Make the truth your own, build up by faith some passion of the Kingdom of God AND the Kingdom Messianic of Christ, this aint no picnic coming up. There is no picnic.


[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]<quoted text>

You should try sanctifying Christ as Lord in your heart:

1 Peter 3:15
15 But sanctify the Christ as Lord in your hearts, always ready to make a defense before everyone who demands of you a reason for the hope you have, but doing so with a mild temper+ and deep respect.+[/QUOTE]

Jehovah God sanctified me (by the above blood process with faith for years) as Christ’s brother, His Son, so the apostate UN-JW peanut galllery of today’s JW hubris and denial has no effect on me hoping I think they are still square with 1950s Fred Franz days—but they are not. The more shocking I become, still, STILL no prophecy comprehension from God’s supposed witnesses and this is what does disturb us all.

The deep respect comes for those of the Revelation 14:6-8 open salvation offer to be made globally deployed say 2027-+|-+ for the world sheep prior to the real angelic deployment (of that time)—- if after the way JWs have disrespected Jehovah and the Great Lord Michael Jesus Christ His Son (and his real brothers, all JWs, people globally, children and animals) these last 30 years you can only expect a shit pie in the face, same as you and pedophile UN packing JWs throw in Jehovah’s face every day since 1991, you are the apostates about to go on the do not call list if you do not respond to Daniel 8:13-14 when it comes on your house of dead children’s bones. (1Pet4:17; Rev8:1-8)

How can you not SEE how far behind you have fallen and how rusty you are on all prophecy standards, not to mention post 1990 UN-KN updates? HOW can you sit their playing dummy as if nothing has changed in the UNKN since 1945????? HOW???? WHY????

But then it makes sense if riding the wildbeast and providing protected hunting grounds for no-bag-limit child rapists among the Kingdom Halls is not shocking to JWs then why should a “fuck you” over the loud speaker get through to you JWZombies??, except for mock self-righteous hyper-holy fakery as you tell God and Christ to F OFF all the time by your lawless ways, denial and lie after lie in everyone’s faces just like old Israel while you claim to be new Isaiahs and Jeremiahs and in a “right condition”, this is all untruths coming from JWs pieholes regularly for years now- HOW do you think Jehovah feels when you all lie and lie and lie like this all the time like a knee jerk reaction? How do you think God likes the Reproach YOU GUYS bring on him daily for 3 full decades now??

And you worry about a little “shit”? Geeez

JWs are now beyond a spiritual moral sense, dead drUNk on the GB hooch and this downfall shall be enormousness either keeping 1/3 JWs cleansed or getting rid of 1/3 JWs, as Zechariah 13:8 notes

“”In the whole land,” declares the LORD, “two-thirds will be struck down and perish; yet one-third will be left in it.””

in relation to Revelation 8’s “third” to be determined in the Daniel 8:13-14 future JW temple judgment. Your GB are reject anointed and fraud anointed KN Satanists but you are too spiritually green and to disconnected from prophecy (Zech3:1-3) to even see their horns. (2Thess2:9; Dan11:32a)

Nothing gets through to a JW in coma, only the JW Org desolation will finally turn the “morning” lights on; Zech6:1-3; Eze37; Rev9; Zech3:4-5; Matt25:1-13)

That LIGHT is the final warning of Rev10;5-7,11 11:3-7.

Better wake up man, Jehovah can be your best friend if you are his best friend, he can be your worst enemy if you persist in resisting his judgment on JW apostasy. IF JWs return to Jehovah (leave the GB wolves) he will return to JWs, but now there must be blood and fire, sorry, the post 2001 time to repent is long long Rev2:21 GONE NOW.

It is sickbed time for the JW Jezebel UN ministry.

[QUOTE who=”jad2017″]…you don’t care about progressive revelation. OH well. We know you are not one to really respect the Bible. [/QUOTE]

In general and at global scale people do not get along well, in fact national governments and the weapons system is a response to the level that people tend to disagree to. So, people having disputes over this and that is normal.

But the insight you did hit here MADJW is not alone guilty of. ALL JWs in that GB heroin high NO LONGER care about progressive revelation, because in many places since 1990 the GB has been promoting the signal delusion that it is all as good a totally done. In one WT, June 2012 they went to far as to say “Revelation has been fulfilled to the smallest detail”.

JWs thus believe prophecy was indeed progresssive up to the point they undestood it and thus it was progressive all for them and now it is done, they got the whole import of why the Bible existed for a bunch of JWs to think it was all about them, for them and through them while out of sheer boredom they decided to spike in some organizational oppression, racketeering, destruction of family based on GB invented creeds, child abuse rape and torture, wildbeast bullriding, relegating anointed to trash and the GB to the Gold Pedestal.

So, coming from my perpective as a Jehovah’s witness as a JOB not a religious tribal club, you are correct, JWs care no longer about prophecy as progressive all the way to world government and they disrepect the Bible by disrespecting the sovereignty of God, Christ, all mankind and anyone but thier demonic GB Overlords of Darkness. I agree because this is true, Mad would disagree because honesty is not a high priority with mad when it comes to exposing the sins of JWs, only when exposing old hat sins of the church.

But, at least he knows the GB are a bucket of demonic cobra venom swill masters.


[QUOTE who=”Newtonian”]Temple – Yes, the Amish do not go to war. These humble people provide a good example for us to harmonize with in regards to their stand against participating in this world’s wars.

What about your religion? Do those in your religion go to war?

The Amish are not many people from all nations though – so they are not fulfilling all of the details of Isaiah 2:2-4.

They are also not preaching the good news of God’s Kingdom to people of all nations (Matthew 24:14).

We do preach this in over 700 languages on our website:


My “religion” with the 1000 BILLION ANgels of Christ do go to war, they are the Masters of War, they will turn Satan to “ashes upon the Earth: Ezekiel 28:17, so I am all for Christ’s “war” for righteousness and him requiring to be so as King of kings to come when crowned MESSIANIC KING IN THE FUTURE which God’s Kingdom coronation of him in 1914 was to oversee this coming final Kingdom of Christ leg, for the legal covenant is with heirs of DAVID to form the global sovereign agency that rules earth as much from earth “Kingdom of the World” “sprout” as from Heaven’s
Congregation of the First born” which firstborn is also the FIRST IMMORTAL KING Jehovah decrees and empowers in such “superior position” capacity as the “first of many brothers” to be “revealed as the glorious Freedom the Sons of God” which works as one whole to conclude Hebrews 2:14+.

All Christian religions preach believe it or not, they printed Bibles they grow even if in decline it is nothing like the “waters drying up” AFTER this next world war “sword stroke” makes all their prophecies seem as but a joke. JWs do the public ministry in formal manner which others should do to, but all of them do it in informal manner and that is why they also take part in Matthew 24:14 since the Bible was completed and we can thank Christendom for spreading it far and wide, eventually with JWs too, to all nations of Earth, MANY BROTHERS such as in China, or Japan, DIED distributing Bibles.

Now JWs may have improved the process, true, but to try to cut out marginalized other brothers of the faith because of things less serious than a UN NGO in their erred belief portions, is illegal and wrong, they too and for many CENTURIES before JWs were even around, spread the Word of God BIBLE globally risking and losing lives all the way, and those doing that were grass roots brothers with faith that this is what the apostles did, and they did, as their examples.

It is NOT RIGHT to minimize the death of a Catholic or a Baptist or Lutheran any more son than a Jehovah’s witness when they died getting a Bible into someones hands as the core good motive in what drove many man and women and even children as willing as a lion, to be followers of Christ. And given the lawlessness among JWs today reproaching all of our hard work in all Christian religions, I am NOT going to buy the tale JWs have some monopoly on the ministry as far as merit, for they are lawless.

But, the anointed shall remain associated with JWs once the GB killer of them is removed and the JW ministry is given back to the sons of God, soon. (Dan8:13-14) JWs have become another division, that even in disagreement could be working towards unifying the faith brotherhood at at least its CHRIST REALITY level. But no, JWs are always to busy judging others, and to blind condoning their own injustices and sins.

THAT has to change very soon, and completely. (Dan8:14; Zech3:4-5)


[QUOTE who=”rsss1″]<quoted text>

Be careful fire starter fluid could be harmful to brain cells! :)[/QUOTE]

The good news is the prophecy has been tracking world government in prophecy explicitly stated since Babylon and Daniel 2. The problem is JWs and the churches have stopped tracking this prophecy because it requires thinking, thinking on modern global events, and thinking all the time along the prophecy timeline, patterns and principles.

The good news is if this is explained as it progresses by keeping up with both prophecy and world events because they co-progress all the way to a complete world government BEFORE Christ arrives we will then know when he will arrive:


The bad news is JWs have stopped being vigilant with a view to Bible and prophecy study while also be dead asleep to the world government international driver in globalization reality. Now that aspect of the whole prophecy mapping-time purpose, like road signs while en route to a distant city, is like a highway with no signs and no markers of progress but that of being lost, stalled, or in deep detour.

And the ones with the pedal to the medal doing 100 mile radius donuts on the salt flats is the JW demolition derby. All this dorky argumentation over infantile gerbil milk is just debris flying by the windows of this lost journey.


[QUOTE who=”Johno”]How do you all explain eternal torment in fire in Revelation. I asked two Jehovah Witnesses once they said its symbolic but couldn’t explain how. Which surprised me as he was a church preacher a “Pastor” or “Deacon” I think he said.

I’m willing to accept its symbolic but I’m not willing to accept its symbolic just because someone says its symbolic. Any ideas?[/QUOTE]

Well if the payment of sin is DEATH, then what is “eternal torment in hell” but eternal life. This would make God a liar by human illogic. And since innocent animals are also in Shoel=Hell in Ecc3, what would merit their eternal “torment”.

Which brings us to “torment” itself versus ongoing TORTURE, they “ment” in torMENT is a state, not an active verb in that case but a noun.

And given the poisonous, 666-laden, stagnant, fossilized and coprolite state of the catatonically dead, non-progressive and almost entirely useless church purpose we cannot expect some miraculous fluke of a singular profound genius to just spontaneously manifest on grand golden truth amidst a million blatant blapshemous lies concerning God and Christ and their wornderful universal purpose which includes flushing the Christendom sewer system in on fell poop of a universal chilli-lipid-enema aided flush.

JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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