November 2018

I feel a little angry and trapped having not got out of JWs yet, but…

There is a cure I tried in my pre-fade angst, if you want to try to think about it this way.

First off I agree to get out, but in my preFade days what made it interesting was being “undercover”. In my mind I knew I was then starting to live a lie, but I took on the mindset of an undercover of truth, subtle truth, I knew no one else knew, I sought clues in others.

I became a more keen observer, meetings became fun, I sought clues in their hearts, and I did not blame my friends who are rankfile JWs, I knew the sindicate leaders are the GB, so I sought others with doubts, very very subtly, like asking questions amidst a drug cartel street level division. I busted a couple JWs, help bust them out of the GB Cult, I helped a few get out eventually in other words, like a rescue from an evil kidnapper, I worked subtly against the org, from within.

It made it fun, I finally left in 2013 as other “investigations” led to the realization the JW Org is not just criminal it is DANGEROUS to be there now, and especially when the house of cards falls. (Matt24:15)

I went undercover for 2 years, but that was all I could take, I stopped going Memorial 2013 after it, and then a convenient move allowed me to fade at a 1200 mile distance.

WE are with you, you can do it the way you choose, the truth shall set you free, that is NO LIE, and the truth is JWs are now the apostates. We are just ourselves, we said something, we “sighed and groaned”, we took our stand no matter how we may do it for the true love of others and real truths versus real lies. The mission, the REAL mission we all have is not easy, we are in it whether we accept it or not, but in time we accepted it. It is the ADVENTURE OF THE LIFTEIME! Change your own mindset, go “undercover”, go whatever you want, but do NOT give up! WT has taken in the Trojan Horse.

You are the Knightrix, you are our Special Agent in this anti-WTBTS rescue mission we got going out here, where it is safer, way safer than in that pit of GB vipers. Your mission has changed from GB Damage Control to REALITY. But, it is a mission, just look around here, no one came to our door to unite us] against the WTBTS and I was in there 50 years, I have seen it change gradually, old NWT Daniel 8:12.

Be patient, you are NOT alone in this battle. Mark 11:15-19

The real Daniel 8:13-14 coming up.




They know it. There are two case scenarios when we go to who actually runs the 30 BILLION dollar WT Empire.

1. Those who think it is the “end of the world” coming up.

2. Those who KNOW it is just the end of WTBTS.

Thus, the GB are front men to ply the “end of the world” smokescreen for the real multi-billion dollar looting process. As you have seen since 2011 they have liquidated, sucked mega funds from 100K congregations, and bet on external derivatives WT downfall hedge fund wagers, because not all WTBTS is excluded, they have 100+ shadow boards and corporations.

Now when “the end” does not arrive, do we think they will have shared the easy 10 billion left over with JWs? No, they are skipping JW Town with around 30 BILLION, no joke, it is all in them WTS Clique “members” investing in this for decades.

It is a score that would make Bill Gates envious, because it was all free, all donations, and all JW slave labor built.


Which is the goal in a well designed subversion over some years, outsiders see things are wrong instantly, insiders are under the hypnotic spell and this one uses prophecy highlights to instill that zombification at very very deep levels in various JWs, as some are in it deeper than others.

The telling thing is it takes a former experienced JW, who knows the former prophecy and former rules to see what they are up to, even outsiders due to lack of knowing what was building for decades in the prophecy forecast and its symbology, will not see how they are hijacking the final sequence and capitalizing on former errors to “predict” their own “the end” scenario.

For example, the USSR=KN error since 1958, allows them to now pop Russia in as KN and as you see from the annual meeting, JWs are eating it up and starting to freak out a little (because, it must be “the end”, right?). But, that is exactly the intent, it is just hype for the big hoax. Now, no matter what Russia may do against JWs at the local level, or some global conflict, that big King North DECOY could further distract JWs. Then the GB, as long as they are there piping new-spins, can drag it out as that “the end”, which in reality, can only come for the JW Org, not the world system, they need to keep the JW Lemmings on the string as best they can as long as they can.

Imo, this is why they amped up everything like org adjustments, liquidations and weird changes at the very end (yet spaced in a decade), to not wake up too many JWs all at once. Imo this is why they brought in JW Media recently as well, so when the JW Org and congregational system does blackout, they can still pipe web GB (or “gb helper”) JW Pied Piper general commands to the scattered JWs via the internet. And they have already predicted they themselves in the GB will cancel the “preaching of the good news”, and send JWs out with that fake “hard hitting judgment message” whose eventual end effect is a mega-fail and then global laughing stock, because the world will not end, just the JW ministry by its own mouth and disarranged prophecy sequence. They just abandon JWs with a n eventual mega-riddle, clueless in the smoking JW Org rubble aftermath.

Now we can just watch it happen, and expect a global crisis-like distraction, but no matter how bad it seesm to get, it all just passes into the next rendition of global management, the real KN in that scenario is a world government, as a speculation, a number years from now, the “sword stroke” healing principle is all it would be, JWs were derailed into the hoax as the GB covered up the real KN Globalization System for years in this process the whole time since after 1990 and their UN NGO co-promotion alliance for UN 3rd presentation, after the Cold War, in 1990— when it became dead obvious the USSR fail, cannot be the real King of the North. JWs are expecting Daniel 11:44-45 next, but it is over-advanced. Daniel 11:41 would be this anti-JW invasion, and Daniel 11:42-43 the fall of 7th King King South nation-state system to be “healed” into “8th King”=”King North” world government over some years, imo.



Send it imo, they oughta get in touch with their own roots. Some JWs are so sensitive ANYHTHING they do not know must be apostasy due to their own laziness I have found. But in more history the roots are late Reformation adventist, but Russell had more a Bible Study group than a “religion”, and it was the International Bible Students Association which actually did all the late 1800s to 1920’s “work”. Jehovah’s witnesses as a religious label came about in 1930, so they sort of ride the coattails of the IBSA in, who actually went through that whole initial period. The point is, JWs are unproven and have went apostate, they are at half time but are in the locker room naked and drunk on champagne. They dropped the ball.


You’re welcome diamondsnstones,
Sorry this got so long, but I gotta say it. Because I was formerly a sort of “zealous” congregant, in the natural transition to recognizing the apostasy is actually among JWs, I actually found the whole formerly depressing matter became transformed into a greatly enjoyable mission to now remain a basic-generic witness for the truth. Nothing changed in a certain way, except now JW Org was the target to expose as liars. (Rev2:2) I was motivated because I have SEEN this devolve with my own eyes especially since 1990 when I really started to take the Christian mission seriously, and I started to jot it all down and this apostasy is ENORMOUS.

The “undercover mode” took on the reality it is an honest person’s task to expose lies, especially when they are right in our own “house”. I thought we were supposed to be WITNESSES? Who, who turns a blind eye to all this? A blind hypocrite useless witness that is who (Isa42:19). Even if for a while I associated with them, I had to be truthful about it when I could find a hearing ear, but strategically. In time a way out was made, but it renewed my constant project to help JWs realize the true state of the place. I went way more “zealous” this way, than in the JW quicksand scenario. That inner volcano of interest and quest really saved me, no joke— it has changed my life for the best. NOW I am a real “witness”, finally. LOL
Although I knew JWs had some stagnant areas and plain errors, there was something engaging about it all, to go and engage others with what is good news in its incept form from Jesus, JWs have ruined it, but it does not change the first century reality when Mr. Isaiah 53 rolled into town. To me, neither JWs nor any religion can hi-jack the FACT that Jesus Christ went to his own people, to his own house of worship to find THE EXACT SAME THING WE NOW SEE AMONG JEHOVAH’S SUPPOSED WITNESSES!!!

(Therefore just keep your inner focus and it will get stronger and stronger to remove the fearplex JWs are trained to install, you already see you are speaking the truth, JWs have not a leg to stand on, and they should not be feared, but there are sensitive family contexts they have designed to make it as miserable as they can, but God helps, this is not the first time truth has been attacked by his supposed worshipers and the honest harangued as heretics. It is like the 1000th time.)

And just look what Israel’s “Jehovah’s witnesses” of that first century time did to him— look what their leadership did to him. IT IS THE SAME STORY, JWs are who beat the sheep now, and even kill many. Think how all these prophets felt when all they did was point out the truth the leaders were sell-out apostates. It is the same today EXACTLY among the apostate ministry of JWs as led by an illegal synod from day one 1976 in the so-called “Governing Body”, a Governing Body of Apostasy is what it really is, the leaders are sell-outs, apostates, and even possibly absolute total fakes, not even Christian in inner reality.

When the depression turned into a fantastic project was when in that “undercover mode” I saw how even Jesus had to do it, they ALL had to do it, even David as a wanted man, they all had to go “undercover”, every one of them found themselves amidst a dangerous apostasy in their own house. I imagined the same thing when Hosea or Isaiah were run out of town for the EXACT SAME THING AT THAT TIME AS APOSTASY in their own house, or Jeremiah, in fact the whole history of Israel’s spiritual development was always riddled with apostasy.

Now why should JWs be immune to “certain men have slipped in” (Jude), and all of a sudden be the pristine perfect ministry? Non-sense, a lie. The GB is who guiltifies and coerces JWs to a degree that some curl into a ball, like I did for a time, when they see this apostasy rather than expose it, because of the guilt and fear of calling the GB Viper the vipers they are, instead some JWs cringe at exposing them Rotten Modern Pharisees, As I did, but when it comes into full view we have to expose them for the apostate leadership they are. IN fact they are the EXACT SAME APOSTATE DEVELOPMENT merely modded for our modern context. And now I have seen a few formerly perplexed and wondering JWs who are also on the full blown mission against this apostasy, you just get stronger and stronger as you get past the first speed bumps placed by the GB to protect their riches and power. Same old story.

I saw the reality, I was not making up some grandiose delusion to accept the misery of the situation, I found, like it or not, I was ALSO in terminal apostasy leading to a catastrophe stumbling millions and my ministry transformed I started putting in more time than a “pioneer” into the exposing of the JW apostasy in a stealth manner as far as the congregation, but full blown on the internet or when I ran into JWs out preaching that did not know me (today the ones who know me get the full dose as I returned to my hometown). They got the full dose, a couple called me names, but their apostate smear never worked, I told them THEY ARE THE APOSTATE HERE. Because this whole thing is the truth, JWs are the last signal apostasy and it will get “adjusted”, too, and it will not be pretty.

(Micah 2:8-10) . . .“‘And yesterday my own people proceeded to rise up as an outright enemy.. Because of the fact that she has become unclean, there is a wrecking; and [the] wrecking work is painful.The truth is the entire history of this whole thing from Israel into Christian history is REPEATING PATTERNS OF APOSTASY— thus NOTHING NEW with JWs, same pattern, same apostasy, same old story. Things have a great start, like the first century Christians, then it devolved, then came the counter in the Reformation attempt to clarify pure worship, then the adventist shuttle to America to IBSA, now it just REPEATS in JWs, same exact story. Same with Israel, good times devolve into bad times, gradually over time, and there were three marked judgments when Assyria conquered Israel/Samaria, when Babylon conquered Jerusalem and when Rome did it too in 70. APOSTASY that is real leads to an adjustment to get it back on track for a little while.

How can JWs as the tail end of this history, a history of constant devolution into apostasy over millenniums, not see the reality here? Because as with the other ones, the leadership are great “smooth word” con men (Dan11:32a), they are who keep everyone blind, they are who tell JWs this is a JW Paradise Cruise, but the news is it is dark as pitch out there, it is zero degrees, icicles form on the edge of the ship, it has hit the iceberg, take a look off the bow, this is JW Titanic is what it is. But down in the ballroom they tell JWs Paradise Island is right up ahead. It is not. They are the Revelation 2:2 liars leading JWs, fake “apostles”.
I am glad to find others who also see it, thank you. More is to come, and even if undercover imo the best place is completely out, but that is a situation you know best, that was just my own decision in 2013 in far easier congregational/family context as I have little direct fleshly family in there, like some do in very complicated ways, I really feel for you even if I faded much easier, it was an easy way out, yet also not that easy but it varies from xjw to xjw I see.
In my approach I like to get by the problem, a fraud distraction from the real thing. It is like finding out the view you thought was the real thing is just a fake painting. But when you demo the house there are the Rockies, they always were there the whole time, the fraud distraction is all that has to go. So, when I tell people JWs are a fraud GB Cult now, I don’t try to detour them from what they were trying to find when they happened on that distraction. Everyone they were looking for are still out here and I mean persons and things beyond human, apostasy such as in the JW Racket is nothing new. It is the ONLY problem, the distraction. Demo it, voila! The real thing appears.

In my personal awakening and escape from the JW Dungeon, I became a real “witness” with real eyes, finally, for the truth that the WTBTS is nothing but brick and mortar and a bunch of junk playing middle man to God, a bunch of rubbish. There is no reason I thought for me to take their fake “painting of God” which they misrepresent as if anything real, for it is not the real thing. That they befoul persons well beyond their realm of being, just made it more real, JWs are in a serious death-dealing apostasy, it is no simple devolution into corruption, it is there by design through the GB evil architects of greed, control and lies.

Just demo the house, and get to the real thing. Nothing has changed out here in the universe, for a while it seems it has until we demo the house and their fake picture of God. Everyone is still around, always have been, the universe is fine (Isaiah 40:26), and that fraud JW god-gallery and all the smoke and mirrors and clown suits and rolexes and those fake glow-in-the-dark stars on the roof will soon blackout, it is not really there as an indomitable reality as is the real thing.
Enjoy the freedom, and enjoy the reality to see the Sun for what it is, not some fake painting, it is all just beyond these distractions. No one can whisk that reality away, they can try, then reality takes back over. That realization helped me more than recover, this anti-JW Org reality became the new life mission. lol

Well they are using 2000 year old and older prophecy that predates all modern Christianity, so that is the positive things that they weave their deceptions into. Then all of a sudden they start paying attention to global developments as truthful things to also weave in their misdirections.

What I am getting at is, it is normal to wonder, but it is also normal to see JWs are steeped in lawlessness and injustices and their “god”, the GB Billionaire Boys Club is a criminal enterprise as the front men for a 30 BILLION dollar haul they tell no JWs about, as they ply their sleight of hand on JWs in general, and fear and guilt are the name of the strings attached to JW hands by that GB Puppet Master Cabal. THAT is how they control JWs, they use God as a shill and positive things to slip in their cyanide FOR CONTROL OF MINDS, a true cult now.

NO WAY would God use criminals for a true valid warning, is the point– NO WAY! He is not some fool. That JW “the end is near” is invalid, if they themselves are in terminal apostasy how can the purpose of their overall control-by-fear ply be for a true purpose, when they are untruthful about many things in the JW minsitry?

They are LIARS is what they are. Rev2:2

If God did come down, it is JW Org he would squash first, THAT is how bad the thing really is, evryone who tried to blow the whistle on that mega-foul would get instant “whatever you want”, no joke. IMo then, do not doubt, that is the FEAR effect they have and why there is as many JWs still stuck in that trap as there is. The real apostates are the GB and JWs, we are just regular old people, just trying to sound a true warning, that JW Organ place is who is in for a “judgment”.
If Jehovah’s witnesses were truly free from all this and free free free, not one would show up, the goons running the place are obviously only “witnesses” of their own deception, greed and power mongering among themselves, for like the JW students they taught, they do not tell JWs the real $$$ bottom line them greedy thugs track daily. They are truly sad liars being exposed in full, SO THAT PEOPLE FLEEEE ASAP!!! (Matt24:15) For those who can see it for what it really is.


How true. Many of these JWs I hope are right on the edge to also fly on their own wings. The GB has JWs ostracize addicts, family, friends, anyone who may steal a dollar from the billionaire GB. THAT is why the GB helps no one where it really counts, to busy stacking 30 BILLION for the WTS Clique and their bankers.

Poor bastards are our modern Pharisee “cave of JW robbers”, no joke. Many JWs have had a heart transplant from the GB, a heart of solid black-ice. But JWs will lose every hall they had, they will not see a cent of that 30 BILLION, hugely conservative estimate.
THAT is the bottomline. The GB star fell, they are wormwood of the second trumpet of Revelation 8. A blackhole of a “lamp”.


This wiki I barely went through but saw Tight Pants Tony Morris the III is in the Philip Morris family. Not that that means anything, but the Riley Trust is interesting. But that is dimes and nickels, they have thousands of things like this investing JW money in all kinds of questionable projects.

Reddit JW Wiki

Remember there is a wiki there, and a forum to search.

This guys exposes some investment stuff in a YT series, but then it gets into theology stuff:

This girl, I think she talked about RICO, not sure, but alluded to the theory more money dirt is coming.

Now recall that this is but one of thousands of these, the WT is an umbrella front for a ton of subsidiaries etc, since the 70s they hit the billions mark, and some years have been near billion donations since the 1990s. Just KH volume is a low ball 10 billion, they also have branches and external real estate and stock market investments. DUMBO Bethel complex in Brooklyn netted a billion from Jared Kushner company a few years back.

Just search with various words, you’ll then find more on the stranger hidden stuff, but you have to imagine the true volume is many times what you will find. You can research UN WTBTS or IBSA charity status investigations. IMo, the pedophile stuff is first, they bring out the racketeering stuff when it is actually time to dissolve the JW Org. The JW “the end” scare is a fake, to smokescreen WTBTS takeover events from JWs, so they do nothing but think, in error, it is “the end of the world”. It is just the attempted end of the WTBTS.

Beroean Pickets, templelijah wordpress blog and JWUpdate wordpress blog are examples of some other theories.

Just start using Google and YouTube and look around and vary your searches. There is a ton of stuff out there but it is harder to find than the usual stuff you see. And you will have to sift around, because there is a mix of how people expose the WTBTS as they do it.


Geeeez. Exactly. I was in JWs around 50 years, but I was able to “fade” and come back in the days when I faded just to take a break from it all, and used to appoint myself CO and just drop in on various congregations for a couple months, then leave so they never could rope me in to MS like things or worse. I do not know who has my “card”. But the point is, I THOUGHT all JWs would already understand, as I had my doubts on the org itself, what idolatry is. Worship of things like men, traditions, organ-ization, buildings, books, etc. But then, it did not get bad enough for me until 2013 my “Final Fade” [to Light], so I guess I shouldn’t complain too much. But EVERYTHING among JWs is lofted up above God and Christ and they are backburner, I do not know if they even mention them in WT anymore.

Now there is a tidal wave of JWs leaving, it is the decline rate probably +10% on their 1% growth, which is just a lie, they have been in decline a while hence all the liquidations, JWs are probably around 6 milllion not 8.

But more is to come, I think the pedophile stuff is tenderization for the rackets and money laundering stuff to come, that is what gets the WT door kicked down at dawn. But a criminal GB “supreme court” which supersedes the laws of the land is also illegal. Just a matter of time before what all this really means happens and they dissolve WTBTS while as a smokescreen they just tell JWs it is “the end of the world”, you know, so JWs just sit by paralyzed and DO NOTHING or worse get funneled to oblivion via the JW Bunker traps. AT any rate, more is to come and worse it shall get, best to flee asap. (Matt24:15) Justice will not be pretty on that sordid place using God as a shill to run the 30 BILLION dollar GB rackets and cons.


Not a tunnel, but a funnel. Obviously there is no “salvation” in what they are doing so the JW Bunker thing is really a trap if it gets that far. If one reads Matthew 24:6 and Luke 21:9 according to JWs own supposed rule book the Christ arrival does not come during a time of global war or disorders. So, they blatantly contradict their own rule book The Bible when they show those scenes of local chaos, that is not what Matthew 24:6 or Luke 21:9 state. There are a few examples of this, these guys are just JW Trappers, not really doing anything with prophecy but re-arranging the final sequence to do their own objective, and looting the place in that process.

(You are right, the other red flag is they place trust in their own JW Bunker system, when obviously one angel of God could toast the whole global military system in a minute if that was the goal; So, this in itself is ominous when they put JW trust in a bunck of GB laofers and their lame “JW Bunker” fake safe houses.)

This is an alternative opinion of course, but imo the JW Org will not be safe when that fake JW-hyped “the end” comes, JWs are being hyped to carpool to prison is what them JW Bunkers are, imo. Either way, they are predicting their own end in print, that is telling in itself, because the world does not “end”, there is no “doomsday” in the Bible, so it is the end of JW Org is all it is, with a handy JW paralyzing “the end” hoax to run the operation. As per 1Thess5:1-3 it is at a time of world peace, imo under world government, when the SHTF (You may see a fake “peace and security” in the future, to further hype JWs and general prophecy trackers in Christianity) Imo, the real “world peace” is after this next global crisis, when it resolves on its own by design. As in WW1, WW2 and Cold WW3, the global crisis possibly coming up just “heals” into the next (Rev13:3), only JWs go down in that phase, the world just plods along as usual. In this way JWs are detoured from the real prophecy for the fake premature Christ arrival delusion of 2Thess2:1-2.

But unlike JWs I state this is an opinion, A HUMAN SPECULATION, not a shove it down your throat claim as if certain. But I do know more drama is coming for JW Org, that much is certain. Everyone is done with that sham, it is one thing God, Satan and the world powers and people all agree on, except, of course, deluded JWs in the congregations. It is an apostasy is all it is now. But, you have a good project on your hands, because this thing is going to go volcanic on the JW Org soon, imo it is Daniel 8:13-14, the real one not the JW covered up error and fake.


[quote=’yingin’ pid=’322331′ dateline=’1535765048′]

The Bible describes demons as “sinned angels”, when they were the faithful angels of God, as “angels of Satan“.According to Christianity, after the rebellion of Satan, some spiritual beings came to earth before the flood of Noah, leaving their mission in the sky.They did not do it to support the devil, but they finally passed on to him.They began to engage with women in the form of men and formed Nefilim types.During the flood, the souls of their bodies were dead, the demons were not drowned, the spirits turned their bodies to Spirit, and returned to heaven, And God refused to accept them (the tartaros with a dark state of mind) and threw them into the earth.Even if they are no longer materialistic, they still continue to approach people to do evil.Jehovah’s Witnesses tell that the demons can physically harm us, but we can be protected if we believe in Jehovah and pray for protection from the demons.It is also told that people who were attacked by the demons may have dealt with spirituality in the past or in the present.

In the Bible, he mentions that one day God will punish Satan and the demons in his army.According to this, devil and demons are chained for a while and stay away from people and people live in their new heavens on earth, and devil and demons are released at the end of a thousand years.During the final test of mankind, the demons are destroyed after they have cooperated with the devil and thrown into the lake of fire.Then in heaven established on Earth, people live flawlessly as they used to.They also admit that some mythological creatures, such as Hercules, are nefilim.

for more information:

[quote]Genesis 6:4
There were giants [nephelim] on the earth in those days, and also afterward, when the sons of God came in to the daughters of men and they bore children to them. Those were the mighty men who were of old, men of renown.[/quote]

What we know is if angels can procreate with human women as in Genesis 6, they can produce many varieties, as the “giants” is just one genetic possibility. “And also afterward” means there can be some of the harder to detect types around today.

There is nothing in the Bible that states Satan and the demons lost the ability to materialize human-like bodies. That was all assumed from the further passages in Peter and Jude.

In Job, post-deluge Satan states himself what he is up to here:

[quote]Job 1:6-7
When the day came for the heavenly beings to appear before the Lord, Satan[c] was there among them. 7 The Lord asked him, “What have you been doing?”

Satan answered, “I have been walking here and there, roaming around the earth.”

Now there was a day when the sons of God (angels) came to present themselves before the Lord, and Satan (adversary, accuser) also came among them. 7 The Lord said to Satan, “From where have you come?” Then Satan answered the Lord, “From roaming around on the earth and from walking around on it.

So Satan has access in probably a number of forms here on Earth, even if his power is limited as it was upon Job.

The other thing often assumed is that heaven is the angels “proper dwelling place”,

[quote]Jude 1:6
And angels who did not keep their own designated place of power, but abandoned their proper dwelling place, [these] He has kept in eternal chains under [the thick gloom of utter] darkness for the judgment of the great day[/quote]

But that can be the “heavenly places” which is plural, which are possibly not in heaven but in this universe, or the spirit realm in general, also possibly heaven as we don’t really understand yet:

[quote]Ephesians 6:12
For our struggle is not against flesh and blood [contending only with physical opponents], but against the rulers, against the powers, against the world forces of this [present] darkness, against the spiritual forces of wickedness [b]in the heavenly places.[/b]

Which opens the possibility that Christ and his co-rulers to come, will also be in the “heavenly places”, not just heaven apparently:

[quote]Ephesians 1:20
which He produced in Christ when He raised Him from the dead and seated Him at His own right hand [b]in the heavenly places[/b], 21 far above all rule and authority and power and dominion [whether angelic or human], and [far above] every name that is named [above every title that can be conferred], not only in this age and world but also in the one to come. [/quote]

The point being the stars are associated with the angels for a reason:

[quote]Job 38:5-7
5 “Who determined the measurements [of the earth], if you know?
Or who stretched the [measuring] line on it? 6 “On what were its foundations fastened? Or who laid its cornerstone, 7 When the morning stars sang together
And all the sons of God (angels) shouted for joy?[/quote]

[quote]Isaiah 40:26
Lift up your eyes on high
And see who has created these heavenly bodies,
The One who brings out their host by number,
He calls them all by name;
Because of the greatness of His might and the strength of His power,
Not one is missing.[/quote]

[quote]Revelation 22:16
“I, Jesus, have sent My angel to testify to you and to give you assurance of these things for the churches. I am the Root (the Source, the Life) and the Offspring of David, the radiant and bright Morning Star.”[/quote]

It may be speculated both the angels and the demons are involved in the cosmos in more direct ways than most realize. Angels took their station before God in Job 1 they “came to present themselves before the Lord”, they did not remain there just staring at him, so they are doing things out here too.

It is building to the ultimate confrontation in time, between Satan and his angels and Christ and his angels.

[quote]John 16:11
…because the ruler of this world (Satan) will be thrown out.[/quote]


I think many figure this out as they dig more and more into the piles of lawlessness surrounding and in JW Org. I was in your state in 2011, but because I fell out economically, and out of depression started “witnessing on-line”. I was first out defending the GB, but the misslles were real, that led me to the first real research into the sordid wreckage of what “witnessing” is today, GB Damage Control.

But when I found it more interesting, just had to admit “apostasy was in my own house”, I went into an obsession to this day, of exposing the Rev2:2 liars who are the GB, they lead this JW Wreck of today. The JW Plane has smashed into the mountain, the JW Titanic and its GB 8 headed Captian has hit the iceberg.
The more you dig, the more pissed off you get, the more you will find, the more you will see too, this is no joke, JWs are anti-christ and dangerous and it is a real mission to help people out of the JW Quicksand. And be assured probably half of JWs in there want out, they are wings spread for the first time on the edge for flight, the other half if they really knew all this, if they looked, they would be out too. So, like bread on water, every voice against this modern JW apsotasy farce helps someone else get out.

Good luck too, but you shall see in time, the dangerous nature of the JW Org and its strange Pied Piper GB flute piping, is going to go to zenith, it is no joke it is safer out “in the mountains” than in JW Org “Jeruisalem” as per Matthew 24:15, not a stone on a stone will be left in JWs org, so to speak, and not be thrown down, And them Pied Piper GB flute hypnotic strains are so JWs also carpool to who knows where via the JW Bunker funnel. The world will NOT “the end”, the JW Org will “the end”. That FAKE JW “the end” is just the smokescreen, no matter how the global context may appear (Rev13:3), for JW Org WTBTS global dissolution and the GB sanctioned cancellation of the JW ministry in official form from them clowns and frauds.

That is why the annual meeting and general Russia “must be King North” hype also has JWs expecting Daniel 1144-45 and “the end” way way way too soon. It is a KN decoy, the whole thing is a Armageddon HOAX, to down the JW org, and lead the JW Lemmings over the cliff.


Even in a dream, I would come across an “unbeliver” (as in JW “the truth”) and I would always be reserved, like “shoot, they are going to die, don’t get too close, for the end is near”. It was the same in real life, whether it be in person or on TV or whatever. There is a sub-conscious shield that the GB installs into the JW mindset, it was not that I did not care, it was that it was overwhelming. Now I always had my doubts about the JW over-organized management system, so I always looked for another way, one way was to consider something was wrong.

Well when it all came to view, now I have only hope and love for people. Now I know there are some bad people, but time is enormous, we can’t “judge anything prematurely”, not for bad and not even for good, we just are not real judges. I found I do not have this doomful feeling for people now, now I can speak against the JW Org to them and this “ministry” is more hours spent in the 2011-2015 phase than any JW pioneer I know of, probably even now, because I can use the Web, I do not go door to door in the most inefficient manner possible to throw a life preserve out to doubting JWs, and they are “Exodus from JW Egypt” like a tsunami anyways, but I know I aided a few in their escape and will continue to do so. It is a better mission than JWs have going on now as GB Damage Control Crusaders, that is a folly.

My mission is now anti-JW Org, to try to “save JWs”, LOL. My emptiness turned into a new life mission with more power and “zeal” than when I was a JW, and I was pretty driven when I was driven. Now, I do not judge people, even if it was a retrofitted “GB Effect” because even at the hall a dfd person always got a hello from me on the street we talked, I did not care, I felt that “tough love” of JWs shunning was pure bullshit from day one. Now people are people, I am no judge, respect God’s sovereignty by respecting their freedom of choice, as he does. It has been a hugely freeing effect not to assume the worst now. LOL
But it has freed me to see the enormity of what this all is, JWs are just an apostate manifestation, the mission goes on with or without them, because love is the mission, it gets derailed by people like the GB, but in time, they are no more. This is because as attacked as it may be, love never fails, hatred has no real future, and that is what JWs are promoting. Judgmental hatred, go door2door to save your own ass supposedly, but they are cold people and the GB is the freezer of sheep. What is the point then in staying in there, the prophecy has been hi-jacked, the place is cold and lawless, just on auto-NO-pilot drifting to the iceberg because it is the JW Org-Titanic is what it is. Those are icicles on the bow, it is midnight black out there, that is not Paradise Island JWs are heading to, it is the iceberg and the black bottom of the Atlantic. It is a cruise to catastrophe is what it is.

JUMP SHIP!!! NOW!!! (Matt24:15) There are plenty of life boats and Yachts of Freedom of Truth and Conscience in warmer water out here in this scenario. The JW Titanic has actually already hit the iceberg, it doesn’t have long and you do not want to be in the full sink of the JW Org. Simply leave now if you see all this is the real truth, JWs are GB worshiping apostates, not you, not me, but Jehovah’s supposed witnesses are who are lawless apostate blind witnesses is the reality.
Leave now, join the new mission, and be sooner glad you did than later. Help a JW or 100 also escape the sinking ship, it is not a “go down with the ship” situation, it is common sense to get out of the GB Dungeon, the door is now open— You KNOW something is way WRONG in that trap.


It is what can save ANYONE, no matter the context. (Rom2:12-16) We just have to actually practice it as best we can. Jesus said have love among yourselves, then people know you are my disciples.

So, when we see fake love, talk and zero walk, and instead covered up lawlessness, we actually know JWs have fallen, it is that lie of 2Thess211-12. Now, true, it is common in religions, but this one is a signal something bigger is up.

I certainly do not hate JWs (I will help all I can, I know they were fooled by lawless leaders). I also realize many just do not realize the extent of the transgressions against God and men as in spiritual crimes and also actual secular criminal activity— instead the focus on a positive veneer of prophecy that does not actually apply, except that this is a marked mega-apostasy among JWs, they are the house that is going to be demolished as in the WTBTS, as usual individual JWs can turn around and get out, the sooner the better. How can that farce apostasy-ridden-JW warning be valid now? Since when does God send criminals to warn of “the end”? WHAT A JOKE!

The true end it signals is of the apostate JW Organization, not the end of the world, they took the prophecy detour into a self fulfilling prophecy which is just a hoax, a final JW fail, eventually a discrediting final laughing stock grand slam.

But as usual the global context can become distracting as JWs get sucked into that storm which just passes to the next. Instead of checking prophecy daily and comparing it to things like globalization progress etc, they stand mesmerized into lies and lies of omission by watching the GB Waving Watch, they are zombies, they have been compromised, they are who are asleep on the guard.

We need to try to wake up as many as possible now, but when they wake up in that downfall of the WTBTS, when it is the only option to see this for what it is, then some will listen. This xJW ministry out here has formed in grand manner and very fast to help the JWs exit to the reality of the situation, which is safer than in that death trap JW Org. This ministry formed because it is true, it accepts anyone trying to pull JWs from the quicksand, it has 10000 times the motivation and “zeal”, and it is the truth, it is not “a buncha apostates” disgruntled, it is people “sighing and groaning over all the destestable things” JWs now practice by Criminal Cabal GB Pied Piper Lying Flute lead.

Keep you eyes on JW “Jerusalem” it is going into a mega-judgment, if they can no longer fool men, they cannot fool God, and they are of the proper scale, smaller, for a weird signal, because that “strange deed” and that “unusual work” is coming on JW Org, by their own mouth, next— that Matt22:-14 modern JW Apostate City of Murder, is what is going down.

JWs are apostates, not me, not you, not anyone here— it is them. They are the sooted pot, the kettle does not exist it is all just due to their own delusional thinking from the GB Liar (Rev2:2) the real Mega-Apostate “strangers” here. JWs are the crime now, but after the desolation there is always hope, but they gotta wake up and reject their own apostasy first. And that is going to be a big pill to take, but it cannot go on like this. It is not going to be a pretty picture, it is going to turn into a true globally-seen catastrophe. Just wait and watch, from them “mountains” out here of Matthew 24:15. This one is for a good reason.

(Isaiah 28:18-19) And your covenant with Death will certainly be dissolved, and that vision of yours with Sheol will not stand. The overflowing flash flood, when it passes through—you must also become for it a trampling place. 19 As often as it passes through, it will take you men away, because morning by morning it will pass through, during the day and during the night; and it must become nothing but a reason for quaking TO MAKE OTHERS UNDERSTAND what has been heard.”

The JW Org downfall is going to be that “unusual work” of their own downfall on them.


GUILT is programmed in by the GB Hypnotists. But it is guilt for control, not real. Your real job is to help other JWs get out of that deathtrap. That is easy, just keep doing what you are doing, and that is real. The JW hype is all fake, so JW Lemmings are led to the cliff by the GB Pied Piper. Since the world keeps going on through that fake JW “the end everyone!” coming up, the JW org is what must end soon.

That is why the most positive thing you can do with what you now know, is help other JWs escape that JW Titanic. Do not let the fake JW guilt get to you. JWs oughta feel guilty for fearing a cabal of men in the GB, evil greedy hypocrite men.

THAT is how you turn that fake JW guilt into motivation. JWs, as bad as they are, are victims too, the leadership are the evil kidnappers to undermine. That fake guilt went away for me, as I came across my new job: JW Jailbreaker. The guiltier I saw JWs and their GB are, the more gult free I became. It is them who oughta be ashamed. We are trying to help JWs bail the plane before it smashes into the mountain.



I found debtaing JWs about standard JW theology is not as effective as exposing actual lawlessness, whether it be secular criminal stuff or hypocritical activity in regard to basic Bible principles— or covering up apostasy prophecy that actually applies to JWs too. Some things like pedophile protection policies and money laundering are plainly illegal, but the money laundering comes out later, imo.

Now I am going to give a couple specific examples that are criminal in regard to JW theology, but are not arguments about that theology. The stuff to follow should relate to semi-awake JWs in relation to THEIR OWN TEACHINGS on these matters, teachings which conveniently they DO NOT APPLY TO THEIR OWN APOSTASY. These things are deep cutting stabs, because JWs KNOW ALL THIS, or they used to, yet the reality in the ministry is they ride the wildbeast of their own definition and they worship the GB as that fake “faithful slave” “lifted up above everyone” as that GB is the “evil slave” and the “man of lawlessness” in JWs own teachings but unapplied to their own state of apostasy. (This is theology so to speak, but stuff JWs have yet to apply to themselves, not standard arguments because many JWs have never heard of this stuff before)
JWs are “Wildbeast Worshipers” as UN NGO

What I found in those I could help is that UN NGO co-promotional is very hypocritical and would be treason against the Kingdom, since JWs say thay are for God’s Kingdom. But as hypocrites-of-the-first-division they “ride the wildbeast” as UN NGO (1991-2001) as they say the UN is the “image of the beast” of Rev13, the ride of Babylon the Great is in Revelation 17.

So, what JWs say is one thing, what they are doing is another matter entirely. What they say between these lines is that JWs are part of Babylon the Great which they say is “false religion” so by implication JWs are a “false religion” and “anti-kingdom organization” of the United Nations as that UN “Non Governmental Organization” as they say God’s Kingdom is a government as in KJV Isaiah 9:6.

Many JWs to this day do not know they joined the UN post 1990 global endorsement campaign and are now UN lobbyists all over the world assisting world government development. Many JWs do not know this because although WTBTS has informed elders about the UN NGO by a letter ot two, they have not officially come clean in public JW publications in any means.

To JWs if they “caught sight of the disgusting thing” as that UN NGO in Matthew 24:15 warning, they would flee, because now JW Org must be desolated not by a human sanction alone, but by a divine sanction they themselves try to pin on “Christendom” but it is the JW Apostasy led by the GB UN NGO Team, that is more significant in this matter of unfaithfulness in broad daylight.
Now, this is stuff that could cut a JW very deeply, that is why I review it, this stuff pours ice water over an experienced JW, they have no good response. Some leave because of this, I did.

GB as Man of Lawlessness, aka Evil Slave

Now who would stumble millions and perform blatant lawlessness and criminal activity right among JWs? The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witness Apostasy is who– if JWs were brave and honest, they would see this from THEIR OWN TEACHINGS.
Now in 2012 that GB evil slave decided to come out and “sit down in the temple” “publicly showing” themselves “to be god” by approving themselves “faithful and discreet slave” above all JWs, all anointed, all the world and all of their former “brothers” from the past.
Just as plain as day in 2Thessalonians 2:1-4, the GB have “lifted themselves over everyone” as stellar final apostate hypocrites and liars of Revelation 2:2.
They even have that “fake arrival of Christ” so to speak of 2Thess2:1-2, so when they plan to cancel the JW ministry, which they have said in WT 7/2015, they can smokescreen the real reason, and just abandon JWs with that “it is the end of the world” TOTAL LIE.

Basic but Severe Criminal Activity

That stuff is for JWs with a little experience in the ministry. For newbies maybe just expose the obvious stumbling of millions more than there are even JWs, by trying to destroy family and aiding child rapists all over the JW congregational system of child dungeons as they re-abuse these poor children by silencing them for more abuses. What more can we say here right? That in itself oughta be reason enough to leave. All the “end of the world” ministry is just cover for criminal lawlessness so some JW milk-sheep remain to, of course, finance the GB by donations and slave labor.

You can also concentrate on the damage to family of the illegal shunning coercion JW Inquisition. And the pedophile situation is also real criminal lawlessness. But the JW slave labor is RICO Racketeering, but that has not been leveled against WTBTS, yet. But imo, it is coming, it is a true criminal racket run by true GB and WTS criminal racketeers and shameless profiteers. At the top of the JW Organization are millionaires and billionaires smoking fat cigars, Country Club “Super Fine Apostles” which the book of Jude describes in short order.

They are who are cashing in on this racket, and obviously it is not in the worship of God Almighty but his enemy.


Ask any questions you want because I found out and I think you will too, this XJW Crusade ministry WT Battering Ram is a reality, and it is a reason to motivate against these hypocrites. At first I was depressed as feelings of leaving JWs are mixed at first, some people are in a spiritual vacuum— BUT when you see the mission focus is all that changed, now it is time to help tear down the Watchtower of blind people asleep on the guard.

I found this XJW “ministry” much more motivating than trying to run GB damage control in these last few years, actually dacades, but I was one of those JW Rip Van Winkles in a coma. But all this sampling woke me up. Maybe it will help you wake up others. There are many more examples where JWs practice the diametric OPPOSITE of what they relate in the prophecy or teach, and an apostasy prophecy is an example they refuse to apply to themselves.

This is logical, since when do criminals like the GB come out and say “we are the final apostasy you have been supposed to be awake and on the look out for everyone! We are the evil slave man of lawlessness y’all!, It is us, you should flee as fast as you can! thank you all for the 40 billion dollars, good bye now! Well done you dummies, well done!!!”.

That will never happen, it implode on its own first, by design.


[quote=’Herminator’ pid=’325719′ dateline=’1540239477′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’325715′ dateline=’1540238468′]
[quote=’Goldenrain’ pid=’325665′ dateline=’1540194152′]
Satan is a good, decent entity compared to the Biblical god character.

Thus the question now is what is good about Satan? World wars?

World wars were started by men, not by any mythical creature 😉

They are started by men, their 1-2-3-4 purpose including the Cold WW3 is world government, which is also “started” by men, but designed AND GUIDE over human generations by angelic intel. (Rev12 Rev16:13-16)

The 1318 transnational corporations that form the core of the economy. Superconnected companies are red, very connected companies are yellow.
The size of the dot represents revenue

Actually there is an orchestration which positioning is well beyond human ability to manage as in one human think tank that designed this:

Now that is just the corporate matrix, to run the actual financial future planning into eventual centralized but distributed global financial system, is of course in the super human realm of actual applied guidance.

You cannot have world war without that backing system, and its complexity is beyond human, but its goal is being reached none-the-less in genius fashion, and not a sole or collective human genius, a genius that had to operate centuries to orchestrate that alone.

It is the core wealth and finance engine of actual world government yet to come from this process.

Humans alone cannot design this multi-generational entity, or even fully explain it. NO WAY.


What you are really witnessing is the downfall of the WTBTS. And ALL OF IT is from their own mouth, to be of their own GB final sanctions, and is hardwired into the JW Mindset by THEIR OWN final “self fulfilling prophecy”. It will be “the end” for the WTBTS not “the world”, that is the main decoy delusion so JWs just watch it go down, as if the end, and even carpool to prison via the JW Bunker Complex:

Predict the JW Future From Their Own GB “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”; Part 1

The JW “the end of the world” will be their final laughing stock total fail. The world will just plod on to the next form of government; globalized, no matter how dire the global context may become, it will recover. (Rev13:3; Isa41)
You may be inexperienced compared to some JWs, but with the little report I outlined for you, if you learn that, you can take down any JW, no matter their experience level. It is their achilles heel, it is their off button, that is why it may seem complicated at first, but it is not, it is basic, and no JW can refute it, because, it is what it is from their own mouth.
That way you are armed for any JW and any guilt/fear wimp smoke-bomb they may try to throw at you. They do not have a leg left to stand on, and soon they won’t have a stone on a stone that will not be thrown down in the apostate JW Org. No joke.

That outline goes a little deeper, because JWs are used to the small ammo of so-called “apostates” fired at them, you need the Volcano Eruption of Mount JW-Vesuvius, and that is what those two main points of JW apostasy are, an Anti-JW-Cover-Up Predator Drone of this spiritual war, locked on JW delusional thinking. There is no JW armor that can handle that dual headed missile. They, JWs, are the apostates of this season, it is that simple. Now it is time to reap what has actually been sown, seeds of disaster.

This is why I try to get as many as I can OUT, NOW. No reason to share in WTBTS sins piled clear to heaven.


They adopt technology when they want to now track the scattered JW sheep to come, that is why, “out of the blue”, everyone is packing GPS devices all of a sudden, poor JW Lemmings on the GB Pied Piper Flute strains. They placed JW Media to issue commands to scattered sheep when the congregational system goes black out in the near future.

Sound Crazy? “Conspiracy”? Nope, It is What JWs Themselves are Saying.
And all of this is “predicted” in their own WT “self fulfilling prophecy”, I am just boiling it down to what they are really saying.

Predict the JW Future From Their Own GB “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”; Part 1

It is all in JW print, it is all from WTs own mouth, THAT is what is truly weird in this self-proclaimed WTBTS downfall sequence. Believe it, it is even way worse than this, the latest organizational adjustments are designed to streamline that JW Lemming over the Cliff herding process. This comment could be 10 pages long, that is how bad this really is.


Well, if they think they understand some Bible PRINCIPLES how could Jeremiah “go back” and condone what was an apostasy? JWs are the same thing, how can one who sees their covered-up brazen lawlessness “go back” with a clear conscience?

Instead, like Jeremiah people join the battering rams on apostate Jerusalem and try to get other JWs who see it too, to FLEE that doomed apostasy.
It is the same old story, JWs like to say they are “spiritual Israel” so now I guess they have to become Israel’s apostasy as well, sort of makes sense, might as well go all the way I suppose.

But in good conscience, who can share with the GB damage control lies, the damage to families, the codified abuse of children, the theft of JW hard earned monies, the worship of cult men, the worship of vain “organization”, the real reproach on God and Christ and everything else too, the criminal enterprise in grand manner because that list could have another 100 points added, no joke.

It is the GB’s own lawlessness that causes “the love of the greater number of JWs to cool off”, why look at the world’s problems, JWs have lawlessness hell on earth bubbling up fire and brimstone right in their own stinkhole of a so-called Kingdom Hall.

WHO, in their free and right mind, would share with these criminals? WHO would actually believe God could “end the world” and “kill bill” based on the words of CRIMINAL JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES?


JWs are the apostates, this is not “apostate talk”, this is REALITY. It is what it is.


JWs are just going through the motions, they are burnt out, they don’t even want to be there, half are probably PIMO. So, I would like to criticize them, they do beat sheep that is what they really like for some, but I think they are just fried and want it all to end– thus, no energy to chase lost sheep about, not one extra spiritual calorie left to expend. They hope it is the end of the world, but imo, it is the end of JW Org, that is all this is, the end of WTBTS.

But that will be a relief too, as hard as it may be to take. The burned out true nature of JWs, is why they buy this FAKE “THE END” final fail so gladly.
They are fried, they are spiritually lethargic and sleepwalking, they are TIRED of the whole trip the GB-Pharisees makes all uphill, not lifting a finger to help.
So, I got good relief personally from knowing this truth, as much as JWs deny it, so I stopped being pissed off at JW rank-filers sheep, it is the leadership who are the wolves here who love beating, killing and eating the JW sheep. (Zechariah 11)

JWs are just burned out, fried, exhausted, worn out, asleep, in coma, etc. Now I pity them very deeply. Pitiful AND burnt is what they are.
The whole df-shunning Inquisition is an attempted sheep killer, that is what they love in the GB Wolfpack, they worship some other god in reality. This cannot be a pure accidental devolution into a Devil House, no way. That is what the GB really are. No joke, anointed of the Devil. (2Thess2:9 Zech3:1-3) NO JOKE.
They are masters of deception, just like their old pop.


Stick at it. There is some time, like JWs trying to save people from the fake “end of the world”, we are trying to save people from the REAL end of the JW Org. It is simply safer out in the world than in JW Org even now, but when they try to ply that fake “the end” to smokescreen the real reason JW Org is going down, it can get trickier, but we have to be ready to help any xJW stay out of them “JW Bunkers”.
Predict the JW Future From Their Own GB “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”; Part 1

So, this may seem sort of trivial, a “religion gone bad”, same old stroy, but there are signs it is a little more well planned than people think. All I am saying is this xJW “mission” no matter what role we have in it personally IS REAL, there is a reason people are mass exiting. So some of us are xJW, some are concerned citizens like yourself with no former ties to the JW religion, now a cult. But stick at it, because it will get more severe in time, and my hope is as many JWs egt out and do NOT obey them JW org directives “as crazy as the directives may sound” as shown in that above article I wrote a while back.

Please read that article, it shows things which are already crazy and unsound to expect people to obey as the JW Org has been recently ironing into the JW brain, and this is why they are going to hyper-amp up the hyper-fear in JWs so that they do obey and go to them “JW Bunkers”, which will NOT be “safe houses”.
I know this may sound crazy in itself, but it is not, I have studied these guys full time since 2011, split 2013, and this latest barrage of fear and “obey the pied piper no matter how crazy it seems” IS BAD. NOT an opinion, this is BAD and DANGEROUS thinking to be trying to install in JW heads.

We are all in for an adventure in this thing, just saying do not give up on your girlfriend “the end” of the JW Org will be dangerous in new ways, so it is actually JWs in there that need help. You have sort of come across all this because of your relationship to a Jehovah’s witness, but now you will find it will get more involved so keep working on it like you would a person caught in quicksand.

The JW “end of the world” will fail, the JW Org end and takeover will not. And it is all already in JW print, it is from their own mouths. Good day, prayers Godspeed and good luck too! Thanks for considering these angles.


Now I see this anti-witness movement is at higher growth than JWs even with their lying 1-3% stats. I think they are under 6 million which lies of 8 million now allow mass liquidations, so it is a looting process. Now this xJW movement is actually who are “sighing and groaning” and fleeing doomed JW Jerusalem as in Matthew 24:15. I have found in the basic story in a prophecy, that JWs are actually the apostasy of today, for example. And I mean in principle, and imo maybe reality too. IF JWs “applied prophecy” as they say they do, the whole book of Hosea applies to their apostasy as does Isaiah and Micah.
But, unlike JWs I say this is speculation, but the principle JWs violate, the GB “man of lawlessness” they venerate, their “UN Wildbeast image” co-endorsement, their child sacrifice by way of Pedophile Molech, their helping beat and oppress “the sheep”, their lying cover-ups and Korah GB Damage Control Crusade, their blatant lawlessness in many ways secular and spiritual, their apostasy in other words…

ARE ALL IN PROPHECY AND PARABLE PRINCIPLES, they have gone the route of ancient Israel, which they claim to be “spiritual Israel” so now it figures that the Israel apostasy is what they must now “fulfill” in their own blind as a bat manner.

After leaving 2013, researching this since 2011 way more hours than any JW puts in in their “pioneering”, I concluded, as my speculation, this is no accident to be this blatant in hypocritical lawless apostasy as JWs are. And since when is God going to use lawless racketeers and dead-blind witnesses to actually speak a true “the end of the world prophecy” when no such thing is coming but for apostate JW Org?

Thus the final false-prophecy from JWs for this apostate run is their “the end is here” that they will use as the GB cloaks the real reason JW Org is what comes to an end, also in many prophecy and parable principles, because?: THEY ARE THE APOSTASY. And that is no opinion, it is what it is.

This xJW “Exodus from Egypt” is what can save a JW’s life, that is the irony, these out here “sighing and groaning” are who are “marked for survival”. It is JW Org which is about to go through the smashing of Ezekiel’s prophecy principle. And that, imo, is why so many are now coming forth, from “all sorts of men” and women, boys and girls, even the family pet, to try to GET JWs OUT of that Babylon they are actually in, it is their “sins that have piled up clear to heaven” and this concern out here is sincerity, motivated by real signs of corruption and apostasy IN JWs, this is REAL. The JW concern is over their own ass to save, and that sincerity cannot be real if one imagines all these people out here will be “smoking white ash” very soon.

It is not the case, their is no need to buy the JW fear that they should have over the doom coming on THEIR OWN house, no way will God use criminals for anything valid, not yesterday, not today nor tomorrow. Not saying the global context cannot become distracting and looking dire, but it will NOT be what JWs say it is, “the end”, it is just a natural phase of transition into the globalized form of government is all it is, as in the Revelation 13:3 PRINCIPLE.

We do not need to see a “prophecy fulfilling”, we just need to see the PRINCIPLES in a parable or prophecy which JWs manifest as lawless hypocrites PLAIN AS DAY. For example the “evil slave” beats sheep, and the GB is exactly that, oppressive sheep stressing wolves. The PRINCIPLES of apostasy, lawlessness and treason is what JWs manifest very clearly, in just the basic principle of what is good, and what is BAD. And the GB has led JWs into many forms of badness, lawlessness and hypocrisy wherein JWs themselves are the worst “reproach on God’s name” known to the world. THAT is how bad JWs have become.
May more escape before the principle of a judgment in reaping what has actually been sown comes for JW Org, a [modern-day] “City of Murder” as in Matthew 22:1-14 if there ever was one as bad as Jerusalem devolved into, JWs are near topping it, the worst thing the world has seen in the modern age. The worst.
Glad to see you split, glad to see many are now fleeing that real JW “City of Murder”.


That generation is now a theoretical million years. I searched the use of the word “generation” in all the gospels and it is always referred to as an “adulterous generation looking for a sign” etc, “wicked and twisted generation” (like JWs), etc, etc, and this is really just an apostate generation of Jerusalem’s time as in JWs today incidentally, a mix of things, and the JW This Here Generation Hourglass is their failed sign, the just refilled the sand again. The apostasy of JWs by GB lead is a bigger sign of brazen rogue apostasy, but JWs cannot see it. Neither did Jerusalem, neither did Israel. JWs just repeat the same old pattern, with the same old liars to damage control the fact the JW plane has smashed into the mountain.

So, WTBTS is now just a Stumbling Block Factory and this latest Generation Fixx is just more and more and more motor and baby oil squirted and banana peels strewn on to the all the stumbling blocks. But thank God, it is helping xJWs “sighing and groaning” over WT Lawlessness escape the end of the WTBTS like in Matthew 24:15. If anything it is THIS GENERATION, this last 30 years, that will see WTBTS end, the JW “end of the world” will fail, it will not end, it was just a smokescreen to end the JW Org at global scale as petrified JWs think “it must be the end” and do nothing but obey the GB Pied Piper.

It is all plain as day once you emerge from the GB Fogbank of fuzzy logic. They are a plague on JWs, Pharaoh GB. JWs by GB lead have become the worst reproach on God’s name that there is. With friends like that, who needs enemies?


Yes he did. We are in this mission to save JWs from a cult by helping them leave. The GB want people to hate JWs by the GB sordid reputation, like the 70 CE Pharisees who helped the Roman revolt and helped, INSTEAD, nearly genocide every last Israelite in Judea, save 100,000 BY ROMAN MERCY. The other 900,000 died because of the Pharisee rebel gangs whose hubris got projected on the general population.

I am proud to be in this mission with you too, we cannot just hate JWs because the GB are thug criminals. But we don’t, even now it has crystallized into a steel alloy massive anti-JW-Org Battering Ram to poke some holes to escape JW Apostate Jerusalem before today’s Global-Romans down the WTBTS.
JWs will need help becoming xJWs now, and those stuck in the JW Org downfall will need help becoming xJWs the hard way, when the JW Org leaves them, rather than them leaving it NOW.

Leave now all lurkers, better to leave now, than have the WTBTS leave you in its collapse and you get stuck in the global rubble and reproach. The GB is disgusting enough to see Matthew 24:15 is good advice, actually a command of Christ to leave the disgusting thing JW aposate corporate farce of a ministry of hypocrisy and stellar stumbling reproach.
Just do it, split the scene of the GB crime, you did not do it, everyone knows the GB are Criminal.


Not anymore. The WTBTS is what is ending, the fake JW “end of the world” is put in place so JWs think it is “the end of the world” so they obey the GB Pied Piper, and do nothing as it goes down. Now, the global context could look dire, but DO NOT get fooled back in, WTBTS is what is ending, it is APOSTATE.
Now since when does God send a valid “divine warning” through the mouths of known criminal racketeers in globally known reproach and lawlessness like that GB Coven of Pharisees and hypocrite blind “witnesses”? Because JWs are criminal and lawless, their “divine warning” is also invalid, they are there to trap JWs in the JW Org for the designed downfall.

As in Matthew 24:15, do NOT get lured back to JW Org, it is a masterful deception, once fled, STAY FLED, JW Org is going to turn dangerous come that downfall time at global scale, and their “the end is here” is just the final fail, the last fake prophecy they ply for this apostate WTBTS run.
Some may get lured back by fear, do NOT let fear dictate your decision, especially cult-GB fear which is used to keep JWs IN THE TRAP. Flee JW Org Sodom of Pedophiles and Racketeers and do NOT look back. Judgment comes on JW Org, the world just plods along as usual, no matter how bad it may appear to get, it recovers. JW Org goes down next. Do NOT get scared back into the quicksand.

The truth is, EVERYONE is done with JW Org, even God himself. It is an Empire of Crime, Rape and Murder. God does not use liars for any true “warning”. Remember that, JWs are not in any good standing with anyone but themselves. It is criminal, invalid now.


You hit the Liar Nail on the head. (Rev2:2; Dan11:32a) It is a hi-hacked prophecy rearrangement to form what is called a “self fulfilling prophecy” whose goal is to look real, to look true, so JWs obey the GB Pied Piper and watch the whole WTBTS go down globally, as they are petrified with that FAKE “the end” smokescreen of deception. It is the fake Christ arrival hype warned of in 2Thess2:1-2.

Of course the “king north” is the globalization system which ends up controlling all “king south” nations gradually. The USSR-to-Russia thing has been a total decoy since 1990, when the USSR fail had to fail of Daniel 11 King North requirements of success. The Russia hype is to hyper-inject fear in JW minds FOR CONTROL, and to make this FAKE ARMAGEDDON look as real as possible, to attempt to control as many JWs as possible to them “JW Bunkers”, and leave the rest with an eventual aftermath of a mega-fail global laughing stock to try to live down. The world just plods along as usual, no “end of the world”, it was all the hype of deception for the attempted GB CONTROL of JWs globally.

What ends? WTBTS apostasy is coming to an end with the whole criminal JW Org, the world will NOT end, it just completes the globalization process into King North (aka world government, aka 8th King, imo) principle and that takes a number of years even after JW Org downfall. The GB are fake as the sky is blue. God will not send a true “divine warning” through the mouths of known evil-criminal apostates like the GB Pied Piper or their JW Lemmings.
In the past King North interp, the USSR was KN. So the Russia new extension is a little different and a perfect planned KN decoy in JW minds— but it is a deception, it is a decoy, a ruse. And you are correct, the whole “big mystery solved instantly is actually predictable they are fakes, even JWUpdate wordpress blog, an xJW, called this in 2015 that they would use a FAKE King North scare on JWs for control. It is so obvious that their “it is a big mystery” play-acting is now what is glaring, a sign they are FAKES, the GB are frauds, criminal stumbling frauds.

YOU NAILED IT!!! WELL DONE!!! This is why many JWs are going “X” and fleeing that doomed JW Org like a city on fire. It is coming, this is just the smoke of the building conflagration of global WTBTS. Matthew 24:15, fleeee!


First off the GB and Co. are liars, thieves and mega-criminals. I preface it with that because imo, they have been lying about the negative growth for a while because they can hide it in sporadic growth in certain areas, while lying about the core overall decline. 

I back this with the evidence in the volume of recent liquidations they have done, and from being in the KH up to 2013, and my hall was NEVER full except at Memorial. I could count the people on hands and feet at some meetings it was so empty. I think this is happening all over the place.
And I have been tracking this from 2011. In 2011 the YT videos were few compared to today’s TIDAL WAVE TSUNAMI of exiting JWs. And I think they are 1 in 10 or more, who say anything on-line about this. I think it is a GB ploy backed by nefarious inner-org aids, who plan to exit with at least 10 BILLION in JW liquid assets, and set the rest up for a post JW Org crash mega-liquidation. 

And all of that under the smokescreen cover story LIE, that is “must be the end of the world”. It is all in place so JWs are paralyzed and do nothing but obey the GB Pied Piper. Plus, even at current JW stats decline since after 1976, the JW Growth will be at ZERO growth by 2022 anyways, when we project the downward trajectory of the trend of that graph. 

JW Conversion rate Decline


First off the GB and Co. are liars, thieves and mega-criminals. I preface it with that because imo, they have been lying about the negative growth for a while because they can hide it in sporadic growth in certain areas, while lying about the core overall decline. Admitted negative growth may wake up a JW or two, so they hide it, imo.

I back this with the evidence in the volume of recent liquidations they have done, they are liquidating down to the real numbers fast. And also from being in the KH up to 2013, and my hall was NEVER full except at Memorial. I could count the people on hands and feet at some meetings it was so empty. I think this is happening all over the place.

And I have been tracking this from 2011. In 2011 the YT videos were few compared to today’s TIDAL WAVE TSUNAMI of exiting JWs, right now is the Zenith of JW Exodus from WT Babylon. And I think they are 1 in 10 or more ration, who say anything on-line about this. I think it is a GB ploy backed by nefarious inner-org aids, who plan to exit with at least 10 BILLION in JW liquid assets, and set the rest up for a post JW Org crash mega-liquidation. WT is worth from 30 to 100 BILLION, we just do not know how well the non-physical investments have been going since the 80s.

And all of that under the smokescreen cover story LIE, that “must be the end of the world”, it is a JW fake “the end” to crash the JW Org soon under that smokescreen to conceal the true reasons. It is all in place with that FAKE “armageddon” “doomsday” so JWs are paralyzed and do nothing but obey the GB Pied Piper. Plus, even at current JW stats decline since after 1976, the JW Growth will be at ZERO growth by 2022 plus/minus anyways, when we project the downward trajectory of the trend of that graph.

JW Conversion Rate Decline

But with this recent super-spiral in decline since 2015, I say they are fast approaching 0, and when they crash the Org, of course it is zero at that time. But, it will be the biggest stumble portion of the whole thing, imo.


Daniel 2 is sort of self-explanatory as far as prophecies go even if penned yesterday as far as the intended message of the author. It is quite interesting for a number of structural reasons in the history of the progression it outlines in world power development as we have Babylon, Persia and Greece in areas of Daniel as benchmarks to place the “immense image” structure in time and history; and it is very simple in its symbology and context, unlike other structural prophecies in Daniel and Revelation.

I do entertain other theories, I just found Genesis 10 and Daniel 2 sort of unique and concise in what they describe— I found in research, “divine writers” who are not actually divine often get overly wordy. Now if the Daniel prophecies did occur as it claims, Daniel 2 was the first structural prophecy in the timeline of Bible prophecy concerning global progress to a final “whole” of a global management system, that whole “immense image” would in itself have a final meaning. But, people are often distracted by its component parts and miss the meaning of the whole, but the whole seems to be greater than the sum of those parts.
Good luck on your research. Why do you think it may be a “waste of time”, just curious.


Being a hardcore former JW, the simplicity of it all, hence all the smoke and mirrors, is the 1976 GB Bethel coup was the start of a signal apostasy in JWs (Dan11:30b,32a), and the GB are today’s “evil slave” “man of lawlessness” apostates and truth subverters (Dan8:12b). Nothing else changes overall, it is just discredited because of them, but their fake “the end” sequence coming up will fail, it is engineered by re-arranging the final sequence of the prophecy to create this delusion of 2Thess2:1-2 note, that of a premature Christ arrival.

Once I came to see in my own opinion they are a brazen but effective apostasy, ti all made sense. It strengthened my faith, because it had to go this way (Zech3), and I knew what I was seeing was more than a little hypocrisy, it was an “operation of error” that in time turns into “the lie” as in 2Thess2:11-12. It started with an anointed defection “those leaving the holy covenant”, imo, but today who knows who the GB are, there is no GB in the Bible after the death of the apostles— all the apostasies like the Papacy for example, make the same claim to “apostolic succession” of authority as does the GB:

“”The channel he used for spiritual feeding was clearly recognizable. After all, the apostles—the original members of the governing body—could provide visible proof of heavenly backing.””

(WT 7/15/13 pg. 18, par. 12)

Not saying the apostles did not have authority, saying when that “restraint was removed” in their death, all claiming that authority are lawless fakes, like the GB.
In 2012 when the GB claimed to be the sole “faithful slave” by self appointment, they “lifted themselves over everyone” in globally public manner. Imo, it is 2Thess2:3-4, in plain sight, the UN NGO Matthew 24:15 in plain sight too. Time to flee JW Org was my conclusion of the matter.
Btw, the first mention of the term “governing body” in JW print was 1944. See the “1944 Governing Body Birthday” article on the web, or at JWUpdate wordpress blog.


The globalization system is run by a private global array of corporate power who controls the wealth of the world progressively, manage the credit and central bank issued currency and debt, and they program the governments for the corporate advantage, as it funds everything in the government and its military and the globalization of military around the Global NATO nucleus. That complex is the real King North. It is so obvious a 101 level global management student knows this or a basic level geo-political researcher. True, it is not common mainstream media covered information, but it is all researchable.

For the GB to be acting as if globalization is not the main global force which “gather the nations” especially when their USSR failed as anything King North, they have to be covering it all up on purpose, it is plain obvious the globalization system completion is a world government. Russia and every other nation must become subservient to the final globalization system when complete, even now their entire economies are run by that corporate global array.

The USSR=KN started as an error the GB then capitalized on to silence King North as globalization system progress to world government 8th King parallel meaning. Thus, the Russia=KN is a new GB DECOY, so JWs will think ti must be “the end”, then they can crash the JW Org amidst that deceptive smokescreen “the end” pretext. KN will end up with the JW 30 billion, a conservative estimate. The world will go through a final “sword stroke” phase to recover into 8th King KN world government as the final sign, and JWs will have been detoured into a delusion of “the end” as in 2Thess2:1-2, and silenced in the flow of the real prophecy which is now at the GB “man of lawlessness” apostasy, prior to JW Org global dissolution. That is the goal, cancel the JW minsitry prematurely by its own mouth and fake prophecy which will fail, it has been hi-jacked to claok “the end” of the WTBTS, it does not really apply to the KN of the globalization of the world. It covers it up.


[quote]However, caveat! If a person is not in Christ they cannot obey the commandments, why? Because one has to be in Christ life, his righteousness, and not our own to obey anything of God it takes God’s love for us to obey the God of love. The love here isn’t our love like Jehovah’s Witnesses teach and so many other in false religions believe. It is factually Christ love found in the kingdom of the son’s love from his life, and we gain that love by being in him as our body, Christ being in us.[/quote]

Actually, in Romans 2:12-16, and the context argument of all of Romans 2, and its purpose, an unbeliever in ignorance can obey the law of love by his/her conscience, and if they do as some ignorant ones are doing, they must also be saved alive come Revelation 14:6-7 time, “on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares”.

And as we see in Revelation 14’s Day of the Everlasting Good News, ANYONE can accept that Revelation 14:6-7 offer as well— this is why the global steps to Christ arrival will get very clear for everyone as religions are also deposed in the process, leaving a person with one good choice, choose the worship God and accept the Kingdom of God as ruler, rather than man and their world government 8th King King North counterfeit.

[quote]Romans 2:12-16All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. 13 For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous. 14 (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) 16 [b]This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.[/b][/quote]

In Christ we know he died for all. The love is to find a way for those who the churches have also condemned when it is their conduct who drove many away from Christ. God must judge everyone on the basis of what we are, are we love or hate, because even Christ’s sacrifice will not cover hatred or the 666. Many sheep in Matthew 25 ask the questions that prove they never even read Matthew 25 before, they are the newbies in some of the saved sheep, believers like Saul who became Paul on the spot, in a split second.

[quote]Romans 2:26 So then, if those who are not circumcised keep the law’s requirements, will they not be regarded as though they were circumcised? [/quote]

The extension is “So then, if those who are not [in Christ] keep the [Christ’s] requirements, will they not be regarded as though they were [in Christ]? Our own love will answer that question. I say yes, of course. The JWs and churches have installed a narrow view of these hints of salvation in scripture.

[quote] Revelation 14:6-7 And I saw another angel fly in the midst of heaven, having the everlasting gospel to preach unto them that dwell on the earth, and to every nation, and kindred, and tongue, and people,

7 Saying with a loud voice, Fear God, and give glory to him; for the hour of his judgment is come: and worship him that made heaven, and earth, and the sea, and the fountains of waters.[/quote]

That is the offer to all mankind, and at that time anyone can accept, even those no obeying the law of Christ. Of course not all accept it, but some do, and many will be on the spot, many will not even have known of Christ as there are places that cut off on earth today.


Well I really mean a prophecy principle that is my own speculation or I end up becoming like the GB shoving an assumption down people’s throats. And I would not mean just the GB, I believe the whole “Christian Prophecy” complex is subvertible I notice JWs are the most premature and detailed in their FAKE “end of the world” forecast. Instead it is a forecast that could easily smokescreen the real reason JW Org is to be dissolved, and that aided by JWs as they help liquidate the place while the other carpool “as crazy as it may sound” to them supposed JW Bunker “safe houses”.

So imo it is the principles of apostasy that JWs now demonstrate violating all their supposed “on the watch” claims as they are in an apostasy that is no opinion, it is criminal. The opinion is they demonstrate the apostasy in much more potent fashion as progressive as they used to be in tracking certain aspects of final sovereign development by the global system. Now they aid the detour from prophecy, which has allowed the GB, imo, to hi-jack the final sequence and merely re-arrange it and hype the fear to lead JW Lemmings as a GB Pied Piper, for instead, just the global dissoultion and liquidation of the JW Org which is a conservative 30 billion in assets low ball.

Thus there is a good asset score there and it would be helpful to them if JWs aided the downfall, rather than try to prevent it, and all that fake Russia is KIng North and Gog is a “coalition of nations” delusional hyper amping of the idea it is “the end” is to pawn JWs instead. Imo, the world just continues to evolve into a global management system, a world government, as JWs also say nothing even now aiding the process.

But only time will tell if those final principles proves this to be a subversion, the lawlessness is indication of course that the “divine warning” is invalid, God does not use criminals to warn anyone, he uses them as a lesson to be learned of what not to do— and JWs are a great example of what happens when fear of man rules a ministry, it devolves into a hypocritical joke in time.

Imo the GB prevented Ray Franz from addressing the 607 error for the Babylon dynasty benchmark fix, and then impeded Fred Franz from updating King North has to be the 8th KIng convergence into world government. Instead, JWs went UN co-endorsers and advertising agents as that UN DPI UN NGO, and covered up the easy fix that no nation-state system or bloc, like the USSR or Russia can be the real King North in the massive corporate globalization system we now see running all the wealth and financial control systems, hence the King South 7th King downfall of Daniel 11:42-43 rather explicit prophecy for the completion process of the globalization system, imo, the real “King North”, 8th King, King Fierce, Daniel 2 whole “immense image” as world government.

IF that is the goal, it will take a number of years to get their, the global crisis if it develops would simply recover and “heal” into said final global governance system. That is what JWs could be saying, but they are plying a premature “Christ arrival” instead as in 2Thess2:1-2. To me, it fits the Daniel 8:12 priniciple of the mass subversion of the JW “army” to the agenda of the rival sovereign system development agenda.


Well they are readying to haul off with 30 billion low ball WT Org assets. Half that is nailed down though, but it could be twice that amount. So, I think they are just frauds to the core and with the rest of the “Society” Bloodsuckers they are happy with the score to come. If they were real they would do a multi-billion dollar “Final Warning Blitz”, but instead they are fattening the stacks with a few billion in liquidations and KH bank account rakings. That is indication the entire JW Org front is successful at hiding the real scam in progress.

But now comes the adventure of a lifetime for JWs and really anyone watching all of this drama, they cannot get out the main booty until they dissolve the JW Org officially, and that is what that “the end” fake pretext is all about— that way JWs will watch, help, obey as crazy as it sounds and do nothing but help it all go into seizure and do nothing to prevent it.

Only problem is, only JW Org is ending, not the world. JWs get to wake up in a nightmare of a laughing stock final “end of the world” fail, and the downfall of the WTBTS, and that is easily a 20 billion dollar score, easy to estimate that much in their hands, but not for long. Stumbling people is just what these GB Demons do for fun on the side, they are bloodsuckers of the sheep for real, pure evil. No way is this just a “backslide” into corruption, this thing is pure evil by design.
It took me a few years even after leaving to finally figure out the purpose, in my own opinion, of this vert weird JW self fulfilling prophecy.


It is just the planned end of the WTBTS, not the world. It will just take the proper global context to start the JW Org Bulldozers globally, what it will be, can only be speculated, but the JW pins are set up for that strike coming, and all of it is already described in the JW self fulfilling prophecy in their own WT print, especially hyped since WT 11/2013 forward, that JW “the end” went on the fast track of hype with that 2012 “Jerusalem Seige” video, I think it was that date. Rather than see the whole thing has been dead stalled for 72 years and this “The End Itinerary” is just plain weird and out-of-the-blue, JWs are primed to accept the GB Pied Piper as if some steallr prophet, they have to amp up their GB Seer credibility more soon. That is when it will get even weirder. But this is my personal speculation, most takes on this is it is just a random hypocrisy. I think it is a multi-billion dollar “cave of robbers” mega-score in the making. Imo, JWs will be lucky to have one KH left over after the SHTF. It is FUBAR already.


If it is an erred speculation one alternative is JWs are correct “the end is here”. But there are several problems with that forecast, one it is typical “doomsday” hype, the end was here in 1975 as well, there are many other reasons, even if a world war broke out, it is not “the end” in that scenario either from both secular and prophetic patterns and clues. There are other possibilities as usual, but they would mostly mean a premature end and a continued devolution of the JW ministry as it seems pretty fossilized in its user-hostile policies, it could just become an artifact like so many other problem-ridden supposedly prophecy centric religions, who, none the less, still have a few “faithful” drones out in them cold seats.

But, if it is an engineered hoax it will get weirder all the way unto JW Org dissolution, and weird in the aftermath because even now the theories surrounding this JW devolution into apostasy have a few would be prophets out there and this JW bouquet toss from the wildbeast “white wedding” with the WTBTS will no doubt have some spiritual scavengers and treasure hunters trying to revive upon the skeleton, as happened in Russell’s day as the adventist DNA ended up being fused into several more offshoots from those fails.

It will become a spiritual CSI episode, JWs especially, whether in the JW Titanic or watching from shore will have a mega-riddle on their hands. If it does recover it will have to perform a global apology, confession and full disclosure of everything the GB and Co. have been “throwing truth to the ground” (Dan8:12b) covering up, these last 30 years especially. I think it will be the real Daniel 11:41 “invasion” which succeeds in toppling WTBTS, but cannot eradicate all JWs on planet Earth, like I feel they have wanted to do with all religion really, but JWs are a pesky fly who keeps landing on the same sore of the “powers that be”, now a hypocrite pesky fly–even worse—and the JW Org population is of the proper scale to handle the nation-state dramas and that religion as an example.
I know for certain it would not be “Babylon the Great” front “attacked” during this transition period, they are best for crowd control and division and plus those assets will be protected through thick and thin by greedy religionists, so the “powers that be” can just coup that 500 trillion or so after they have handled the nation-state system transition into the next. BTG is just a JW sleight of hand, but for the GB to say JWs are going down next in their own writings, is actually new; In the old days, JWs were suppsoed to be “attacked” at the end of the cycle, not to kick it off. But since the GB does not call that surprisingly new agenda “new light” JWs do not realize how new and weird that new idea really is.

It was further evidence they saved the weirdest stuff for last, to try to not scare off their core JW milk-sheep, so it has a semblance of reality, a fake reality albeit, when the twoer does come crashing down. But even that is no overnight affair, they have to keep spinning new tales when the “the end” does not arrive on the GB schedule, so they can string JWs along as long as humanly possible as they pillage the place for billions.

But, of course, after a month turns to 3 months, a year and another year, hopefully it will start to dawn on JWs as it has everyone out here in the matthew 24:15 “mountains”, that something, SOMETHING IS WRONG! The interesting thing in relation to Daniel 8:13-14 events and timing is how long will it take for JWs to catch on to the hoax operation here? Well, in my opinion, because this is an alternative view in certain aspects, but it is not the only one that theorizes there is more to the GB Show and JW Circus. We will just have to wait to see what the GB pulls next, and when they decide to cancel the JW ministry as per WT7/2015 and send poor JWs out with that “hard hitting judgment message” which, imo, is an engineered fail and smokescreen for something just as bad to JWs, worse in fact, “the end of the JW Org world”. Worse, because JWs are already burnt out, this disappointment will be quite the cross to bear, and that with a world that just continues to evolve in to its final sovereign system in completing globalization processes.


It is a TV show you can watch everyday. lol The season finale should be a “3 hour” episode. It will get interesting in what tricks the GB have up their sleeve to amp up deadbeats that they are to look like super-prophets in the eyes of JWs. I am waiting for that “peace and security” “cherry on top” of this hoax, IF that gets issued somehow in tangent with a world event, or from their own twisted “interpretation”, that will get JWs bouncing off the walls with that “the end” expectation.
But the truth is, if God did show up JWs would be first in line for destruction (everyone else would have to be spared, you know, except for truly evil people like serial killers), that is how bad it is in the JW coven of crimes, that is also why I think the JW Org has to go down, just too many crimes, too much reproach, to many lies, and too self-righteous to just skate to “paradise” scott free. It is a lot of bull, from the JW Org Bull Factory. But, they cloak it is God-shill and prophecy, so JWs have swallowed it deeply, along with the hook.

But don’t blame mostly fooled JWs, they are the victims who financed this robbery and when the exact opposite of what they expect comes instead, the poor guys will need help to see who stuck that knife in their back: Their god, the holier-than-thou GB Goonsquad.

(Also, if you notice the timing of Fear Hype Program how we got to the KN=Russia (2018) DECOY, from the Gog=Coalition of Nations “revision” (I think 2016), with them “obey as crazy as it sounds” wt11/2013, “abandon your houses and flee to the bunkers” wt7/2015 side-dishes (and that, I think 2012 Jerusalem Seige video), we see they are sliding the Gradient of Fear gradually, little here, little there, all the while JWs head gets more “the end of the world” volcanic pressure. Now, IF IF IF they do that “peace and security” deception too, JWs will be ready for the rubber room, their heads will be one tick from popping, they are turning the Fear Knob up to 11. We shall see.)


Good insights, I see the writing on the wall too, JW Org has been found impotent and wanting and criminal in nature.
Yes, it aint looking good for JW Org.

Imo, JW Org demolition, is also the “unusual work” and “strange deed” of Isaiah 28:21 PRINCIPLE, for that apostate JW Org catastrophe coming up. What will be weird and strange indeed to JWs, is when JW Org implodes and is dissolved globally, unusual work. JWs outsin Christendom, so they won’t be going down anytime soon, just JW Whoreg riding their own self-defined wildbeast. (The UN NGO “transgression causing desoaliton”, imo, of Daniel 8:13, the real one coming up, not the fake in the Daniel books)

It is true, JW Babylon Department is “waters are drying up” prior to downfall, and the ones Matt24:15 fleeing are the ones “sighing and groaning” and “marked for survival”. JW Org itself, during downfall time (imo Dan11:41), and their FAKE “the end” smokescreen, is to be a death trap “JW Bunker” GB Pied Piper JW Lemming haul to the cliff.

The fake JW “armageddon”, “Christ arrival”, “end of the world” is the 2Thess2:1-2 premature Christ arrival delusion principle, imo, as the GB is in principle the “man of lawlessness” and “evil slave” who plys that delusion. JWs meet apostate criteria of all prophecy principles in terminal and stellar manner of global lawless hypocrisy, they are the worst reproach on earth— that is how bad that place is, PURE EVIL.

Their fake “the end” will fail (not an opinion), in time, the world just plods on in its evolution of a final global management system, aka “8th King” aka “King North”, aka “King Fierce”, it all just converges into a complete globalized form of governance, imo. JWs have been detoured to a Grand Canyon plummet, and told it was Disneyland the bus was heading to by the GB Evil Bus Driver. Or, it is JW Titanic, all disaster scenarios apply to JW Whoreg now.


lol. The truth is like the Pharisees of 70 CE era, the GB disrespects the “superior authorities” for they are their own Private JW Supreme Court in matters that conflict with secular law, like the Pedophile Shuttle to Protection policies and JW “Laws”. That is illegal, surprised they don’t also print up their own coinage and currency like in Judea in 70. But they have enough JW loot already I guess.

And as in 70 CE and Pharisee deluded hubris, the GB and their psycho-hubris-arrogance will only make it harder on JWs, they will become the punching bag for the pissed off “Romans” come the time to really siege JW Org. The GB really are totally lawless, a total criminal gang. They sit up on the walls of JW Org “Jerusalem” spitting on the Romans below, to really heat up the oven they are sending JWs into. In 70, it nearly was a total Judean genocide, had the Romans not had a little mercy to spare 10% into slavery, it would have been total wipeout. THAT is where them psycho-Pharisees and other crazed-factions led the people of Israel. The GB is very similar in collective arrogant sociopathy, it makes the “powers that be” that much more disgusted and angry. They are spiritual megalomaniacs, insane on their own power they think it unlimited.

And when well insulated and protected nuts like that run a place, it never turns out well as history attests. It is strange, as much as JWs get out in public I assume, they actually celebrate anti-social customs and behavior, they are being turned into spiritual psychos by the GB Head Psychotics. Very strange because it is all “good news” veneered so as to be injected straight into the head and heart under that fraud pretext.


Well why not just shoot for the moon with a 22 Kegger Weekend XJW Live-Mega-Shindig, live bands and strippers total neighborhood 3 day bash? Retired bikers and active gang bangers, dirty cops and the whole nine yards! Just go for broke. Armagitterdone.


And it will get worse and worse in the JW Org, and more interesting for those watching the drama from outside. I was in there a few decades, they are making some changes since 2012, that are very strange for those who were there as long as me, that a new JW will not detect.

Imo, they probably plan this hoax JW “the end of the world” with some sort of global event context, we will just have to see, because that “end of the world” JW hoax, as fake as it has to be, has to have a believable trigger to set it off, imo, to move on the WTBTS in earnest overdrive at global scale. We will just have to wait and see, and hope no one gets scared back into the JW Org Trap.

The super-fear-hype really began to be amped up greatly since 2012 with videos and WT articles “peppered” in to the general dumbed-down general JW fodder, the positive “food” they hide the poison of fear within. It is strange now, due to its detail, and that from one day to the next, all of a sudden.
It has been amped up in certainty and detailed steps, because literally out of the blue, they started to make statements of a certainty (like they never did before, and it aint from God, that is for sure). In addition, they now have a detailed “the end” itinerary along with them weird “obey the JW Org as crazy as it may sound” psycho-pied-piper-directives (wt 11/2013) and that wt 7/2015 “we must abandon our houses to the state and head for the bunkers” total insane bull.

1. Most JWs are totally hypnotized and stupefied in dumbed-down language for years now (wt 3/2015) and do not notice, that after a SOLID 72 YEARS of NOTHING, they came out with this super-detailed “self fulfilling prophecy” in just a few of these last years. THAT acceleration in detailed delusion forecasting is weird, and that is telling.

2. They then shifted the JW “seige” for the “next on the global agenda” order, when in the JW past JWs were told to expect that “Gog attack” at the end of the cycle, after “Babylon the Great’s” deposition.

3. Combine that actually ultra-weird “updates” with the multi-billion dollar liquidations, KH fund confiscation, re-organization and other “cost cuttings” and they are sucking out billions, AND amping up the JW Media aided begging, to fatten the stacks before the big score. All that billion dollar money sucking is not normal as bad as they have been, it is on steroids now.

4. Now they popped in the Russia=King North decoy idea at the annual meeting, to continue with the fear hyping, all to control JWs, none of it is actually “prophecy” except their own engineered “self fulfilling prophecy”.

5. And you will see more before JW Org dissolution time, and the whole thing is programmed from their own mouths, see [1].

Now there is more, but those red flags as big as Texas wave over JW-Ville like pleistocene vultures, that stuff is not normal, it is not divine, it is already unsound, it is dangerous if one is in the JW Org. (Matt24:15)

And it is accelerating for some reason, and it is NOT “the end of the world”, no matter what kind of global context may develop it recovers–as usual—that is all the GB-pre-programmed THE END OF THE JW ORG from their own mouth. Then they can haul out the core conservative 20 BILLION in liquid assets, and the 15 billion on the ground amidst that FAKE JW “the end” HOAX.

That fake JW “the end” is a smokescreen so JWs aid the process and do not resist and “obey as crazy as it may sound”. And it will be the last JW fail, but its context can become distracting, imo. Just do not want to see anyone get scared back in, and end up in one of them “JW Bunkers”. Plainly, faith in God is not something they pump into the Jw Lemming mind, just faith in the GB Pied Piper and their criminal “organization”.
[1] Predict the JW Future From Their Own GB “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”



Yes, I did not want to bring up the Babylon the Great diversion, since in the prophecy sequence it would be around to ride in the complete “8th King” scarlet wildbeast. Though they still had that BTG carrot in the WT 7/2015 as well, they also had the “soon, very soon” paraphrase “we will all be faced with a similar [jerusalem seige] situation”. The BTG diversion is kept so as the JW Org is “attacked by the Assyrian”, JWs can imagine the whole global corporate religious complex, which JWs are part of btw, as also going into deposition.

But there are many reasons “false religion” is useful during a global crisis, the help amp up division, they stash assets that can be more easily taken later, and in the prophecy sequence that the GB is supposed to be at least experts at forming a timeline of, BTG goes down at the end of the sequence as in Rev17:12-18, Rev16:17-20, Rev14:6-8 and even Rev11:13.

So in the principle of Daniel 11:30b-31, Profaned Worship of Jehovah is what has been “Restored at Last” as that UN 3rd presentation of 1990 is more fitting for Daniel 11:31, and the GB apostasy and profanation and stumbling is all also in that Daniel 11:30-35 sequence and the Daniel 11:40 “many [people, not lands] will be stumbled” as we see out here today.

The GB relies on their stated WT 3/2015 “dumbed down the message” last few decades of thin teachings to be able to clearly juggle prophecy sequences way out of the timeline since they claim they are teaching that final prophecy sequence, it would get an F in any comparative religion or prophecy class because the sequences are pretty clear BTG goes down under a final global governance “8th King”.

Which ias a UN NGO PR Rep, the GB and JWs cover up the final sequence of in a prophecy they are supposed to be experts at, but it is experts of subversion that they are excelling in, like in Daniel 8:12. So, IF these prophecies are valid, then the problem areas in Daniel 4,8 and 11-12 in relation to that 3rd UN event of 1990, is where we actually find the GB apostasy. But I state, unlike them, this is a speculation and only comparable to JWs since the lawlessness complex governed by the GB is of such an enormous scale now, and they do have “the end” programmed for the JW Org, and if the world does not end as well, JWs will be in ruins with quite the riddle on their hands:

What is really going on here everyone? is what the JW riddle will be, imo.


What I find strange is the appearance inside the JW Org by all the sugarplum “ear tickling” rhetoric from self-appointed teachers which define, by JWs own rules, apostate leaders that are much fresher and more severe in the criminal lawlessness plainly visible in the JW Org global record as seen from outside the JW Org hypnotic.atmosphere.

In WT 3/2015 they advise not trying to apply prophecy to anything as in another WT “Daniel and Revelation have been fulfilled to the smallest detail”, amidst a self-admitted JW dumb-down campaign they now come out an admit in that “Ten Virgins” article. Now, using JWs own prophecy rules, they just plainly totally ignore the apostate criminality that the WTBTS demonstrates in explicit and fresh detail as far as stumbling as seen out here, plus, UN alliances and still present “consultancies” for various international UN lobbies, and child sacrifice to Pedophile Molech by WTBTS illegal state-superseding policies, all well “beyond the things written”, disrupting family unity, etc, etc.

Now unlike JWs I am not stating this is a prophecy or not one, I am pointing out JWs flagrantly ignore the apostasy puzzle pieces seen in their own devolution into criminal activities policed by their own GB-Elder Thug Enforcer “JW Inquisition” which of course the GB Apostasy Now! “Governors” are not going to just come out and say “it is us, we are the evil slave apostates who beat and kill the sheep and now stumble millions”.

JWs are taught to ignore the brazen rogue GB mega-apostasy right under their noses. By JWs own former rules, they plainly ignore their own apostasy, and allow the GB to jump in and re-arrange the final prophecy sequence to suit their own JW Org destruction smokescreen of deception. And it is plain as day, IF JWs were not being hypvnotized into a “over simplification” agenda of stagnation and retardation, they could see it as easily as someone outside the laughing-gas chamber of WT delusion engineering in the congregational coma-system.

Thus, the GB goal is terminal desecration not any reform, by policy, hidden to insiders by silver tongue wordsmithing, while visible to outsiders as a total JW criminal racket, and JWs are too blind, uninformed, or evil themselves to see it and act. And because the GB has walls of legal protection and devices to expel dissenters, it would not be an easy task to extricate those bloodsuckers off of the multi-billions they are the front men to aid the eventual wealth transfer to their coven of financiers, under now over 100 shadow board control.

So, the lawless reality is one of the bombs in the WTBTS foundations seen externally from the JW Org, while they ply the delusion it is “the end” inside of the JW Org as a cover story smokescreen that will aid the WTBTS global takeover, all while petrified JWs do nothing but look to the sky for Christ in their own hoax “armageddon”. But their necks will get sore, even in their own prophecy the final sequence, by JWs own rules, does not produce any “end of the world”, it is to produce an apostasy first, the one square on JW Org— that JW “the end” simply will not manifest on the world as bad as it may get.
Thus, the only “the end” comes for apostate JW Org, the world continues through any crisis, as usual, into its final form of by then completely globalized world governance a number of years even after JW Org downfall.

And all the while when JWs could have completed their own prophecy story, they stalled in this fake “the end”, which merely cloaks the end of the apostate JW Org, nothing of any “the end” global catatsrophe will form, if anything it just recovers into a far stronger international system, while JWs babbling in the rubble of the JW Org are faced with a mega-riddle, made more confusing by their own fraud GB “Seers”.

And this can be reverse engineered by use of JWs own former rules when they used to analyze a prophecy and try to find pieces in the world system and Babylon and “Christendom” which matched certian characteristics of the prophecy, which JWs no longer do by GB detouring. Thus, the criminal empire of JW Org which fits the principles of lawlessness, stumbling, abuses, reproach and apostasy, are fully ignored for a “doomsday” distraction instead— it is just all too convenient to have just spontaneously morphed into this strange mix of deceptions.

It all adds up that JWs own “self fulfilling prophecy” that outlines the destruction of the JW Org has to actually “come true”, but only on the evil WTBTS. In addition, JWs are pre-programmed with the expectation of the GB sanctioned eventual “official” cancelling of their ministry, “this will not be a time to preach the good news, that time will have passed” hogwash of WT 7/2015. It appears that must “come true” as well.

Only problem will be, the world is not ending, just the JW Org, those who do not leave the JW Org for safer ground, will have the JW Org go down on them and leave them instead, high and dry, and maybe even GB Pied Pipered into “JW Bunkers” which we can only imagine what those are really going to be seeing as this total “operation of error” cannot have any divine truth, and is evil to the core, but to JWs its external GB appearance is as if Jesus and the 12 apostles.
Thus, there can be no “divine warning of the end” by evil criminals which JWs now share with, but it can be evidence that the only way for JW Org now, from its own mouth, is down. The world just plods along as usual, as JWs are left with quite a smoking heap of riddles and questions they refuse to see the answer oto, but in time it will be the only answer, the GB will be the evil-crew who stuck that knife in JW backs, the modern day thieving and betraying version of GB Judas and the temple “cave of robbers”, the GB Neo-Pharisees and their evil unjust Sinhedrin.

Though this is an alternative view, it is easy to see the evidence once well outside the JW Org sleeping pill factory. And as in the principle of running for one’s life once this is seen Matthew 24:15 is a directive, in principle, that is good advice, to get out of JW Org, before their fake “self fulfilling prophecy” starts to actually manifest in WTBTS global-implosion and outlawing.


FYI on JW Russia=KN error from the USSR=KN error.

God was not wasting Daniel’s time, that is why Daniel 11:1-26 eventually led to the Christ benchmark in relation to Rome’s symbology. And if we notice, every KS KN transition, every fall of a King in that progression is noted. And, there are explicit clues in the prophecy with direct indication of who was who in Daniel 11:1-26.

WTBTS began a course of inserted assumptions, and that is how globalization progress through the world wars to today, including the unique Cold War of Daniel 11:29 unique note, was diverted to mere nation-state squabbles (Dan11:27b) as will probably be the case with any potential US vs. Russia decoys of the future, which just “heal” into complete globalization of world government anyways. (Rev13:3=Dan11:45)

Instead, at Bethel, “nation versus nation” speculatively applied diversions WITH NO PROPHECY INDICATION CUES are then applied to lead to and into Daniel 11:27-43 through WW1, WW2 and into the Cold War, to terminate, or rather to go “King North on hold at Daniel 11:43”, as the assumed “King North” USSR fails and falls in violation of Daniel 11:36c, with also no prophetic indication of such a major truly global scope event. Thus, all real globalization system reality is totally bypassed and covered up by UN-allied JWs, in all its Daniel 11:27-45 details, set in 1990 stone at Bethel, in the meantime!

That is why they also ride the wildbeast as UN NGO from 1991-2001. JWs are involved in a cover up of the real King North globalization progress to world government.

King North Globalization Completion into World Government


Yes. Well mom, I guess JWs should now expect a judgment as God trashes the now lawless and apostate JW ministry and bulldozes the JW Org in serious transgressions, just like in old Israel. You are correct, this is the same old story all the way to judgment.

I guess we might as well extend this logic that now it is time to judge JWs sharing in WT criminal lawlessness, I guess the GB is a “man of lawlessness” in principle, and the record is not looking good. Unfortunately reproaching God by hypocritically preaching the good news to bad news is not going to cover for the UN NGO wildbeast ride, the condoning of child rape and victim psychological torture by the JC and the congregation helping silence them and cover up the crimes, violation of family, beating the sheep, stumbling millions and outright GB Billion Dollar Beggar theft.

What would Jeremiah say about JWs of today? What would Jesus Christ have to say?

I’ll tell you what Jesus would have to say, you should flee now as in Matthew 24:15 is what Jesus said, or “share in her sins” in JW Babylon’s downfall, mom, her “waters are drying up” can’t you see?— The rightful and logical judgment of criminal JWs sharing in many mega-sins and criminal activities is nigh. The end of the [JW Org] world” is near mom! Flee!!! God does not use criminals for any true “divine warning” and you know the GB and WTS are criminal! And JWs should have known better, this downfall will not be pretty and it will be enormous and global, the world will not “end”, only the criminal JW Org.


JWfacts website. It is the downward trend that I point out which originates with 1975 and the GB Coup, the first real assaults on JW credibility, and from there it just keeps going downward, which imo, is managed, not accidental because the GB and others know about this decline.

The ever-increasing number of hours of required preaching for one baptism, is also telling.
In 1969 there was one baptism for every 1,983 hours of preaching. During the 1980s it had risen to 3,000 hours. In the 15 years from 1997 to 2011, the number of hours preaching required per baptism increased from 3000 to 6000, an increase of 100%.

More significant is the number of hours required for an additional publisher. Due to the large increase in Witnesses leaving the religion, the number of hours preaching required for an additional publisher doubled from 4,000 in the early 1990’s to over 8,000 in 2000. The difference between 4000 hours in 1995 and 12,000 in 2014 is a change of 300% in just 20 years.

Now, JWs can see this as a “sign of the end of the world”, but others see this as a “sign of the end of the JW Org”. God cannot use lawless ones to carry an actual valid “divine warning”, thus due to the JW reproach that warning is now invalid— forfeited. That is actually good news, it takes more time to even get through this WTBTS downfall phase in itself, and what they have been covering up, has to eventually come out to full global view.

The reality is it is either “the end”, or JW lawlessness stumbling millions causing this decrease. Since there is no Biblical evidence the numbers are to fall off “as a sign of the end” as the GB claims, and the “good news” never ends in that “everlasting good news” of Rev14:6-7 in contrast, then something else is killing the JW ministry. And, while we see much real evidence of GB apostate lawlessness, even UN worship, it is evidence the GB apostasy and “Korah” power grasp and glory hounding is the real reason sheep are beign scattered, beaten, and killed. The GB are the lawless persecutors of the final apostasy, imo. (Modern Zechariah 11 “useless shepherd”, JWs are the “flock meant for the killing”)

The more you examine the GB, the dirtier they get. (Zech3:1-3 principle) Innocent people get cleaner the more you investigate them. Thus, the GB are the real “apostates”, not the “ones sighing and groaning” out here in the Matthew 24:15 JW Org fled “mountains”. We cannot take the apostate title with any real worthiness, it is for the GB and JWs of today, they are the apostates and imo, the final signal apostasy of prophecy principles. (Dan11:30-35; Dan8:11-14, Zech3:1-3; 2Thess2:1-12) To me, in principle, JWs fulfill the apostate criteria of those parallel final apostasy cheat-sheets. They even worship their own “wildbeast” UN NGO endorsement deal, in plain global record. Weird. Hidden in plain sight.


I think these guys are not impatient, and so having forever they like to use time, the “easy way” is not something they care about, they are hardcore “the hard way” kinds of people. If you are the “Son of God” fave, and yet some of your last words are “WHY have YOU forsaken me?” as you die a torturous death you know neither of these guys mess around. But, there has to be something in return, no one does something like that for nothing. They are hardcore to the core, imo, yet imo patient enough to “no pain no gain” many others into their hardcore mindset since forever is just a day at a time, there is no rush and it is not that bad of a deal, it is just not easy.

I think they needed to get rid of a few angels for now obvious reasons, and want no strings attached on the way out. Doesn’t matter how high up you are, there can always be assholes, but they got a way to have these guys get rid of themselves in the process, so to speak. I think in comparison to angel “family”, humans nations will be far easier to handle along the trajectory of the power shift. Not that an angel would be hard for God to handle, just the power-scale is more dangerous, more complex, they need to be perfectly extricated in a manner commensurate with the scale of power and scale of intelligence they possess and the human world is just a tiny fraction of that age and power, thus easier to “re-invent” (Matt19:28) even if in a systemic bind, for the time being, which angels are not in.
But since “politics” is defined as the “arts and sciences of government” their “politics” runs the universe, they are actually experts at governance, this universe must have angelic “mechanics” as an example. So it is politics, but as in the real arts and sciences of government. In the human world it is a lot of cons and ulterior motives, ego and insecurity in “politics”, so it could not be compared to actual multi-eon beings who are off the material charts in the measurement of time, like septillions of pre-material universe years old. Their understanding would be many eons beyond human, thus humans could not truly understand a lot of the customs of the angelic worlds— worlds as in spirit world and its convergence into material world interactions they must possess in very advanced understanding of all human materiality such as math, physics, music, energy, chemistry, flight, genetics, language and on and on and on. They saw all this from the getgo, from exact instruction and direct participation, they are not just sitting around playing harps and staring at God Almighty, they have tasks of the same scale as their capabilities, imo.


I’ve been there too, I have cursed God. But I guess He got over it. To angels, tomorrow is yesterday, even if a million years. This is the instantaneous destruction of the enemy, in angelic terms, to human it seems as forever. I know for humans it seems like it takes forever, but it doesn’t. It is 2 different different kinds of beings, and their own psychological awareness of “time”. But, before you know it, you will SEE Satan’s head aflame on a pike, That everlasting promise is in Ezekiel 28.
Really, what have you got to lose just waiting, instead of imagining you already have the everlasting answer? This is THEE real battle between good and evil, this is no movie, so just wait it out with an open mind, we have all shed tears, but not for nothing. It has to be epic, nothing less would do.

Now sex put billions on this planet, and even more of other beings on earth (Gen12, Gen 22). The life-force which put these billions on earth inside of ALL living beings is very powerful, it cannot be fought, for it is the basis of human being existence, etc. They, Jehovah’s so-called “witnesses” ought to know this by now, but they are hypocrites by training, led by evil fake “leaders”, leaders of JW doomsday on the WTBTS, not the world.

But there is nothing wrong with making a vow with a mate. But, if that don’t fly as hard as we try, the life-force will keep on making more adorable human beings. It is not that big of a deal really, the more the merrier. Now setting up a con like the WTBTS, and conning people by God’s name and these various truths twisted for mind-control for profit, that is a big deal much worse than physical sex outside of a life-deal with a mate.

Soon, you will see the WT crash in ruins, the JW “the end” fail miserably into a CNN covered GLOBAL laughing stock, because the GB are not with God Almighty. Guess who they are with, right? Angels, but bad ones.

A seemingly “mere sparrow” is not to be stolen, they all come back in everlasting form (Eze47:9). Just wait, be patient, help other people out, and see. Right now the mission is getting as many JWs OUT of the JW Org web as we can. (Matt24:15) Stay on that because hell on earth is coming for JW Org, due to its own crimes. Thanks for your time, we actually have forever, there is no rush. In spite of the seeming differences in opinion, we are all now on the same team: Bring the JW Org down, ASAP. Every little bit helps, thanks.

But no, not everything Jah created has failed. Most of what we know on earth yes, Satan yes, some angles yes. But that is far from everything perfect, and after A&E, there is no perfect human, failure is obligatory. Perfection is everlasting if we choose to hold on to it. There is one human who has retained perfection, even if he is no longer that human in form, he still has access to the perfect DNA, blood, etc. (Heb10:10) Don’t give up ever, it won’t take that long really. (Rev1:7-8)


It is a speculation, but JWs have a “self fulfilling prophecy” that is made-up by the GB, as they violate all of their own former “prophecy principles”. It is all way more convenient to end the WTBTS, which I state as an opinion to not be like the GB who shove their engineered hoax-works down people’s throat. The end result is to make JWs a laughing stock with a final fail that will be bigger than anything they spun before. It is the principles of their own supposed teachings that they violate, then smear others who point it out as “apostates”, when the GB is the real Team Apostate here.

When I first stopped going at the end of 2012, I thought that would be the end of it. Then some really weird stuff started to come out after I left which describes their “self fulfilling prophecy” in step-by-step detail (totally out of the blue, btw), but it is their own criminal activities that will get the governments on them as even the pedophile investigations have notched up to a “Royal” inquiry. It is a trend it will get worse and worse now, because they actually are criminals. But to fooled JWs it can all seem as “persecution” but to all who see it for what it is, it is actually prosecution. As in the 1 Peter 4:14-17 principle, JWs have to suffer a “evil doers”, murderers, thieves and “meddlers” as JWs are indeed troublemakers.

If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you. 15 If you suffer, it should not be as a murderer or thief or any other kind of criminal, or even as a meddler. 16 However, if you suffer as a Christian, do not be ashamed, but praise God that you bear that name. 17 For it is time for judgment to begin with God’s household…

So, it is not really “insulted because of the name of Christ” with JWs now, it is due to all those criminal activities, which delusion in JWs that “all’s good” is very convenient to sell the JW Org takeover and outlawing as if “the end” and “severe persecution” when in reality the place is a cult-criminal enterprise that even world law enforcement is catching wind of, and by the JW “self fulfilling prophecy” the forecast is they will bring WTBTS down, and the GB will be their greatest JW Pied Piper aids in the process of controlling the JW Lemmings for the final cliff leap into the “sea”, or to JWs, just tossed overboard like Jonah into the mercy of the world system.

And as with Rome and them sparing 10% of the Jerusalem population, “the world” actually can be helpful to refugees, because that is what JWs who are spared will become, the world will not “end”, it will be the only friend JWs have, because there is always someone or group out to help drowning lemmings. I guess in principle it will be a bitter lesson in humility, if that is the way the GB sinks the ship.

But true, the GB Apostates are JWs worst enemy, even now xJWs are better friends to JWs than the GB or their so-called “brothers” in many cases who rather than observe common sense and basic human decency and justice, they obey the GB Strangers thousands of miles away, twice removed in their little elite club, and so any truly concerned JW is soon to be ostracized and symbolically tossed into the GB Gehenna Condemnation as silenced martyrs.
If you shut up and put up with all the GB criminal lawlessness it is fine for a while, but if you speak any truth about the situation, you are in the JC Inquisition, they gotta protect the WT Criminal Ringleaders, it is not to keep the already filthy congregation “clean” by any stretch of the awake imagination. The whole JW Fogbank is now one gigantically huge deceptive delusion now which really fell together in completion since 2012, they saved the best for last. The more you dig, the more bones get unearthed.


Well if JWs are in the laughing gas chamber, the Elders are in the compression tank drinking Milk of Amnesia by IV. They are more welded into the “mother”-org-board than the average JW, because they get some extra-secret brainwash directives for their mind-control complex as they must keep the JW Lemmings in accord for the GB Billionaire Pied Piers, and all for free, one cheap cult-clergy while the GB rakes in a minimum billion a year and more from donations and nice JW Slave Galley driven ROI.

And only an uncommon few elders can see the mega-con they help manage at the locoweed-roots level down in the bloody congregational trenches were dissenters who do blow the whistle are symbolically burned at the GB Stake of Gehenna, which is insane in itself to think GB Criminal Ringleaders can condemn anything, even a dog turd on some random lawn has higher “divine standing” than the Criminal Cult GB fake “gods”.
They will not “run out of money” they have 30 BILLION minimum assets, but they could play that “we are broke” ruse as they skim it all out during the WTBTS implosion phase, with that handy “the end” hoax delusion, so JWs just “obey as crazy as it may sound” and do nothing but be led over the JW Lemming Cliff by the GB Pied Piper. It is WT “Armageddon”, the world just keeps plodding along through any crisis it may face. Then JWs are left with a final fail turned laughing stock as only JW Org ends, not the world system.

What JWs are taught not to consider, aided by the myth WT is broke, is where is that minimum 30 BILLION going when the JW Org ends? Think the GB is going to split it among JWs? Nope, they will have to make it appear as if they are broke, it may just go that way, but the place could have seen 100 BILLION high estimate, but 30 BILLION is easy to calculate, they will definitely be sucking that out, even now, but definitely as JW Org goes down by design.



The turning point was 1975-1976 to todays mass JW exit. The downward spiral to 6 million real numbers today, could have continued the 1970-75 upward trend to today 20 million witnesses. But the GB 76 coup, the Ray Franz illegal scandal by the GB shapeshifters and finger-pointers, began the assault on JW and WT credibility. And now rampant lawlessness seen more and more since 1976, has JWs to hit zero growth by 2022-24 along that downward spiral trend as seen here:

Specifically this chart of the perpetual downward spiral of JWs:

So, the GB are killing the JW ministry even if it was not taken over by secular interests, it would be zero growth soon anyways— JWs see this as a “sign of the end of the world”, awake people see this as “the sign of the end of the WTBTS”, and in that confusion JWs should be obedient and compliant to their GB Pied Piper when it is actually time to end the JW Org globally. It will become one confusing mess for JWs, because the world will not end, only their apostate JW Org farce, imo.


I think it will be abrupt and part of the GB “self fulfilling prophecy” which has these last steps all outlined for the JW Lemmings by the GB Pied Piper. There are too many “anomalies” for this to be mathematically a random devolution, it has all been laid out since after 2012:

Predict the JW Future From Their Own GB “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”; Part 1

But that is just a couple examples. As with that Pied Piper hogwash and the mega liquidations it is apparent they saved all of the predictive brainwash for the very last phase, and they have more up their sleeve like their recent Russia=KingNorth revisited decoy. It is an opinion JWs are well below 8 million, imo, that is how that lie can cover up the liquidation preprocess which is now burning down JW assets on the ground to the real numbers, as they confiscate hall savings and cut back general OH as well.

Because they are going into overdrive with all this stuff, and JWs are scarcely aware of the 30 billion minimum in the WT umbrella system, they are not planning to spend that on any “Final Warning Blitz”, nor divide it up among JWs. Instead, imo, the fake JW “the end of the world” eventual “hard hitting judgment message” is just the smokescreen to haul out the last billions, as JWs aid the process rather than resists it scared-petrified with this “the end” all seeming to come true before their eyes— but it is just a JW speciialized hoax.

Only problem will be, imo, is the world will not end, the JW Org will go down, and JWs will be clueless refugees with quite a puzzle on their hands as they become a “the end is here” global-laughing stock instead, and all that WT loot will be gone in a global mass liquidation and most JWs do not know it does exceed 30 BILLION in net worth. If they did know this, maybe some would catch on this is a con and the fake “JW The end” is how they form a cover-story and exit plan to just abandon JWs in their own rubble, clueless and totally bamboozled.

Because criminals cannot actually have a valid “divine warning” and other reasons of eventual zenith globalization, imo, JWs are being hoodwinked with a final fail to expedite the final WTBTS looting process, as the GB cancels their ministry officially amidst that hoax JW “armageddon” and then send “directives, as crazy as they may sound” to haul JWs to the JW Bunkers, which imo is just a conduit to prison at best.

But the world cannot just “end”, no such concept exists in the Bible and the global governance final evolution is still over a decade away wherein world government is actually where this is all leading to, while JWs are stalled and detoured into their own cover-up, by use of a fake “the end of the world” mega-JW-delusion instead. That is the speculation that seems more possible than an “end of the world”. It is JWs that the “thief in the night” has come upon as they all nap on, asleep on their own guard. It is ironic, but also logical this is a JW farce now. Cult delusions in action, is all it is.


What is weird is that they actually have not taught anything of any real substance is over 50 years. The GB that has passed released a few re-compiled books, they raided the Fred Franz unpublished manuscripts for that Isaiah I and II plagiarism to look busy, yet they are so lazy they need “helpers” to produce the little swill they do produce, and it is engineered “the end of the world” cover for a “the end of the WTBTS reality”. They just hang out, count the billions, and re-word ancient material. The whole thing is a decoy, but how the Russia development may spin is what is interesting. Russia should be pissed at being framed for a globalization King North they cannot be.

Now we see them being amped up in global news by Trump scandals and JW outlawing in the country. This is the over-advanced fake prophecy they have JWs “expecting next”:

Daniel 11:44-45
44 But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many. 45 And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.
If Russia acts against JWs in the country, they could claim to be the GB source of them “reports”. If Russia gets into some conflict with US NATO and the revived Cold War II turns hotter, then they can amp up “the end” even more so. But will they claim to be the source of the “reports”? Then they make JWs to blame for the disaster no matter which scale of “great fury to destroy… many” it could potentially go.

What may eventually come is also the fake “peace and security”, but what is strange is how the global developments aid their hoax engineering progress. That is their source of “self fulfilling prophecy” imo, I think they are total fakes and cancelling the JW ministry from their own mouth and total WTBTS dissolution and liquidation is the real goal. The world cannot end, the corporate globalization system is who will end up, by financial means, with global gold control and the final controlling ownership by debt default of the “desirable things of Egypt” in the explicit Daniel 11:42-43. I think the JW invasion is actually Daniel 11:41, even underway now, but to be completed well before Daniel 11:44-45 would fit more fully with a world government, imo.

Now Russia may only go forth to destroy JW Org in Russia. But it would be weird as invalid as it would be to that prophecy if they ended up taking Israel to seemingly fulfill Daniel 11:45 location of Jerusalem. But this is all speculation, something the liar GB never qualifies their lies with, because they are delusion creators which “the end” hoax will make JWs more compliant with the end of their own JW Org world, imo.


Maybe search JW Org “UN consultative status” or similar and the European OSCE JW Org lobbying. In the OSCE they tag along in an armaments council-org for a “religious freedom” agenda, it was their handle onto the wildbeast, they never have come off the ride, in reality— the UN NGO “disassociated by the UN” tryst was just a distraction and a stepping stone into deeper lobbying, whereas the UN NGO for the UN DPI under the UN Secretary General was a 3rd UN 1990 co-promotional endorsement using JWs to provide “public information” on that 3rd UN rally, in positive light.

There is a small section on the OSCE at JW Facts— but the more you dig into that area, the more you will find. Now, not that WT is a UN IGO in any official capacity, but that now they use the UN NGO resume to aid UN IGOs in UN lobbies, they are an unofficial UN IGO imo, the are now more deeply injected in “wildbeast image” work by their own definition. I saw one in Mexico, can’t remember the subject matter. They tag along in “religious freedom” and “feed the poor” kinds of areas of interest, but as with OSCE it is usually, imo, in a larger context of UN national-legislation-potential influence issues.

The WTBTS thing is headed for disaster at any rate, they are way “beyond the things written” and in bed with their own self-defined enemy sovereignty in developing world government being the JW spiritual aids of its progress while concealing its reality. But, it has been so gradual, today’s enormity of “unfaithfulness” is just too big to see while hidden in plain sight. It is like they are also setting up JWs to be guinea pigs.

The GB Pied Piper are who end up leading JW Org and its JW Lemmings to disaster amidst a fake “the end of the world” for a JW smokescreen pretext, as the GB cancels the JW minsitry “because it must be the end of the world”. But, imo, it is just the engineered end of the WTBTS, that hoax JW “armageddon and Christ arrival” is just part of the JW Org looting and WTS-GB exit strategy. Just a speculation, but it does examine some of these moving parts in the JW Org machinery at a little more depth.


Interestingly there have been some speculating on the use of Russia as a decoy since 2014 or so, as far as some xJWs speculating on this. The Ezekiel book is great delusion propaganda, because it will now revisit a related recent chnage, when at some past WT annual meeting, Geofrod Jackson came out and said “Gog is a coalition of nations, not Satan anymore”. That “coalition of nations” is a pre-programmed expectation for JWs to make WTBTS global dissolution “attack of the Assyrian” to JWs, seem like prophecy. And it is parallel to the more recent King North delusion amping.

There was a WT, can’t recall which one, which was a 1-2-3, the end formula, GT, Gog attack, the end. THAT is all they want JWs to think when this hoax becomes active, however they may weave it into the global context. But, it cannot actually be “the end of the world” for many reasons secular and prophetic, just WTBTS. They certainly will not fight a global front with BTG also on the plate as well. The “BTG destroyed next” thing is just a distraction as well.
Now it is an opinion, and hard to theorize, but the “peace and security” part of the hoax just seems to good to pass up, because that one extends the fear not just into JWs, but many in the overall Christian prophecy complex are familiar with that too, it could be a larger overall, but fake, “sign of the end”.

After literally 5 decades+ of NOTHING, ZERO, ZILCH, it is VERY VERY WEIRD to see these GB clowns all of a sudden, and really totally “out of the blue”, getting this last batch of “words from God” and the “end of the world step-by-step itinerary for JWs”, it is total bull, it is their own words. It all started to be amped up in 2012, so this stuff is being pumped in in a “at the last second” sort of manner to increase the hype, imo, for the final move on the JW Org. It is way too weird in the manner in which they weaved all this in, from a total coma previously, to all of a sudden know all this detail as in wt11/2013 wt7/2015 as a couple weird examples.

Criminals cannot have a valid “divine warning” as well, it made me think the whole thing is a JW hoax setup to keep JWs in suspense with false expecation, then by the time they do catch on, JW Org will be downed, their own ministry will be cancelled by the GB, they will be bamboozled beyond belief, abandoned to the ruin of it all, clueless. And all that as the world does not end, it just plods along through any crisis, as that JW “hard hitting judgmet message it is the complete end of Satan’s world”, instead of coming true, it becomes a global laughing stock. Only JW Org went down, in this speculation. Yet to me, it makes more sense than the recent “weird tales” they are spinning from WT, and that by a known criminal GB.


The JW “the end of the world” is engineered for “the end of the WTBTS”, imo. That way JWs just watch it go down, aid in asset and human liquidation, and do nothing but “obey as crazy as it sounds” so as to aid, rather than impede, an abrupt end to the JW ministry and the WTBTS, all predicted fully since 2012 in their own “self fulfilling prophecy”.

Predict the JW Future From Their Own GB “Self-Fulfilling Prophecy”



Because of this literally “out of the blue” very detailed and step by step program for the “end of the WTBTS” from their own mouth, it is prossible they are couching it in an “end of the world” JW Hoax to aid WTBTS global dissolution, and all that officially from the mouth of the evil GB. Since they are known criminals, there can be no true “divine warning”, it has become invalid as JWs are instead a modern apostasy, same old story, same old pattern, same old fear and guilt hype to control the JW Lemmings by a fraud GB Pied Piper device.

Just a speculation that no matter how bad it gets globally, the world plods on through the end of the WTBTS, leaving JWs with a final fail turned global laughing stock when only the criminal JW Org is what will end. And imo, it will be abrupt even if it takes a couple years to keep plying that fake “the end” to aid the 30 BILLION dollar WT lowball-estimate global liquidation, all sanctioned from the GB in official form using that fake “the end” pretext smokescreen to carry it all out.

In “the end” of WT, they could care less what JWs are abandoned in the rubble, they want to skate with them billions, and this is a great “exit plan”. Then JWs are just left bamboozled, wondering what in the hell is really going on.


As you can see the effect of this GB criminal “cause” is varied. That has always been the goal to create some fallout where people completely lose faith, some become atheist, others agnostic, some keep searching. But the principles in Isaiah for example (actually there are many apostasy principles in the Bible, some general some very specific like Daniel 8:12 and 11:30-35), is that the overall prophecy and principle pattern [already has in consideration] that ALL of the ministries from the days of Israel, through the Papal Override, to the fallout from that in Reformation Christianity, to today— GO BAD, they GO APOSTATE in time— ALL OF THEM; JWs are no exception, they just think they are as they all did before them. The point is, the good news is the JW apostate development is an active principle of lawless ruin caused by a core cabal in the GB. Some can argue is it prophecy? Well, it is the principle that repeats, they are criminal, they are lawless in every form of spiritual transgression and many secular crimes as well.

Thus, this apostasy can have the effect of strengthening faith, because it is but another step closer to that which they are “throwing truth to the earth” in cover-up and diversion and a very deceptively convenient “lie” complex as we KNOW criminal outlaws like the GB and JWs CANNOT take forth a true “divine warning”. The JW “warning” is now invalid as God will not use hypocrite spiritual bandits to warn people of anything but what will come upon that “cave of robbers” in stellar massive form as WTBTS has foretold its own end, but extends it to the world’s end as a smokescreen, one that will fail, leaving JWs as spiritual refugees.
The good news will be religious “law covenants” like JWs, will not be considered by God for any actual salvation. As in the times past God must assess everyone in their own battle of good and evil (Rom2:12-16; Rev14:6-7) and the outlook is very good. Because if God can recover people from a criminal mess like JWs by turning around, apologizing globally and disclosing the works of the condemned GB, God can secure ANYONE up to the last second, who personally chooses to make that choice. JWs are well beyond any “Christendom” sins because JWs claimed to know better, their accountability will be horrific and global in desolation, but that is for the WTBTS and its evil leaders, individual JWs are actually the target victims, they can pass through the fire, some of them, to form the moral of the story which is actually very hopeful.

Truthfully, religions, in time, become God’s worst physical enemy, they “shut up the kingdom before men” and they have no future as if Christ was going to arrive and assimilate these imperfect expedients into an eternal perfection. It points to the scrapping of all of them, taking erred human off the throne and steering wheel of earth, and going superhuman which is a basic message of prophecy. The great news is the actual global salvation magnitude will be well well beyond the so-called hope present in any religion, especially Jehovah’s witnesses because they prove even if we do “know better”, it was useless once they start fearing and worshiping men claiming to be some 12 apostle “governing body” extension in perpetuity— which no one has been, that is why when the “restraint” was removed in 2Thess2:1-12, it was permanent, when the apostles died the last inspired prophets ceased to be; there is no “governing body” anywhere in the Bible.
Thus the JW GB is based on an “operation of error” gone full-blown lie, they are a lie, it is a lie, JWs are now a lie. Now UNINSPIRED interpreters have taken over and they love to claim they are immortal-gods-to-be, they claim to be trusted by Christ, appointed by God, and on and on, same old story. But there effect, what they cause, is evi fruitage easily seen to the honest observer. It has become the principle of the 2Thess2:11-12 lie, and that storm has to now come on JWs “house” and it will be catastrophic, it will not be a pretty picture when their fake “self fulfilling prophecy” comes true in their JW Org World downfall, as the world just plods along as a witness of the disaster, and in some cases the only helping hand JWs will have as far as secular refugee-aid. Just as the Roman mercy spared 10% from the Judean Genocide of 70 CE, the world is what has to help ensure the WTBTS is all that is deposed, because JWs are the actual targets for a total extermination, but it will not go that far, they are not as culpable for accountability as the WTS and the GB and other leaders of this JW Org criminal enterprise, imo.

The truth is we are all free moral agents as long as some secular or so-called spiritual religion does not enslave us. Historically, many people were and are naive and in a spiritual quest, so these corporate religions became setup as middlemen to profit of that quest, it is the same old story across the board, JWs just took a little longer to devolve into criminal ruination in terminal irreversible form as far as their corporate farce is concerned for their apostate end-game phase. What results is open to speculation, but ti will not be “the end of the world”, it has to be the end of the apostate world of JW Org. That is the crual joke the GB has programmed in the final JW hi-jacked and re-engineered “forecast”, it is a fake, it is a fraud, it is a deceptive pretext to depose the JW Org globally and that “it is simply the end of the world brothers” is the perfect smokescreen on JWs to carry it out with their help as they even carpool to prison and obey GB directives “as crazy as it may sound, [at that time]” (wt11/2013).

Well, it ALREADY sounds JW Insane. Best to bail now for those lurkers PIMI or PIMO also seeign all this evidence of catastrophe on the global-scope known criminal JW Org.


The JW “divine warning” is now invalid due to disqualification due to many transgressions. That is, the JW “the end” coming up is the exact same clue Paul spoke of in 2Thess2:1-2:

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-2) . . .However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here.

That is EXACTLY what this GB “the end” is. So, the JW warning is invalid in prematurity, as forewarned plain as day in relation to the “man of lawlessness” extension into the JW “clergy” merely cloaked in a “governign body” “elder arrangement” of a fraud “theocracy” wherein the GB is god, as in 2Thess2:3-4. And when they made that claim as GB=FDS in 2012, they went public with the “seating themselves” and “lifting themselves over everyone” “IN the temple”, the GB has overridden the anointed body, for their own Kingdom now. Plain and simple.

But now the JW apostasy is certainly a principle of apostasy in the Bible. But, imo, it is also the final apostasy prophecy and after JW Org goes down as the only thing to “the end” in their premature application, what they have been covering up, especially since United nations THIRD presentation of 1990, has to come out in one summary and that takes several more years.

Yes, the Bible transcends all religions, as “let every man be found a liar, but let God be found true”, being his word it is what shall prevail and “come true” and bringing the Daniel 8:13-14 judgment on JWs next will affirm the accounting desolation, the cleansing to recovery and where that must lead. Because I feel you still believe the Bible I state this point blank in a way I do not on the board. Even though, yes this is a human opinion, all interpretation is that, except some of the opinions have proved valid. Of course, some have not.

But the real Daniel 8:13-14 has not fulfilled yet. When it does on JW “temple desolation” it is phased from “evening” darkness of bewilderment to the “morning” of the final enlightenment, as JWs must now go through this. All of go through it, but being in the JW Org will become particularly dangerous hence why Christ commanded Matthew 24:15 once one “using their own discernment” sees the UN NGO is that “disgusting thing standing in a holy place”, in the JW claimant anointed Christian ministry.

This is a spoiler alert, but imo, you will see it step along this way in contrast to the JW fake “the end” which will be a fail.

The JW UN NGO is the “transgression causing desolation” to JW ministry of Daniel 8:13 note. The Daniel 8:12 subversion of the [JW] “army” is what we see now, as also in Daniel 11:32a, where Daniel 11:31b was that UN 3rd presentation where King North is the Globalization System of world government in progress— clearly seen as they toppled the USSR in “cold defeat” as victors of the Cold War, a third world war cycle, but expansive in nature, “cold”, not destructive but militarily constructive under US-NATO and USSR co-expanding military “horn” systems.

What is coming is a “tribulation of those days”, as in Matt24:6 and Luke 21:9, the end does not come during a time of war and global disorders. As in 1Thess5:1-3 the end comes in a time of global “world peace and security” and that will come under complete 8th King King North King Fierce WORLD GOVERNMENT, plain for all to see the indications en route to that final sovereign global unification, as globalization process completes.

The next “sword stroke” however it may develop into a global crisis, we shall have to wait and see, will be enormous. But as in Revelation 13:3, it “heals” in that principle into said world government. THAT is how the disorder passes, and that to highlight the final UN “image of the wildbeast” presentation, AFTER this next “sword stroke”, as the nucleus of 8th King world government. The UN, or whatever they may finally call it, is but the “executive branch” of world government, the international “image” forum of the nations; it has a global military and corporate and financial sector as well, then in complete globalized form.

That takes several more years. They are duping JWs to crash the ministry and keep JWs derailed so as to not complete the prophecy story. But the JW Org crash will end up bringing the spectacle to global attention, which aids the process of recovering the ministry for a final warning and open salvation announcement of Revelation 14:6-7, BEFORE them angels actually deploy it post Christ arrival of Revelation 14’s final sequence.

We have time, the JW false prophecy will fail, and much more must now climax in real “8th King” “King North” meaning as a final global sovereignty. The 7th King King South falls next as Daniel 11:42-43, JWs are invaded as in Daniel 11:41 context of Daniel 8:13-14, Zechariah 3, Malachi 3:1-5. JWs are that “log snatched from the fire” of Zech 3:2, and the “flock meant for the killing” of Zech11. It will be Hosea 1:4-7. The WTBTS is what is desolated, to what degree is yet to be seen, it will complete the “established place thrown down” of the real Daniel 8:11.

My email is if you want to email me. There is more, and much of it is hidden in current JW error in Daniel 4, 8 and 11. But, it can all be rectified in time, and I am open to discussion because over the last almost ten years in this research, other people, a few of them, added things that compiled into the whole. That is why I keep an open mind. Even the 607 Jerusalem Destruction error can be fixed on King Neb coronation phase in that actual time frame. Jerusalem temple destruction in 586ish led to 516ish temple completion, seventy years, a “seven times” principle, to tie into to Zechariah especially for our times now.

All of Hosea and Zechariah concern JWs now in final application. But so does Isaiah, Joel and Micah. This is because the Assyrian judgment on Israel (ca. 720 BCE) was the “wake up” initial judgment to lead to the 586 Jerusalem destruction (other than Zechariah, those prophets warned of the Assyrian judgment on Samaria— that is why they apply to JWs today, directly). That is, also, this JW judgment is a wake up call, in time, for the world, and the world judgment of the future:

(Isaiah 28:18-19) And your covenant with Death will certainly be dissolved, and that vision of yours with Sheol will not stand. The overflowing flash flood, when it passes through—you must also become for it a trampling place. 19 As often as it passes through, it will take you men away, because morning by morning it will pass through, during the day and during the night; and it must become nothing but a reason for quaking TO MAKE OTHERS UNDERSTAND what has been heard.” (Dan11:41; Dan8:13-14)

A final 1260 days is what the temple judgment events and timing of Daniel 8:13-14 must lead to. The JW Org downfall starts final-cycle Revelation 8 as the temple judgment parallel, and it goes to Revelation 11 over the seven trumpets of the future—BUT, upon the same principle as 1914-1918 where a Kingdom warning paralleled the wildbeast first presentation of “League of Nations” “image” in 1919-1921. This time, the “second witnessing” of them TWO “witnesses” future 1260 days has to parallel the completion of the full, whole, complete, 8th King scarlet wildbeast world government— and that several years from now, we have a number of final years left. And with the first 1260 days of 1914-1918 the final 1260 days of the future also equates to “seven times”, but as 2520 DAYS.

THAT is why when Jesus said the Jerusalem would be trampled “until the appointed times of the nations” were fulfilled at Luke 21:24, it is PLURAL “times”; it is not just the 2520 years as “seven times” it is the Rev11 2520 days as also “seven times” to complete in the future, after Daniel 8:13-14 timing and events have passed. Revelation 11:2 “holy city trampled” also applies for 2520 days which but began in 1914, and completes in the final 1260 days Kingdom announcement of the future, as the “healing” from the sword stroke is active in some form, imo, as the wildbeast also ascends from abyss of Rev11:7, Rev17:8-13 from the final sword stroke phase of the future, into world government full 8th King, which JWs are now omitting from the prophecy commentary as led by the evil slave lawless one GB liars of Revelation 2:2 principle.


In modern times David Wilcock demonstrates a 1914 date arrival from the Giza pyramid. He is a new age type of alien theorist and the gist, imo, is Satan marked 1914 as well for the “New World Order” inception phase. Because many did not understand the budding globalism of its day or who backs it, no one can blame religious researchers who may have caught on to this Satanic calendar. It shows both God and Satan have that date marked for very good reason.

History also proves the corporate super-culture-global did get its engine started in 1914 by way of the London and Federal Reserve system funding the world war 1 orchestration to the tune of 200 to 300 BILLION dollars of the day, by use of the first world war to world government formulaic cycle. It led to the first “problem to solution” pattern resulting in WW1 resolving into the League of Nations globalism-nucleus for world government, the international executive branch and forum in the making. That formula repeated in WW2 and Cold WW3, for the same UN presentation highlight. And it will happen a fourth time in some form in the future, but this time as world government 8th King globalized governance, the line in the sand will have finally been crossed.

Thus all the 1914 controversy merely distracts from the truth that the gentile rulership is coming to an end according to a calibrated divine prophecy schedule, it is what ti is, while many are sidelined by all the controversies, all just a waste of time really. It is going to where Revelation 8-11 says it is going, and the rest of the supporting prophecies.

607 has to be marked by a “gentile time”, not the erred Jerusalem destruction date+event known error among JWs and others. King Neb’s coronation phase is what marks that 609-605 era with a much smaller tolerance of error than Russell and JWs 20 year glitch. Jerusalem’s temple “seven times” is the 70 years of temple desolation as the temple completed in Zechariah’s prophecy, in 586-516 BCE. So, there is a “seven times” active principle in the whole phase of those 70 years and 2520 years, but the Jerusalem Destruction Event is in error in its 607 BCE dating, it was 586ish.

That error is causing huge problems for JWs as the sinister GB plays it for all the stumbling block grease they can, when in reality the fix is very simple: Gentile Times are based on GENTILE known world history, Babylon has to mark 607. Any Jerusalem trampling was also present well before destruction of 586 BCE, from the time Josiah took an Egyptian arrow, so began the trampling of the divine Judean kings by gentile historic interference as Jehoahaz died a prisoner of Egypt, Jehoiakim, Jehoiachin and Zedekiah were all puppet kings of Babylon, that is enough to qualify the “gentile” “trampling” of the Judean line of Davidic Kings, it did not have to become physical in the destruction of Jerusalem, their unfaithfulness is why that occurred as the seven times could have fulfilled in a totally vassal non-destructive Jerusalem takeover.


Simply stated, 8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and “world peace” stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years. Js go don as timed in Daniel 8:13-14 well before world government arises from the future final global formulaic cycle of war to resolution to world government for its fourth cycle final rendition.


to LydiaCate sent just now
Yes, all Daniel 2 “immense image” that is the WHOLE THING is world government. So is the finality of the Dan 7 fourth beast, the one picturing Rome also pictures the 8th King in final-maturation, from its implied 8th Horn root Anglo system, the horn that arose as 3 fell of the 10, equaling 8 horns, 7 plus that new horn that displaced the three.

King Fierce is world government, as is King North, 8th King and Scarlet Wildbeast.

The point being all prophecy converges into the one illegal global sovereign agency when it comes. As in Romans 13 God has placed and allowed national rule as “superior authorities”, but he has placed a Superior Authority, singular, in Christ’s Kingdom, NOT in the NWO 8th King world government of men led by the demons of Revelation 16:13-16. So, that 8th King global “superior authority” is illegal, but it will get a “one hour”, that is a very short reign as stated world government as Revelation 17:12.

I think you are correct in them feet and toes, it is the inertia of Rome which did found some principles of how a world government would be structured. My opinion is the clay and iron are the incompatibility of nation-state governance and globalized governance. It cannot stick together for many reasons, one being that the national systems have to “give their power and authority” (Rev17:11-15) to the globalized scarlet wildbeast who is then the global sovereign and they are the King South “will not prove to be an escapee” puppet nations. The Revelation 13 7headed beast as a nation-state system picture finally globalizes into that scarlet wildbeast world government 8th King finality. It is the Rev13 nation-state system that the globalists capitalize on in control of it as King North, 8th King Rev17, that makes it the scarlet wildbeast final version of the future as world government.

Globalization is the main driving global demon inspired force that “GATHERS the nations to Armageddon”, you could say “globalizes the nations to Armageddon”. Rev16:13-16

These very simple principles are what the GB has JWs ignoring in total silence of unfaithfulness, they have fallen asleep, and Daniel 11:30-32a says the apostasy “proceeds from” King North “effectively” which is those supra-national globalization powers that control many institutions and nations of earth. The GB are globalist intel this late in the game of Daniel 11:32a, anointed of Satan, total fraud fakes. That is why they have that occult symbology in many WT artworks and symbology in addition to the criminal works.

The enemy is in the house and in control of it.


Yes, when the GB need to divert attention they say Israel or Christendom. But in the timeframe of Daniel 11:30b:

(Daniel 11:30) . . .“And he will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant.

Those “leaving the holy covenant” cannot be Christendom any longer, it must be in among JWs. The GB are “those leaving the holy covenant” as part of the THEY here:

(Daniel 11:31) . . .“And THEY will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.

But the GB places it in the JW minsitry, but ti is from KN, but everyone is involved, KS, apostate leaders in JWs, THEY is all inclusive. But KN globalists are the lead power system in that prophecy.

After JW Org is desolated, that UN NGO fact has to arrive and disclosed and the error in Daniel 11:27-45 has to be fixed to apply to KN Globalization en route to world government, not the USSR error, or the next Russian decoy. It is all a distraction kept in place as Fred Franz died 1992, and the GB agency took over and kept the USSR error in place and covered up KN as world government by globalization in progress. It is all a big cover up of the real prophecy.

It is so bad it is actually marked by name, the UN NGO is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 related to that 1990 3rd UN event that the GB “placed the disgusting thing” in JWs as UN NGO endorsers and global co-promoters of. They also lead the cover up, Daniel 8:12b “throw truth to the earth”.


If we project the peak JW growth rate of 1970-1975 upward, rather than the downward reality since 1976-GB coup, JWs could be at 20 million today. But due to progressive man-worshiping lawlessness, there are now more stumbled xJWs over that 50 years than there are JWs in those lost numbers. So what are JWs going to answer when God says “hey, where are them other 10 million+ sheep?”

Thus the bloody leaders of the JW machine of ruin are leading JWs into a harvest of what has really been sown. But it is actually good news, what if JWs had been correct? Then only a small handful would be saved, but JWs are not correct, the truth is religionless generic assessment has to be far more open and understanding. Religions have proved a fail, a profiteering success but a failure in what they sold their corporate soul to.

Thank God, what if the Catholics had been correct? Religious fails like JWs just show us we are on our own in relationship to Jesus Christ for those with that faith, religions are a failed decoy “middle man” just playing Christ for profit in their end devolution across the board. For the many who have not heard of Christ, and there are some (Matt10:23), they are in the most generic situation, they can be assessed as to what they are, as not all people are fullblown incorrigible evil. The test has always been this through out history, there are good, there are bad, it is God, not some religious circus show, that will determine what is what at a scale well beyond all these narrow religions and with a more positive goal than human beings could ever conceive of at heart for God is superhuman.

The more religions fail, the better and more positive is the outlook once we see their progressive fail is for an exposure to some of the sham they all are, and it cuts out that fake middleman so we can work on our own free moral agency in a more realistic manner knowing religious facades will mean nothing as far as some “Get Outa Hell” Free Card they sell for profit, huge profit; profit that will be put to world government recovery in the end anyways. The harlot stores up 500 trillion in assets for capital infusion after the global crisis recovers. Religions are very good at storing wealth, they hide it well, they eyeball it like beancounters and they save it for their real masters in the end, when it is time for world governemtn to outlaw that racket by international law, and seize all that wealth for global recovery.

JWs will merely be a sneak preview, they will be outlawed in some lands (if not all), they will be pillaged of 30-50 BILLION and their real mundane masters (Dan8:12; Dan11:32a) will be revealed in that process when God does not end the world, just the harlot-annex JW Org Factory of a Grand Farce, a case study in what NOT to do. The JW prophecy will fail, it si the end of the WTBTS not “the world”. It was just a smokescreen by delusional override to help end the JW ministry by it sown mouth and self-fulfilling prophecy.

[quote=’ckyap’ pid=’326850′ dateline=’1541647387′]
In John, is Jesus considered coequal with the father since the word was god? did god slip into a lesser role while the Son of Man waited, superior, only later to descend, a mortal? And where are the two today in heaven obviously not coequal anymore?

My theory is that Jesus was the Universe judge where YHWH is just a god within our galaxy.

Imo, these questions are a detour away from the goal of [i]personal [/i]spiritual development— just look at the church leaders to see what I mean, it just truns into a religious ritual of mumbo jumbo ad infinitum; now how is that helpful spiritually? Stick with the basic teachings of Jesus Christ, the human engineered meta-physics will not help you in the long run, and that is no opinion, imo. lol


The JW branch root is from the Reformation branch of advent Christianity. JWs being part of the so-called “Christendom” are not some out of the blue isolated epiphany, the root came from Reformation era “enlightenment” not just in the European secular system, but also in Reformation progressives because in reality the more open minded stance from that of Papal tyranny complemented each other. Those who think science and the reality are at odds have not seen the point in which they more than agree. Religious human ideas turned into “divine law” was the discrediting factor that made some believe any of this planetary life system development is in isolation. In all fairness, both science and religion have made mistakes, but it does not change reality, it just tries to colour our perception of it. In the convergence it is in agreement once the little glitches are ironed out by both systems’ individuals in time.

That being said, JWs do not have some monopoly on the prophets, they inherited the core structure from the Reformation derivations. Thus you will see that the whole religious complex even beyond Christianity, the whole Christianity complex of prophecy interpretation attempts, and JWs extension of it, will all be discredited along with JWs, as small as they are. This is because the global context will affect that great religious whole, they will all ply an eventual premature “the end” synopsis in time, because that is all that is built into their pre-programmed potential by the same errors as JWs, but older and more subtly ingrained into the background of the story.

This is not an opinion, imo, so to say. What is unique I have found in my research is the JW future forecast is the most premature in detailed steps of the supposed “the end of the world” of any corporate religion out there. True, lone wolf types have doomsday coming tomorrow, but I am talking the corporate religious stand on these things. What these means is JWs will fail in claims of “the end” first noted as they are the ones leading that doomsday delusion at this time. But, in time, corporate Christianity, does not have to say anything, the lone wolf types will also chime in on the delusional explanation that it is the end, how far corporate Christianity follows suit is yet to be seen.

The point is, all them premature delusional forecasts will FAIL, JWs first, the bandwagon jumpers and doomsdayers next, as far as global recognition due to the fact JWs are a highly publicized ministry by their own means, and due to their now globally revealed lawlessness, in tangency. The overall generic goal is to discredit the whole Christian prophecy complex by this coming mega-fail. There is no doomsday, even if another world war, it is all controlled and engineered for a purpose: to resolve the global problem into the global solution of globalized world government, as was the case after WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3 cycles, but only into the international nucleus forum of said world government at that time, the corporate actual super-structure would take the final economic crisis to actually assume control of nation-state government by mostly debt dependency which implodes into a final globalized financial system which actually drives the rest of the process of world government actual global authority. Military is used for a show, and for stubborn hold outs to accelerate the debt finality of a process all the major powers are in, as all run the same core central banking model.

Thus, what JWs and others I imagine, did get correct is global corporate profiteering religious complex is the end target in the spiritual dimension of that Babylon the Great “harlot”, their discrediting with this final cycle, aided by the discrediting of the failed Christianity prophecy complex from its main harlot wordsmiths, and that of the JW Fail Forerunner, will aid the transfer of their wealth for world government use after this next global crisis resolves, rather than “the end”, and after they endorse their master which has been the “powers that be” at that time coming into globalization completion into real global government. What JWs have wrong by GB deception, is BTG must be deposed after they endorse an official world government, not “BTG goes down next” as JWs state in error. There are a number of logical secular and prophetic reasons why BTG will be preserved until world government completion, we could examine that later.

The point is the JW fail of “the end of the world” will be in an overall Christianity reaction that will have a failed “rapture” and end as well. Imo, as a result, all religion will be discredited and they deserve it for various reasons. But the purpose is for people to accept world government as the final prophecy spin for the harlot (for those still influenced by that charm), even though they failed in their “the end” and “rapture” expectations. Religious system adherents evaporate as in Revelation 16:12, the stubborn core will keep spinning new explanations no matter what the fail rate, imo. But most will just be average Joes and Janes, disillusioned by religion, the recovery is what is designed to try to get them on world government board.

Imo, today’s “world government” “conspiracy theory” will be as if the obvious “solution” all along, it will not be a “conspiracy”, it will be reality and it will be welcomed as if it was there the whole time. And in reality, it has been there now for a good 20 years already, just not in officially stated form and not with the proper global nation-state crash incentive to see it is the next from of global governance and it will have the physical wealth in a quadrillion, and trillions in pseudo-financial devices, like final form currency, loans, handouts etc, to ensure a global recovery is what the next crisis resolves into, as usual. BTG will toss in like 200-500 TRILLION into that world recovery capital infusion when their deposition comes at that late stage time under world government, fully discredited as well, but corporately stacked with sheep-milked assets. JWs could easily being explaining this, but instead they lead the fake doomsday, hoax Armageddon, ruse “the end of the world” parade of the whole religious joke, by GB Pied Piper lead for the JW Lemmings of today. I state this is a speculation, for one because I am no “doomsdayer”, and so as not to be a ram-it-down-your-throat like JWs and some religions do. We just wait and see, but I know much of this is plainly logical in the age of globalization and its real but purposely back-burner end goal of world government. JWs have just joined the world Lemming herd, they lead it in fact but in limited effect, they are small, but their forecast is unique in its delusional prematurity, that is how they topple JW Org and make it a final JW fail laughing stock global, in th aftermath.


Part 1
Yes and no, let me clarify a little, please. Partially backed by religion assets, like maybe 10-15% imo in this speculative model. I do not really subscribe to a “the end” outlook, and I hope I can explain why I see it as a controlled transition. The “old world order” national system of today does “end”, but in hopefully controlled manner, no “doomsday”, turbulence yes, doom, no, and for good reason as I will try to explain. It is all part of the example of this hopefully more realistic outlook on the future, as a very general broad brush speculation.

This is a speculation on the way the prophecies are structured in their sequence of events and how real-world globalization systems actually work in first begin able to deploy by actual mega-wealth funding. Consider this an exercise in theorizing how the religious wealth sector could be converged into a global recovery cycle, as but a [small part] of the actual funding requirement to run an actual “world government”. It would be like a discussion some students might be having at the Thunderbird School of Global Management after class parking lot pow wow for a couple hours one day. Just for fun really.

To deploy a world government, we are talking in the start-up phase, 200 trillion required to safely manage OH for like 5 years, low ball estimate, but possible. Call it a start-up fund “world government endowment” prerequisite. Now that is easily doable for, let us call it, “King North” private global management system designate even at this time, but in risk management they would, imo, like a decade secured OH in symbolic wealth (like global currency guarantee) and the same in physical gold on hand.

(I am cross referencing only Daniel 11:42-43, and Revelation 17:8-18 and Revelation 13:3 for this speculation in very general “ball park” [conceptual] form.)
Therefore this little model of speculation is an opinion which is based on certain basic but global meanings applied to symbols in the prophecies noted, like,
(1) applying BTG harlot symbol to corporate bloodsucking religion and the

(2) scarlet wildbeast 8th King to King North aka world government globalization system in progress, and
(3) “King South” as the current evolution of US/EU “7th King” national-system predominant complex target of the KN pawning of Daniel 11:42-43. But it would be a global national system complex, including Russia and Asia, Middle east, etc, in the vortex to follow the US/EU critical mass economic meltdown driver, imo.
The time frame is initially over ten years for initial world government deployment, maybe 15, but not that far off; But DEFINITELY NOT some “it ends tomorrow” totally brainless delusional bullshit which merely thickens the fog on the global masses.

So, this is no “instant doomsday” scenario or any “end of the world”, this is the theory the world system does not collapse in global irreversible dysfunction even if in a mega global economic meltdown and world war, rather, it paves the way for a mega-global massively wealth backed global recovery, that if nothing stopped it like a “Kingdom of God” for example, it would deploy for many more millenniums in this actual “new world order” system, being speculated on in a small portion of how it could actually fund its start-up phase.

Note: First off, I do not believe in “doomsday” or “the end of the world”, secondly, I am talking in speculation, instead, on a controlled transition in global power; It is a brief a speculation on the fate of global religion along with the recovery of “King South” national governments as vassal states of globalization system King North 8th King world government, by use of some prophecy details, sequence and symbols plainly stated in Daniel 11:42-43 and Revelation 17:8-18, which is not even half a page of 12 pt text to base this speculation on. So, this is a simple speculative view just for shits and giggles, lol.

This is a total speculation on how they would actually deploy a world government, truly globalized, and how BTG little blip of wealth can aid the “on the street” process of that global recovery. For example of what I am speculating on, the wealth of BTG in ALL global corporate bloodsucking religions, is not significant in comparison to the actual global PHYSICAL gold and silver volume of the world system. Gold and silver is to name a couple classic physical-wealth benchmarks of former national wealth (see Daniel 11:42-43 for one of the prophecies in this hypothesis).

Recall, there are also diamonds and other precious stones and metals, real estate, land, resources human and natural, intellectual properties, etc. But gold and silver are historic and modern examples of “in hand” tangible stores of wealth— unlike currency which is based on gold when it is first deployed as an economic exchange device, in time it becomes stand-alone, its gold exchange guarantee is removed, like with the US Dollar in the 1970s. (fyi, refer to Mike Maloney, YT, modern currency and gold analyst expert.)

On the Importance of Physical Gold

The global gold volume is perhaps 4 times that recorded in global gold stats according to Karen Hudes, who is or was the Global Debt Facility head attorney of that World Bank group. If we used just the recorded gold volume and silver, etc, now leaving national system control as security for their debt, we are talking a couple quadrillion in future economic wealth magnitude and that based on physical forms of wealth in these classic precious metals which used to be the basis of national sovereignty as it is based on wealth control sovereignty.

But the US and EU are in over 30 trillion in combined debt obligations to the privately run corporate financial system, and in 200 trillion in debt combined with unfunded liabilities such as US Social Security, as an example. In other words, as in Daniel 11:42-43 rather explicit prophecy, the nation-state, let us say “King South” system HAS NO ACTUAL GOLD of any notable mega-volume they actually own.

But the KN corporate globalization management facility is in control of the brunt of the mega-volume. This is important, because fiat currencies are born from national gold volume as the mother of their backed existence as being able to be converted into gold, when it is required. But now all global currencies are based on the US Dollar, well over 2/3’s of them, and the US Dollar has been separated from its gold-exchange classic basis since the 70s. Thus, the nations hold currency distributed as debts, while the private global gold facility of let us say, “King North”, is in actual control of the physical global gold in a progressive manner to 100%.

Btw, that is no theory, that is the history of central banking internationally and its relationship to global gold volume and who owns it and its admittedly theoretical application to actual globalized mega-planetary-management systems, now made possible by advanced digital technology like no other time in human history.The point is, “he who has the gold, makes the rules”, and King South in this game has no gold, just currency and debt, King North Globalization Corporate, has the actual physical gold control in progressive manner, to, imo, 99% in like 15 years, maybe 10. BUT, that requires a global nation-state system debt default, to actually get that final gold ownership “in writing” to be backed ny Global NATO and KN International Law, you know, to make it all “official” that the nation-state is then to become a “loan modified” vassal of the globalized KN Corporate System.

Part 2

Global “Sword Stroke” Global Gas Pedal to the Metal

That is why global economic mega-crisis, or world war, or both, accelerate this process, as King South “7th King” US/EU system fall, King North “8th King” system rises on that fall, because they actually have to multi-quadrillions in physical wealth to recover the whole over time, and they own the national system “desirable things” of the national “country” itself (and here, under the multi-national tent, you can toss in BTG wealth core), and, finally, they can deploy a final financial system global-currency system as well. The point is, they can deploy an actually mega-powerful and fully functional truly globalized world government in the stats we can speculate on in these things today, even in low ball estimates.

But I do NOT say this is how they will do it, I say this is a possible general concept on how to deploy a world government to fund it initially until international taxes and the symbolic currency system can then run the machine. As start up, KN will require physical wealth to ensure world government can be actually functional in stand-alone funded form for say at least 5 years, imo. Now it may not make it that long anyways, but let us say no one shows up from “outer space” like Jesus Christ, to contest their global sovereign claim, for now. Thus in this scenario, there is no “the end”, they run the “four winds” phase of global unburdening of current human liability (Rev7;), and proceed as Kings of the World.

The irony is, in this speculation, is the harlot of global corporate “bloodsucking” religion global-complex, just aids the recovery process overall in their multi-trillions, they are not the basis of it, they just help out by their liquidation and redirection of their wealth and resources human and natural, secular, etc., to global recovery; you know, instead of being global bloodsucking drains on society. This deposition and liquidation fo global relgiion also has a positive psychological effect on the masses in this speculation, it makes “world peace” seem more credible to back that “world peace” positive global mantra of world government, when it is time to sell the product not by “doom”, but by massive global hope, relief and potential. Peace sells, and in time the nations will buy it more eagerly than world wars, which last possible cycle will have ended, as they did in WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3. They were just pre-cycles of this same global problem to global solution and great global hope formula to present, in final form, their “world government” King North Incorporated, or whatever they brand that system as when in official form in the future, in this speculation.

BTG is kept around to aid like 10% of the recovery at national “on the street” level by liquidation for public use of TRILLIONS in physical assets, real estate, estates, etc. Just an ironic twist on the fate of global religion, in this scenario of a study on how to deploy a world government with a true global recovery.
A real global recovery that could actually do what it claims as far as initial deployment and recovery for 200+ national groups, or whatever is present after the final “sword stroke” cycle which is the forge by which the King North Corporate Globalization System ends up OWNING the world by all the national systems being debt fried, and open to only one option: Accept World Government, it is the only saviour at that time, by design, there is no choice, the national groups will be on their knees, they will have to “give their power and authority” to world government, Rev17:8-18, BTG is shown deposed at the end of that Rev17:8-18 sequence. This is my speculation on why they save BTG for eventual asset assimilation to aid their world government process.

This is a doable exercise because advanced globalization studies on global management modeling (from the real world academic sector) do actually cover the same basic symbol-features present in those prophecies in very basic form on how this could work funding wise upon gold and global asset real ownership by KN System, its order of deployment sequencing after a global crisis in some form, and its target effect on the global national systems which must be made dependent and then fully controlled for this “world government project” to actually work as a real global management system and deployment.

It’s just for fun. lol I also consider this logic as an argument that it does not end in global chaos, but progressive order is what comes from the limited chaos. Brain dead religions have fostered the doomsday scenario which, imo, just stalls thinking more deeply on what is really developing. They are preserved for the whole fake doom cycle, because their delusional thinking helps control those believing it is “the end”, as they aid the process rather than actually teach people anything truly useful and valid.


I have found faith thankfully apart from the business of religion, and I too became freed from the narrow JW Judgment Complex which is in violation of many principles and criteria of their own supposed rule book. I now speculate the purpose of this “out of the blue” highly detailed but simpleton 3 step “the end of the world” JW deslusion is actually a great way to dissolve the WTBTS by its own mouth and smooth the 30 BILLION dollar minimum liquidation. This is smoothed out, because it is a multi-year process, because JWs will be in their “bunkers” paralyzed with the fear and guilt the GB has installed in them, to aid the liquidation rather than question it, for it will be “the end of the world”, but in reality it will just be the end of the JWOrg, and that final fail is also the final nail in this phase of a list of JW Prophecy FAILS, this one will be the grand slam.

But I digressed, in freeing myself by whatever aid was available at the time, my mind and heart became more open to others, even JWs, because unbeknownst to those under that GB Spell, they are the target victims to pillage and to make a global laughing stock of in also criminal globally recorded reproach. I realized it is the CEOs of WTBTS and their goon-JW-elite zombies in the WTS that are to blame for this JW Titanic of a situation that will become a global JW Org focused catastrophe.

When it comes to God I realize time and processes we do not have nearly a complete understanding of is the way the universe has rolled long before human life came to be on this planet no matter the mechanism, in either case of theory it is massive energy orchestration to even produce an environment a Bullfrog can call “home”. And they do, and that home, no matter where it came from, it did not come from the humans who think they are running this planet, I know that much.

So, though we all work out our own quest in our lives, years and experiences, I can now consider anyones viewpoint without the artificial JW dead-end having to be imposed on a dailogue the way JWs are trained to over-simplify the situation and produce a tale where they alone are the global winners, they could give a sh*t about exposing the real mechanics oppressing this planet, they are simpleton puppets with no real depth, and a subverted “truth” engineered, imo, for their own end game deposition of their ministry from their own mouth and the looting of the billions JWs scarcely realize are in control of the WTBTS, whose GB Clown Car is but the entertainer front men self-appointed celebrity talking heads who front the enormous scam.

Thus the dissolution of the JW Org is no small affair, but it is just part of the larger process where they do this to national institutions by the same means of a frontman con, a simpleton set of myths, and an end game the herd never has seen coming— why would lawless JWs globally known hypocrites all of a sudden, out of the blue, get some divine message of “the end”? Since when would God use criminals to warn anyone?

So, it is not the God Message in JWs now, it is the delusional “self fulfilling prophecy” of the GB Circus Ringleaders, and that kind of lie and deception, with that size of an asset score, cannot turn out well for the JW global community, it is what has is a human con engineered totally fake “armageddon” “coming” and it is criminal enough to ensure it will only harvest what it has actually sown and it will abandon JWs bamboozled in corporate rubble and legal entanglements as global spiritual outcast refugees. Imo, it has to be fast-tracked to loot JW Org ASAP and as fast as possible in this smokescreen of a hyped JW fake “the end” cult-mythology which really is the main distraction to lead the JW Lemmings wherever they want by the trusted GB Pied Piper black-flute of actual darkness.

No matter how one may wrap a dog turd, what is in the surprise gift seeps out to the senses anyways, JWs cannot conceal the turd they provide wrapping paper for in their JW Org Timebomb ready to blow complex of a con. It is terminal in criminal works against humanity.


On November 11, 18, andrewa771 wrote:
> Hello
> Have you heard that the GB announced that Russia and her allies are the new
> king of the north at the annual meeting? I remembered reading something where
> you mentioned once that happened, it is a indicator that we are going into the
> final cycle to world government.
> Well its confirmed now, and all I can say is Its about time for the rest of the
> prophecies to be fulfilled.

Yes, I was doing a new article on it just as the news of the annual meeting announcement broke:

How GB Fake “The End” Uses Erred JW Final Prophecy Sequence


These were like from 2015 and 2016 which speculated they would use the DECOY KN=Russia ruse to hype “the end” for JWs, but it just goes through the next “sword stroke” to KN actual 8th King World Government in time.

Next King North Hoax Primed For JWs

Next King North Hoax Primed For JWs

Now the specualtion I have also had, is will they also use a fake “peace and security” “fulfillment” aided by some global event or announcement? It has to be fake too, btw, because the real 1Thess5:1-3 “world peace” mantra has to come under complete world government.

They may use that peace and security fake-prophecy fulfillment as well, because even Christendom is familiar with this prophecy and its expectation, so the “the end” hype can then extend beyond just the deceptive effect on JWs.

They want to sell the “sword stroke” phase of Rev13:3 final form prior to healing into world government as if “the end”, so people are paralyzed in fear for a while. It is how the sword stroke is “AS IF” “slaughtered to death” and as if doomsday and “the end”. But it is all for the relieving effect to highlight world government presentation-global when that sword stroke instead “heals” into the recovery at which time, with that hopeful atmosphere from “the doom” preceding it not manifesting but healing, they present their world government and world peace final signal phase.

We have a few years left, the premature end delusion is to better control people by fear, it will fail for the healing instead, just as in Rev13:3 parallel “abyss rise” of world government in this final phase of Revelation 7-8-12 and its REQUIRED short “one hour” symbolic, of actual globalized world government global authority. That is what Christ will arrive into, parallel with their final sovereign over-extension of 8th King world government.

But, Christ extracts the sheep first, it is a completion work, then he deposes the NWO world government rival.


What some JWs do not realize and even xJWs is that statistically there are more xJWs by all means since 1976 than there are JWs today, and possibly more than any JWs since 1976 if we count those who have passed away as well. There are also more potential JWs that never did come in for whatever anomalies drove the JW Growth into that post 1976 downward spiral as shown at JWFacts conversion graph, below.

On that graph if the same downward trend slope is reversed from the 1970-1975 JW growth peak, then there would be 20 million or so JWs today. In reality, many Christian religions from the same approximated era of inception like SDA and LDS are larger than JWs, and they had minimal preaching door to door like LDS does, yet they still outgrew JWs.

There can be various speculations, but I think the principle is the same as in Malachi 1, and Haggai about the post Babylon state of Israel’s priesthood who were at many times a “cave of robbers” as in the 1st Century and they hybridized other religious forms into their system.

The GB is very clever in an evil way in which they corrupt JWs so effectively some can argue it is by design, and they are not even actually Christian much less “anointed” but of some dark force because this entire JW plummet, merely in terminal zenith today, statistically starts the downward spiral JW growth trend in 1976 whose projection to zero JW growth is by the early 2020s by its own downward slope from 1976 through to today.

If you look at what those JW conversion stats…

Specifically this chart of the perpetual downward spiral of JWs:

…and its downward trend slope, and assume the GB may also be lying in JW growth stats, they could be smaller than 8 million imo (hence all the JW asset liquidations down to the real numbers), then what it says is JWs are killing their own ministry as visible since 1976, it will be at zero growth on its own if it just naturally devolved as it already is.

But, this WTBTS thing can be “euthanized” imo, that would be the more efficient way for today’s “cave of robbers” to abscond with the 30-50 BILLION they are in control of from lowball to average estimate, as we can assume like with the liquidations, they have already skimmed out 10 BILLION conservative estimate. The GLOBAL life-long slave labor, the “divine mission” drive, the real estate valuation, the investments, the post 70s billions in donations and estate donations, all of it is why WTBTS has ammassed a fortune that would make Bill Gates envious, because they are tax exempt as a RICO charity-religion fraud RACKET as well. That is how with 1/3 the LDS numbers, JWs have ammassed at least 2 times the net worth.

Of course many JWs do not know this, most in fact, and that is what a racket is, the GB Scumbags beg when they fully know they have a half-a-century’s worth of WT “overhead” in the bank, yet they still beg as if they are going broke, and that myth also present on the internet aids the donation sheep-milking process and that is all they need JWs for even at this abysmal growth rate, to keep on bringing in 3 times the OH needed every year and that is aided by new suckers to milk, as that is all JWs are, WT-piggybanks-to-milk hunters for the GB Thieves.

Now as they crash the JW Org they may tell JWs they are broke (a pretext lie), but the easy calculation is 15 BILLION in KHs and org infrastructure and hard assets not to mention probably 15 billion more in cash and external investment valuation schemes and non-JW-Org real estate investment. (Because we do not know how successful have been the stock type investments, we cannot know the other half of this net worth, but high ball it could have cleared 100 BILLION, if that sector was as a little more profitable than the highly succesful WT real-estate valuation and investment sector.)

Thus, some one in those many shadow boards, top level JWs, do know how much this place is worth, and obviously they are not planning a “final warning blitz” nor to split up the leftover assets with JWs.

The scum in the WTS elite-JW-investment gangster pack is in love with the money obviously, JWs “rich man class”, and they are planning to score some of that looting when the time comes to euthanize JW ministry in its slow death by its very own uttered “self fulfilling prophecy”, and that fake “the end of the world” smokescreen is the perfect pretext to carry out this operation amidst petrified and helpful JWs who will aid, rather than question and fight, this liquidation process which can take a few years, but it is going to where it already is, the banking and investment and the securitization system for the hard assets because no doubt these guys have placed all the hard JW assets over some sort of hedge or derivative or other mega-loan security trap door out of JW control, in time.

It really is a well designed cult racket cloaked in a Christian religion.


If we pretended it is true it is not about heaven and perfect pleasure it is about designing a physical quest for a physical state of pleasure designed in the material world for the destruction of human beings and all life on Earth in ultimate form and a million ways to die in random manner before the ultimate can be deployed because it has to be built and implemented by humans even if by demon architecture; humans have to apply the system.

The understanding of its appeal to humans would require very realistic beta versions run by demons, but they can assume many physical forms over and over again, so it does not result in their death, just the pre-perfecting of the model. Then it goes live when finally starting “Post Edenic Download” into this slow human world 6000 years ago, which is why the “software” development is delayed to this degree in that humans take part of the subsequent versions by painstakingly having to be guided in every step of the way as humans build the model into global application. To avoid detection along the way ridicule works well, in stubborn cases or accidental epiphanies of this “matrix” the dissenters are neutralized in other ways.

In this make believe scenario, everything seems to be right on course, but other things can divert the final function of this software, and even its final function is not a “doomsday” but a selective application that would, by then, be capable of “select all” functionality if it could get that far and if the human network could be symphonic to the degree to apply the application at truly global scale. But, this is a fictional speculation but using the basic gist of the various stories of the purpose of Satan and the demons and also considering their massive age, intelligence and adequate actual understanding of the physical realm. Meaning it is fiction. Or is? lol

I guess a point is IF Satan is real, the game would not be solvable in a simple way, because even human games can be very difficult to reverse engineer when all the rules are not known, as in this world. It will require more effort to prove or disprove this software exists and has been downloaded into the human species mainframe.



It is an exercize in the suspension of disbelief to extend the “make believe” premise of an idea into various scenarios. That one tried out previously could go a million ways, that was just one for some fishing. This technique could be applied to the Hell’s Angels code or the US Constitution extended into an imaginary scenario, like offering a premise the Huns actually run the Hell’s Angels, or England drafted the original US Constitution outline presented tot he class on Friday, with a little speculative tale to be turned in on Monday for further discussion.

Thus, it is not statement of fact, it is an exercise in THINKING about things as if you believed them, or did not believe them, then extend them past the “last man standing” who currently run the accepted theory factory such as JW-WTBTS or Christian Academia, or whatever.

I have found in my research religions are dubiously unprogressive with their own theories on scriptural synopses. Their last dead leader is as far as it went, then the boards run the church business for profit where less thinking equals more “meek sheep” to milk which equates to retarded sheep in time.

JWs have done the same thing, so I try to get us XJWs to THINK beyond just getting out of the WTBTS which did require rubbing two neurons together, but the goal is to continue to THINK EVERYDAY! I feel JW leadership in that business board in the GB and their advisers have a very ingenious JW Retardation system that makes the world look like geniuses, and the longer JWs are in it, I hypothesize, the dumber the programming makes them. If, as in this little exercise, we extend this JW retardation into 10 or 20 more years, imo, they would be willingly actually sacrificing children to Satan, rather than just practicing sacrificing them by way of Pedophile Molech and his GB High Priests.

Another theory I experiment with is if people HYPOTHESIZE as a fun speculation, rather than “preach to each other” it gets others thinking, and finding out thinking in non-judgmental “comparative” atmospheres encourages? EVEN MORE THINKING AND FUN! It is no joke, I know from being a former religious label JW that they have dumbed down JWs very severely, perhaps now the stupidest people on Earth, perhaps, and I do feel getting the thinking juices flowing again in xJWs is actually very important.

The GB Cult knew how to let the furnace of mind burn low, and then go out completely, had they not done this, there would not be 1 more JW left, which is my goal, but I cannot do it alone. We gotta KEEP THINKING even after leaving JWs, because JWs are on a mental “autopilot” of true spiritual lobotomy that affects general brain physiology affecting mental function. In other words, the GB causes actual physiological brain damage [over time] by impeding normal inquisitive mental exploration and the natural psycho-active chemistry which it strengthens, they harm JW brains by means of symbols and ideations designed in systems of actual illogic to slowly kill critical thought into a brain massage zombification of a synthetic “salvation”.

You know, so JW Lemmings more willingly follow the GB Pied Piper come WTBTS “end game” time, a fake “the end” by the wy, except for the JW minsitry, the world will just plod along as usual witnessing the JW disasters at global scale. Where the GB Pied Piper is actually leading the brain-dead JW Lemmings who will not flee that deathtrap, is a new proposition of theorization of another one of these games of suspending disbelief and thinking with imagination, even if for 10 or 20 minutes if possible. But the more we do it, the better and imo more rewarding become the exercises.

The GB are leading JWs somewhere for real, and it is not to God, Christ or paradise. The next question sort of forms itself. And we see this JW Dilemma is not a game, it is not static, it too has an “end game”, but not the one stupefied JWs have been misled to think is coming— it will seem like it for a while, but this end game is for WTBTS alone. (And its 30-50 BILLION in JW assets globally)


Everyday more JWs, XJWs and the public at large globally are finding out about the lawless core CEO cabal that runs the supposed Christian ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses. The GB earthquake under the JW Ocean was from years ago in 1976, for they are the chief architects of a murderous set of policies where they get to play JW Charley Manson and pull the strings of the JW zombies to carry out their bidding to attempt to destroy human lives by undermining family, all kinds of people’s lives including children’s and the spirituality of millions as these GB criminals perform all this nefarious activity under the guise of a Christian front and that of a tightwad “charity”. A total LIE.

Thus the Tsunami is now rolling into JW beachfront community as every wave of exposure of the rotten core of the WTBTS adds more volumes of waters that will eventually undermine the JW ministry to zero growth and more people historically fleeing or kicked out than are even JWs as their “waters” are what is “drying up” for “the end” not of the world, but of this terminally apostate and defunct ministry in its own time– the end of JW Org. Thus, unlike the “Christendom apostasy” of other devolved ministries and cults which took history to expose over centuries in the old DNA of the same racket-type, JWs who claimed to be “on the watch” have devolved into a sordid criminal enterprise right under their own noses in but a few decades which it took to reach the true global evidentiary critical mass of JW-spiritual gangsterism of a true GLOBAL criminal “organization”.

What is coming for JW Org is PROSECUTION, what will be told the JW Lemmings is it is “persecution”. But the fact is this thing is going down due to criminal works and its “the end” warning is for itself, only WTBTS has sealed its own fate, the world will now be the witness of what is harvested when cult reaps pure evil under a guise of Christ as the shill to run the con into a multi-billion dollar transnational racket which infects all the nations of earth into which these GB Bed Bugs can crawl into, and undermine all their societies in the same manner as in America. Globally, the GB use the same criminal tactics, with the same cult techniques, with the same “holier than thou” veneer, for the same reaction from the “powers that be” which will have to eradicate this menace, for these GB-JW Bud Bugs will not cease criminal proliferation until they are stopped by greater powers— and any God would be one of the feet stomping this lawless mass of pests, so that power would only aid bringing the so-called “Watchtower” down, JWs will soon be spiritual refugees. Since when do criminals actually carry forth a valid “divine warning”?

And because of the criminal genius in GB policy, the prosecution can now potentially extend right into the congregations of Jehovah’s witnesses, because many elders volunteer to be criminal thug enforcers to help, for example, re-rape children spiritually in their unjust “Judicial Committees”, and they coerce the “flock” of JW cowards to also help impose their GB Policy Hell on the poor victims, sharing in the crimes and sins of the “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses Criminal Organization”.

So when “the end” comes, do not buy their “hard hitting judgment message that the complete end of Satan’s world has arrived” as per Botchtower 11/2013 already insane GB Pied Piper article, “Satan” is only shutting down JWs, the world will witness the downfall of the JW Global Criminal Empire, it is all a fake “the end” pretext smokescreen to help dissolve the WTBTS with JW aid, rather than resistance. And why? Because to JWs, it must be “the end of the world”, but in reality it is just the end of criminal organization at terminal zenith and the only way out now, is down. That is the only thing that will end this racket, prosecution brought on by its own hand, with a very GB convenient “the end of the world” delusion to aid that process.


On November 13, 18, andrewa771 wrote:
> You said: will they also use a fake “peace and security” fulfillment aided by
> some global event or announcement?
> My response to that is I’d definitely say so. Donald Trump’s son in law Jared
> Kushner has been working behind the scenes to put the comprehensive peace plan
> for the Middle East and it will be announced at some point.
> I’m not saying that this announcement will be the only peace and security call,
> but certainly it is a huge huge lead-in to the fake one like you said before.
> Also we should not overlook the economic situation here, it will get much much
> worse in the US, thanks to the trade war.
> The stock market has been pounded hard…and i don’t see it going away. The
> elites need all the distractions to push their final piece of world government
> agenda through.
Yes, that is my speculation. The Russia=KN-decoy was also speculation when it became evident a fake “the end” would be perfect smokescreen to attack the JW Org, due to sins it has to pay for, and just sell it off to JWs as “the end” to aid, rather than resist, the process. In the long run, it also keeps JWs on the global stage, even for very bad reasons, because the recovery summary can then expose everything they have been concealing in time.

A fake but globally-present “peace and security” would really make JWs be “the end hyped. I was at Reddit xJW site and saw about 10 threads on King North as it came out:

Now there are like 100 threads on KN. Though the style is different there, I have found Reddit xJW much more fruitful than Topix, and I have not seen any fighting because everyone there is “sighing and groaning”. I have seen the membership double there since I joined just a few months ago, so I think God is getting many JWs out as in Matthew 24:15. The Leah Remini A&E Special [Scientology and the Aftermath: The Jehovah’s Witnesses] oughta bring in a few thousand more subscribers, I’ll bet.

Everyday, more are leaving and more are becoming aware of the WT scandal mill. But, this is very interesting to track, knowing much more is actually involved and it is in time and events in prophecy in Daniel 11:30-35 and 8:11-14 as far as apostasy and UN NGO alliance and cover up of world government in progress. Now must come the Daniel 8:13-14 desolation accounting, cleansing and recovery phases “evening” darkness to “morning” of final enlightenment meaning to this final apostasy, now in JWs by an illegal GB lead.

I use StarTemple as my reddit xjw handle, in case you happen over there. It is far more tactful than topix JW forum. And as of yet, I have seen no shadow banning like at Topix.


Read more carefully. You and I are more accountable than ignorant ones, but ignorant ones will be here when Christ arrives and he died for them too, and if they are not incorrigibly evil, they will be saved. The judgment is dependent on our own knowledge, the more we know concerning Christ the more will be asked of us. But, there is no mass genocide of unbelievers in ignorance and even in “corporate religion” which is God’s enemy, because either people are ignorant or misled, and God will have to judge them as he did Job who was an outsider. And they will not have to all endure a test like Job, God knows what people can bear, what they are at heart, and who will become cooperative under Kingdom rule which is what is coming, not more demon rule, not another mass genocide like the flood.

Those sheep of Matt25 did not even read Matthew 25, or they would not be asking those ignorant questions. They are new sheep, like Saul of Tarsus, sheep who shall also see the light, sheep who at present do not even know they are sheep. There are many sheep that do not even know there are sheep, just as there are many goats who claim to be sheep. God is who “brings the secret things of mankind” to light at Christ arrival for the first actual physical salvation. You are speaking of those who already know Christ, yes we are heavily accountable, true. I am talking about people in absolute ignorance, and those truly misled by fraud Christians, but who will be found with the correct heart condition when Babylon the Great goes down. As in Israel’s time, many more people, nations, not just the Jews, were freed by Cyrus from the grip of babylon. Thus Revelation 11:13 parallel Revelation 14:6-8 means many with even some knowledge, some even in non-Christian religions, will be saved, “a tenth the city” which is BTG.

The GB will not be the only ones misled by their own love of judgment, when James said plainly MERCY exalts triumphantly over judgment. Those who condemn will be condemned when condemning people we cannot judge, those who find mercy for them, will be saved. THAT is what it has always been about until preachers devolved into more and more self righteousness to assemble followers then religions by use of fear and undue narrowness to support that fear to keep the sheep hemmed in the pens, like the GB has done.

But the reality is, like the sinner dying beside Christ, God will “have mercy on who I shall have mercy” for Christ bought the whole world, and his blood is already applied even if the ignorant do not know about it yet. But many claiming to know Christ will also be told to “get away from me, you workers of lawlessness”. And there is one thing about them lawless ones, not one lets up on the fear of judgment tactic to glorify themselves, and for some, to trap millions of sheep into profiteering rackets called religion. Mercy is what will triumph over judgment, it has already been promised, because in the end God is merciful to those who show mercy, we only spoke things of Christ, we had no authority to really see human hearts, but we know God does see, and he makes the final call— but might as well, actually by commandment, open the doors of salvation as wide as possible as Christ made possible by perfect blood, and especially for the ignorant who at church burn in hell, in JWs burn at Armageddon by the word of their lawless leaders whose fruitage proves what they are.

We have to blow the whistle on this condition, and redefine the salvation whenever we can. The tactic of threatening people, which JWs have mastered, has run its illegal course. Time to make it “the good news” which it is, anytime we can as in Revelation 14:6-7 “everlasting good news”. There is now no excuse for those of us with knowledge of Christ in union with him who are aware. It us who get judged first, we have to be as open in salvation as was Christ, wicked people and ONLY wicked people are who have already caused their own ruin if they do not repent. That is God’s work by Christ, but so is saving those, all of those, who are not wicked and obey the law of love no matter how they arrived at that personal code, love covers a multitude of sins, a loving person cannot be destroyed. (Rom2:18-22) They get congratulated come Matthew 25″31-40 time, as surprised as they are to be among the sheep, with the dumbest of noob questions at that time, proving just how new they are as sheep of the Christ.

The burning in hell and burning in Armageddon iron fist method is coming to an end, in its own mini-armageddon on JW Org, for a warning to all to of course, it resulted only in religious-lawlessness. It will be time to make it good news, make it truly positive once again. Many preachers end up lacking mercy, they are in more danger than a person of the world in ignorance. It is no cake walk, but it is not impossible to become merciful either, it is all in the scruptures, but it takes the right motive to search it out.


Well, I do not argue, globalization system governance, aka, “world government” would be “King North”=”8th King” as a no brainer Global Management Corporate Concepts 101, applied to a known JW prohecy logic they will not complete to save their lives. Thus, the GB save the best for “the end” of the WTBTS and if it sounds silly now, it won’t when they help dissolve the JW Org amidst a JW “the end of the world” “hard hitting judgment message” as in WTs 11/2013, 7/2015.

Only problem is, “the end” will not come, Russia is nothing. If they could not overcome the real “King Fierce” Globalization System as the USSR, they will not now as more heavily corporatized and indebt nation-state.

Now in this imaginary synopsis, pretending as if JWs had a little of the prophecy correct, the nation-state “King South” goes into economic checkmate by the Globalization Corporate System “King North” as in Daniel 11:42-43, JW Org goes down as in Daniel 11:41.

What the GB failed USSR=KN DECOY revisited in the fake Russia=KN current “the end” hype does, is make JWs think Daniel 11:44-45 activates next on the prophecy agenda. But, as in the premise above that King South 7th King must fall BEFORE and 8th King Globalized World Government emerges from the global-dust for a global recovery, JWs are over-advanced in a “Pay [No] Attention to Daniel’s Prophecy” GB-aided severe delusion.

The test will be seeing WTBTS dissolved globally for lawlessness of every sort, looting 30-50 BILLION in JW assets in that process, yet “the world”?

The “world” will witness the downfall and proceed to the completion of globalization aided by a final “sword stroke” which recovers into said world government. Now using JWs own rules Christ said “the end” does not come during a time of “wars and reports of wars” (Matt24:6) like what may be coming to bring Russia and China in line, it comes with a “world peace” of 1Thess5:1-3, imo, of completely globalized by that time “world government” 8th King, King North etc, all convergent to the same point in global history. (Yet, in WT all their doomsday “it must be the end” imaging for their crazy articles, is all in a time of global chaos-looking scenes. Like if Long Beach had another riot, JWs would think it was the end contrary to Luke 21:9, but it is just localized disturbances the martial state cleans up, along with them “JW Bunkers” JWs will be hunkered down in with a peek holt to space, looking for Christ arrival way prematurely. It is a pretext, imo, to end JW Org by its own mouth, fake prophecy and GB sanctions)

Now I never said I believe the prophecy, this is an exercise using JWs own rules as if they were to finish the story they began, but now they violate all their prophecy criteria for a premature “the end” which would be the warning-JW-ignored of 2Thess2:1-2. I am just offering an alternative to the JW “the end of the world”, which imo, is just “the end of the JW Org world” and that globally for a 50 BILLION dollar score as they also sell off all the trademarkes and intellectual properties, 15 billion in hard assets directly involved with the organization and another 15 billion in commercial real estate, stock, and hedge investments and insurances primed for “the end” of the WTBTS.

I think the GB duped JWs big time, they are the ones “leaving the holy covenant” in Daniel 11:30b and the leaders of the JW modern apostasy of Daniel 11:32a and all the global stumbling of Daniel 11:33-35 IF we used JWs own prophecy upon them. “Christendom” is irrelevant, JWs are far far more lawless and organized to do it than any other religion of our times, because they thought they knew better and that brings extra scrutiny. (Of course, this is why the evil-GB conceals the real King North as world government yet in progress, no-brainer in this speculation)

The rackets and money laundering corporate global-indictments will come when “the end” (of WTBTS-global) comes, imo, they are saving that for game day one. Pedophile prosecutions are too slow, rackets will have the WTBTS door kicked down at dawn, once the grand juries of the world come back with a thumbs up, for JW Org down.

But I state this is an opinion, a speculation, using JWs own prophecy against them and their modern apostasy.


I am a bit of a history buff, and always imagined that scene at the Battle of the Little Bighorn when as General Custer was being wiped out, Captain Benteen rolled into the Valley of the Little Bighorn a little late from a recon to see Captain Benteen with a little over a 100 men being surrounded on “Reno Hill”. The news was all guesswork at the time, but Custer’s command was being wiped out as we know from history totaling 262 men, some of which died on the Reno retreat and during the siege of Reno Hill.

I think what Captain Benteen felt is similar to what active Jehovah’s witnesses feel in a way, when they peak into the Reddit EXJW “Valley of the Little GBighorn” forum. They see mobs of “hostiles” swarming on the GB Custer Command down in the valley dust, distant shots that just keep going on and on, and they see a few besieged JWs digging into the Reno Hill pits, but there are no GB “helpers” that can actually help, they are also being dragged behind horses down by the river. They see, like Benteen maybe thought that there is hope, but there is really no hope for the GB Command the hordes of anti-WT-hostiles just keeping pouring in, more and more, never ending— completely outnumbering the GB Command now., But they try very hard to hope the best, but the GB command will be wiped out and these armies of spiritual warriors growing in numbers like Sitting Bull’s Sundance Horde kept growing up to June 25, 1876, are why. JWs cannot beat Crazy Horse this day, for they are the ones driven nuts by the GB Brass, they have been led into the valley, they thought they would win, then came the wall of TATT warriors with 100,000 arrows and 100,000 rounds and all aimed at Camp GB and the lawless command they force to go into battle for them alone, and their billions.

The arrows being shot into the GB Command of JW “Soldiers in the GB” are hitting the mark—shhhhwump, shhhhwump, the criminal empire of the GB is being exposed, cut to pieces and flaming on as fiery arrows and Henry Repeating Rifle projectiles shower down from the sky in an endless barrage, as war clubs thunk the fake “theocracy”, as Law-Siouxt Pedophile Tomahawks cleave into JW Child Rapists now exposed by the media brush-fire on the JW plains, all now like hunting 3-legged buffalo, as only a few JWs are dug into the hill siege like worn down and out JW Groundhogs. JWs try to fire back, but their carbines and guns are jammed with heat and dirt, dirt from the GB criminal empire, their horses bolt, warriors descend upon them 10 to 1. Some turn their horse and blot for the freedom of the bliss of ignorance on first sign of utter defeat in the valley here, some wander in to be trapped in ravines, burnt out of the river underbrush, chased into the prairie. Others join the feathered horde and turn on the traitor GB Frauds and their doomed JW Command.

The smart ones join the whooping warriors, this is where we all came from, because they are welcome and they can join the victory, the triumph over the criminal GB and their doomed command. No way is the GB Cusster skating off Scott Free from this one, no way, the GB Command is now in the valley also being cut into 40, and 20s, down to 1 then 0. All that will be left is a few stubborn JWs on Groundhog Hill, but unlike Captain Reno they will be abandoned by the JW Org, there is going to be no GB Benteen sent for them. They will be kicked to the curb and utterly betrayed. Then they can try to process what is happening when Camp JW Org is in heaps and ruins and “the world” did not end, it just witnessed the disaster. If they do not leave lawless JW Org, JW Org will leave them. (Matt24:15; Isa66:6) There is no “end of the world” just “the end of the JW Org world” is all this is.

Time to join the real “Sitting Bull” out here, He is against the criminal JW Organization of Abuses. JWs have only the apostate-GB to “deliver them”, what a farce. There is no validity of a “divine warning” of “the end” delivered by lawless JW zombies, since when do criminals take forth a truthful “warning”? It is JW Org’s Little GBighorn. More warriors arrive everyday. True, it is “the end”. Of the JW Org, not the world.

Custer’s Last Stand Animation


[quote=’Lance’ pid=’300771′ dateline=’1511715383′]
Does anyone have the slightest idea who or what the beast is or it’s power other than what is written in the Bible about it? It is spoke of in at least four books of the Bible. But operated in all 66 books. Who or what is this critter with so much power over all the world? It’s a beast with seven beast heads and even one of those died.:D

There is a nation-state “seven headed wild beast from the sea [of humanity]” paralleled in the Daniel to Revelation 13 prophecies of the seven world powers having a spiritual effect on the world from (1) Egypt, (2) Assyria, (3) Babylon, (4) Medo-Persia, (5) Greece, (6) Rome, (7) Anglo-America national-systems en route to globalized (8) world government as originally bench-marked in history in Daniel by means of Babylonian, Medo-Persian and Grecian names and history unto the easy Roman extension into the Anglo-American corporate system which underlies everything including the governments, they are all defined as corporations as are religions, etc.

By Revelation 17 that “seven headed” wildbeast composed of the progression of those seven powers becomes a “scarlet wildbeast” and the 8th world power as a whole meaning of all that sovereign prophetic symbology in Daniel 2,7,8,11-12 and Revelation 13 and 17— a very skimpy set of structural prophecies in comparison to most of the Bible “filler”.

Thus, with what is known about academically described globalization and its global “geo-politics” the goal is a completion of globalization, aided by world cycles of chaos, which undermine nation-state sovereignty wherein 90% of “world government” is the resultant debt-default of the global nation-state system to come into “receivership” of an international law backed corporate pantheon of the highest global finance and economic power, supra-national in known globalization studies such as one would be exposed to in 101 level Thunderbird School of Global Management coursework.

Thus, the real power is trans-national corporatism’s network of extremely wealthy, powerful and far sighted corporations who run the central banking system, all the global currency systems now over 80% underlayed by the US Dollar (not physical gold), and form the management agencies, supra-governmental as far as the nation-state that oversees economic components like securities, insurance, mortgages, banking and credit, national governemntal debt and unfunded liability portfolios which is all beyond the scope of nation-state governments who merely grease the gears they create to undermine their own countries in enormous debt and unfunded liabilities.

Thus, when they do finally collapse, it is “the end” of the “old world order” system of national sovereignty to be superceded by a unified globalized system of world government and its UN Executive Branch, Global Super-NATO and corporate matrix sectors for management of the nations in what would be a “new and improved” “world order”, aided by any global turmoil which helps euthanize the nation-state illusion of actual autonomous sovereignty— which if they are not wealth and information sovereigns, then they are puppets of those who are.

Thus, the no-brainer projection is there is no “end of the world” but of the nation-state highly erred and inefficient wealth drain system, it is merely transitioned into a globalized mega-world-power with by then 100% control of the corporate power, military power and wealth power of the world system, which is still composed on nation-states but as states of world government as the “seven headed wildbeast” of the nation state historic “wildbeast from the sea” transforms into its “scarlet wildbeast” rendition of by then globalized world governemnt in this speculative end refectory of prophecy all converging into one global-unified whole which is then the signal entity in a sovereign conflict with the “Kingdom of God”, which would be headed by the “King of kings” Jesus Christ.

Religions will just fail until they are under world government, as their “end of the world” forecasts never will quite manifest but into a recovered more powerful global system, aka 8th King, King North, King Fierce as the whole Daniel 2 “immense image”, a whole greater than the sum of nation-state parts, is all convergent world government on the global scene in say 15 years, plus minus. Any world war of global economic meltdown or both just “heals” (Rev13:3) into the final evolution of planetary management, aka, “world government”. (Rev17:8-18)

In that speculative scenario corporate religions are deconstructed into “one world religion” and their assets aid the recovery as they are deposed after world government they will endorse is complete— they were useful in the whole evolution of globalization because they plied myths and caused divisions which aided the global “divide and conquer” progress, their like 200-500 trillion can then be re-infused and directed to world recovery wherein the world does not end during a global catastrophic war or whatever as in Matthew 24:6, the sovereign conflict with the “Kingdom of God” comes with the World Government main global-mantra of “world peace” “and security” as parallels of 1Thessalonians 5:1-3 and Daniel 8:25.

Thus, the world government by hopeful recovery dupes all the “doomsdayer religions” out there discrediting them for their final deposition by international law of world government by then empowered by a Globalized NATO total global authority to enforce international law, no longer a “law of consent” but of actual global power and authority as in Revelation 17:11-18, where Babylon the Great is the global religious corporate empire who was duped the whole way, because world peace is how they sell world government in grand global recovery and the 2+ quadrillion to back it in physical gold, all national holdings, and the authority of the final financial system by overhaul into a global monetary/credit system.

The “end of the world” scare and hype of religion and other groups, was the sleight of hand trick to bring in globalized world government in by then truly globally functional form and power.


[quote=’Lance’ pid=’300771′ dateline=’1511715383′]
Does anyone have the slightest idea who or what the beast is or it’s power other than what is written in the Bible about it? It is spoke of in at least four books of the Bible. But operated in all 66 books. Who or what is this critter with so much power over all the world? It’s a beast with seven beast heads and even one of those died.:D

There is a nation-state “seven headed wild beast from the sea [of humanity]” paralleled in the Daniel to Revelation 13 prophecies of the seven world powers having a spiritual effect on the world from (1) Egypt, (2) Assyria, (3) Babylon, (4) Medo-Persia, (5) Greece, (6) Rome, (7) Anglo-America national-systems en route to globalized (8) world government as originally bench-marked in history in Daniel by means of Babylonian, Medo-Persian and Grecian names and history unto the easy Roman extension into the Anglo-American corporate system which underlies everything including the governments, they are all defined as corporations as are religions, etc.

By Revelation 17 that “seven headed” wildbeast composed of the progression of those seven powers becomes a “scarlet wildbeast” and the 8th world power as a whole meaning of all that sovereign prophetic symbology in Daniel 2,7,8,11-12 and Revelation 13 and 17— a very skimpy set of structural prophecies in comparison to most of the Bible “filler”.

Thus, with what is known about academically described globalization and its global “geo-politics” the goal is a completion of globalization, aided by world cycles of chaos, which undermine nation-state sovereignty wherein 90% of “world government” is the resultant debt-default of the global nation-state system to come into “receivership” of an international law backed corporate pantheon of the highest global finance and economic power, supra-national in known globalization studies such as one would be exposed to in 101 level Thunderbird School of Global Management coursework.

Thus, the real power is trans-national corporatism’s network of extremely wealthy, powerful and far sighted corporations who run the central banking system, all the global currency systems now over 80% underlayed by the US Dollar (not physical gold), and form the management agencies, supra-governmental as far as the nation-state that oversees economic components like securities, insurance, mortgages, banking and credit, national governemntal debt and unfunded liability portfolios which is all beyond the scope of nation-state governments who merely grease the gears they create to undermine their own countries in enormous debt and unfunded liabilities.

Thus, when they do finally collapse, it is “the end” of the “old world order” system of national sovereignty to be superceded by a unified globalized system of world government and its UN Executive Branch, Global Super-NATO and corporate matrix sectors for management of the nations in what would be a “new and improved” “world order”, aided by any global turmoil which helps euthanize the nation-state illusion of actual autonomous sovereignty— which if they are not wealth and information sovereigns, then they are puppets of those who are.

Thus, the no-brainer projection is there is no “end of the world” but of the nation-state highly erred and inefficient wealth drain system, it is merely transitioned into a globalized mega-world-power with by then 100% control of the corporate power, military power and wealth power of the world system, which is still composed of nation-states (all of them) but as states of world government as the “seven headed wildbeast” of the nation state historic “wildbeast from the sea” (Rev13) transforms into its “scarlet wildbeast” Revelation 17 rendition of by then globalized world government in this speculative end trajectory of prophecy all converging into one global-unified whole which is then the signal entity in to become in global-sovereign conflict with the “Kingdom of God”, which would be headed by the “King of kings” Jesus Christ, in this speculation.

Religions will just fail until they are under world government, as their “end of the world” forecasts never will quite manifest but into a recovered more powerful global system, aka 8th King, King North, King Fierce as the whole Daniel 2 “immense image”, a whole greater than the sum of nation-state parts, is all convergent world government on the global scene in say 15 years, plus minus. Any world war of global economic meltdown or both just “heals” (Rev13:3; Dan11:42-43) into the final evolution of planetary management, aka, “world government”. (Rev17:8-18)

In that speculative scenario corporate religions are deconstructed into “one world religion” and their assets aid the recovery as they are deposed after world government they will endorse is complete— they were useful in the whole evolution of globalization because they plied myths and caused divisions which aided the global “divide and conquer” progress, their like 200-500 trillion can then be re-infused and directed to world recovery wherein the world does not end during a global catastrophic war or whatever as in Matthew 24:6, the sovereign conflict with the “Kingdom of God” comes with the World Government main global-mantra of “world peace” “and security” as parallels of 1Thessalonians 5:1-3 and Daniel 8:25.

Thus, the world government by hopeful recovery dupes all the “doomsdayer religions” out there discrediting them for their final deposition by international law of world government by then empowered by a Globalized NATO total global authority to enforce international law, no longer a “law of consent” but of actual global power and authority as in Revelation 17:11-18, where Babylon the Great is the global religious corporate empire who was duped the whole way, because world peace is how they sell world government in grand global recovery and the 2+ quadrillion to back it in physical gold, all national holdings (Dan11:42-43), and the authority of the final financial system by overhaul into a global monetary/credit system.

The “end of the world” scare and hype of religion and other groups, was the sleight of hand trick to bring in globalized world government in by then truly globally functional form and power.

In final form, though the principle was present in all 3 world wars including the Cold WW3, the US/UK current “seventh head” nation-state system is what collapses in the next global “sword stroke”— but only to be handily recovered into said world government completion of the globalization process. (parallel Rev13:3; Rev17:8-12 sword stroke to healing “abyss [of sword stroke effects] ascension” of said World Government— the entity to highlight in this global recovery of great global relief and hopefulness; that is the gist of the effect of this trick, imo) That is a very tricky trick to say the least, many dupes are expecting an “end of the world”, or a “rapture”, but they have to ride along with everyone one else to where it is going: world government and the real Revelation 13:16-18, Revelation 17:8-18, imo.


Well, I am speaking of the GB Experiment since 1976, which has failed and the uphill struggle they turn the downward spiral of the JW ministry into. I do not, as the GB hope, doubt the existence of God Almighty or his appointed “Chosen One” in Christ or the prophecy as guaranteed. The GB Lawlessness causes many to doubt the whole story, when in reality this is just a classic apostasy and its “truth spoken of abusively” due to the conduct and enforced policies of a few “rich man” rich men GB-WT CEOs ruining the JW ministry and leading them into the Valley of Apostasy and all of its detrimental effects against God, Christ, prophecy, JWs and humanity at large.

Now imo, God will act against the apostate JW Org, but everything to and after that will actually proceed according to the prophecy, but it has to be seen as a human speculation until that first event of JW Org going into [timed] judgment has verified Daniel 8:13-14— because no way did a GB headed supposed “theocracy” bring JWs into any “right condition” but the wrong condition of profaned “constant feature”.

The GB is covering up active world government prophecy, and the apostasy development by keeping errors in Daniel 4, 8 and 11 in place in the JW mind, such as the decoy King North being the Russia decoy— and it will get worse with deceptive “self fulfilling prophecy” in the near future, because it is “the end” of the JW Org apostasy, not the world.

It was all a pretext to form a smokescreen to conceal the real reason JW Org goes down, and that first: JWs have been led into a plain as day apostasy and they are taught to not apply final apostasy prophecy to their own “wrong condition” as a setup for the real Daniel 8:13-14 and its Daniel 11:41 context to come.

The GB has no monopoly on the Bible or prophecy, it is far older than their devolution into “man of lawlessness” signal “lifting themselves over everyone” as GB=FDS a few years back. Far be it for that GB “evil slave class” head to apply the modern apostasy prophecy to their own “operation of error” now turned into a full blown LIE as in 2Thess2:11-12, and JWs are who are believing that lie, because only JW Org is going down and “the end” will help liquidate its 30 BILLION as JWs aid the process, obey as crazy as it sounds, and become paralyzed in fear, rather than resist and remove the GB, which is difficult because the GB has many gauntlets in place to preserve their power and the billions for the real King North Globalization System players, whom they work for as Daniel 11:30b and 11:32a.

The world will not end, just WTBTS, and this fake prophecy they ply will become the final, but enormous, JW fail and eventual global laughing stock to try to impede any ministerial recovery for as long as possible. It is Daniel 11:41-43 that will activate fully and complete in 7th King King South subservience to King North eventual world government.

But JWs will be misled to think Daniel 11:44 is what is next to activate, but that is over-advanced in real progress to 8th King King North world government to emerge as the next global crisis “heals” and recovers into said globalization completion, “gather the nations, for “one hour” of Rev17:12 world government.

THAT is what JWs have missed, yet it can easily be applied to the purpose of rampant globalization since 1990, when the USSR system fell and JWs joined that 3rd UN presentation prophecy of, imo, Daniel 11:31b as UN NGO, choosing that “kingdom” to promote from then onward, RATHER THAN update everyone of who the real King North must be as 8th King globalization progress to eventual world government.

That is why the GB covers up who King North has to be, same as 8th King, same as King Fierce, it is the final evolution of human planetary management systems as one world government. But I state it as a speculation, but much more is backing this prophecy speculative trajectory than the “presto endo of the world” the GB is now plying as 2Thess2:1-2 premature forecast well warned of, but ignored by JWs.

It is not an instant end, we have a number of years left for the prophecy and world events it outlines to fully manifest and that over the JW ministerial rubble aided by the GB Apostates in league with the “wildbeast” interests to form this detour and from-their-own-mouth coming cessation of the JW ministry by official GB sanction, as if “the end”, but it is a deception (Rev13:3), only JW Org shall now end in its apostate cycle terminus.

What happens after JWs go down is yet to be seen. The “Assyrian” is who is now running their ministry that is how this mega-stumbling lawless ministry was developed in short order since the GB took power, stole it, in 1976.


I had to think about this for a while, for the “fruitage of the spirit” would speak for itself, as would “the works of the flesh” in that simple principle. In the 90s it was puzzling because it was “lukewarm” I had a gut feeling something was wrong because if everything was according to code, there would be no problem. I did not know about the collective “hidden sins” of JWs because it was after the web became active that that info became available. The first site I came across was “silent lambs”, and it was enough to answer the question about what I was feeling, then by the mid 90s. 

But now, as in law enforcement stats that many more crimes occur than are reported and that a very small percentage of those even reported are actually prosecuted, and only again only a percentage results in incarceration, I started to imagine the real numbers being hidden in JWs. And the reason is human is human, JWs have the same battles of good and evil and the grey areas as anyone else, and like some others, they are OK with a veneer of righteousness while bad things are actually going on. 

That is what is sad, I expected a little more gumption and honesty from JWs, but then I saw the JW org policies actually promote hiding sin, because their alternative, that is “confessing” to the neo-Catholic Priests in the sinner elders, is something many people find distasteful in basic form, but when JWs condemn the “Christendom clergy class” yet have a modified clergy of their own, even requiring confession too, and the “JW Inquisition” to follow, by rules of a Pope-like “Governing Body”, I realized: IT IS THE SAME EXACT THING! NO WONDER!
It is just disguised with modded clown suits and modded pretexts, but it is all anti-Christian in final effect and it produces that same result, found in a JW Bible as follows: 

(2 Peter 2:1-3) . . .However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among YOU. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their acts of loose conduct, and on account of these the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, with covetousness they will exploit YOU with counterfeit words. But as for them, the judgment from of old is not moving slowly, and the destruction of them is not slumbering.
Now JWs are a “destructive sect” in terminal form. And because of the [Manmade] GB Code of Lawlessness “account of these the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively” because it is the way of the GB that is seen as “the way of the truth” by association, bad association with those spiritual vipers.
JWs are just another apostasy, because as the principle of the blowback effect of criminal lawlessness like the GB Lawless Policy Makers has produced, it has been going on for years since Peter penned that spiritual pathology symptom. JWs are nothing new at apostasy, they are new in time, but it is the exact same kind of wold in sheep’s skin pattern of effects. 

The GB has sterioded themselves as the “holy men” who are demons in the flesh, by their first move in 1976 to install a coercion and threat complex, as upon Ray Franz, for anyone who questioned their codified errors. Then, Ray Franz and the others, and the generic dissenters to follow were all labeled as apostates, by the actual apostates in the GB. Then as the onslaught of actually GB “spoken of abusively” due to real criminal conduct, they bolstered their holy man “the slave” veneer as a reciprocation of the same magnitude of the condemnation of this critical “apostates”; that is, the GB was seen as holy as these “apostates” were wicked. But in reality the GB is the wicked-core in JWs. Once that “the slave” body, evil slave in reality, defended themselves they did it with a false pretext they are God’s chosen, they are gods, they are Christ’s brothers, they are in the Bible as a “governing body” in perpetuity from the apostles, criticizing them is equal to turning against God. 

But it is all a lie, the lie of 2Thess2:11-12 and JWs under control are the ones believing that stellar LIE.
In that gradual process of their own deification, the GB have “[publicly] seated themselves as god” “IN the temple of the God” and kept “lifting themselves over everyone” on the planet and in the temple as the “faithful slave” but actual “man of lawlessness”, and it is all now plain as day in the “public record” that they have at the least fulfilled the principle of 2Thess2:3-4, with that fake “Jehovah’s Day is here” of 2Thess2:1-2 too boot, all plain as day once one sees through them and removes themselves from “bad associations” with JWs who condone these spiritual frauds. 

It took time, it took the web to spread the word and have it easily available, and that is how JWs are terminal apostates now, they will not turn back, something else has to put and end to the JW Org, and that is also in their own fake but self fulfilling prophecy, they speak of their own end in reality, but they fool JWs to think in a delusion, it must be “the end of the world” which just forms a smokescreen for a while to conceal the real reason for their coming “end of the WTBTS” is due to criminal lawlessness as policy among today’s “active [so-called] Jehovah’s witnesses” really now the GB’s Witnesses for Evil, Stumbling and Cover Up Scandal that has now stumbled more people than there are even JWs, which is probably actually 5 million now, and EVERY DAY, more are fleeing that doomed filthy “temple” now fully ruined by these lawless fraud priests who JWs worship and serve, and who mislead JWs into ruinous transgression and profanations.
You really cannot make this sound worse than it actually is, in them hidden sins is more criminal activity than what has been exposed, and the GB are worse than any criminal devolution in spirituality since the Pharisees of Christ’s time, they are the only guys who outsin this GB “evil slave” in plain as day visibility and a global record “piled clear to heaven” as just another lawless corporate religion turned enemy of God by a process over time. 

Thus everything in the JW “divine warning” is invalid, which is actually good news, known criminals and spiritual “confirmed drunkards” CONFIRMED in global view now, cannot be approved, they just make that lying claim as it forms their main disguise as JWs help fool other JWs in their midst, and the victims they may find door to door. The Matthew 24:15 command is to flee such a “City of Murder” as JW Org is now, as in Matthew 22:1-14.
“The end” is only for JW Org, more has to come after that JW Org downfall they are now themselves predicting but with an “end of the world” as a deceptive fake “global context” as the fraud backdrop for the end of the WTBTS. 

When that reality comes upon JWs, for it cannot be an overnight affair completely, they will be bamboozled with a well engineered riddle courtesy of that evil slave head GB. It cannot turn out well, it will not be pretty, yet it is really just the same old apostasy story. All these criminals have to have a fake but powerful delusional “holy man” “faithful slave whom God and Christ trust” LIE to hide within, to be the “Pied Piper” for the Lemmings to believe. But when that fraud veneer comes down in time, JWs will have to face the Skeleton Crew GB Demon who actually betrayed them and stuck that knife in their back for the wage of fame and power and prestige, as many others before them have also done, regardless of the cost— their own flesh is what they served and that led them all the way down, and they want JWs to follow them fully to the bottom. 

What JWs are not being told, is all the final apostasy indications can be applied to the criminals in their leadership who influence JWs to also condone and perform “crimes against men and God”, crimes against humanity, and due to the stellar hubris of JWs as taught by the GB, their downfall harvest of reaping what has actually been sown, will have to be enormous and commensurate with the true criminality of the JW Org, “destructive cult-sect”. That is what it is now in terminal publicly known form. 

This is about JW leadership, but JWs are not being told this, of course: 

(Jude 11-13) . . .Too bad for them, because they have gone in the path of Cain, and have rushed into the erroneous course of Balaam for reward, and have perished in the rebellious talk of Ko′rah! 12 These are the rocks hidden below water in YOUR love feasts while they feast with YOU, shepherds that feed themselves without fear; waterless clouds carried this way and that by winds; trees in late autumn, [but] fruitless, having died twice, having been uprooted; 13 wild waves of the sea that foam up their own causes for shame; stars with no set course, for which the blackness of darkness stands reserved forever.
If anyone was “going to Gehenna” it is the sinners in the GB along with it itself as a collective entity of fraud, go figure. The collective sins against the spirit in shameless manner is astounding, who is doing this [individually] is beyond human to actually know, but its collective effect is lawless doom, on JW Org. It has to fully exposed to the last bone, in time, it cannot get away with murder amidst the false claims it has made beyond the scope of any religion on earth since the days of Christ. 

Yet, poor JWs, believe just the opposite will occur, but the “paradise” the GB Pied Piper is actually sending them JW Lemmings to, who have not fled, is the edge of the Grand Canyon in global spiritual downfall of the JW Org at the least. It is sort of surreal at this point, the EXACT OPPOSITE of what JWs have been deceived to believe is “the truth”, is actually “the lie” in reality, of 2Thess2:11-12. The JW GB promoted LIE is in at least basic delusional principle clearly seen in the apostate JW deluded mindset and its dire false diametric expectation—- instead it must now become a mega-judgment in JW Org downfall, the only way now, is down, JWs simply refuse to repent and see themselves in no need of it, which will just make it all the more worse on those actually believing this GB lie.
The GB wants to make it as hard as possible on everyone, especially the JWs who go down with the JW Org Titanic yet on board. The whole JW “forecast” will fail, except for the part of their WTBTS downfall, and the official cancellation of their ministry globally by GB mouth and sanction (wt7/2015), then for JWs still in the web to globally sally forth their “hard hitting judgment message that the complete end of Satan’s world has arrived” wt11/2013, yet it is just the JW Org sector which is going down.
It’s going to be strange alright (Isa28:21), and we can only imagine the JW disappointment when nothing “comes true” but the dissolution of the WTBTS from their own mouth.


JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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