October 2018

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Do you mean Son of God as:

1. Mortal Archangel?

2. Mortal perfect human being?

3. Holy spirit begotten Son at baptism approval?

4. Immortal Mighty God of Isaiah 9:6?

All these sonships have different purposes and all of them apply to Jesus Christ.

I’m not into equivocation games.

In Christianity, the title Son of God refers to the status of Jesus as the divine son of God the Father.

When did Jesus attain this status, ie. when was it actually conferred upon him?


This is not a game. All angels are called “the sons of the true God” including the now rebel demon angels. It is known Mary had a son who in time was and is called the “Son of God”.

But you are correct, there is a greater meaning in the sonship you are wondering upon.

Psalm 2:7-9

[quote]He said to me, “You are my son;
today I have become your father.
8 Ask me,
and I will make the nations your inheritance,
the ends of the earth your possession.
9 You will break them with a rod of iron[/quote]

So, it is the sonship designate of the rebirth by holy spirit of the baptism of Christ to proceed in public affirmation of the Kingdom of God mission which after Christ died he was resurrected into Immortal Godship— THAT IS WHEN HE BECAME GOD’S SON as far as the meaning you are asking about, Immoratl Son, Christened and Approved for final Mission priorities.

After perfect human sacrifice, Jesus Christ was “reborn” for real as the Immortal Son of God as THE ONLY other being besides Himself that God Almighty even calls a God, the Mighty God of Isaiah 9:6 due to the “INDESTRUCTIBLE LIFE” (Heb7:16) in that Immortal Son of God which no mortal, angel or man, possesses since Christ other than his called and faithful co-heirs of Revelation 17:14, yet incomplete in number.

But there is way more to it than just immortality, this “son” is the tested-and-approved “Christened One”, the one for priority missions of God for life restoration on planet Earth (Isa63:9) as he was with life’s very creation. He is the special agent of God then approved as such, then the Son in that meaning too, trusted-entrusted-immortal due to absolute moral integrity and obedience to God under severe testing, mission accomplished, phase 1. In Matthew 19:28, all life on earth including Edenic human and animal is “regenerated” in perfect eternal life glory. (Ez47; Rom8:18-22)

Angels are mortal, sons of God true, but not IMMORTAL tested Sons of God like Jesus Christ. THAT is when the reality of that sonship applies, when he was “born again” as the Immortal Mighty God and appointed super-human ruler of the Kingdom of God via the “Kingdom of David” Covenant Messianic Kingdom of the coming final earthly sovereignty forever. Rev22

This is the Immortal God to become “King of kings” and a boatload of his Air Force of Angels who will depose New World Order World Government in the future while sparing many as in Revelation 14:6-8, AFTER they finally make that sovereign overstep in a completely globalized global kingdom governance of human/demon origination.

This is why this is not really a game. As all that already came true, so will the King of kings arrival to settle the issue of earthly rulership henceforth, forever. We got time, they have yet to run a final world war and global crisis “problem” to then resolve into a global recovery to highlight their “solution” in said illegal “8th King” “King North” (Dan11:40-45; 12:7,11) world government in its final form (Rev13:3; 15-18, Rev17:8-18) as far as God has set another super-ruler up instead, aka, Jesus Christ the Son of God Almighty. They must also issue their grandiose final “world peace” mantra to define 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3, because Christ arrives into their world peace, not their world war as per Matthew 24:6.

Thus by that time many will be able to recognize all this in plain as day generic truthful “it is what it is” form, because religions cannot really help, they stall for mundane life under the “kings of the earth” control as in Revelation 18. But the Bible prophecy transcends all human religion, academia or other corporate contrivance clubs.

All the Globalization System has to do is complete the globalization process in nation-state bankruptcy (Dan11:42-43) and then complete their final sovereign overstep in the future, say over 10 years from now, imo. That is the signal Christ arrives not to “end the world” but to save millions, perhaps billions because the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 is all Angel Powered Human Salvation period— hence Revealtion 14:6-7, Matt24:31; Christ will NOT depose the 8th King world government immediately on arrival, he gives them their Revelation 17:12 “one hour” as a complete world government. Christ priority one is that he gathers the sheep in a global sheep sweep first, and the common man who is not incorrigibly evil MUST BE SAVED TOO, whether they know it or not regardless of their knowledge about Christ because some never heard of the guy even to this day, hence Romans 2:12+, Rev14:6-8.

[quote]All who sin apart from the law will also perish apart from the law, and all who sin under the law will be judged by the law. 13 For it is not those who hear the law who are righteous in God’s sight, but it is those who obey the law who will be declared righteous. 14 (Indeed, when Gentiles, who do not have the law, do by nature things required by the law, they are a law for themselves, even though they do not have the law. 15 They show that the requirements of the law are written on their hearts, their consciences also bearing witness, and their thoughts sometimes accusing them and at other times even defending them.) 16 This will take place on the day when God judges people’s secrets through Jesus Christ, as my gospel declares.[/quote]

Thus that “ON that day” in Romans 2:12-16 in the above, is that arrival for Global Sheep Sweep into protection zone first priority, 1290 days, Daniel 12:11, time enough for many to decide what they really want.

God and Christ are good friends, willing to save and help, the NWO is the dangerous bombastic “wildbeast” like unstable human crew of greed, control and their own ruin, not that of planet Earth as a whole; Revelation 11:15-18

Anyone can simply decide [for themselves] which “world government” they want to be with, the one of God and His Son, or them “world government” NWO technocrats, warlords and bankers— it is NOT a religious issue! Pretty easy choice it would seem, but it can get tricky as you know. In fact the less religious you are at that time, even now, the easier it will be to see what is really going on at that time. Revelation 14:6-7 is when that choice is taken to all humans, not by humans, but by the Angels of Christ plain as day in that scripture. As in Matt10:23, humans cannot complete that guaranteed open salvation offer for various limiting reasons.


One cannot respect “God’s sovereignty” while not allowing people to spread their own wings of conscience. The GB installed a Coercion Agenda in a WTBTS Inquisition, plain and simple. Now JWs cannot fart without GB eggshells to prance around like puppets, they NEED the GB “training wheels” of engineered GB-Conscience to exist. Those trainign wheels while useful when little children become a hazard in the Olympic Downhill “race for life” coming up. And the GB “trainign wheels” were a yoke of slavery merely hidden behind corporate terminology rather than Papal and clergy-ish stuff, but it is the exact same thing: Control by fear, persisted presence of some milk-sheep by a con of salvation which is now a death trap.

The reality is the GB are criminal racketeers and if anyone was Gehenna Bound it is the “GB”, as an entity it will be dissolved, as for individuals I cannot say being far from omniscient, that is God’s job. And that is why he respects people’s own sovereignty over their own conscience, he even let’s the Devil have his say and a shot at the crown. But the GB are NOT promoters of Christian Freedom, that is the respect that a HUMAN BEING can at some point in their discipleship make use of their own conscience without fear of reprisals that are over the top lawlessness as to how the GB condemns people who question THEM, not people who are actually “apostate” for the GB is THe Apostate in this instance, and JWs are cringing at those fools as if they really are from God even when they simply approve themselves as “faithful slave” “lifting themselves over everyone” of planet Earth as the work their sins against humanity in the process in notable insane form. Self sppointed as if God, self-approved as if God, which is why we know they are NOT God, but more like a Devil in this charade.

No way can this turn out pretty, but ugly in the end, for that FAKE JW “end of the world” they will use to dissolve the WTBTS by prosecution, sold to the flock as “persecution” will FAIL in a catastrophe of one last “false prophecy” nothing more than an engineered GB “self fulfilling prophecy” that as surreal as it will become, will be the global laughing stock when only the WTBTS ends, at least their apostasy, and the world plods on to globalized governance in incept form, but as an advanced form of tech-aided global management many have seen coming clear as a bell after 1990 especially in the digital community because you can’t have a real “world government” without one bad-axe computer networked distributed but centralized “world government brain system”.

It will advance with the techno-zenith for this period, because it will get smaller, faster and airborne and spaceborne way way beyond this twenty-something technology of today, it will come into its maturity, instead, as this final phase also progresses. And these next 10 years will be like all advancements since 1990 10 times over, there are several points in digital engineering ready for the next level by merely a great idea, not some miracle of time.

But Bill Gates and Ray Kurzweil or Jard Lanier and others already covered these things years ago, but not in in the face manner. That progress is what empowers a real world government in time here, becauise none of this is going to stop evolving and advancing techwise, and that is the very thing JWs conceal in LIEu of their “Doomsday Report” and their fake “Russia Must be the Next King North y’all!” diversions.

THAT is no accident, and that is why JWs will actually think the world is ending along with the cancelled ministry and org by GB decree. That is, you know, UNTIL the world simply does NOT END and continues in its first form of a singularity, between former nation-state government models and super-computing at truly global scale.

How long it takes JWs to catch on that the GB knifed them in the back as they did Knorr and Freddie is anybody’s guess. This is because the first year or two of JW Org downfall can be reasoned away towards an end scenario still, but imo 3 years or so, is all even the dumbest JW can take. But that is just my speculation.


Well according to WT the resurrection of those in Christ is post 1918, I oughta go look it up. But, I agree with you because in 1914 brothers are shown in Revelation 12 on Michael’s victory in 1914, and the 24 elders in Rev4, MUST be a living entity as the Messianic Kingdom entity is a living thing, the foundation 12 of Rev21:14 had to be there. But shifting 607 to Neb coronation phase changes nothing about the 1914 date, it just respects “gentile time” is what marks the seven times even if spurning God’s kings in Jerusalem was a concurrency with the whole parallel drama which will stay parallel in the thing coming up too.

God as per Gen10 and Rom 13 has set up and allowed the nations to rule in autonomous form, that is not globalized “gathered into one” as United Nations Armageddon of world government. World Government will be the sovereign overstep of the future. It must complete and as it runs the final sword stroke coming up, it will get clearer for many, aiding their salvation, that that world government complete entity is what triggers Christ arrival. Even if nations are imperfect as they are, God set up the national ruling system as in Rom13.

BUT, God set up Christ as Kingdom King of his own world government, NOT the UN System, THAT is why that final sovereign overstep will be allowed “one hour” Rev17:12, then it will be deposed at the end of the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11, because as in Rev14:6-7 Christ gathers the sheep first, and he gives the final 3.5 years of his ministry finale, as seven years total, as the Mighty God, to save many many people as in Rom2:12-16, Rev14.

The point is, it will not be a GB “mystery” it will get clear as a bell when that coming sword stroke, instead of being the end, Rev13:3 HEALS into 8th King signal world government and they depose BTG to make their “world peace” announcement of 1Thess5:1-3 at that complete world government time.

That way many can come to understand what this all means, it will not just devolve into global crisis as the end context, as Christ said the end does NOT come with wars and disorders as in Matt24:6 Luke 21:9. It comes with 8th King world government and their world peace final signal of 1Thess5:1-3.

Interesting story btw, about your football stuff and mom. The GB “the end” is just a cover story so they can cancel the JW ministry and depose the Org under cover of that distraction and a global sword stroke developing as all distractions.


One final note on why that 1914-1918 IBSA “oil” is the same stuff to “light up” the meaning of what is coming as in Revelation 1:1, that we have to KNOW “the things which must shortly take place”, BEFORE it happens, not after, as shown in the intent of that prophecy.

1. The sovereign warning of 1914 will re re-iterated by the last witnessing of them TWo witnesses and that for also 1260 days.

2. As in 1914 when the first witness was giving the initial warning, WW1 broke out as a massive global distraction, it resolved into the Globalist League of Nations presentation as the sovereign warning of God’s Kingdom was deploying concurrently. Thus it is a sword stroke in principle that resolved, as in WW2 and as in Cold WW3 even if the Cold War was more psychological, the USSR fell for that 3rd UN presentation of 1990, its unique nature as noted in Daniel 11:29 is all that threw many people off that it was a world war cycle being resolved because it was uniquely cold in nature.

3. This last witnessing of the TWO witnesses will also be accompanied by a global sword stroke in some global crisis manner as a distraction, and it too will “heal” and resolve into the final UN pitch, but with a whole scarlet wildbeast 8th King world government. Just as in 1914 and WW1, the warning leads into the rival sovereign competitor presenting their counterfeit— this time Christ arrives into that mix to complete the Messianic Kingdom, but that 1914-1918 Master Pattern is the same as this coming one, same message, same “oil” to enlighten its meaning when it does come, and why only five of them ten virgins will have some reserved 1914-1918 first witnessing oil, because it is the same thing, just reiterated in final form as the 8th King completes world government inspite of TWO witnessings of warning.

All the applicable sovereign prophecies like Dan7:25-26, Dan12:7-11, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:14, Rev 13:5 activate with that final 1260 days parallel concurrency, the WHOLE THING REPEATS and that first witnessing is what makes it ascertainable this time before it happens, it truly is the same “oil”, same message, final enlightenment of the Christ arrival campaign. This time it is in final form.


Even at final arrival Christ has to manifest in various ways because the Revelation 14:6-7 Matt24:31 Global Sheep Sweep is for the majority remainder of the 1290 days of Daniel 12:11 when they cease the final future witnessing of 1260 days as in Revelation 11:7-10 and Daniel 12:7—as 8th King King North World Government is placed in final “disgusting thing” form in COMPLETION just prior to Christ arrival.

That way two great “seven times” complete in final form.

1. The Revelation 11 TWO Wutnesses will have TWO 1260 days warnings and salvation offers complete for 2520 days adding 1914-1918 1260 days and the future 1260 days together.

2. When Christ arrival as Revelation 11:7-12 and Daniel 12:11 “cease the constant feature” of that final 1260 days, he is “present” in full arrival for that Global Sheep Sweep of Revelation 14:6-7, and that final 1290 days majority portion will be him “completing the circuits of Israel” [when] “he arrives”. That will also complete seven years as seven times as Christ first 3.5 year ministry is completed in his “final half of the week” 3.5 years in immortal saving power to complete his own ministry.

Christ offers the whole “week of salvation” of Daniel 9:27 (Gen7:4 principle) in that the 1260 days and the 1290 days must all be open for salvation of sheep first, before he goes angel-balistic on the rival contender 8th King “New World Order” World Government at the end of the 1290 days, for only the “happy” enter the Daniel 12:11 period.

Thus as Christ arrives it is in a presence to save sheep-global, yet, with full “power and glory” in cases of 8th King system deposition here and there, and in fullness when the sheep are secured. Hence, Matthew 24:29-31 shows all those types of manifestations, and there is no “the end” in that sequence as there is in Revelation 14:17-20, because he secures global sheep first. Matt25:31-40


Not we but WTBTS. As in Daniel 11:32a the GB work for King North Globalists, and that “the end” is just a decoy pretext of deception completing to crash the JW Org for criminal activity (Dan8:12-13; 2Thess2:1-4), but tell JWs “it just must be the end brothers!— this way JWs do nothing to avert the catastrophe but aid it as the obey GB commands for their own internment and what not, because, you know, they actually think it is the end.

But, it is not the end but of JW apostasy, the sword stroke heals into 8th King full world government, that scralet wildbeast ascends from the global abyss of that global crisis as in Rev17:8-12 to go into complete form, whole world government, then the deposition of BTG to aid their 1Thess5:1-3 final “world peace and security” proclamation.

This way by rnuning the full course of prophecy, many can understand aiding their salvation. That is focuses on JW lawlessness and apostasy mega-divine accounting and its Dan8:14 verification timing of the future in that WTBTS “trampling” when the smoke clears as in Revelation 9 abyss release from the temple judgment of all anointed scattered everywhere, the rectification will revisit the 1914 sovereign message that the gentiles ruling time is now truly ending.

JW Catastrophic Collapse from Jehovah and Christ using mundane rulers to decimate the place will be made clear as to why JWs had to be “trampled” for an eventual rectification to complete the then cleansed 1260 days final witnessing ministry of them TWO witnesses— and that is why both witnessings of 1260 days past and at that time will have been “dressed in sackcloth”, this time it is JWs who will be the bones of Ezekiel 37 for reveival for that final warning in a very depressed state as the littl scroll message is also bitter and sweet, but it is the final summary of Rev10:5-7, so it must go forth.

The ministerial identity is unkown at this time, but it will clearly restate the Russel era truth this world rulers time is up, seven times up as then 2520 DAYS “seven times” complete as Revelation 11, in fact Rev8-11, have two cycle, one for each witnessing.

The GB man-o-lawlessness is there to play a deception to cancel the JW minsitry from their own mouths to try to prevent this final warning for their father the Devil and their King North Globalist bosses. THAT is why they will tell JWs the JW Org downfall must be the end, but it is a judgment due to huge sins and UN NGO treason in that 1990 3rd UN endorsement by JWs and the cover up King North is Globalist NWO world government designate system forming to completion and that 1990 3rd UN “place the disgusting thing” is that Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23 prophecy of that post Cold War unique period of Daniel 11:29 note.

The GB are agents of KN, Daniel 11:32a, they will waltz off with 30 BILLION in JW assets too boot.


Not we but WTBTS. As in Daniel 11:32a the GB work for King North Globalists, and that “the end” is just a decoy pretext of deception completing to crash the JW Org for criminal activity (Dan8:12-13; 2Thess2:1-4), but tell JWs “it just must be the end brothers!— this way JWs do nothing to avert the catastrophe but aid it as the obey GB commands for their own internment and what not, because, you know, they actually think it is the end.

But, it is not the end but of JW apostasy, the sword stroke heals into 8th King full world government, that scralet wildbeast ascends from the global abyss of that global crisis as in Rev17:8-12 to go into complete form, whole world government, then the deposition of BTG to aid their 1Thess5:1-3 final “world peace and security” proclamation.

This way by rnuning the full course of prophecy, many can understand aiding their salvation. That is focuses on JW lawlessness and apostasy mega-divine accounting and its Dan8:14 verification timing of the future in that WTBTS “trampling” when the smoke clears as in Revelation 9 abyss release from the temple judgment of all anointed scattered everywhere, the rectification will revisit the 1914 sovereign message that the gentiles ruling time is now truly ending.

JW Catastrophic Collapse from Jehovah and Christ using mundane rulers to decimate the place will be made clear as to why JWs had to be “trampled” for an eventual rectification to complete the then cleansed 1260 days final witnessing ministry of them TWO witnesses— and that is why both witnessings of 1260 days past and at that time will have been “dressed in sackcloth”, this time it is JWs who will be the bones of Ezekiel 37 for reveival for that final warning in a very depressed state as the littl scroll message is also bitter and sweet, but it is the final summary of Rev10:5-7, so it must go forth.

The ministerial identity is unkown at this time, but it will clearly restate the Russel era truth this world rulers time is up, seven times up as then 2520 DAYS “seven times” complete as Revelation 11, in fact Rev8-11, have two cycle, one for each witnessing.

The GB man-o-lawlessness is there to play a deception to cancel the JW minsitry from their own mouths to try to prevent this final warning for their father the Devil and their King North Globalist bosses. THAT is why they will tell JWs the JW Org downfall must be the end, but it is a judgment due to huge sins and UN NGO treason in that 1990 3rd UN endorsement by JWs and the cover up King North is Globalist NWO world government designate system forming to completion and that 1990 3rd UN “place the disgusting thing” is that Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23 prophecy of that post Cold War unique period of Daniel 11:29 note.

The GB are agents of KN, Daniel 11:32a, they will waltz off with 30 BILLION in JW assets too boot.


Thank you, I know how you feel. The GB know there is a global downturn coming but not from prophecy but from inside information. I know it sounds crazy now, but it won’t later. I say this because the coming global-downturn may “scare” some people back in, but believe there is NO SAFETY with them renegade criminals in the Pied Piper GB, so do NOT go back, it is not “the end” and anything is safer than a JW Bunker trusting in “GB Deliverance”, definitely not anything to do with God. It was strange to me how they completely omitted faith in God for blind-trust in the organization instead as in WT 11/13. As usual, any global-crisis will just run its course and resolve naturally, there is no such thing as “doomsday”, it just paralyzes thinking is all, all fear hype.
The JW fake “the end” will fail (which they will issue as the GB cancels the ministry as in their “self fulfilling prophecy” texts***), it is just an engineered pretext so as the org goes under global “siege” JWs will do nothing due to that hoax of an end which they will actually think is “the end”— they will just watch it all paralyzed or trapped in them “JW Bunkers”; Until, you know, it just plods to resolution and into world government. Somewhere in that time frame of over 10 years, JWs will have to eventually realized how duped they were.
***I made a post on this Pied Piper GB FAKE “JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy”, which is full of WTBTS RED FLAGS!



You’re welcome. Ironically after being a religious labelled “Jehovah’s witness” it was a joy to find people interested. Now that I see they are a GB Witness, and left, it is still a joy finding people who see through the deception in there which is really designed to reproach God and injure people’s faith in things BEYOND HUMAN. It is a new kind of “witnessing” to expose liars (as in Rev2:2), it has more motivation of truth, because the JW “GB Truth” burns out when you take a closer look, not that the whole Bible is a lie and now, all of a sudden, there is no God and Christ with future intent fo some huge changes, but because the Leaven of Lies the GB has cooked into this Quagmire Salad encourages ZERO MOTIVATION. How am I going door2door plying a Damage Control Crusade for that criminal cabal hiding up in their NY Viper Pit?

Thus, make no mistake this may seem trivial and just a random corruption in WT, but in time this JW Timebomb will blow and when it does it will garner 100 times the attention they have even fanned up with their lawlessness. This is because it will be so bad, many will see it will be a modern judgment of the real GOD. And its purpose will be to get even more attention to the issue because when WT reaps what it has really been sowing it is going to turn mindblowing because that last JW WT 7/15/15 “hard hitting judgment message” that “it is the end of the world, we win, you lose, we are so burnt out we want it to be the end so bad!” FAILS FAILS FAILS, the “hard hitting judgment” will have come on the JW cave of robbers. And when this surreal dark-comedy of tragedies has that “season finale” it will resonate with many people tracking this and even if there is a global-distraction its irony that you can’t exchange scorpions for cupcakes as JWs try to do will be so astounding many more people will examine this drama when the “karma” comes for the place. Just be patient, this JW-TV Series is far from over, true it won’t take much longer, but the final round of lies and setups will be worth the wait, just don’t get caught dead in that JW community, as Jesus said “this will be a time for meting out JUSTICE”. JUSTICE is what JWs sorely lack, it is the dead fish that reaks up their hypocrisy a thousand fold along with their Pantheon of GB Blessed Crimes and all the modern idols they now bend knee to in UN NGO, GB and “Organ”-eye-zation.

The season final to JW Broken and Bad is coming. (Dan8:13-14)


Ted, Israel is a chess piece that will be used by the 8th King System when in world government, building up as it gets there to be the decoy of Isaiah’s prophecy as Christendom and Israel when the Modern Crusade vs. Jihad when they depose Islam in the total conquest of the whole Middle East in the future. In essence, Islam will be the first BTG Department to be closed down. That will fool many people to think the 8th King World Governemnt System is the fulfillment of God’s prophecy. It is not, 1914 is valid not on the erred Jerusalem destruction date of actyally 587, but on the king-designate ascension phase of Nebuchadnezzr and his “seven times” of 70 Years of madness thinking he would depose God’s prophecy, but Cyrus, the symbol of Christ deposed him instead for an initial fulfillment of them seven times. Thus, the “gentile times” MUST be based on actual GENTILE TIMES, that is gentile events and history as when 609-605 was the period of Nebs ascension to mark the real beginning of the gentile trampling.

But have no fear, the Jerusalem place of the the intimate place of God is the TEMPLE, destroyed in 586-587 and 70 years ran on it to completion when Zechariah and Haggai were raised up to inform the people of completion certainty— and Zechariah 6:9-15 is the symbol of the coming King Priest coronation of Christ in the future, because the first 1260 days of 1914-1918 was the START of what Christ was referring to in Luke 21:24 that “jerusalem” “will be trampled until the TIMES of the NATIONS” are fulfilled. That holy city is at Revelation 11:2, and the coming final witnessing of them TWO witnesses is the final “trampling” on a valid ministry of the future, that will complete the seven times in final form as 2520 DAYS, 1260 days witnessing 1 past, 1260 days witnessing 2, future, Rev11:3, Dan7:26, Dan12:7, Rev12:14, Rev13:5 in final, future, form.

The stall in religious ministries is because of “ten virgins” slumber in this delay wherein half are not approved in time. Daniel 8:13-14 is the trampling of an apostate anointed Christian ministry which may extend beyond the downfall of the WT, which is a symbol, as apostate as it is, of the early IBSA-related anointed divinely sanctioned ministry now subverted by JWs as in Daniel 8:12, Dan11:32a, in lieu of a UN enemy system 8th King-designate allaince. That 1150 days minimum, 2300 days probable cleansing judgment is like 1914-1918, but this time it comes first to prepare a valid ministry that leads to the final 1260 days in future form. Plus the JW Org judgment events become verifiable on that Daniel 8:14 timing and Daniel 8″26 darkness-to-light-morning phasing by events AND A VERIFIABLE TIMING!— as in 1914-1918, but then in hindsight, this time announced BEFORE it happens, because this time the forecast of the prophecy MUST be known before it occurs, hindsight would be too late. The 8th King would be 666 World Government with no preceding warning of the Kingdom of God and Christ had it been explained after the fact, the last anointed would ALL FAIL, the Temple completion would fail.

But, that shall not be the case, hence Revelation 11:3-12. Once again a verifiable timed prophecy will revive the ministry, this time as Daniel 8:14 timing to lead in time to the final 1260 days and the Christ arrival in an active initial 1290 day portion for open salvation “sheep gathering” missions of Revelation 14:6-7, Matt25″31-40, Matt24:31. That last 3.5 years of Christ’s ministry also completes with his human ministry “seven times” as seven years all OPEN FOR SALVATION all the way to the end of the 1290 days. THEN, he deposes the gentile “tree” and becomes the “Last Adam” “sprout” from that dual-banded stump for the “Kingdom of the World” and as God said to Neb in Daniel 4, their “kingdom will be preserved for you” [gentiles], but in perfect human Christ basis of all-recovered-humankind form. Because “the rulerships will” serve the Messianic Kingdom, the “gentile” parts of the Dan7, Eph1 “administration”, though not divine sovereign immortal Kings with Christ King of kings, they will have “price of the earth” responsibilities. THAT is the “kingdom preserved for you” of God’s promise to the gentiles, he does not wipe out the nations, he blesses the nations in time through Christ, he only deposes King North 8th King King Fierce world government as the final meaning in that whole Daniel 2 “immense image” to come after this next global-crisis sword stroke has Rev13:3 healed into said world government and their final “Israel” decoy deceptions.


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I never truly believed in any religions I’ve heard of. I found them interesting and I do enjoy learning about them but I could never bring myself to believe. My family is Christian, but they don’t go to church, mainly due to having to work on sundays and having many health problems that make even walking around the house uncomfortable at best and painful at worst. They always told me that an angel was always watching over me, and even as a child I found that to be unlikely if not a little unnerving. It was an interesting thought and I desperately wished to believe it but I’ve recently admitted that I just can’t.

Many of my issues with religion comes from lack of nature and the uncertainty of death. Many religions, and especially Christianity, talk of how the world was created but that seems to be where it ends. Nature and the concept of respecting it is very important to me, but I’m not aware of any religions that focus of that. My family doesn’t care that the environment around them is dying due to an unrestrained English Ivy infestation. There is a massive tree in particular in the front yard that is on the brink of death due to the menace and no one has tried to save it. I couldn’t help but feel remorse for the creature, as everyone seemed to forget that it is alive as well. Plant are alive and therefore I think they are creatures with souls just like humans.

I do believe in souls but I believe that they need an object or body to latch onto to “live” in the sense that humans define it. I’m so paranoid of my soul being lost to the void that I’ve created a clay sculpture in case I do need an object to survive. Once it hardens I’ll paint it and perhaps attempt to attach my soul to it somehow. I am too scared of the unknown to just simply relax and let myself move on when my time arrives. I want to stay on this planet. I don’t want to leave. This is my home, it always has been and always will be. At times I think of making my own belief system to fill that hole in my life but I know that isn’t a wise idea at all. I’m not sure what to do or why I can’t believe in any existing religions. I’m very confused.

My father doesn’t help my issues either. When I try to speak to him of my uncertainty he becomes defensive and starts to shout that I’m trying to make him question his faith when all I’m truly doing is sharing my own thoughts and asking for his advice. In fact, my experience with talking to him has made me anxious about discussing this topic, but if I don’t speak up it will never get better. I’m asking for help to find a faith I can truly believe in. I need to be guided but not pushed to believe, I hope I can find the strength to believe on my own.

You are NOT really supposed to believe in “religion”, it is just a corporate business selling heaven and what not. That is why few believe them and why they are so dated and stalled.

Faith in GOD and faith in religion are opposed to each other, they are not the same. But the Bible transcends that quagmire, it is NOT a “religious document” it has in short order the future in it.

All you need is it if the Christian FAITH (Rev14:12) is what you want to study more on, not the “Christian Religion”, which, as stated, is just a business venture. It is a more direct path to God Almighty when you cut out those “religious” middle-men of this world.

Just do it.

Exactly, it is a relationship with the person of Jesus Christ, not a religion.

Yes it is indeed. This is why religions like ancient parasite con men insert THEMSELVES into the equation, right along side the ONE AND ONLY Christened One of God Almighty for this mediation.

Then what happens? Well the end result is they ply their own commands as if from God and milk the sheep. The ones OK with this share in the crime they get transformed into self righteous puppets, the ones who see through the sham can have their faith hurt as they assumed these actually totally self-appointed spiritual-bean-counters were actually from God. From their “fruitage” it seems they are actually from the Devil.

So, from plain as day evidence it becomes apparent God HAS NOTHING to do with corporate religion, they are from the record ones who corrupt people and also injure peoples’ budding faith. In time, the world government system will also have NOTHING to do with religion [after] they endorse that colossal globalized botch of pretend global management. Then the payback from God will come on these religious con gaming commissions. (Rev17:12-18; Rev16:17-20; Rev14:6-8)

In the meantime, those catching on see it was very simple, hence all the confusions and detours. Jesus Christ is still there just observing and so is God as they help some navigate out of the religious spider web, just like in the first century when Christ advised Israel to actually vacate the whole religious doom capital as in Matthew 24:15.

Now what happened when Rome sacked Jerusalem when we review the Bible and history like Josephus? Well we have to boil it down, because few mention it, but Isrtael’s religious spiritual leaders NEARLY caused a total Judean genocide of the flock they supposedly love and care for. Yes, had the Romans not had a little mercy on 10% of the population preserving them alive though as captives, like the 90% who perished, they too would have been exterminated to the last child.

THAT is what religious leaders lead their flocks too, true not always to that horrific degree, but they have the same motives they act holy to keep the play going, but it takes to reap what has been sown and when that crop is examined it is often a poisonous weed of a record. If they are not hypnotizing people for state goals telling them who is the bogeyman and who it is they should, hate and kill, then they are Pied Pipering them into the reaping stage and it seems the Grim Reaper is the Farmer in historical accounts of the record of many religions.

This is why when they finally globalize a completely globalization based super-government in the future, the “one world government” when they internationally outlaw and pillage that religious sector globally it will not only enrich them to the tune of over 200 trillion dollars for world “golden age” use, it will ring in people’s mind the world peace potential once religions are outlawed. That is, that final 1Thess5:1-3 “world peace and security” mantra of that “8th King” WORLD GOVERNMENT will be aided in positive hopefulness by the internationally-mandated deposition of the global-corporate religious complex.

But many can escape because Revelatin 14:6-7 Open Salvation Offer is available as those events lead to the announcement of Revelation 14:8, that is no accident, but God and his appointed intermediary to Him have and has and will always “be there” the whole time.

God clears out the main-distraction by deposing all the religious complex and some will see what they have been missing the whole time, you never needed anyone but Jesus Christ to connect you to God, and for those who don’t know about him, they never needed anyone to play middlleman for them to GOD Almighty, he has always been there. By that time it is the only option and that helps many realize they can make friends with God, for he is the friend, it is that globalized botch of a final sovereign overstep in that so-called “new world order” world government who is the enemy of the planetary life system. Eventually they are deposed too, for the King of kings final sovereign planetary life system restoration project, like in Matthew 19:28, Romans 8:18-22 and Ezekiel 47, as a sample of a few guaranteed thjings that King will do. (Rev21)

It did not take a religion to understand the simplicity of this final trajectory and that over ten years from now and with no “end of the world” or “doomsday”, just a transition into a perfect immortal-super-human actual governance that understand everything not just about this planet but the whole universe and beyond. Why settle for a botch-wanne-be? This will be The New Universal Order for real, the Devil is deposed from his “heavenly places” (Eph6:12) locales of this universe, places not in heaven, places out there beyond the sky to be taken over by the forces of the “Son of God Almighty”.

Think bigger than a botch-NWO, think NEW UNIVERSAL ORDER reboot time for real under an Immortal King-Priest Super-Being. All the lame-contenders have to do is complete the “8th King “King North” botch as the final sovereign overstep on this planet— which will become that impotent World Government of bankers, warlords, and religious sellouts. (Rev17:8-18)

Religions are of no use to see or explain this in the correct sequential detail and usually not at all.


There is a mega-global-crisis phase coming, religions will tell you it is “the end of the world”, but as in WW1, WW2 and Cold WW3, it is the “sword stroke” phase of Revelation 13:3 that resolves peacefully, inspite of the turbulence temporarily. This is because the world government engineers create a “problem” global-crisis to prepare the global mindset for their “solution” of a global governance as each world war cycle, even the cold one after WW2, ALWAYS resolve in that United nations related pitch ofr world government and the world peace they will deliver. Do not be fooled, as bad as it is, it will resolve into their final sovereign overstep, it will not be “doomsday” it will be the crisis period that resolves peacefully to highlight their world government pitch as if “God’s Kingdom on Earth”, it uses the aversion of doomsday relief globally to tap that hopeful and positive outook to sell their final product: World Government.

And as stated they get “one hour” global rule as in Revelation 17:12, they have to depose global religions and utter their final “world peace” claim globally and it is not in war or global disorder that Christ arrives as in Matt24:6, Luke 21:9, it is into that “world peace” of 8th King world government of 1Thess5:1-5 signal note. The 8th King Boys use chaos as the preparatory phase to present their own “order”. Religions will be plying the “end of the world” hoax-deception because they are puppets, as covered previously in a sampling. That complex is slated for deposition after they help sell the sham world government.


I give some advice of what worked with me. I did not go theological, that is what the GB godfathers want. I went CSI WTBTS and focused on the criminal racketeering activities of the WT, and their pedophile crimes against humanity and their treason-from-their-own-mouth ride on the UN “wildbeast”, breaking up families, being stellar-sinners and condemning people to “eternal destruction” and their stalled and closed minded “doctrinal unity” stance which is actually doctrinal disintegration.

How could I try to entice people using God as a shill like the GB to join these CRIMINALS? I needed no deluge rationale, or 607-1914, or blood, or whatever “theology” or anything them lawless-GB-creeps throw into the mix to hurt peoples’ faith, I concentrated on what they are.

CRIMINAL RACKETEERS whose day is on the way.

It IS what it IS. Keep the baby, but flush the GB criminal sindicate toilet. No joke, they are even worse than that described by REALITY, not some problem with the Bible or their fake “Kingdom Satnd”, it is all bull to disguise the GB criminal racket to the tune of 30 BILLION dollars way way conservative estimate.


That is where the thing has to go. But this time people don’t have to wait a century, this one is earmarked for first attention. This is why JWs really have had NOTHING new to note in prophecy since that UN thing in 1945. 72 years with zero anything but stumbling blocks and an echo of the past by clown suited frauds in the GB.

This is because what developed in that 72 years is this apostasy and far be it for them to point out they are the lawlessness signal. There is now a mass-exodus from JWs, when their “it must be the end of the world now” fake armageddon fails when they do go for the org, more will stumble— it won’t be the end except for the JW deception campaign. They are the latest lawless-clowns that show up in prophecy and that is why them goon-clowns have NOTHING NEW TO SAY for 72 years. Because it is them.
That is how it can be known they vanish in a strike of justice as they dissolve the org and cancel the JW ministry, but it drones on a little first– but keep your eye on this radar blip, it will cease to beep in time and it will be worth all the effort. Eventually JWs will have to also figure out their “end of the world” prophecy is a fail; when, you know, that end never does manifest, it was all a cover sleeping pill of distraction to smokescreen the org going down for criminal reasons, not “the end of the world”.
All of this indication is in the WT programming journal since 2011 randomly placed as in WT 11/15/13 and WT 7/15/15 for some very blatant examples it is all just a hoax setup to end the JW ministry in a global laughing stock and waltz off with their 30 BILLION in assets as well. And that 30 BILLION is a very conservative estimate.

They will just leave JWs sucking their thumbs in the rubble.


Day and hour says nothing about the year and month when we think about it. Plus, much has changed as in Revelation 4-5 since Christ left earth. But there is no reason to really know, the final global indications and steps to world government 8th King which triggers the Universal King Lion will become very clear for the next decade plus. But obviously 2034 would be a marked year whether the 1260 terminates into it or the 1290 because one does not need to be Einstein or Newton to do the 1914 Genesis 6:3 120 year time limit math.

It is going to get very clear as this next world war resolves into 8th King world government and they outlaw global religion, very clear, we will not need to know the day and hour, we will be close enough God willing.


They are covering up prophecy. JWs have had nothing new in prophecy of any real importance since 1945 UN, Rev17:8-11. Imagine that, 72 years of NOTHING from God. Well, in reality the 3rd UN is Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 8:23, and King North is Globalist World Government in progress, nit the USSR and not Russia of the future. It all converges into 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT after this next swrod stroke heals coming up. What is new in prophecy is the GB led apostasy of Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:32a. THAT is why we have nothing from the GB in 72 years, they are the final apostasy, they “throw truth to the earth” is in Daniel 8:12b. They are silent on all this prophecy because they are from globalist intel sources as in Daniel 11:31a, Daniel 8:12.

I am not mad, it is modern prophecy that eventually has to come forth with the final warning the JW Org downfall will lead to as Daniel 8:13-14 is the temple judgment. As bad as it is, it is nice to know why they place is in a dead stall; they are the apostasy lawless one prophecy, that is why they say nothing and now position JWs for prisons globally in them “obey the org” directives to the JW Bunkers. The JW “it is the end” fake armageddon coming up, will fail. It will just be the final sword stroke that heals into said 8th King King North world government it will be Daniel 11:41-43 activating.

The GB will say it is Daniel 11:44 activating, but that is not going to be the truth.

September 28, 18, pcloadletter wrote:
> Yes, i think they say 1918 and that’s fine with me, so far. I got waylaid for
> awhile, reading about wheat and weeds , fds, and other things , but now am sort
> of caught up on parts of Dan 8. Glancing, though, through message below, I see
> that -past line 3- I’m still not caught up enough.
> But, reading what you linked to on your website, I have to say that I don’t
> get why having a GB of 8 is automatically more tyrranical than just having
> Rutherford. I really don’t get what you’re so mad at them about. Jesus fed
> the many through the hands of a few, and he picked his few apostles from
> larger group of disciples, and he told Peter that what he wanted him to do was
> “feed my lambs”, and seven or eight men recorded the new testament, & there was
> a “council of Jerusalem”, and a different 7 were appointed to that food
> distribution committee- thing, and somewhere is mentioned “7 princes and 8
> dukes” prophesied to be a provision of Jehovah and a big help -whatever it is
> they are prophesied to do, which I don’t remember-to be continued-


What is ingenious about this tyrannical “Korah”-like apostasy by the Governing Body is they introduced the myth in 1944, they capitalized their name in 1971, they started shifting their board of directors identity to some cabal of apostles then in 1976 they made the coup-move.
  1. Thus, axing Ray Franz who resigned anyways, was a fear tactic to begin to guard their position from the getgo.
  2. They then started bad-mouthing others with Ray’s sentiments and that smear campaign distracted attention from their far more astounding power grasp as GB Glory Hounds of Greed, to the forlorn “Let’s Get Square with Historical Reality” so-called “apostates”. In ONE FELL SWOOP they distracted attention from their own GB APOSTASY to that of a fall guy, Ray Franz and his associates and that mindset soon spread out to all the congregation where anyone who questioned those GB Apostate Quacks was now “the apostate”, because they sealed in that Ray Franz Bogeyman myth so early in this coup.
Now THAT is pure evil genius folks! Perfect sleight of hand, totally deceptive, truly a megalomaniacal drive by greed for power and busy-body hyper-control of the to be installed rat’s nest of puppet strings to be sown onto JWs in more “Bethel Law Covenant” dos and taboos.
And now all the cover up, ridiculous “Christ Chosen” holy man veneers, all the raping of children swept under the rug, all the “let us never bring reproach on Jehovah’s name”, the whole JW ShitBomb of LIES, is now simmering and about to explode at 100,000 times the crap smearing reproach by a bunch of greedy board freaks gone rogue, plain and simple, wo accelerated this devolution into a mind control cult which worships the GB Starchamber, the JW “Organ”, and the UN NGO Centerpiece amond personalities, building, and every other mundane accessory in the place.
It really is a case study that lies never do fly far for long, and as Geoffrey Jackass said at the ARC hearing, “you can’t fly an airplane by committee”, yet that is exactly what the GB has done. The JW New World Airlines plane? well you know.
**The Dude JW:**Look, nothing is f***ed, here, man.
**The Big Lebowski of Reality:**Nothing is f***ed?
**The Big Lebowski:**The god damn plane has crashed into the mountain!


You know just prior to this 1976 coup, they had like doubled the size of the GB to like 18 members, just in case they needed more votes supporting the takeover imo. But turns out everyone agreed, eventually Knorr and Fred also acquiesced. But that GB on Steriods move just prior to this event, I think it is telling.
What is also telling is JWs are in a trajectory for ZERO JW growth by the early 2020s when we take that JW Stats growth graph and extend it’s downward spiral in time since 1976. It was in 1976 that the visible decline actually began, in that very year, you can see it in the graph linked below– and from there it just keeps plummeting like a lead balloon. From 1970 to 1975 was record JW growth, then the GB, as shown in the graph, aided by errors and cult blowback, began to actually govern that downward spiral.
JW Stats Baptism Conversion Stats



Shunning is more successful at keeping people OUT. Contrary to the common myth, the GB stumbles people on purpose, they keep just enough in to milk for money— but this last “end of the world” FAIL they got planned oughta stumble the rest over the period of time it takes to set into the JW Coconut that “the end” is not coming according to their “JW Burn Out” time schedule. The goal is to cancel the JW ministry and stumble all they can, it is actually Daniel 11:32-35 where globalism-system is the real “King North”, not the USSR-to-Russia decoy they will sell with their FAKE Armageddon coming up soon.
FYI, In other words, don’t be caught dead in the org “at that time” of WT 11/15/13 (“Seven Dupes” article) or you may very well be dead or in prison as those JW Bunkers are conduits to internment. Hence Matthew 24:15 and the GB UN NGO thingy. There is ALWAYS another side to the coin, the edge is where the reality of the situation lies, not the JW side, not the XJW side, but on the edge.


Because, there is as much proof for that theory as there is for that other theory. Second, JWs are not a monopoly on the hope for an indomitable immortal ruler who actually is justice, for real, nor is any “religion”, they are all fraud businesses selling that hope for profit: racketeers— which does not negate its reality, this always happens to human groups, they corrupt invariably, ALL OF THEM.

Third, humans have been playing this “gotta be more to it all” mega-game for millenniums, no reason to quit now. LOL

4. It is NOT hard for a lot of people to accept the idea that life has no bigger meaning, and that it isn’t part of some cosmic plan, that is the easy way out– it is very easy to acquiesce onto that exit plan rest stop. Point is, many people are dogged fighters, quitting is not on their agenda, and I mean a shitload of these folks out there randomly scattered all over the place, everywhere. The fight is what makes it fun and the “adventure of a lifetime” because in time we shall find what we are looking and kindly “fighting” for. Navigating time is the only thing giving people trouble at times, but it really is not much time at all, overall, all within a lifetime including the death “rest stop” temporary conduit to the big pow wow.

5. Humans are incapable of knowing there is, or is not, a “cosmic plan”, so folding in the game is just a bet but given the state of human collective intelligence overall, it is not a safe bet. It is too limited in the face of an eternity of cosmic “what the hell is this here for” stuff.
I guess, to some, it seems there is more evidence for purpose than sheer meaningless chaos, that there really is a super-high-level order in this seeming chaos.


I have gone that scenario, sort of got frustrated with too many questions, but in time various answers seemed to keep surfacing, sometimes leading to more questions. In the complexity is hidden a simple truth that potential is there it is more the various avenues of explanation obscure the main problem on the planet, which because of being below optimization its sustenance needs require stressing society in unusual often disguised ways. That imbalance in the face of greater potential is what drives some people to seek some sort of solution at various levels of evolving improvements, humans do keep improving, yet something keeps devolving in the great context. Judging from the age of this stuff, patience will be necessary it just doesn’t answer itself immediately. And we have to empathize that people are different and are at different stages of the investigation, whether they realize it or not because the mind puts together things over time always learning and eventually the collective whole can benefit from the lessons in that larger scale of time which will keep going just as it passed. I do know in any intensive study taking a breather can become necessary.

Nothing is actually “too good to be true” thus even if someone thought they had some better “idea”, which is very common, like everything else out here it is part of the overall everything and I believe there is a reason for the variety of people, “ideas” and views, time is the key, just takes more time. I do not think religions really help much but it gives some points of more thinking and even if we gave up, I know I did before, something in the “idea” generator in the head and heart seems to keep searching, sifting clues and really not giving in— no matter if its working on the cosmic purpose or some personal interest in improving a design. If there was no “cosmic purpose” and we knew it how did we know it? Should we go door2door telling people to just relax? But they have to arrive at their own answer in their own time, and there really is plenty of time, but there is a limit to the human body. But it is true sometimes there is a drive to answer questions that cannot be answered easily, not that they will not be solved eventually, but people like to have answers even if ones that become questions later. It may be I do not want people to give up, could be my own fear, but resignation doesn’t make as much progress as thinking about it all more and more and trying to avoid dead ends.


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I don’t rap. But I write rap lyrics for the kids.[/quote]
I bet that presents a lovely bouquet. :angel: Remember, kids ≠(necessarily) stupid.

No they are not stupid but accelerated it is not just physical it is also psychological. Just experimented to change some common rap subject matter to other avenues of greater purpose and once thinking in that alternative manner they start to generate freestyle in new directions. Exchange the blunts and guns for something a little more thought and word-provoking. They then write their own stuff. Just trying to plant new seeds.


Nubby, there is an open salvation GUARANTEE to those who accept the offer of Revelation 14:6-8. Angels of Christ, with him, complete that “everlasting good news”. All we need to do is look at the state of things today to KNOW God is not holding a final exam on prophecy, as we roll along, things will get very clear to many people in the most basic form of awareness Who is it that shall truly rule this world forevermore? We already know the answer is very simple, God’s purpose is to save life and humans (Matt24:21-22) and Christ will expending more effort saving than he did dying for that is the purpose of what he accomplished at that time. It needs to unfold in terms a child can understand, and it will. (Matt11:25) But there are also deeper things in the prophecy but it is not the basis of salvation. As thy move along to crossing that line in the Revelation 13:1 sand, some people will know what it means. They need to make a global claim to this planet and eevrything in it, then the sovereign issue shall be settled and it is EXACTLY what Charles Russell made clear in very simple terms. The time of rival rule has a time limit. But as in Daniel 4, God shall preserve the “gentile kingdom” but in the King of the “Kingdom of the World”‘s capable hands as Last Adam is also a rebirth of the gentile nations, for that Gen12, 22 promised blessing.

Therefore to save many, they will make it clearer and clearer as we step to the finale. But the POSITIVE EVERLASTING GOOD NEWS of Revelation 14:6-7 is the truth, and it shall be far more effective than threats of destruction to help many realize these guys, Jehovah and Jesus, are coming in to save first priority, ANYONE can avail themselves of Rev14:6-7 REALITY when it manifests. As in Rev14:8, BTG will be going down as a means to secure that last “tenth the city” of Revelation 11:13 for many in religion complex are God’s “my people”, we cannot judge anything in reality, as Paul spoke by God at Rom2:12-16, these are the secret things “in the day” according to the GOOD NEWS.

Many will figure out the 2034 meaning, that is why the math is easy and clear. We probably will not know for a while if the 1260 or the 1290 merges into that final “Memorial”, it is the final “marriage of the lamb” covenant also open with Rev14:6-8 that Dan9:27 has it last application of that 1260-1290 last week of Genesis 7:4.

We stay positive the salvation shall be HUGE. Obviously some of them Matthew 25:31-40 sheep do not even know they are sheep, they ask questions we already know the answer to, they are newbies at that Rev14:6-7 time.


As an early affirmation you can see in the future, it definitely is NOT a “end of the world” coming in the JW over-advanced time frame as per 2Thess2:1-2 premature Christ arrival hype of the “lawless one”. They are selling that LIE to JWs to crash the Org and it is for many crimes (Eze10), it will be Daniel 8:13-14. Right now it is not supposed to be believed just on some one’s speculation, but it is timed and phased “evening” darkness first and “morning” purity and final enlightenment last prior to the 1260 days. As with Russell’s sovereign-seven-times awareness MANY were also working on to see, a timed verification is an affirmation it is what it is, and it gets the “ten virgins” wake, but as you know only 5 have the “oil” and it is the original oil of sovereign proof of who it is who is coming, and the legal right he has. Then more timings will unfold, God will make it clear as day what this is leading to, for those willing to see and accept the reality of the situation, Rev14:6-7 will help them.

The JW “end of the world” with a dire global downturn forming, will fail, they are not completing what has been begun, they burnt out and all the lawlessness is no surprise “because of transgression” (Dan8:12) that God has 2Thess2:11-12 allowed it, but His purpose is to get some attention to reality with enough years for many to figure it out too. Like them 2 walls of water across the Red Sea, the 1914-1918 wall is there, they have walked in in pursuit of God’s people everywhere, and that final 1260 days is that final wall of water, they cannot pull out now. Zech2:5

“For I, saith the Lord, will be unto her a wall of fire round about, and will be the glory in the midst of her.” (Rev1:7-8)


And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week (1260+1290_: and in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice and the oblation to cease (final 1260 day warning ceases by wildbeast world government rising, or risen Rev11:7), and [they place the disgusting thing in final world government 8thKing/King North form), even until the consummation, and that determined shall be poured upon the desolate.

He will confirm his promise with many for one set of seven time periods. In the middle of the seven time periods, he will stop the sacrifices and food offerings. This will happen along with disgusting things that cause destruction until…

[those time periods]

…come to an end. It has been determined that this will happen to those who destroy [the city].”

Daniel 8:14 coming soon, purifies the temple to prepare that final “witness” 1260 days which sovereign warning of God’s Kingdom will lead to what it has been warning of: Christ arrival in the 3.5 death state expiration into the START of the 1290, ceased constant feature and world government marked as well, Dan12:11. The 1290 is global sheep sweep first, conquest at its end. Only “the happy” enter Daniel 12:12 segway to the 1000 year reign and the adoption as children of the “marriage of the lamb” for the “guests” cannot be the Bride, they have to be human, Christ and the Bride are what it is about. That is why Revelation 19:7-9 is prep before Rev19:11-21:

Then I heard what sounded like a great multitude, like the roar of rushing waters and like loud peals of thunder, shouting:

For our Lord God Almighty reigns.
7 Let us rejoice and be glad
and give him glory!
For the wedding of the Lamb has come,
and his bride has made herself ready.
8 Fine linen, bright and clean,
was given her to wear.”

(Fine linen stands for the righteous acts of God’s holy people.)

9 Then the angel said to me, “Write this: Blessed (Dan12:12 “happy”)are those who are invited to the wedding supper of the Lamb!” And he added, “These are the true words of God.”

BTW, Daniel 12:12 is that “third watch”, 1. 1260, 2. 1290, 3. 1335… of Luke 12, but Christ arrives for sheep securement in the 1290 days as in 1260 complete (Rev11:7-10), 3.5 day “death state” into the 1290, Christ arrival (Rev11:11-12)

“Let your loins be girded and YOUR lamps be burning, 36 and you yourselves be like men waiting for their master when he returns from the marriage, so that at his arriving and knocking they may at once open to him. 37 Happy are those slaves whom the master on arriving finds watching! Truly I say to you, He will gird himself and make them recline at the table and will come alongside and minister to them.

38 And if he arrives in the second watch (1290), even if in the third (1335), and finds them thus, [Dan12:12 “happy) happy are they! 39 But know this, that if the householder had known at what hour the thief would come, he would have kept watching and not have let his house be broken into. 40 YOU also, keep ready, because at an hour that YOU do not think likely the Son of man is coming.”



All Bible prophecy must converge at the same point of sovereign terminus as far as “gentile” system development recorded in history and current events as they apply to the globalization main global-force to “gather the nations” into world government which is that Har-Magedon “place” as a unique global united system under that 8th King, who must also be King North, King Fierce, of course the Scarlet Wildbeast having globalized with Revelation 13 wildbeast basis into that final global governance not sanctioned by God in human hands but in the hands of Jesus Christ and his Kingdom “NOT from this source”.

Thus the Daniel 2 WHOLE “immense image” and the Daniel 7 4th beast are also in complete symbolic meaning of world government. There is Daniel 2 which benchmarked the process, with Daniel 4, 7, 8, 11-12 and Revelation 13 and 17 that is all the sovereign prophecy to analyze, just a few pages really. The rival world government system is described in a number of places from Daniel 2 simple to Daniel 11:27-45;12:1-12 quite complex in comparison along with those others because the contextual and developmental clues are different in all those prophecies as some things repeat in them.

For example King North Globalization System will as in Daniel 11:42-43 dominate the nation-state system by control of global wealth, gold and silver (global-historic wealth-basis) and all the desirable things which debt to KN has compromised in the process— all we need is a final Revelation 13:3 sword stroke to bring ALL the nations to their knees so the mega-wealthy KN system can become their “savior” in that mega-global-healing to follow this last global “sword stroke” based crisis.

In Revelation 17:8-11 we see the beast will ascend from that abyss of the sword-stroke preparatory phase. And in Revelation 17:12-15 we see the nation-state system will “give their power and authority” to the 8th King and BTG will be deposed to toss in that nice 500 trillion to aid the healing of the “let the national groups regain power” of Isaiah 41. Egypt is dealt a blow, but also the healing as in another prophecy, I think in Ezekiel. That “power and authority” was classically based on welath sovereignty, so when the nation-state goes bankrupt King North 8th King will assume that true ownership global sovereignty— but as in the meaning, and Daniel 11:36-39, the nation-state must participate but under 8th King guidance, as with King Fierce his power is “not by his own power” (Dan8:23-25) but by use of the national systems, the Rev13 beast becomes the scarlet wildbeast as they take control of the world, for real.

That MUST complete and rule Rev17:12 symbolic “one hour” as Christ arrives in that one hour (Rev11:11-12; Matt24:29-31) as these “hours” in Revelation are that same hour as the Rev17:12 “one hour” of 8th King World Government: Rev11:13, Rev14:7,15, Rev17:12, Rev18:12,16,17,19.

This is why the convergence of global-sovereignty is also a convergence of all sovereign prophecy in Dan2,4,7,8,11,12 Rev13, 17 and by those cross relateable details Rev1:1 can fulfill as well as Rev10:5-7. Another example is all the 1260 days, 3.5 times, 42 month prophecies parallel in Dan7:25, 12:7, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:14 instance this time, Rev13:5, and are a repeating cycle as that 3.5 times 1260 day first witness will have a last witness 1260 days, for 2520 days total with 1914-1918 and the future. The Rev11 “seven times” is 2520 days, the last witness will summarize it all.


Peter, I believe that Daniel 9 was a prophecy about Christ as you stated. I also believe God founds very clear defensible and actually simple patterns that have great meaning. Like the seven times Russell was shown by God as many faithful Christians through the times before were working on these things. But a valid one has to come from God.

Now with that principle of helping people learn by repeating principles and patterns, as we actually study the Bible’s prophecy areas, we can see the Christ sacrifice that concluded in his 3.5 year ministry as he died, yet kept the covenant open a full seven years, is a very important pattern in Daniel 9. It marked the Christ event beyond doubt and it shows God uses seven for certain spiritual completions of great meaning.

Now there may be other patterns on that first master pattern, but the one of the future “week of open salvation” is very important to KNOW that God is keeping the final half of the week AGAIN open for salvation, the salvation of post-Christ arrival in Revelation 14:6-7 (Rev11:11-12) to be completed by the unstoppable Kingdom Angels of Christ with the “everlasting good news” offer to all people, certainly all who can be saved. (Rom2:12-16 as well)


I will explain how the coming 1260 days and 1290 days “seven years” are going to be a “week” of Open Salvation Offer in final form, to be exactly marked by key future events like the cessation of the final 1260 day warning after completion and 8th King final “disgusting thing” global placement as world government. Please follow all of this logic because it can be defended and these next points are why.


1. Week of Salvation is a Bible Principle Pattern;


The principle of a final week of salvation is also shown as Genesis 7:4, to paraphrase, God said in just seven more days I am bringing the deluge. Now, for everything to be completed as far as animal passengers in the preceding command to get them (Gen7:1-3), that seven days had to have been aided by God, it was a miracle to see everything stream to that ark, and ANYONE could have joined the parade. Now that is not the point of how the animals got there, but that it was a week long divine final sign, that principle relates to Daniel 9:27 of the future too, the final literal sheep salvation phase of the future for the Adamic era.


2. Christ Secures Global Sheep Before Conquest;


When Christ arrives he will save the sheep first, but rather than it be an instant global event, Christ will be in a presence and glory mode as in Matt24:29-31 depending on the circumstances— it is a stealth global-sheep gathering as the “two are in a bed or at the mill and one is taken” implies. Plus, that Matthew 24:29-31 sequence does not result in the end, it results in the global sheep sweep of Matthew 24:31.


3. All Sevens Must Complete;


To complete all the seven times meanings, we know Christ’s first 3.5 years is completed in that final 3.5 years as the Mighty God with all them angels sweeping in and sweeping up the sheep to their heavenly “in the air” call, or to safe location on Earth, “heaven’s extremity”, and “earth’s extremity” to a completion. And his taking the remainder of the 1290 days, at least the 3.5 years or so, will become a “sign of his presence” as he does that to save sheep prior to total conquest, as in Revelation 14:14-16 before 14:17-20.


4. Revelation 11 TWO [1260 Days] Witnesses is 2520 Days “Seven Times” Finale;


The future 1260 days is the START of the final week of open salvation— and its eventual cessation after 1260 days completes marks the half of that last week of salvation and the final ceasing of the constant feature in the death of the “two witnesses”. Now for the Revelation 11 “seven times” to complete we have TWO 1260 days periods for a past witness 1 (1914), combined with a future witness 2, as them TWO witnesses. Those TWO 1260 days periods equate to a whole 2520 DAYS, “seven times”.


And as Christ spoke of the PLURAL “appointed times of the nations” at Luke 21:24  thus we now know the 2520 years which ended into the start of the first 1260 days in the very 1914 same year the START of the 2520 DAYS began. Revelation 11:2, has a final “trampling” as the “holy city” to complete that final “seven times” as 2520 days of the future, after that final witnessing of Rev11:3 1260 days of the future completes as Revelation 11:7-10— The final warning is deposed by 8th King “ascending” world government, it is the half of the week, it is the constant feature cessation. (The Rev11:7-10 “3.5 day death state” of them two witnesses merges into the start of the 1290 for some brief period, unknown for now, then Rev11:11-12 Christ arrival)

And it will lead to what it claimed, the explanation of the final global and spiritual indications of the total Christ arrival.


5. 1290 Days is the Final “Half of the Week” of Open Salvation;


In Daniel 12:7’s parallel of that 1260 days, or “time, times and half a time”, it concludes with Revelation 11:7, that “dash the power of the holy ones to pieces” is the death state of the two witnesses in that final 1260 days complete. And Dan12:7 1260 expired leads to the Daniel 12:11 1290 days, and THAT WEEK OF SEVEN YEARS, 1260+1290 is ALL: OPEN FOR SALVATION!


Now when we read Daniel 9:27:


“And he must keep [the] covenant in force for the many for one week; and at the half of the week he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease.
“And upon the wing of disgusting things there will be the one causing desolation…


THAT week is the final 1260 and 1290 days. The ceasing of the gift offering this time is the cessation of the 1260 days into the death of the two witnesses in that last witnessing, ceasing the constant, but allowing all anointed to be gathered in completion. The 8th Kin world government “place the disgusting thing” of Daniel 12:90, wildbeast ascension of Rev11:7-10, Rev17:8-12, is the final global “place the disgusting thing”, and it is what outlaws the second witnessing, it also outlaws global BTG.

“And he must keep [the] covenant in force for the many for one week (1260 days and 1290 days); and at the half of the week (1260 days ceases) he will cause sacrifice and gift offering to cease. (final warning 1260 days deposed, AFTER completion)


“And upon the wing of disgusting things there will be the one causing desolation… (8th King, King North World Government)

Thus Christ upon arrival into the same period of 8th King world government completion as the end point of that final 1260 days valid warning and open salvation message offer made clear, Christ can then complete the anointed sheep-sweep first then he takes his remainder of the Daniel 12:11 sweet time to gather the “harvest of the earth” sheep as in Revelation 14:14-16, Matt25:31-40. And as all these sevens complete, 2520 days (as seven times, and the final “week” of salvation) and Christ’s own seven years, it aids awareness in a manner that is progressive, rather than a fake “doomsday” wham bam thank you mam of today’s “operation of error”. It is Revelation 13:3 in reality, the coming “doomsday” heals into 8th King World Government.



This is because the global-crisis that defines the “tribulation of those days” coming up, is a sword-stroke clear principle the “crisis” “heals”, instead, into a hopeful final disgusting thing presentation cycle, a “let the national groups regain power” of Isaiah 41— “come close for the judgment”, after in Isa41. Btw, as BTG is deposed after world government she rides completes, after final lying endorsement, Rev11:13 “tenth the [BTG] city” will be sheep as God’s “my people” still stuck in there, swept out to salvation, hence Rev14:6-7 process leads into the Rev14:8 BTG deposed angelic announcement.



In addition, the Kingdom of the Son completes in all anointed “meet the Lord in the air” in that 7th plague Christ “air event”, the 8th King completes, all other things complete in prophecy in grand final form, and that completes the “sacred secret of the good news” as God states at Revelation 10:5-7. That is to aid salvation first, then Christ when all is complete, he completes the conquest on the 8th King, assumes the Rev11:15-18 “Kingdom  of the World” so the Daniel 4 gentile “kingdom” is preserved for them, as Daniel explained to King Neb. Christ as “Last Adam” is also the basis of all humanity as the process of Matthew 19:28 restoration “re-creation” takes place for humans, animals and all Earth (Rev21; Eze47; Rom8:18-22, etc, etc, etc) through him, “Eternal Father” and the Bride, implied “New Eve”, Eternal Mother— Isaiah 54 is about the Bride of Christ not the God’s “woman”.


The truth is the coming salvation will be enormous and aided by the truth God and Christ are friends of all and anyone can choose their Kingdom over the 8th King World Government who is the true enemy here. The final message is of maximum positivity and guaranteed hope commensurate with the actual magnitude of the power and reality and saving love in Christ’s perfect human atonement sacrifice. Salvation truth is more powerful than doom and gloom to help save people and draw many to salvation in that final week, but as shown, Christ completes his own ministry because humans can’t as in Matthew 10:23, UNTIL the “Son of Man arrives”, because ANGELS of Christ and Christ COMPLETE the global “circuit of the cities of Israel”.


Just have to be patient and hope to divert them from the Org funnel— hopefully that will be botched somehow in that “brief respite”. Patience because when it does finally dawn on them the “end” is NOT coming quite on their scheduled request form itinerary, the final fall out has to be the grand slam.

But, if you imagine the scenario in various ways, they can keep the “hope alive that it will end brothers!, wait…” kind of waffling for some time, and the way the global context plods along can help it as they apply things to their final fake prophecy game. BUT, in time, that delusion has to wear off, because, it just won’t end. At worst, the thing plateaus and then just resolves like the other global crises before it. I think Rev13:3 has that principle, it resolves into a final form of global management system, aka world government, that would be the real goal, and that takes some time.

But global-crisis speeds up some processes, but not “the end” as the JW fake-armageddon fake-prophecy hype is just to paralyze JWs to loot and shut down the org, the latter from their own “the ministry is over” deluded mouths as GB Pied Piper flute primed and misled. But, it sure will be quite the spectacle to see JWs finally take out that “end of the world signs” “hard hitting judgment message that the complete end of Satan’s world has arrived” WT 11/13 primed final JW move. But alas, it becomes the final laughing stock as it does not end for the world, just the WTBTS. Very strange, but it appears to be well planned and primed in advance in that direction, the goal to shut up JWs voluntarily as they cancel their own ministry. Then just leave JWs in the rubble to figure out the puzzle among themselves amidst a storm of dropped jaws, and tomatoes.

I feel sorry for them, they are really a victim too, someone esle ran off with them billions they had. I will try to help them, can’t really blame the poor victim as much as it may be deserved. The realization the GB hand is the one that stuck the knife in their back is a pill for JWs to eventaully take, as big as Texas is that pill. I hope I can break it into smaller pieces for some, but they gotta eat it, it is what it is, Pied Piper GB led the parade, set up the lies, and aided the looting and whatnot. JWs, no matter how they accept it, will be besides themselves.

But as you can imagine, any dingle-berry-JWs will shake off, even the mainstays will be shaken by this mega-fail— there will be anger, sadness, bewilderment, confusion, suspicion, exhaustion, tears and a million questions, all mixed into one 10 million gallon JW party punch. It is the “scattered sheep” principle at work. Even now there is a scattering, but it is light compared to that to come.


Next it will be a Pushpin on GoogleEarth as the earth cracks in 2 around your house from a fancy freeware animation. LOL


Hello Sister Jacqueline,

I would like to tell you something I think will be helpful, possibly, for your site which has to do with the “anatomy” of the xJW Tsunami now flowing across the internet. I am going to do a very brief outline of what I had been discovering doing this full-time from 2011 to 2016 as I fled the JW Organization in 2012.

What this has to do with is engaging people who are looking into this information in a unique and constructive manner in that there is a unanimous feeling against the JW Org, but the way people get there and there variety is very interesting so this outline was identifying some of the generic types of xJWs and indirect “xJWs” and the reasons why they split or disagree with modern JW policy. And I mean policy, not theology, because the modern GB blowback propelling this mass exodus from JW Egypt is mostly now due, not to theology, but to blatant CRIMINAL LAWLESSNESS and it being spread down to the JW pews as far as accountability.

I will refer you to the Reddit post that will contain this bare bones out line because:

1. It can help an xJW researcher understand the breadth of lawless policies JWs now promote in one view.

(In my case, before I left, I just was doing this mentally. Then one day I decided to make a timeline like detectives do in law enforcement and begin to also database, so to speak, ALL the anomalies I was seeing. When I did this and saw the true magnitude of this lawless operation in front of my face visually— in spiritual and secular criminal machinations which actually inter-related to the goal of stumbling and even trapping sheep, I KNEW this was no accident nor was it just random corruption. That may have aided it’s beginning, but this thing is truly an “OPERATION of error” first, which equates to an enormous lie later, NOW.)

2. It can help people focus on an area they are looking into further.

3. It shows in some areas how JWs are being implicated down to congregational level in lawless criminal accountability AT GLOBAL SCALE.

4. I think it will help people also see the general area of dissension they can identify with and get a better grasp and just how broad and sweeping this set of stumbling blocks is, a veritable GB obstacle course to prevent people from the kingdom and the salvation which empowers it is very dastardly “evil genius” manner.

It is concise, as time I am not, but thsi outline is very simple. I will refer you to the concept on reddit when I do it very, just as food for thought for your site in helping those wanting to leave LEAVE FASTER by seeing the true scope of this WTBTS operation and the true breadth of the types of people and points of protest it has inspired which is actually enormous and as said, open JWs individually to criminal accountability in certain aspects of the way these criminal polciies have been “enforced” illegally against God and Ceaser in the congregational system globally.

It is just fodd for thought, the goal is to help people leave quickly by summarizing the big picture quickly for these xJW researchers, to help them get out as fast as they can, because time is of the essence in reality, not just to leave (Matt24:15) but to also be resolved NOT to be scared back in for whatever reasons. It actually will become life and death serious in some cases in time, it will get worse and worse until it it a full blow catastrope— for that is what Satan has designed in that “operation of error” as the end purpose for this totally h-jacked and off course fraud ministry. It will set up more than a “proverbial saying” in its aftermath, the JW all-covering (fake) “end of the world” smokescreen that will help confuse the real meaning of the WTBTS global-corporate catastrophe will FAIL, it will be the final discrediting stumbling laughing-stock-scale by-product as this “operation of error” comes to its “transgressor” conclusion.

Hope your site is helpful and a success.


THIS is how the accountability coming for real prosecutions at the JWPew level is done, with one criminal directive the WHOLE congregation shares in, by direction of the Elder GB Henchmen via the GB Mafia. Unlike other religions who realistically also have predators about, they do not codify a legal requirement superceding the “law of the land” that the flock is OBLIGATED to provide criminal aid to the predators and dungeonize and re-abuse the victims for the rest of their lives if they stay in the JW Hazing Pack of Wolves. What a Coven of Creeps!

So, when the storm finally breaks probably along with rackets charges and money laundering at global scale, to get to the top of the WTBTS “Theocrazy Pyramid” quickly, JW visiting hours will be the same as the other criminals in lock up. The elders are the first pin to shoot for, the whole congregation is accountable one way or another. But RICO stuff is when they kick down the doors at dawn, it is far faster acting than the glacial pedophile accounts. But altogether it is plain the “writing on the wall” says the WTBTS and JW Ministry are going down in a criminal global-wave of prosecution and a criminal-record sold to the Flock of Fools as “persecution brothers!”.

This thing is way strange and this is only the fuse sizzling for all to see enroute to the main WT-TimeBomb.


Yes now he that scatters is for us (Matt24:15)– but you are correct people must use their own “discernment”. Scattering is OK for those who decided on their own discernment, because in Daniel 11:32-35 the stumbled “fall” into Christ for refinement in those cases, they are better off out. And as in the basic principle wise and foolish “ten virgins” have all nodded off, original light low, and now comes a wake up call in time, and there is a second light phase of the future after this nap ends, for the whole collective ministry has burned low since 1914. Very basic principles are what Christ taught first in his parables, even if at global scale today.

Case in point, with the JW “darkness” is the Daniel 11:42-43 global gold and silver true coup is not complete and neither has nation-state “Egypt” lost all its “desirable things” to globalist global debt securement, that is yet to come. That did NOT fulfill with the USSR, they went bankrupt in part of that global-pawning process of the nation-state system (Dan11:27b). Plus, all Kings in Daniel 11 have noted rise and a noted fall, a fall as significant as that of the USSR would have been noted in the prophecy, but in Daniel 11:36c the truth is King North is successful “until the denunication comes to a finish”.

My point is, these latest Russia intensifications in general media (via Trump scandals) and specific to JWs in the JW Russian “Seige”, mean they can be placed in the JW mind as if Daniel 11:44 is readying to activate. This would be well premature. (2Thess2:1-2)

This is not good, for Daniel 11:40-43 effects of globalization have not yet completed, it takes a final sword-stroke to fully topple the nation-state King South/7th King centric system, but for King North Globalized System recovery. Thus, talk about a ” JW self fulfilling prophecy” here! This is a TOTAL HOAX that JWs are being setup to believe. IF— IF, things do spin out of control with Russia in any conflict with the Anglo-American and NATO systems in the future, then JWs will think it is Daniel 11:44 well premature of its transition-into-world-government reality, the GB has primed them for that KN-Decoy in Russia ruse.

This is of course a speculation, but it does not hurt to have it jotted down mentally and tacked on the thought-fridge for future reference. The are engineering a FAKE “the end” in the JW mindset in this “self fulfilling prophecy” as the smokescreen to dissolve the WTBTS and cancel the JW ministry from the GB mouth as if “the ministry is done brothers, the end is here sisters!” “thanks for showing up”, “see ya, wouldn’t wanna be you”, tschuss…


[quote=’muhammad_isa’ pid=’324211′ dateline=’1538115681′]
[quote=’TempleJudgment’ pid=’324207′ dateline=’1538085937′]

..which will become that impotent World Government of bankers, warlords, and religious sellouts. (Rev17:8-18)

Religions are of no use to see or explain this in the correct sequential detail and usually not at all.


..so, your beliefs are not part of an “organized religion”? 🙂

No. If you can find one religion that teaches that basic but future-advanced prophecy outline and furthest range global-timing (not a “doomsday” quickie) then cite it. (And I am anti-doomsday, I do not promote ANY “end of the world” non-sense, for it is not in the Bible and it is not in the globalization goal. They scare AS IF possibly “the end”, but that “sword stroke” heals into complete globalization in Rev13:3 principle)

So, [Christian] religions are doomsdayers across-the-board, my premise is the opposite. I also promote a massive survivability of the eventual [transition] as in Rev14:6-7. Religions do not, and it has been my job to look, I know what I am trying to describe here.

And if you can find a religion with as positive and hopeful of a guarantee as Rev14:6-7 in the base notice, tell us, but you won’t, you will find spiritual football teams with the we win, you lose mentality just milking the flocks.

Therefore, you will not find a global corporate religion teaching that for they are in bed with the main global controllers, they are academic stooges receiving special protection to ply a stalled commentary at best— saying, it is not an accident it is this stalled and backward as it is today. You may find scattered ideas on these themes, and that from scattered people influenced by religion, but lone-wolfs— their religions will not adopt their ideas, they have to go do their own blog. Those are not a “religious teaching” because they are not allowed to actually progress prophecy parallels to the purpose of modern globalization in any global reaching form as in religions which may have influenced them, but they could not be part of its corporate academic development, it is forbidden, it is tied up with synods like the Pharisees who will be unwilling to go that route. Corporations are controlled entities, especially religious ones.

This is because what is outlined in Daniel 2 and very brief portions of Rev13,17, are just basic-simple prophecy symbols paralleled with real global power-dynamics with a main goal of globalization [completion] which is world government of the future— and no organized religions can progress that story and expose their true-masters— they are religion, they are creeds and stalls and they are controlled by the globalization master plan, like auto-pilot, by securing their wealth and freedom for them in lieu of omissions in modern prophecy updates— no, no, no.

This, on the other hand, is not corporate, not religious, this is real-time active globalization prophecy shown in those basic prophecy symbol parallels which forms the final dynamic global sovereignty that completes [in the future]. That final sovereign-overstep is what triggers the Christ arrival for the resolution of who is actually powerful— it is not nation-state governments God tracks (Rom13), it is the global-sovereign-form globalized into one global sovereign system in time, world government that God has forewarned in prophecy he has not sanctioned— the natural terminus of all those sovereign prophecies in Dan2,7,8,11-12 Rev13,17.

God has another “King” in mind to run this universe, not just earth, it is a [New Universal Order] of scale and scope needed, not another erred human botch branded to seem “new and improved” on this final “government” selling cycle.

The real King-Designate by Immortal Power of God Almighty will not arrive while they are just getting ready (Joel3:9-17) That would not be fair, and that would not be as big as it has to be, what fun would that be as well, it has to include also the Air Force of Satan in complete readiness as they verge again into more power in the physical earth realm, which is also progressive. (Eze38:7–) That all takes a few more years.

[quote]Be thou [Satan] prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company [globalization force] that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.[/quote]

As you can see, like Joel 3:9-11 that is a request that they all get ready, complete, gitterdone BEFORE game day. Being fair, he lets them complete and even gives the chance to surrender Rev14:6-7 (to the humans), and a clearer notice of pre-arrival coming soon. It steps very clearly over a few final years to this zenith sovereign conflict, you will see how they use global crisis as an eventual hopeful outlook when it resolves, to help sell their final sovereign product in world government.

No religion will tell you this, but the prophecy has this message in it, in very very short and simple order– like Daniel 2, the first penned outline and the simplest of them all— it is all that same basic story, they just need to complete that botch “immense image” King Nebuchadnezzar say in his nightmare. Then, and ONLY then, that “stone” will strike, at a speed of light as needed. But with a transition phase in Daniel 12:11, 3.5 years surrender opportunity for any human, swooped in globally by the Air Force of Christ as Revelation 14:6-7, so it will be delivered to all humans of earth with a goal of living forever, not just “surviving”. It could be that easy. Religions do not help it in that manner.


What they DO LET “THE BROTHERS” KNOW is to burn all files, stickies and disks ASAP God Bam (GB) hypocrites. I asked myself right before I bailed, do I REALLY WANT TO BE A GB DAMAGE CONTROL AGENT?

The answer will always be NO. That is all JWs are, the “kingdom” is a UN NGO becoming a UN IGO, and the JW ministry is just plain lies to cover for the GB Freaks up north. It is no longer about “the good news” it is about making WTBTS BAD NEWS try to sound good, it is all about JW Org criminal activity cover-up now-a-days. So I personally bailed once I saw what my new GB-Blind-Witness job really was.

My advice is: BAIL BEFORE the JW Scarelines Airplane truly smashes into the mountain. Soon.


[quote=’Joseph47′ pid=’324751′ dateline=’1538958888′]
Do Buddhists believe in God? Also, I am very mystified by Buddhists’ claims that we have no self that survives bodily death, and yet we (some of our “essence” or some aspect of us) are reincarnated when we enter the next life. Can this be rationally explained?

These things develop parallel with the ancient science of these various cultures. So, to understand this would be like understanding church trinity by exploring some of the Greek metaphysics which it merged with.

I suspect other cultures also had religious and pseudo-science metaphysical concurrent-developments wherein [in] that exploration is “the answer” in that archaic “science” understanding converging with a “epihanous” religious concept, right when the two were married and mated.

But in most cases imo, like with “Saint Plato” the true father of modern corporate Christianity, it will just raise more unanswerable questions, a sign of deep seated error merely wished away for centuries quite successfully, at times quite violently, as with the Papacy rule of the Dark Ages and for a death rattle into the “enlightenment” transition. It becomes a very “Muddy Study”, but very interesting you shall see if you choose to venture into that dark marshy forest present in all cultural landscapes. GodSpeed Van Helsing!


The GB is a blackhole, they suck the light out of people even if they do not know they are too close to that blackhole. I felt this coldness creeping in in 1990, today it is an Igloo, and iceberg they luckily throw some JW_penguins off because that is the best place to be. You know many are PIMO, POMO, or PIMI, and those PIMIs some THINK they are mentally in but many have NO HEART in it anymore, lethargy laced with malaise from the rotten light sucking spirit of the GB which spirit is not from any God I ever heard of. Many are just plain HNII, Heart Not In It. It is like a burnt out campfire the GB claims is still the bonfire of yesterday, but it is just cold ashes folks and winter is here. It is all based on a lie, like in Isaiah 28 when Israel tried to pull these same lying stunts for greedy purposes. The GB are just greedy monsters sucking life and loot from all who let them close. A real Spiritual BLACKHOLE.

THAT is why JWs are like zombies, plus they are burnt out and that is why this WT FAKE “the end of the world” to intensify in time, appeals to their spiritual lethargy, they want this hypocrite roller coaster ride to just end. But it won’t, true the WT Rollercoaster will collapse and crash, but the world just keeps evolving its form of global governance goal, it does NOT end, it keeps evolving even through things like world war and global financial meltdown into the intended solution better designed for international finance rather than thinking 300 year old nation-state governments are the wave of the future as they used to be, they are a fossil of the past, but they can be upgraded to the new—- that is where “the world” is heading— NOT the JW HOAX “it is the end everyone! we win, you lose everyone!”. The GB thing is one of them fossils, that of a lying parasite Megasquito called “true religion” and their fake charity, true relics is what it really is. They, not “Babylon the Great” are who go down first in this final evolutionary cycle of human designed world governance.

Just thank God many have left and are leaving because this JW-Org BLACKHOLE is going to be A [true] CATASTROPHIC DISASTER when it finally hits critical mass. FLEEEEE!!! NOW!!!! It is NOT going to be pretty, and it will be >>THE OPPOSITE<< OF THAT JWS HAVE BEEN MISLED TO EXPECT!! Have pity on the casualties, it really was not totally their fault, the GB is the Pied Piper of this JW cliff crash coming up.


For context I was late 20s in 1990, I had been in from 7 years old to about 17 when my mom bailed because of personal reasons, nothing to do with JWs, I took the opportunity to just go along too. There was no “escape” mentality, I did not see it is convenient just natural, we just had other things to do which I talk about later. So, you don’t have to read this, the Gulf War kind of got me thinking to return, at that time like 27 in 1990, and I came back with a vengeance, I was REALLY into it as far as preaching, study, etc, not so much as far as holding mics or worse the MS thing.

The context of my 7-17 era is we were seen as “spiritually weak” when I was in that 7 to 17 stretch, so the dubs I got to hang out with were fun as hell, they drank, we got high, we blew off firecrackers strapped to hidden cigarettes at assemblies— this was youth, we were mischievous black sheep, never got in trouble too, we were good at slinking around. BUT, we did care, we did love the congregation maybe more than they loved us, who is to say, it was a BLAST! Now I am speaking as a dumb-juvenile, now I am a bit in regret of some of the stuff we pulled, like also dropping acid at an assembly. But, there was a warmth from “the friends” I could actually FEEL (not getting caught may have helped this, btw, lol). That warmth is what I felt no more in a little while on my 1990 return. At first I was so Gung HO it did not matter, it took a little while to sense it. I felt it, so no groundbreaking news (at that time) as to exactly why. It was a pure feeling, something was off, I could not describe it, it was colder in a weird way. (You could stop reading here, that is all I can say about the coldness, it was just a weird feeling– but I found out later, there was way more to it.)

I would like to describe my situation, as some imagine I have an axe to grind for my criticisms of the GB. I had it great with JWs, I liked the ministry, I excelled in study (post 7-17 era), I had ZERO problems personally with any JW, elder, GB, etc. BUT, I never even liked anything even close to “ministerial servant” much less elder, as that what they seemed to be heading me into early, because I was very driven. But, when it came to even MS, I fled to another congregation, which puzzled them, I did not just tell them “believe me, I am not your [organizational man]”, I just left— no hard feelings just was busy enough did not need to be roped into cattle-punchin, imo.

So, with that in mind, I did see others get injustices and it did start to pile up later, but it was post 2010 GB research that made me actually hate that style of ministerial “management”, it is how many groups are detoured while being subverted by those multi-headed Frankensteined [dead] “bodies”.

The coldness I sensed was at that time, it was a feeling more than an actual symptom, I felt something was wrong with no internet of evidence. I felt it, something was off. As I continued the organizational pressure was why I bailed at first, I had no respect for GB-to-elder actual authority even when I liked them, I knew that was an over-extension, but it did not sink in why yet– so the fear thing never worked on me. My mom was in there but she used to say “sonny, they are elders from the neck up”, she was there in her heart for God and Christ, do NOT trust mud-men was her outlook from the getgo. She da’d because she thought she was going to kill my father in a messy divorce, she did not want to bring “reproach” on the congregation when she riddled him full of bullets.

But, that never did happen but we sort of stayed in outer orbit from then on, because she told them why she da’d, so they thought maybe she was unstable, but she was just hurt and angry and got over it. Our faith luckily transcended human groups the whole time, so we had zero fear of any JW judgments, it was like a gift. So, the initial departure from me was to get a break from the “over-organizational insanity”, I thought they were too uppity and busy-bodyish. I did not have any question whatsoever about my faith in Jesus as my guide, not them clowns, from the getgo, I liked JWs because they were active about their faith— I did not like the organizational insanity of over doing it from the start.

Now as I look back, I KNOW why that effect of the “cooling off” was a gradual thing, it got worse after 1990 because they got worse with their actually “on purpose” anti-christ activities. At that time and not until after 2010 did it all come crashing home in my head just how truly evil this thing had become in fully recognized manner over that last year unto 2013, 1990 was their point of no turning back, that UN NGO is a very serious matter in the spiritual world. And after 2001 when it went public they told no one in any official publication all JWs would read, so some JWs do not even know about it, THAT is pure evil. They are STILL hiding it from the r/f JW population.

But I did not put it together until later just what it was I was looking at in puzzled manner at first. My last meeting was Memorial 2013. From that point on there is no way to go back thank God, because I realized it was not just some random corruption, that thing is by intelligent design, evil intelligence. You will see some very strange events come with the planned JW Org downfall, it is by design— but its global context will be even more strange and distracting. Just keep your eyes on it, it will be going down and that FAKE “the end of the world” they have been priming JWs with since 2012 in print is a “self fulfilling prophecy” to smokescreen the real meaning of that WTBTS dissolution attempt, but they themselves, the GB, is who will cancel the JW ministry and the real question is what global crisis context will it all seem like it really is “the end” in concurrency? Well, it is a HOAX, it will not end, only WTBTS will end and much of it from its own mouth and hidden in its own self fulfilling prophecy.

I know they will cancel the JW ministry, that is already in writing to JWs, and it will have a FAKE “it is the end everyone” eventual total laughing stock smokescreen-mantra along with it— be patient, do get fear-mongered, it WILL fail, just give it time. I do not know how successful the WTBTS dissolution will be. I know they will run off with like 20 BILLION in liquid assets, I think they will sell off as much as they can, even like copyrights, etc, as this implodes by design. I think they will tie up nailed down assets in a web of long range litigations. How fast and to what degree of dissolution success they have, I do not know that is why I said WTBTS dissolution attempt. But the final discrediting will be enormous, they want that to linger as long as possible. It’s an internally driven, externally guided, stumbling operation is all it really is.


Remember, it is not just the “20 year glitch” of the Jerusalem erred date/event error from 607 myth to circa 587 Jerusalem destruction reality. EVERY DATE PRECEDING 607 Jerusalem Destruction “yellow pushpin in the JW Space Time Continuum” is also at a 20 year variance with the known Bible chronologies including that of Isaac Newton— whose math is better than the GB bean counter$.

Now how can EVERY DATE INCLUDING 607 be ALSO 20 years off prior to 607?

Because that JW Yellow “607” Pushpin is the center of their Bible chronology universe, EVERYTHING chronology prior to 607 in Bible history is engineered from 607 BCE backwards to try to make it all work (which instead inserts 20 years “back in time” to “the beginning”), Thus the rest of JW “chronology” is also now at variance with literally now THOUSANDS of secular “gentile” world histories of the same dates back to the creation of Adam. Such as the standard Albright, Kitchen and Thiele Bible chronologies.

But it sure is a nice stumbling block which could be removed, but the GB loves stumbling works. THAT is why they got rid of Ray Franz, he was on to the rectification, but the GB is engineering a downward spiral in JW population but a peak in beaten and killed sheep.

As an appendix to the jacket your daughter is giving your wife, she may include Crisis of Conscience chapter 4, in fact the whole book, it deals with Ray Franz’ and Olof Jonsson’s attempt to fix JW chronology which led to the Ray Franz expulsion from the GB concurrent with his resignation. Time is of the essence. lol



Why did you decide to Superman zoom straight OUT of JW Gehenna? Because the GB rides their own self-defined wildbeast as now a UN IGO “consultancy” all over the world? Because they are child rapists too boot? Because they are homewreckers, embezzlers and racketeers? But, that is no serious matter to Jehovah, the GB have a Special Divine License to Sin and to try to piss on the “Kingdom of God” in their Cornucopia of Crimes Against Humanity, for they are the GB, Gehenna Bound.

We JWs have gone from the pan to the fire, true, but no reason to just leave this camping trip on the edge of the Grand Canyon, the GB is to say jump in “soon, very soon” as per Watchtower July 2015, and we have to obey as per Watchtower November 2013. Who needs a Bible rule book, we got the GB Kingdom of the Devil to listen to and obey.


That is just a little “civil unrest”. According to the supposed JW Rule Book, that “the end” thing is not in a time of global war and chaos. (1Thess5:1-3) But it is OK to just erase Matthew 24:6 and Luke 21:9 from the JW Lukewarm Bible. All that is in the above is a global economic crisis “scene” of a section of the city whose public funds melted-down, overall it recovers fine globally— but yes it is due to the nation-state debt profile finally imploding and thanks to a few martial systems kicking in to keep a little order, the place will recover. (WTBTS is what “ends” in the process)

Hence no need for Gabriel to step in either, it is a time of JW Org reaping what it has sown. If anything, Gabriel would help destroy the GB— the humans can just sweep up the GB white ash and green goop smoking-greasy heap into a snow-shovel and dump it in the alley where they belong. At worst it will be a couple or three trips to the alley.


I know some 2face JWs, it hurts. BUT, you get over it, and you pity them, not you, poor fools on GB puppet strings. Eventually they have no legs to stand on, their little guilt trip becomes useless and you turn it on them guilty frauds— they have guilt, and they are susceptible to anything that hits their guilt-buttons, they have been programmed by the GB to be like this— thing is ANYONE can hit them guilt buttons on a JW. Wow, they sure hate when that happens. Keep hitting their weak spot, if it has to go that way, THEIR OWN HYPER-GUILT is their weak spot. Their hyper-holy veneer is just a costume, a fake. GUILTY is how the GB have programmed these zombies: G-U-I-L-T-Y.

Remember that and their arrows bounce off like water off a 1000 pound duck. JWs are inherently guilty, and weird thing is, it is actually true at the same time it is a mind control knob— the surreal irony in it all! JWs are truly GUILTY.


It is in the post 1976 JW-stats downward spiral trend. By their own trending slope downwards, JW growth hits ZERO by around 2020. ZERO in their own stats as seen at JW Stats conversion graph. It has been going that way for a while, it is at rock bottom “Point Plunge” now. It cannot be reversed, it is what it is.





Yes, when I was PIMI and they said do not “talk to apostates” I was like what? You cowards! We have the truth, why not engage the enemy! Well, turns out the GB are the apostates and we were just out defending their criminal enterprise, THAT is why they steer JWs away from the real truth. These people are NOT apostate, in JW own terminology these people are those “sighing and groaning” over all the “detestable things” being done in JW “Jerusalem”— these so-called “apostates” are who are “being marked for survival” because getting out of JW Org is getting out of the DEATHTRAP— no joke.

JWs are the apostate Jerusalem of today and that will be swept away as in their own teachings which they just have not applied to their own apostasy. YET. But it will come, that Isaiah 28:21 “unusual deed” and “strange work” of God is WTBTS being swept away in that “flash flood”. Just wait and see. In the JW Org you may actually die, out of it is much safer. (Matt24:15)


This is the late-reformation studies of Daniel 4’s “seven times” meaning as 7 360 day lunar years reckoned as years, for 2520 years which from 607 BCE arrives at 1914. Charles Russell and others were trying to figure out the “Christ arrival” on the premise a certain amount of time, as in Daniel 4, was given to “gentile” rulers. In their haste they assumed the Jerusalem destruction event had to mark 607 BCE to the Persian termination of Babylon’s final dynasty of King Nebuchadnezzar as marking 537 BCE— which by they way is a pretty well accepted terminus date in general and JW chronology. So, on that JW assumption the 2520 years was working just fine and dandy from 607 BCE to 1914 as “seven times” time limit expired in 2520 years, which was to result in a global notification of this “fact”.

But on actually checking the 1000 history books and records for this supposed 607 BCE Jerusalem date/event “fact”, lo and behold all the chronologies generally agree on a 586-587 Jerusalem destruction following about 20 years of various Babylonian attempts to subjugate Jerusalem peacefully— which of course makes sense. To make the JW Fictional account work, ALL JW dates with and prior to 607 have “shifted back in time” 20 years. Problem is accepted chronology researchers like Isaac Newton, Thiele, Kitchen and Albright and many others (including the Jews own history), do not “jive” with the JW Calendar of Fiction.

Thus the 2520 years does not work based on Jerusalem destruction marker, but it could work on King Neb ascension phase in that 609 to 605 actual history of his crown-prince to King of Babylon reality. But, JWs stubbornly and rabidly stick to now a clear known 20 year glitch error. Now with the web libraries of books at your mouse-click finger tips away, it has unraveled further for JWs for NOT ONE SOURCE agrees with the JW historic calculation of Jerusalem’s actual historic downfall by violent means in 607 BCE, fact is it is 587 BCE— it is what it is.

So, in addition to Daniel 4, you have to go back to the timed prophecies of Daniel 7:25, 12:7, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:6,14 and Rev13:5 for “1260 days” attempts from the time before Charles Russell which was continued over time. Then there is the Daniel 8:14 “2300” “evenings and mornings” which can be 1150 days or 2300, in general theory. Then there is the last time prophecy of that kind at Daniel 12:11 and that 1290 days.

Those are the timed prophecies that latter as actual days not days for years, which JWs have interpreted as this was all going on as applied to the International Bible Students Assoc. ministry, because JWs is not a religious label until actually the 1930s. So, by having that IBSA coattail to ride in on, JWs apply it to their minsitry, which luck would have it has instead devolved into a lawless apostasy— which prophetic indicator is of course also ignored by their lawless brigade leaders called the so-called “Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses” which quacks have a 1944 incept date in JW print, and a 1976 board of directors take over date as their actual history in JWs.

So, lying is what these guys have done from their beginning in the 1970s as far as forming the ministry coup you now see the dire results of today. I feel even a non-JW could find this very interesting and worthy of tracking to the WTBTS dissolution they are now “self fulfilling prophecy” programming into the collective JW mindset complete with their frake and fraud “end of the world hard hitting judgment message” which JWs are going to be required to carry with their end of the world signs whenever it is the global context allows the “siege” on WTBTS to manifest in the near future— and that from that GB’s own mouth and deceptive “predictions”.

FYI, that will be the final “laughing stock” fail of this little JW drama in straight up apostasy in their own now fraud ministry. It will NOT “the end” for the world, just the JW ministry and the WTBTS as they have also GB-predicted this GB sanctioned JW ministry cancellation as of WT 7/2015, and now more places, when the time for WTBTS corporate takeover actually manifests on this sordid little GB itinerary of fake hoax “the end of the world” prophecy. So, you can watch this fail in the future, and note the WTBTS has had BILLIONS in assets, like 30 to 80 BILLION depending on the source guesstimate, so this corporate score is sizable. This is all already “self fulfilling” “prophesied” since especially 2012 in JW mind-control print, I am not making this up, read WT 11/2013 as an example of what I mean in that “Seven Dukes” insane “obey the JW org as crazy as it may sound” article. Then read WT 7/2015, you will get the program in short order. But know it is a pretext for JW Org dissolution, not any true prophecy reality other than they are the signal apostasy of the modern era.


Neither did I, came across it accidentally.

When I was researching 607 it led to King Neb history which dates in JW Land are all off 20 years TOO. Then I went to look at the Samarian downfall date of “740 BCE” for a similar slide in time. When I went and checked that, this came up, note it is 20 years plus/minus error too:

[[When did Judah fall to Assyria?
Fall of Samaria. The Fall of Samaria (723 BC according to Ussher, or 722-1 BC according to Thiele) took place in the ninth year of the reign of Hoshea and the sixth year of the reign of Hezekiah. It marked the end of the Northern Kingdom of Israel.]]

See how Thiele and Ussher are very close to each other in dating? I was like that’s strange, why are JWs so far off? Then I checked the wiki Judean Kings chronology…


…which has Thiele, Kitchen and Albright dates in table form all the way back to King David. They vary approx. 10 years at most and usually agree or within a couple years of each other.

So, as I then checked JWs dates against that table from their books libCD, I finally noticed this little “time travel 20 year glitch” continues on back in ALL the other Bible dates of JWs from 607 back, even to the calc for the “creation of Adam” if you check other chronologies compared to JWs pre-607.

I actually oughta finish that table, it is very interesting error and it shows JWs calc all Bible dates with 607 and prior, from the 607 center point of the JW calendar BACKWARDS. That, of course, throws all the dates off the same amount as we “Time Travel” with JWs beyond 607 into more ancient times. It did make me think, wtf? 607 is really popular due to the theology, but all them JW pre-607 dates are beyond suspect now as well. Of course, that is actually a very serious error-stream in JW “research”. Axing Ray Franz ensured it remains. There is not enough whiteout in the world to really fix this in JW print. So, they just stick with the convenient fictional JW Time Space Continuum. JWs won’t check they feel I guess. But some do, like Doc and Marty McFly. JWs are messing with the very fabric of their own space time continuum:

Doc: …the result of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabric of the [JW] spacetime continuum and destroy the entire [JW] universe! Granted, that’s a worst-case scenario. The destruction might in fact be very localised, limited to merely [the WTBTS]….
All jesting aside, that is what we shall see.
PS, I guess it could have compounded on a closer look:

Reigned over Judah for 7 years in Hebron, then Israel & Judah in Jerusalem for 33 years; 40 years in total.
Albright 1000–962
Galil 1010–970
Kitchen 1010–970
JWs 1077-1038

Reigned over Israel & Judah in Jerusalem for 40 years.
A: 962–922
G: 970–931
K: 971–931
JWs: 1037-998

Reigned for 11 years.
A: 597–587
Thiele: 597–586
G: 597–586
K: 597–586
JWs: 607-596

I have not actually checked them all yet. I speculate from Samaria back it may get worse.


It is worse than a fail. Olof Jonsson and Raygun Franz were presenting this information when that little axe job took place on Ray and others. So, JWs are covering up these facts. And they could’ve saved face, because being a “gentile time” it would have to apply to the King Neb dynasty ascension of 609-605 which variance is more acceptable than a whole 607 Bridge missing on this road to world government.

Instead as everyone already knows as JWs are UN IGO undercover UN Consultants now promoted from that UN NGO sleight of hand distraction as a stepping stone, WTBTS are promoters of that other “kingdom” and that is why they boast of being a “non-kingdom organization” now. Now the r/f JWs just share in this new covenant with the UN Boys, it is the leaders who are square in bed with them ready to infuse in 30 BILLION JW dollars minimum for the world government project just as soon as they can cancel the JW ministry and dissolve the WTBTS globally all by GB direction and sanction.

That is why the place is on a downward spiral in promotion of ideas diametric to those of Jesus Christ. JWs are actually the “Last Apostasy” of the exact same prophecy context they now try to frame USSR/Russia with in Daniel 11:30-35 and their “WT charter adjustments” which merely built this GB tyranny in Daniel 8:11-14 according to those also lying “interpretations”. In reality, the GB apostates are the ones guiding those sections for that allaince with the 3rd United Nations presentation of 1990. THAT is why WT went UN NGO to indicate who they work for, but as stated it was a distraction to open the door for more clandestine UN IGO lobbying functions such as OSCE.


LOL- but its not really funny, it is nervously comical, yet tragic.

Well some JWs. The GB I do label as RAPSIST that lock stock and barrel, they are the JW architects of this pedophile scenario— I would hate to see what there hobbies are. But JWs have the evidence, they are sharing in this criminal operation. JWs do help “RErape” the poor victims when they do try to get justice from that Injustice Committee so called Judicial Committee.

In that, it would be do they help suppress and torture the poor victim telling them to shut and put up and put off the reproach “on our organ”? Just wait until the ShitBomb of Reproach is volcanic and a raging global tsunami sized like now? It will take “the world” to get these poor victims some justice, then the “finger of God” and for WT that is his middle finger and the 5 finger death punch to the JW organ.
So, I try not to generalize JWs in to the lake of crimes here, I can’t be like them and just judge on sight or imagination, they too are victims really, but some are enjoying it looking like a global joke now. Other JWs are waking up, eventually as with many here, something makes you look more, the WT Damage Control ain’t cutting it, you peak on the web, the dam breaks, you are swept OUT of JWville. Many more are coming across this stuff every day, those apalled and “sighing and groaning” do leave. Can’t blame those xJW designates, gotta congragtulate them. Matt24:15

The place is done, JW assets will go to the globalization effort soon. JWs will be lucky to have a broken laptop and a condemned KH hall left over after this phase is complete. They are the in the same boat as anything they used to think they were exposing in corporate “Christendom”, they are squarely a breast of Babylon the Great to use their own rules on them. It is way worse than even the harshest XJW Critic could exclaim in criticism. It is like mold on bread compared to the pure cyanide of the real WTBTS condition merely hidden in that JW Sugar Plum of an ear tickling procedure now at zenith.


Truth be known there are more stumbled people than there are JWs. If you factor in the 1970-1975 growth climb with the post 1976 perpetual downward spiral the discrepancy in lost growth potential is conservative 10 million lost. They keep just enough JWs since that time to amass 20 billion in nailed down assets and that much or more in liquid and investment form. IF, like with 2008 Lehman hedge bets, they bet on WTBTS dissolution in the hedges, they could walk out of this disaster with 100 BILLION in assets. Even without it they will probably score 20 BILLION in assets some of which already skimmed over the years in those “cave of robbers” insulated boards running the real loot.
Now there are probably less than 6 million JWs, covered by that 8 million JWs lie from Bethel and that is why they can liquidate down to real numbers like crazy. They have sporadic growth in the system, but overall it is contracting in size— and NOT because “the end is near, the preaching is done, no more shall respond” to our LAWLESSNESS, it is the lawlessness that has driven millions away. It is in the writing on the wall, the place is going down and is prepared for it for a score, not “the end of the world”. It is just the end of the WTBTS.

In reality WTBTS anomalies and diametric-to-Christ policies [across the board] are actually very telling on closer look.


The derivatives thing is like Wall Street, it is a form on gambling but its scale is larger and its “hedging” design is made for this. But I had not heard of this until researching the Charles Ferguson “Inside Job” film for 2010 Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature. In that documentary, I forgot the details, but in the hedges the same company was betting on their own collapse (making money on the front end and the back end therefore), can’t recall if it was AIG or Lehmans or whoever. The concept is the hedge funds allow this kind of speculating, how I am no expert at, but the concept is covered in some 2008 credit crisis documentaries. IF you already know the intended outcome as they did in 2008, hence “Inside Job” documentary film title, you can “hedge bet” for that outcome.
Because WTBTS is in that scale of assets and they are involved in hedge fund research, my guess it is more than that. A [wtbts hedge fund] search will cover some of this record.
The thing is 40 million is chump change, WT has 30 BILLION in this kind of ethereal investment realm, 100s of sub-boards, wired to the teeth with Chase and Goldman circuit boards. They have 20 billion in hard assets nailed to the ground, all they can do with that is leave it to the national legal eagles and sell as much now. That gigantic true net worth can be hedged in various ways as in the 2008 CCrisis cases, to also make more billions on the demise of the WTBTS. Being the size score it is with a handy jumbled JW “self fulfilling prophecy” as a smokescreen of a fake “the end”, this could also be an “Inside Job” and the scale of the potential score and naivette of JWs is what made it all possible and doable.

But that is just my speculation, but I feel the greedy whores in the GB and them other dozens of shadow boards running these billions are actually high on that wealth, they are secretive, and they are sell outs of greed, so it matters not if they are anointed of God or of Satan, they outcome is the same. Their love of money is the root of all JW evil, it is what was realized from 1950 to 1970 when this thing mushroomed into them multi-billions and growing, and THAT is why that GB 1976 Coup was motivated at that time. Unbenknownst to JWs it has gone from a few billion net worth to maybe even 60 billion over the GB Tyranny-Checkmate move from 70s to today, and that secrecy does not reveal them wringing GB fingers as they drool over the computer screens that show the real labyrinth them billions have slid into which they eyeball like greedy scum everyday of their lives them lying slugs.

And all that real estate JW slave labor has built, like 10 billion conservative in KH’s alone, not to mention land specualtion and luxury hotels the world over, that thing is now enormous in itself. And JW Real Estate ROI Valuation Slaves is why they out did LDS and other religions at this ROI as every JW buck has now turned to 10 since 1970. THAT is no accident, THAT is not for some “final warning brothers, we must spend it all and shoot for the moon and try to save millions. NO, NO, NO— those billions are for the bankers and the greedy thugs in the sellout WTS, that stuff is for the use of the other side of the chess board, and JWs will be in true checkmate when it finally is drained.

Their “end of the world” is a FAKE, a FAIL is what it will be, and in that time lag of awareness of what is really going on, not one JW will lift a finger to stop this, instead many will simply carpool to a JW Bunker Funnel straight to internment, also abandoning their houses as in WT 7/2015 into the score sack.

Right now that all seems nuts, almost as crazy as JWs, BUT with the correct global crisis it will go straight into JW fake “the end” overdrive, they will crash the org, the will loot it and it is all in post 2012 JW print in JW Itinerary form with them “obey the JW Org as crazy as it may sound” GB Pied Piper directives of WT 11/2013. The schedule of the “JW Future” is actually all laid out in WT print in actually very detailed manner, just read that “Your Deliverance is Getting Near” WT 7/2015 article and then that “Seven Dukes” WT 11/2013 article, to name a couple. This “self fulfilling prophecy” is actually all over JW publications, it is part of the pretext to paralyze JWs into inaction, then turh their final “hard hitting judgment message” into a Final Fail global laughing stock of ridicule.

1. This GB has no idea about prophecy– they are plagiarizing loafer parasites— it is what it is, FRAUDS.
2. There is another reason for this detailed “the end” scenario (and all these multi-billion dollar setups), especially when you see the WT has had NOTHING NEW TO SAY in 72 years! (Since 1945)
3. The whole hoax being setup is to score the JW org assets, billions and billions, and cancel the JW minsitry from the GB Pied Piper’s own mouth, and just abandon JWs to the rubble and the riddle in a steel web of litigation stalls. They will even sell the corporate intellectual properties and copyrights imo. JW minsitry will cease to exist in one fell swoop, and all by GB sanctions made known plainly to JWs in broad daylight— NOT a “conspiracy” this is in BROAD DAYLIGHT, JWs are that DUMB and naive and trusting.
Imo. I do say this is a speculation, but the more you look the dirtier they get I have found since 2011. I fled in 2012.


The “personal sacrifice” kind of thinking is in that YDIGN article WT 7/15. THAT was when with the Jerusalem siege jw-org video I pictured JW houses abandoned to the state, as they to-go-bagged it to the JW Bunker complex, the direction of those “unsound” directives “at that time”.
In 2011 when I used to be out trying to defend the GB is when I started a Detectives investigative timeline and storyboard. When I saw the real magnitude of “anomalies” and their depth my scattered speculations began to take form. When I saw Dark Ages Catholicism as other than world war ROI engines possibly the most profitable enterprise ever, from murder, extortion couple with divine claims—just like the JW GB— I was able to then start true calculations of WTBTS net worth as they also have free assets, free labor and a divine God Mission shill to motivate the sheep to give give give as if to God.
Real estate development coupled with wise investment is how this thing makes more after JW hands have touched it and built it, and easily it out-competes the LDS model— even if they are older and larger the potency of the God Shill is nothing like JWs and the length of slavery is nothing like JW “life sentences” with more than cooks and nannies and janitors but all levels of professional FREE consulting, plus rings of “Building Committee” external providers for more rings of external profiteering.
Now true the JW scale is small, but the hard work and years at it is why it is so mind blowing how much ROI they could generate on such a small number of highly driven and motivated slaves. But the more you look, the more dirt and bones you find. In no manner of rationale can this be good, or turn out well, it is a catastrophe in the making— but as surreal and camouflaged as it is, it is far more interesting, to me anyways, than any “hit TV series”. This thing is real and tied in to the future global trajectory as well which imo is no “end of the world”, just the basic crisis dilemma which ends up suggesting the next, but bigger, “solution”.

Obviously that “solution” is what JWs are supporting NOT the “solution in God’s Kingdom”, it is another devolution into an overridden subversion, and that too, like the Dark Ages Papacy, is common in religious corporations, they take in much more than they put out. The GB is just a modded version of the Dark Ages Papal Model, same lies, same claims, same shill, same mind control, same racketeering, same everything. JW policy is provably diametric to all Biblical basic principles, in the ying-yang total opposite direction, intent and effect. They KILL and BEAT “the sheep” as led by their 7 or 8 headed, or whatever, Frankensteined GB “Pope”. Same old story, love of money and power and building THEIR OWN “Kingdom” not that of any God I ever heard of who would accept as his a bunch of broad daylight criminals— and them hiding their true net worth from JWs at the stellar magnitude it is actually at, is telling.

What if they told JWs they had an easy 50 BILLION in liquid and in the ground assets with at most a 300 million a year OH? WHAT A CRIMINAL JOKE! It is way worse and well beyond the critical distillation on the web, way more evil than these people can imagine in general; now nothing against them, you have to dig deeper to find all the bones WTBTS has buried in its corpse-eration AND its many many concentric rings of racketeering support. Some just have not dug deep enough yet.

I just could no longer accept this as a random spontaneous generation in mere “corruption”, this is by design, corruption is the real objective to aid the rest of this sordid process which came to a puss-filled head in the GB in the 1970s. It is no accident, imo. And the score is big enough to attract the proper “level” of interest. It is not like this is the one and only time this has occurred, as in 1st century Judaism for example– that too turned into a disaster in time, and it is the same form of dubious alliances and the same basic theme.


I think there is more going on than the first guess scenario among JWs and xJWs alike. Imo, the pedophile stuff is wired in on purpose to reduce credibility and public sympathy for instead public disgust— the “tenderization” process.
The way they do it I have no idea, but what you said is as good a guess as any I have. I think when greed is the reality and billions the goal, they can get very creative.

And in that creativity is the WTBTS Battering Ram way beyond glacial pedophile dissecting. RICO style rackets and real money laundering is how you get the WT doors kicked down at dawn by the FBI and ATF, and whatever versions of them out there in other countries.

Imo, they will save the worst criminal exposure for last, and coupled with the tenderization sentiment turning well against JWs they will neutralize ANY possible resistance to the takeover. People will in general be against JWs as far as the world, JWs will be paralyzed with eyes to the skies waiting for Christ to end the world. BUT, that just paralyzed JWs to also do nothing.

By the time JWs do figure out some form of all this set-up by deception is actually REALITY, it could be a few YEARS into this process. As long as the GB is active or their helper henchmen that is the only thing that can keep extending the hoax— at the point no “the end” has manifested for some time. Once they are gone though, that is when JWs will wake up with the WORST HANGOVER ANYONE HAS EVER HAD! I actually feel sorry for them, they are victims too, because the realization it was a GB Scroo Job the whole time, will be very devastating to some JWs—- that will be the Grand Canyon climax of the “Stumbling Works”. When that final “the end” fails, just a debilitating HOAX MESSAGE in reality, THEN after there is no more “smooth tongue” liars to keep it foggy, THEN is when JWs have to face the bitter truth. It will not be “the end”, any crisis, even world war, just resolves as usual into the next “global solution”— which logic and even prophecy principle like Rev13:3, JWs simply cover up, ignore, and expel any who do try to present this possible option.

I know God would not use a lawless gang like JWs to utter anything truly as serious as “the end of the world”. Bull. Firstly, JWs are so criminal and anti-Christ they would be the first fried to white ash. How can one send known criminals from their own rule book to warn the world? IMPOSSIBLE

So I bet my life, the JW “the end” is just a mega-distraction coming which fail is to be a global laughing stock of final discrediting total ridicule. But, that may not be the end of the message, just the end of the JW apostasy and the reality it is all in, will get more obvious. But, the “next solution” may also not be the best idea humans have ever had, either. LOL Geez, it just gets weirder even after JW Org downfall, imo.

But I think a sense of unserved justice will be satisfied in many who have been wronged by the WT, they are the ones really “sighing and groaning” and being “marked for survival” of all this, NOT JWs, JWs are who everyone is sighing and groaning about! Being OUT of JW Org is simply safer than being in the JW Funnel to prisons. That is an example, imo, of how JWs are being misled to believe the very opposite of the REALITY they are actually ensconced within, like a guinea pig in a python, swallowed by the WTBTS and its Python Head GB.

Stay tuned on JW Org, in any event keep JWs on the radar, it is definitely going to get way more serious as it gets way more interesting the whole way and beyond. For starters, we can expect the final “big prophecy interps” from the GB, like “Daniel 11:44 has activated brothers” (lie), and who knows what else as they MUST make themselves look like Daniel the Prophet before JWs, for total obedience, as this starts to unfold on their own, actually, manmade “self fulfilling prophecy” they have programmed into JWs by WT pubs.

THAT FAKE-PROPHECY is manmade, over-advanced, and out of sequence so they can really make JWs truly believe it really is “the end” to petrify them into inaction and crazy obedience to more GB insane directives to come if all proceeds as planned. THAT is why the GB will look like they walk on water with the next tricks they shall pull from their sleeve. But, it is actually designed to fail, to aid the looting process of the global JW Whoreg, cancel the JW ministry and heap on a mountain of ridicule as they hope JWs stay buried and stalled for good. But, such are the best-laid plans of mice and men. But WT going down is definitely a doable plan, how far that get global-eradicating individual JWs is the question, that is what can have some complications. That, imo, will fail. They will just topple the org and get a few JWs, not everyone.

That is why more interesting stuff has to surface from the JW Rubble even later, imo.


Do you think if the GB were targeted over CSA cases that they (whichever unnamed men that run the org financially) could use that as an excuse to the R&F that the WTBTS needs to be wound up, create a new legal entity and use the process to ‘steal’ (I don’t know the right word to use) a lot of money?

When a place is HIDING tens of BILLIONS, there can be a number of ways they try to siphon it around, it is actually an enormous empire of massive blood-money and international in scope, trans-national. A billion managed is a few full-time jobs, imagine even the low ball 30 billion. You may have read their minds, they have to have tricks, their eyes are GLUED on ALL those fat stacks like starving hawks on fat gophers.


This is the progressive complexity context that is the difference when compared to the Rutherford era of pitbull-like legal babysitting. Once the org went to the billion mark, the thing could not be overseen by a person because the authority had been diluted into many hands. That is why Fred Franz was the spiritual guy and Nathan Knorr the org nuts and bolts guy. The GB made its move just as the thing was first heading into multi-billion dollar zenith— it was very good timing to also “weed seed” in like minded money and power lovers as the management population had to compound with the billions and the properties and investments. They have an army of boards, shadow boards, that now manage those billions.

I think the GB is at worst all fakes, at best a mix. They can now call “assured prophecy” not because it is Bible prophecy but because they know from inside information the next global crisis schedule. Conveniently I speculate, SPECULATE, IF it does involve Russia, that will be the final “King North” Decoy to make JWs think Daniel 11:44 is activating direct to “the end”. (That is a decoy, btw, all “the end” fraud hype from the GB IF it goes that way)
Only problem is Russia and China could both be wiped out many times over by the true scope of Global NATO and a club of other massive military coalitions on the NATO side like the Gulf Cooperation Council, and that Mediterannean thing, can’t recall its name. Russia and China have fallen 30 years behind the globalization tier of very advanced forms of energy weapons which can be activated from space, the new “ocean” of final offensive and defensive positioning. Now space-control, like ionosphere hugging space, is like England’s strategy of oceanic hegemony; Now, he who rules space, like the designate Space NATO and the Cyber Space, like Cyber NATO, will seal up Russia and China, but they will make it all look real for a while, but Russia and China, Iran and all of BRICS, they are done– no matter how they may present the final game, their goose is cooked.

The point is, no Russia will be the globalized powerdriver, they will have to join it fully as is really intended. Any global crisis even a nuclear world war, will, in time, resolve into globalization completion to recover the nation-state system, but into a globalized form of global governance. The last chapter of globalization and geo-political theory studies is “world government”, that is what JWs are aiding and covering up information on by GB detours.

That is also what any globalization researcher of real depth knows, the GB Daniel 11:44 framing Russia is just a decoy from the fact globalized international government is what a “King North” or “8th King” would have to be. It all convergtes into one final global sovereign system, not one run by one nation, but one requiring them all to participate and actually controlled by super-corporate power and true wealth, and a UN-like international forum as the “Executive Branch” of that forum sector of world government.

All it takes is the right global crisis to actually accelerate the globalization progress, all world wars accelerated progress in that direction. They all resolved as well, into a UN-related “world peace” securing claim and positive world war capping pitch. After 3 of these including the Cold War phase resolving into that UN 1990 presentation (which WT endorsed as UN NGO and quoted in Awake 9/8/1991), it is logically predictable this fourth phase is the one they complete the globalization project with. It just resolves, no GB “end” for anything but WTBTS, the world just plods along in its natural evolution of planetary governance, globalized rather than nation-state dated piecemeal partial-planetary management systems.

The more people think this global crisis is “the end”, no matter what form it takes, the greater is the relief when it turns out it was not “doomsday”. They tap that relief and new found hopeful upswing positivity to present their next world management solution. THAT is all this is, imo. And it is predictable now without even prophecy, yet I think what has been covered up by the GB since 1990 especially, is actually also in the prophecy, like Dan2,8,11-12 and Rev13,17. But that is not an angle this GB will take whether in globalization logic from secular sources and especially not prophecy, they are involved in a purposeful cover up at some high level in this operation.

This is also why it will get even more interesting in the post-JW Org aftermath, after that thing falls and their smokescreen fake prophecy fails. Think JWs are getting some scandal coverage now? IN that post WTBTS downfall it will get 1000 times more interesting and attention getting, imo.

No matter how bad it may seem to get, do not fall for that “end of the world” hype, it is part of the formula to help create the eventual recovery positivity for their final presentation of this “solution” they have been working on for quite some time in plainly stated form, if one digs a little. All them post world war UN-related presentation “we will bring world peace” statements are now public record. This next one, imo, is the fourth cycle of this formula and it oughta be big, but it will also resolve as per design into the next form of that “solution”, imo. And it takes several years to run the process, no wham bam thank you mam JW “the end” in that process. It was a HOAX, imo. And it takes several years to run the process, no wham bam thank you mam JW “the end” in that process. It was all just a JW pawning HOAX, imo, built from purposely misarranged prophecy sequences.


Yes it is. Unfortunately the GB has a habit of hiding telling information from JWs, and this exodus of late I would say is in the 100s of thousands, just a guesstimate from the increase I have seen in vids and boards. As with the Beth Hell Layoff blowback, few reached out to YouTube and I think many JWs who have bailed are also not connecting on-line so I think there are far more of them than people engaging the web with their thoughts— as many as there are.
I think the 8 million JWs is a total lie, I would not be surprised if it is really 6 million or less. That is why imo they are purge liquidating down fast to the real numbers to jettison all they can out before WT implosion— that is why they are also cutting overhead, begging on steriods on JWMedia, and generally cutting loose the sand bags of gold for the implosion phase.

The point I was going to make is if all JWs KNEW the true net worth, the volume of shadow board bean counters, the dubious investment portfolio, and the true stats of decline, the real reason for liquidation, and what is really going on since UN NGO time, they too would bail, and this is why WT sweeps it all under the Silence Rug. It took me a couple years to really unearth the deeper connections, so they are not easy to find on first glance and they are worse than the staple scandals most focus on. These top-level guys are EVIL, plain and simple, fake as the sky is blue. The rest are just being GB Pied Pipered into line, imo, by fear hype and exploitative use of prophecies but for another purpose, all misarranged to develop a hoax “the end” smokebomb effect for the WT implosion phase.

That way JWs are paralyzed by an “end” that is just a hoax, aiding WT implosion by neutralizing any resistance, because, you know, JWs will be petrified as if it really is “the end”. But that fails, they end up with a total laughing stock fail as their Scarlet Cherry On Top. It will take JWs a while to catch on to reality in the meantime, and in that menatime they can dissolve the WT globally, at least try and sell off the rest, or give it to their real pals. JWs will be lucky to retain a KH and a broken laptop, no joke, they will be pillaged.


You may find JWs don’t even read the newspaper, you may find it a challenge to actually have one of them go on-line as far as gestapo type JW, those who are on-line are at first jaw dropped, then the real ministry becomes exposing the GB Criminal Empire and you are among friends you don’t even know in a World Series penant drive, a team spirit even if all “free agents”. LOL

And this now Mass Exodus from GB Pharaoh’s Thug Regime of JW Egypt is growing faster than ever and the truth is these are who are “sighing and groaning due to all the detestable things being done” in JW Apostate Jerusalem, JW Org. So, now that you really know you will see the catastrophic climax, for God is not one to be mocked, what the JW Org has really been sowing will also have to be reaped and it is certain “the end” is not coming for “the world” but for the signal-apostate JW ministry. They liked to apply the “spiritual Israel” term to themselves and now like Israel they have gone bad, like Israel they do not want to hear it, like Israel they toss critics with a valid warning in the cistern, and like Israel a judgment will come.

Imo, it will be the real Daniel 8:13-14 and Daniel 11:41. It will stay interesting because the GB will amp up more engineered fake prophecy to make themselves look like prophets before JWs to encourage more blind obedience so they themselves can say “the preaching work is done” and help the “powers that be” pillage the JW Org globally all under a JW foggy smokescreen of that FAKE “the end of the world” final “hard hitting judgment message”— which will be the final fail, it will turn into a laughing stock, and the world will just proceed to the real next phase of globalization based planetary scale government, even if through a prep final “sword stroke” as in Rev13:3.

JW have been duped to be the modern Zechariah 11.


In reality this is the JW version of a Neo-Papal Inquisition, the GB is the Pope, the Elders are the Jesuits, and there is no bag limit on sheep they plan to beat, rape, kill and or ostracize in condemnation to Gehenna. If not for the laws of the land, they would be burning xJWs at the stake, the mindset is that rabid. The GB trick was to install themselves atop a fake “theocracy” just like RCC, then just have a updated clown suit and some new fancy “governing body” and “theocracy” terminology to disguise their brain-dead demonic “clergy” within.

It really is the same old story, religions invariably transform into God’s worst enemy. And like all those other devolutions into manmade law covenants, the adherents deny and punish those who expose their crap stained frocks. Same old story. But the JW version is more potent because they shoulda, coulda, woulda known better and they blow a “we are so holy” trumpet before them, they act like Pharisee Clones of the GB just perfectly— but they are lost and in enormous criminal transgression many can now view plain as day amidst the damage control fog of JW denials.
Sad, but true. They are the ones beating the “little ones” sheep. They are the “evil slave class” claiming to be faithful by thier own self-approval.


Well all the dates including and before 607 are off at first 20 years like also back to 740 BC Israel fall date, which is really like 720.

The ten lost tribes were the ten of the twelve tribes of ancient Israel that were said to have been deported from the Kingdom of Israel after its conquest by the Neo-Assyrian Empire circa 722 BCE. These are the tribes of Reuben, Simeon, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Manasseh and Ephraim.

As you go back, it gets worse, so that date is also in dispute. So, 997 is instantly suspect too, even further off now:
When Solomon’s successor Rehoboam dealt tactlessly with economic complaints of the northern tribes, in about 930 BCE (there are differences of opinion as to the actual year) the United Kingdom of Israel and Judah split into two kingdoms

Once 607 became the TIME-Benchmark Centerpoint of all JW calcs back in Bible time, all was inaccurate assuming it must have been the destruction of Jerusalem, yet a “gentile time” means it had to track the Babylonian final King Neb dynasty. So, they are not tracking “gentile time” anyways, they are tracking Jerusalem, non-gentile, and that assumption screwed them up early. They are not detail oriented except detailing damage control techniques for plain ERROR.
Now that detail blindness is also why JWs cannot see the apostasy in Daniel 11:30b-32a, and Daniel 8:12, is actually at the same timing as their 1990 UN endorsement as UN NGO after the Cold War (wherein King North is globalization based government-designate development, not USSR, not Russia, not WW2, but the unique Daniel 11:29 “Cold War” cycle), it is a prophecy of THEIR OWN APOSTASY!

So, JWs having their scriptural eyes dug and fried out like Zedekiah, has aided their devolution into just more covering lies after more covering lies now— they simply do NOT read prophecy anymore, they ignore it in over-simplification (WT3/2015) and error. WTBTS is going down as in Matthew 24:15 and Dan8:13-14, Dan11:41.


[quote=’Carlo’ pid=’324836′ dateline=’1539079526′]
I read in the media that in many countries of the world there is an increase in demand for magical services, witchcraft and divination among of people. https://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2018/01/the-new-age-of-astrology/550034/ It is sad.

God-Who created man, our Creator, why do we turn away from Him?

He gave us so much, Jesus healed and taught the nations truly beautiful things.
The creator gave his son for our sins.
If my children turned away from me, it would hurt me, my heart would tear to pieces.

There is an idea how to serve God.
Create your own pseudo-esoteric forums and websites, pseudo-pagan forums.

From any magical sites communicating with magicians and mystics, invite them to your forums and then
to lead a long, attentive conversation with them and gradually push people on the right path to the true God.

The reality is it is personal and invisible to humans as far as what you “work for” or “wor-ship”. Corporate religious institutions ran their scams by providing visuals which people thought were divine, but they are all props to attract the people and their money.

So, you have as much right to use the real “middle man” Jesus Christ, even more than religions who are trying to insert themselves as that mediator. Seeing through them is how one finds God, they use him as a shill for their con and that is why they are stagnant and often steeped in hypocrisy— much like the Pharisees and their Sanhedrin temple controlling system of old.

Truth is, you do not need artificial mediators to God, they have been exposed as frauds by those who review their historic and modern record. The worship of God is personal, Jesus is the only go between, even for those who do not know of him or doubt, because he purchased the whole planetary life system by his sacrifice, and it is just a matter of time for him to take his trophy, planet Earth. Just a matter of rival globalized sovereign progress to capture the nation-state system, for they have to cross that line in the future before he drops in.


Thanks for the commentary so far.

The Governing Body of Final Signal Apostasy preach to JWs, to make slaves of those who did have some interest in God and Christ in this last sector of signal modern apostasy. JW Media is a brainwash channel not for the world as some claim, but for JWs to keep the ones not sighing and groaning in the trap. The purpose is to cease the JW ministry by the GB’s own Peid Piper mouth as they help crash the JW Organization from the inside (Dan11:32a) in a global crisis period as the “disgusting thing” causes this desolation “sword stroke” phase to precede their final 8th King phase into King North WORLD GOVERNMENT in that period (Rev13:3 global-healing comes from this crisis, NOT the end)— a period they hope swallows up JWs like Jonah where the fish does not spit them up on the shores of their Kingdom Mission in the period of this coming global downturn.

In this way they can crash the org in a period of “wars and reports” of war that Christ specified is NOT the sign of the end at Matthew 24:6 and Luke 21:9, world peace and security under world government sword stroke recovery is when the end really comes as per 1Thessalonians 5:1-3, several years from now, even several years from JW org downfall coming up as Daniel 8:13-14. This way they can crash the org and deluded JWs will think it really is the end, which petrified disciples will be paralyzed for some time, until finally the GB mouth is shut and JWs can catch on that JWs have been duped as in Daniel 11:30-31 and Daniel 8:12 prophecy. The fake the end of the world so-called JW “hard hitting judgment message” of WT 7/2015 note, will actually be a herald of the end of the JW apostate phase, they are the “A system of things” which is concluded first, as Matthew 13, and God uses the chaos enveloping JWs to purge the weeds all over that place now.

A final warning of 1260 days will follow Daniel 8:14 timing, and we have yet to see who the “five discreet virgins” will resume the now severed JW “message from God” from. We know JWs will be broke and bewildered when that end does not come on their fake GB promoted schedule. JWs are the worst transgressors since the Pharisees because like the Pharisees, the GB has misled them very gradually since 1976. The GB are the 2Thess2:9 modern clergy of JWs as that “operation of Satan”, they are who cover up all modern prophecy and seek to destroy Jehovah’s witnesses. But they run into a little trouble from above (Isa31:8-9; Hos1:4-7; Mic5:6-7; Zech3:4-9) to ensure all things proceed according to the real final timeline of prophecy.


I am not trying to minimize your plight by what follows. No matter who you are, no matter what you have family-wise in the org, even a loner like me can have trials of kicked out by JWs, ridiculed and sleighted, and that battle of the dark soul of the night when I thought, maybe they are right. But THE MORE YOU FIGHT THE REAL GOOD FIGHT, the more the JW LIE of 2Thess2:11-12 crumbles like a sand castle.
The more time you are out at first mentally, the more you recover inside, it is better outside than at the JW Table of GB Demons. When you get out, the truth gets clearer and clearer- for example, now I bet my life they are the lawlessness of final signal prophecy, and the most lawless religion on earth— I have no doubt they have fallen from the light, big time.
The point is whenever you arrive at your own determinations, when you do not give up too, everyday thereafter their lie weakens and your own spirituality grows. They are a blackhole on real spiritual progress, that is why one gets revived when they break from the GB Blackhole. In my own way, I KNOW what it feels like to feel like a social outcast, yet, I think the real guys of the Bible like Jeremiah and Jesus felt the exact same abuses when they too exposed the lies OF THEIR OWN HOUSE. Now I know I do call it like I see it, JWs are the useless blind witnesses. The test is of HONESTY, JWs are not honest. The JWs who leave are the honest ones “marked for survival” because of all the “sighing and groaning” of all the “detestable things” done in JW Jerusalem.
There will be serious ramifications, so you can actually help JWs after JW Org downfall, they will be lost and for good reason, they have been dishonest, negligent, self-righteous and blind. It is going to get worse and worse, you do NOT want to go to them “JW Bunkers” for example, that is where they are leading JWs, not paradise, but into a judgment of “Biblical Proportions”. (Matt24:15)

Now I cannot tell anyone what to do, but imo the sooner you get out the better, because they will spring this trap soon. This is why, imo, people are fleeing, they may not know all this, but something is getting them out to safer pastures ASAP. It is a Mass Exodus in reality, JWs are probably below 6 million in reality. This last few years is a JW Tsunami Exit. God bless you, may you prevail in your fight with the GB Vipers and their congregational enforcers. Everyone exiting made me know I was not wrong as well, thanks for fighting the good fight. It is what it is now. Good versus Evil.


Yes there is. After JW Org downfall you will have to go look for them.
But, in the meantime, it depends on the JW Fabric you have pulled the thread from, imo. But, imo, they will not pursue you because their pity is enough they feel, and many JWs are really not very amped for this GB Inquisition anyways.
I think the reason is, half JWs are PIMO anyways, they all actually envy you. JWs are a battery on low, and the charger is broken. The GB just are not really “Leaders of Men”, they are “Babysitters of Zombies” and because of this they cannot actually fan the fire, they don’t even stir some coals, they are dead, it is dead, the fire is G-O-N -E! If the GB are Leaders, then I am Moses. The GB look dead and half asleep and their vigor never was there to tell you the truth. They are lazy parasites in their own bloody table Kingdom, no Hunger Strike there, no zeal, no passion, no viv, no vhim, no dedication, no sincerity, no power, no strength, no nothing but suits and halls of emptiness.
It is what it is. I am surprised every JW has not split by now. But, as said, some are just plain GB zombies now. The GB, hell JWs, are like a watered down shot of White Lightening. Not what you would hope to find on your tab, just flat, lukewarm Sprite— with a dead fly on the bottom.



Just kidding. THAT is what religion will tell you, because the truth is long before the GB, men have been self-appointing themselves “God’s middlemen” for ages now. But if we study literally EVERYONE who did worship God in “spirit and truth” in the Bible NONE of them were in that “religion”. Abraham was a free agent, he just did it, same with Job, they predate Judaism. The prophets were all “disfellowshipped”, Jesus was the worst thing that ever happened to “religion” at that time for he said anyone can worship God ANYWHERE in spirit and truth.

It is actually free. In fact it seems the only way to worship God is free from his worst enemy which is religion, because they get paid to do it, they take more than they give and in that love of money and myth of self, they get worse and worse. It is FREE, you just do it. The only middleman is Jesus Christ alone, he was murdered by religion. Now for those that do not know of his mission yet, no worry, Job was one of them, in time he is the conduit of all life when it is time for none of it to end any more, including the animals as in Eze47:9, and Rom8:18-22, Isa34:14-17, etc, etc.

You will not learn that from any religion that I know of, though some do know it in and out of them. But anyways, the real test is worshiping God one on one so to speak, no need for pocket-picking religious coaches. I found this out by eventually being drawn out of the JW “true religion” racket, because the truth is, there is no such thing as “true religion”. No where did God endorse any of these guys but one, Jesus Christ, and the religions just use that shill for their con. That is the truth. God knows what a mess religion is, he is the one who draws people out of that quicksand to a freedom that anyone can worship God free of religious middlemen.

It seems that is the way you have to “find God”. At church you just find more humans. LOL

When it is time, it is “the FAITH” anyways as in Revelation 14:12, which must transcend all religions for God looks at people individually and he sees it all. It has always been a FAITH, the “FAITH of Jesus Christ”, for those who believe he is who he claims to be, he is the only one that matters with God as a helper. But ANYONE can accept Revelation 14:6-7 when that day comes, the truth is the salvation is Romans 2:12-16 HUGE, because even people who do the best they can by conscience, will be saved. In Ecclesiastes 3:18-21 even the animals are in the “one place” of death eventually, the same place as humans, God is so out there even they are resurrected, for he sees every sparrow who falls. And we should not even say “even them animals”, of course they are innocent, the lamb blood even covered human sin for a time, they have to all come back.

What kind of a Kingdom would it be if it forgot the little things? Not a real Kingdom, that is what.

But if people knew it was this easy, as it is this hard, would they be slaves to men in religions? No, many would easily leave— but as you know it is hard to accept this simple truth. THAT is why religions build a pretext they are necessary to worship Almighty God.
The truth is, that is simply not the truth. Good try, religion. Just do it, it is that free, the Bible is not a religious document, it came from a context of prophecy and revelation over a period of time, because even it contains the fate of religion in Revelation 17:11-18, Revelation 16:17-21, Revelation 14:8.
Be patient, there are several more zenith years left before the issue of the world’s power is to be settled, and there is no “end of the world” just a natural transition to the superior power. JWs go down soon, for a reason of a signal.



[quote=’sapphiregospels’ pid=’325221′ dateline=’1539619189′]

What is the problem?

1. There are a number of problems. The human genome is compromised along with that of the whole planetary life system affected by the human corruption as in Romans 8:18-22 “corruption”, physical decay, not moral in that application— erred entropy alterations, etc.

Even when the global genome was perfect them first two failed– so there is freewill— but is that really a problem? no.

2. The system has many errors built in that set up various disasters at various scales. To this day global leaders simply do not get along, to busy in their pissing matches. So, the humans ruling the place are found wanting, they never really learn.

3. Then, you got “the Anointed Cherub” Satan ruling from his multi-billion year old universal stations (Eph6:12; Eze28) and even here at times.

4. Religions are of no use, in case anyone thought they could find an answer there.

Thus, you answered the question for when Christ is ruling none of the above will be a problem. The freewill issue such as with the initial human sin, will be there, but it is only a problem if we want more than will be given incrementally. It will take supernatural aid to become one, as it took to become divided. But the supernatural coming is way beyond the Devil’s power in the first fail.


Yes, can they account for you. Can some other person account for me? I believe Jesus is the “Chosen One” sent to fix this mess here on Earth, to me in my faith only he can account for me, but that goes two ways, ultimately I have to account for me, no one else, but he can help because that is his mission in ways I need not review here.

Therefore what you KNOW amidst the doubts, sadly, religion throws in, is the truth for everyone. We can only answer for us, so it is sad to see glory-hounds ready and anxious to condemn us, when they cannot answer for us, and they are accountable too. HOW on earth, can they cut one way, condemning others for simply pointing out their own glaring faults, yet they cannot save a fly in reality? Now, so that I do not generalize too much on the negative, there are sincere ones who do try to help, but they would not deny what I just said.

The truth is the truth, it sits right no matter what people say, even if it takes some time. But that truth works against religious power and control freaks who love that power. THAT is what the JW leadership has become and they pulled a coup on the historic guides by even shoving them to the curb to get this power in 1976. I don’t blame everyone, but the end result is now seen that the truth is JWs are the apostasy.

I left in 2013, because having used my own discernment I could no longer run damage control plays for the GB or share with what I saw as apostasy IN Jehovah’s witnesses. The “apostate” smear they run on those who leave or raise questions, is just a distraction from the truth, the truth that Jehovah’s witnesses are apostate because they have followed their leaders who first went apostate since 1976. The GB is the “Governing Body of Modern Apostasy” among Jehovah’s witnesses. It is not safe to associate with JWs for a number of reasons, imo, but one has to make their own decision. I knew this by 2012 but stayed “undercover” to hear the weird direction the GB was giving, but in time, I just could not do that anymore, I actually was compelled to leave, a fade.

The wrong spirit is what now operates among JWs. When you get out you feel better. It is unfortunate they try to work against that great feeling with their shunning time-released negativity they have sown in like landmines to detract from people’s feeling of well being. But that too is by evil design, the GB are PURE EVIL, no joke, the real ugly thing. They designed all this misery and they do it on purpose to reproach God their enemy, they do it to also make Jehovah’s witnesses look ridiculous to the average person who can see this instantly. Ever wonder why a total non-JW starnger sees this on first look, but it takes JWs, such as myself, years? Because they run the deception from inside, it does not work on outsiders unless they get in there. THAT is also how I know this is real.

But enough about them. The truth is God is as accessible as the air, no need for a human pump, we just breathe in, it is that simple. Not that there will not be challenges to actually try to obey his true law of love of everything, but it gets clearer the conscience is a better guide than some artificial church conscience they start installing when you come in, like they did with JWs, whose GB-Conscience is a seered charcoal of numbness.

Welcome to YOUR OWN TRUE FEELINGS as you get in touch with YOUR OWN heart and conscience, and for me it was way more progressive after I left Jehovah’s witnesses,. In my case, the GB did NOT steal my faith in God and Christ as they try to do to others. God and Christ are still there, it is humans who distract from that truth. And I do not hate JWs, I see them as victims too, victims who have not yet realized the bondage to men they are truly in, while thinking they please God the whole route of this sad apostasy of JWs.

Good day, thanks for listening, you really help me too when I see someone also see the simpler truth of it all. God is right there, these religions end up being a detour from that clear one on one connection. I has always been there, but it just takes time to take the BLINDERS off, JWs are BLINDERS. I do not blame the Bible, I feel God The Almighty and Jesus are real and their message of love is very positive and true and the eventuality for all life on earth to be restored and protected from there on into true forever.

It was nice for me, to cut religion OUT OF THAT EQUATION. Nothing changed as far as God and Christ, except religion has been taken out— Thank God. It already makes more sense now. lol


Actually this is predictable if a FAKE ARMAGEDDON is what the GB is actually engineering the JW side of.
SPOILER ALERT: The JW “end of the world” is a FAKE, it just aids JW org dissolution globally, JWs petrified looking to the sky for years to come, thinking it was all “the end”— but it wasn’t. Hopefully they wake up to GB-knife-in-the-back reality in a couple years, even if a global crisis is the context— it will NOT be “the end”, but for JW Org.
Russia is King North Brothers!!! What do you think?
No Brainer.
JWs will believe “Daniel 11:44 is activated” or about to activate. THEREFORE, IT MUST BE THE END!!!!!
But, alas, it is not— as time shall prove (Rev13:3). It was all a big GB decoy. To JWs, Russia will be at Daniel 11:44, “Gog” will be that “coalition of nations” recent GB fraud update, to JWs it will look, for a while, like “the end is here everyone!” sally forth your “hard hitting judgment message that the complete end of Satan’s world has arrived!!”. But, it is just the end of the WTBTS…
In the logic of the prophecy, say King NORTH —top of the world— the Globalization System would be the real King North, King South is the Daniel 11:42-43 pawned nation-state system. In that scenario, Russia will be on their nation-state checkmate knees with the rest in time. KN would have to be the “8th King” of Revelation in other words, all convergent, that is the real no-brainer of this whole riddle.
If this is how JWs roll, this will provide THE LAST JW FAIL of their apostate run.


I was in a similar state. But for a while I thought the “brothers” were over-stepping their authority, and in time I fully realized it was the GB policy that was to me, at first, questionable in spots. But, as you know, them “spots” are all people talk about now, it is no more Bible discussions, it is all GB policies now. THAT is not good I thought, the so-called ministry has been transformed before my eyes into a GB Damage Control Crusade now.
But I had a strong background of teachers who were also open minded and did a little complaining, but they taught me to “make the truth your own” for real. I am Jehovah’s witness, not the only one, but that is my life job, not a religion. So, the GB to me is like Israel to Hosea or Jerusalem to Jeremiah, a new chapter in my own testimony. The GB actually gave me renewed focus on God, which I know now is what they distract away from in reality.
So, leaving JWs was easier, because I did not blame them as hypocritical as they may be, as usual the leaders are the ones who will carry the fullness of accountability. But because of the props and costumes, JWs think that is impossible— so did Jerusalem I tell them, so did Jerusalem.
Being out since 2013 I can say I have no doubt or regrets on my decision, the GB are the last apostasy, not people who “sigh and groan over all the detestable things” the GB does promote with an illegal iron fist as policy, much like Dark Ages Catholicism. Same old story. But, it is nice to take the GB training wheels off and see the race for what it is and who it is all about. Many things in the JW ministry zapped the spirit gradually, the love colling off was in the flock, due to GB lawlessness. Same story is in all of Hosea and Malachi, and Amos and Isaiah. They all apply now, not to “Christendom” but to JWs, Isaiah 28:21 “unusual work” is God’s judgment on JW apostasy. THAT is what will become a “strange deed” indeed.
I really was old school JW, when you could go door to door with a pack of Lucky Strikes on board, in my mind— that was a little before my time, but I was old school, the way Jehovah’s witnesses used to be I feel in like 1930. And I cannot see them condoning the GB or JWs today, I know I don’t. But I think this is all for a lesson in the long run. And I had it good, but I did know people who got sleighted and worse, and that elder bag of lines really wheres enamel of my fangs. lol
I guess once I accepted it, the overblown claims being hot air was not the unbelievable, instead it made the Bible ring more true to me, I was in the midst of modern apostasy right among Jehovah’s witnesses and “spiritual Israel” and so the pattern goes. But it opens the salvation message to its full throttle width once the JW pin-hole-to-the-kingdom is blown open, as occurred with Israels expulsion as well. It is all for a longer range positive effect, in spite of all the misery lawless apostate leaders do cause, to God, it is no new thing. (Dan8:13-14) The real Daniel 8:13-14, not the erred JW version, btw.

I have found it all a great adventure even this far, it got more positive as negative as I used to feel, and I think you will feel the same refreshment when we pulled our personal curtain on the JW sham show. They are who oughta be ashamed of themselves, God bless you, do not lose the real “friends” in God and Christ, this is the way things have worked for quite a while, in fact if Christ was among the JWs today, the GB would do what the Pharisees did to him. They are the same guys, just a new face of the Devil. If feel this side of the issue is just plain better company.


THAT “freaking out” is exactly what the GB want, imo.

I have been entertaining this speculation which is from a new article at JWUpdate, but there is a link they were speculating this route since around 2015. Thus, it is strange to see the GB doing this King North frame job on Russia— Now really think the effect this will have on the JW “it must really be the end” total DELUSION:

Quote at and of article cited below:

Now if you can see the potential value in the Russia King North Decoy for the purpose of reinforcing in the JW mind that “the end” must be here with any future serious trouble with Russia, then you can see these latest Cold War warming up scandals with Russia and Trump could be a set up for that final “sword stroke” to involve a Russian aggressive act which very possibly could lead to a final world war. (Rev13:3) We do not know. What we do know is if this occurs and Russia spins out of control for whatever reason leading to global conflict with the US, the GB will sell them as the “next King North” and at a prophecy placement well over-advanced in the Daniel 11 prophecy at Daniel 11:44.

Note: That Daniel 11:44-45=”the end” position in the prophecy, is why JWs will freak out all over the place. But, it is over-advanced, it is a decoy, a hoax.
Now that is quoted from JWUpdate wordpress blog and those guys were saying this since 2015 in speculation. The point is it is predictable this is a deception, but it is very interesting that is the route the GB are now officially taking.

2018 Source:

How the GB Fake “The End” Uses Erred JW Final Prophecy

2015 Example:

Russia Framed as King North – The True Purpose


You’re welcome. When I had this realization the GB clipped wings grew back. This is because it is not a “rationalization” it is the truth. That is why the GB “we are the faithful slave” is really the dead “evil slave” making that fraud claim as if they are who approve themselves rather than God. That is how they “show themselves to be a god” and “lift themselves over everyone” as the JW “man of lawlessness” (2Thess2) as Isaiah said saying darkness is light, bad is good, etc. EVERYTHING in JWs is now diametric to the real truth not just of the Bible but of secular law as they “pay taxes” (but WTBTS doesn’t) and instead they hide child abusers, they strain a million “gnats” of inconsequential vanity while riding the UN NGO “camel” and have r/f JWs gulping it down in denial.

And the list could go on, so it is no surprise the real apostates in public demonstrated form should try to continue to denigrate those who “sigh and groan” over their own apostasy calling us apostates. It is like THEY have to have the final say, but scraping that last smudge of dog crap from the tread of the shoe against THEM makes it all come clean, and they stay with the smashed turd and its shrapnel because we can’t be taking that piece of “apostasy” with us, it is them— it is what it is. Looks like apostasy, smells like apostasy, and they are the ones rolling around in it.

But this is the start sequence of their own “self fulfilling prophecy” of “the end” that only comes for WTBTS globally and it takes a little time even when they officially announce it is the end. They have all this post 2011 programmed into their heads in WT print, like WTs 11/15, 7/15 and that Jerusalem Seige video. But, I was there and I know what they just changed, they just started saying JW Org, goes down first— they still keep the Babylon the Great goes down next myth there too, but JWs are so dumbed down they do not realize this JW Org goes down next programming is actually new.
Not “new light” but new deception; and they do not call it new, so JWs do not see this is a “self fulfilling prophecy” now, they know it because it is going down for being a criminal ministry. Thus the JW “warning” is also invalid, since when would God send a cave of robbers and thieves and abusers to warn of “the end”. Non-sense. It is the writing on the wall, the warning is JW Org is going down, and not for anything good, not “persecution”, but prosecution— it has it coming, it is lawless.

Just a note to stay on this interesting twist of events on JWs, because from here it gets worse and worse, any global crisis will resolve in time, they want to sell those things to JWs as if “doomsday”, but as lawless as the JW Org is it is its own “armageddon”, no “end” for the world, just for JW Org— time to reap what has been sown. This is why there is a mass exodus underway out of JW Babylon, the real JW numbers cannot be at 8 million, probably below 6 hence all the liquidations as the GB “cave of robbers” tries to secure assets for the WT “Rich Man” in that Watchtower Society, because they know there is an easy 10 billion they can try to skip with rather than giving it all away.

JWs do not know WTBTS is worth conservative 30 BILLION, and as you see they certainly are not spending it all on some final warning campaign, they are skimping down, laying off Bethelites, selling halls, sold DUMBO, so they can get the windfall as it really does not end. JWs will be left Halless and broke and with a bitter awakening, also the EXACT OPPOSITE of what they have been deluded to expect in a premature Christ arrival. Instead he “arrives” to toss the JW Cave of Robbers from the “temple”. But the world just plods along and recovers and progresses, as usual.


So. Tell me more about this new light. Why hide literature? What’s next?
Well, first off JWs taught USSR was King North. When USSR failed they failed as King North. BUT, the GB went UN NGO at that USSR post Cold War fail, endorsed UN 3rd presentation in 1990, and RETAINED USSR as fulfilling Daniel 11:31-43.
Now if you read Daniel 11:44-45 here:
44 But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many. 45 And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.
It is the last sequence, which JWs interpret as “the end”.
So, to keep USSR FICTION as if fulfilling Daniel 11:31-43, places JWs expecting the end soon, once “King North” is ID’d in Russia, the core of the former USSR. But, the whole thing is an error turned into a reinforced deception.
That is why the GB [framing] Russia as KN, is such big news–JWs think Daniel 11:44 is about to activate, hence hide literature they are coming for JWs–, but as will be shown, it is a decoy for a fake “end” which only comes for WTBTS.

What’s next?
That is speculative. IF the GB says this “news from the east and the north” this “report from god at WT” is what provokes Russia, then JWs will be even more hyper-deluded this is “the end”. If anything spins out of control with the latest Trump and Russia developments then JWs will be hyped more for the end, too. All JWs eyes are now on Russia as KN, but it is all a decoy.
It is really just a false-pretext in which to crash the JW Org, as if “the end”, so JWs just stand by and watch or carpool to the JW Bunker funnels off to who knows where. No matter what the global context truns into, be it crisis or war, it is not “the end”, it just plods along. But IF these things do develop, they can takeover WTBTS and bring that “the end” on JW Org and JWs will be paralyzed the whole time waiting for Christ to arrive “any second now” which ends up going from months to years, as the GB spins more deception to aid the WT collapse and keep JWs in catatonic suspended animation.


Yes it is a decoy as usual. Imo, the real “King North” would have to be world government. So the GB are covering up the real KN identity as it would have been obvious as the USSR fell in 1989. The GB, instead, to fulfill their UN NGO “no bad press for the UN” covered up that the globalization system fulfills Daniel 11:30-43 en route to world government, not the failed USSR error-to-decoy (Dan11:36c) as now that USSR-Russia connection can be exploited for more subversion of JWs in whatever conflicts emerge from Russia against JWs or the US Global NATO sector.
Now, imo, to crash the JW Org they can use future Russian conflicts as if KN as JWs think it will activate this Daniel 11:44 “next”, which JWs have been long hyped to expect:
Daniel 11:44 But news from the east and the north shall trouble him; therefore he shall go out with great fury to destroy and annihilate many. 45 And he shall plant the tents of his palace between the seas and the glorious holy mountain; yet he shall come to his end, and no one will help him.
It is the last Daniel 11 sequence, which JWs interpret as “the end” based on the Russia KN Delusion.
So, to keep USSR FICTION as if fulfilling Daniel 11:31-43, places JWs expecting the end soon, once “King North” is ID’d in Russia, the core of the former USSR. But, the whole thing is an error turned into a reinforced deception. That is why the GB [framing] Russia as KN, is such big news–JWs think Daniel 11:44 is about to activate, hence hide literature they are coming for JWs–, but as will be shown in time as this is the last JW FAIL, it is a decoy for a fake “end” which only comes for WTBTS.
It is really just a false-pretext in which to crash the JW Org, as if “the end”, so JWs just stand by and watch or carpool to the JW Bunker funnels off to who knows where. No matter what the global context truns into, be it crisis or war, it is not “the end”, it just plods along. But IF these things do develop, they can takeover WTBTS and bring that “the end” on JW Org and JWs will be paralyzed the whole time waiting for Christ to arrive “any second now” which ends up going from months to years, as the GB spins more deception to aid the WT collapse and keep JWs in catatonic suspended animation.
What is really interesting if global conflict begins with Russia, is this fake prophecy would dictate Russia takes Israel, the final position of Daniel 11:45. But, imo, it is just part of the global orchestration if that were the case, in time that “sword stroke” would “heal” into the real KN as 8th King world government, the USSR “world order” failed, no way could Russia be the next, it would have to be a completed Globalization System that is actually top of the world, King of the North.


I have been tracking these clowns. That they cannot tell King North would have to be world government “8th King”— a no-brainer really— is how we know they are not “apostate Christians” they are fakes entirely. Look up JWUpdate wordpress blog, they were calling this hoax decoy framing of Russia by the GB since 2015.
Russia Framed as King North—The Purpose


Geeez man. You were actually paying attention as was I, and my fade is along your general timeline and all of those things were pure insane-spiritual leaven to me. My last meeting was Memorial 2013. The ten virgins “why we dumb it all down for ya” article was unbelievable.
But there is much more as well, one thing is they are slipping out 10 billion as we speak, and plan to slip out 10 more for the WTS Club looters, and it may be as high as 30 billion it could even be up to 50 billion. Some is left for national legal eagles and derivative scale bankers, but these guys are skipping town with BILLIONS.
IF it really was the end why not do a 20 billion dollar final warning? Because they know it is the end of only the WTBTS and they are looting it as we speak (Eze7:22), and will loot it all the way down. JWs will not see one dime, and will probably lose all the KHs.
THAT is what this FAKE “the end of the world” “hard hitting judgment message” is all about, a smokescreen to end the WTBTS so JWs do nothing but “obey as crazy as it sounds” (wt11/13) and carpool to prison via the “JW Bunkers” and watch the JW Org go down as if “the end” doing NOTHING about it. It was all a HOAX END, to end the WTBTS and the JW ministry “this will not be the time to preach the good news, that time will have ended” WT 7/15, from the GB “man of lawlessness” own mouth.
JWs are actually the last signal apostasy it turns out. (1Pet4:17; Dan11:32a)

JW Current Apostate Status and Final Temple Judgment – Web Witnessing Record; The Bethel Apostasy is Prophecy

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