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On the 144000

On the 144000

Ever see the statement in Revelation 7 “out of” the 12 tribes, and not the 12 tribes in itself?


Yes and a pattern of order is also now mirroring in that recognition of the Rev7 “12 tribes” and the earthly “12 tribes” of Matt19:28, as they too must end up with “patriarchical” heads as a symbol of an earthly administration that mirrors the heavenly guide Kingdom.

(Psalm 45:16) In place of your forefathers there will come to be your sons, Whom you will appoint as princes in all the earth.

The Revelation 12 seven headed dragon has a current top ruling administration (Eph6:12), that also is mirrored into the seven headed classic wildbeast and the scarlet globalized version. So the principle is common.

Now the top “Kingdom of God” “crown” in that Rev12 “woman” also has a “twelve star” angelic order in that “crown” as Christ’s Rev12:7-10 heavenly Kingship authority, on a “woman” symbol of his subservience with all the holy angels to God’s overall Supremacy. And that 12 “star” order “crown” headed “woman” is thus crowned prior to her giving birth to the “male child” Messianic Kingdom infant.

Thus Christ (Rev12:10) as Michael identification of his exclusively heavenly aspect of power in that event as “standing up” in Daniel 12:1 (initial fulfillment), a term of kings taking power in Daniel, in a heavenly kingdom oversight, to produce a universal and earthly exclusive Messianic Kingdom sovereignty not yet fully complete, and thus Christ is not the official Messianic Kingdom King yet, but the a Kingdom of God heavenly anointed King.

But as Daniel 11:42-45 are 8th King UN events leading to a full “scarlet wildbeast” world government at Dan11:45, and must connect live to Daniel 12 “during that time”, Daniel 12:1 has a replication final fulfillment logical of that stand in now Rev12:10 principle of “God’s Christ” as Messianic King of universal and earthly dominion “during that time” of Daniel 11:44-45.

Just kind of interesting a Daniel 12:11 “disgusting thing” finale UN placement (parallel Dan11:45) would also replicate at that time. Thus the 8th King and Messianic Kingdom will converge into completion and resolution of sovereignty at roughly the same time in history a number of years from now as indicated in Dan 12 time periods. As Matt24:29-31 tribulation ending (into world recovery, not the end yet), and subsequent events mark the “freedom from care” of Daniel 8:25 8th King “stand” parallel to Dan11:45 and Dan12:11 as that 8th King globalized world government representing all nations of earth as Daniel 11:42-45 events accelerate Rev17:12-18 national sovereign deposition into globalized world power as Rev16:13-16 “gathering” completed.

Thus the Daniel 11:42-43 initial globalization of world wealth, credit system, and finance and monetary system phase precedes the final Daniel 11:44-45 world government progression, and the sovereign world “peace and security” statements of that world government (1Thess5:1-3) as a sign of “freedom from care” (Dan8:25) at the same time of that climax progression to Daniel 12:11 “placement”. (And thus too, all that Dan2, Dan8, and Dan 11, symbology all globalizes into 8th King final meaning of Rev17:8-18 – which connection and convergence Bethel will not make.).

Thus for all intents and purposes as this UN world government completes over say a decade time from final cycle activation, the progress of it’s completion is a marked progression to actual Armageddon and Messianic Kingdom completion and final Christ coronation as King-Priest. (Zech4:6-9; 6:9-15). And thus the replicating Dan 12:1 “stand”, but in Messianic Kingdom Kingship.

And contrary to the lawless Bethel (2Thess:2:3-4; Zech3:1-3) claims it is NOT a slam dunk “end of the world”, but must also honor Daniel 12’s timed periods again in this final Messianic Kingdom process. Which is also an 8th King completion process. In effect, Bethel is aiding the confusions for the START of the final 8th King globalization cycle, it is not at it’s end obviously, and must complete prior to any “Armageddon”, as also the Rev7, 14 Messianic Kingdom “body” is ALSO not complete as well. And the 8th King completion of globalization itself, takes years to accomplish. (ALL those culminations MUST complete prior to actual Armageddon war phase, thus it cannot be as Bethel’s subversion is stating).

And since it is all provable in many cross checking ways upon early JW prophecy teachings and a final prophecy cycle and all the prophets basically as well, and will be reinforced by marked world events long before the actual “the end” of Matt24:14, it is obvious this overall news must come out in that final cycle active, after Bethel’s downfall to be removed to allow this information to come forth. (In basic terms Daniel 12 replicates under Rev8-11 also repeating, and Bethel’s desolation start-point, will mark that cycle start-point as well)

As we know Bethel also covers up the 8th King 3rd and 4th UN placement progression of Daniel 11:30-45. And they went UN NGO at that time as well. Thus JWs are only aware of the significance of the first 2 UN placement of 1919 and 1945, also prophetically marked. And in that cover up much information is now severed from JW awareness and world audience awareness, as well as the final meaning of a logical progression to 8th King world government actuality, not just the UN forum, but including it.

And once we see Bethel’s top admin are the lawlessness and apostasy of 2Thess2:3-4 at Daniel 11:32-35 periods of development that spiked as UN NGO of 1990 (and this diversion using USSR and WW2 error), then the reality they are concealing is more easily put together. Globalization research also aids awareness the end cannot be as simplistic as Bethel is promoting aiding the overall JW delusion and that of JW audience.

The Daniel 11:42-43 financial globalization process will cause and require a global economic tribulation, but it is engineered to aid a new 8th King overall finance system over some time. That alone will take some time, and is plainly evident as already set-up in massive worldwide national terminal debt scenarios. And that is when what is already a Bethel coup, can go coup-de-grace to attempt to fully remove the ministerial means to make the final cycle known by Bethel financial and organizational desolations. (The mechanism of that went into installation with the 1976 GB initial coup, and is set up for that ultimate objective now fully ready for the final part of the operation).

So what is coming is NOT “the end” (except for Bethel), but the BEGINNING of the final 8th King cycle and prophecy cycle that will take a decade to fully unwind to also Messianic Kingdom completing events and meanings for real. (Dan12 and Rev8-11 also parallel Rev16 activation in final fulfillment). It is plainly obvious now Bethel’s stagnation must be purposeful and 8th King related developments. (The real Dan8:11-14 parallel Dan11:30-32a Bethel and 8th King developments and collusions, 1990 peak manifestation as UN NGO (and diversion/subversion) and continuance to Dan8:13 divine mandate for Bethel desolation for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation”.)

Thus even now, in another way, it is all still related and connected, there are no “loose ends” in reality of Bethel engineered defection and subversion, it is just made to appear as such to aid the final cycle activation as long as they can prior to exit and Bethel implosions worldwide. (Dan8:14 timing). They are setting up a required desolation of Dan8:13-14 to be sold to JWs as a premature Dan11:44-45 activation, out of sync with prophecy and the final globalization process which will just be beginning. And thus JWs can be shut up by confusion, bewilderment and scattering in the initial couple years of that cycle start, and Bethel implosions; (Dan8:13 initial “trampling”, in time purified and leading to Rev11:7 replication final “trampling” of Rev11:2 “holt city”, as Rev11:7 at Dan11:44 actual timing).

On “Anointed JW” Diversions and Abandonment of the JW Foundational Ministry

On “JW Anointed” Diversions and Abandonment of the JW Foundational Ministry Meaning Aids Concealment of 4 United Nations Placements

What do you think about anointed JW blog and work?

Some Christian anointed JW claimants (like Anointed-JW) are attempting to redefine the entire Christian clarification framework of JW truth based on the 1914-1926 (Dan12) actuality of the Messianic Kingdom invitational (and world warning) of that period as God WILL give full warning and WILL reveal that warning in detail in an understood Revelation.

(Revelation 1:1) . . .A revelation by Jesus Christ, which God gave him, to show his slaves the things that must shortly take place. . . .

Plain and simple, servants of God understand Revelation’s first fulfillment in the International Bible Students Assoc. (IBSA) as a VALID Christian clarification since 1914, as Daniel 12:7 “two witnesses” parallel of Revelation 11:1-7 (1260 days) did lead to the Daniel 12:11 temple purification signal of “constant feature” removal WHILE the “disgusting thing” League of Nations UN related rival world government did appear as Rev13:11-15 as per Daniel 12:11 concurrently, as detailed in that prophecy of Daniel 12:11.

That is all irreversibly a true divine warning of impending Kingdom come; Matt6:10; And come it will.

The Daniel 12:12 recovery of a Malachi3, and Zechariah 3 clarified Christian truth continuing forward after 1922 is now JW world history of a valid, global, Kingdom of God announcement, sheep call and warning of Revelation 8-9, Revelation 14-16 preview foregleam fulfillment of things that must now go further than the JW ministry of 1919-1969 that tracked 2 UN placements in 1919 and 1945 as prophecy.


Claimant JWs diverging from that truth are no longer even Christian in spirit (even if anointed, they are subverting the foundational truth basic warning), for they do not validly warn that the UN world government to come in complete form WILL trigger Armageddon as Zephaniah 3:8-9 (Rev16:13-17; Rev19:11-21) as apex rival of the Messianic Kingdom actuality.

As an example, some time after 1945 and the 2nd United Nations manifestation, JWs sort of “lost track” of that ominous UN rival to Christ meaning and prophetic tracking assignment by 1990.

As per 1914-1969 valid JW ministry, as pictured in two UN placements explained in 1919 and 1945 as prophecy and world events matching it, CONCURRENTLY EXPOSED by Jehovah’s Christian witnesses, at that time, WITH MESSIANIC KINGDOM PROPHECY and parallel sovereign proclamation being proclaimed AT THE SAME TIME, prophecy used to be validly expounded by JWs, but now JWs said nothing of the 3rd UN manifestation (1990) as a “new world order” initiative mode of world proclamation.

As if the 3rd United Nation placement, after the “cold war” form of WW3 (Dan11:29), was insignificant in “new world order”, another way of saying “world government” public statements. Instead JWs, joined the UN in 1990 and covers up the 3rd UN placement as 1990 Daniel 11:31b, and joined also the “new world order” sloganeering campaign as UN NGO (Awake! 9/8/1991) for a covert decade still unannounced, searchable in over 70 NWO references in Watchtower and Awake! between 1991-2001.

Obviously no true anointed will join the UN for any reason, much less library privileges leading to no new UN insights in 22 years of such library time, instead cover-up.

And thus JWs no longer track UN meaning or Kingdom meaning in Daniel 11:30-45 as a 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31 WILL in time activate Daniel 11:42-43 towards a 4th UN placement a number of years later as Daniel 11:44-45 finality of Armageddon triggering prelude. (Dan8:25; 12:11 parallel)

Thus another temple cycle is needed to judge the Bethel symbol system for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as Daniel 8:13 GUARANTEES God will not let us Jehovah’s witnesses sleep with the UN, cover up Daniel 11:30-45 as 8th King King North activity since 1990 made clear as day in an uncommented 3rd UN placement in post cold war presentations, drop the prophecy tracking ball, act as if none of this even matters, and let a modern day papacy ruin the ministry at Bethel.

God will desolate Bethel as signal, for UN allied adultery. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

So the final cycle will produce a clarification, again (Rev10:11), of what JWs are supposed to be doing here, TRACKING United Nations world government development and globalizing features of that development in government, finance and military in modern developments and events and SAY SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!, rather than play dead as JWs are now doing with the zombie GB UN allied Bethel system of UN subversion. [1]

And since Daniel 11:42-45 as 8th King final cycle MUST merge into Daniel 12 live and real-time in the future “during that time” (Dan12:1), Daniel 12 MUST repeat in final form all of Revelation 8-11 to clarify out a clean “little scroll” FINAL Kingdom completion cycle warning mirroring the initial warning of JW Christians as IBSA, and instead of a League of Nations emerging, a 4th placement UN world government will again emerge as Daniel 12:11 replication of that original UN manifestation of 1919, but now in final form, and a world tribulation, like WW1 in principle, will again attempt to distract the world from the far more important Messianic Kingdom COMPLETION meaning (Rev14:1), as also the UN 8th King will ALSO be completing world government.

Such logic and prophecy of FINISHING the Christian ministry properly, is now foreign to many JWs, who think “the end” is what is next. (Zech3:1-3); And that is why a final temple cleansing cycle BEGINNING, is needed and GUARANTEED, as God will let JWs know how He feels about our little UN NGO side alliances, as JWs cannot decide: Are we God’s organization, or a UN organization?

Cannot have both, and that is how we know the GB is NOT Christian much less anointed, and Bethel’s last anointed voice was Fred Franz who was progressively silenced to never be allowed to publicly reveal what a dissolved USSR means as a full disqualification for King North meaning as per Daniel 11:36b. [2]

That too is why God must judge the JW organization FIRST (1Peter4:17), and clean out the diversion.

True anointed and true Christians regardless of calling, RESPECT the foundational truth OF GOD, that was made known through IBSA and Jehovah’s witnesses from 1919-1969 in clarified form, tracking the rival UN world government as prophecy properly, before the foretold Daniel 11:30b-31 Bethel anointed defection manifested parallel to Daniel 8:11-13 subversion and cover up marked in 1990 UN NGO activity, ALSO foretold as a parallel to modern JW organized cover-up and apostasy (Dan11:32a), as signified by covering up UN developmental urgent information as prophecy since 1990 explicitly, and covering up apex King North as only being able to be fulfilled as 8th King globalized world government totality in Daniel 11:30-45 3rd and 4th UN placements.

JWs have dropped that 3rd and 4th UN placement ball at the ’45, 1945.

Today’s Bethel dictators are UN actors, plain and simple, as foretold; (2Thess2:1-4), for the final cycle meaning that WILL AGAIN (Rev10:11), eventually utilize Jehovah’s witnesses for the final warning, in the final UN cycle, as Christ’s Kingdom will make a contrary claim of world sovereignty WITH the 8th King completion final sovereign statements as 1Thess5:1-3 UN world “peace and security” to result when “that tribulation” ends as per Matt24:29, Mark13:24, as WW1 also ended into a UN presentation, so will this final cycle end into a UN world government as final “scarlet wildbeast”, 8th King, King North, King of Fierce Countenance parallels as the WHOLE “immense image” of Daniel 2 standing at?



For now this will make zero sense to those claimant Jehovah’s witnesses who have fallen asleep as to our foundational truth and prophetic meanings of Kingdom and Temple CERTAIN completion. (Matt25:5; Rev11:7-19);

Being anointed is not a guarantee, anointed can also defect and be found unfaithful. (Heb3:12-15; 6:4-8; 10:26-31);

As we see, most Christians and anointed have lost track of [modern], final UN prophetic development and what it will mean.



PDF Download of “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”; Approximate 120 pages.




Temple Judgment Background – Governing Body Covers Up “King of the North” Actual 8th King Meaning

Bethel Red Flags – The Moment of Awareness of Bethel’s Apostasy

Bethel Red Flags – The Moment of Awareness of Bethel’s Apostasy

1. UN alliances

I decided to add the second development that finally aided my own awareness of the Bethel atmosphere of organized transgression.

2. General perception of lack of holy spirit and a blase’ JW attitude to actual Bible research and study.

Elders didn’t like me hanging out in the library, witness parties never featured Biblical discussion, JWs seemed to treat ministerial positions and titles more like a business achievement, a noticeable attitude of complacency and self righteousness was displayed in NOT being able to simply discuss Bible teachings or WT teachings as these turned to seemingly defensive positions based on overall JW ignorance, not due to actual discussion but lack of actual understanding in JWs of basic WT doctrine.

Thus it appeared I was among robots, so free time studying seemed more useful than meetings featuring superficial scriptural therapy, ministerial depth development sufficient for remedial or absolute newbie discussion endlessly parroted, delusional back patting exercises based on merit of 1940s JWs, catalogue like detail to visual assessments, endless recordings of the same old scripts with no actual insight or enlightenment since 1960, basically a spiritual concentration camp starvation diet and a big zombie like show of past performance of other historic JWs prior to the UN GB implanted cell of corruptions.

Eventually the JW malaise, spiritual cancer and statistical plummet all has a GB inception point epicenter, further marked in trends by the UN NGO, as in retrospect, both mark a point in JW productive decline. In my opinion God was not happy with the GB celebrity council from incept (1976) since it is not in the Bible, thus a core lie in itself and reveals glory seekers more than Bile studiers. And I felt as a Christian in belief of God’s Kingdom, neither God or Christ was happy with the GB lackadaisical attitudes towards spiritually fornicating and treasonous UN alliances. (What actual anointed would bed with the UN to read books at the UN library? The whole things seemed but another lie, in a long line of lies since the GB self-invented it’s own Biblical existence.)

In hindsight it eventually became impossible to defend them while preaching when in time I saw they are in fact more likely “evil slave” and “man of lawlessness” principle workers of very basic Bible clues of corrupting influence contained in key symbolic descriptions, and what that leads to in time; disaster. In the meantime their fruitage speaks for itself as does the atmosphere they create. We JWs have allowed corrupted and evil men to now direct the ministry for almost 40 years, again, it will prove a disaster in time. So I could no longer share in serious sins of Bethel origination, purpose and continued promotion.

3. Other obviously damaging polices

And thus as I tried to defend the GB on the web, it soon became obvious they are their, and JWs, and the public at large, own worst enemy. No one can do more damage to Bethel and more reproach, than they have created in and of themselves and their own brazen conduct of spiritual megalomania and presumptuousness. The GB is the worst spiritual enemy in human form, that JWs have ever known up to this time. (2Thess2:1-4).

I will tell you now, the GB will equal a JW and ministerial disaster and will eventually be heaped into the dumpster of time, with other errors of the past that somehow were accepted as Christian formerly. (Zech3:1-5).

There is no such thing as a “Governing Body” in the Bible, plain and simple, and in that lie is their main curse. They get about 40 years, and no more; (Rev8:12).

Concerning the Bethel Apostasy, what should I tell my son?

What should I tell my son concerning the Bethel lawlessness?

Tell him the truth, though all men be found liars, like Bethel’s current leadership, let God be found true. There is the Almighty God forever, human corruption is endemic since Eden’s sin, God provided PROMISE of the seed of recovery (Gen3:15), and that is still TRUTH, the truth. God tracked all that development of sovereign rival power, and his own Kingdom forming power through Daniel and to the apostle John and all the prophets for a good 2800 years of prophecy so accurate, it is now called world history.

Jesus Christ, the seed, the true solution, the first life created by God, from God, is also still true and the only true hope to retrieve men past, present and future from inevitable death in Adam. That is all still true, neither Christendom, Bethel or any other human organized diversion from truth can change reality that is actually true.

Thus tell your son the truth. Bethel’s primary leaders are now corrupted, they joined the opposing kingdom power as UN NGO, that will bring a judgment on JWs for that transgression (Dan8:13 as 1Pet4:17), and they will reap what they have sown, it is also foretold in prophecy they cover up (Dan8:12b) and truthfully, they no longer represent the truth, instead they drive millions and millions AWAY from God, but God, as before on several documented occasions of prophecy again becoming history will recover the final truth, again (Rev10:11).

You may get to the core of the dilemma, ask your son does he want to be taught about God and Christ by lawless corrupted men in the so-called Governing Body?

And I feel you can ask that question quite honestly while still maintaining core Christian truth, that truly at one time, 1914-1950 IBSA and JWs did at once truthfully represent as best they could, and they did expose the first 2 UN related fulfillments of prophecy in 1919 and 1945, rather than joining the UN, and covering up the 3rd (1990) and 4th (future) UN manifestations of Daniel 11:30-45, as Bethel also covers up King North as 8th King developments there, as their continual UN NGO internal Bethel endorsers are also prophetic subverters.

You may explain, truthfully, Jesus Christ warns Christians to flee the city (organization) once one personally ascertains the rival kingdom “disgusting thing” in it’s midst, and in principle that applies to Bethel as UN NGO and the JW organization overall:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation (UN NGO), as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (1990 Dan11:31b parallel to Dan8:13-14), standing in a holy place (Bethel’s claim), (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in (JW worldwide) Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (leave JWs, judgment is nigh).

In my opinion explaining these core truths of Bethel’s corruption are important, and outweigh all their other sins (2Thess2:3-4) in direct guaranteed import of a judgment to come first upon JWs; (1Pet4:17).

Prophecy Repeats on Anointed Christians

Even Anointed Christians are Scattered and Wandering Spiritually

Hello Brother,

also at:

As you know even JW anointed are in a bit of a period of controversy over various prophetic meanings, Biblical persons like Michael, etc. All that confusion stems from the Bethel lawless center distributing evidence of waffling and scandal, that is calling into question the very foundations of Christian JW truth. Meaning it is dividing by developing a loss of focus on the more important things due to all this minutia.

So I am just reminding the JWs I can, that the Lord’s prayer contains what to stay focused on, the foundation is valid in the original ministry and it’s subsequent clarifications by mainly Fred Franz as best he could, given the premature developments of his time in regard to USSR failure and the 3rd UN emergence of “new world order” governmental claims.

As you know the GB went into override over Nathan Knorr and Fred Franz, and from that 1976 point of coup, the truth has slowly been eroded and they allied with the UN as UN NGO at that 3rd UN placement in Daniel 11:30-31, Dan8:13 parallel “transgression causing desolation”, rather than explain clearly the significance of a UN 3rd placement – and covered up the Daniel 11:27-45 progression to “cold war” marker in Daniel 11:29, to the 3rd UN placement of Dan11:31b, which leads to 4th UN placement by Daniel 11:45. Thus they are severing from JW and world awareness a very important final 8th King progression from 3rd UN to 4th UN final placement and obviously Armageddon finalities.

As a reminder:

The judgment starts with JWs as per 1Pet4:17 that will activate Daniel 8:14 for Dan8:13 reasons as the fire purification of Rev8:1-6. That purification of fire parallels Zech3:2, Zech3:4-5, and Mal3:1-4 in final fulfillment temple cleansing of the Dan 8:14 “right condition” of anointed purity prior to the final ministerial commission of Rev10-11. The fire purification is as Isa6:6-8 precommission cleansing of Isaiah, in principle, as approved anointed will reach the Zech3:6-7 divine ultimatum, which will include the reception of the Rev 10 “little scroll” to begin to deploy as the Rev 9 JW world invasion of final truth.

As that Rev 9 recovery will be in progress after the timed temple desolation of Dan8:14 “evening” concludes. Thus Rev 9 will lead to Rev 10 as Zech3:6-7 divine ultimatum and it must turn into a finally deployed “two witnesses” for a divinely timed final 1260 day ministry that leads Daniel 12:7 to Daniel 12:11.

Daniel 12:11 is marked by BOTH the 4th UN placement “disgusting thing” and the final cessation of that “constant feature” as “little scroll” in the Rev11:7 and Dan11:44 parallel attack scenarios. Of course that final ministry a number of years from now, is the cleansed and clarified final prophetic truth explaining all Bethel has covered up, and extending it’s implications by prophecy and world events to Armageddon. No wonder that “little scroll” will contain irreversible inevitable truths of 8th King termination that will “disturb” that world government as per Daniel 11:44.

Daniel 11:44 is a Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care” parallel attack context, where the 8th King is proclaiming world “peace and security” AND attacking the “two witnesses” and Babylon the Great in the same post world government 4th Un placement progression to final Armageddon war.

Thus, the judgment does not start with BTG, but with JWs very soon. And as you see they are going to use that deception to desolate Bethel, and tell JWs it is the final attack sequence of Daniel 11:44-45. But in 8th King globalization reality, it is the world intrigues and tribulation that is context of Daniel 11:42-43 8th King world wealth control. And as per Matt24:29, that tribulation MUST end as the 1260 days is also approximately ending as well. And Christ does not appear until AFTER that tribulation ends as per Matt 24:29-31, after the 1260 days at some unknown point of the 3.5 days symbolic “two witnesses” death state of final “constant feature” removal of Dan 12:11 parallel Rev11:7-12.

Thus the “great tribulation” is NOT the “end of the world” as Bethel is also promoting in error. In fact the “peace and security” final sovereign proclamations of a complete 4th UN 8th King world government must produce a world seen “freedom from care” (Dan8:25 as 1Thess5:1-3), and depose BTG sovereignty in the process at the end of the cycle (Rev16:12-16; Rev17:15-16), to reinforce the “world peace” effect of 8th King world government. Thus the “great tribulation” ends into a world recovery some years well after the JW temple judgment and organizational desolation. (Isa41:1).

And as you can no doubt imagine, these kinds of deceptions are setting up JWs to perceive what is actually a temple judgment, and 8th King final globalization cycle, as if it is the ending sequence. And this allows the Bethel desolation to appear to be in an approved divine condition, but to the contrary, the desolation is for gross sins and UN NGO, and Bethel’s deceptions are going to attempt to apply this hoax of a premature end, and a BTG attack, that it will not actually be, to cover up what is really happening.

And thus JW under the Bethel spell of illusion, will be bewildered and vulnerable to be led to capture, while the desolation “evening” is in progress, and for a couple years (Hos6:1-2) JWs will think it is “the end of the world”, but in fact it is the BEGINNING of the final prophetic cycle, and the final 8th King cycle, and God also purposes a final ministerial warning cycle in the process. (Rev10:11);

Check all these scriptures as they do inter-relate and prove where Bethel is misleading JWs for a “coup de grace” event, that all this Betel lawlessness has had planned from even before the GB inception as the lawless body that allows all this positioning and development as modern “man of lawlessness”. (2Thess2:3-4; Dan8:11-14; 11:30-31; 32-35).


That also means the events coming up for those first two years, are designed to make JWs think it really is the end, and to flee into the organization which is an enemy trap system. So one has to realize as bad as it gets, it is NOT “the end” cycle, but it’s beginning, guaranteed by prophecy and backed by 8th King final globalization needs and permission of God to complete the rival kingdom, and it will go on for the Dan8:14, Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3), and Dan 12:11 timed periods to some degree into Daniel 12:11 1290 days. (Dan12:12 will be under complete Messianic Kingdom conquest, it is the marriage “reception” for the earth sheep).

By the end of the 1260 days, earth sheep go under Matt24:30-31 and Zech 12:6-9, 2:5, protection and final separation of Matt25:31-46 parallel Rev14:14-16. They must witness Dan 12:11 time period as per 2Thess1:6-10 events leading to climax of that period. All earth sheep are in the final “pen” by that time, as Daniel 12:11 and 12:12 time period must transpire as foretold by God.

Christian Anointed Lose Kingdom Focus and Nod Off (As Per Prophecy)

Christian Anointed Lose Kingdom Focus and Nod Off (As Per Prophecy)
Messianic Kingdom and 8th King Co-Development Made Certain

It is no accident that the Jehovah’s witnesses primary ministry began with a Kingdom of God proclamation (Matt24:14; Rev11:15), deploying into a world war tribulation (Dan12:1; WW1) that resolved into a League of Nation organizational presentation and it’s first “world peace” statement as a formative world government concept in 1914-1919. (Rev11:13-15; Dan12:11);

Messianic Kingdom and 8th King development was made parallel from the beginning of the ministry.

That was the primary issue of sovereignty, with BOTH sovereign contenders revealed AT THE SAME TIME, to be identified in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry at that time the International Bible Students. (Rev8:8-9; Matt24:14);

The true sovereign issue was made emphatic as were both contenders of that sovereign completion. There was an expiration of the appointed time God would not interfere in the governmental affairs of man (Dan4; Luke 21:20), and eventually that further time of allowance (Rev11:2-3; Dan12:7) would result in a universal war for the sovereignty of this universe and planet earth. (Rev19:19-21; Dan21:31-45; Joel 3:9-17);

The meaning of Armageddon as a sovereign universal showdown (Rev20:1-3) was made emphatic and fully explained to be a climax event on planet Earth over the issue of world rulership. That used to the complete focus of Jehovah’s witnesses.

The Kingdom message itself (Rev10-11), has caused an interference with 8th King world government development.

The whole point of the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry was the inevitable conflict of Har-Magedon (Rev16:13-16), and the salvation to be extended in that final time period of the “end of the world” of the rival sovereigns.

The fact a Kingdom of God ministry made a proclamation at the same time as the 8th King designate (1919), as fully outlined and explained in prophecy (Rev10-11; Dan2, 12; Rev13, 17), shows that the Kingdom message of the Revelation 10-11 preview sovereign Kingdom “little scroll” was going to include not only the Messianic Kingdom issue, but the rival 8th King world government issue that was to be concurrent in development from a prophetic outline of guaranteed certainty.

In fact BOTH the Messianic Kingdom “birth” and the League of Nations “image of the wildbeast” 8th King designate made a parallel presentation and the very sovereign issue of who will rule planet earth was highlighted.

This focus of not just the Kingdom of God development (Rev12), but also the 8th King (Rev13, 17), was made clear in the Revelation 8 second trumpet meaning in initial fulfillment as explained by Jehovah’s witnesses. That initial fulfillment of Revelation 8-11 set a pattern to recognize the Messianic Kingdom issue would develop from “birth” concurrent with the 8th King also from it’s League of Nations birth. (Rev12); In fact the 8th King had two more Biblically foretold presentations, each after the world war of it’s period, in 1945 and 1990, including the global “Cold War”. (Dan11:29-31);

The initial Kingdom of God ministry deployed as an anointed Christian “little scroll” proclamation known as the “two witnesses” in a global ministerial preview (1914-1918) as a Kingdom invitation to all man, and a warning to all rivals, now well known by many people as it carried that Kingdom message into also World War 2 and into the United Nations presentation of that time – all made know live and real-time, concurrently. (Rev17:8-11);

Now the FACT the 8th King and the Messianic Kingdom were in prophetic and historical co-development had a second affirmation in 1945 that this parallel was in prophecy and in world history and IMPORTANT to understand and pay attention to constantly.

This initial Kingdom ministry truth of Messianic Kingdom and 8th Kingdom co-development and prophetic fulfillment should have been the unalterable focus of Christian anointed to further inherit the “two witnesses” theme of ministry in the ensuing years, it certainly was not all done and complete as far as either the Messianic Kingdom 144000 or the 8th King world government culmination. (Dan11:42-45; Rev17:11-18; Rev16:12-16);

None of that required sovereign completion and culmination occurred in the 20th century.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Nod Off

But now things have changed right in Jehovah’s witnesses’ ministry and loss of 8th King prophecy tracking is proof Jehovah’s witnesses have also become “lukewarm” concerning also Kingdom of God focus. By losing 8th King tracking as King North of Daniel 11:30-45 and the “King of Fierce Countenance” of Daniel 8:11-25, from “small horn” root Anglo globalists, Jehovah’s witnesses leadership refuses to converge all national meaning into final globalized world government 8th King (Rev17:12-17), beyond the “image” of that world government “wildbeast” in it’s ultimate form of coming completion. (Dan2, 8, 11, Rev13, 17);

This Kingdom of God focus of tracking prophecy also tracking 8th King development as prophecy live and real-time, is what has been fully lost by Jehovah’s witnesses with now no more relevance than the 1945 second placement of the 8th King instrument of world rulership as the United Nations. Now Jehovah’s witnesses merely replay the past and try to say it is still relevant in modern times in spite of world research knowledge and information itself showing the 8th King has been in intensified globalist developments easily seen and provable since 1990.

How did such a diversion from the Kingdom assignment take place? (Dan8:11-14, Dan11:30-35);

Kingdom Eclipse, Christ Usurped: Organizational Distractions and Transgression

This eclipse of truth started in 1976 with the “lifting themselves over everyone” of the Governing Body in their Bethel coup of ministerial authority. It seems a corporate “board of directors” deemed it necessary to “lift themselves” into some divine role, as if it is a Biblical mandate of God, when in fact it’s contrivance is fully documented. Plainly Charles Russell did not consult with the “board of directors” for ultimate authoritative decisions anymore so than Paul submitted the books of Ephesians or Hebrews to the Jerusalem “Governing Body” for editing and approval.

The very “governing body” is not present in the Bible, the one time circumcision issue resolved by a one time emergency conference was just that, a one time consultation of everyone to resolve a single issue. (Acts 15:6, 22); No “governing body” authority was further ever recorded or present in any Bible account (Rev2-3), and the term “governing body” is not even present in any form in the Bible itself.

It is a corporate mundane “board of directors”. In reality the “governing body” is nothing more, nothing less for now, than a secular corporate board.

Gradual Development; (Daniel 8:12);

This fictional “governing body” concept was already being readied in Jehovah’s witnesses acceptance since 1930 of that “body” as also a supposed divine entity in addition to the “body of the Christ”. Thus this cell of corruption was accepted early on, but not in full authority. No the Governing Body even makes Apostolic claims of authority, when in fact the original Watchtower Bible and Tract Society defined what later became this divine claimant entity as merely a “board of directors”.

Now in time this “authority” totally went into rogue override. Now this additional, human invented “governing” “body” is “set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ” by it’s very existence. And due to it’s gradual “error going to them”, Jehovah’s witnesses are none the wiser, it developed too early in the ministry to be identified and removed from divine claims, and as we see God permitted it for greater reason: to form part of the final temple judgment basis of accounting. (2Thess2:11-12)

There is simply no other relevant Kingdom tracking ministry to “judge” at this time with any chance of a truth and ministerial recovery than Jehovah’s witnesses as the Christian anointed base.

From this acceptance of an old falsehood (2Thess2:1-4), and a superimposition of that “body” upon scripture (Acts 15:1-33), the “organizational” idolatry formed gradually to terminal maturation. (Dan8:23a) Together these entities now not only compete with Kingdom focus, they have usurped authority of the ministry only put in Jesus Christ’s jurisdiction by God. The Governing Body and their organization now place themselves as intermediaries in place of God’s Son, and affront on God himself.

Third United Nations Placement Ignored

Very subtly as well, the entire Kingdom prophecy focus and 8th King prophecy focus in concurrent significance has also been lost to the point that “governing body” idol joined the United Nations as the UN NGO idol (Matt24:15; Dan11:31b), at the same time of the now uncommented prophetic 3rd United Nations placement after the Cold World War 3. (Daniel 11:30-32a; Dan8:13);

Now when an astounding United Nations “cold” defeat of the “King North” USSR and the “cold” surrender of Russia to the United Nations 8th King membership took place in place of the USSR UN seat, as Bethel said nothing. Instead Bethel joined a “new world order” co-proclamation whose quotations of 8th King global placement statements are spiked into the Jehovah’s witnesses “constant feature” starting with the Awake! 9/8/1991 United Nations UN NGO prelude issue for a full covert decade of this activity.

Now when the next extremely important United Nations prophecy fulfilling event took place in 1990, to further reaffirm the first and second United Nations concurrent development opposed to the Messianic Kingdom from 1919 to 1945, Jehovah’s witnesses went mum and in coma with Bethel as regard the latest 8th King developments actually fulfilling prophecy as the true King North. Now Bethel continues to promote it’s impossible USSR King North fiction in place of the REQUIRED successful continuum (Dan11:36) of the 8th King in Daniel 11:30-45 as final King North – there can be no other “King North” but the 8th King.

Bethel refuses to expose this truth, but instead conceals it. Now Bethel even covers up the King North final identity as the 8th King! Now Jehovah’s witnesses have fully “nodded off” as well.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Anointed Join the Bethel Coma

Now rather than tell the world a 3rd UN placement took place as per prophecy in Daniel 11 that must lead to the fourth UN placement as world government (Dan11:30-45), Jehovah’s witnesses have stalled in the 1945 relevance of the 2nd UN presentation as a mere “mage” not yet world government. It is anointed Christians who are now even apostatizing in this loss of focus and total prophetic irrelevance of the modern exposition of 8th King prophecy. (Dan11:32a; Matt24:24-25);

Now the importance of tracking BOTH the Messianic Kingdom development and the 8th King current developments, at the same time, as the very same significance established in the 1914-1922 ministry and later was made, is now fully lost. Now the meaning of the 3rd United Nations placement as prophecy and significant is completely unknown to Jehovah’s witnesses.

Now the fourth and final phase of United Nations developments to come, which is also prophetic, as in the first three United Nations 8th King and “image”, is also fully lost to the derailed Jehovah’s witnesses ministry.

By this Bethel is now literally selling a premature “the end” scenario, rather than explaining the enlightenment that God has and will fully track BOTH the Messianic Kingdom and 8th King to their convergence, in prophecy and world history, to Har-Magedon, and it is over some final years of prophecy (Dan12; Rev8-11) and 8th King final development (Dan11:42-45). It is not an instant “end” event as Bethel is deceiving some with, in this now mature “operation of error”. (Dan8:23a; Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:1-12);

Thus even anointed Christians are now being misled or in the confusing effects of the Bethel lawlessness to also lose the primary focus on the Messianic Kingdom and it’s 8th King rival fulfilling prophecy concurrently, as before, and now into a final cycle of prophecy to activate with the temple judgment. (Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:3-5 in Daniel 11:42-45 soon);

Now we see many claimant anointed Christians fully disregarding the very Jehovah’s witnesses original ministerial validity that further acted as a gathering place for anointed Christians from that initial judgment on Christendom’s apostasy. The Kingdom ministry that explained the most important sovereign issue placed before anointed Christians to stay focused on as those with the opportunity to become a part of that Kingdom upon faithful endurance (Rev14:9-12), is now even undermined by anointed Christians explaining everything, but the primary sovereign issue and it’s 8th King counterpart rival.

Now an apostate anointed Christian judgment has again come to be required.

Spiritually Scattered Sheep as Kingdom Focus Lost

Now many anointed Christians, rather than stay focused on the most important issue of the truth of the Messianic Kingdom completion and it’s requirement, and it’s required completed 8th King rival and final proclamation of world government (1Thess5:1-3), have also diverged into much minutia issues with no focus on the original and current primary issue of sovereignty. Now the Bethel lawlessness causes more division of focus and attention.

Now the entire import of the first Kingdom of God proclaiming ministry, and it’s rival 8th King, is in danger of being completely lost as anointed Christians themselves wander off into every avenue of exposition other than the Messianic Kingdom reality.

Now the entire sovereign message of the Kingdom of God is diffused into bewildered anointed not ready to face and expose the “wildbeast” in it’s culmination drive. (Rev11:1-7); And it’s only going to get worse. (Zech13:7 as Dan8:13 “trampling”)

All anointed Christianity is in danger, like UN NGO Bethel is already, of being led into wildbeast world government compromise in this final cycle. Bethel confirmed UN drunkenness is already affirmed since the 3rd UN placement was joined as UN NGO, but covered up as prophecy fulfilling. (Matt24:48-51; Isa28);

It is true Bethel has raised many stumbling and controversial issues in it’s core distraction mechanism and organizational idolatry that must be dealt with by God, thus many secondary issues have arisen as written about this final apostasy. (Dan11:32-35; 2Pet2:1-3). But any thoughts of adjustments and analysis of current error must all remain upon, and refocus to, the foundation truth of the anointed Kingdom ministry and it’s sovereign proclamation mission to it’s completion and that of it’s rival 8th King. (Rev10-11 final fulfillment);

Bethel apostate feeding of the world’s oppositional reaction by means of their own lawlessness (2Pet2:1-3), is now aiding the calling into question of the ENTIRE ministry of Jehovah’s Christian witnesses back to it’s inception commission. The very “lords of the faith” seating themselves “in the temple” as the supposed leaders of Messianic Kingdom AND 8th King rival “kingdom” prophecy tracking and live exposition, are now the main instrument of diversion and subversion, fully asleep for 20 years of UN prophecy as King North.

And that is why the final temple judgment to lead to a purification and truth recovery is required. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5);

It Is All Already in the Prophecy

And that is why all these significant apostasy and judgment prelude events are INDEED foretold beforehand by God.

Who would accept that a major Christian anointed apostate development would develop right in the formerly commissioned and approved Kingdom ministry, right near to the actual “the end”, and it not be foretold by God, when it’s significance surpasses anything in Christian development since the arrival of Jesus Christ?

Who really buys Bethel’s story that the United Nations “image” is a full fledged global ruling sovereign, and that by virtue of that it is almost “all done”, as they now promote a premature “end of the world” expectation in Jehovah’s witnesses and our ministerial audience?

Now instead the 8th King prepares for world government completion over a final cycle of prophecy and development (Dan11:42-45), not “the end” yet, and Bethel speaks to “the effect that the day of Jehovah is here” while we are “not to be quickly shaken from [our] reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us” to that effect, as Bethel is those “as though from us”, even claiming to be apostles of Christ. (WT 7/15/13);

(Revelation 2:2) ‘I know your deeds, and your labor and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, and that you put those to the test who say they are apostles, but they are not, and you found them liars. 

Rather than observe that first commendation of Jesus Christ to the seven congregations of global anointed Christians in principle, Jehovah’s witnesses are now deluded by “the lie” at Bethel and it’s apostate “operation of error”, forming a basis of judgment determination by allowing the Bethel apostates free reign.

(2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now the Jehovah’s witnesses will have to decide, do we worship, “work for”, the “Governing Body” and the “organization” in idolatry subtly developed to terminal proportions, or do we worship Jehovah God through His only intermediary Jesus Christ?

Like all previous judgments of God on his house first (1Pet4:17), the temple judgment will again make a weed and wheat (Matt13), a five foolish and five wise “virgin” determination (Matt25:1-13) as all things repeat on Jehovah’s witnesses anointed Christian house, FIRST, to afford a final clarification before the true coming of Christ, Messianic Kingdom completion and 8th King completion CONCURRENT. (Mal3:1-5);

That important pattern is already set in the initial Kingdom preview ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses as the very prophecies that brought that to birth will also bring it to completion. (Zech4:6-9);

First a distinction of who actually worships God will be made in the temple judgment:

(Malachi 3:18) And you people will again certainly see [the distinction] between a righteous one and a wicked one, between one serving God and one who has not served him.”

Then the full completion phase, in action by that time (Daniel 8:13-14), will itself complete over the repeating prophecy of Daniel 12 and Revelation 8-11 (15-16) to what it was all warning of in the first place:

(Revelation 10:6-7) he swore: “There will be no delay any longer; 7 but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to blow his trumpet, the sacred secret of God according to the good news which he declared to his own slaves the prophets is indeed brought to a finish.”

Jehovah’s witnesses are ourselves in incompletion, yet a final true ministry is required and will result from the temple judgment desolation and purification and it’s sovereign reminder as the “little scroll” sovereign Kingdom ultimatum and proclamation:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy AGAIN with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

Even Christian anointed seem to have lost the focus of the primary and main issue of universal sovereignty and the instrument God is using in Jesus Christ and the Messianic Kingdom to bring that reality TO PLANET EARTH:

(Matthew 6:9-10) “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.

That REALITY is what Bethel has eclipsed and even has diverted the awareness of the 8th King rival system world government required completion now for the 3rd (Dan11:31b) and 4th placement (Dan11:45; 12:11) of the 8th King King North. Even anointed Christians are now either spiritually scattered, or in the apostate temple, and it must get worse in the temple judgment desolation (Dan8:13), for even not all anointed Christians will make this preliminary cut:

(Matthew 25:5-13) While the bridegroom was delaying, they all nodded and went to sleep. 6 Right in the middle of the night there arose a cry, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Be on your way out to meet him.’ 7 Then all those virgins rose and put their lamps in order. 8 The foolish said to the discreet, ‘Give us some of your oil, because our lamps are about to go out.’ 9 The discreet answered with the words, ‘Perhaps there may not be quite enough for us and you. Be on your way, instead, to those who sell it and buy for yourselves.’ 10 While they were going off to buy, the bridegroom arrived, and the virgins that were ready went in with him to the marriage feast; and the door was shut. 11 Afterwards the rest of the virgins also came, saying, ‘Sir, sir, open to us!’ 12 In answer he said, ‘I tell you the truth, I do not know you.’ 13 “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you know neither the day nor the hour.

And the reason will be no “oil” of scriptural awareness to see the light of the original Kingdom ministry of anointed Christians in 1914-1922 that the spirit revealed at that time as the anchor for the coming confusion.