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Governing Body is Apostasy in Leadership Defining Prophecy


Thanks. I don’t understand your last paragraph but I get what you’re saying ahead of that. I understand you to mean the current GB arrangement morphed from what had been a corporate board of directors. That makes sense.

I’m sure most JW’s wouldn’t accept a local body of elders starting to enforce rules and processes outside already established scriptural guidance. The GB is basically an appointed body of elders at the top of the org chain at bethel headquarters.[/QUOTE]

Exactly. The problem is hidden in plain sight.

Do you have any thoughts as to what makes this appointed body of elders (GB) different than another body of elders so that what this body says is a mandate to be followed by the rank and file or face severe penalties?

Your welcome.

Please consider this whole logic.

“Do you have any thoughts as to what makes this appointed body of elders (GB) different than another body of elders so that what this body says is a mandate to be followed by the rank and file or face severe penalties?”

Yes, error promoted as truth (2Thess2:11-12) by pure assumption is how this governing body concept has slowly morphed (2Cor11:13-15) into the dictatorship it is today. It is just like the Pope, except this is a collective “Governing Body”, but it serves the same function, and like the Pope, is based on accepting the same error by sly but long accepted deception.

The “Governing Body” concept is plausible in Acts 15, but it is not actually there any more than the Papacy is there. JWs are relying on the same accepted but overly assumed rationale as the Papal Apostolic Succession claim, merely modified to meet the JW circumstances of modern control. But it is the same exact thing in its basics and purpose.

In fact the GB does also claim their own form of “Apostolic Succession”:

“”The channel he used for spiritual feeding was clearly recognizable. After all, the apostles—the original members of the governing body—could provide visible proof of heavenly backing.””

(WT 7/15/13 pg. 18, par. 12)

So pure contrived authority by that body itself, accepted by plausibility, actually not legitimate or Biblical but implied as such, is how the Governing Body morphed into this form of ministerial and corporate tyranny; “gradually”; (Dan8:12, 2Cor11:13-15)

Pure presumption, but now it is too late, the GB protect their own assumption and remove those challenging it.

BUT like other basically falsehood based authoritative developments in religions, this one will also keep “sowing” bad seeds that will have greater “reaping” ramifications than Jehovah’s witnesses perceive, as JWs are being greatly subjected to this delusion as if it is Biblical fact. Look on the Web, obviously Bethel is also sowing seeds of great reproach of God by actual criminal activity. (2Pet2:1-3). That cannot turn out well in the long run. JWs are who will be globally affected, the whole ministry is actually now in great peril.

Please hear this whole rationale.

See the concept of a “faithful and discreet slave” is logically not determined by humans. God is the ultimate judge of who is faithful and who is not. The point of Christ asking “who really is the faithful and discreet slave?” is that God determines “faithful”, and that by a judgment. (1Pet4:17) That judgment of God principle befell both Israel (Isaiah, Hosea, Amos, Micah) and Jerusalem (Ezekiel, Jeremiah) in ancient times.

At the time of Israel’s and Jerusalem’s apostasies, the apostasy was [not openly recognized by the masses] of Israel. And the apostasies were [carried out by the top priestly leaders];

Apostasy, IN THE LEADERSHIP, is where all the major Biblical judgments fall upon, affecting all the people.

Later, when Christ arrived to Jerusalem, well after those older Israel and Jerusalem judgments, AGAIN a major apostasy in the LEADERSHIP of Jerusalem ended up undergoing a judgment of Biblical proportions in 70 CE. Again, the masses of Israel [did not detect the nature of the apostasy]. They bought the lie again, by assumed authority gone bad, and masterful deceptions.

After that, the same pattern appears in Christendom, organized apostasy [in the leadership] forms, and the [people do not openly recognize it]. Thus it is a progressive and cyclic principle that REPEATS, well related to Israel’s history of judgments up to the time of Christ in the Bible.

Thus we have the modern “Governing Body” presumption of divine power and authority, in the leadership, in a form of a true dictatorship. The same pattern was present in Israel in Isaiah’s time, and in Jerusalem in Jeremiah’s and Christ’s time, it is the same pattern in the Papacy, with the same goals of control and actually justifying great sins under a veneer of assumptions of righteousness, and for this reason, [again and again], the [masses generally miss what is really forming]. They DO NOT SEE the apostasy, they DO NOT ACCEPT that their leaders are lawless and idolatry promoters.

What is actually forming in Jehovah’s witnesses top leadership is a non-Biblical foreign body, of secular origins, gradually assuming “divinity” as the “governing body” “of Jehovah’s witnesses”. IN MOSTLY UNSEEN REALITY, just like in the past in all these examples covered, the GB is [[assuming]] authority, by deception and gradual corruption, over the legitimate, Biblically defined, “body of the Christ” of anointed Christians today.

Thus we have the EXACT SAME PATTERN at Bethel, as in Israel, as in Jerusalem and as in Christendom.

We have an assumed divine authority of actually illegitimate men in an illegitimate “body” of corporate mundane origins, with ILLEGAL assumed authority, actually carrying out great apostate sins, as organized “policy”, [right from the core LEADERSHIP], and few Jehovah’s witnesses recognize the error. All the same earmarks of what apostasy is, preceding a big judgment, is present now in the last place any Christian attempted reformation actually had success in modern times RIGHT IN THE CENTRAL LEADERSHIP AGAIN, but this time in Jehovah’s witnesses [negatively affecting] their ministry. And imo, it will get far worse in time. (Zech3:1-3)


Thus this late in the game, to not see these main patterns repeating, is of course just pure blindness, distraction and or inattention to study and seeing basic logic and principles. We have a leadership based apostasy in JWs, not detected by many, with huge UN NGO aligned adultery, with more organizational idolatry sins as well, and they are claiming to be “God’s prophet” and they pre-approve themselves as “faithful and discreet slave” upon their own self-appointed authority, without even mentioning a judgment of God is what determines faithful and unfaithful from God, not men.

They are blasphemous plain as day, but the delusion blinds JWs to obvious reality of the severity of GB blasphemies. (2Thess2:1-4) JWs are also greatly distracted, and obsessed with a premature “the end of the world” delusion (2Thess2:1-2), all promoted by Bethel.

Thus what we actually have is modern CLASSIC APOSTASY, [in the leadership], [detected by few], that has now fully hi-jacked and overrun not just the JW ministry, but the very basis of its existence in its corporate resource base of the global ministry by a foreign “body” now FULLY “set in opposition” to the real “body” “of the Christ” in open diametric resistance promoting great sins, right in JWs, with JWs fully duped, just like ALL the former major apostasies of the Bible.

The very existence of a “governing body” claiming to supersede the authority of the entire global congregation, is in itself a total blasphemy by the very existence of such a presumption and a group. (2Thess2:3-4)

As before, EXPECT A JUDGMENT OF GOD to eventually clear the fog of lies and transgression and expose Bethel for the modern apostasy and lawlessness it is. (2Thess2:3-4, 8; Zech3:1-5, Dan8:13-15) And imo, expect that FIRST, and soon, on this latest form of apostasy in “God’s house”. (1Pet4:17)

There has been no group in history, since the Pharisees, as primed and terminal for apostate judgment as today’s Bethel system because of the accurate knowledge it possesses and the great responsibility it has for a global Christian ministry claiming to be anointed.

And as before, though the judgments of God are meant to determine faithfulness, and to topple and or expose the unfaithful leadership of apostates and impostors, it is Jehovah’s witnesses masses, like the deluded peoples of the past, that will also be adversely affected by this kind of judgment, because religious leadership does have responsibility and accountability that can affect their “flock”.

And that imo, is what modern Bethel is today, and the GB dictatorship of 1976 developments is the core corruption authority cell that began this devolution into full blown, though well hidden and accepted, organized JW apostasy IN THE LEADERSHIP, where all classic major apostasies must form before judgment arrives.

And imo, as before, in the principle pattern, it will in time be rectified by a divine judgment on the JW org of “Biblical proportions” to activate soon; but it will drag on a few years in full downfall, imo. (Hos6:1-3, Dan8:13-14). And it is foretold, and timed (Dan8:14,26), for future verification, and the Bethel based apostasy is what makes it both necessary and certain, imo, but I feel it is ALREADY in the very prophecy JWs have made notable in Daniel 8 and 11, that Bethel is subverting on purpose. (Dan8:12b)

It is just a common repeating pattern of how unfaithfulness forms, what it does, and how it assumes its deceptive cover—it is all really just the same old story, but in modern form, repeating again.

The JW judgment will lead to things getting clearer later, because “the end of the world” will not come with that judgment, just the end of Bethel’s current management and maybe the whole corporate complex is what is coming. That is my bet, and opinion.


By the way I do believe the original anointed Christian ministry in Jehovah’s witnesses development since the time of Charles Russell and other old school reformation proponents is a valid prophetic expose’ of the human world government development exposing the League of nations as prophecy that was starting to be accomplished since 1919.

And it continued to 1945 in exposing the United Nations second step to world government as prophecy and HUGELY significant in the big picture of this overall development. Imo, all this is the truth in the early JW ministry.

BUT when the 1990 THIRD UN step to world government went global, JWs were misled by Bethel to instead PROMOTE that placement, actually in Daniel 11:30-31, as UN NGO, while SAYING NOTHING OF THE PROPHECY that is is a 3rd step to UN based world government in prophecy, also Daniel 8:23 “stand”.

Thus the 1976 GB subversion center, that allowed that UN NGO, and this cover up of the 3rd UN events, and its UN NGO endorsement, is the 1990 full exposure of “King North” of Daniel 11:32a actually as what is subverting the JW ministry, by use of the GB error and authority.

Thus in my first post to you, “King North” is the 8th King UN planners who are now secretly involved with the Bethel apostasy as Daniel 11:41 “entry” into the anointed ministry with the intent of apostasy and transgression to be introduced into the JW community with little detection. (Dan11:32-35, Dan8:11-13)

The 1976 GB development precedes the 1991 UN NGO (Awake! 9/8/1991), this apostasy going global, and the cover up of 3rd UN presentation events as prophecy, by just 11 years.

And for this reason, and more, is why I say, imo, Bethel is that signal apostasy to form for a “house judgment”, the temple judgment in modern final form, that activates while the cycle of the “tribulation of those days” forms and plays out to the FOURTH UN placement as FULL WORLD GOVERNMENT.

And thus subverting JWs to not recognize the 3rd UN event as significant and prophecy in 1990, is how the whole 3rd to 4th (future) UN events in that same prophecy (Dan11:30-45, Dan8:23-25) are ALSO not known by JWs, nor do they detect the apostasy and who is now actually in their house running the place from the GB deception.