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The original prophecy and pattern of 1914-1919, and JWs former Christian Kingdom validity, will REPEAT

I remember when I was studying 15 or so years ago and googled something about “memorial and passover”…

…God HIMSELF was patient and kind, not frantic and panic-inducing, and takes account of our individual limitations in what he expects of us.
I’ll skip over the UN ! BREAKING! NEWS! similar to the above. As above it was “THE smoking gun, which meant it was all over for WT”!!!! etc. This ‘”annointed” guy who broke the news…. I didn’t exactly believe it but couldn’t help keeping an eye on it. The dates came and went and none of it happened.
Years later I found something online that proved to me that -as minor and forgiveable as the UN story sounded to me to be- even THAT report had so exaggerated the real story, as to have virtually no basis in fact.

The original pattern of 1914-1918, and JWs former Christian Kingdom validity, will REPEAT. Jehovah’s [UN] Witnesses are now apostate. (Zech3:3; Dan11:32a), and it is all foretold; (Dan11:30-35; Dan8:11-14; 2Thess2:1-12).

It is not I, but God by Daniel, Paul and John who expose Jehovah’s witnesses from the Word of Truth. Bethel backs it up by spiritually, and at times literally, criminal activity. To a true Christian witness of Jehovah, this is NOT good news, nor is it with joy that this is all exposed from prophecy AND [massive] Bethel evidence.

As far as Jehovah’s witnesses are concerned there has been ZERO “new light” since the announcement of the meaning of the second UN placement in 1945 as Revelation 17:8-11.

To those of us, or who have friends or relatives who heard that announcement it was indeed the biggest news since the first UN placement as the League of Nations in 1919 and onward.

At one time tracking the rival Kingdom WAS big news to true Christians with Kingdom conviction.

But now we have a valid exposition of 2 of 4 UN placements written in God’s prophecy by His prophets. So for Bethel to ignore the “New World Order” objective 3rd UN placement of 1990 after the Cold War is significant, it should have been the biggest news since 1945. (Matt25:5 JWs have nodded off)

When Bethel’s “King North” USSR dissolved and it’s core “King North” Russia JOINED the UN 8th King in effective surrender, then that entity is no pinnacle “North” power (Dan11:36), but have been buried six feet “south” in world history by the Anglo elites in the real “King North” to whom Russia capitulated it’s own “USSR world order” to.

The Main Pattern=

Thus the Jehovah’s witnesses’ Kingdom ministry is not 100% lies. It has a valid foundation and Kingdom ministry, deploying into WW1 tribulation, that led to the League of Nations presentation as a master pattern. It DID solidly expose the first 2 of 4 UN placements as prophecy and world government forming events.

It is the GB rule of the Kingdom ministry that has profaned and damaged the truth (Rev8:10-12), and that is why the final two UN placements of Daniel 11:30-45 are UNKNOWN to Jehovah’s witnesses, and even a monumental UN victory over the USSR is of no news at Bethel.

Bethel is comatose… zzz zz

This is how only “1/3” of the JW ministry is now profaned, but in such a way from Bethel under GB guidance for “1/3” of the 100 year JW ministry (Rev8:12), that Revelation 8 will repeat in the same temple judgment meaning (Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:3-5), but upon Jehovah’s Christian witnesses.

Just a REAFFIRMATION of the Original Kingdom Truth

In this way this analysis of JW prophecy tracking is nothing “new”.


What is new is KNOWING the whole original JW “master pattern” of prophecy (Dan12), replicates.

This Pattern MUST REPEAT:

Christians MUST again (Rev10:11) deploy a Kingdom ministry, into a world tribulation (Dan12:1), to resolve (Matt24:29), and lead to 8th King world government in final form (Dan11:45; 12:11), is what will REPEAT in this final cycle that Bethel is covering up.


How Asleep are JWs???

So effective is the Bethel cover up, that Jehovah’s witnesses have not even comprehended 1990 was a THIRD United Nations placement as prophecy.

THAT is how lost JWs are. So the lost JWs think it was ok to actually, instead of telling the world the 3rd UN placement truth, to instead JOIN the UN. At JWville, “all good”. It’s ok with JWs to JOIN THE UNITED NATIONS, no problemo!

THAT is how lost Jehovah’s witnesses are. It is surreal. It is ridiculous.

Obviously comprehending that Daniel 11:30-45 is the 3rd and 4th (final) UN placement of Bible and world history is also off the JW mental radar.

And truly this is but the tip of the iceberg of now communal JW sins, Bethel is a Titanic of Transgression, truly anything goes at Bethel. (except smoking a “gnat” cigarette, gulping down the dead UN “Camel ” at Bethel is fine though; Matt24:15)

Thus all this analysis is saying is the JW ministry USED to be valid, and the valid import, meaning, and dedication will REPEAT after God judges His wayward house FIRST; (1Pet4:17);

Take all Jehovah’s witnesses have written concerning the Christendom judgment, and merely replace the word “Christendom”, with “Bethel” and that is what will come on us Jehovah’s witnesses FIRST and next; (1Pet4:17; Dan9:1-19)


Do The Apostates Die at Armageddon?

Do The Apostates Die at Armageddon?

First off the apostasy is applied to Christian anointed at Daniel 11:30b, 32. And that “those leaving the holy covenant” must apply to those actually in the “holy covenant”. Now who would that be?

Thus in the timing of Daniel 11:30-35, whether in the Bethel fictional WW2 version (1945), or the real UN “new world order” period of post Cold War (1990) 3r UN placement, that prophecy cannot apply to Christendom by the prophetic rules Bethel itself has established concerning 1919 temple judgment expulsion of Christendom as that era’s “apostates”.

So why is 1990 UN NGO Bethel applying Daniel 11:30 “those leaving the holy covenant” to a Christian professing global group in Christendom that cannot apply after 1919?

(Daniel 11:30-31) “And he will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. 31 And there will be arms that will stand up, proceeding from him; and they will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.

Because the prophecy is self-incriminating of ONLY those actually in “the holy covenant” LEAVING it live and real-time at Bethel:

(Daniel 11:30-31) “And he (8th King/King North) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively (produces a successful operation Dan8:12b); and he (8th King) will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (anointed core defection at Bethel aids internal 8th King access) 31 (Bethel subversion:) And there will be arms that will stand up (at Bethel; Dan11:41; Luke21:20), proceeding from him (8th King planners);  and they (collusion) will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. (3rd UN placement 1990:) “And they (team effort) will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation. (3rd UN placement, 1990; UN NGO, 1991, at Bethel; Matt24:15; Dan8:13 “transgression causing desolation”);

The Moral of the Bethel Story

Bethel is therefore the UN NGO apostate system (Dan11:31b 8th King collusion) that will be judged and cleansed LONG BEFORE Armageddon, because now JWs, due to 20 years of GB “operation of error”, are teaching inaccuracy concerning Daniel 8 (temple judgment finality) and Daniel 11 King North as 8th King (Dan11:30-45), and in that error is a premature “end of the world” expectation now believed by the JW apostasy misled into this error. (2Thess2:11-12; Zech3:1-3);

Instead God must cleanse this error from “IN the temple” (Christian anointed and defectors) and give the final Kingdom warning as the second “two witnesses” (Dan8:13-14; Rev10:11; Rev10-11 repeats) – so the signal Bethel apostates will be removed or terminated long before the actual Armageddon event as the divine war phase requiring a complete Messianic Kingdom (all 144000 under Christ) and a complete and stated sovereign 8th King – and that completion takes about another 10 years; (Dan11:45; Rev17:12-18; 1Thess5:1-3).

And that will take the King North 8th King final cycle of prophecy in Daniel 11:42-45 events to unfold over that cleansing and to Armageddon over an approximate decade continuing after the TIMED Bethel temple judgment desolation. (Dan8:13-14) Bethel also covers up the true King North 8th King identity, and their UN NGO role in that cover up, in Daniel 11:30-45, and that USSR fictional “King North” account also aids the concealment.

In such Bethel foretold apostasy (2Thess2:3-4  as Dan11:32a; Dan11:31b), UN NGO (Matt24:15 as Dan11:31b) and orchestrated Bethel lawlessness (Zech3:1-3) we have the element now purposely making JWs lie to the world concerning the true final phase of prophecy we are entering. (2Thess2:10-11; Dan11:42-45 is all 8TH KING!).

[[[[[[[Big  JUDGMENT events are coming on Bethel, to be sold as “the end of the world brothers!” to JWs and others, but in fact the final 7-14 year phase of 8th King world government in Daniel 11:42-45 (as Rev16:12-16, Rev17:12-18), now unknown to JWs, is what will be JUST BEGINNING.]]]]]]]

In this way JWs aid the final 8th King phase confusions to fall on the world as Dan11:42-45 activates.

And that is why that apostasy at Bethel, “IN the temple” environ, will be judged and cleansed in a timed commencing prophecy as Daniel 8:14 first.

That is why the real apostates as Christian defectors and wildbeast servicers are at Bethel, and those are the ones dealt with long before Armageddon as a temple judgment that must extend to all JWs as Rev8-11 repeats, with Daniel 12, to the second world witnessing going forth (Rev11:1-7) again (Rev10:11) concerning Messianic Kingdom COMPLETION. And that is what also completes as all 144000 (Matt24:29-31; Rev11:11-12) with the 8th King completion (Dan11:45; Dan8:25; Dan12:11 repeats) and final “world peace” of 1Thessalonians 5:1-3 a number of years after the Bethel downfall as signal of the judgment of 1Peter4:17.

Today’s JWs for the most part do not understand our own theology from 1914, and Bethel created dumbed-down, myth fed, JWs of today to aid the subversion not being detected until it was too late for the JWs and Bethel organization. (all as prophecy of Dan8:11-14 parallel Dan11:30-35); The whole thing goes down in temple judgment first as 1Peter 4:17, as Daniel 8:13-14 cleansing of Zechariah 3:1-5, as Revelation 8-9 temple desolation (Dan8:13) and recovery (Zech3:4-5) of the now FORETOLD apostate JW Christian ministry unknown to misled JWs by Bethel apostate lead.

Today, by extension, all JWs are technically “the apostates” along with the Bethel lead “man of lawlessness” system of things to end first, as per Matt13, as a world signal well preceding Armageddon as THE TEMPLE JUDGMENT OF JEHOVAH’S WITNESSES, FIRST – 1PETER4:17;


Globalists, geo-political forecasters, Ron Paul, and even many rappers and “conspiracy theorists” know world government is coming but will not occur tomorrow, but instead will take a final cycle of some projected years to complete.

Globalization of a reliable global financial structure (Dan11:42-43), UN “world peace” by the subjugation of all the nations in the intrigues of that financial and wealth transformation (Dan11:42-43; Rev17:12-18), and a globalized military system for final function use, as far along as it is, is not an overnight affair nor is it yet a complete globalized world government.

And thus if no real 8th King world sovereign rival exists, as certainly the UN “image” alone is not a world government in itself as JWs are misled to think, then Christ has no one to come and depose. In effect even the globalist elite system and the demons are not ready for universal war with Christ. (Joel3:9-12);

So the “apostates” in the general JW view of who they are (in error, they are mostly opposers, transitional and or stumbled people) will get a good 7-14 years to see that final cycle explained properly – while it is all unfolding to an actual world government – as the JW profaned system, the actual apostasy, and it’s Bethel “man of lawlessness” go down in the figurative flames of Zech3:2 temple judgment given to the UN NGO 8th King (Dan8:13 actual fulfillment soon) internal Bethel has actually been serving for 20 years.

Thus in time the last thing on an “apostate’s” mind will be Armageddon, because the “new world order” has to come first, and the intrigues that will develop with that completion will in themselves be quite an awakening for the average person.

The 8th King UN system still has to complete world government before Christ can arrive as is logical and proves the JW ministry is now strangely illogical, but the Bethel tunnel vision has a grander UN aiding goal:

Final World Cycle Prophetic Truths Versus Bethel Smokescreen Deceptions


8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

And the JW prophecy tracking assignment is for now lost and to be recovered:

Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost