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Bethel’s Armageddon Hoax Basics

Bethel’s Armageddon Hoax Basics

Comment: I expect the behavior and mood is weird maybe even bizarre [among Jehovah’s witnesses] from all the changes being made recently and anticipation of more changes coming. Really would like to know their thoughts at Bethel or has any of it sinking in that these changes are from God and it is not a welcoming change but a judgment of extermination. Of course it is persecution and not from any criminal acts on the part of the Watchtower who is god on paper in a printing company.

The Overall Premature “The End” Delusion Now Used by Bethel For Future 7th King Downfall Cycle Meaning Concealment

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-2) However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here. (way too soon)

It’s going to take an awake and discerning JW to see through this actual Bethel setup for the “trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14 as Daniel 11:41—and they have to be aided by God to see the final apostasy prophecy NOW fulfilling at Bethel with explicit Daniel 8 and 11 UN ties to 1990 3rd UN global presentation and the Bethel UN NGO of Matthew 24:15 signal meaning made explicit in 1990 Bethel developments, come to full light in 2001 UN NGO global news.

Bethel has a perfect “the end” delusion deep in the JW head.

So JWs can think all this is because the GB Seers “know how close it is! How exciting!!!!” “IT’S CLOSE BROTHERS AND SISTERS!” PARADISE PIC NICS RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER!!!


Of course the Globalist Killers in the GB mean “deliverance” as Hitler would have meant it, to modern US Globalist Modern “Nazi” FEMA system, and such related traps setup globally to scoop up JWs systematically. (Hos1:4-7 states God will give them Bethel, but NOT JWs Globally! It sis the foretold Temple Judgment prelude development of the REAL Daniel 8:13-14.)

This is DEAD SERIOUS!!!!

So they want to amp up the “GB Prophets” effect, as well, to a GB “Pied Piper” Climax of Credibility in the future, among the Global JW Lemmings. They want to make those Globalist Bethel Deadbeats look like real prophets by MAJOR GLOBALIST WORLD EVENT SYNCHRONIZATION.

So the GB Final Forecast will be 100% based on internal globalist planning shared by Bethel and King North (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12), to make these final “connections” to prophecy for JWs LOOK AND FEEL totally REAL, for the Global JW Hoax to manifest in full actual form at GLOBAL SCALE of world event context. (Dan11:41-43)

So the External Globalists know just what to manifest with Russia and the “Coalition of Nations” DECOYS to make it look REAL, and OFF THE CHARTS for total hyped JW ADRENALINE as “foretold” by the Bethel Internal Globalist Puppets at Bethel! (Dan11:32a; Dan8:12) ALL acting in concert to manifest the full Global JW “The End” Hoax! (During Daniel 8:13-14 anti-JW-org events as Daniel 11:41)

So the FIRST BETHEL HOAX SETUP is selling Bethel’s Judgment as if “The End” Signal altogether!

If you think JWs clam up their minds now to the truths of the GB UN Apostates (Dan11:32a), just wait until that collective JW mind goes into a FRENZY of FALSE EXPECTATIONS, fanned to a furnace by the final GB tricks, WITH REAL GLOBAL EVENTS OF A MASSIVE GLOBAL NATURE!.

We know from 2 Thessalonians 2:1-2 the general delusion of a premature end is a signal to look for. We KNOW FULL WELL Bethel is promoting HEAVILY this “The End” delusion among JWs, in DETAIL of key prophecies, and in general uninformed expectations. That is they bypass the required 7th King fall, by keeping JWs totally out of date as far as global reality and modern prophecy, since 1990.

As you know Bethel has a few misapplied prophecy “HANDLES” deep into the JW mind, to latch on to for Globalist use “at that time” (WT 11/15/13) to TAKE FULL ADVANTAGE OF THESE specific Armageddon Hoax, and premature end delusion general atmosphere, now deep in the JW psyche, to manifest it in the near future to better control and dupe JWs “at that time”:

WT quote (WT 11/15/2013, pg. 20, par. 17, #3):

“”Elders who are reading this article can draw some useful conclusions from the account we have just considered:…

[And sandwiched into the admonishment:]

(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.

Obviously Bethel is planning to use the org, to herd JWs to capture.

And cancel the JW ministry also prematurely:

WT quote (WT 07/15/2015, pg. 16, par. 9):

9 This will not be the time to preach the “good news of the Kingdom.” That time will have passed. The time for “the end” will have come! (Matthew 24:14) No doubt God’s people will proclaim a hard-hitting judgment message. This may well involve a declaration announcing that Satan’s wicked world is about to come to its complete end.

Now we can know these DECOYS and their events will be, in time, used to CONNECT those Bethel misapplied prophecies’ and their JW-BRAIN-HANDLES, to upcoming Globalist provided MAJOR Global Events with the Key Final Global-Hoax Players (BUT very REAL events), to MATCH PERFECTLY the baited JW EXPECTATIONS. But SOON, aided by REAL HUGE Global developments BIG TIME!!!

Global JW “The End” Super-Hoax

But these are the specific set ups we know they can use in the future on JWs:

HOAX 1: Attack on Bethel is The End Signal Brothers!!!

1. The first Super Hoax event is the Bethel “Trampling” of Daniel 8:13, that Bethel will sell to JWs as “The End of the World Brothers!!” It has to come with the DECOY “King North” “Russia” and the “Coalition of Nations” DECOY developments to be brewing with the coming “attack on Bethel” real events, manifesting in some manner in very real anti-JW-org events coming up in tangent with the final global cycle just beginning, for selling Bethel’s Judgment of God, as if “The End” Signal altogether!

2. That way they sell the REQUIRED Bethel Temple Judgment signal “Trampling” of Daniel 8:13-14 and Daniel 11:41 actual Daniel 11 position, as if “Daniel 11:44 ATTACK Brothers!!!!!”. But it will be a DECOY and a HOAX, it is only at Daniel 11:41 in reality, going full blown “at that time”, “soon, very soon”; (WT 11/15/13, pg. 20, par. 17, #3; WT 7/15/15 “Your Deliverance is Getting Near” article Recent “The End” Attack on Bethel baiting programming.)

3. Babylon the Great Decoy:

A. So Bethel has JWs expecting an “attack on Bethel” “soon, very soon”.

B. They use the premature Babylon the Great expectation to also cloak these coming events on Bethel. The “attack on Babylon the Great” is a broad cloaking Hoax 1 aiding DECOY. (BTG+Christendom Totality has to go down under full World Government, for a number of reasons, a number of years after Bethel goes down first. (1Pet4:17).)

HOAX 2. “Expect Daniel 11:44 Next Brothers!”

1. This King North “USSR” error can now be Revisited and amped up with FUTURE Russia, and or the “Coalition of Nations” developments now nearing something. This is hanging JWs too far into Daniel 11. Daniel 11:41 is what must come fully on Bethel visible globally. But they are already “entered” to keep Daniel 11 un-updated to King North World Government final cycle of Daniel 11:42-45. (Dan12:11);

Russia Framed as King North—The Purpose

HOAX 3. Gog of Magog is a Handy Coalition of Nations Brothers!

1. Now they just updated Gog, to conveniently align with King North potential “Coalition of Nations” who the Globalists can now create global events to make it look like those entities. But we are far from KN and Gog who must come under World Government final attack on the cleansed and updated Two Witnesses finale.

2. So the Globalists can create future events to fit the bill, and that will put JWs into a TOTAL “End of the World” Mental Frenzy! That Super-Hype on Steroids come the time for this to go into Global Overdrive,  aids the “Obey Obey Obey and Be Saved” BULL for the GB Globalist Pied Pipers to now play Moses, or whatever they have planned for those actors.

Next King North Hoax, Now “Gog” Primed For JWs

HOAX 4. Possible “Peace and Security” HOAX!

1. Now that the globalists KNOW this “peace and security” statement is expected by way more Christians than just JWs, it may be too good to pass up to aid a GLOBAL HOAX of hyped up premature end expectations. We have to see when they may use this. No doubt Bethel has drilled this into JW heads as the “leading signal” for them to expect if used globally.

It would have to be also a Global Hoax Baiting development, if it is used, based on this general premature end atmosphere also prevalent in the “Doomsday” minded global atmosphere of deep uncertainty today. So it has a very broad potential audience to also hype up with “the end” expectation way too soon.

Bethel Delusional 1-2-3 Formula Versus Prophetic and Global Reality

TOTAL GLOBAL “Doomsday” Expectation

And so we actually have a TOTAL GLOBAL “Doomsday” Expectation in place, for everyone, to hype and confuse many people in the start of the final cycle. The worse it looks, the better will look the recovery. The DOOM EFFECT, which JWs aid in their own way, aids the eventual Global “Healing” recovery cycle, the more doomful they can make it all look for the “sword stroke” phase of total doomsday hyping:

(Revelation 13:3) And I saw one of its heads as though slaughtered to death, but its death-stroke got healed, and all the earth followed the wild beast with >>admiration<<.

Which admiration is also amplified by the parallel UN recovery “ascension” also taking advantage of the global hopefulness this turn around will instead produce:

(Revelation 17:8) The wild beast that you saw was, but is not, and yet is about to ascend out of the abyss, and it is to go off into destruction. And when they see how the wild beast was, but is not, and yet will be present, those who dwell on the earth will >>wonder admiringly<<, but their names have not been written upon the scroll of life from the founding of the world.

And by that it all makes the Final Complete World Government Global Presentation all the more hopeful and “Admirable” so people follow the Wildbeast as a “savior” and the counterfeit of God’s Kingdom, also a DECOY aided by use of false prophetic application, to hype up premature expectations globally before this unfolds taking full advantage of all the doomsday hype to recovery effect. Of course JWs are now aiding this “The End” Hype, when the prophecy is clear on the final outlined forecast to complete World Government required BEFORE Christ arrives.

Knowing THAT TRUTH, is of course very important now and later, and very simple to summarize:

World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

THAT is the simple main point that Bethel is covering up for their Globalists King North Masters.

But I think that they want to create an “End of the World” Armageddon Hoax, and it will have some enormous global events, and a period of time during the Daniel 8:14 timing, to make it all LOOK AS REAL AS THEY CAN MAKE IT LOOK to the global masses; to confuse them, control them, and confuse the temple ministry recovery as long as they can. (And to conceal the final World Government intent, until they are full ready to present it in total global irreversibility.

But with the “healing” period, can also come a final warning emergence just as the real World Government goal is becoming also globally known, before they complete the Final Abomination in global totality of the entire Revelation 17:8-13 Global “Ascension” of World Government. (And then the two witnesses cessation also completed, and the BTG judgment of Revelation 17:15-18, AFTER World Government completes.

By mass prophecy failure, year over year, starting with Bethel first, they will discredit all Christian prophecy in that process of global scale disappointments, when instead the real Signal UN “World Peace” of World Government [2] of the real 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3 will emerge, under World Government, as people start to “admire” it and say “it wasn’t that bad, we survived!” “enough of all that Christian doomsday prophecy already!!! we have world peace!” “celebrate the World Government!!!

And that is why the FORETOLD KN Bethel UN-Attaché is also covering up the simpler final cycle meaning and certainty.

World Government and Premature “Fulfillment” of Prophecy

In depth examination of the Bethel delusion of “the end” too soon complex:

Bethel Hoax: Premature End Expectation


Bethel’s Main Delusion: The End is Near, Jehovah’s Day is Here! – is a Signal of The Final Apostasy



Ten Virgins and Temple Judgment—”Your Deliverance is Getting Near” Hoax Setup



King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

8th King World Peace—Guaranteed

Bethel Apostasy and Hoax Set Up – Are You Inactive Now?

You are providing very helpful and interesting info. I read some pages, I will have to do through the whole page.

Are you now considered “inactive” by them? I remember reading that you dont attend meetings.

I’m glad to see that you have seen something is going wrong and its not your fault. When I first began questioning Watchtower GB I thought that Devil has blinded me so that I couldnt see the truth. Now, I see this is a ridiculous tactic they use to make people feel guilty. If you are sincere, you have nothing to fear. There is nothing worse that hypocrisy, especially religious hypocrisy. You know, I always hated marketing. But when it comes to religion, its the most awful thing I can imagine. You dont play with life and death. Religious leaders are making money giving false hopes and misleading some sincere people, that they use as customers and slave workers. This is really awful. Religion must set you free, not enslave you. Jesus Christ set us free.

Yes and this one repeats a common judgment cycle, so someone has to notify as many as possible that it is not random lawlessness, but a prophetic final cycle starting even now. And it will be resolved in commensurate scale with a final Biblical judgment starting, and dragging on for the final Daniel 12 cycle. Since I can prove by prophecy in all ways and upon the original JW foundational truth of Kingdom and temple development it is repeating, one has to use their own discernment to see the GB is a lawless cell of development. In fact the Governing Body is not a Biblical reality, just a claim of one, all self invented and gradually administered into JWs, not even existent prior to 1940 as a reference to a board of directors in specializing function. In 1976 is when this experiment began in JWs.

Thanks for the links, and for the message. I will find time to look at them. The more I read from and about the WTS, the more obvious they and their motives become.

It is a pattern, and speaking personally and for fellow witnesses in a vow, we already have taught the replication principle. What happened to Israel in 740 BCE  repeated eventually on Jerusalem in 607 BCE, then the whole thing repeated again on Jerusalem in 70 CE form. Then we early JWs of this era made the connection as God must have impelled by Christ, that as per those prophetic principles of ancient and classic Jerusalem, what all of Christendom, as the Bible Students did spring from that overall development, was experiencing in the WW1 period was a divine judgment period that repeated those patterns on a “Jerusalem” that Christ had now transformed into a new covenant spiritual meaning into a worldwide form.

And that whole development aided by the psychological excitement of a world war tribulation, something that had never occurred at that scale before then, did produce the similar pattern, and it did produce what really was a wonderful clarification of the basic Bible truths of God and Christ’s individual nature yet united purpose, and other key clarifications allowing people to fully know how to worship God in an aware approved form, that the Bible Students becoming early Jehovah’s witnesses, did at one time have a successful approved ministry doing this first work. And notably the world church institutional proper top administrative associations did endorse the League of Nations and did not inform people of the ramification of it’s existence as a forming world government, and that a prophetic manifestation was in action to inform people of what was also a concurrent Kingdom of God announcement. (What is also notable, is the modern Bethel apostates also endorse the UN as UN NGO, so too, that pattern is repeating, and in modern form).

Just the concurrence of such great events in human history all occurring at the same time is really far more significant than most people realize. A human national body in the League of Nations making such a worldwide claim on an international starting union of forming world governmental basis, like a Genesis 11 Tower of Babel unification revisiting in modern form, was of course also far more significant tan people realize. Although not destructive, the Genesis 11 first “globalization” attempt did receive a divine intervention to break it up. So those early Christians in fuller awareness of all these unique occurrences for their time, with amazing and parallel, but opposed manifestations in BOTH claimant world rulership systems in that UN related presentation and God’s Kingdom announcement, were greatly compelled to say something about it, and comparing the 1920s world campaign Rutherford and Bible Students proclaimed to even London to exclaim the meaning tactfully (in 1926), even in some newspapers in full detail as “Testimony to the Rulers of this World”, is in no comparison to the 3rd UN manifestation of 1990 hush-hush nature at Bethel, and worse them joining it instead, and worse still, rather than reaffirm to the people what it means, and how it is leading there as actual Dan11:30-45. And worse still, cover up that 3rd UN manifestation with a failed USSR error to this day.

The point is a baptized witnesses we should be doing likewise as regards a re-affirming of world warning according to the most modern manifestation of that United Nations, not just the first two UN related manifestations of 1919 and 1945, which is were JWs are currently stalled. And this is because the UN has a four Bile foretold manifestations in an easy to see 1-2-3-4 cycle once one knows the post “cold war” 1990 UN “new world order” proclamation in another word for a world government order, is Daniel 11:31b in what will be a continuum to Daniel 11:45 4th and last UN manifestation. And it is not at Daniel 11:43 fulfilled progress, Daniel 11:41 is the current Bethel invasion of these King North 8th King allies. And for Bethel to mislead JWs to also conceal the 8th King as the only possible King North from Daniel 11:27-45, is of course also a great negligence, so great and obvious it must be purposeful as “those leaving the holy covenant” continuance of Daniel 11:30b-31b developments.

Thus as JWs we were the ones pointing out the replication principle from times past, but now in this error are not applying the final repeat to our own apostate condition right from Bethel. Like the deliverance of the Israelites from Egypt, or Christians out of Babylonian inspired religious systems, today Christians need deliverance out of the Bethel Babylonian and 8th King allied bondage system. That pattern also repeats and God WILL bring forth again, but in final form, a clarified meaning and a Christian remnant. And it must invite others because of course this final cycle is not going to be an approximate century long. And it is certain God is not accepting the current form for 40 years at least of the JW Bethel gradual counterfeit development (Dan8:12), and the final salvation will go out assuredly in the final fulfillment Rev 11 and 14 meanings to all mankind, and Christ in time will have a final marked period completing his own ministry (Matt10:23), after that replicating Rev 11 and Dan12:7 1260 day time period.

In the final sheep separation is where people will be told to align by faith in the undeserved kindness and salvation power in Christ’s sacrifice, there will not be time to develop another ministerial system to the degree formerly, which in time devolves into corruption in Adamic nature and demon influences, so what is coming is of course the Kingdom to earth as per Rev21 and Matt6:10 in it’s final complete and perfect form as ultimate replacement of the whole human mess of government and religion. In the Bible Christians are never termed a “religion” but a faith. (Rev14:12). Not that a religious organized system cannot be useful, or is bad in itself as long as it remains faith based, FAITH itself is more important, and faith itself is the unity. Of course to get anything done requires a little order, but the perfect order of a “Jerusalem” “coming down from heaven” TO earth, is going to be the nucleus of true order based on true truth, and restoration out of death, which means a gradual removal of ways that cultivate sin. And God has all that patience in Christ’s blood, that must also include Christ’s body as a whole sacrifice with the intent of perfection humanity faithful and cooperative into a perfect human state capable of everlasting existence, and ultimately needing no blood atonement once in that sinless actuality to be found only in Christ. And that is why Christ is “last Adam”, that “became a life giving spirit”, but he began as the “last Adam” “out of heaven” who “became flesh and resided among us” to ultimately provide God the sacrifice whose blood atonement gives the time and opportunity to also reach the perfect state of body in that “last Adam” HUMAN sacrifice, because dead Adam never will be able to provide that reality of human being perfection.

Hence it is a process by which the blood now as Christ’s, as God’s own Son, valuable to God, precious in His eyes, whose value can be applied to ANY sinner with faith in what is being provided here, and assurance it is as good as God accepting Jesus himself, because any man covered by Christ is being accepted by God as assured as if it was Christ himself, because that is what it is leading to. Whether for human recovery or the spirit recovery, Christ as BOTH forms available for founding this recovery as Matt19:28 “regeneration”, “re-creation” as Rev21:1-5, Rev22:1-3, Rom8:8-22, 1Cor15.

Since God is NOT abandoning His original purpose for man, earth and creation at Gen1:26-28, this Christ perfect human form accessible to God to apply to all man and creation by extension of Gen1:26-28, is how God will provide humans through that provision of Christ to actually be full “in God’s image”, which Adam and the woman no longer are, nor are their children. And that is why the Isa9:6 Eternal Father Christ, by his Bride, MUST bear human children from among mankind to God the ultimate father of all, for this recovery to actually transpire in the 1000 year reign. Ultimately the entire Kingdom reality of that Messianic recovery is FOR HUMANS! For people long lost, recently lost and currently lost to be resurrected on the basis of last Adamic perfection in Christ out of an Adamic state that has only one temporary life to provide in it.

All creation under that Gen1:26-28 hierarchy must also be recovered into a life blessing (Eze47, 47:9; Isa34:14-17), aided by the Heb2:14 Christ relations for that purpose to actually apply that perfection in Christ the former perfect tested human, whose life and sacrificial power is still alive and accessible to God by that sacrifice, to any one who wants it and is willfully cooperative as many will be progressing in faith even now, to that actual perfection and recovery.


Being unfamiliar with their older lessons, I don’t know if this whole warning and setup is merely a repeated pattern, or if this is the worst it’s been. No one seems particularly alarmed, so I was starting to assume that this was normal for them. Or maybe they are just numb after all this time.


Yes it is a gradual complacency that has developed because the central supposed watchmen are the ones fully asleep and also lulling JWs with very effective illusions based on the JW past, and using Bible truth as their veneer and attraction, but of course belying the claims in their actual conduct. Like Jerusalem or medieval Christendom, it is a common pattern, even at Noah’s time (Matt24:36-44) complacency set in, so all those judgment where upon most people as a “thief in the night”.

BUT this judgment to start on the JW ministry is for a signal and for a purification and a deliverance out of Bethel subversions by the removal of trespassers guaranteed, to be eventually removed in the desolation culmination, because Bethel has factional frauds that are trying to corrupt all JWs in similar “smooth word” fashion (Dan11:32a) as any other time, but this is severe because we are heading towards the final UN world government actuality over this coming decade, and God has that reliably already laid out in Dan8:13-14 and Dan 12 timing once JWs are awoken (Matt25:1-13) to reality after temple desolation of Daniel 8:14 “evening” darkness completes. A “morning” of recovery and full enlightenment will come as per Dan8:14, 26, and the purification.

Rather than fortify people’s faith and progress in discernment and insight to do such by taking truth further, as we see Bethel is stagnant, undiscerning and in fact harms people’s faith by design, they are doing the opposite of what true anointed Christians would be doing if they actually were at Bethel, but there is no actual Christian or anointed input at Bethel actually driving the ministry, just the veneer using truth to cover up deeper developments. What anointed Kingdom ambassador would even think of joining the UN?? It is preposterous the lies Bethel is promoting and the conduct they are engaged in, pure treason and evil, plain and simple.

And thus for this final decade God has to make a clarification, or the whole former 1914-1950 Kingdom ministry would be lost and fully erased once this operation goes into final coup. As we saw JWs do expose te first two UN placements. But are derailed so as to ascertain the 3rd and 4th UN placement as Daniel 11:30-45 since 1990 3rd UN manifestation. Thus hidden under the latest diversions is a truth that needs to be completed and made known worldwide in time.

So although it is indicating a pattern repeating in many features seen even now (2Thess2:1-4; and papal-like claim of apostleship [1]; Rev2:2), it is also as you say “the worst it’s been”, it is both. Though I have been a Christian Jehovah’s witness for 22 years baptized, and nearly born in, but left in my late teens and returned in late twenties and now 50, I do not consider modern JWs organizationally clean or Christian, but recoverable to some degree as per prophecy, but not under the current leadership. Thus I have to have a balance to not let men dictate my faith and standing which is by Christ ALONE to God, but at the same time I realize JWs are fully deceived and need aid, and God and Christ are of course not abandoning the ministry at the homestretch. They are just making another purification and clarification just like in the old days, and it will be helpful to JWs waking up to of course do it upon a very familiar pattern, as JW foundations are quite simple once one is taught that information rather than constant Bethel minutia and distraction. Bethel is just one huge system of distraction and reproach. The basics are quite simple in the 1914-1918 meaning of a ministry and an inspection that also resulted in a purification and a first Kingdom proclamation as Dan 12:7 and Rev11:-3. And led through all of Daniel 12 as a preview, but a final cycle of Daniel 12 will also occur.

That is all there is to it, it all repeats to finality. That very meaning is now preparing to replicate but using a unique Dan8:13-14 timed wake up call temple judgment to get the ball rolling. In time Rev8 (temple judgment parallel) must progress to Rev 11 upon the same former JW principles, but not targeting Christendom any longer, but the far more focused Christian system based on that early JW ministry. That is what God is now looking at and obviously no one is happy with the JW state, not God, and not people who see what is really at work. Of course many JWs are blinded because what is now apostasy right from Bethel, of course very very gradually snuck in, over 40 years, with the GB central cell of corruption. Where once Bethel had anointed individual watchdogs, by 1976 Bethel went to “rule by committee”, and that committee in the GB was able to be factionally controlled progressively to today’s 100% corruption council. The GB is Bethel’s “root of all evil”, plain and simple, and the focus of God’s removal over a somewhat drawn out process timed in Dan8:14, as 1Pet4:17.

Of course I would be dfd for such truth – that is how bad Bethel is, they oppose the actual truth and exposure of their corruption and defection. (“set in opposition”; 2Thess2:3); I also still claim to be a Jehovah’s witness and Kingdom witness and one fully in complete understanding of our teachings and what they imply for the UN rival world government that will complete. THAT is the focus JWs have lost due to Bethel UN alignments far more than just the UN NGO. And I was once as deceived even two years ago as JWs are now. And I know WHERE and HOW they are using modern misapplied and premature prophetic expectations to not only mislead JWs, but our world audience, and HOW those purposeful errors can cover up what is already expected to be an attack – it just will not be the one JWs think it is (Dan11:44 misapplied by Bethel), it will be the divine required “trampling” of Dan8:13-14 for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” as Bethel is run now by UN agents. I can prove from former prophecy and it’s REQUIRED final repeat in principle form, all JW truth we had, and the truth that must eventually be spoken by judged, recovered and cleansed future Jehovah’s witness Christians. I am not attacking anything at Bethel but what is a modern apostasy foretold as Daniel 11:32-35 parallels the apostasy of 2Thess2:3 AND it’s lawless lead at Bethel.

The unique thing of my ministry now is telling JWs to NOT trust the organization, and to observe Matt24:15 for UN NGO “disgusting thing”, and to REAFFIRM the original truth in what became JWs from 1914 to corrupting GB tenure is ALL VALID TRUTH of Kingdom coming import. I am merely telling JWs it will ALL repeat in final form, it is NOT an instant “end of the world”, the UN WILL complete a world government over the coming decade, and JWs are being LIED to, to think this cycle is the “end of the world any day now brothers!”. It is Bethel, not the world, that can “end any day now” for treasonous false worship, brazen lawlessness and worldwide reproach of Jehovah God and Christ and the genuine anointed Christians and all JW’s. In fact they are doing a disservice to all mankind because it does not end as they say, it goes into the Daniel 11:42-43 financial pawning into 8th King power and into 8th King world government as Daniel 11:44-45 as Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:12-16 culminate over a number of years.

Thus unlike many simply abandoning the whole JW truth and ministry as all corrupt, like most at JWN, I am telling JWs who understand we have truth and a corruption at the same time, to expect a divine clarifying judgment just like in 1914, and to expect to have to inform the world later as to the meaning of 3rd to 4th UN placement progression of Daniel 11:31-45 as what it really is! UN King North 8th King activity is what Daniel 11:30-45 is, that Bethel is not just UN NGO for 8th King, but also a concealer of that reality in prophecy. The UN NGO and this cover up ARE related! Bethel represents the required final apostasy AND it’s modern final “man of lawlessness” and JWs need to be impartial to assess the corruption at Bethel is now purposeful! Bethel is not standing for pure worship, but parroting the past JW pure worship as a veneer to lead JWs into UN alliances, and into great sins like the shunning and pedophile protect program AND misleading the world with a premature end expectation that both the incomplete 8th King globalization process AND prophecy final cycle requirement PROVES a number of years of climax of both developments MUST still take place. It CANNOT simply end tomorrow, God’s Kingdom completion in all 144000 under Christ, and the 8th King completion must yet occur, and that will take some years in the final Daniel 12 cycle as Daniel 12:11 repeating as 4th UN placement.

The illusion of “it can end any day now” merely makes JWs susceptible to being herded and vulnerable to mass confusion when this hits, because it will NOT immediately result in Christ’s final Kingdom manifestation, and that tribulation period MUST come AND end as per Matt24:29 prior to Christ initial manifestation as Matt24:30-31. Thus as JWs expect the end at anytime during the desolation of the JW org, instead Dan8:14 years will roll by, the 8th King will proceed full throttle to 4th UN placement over those years, and JWs will be organizationally desolated, dumbfounded as to what is really going on, and totally lost as to true prophetic import of the UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle to world government that will be IN PROGRESS while JWs are in mass disarray, scattered and confused.

THAT is what lawless Bethel’s core subverters are developing, while maintaining appearances as therapeutic dialogue to the contrary; (2Cor11:13-15).  It is ALL a big ACT to slowly lull JWs worldwide into the inevitable final cycle, and into as many traps as they can manage, and they will have a couple years of operations to do so as per Dan8:14 (Hos6:1-3; Isa37:30-32), because JWs are NOT perceiving it repeats a prophecy and it is timed as Dan 12, as in 1914, and it starts with a TIMED Daniel 8:13-14 unique temple judgment, desolation and purification period leading to Dan12 (over Dan11:42-43 then 44-45) to signal JWs with proof the final cycle is what is BEGINNING, not ending as per Bethel purposeful illusions.

Thus just as the UN NGO links to covering up 8th King prophecy in Dan11:30-45, these deceptions are also maintained to bewilder JWs in the final cycle by premature expectations that will not be what is really activating. And it is all foretold God and Christ as per Zech3:1-7 and Mal3:1-5 are the ones who MUST cleanse JWs into final truth and recover JWs for the final Kingdom completion warning ministry as Rev 10-11 MUST happen again:

(Revelation 10:11) 11 And they say to me: “You must prophesy AGAIN with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

Because God will not finally intervene at Armageddon until AFTER the UN becomes a full actual world government (Dan12:11) and makes the final world sovereign statement to that effect as “peace and security” under 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” COMPLETE and worldwide actual world government rival system; (1Thess5:1-3 “peace and security” as Dan8:25 “freedom from care”, parallel Dan11:45; Dan12:11). And that will take a final world tribulation cycle that MUST over some years end as per Matt24:29 “immediately after the tribulation of those days”, just as WW1, WW2, WW3 (cold war; Dan11:29) also were resolved and in the final resolution is when the UN makes it’s historic FINAL presentation as full world government beyond, but including, the former UN schematic as international forum.

It is also a formula to use world tribulation to present UN placement, 1-2-3 times so far. The “cold war” is the unique signal of Daniel 11:29 that preceded Daniel 11:31b 4th UN placement.

This fourth cycle must also complete a world tribulation fourth phase to also be resolved (as per Matt24:29) for the fourth UN placement as also world government of all human history as Dan11:45 parallel Dan12:11, Dan8:25, Rev11:7 “abyss ascension” of UN world government. And that is why Bethel covering up the 1990 3rd UN placement (Dan11:31b), that will lead to a 4th UN world government placement, is so critical – they are breaking JW and world awareness of the 1-2-3-4 cycle guarantee all outlined in prophecy as final 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:30-45. It is also why actual world “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) as the Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care”, or “time of security”, occur AFTER the UN 4th cycle completion as full worldwide government, full incept “new world order. And logically that takes some doing, and some final years.

THAT is when Matt24:29-31 resolution of that world tribulation into 8th King ascendancy (Rev11:7; Dan11:45; Dan8:25) WILL see the initial Christ manifestation as per accurate prophecy. And that is also why the 8th King and Bethel wants to derail and shut up JWs permanently, because recovered JWs MUST inform the world of the real Daniel 11:30-45 meaning WHILE that UN 4th cycle is in full action!

And that is why most JWs I know are so organizationally and preaching busy, they have lost touch with our foundational truth IMPORTANCE to fully stay in touch with of Daniel 12’s 1914-1926 cycle! Many JW elders I know are simply Bible IQ 53, no joke, they do not understand our truth fully, they do not want to discuss our truth fully, they believe errors that have logical accuracy, they squelch any prophetic update and conversation, they are protecting error. It blows my mind how superficially minded JWs with 20, 30, and 40 years and more in the truth have become. I am not talking newbies and decaders still learning, that are actually NOT being taught properly by Bethel, I am talking JWs with decades of service who are ALSO being systematically dumbed down and deprogrammed of important foundational truths, trained to be know-it-all reactionaries who do NOT know enough, who should be experts of prophecy and replication basics we are BASED on as the way our faith and religious system was born!

I am not condemning my own complacent brothers and sisters, some are aware of this, I am condemning the Bethel frauds who are responsible for this laxity and backward momentum, they are why JWs have been dumbed down to not even recognize NOW, clearly repeating principles that ALWAYS have in the past preceded a divine judgment. I realize this apostasy at Bethel is real, purposeful, and for a final objective, and that God is who must AGAIN rescue JWs he can approve, and get rid of those, or wake those up who are not in current good standing, just deceived with the Bethel lawless ones as if everything is hunky dory. It is NOT, we JWs are in great danger and massive compromise as UN allies that is NO JOKE with God Almighty and Jesus Christ and JWs today think it is ok, it was for a “library card”, thus we can sleep with te UN because we got something we needed out of it. Ridiculous. But that is exactly what Bethel is telling JWs, and resisting needed constructive critical updating for their infallible illusion as some modern day collective pope as the GB. [1]

Like other judgments it is the leaders who have corrupted. Another principle repeating now at Bethel.

But God WILL discipline JWs as foretold, and it will be big, a signal, and a wake up call as per Matt25:1-13 also repeating. In fact every initial pattern and meaning will now replicate, like the “man of lawlessness” and his Bethel “weed” patch seeding system. Thus a true Christian needs to understand 1Pet4:17 starts with JWs, not BTG, and God will inspect and judge JW first to kick off what must be a multi-year final cycle. JWs need to get back to reality first in that judgment, and it needs to be big because JWs are now FULLY lost for 22 years of UN cover up, and injected major deceptions now in our ministry as per Bethel Rev8:10-11 modern fall and modern wormwood, that even affect anointed Christians with decades in “the truth” that simply is not all truth any longer as per Rev8:10-11 “1/3” compromised and profaned meaning.

JWs who truly understand and appreciate and stay in touch with the 1914-1926 pattern, and Daniel 12 and that Red Revelation book initial explanation (compiled from 1963 and 1969 Revelation completed, but two part commentaries), to these JWs this whole development is obvious a beginning of a great final replication. Some, but not many JWs I know understand this is based on the original patterns and meanings but in modern form, and also heading to a completion of major fulfillment, not the 1914-1926 preview and foregleam fulfillment, BUT THE REAL THING! And this time it WILL see Christ arrive in full Kingdom power! (Rev11:7-15 as Matt24:29-31).

Thus do not abandon faith in God, Christ and the Bible Word of God reality, due to the JW apostasy, that is it’s purpose, to stumble people and make them doubt the whole Bible and lose sight of the original Kingdom proclamation and it’s original proof. And JWs have to actually be fully recovered and make world amends for this Bethel modern travesty.

What is occurring is the GB method of control has allowed a very gradual takeover to occur first by factional control from what was once individually guided system of insight similar to the decentralized apostles. In Acts 15 or Rev2-3 there never was a central “governing body”, it is not mentioned, it was accepted by plausibility and early adoption in the 1940s of a concept neither named as such or described as such in the Bible. By 1971 they were capitalizing the term “Governing Body”, prior to that it was “governing body” termed, prior to 1940 it was non-existent. What it actually was was a way to attach a group method of control to justify a secular board of directors as if it is divinely mandated as the “Governing Body”. This by 1976 allowed a factional sub-group in that specialized “Governing Body” to gain a majority to develop the initiative that Jehovah’s witnesses as an organization should have their teachings and policies policed by a counsel rather than apostle-like anointed leads, classic in Russell, Rutherford, Knorr and what would have been Fred Franz, had this GB coup not formed. (But it also had to form to allow 2Thess2:3 final signal fulfillment).

Neither Nathan Knorr or Fred Franz was in agreement with a “rule by committee” change, and in fact resisted it, but by factional override allowed by a 1975 surge in GB membership, by 1976 they voted in their own dictatorship. By 1980 they established a Bethel inquisitional purge system, and demonstrated their dictatorship, and also had a handy system of self protection also then in place. By 1990 of course they were covering up what the fall of the USSR really meant as assumed King North which by Daniel 11:36b continually successful requirement the USSR also failed as King North as the UN 3rd manifestation occurred signaling the real meaning as 8th King is really the King North meaning from Daniel 11:27-45 as globalist world power upon national “south” decline.

So instead within 15 years of that 1976 coup, they went covert UN NGO instead by factional GB decision. Of course that is the initial true purpose of this non-Biblical body to have even gradually been introduced in theory in the 1940s, then applied to a WT board of directors with a more spiritual applied naming, then accepted as a fact by 1971 when they even capitalized their own corporate designation as “Governing Body” as some quasi supreme council of divine appointing, then went into dictatorial override by 1976, and of course are the cell of JW organized spiritual corruption very slowly applied, so JWs 37 years after that Bethel coup, think it has always been as such.

It has not. And it is in hindsight easy to lay out the development of what will end up going down in JW history as the central cell  and body of the “man of lawlessness” and the apostasy that group created as 2Thess2:3-4 final fulfillment cycle, and Dan11:30-32 related developments slowly culminating in Bethel by GB control.

By that UN NGO period control and 8th King cover up of 1990, they are basically stagnating JWs with an illusion of completion, when in fact they are not allowing the actual prophetic completion understanding to come forth. By impeding that prophetic completion awareness already present in prophecy elucidated by the real King North ID as 8th King from Daniel 11:27-45 making a 3rd and 4th UN placement progression in continuous manner (Dan11:36), they are also impeding the knowledge of all the final elements also go to climax. These were things JWs were tracking until this occurred in prophecy and world events. These completions are of the Kingdom proclamation, the 8th King world government totality and God’s Kingdom completion that parallels the temple completion meaning. These complete in a final cycle of a number of years, and that too, of course, is all truncated by the now fully lawless GB. And the effect will be to bewilder JWs as that final cycle activates, and derail and delay JWs as long as possible to try to impede the final actual prophetic explanation of all these guaranteed drawn out completions and how the prophecy and JW anointed first prophetic principles prove it.


Of course given the true framework of JW tracking prophecy which is a structure over time enlightened by God’s prophetic descriptions compared to world events becoming history as foretold in God’s prophecy, it takes one staying on both world developments and prophecy, their actual significance and probable description in prophecy matching the more important events as a pattern. For example Bethel lawless trends are now a pattern more easily seen now than say 1990. Some JWs are now so busy and theologically diverted so as not to even think a UN 3rd manifestation in 1990 is significant, instead the GB cultures the delusion the 2nd UN placement of 1945 is the end all form of 8th King power. Also many JWs do not realize that Bethel joined us to the UN as UN NGO at that 3rd UN placement period. A red flag is that Bethel never once has confessed their role as UN NGO to all JWs in an official publication announcement. That means purposely they are hiding that fact from some JWs awareness, every JW that does find out is from secondary secular sources, and WT communications to the world press, the web and son on – not by any official Bethel admission.

So to most misled JWs the Bethel lawlessness in detail in these worldly sources and the web of real Bethel conduct, is insignificant as organized apostate development, cover up and gross transgression all in the Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-32 prophecies that Bethel covers up with WW2 fictional interpretation which of course aids their operation remaining concealed from what is also complete prophetic explanation. Those prophecies ID the source as (1) 8th King subversion planning, (2) the defection of “those leaving the holy covenant”, (3) the imposter “arms that stand up” to carry out this subversion from a dictatorial location, (4) it’s UN placement collusion as “THEY will certainly place the disgusting thing that causes desolation” of Dan11:31b that links directly to the UN NGO portion at Bethel as the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13. It IDs the (5) profanation and the required temple judgment on who, and why it occurring in Daniel 8:13-14 and how long it will last.

Thus the transgression and apostasy in both those 1990 culminating prophecies also connects to the Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment decree and the reason a “right condition” purification is needed at a scale of transgression of course related to UN UN NGO co-promotions of the rival 8th King 3rd placement, while they divert JW and public attention away from what it means concealing the 8th King as King North with now provable errors as 1990 events far better match those prophecies than WW2 era events. Bethel covert lawlessness also adds great evidence something is seriously wrong in the JW leadership. And concealing the Daniel 8:11-14 sequence with cover up as well, as inconsequential “organizational” corporate adjustments of the later 1930s described in 1940s Watchtowers. Of course it is not the more striking developments related to internal UN activity at Bethel that is being explained. And that equals also a cover up that aids the UN system by people not being aware it begins a UN completion process to world government from it’s 1990 3rd UN placement to it’s final world government placement as UN 4th manifestation of Daniel 11:45 in the future.

And of course both of those UN final manifestations of Daniel 11:30-45, as 3rd UN placement at Dan11:31b and 4th Un placement at Dan11:45, are very important to understand as a 1-2-3-4 completion cycle from what JWs already IDd in the 1st League of Nations placement of 1919 (Rev13:11-15), and the United Nations placement of 1945 as Rev17:8-11. JWs are thus being cleverly dead ended. Thus the core apostate engineering from the GB, also aids the UN co-promotions while a great diversion is also in place as cover up, in addition to sneaky little stumbling lawlessness policies and conduct to conduct a reproach ministry behind the scene, at the same time, all for the same purpose of working against the truth at all levels as much as possible all hidden under the former JW approved ministry veneer. (2Cor11:13-15; 2Pet2:1-3).

That element since 1976 in GB tenure, has driven the JW growth rate from 8, 10 and 15% highs prior to the GB tenure, to new 3, 2 and sub 1% lows in JW growth, the worst retention rate of any religion on earth, and a very poor recovery rate as well. So all that declination in spite of improved ministerial devices and 2-3 billion more people on earth over this trend duration. What it means is the UN NGO and pedophile and shunning policies have stumbled probably 8-10 million people collectively over 10 years of full worldwide web exposure, maybe more as te lost JW growth numbers. The lost JW growth rate in other words, is a new JW stumble rate in the magnitude of the losses, in 5% to 10% reciprocation of lost sheep and stumbled people as those driven away from God instead is what Bethel is peaking at. (2Pet2:1-3).

And of course very real lawlessness and extreme gravity of UN transgression means any awake JW would have to actually leave such a center of purposeful reproach once they fully understood the ministry is also influencing people to also expect a premature end, when in fact a final cycle is what is actually to begin, not end. Of course many JWs are simply unaware, or too attached to this 40 year transformation to organizational idolatry, or are in denial, or are lacking the needed time and information to make these comparisons, as Bethel also burdens JWs will all kinds of time consuming busy work that now aids this cover up of actual Bethel operations of lawlessness. (2Thess2:10-12).

So something has to give, and God is the one who is ultimately concerned with this needed adjustment, and it is foretold as a signal of the final cycle starting, not ending, and it will have to be big, obviously.

Plus do not be misled that the last 30 years, since the GB method of guidance went into dictatorial power hidden in compromised council, has had a progressive trend of stumbling policy and information disseminated in external print and web sources. That is the jackhammer they use so that people discount the entire JW ministry from IBSA days of the International Bible Students Association, and it even calls into question the initial public ministry of prophecy revealing God’s original Kingdom establishment warning AND the first UN related placement of the 1919 League of Nations. And that led successfully to the exposure of what the United Nations meant as well, as prophecy leading to te climax confrontation once those world rulership systems complete for Armageddon war.

What is being sidetracked by this current Bethel subversion cabal is that the UN system must also complete in these 3rd UN manifestation of 1990 leading to the 4t of the future, some years from now. The UN schematic is NOT the end all system, just an “image” of a real world government totality as “scarlet wildbeast” 8th King, and must too complete and make final sovereign claims worldwide. JWs of 1950 did not understand globalization in general, and as a basis of world government completion. Globalization culmination is the main “gathering of nations” means and power of Rev16:13-16. As you may be aware the modern internet is full of examples of globalization of finance, government, military and other forms of multi-national “power and authority” (Rev17:12-18) currently in formative action, and even elites are speaking of these things. The point is Bethel does not comment on 8th King globalization now in millions of web documents and videos, as even te world is becoming aware of the need for a final drawn out cycle of around a decade to complete the process to enough degree to found a real world government.

Bethel is keeping most JWs in a mental state of globalism awareness of 1980 and 1990, and NOT making the connection advanced globalism theory is how internationalist government is forming in many signal developments or statements, and is far advanced since that 1990 UN placement signaled the real King North as 8th King, by overcoming the USSR national bloc, symbolized the power had fully tilted to globalist advantage irreversibly. That is why God describes the 8t King as “the king” by Daniel 11:36, because now the full advantage is towards international scale government as the final King “North” ascendant system.

Do not doubt the original JW ministry was indeed a reality that in time the 1-2 UN system would have to confront a Kingdom of God tat ALSO made initial announcement AT THE SAME TIME. And the 1-2-3-4 UN progression when we include Daniel 11:30-45 Dan8:25 and Daniel 12 (12:11) accurately, will be the continuum to that confrontation, and JWs will be in time recovered as many that can be, to make that FINAL announcement as the Rev8-11 final fulfillment sequence is where that is all leading.

It means as the world sees the UN make more completion announcements wen this fully tips to irreversible, te UN completion as world government is like a way to monitor how close Armageddon really is, because it must complete and make sovereign claim BEFORE God’s Kingdom will also make sovereign claims contrary, and will complete as per Matt24:29-31 parallel Rev 11:7-12 in the 8th King’s face. Thus te original truth in JWs is true, it just also needs to complete.

And even when Christ arrives as Daniel 12:7 (Rev11:2-3) 1260 days ends into Daniel 12:11 1290 days, it will not yet be the end. Christ will complete his own ministry as per Matt10:23, and will make a sheep and goat final separation FIRST, prior to final conquest. Thus since the “two witnesses” is an anointed completion ministry as well, and some JWs and others brought in to recovery will make this announcement finale, many people will be the intended audience, and people need to make the sheep right side of the separation their goal. In the end, it is Christ’s blood (Rev7:9-17), that will save those wit faith and making their desire full repentance to live under Messianic Kingdom world government rather than UN world government, and at tat time that is the only two powers tat will actually be in power. The nations must become captured as subservient to King North as “Egypt” symbolizes in Dan11:42-43. And it culminates as Rev16:12-16 and Rev17:11-18.

Thus this information is not “high pressure” yet, it takes a decade or so by Dan8:14 and Dan12:7 parallel timing of Rev11:2-3 to get to 8th King completion and Christ’s initial manifestation to gather in final 144000 (1Thess4:17) and the earth sheep (Rev14:14-16) at that Matt24:29-31 inception. Thus do NOT let the anxiousness they mislead JWs with, with premature over-simplified expectations, to take better advantage of them in the start of this final cycle affect you in that way. It must proceed over that decade to a great world recovery, and what is coming is NOT the end, you will see everything the prophecy already describes that Bethel is covering up.

That is why they want JWs like this with the world in anxious expectation, it serves a purpose of increased vulnerability not present if JWs knew the full prophetic truth that it must drag on a while to all the foretold culminations. And in fact as per the world-war to world-government formula, a recovery period is created by the 8th King to make that final presentation amidst a period of world hope called “a freedom from care” in the Daniel 8:25 parallel to UN 4th placement “stand”.

In time it is guaranteed as well God must clean out the Bethel worldwide system subverters by super-natural means of Christ’s 2Thess2:8 final fulfillment temple cleansing. In human form Christ made two temple visits at the beginning and the end of his ministry, and that is the pattern also repeating in 1914 as the beginning of the start of the final ministry, and soon to cleanse the anointed and JWs for the start of the final ministerial portion.

Now I can tell you if we had truly anointed men at my age now, 10 and 20 years ago looking at prophecy and world developments, this could have all been explained years ago. But an apostasy as signal is required as per prophecy as the JW ministry in it’s final “1/3” (Rev8:12) also corrupts into a condition of needed purification a final time. Of course the Kingdom, Christ and all 144000 with God are the replacement system to come and that cannot be corrupted or compromised or overpowered.

(Zechariah 14:5) And Jehovah my God will certainly come, all the holy ones being with him.

We have to merely complete the final mission and cycle, and by prophecy guaranteed and God and Christ it will complete as foretold.

(Matthew 5:17-18) “Do not think I came to destroy the Law or the Prophets. I came, not to destroy, but to fulfill; 18 for truly I say to you that sooner would heaven and earth pass away than for one smallest letter or one particle of a letter to pass away from the Law by any means and not all things take place.

So although you are getting like an advanced Bile study now, that it relates exactly to the original JW truth, means anything in JW past about Daniel 12 and 1914-1926 triple period is the same thing in preview form. There was a tribulation principle in WW1 while a ministry was going fourth, there was a Kingdom announcement in preliminary form but finalized in meaning quickly after, and there was a UN related first manifestation. That will all repeat to final UN manifestation and finalization of God truth and completion of things He said He will complete by Christ, like all 144000 and full Messianic Kingdom and temple completion; (Zech4:6-9).

Thus as per God’s wisdom in the first patterns and the replication upon tem to help JWs easily understand in time, anything said here relates and reinforces the original patterns, rather than try to uproot and disregard them as many are doing, including Bethel in an engineered form of undermining while they act like Kingdom representatives and temple priests.

Do NOT be misled by the Bethel pretty picture. It is hiding evil men in purposeful “set in opposition” defiance to God as clearly self lifted over everyone as per 2Thess2:1-4. And in an identifiable apostasy and lawlessness central council to direct it all. They will be removed in the end of the “evening” desolation cycle of Dan8:14 as Zech3:1-5.


Do you have a hint at what the “climatic event” will be? How serious is this? Are there lives at stake, or is it something far less dramatic and possibly unnoticeable to most of the world?


I have speculations, and also prophetic clues. I feel their ultimate goal is to try to destroy the whole org financially as much as possible, which will destroy it organizationally. How far they get remains to be seen. Dan8:13 is a “trampling” that must account for the UN NGO transgression, so it will be severe and recognizable. At the very least they want to delay JW understanding as long as possible. But God will also be involved, requires the Dan8:13 desolation as per prophecy and 1Pet4:17 signal, BUT is not destroying JWs, just allowing the 8th King to create the context of desolation and purifications and perform a phase of that “trampling” soon, that goes on a little while. Of course JWs will have no idea what is going on, as per Betel plan.

As per prophecy Christ WILL be covertly but directly active in this recovery as per Rev9 final fulfillment parallels to Dan8:14 “morning” of enlightenment, as the “abyss” is opened from Dan8:14 “evening” desolation phase darkness. And it parallels final fulfillment 2Thess2:8 of Christ removing the “man of lawlessness” as the purification parallels of Mal3:1-5 and Zech3:1-5. Plus Rev 8:1-6 is a parallel of this purification and how we know it BEGINS the Rev8-11 final cycle. (The www.templelijah.wordpress.com  “temple judgment” section explains the proof and rationale of all that in some depth and basics).

The 1914 preview fulfillments of those prophecies are now to repeat in final form. That is why God founded the awareness of the first cycle of Dan12 and Revelation, so JWs can in time understand the completion cycle is upon the same foundation, as prophecies and principles, but of course to full culmination of all elements. The 8th King completion cycle is what is beginning, and God’s Messianic Kingdom of Christ is also foretold to complete all 144000 in spirit form in this cycle at Matt24:29-31 initial manifestation of Christ and that “gathering” of 2Thess2:1 (1Thess4:17) for real. And as noted that is as the tribulation period ends as per Matt24:29, so Christ becomes overt in manifestation as also the 8th King is completed. (Dan12:11; as Dan11:45)

I feel by prophecy of Dan11:42-43 implications of financial meaning, a larger overall world development cycle starting will be the context of the JW Bethel events. Whether it is one event or more I do not know. How the financial ball of national debt tremors will be activated into worse developments may be on it’s own, or propelled by an event, such as 911 propelled the “global war on terror” and the pretext need to develop all this national debt that must be ultimately related to trillions in war expenses, of course they are not going to tell everyone about it. Thus a possibility as war or terror event(s) or natural disaster could accelerate the cycle. And since they have built 1000+ bases worldwide since 911 in the “global war”, or world war on terror, these things have a use for the final cycle. Daniel 11:40 is what the “global war on terror” is fulfilling as a continuation of post 1990 globalist UN missions hidden in national wars. It itself is a world war as “global war” in Daniel 11:29 principle of uniqueness of deployment.

Plus this will provide a handy cover up away from the real US and EU globalist led impetus of the true financial condition of those national powers. They, in my opinion, will need a distraction and big event of some sort to blame the collapse they created on. Plus in 8th King planning the last defiant national powers can start to be aligned for full 8th King subservience in Iran, China and Russia. And however that may be done, by Rev17:12-18 it is guaranteed in time they will all become eventually voluntarily transferring national “power and authority” to 8th King world government power. But it may take a world war and or tribulation to get the final pieces in the 8th King full puzzle.

But it is NOT the “end of the world” as JWs are misled to believe, but it will be tribulatory, yet must recover into 8th King final world government a number of years later (Matt24:29 break into “peace and security” and “freedom from care”). JW current theology is misled with delusion to toss JWs into the start of the cycle, and them thinking it is the end is of course very disadvantageous. It allows JWs to be totally lost for the first couple years. And thus there are simply too many little hints of what is really going on that form a big red flag once we put all the little hints together, and have prophecy as the main guide supported by world events and Bethel lawless evidence in pinnacle UN NGO form especially related to the 8th King enemy system.

I know the 8th King does not need total world dysfunction, just enough to create the tribulatory atmosphere for 8th King resolution to present world government with a full worldwide peace effect like 10 years from JW desolation start. It will be tribulatory but as per Matt24:29 and Dan8:25 “freedom from care”, that tribulation is engineered and will end, it itself cannot be “the end of the world” for a number of reasons already given in prophecy. And the 8th King plans to rule the world, not destroy it, just certain elements in it, like Babylon the Great (and the “two witnesses”) at the END of that cycle as Rev16:12-16 parallel Rev17:12-18 and Rev11 finality (Rev11:7-15).

Saving BTG for the end of course will aid the “world peace” illusion of 1Thess5:1-3, and will aid national recovery with enormous hard assets. The 8th King is bringing in “new world order”, and only using chaos to establish that order, not to destroy all the world, yet it will be destructive for the coercive effects of Rev13:16-18 principles.

It has to be severe enough in the JW org end, to fully wake up JWs that something is not right in a very direct way. When the initial event context goes from day one to a full year of no Armageddon, over that period and longer of course JWs will be bewildered but will start to wonder what is really going on, and as long as the Bethel lawlessness power is in control, more misleading and diversion will occur until God removes them in His own way. There must be a period of total darkness on JWs as per Dan8:14 “evening” starting phase of temple judgment. It parallels the darkness of Rev9:1-2 abyss, and the Christ recovery “morning” phase of true enlightenment as to what is really going on symbolized by that Dan8:14, 26 “morning” and the Rev9 “abyss” being opened up for a renewed world ministry FINAL Kingdom proclamation of “little scroll” full truth and the 1260 days of a final, second “two witnesses” JW ministry, as only JWs have the original meaning that must merely be completed.

When one prays and reads these Bible prophecy sequences, one will see by Bethel’s own fruitage actions and reproach effect, and deception effects, what they are really covering up –  it is all already in these prophecies. Plus the principle of replication is common in all Bible recorded judgments. Like the centuries of Christendom’s apostasy led to a clarification in 1914, that following century has similar but modified apostate processes now active at Bethel being identified as per prophecy that also precede the final judgment like a signal (Thess2:3) indicating as a final cycle, not the JW expected slam dunk. What will get a slam dunk is the Bethel system. (And even that can drag on a couple years; Hos6:1-3 as Dan8:14 timing).

And as per divine wisdom the final cycle that Daniel 8:14 timed judgment leads to as 1Pet4:17 and Rev8:1-6 will be signaled and already known to JWs as Daniel 12 replicates to Daniel 12:11 4th “disgusting thing” placement. And that will provide progression of Dan 8:14 timing to Dan12:7 1260 days final warning timing, so we know what is coming starts the final cycle, it does not end it for a number of years. What non-anointed, anti-Christian and defective Bethel is trying to actually accomplish is the premature cessation of the final anointed ministry before it even gets rolling. And since what I covered here is but an outline of just some of the main red flags, the real totality of prophecy indicated in that final cycle, like all of Hosea, Micah and most of Isaiah that deal with Israel’s initial 740 BCE judgment are full of modern day Bethel hints, and details of the final cycle reinforcing each other and connecting in Daniel 12’s overall structured framework. Final fulfillment Rev8-11 and Rev15-16 are also structured sequences that must repeat that will parallel the seven trumpets and plagues as temple announcements in the trumpets to JWs, and a world plague context as Rev16, all going this time in 1-7 sequence, especially marked by the first four manifestations of each, as it becomes known to anointed, and every other JW making the temple judgment.

In effect this next 8th King cycle activation also activates the first four Rev16 plagues as world context events in symbol. (Hag2:7 final fulfillment).

This Revelation 8 parallel to the temple judgment and purification, as symbolized by the “fire of the altar” (Isa6:6-8; Zech3:2; Mal3:1-4) must lead to a full clarification of some of what is covered here, to restore a cleansed and final ministry as “little scroll” is given JWs approved (Zech3:6-7) from God as foretold with final Kingdom announcement prior to guaranteed arrival of Christ and Kingdom 144000 completion. A number of years after Rev9-10 recovery deploys as Rev 11, a final 8th King in completed form as per Rev11:7 (parallel Dan11:44; 8:25) will make a final attack on that final ministry being fully completed (Rev11:7) which attack leads into the actual Christ manifestation. But that will be after plenty of divine warning to come forth from the JW recovery. Thus the coming Dan8:13 “trampling” beginning this overall cycle is eventually for purification purposes soon, and in time over a number of years, leads to the Revelation 11:2-3 1260 days that parallels Dan12:7 1260 days as the same events.

God and Christ will have to delay the 8th King covertly to release JWs from the temple desolation minus all the Bethel liar cabal and factions, as per the purification Christ performs, not humans, so will include covert angelic aid for the purpose of recovering the JW ministry with enough time for a final Kingdom announcement, not full destruction at that time ending the temple judgment desolation. (So the JW desolation will need to be big enough to provide a context Christ covertly enters to end that decreed time period of “evening, and found in other prophecy; (Hos1:4-7), concerning the initial judgment of 1Pet4:17)

The purpose of God is to fulfill signal prophecy as 2Thess2:3 is Zech3:11-3 related and leads to the Zech3:4-5 purification in the temple judgment of Dan8:13-14, and Bethel lawlessness and transgression is the target. Of course a world seen JW judgment will also get world attention. And in time the explanation of course will be quite shocking as to what it will imply at that time, that Christ is approximately within a decade of initial manifestation of Matt24:29-31 at Rev11:7-12 timing, after the 1260 days completes into the symbolic 3.5 days of the two witnesses death state. That final 8th King attack well after the coming JW temple desolation and recovery, actually aids the completion of the 144000. (That is why the “disturbing reports” of Dan11:44 is te “little scroll” deployed as Rev 10-11, and the Daniel 11:44 final attack is the attack of Rev11:7 to try to shut up that final warning ministry, and it will as per Rev11:7 AFTER it fully completes finally “as a witness to the nations” (Matt24:14);

The fact the bankrupt and non-existent USSR cannot fulfill Dan11:42-43 means a financial logic of national subservience to 8th King world financial, investment and monetary system must aid the final globalization process – and that globalization cycle is what is beginning next in these overall world intrigues designed to compromise the national powers financially and economically to aid the process. (As seen in the huge national debts globally) And that in itself indicates more time is needed for an 8th King completion cycle. And thus Daniel 11:42-45 to activate in Daniel 11:42-43 soon, leads over some years to Daniel 12 live and in real-time so Daniel 12:1 “during that time” must be at some time point in that Daniel 11:42-45 progression, live and real-time. That is another indication Daniel 12 has a final cycle. Another strong indication is that the 1914-1918 cycle was 1260 days, or 3.5 years as 3.5 times. And that means only half of the JW known “seven times” is currently fulfilled as 1260 days, 3.5 times.

In the principle of the 2520 years as “seven times” in JW theology, 2520 days as “seven times” is completed by this last “two witnesses” cycle of Rev11:2-3 1260 days to result from this JW recovery. Being 1260 day Kingdom birth warning ministry in 1914-1918, and a final 1260 days in the near future as a Kingdom completion final warning, completing the required “seven times” as 2520 days as 1260 days + 1260 days finale. (Dan4:16; Luke21:20). That original “seven times” as 360 years seven times as 2520 years is a basis of JW principle of the “appointed times of the nations” from 607 BCE to 1914 CE. It was a big part of JW understanding and still is to some JWs. It is just in a final Rev11:2-7 form of “trampling” and counting as days, since it is in the “last days” or the Lord’s Day (Rev1:10) that it is taking place in final symbolic form as the nations resist the JW Christian original and final “little scroll” message of Kingdom of God meaning. It merely replicates 1260 days twice, as that period ended in 1914 approximately starting the Rev11:2 “holy city” cycle in “seven times” as 3.5 times of that 1260 day 1914-1918 period. Thus JWs understand the principle, but not that it also applies to Revelation 11:2-3 needing to replicate to usher in the Kingdom completion with ALSO a final completing 1260 day cycle. And that is final, Christ will show up after that final 1260 day period, because now the “Jerusalem” “holy city” “trampling” requirement will be met.

And JWs used to, and some still do, understand this fully correlates with our original truth patterns and principles fully.

That 1260 day ending begins the Daniel 12:11 finality of BOTH the “constant feature” removal as that Rev11:7 final 8th King attack on the “holy city” as the ministry that will have been recovered from current JW subversions by Bethel, AND the 4th UN placement also at Daniel 12:11 replication occurs as full 8th King world government during the time of tat final attack. So all these things indicate a final cycle is required, but being sold to JWs as a premature end by Bethel diversion.

Thus it has to be noticeable at some point to the world, because the JW temple judgment is a global signal as described here and in prophecy. It indicates the first four plagues are the context of the first four trumpets. The 8th King goal and Bethel as well, is to make sure JWs never complete this ministerial requirement. That is also why God and Christ will make certain a JW recovery will occur as per Zech3:4-9, as Revelation 9 final fulfillment. And it is why a divine intervention that will be more or less covert and unseen by most people must occur, or JWs could be organizationally fully wiped out. As per Hos1:7, Isa31:8-9; Mic5:6-7, this 8th King attack will be cut short to create that recovery. The 8th King is not destroyed just limited in unseen ways to provide te JW recovery period.

I feel it will be serious when the 8th King truly starts to attack the Bethel organization because they want to remove the ministerial means of this proclamation completely. (Even the first 2 UN announcements JWs explained correctly as per prophecy) And as we see it is already aided internal to Bethel, by a JW “self fulfilling prophecy” being engineered by theological prematurity to aid the desolation with a well believed JW theology actually being used and applied  prematurely and out of sync with world globalization and prophetic reality. Thus the enemy system is ensured of a couple years total JW bewilderment when this begins and handy revered false-prophets at Bethel to explain away the delay when eventually it drags on a year, ten two as per Dan8:14; Hos6:1-3; Isa37:30-32.

We see in Bethel deceptions the perfect way to cover up the temple desolation requirement for transgression related to UN adultery (Dan8:13), as something entirely different in the JW mind as Dan11:44.

Thus in such a state of confusion and excitement, and during it, they can then concentrate on trying to capture as many JWs as possible, like that article in WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, statement #3 to the effect JWs should obey the organizational directives without question.

Thus I feel the clues are ominous what they intend to do. And now even valid truth whistleblowers are of course viewed by the average JW as “apostates” and not to be listened to, so even the rare warning of what is really going on at Bethel as per prophecy is resisted and ignored and removed from JWs. Many things indicate now how JWs are being set-up to trust the enemy at Bethel just acting anointed and so on. We can easily imagine when we know all this why the external 8th King anti-JW operations will then direct a heavy attempt to fully silence all JWs for any chance of explaining the real cycle that will then be in full action. They want to abort the mission of the “two witnesses” even before it begins.

2014 Speculation

Since the clues in prophecy do not indicate a start date, just what it means when it starts and conditions of apostasy in organized fashion that lead to it (Dan11:32a as 2Thess2:3), this is a speculation of mine aided by the theological setup now in promotion by Bethel. 1914 is a very important date in reality, not because it is 1914 itself, but because it ended a long known period of “seven times” that is a valid decree. And it just happened to see a rival human world government be presented in schematic form an international forum as the 1919 League of Nations, after a world war tribulation principle. And that fulfilled Rev13:11-15, and Dan12 first cycle preview.

But for misleading purposes, 1914 I speculate can be used in centennial form in 2014 with a similar organizational attack development that could then use disjointed replication examples from JW theology to aid the illusion it is the end of it all. It would also aid the illusion, even in desolation, that the JW system is in good standing, and in a final cycle leading to deliverance and “paradise” day one. Not as a beginning of a decade long cycle, but just the end period reinforced by the 1914 to 2014 connection present in the JW mind, that this could speculatively use for illusional purposes. It would just add to Bethel credibility as they present that attack as 1914 related and Daniel 11:44, diverted as well as the start of the attack on Babylon the Great. (BTG). I see it tempting for Bethel to try to do this because it is so well imprinted in the JW mind.

As this is my speculation in the timing, it would merely add to the illusion in a strong way in my opinion. They could then use timing examples to explain why it has not ended, when the desolation goes into months then years. Because it will not be ending, they just want to cover up the duration of the operation and then they can just abandon JWs or get removed, and let JWs figure it out later. It is a delaying ploy well founded in use of theological expectations in error. That they plan to at some point to use Daniel 11:44 as a hoax prematurely applied to cover up Daniel 11:42-43 prelude events, is shown to be the whole reason to retain the USSR error advanced to Daniel 11:43, and keep JW expecting Daniel 11:44 next, and premature with reality and who it is as 8th King actually active in all of Daniel 11:30-45. That it starts with “God’s house” is certain at 1Peter4:17:

(1 Peter 4:17) For it is the appointed time for the judgment to start with the house of God.

Thus covering that up with also a premature BTG attack allows the religious context to be explained as it will actually be an attack on Bethel over a couple years as per prophecy, but may have notable incept events. Either way they are well prepared to divert JW attention to strongly believed impressions that will not identify the actual attack as the “trampling” of Daniel 8:13 for UN NGO “transgression causing desolation”, but will divert attention to other expected prophecy that is not activating at this time. And as we see, in reality all their prophetic claims are disproved by details in prophecy they ignore on purpose.

Just keep studying older JW truth, and keep in mind in principle it must repeat a final Kingdom completion ministry as this all resolves. If you have any questions feel free to ask them, as I can do this now and hopefully later, it is from a claimant anointed and I do not doubt my validity as such, so it is a responsibility I have to get as much of this out now as possible, and I fully know the original truth of Christ and the brothers and sisters and also the replication understanding. But in time an anointed full recovery must also result from all this opposition even internal at Bethel. Ultimately the anointed are the first target to shut up, and even now they are doing a good job of it.

But that is not permanent nor is Bethel’s lawlessness. (Zech3:1-4).



The Governing Body “Apostolic Succession” – WT 7/15/13


USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!

The Total World Judgment “The Judgment” Begins With Jehovah’s Witnesses

GB Defender to the End!..? Or so I thought…That is Until I Found Out They Are The Foretold “Man of Lawlessness”…

Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses




Bethel Confusion

Hi Sister,

Just wanted to let you know the period we are in is foretold to be confusing:

(Daniel 11:32-35) “And those who are acting wickedly against [the] covenant, he will lead into apostasy by means of smooth words. But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively. 33 And as regards those having insight among the people, they will impart understanding to the many. And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for [some] days. 34 But when they are made to stumble they will be helped with a little help; and many will certainly join themselves to them by means of smoothness. 35 And some of those having insight will be made to stumble, in order to do a refining work because of them and to do a cleansing and to do a whitening, until the time of [the] end; because it is yet for the time appointed.

It is confusing because these trails of this apostasy test a person’s faith as to being in God and Christ, or simply men, regardless how they present their “smooth words”.

We know the above development is to be fully remedied at the coming temple judgment, because as we see it provides a basis of individual judgment for god or bad or for inspiring repentance by discipline. This will be the first time probably now all JWs will actually experience a judgment and come to understand foretold transgression inspired it.

“But when they are made to stumble they will be helped with a little help; and many will certainly join themselves to them by means of smoothness.” That “smoothness” has many JWs now who are not deeply rooted, and other internally operative who are not truly anointed, the whole anointed guidance is fully lost at Bethel. That “little help” will climax at temple judgment as “But as regards the people who are knowing their God, they will prevail and act effectively” as that too climaxes as God aids this process for a ministry that cannot be compromised again, for the time will be short, and prophecy of a final warning must take place in that actual final warning of Kingdom certainty to planet earth.

The “And they will certainly be made to stumble by sword and by flame, by captivity and by plundering, for [some] days.” can also be read in spiritual internal warfare that occurs in this Bethel invasion internally by these developments marking Daniel 11:41 signal of “enter the Decoration” well before Daniel 11:45 4th UN placement meaning as a counterfeit of God’s Kingdom in 8th King world government.

That is how we know the above Daniel 11:32-35 actually parallels the signal development of Daniel 11:30-31. This is because although 1990 marked the UN NGO Dan11:31b signal of Matt24:25, this Bethel operation had to be maturing in corruption after initial internal developments progressed for quite sometime prior to that, probably aimed at also covering up the 1945 UN meaning which of course was successfully explained. That means progress of “give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant” of Daniel 11:30b, also precedes the UN NGO as preparatory subtle Bethel internal compromise for possibly decades as defection and expert infiltration was in progress well before even the 1976 GB Bethel coup.

By not commenting on the 3rd UN placement of 1990, and joining the UN, and promoting interpretational cover-up and error, we know UN development aid is the chief goal of the Bethel apostates, those purposefully undermining the ministry under sheep’s covering. And we know a subversion was successful after 1945 resulting in the 1990 UN NGO.

So as per prophecy:

(Daniel 11:41) He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [lands] that will be made to stumble.

But in fact those are not “lands” as the [inserted] word to clarify the context, better is [people] being stumbled what this Bethel infiltration effect is:

(Daniel 11:41) He will also actually enter into the land of the Decoration, and there will be many [people] that will be made to stumble.

We clearly see that especially with the lawless Bethel backed web stumbling campaign.

I say this so you know it will in fact get worse, but we can use that trial to direct faith to where it is supposed to go, to God and Christ, because their aid will be necessary as foretold and guaranteed to come to fix these conditions to effect a final ministry. Thus know that the Bethel objective will continue successful even into the initial Daniel 8:14 “evening” period of temple judgment desolation starting.

They will keep misleading and operating “in the temple” until they are removed, because the subversion is successful until removed as per 2Thess2:8 and Zech3:4-5 parallels.

Thus be aware a personal faith directed to Christ ALONE to access God ALONE as the rightful recipient of faith and worship will be necessary for even a couple to three years, apparently from the Daniel 8:14 timing in parallel to Hosea 6:1-3 meaning of “after two days”. Since Hosea is a 740 BCE proclaiming original judgment that parallels this initial judgment starting a whole world judgment cycle to climax some years later as a signal, just as Israel’s 740 BCE judgment was a warning signal to Jerusalem that fell under judgment 133 years later in 607 BCE by Babylon.

Keep praying hard and studying the Bible in light of the JW ministry that used to be in an approved state to even explain two UN placements, and subtly, as per Daniel 8:12, was subverted to today’s proportions:

(Daniel 8:12) And an (JW) army itself was gradually given over, together with the constant [feature] (profaned), because of transgression; and it kept throwing truth to the earth, (cover up) and it acted and had success.

And “it” is the 8th King and Bethel “they” here resulting from that subversion:

(Daniel 11:30-31) “And he (KN/8th King) will actually go back and hurl denunciations against the holy covenant and act effectively; and he will have to go back and will give consideration to those leaving the holy covenant. (at Bethel) 31 And there will be (infiltrators) arms that will stand up (at Bethel), proceeding from him (8th King); and they (now a team effort, a collusion of 8th King and Bethel) will actually profane the sanctuary, the fortress, and remove the constant [feature]. “And they will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing desolation.


So sister we need patience and we need to await the signal developments climaxing to Daniel 8:13 meaning of a “trampling” of the Bethel system. And we need to realize this is very serious and will require quite and upheaval. And it will be confusing to now misled JWs, so we do not want to wander back into an organizational “Jerusalem” that must be given to 8th King intrigues, controlled and aided internally at Bethel to climax in an 8th King broader set of world events as Daniel 11:42-43.

This is because a “son of destruction” betrayer symbol related to Judas Iscariots character, is what the “man of lawlessness” is also foretold to culminate into, and thus an internally controlled Bethel worldwide organization can be used to channel many misled JWs into 8th King hands, easily covered up in the process by Bethel, because JWs have no cross communication and Bethel is the hub of communication and the source of more cover-up to come.

And placing faith in “Jehovah’s organization” for a deliverance is also idolatrous, for God has Himself, Christ and many holy angels that are deliverers as need be, in any true world scale emergency, Bethel should be directing faith to that power of deliverance, not an earthly “organization”. Plus we know it is a compromised organization with 8th King collusion and further anti-Christian and anti-ministerial goals.

Keep building faith, because that darkness symbolized in Daniel 8:14 “evening” at temple judgment, is already at work in JWs now by this clever operation subtly misleading the whole Kingdom and UN parallel tracking ministry for 8th King objectives, not those of God’s Kingdom.

End of the World – Not!

End of the World – Not!

Bethel is promoting a premature “end of the world” expectation.

Instead it is the national sovereignties whose power is ending into 8th King global sovereignty. That national sovereignty must end into a greater global sovereignty. That global collective national sovereign transfer (Rev17:12-18) becomes a complete globalized world government at the end of this process. (Dan11:42-45);

In geo-political terms even the Middle East will not fall into Anglo-American-Israeli elite control overnight – much less Russia and China. Yet all must in time capitulate to 8th King global sovereignty. (Rev16:12-16 + Rev17:11-18);

The national sovereign downfall triggered by financial and economic instability culminating will begin with the debt burdened European Union and United States national systems. The rest eventually follow suit, one way or another, for their economic, finance and monetary systems are hinged to the US Dollar and the Euro inter-relationship to global trade.

In time of financial meltdown “problem”, the 8th King globalized monetary and finance “solution” will also recover the EU and US as leading national powers to guide the rest into this globalized financial system over some years.

All that financial intrigue will also not be resolved overnight. (Dan11:42-43);

What is indicated is a final world power cycle and a final prophetic cycle are what is starting next, not ending for some time. And that duration of the final cycle is all outlined in Daniel 8:14 and Daniel 12:7 and 12:11. The final cycle of prophecy will repeat the initial cycle of Daniel 12 that led to the League of Nations after a Kingdom “birth” ministry and global proclamation was complete at that time. (1914-1918 as Daniel 12:7; Revelation 11:2-3);

The actual gauge to Christ’s final and full arrival is in that 8th King, United Nations based, world government completion. Since the UN is not a world government, but just it’s “image” that intends being the centerpiece of that coming world government, Christ cannot arrive to depose a non-existent rival world government.

The sovereign debt compromise of the current dominant 7th King US and EU [national] systems of the Anglo-American national alliance will allow Daniel 11:42-43 to culminate in 8th King global wealth domination:

(Daniel 11:42-43) And he (8th King/King North) will keep thrusting out his hand against the (national) lands; and as regards the land of Egypt (collective national powers; King South “capital”), she (feminized King South) will not prove to be an escapee. (captured by globalist power intrigues of first a financial nature:) 43 And he (King North/8th King) will actually rule over the hidden treasures (globally) of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. (Thus 8th King/King North rules the world wealth, wealth system and all “desirable things” of collective global national “Egypt” “King South” powers in full globalist progressive ownership);

That 8th King sovereign wealth and financial domination is how the national sovereignty follows the wealth power to a new level of global control, globalized wealth and financial power aided by massive national debt compromise.

The coming development that will accelerate, aid and finalize that national sovereign power transfer to forming globalized world government, will be a final global tribulation. (Dan12:1; Matt24:29; 24:21)

Like WW1, WW2 and Cold WW3, tribulation intensified by global military intrigues aids the process of world government that is born and presented as that “tribulation” ends as in 1919 (League of Nations), 1945 (United Nations), and 1990 (UN third placement). This final tribulation will end (Matt24:29) into 8th King completed world government. (Dan8:25; 11:45; 12:11).

Rather than three fronts of defiance implied in today’s Bethel Daniel 8:25, 11:45 and 12:11 interpretations, ALL those symbologies converge with the national sovereignties (rev17:12-17), into 8th King world government super-sovereignty as Daniel 8:25, 11:45 and 12:11 are an identical final Armageddon triggering event.

Thus the final cycle of world power coming up, will also feature a globalized tribulation “problem” to be resolved in time, to also bear a globalized recovery “solution” from the 8th King global wealth ruler. (Dan11:42-43; Isa41:1);

That world government bearing “tribulation of those days” is shown to end, not into the “end of the world”, but into Christ’s arrival as now a compete 8th King world government will be completed and ready for final battle for Earth’s rulership:

(Matthew 24:29-30) “Immediately AFTER the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.
(the lights being eclipsed are the national sovereigns by the globalist 8th King world government) 30 And then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet sound, and they will gather his chosen ones together from the four winds, from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity. (in time the Messianic Kingdom will put out the lights of the globalist 8th King; Rev16:12-17);

Thus “sheep” gathering is to be Jesus Christ’s main initial priority. The official final fulfillment Revelation 16:17 seventh plague downfall of Babylon the Great must be after this Christ sheep gathering event in Matthew 24:30-31 is in progress:

(Revelation 16:17) And the seventh one poured out his bowl upon the air. At this a loud voice issued out of the sanctuary from the throne, saying: “It has come to pass!”
(The Messianic Kingdom completes; all sheep are separated out from the world goat herds); And lightnings and voices and thunders occurred, and a great earthquake occurred such as had not occurred since men came to be on the earth, so extensive an earthquake, so great. 19 And the great city split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell; and Babylon the Great was remembered in the sight of God, to give her the cup of the wine of the anger of his wrath. (BTG goes down in the seventh plague.);

Thus even through a final “great tribulation” Babylon the Great (BTG) aids the “wildbeast” all the way to her own end. And from BTG and the world system Christ will collect final sheep shaked out of the whole Revelation 16 final seven plague process. (Hag2:7)

(Revelation 18:4) And I heard another voice out of heaven say: “Get out of her, my people, if you do not want to share with her in her sins, and if you do not want to receive part of her plagues.

After the 144000 completion (Rev7:1-8) of Revelation 14:1, carried out in Christ’s final sheep gathering of Matthew 24:30-31, a final appeal is still made to some earthlings stuck in the doomed system:

(Revelation 14:8) And another, a second angel, followed, saying: “She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, she who made all the nations drink of the wine of the anger of her fornication!”

Thus it is not “the end” coming up, but the start of a final cycle of prophecy leading to a full warning of Christ’s inevitable full arrival to complete the 144000, gather in the last of the earth sheep (Matt25:31-46), as Christ himself completes his on ministry (Matt10:23) prior to the full conquest of the 8th King.

Bethel Daniel 11 False Interpretive Hoax

Bethel False Interpretation in Daniel 11 on Purpose

Yes and it is also a great opportunity when the “attack” begins, for Bethel to also fill the fictional “King North” character of Daniel 11:44 with whatever new “villain” should appear. And this will make JWs think the Daniel 11:44-45 “end of the world” sequence has begun. The the “Babylon the Great is being attacked” illusion can be made to cover-up the Bethel desolations of finance.

Because what will actually be occurring if catalyzed by world war or false-flag or real attack, or even naturally, is national financial implosion into a globalized international finance and monetary system:

(Daniel 11:42-43) And he (8th King globalists) will keep thrusting out his hand against the (national) lands; and as regards the land of Egypt (King South symbolic national domain), she (subservient to 8th King) will not prove to be an escapee. (8th King pawned soon) 43 And he (8th King) will actually rule over the hidden treasures of the gold and the silver and over all the desirable things of Egypt. (national wealth goes into globalist 8th King control).

But at Bethel, that worldwide “King of the Gold” was somehow a bankrupted and now non-existent USSR. And now JWs can be prematurely advanced too far into 8th King world government developments at a Daniel 11:44 that is not what is developing. In fact a worldwide globalization of finance is what is obviously next, plainly seen in the world alternative news and research, will take some years, would be aided and accelerated by world war and or tribulation. That is what must occur next as is easily seen in the 100s of trillions in national debts globally readying this very process of financial globalization which must occur prior to any real “world government” as the basis of economic control to “gather” the nations further into that unification.

And as Bethel implodes into intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43, JWs will be sold the Daniel 11:44 cover up a world war development would open up. Everything appears to be converging, and getting ready to blow in some direction to drag in all the nations, and JWs thinking “it is the end of the world brothers!”, when to the contray, it is the beginning of the final globalization process that will take a number of years to complete, and needs a world war to get it going in accelerated fashion, and to provide a handy distraction from the real financial source of collapse.

We have a perfect storm brewing here that will also wash the Bethel sand castle away, while the core engineers in that system have already positioned WT assets to be redirected into other hands in the process, all covered up with interpretive deceptions to dupe JWs to the very end, for even a couple years in the process. That cannot be all accidental and coincidence.


Sure it could work. Even “worldly” people have respected that marriage arrangement in certain cases.

And honestly we must se JWs today are now becoming proponents accidentally from guidance of purposeful leaders providing valid lawless evidence that is:

(2 Peter 2:1-3) However, there also came to be false prophets among the people, as there will also be false teachers among you. These very ones will quietly bring in destructive sects and will disown even the owner that bought them, bringing speedy destruction upon themselves. 2 Furthermore, many will follow their acts of loose conduct, and on account of these the way of the truth will be spoken of abusively. 3 Also, with covetousness they will exploit you with counterfeit words. But as for them, the judgment from of old is not moving slowly, and the destruction of them is not slumbering.

Thus marrying a “devout” JW in today’s Bethel system is marrying a member of the actual apostasy which is in JWs by clearly a 37 year pattern under add-on, non-Biblical “Governing Body” dictatorial power. In effect the modern papacy of Bethel is what is actually in power “in the truth” and that is why “you will know these men by their fruitage” is growing in public view on the now dead tree of Bethel and the GB collective “pope” “body”.

So if one flees the main apostasy (Matt24:15 with also UN NGO evidence), and sticks to God, Christ, the Bible and UNDESERVED KINDNESS first, a marriage in such a state of spiritual transition preceding a “Jerusalem” judgment again, can work. Because if one truly repented, and on truly endeavored to obey the love and mercy commands, God would aid the union because God cannot be fooled if we are trying to serve him or we are not.

In spite of Bethel organized lies, there is still God, there is still Jesus Christ and there is still actual truth in the Bible. Bethel’s leadership is the problem of the blind now leading the blind JWs.

A “fader” may actually have a far greater spiritual discernment than a whole elder body and governing body that now accepts even UN Bethel dedications as no big thing. Many faders are the actually spiritually strong, as no robot sheep in JWs is actually following Christ and God any longer, nor do the LISTEN to the Bible, they listen to non-anointed  frauds in a modern papacy of Bethel above the commands of God.

(Matthew 15:7-11) you hypocrites, Isaiah aptly prophesied about you, when he said, 8 ‘This people honors me with their lips, yet their heart is far removed from me. 9 It is in vain that they keep worshiping me, because they teach commands of men as doctrines.’” 10 With that he called the crowd near and said to them: “Listen and get the sense of it: 11 Not what enters into [his] mouth defiles a man; but it is what proceeds out of [his] mouth that defiles a man.”

Now God and Christ are stating that to JWs, but JWs only hear Bethel ear tickling that everything is AOK. You are better off with a fader, than with a JW heading rather into judgment (Matt24:15; Dan8:13-14), and great disappointment, because when the GB and Bethel pay the divine bill of God’s accounting, JWs focused on those fallible idols and organizational idol, will be greatly stumbled when those sinful men go down as an organization.

And they will, because it is plainly foretold in prophecy and principle, Bethel is lawless and reproaches God’s name in a self-proclaimed covenant with him, and no people in history ever got away with transgressions of these magnitudes, with out a divinely selective judgment on the “wheat” and the “weeds”. And the problem is, Bethel is the main weed patch and seeding system.

Faders, not the congregational leaders and zombies, are the ones clearly beginning to realize this, and that it’s implication is Bethel going down like Jerusalem, for the criminal lawlessness in organized and self-justified fashion. It is the same old story, just repeating in JWs as blind as any Jew in Jerusalem for the most part, a few will make it out to tell the story later. It is all simply repeating right in JWs.


Yes In my opinion it is part of the “mother” complex. But it is far worse than just “blending in”. Trans-national CEOs, like many others, would plainly understand a financial globalization in the world scene would have to take a number of years, and possibly world war and world depression to actually globalize the national debt blackhole into an again functional system. And that will occur, and that will not be “any day now brothers!” as “the end” is said to be, but instead the beginning of a drawn out process globally that will take some years.

After or during such a globalization of the financial mechanism of control of say the leading 50 core nations economic systems first, then along with it or after it a globalization governmental infrastructure could then be extended fully into national powers (already in place in concept in many nations, and in preliminary application in the US and advanced in the EU) to bypass national governmental authority to guide this system from specialized internationalized groups who understand international issues with real-time reliable information, and national politicians could continue for a while to act as if they understand Texas and El Paso “issues”. Issues that ultimately have an international fractal pattern that controls it all, or is about to fully in a more complete way I should say.

And that process is going to take some years to actually put in place with the globalized authoritative backing to enforce it. Which would be a final stage to uni-polar globalized military top control as the ultimate enforcer of last resort after finance and governmental regulation in internationalized control.

The point is, many people even on the street, now understand globalization concepts as a framework (not unrelated pieces), to actually present a true “8th King” world government, beyond the UN schematic, and that it will take years to actually complete. Not many, but nearly a decade or so. Yet WT CEOs are acting as if they do not understand some basic globalization projections, and instead tell JWs “it can end any day now brothers!”, meaning the whole world system. Yet for that JW end scenario, the 8th King world government must complete first, it cannot be just a UN schematic, and that takes YEARS. Meaning the top Bethel brainwash creators full well know it cannot end “any day”.

So it cannot end any day now, the final globalization cycle can START any day now. And in that start, eventaully national financial autonomy (Dan11:42-43) and eventually sovereign national power (Rev17:12-18) is what WILL also end starting any day now (deposition or transfer to globalist authority), but has to go on for some years to finalize into required national unions created or overhauled to cascade the international governmental administration according to how it’s schematic is designed and already partly in use, to actually be a true world goverment.

Thus is appears the GB and other central Bethel authorities know a national collapse is coming in all te nations to some degree, and it is not “the end of the world”, and in those periods of upheaval they also have a JW “theology” that can assist Bethel’s financial pillage in that period to be covered up by (1.) “Daniel 11:44 is next!” fictional hoax King North role and further by (2.) “it is the attack on Babylon the Great” (BTG) as very convenient misappliable fictions, to cover up what is actually the end of Bethel to some severe degree in this initial national plunge that will take some years, and will in fact lead to world recovery, even from a final world war, as the obligatory womb of world chaos by which world government is born in concept and in final reality.

And obviously it takes some years to complete the process.

The fact is in JWs a self-fulfilling prophecy and predictive programming is so common in Bethel JW brainwash for anticipation of Bethel “desolation”, and in fact globalization reality is just so far from actual world government at this time, it is hard to reconcile such an actual contradiction from WT top administrators who are not as dumb as they choose to appear without some purpose to the design. No one can today be this ignorant unless on purpose and at that level of operation at Bethel top globalizers of tat religion, tey cannot not know all this. Especially from men who claim to study the Bible and world events as full time jobs. (Which they do, to apply an illusion for cover, rather than the actual affirmable globalization reality).

JWs are indeed in 1980 levels of basic globalism understanding, that is complete ignorance of the understanding of the basis of the primary globalization of world finance, government and military from eventually all national “providers” that must precede and actually be the basis of an actual world government. (Dan11:42-43 assist Rev17:12-18 and Rev16:13-16) But the WT CEOs cannot run a trans-national corporate complex (and a globalized religious empire) and be ignorant of what is really going on in the world globalization process, but they can mislead JWs even at high levels into this illusion and project the impression they are also as backward, and that it is all progressive instead.

And that is why it is very interesting that JW “theology” is more aiding the globalization process of the initial cycle to start with engineered confusions, but suggesting to JWs it is “the end of the world any day” which already has also a JW pre-programmed theology of Daniel 11:44 “attack” expected with a BTG “attack” element as well. Meaning JWs expect a desolation, but JWs are not being told at what point in the process it is actually at, that is at it’s beginning not it’s end, that will actually be developing next – and on who the “attack” is coming Bethel, not BTG. And thus it is not the “attack” they think it is.

It appears the engineered retardation in globalization purpose and awareness in JWs and an engineered theology with the supporting deceptive advancement of “prophetic understanding” way too far in the cycle (Daniel 11:44) are elements requiring intelligent design and purpose to be promoted concurrently in JWs that can actually aid the Bethel transition to new ownership completely out of control of modern actual JWs as Daniel 11:42-43 process activates next, but Bethel will apply Daniel 11:44-45 out of sync with world developmental globalization reality requiring financial globalization at Daniel 11:42-43 first to assist the rest of the cycle. (Thus out of sync with their own prophecy, and not realizing Daniel 11:30-45 is 8th King “King North” activity of the 3rd and 4th UN continuum to the actual end years later).

Thus JWs can be organizationally desolated, and believe it is “the end of the world”, but it will actually be the beginning of the full globalization final cycle, no Armageddon will come as expected, JWs will be bewildered, and that aids the following two years of the process. With no central reliable information, that confusion can last potentially years longer into what will actually be the trek to world government (Dan11:42-45), and the period JWs thought was developing but it was applied prematurely, due to Bethel hoax theology already setup for this purpose.

JWs will swing on and miss an ultimate change up for a while.

I do not see how a puzzle like that picture, just spontaneously constructs itself from these various pieces, without purposeful and intelligent guidance right from Bethel as the primary designer of this process. I can see the incentive in 100s of millions in Bethel assets though, and shutting down JWs fully for a few years in the process.