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Concerning the Bethel Apostasy, what should I tell my son?

What should I tell my son concerning the Bethel lawlessness?

Tell him the truth, though all men be found liars, like Bethel’s current leadership, let God be found true. There is the Almighty God forever, human corruption is endemic since Eden’s sin, God provided PROMISE of the seed of recovery (Gen3:15), and that is still TRUTH, the truth. God tracked all that development of sovereign rival power, and his own Kingdom forming power through Daniel and to the apostle John and all the prophets for a good 2800 years of prophecy so accurate, it is now called world history.

Jesus Christ, the seed, the true solution, the first life created by God, from God, is also still true and the only true hope to retrieve men past, present and future from inevitable death in Adam. That is all still true, neither Christendom, Bethel or any other human organized diversion from truth can change reality that is actually true.

Thus tell your son the truth. Bethel’s primary leaders are now corrupted, they joined the opposing kingdom power as UN NGO, that will bring a judgment on JWs for that transgression (Dan8:13 as 1Pet4:17), and they will reap what they have sown, it is also foretold in prophecy they cover up (Dan8:12b) and truthfully, they no longer represent the truth, instead they drive millions and millions AWAY from God, but God, as before on several documented occasions of prophecy again becoming history will recover the final truth, again (Rev10:11).

You may get to the core of the dilemma, ask your son does he want to be taught about God and Christ by lawless corrupted men in the so-called Governing Body?

And I feel you can ask that question quite honestly while still maintaining core Christian truth, that truly at one time, 1914-1950 IBSA and JWs did at once truthfully represent as best they could, and they did expose the first 2 UN related fulfillments of prophecy in 1919 and 1945, rather than joining the UN, and covering up the 3rd (1990) and 4th (future) UN manifestations of Daniel 11:30-45, as Bethel also covers up King North as 8th King developments there, as their continual UN NGO internal Bethel endorsers are also prophetic subverters.

You may explain, truthfully, Jesus Christ warns Christians to flee the city (organization) once one personally ascertains the rival kingdom “disgusting thing” in it’s midst, and in principle that applies to Bethel as UN NGO and the JW organization overall:

(Matthew 24:15-16) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation (UN NGO), as spoken of through Daniel the prophet (1990 Dan11:31b parallel to Dan8:13-14), standing in a holy place (Bethel’s claim), (let the reader use discernment,) 16 then let those in (JW worldwide) Judea begin fleeing to the mountains. (leave JWs, judgment is nigh).

In my opinion explaining these core truths of Bethel’s corruption are important, and outweigh all their other sins (2Thess2:3-4) in direct guaranteed import of a judgment to come first upon JWs; (1Pet4:17).

On Governing Body Infiltration

Governing Body Infiltration

Yes things are such that Satan and the demons are basically the “Governing Body” (Zech3:1; 2Thess2:9) and as such are foretold to be successful at this defection and infiltration operation. But as this divine permission of such subversions eventually reaches the limits of Daniel 8:14, the core issues actually covered up by modern Bethel will of course become the first chapter of the valid prophetic explanation. And it’s UN globalist objectives since 1990 3rd UN placement concealment actually starting Daniel 11:30-45 as the 8th King = King North that leads to the final UN placement of the Daniel 11:42-45 final phase activating at that time MUST of course also be made known.

Events of the near future and the impartial JW organizational desolation (Dan8:13) permitted by God will of course also become HUGE world news for those tracking JWs as valid or lawless, and the true explanation already contained in the prophecy must also come forth, and it will have the needed world attention to have quite a story to tell from valid prophecy.

Thus what God is doing will HIGHLIGHT, rather than obscure the actual globalist 8th King and Messianic Kingdom issues actually at the heart of this Bethel apostasy. So too, since even GB inception of 1976, but especially in the 1990 UN NGO, Bethel has progressively been a conduit for UNHOLY spirit as per Malachi, God of course has suspended blessing upon the organization. And thus the 2Cor11:13-15 “transformation” of the JW collective body but it’s collective corrupted GB “body” is also growing colder due to “increasing of lawlessness”, and the effect is felt by those capable of ascertaining that an “operation of error” is what is at work. Of course promoting the UN lie as UN NGO is of serious consequence, and thus 2Thess2:1-12 is now active in JWs as an organizational whole, and as per Daniel 11:32-35 it tests Christians as to who “are knowing their God” as per Daniel 11:32b, as not all JWs will be disapproved as a result of these “wormwood” developments of modern Bethel deceptions; (Rev8:10-12);

God permits this for a signal and basis of INITIAL judgment that must use JWs first as a world signal that the temple judgment on JWs first as per 1Pet4:17, WILL lead to all of Revelation 8-11 continuing in final fulfillment over the final cycle which is what is actually beginning, not ending, and goes on for some years.

Subtly Bethel has placed the org and GB as intermediaries to the sheep, rivaling Christ’s position, and the aiding position (NOT intermediary, but aids only) of the “body of the Christ” which is NOT the “Governing Body” add-on, human invented, super-imposed, non-Biblical counterfeit Bethel papacy “set in opposition” to all divine truth and provisions.

Thus the reality is between God and us is Christ – period. An organization, or “body of the Christ” remnant, congregation would merely be an aid as long as it remained pure. In the case of Revelation 8:10-11 manifesting modern Bethel and the GB and the organization they corrupt, that “aid” is now an enemy system cleverly hidden under the veneer of the 1940’s JW ministry. So as per Matthew 4:15 fleeing Jerusalem disgusting thing UN  NGO environment is returning to ma basic Christ intermediatorial sacrificial access for any human on earth with faith in that sacrifice whether covered in covenant as well, or merely by the comprehensive sacrifice; (1Jon2:2) In ANY event, we cannot leave the basic truth Christ ALONE is access to God for believers. Now we see why organizations and congregation must be constantly assessed as to their ACTUAL spiritual state. NEVER can we allow an Adamic human, group, or organization to take Christ’s place in that access point and person to God provided by a perfect non-Adamic, but last-Adamic blood and body sacrifice.

And if we wait on God, now revealing his intent as usual to judge JW “house of God” FIRST, as per 1Peter4:17, we will know prophecy already contains the whole story of truth to come forth from the Bethel contamination.  We can exercise faith in undeserved kindness, because Bethel “establishing their own righteousness” inspires a works attitude of self-approval and competes with sacrificial reality that by UNDESERVED kindness we stand by God’s power, Christ’s sacrifice and our “all earnest effort” to be cooperative with that spirit of undeserved kindness “leading [us] to repentance”, we can be refreshed by a reality of forgiveness that “hours in service” could only complement not empower. And given our knowledge of lies now present in the JW ministry, we may seek Bible studies out of te current jeopardized organization. True, JWs have the basics, hut the deepest meanings of Daniel and Revelation are now being subverted, and te “constant feature” now features hidden meanings and UN organizational references for promotions and JWs now teach full error concerning Daniel 8 and 11 and the King North identity as USSR, when in fact from Daniel 11:30 forward, King North is all 8th King final 3rd and 4th UN placement developments as Bethel went UN NGO at 1990 UN 3rd placement.

This is why the modern JW system sanctifies itself in opposition to undeserved kindness and allows people to beat themselves over organizational self-righteous issues tat are non-issues when covered by actual faith in undeserved kindness. Bethel is a gnat straining abomination hampering the ministry as much as possible under pretexts of approval that are merely self-approval by now vain organizational rituals and traditions as in Jerusalem, rendering the world of God invalid in the process.

Keep praying through Christ and have faith in God and Christ alone, and worship only God Almighty Jehovah and they will open the scriptural final meanings to full progressive understanding as that must in time lead into a final CLEAN witnessing of Messianic Kingdom reality. The WHOLE current and future Christian condition is ALREADY outlined in the final fulfillment actualities or principles of all the prophets in the final cycle actually signaled by the final Bethel form of lawlessness that ALWAYS as preceded a divine judgment made known before, during and after that time.

As usual God will judge His own people FIRST (1Pet4:17) to get world attention as to where that judgment is leading and the whole world judgment it is picturing well before that whole world judgment of Armageddon completes.

Kingdom Come: The Final Revelation is the Final Replication of Prophecy
We just need patience, all things shall unfold as already written and fulfilled once in preview form, to the final reality of the near future.

On Why Target Jehovah’s Witnesses

Why Target the JW Ministry?

So do not think the underlying information in legacy JW ministry exposing the UN globalist formation as prophecy is not true, it is, and it is the target. That globalist project will in time become a world government, and JWs are not clearly seeing the distinction between that actual worldwide governmental system that will control all the nations, and the UN which is just a marquee and the international “conference room” in that world government to come which is much much more than just the UN alone. In fact it is the globalization of all power and authority in world government, world finance, and world military and everything that kind of power provides control of.

Well you know these kinds of operations like the one in Bethel are taking place in every really big corporation, and other institutions, and are often multi-generational and it is worldwide. So of course the kinds of national scale and international scale groups involved in these things are experts, who project whatever veneer is necessary to operate undetected for many years. And the operation is planned by more than a single person, but by a whole group of experts with specific expertise assigned throughout the operation and it’s deployment, who guide the objectives in their area of expertise and adjust or expand or do whatever in the process, but upon an overall original master plan intended to be carried out for a specific overall goal, with many objectives in the process of maturing to the climax.

At first they want to use the organization for their own purposes, under a veneer that conceals the real objective, while everything else seems to be “business as usual”. And they want to position all the assets prior to the final coup cycle. They also want to have a full intelligence network installed globally for various uses before and during the climax period.

They have start, middle and end objectives in a general concept, and in the case of this Christian ministry in the JWs. In a banking or investment corporation they may intend to takeover and continue as the new owners behind the scene. In the case of JWs, they intend to deconstruct and destroy the corporations operating power and transfer the assets. This is also because it is already conveniently programmed into the JW prophecies and expectations, offering opportunity to create various international destabilizing and destructive events made to look like something else is going on “fulfilling prophecy”. In other words JWs have the perfect theological setup to cover up the real operation while it is in climax operations.

And those destructive events are not always physical, but financial and logistical leading to ownership or control in someone else’s power in the major assets and properties and decision making while in progress (or removal of a genuine leader or threat). The misapplied prophetic expectations in JWs now fully accepted and believed, will provide the cover for completely different corporate destructive activity internationally actually going on at a completely different point in time than the prophecies indicate, currently being misapplied to cover this part of the operation. The are covering one attack, with a future attack prophecy that cannot apply, but JWs will think it does apply at that time. That allows potentially a couple years of desolating activity to be carried out as “it’s fulfilling the end prophecy brothers!”. When in fact it is an organized pillage just beginning, not ending, and neither will “the end” JWs think is next arrive for years. And in those couple years the internal Bethel subversion agents are directing the whole operation at international scale.

The supporting objective is to thoroughly confuse and derail JWs while this is all in full swing (and after), to operate from within the Bethel system to direct the desolations while it is all going down and being absorbed elsewhere, and most truly deceived JWs will not understand what is really at work, and they will be mentally preoccupied with “end of the world” thinking and will be also vulnerable to be relocated into enemy hands in the confusion. In the process the GB will continue to apply the prophetic illusion to further the JW incapacitation as long as needed.

They can seize properties and assets which later they can end up converting JW branches and such physical infrastructure for other uses for whatever purposes as they already set-up the internal finances and investment to facilitate the later compromise that allows this seizure and most of it “legal”. They just want to seize up the whole ministerial resource base and capital legally and financially internationally in the process to terminate or severely hamper the ministry. And the overall goal is not to raze but a few of these multi-million dollar properties in the process to reinforce the illusion of “the attack on Babylon the Great brothers!!”. But it is all a real attack, with a hoax cover up. They want to make it all look real to meet prophetic programmed expectations prematurely, while at the same time gathering most of the JW wealth “eggs” into their baskets of control in perfect condition for the first two years of this operation winding down.

And you will see or already do see, the JW engineered recent theology supports this part of the illusion.

And this is all planned in the same big world event, or events, coming up that the whole internet is already buzzing with the vibe of something preparing to happen. Not if it will happen, but when. And that event and it’s following two or three years of more intrigues, are the events that are now being prepared to appear to JWs like the great tribulation leading quickly to Armageddon. It will be real events, but it will not be the ones JWs think it are happening. The globalist will provide the world tribulatory context to swallow up the JW org globally as much as possible as fast as possible in those first two years.

Yes, it will be tribulatory in a selective manner. If you are a globalist billionaire you won’t notice anything but more millions pouring in, as dollars will devalue in some manner consistently, those millions are in other peoples’ former assets transferring to globalist control. If you are a JW, you will experience an engineered end game unfolding to attempt to bankrupt the corporations and to seize the physical infrastructure mostly in tact, but in new owner’s hands, or so tangled in litigation to be useless for years to JWs – while the prophetic expectation in purposeful error makes it all look like something totally different is underway. And that is as effective as basically canceling the JW world ministry over a few years, while JWs will not figure out what is really going on, as Bethel controls all the information and “cross communication” is virtually non-existent in JWs.

Other ministerial resources, like JWs themselves, will also be a priority of seizing if possible globally, as many as possible in as central a location as possible. It is easier for these events to not have to go to each and every JW address to haul JWs in (but as you may know some congregations, if not all, have already taken names and addresses of JW congregational members). And that is why another objective of this operation for decades has been to very gradually encourage JWs to trust the leaders and to trust the organizational system and it’s chain of command. Because the operation will use trusted chains of WT command to direct JWs to internment internationally. (and Bethel has used predictive programming to make it appear as a “powerful government has hatched and evil plot to destroy the JW organization” paraphrased from a WT article in 2012 I think).

Now this organizational focus and trust is so accepted amongst JWs, they simply blurt it out with a new recent reminder to JWs:

“”(3) At that time, the lifesaving direction that we receive from Jehovah’s organization may not appear practical from a human standpoint. All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not.”” (WT 11/15/13; pg. 20, par. 17)

And of course in these events “at that time”, any real event of “national emergency” or even a mere scare tactic like just a threat of a chem/bio weapon can be an excuse to tell JWs to relocate en masse at different places, at different times all over the world. And many of those places will be for JW capture.

I think you get the picture here, but there is all kinds of evidence it is a real operation for those with doubts. A thing like the Bethel UN NGO is also a signal internal Bethel top power is actually infiltrated by intelligence agents that are connected to UN top development centers and their system of world government in progress views the “Kingdom of Christ” as a rival system, and the valid prophetic exposition is also considered a threat to the globalist smooth transition to world power. The point being from 1914-1950 JWs did have prophetic pronouncements to make, that connected 2 UN related placements in 1919 and 1945 to Bible prophecy after those two world wars.

When the 3rd UN placement occurred after the cold world war 3 (Dan11:29) in 1990, JWs instead were led to not recognize it is a prophetic certainty the 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b. The 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b leads to the 4th UN placement as world government at Daniel 11:45. Somewhere between the 1945 2nd United Nations presentation and it’s 1990 UN “New World Order” objective presentation JWs were derailed, and now cover up the 3rd UN placement as they became UN NGO at the same time instead.

A very important 1-2-3-4 UN placement cycle is now broken and not understood by JWs prophetically.

Temple Judgment Background – Governing Body Covers Up “King of the North” Actual 8th King Meaning

=== (You can use info there all you want to, but do not ref “templelijah” or they will kick you out eventually at JWN);

And the USSR fictional account now promoted by Bethel, was made certain to be a prophetic King North failure with the fall of the USSR. And that fiction is what is now still being used to cover up the 3rd UN placement (as they become UN GO as well), and to cover up the UN 8th King as the actual “King North” from Daniel 11:30-45.

Daniel 11:36 requires a successful non-stop progression of the 3rd UN placement to the 4th UN placement, and that is why we know the King North is actually a final 8th King world drive since 1990 3rd UN placement at Daniel 11:30-32 proceeding through Daniel 11:33-41, to the future Daniel 11:42-43 world financial and wealth coup of the national powers in the near future, to then proceed to the 4th placement at Daniel 11:44-45.

And that Daniel 11:42-45 actual progression to come in the future with these events, will take some years. Now we see JWs are misled by Bethel to also conceal the true identity of a now easy to identify King North. And in reality King North is a globalism based world government as the 8th King from Daniel 11:30-45.

Instead the USSR is applied to Daniel 11:31-43, when it cannot actually fulfill any of that. (and that advances JWs too far into the prophecy, which also allows the GB to make it appear as if Daniel 11:44 is next, when in fact it is not next, Daniel 11:42-43 is 8th King financial globalization and a new money system, an international one being set up for when the national powers collapse financially;

And by knowing USSR did not fulfill Daniel 11:42-43, we know the 8th King globalists require a final world tribulation cycle to put the national powers into alignment by control of their financial power, which is now set-up in massive national debts and unfunded liabilities (that many plainly see now in alternative news) that will go into an 8th King new world monetary system in the process, and that will mean the national powers, in little time, will also have to transfer their national sovereign power (Rev17:12-18; Rev16:13-16) into UN world government sovereign control. That is all now in the making for that 4th UN placement as a whole complete world ruling system at the end of that drawn out cycle which is soon to start. And it’s beginning is when the JW org is being targeted and going down. And that will take some time, it will eventually be accelerated by the normal war, terror and financial intrigues. BUT, it will mean in time a world recovery as well, to create the positive light and hope to present the 4th and final UN world government at that time. (The recovery is Dan8:25 “freedom from care” as 1Thess5:1-3 world “peace and security”; Dan8:25 parallels Rev11:44-45 events);

World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements

BUT, with JWs, the GB and Bethel have JWs expecting Daniel 11:44-45 next, out of sync with the prophecy (and globalist timing) that requires a financial world coup first at Daniel 11:42-43. By this overly advanced expectation, the GB is creating an expectation in JWs that is premature and includes an attack scenario of Daniel 11:44 that is a real attack much later in time, but hoaxed to appear as Daniel 11:44 prematurely to cover up this initial cycle beginning and desolating the JW org. Problem is, the real Daniel 11:44 attack will not occur for a number of years. In those first years, JWs will be totally bewildered and lost as to reality of prophecy and the 8th King drive to world government.

So what they are doing is creating an opportunity to use the intrigues and “big events” coming up soon, that will lead to Daniel 11:42-43 national financial implosions worldwide, and a false-flag or other super-event or both, maybe many, and they will attempt and be successful at making most JWs think that BEGINNING attack event, is the end events. But it is not the end, it is the beginning of the final globalist UN world government cycle leading to that final UN placement as 4 of 4 in Bible prophecy at Dan11:45 over some years.

And JWs do not even recognize the 3rd UN placement of 1990 was also prophetic at Dan11:31b. So the globalists have the whole thing derailed now, all the need to do is get rid of JWs, and it’s all unknown what is actually going on in prophecy. (But they fail over time);

So it has a well engineered JW mental set-up completely in place, to cover it’s actual events of desolations with what JWs will think is all “prophecy coming true!”, but it will not be the prophetic point they think it is, it will drag out another number of years that will then be globalist by various means seizing the JW world ministry globally and it’s infrastructures, and while all that is happening they will tell JWs “it is the end!”, “this is prophecy!”, “get ready!” over and over, but in fact they will be using it all as smokescreen to deconstruct JWs, pillage the millions, capture the corporations and herd JWs to internment in as many as follow organizational direction designed to be used at that time to herd JWs to prisons, maybe over even three years. They will try to stretch it out as long as needed. The first year is a given, and as lost as JWs are and will be, it is easy to see two years of this pillage; (because it is the divine judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 as well, which I cover a little later.)


Well the thing that makes JW theology unique is it has a framework of a sovereign progression of human rival power, unlike any religion on earth, that actually extends back to Genesis 11 first globalism events of the Tower of Babel at ancient Babylon. And Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11 pick up that progression as Egypt and Assyria led to Babylon and Jerusalem’s first destruction. And that trek continues through Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and Anglo-America [national powers] and in Revelation 13 an 17 picking up at Rome and Anglo-America  and ends in 8th King globalized world government – the finality is total [globalist] power. In fact Daniel also ultimately foretells globalist world government roots, and finality as well. (JWs are nearly completely unaware of globalist world power! Due to Bethel’s subversion to dumb down JWs to aid the deception);

That is why JWs are targeted for subversions and corporate termination, and if possible individual termination – because they could figure it out and expose actual Daniel 11 reality as globalist world governmental development driving to completion over a few last years to Armageddon.

Except now JWs have been truncated at the 2nd UN placement of 1945, and are not seeing this is far more than just the UN itself in what is to finalize from the 3rd UN placement on to the 4th UN placement WITH a world government. JWs have been severed from a prophetic continuum that completely describes the whole process as well as the beginnings of it leading to the League of Nations and the United Nations as the formative initial hub of what will become a worldwide government controlling ALL the nations in that 3rd and 4th UN progression of Daniel 11:30-45.

And that is exactly what the UN globalist architects want.

They want JWs to think the end is next instead. They want JWs lost so they can never expose the actual prophetic continuum that leads to UN world government as a worldwide system in control of all the nations who now are financially aligned for absorption (with zero JW comment), and that will lead to absorption of sovereignty as well, also with no JW comment currently. And it is already all in the Daniel 11:31-45 sequence now covered up as the USSR fictional interpretation. And all that 8th King finality and completion is not going to happen tomorrow as that sovereignty transferred and absorbed into a globalist worldwide system will equal a real world government with authority greater than any nation, and the globalized military system to back it – and that MUST have a final world developmental cycle to achieve. And tat cycle is Dan11:42-45 + Rev17:12-18 = Rev16:13-16 and Armageddon for real);

In actual prophecy JWs are actually going into the “trampling” phase of Daniel 8:13 for what is called there the “transgression causing desolation”. Events at Daniel 1130-32 parallel events at Daniel 8:11-13 that climaxed as 1990 UN NGO. The UN NGO is that Dan8:13 Bethel “transgression causing desolation”. That is why the globalist agents in JWs from 1976 in full factional power in the GB made a UN dedication as UN NGO to secure a JW organizational transgression linked to the 8th King to get a divine judgment set-up in reality. and it is prophetic, ALL of it is in prophecy now being covered up!

That is the transgression that allows the globalists to use a divine judgment foretold at Daniel 8:13-14 to actually desolate JWs, because now that “disgusting thing” relationship of the 3rd UN placement is now UN NGO “placed” at Bethel (Matt24:15) and covered up in prophecy. And that is why the globalists know JWs are now going into a desolation that is not only permitted by God, but is REQUIRED in Daniel 8:13. (and is a timed event in Daniel 8:14) And it is connected to the Daniel 8:11-12 previous Bethel subversion events that made it all possible paralleling Daniel 11:30-32 events climaxing in 1990-1991 UN 3rd placement and Bethel’s UN NGO covenants; And that desolation is what the globalists and the GB are going to make appear to JWs as “the end of the world” final sequence, which it will not be, using the Daniel 11:44 hoax. It will be the 1Peter4:17 BEGINNING of “the judgment” that must start with JWs, that starts a final cycle of prophecy that also takes years to finalize.

But now JWs are in a 1980 state of prophetic awareness, over and over again, misled by the globalist agents at Bethel for now a solid full control of 20 years when they removed Fred Franz (1992) who was the last stalwart actual JW anointed at Bethel with any threat of influence or authority against the globalist Bethel cabal. (And that is why Daniel 11:27-45 8th King/King North globalist understanding was never adjusted to modern reality out of the USSR national bloc error, they silenced Fred Franz the main interpreter by 1992 he was dead).

But in fact the entire Governing Body concept and install is when they took enough factional control to seize Bethel corporate and spiritual power in 1976.

Of course they did it gradually (Dan8:12), many accepted the “governing body” idea as Biblical, but there is no such thing as a “ruling council” at Jerusalem. NO ONE could override the apostles as actual divine authority, they were the divine authority as the first anointed members of the “body of the Christ”. There is NO “governing body” and there is no other divinely authorized “body” in the Bible given divine authorization but Christ’s anointed Christian “body of the Christ”. Now we know the GB is rather an “evil slave” body and a “man of lawlessness” operation manifestation “in the temple” preceding the final judgment cycle to proceed for some years along with the final globalist 8th King cycle.

And that is what the GB and globalist planners want to remain concealed from JW and world awareness. But the very prophecies that foretell an infiltration and subversion by teamwork of globalists and “those leaving the holy covenant”, that they are covering up at Daniel 8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-35, are the very prophecies that explicitly explain the collusion and goals and the 3rd UN manifestation as it all led up in time to 1990, AND the Bethel apostasy also manifesting.

So we have the main globalist “small horn” root (Dan8) and maturing “King North”/8th King patterns and players using a foretold Bethel compromise, by an installed dictatorial override as GB, to extend the operation, from a point in time identifiable, for a final world government developmental cover-up goal as applied to prophecy, and a goal to silence, and bewilder JWs when it goes into overdrive over some years. That is the main goal they have culminating in the JW system as well as profaning the actual truth and ministry with various embedded symbology and meanings. That Bethel regular feeds of lawlessness and duplicitous anomalies is what supports the web stumbling campaign such as JWN, it is meant to cause confusions secretly and overtly coming out of Bethel.  The financial and asset seizure is to delay and try to remove the resources of a ministerial system so when JWs do wise up (a few years later as per prophecy), the final message is potentially more difficult to broadcast globally.

It is also easy to conceal from the public in general because few people actually understand current JW prophetic understanding to see how it is being used to aid a JW set-up, and to cover up the actual operation with purposely false interpretation.

The Governing Body is the cell by which the factional control at first could be installed and accepted, and through which all the lawlessness could be administered and protected as the GB went into dictatorial power and on to total globalist control of today. Now it is the WTS and Bethel that are factionally infected with undercovers all the way into DO, CO and even some congregations if not all to some degree of the elder body, all installed with more of these invaders posing as JWs. (Luke21:20); as internal operatives merely guiding the apostasy of Daniel 11:32a as the modern fulfillment of 2Thess2:3 apostasy and the man of lawlessness.

The original Bethel anointed factional defection of Daniel 11:30b of past Bethel history is what made it all possible as “those leaving the holy covenant”.

And as you “decoded” that interesting WT and GB cipher, you know the “constant feature” of JW ministerial teachings are now laced with all kinds of globalist and Satanic symbols and meanings. But that is not all they are up to in the overall operation well concealed, yet also well self-exposing, and now ready for coup-de-grace.

Final Temple Judgment and Jehovah’s Witnesses


That is all the latest prophetic proof.

The difference in this analysis is it has evidence piling up for a while now, and it all fits the prophetic pattern repeating in the JW ministry with a couple one time only progressions like Daniel 8:13-14 that will occur with Daniel 11:42-43 events. Plus it is not just abandoning the early truth that underlies JW prophecy teaching, it is just exposing who, where, and why they are in there covering up the progression as prophecy and aligning JWs with globalist objectives and UN alliances to aid the concealment of what is really developing in this last cycle.

And as even many secular researchers and interested people in general know the globalization process is not complete, and it is well known it is not complete with volumes of related research even from the globalists themselves that an engineered world national collapse cycle is required and inevitable. YouTube is loaded with far more globalist information than Bethel, but Bethel was the ones who were supposed to connect it all to an ongoing prophetic sovereign evolution, and that is the valid connection the globalists do not want being made, because in the future it will affect human salvation. The GB and globalists do not care about all the wrong guesses and confusions surrounding globalism and prophecy, and it’s connection, the more the better because it confuses the actual truth. And right now the actual truth is derailed at 1990 at Bethel. And as you see instead, they are using an erred interpretive advancement and subject of King North “mystery” to actually turn the JW org into a trap and to further confuse what is really going on.

It’s actually ingenious. But it is also a required prophetic signal at 2Thess2:1-4. It signals the final temple judgment cycle is what is actually about to begin. And that cycle will proceed along as the 8th King world government completion cycle is also beginning. So reliably, from prophecy and globalist projections we know “the end” is not coming next, a beginning is what is commencing, and using JW judgment cycle as another signal when that activates.

And that is because JWs have to be desolated, but they also have to be purified in actual valid prophetic teaching to finally expose that final 8th King cycle while it is in full action, because the Messianic Kingdom will also be completing the final 144000 placements from the remaining number (Rev6:9-11; 1Thess4:17) concurrent with 8th King developments. Thus as the 8th King completes, so will the Kingdom. It is like a gauge to know when the final Armageddon sequence is actually to develop as Revelation 8-11 must replicate parallel with Revelation 16 in route to divine war. God and Christ are just waiting for the 8th King globalized system to complete so they can take the whole thing out in one sovereign defiant world container of a final world government opposed to their rulership of earth.

But as you see, a whole lot of other things must take place first, for the Daniel 12 timing as Revelation8-11 replicates in final fulfillment.

Connecting Bethel Apostasy and UN NGO as Prophecy Continuum

Important to connect Bethel lawlessness and UN NGO to prophecy…

Since it is prophecy based, we can only try to explain the seemingly random lawlessness is actually connected to prophecy actually fulfilling now that leads to a judgment. And the judgment on JWs, like the Revelation microcosm “earth” is a foregleam of what will lead to the foretold final arrival of Christ and final judgment of the whole world.

This signal is something that will relate irreversibly to were this next ten years is headed as already outlined in the Daniel 12 initial fulfillment. No matter what some may say, as this lawlessness calls into question the ENTIRE JW ministry to some people, in spite of that a true and valid Messianic Kingdom warning did go forth as a UN first manifestation ALSO made a sovereign claim of developing world government, and it did unfold in 1914 as WW1 led to a resolution leading to that League of Nations presentation that a Kingdom proclamation of 1260 days did in fact also lead to prior to that first 8th King identification affirming.

NO WAY is all that just made up, even the globalist first unique first international governmental basis forum “image” appeared for the first time since Genesis 11 developments 4000 years ago, on the world scene. Thus do not be fooled, a League of Nations birthing of a world government as a globalist unique world power even in development is NOT insignificant, it is greatly significant also as to where that must lead in this fourth cycle of completion amidst another tribulation to birth a final 8th King world government.

We cannot let Bethel lawlessness and seemingly total invalidity of the historic whole make us lose sight of that hugely significant era in world history starting in 1914 as also a unique global war as if it means nothing a Kingdom proclamation, now world known to a great degree, also came forth. THAT is the foundational truth the Bethel “lawless one” is trying to undermine and is very successful at it, as also foretold.

A point is this is GUARANTEED to unfold to even an 8th King completion. And it is GUARANTEED the Messianic Kingdom and Kingdom of God overall WILL make also a competitive sovereign announcement that it WILL back as 8th King completion allows Armageddon to complete as finally a true global sovereign entity will be presented and stating world peace claims of it’s then fully operating world government. Until that actually occurs, Christ cannot arrive to conquer a rival 8th King who is simply now not a complete sovereignty.

And the point is what you may mail to JWs or congregations or email anonymously or however you may do it, it may be doubted and resisted as Bethel is the main example of this, BUT in time it will unfold the primary patterns as JWs go down organizationally and no Christ will arrive as expected, and in time many JWs MUST face reality or simply fail personally.


Thus a temple judgment reality will soon be undeniable.

The end will not arrive as JWs imagine, so in the ensuing years of Dan8:14, JWs must in time come to see something just is not right.

A world tribulatory financial global intrigue is the feature of tribulation starting as overall context as Daniel 11:42-43 is clearly world wealth prophecy going in 8th King systems control needed to successfully fuel this final phase.

Thus just those three events, and no “end” as JWs imagine amidst a Bethel guaranteed desolation from the 8th King planners and God’s requirement (Dan8:13) will in time become apparent to JWs something is terribly wrong.

And indeed it is, the ministry is not approved as per “1/3” symbolic profanations and effects of Revelation 8, JWs will as per first four guaranteed trumpets of alarm, be clued in by God in those being approved for final mission, that a JUDGMENT OF GOD is what is coming on JWs,. NOT a complete approval, only symbolic “five virgins” will come into final mission of bridal completion being announced as Kingdom completion announcement to form in the GUARANTEED divine recovery as God’s spirit returns and is poured out again on the “2/3” symbolic approved to form a new clarified final ministerial deployment progressively, however God may accomplish this y Christ – their aid will be required or JWs would stay as the “log” in that Zech3:2 fire of desolations.

From which the “smoke” of Revelation 9 “abyss” of temple judgment desolation comes from, as the judgment by that smoke symbol becomes instead world seen on JWs.

So anyway you choose to state it, or copy information, know that in time it will come true, and JWs cannot live in denial forever, and you have the prophecy as a framework to have truth as the upper and on now misled JWs. Being DFd from an org disassociated as a whole from God, is meaningless.

But it is good to understand God is not tossing all JW truth, the foundational cycle is valid up to second UN placement commentary valid after 1945 until a full 1990 default and GB led error has now rendered the ministry into that Revelation 8 condition of compromise. Do not let this GB and Bethel stumbling campaign make you think the whole prophecy is bunk, it is NOT, God is going to recover the ministry and clean it out upon the FOUNDATIONAL truth as JWs tracked Kingdom and 8th King developments side by side proving they will converge to Armageddon.

Since 1990 we lost that trajectory to convergence of BOTH Messianic Kingdom and 8th King COMPLETIONS leading to Armageddon over a final cycle that will repeat known prophecy in final form as Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12’s final fulfillment. We are not re-inventing the wheel, God is just putting it back on track to where it was already leading in 1914-1919 events until Bethel changed course and derailed the whole thing temporarily.

We just await a judgment of God, and a recovery amidst a world scene that will indeed change towards 8th King actual world government presentation over another tribulation cycle. Stating any of that basic progression can be useful for some now, but in time events will become undeniable to JWs, so in time your words by a prophecy pattern guaranteed, will come true so even a message rejected or doubted now, will become the truth later for some who may even doubt now, but in time can use your information to know it is not the end, it is in fact the beginning of the final cycle of prophecy and 8th King completing world events.

Just like 1914, a world tribulation and probably war will lad to an 8th King presentation, soon in final form, over a Daniel 12 timed progression to be made more and more known by even UN world news, as in time they must start to announce world government actual intent.

Jus pray to God to “open a door” with a strategy and He will inspire through Christ what to do as your warnings now are truly more important than you may think. When Bethel goes down, they will not let up, they will try to erase the whole truth, and that is why “the destroyer” is deployed in Revelation 9, not to conquer an uncompleted 8th King, but to open an abyss and perform a guaranteed recovery of this ministry AND a guaranteed period of deployment to full lead Revelation 9, into Revelation 10-11 because God’s Word cannot fail, and it is merely REPEATING!!

We are merely saying it all repeats. We are just updating UN meaning in Daniel 11:30-45 since 1990. We are not inventing a new faith or interpretation, it simply repeats upon the same world government principles of 1914-1919 League of Nations event following a Kingdom announcement, like that time, but now to final forms of both those opposing world governments in 8th King and Messianic Kingdom.

Appeal to God and He will aid your ministry as it must, God willing, merge into the final one to come from this development of prophetic replication being made known over some years, certainly not an instant “end”.

Keep studying and proving it to yourself in the basics, because a validation of what you will be saying is GUARANTEED to unfold all features in the coming repeating cycle. It already happened once, so we can know it must happen again to a completion!!

Of course the JW org desolation will be a HUGE sign of what is to follow in earnest as that judgment completes to an actual Dan8:14 “right condition” cleansing. We too will get great affirmations this is not imaginary or made up soon. EXPECT IT, we do not need to get caught like the JW org by the “thief in the night”, he is already running Bethel, but not all JWs know this of course, and that “arrival” will be a surprise in the judgment as foretold, and as it always does sneak in on some.

Pray, pray, pray deeply, keep building faith, it will not be late in it’s initial signal, even signaled by Bethel apostasy and lawlessness prior to activation of judgment. We have quite a mission to deploy from all this development, and we need to not let stumblers and stumbled ones lead us away from foundational Christina Kingdom related truth, AND the required exposure of the 8th King UN as prophecy of Daniel 11:30-45 leading to final UN placement as Daniel 12:11 repeats at the end of that coming cycle taking some years to get there.

Keep preparing sister, keep getting ready!

Daniel 12 Repeats to UN 4th Placement as Complete World Government 8th King

On Bethel Infiltration and Jehovah’s witnesses

On Bethel Infiltration and Jehovah’s witnesses


When was you aha moment?

The UN NGO. Which I searched the WTLib CD for “new world order” and saw the co-promotional evidence of an abruption of citations from 1991-2001, which basically quoted the George Bush Sr. UN 3rd placement statements (Dan11:31b). (Awake! 9/8/1991).

There is more to it than just the UN NGO. Then Bethel also retains the failed USSR fiction to cover up that 3rd UN placement significance, and prophecy at Daniel 11:30-45, which of course leads to a 4th and final UN placement at Daniel 11:45 – once one realizes King North is actually the 8th King that Bethel also conceals this whole time as a UN placement aid for the final cycle to lead to UN final placement as world government in the Dan11:42-45 phase.

Thus Bethel’s current fiction of Dan8:11-14 and Daniel 11:30-31, are actually their 1990 culminated “they will place the disgusting thing” (Dan11:31b) as UN accomplices as part of the “they” as “those leaving the holy covenant”. And that UN NGO dedication, co-promotion and cover-up is thus the actual 1990 incept “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13 that leads to a timed judgment of Dan8:14 soon, due to parallel Dan8:11-12 and Dan11:30-32a Bethel collusion and 8th King influence developments and events.

Thus the “library card” excuse is ridiculous as Bethel still covers for UN developmental final cycle activation, to leave JWs bewildered as it begins a multi-year final phase as Dan11:42-45, that they will sell to JWs as premature Dan11:44-45 “the end” sequence misapplied. Thus the Dan8:13-14 Bethel desolation for UN NGO, can be made to appear as something entirely different and out of sync with prophecy and the final globalization process which will just be starting “at that time” (WT 11/15/13 pg. 20, par. 17, directive #3).

Anonymouz can you start that on a new thread and elaborate in lamens terms? I think thats a landmine

You got that right. It is far bigger than realized how the JW current engineered theology can actually be used to cover up one expected Bethel desolation event, with an entirely different part of the prophetic expectation to hoax JWs worldwide for a couple years even.

In layman’s terms they are creating a purposeful Bethel financial and organizational coup-de-grace scenario that can actually be covered up with misapplied prophecy actually already positioned since 1958 and reinforced in 1999 in the Daniel 11 prophecy at Daniel 11:44 as expected next by JWs. Thus JWs are expecting an attack (like a self fulfilling prophecy), but it will not be at Daniel 11:44 point of globalization development when it occurs, it will be in Daniel 11:42-43 globalization financial intrigues that must precede Daniel 11:44 when we know the 8th King UN system is actually King North.

JWs are thus also being deluded with a premature “end of the world” expectation too boot.

The more one digs into the JW theology expectations, and today’s dubious GB centered developments of masterful subversions since 1976, the more this theory takes on very ominous aspects of reality. Of course one must take on the JW mindset like a profiler, and have enough understanding of JW theological deeply ingrained expectations, to know how this is being used now. To know it is purposeful is made apparent by the retention of WW2 and USSR errors in interpretation for now 22 years that are easily disqualified from any actual King North fulfillment. Meaning Bethel MUST be retaining this Daniel 11:44 set-up hoax on purpose. [1]

That 1990 had a 3rd UN manifestation after the cold war is of course even more suspect when Bethel says nothing about it’s implied significance and prophetic significance, and instead co-promoted global placement UN quotes of that “disgusting thing” stand as instead UN NGO, a needed collusion for UN objectives of that time, and after as we see.

When we know JWs previously tracked 2 UN placements as prophecy for 1919 (Rev13:11-15) and 1945 (Rev17:8-11) UN related manifestations, and now have severed a 3rd and 4th UN placement progression and awareness as a continuum in Dan11:30-45 since 1990, is of course even more suspect Bethel is in the grip of UN undercovers for now decades positioned for this diversion. And tat makes the whole 1976 GB development even more dubious as we put two and two together.

And the UN motive of concealment, is that the 1-2-3-4 UN progression is easy to see and ID, finished off as 3rd and 4th UN placements in Dan11:30-45 (3=Dan11:31b,  4=Dan11:45), is a sort of gauge and monitor to know a final cycle is needed (Dan11:42-45), and when 4th UN world government manifests some years into that final cycle as Dan11:44-45, it is basically Armageddon’s trigger event like 10 years into Dan11:42-45 cycle active.

I now avoid threads devoted to this because they devolve into “conspiracy theory” accusations, and now I have to stay low profile. As you know by mere logic, the implications are ENORMOUS, and I can tell you the more one maps it all out, the more certain it becomes the GB are all globalist intel, and so is much of Bethel. It is all a cover-up and lulling act to a “ground zero” financial event for Bethel, logical in te financial nature of Dan11:42-43 8th King finance and monetary, credit, globalization. When it actually hits it will signal not the end, but the BEGINNING of the final cycle, and it must connect to Daniel 12, and go on for a number of years as that cycle must culminate in a UN world government actuality after that tribulation is resolved (Matt24:29) in a massive world recovery as Dan8:25 “freedom from care” and 1Thess5:1-3 world “peace and security” are parallels to that recovery like ten years into tat final phase cycle.

And logically when it does hit, there will NOT be “the end” JWs expect, only the end of Bethel, and JWs would be thoroughly bewildered and stalled.

And thus that JW and world JW audience awareness is Bethel’s goal to subvert, and they have been successful at it for 22 years of Daniel 11:30-31b UN 3rd manifestation that is concealed from JWs as to it’s real significance in the 1-2-3-4 UN cycle culminating at 4th UN placement parallel of Dan11:45. Of course plainly available globalization process news and research also indicates a final cycle is needed, and that too they filter from JW awareness, and aid with an anti-web JW mindset.

Thus it is all adding up to a very strange overall picture for JWs.

Not many grasp this overall orchestration’s potential hugeness. But I think in at least theory, you understand what I am getting at.


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