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WW1 UNique and “Tribulation” Principle

WW1 Unique

hi jehovah’s witnesses…….. are you sure the great tribulation already happened in 1914-1919?
as you know, jesus warned about men coming along close to the end, and claiming he is already here……… matt 24;24….. 2 thess 2;2

WW1 was indeed a unique escalation of finance and industrial based war at global scales of globalist required planning.

That globalist world government also arose as the League of Nations as a Messianic Kingdom announcement deployed INTO that World War ALREADY in progress for 5 months is also beyond coincidence.

That the globalist Federal Reserve central banking system also was set up PERMANENTLY in late 1913, just in time to provide the basis of that WW1 massive globalist profit, is also very convenient. And the list goes on.

Like it or not the events commencing around 1914 have changed the course of man, set into motion globalizing cycles, and will be seen now and in retrospect as the point marking the end of Adamic mankind in it’s own history.

What WW1 has and will lead to will in time REQUIRE a final divine intervention, and THAT is what will befall all mankind and THAT is what people allow themselves to be distracted by, by things that are minutia to try to put off the inevitable final world judgment that JWs ALONE have been the stalwart messengers of the warning of.

God is true, Christ is true, God’s Word is true, it is man, like today’s Bethel, who corrupts the truth, yet all things written MUST take place and ALL of it will come true. So sinners casting stones at lawless Bethel, we will all in our own time also face judgment, the actual world situation has no changed, assigning blame does not change it, but at least we know why lawless Bethel tried to create doubt in it’s own hypocrisy, of the original 1914 warning that did arise in a unique period in human history of globalized warfare like no other time before it.,

Many things, not just JWs, mark 1914 as a unique period in world development starting. A final world war escalation, already called the “world war” “on terror” will affirm what world war actually is. The tribulation “womb” through which world government is born, the chaos from which the new world order comes forth, the “problem” which the globalist world government is the “solution”.

That is why world war is unique it ALWAYS has led to UN world government renditions in 1919, 1945 and 1990, and WILL have a final cycle upon it’s first pattern of 1914-1919, but to develop to FULL 8th King world government.