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National Versus Global Government

National Versus Global Government

Well we have to understand national power and transnational (globalized) power are totally different forms of government. In the natural evolution of human national power from tribes and dynasties we are now entering an international governmental final evolution, it’s a “natural” process to fully globalize. It is all logical, not “conspiracy” or what have you. Nations have governmental leaders who NEED more powerful guidance from greater sources of intelligence and understanding. Of course many, due to pride and power, will not transition smoothly to international power. So they will be removed, after given opportunity to go with the “new economy” in some cases.

Thus the US national power and UK national powers are already just the public presentation of national power guided by international intelligence, finance and military strategies from the trans-national technocrats. Meaning the US and UK ALREADY are governed by an international government who engineered the national versions everyone thinks is the real power, but it is all paid and placed national level “workers”. Even an Obama is merely a servant of international power elites with far more resources, understanding, intelligence and years of this construction to aid a quite natural and seemingly beneficial super-government in concept and in reality soon (like 10 years, plus/minus).

Meaning national power and international power require their own kinds of government, and international government must end up dominating the decision making process because they are simply more intelligent due to specialized understanding aided by more than 200 years of this precise understanding. The US Congress barely perceives the phenomenon, much less understands it.

Russia and China, the EU, US and other national levels are also already positioned for a transition to first an international globalized financial “solution”, and the worldwide debts which back the US Dollar is the lynchpin by which all other national finance systems are far far too late in hedging and insulting themselves against the inevitable absorption of their national sovereignty into the international component already designed and placed awaiting the “proper set of events” to use a David Rockefeller term, to give in to the process towards complete globalization.

Meaning China can have all the gold in the world, which they do not, but they do not have the international guns to keep it; It is TOO LATE for them.

Thus the well tuned and engineered fall of the US national regime, monetary and financial system and whole economy is NOT the fall of the US internationalist system, in fact the devaluation of the US Dollar underpinning the whole thing, will very handily require a globalized financial solution. The collapse is required to aid the transition in financial means first into the “new economic” system of power. One which the US and Brit elites have ready, have developed, and have positioned the national powers to accept. Recall, this globalization process is as natural as nationalization which preceded it, and logical in that men running nations have no time to run international systems composed of many nations requiring born-in specialized expertise and training, connections and appointment.

But as you can probably surmise, many national elites (and others) have grown accustomed to the “old economy” and the old power, and will not simply give away their very expensive sovereign autonomy to an international regime much more capable of global management than say a Congressman or member of Parliament. And very importantly, that national “sovereignty” is acquired by debt, so in effect it is already subject to internationalist creditor master system power. Within those national governments are individuals already aware of the transition to international power that is underway, and will align and pull along those nationalists who are ready to forego the past, for the inevitable international world government future. (In ALL forms of former national power, meaning even entertainment and academia will be internationalized for optimum future performance).

So as we see, national massive half a quadrillion in debt and unfunded liabilities, actually assists the international financial globalization process, and we can all plainly see experts in those fields of national level, are announcing the precarious dollar and debt inter-relationship and guaranteed decline (hence the soon to be astronomical value of gold in dollar terms). And that whole rug to be pulled out from under the world’s national powers feet, is based, in a big part, on the US national US Dollar underpinning at least at a third of all world currencies monetarily, and the debt scenario is in the internationalist creditor hands, so they control both ends of the spectrum, as everyone else focuses on their own national government soap opera; and national governments totally incapable of fixing the core “problem” which will simply lead to the internationalist “solution” in finance first, albeit in engineered planned form.

(Don’t get me wrong, it is not going to be easy, but it is also not the “end of the world”, merely a severe turbulence in the inevitable transition.)

The national government “blackhole” of actual wealth, in effect, is the mostly unseen conduit to international total power and control to vacuum out the national “old economy” wealth and assets well before the plunge (it is already gone folks), by illusional aid of papering it over with fiat currency and more debt, which of course also aids the transition to were it must lead, international financial power as a government of all national economies. (And that too is why Wall Street and the Federal Reserve run the government, because the government is the funnel by which the national pillage is carried out for a decade prior to the full effects being even beginning to be truly felt; by then it is way too late of course.

In concept it is very simple to understand the basic formula and means of the legalized con game, it is like a leveraged buy out, except of whole nations through their national governments. (Many well known world financial experts like Catherine Austin Fitts have explained this part of the process in far more detail than conceptual, with former governmental national positions and experience to back up their information.)

Don’t get me wrong, this will take a good 7 to 10 years to really get it going in the proper direction towards a real international government in actual global power. They know it takes time. And that is were world war of some sort, in many arenas of conflict, not all “hot war”, will ALSO aid the transition to internationalist finance domination deploying the already present multi-national military domination used to “coerce” the national resistors, even if they are national “elites”, into subservience with everyone else, in time.

Financial control first, dictates food and fuel, by which everyone at national level can be controlled as well, not to mention housing and medicine, and other “cattle prods” to guide national transition worldwide.

That main internationalist military super-device is the Global NATO hub which even now is 5 times more powerful in total war potential than Iran, China, and Russia COMBINED. That means by “overwhelming application of superior power” to paraphrase Winston Churchill from WW2, Russia and China MUST in time give in to international Anglo-American core world government hegemony, for everyone’s “welfare”, including their own. 100 nukes going off will not be “the end of the world”, as it may very well get worse than that, but in fact such devices are produced in mass quantity since especially the end of the cold war to reduce the population burden and at the same time “start over” with cities that are now fully shelf-lived as a preparatory step for a new order of management. at the same time aid globalization of all national hold-outs by fear and reality.

And though it can be debated all this is prophetic, it is certain it is a worldwide natural evolution to an international scale governmental power level capable of making it through the next two decades, by internationalist models of planetary resource consumption, which can never see 8 billion people much less 10 billion or the oceanic protein basis of all human life on earth would simply collapse.

Meaning the “window of opportunity” is NOW.

Thus the choice is see 10 billion people starving to death, or simply euthanize 7 billion over a decade, after the coming decade of proper positioning, and start a new world society based on a more sustainable model, which requires constant monitoring and control of national powers as we know they are now the ones, as uncontrolled national entities, destroying the very basis of life’s sustainability on earth. That can NEVER be allowed again to get to this level of abuse and uncontrolled decisions. And that scenario has a 10 year window to do something about it, or the whole world will even be starving to death with even 8-9 billion people, because national management has no clue as to the long range effects the national cancers appetites are creating, plain as statistical day. They only care about short range benefit. And greed does not help the situation.

Thus within the decade you will see a fully operable human international scale world government after a world war places Russia and China into a subserviency many of their own international minded elites are already ready to accept, once the national minded obstacles are removed or persuaded to “go with the flow”. World war also serves the rationale of needed world government to resolve the conflict which is already built into the internationalist dominance of resources that even a Russia or China will fold into in time and war, because they lack the power to actually defeat an international Global NATO system already far more than double Russia and China’s combined power, and far better resourced above national limitations, and yet sustain their societies.

Can’t have both. And the internationalist system knows that. But if they give in to international power, they can at least have their societies back, albeit not as the rulers and dictators answering only to themselves as was the former case, but under internationalist authority as the main ruler.

When Russia and China are compared to US national military strength it seems like a fair fight, but when one looks at a Global NATO, it is like comparing Russia and China pit bulls against a 700 pound Global NATO Lion in his prime. There is no way on earth Russia and China can defeat Internationalist UN Global NATO, it is just a matter of time and a good pounding. And that required weakening is how all national powers will tumble into the international world governmental arrangement, whether voluntarily or pounded into submission. Russia is NOTHING compared to the full Global NATO network, and everyday, including in space. The Global NATO system is expanding and well post-911 positioned for twelve years for a final world war purge and submission cycle to usher in a far wiser and far more powerful international order.

And as we see, they do not plan to “end the world”, they plan to rule it forevermore. The “end of the world” thinking in most national masses merely aids the desperation that aids the transition to internationalist power. EVERYTHING on earth and in nations is working for the final evolution into international world power.

The engineered collapse of the US economic, monetary and financial system is the “shoe horn” to get all the nations into line for final world war, and eventual final alignment under a true global hegemon prepared to carry this out for 20 years if needed. But in fact it won’t take 10 to break China, Russia and the rest like national school boys versus the top heavy weight boxer of the world in Global NATO and the full extension of tat power system. It is already the biggest war machine the world has ever seen, and getting bigger daily, and applying new technologies people are scarcely aware of.

All we need is the US falter to lead to, be catalyzed by, and or be distracted by, some sort of world war or world terror event that must in time lead to a final world war (albeit as uniquely branded as the “global war on terror” itself a world war), that in time leads to a world government world peace resolution and the full end of the national sovereign independence as people have known it for a few centuries. The US Dollar is the keystone of a collapse well engineered and controllable to guide the national finance systems into a required globalized financial foundation to be aligned prior to world war events to better control national economies in the world war. These internationalists are NOT dummies or nationally blindered politicians of the fast approaching past.

(And they are not after “money”, they print it and digitize it out of thin air, they are after the hard assets and the whole world that that money has already bought them by control of the enormous national debts)

And it is not going to be “the end of the world”, in fact many people will transition just fine to the new order of things, though of course many will not. It will seem bad, but it must be transitioned in a controlled manner as the international world government does NOT want to undermine the whole process they depend on completing as smoothly as possible over some years, hence why it is controlled to absorb weak entities and remove once powerful obstacles systematically. They plan to RULE the world, why would they want to destroy it? So, it will merely be a transition to be well known over the next decade as national power evolves into internationalist hegemony, it is all quite logical and natural in man’s governmental process. The only thing “standing” in the way for now is national powers, but not for long.