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Governing Body and the Devil United in Purpose

 on one hand we have a jw who say that Satan was responsible for the 1975 teaching on the other hand we have the GB saying they were
Which do you beleive

Well if one joins the UN, then ultimately it serves the Dragon, so the GB and the Devil are basically the same entity in spirit. (Rev12-13)

Of course we Jehovah’s witneses may have a hard tme believing rather than the “12 apostles” being in the Governing Body, it is Satan and the demons as they serve the “seed of Satan” UN NGO, plain as day, hidden in plain sight, too big to see.

But it is what it is, the Baal priests of King North (8th King), like in Hosea’s day, are now running the JW “priesthood”, right from First Kings (demons/Nimrod; Gen6, 11) “Drive” .


Though it is hard to accept for us Jehovah’s witnesses, the “governing body” concept itself is not Biblical but corporate. That board of directors was specified in the WTBTS charter in the 1880’s.

It took time to assimilate the corporate “board of directors” into a Biblical entity, because even Russell and Rutherford did not consult with that “board” or “body” on ministerial direction:

“Pastor Russell, the president and the other officers of the Society had been the ones to decide on new publications; the board of directors, as a body, was not consulted.”;

(From “Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose” WTBTS; 1959; pg. 70, par. 4; (JWDP));


So contrary to the Bethel mythology now well rooted in the JW mind, there was not even a “governing body” at Bethel, much less Jerusalem, and thus is born the cell of “the lie” in today’s JW ministry:

(2 Thessalonians 2:11) So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie…

The truth is, the “governing body” concept is a lie. And from that lie permitted by God to develop in the at one time approved JW ministry, more lies were born, such as:

It’s ok to join the United Nations for required benefits, like a “lie-brary card”.

It’s ok to venerate men claiming to be apostles in today’s collective Bethel Pope “Governing Body”.

It’s ok to force fear and coercion and works of Bethel “deserved kindness” in place of “undeserved kindness”.

It’s ok to beat and shun weakened sheep.

It’s ok to claim infallibility and to judge one self “faithful and discreet”.

It’s ok, all good…

And of course the Governing Body assumed the dictatorial rule of Bethel in 1976, it is not the way the ministry was run from approved times. All the downward spiral can be traced back to the Governing Body placed above God and Christ and the “body of the Christ” in the JW ministry.

Now the Governing Body is the head of the congregation, merely spouting various “smooth word” (Dan11:32a) plausible deniabilities and pious claims to continue to lie to Jehovah’s witnesses and the whole ministerial audience.

In time that “governing” “body” is the instrument through which spiritual Israel was adjoined to the UN as UN NGO at it’s 3rd UN placement of 1990 as Daniel 11:31, as Bethel went into a decade long covert co-promotional campaign of the wildbeast 8th King.

So the JW ministry will soon be toast (Zech3:2), enroute to needed purification (Zech3:4-5), the inspection is complete; (Zech3:1-3), by way of temple judgment to be seen by all (Dan8:13-14; 1Pet4:17; Rev8:3-5).

The temple desolation of the JW worldwide org as Daniel 8:13 8th King “trampling”, from the entity Bethel has bedded down with, will be the ONLY way to now wake up Jehovah’s witnesses to the error of our ways; (Matt25:1-13; Dan9:1-19);