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Is The Governing Body Biblical or Divinely Appointed

“is jw leadership appointed by god ?/? ! ?” – JW leadership Biblical? 

No. The “body of the Christ” is the only divine entity identified in the Bible as Christian anointed.

The “governing” “body” is a fictional JW papal-like system; a collective “Pope”. Fred Franz condemned the “governing body” as a fraud synod, between the lines. (Gilead talk; 1975) That “body” is naturally “set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ”.

PDF “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”;

This is why the “Governing Body” adjoined JWs to the UN, at UN 3rd placement of 1990 as Daniel 11:31b, and covers up King North as 8th King henceforth.

The Bethel system is now UN NGO signaled for Matthew 24:15 judgment because JWs used to have a valid Kingdom proclaiming ministry now diverted.

Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

Now as the 8th King heads to world government as Daniel 11:45, JWs are not connecting the 3rd UN placement (Dan11:30-31) as a required continuum (Dan11:36b) that leads from 1990 to Armageddon a number of years after Daniel 11:42-45 activates enroute to 8th King world government soon.

Instead JWs are misled by the Bethel apostates that it is “the end”, but in fact it is just the beginning of the final prophetic cycle. The Bethel judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 begins the cycle as 1Peter4:17, as Revelation 8:2-5 replicating now upon JWs.

Instead, as stated, the UN will require the ten years or so after that Bethel downfall to complete that world government now in progress as the “New World Order”:

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

The modern JW “leadership” is the final version of the “man of lawlessness” because they divert the last point of Kingdom truth into UN NGO and other error to aid that final 8th King world government formation. The “operation of error” of 2Thess2:10-11; Zech3:3;