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What if 1914 is WRONG?

Case scenario: If you are a JW and found that 607 bce is a false date, WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you continue to agree with the Watchtower or do you change your beliefs to reflect that? If you possess moral fibers in your brain, what do you do?

The 607 BCE date only establishes, or not, the validity of Daniel 4.

An invalid 1914 dating from Daniel 4 calculations, does not change the FACT a Kingdom ministry, deployed into a WW1 tribulation that resolved into an 8th King League of Nations foundation globalist world government presentation.

No amount of error can change the FACT the Messianic Kingdom AND the globalist forming world government 8th Kingdom, BOTH made a claim to sovereign rulership of planet Earth.

And NOTHING can remove the fact that 8th King globalized world government will complete, and it will mean war, universal and global war, with God’s Kingdom.

NOTHING can change that truth of Revelation 19:11-21.

So really, 1914 and Daniel 4’s validity is not the whole can of worms, it ALL fulfilled according to far more significant prophecy in Daniel 12:7, 11, and Revelation 13:11-15, that are not dependent on any dates to affirm.

At times that is what people sometimes try to escape with the 1914 dating, but in fact it is no real escape from the other realities of that date that MUST culminate.

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

With the UN NGO alliance, Bethel and JWs have far more trouble than just the 8th King “trampling” coming up (Dan8:13) globally, God and Christ are also parties to the judgment. (Matt24:15 is the UN NGO modern signal).