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Bethel Record Main Source of Opposition

Bethel Record Main Source of Opposition

The real growth is in stumbled and disillusioned people and JWs. And not by “theological” reasons, but by Bethel scandals, unscriptural policies and questionable alliances (UN NGO). (Bethel’s actual “growth” could actually be a decline easily sold off with the baptismal rate, that is miniscule in context of the scale of the loss. Saying four times as many people are stumbled away from “the truth” is conservative. There may be more stumbled and disgusted people than there have ever been JWs since 1930.)

Thus the entire nature of “the opposition” has also shifted more and more to using Bethel’s lawless record to establish discredibility. In effect Bethel’s own merely denied lawless policy structure and dictatorial hierarchy is their own worst enemy. People are fleeing for good reason, Bethel is criminal by it’s own record, not “theology”.

Thus most people do not see this twenty year old transformation. (2Cor11:13-15) And in effect JWs and their critics are both subverted from comprehending what is really happening, Bethel is exposing themselves, by their own rules on “Christendom”, as the latest classic apostasy.

Bethel has a technique to divert this awareness of their own major apostasy. They shift focus to the opposition.

It is so ingenious to be beyond “accidental”. The transformation of the overall Bethel condition also shows intelligent design, rather than the surreal hypocrisy and stupidity they project as but another veneer to conceal the Biblical apostasy that always applies to the leadership in history, not the man on the street, or whipped and beaten sheep in the pews. It is Bethel itself that is the core apostasy among Jehovah’s witnesses.

Thus focus on others and projecting surreal stupidity aids concealing the development, and it’s gradual implementation is why it is not recognized by many.

To see the brilliance of the diversions and cover up is to indicate a design is at work, just as thorough as any organized religious brainwash on earth. It is now by it’s own descriptions a “part of Babylon the Great” and “rides the wildbeast” real-time as the latest “new girl on the street”.

It is just interesting how people are incensed about Bethel, but are not seeing Bethel is defining their own apostasy, by their own rules of apostasy in past cases, that forms in the “priesthood”, that is the big defection that occurred in Israel and organized institutional mainstream Christianity.

Bethel also has a theological fictionally applied framework to further conceal their downfall as “prophecy fulfilling”, but it won’t be the prophecy JWs are misled to believe will be fulfilling.

So Bethel to have all this, and a theological “self fulfilling prophecy” that can cover Bethel’s legal “desolation”, is showing design, an organized subversion. Now Bethel to go into heightened legal justice for various criminal policies in writing and practice, can be sold to JWs as “the world’s attack”, when it is actually Bethel’s own criminal activity that will aid Bethel’s legal problems of the future, that are merely state justice being applied to pedophile harborers and dictators of life and death commands that have affected human life and death in some cases.

(Bethel inquisitional overkill and capture of the JW conscience is how this kind of liability formed. Had they just let people’s own conscience dictate their own decisions, then Bethel would not have liability written into their policy “commands of men”. The disfellowshipping complex of overkill is what is Bethel’s own gallows).

It is as if Bethel has set-up and documented as policy that leg of their legal deconstruction. They are an overdue global target for many many lawsuits. In my opinion it will be in the context of major financial set-ups that will also aid the seizure of Bethel for legal reasons, not the “attack on Babylon the Great” that Bethel has set up to sell that downfall aided from within, to JWs a “prophecy is fulfilling brothers!”

Thus Bethel also has a well inculcated “prophetic” smokescreen in place as well.

It is Bethel, not the world, that is bringing its own self down, and they want to sell that to JWs in their well engineered “self fulfilling prophecy” by misapplied and fragmented “Bible prophecy” as the fault of someone else as a “persecution”, when in fact Bethel’s own criminal network is merely being prosecuted globally however that must unfold, FOR IT’S OWN CRIMINAL ACTIVITY.

Now a growing wave of public disgust with Bethel will also aid the set-up and fervor to see it all as legal justice from the national legal powers who clearly see the Bethel humpty dumpty set up on their own wall for accelerated deconstruction when the national debt condition starts to really unwind in more serious ways globally.

Bethel is a bowling pin and they set themselves at the head of the rack. The final diversion is selling that legal justice as “the attack of the Assyrian”. In Bethel’s case the “Assyrian” has every right to shut down that corporate criminal racket, it is not “persecution”, in Bethel’s case it is justice long overdue.

More on the Governing Body Myth

Yes, it appears Rutherford was correct that ALL religion is a snare and a racket. Once it gets “organized” it naturally devolves into a predatory money making system, such as Bethel and their UN NGO wildbeast riding escort service.

So there really is no true and false religion, there is observing the FAITH of Jesus Christ (Rev14:12) or not, trying or not, and it is not a human being who can even determine his own status, much less that of others. Undeserved kindness would be the ONLY guarantee, and that would require the faith of Jesus towards God and him, and in his actuality as the truth.

Now Bethel is just another Christendom organized racket, hidden under an anointed Christian veneer. But beneath it is the very same thing the organized churches are, hierarchy, infallibility, inquisition, organizational idolatry, idolatry of traditions, confession, excommunication. It is all there in the JW “religion” competing with undeserved kindness as the org and it’s Sanhedrin are now the intermediaries of the faith, and all that in just 40 short years of the collective Pope Governing Body tenure.

Now JWs have faith in other things, imperfect human and manmade. The GB itslf is pure fiction, now a lie, the base core guidance center is essentially falsehood. How can anything with a lie as it’s basis prosper spiritually. They think God can’t tell there is no such thing as a dictatorship known as the “governing body” in the Bible? If so it was the Sanhedrin, not an emergency one-time council to referee the circumcision issue.

They DEBURDENED the system:

(Acts 15:19-20) Hence my decision is not to trouble those from the nations who are turning to God, 20 but to write them to abstain from things polluted by idols and from fornication and from what is strangled and from blood.

(Acts 15:28-29) For the holy spirit and we ourselves have favored adding no further burden to you, except these necessary things, 29 to keep abstaining from things sacrificed to idols and from blood and from things strangled and from fornication. If you carefully keep yourselves from these things, you will prosper. Good health to you!”

Instead Bethel turns more people AWAY from God then there are even total Jehovah’s witnesses, it is a statistic verified by Bethel’s own numbers. It could be worse. There measly 1-3% “growth” rate could indeed even be negative 1-3% and no one could tell.

And the BURDEN anyone who buys them as a “divine council” in their own Apostolic succession (WT 7/15/13), the system is just a modified papal administration, under a veneer of the past JW faith of pre 1950.

How are they in any way related to that council? JAMES made the final call, not a “governing body” the whole place including the congregation was involved in the ensuing developments. Apostles were apostles, older men were older men, all were in the congregation, there simply is no “governing body” to be retrofitted to a corporate “board of directors” later, for that is all the GB is, a secular, human invented council. It is not divine, it is not Biblical, and it’s only prophecy it fulfills is apostasy and lawlessness.

So I say all this because most of it is plain as day, it is logical. The Bethel leaders are anti-christ in what is really operating in that religion. And having claimed to see, but be blind, it’s hypocrisy tops everything since the Sanhedrin. And if it had has the truth it claims it does, the truth is God does bring calamity on purposeful hypocrites, so that truth should become evident as a test of truth and justice. Bethel too will have to in time reap what it has sown. Just as Jeremiah and Paul warned Jerusalem in their respective days.

Now that, according to public record, like organized Christendom endorsing the League and UN themselves and Bethel doing their UN NGO version at UN 1990 of the same milestone of endorsing the rival “8th King” to be, ALL organized Christian claimant religion is basically on the fence, preaching the ka-ching ka-chingdom of God, but endorsing the “new world order”, just in case.

A person is better off just staying at home and reading the Bible and hopefully keeping faith God and Jesus Christ as a goal, the whole thing is lost now as far as organized religion’s predominant Christian institutions. This is in my opinion based on the basic rules in the Bible I thought “Christianity” was supposed to uphold. I KNOW Jesus Christ did uphold the principles of the faith in God’s sovereign right he died proving.