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What if 1914 is WRONG?

Case scenario: If you are a JW and found that 607 bce is a false date, WHAT DO YOU DO? Do you continue to agree with the Watchtower or do you change your beliefs to reflect that? If you possess moral fibers in your brain, what do you do?

The 607 BCE date only establishes, or not, the validity of Daniel 4.

An invalid 1914 dating from Daniel 4 calculations, does not change the FACT a Kingdom ministry, deployed into a WW1 tribulation that resolved into an 8th King League of Nations foundation globalist world government presentation.

No amount of error can change the FACT the Messianic Kingdom AND the globalist forming world government 8th Kingdom, BOTH made a claim to sovereign rulership of planet Earth.

And NOTHING can remove the fact that 8th King globalized world government will complete, and it will mean war, universal and global war, with God’s Kingdom.

NOTHING can change that truth of Revelation 19:11-21.

So really, 1914 and Daniel 4’s validity is not the whole can of worms, it ALL fulfilled according to far more significant prophecy in Daniel 12:7, 11, and Revelation 13:11-15, that are not dependent on any dates to affirm.

At times that is what people sometimes try to escape with the 1914 dating, but in fact it is no real escape from the other realities of that date that MUST culminate.

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

With the UN NGO alliance, Bethel and JWs have far more trouble than just the 8th King “trampling” coming up (Dan8:13) globally, God and Christ are also parties to the judgment. (Matt24:15 is the UN NGO modern signal).

Was Joseph Rutherford involved in the “new world order”, was Charles Russell “illuminati”?

According to Rutherford, all his progeny in the WT, would have gods guidance, Just as he had the benefit of when he predicted the end in 1914.
Now some unkind Cruel people have suggested that Rutherford was a deluded power hungry self serving liar and a drunk,
I am of course in no position to know if this is correct. There have been many such Characters in history who have led mankind astray. He could have been the devil in disguise.
But the proof on the pudding is …….. all his prediction where correct Right. Eh OH

Was Joseph Rutherford involved in the “new world order”, was Charles Russell “illuminati”?

Rutherford Exposed the League of Nations and UN as Prophecy

We know Rutherford was a true Brother because no globalist would lead the way to expose the UN and “new world order” as the 8th King of Revelation for what turned out to be 2 of the 4 UN placements in Bible prophecy. 1919; Rev11:13-15 as Dan12:11; 1945 (Knorr) as Rev17:8-11; Rutherford’s stalwart faithful momentum and true Christian protective tenacity ensured BOTH of the first two UN placements were properly expounded by Jehovah’s witnesses as prophecy fulfilling. The 3rd and 4th UN placements are in the Daniel 11:30-45 sequence now covered up with a USSR King North fiction by Bethel.

It was after Rutherford that Bethel and JWs lost the UN tracking assignment that actually parallels the now defunct JW Kingdom ministry.

This occurred as the Knorr an Fred Franz condemned “Governing Body” took dictatorial power in 1976. The GB was the central cell of factional control enabled by anointed defection that led to today’s completely compromised Bethel system of error; (Dan11:30-32; 2Thess2:3-4; Zech3:1-3);

By the time the 1990 3rd UN placement took place as Daniel 11:31b of the 8th King/King North sequence of Daniel 11:30-45, Bethel joined the UN as UN NGO rather than expose the prophecy and King North as their 8th King pals. What more red flags do we really need? More have come in the meantime.

And from that foretold apostasy at Bethel the 3rd and 4th UN placements of Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 11:45 as an unbroken continuum (Dan11:36) was subverted. And that truth is still subverted as JWs have no recognizable spiritual leader and the GB places itself as Christ’s replacement as head of the Christian anointed congregation.

Modern JWs have dropped the early Christian anointed Kingdom torch that Russell, Rutherford handed us, and now even follow mere men as superfine apostles in the gradually defective GB; (2Cor11:13-15). The 1930s and 1950s Jehovah’s witnesses are nothing like today’s JWs misled by the apostate UN aiding Bethel 8th King rogues in the Governing Body and background compromised WTS. It all indicates a tribulatory judgment is coming on JWs first (1Pet4:17), to remove the “operation of error”, rather than the terminal “end of the world” as JWs are taught to cover-up the temple desolation (Dan8:13-14), with the Bethel illusion of an “attack on Babylon the Great brothers!”.

JWs are now setup for a fall and the judgment of Daniel 8:13-14. That judgment is the first “trampling”  from the 8th King Bethel serves and is timed for future verification from the smoke (Rev8-9 repeats) of the JW judgment.

Once Upon a Time JWs Tracked UN Prophecy Properly
Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost


Was Russell and Rutherford “Illuminati”?

FYI All,

May we learn from the overall error of this apostasy hidden in the details, but now the whole framework of Bethel. Plus may we see basic principles of God building valid layers of truth amidst errors we will make as it opens further.

(Daniel 9:13) Just as it is written in the law of Moses, all this calamity—it has come upon us, and we have not softened the face of Jehovah our God by turning back from our error and by showing insight into your trueness.

(Daniel 9:4-6) “Ah Jehovah the [true] God, the great One and the fear-inspiring One, keeping the covenant and the loving-kindness to those loving him and to those keeping his commandments, 5 we have sinned and done wrong and acted wickedly and rebelled; and there has been a turning aside from your commandments and from your judicial decisions. 6 And we have not listened to your servants the prophets, who have spoken in your name to our kings, our princes and our forefathers and to all the people of the land.

(Daniel 9:8-9) “O Jehovah, to us belongs the shame of face, to our kings, to our princes and to our forefathers, because we have sinned against you. 9 To Jehovah our God belong the mercies and the acts of forgiveness, for we have rebelled against him.

(Daniel 9:11) And all those of Israel have overstepped your law, and there has been a turning aside by not obeying your voice, so that you poured out upon us the curse and the sworn oath that is written in the law of Moses the servant of the [true] God, for we have sinned against Him.

(Daniel 9:15-16) “And now, O Jehovah our God, you who brought your people out from the land of Egypt by a strong hand and proceeded to make a name for yourself as at this day, we have sinned, we have acted wickedly. 16 O Jehovah, according to all your acts of righteousness, please, may your anger and your rage turn back from your city Jerusalem, your holy mountain; for, because of our sins and because of the errors of our forefathers, Jerusalem and your people are an object of reproach to all those round about us.

It’s an old repeating principle, as is everything else in this final period too:

(1 Kings 8:46-47) “In case they sin against you (for there is no man that does not sin), and you have to be incensed at them and abandon them to the enemy, and their captors actually carry them off captive to the land of the enemy distant or nearby; 47 and they indeed come to their senses in the land where they have been carried off captive, and they actually return and make request to you for favor in the land of their captors, saying, ‘We have sinned and erred, we have acted wickedly’;

(1 Corinthians 10:12-13) Consequently let him that thinks he is standing beware that he does not fall. 13 No temptation has taken you except what is common to men. But God is faithful, and he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear, but along with the temptation he will also make the way out in order for you to be able to endure it.

In reality Russell’s passing, however it may have actually transpired (as two ministerial system “presidents” died in a hot world war period in Russell and Rutherford, not coincidentally (including Fred Franz 1992, cold war, making three), followed into it, or leading into by intrigues of org attempted compromise in all cases), opened a door out of the fact Russell got the most important basics in line (by God’s aid by Bible study), which are actually very deep insights to see from Christendom error, but of course most of his prophecy of Revelation was premature and mostly wrong as can be expected trying to foresee a globalist global empire before it manifested, even now obscured to many.

Meaning Rutherford era (especially the foretold 1919-1926 insights, onward) truly was massive harmonization out of certain errors of the Russell era that very well could have set like the concrete of tradition. Instead from Rutherford’s (by God’s aid and anointed body help) updating and insightful books, started including exposé’s of prophecy in relation to governments, big business, big money and big religion, to their face, right in their capital cities, in “light” of a first prophetic “abyss” “opening” of enlightenment (Rev8:5 lightnings), amidst a judgment “smoke” beginning to be seen worldwide on all of Christendom and BTG, but also primarily applied to the valid Christian ministry “re-birth” into the modern era by a judgment of anointed. That all really took some great God given, Russell and others since even Reformation times, insights further, as God filtered out error, amidst error, for truly miraculous hidden insights actually being foundational.

Of course the basic IDing of Babylon error (by it’s “DNA”) in the churches and false religions was a great aid to lump sum rejecting the whole Christendom and BTG bag, in one fell swoop. Yet Christendom was just then merging into BTG as a “God’s house” judgment included them in God’s house formerly back to apostolic times, hence apostatizing into BTG officially recognized was also a milestone, now it was all in one rejected “bag”, truly. Now that was Daniel 12 aiding, and Malachi 3 meaning, official, and that distinct judgment cut-off of 1918-1922 is important.

For example, even in the 1945 era error concerning Daniel 11:30-31 interpretation, “those leaving the holy covenant” cannot be Christendom who long since already left. They could not be “leaving the covenant” as a real-time progress as per the wording, they already “left”, past tense, “the holy covenant”, made official by signal UN endorsements in 1919 as League of Nations. And subsequent as an already apostate state as UN endorsement in 1945. Thus neither can Christendom be Daniel 11:32a “led into” an “apostasy” they were already in for decades official, centuries in the actual prelude to that judgment.

It can only apply to anointed Christian Jehovah’s witnesses “leaving”, as completely present in periods leading up to the 1990 UN 3rd placement, and now Bethel endorsement of the UN as UN NGO, mirroring Christendom’s League of Nations and UN endorsements, now all was lost as far as Kingdom and 8th King tracking modern validity. Only Bethel can be “led into apostasy”, as the only Christian claimant form not yet apostate over that progressive (Dan8:12) time period.

And budding Fred Franz (from 1913/1914 times) further harmonized all that preview era of the initial Kingdom birth, and temple foundation phase preview – as Knorr refined the innovative organizational aspects to fully functional worldwide (by aid of course of God, and all JWs and “secret disciples” who contributed resources as well). While Christ may have been a perfectly cut “stone” delivered to the “job site”, “tooled”, “quarried”, external to it (1King6:7), like in Solomon’s pattern, God had to “set” that “stone” as foundation, although “it” was present before that official event of heaven. (And why in that state of no foundation or completion, Paul call’s it a “tent” first, by divine inspiration as it was in that state at Christ’s first priestly offering of himself, in heaven);

(Hebrews 8:1-2) Now as to the things being discussed this is the main point: We have such a high priest as this, and he has sat down at the right hand of the throne of the Majesty in the heavens, 2 a public servant of the holy place and of the true tent, which Jehovah put up, and not man.

(Hebrews 9:8-9) Thus the holy spirit makes it plain that the way into the holy place had not yet been made manifest while the first tent was standing. 9 This very [tent] is an illustration for the appointed time that is now here(Hebrews 9:11-12) However, when Christ came as a high priest of the good things that have come to pass, through the greater and more perfect tent not made with hands, that is, not of this creation, 12 he entered, no, not with the blood of goats and of young bulls, but with his own blood, once for all time into the holy place and obtained an everlasting deliverance [for us].

(And why “temple” is the term in Revelation denoting completed state); Hence why: (Revelation 15:5-6) And after these things I saw, and the sanctuary of the tent of the witness was opened in heaven, 6 and the seven angels with the seven plagues emerged from the sanctuary, clothed with clean, bright linen and girded about their breasts with golden girdles. Pertains to event leading to temple completion, hence “tent” is the incomplete state as the seven angels deploy);

And as per Revelation 21:14…,

(Revelation 21:14) The wall of the city also had twelve foundation stones, and on them the twelve names of the twelve apostles of the Lamb.

…there was probably also a living birth of the core apostles shortly after the Christ “foundation” event, and that led to the overall foundation set by God, as he performs work in the Christ master pattern, that Christ aids in “gathering” as a temple “master worker” in principle as well – yet God set’s the foundations and the crowning completion “stone” when that time arrives. Christ aids all the “body” of that temple work. The “woman” of God births what God must Father. Christ is brother to anointed, as in the same child of God, Son of God “foundational” pattern. (Yet Christ will be Eternal Father to human born of his “woman” as perfect earthlings after transformation, upon a similar pattern completing on earth.)

A point amidst the piles of more error tan accuracy, God by Christ has yet patiently IDd Kingdom priority first as the means in Kinged Christ (of God’s Kingdom first; Rev12:1 – hence a heavenly appointed sovereignty not yet fully on Earth, but over “all authority in heaven” first), to “birth” the “male child” Messianic entity as means of His Name’s sanctification and will being done eventually on all earth and universal “heavens” in addition to the non-physical “as in heaven”, that must have had a truly living form in at least 12 apostles (Rev21:14) born as the target of Dragon “devouring”, at that time shortly following the Christ “crown” symbol (Rev12:1), as King of God’s Kingdom Michael denoting heavenly things, that preceded Messianic Kingdom birth. A Kingdom “woman” bore a Kingdom “child”. That Christ kingship leads to also a full Messianic King-Priest coronation and finality of completion.

We got all the parallel identical meanings of Messianic Kingdom, Temple, Court, Holy City, Bridal meanings in that Kingdom 144000 “male child” “body” of a complete Christ Bride, a second “woman” – and no doubt Christ “marries” a WHOLE “woman”, all 144000, not a partial. Fully “prepared herself” and adorned by God in final preparations for Psalm 45 reality.

We got the position clarified of God, His name Jehovah, his Son, the Michael heavenly pre-existence and continuing heavenly, now super-arch-angelic “Might God” meanings. We got the enemy systems and Satan’s positions over them as him, demons, heavenly governments (Eph6:12), as seven headed Dragon master pattern of two wildbeast’s in that pattern completing the Daniel sovereign foundation, to even Rev13:11-15 and Rev17:12-17 globalist meanings as a required parallel rival development.

We got Babylon the Great firmly IDd back to Genesis 11 in religious aspect. We can now see Babylon “head of Gold” as a masculine implied “immense image” cerebral guiding system also related to world government’s first attempt at Genesis 11. We got the meaning of the “seven times” decree, it’s 2520 year length, the defining removal of Davidic kings in the Jerusalem judgment of 607 BCE, it’s import now to connect to 1914 and a symbolic “holy city” trampling continuing as 2520 days in far more intimate fashion leading to Messianic Kingdom fully spiritualized completion from last earthly members.

That “seven times” insight is amazing from God. The whole preview of revelation’s first fulfillment is also amazing, it guides the final one’s meaning in also intimate detail regarding Messianic Kingdom “body” and global applicability of a globalized 8th King far beyond national or national bloc meanings, even beyond UN “image” nucleus meaning ID as a great clue of now what all Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11 was leading to.

We got the Daniel 12 triple timed periods underlying the revelation “seven” gauging trumpets and plagues, even if in 1914 somewhat shuffled manifestation, it will now be in final fulfillment in sequence. We have a whole continuum of timing, meaning, 8th King, God’s Kingdom, and Messianic Kingdom that truly did blow wide open into full “light” in the initial Daniel 12:11 and 12:12 1919-192 and 1922-1926 periods as brothers spearheaded by JF Rutherford by God and Christ’s guiding clarification, explained it on to 1945 second UN and after for a while as Fred Franz spearhead, finished Revelation and in good intent tried to complete Daniel 8 and 11. And again, like 1914 and 1919, 1990 and 3rd UN placement updated the former Franz attempts at Daniel 8 and 11:27-45;

After IDing UN as Rev17:8-11, and completing a whole Revelation commentary in two parts 1963-1969, that first wave of foundational truth was complete. Hence we had a whole sovereign rival parallel to be elucidated further as a globalization basis of world government, and in fact God could allow a budding apostasy to mature, to ID the interim.

We got all the base symbology of the “pure languages” spiritual form of divine communication. We got basic “earth”, “productive land”, “tree”, “river”, “sea”, “mountain”, “hills”, “air”, “city”, “sun”, “moon” and “stars”, “clouds”, “light”, “night”, “horse”, “mule”, “lion”, “bird”, “birds”, “sword”, “bow”, “stone” and “man” and “woman” symbologies to aid understanding clear meanings hidden in prophecy when applied to past and present and future developments.

We got the meanings of numbers like 2, 3, 4, 6 and 7, 10 and 12 and 24. We know “days” as days at times “days” as years, and years in groupings like “time, times and half a time” and “seven times”, “weeks” of years, and so on. We know “leaven”, “wormwood”, “trampling”, “robes”, “crown”, “throne” meanings. We can distinguish God’s Kingdom and Messianic Kingdom. We know the hierarchy and systemic “death ruled as king” of the Adamic foundation. We got the whole earthly purpose of restoration, by heavenly means. We have sovereignty issue clearly IDd.

We know what “Abraham”, “Isaac” and “Jacob” mean. What “David” means, what all the prophets picture.

We got all kinds of “kingdom”, “temple”, “court”, “day”, “blood”, “body”, “sacrifice”, “heaven”, “heavens”, “baptism” and many other meanings base import. We got a clear understanding of repeating principles IDing these things in multiple fulfillments from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses to Israel to Jerusalem to Christianity, making the KEY transitions judgment MARKED periods focused on covenantal upgrades and harmony made understandable. We got the whole theme, the whole sovereign parallel, the whole main issues, the entire framework as initial meanings, the whole import and trajectory to Armageddon. And that allows seeing the final cycle, before it begins in it’s major meanings, based on this foundational truth.

Understanding of earthly final objectives of re-creation and restoration, as why a heavenly Kingdom Messianic with “Kingdom come” and “come down to earth” purposes, is also important. It is also why those impeding a final healing work of earth also come into conflict with a Kingdom war of God for the earth, to carry out the goal of that Kingdom overall, and it’s Messianic Kingdom agency with man’s salvation totality into perfection as the objective and purpose that must be met. This releases many from the Christendom heaven carrot dead-ends of uncompleted meaning.

We got the Daniel 8:14 and Dan12 timing. We got the Revelation “sevens” of seals, trumpets and plagues meaning. and “earthquake”. We know more communicative meanings are alive in prophecy, and we have former workers who showed by example how to read the Bible in this way in light of live developments in the world and ministry.

We got clear covenantal clarification of a continuum of a number of covenants from Edenic, Abrahamic converging to Mosaic, redefined in “new covenant”, enabling legal “Kingdom” covenant. We got clear priestly understanding and new covenant and Messianic Kingdom covenant details, and Christ personal covenant with God for that Kingdom and lead-in heavenly sovereign appointment to complete tat Messianic agency.

In fact by all these insights of things that repeat and have greatest meaning, even the “lawless one” and the “apostasy” are now understood, at least by a few, as also required, and connected to more events and prophecy guaranteed to activate a final cycle. In an ironic way, even the “lawless one” is good news, because a judgment is what it means and a guaranteed connectivity to more prophecy activating is also what it will lead to.

That Bethel malaise, subtle but now mature “operation of error” and “the lie” cannot undo, what we did receive, in fact by faith it ADDS to the validity go figure!

Frankly, given the enormity of early IBSA/JW work by Christ for God, geeeeez, it really is a no brainer to simply state it all repeats once we are shown it, all we do is plug in the current 8th King contender status, convergent climax meaning (Dan2,7,8,11, Rev13, 17) and developmental condition, update the apostate collusion and impostor operations with 8th King goals an objectives significance, and EVERYTHING else explains itself on the foundation of truth we have received.

It is not a lie we are “Jehovah’s witnesses”. Just as foretold, incomplete and now “befouled” as well;

Of course we received a lot more than just this sampling for core truths that allowed us to understand prophetic “communications” by a language “encoded” into the Word. The whole thing was slowly tied together amidst far more errors than things we got correct from God, yet it was all tied together – hence why MOL wants to try to jackhammer, weaken, undermine and betray this core foundational truth. It is an important all harmonizing initial understanding, we understand what Armageddon means and the whole Revelation and even now it’s replication of key parts. And a trek of final manifestations that must validate that replication in grandest fulfillment, final fulfillments for all time!

Now for the main point of recent world developments of general research expansion revealing various developmental features and ominous signals (like national debt global):

(Luke 21:25-28) “Also, there will be signs in sun and moon and stars, and on the earth anguish of nations, not knowing the way out because of the roaring of the sea and [its] agitation, 26 while men become faint out of fear and expectation of the things coming upon the inhabited earth; for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 27 And then they will see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory. 28 But as these things start to occur, raise yourselves erect and lift your heads up, because your deliverance is getting near.”

Notice the above is “signs” “in” functioning realities of those symbols (see Rev6:12-17 and so on), that portend this actual event:

(Matthew 24:29-31) “Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken. 30 And then the sign of the Son of man will appear in heaven, and then all the tribes of the earth will beat themselves in lamentation, and they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory. 31 And he will send forth his angels with a great trumpet sound, and they will gather his chosen ones together from the four winds, from one extremity of the heavens to their other extremity.

Thus Christendom as a certain form of “light” as far as societal delusions and influence has now “seen” and presented many details as a sign in itself. These details of a fleshly Israel focus of course are dangerously misleading as that “Israel” delusion can be used by that core elite system that actually can use that carrot to lead people to a UN world government counterfeit of God’s Kingdom and “Zion”, and make prophetic claims while fleshly national Israel intrigues are climaxing at the end of the cycle for a real deceptive finale of prophetic claims, applied to the decoy mimic 8th King system.

Why else would a “nation” like Israel, the size of like Maryland or Vermont, be in “limbo”, when it’s Zionist quasi-Israeli-elite caretakers in control of half the Anglo elite led national wealth system worldwide, quadrillions in hard wealth and illusional trillions upon trillions in contrived finance, could purchase and build from scratch 100 “Israel” as physical nations. They are many trillionaires in 8th King camps, why act as if Israel is struggling? In fact why is Israel seen to be struggling?

For the finale effects of doing just that, establishing an Israel “crown” and a Jerusalem “jewel” to “beautify” the final 8th King ascension for maximum effect of the one “religion”, really the core Babel original Satanism, of the “new world order”, while at the same time misleading the masses into an Israel based deceptive use of that UN nationalization into a globalized culmination to try to apply prophecy to themselves. Prophecy aided by Christendom cleric error fully since especially they endorsed the League of Nations as that core counterfeit in 1919.

Israel is potentially just a climax decoy. That rebuilt Jerusalem as a Roman City of Jupiter is just a replica, not even the real thing since indeed every stone was literally thrown down by the Romans after 70 CE, and but a tower and a small sampling of structures remained as a Roman garrison. Jerusalem isn’t even Jerusalem any more, but also a decoy, now an 8th King theme park of pinnacle errors and bloodshed.

And in world societal “stars” and “lights” of research, “conspiracy theory”, geo-politics and the like also an “emerging new world order” is bbeing explained in many parts with no reliable whole explanation. So like Christendom also presenting a piecemeal version of “truth”, we have researchers with actually many valid truths of elite global government, that never can seem to be tied together to summarize what it really means as a whole.

True, they see “signs” of big trouble coming, and in fact better explain globalization ramifications as the things administering that globalism, are the things that will rule it’s sector of globalized “power and authority”. We are seeing actual globalizing functioning parts of the 8th King world rulership system actually being explained in all forms of “power and authority”, but not valid prophecy, wile JWs have valid prophecy up to 1990, but do not explain globalization’s aspect of final “gathering”.

In effect all the “signs” can only be put together by the Daniel 11 climax, Daniel 12 repeat and Revelation replication of the repeating parts of that prophecy. And yet all the signs, even if only 10% true, are in such volumes even the world researchers and some politicians and experts know a global government is indeed actually in the making, and the core administrations multi-nationally and internationally crystallizing this globalization are the very technocratic and administrative elements at requires supra-national scales of operation that are 8th King parts, of a whole “scarlet wildbeast” to be far more than the sum of it’s parts when that completes it’s globalized form of administrative power in especially wealth/finance, government/regulatory, and military/technology global aspects of formerly national “power and authority”.

It is fulfilling prophecy that the “constellation” of world powers have exposure from a “constellation” of world sources pointing out aspects of globalizing world government, whether they intend to do so as many are trying, or not, knowledge of a “new world order” has hit this world since after 1990 like a global tidal wave of massive information with common themes amidst many guesses as well as in-depth historical records of banking/finance and elite guidance of the world system by that wealth control leading to government and military architecture and a globalizing “League of Naions” concept, nucleus and international “peace” forum, that actually will achieve it’s own definition of “peace and security”.

As helpful as all this research is, is as misleading is it’s many “conclusions”. And given BTG error reacting to division and prophetic error, Christendom Israel baiting and other UN supporting delusions, and now Bethel’s own confusions and misinformation, combined with a world storm of independent research worldwide in every aspect of financial, governmental, military, technological, communicative, environmental, academic, ideological etc, etc globalization developments and implications trying to be explained, we have a true state of world division in a sea of information OVERLOAD beyond all belief in global magnitude, in all kinds of forms, with all kinds of agendas, all kinds of groups and individuals, all kinds of guesses, all kinds of even valid insights, in a global historical context of known and hidden histories, genealogies, “nationalogies”, ideologies, cultures, sub-cultures, sub-cultures of sub-cluters, and so on and so forth, which overall division, aids 8th King final developments like NO OTHER TIME is all human history.

As literally thousands upon thousands of details of world developmental truths come forth, so do millions of errors to obscure the puzzle picture and it being “put together”. And the Bethel system is cracking apart the ONLY valid beginning of this puzzle and big picture. Thus it is the primary target now, and of what is coming, to fully erase a full summarization, by also removing the puzzle we have already put together in part based on demonstrated reliable prophecy for a century coming together properly.

It simply all adds up to the fact 8th King and Messianic Kingdom complete all aspects of world government simultaneously, including a final sovereign announcement of such completion in progress, and for the 8th King as it completes 1Thess5:1-3 as well. And it all converges to foretold Armageddon “great war of God the Almighty” phase, of an Armageddon national “gathering” globalization overall meaning (Rev16:13-16) of unified 8th King globalist completed sovereign affront to that Kingdom of God.

In the meantime, the global “house” is as divided as ever. And as we see many are taking the Bethel attempted cracks out to all kinds of conjecture and more compounding error as many former JWs even are led to abandon the foundation, and many some as claimant anointed. Thus a variety of opposers are found, purposeful, rebellious, misled, accidental, partly correct, etc, all kinds of things will further divide up JWs theological as also like NO OTHER TIME in Christian history so condensed into a critical final period.

Thus had it not been for GUARANTEED “Word of God” prophecy purposing a great recovery, we Jehovah’s witnesses, if God had just abandoned the project at final chapter of Adamic history, we would be DONE, no way would JWs just whip an enlightening solution out of the Bethel blackhole reversing almost 40 years of full Governing Body dictatorial override, and no doubt some decades of positioning such a purposeful internal subversion, now fully removing anointed “restraint” from the Bethel ministry for over twenty years. It is terminal, it is Daniel 8:23 “transgressors(s) acting to a completion”, it is mature, BUT it is not done with the greatest objective, to attempt to actually destroy the ministerial resource base fully and discontinue this ONLY valid framework from completing the summarization of the final cycle.

And no wonder they impeded the foundational truth pattern, because contained in it’s Daniel and Revelation structure and truth framework, time foundation, principle meanings, prophecy-become-world-history, etc, that all the prophets and sovereign principles align into foundationally, is also the final meaning ALREADY there and fully explained in it’s preview, highly important, totally valid fulfillment and it’s globally sent forth explanation of the first “two witnesses” “little scroll” sovereign meaning of that basic Messianic Kingdom, 8th King completing conflict.

Thus, believe it or not, a divine deliverance and a divine enlightening recovery will be necessary, required, certain, guaranteed, needed, to get the whole story out upon that now undermined attempt of foundational subversion and diverting of prophecy to aid 8th King developmental secrecy as regards fulfilling prophecy in Daniel 11:27-41 since 1990 as 3rd UN presented 8th King/King North culminating developments towards complete world government.

And this is because when they get the JW org down into that God permitted abyss of desolation, they want to keep the lid closed.

But someone has the “key”, a divine backed opening:

(Revelation 9:1-2) And the fifth angel blew his trumpet. And I saw a star that had fallen from heaven to the earth, and the key of the pit of the abyss was given him. 2 And he opened the pit of the abyss, and smoke ascended out of the pit as the smoke of a great furnace, and the sun was darkened, also the air, by the smoke of the pit.

And first a judgment of fraud anointed is made as priority and Matt25:1-13 paralell, distinguished later from “men” in general at Rev9:15:

(Revelation 9:3-4)
And out of the smoke (JW and world seen judgment meaning) locusts came forth upon the earth (into JW earth from anointed and others progressively enlightened into judged JWs “territory”); and authority was given them, the same authority as the scorpions of the earth have. (the precursor stings of truth of this exposé) 4 And they were told to harm no vegetation of the earth nor any green thing nor any tree, but only those men who do not have the seal of God on their foreheads.

We see it is not an immediate “kill” judgment by humans (angels are assigned), but an exposure of prophecy of judgment again (in trumpets and plagues again), as all of this is symbolic as well:

(Revelation 9:5-6) And it was granted the [locusts], not to kill them, but that these should be tormented five months (since it is a repeating prophecy, like 5 virgins determined twice in two judgments a “10” human completion state occurs in final fulfillment meaning), and the torment upon them was as torment by a scorpion when it strikes a man. 6 And in those days the men will seek death but will by no means find it, and they will desire to die but death keeps fleeing from them. (Same principles as first fulfillment, but different overall focus and meaning when extended from JW temple judgment);

As angels carry this out, and as in the “wheat” and the “weeds” and “a” “system of things”, not “the” “system of things ending” meaning of a Betel system of apostasy end, the “weeds” are “bound” and thus removed and fully limited.

(Matthew 13:37-43) In response he said: “The sower of the fine seed is the Son of man; 38 the field is the world; as for the fine seed, these are the sons of the kingdom; but the weeds are the sons of the wicked one, 39 and the enemy that sowed them is the Devil. The harvest is a conclusion of a system of things, and the reapers are angels. 40 Therefore, just as the weeds are collected and burned with fire, so it will (shows temple judgment is parallel in principles for world judgment later) be in the conclusion of the system of things. 41 The Son of man will send forth his angels, and they will collect out from his kingdom all things that cause stumbling and persons who are doing lawlessness (temple judgment), 42 and they will pitch them into the fiery furnace. (final judgment; Mal4:1) There is where [their] weeping and the gnashing of [their] teeth will be. 43 At that time (parallels to final judgment, 144000 completion final meaning) the righteous ones will shine as brightly as the sun in the kingdom of their Father. Let him that has ears listen.

That no “vegetation of the earth nor any green thing nor any tree” is now “harmed” by Revelation 9:4 post-purification time, is because the temple judgment of Revelation 8 already effected the needed purge here in Revelation 8 judgment desolation and purge meanings on those symbols of elements in JW “earth”, like this:

(Revelation 8:7) And the first one blew his trumpet. (overall temple “earth” meaning given first) And there occurred a hail and fire mingled with blood, and it was hurled to the (JW) earth; and a third of the earth was burned up, and a third of the trees was burned up, and all the green vegetation was burned up.

And in this concurrent and post “abyss”, post “evening” desolation ending period God goes after the rest of the “1/3” of the “men” that formerly hampered the foundational truth by apostasy led by defector anointed, and impostors as “arms that stand up” as 8th King guided in Daniel 11:30b-31a):

(Revelation 9:13-15) And the sixth angel blew his trumpet. And I heard one voice out of the horns of the golden altar that is before God 14 say to the sixth angel, who had the trumpet: “Untie the four angels that are bound at the great river Euphrates.” (symbol of global “peoples” as angelic global access now allowed) 15 And the four angels (foursquare world coverage) were untied, who have been prepared for the hour and day and month and year, (the temple desolation conclusion appointed time as “evening” phase turns to “morning” of recovery and enlightenment) to kill a third of the men. (Now the general JW “earth” system “men”).

Which is this divine action in stealth means, not the end, but the temple actual purifications:

(Isaiah 66:6) There is a sound of uproar out of the city, a sound out of the temple! It is the sound of Jehovah repaying what is deserved to his enemies.

As this “evening” in that “abyss” of “darkness” of divine judgment and 8th King “trampling (Dan8:13) ends::

(Daniel 8:14) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

Re-affirmed as important phases of the temple judgment in greater meaning of darkness and enlightenment phases:

(Daniel 8:26) “And the thing seen concerning the evening and the morning, which has been said, it is true. And you, for your part, keep secret the vision, because it is yet for many days.”

Since Revelation 8 is a picture of a “1/3” profanation and compromise, it’s “all the green vegetation was burned up” is the weeds. By Revelation 9 time of purifications, this: “harm no vegetation of the earth”, is all wheat of the overall JW “earth” system symbology. Those Revelation 9symbols of post temple desolation and into purification conditions renders a cleansed JW “earth” and “trees” and “vegetation” as approved and recovering ministerial whole and it’s entities.

And that contrast of a judgment now finalizing purifications, after an abyss of evening darkness of judgment and desolations, is why “men who do not have the seal” and “1/3 of the men” are now pursued into the actual purifying events of removal. Revelation 8’s first four trumpets are announcement of overall judgment meanings paralleling first four plagues in certain key elements as JW “microcosm” “earth” principles also “rocking the nations” in a worldwide plagued context. Still not final judgment, but as the “ten virgins” got a wake up call, so does all planet earth to attempt a repentance prior to final judgment this is all leading to.

Thus the final three worldwide woes of trumpets 5, 6 (Rev9) and 7 (Rev10-11), are what is actually developing into a final alarm and subsequent world invading “locust” plague of final “good news”, like the 1919 patterns:

(Revelation 8:13) And I saw, and I heard an eagle flying in midheaven say with a loud voice: “Woe, woe, woe to those dwelling on the earth because of the rest of the trumpet blasts of the three angels who are about to blow their trumpets!”

Instead of preview Revelation 8 fulfillment:

*** re chap. 21 p. 129 Jehovah’s Plagues on Christendom ***

“Jehovah’s Plagues on Christendom”

This is Jehovah’s Revelation 8 “plagues” on JW “earth” system of Bethel apostasy, also heralded eventually by angel back trumpet alarms to JWs.

This is the “altar fire” symbol of the entire temple judgment:

(Revelation 8:1-6) And when he opened the seventh seal, a silence occurred in heaven for about a half hour. 2 And I saw the seven angels that stand before God, and seven trumpets were given them. 3 And another angel arrived and stood at the altar, having a golden incense vessel; and a large quantity of incense was given him to offer it with the prayers of all the holy ones upon the golden altar that was before the throne. 4 And the smoke of the incense ascended from the hand of the angel with the prayers of the holy ones before God. 5 But right away the angel took the incense vessel, and he filled it with some of the fire of the altar and hurled it to the earth. And thunders occurred and voices and lightnings and an earthquake. (of all Rev “earthquakes”, this alone is the temple judgment JW “earth” shaker, the rest apply to temple/Kingdom completion) 6 And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them.

” fire of the altar and hurled it to the earth” for “right condition” of purification completed:

(Daniel 8:13-14) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?” 14 So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition (of purifications, truth restoration).”

Purification by angelic aid:

(Zechariah 3:3-5) Now as for Joshua, he happened to be clothed in befouled garments and standing before the angel. 4 Then he answered and said to those (angels, not men) standing before him: “Remove the befouled garments from upon him.” And he went on to say to him: “See, I have caused your error to pass away from upon you, and there is a clothing of you with robes of state.” 5 At that I said: “Let them (angels) put a clean turban upon his head.” And they proceeded to put the clean turban upon his head and to clothe him with garments; and the angel of Jehovah was standing by.


(Malachi 3:1-4) “Look! I am sending my messenger, and he must clear up a way before me. And suddenly there will come to His temple the [true] Lord, whom you people are seeking, and the messenger of the covenant in whom you are delighting. Look! He will certainly come,” Jehovah of armies has said. 2 “But who will be putting up with the day of his coming, and who will be the one standing when he appears? For he will be like the fire of a refiner and like the lye of laundrymen. 3 And he must sit as a refiner and cleanser of silver and must cleanse the sons of Levi; and he must clarify them like gold and like silver, and they will certainly become to Jehovah people presenting a gift offering in righteousness. 4 And the gift offering of Judah and of Jerusalem will actually be gratifying to Jehovah, as in the days of long ago and as in the years of antiquity.


(Zechariah 3:2) Then [the angel of] Jehovah said to Satan: “Jehovah rebuke you, O Satan, yes, Jehovah rebuke you, he who is choosing Jerusalem! Is this one not a log snatched out of the fire?”

Pre-Commission Fire:

(Isaiah 6:6-8) At that, one of the seraphs flew to me, and in his hand there was a glowing coal that he had taken with tongs off the altar. 7 And he proceeded to touch my mouth and to say: “Look! This has touched your lips, and your error has departed and your sin itself is atoned for.” 8 And I began to hear the voice of Jehovah saying: “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?” (Parallels Zech3:6-7 ultimatum) And I proceeded to say: “Here I am! Send me.” (Isaiah pictures “Two Witnesses” anointed as the final cleansing purified vessels for final commission and redeployment as the “two prophets” of Rev11:10);

(Zechariah 3:6-7) And the angel of Jehovah began to bear witness to Joshua, saying: 7 “This is what Jehovah of armies has said, ‘If it is in my ways that you will walk, and if it is my obligation that you will keep, then also it will be you (parallels FDS as designate requiring mission completion, but judged as “faithful” for the task of Rev10-11) that will judge my house and also keep my courtyards; and I shall certainly give you free access among these who are standing by.’

Thus after Revelation 8:2-5 temple desolation for purification overview of the whole Daniel 8:13-14 temple judgment as 1Peter4:17, the first four trumpets (JW earth foursquare totality) announce the meaning and alarm significance for an “army” (Dan8:12 formerly subverted) of JW “locusts” to enter spiritual battle soon thereafter, in a clarified truthful deployment.

Revelation 8:6: “And the seven angels with the seven trumpets prepared to blow them.”


Thus all the preview “pure language” “linguistic” aids of this final divine “communication” from our progressively clarified past JW Christian and Christian development even back to the “Reformation” attempt to escape the Papacy, makes even now the meaning understood by aid of our past “language” and the pattern already having the judgment and proclamation meanings defined fully for us, now in a more JW focused temple.

So in effect it explains itself, once we are shown the JW applicability and requirement of also a judgment to precede full completions as a final fulfillment of all things, based on it’s well known to some preview.

Of course the more we know and appreciate of JW JW truth prior to subversions, in foundational meaning of Kingdom and 8th King progress to completion concurrent, the more we can see this even now as a final fulfillment foregleam in that initial meaning made known worldwide by IBSA and JW Christians once in good standing and foretold approval of God, to also be repeated GUARANTEED for the final witness of all Adamic time.

And no wonder “in the temple” is where the Bethel factional “1/3” enemy system, and the whole enemy GB “man of lawlessness” head system (Rev8:10-11) is located to try to cover all this up, raise doubt, introduce actions and policies of lawlessness to stumble many (Da11:41; Dan11:32-35) and darken a “1/3” of te overall JW ministry as per Rev8:12 – leading to another, but signal, final, temple judgment first.

Obviously the whole truth is yet to come forth updated as needed by this awareness and necessity of guaranteed prophecy and the impending Kingdom completion and final arrival of Christ to King-Priest Coronation by God Almighty (Zech6:9-15) as also the “crown stone” of the temple completion (Zech4:6-9);

(Zechariah 4:6-7) Accordingly he answered and said to me: “This is the word of Jehovah to Zerubbabel (whole anointed governance, not GB foreign “body”; High Priest Joshua pictures priestly symbol of anointed body, all as a whole, although God determines elements in the whole for His purpose, as a whole ), saying, ‘“Not by a military force, nor by power, but by my spirit,” Jehovah of armies has said. 7 Who are you, O great mountain? Before Zerubbabel [you will become] a level land. And he will certainly bring forth the headstone. There will be shoutings (Kingdom proclamations) to it: “(1 witness) How charming! (2 witness) How charming!”’”

All allusions to the 1260 days of the ministry in Revelation, like Rev11:2-3 and Revelation 12:6, 14, are noted twice in those texts in it’s respective ways also foregleaming two witnessings, hence actually TWO witnesses symbol meaning, stated here as plain as day:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy AGAIN with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

(Revelation 11:2-3) But as for the courtyard that is outside the temple [sanctuary], cast it clear out and do not measure it, because it has been given to the nations, and they will trample the holy city underfoot for (1) forty-two months. (tying to wildbeast trampling authority of Rev13:5; 42 months) 3 And I will cause my two witnesses to prophesy a (2) thousand two hundred and sixty days dressed in sackcloth.” 

(Revelation 12:6) And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, that they should feed her there a (1) thousand two hundred and sixty days.

(Revelation 12:14) But the two wings (two deliverances) of the great eagle (Christ) were given the woman, that she might fly into the wilderness to her place; there is where she is fed for a (2) time and times and half a time (tying explicitly to Daniel 7:25; 12:7 “times”) away from the face of the serpent.

In Final fulfillment, Rev12 “serpent” parallel to Satan cast from heaven, is Gog’s parallel “remotest parts of the north” arrival for final attack on that final Kingdom proclamation, in pre-abyss (Rev20:1-3) preparation for another “hurling” “down” into that abyss.

In any case it is all wrapping up over Daniel 8:13-14, Daniel 12, under Revelation 8-11 seven trumpets in sequence, approximate parallel to Revelation15-16 global plague context as seven plagues in order over that Daniel 12 timed periods. No doubt things will also get clearer as it actually is unfolding over some final years.

Talk to you all soon God willing.

Christian Anointed Lose Kingdom Focus and Nod Off (As Per Prophecy)

Christian Anointed Lose Kingdom Focus and Nod Off (As Per Prophecy)
Messianic Kingdom and 8th King Co-Development Made Certain

It is no accident that the Jehovah’s witnesses primary ministry began with a Kingdom of God proclamation (Matt24:14; Rev11:15), deploying into a world war tribulation (Dan12:1; WW1) that resolved into a League of Nation organizational presentation and it’s first “world peace” statement as a formative world government concept in 1914-1919. (Rev11:13-15; Dan12:11);

Messianic Kingdom and 8th King development was made parallel from the beginning of the ministry.

That was the primary issue of sovereignty, with BOTH sovereign contenders revealed AT THE SAME TIME, to be identified in the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry at that time the International Bible Students. (Rev8:8-9; Matt24:14);

The true sovereign issue was made emphatic as were both contenders of that sovereign completion. There was an expiration of the appointed time God would not interfere in the governmental affairs of man (Dan4; Luke 21:20), and eventually that further time of allowance (Rev11:2-3; Dan12:7) would result in a universal war for the sovereignty of this universe and planet earth. (Rev19:19-21; Dan21:31-45; Joel 3:9-17);

The meaning of Armageddon as a sovereign universal showdown (Rev20:1-3) was made emphatic and fully explained to be a climax event on planet Earth over the issue of world rulership. That used to the complete focus of Jehovah’s witnesses.

The Kingdom message itself (Rev10-11), has caused an interference with 8th King world government development.

The whole point of the Jehovah’s witnesses ministry was the inevitable conflict of Har-Magedon (Rev16:13-16), and the salvation to be extended in that final time period of the “end of the world” of the rival sovereigns.

The fact a Kingdom of God ministry made a proclamation at the same time as the 8th King designate (1919), as fully outlined and explained in prophecy (Rev10-11; Dan2, 12; Rev13, 17), shows that the Kingdom message of the Revelation 10-11 preview sovereign Kingdom “little scroll” was going to include not only the Messianic Kingdom issue, but the rival 8th King world government issue that was to be concurrent in development from a prophetic outline of guaranteed certainty.

In fact BOTH the Messianic Kingdom “birth” and the League of Nations “image of the wildbeast” 8th King designate made a parallel presentation and the very sovereign issue of who will rule planet earth was highlighted.

This focus of not just the Kingdom of God development (Rev12), but also the 8th King (Rev13, 17), was made clear in the Revelation 8 second trumpet meaning in initial fulfillment as explained by Jehovah’s witnesses. That initial fulfillment of Revelation 8-11 set a pattern to recognize the Messianic Kingdom issue would develop from “birth” concurrent with the 8th King also from it’s League of Nations birth. (Rev12); In fact the 8th King had two more Biblically foretold presentations, each after the world war of it’s period, in 1945 and 1990, including the global “Cold War”. (Dan11:29-31);

The initial Kingdom of God ministry deployed as an anointed Christian “little scroll” proclamation known as the “two witnesses” in a global ministerial preview (1914-1918) as a Kingdom invitation to all man, and a warning to all rivals, now well known by many people as it carried that Kingdom message into also World War 2 and into the United Nations presentation of that time – all made know live and real-time, concurrently. (Rev17:8-11);

Now the FACT the 8th King and the Messianic Kingdom were in prophetic and historical co-development had a second affirmation in 1945 that this parallel was in prophecy and in world history and IMPORTANT to understand and pay attention to constantly.

This initial Kingdom ministry truth of Messianic Kingdom and 8th Kingdom co-development and prophetic fulfillment should have been the unalterable focus of Christian anointed to further inherit the “two witnesses” theme of ministry in the ensuing years, it certainly was not all done and complete as far as either the Messianic Kingdom 144000 or the 8th King world government culmination. (Dan11:42-45; Rev17:11-18; Rev16:12-16);

None of that required sovereign completion and culmination occurred in the 20th century.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Nod Off

But now things have changed right in Jehovah’s witnesses’ ministry and loss of 8th King prophecy tracking is proof Jehovah’s witnesses have also become “lukewarm” concerning also Kingdom of God focus. By losing 8th King tracking as King North of Daniel 11:30-45 and the “King of Fierce Countenance” of Daniel 8:11-25, from “small horn” root Anglo globalists, Jehovah’s witnesses leadership refuses to converge all national meaning into final globalized world government 8th King (Rev17:12-17), beyond the “image” of that world government “wildbeast” in it’s ultimate form of coming completion. (Dan2, 8, 11, Rev13, 17);

This Kingdom of God focus of tracking prophecy also tracking 8th King development as prophecy live and real-time, is what has been fully lost by Jehovah’s witnesses with now no more relevance than the 1945 second placement of the 8th King instrument of world rulership as the United Nations. Now Jehovah’s witnesses merely replay the past and try to say it is still relevant in modern times in spite of world research knowledge and information itself showing the 8th King has been in intensified globalist developments easily seen and provable since 1990.

How did such a diversion from the Kingdom assignment take place? (Dan8:11-14, Dan11:30-35);

Kingdom Eclipse, Christ Usurped: Organizational Distractions and Transgression

This eclipse of truth started in 1976 with the “lifting themselves over everyone” of the Governing Body in their Bethel coup of ministerial authority. It seems a corporate “board of directors” deemed it necessary to “lift themselves” into some divine role, as if it is a Biblical mandate of God, when in fact it’s contrivance is fully documented. Plainly Charles Russell did not consult with the “board of directors” for ultimate authoritative decisions anymore so than Paul submitted the books of Ephesians or Hebrews to the Jerusalem “Governing Body” for editing and approval.

The very “governing body” is not present in the Bible, the one time circumcision issue resolved by a one time emergency conference was just that, a one time consultation of everyone to resolve a single issue. (Acts 15:6, 22); No “governing body” authority was further ever recorded or present in any Bible account (Rev2-3), and the term “governing body” is not even present in any form in the Bible itself.

It is a corporate mundane “board of directors”. In reality the “governing body” is nothing more, nothing less for now, than a secular corporate board.

Gradual Development; (Daniel 8:12);

This fictional “governing body” concept was already being readied in Jehovah’s witnesses acceptance since 1930 of that “body” as also a supposed divine entity in addition to the “body of the Christ”. Thus this cell of corruption was accepted early on, but not in full authority. No the Governing Body even makes Apostolic claims of authority, when in fact the original Watchtower Bible and Tract Society defined what later became this divine claimant entity as merely a “board of directors”.

Now in time this “authority” totally went into rogue override. Now this additional, human invented “governing” “body” is “set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ” by it’s very existence. And due to it’s gradual “error going to them”, Jehovah’s witnesses are none the wiser, it developed too early in the ministry to be identified and removed from divine claims, and as we see God permitted it for greater reason: to form part of the final temple judgment basis of accounting. (2Thess2:11-12)

There is simply no other relevant Kingdom tracking ministry to “judge” at this time with any chance of a truth and ministerial recovery than Jehovah’s witnesses as the Christian anointed base.

From this acceptance of an old falsehood (2Thess2:1-4), and a superimposition of that “body” upon scripture (Acts 15:1-33), the “organizational” idolatry formed gradually to terminal maturation. (Dan8:23a) Together these entities now not only compete with Kingdom focus, they have usurped authority of the ministry only put in Jesus Christ’s jurisdiction by God. The Governing Body and their organization now place themselves as intermediaries in place of God’s Son, and affront on God himself.

Third United Nations Placement Ignored

Very subtly as well, the entire Kingdom prophecy focus and 8th King prophecy focus in concurrent significance has also been lost to the point that “governing body” idol joined the United Nations as the UN NGO idol (Matt24:15; Dan11:31b), at the same time of the now uncommented prophetic 3rd United Nations placement after the Cold World War 3. (Daniel 11:30-32a; Dan8:13);

Now when an astounding United Nations “cold” defeat of the “King North” USSR and the “cold” surrender of Russia to the United Nations 8th King membership took place in place of the USSR UN seat, as Bethel said nothing. Instead Bethel joined a “new world order” co-proclamation whose quotations of 8th King global placement statements are spiked into the Jehovah’s witnesses “constant feature” starting with the Awake! 9/8/1991 United Nations UN NGO prelude issue for a full covert decade of this activity.

Now when the next extremely important United Nations prophecy fulfilling event took place in 1990, to further reaffirm the first and second United Nations concurrent development opposed to the Messianic Kingdom from 1919 to 1945, Jehovah’s witnesses went mum and in coma with Bethel as regard the latest 8th King developments actually fulfilling prophecy as the true King North. Now Bethel continues to promote it’s impossible USSR King North fiction in place of the REQUIRED successful continuum (Dan11:36) of the 8th King in Daniel 11:30-45 as final King North – there can be no other “King North” but the 8th King.

Bethel refuses to expose this truth, but instead conceals it. Now Bethel even covers up the King North final identity as the 8th King! Now Jehovah’s witnesses have fully “nodded off” as well.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Anointed Join the Bethel Coma

Now rather than tell the world a 3rd UN placement took place as per prophecy in Daniel 11 that must lead to the fourth UN placement as world government (Dan11:30-45), Jehovah’s witnesses have stalled in the 1945 relevance of the 2nd UN presentation as a mere “mage” not yet world government. It is anointed Christians who are now even apostatizing in this loss of focus and total prophetic irrelevance of the modern exposition of 8th King prophecy. (Dan11:32a; Matt24:24-25);

Now the importance of tracking BOTH the Messianic Kingdom development and the 8th King current developments, at the same time, as the very same significance established in the 1914-1922 ministry and later was made, is now fully lost. Now the meaning of the 3rd United Nations placement as prophecy and significant is completely unknown to Jehovah’s witnesses.

Now the fourth and final phase of United Nations developments to come, which is also prophetic, as in the first three United Nations 8th King and “image”, is also fully lost to the derailed Jehovah’s witnesses ministry.

By this Bethel is now literally selling a premature “the end” scenario, rather than explaining the enlightenment that God has and will fully track BOTH the Messianic Kingdom and 8th King to their convergence, in prophecy and world history, to Har-Magedon, and it is over some final years of prophecy (Dan12; Rev8-11) and 8th King final development (Dan11:42-45). It is not an instant “end” event as Bethel is deceiving some with, in this now mature “operation of error”. (Dan8:23a; Dan11:32a; 2Thess2:1-12);

Thus even anointed Christians are now being misled or in the confusing effects of the Bethel lawlessness to also lose the primary focus on the Messianic Kingdom and it’s 8th King rival fulfilling prophecy concurrently, as before, and now into a final cycle of prophecy to activate with the temple judgment. (Dan8:13-14 as Rev8:3-5 in Daniel 11:42-45 soon);

Now we see many claimant anointed Christians fully disregarding the very Jehovah’s witnesses original ministerial validity that further acted as a gathering place for anointed Christians from that initial judgment on Christendom’s apostasy. The Kingdom ministry that explained the most important sovereign issue placed before anointed Christians to stay focused on as those with the opportunity to become a part of that Kingdom upon faithful endurance (Rev14:9-12), is now even undermined by anointed Christians explaining everything, but the primary sovereign issue and it’s 8th King counterpart rival.

Now an apostate anointed Christian judgment has again come to be required.

Spiritually Scattered Sheep as Kingdom Focus Lost

Now many anointed Christians, rather than stay focused on the most important issue of the truth of the Messianic Kingdom completion and it’s requirement, and it’s required completed 8th King rival and final proclamation of world government (1Thess5:1-3), have also diverged into much minutia issues with no focus on the original and current primary issue of sovereignty. Now the Bethel lawlessness causes more division of focus and attention.

Now the entire import of the first Kingdom of God proclaiming ministry, and it’s rival 8th King, is in danger of being completely lost as anointed Christians themselves wander off into every avenue of exposition other than the Messianic Kingdom reality.

Now the entire sovereign message of the Kingdom of God is diffused into bewildered anointed not ready to face and expose the “wildbeast” in it’s culmination drive. (Rev11:1-7); And it’s only going to get worse. (Zech13:7 as Dan8:13 “trampling”)

All anointed Christianity is in danger, like UN NGO Bethel is already, of being led into wildbeast world government compromise in this final cycle. Bethel confirmed UN drunkenness is already affirmed since the 3rd UN placement was joined as UN NGO, but covered up as prophecy fulfilling. (Matt24:48-51; Isa28);

It is true Bethel has raised many stumbling and controversial issues in it’s core distraction mechanism and organizational idolatry that must be dealt with by God, thus many secondary issues have arisen as written about this final apostasy. (Dan11:32-35; 2Pet2:1-3). But any thoughts of adjustments and analysis of current error must all remain upon, and refocus to, the foundation truth of the anointed Kingdom ministry and it’s sovereign proclamation mission to it’s completion and that of it’s rival 8th King. (Rev10-11 final fulfillment);

Bethel apostate feeding of the world’s oppositional reaction by means of their own lawlessness (2Pet2:1-3), is now aiding the calling into question of the ENTIRE ministry of Jehovah’s Christian witnesses back to it’s inception commission. The very “lords of the faith” seating themselves “in the temple” as the supposed leaders of Messianic Kingdom AND 8th King rival “kingdom” prophecy tracking and live exposition, are now the main instrument of diversion and subversion, fully asleep for 20 years of UN prophecy as King North.

And that is why the final temple judgment to lead to a purification and truth recovery is required. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5);

It Is All Already in the Prophecy

And that is why all these significant apostasy and judgment prelude events are INDEED foretold beforehand by God.

Who would accept that a major Christian anointed apostate development would develop right in the formerly commissioned and approved Kingdom ministry, right near to the actual “the end”, and it not be foretold by God, when it’s significance surpasses anything in Christian development since the arrival of Jesus Christ?

Who really buys Bethel’s story that the United Nations “image” is a full fledged global ruling sovereign, and that by virtue of that it is almost “all done”, as they now promote a premature “end of the world” expectation in Jehovah’s witnesses and our ministerial audience?

Now instead the 8th King prepares for world government completion over a final cycle of prophecy and development (Dan11:42-45), not “the end” yet, and Bethel speaks to “the effect that the day of Jehovah is here” while we are “not to be quickly shaken from [our] reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us” to that effect, as Bethel is those “as though from us”, even claiming to be apostles of Christ. (WT 7/15/13);

(Revelation 2:2) ‘I know your deeds, and your labor and endurance, and that you cannot bear bad men, and that you put those to the test who say they are apostles, but they are not, and you found them liars. 

Rather than observe that first commendation of Jesus Christ to the seven congregations of global anointed Christians in principle, Jehovah’s witnesses are now deluded by “the lie” at Bethel and it’s apostate “operation of error”, forming a basis of judgment determination by allowing the Bethel apostates free reign.

(2 Thessalonians 2:11-12) So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie, 12 in order that they all may be judged because they did not believe the truth but took pleasure in unrighteousness.

Now the Jehovah’s witnesses will have to decide, do we worship, “work for”, the “Governing Body” and the “organization” in idolatry subtly developed to terminal proportions, or do we worship Jehovah God through His only intermediary Jesus Christ?

Like all previous judgments of God on his house first (1Pet4:17), the temple judgment will again make a weed and wheat (Matt13), a five foolish and five wise “virgin” determination (Matt25:1-13) as all things repeat on Jehovah’s witnesses anointed Christian house, FIRST, to afford a final clarification before the true coming of Christ, Messianic Kingdom completion and 8th King completion CONCURRENT. (Mal3:1-5);

That important pattern is already set in the initial Kingdom preview ministry of Jehovah’s witnesses as the very prophecies that brought that to birth will also bring it to completion. (Zech4:6-9);

First a distinction of who actually worships God will be made in the temple judgment:

(Malachi 3:18) And you people will again certainly see [the distinction] between a righteous one and a wicked one, between one serving God and one who has not served him.”

Then the full completion phase, in action by that time (Daniel 8:13-14), will itself complete over the repeating prophecy of Daniel 12 and Revelation 8-11 (15-16) to what it was all warning of in the first place:

(Revelation 10:6-7) he swore: “There will be no delay any longer; 7 but in the days of the sounding of the seventh angel, when he is about to blow his trumpet, the sacred secret of God according to the good news which he declared to his own slaves the prophets is indeed brought to a finish.”

Jehovah’s witnesses are ourselves in incompletion, yet a final true ministry is required and will result from the temple judgment desolation and purification and it’s sovereign reminder as the “little scroll” sovereign Kingdom ultimatum and proclamation:

(Revelation 10:11) And they say to me: “You must prophesy AGAIN with regard to peoples and nations and tongues and many kings.”

Even Christian anointed seem to have lost the focus of the primary and main issue of universal sovereignty and the instrument God is using in Jesus Christ and the Messianic Kingdom to bring that reality TO PLANET EARTH:

(Matthew 6:9-10) “‘Our Father in the heavens, let your name be sanctified. 10 Let your kingdom come. Let your will take place, as in heaven, also upon earth.

That REALITY is what Bethel has eclipsed and even has diverted the awareness of the 8th King rival system world government required completion now for the 3rd (Dan11:31b) and 4th placement (Dan11:45; 12:11) of the 8th King King North. Even anointed Christians are now either spiritually scattered, or in the apostate temple, and it must get worse in the temple judgment desolation (Dan8:13), for even not all anointed Christians will make this preliminary cut:

(Matthew 25:5-13) While the bridegroom was delaying, they all nodded and went to sleep. 6 Right in the middle of the night there arose a cry, ‘Here is the bridegroom! Be on your way out to meet him.’ 7 Then all those virgins rose and put their lamps in order. 8 The foolish said to the discreet, ‘Give us some of your oil, because our lamps are about to go out.’ 9 The discreet answered with the words, ‘Perhaps there may not be quite enough for us and you. Be on your way, instead, to those who sell it and buy for yourselves.’ 10 While they were going off to buy, the bridegroom arrived, and the virgins that were ready went in with him to the marriage feast; and the door was shut. 11 Afterwards the rest of the virgins also came, saying, ‘Sir, sir, open to us!’ 12 In answer he said, ‘I tell you the truth, I do not know you.’ 13 “Keep on the watch, therefore, because you know neither the day nor the hour.

And the reason will be no “oil” of scriptural awareness to see the light of the original Kingdom ministry of anointed Christians in 1914-1922 that the spirit revealed at that time as the anchor for the coming confusion.