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I left the JW organization…

I left the JW organization…

In a way you may consider yourself blessed, and this is coming from one who considers himself a Jehovah’s witness. I know where the apostasy actually resides, and that is at Bethel. (2Pet2:1-3; 2Thess2:3-4; Dan11:32a timing; 1990 UN NGO culmination). So you are given access to Matt24:15 by other means.

I consider my self still God’s witnesses, for if I went in before a JC and calmly explained the implications and ramifications to and from God of Bethel and by extension the JW “nation” joining the rival UN world government formative system (which will complete from 3rd UN placement; 1990 (Dan11:31b) to 4th/final UN placement (Dan11:45)) of course things would get anxious on the elder end.

If I spoke up on the co-promotions of that 3rd UN placement as covert UN NGO (rather than Bethel explaining and exposing it’s 3rd UN placement meaning in 1991) from Awake! 9/8/1991 for ten years as we JWs peddled UN world proclamations, books, holy year notifications and elitist personalities, things would tense up further.

If I asked why was the UN NGO dedication all secretive then, and still covert now, as an official Bethel statement never has been made, and even a perceived transgression (Dan8:13) of this proportion surely merits a “confession” in an official form to all JWs explaining the UN NGO affair, and justifying the use of JWs in door to door work spreading UN information to one of the largest magazine distributions in the world, and one of te biggest UN promotions there by of all time – things would get outright reactionary and heated in the JC, I assume.

And that is because if Bethel cannot and will not answer these questions that God and Christ might very well themselves ask, and will in time ask and account, then of course the elders are also not at liberty to even think for themselves much less give more than the rumored response of the “need to read books at the UN library” that floats around the web, the only place to even find a fragment of an “explanation” from Bethel, and it is all alleged for Bethel owns up to none of it’s sins.

Now please, how is a Governing “Body” “faithful and discreet slave” now even self-placed and self-judged as superior to the apostles in the “body of the Christ” going to actually internally justify all this reality? No one is simply this stupid, it must be purposeful, and the treachery of still deceiving JWs on a matter of Bethel infidelity that equates to treason against loyalty to God and Christ is of course plain and simple E V I L.

So I would of course be subject to the Bethel inquisition stake at this point, and I would be roped in and it would be set ablaze before sundown. In what way are these men, from top down, God’s witnesses? They will not even answer God’s own inquiries naturally raised from scripture when men in leadership follow a course of heavy sins for at least twenty solid years. (Zech3:1-3).

These men would disfellowship Christ if he appeared before their judicial committee. These men would banish Isaiah and Micah, Jeremiah and Hosea and every apostle and John the Baptist if they also gave JC testimony. In fact EVERY faithful witness of God in the Bible is already disassociated from “the lie” (Thess2:11-12) that is now plainly the whole Bethel system. The only one acceptable in a judicial committee hearing is Judas Iscariot, and that is because his children are at Bethel and his grand children are the elder body of today, who will NOT confront Bethel’s sins like men, much less like the Christians they claim to be.

And that is why they make the sheep who fall ill, walk for miles and jump through every hoop, swim every creek and river, ascend every hill and mountain just to get back in the preaching work about God’s name and Christ’s sacrifice for human salvation. They do NOT actually believe in the “undeserved kindness” that Christ’s sacrifice makes the primary basis of God’s forgiveness and thus our relationship with God through tat sacrifice, NOT a new Bethel Mosaic Law, and Inquisition run by Bethel Popes and the WTS papacy. They are doing everything they can to keep JW penguins who fell of the chilly congregational iceberg, to stay at sea as long as possible, hopefully to Bethel and the JCs, forever. They are the ones who attempt to diminish even the polluted ministry any way they can, under a veneer of pretense and “policy manual” buzzwords that belie the claim of love and mercy.

Thus that “set in opposition” Bethel system cannot simply go on in an obvious apostasy forever, and the judgment is already foretold, and Bethel is not above a condemnation, and as per Matt24:15, one actually should consider fleeing a system now housing the “disgusting thing”, in fact many organizational idols too boot, because like Israel, JWs have now a judgment rather than a blessing coming (1Pet4:17; Dan8:13-14) due to the misleading direction of it’s leaders from the top.

The Bethel system is in far greater magnitude of sin than the sheep. Bethel is in a far greater magnitude of sin tan even the world that is not claiming to be in a covenant wit God, and cannot bring the reproach at the level and directness of Bethel’s. (Zech3:1-3). Do not get caught in JWs organizational spider web, when that system begins to actually fall into global desolations. Things are not going to get better at Bethel and in the congregations, things are going to get worse, and it will intensify into a foretold limited ruination for these transgressions; (Dan8:13).

Anyone making these fact based statements would be dfd in a congregation or at Bethel, and that is how we know they are now the apostate system “set in opposition” to anything that is actually the truth, and to their own exposure as plainly self-condemned by their own judgments on others, but self-exaltation upon themselves. (2Thess:1-8). That JW judgment first (1Pet4:17), will be covered up for a while by Bethel as the lie “it is the attack on Babylon the Great”, and that can last a good two years in JW pandemonium and provide the final cover for the actual worldwide financial implosion of Bethel in the Daniel 11:42-43 parallel context of national finance intrigues, but at global scale.

Have faith in God, Christ and the undeserved kindness as the main actuality in Christ’s sacrifice by faith in that forgiveness and all earnest effort to observe the two commandments, and all the Bethel burdens of “deserved kindness” in personal and organizational “merit” in counted hours and years while in costume can be REJECTED as counterfeit, which it is, which they are.

Of course many JWs are not getting the serious picture of what is actually going on here. They are the ones you may try to reason with to “flee Jerusalem” prior to her judgment. Which is up to each individuals conscience and desire according to the gifts God give uniquely to each one.

(Luke 15:20) So he rose and went to his father. WHILE HE WAS YET A LONG WAY OFF, his father caught sight of him and was moved with pity, and he ran and fell upon his neck and tenderly kissed him.

That is when God actually applies the undeserved kindness, the very second we turn around, and are a “long way off”. As long as we keep repenting by freewill not forced fear by inquisition, God also forgives seven times seventy seven times. And each time we get stronger at maintaining resolve by faith in God’s mercy by undeserved kindness by merit of Jesus Christ, not ourselves. Christ is the one God points to, God is the one Christ points to, Bethel points to their ownselves.

Consider yourself blessed to be grilled by men who enjoy applying te torture more than sharing the mercy. Sad but true, that is what JWs have devolved into by leaders who are actually gross sinners.