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TWO Witnesses for TWO Kingdoms: Why 1914-1918 is a Valid Prophecy Period

TWO Witnesses for TWO Kingdoms: Why 1914-1918 is a Valid Prophecy Period

There is a lot of doubt being created to discredit 1914 and thus Jehovah’s witnesses “first witnessing” message of 1914-1918 and its first 1260 days from the time they used to be called the Bible Students (their first “witness” title as a lose parallel). This is not so much about the TWO witnessings to eventually complete, this is why 1914-1918 was a valid Kingdom of God proclamation and why there are TWO witnessings REQUIRED in the first place.

The fact is, the “Kingdom of God” is NOT the only “Kingdom” we are tracking in prophecy, there is also the “Kingdom of the Son of his love”, same as the “Kingdom of David”, aka the “Messianic Kingdom of CHRIST” PLAINLY identified as separate “Kingdom” entities in prophecy, though unified in purpose and separate covenant defined. (2Sam7:11-16; Luke22:28-30)

1914-1918 is good, and here is why: It was just the…

1. “Kingdom of God” aspect…

2. … of the Christ Messianic Kingdom overall development; (at this time still in progress until Revelation 14:1 is fulfilled.)

As you many understand in Daniel 2:31-45 there is the “mountain” which represents God’s Kingdom, an eternal thing complete from even the distant past, and there is the “stone” “cut from the mountain” which is the Kingdom of Christ aka the “Messianic Kingdom” merely BORN in 1914. (See also Luke 22:28-20; Zechariah 6:1-8)

There are TWO “Kingdoms” we NEED to track in time. 1914 and the future. The Messianic Kingdom is NOT a complete entity at this time, nor has it had a proper and official global proclamation. Yet….

There are ” TWO witnesses” witnessings because there are TWO Kingdoms in prophecy. (Rev11:3); See [1] below.


1. 1914-1918 was the 1260 days associated with the God’s Kingdom proclamation aspect, of course ALREADY complete wherein Jesus Christ was crowned TEMPORARY KING of God’s Kingdom in 1914. The first witnessing of the TWO witnesses made the announcement of the coronation of Christ in God’s Kingdom, very important, because it birthed, just “cut out” the “stone” of the Messianic Kingdom.

See what that means? At this time, the Messianic Kingdom is still maturing and it too must be complete in time with all 144000 completion, regardless if that is literal or symbolic number it signifies Rev 7:1-8 and Rev14:1-5 is a COMPLETION REQUIREMENT OF THE FUTURE.

2. Well guess what that second witnessing of the TWO witnesses for 1260 days in the future is?

Yep, you probably guessed it.

It is Christ’s Messianic Kingdom “King of kings” Completion to Coronation EVENT which also requires a preceding proclamation TOO, a full open salvation offer and final warning to precede that event. (Rev10:11) “You must prophesy AGAIN!”, the 1260 days grand finale proclamation!

THAT is why 1914-1918 is valid 1260 days, initial warning. It is a “first witnessing” of the TWO witnesses to warm us all up BEFORE the final 1260 days of the future to come after Daniel 8:13-14 transpires on Jehovah’s witnesses and they are temple judgment cleansed and recovered for the Messianic Kingdom Completion and Christ Coronation Finale announcement.

That is why there are TWO “witnesses”, 1260 days each, 3.5 times each, 2520 DAYS complete, SEVEN TIMES complete warning (Rev11:3), and “trampling” (Rev11:2), then Christ arrives into a complete world government to complete the above.

Btw, the final 1260 day warning is how the last anointed get sealed-in-affirmation by Rev10:11 “second witnessing” mission completion (Rev10:5-8) to get to Revelation 7:1-8 reality of the “four winds” GT finale which occurs not with the “sword stroke” (Rev13:3), but after, in full 8th King World Government “one hour” global “world peace” reign. (Isa41 parallel, btw)

That is why Daniel 8:25 says “by peace he will destroy many” (Dan11:44 parallel) and “during a freedom from care he will bring many to ruin”, because world government is doing BOTH things at the same time! And part of the many brought to ruin is that final warning (Rev11:7; Rev13:5-7; Dan12:11 remove final constant feature) and then BTG last. (Dan12:11=Rev11:7-10; Rev17:8-18; Rev14:6-8)

While they are saying world government “world peace” and security (1Thess5:1-3), they are also running their final controlled-destructions agenda. It will be so bad God and Christ MUST “cut short the days or no flesh would be saved” as per Matthew 24:21-22.

The possible world war coming up is just a Matthew 24:6 “sword stroke” event and as Jesus said “when you hear of wars and reports of wars don’t freak out, the end is not yet, it does not occur immediately” (Luke21:9 “wars and disorders”) in such a period, paraphrased. It occurs in the world government world peace phase, while they are also “bringing many to ruin”, AFTER the “sword stroke” as per Revelation 13:3, with the “healing” phase parallel.

Before that occurs the “second witnessing” 1260 days will have made the proclamation of the Christ Messianic Kingdom “stone” Christ Coronation certain event to complete in that final period known, and all these kinds of proofs.

THEN the “stone” will hit the Daniel 2 “immense image” whose total symbolic image totality is World Government in the whole “immense image” “standing” at, basically, “the place that is called in Hebrew, Har-Magedon”. The end of the rival will have arrived. All prophecy converges and culminates into world government completion just BEFORE Christ arrives as a sign all can see and act wisely in regard to to avoid the 666 marking of world government allegiance as international law. (Rev13:15-18; Rev14:9-11)

Graphic Examples of Final Cycle and Full Sovereign Prophecy Forecast

Sometimes seeing it laid out helps, so these various graphics illustrate some prophecy timeline features of the final cycle:


This one is the most complete because it goes back to Nimrod as a comprehensive view of the whole “seven times” complex of prophecy which is more extensive than JWs teach and uses the 607 BCE Babylon Daniel 4 benchmark rather than that 607 Jerusalem destruction error:


But when the summary goes global, in time, these final harmonizations are very complete and defensible across all sovereign, temple, kingdom and “seven times” prophecy which actually completes in Revelation final future events.

But you can look through the Photobucket Library and find the [imagename.jpg~original] (note the ~original Photobucket string denoting full size version) to get the fullest size version as these are designed as poster size in that largest resolution version, fully readable, as the reduced sizes do lose some readability.

The full wrap up is here but it is really meant for the most advanced JW prophecy studier, but it has areas anyone can get the gist of:

“Seven Times” Updates Coming—”Appointed Times of the Nations” Reconsidered, Again


I imagine the final warning summary will have the simplest versions as well. And we have time, so this will all get out in time. JWs have to aid it as Rev10:11, but the message must be ANYONE on Earth can observe Rev14:6-7 now, and at that time and be saved. ANYONE.

This is complex but also simple in that world government completion triggers Christ arrival as the simplest message. BUT it is not too simple, nor too complex, it will be Rev10:5-8 COMPLETE and comprehended by “all sorts of men” from the simplest to the most advanced Bible student and or common human, because even some from the rival system could be spared, such as Jonah has proven in principle in his commission.


Just stick at it, when Daniel 8:13-14 proves itself in time, it will keep getting “morning” clearer and clearer as we arrive to the full “day’s” “noon”. (Dan8:26; Hos6:1-3; Isa31:8-9; Isa37:30-32)