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Engineering “World Peace”

Engineering World Peace, Just Like Engineering World War—to Help Sell World Government

Original question:

Will JW Supposed “King North” Russia Take Syria?


The problem with the Russian Federation is it is weak, as in the past there strength is greatly over estimated. Russia just lost control of the pro Moscow government in Kyiv which is now pro Western. The FSB was particularly ineffective there and elsewhere in Ukraine. This is a big loss for Russia. Things have not been going well for the Russian Bear. Worse they cannot live with sustained oil prices under 60 dollars. The economic slowdown in China and Europe are driving oil prices lower, this is very bad economic news for Russia. The truth is they could not even keep let alone take Ukraine which is directly on there boarder which matters far more to Russia than Syria.

Syria and Iraq are like Lebanon in which the previous imposed European nation states have dissolved. They have been replaced by a large number of warlords. ISIS is loathed by Iran, the Saudis, Iraqis, the Turks, the warlord Assad and virtually all other warlords. Pretty much everyone hates ISIS.

Turkey is the real one to watch, they are the critical power that will decide how things will go. The Turks have a modern well equipped million man army.

A weak Russia that wants to be great but physically can’t is the real danger. The other unmentioned threat is conflict is coming to Europe and Europe matters much more.

While it may be fun to indulge in fear manipulation by shoehorned religious fantasies on imagined current events this has nothing to do with actual reality.

That is all part of the “Global Play”.

World Peace Everyone!

1. Expect a HUGE “EPIC WAR” to nicely resolve into the final UN “World Peace” to pitch the World Government totality rising. (1Thess5:1-3; Rev11:7; Rev17:8-13)

2. Expect the EU and US financial meltdowns and transitions into globalist global-wealth pawning (Dan11:42-43), to be blamed on everyone but the Anglo-American globalist corporate and banking system.

A. The 8th King comes after the 7th King has fallen. [1]

B. King North comes into full power after King South becomes a “she” is subservient nation-state system. (Dan11:42-43)

World War is Engineered—World Peace Will also be Engineered—to Pitch World Government

Everything else is just the “global play” and the global distraction for the final cycle use.

What we know from globalism history research is the wealth and elite tier of world power has been puppeteering the nations for massive profits based on world war scale military spending. That PREPARATION is phenomenal in scale in pre-war planning and development required for such massive military multi-national events since 1914 and WW1.

This is aided by increasingly complex, expanding and globalized financial and investment markets and corporate NETWORKS to channel everyone and his mother’s nation-state monies and human resources to the military effort by fueling the global industrial and tech development expansion process, which is put on steroids come “world war” time.

The “Great War” “to end all wars”, or WW1 as it later got named and numbered after WW2, was a unique first example of the cyclic and formulaic use of such massive global-war efforts to re-engineer portions of the national systems, expand the industrial tech and central banking model, fully installing it into combatant and investment supporting nations, and then using it in destructive (WW1,WW2) or constructive phases of “world war” (Cold War (Dan11:29); GWOT).

The skinny is world war is as engineered as is any system, technology, weapon or logistics system that makes it all possible.

It takes intelligent planning to prepare for world war, with massive tech/investment profits, to implement in even more profit, to deploy as a war or world war for more profit, and to “reparation phase” at even more profit, as the elite war machine and its backing financial and investment network expands with the top, now trans-national, corporations that plan the war phases—globalist system profiting the entire time, in every world war cycle, as the national system goes down in debt, is what it means: Intelligent design, compounding cyclically, since especially 1914 and the use of WW1.

Thus “World War” is well engineered, and so will “World Peace” be engineered, by the selfsame globalizing “engineers”, come the time to sell everyone on earth the WORLD GOVERNMENT “global solution” after a good crisis and scare.

It is a global con game.

Russia and China elites are as “in on” it as the Anglo-American elites, it is all a global-elite-team effort. When the coming “world war” resolves after a few years, no matter how it may manifest hot, warm, or cold, and it will, they will all come out as the World Government UN Elite Kings.

No wonder they are all “in on it” (Dan11:36-39), some people do in fact “want to rule the world” FOR REAL.

Russia and China Very Nicely NATO Pre-Positioned

NATO Unified Combatant Command

To see Russian and Chinese global pre-positioning for eventual Global NATO unification, all one has to do is look at the Global NATO Unified Combatant Command map** of planet Earth, to see what they are doing. The clue is NATO is already running their spheres of Anglo American empire power, but look at Russia and Chinese positioning**.

Now if one looks at the 6 NATO global commands**, we see how Russia (USEUCOM) and China (USPACOM) are very conveniently positioned in their own massive spheres of eventual NATO alliance and domination for the team world government effort:




Think that is all “accidental” how Russia and China just so happen to be poised in their own enormous global domination sectors?

Global NATO Convergence into World Government

World War, Then World Government, Easy Peasy Japaneasy—Play the Nations Like a Fiddle

As we look at ALL the world war cycles, whether hot or “cold” (Dan11:29), THREE SO FAR, we know they ALL RESOLVED very conveniently into a UN “we must have world peace” pitch of the “image of the wildbeast” globalist elite world governmental nucleus in formation, ALL THREE TIMES!

We weren’t born yesterday folks; this is the FOURTH CYCLE coming up, 1-2-3-4, of just such a convenient global-formula cycle to push World Government and its “world peace” supposed objective.

So expect a final George Bush Sr. foretold “epic war”…

“Because the cold war’s battle of ideas is not the last epic battle…”

(UN General Assembly; October 1, 1990)

…expect it to run its massive course (Rev13:3; Dan11:40-41), and:

1. Expect a grand finale world war “sword stroke” (Rev13:3) with Russia and China as the focus “bad guys” (along with Islam/Iran for the “Global Crusade” effect)…

2. Expect Russia and China to eventually and conveniently “capitulate” by pre-planned design into a TRUE GLOBAL UN-NATO, and…

3. Expect the fourth UN global-presentation to be in “World Peace everyone!” (1Thess5:1-3) mode (Isa41:1), to then be the complete “Scarlet Wildbeast” “8th King”/”King North” world government system.

4. Expect that World Government to rebrand the UN and NATO in some nice Global Buzzterm “New World Order” “world peace for all” wholesomeness sales pitch, in a “sword stroke-to-healing” recovering post world war world government “ascension” (Rev17:8-13),

5. Expect the UN to seem to go down into an “abyss” of inaction, and then “admiringly” “revive” (Rev17:8) from that coming Global “Sword Stroke” to, all so very very conveniently and “admirably” “heal” (Rev13:3), and relieve everyone with great global hopefulness as foretold (rather than “WW3” “doomsday”), to sell their World Government and its 666 of allegiance to everyone they can (Rev13:15-18) at global scale. (Dan8:25; Dan11:45)

It Is All a Global Formula and a Con

A. Their “World Peace” is based on a global military NATO-centric monopoly, a “Supreme Global Court” “United Nations” for world peace and world government, and all the “participating” nations (Rev17:11-18), ALL of them, fully financially and militarily pawned into also a “World Government” sector of financial wealth control. (Dan11:42-43)

B. All the global elites in the Anglo-American system, the Asian system, and the Russian and European system are all already “in on it” since 1914 and “World War 1”, for this now predictable and foretold purpose: A final Global Government opposed to God’s Kingdom. (Rev16:13-16)

C. (That is also when Global “Babylon the Great” Religion is deposed. (Rev16:12,20; Rev19:1-2; Rev17:15-18; Rev18))

D. But that is the perfect and required time for Christ to also arrive. (Matt24:29-31; Rev11:11-12; Rev14; Rev19:11-21)

Kick the Super-Universal Lion

6. At that “world government” time, THEN EXPECT Christ to show up, when they are completed (Rev16:13-16; Rev17:8-13), stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11) and ready (Dan8:25; Dan11:45), for the real “World War” with the Kingdom of God and the Messianic Kingdom of Christ in the Daniel 12:11 finale Armageddon period.

In The Meantime

They have to run a fourth cycle.

Then they will engineer world peace, just as they controlled and engineered world war.

They are 1-2-3-4 predictable now, because this is the FOURTH time they will use the same cycle to pitch their UN Jalopy to everyone, UN1-2-3-4, but this time in true global authority and fully globalized “gathering” (Rev16:13-16) under complete global World Government reality. (Rev18:8-18)

Everything else in the Islam this, Russia that, blah blah distraction phase, is all to distract and freak people out and stress the nations with a mega-global-crisis “tribulation of those days” context, as they down the 7th King King South system to subservience instead, while, diverting the attention of everyone.

Then in climax form, they “all become friends” for the “world peace” “golden age of mankind”, as they highlight the World Government “solution”, as before. Predictable now.

But for now the Anglo-American elites (Rev13:11-15) and their pals in Saudi, Russia and China (Dan11:39, etc) can run the FINAL CYCLE as well prepared, and pre-planned, instead, not for “doomsday” that many will be hyped to expect (like JWs; 2Thess2:1-12), but for hopeful global healing (Rev13:3) into UN centered world government and its final “world peace” requirement. (1Thess5:1-3)

WHAT a relief everyone! (Rev13:3) We do really all love each other! ALL hail World Government! Hip Hip Hooray! (1Thess5:1-3 signal)


And that is when we can expect God (Zeph3:8-9) and Christ (Rev16:17-20, Rev11:11-12 begins Rev14 final sequence), to literally “drop in” to the globally set World Sovereignty Arena, to become well warned before this occurs (Rev9-11), and as already long foretold, for this global sovereign confrontation OF ALL TIME! Arma-gedder-done by God and Christ! (Rev19:11-21; Dan2:31-45; Joel3:9-17; Rev11:15-18; Ps2; Ps110; Rev20:1-3)

(To aid this global nap now prevalent, this is why Bethel concealed the 1990 3rd UN event (Dan11:31b; Dan8:23), UN 1-2-3, actually enroute to UN1-2-3-4 (Dan11:31-45; Dan8:23-25).

That helps people NOT see the THREE CYCLES that >>>already ran<<< their FORMULAIC BIG PROFIT COURSE, for a UN “we need world peace” pitch primer. Instead the dated, yet still significant, WW1-to-League and WW2-to-UN has all gone to the back of the mind, so people lose sight of the UN1-2-3, and the UN1-2-3-4 reality as long as possible.)


The Four UN Cycles






Comment: what makes you think Russia is the king of the north? is it because Russia is north of Israel?

King North Globalized System

I think the globalist forming world government system is “King of the North”. The nation-state global system is “King of the South”.

King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

Everything else is a decoy and distracting “global play” in the nation-state “King South” global domain.

“”The real King South and King North have simplified in meaning, yet the symbols have gone truly global in scope:

1. King South is the Global National System, or the Nation-State based “Old World Order”;

2. King North is the Anglo-American Globalist guided Globalization core Elite World Government System, or the Globalist “New World Order”;””



USSR-to-Russia JW Decoy

The USSR of the past, and maybe Russia next, will be a “King North” hoax decoy for JWs…

Russia Framed as King North—The Purpose

to make JWs think “the end is here brothers!” to be misled into various stalling intrigues “at that time”. (WT11/15/13; pg. 20, par. 17, #3)

Some others out there also consider Russia to be a possible “King North. JWs still think a national puppet power, actually of the “King South” global-national-system “play”, COULD EVER BE THE REAL “King North” global gold (Dan11:42-43) and eventual world ruler. (Dan11:45; Dan8:25; Rev17:11-18)

Of course the REAL “King North” is the 8th King final world ruling system of the future: World Government.

The “King South” Nation-State System “Play”

IN REALITY the national-conflict distractions are all just squabbling “King South” “old world order” system puppets, all politically puppeteered in order to run the globalist controlled “global world war play”.

Once the “world war play” “miraculously resolves”, it all eventually, very conveniently, resolves into the final true “King North” United Nations centered WORLD GOVERNMENT grand finale presentation (after the world war resolves), very nicely rebranded and re-packaged for “world peace everyone!” World Government.

The “doomsday” impression passing (Rev13:3), then inspires AMPED UP great global relief, hopefulness and acceptance of the World Government “World Peace” system, as per design and formulaic con. (1Thess5:1-3)

The Final Cycle “Global Play” of the Future

The US/NATO versus everyone and his mother impression and reality, is all just for the distracting effect of “the global play” to cloak the final cycle true intent—WORLD GOVERNMENT—as long as possible. It is all just a distracting diversion, but this one will be the biggest one, because not only is Russia potentially involved with China, the Iran “Islam” dimension is ALSO active.

So this is a unique global cycle preparing to run in a number of ways including nation-state debt pawning, massive global financial system “transition” and social unrest ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

This final cycle will be the “tribulation of those days” Global Doozy of a cycle for such “chaos” reasons to birth the “New World” “Order” from. All very predictable now.

The real King North is the Anglo-American engineered globalist super-corporate controlled system. Russia will have to join it, with everyone else.

8th King World Peace—Guaranteed

8th King World government complete, functional (Dan11:45, Rev17:8-18) and stated (1Thess5:1-3; Dan12:11), triggers Christ’s arrival, not before, but AFTER it completes. That takes several more years.

Because Bethel will not divulge that SIMPLE SUMMARY, they are removed first in the process. Bethel is removed first, because Christendom goes down under world government (Rev17:15-18), their global scale is too enormous to be concentrated on at this time. Bethel is the perfect place for a prophetic proportions judgment to occur, and that first and soon. (Dan8:13-14; Zech3:1-5; Mal3:1-5; Rev8:3-5)

World War 4 to World Peace 4

Future Global War “Sword-Stroke” to Define UN Peace Keeping “Abyss” Impotence— Sets the Global Stage for the “Healing” “Ascension” of Full 8th King World Government



Comment: Russia king of the north???

Did the wt or you reinstated Russia back to the king if the north ?

Just asking

I am speculating Bethel will, come JW coup time.

Russia is just a King South nation-state system puppet (Dan11:27b), in the meantime a JW decoy “King North”.

So I did that title to attract JW attention, then I can explain how globalization based globalist system world government is what “King North” really is.

The “8th” and final “King” parallel.

JWs are under the Bethel delusion that “King North” was the USSR. But when the USSR “failed” so did their “King North” potential. (Dan11:36)

Until the ops at Bethel are deposed, JWs will continue to be misled for capture***, instead, by use of the King North DECOY they are still accepting from apostate Bethel.



8th King World Government Rise with 7th King Nation State Fall

King 8 Versus King 7—The New World Order to Capture the Old World Order

8 Kings: Why the 7th King Anglo-American National System Must “Fall”

The End of National Sovereignty, Not The End of the World

***Your Deliverance is Getting Near!—The Question is: Deliverance to What?


From The Ark to World Government Infiltration is a Common Theme of History

World Government Background Development

Infiltration is a Common Theme of History

If we read Genesis 6 with a little imagination it is an angelic “infiltration” of the human race as a basic plot of that sequence leading to the flood. The Genesis 3 “seed of the serpent” gets so powerful in mankind only 8 people are saved. “Sons of the true God” are marrying “good looking” human women “whom they choose” to bear demonic hybrids. (1Pet3:19-20; 2Pet2:4-5; Jude6);

Violence is intensified (Gen6:13), God decrees the end, the flood comes. (Read Gen6-7)

The infiltration theme continues as the Israelites fight the battle spiritually with demons attempting to break their “exclusive devotion” to God in whom they are in covenant. A couple notable judgment arrive upon the idolatrous Israel and Jerusalem over time respectively. (Read Isaiah 1-12 and Ezekiel 1-10)

By the time of Christ, John the Baptist and Christ both ID the “seed of the serpent” point blank. John calls them the “offspring of vipers”, Jesus calls them the children of Satan. (John8:44)

Given the context of their whole hearted acceptance of the Word of God from the prophets up to Christ, they do not imagine Genesis to be true, they live and breath it as truth. Thus they were not joking around or using figures of speech when they IDd the seed of Satan right in the Israelite leadership of their day.

Now if one would imagine a Christian reformation with divine validity did actually come forth in the 1800-1900 period from a Christendom millennium and a half of well documented demonism in the Catholic church, transmitted to the rest of the former “Reformation” church teachings and practices, also signalling Satanic infiltration from that undisputed master of disguise, then targeting that movement would be the ONLY target left for him to regain control of.

And since Rutherford did expose the first globalist world government foundation as the League of Nations, and carried the momentum strong enough by divine aid to allow Knorr to expose the second globalist world government evolution in the UN, we KNOW they are not “Illuminati” or any other occultic agents, because Satan is not going to expose his own Kingdom in prophecy en-route to Armageddon.

And neither is his seed in humans amongst the latest generation of that infiltration likewise going to connect their own world government works to prophecy foretelling their annihilation.

Thus for the 3rd UN placement to go by uncommented by Bethel in 1990, joined as UN NGO wildbeast co-promoters, covered up King North as 8th King for USSR fiction, profaned with all manner of “smooth word” scandal and sin right in the ministry (Dan11:32a), according to the plot since Genesis 3, Bethel would be an obvious infiltration.

That Bethel’s talking heads do not look like the “seed of Satan” is how they look the part. None of the former developments of Satanic infiltration have plainly observable appearances after the flood. In fact they present the exact opposite in claims and appearances without exception, 24/7.

It appears the theme of infiltration is common in about every conspiracy theory out there, so the Bethel development is just fitting a formula also present in the US government, the FBI, the religions and academic institutions as being compromised to aid overall ignorance and to facilitate regulatory development empowering globally predatory financial practices.

Given the candid nature of the Bible and the no holds barred Satanic agenda described therein, at some point the Bethel and global condition seem to be primed to erupt at the same time to further ensure JWs never get back on track of truth, the whole thing also appears to be infiltrated with plain ignorance and false trust in men and human institution.

I will bet the global development in the making that many world forecasters and researchers see brewing in a financial catastrophe like no other in history, is the same storm Bethel will blow down into.

It is not the first time the public in general, and God’s people in particular, have ignored the signals leading to disaster. That too fits the pattern well.


Financial Virtual Reality
Yes, it’s very possible the governing body has joined forces with satan in order to get through the financial shit storm that may happen.

Now the financial system is so enormous, so interlinked and 2/3 dependent on USDollar and US stability, that crash can be understood to be in a digital realm capable of being as fictionally controlled as is the currency itself. Over 95% of all US “currency” is purely digital. Since 2009 or so the major stock markets are now centralized more and more in the ICE system.

Now what was possible in even decentralized form, is nicely centralized in another purely digital complex of “reality” in the investment global digital complex. Now all investment, stocks, bonds, currency and other trade is? Digital.

Now all investment trade is purely super-symbolic, purely virtual, and so is the entire networked “world” in which it operates. Now digital corporations and a digital super-corporatism is not merely fantasy, but reality, yet controllable fiction, virtual reality. Now the whole thing, at global scale, is mostly virtual reality and digital.

And we are to trust the men administering that system, that even national government leaders, FBI and SEC are POWERLESS to investigate and supervise are all playing by the rules that they invented and adjusted as needed anyways? We are to trust it is even real conditions and not of potential engineered chaos artificially intellectually aided by massive and advanced computer systems?

No, we know what they are: Amoral greedy globalist megalomaniacs. It did not just all come together like this accidentally.

So now they have the complete global “play”, in totally mostly virtual form, with every market – gold, oil, commodity and currency variables controllable from the dollar knobs or right in the digital system itself. Now from the last 50 years of gold disconnected currency expansion, credit and debt games also expanding globally, they have amassed over 50% global wealth total control, plus minus, with another 25% teetering towards their basket.

Now the WHOLE final cycle set of financial developments can be absolutely controlled to engineer the exact kinds of economic chaos desired, and to guide it down in controlled implosion to the proper degree. They do not want 100% world pandemonium, they want 25%. They want to crash it enough as a global “problem” so they can then revive it reliably as the 8th King world government “solution”.

And by that time:

1. They will have even more hard wealth, capital and asset control to actually have more than is needed for world recovery.

2. And they will have already invented the globalized super-monetary and final leg financial system in totally global format superceding the current nation-state system, as truly “states” of a world government “nation”.

3. As the icing on the cake the quadrillion in religiously controlled assets, everything religiously controlled, owned or influenced, can be also transfused into the recovery to further boost the world recovery, to fully push the true potential of that last stage stellar blast of the 8th King to world king status and then some.

Then they will have not “the end” JWs and others are expecting, but instead a world recovery like no other in human history. To those they cannot put a gun to the head of to accept their 666, they can bribe with wealth and resources never amassed in such quantity for this exact purpose.

Now the opposite will be true. Instead they can GIVE, they can “pay” people in fact to accept world government. They can present it to the people as a true world “peace and security”, and it will look real, because it will be real. Now the hell people thought the final cycle would end into, was only the middle of the final cycle. Now the “problem” global “hell” will be passed and will turn into the 8th King “paradise” “solution” for anyone willing to take the 666. Now the 666 will look attractive and real. Now the despair as usual will turn to real hope, now the problem will resolve for the real 8th King solution.

That is the twist of the final cycle. The UN will achieve world government, world peace, and world recovery.

And at that hopeful looking time (Dan8:25), is when Christ is going to drop in, when it is all done.

Disgusting Thing Causes Desolation – Why?

Disgusting Thing Causes Desolation – Why?

(Matthew 24:15) “Therefore, when you catch sight of the disgusting thing that causes desolation, as spoken of through Daniel the prophet, standing in a holy place, (let the reader use discernment,)

Jesus gave us the fundamental feature regarding globalized world government development. It uses “desolation” for it’s completion objective. It is the 8th King powers, for their world government progress, that are the “disgusting thing”.  And they are who are actually behind the “desolation” cycle that the disgusting thing causes.

World war is an example of this kind of “desolation” that serves the world government development and presentation context it it’s “world peace” resolution.

Thus there is a purpose for the desolation. The desolation provides the “problem” for which world government become the “solution” in it’s presentation. People admire this noble and grandiose mission statement of the United Nations as directly noted at Revelation 13:3 and Revelation 17:8, because it also comes with a recovery. (Isa41:1)

The ultimate cyclic example of a “disgusting thing” engineered and caused “desolation” is the world war cycle. After every cycle so far in history, world war is resolved into a milestone United Nations related presentation. Desolation is also a “tribulation” related principle that creates the contrasting context for the hopeful “world peace” statements of 8th King world government.

After the last three world war cycles, including the Cold War (Dan11:29), what ended the “world peace” phase of the “desolation” ending?

A United Nation world government intent presentation.

This has happened three times, in 1919, 1945 and 1990 in the use of world war to manifest a globalist world government presentation in progress. The unique Cold War world war 3 psychological effect of potential “nuclear world war three” and “atomic annihilation” was useful for resolving that “cold” global conflict into another era of “world peace” and “new world order” statements.

That “cold” world war was not typical or clearly recognized as a third world government cycle – but it was, it was the third example of the use of “desolation” as a principle to present a UN world government manifestation.

That was the third UN placement of Daniel 11:31b that Bethel and JWs have ignored, joined the UN NGO co-proclamation instead, and conceal it’s 8th King “King North” creators with the USSR fiction, and conceal the true meaning of the Daniel 11:30-45 Daniel prophecy as it is actually the 3rd and 4th UN placement progression.

Daniel 11:29 notes the unique deployment of this world war that led to the 3rd United Nations placement at Daniel 11:31b. (Daniel 8:23a). This is the UN manifestation after a third recognizable “desolation” cycle “world war” principle, that Jehovah’s witnesses still ignore by Bethel concealment and the world generally misses due to the “cold war” description, as if it was not really a “world war”.

(Daniel 11:31) “And they (8th King/King North, and even Bethel as UN NGO) will certainly put in place the disgusting thing that is causing DESOLATION**.

That is the most important “discernment” to make in Matthew 24:15 warning of Christ, because now Bethel and the JW UN NGO are the “disgusting thing” connection that is “standing in a holy place” by Bethel infusing the 3rd UN placement statements into the JW “constant feature” and now “wildbeast” co-promotional globalist ministry.

Thus Bethel has produced the “transgression” in that UN NGO that is the “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13, that will lead to the Bethel system “desolation” of Daniel 8:11, and the timed temple judgment of Daniel 8:14.

Temple Indictment as UN NGO “Transgression” Related (Matt24:15);

(Daniel 8: 13) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the (profaned and subverted) constant [feature] (of JW ministerial offerings) and of the transgression causing DESOLATION** (UN NGO alliance and co-promotions fulfilling Daniel 11:31b), to make both [the] holy place (temple “established place”; Dan8:11) and [the] (JW worldwide) army things to trample on?” (in a first 8th King “trampling” “attack” aided temple desolation “fire” of Zechariah 3:2 and Revelation 8:3-5 starting the final prophetic cycle);

Timed Temple Judgment Period

(Daniel 8: 14) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.” (Temple purification completed in this time period parallel Zechariah 3:4-5, Revelation 8:1-5);

Now worldwide “Bethel” as the JW worldwide organization will be the first “desolation” of the final cycle by that 8th King “trampling” required by God allowing this judgment desolation for the true magnitude of that JW UN NGO transgression against the holy covenant. (Dan11:30-32a; Dan8:11-13). The Daniel 11:32a “apostasy” led by King North “in the temple” defines the Governing Body as the final “man of lawlessness” signal, with other apostates and impostors in the top leadership of the apostate Christian ministry in modern form.

We all will know when this desolation period begins, for it will also be the 4th UN cycle in the global system, to also resolve like the three prior UN cycles, for complete 8th King world government. It will also start the temple judgment timing and phasing of Daniel 8:14. It will also start the final period of Adamic human history and the world government 8th King completion God and Christ await for their own sovereign Kingdom response to that world rulership affront against the Kingdom of God.

This is why starting this final cycle with the JW judgment (1Pet4:17; Rev8:1-6) will get plenty of world attention for the explanation of the judgment that must come forth as Revelation 8:7-12.
Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

All Four United Nations Presentations are Foretold in Bible Prophecy

Four Time World War to World Government Formula

Worldwide Globalization Provides 8th King World Government Components

World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements

The Bible MAPS the Whole Final World Developments!

Comment: Daniel 8:14 has been fullfilling it`s appointed time since 1/2008.


We know judgment is coming on Bethel, because we did expose the first two UN placements of 4, and the 8th King does not want people to actually know what UN world government will trigger.

Connecting that final dot is what will trigger Christ’s actual arrival, and all that is suspending that arrival is the completion of UN world government, because Christ requires an actual globally conglomerated rival (Rev16:12-16) as a final global sovereignty (Rev17:12-18), in a final claim of world “peace and security” (1Thess5:1-3) as that will be the UN world recovery (Isa41:1) final statement period of actual world government, and they will get their “one hour” with the wildbeast in globalized fully conglomerated form.

THAT is the complete 8th King entity that God and Christ are waiting to complete for the grand finale; (Joel3:9-12);

Obviously even the conspiracy theorists are understanding all national power globally must consolidate into full globalist world authority.

That full conglomeration of world power nationally into 8th King globalized form, means all the sovereign symbology of the Daniel 2 “immense image”, and Daniel 8 “King of Fierce Countenance”, and Daniel 11 “King North” are all the 8th King “scarlet wildbeast” symbol of fully consolidated globalist world power based on all the national powers subservience.

The Bible MAPS the Whole Final Developments!

1. The Bible gives the consolidation principle at Revelation 16:13-16.

2. The Bible gives the [national] sovereign transference principle to [globalized] 8th King world power at Revelation 17:11-18.


3. The Bible gives the continuum of final developments at Daniel 11:42-45, to manifest NEXT as Daniel 11:42-43 wealth globalization.

4. The Bible gives also the final TIMING in Daniel 12. Not exact dates, but milestones that are timed and will be recognized by that time.

In effect the Bible maps the whole final cycle to Christ’s arrival approximate, but with enough detail to fully warn the world when it finally emerges from the Bethel cover-up.

Thus Revelation 16:13-16 + Revelation 17:12-18 = Daniel 11:42-45 parallel trek to Daniel 12 and Armageddon as Daniel 11:45 and Daniel 12:11.

It’s so simple being based on completing globalization into what it culminates as in world government, and prophecy actually completely detailing all the basics, it must be covered up by now on purpose from apostate Bethel.

Globalization completion itself, as well, will equal Armageddon and Christ’s final arrival. (Rev19:19-21)



Your Own Organization is Up For Judgment?

 Your two posts here made vary interesting reading. It’s unusual to see a JW who believes his own organisation, if I have intrepreted you correctly, is up for judgement.


I sort of know what you mean…

The “organization” is not really what is at issue, Christian anointed judgment is what is taking place. But since the “Bethel organization” has in time eclipsed everything Kingdom ministry related, they are a good focal point for God to use to account for the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” of Daniel 8:13. (it WILL in time be a global signal event when Bethel implodes as per prophecy – because more prophecy will follow over the ensuing decade enroute to UN world government in full form – not a UN “image”, but the real “8th King” thing);

So I can tell Jehovah’s witnesses plainly, we cannot be “Jehovah’s organization” and a “UN organization” at the same time. A UN NGO is a specialized vessel created by the UN for [[co-promotional services]], it has nothing to do with library access for books available globally.

But in retrospect the Bethel “organization” could not have joined the UN without some internal preparation. And lo and behold just 15 years prior to the UN NGO, in 1976, we had that Bethel “Governing Body” corporate takeover scandal that Ray Franz outlined. What came forth was NOT the routine way the ministry was guided: a collective dictatorship emerged, a Bethel collective “Papal” body.

And if we go back earlier we see when the actual cell of error was placed (and later accepted) in even considering a “governing body” was present in the one time council of Acts 15:1-33. It is not mentioned, EVER, in the Bible by name or by action or by divine placement – it is all contrived and rationalized into place.

And lo and behold the Bethel corporation “board of directors” just happens to be who this “governing body” label was pasted on to, from this preconceived Acts 15:1-33 mythology. All so very convenient.

What I am outlining is the FACT, very gradually (Dan8:12), the Jehovah’s witnesses “organization”, “body” and other clever idolatries were introduced that in time have eclipsed God, Christ, undeserved kindness and the prophetic truth in the final stage of world history. It is ALL collectively just a big distraction away from the actual lawless developments at work, at Bethel, live and real-time. (2Thess2:1-4; Zech3:3);

So as a true Jehovah’s witness, not a Bethel robot merely sweeping their spiritual turds under the rug (Zech3:1-3), I will say I care about the truth of prophecy (8th King prophecy in specific in this case) more, that Bethel’s own apostasy (Dan8:11-13; 11:30-35) fulfills like a mirror of the past to activate more repeating patterns soon, than I care about a bunch of celebrity CEOs in UN NGO collusion concealing the 8th King from his identity as King North from Daniel 11:27-45.

(The “governing body” neither frustrates me or fools me any longer, I KNOW they are UN affiliates, and when one knows this and that it is prophecy, the whole story changes as does the attitude)


So we see Bethel installs mythical authority, cleric hierarchy, and “infallible” “bodies” just like the Christendom relics we already exposed, yet removes the identity from prophecy of things that can easily now be ascertained since 1990 – all at the same time – from a formerly accurate prophetic commentary up to 1969. [1]

USSR Fails, Also Fails as King North, as UN Third Placement of 1990 Assumes King North Identity as 8th King!

Thus red flags like that, in a current global stage of predictable sovereign financial deposition in the making, that can have only one globalized “solution” over time, (Dan11:42-43), is but more evidence Bethel MUST be deluding JWs in an act, quite on purpose. No one is simply actually this backward.

No one now-a-days could run a globalized religious trans-national corporate network (like Bethel’s globalists do), and yet not read the financial writing on the national sovereign wall WORLDWIDE of what the next decade holds in store when 100s of trillions in debt and unfunded liabilities meltdown in engineered fashion and begin to ooze onto the fan in earnest, and still say NOTHING at all about it.

It cannot be accidental.

Bethel has obviously been now fully compromised. And it is all foretold. In fact the areas of strangest interpretive cover-up in Daniel 8:11-25 and 11:30-45 parallels, is where the prophecy that exposes Bethel lay hidden by a mental smokescreen also blown into the JW mind since 1958 and 1999. In 1958 things had not opened up in globalist and geo-political understanding like they did after 1990. Thus the 1999 Daniel commentary is a purposeful fiction, and Bethel’s GB knows it, they are a front group, an expert infiltration allowed by a Christian anointed defection of the past. (Dan11:30b).

At some point I can no longer defend Bethel and UN-so-called-“Jehovah’s” witnesses, but I do defend prophecy, God Almighty and Jesus Christ as the Kingdom coming soon after the 8th King UN completes world government a number of years from now. And I do try to get Jehovah’s witnesses and others to be aware of what is really going on in the “JW org”, a lawless operation; (2Thess2:1-4) – and that itself is also a signal in that scriptural “lifting themselves over everyone”.



Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost


Governing Body and the Devil United in Purpose

 on one hand we have a jw who say that Satan was responsible for the 1975 teaching on the other hand we have the GB saying they were
Which do you beleive

Well if one joins the UN, then ultimately it serves the Dragon, so the GB and the Devil are basically the same entity in spirit. (Rev12-13)

Of course we Jehovah’s witneses may have a hard tme believing rather than the “12 apostles” being in the Governing Body, it is Satan and the demons as they serve the “seed of Satan” UN NGO, plain as day, hidden in plain sight, too big to see.

But it is what it is, the Baal priests of King North (8th King), like in Hosea’s day, are now running the JW “priesthood”, right from First Kings (demons/Nimrod; Gen6, 11) “Drive” .


Though it is hard to accept for us Jehovah’s witnesses, the “governing body” concept itself is not Biblical but corporate. That board of directors was specified in the WTBTS charter in the 1880’s.

It took time to assimilate the corporate “board of directors” into a Biblical entity, because even Russell and Rutherford did not consult with that “board” or “body” on ministerial direction:

“Pastor Russell, the president and the other officers of the Society had been the ones to decide on new publications; the board of directors, as a body, was not consulted.”;

(From “Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Divine Purpose” WTBTS; 1959; pg. 70, par. 4; (JWDP));


So contrary to the Bethel mythology now well rooted in the JW mind, there was not even a “governing body” at Bethel, much less Jerusalem, and thus is born the cell of “the lie” in today’s JW ministry:

(2 Thessalonians 2:11) So that is why God lets an operation of error go to them, that they may get to believing the lie…

The truth is, the “governing body” concept is a lie. And from that lie permitted by God to develop in the at one time approved JW ministry, more lies were born, such as:

It’s ok to join the United Nations for required benefits, like a “lie-brary card”.

It’s ok to venerate men claiming to be apostles in today’s collective Bethel Pope “Governing Body”.

It’s ok to force fear and coercion and works of Bethel “deserved kindness” in place of “undeserved kindness”.

It’s ok to beat and shun weakened sheep.

It’s ok to claim infallibility and to judge one self “faithful and discreet”.

It’s ok, all good…

And of course the Governing Body assumed the dictatorial rule of Bethel in 1976, it is not the way the ministry was run from approved times. All the downward spiral can be traced back to the Governing Body placed above God and Christ and the “body of the Christ” in the JW ministry.

Now the Governing Body is the head of the congregation, merely spouting various “smooth word” (Dan11:32a) plausible deniabilities and pious claims to continue to lie to Jehovah’s witnesses and the whole ministerial audience.

In time that “governing” “body” is the instrument through which spiritual Israel was adjoined to the UN as UN NGO at it’s 3rd UN placement of 1990 as Daniel 11:31, as Bethel went into a decade long covert co-promotional campaign of the wildbeast 8th King.

So the JW ministry will soon be toast (Zech3:2), enroute to needed purification (Zech3:4-5), the inspection is complete; (Zech3:1-3), by way of temple judgment to be seen by all (Dan8:13-14; 1Pet4:17; Rev8:3-5).

The temple desolation of the JW worldwide org as Daniel 8:13 8th King “trampling”, from the entity Bethel has bedded down with, will be the ONLY way to now wake up Jehovah’s witnesses to the error of our ways; (Matt25:1-13; Dan9:1-19);

Globalization Will Produce World Government Marking a Unique Period of World History and Prophecy

 You are indeed right that the judgement begins with God`s house. Prophecy and truth is not in the GB or else they would understand 1Peter 4:17. Paralleling God`s judgement on His own house, BTG will be in judgement over the power she holds over the world kings. They need to demote her from power (Revelation 14:8-10; 17:18). Jesus wanys to gather His sheep that the whole earth will be filled with the knowledge of Him (Habakkuk 2:14)

What we are seeing in the making is a period of human history as world changing as the 20th century was, but in even more matured form: globalization.

Globalization alone would change the national sovereign world because it requires an authority between nations, just as an authority is needed in nations, but international authority will be the dominant “north” “king” authority.

Global financial meltdown, in engineered selective but chaotic manner, will accelerate the loss of the national sovereignty because WEALTH runs military and national government in reality, debt as money is now what runs the US government system, and that is being used to milk the people, treasury and actual wealth from the system for an illusion of “wealth” that is merely bank and investment house blips. Even paper money is just a small percentage of the debt symbol banks create, most is digital fiction, propped up by belief in money.

That will crash, but must be controlled and recoverable because all the elites want to do is complete world government from the globalization components in the making now. The elite system requires the same fueling, wealth, energy and food that it always has required, so the “tribulation of those days” is actually a controlled process to coerce the nations financially to bankruptcy, from which “problem” the elites have a recovery system, and true enormous wealth, to offer the 8th King solution.

Thus Daniel 7:25 globalization-to-world-government is the ultimate “changing of times and law” as far as the nation-state of the soon to be past is concerned. The whole tribulation process is the womb to birth world government, just like after WW1, WW2 and Cold WW3.

So though it is just “signs seen” right now (Luke21:25), in time it must enter this final birthing process to produce world government. The GB are now fully impostors, and even if they were anointed they are in transgression and unrepentant of for instance the UN NGO and the millions of people it has stumbled.

The globalists at Bethel, of those who know what they are doing, know full well world government is coming, and it won’t come overnight. So we have insight by prophecy, and globalist logical processes (Dan11:42-43) that this takes a few final years to unfold.

And contrary to JW error that the “7th and 8th King are co-ruling” or “co existing”, the UN is just an “image” of the wildbeast, not a true world governemnt yet.


So in reality the 8th King will be the 8th King, not “co-ruling” with the 7th King Anglo-American NATIONAL-BASED world power. That Anglo-American national-state power must go down as subservient fianncially to the 8th King as the foremost world power of the “Egypt” symbol in Daniel 11:42-43. The EU will be close in the implosion, because everyone else will follow those two former threats to globalist rule into the 8th King financial and or military domination basket.

And in the same manner, the recovery of the “national” US and EU systems into 8th King globalist full control by wealth coup, and a globalized finance/monetary system, will lead the recovery of the rest of the national powers who must also capitulate to the 8th King; (Rev17:12-18).

Just seizing the full Middle East is a drawn out process it appears, so this world government thing will not be overnight. The capitulation of Russia, China and others will be as per plan of their own ruling supra-national elites to be in their own world rulership sector with the “two horned wildbeast” as part of the whole globalist “scarlet wildbeast” 8th King world government – no matter what kind of national or religious military puppet shows must take place for a final world war to birth final world government.

The “cold war” was unique (Dan11:29), and so is this final cycle use of world war. Like the “Cold War”, the “Global War on Terror” also falls off most peoples radar as a “world war”. In effect the fourth world war, including the “Cold War” has already started in the Global War on Terror. Now that it’s global “positioning” is about complete, it can go into a final phase, and from that and the complex of financial tribulation, an 8th King world government will achieve world peace as foretold and a world recovery – and in that suckers bait Satan will lead as many people in all the nations to the “scarlet wildbeast” and it will look positive, peaceful and beneficial, and no other world choice will be available to collective nations.

(Revelation 14:9-12) And another angel, a third, followed them, saying in a loud voice: “If anyone worships the wild beast and its image, and receives a mark on his forehead or upon his hand, 10 he will also drink of the wine of the anger of God that is poured out undiluted into the cup of his wrath, and he shall be tormented with fire and sulphur in the sight of the holy angels and in the sight of the Lamb. 11 And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever, and day and night they have no rest, those who worship the wild beast and its image, and whoever receives the mark of its name. 12 Here is where it means endurance for the holy ones, those who observe the commandments of God and the faith of Jesus.”

The only other choice will be the Messianic Kingdom which will also complete all 144000 and King-Priest Christ finality over that Kingdom “body”. And that choice will get clearer as Bethel goes down, and a broader final call from God and Christ goes out to mankind for a final sheep call. That is why a final cycle is what is coming up and why the Bethel liars will have to be removed as the latest truth obstacle. It will affirm Christ is not yet coming to depose the 8th King, but when he does arrive in the Daniel 12:11 period, sheep salvation will be his worldwide priority and he will complete his own ministry beyond human limitations with SALVATION as the goal, before final conquest.

(Matthew 10:23) When they persecute you in one city, flee to another; for truly I say to you, you will by no means complete the circuit of the cities of Israel UNTIL the Son of man arrives.

When Christ arrives in the Daniel 12:11 period, the “circuit of the cities of Israel”, all planet earth that is, will be completed as Matt25:31-46. Today’s’ Jehovah’s witnesses and other Christians are now deluded by a Bethel engineered delusion that will for a time, aid that final 8th King world government cycle with the bewilderment present in today’s JWs beliefs of what is coming next. Since 1990, when “new world order” manifested as the 3rd UN placement (Dan11:31b), with Bethel UN NGO aid (Dan11:30b-31a), instead of enlightening people, Bethel went fully apostate and “evil slave”.

Now there are too many red flags to count at Bethel of what is coming in a temple judgment that must in time serve as a signal of the final cycle beginning, not ending yet.