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A coming world government may have been known by Manson, it is known by Daniel that is for sure.

As that “new world order” starts to state it’s world government meaning and culmination Christ will arrive to dispute that claim once complete; (Dan11:45; 1Thess5:1-3);

As that time arrives over this next decade prophecy will be proven true. Noah has seven “followers”. But in the end it is a “great crowd” that will be saved.

As the UN completes world government in a final world tribulation to be resolved into a final “world peace” (1Thess5:1-3; Matt24:29), you now know what it will really mean.

It will invite God and Jesus Christ into the universal arena of Sovereign Supremacy and the 8th King and the goats will not be walking out of that war; Har-Magedon.

Make a mental note. It is about prophecy and it’s truth, not followers or popularity. Time will tell the truth.

Jehovah’s witnesses do proclaim God’s Kingdom. That is why Bethel becoming a UN endorsing UN NGO is so serious, that must FIRST be resolved and you and many others will know what that judgment will mean and will be starting and it will drag on a number of more years as Daniel 8:14 unique temple judgment timing + Daniel 12:7 replicating.

People must decide for God’s Kingdom loyalty or New World Order loyalty, there will be no middle ground by that time. The US, Russia, China and the rest of the national powers will ALL be owned by the 8th King; (Dan11:42-43). That is what you will see and feel over the next decade – GUARANTEED.

And into that global context a recovered Jehovah’s witnesses FINAL WARNING will deploy. (Rev11:2-7 replication);

That is all doubters need to know for now, to be on the sheep side, or with the goats is the choice. God is making a final invitation to all mankind according to Christ’s sacrifice, not the current JW Bethel illusion of righteousness.

Some gangbangers, racketeers and “porn stars” will precede the Bethel Pharisees into the Kingdom of God. Just like Jesus said.


The Bethel system is now unreliable to explain Biblical meanings and that is why the JW growth rate has plummeted from 10%-15% pre Governing Body highs to todays sub 1% lows statistically concealed. Thus the true motive of Bethel now is apostasy and stumbling people away from Christ’s undeserved kindness of God, for instead a Bethel MOLsaic law system, and a judgment to come due to that error and the UN NGO.

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

The overall goal of Bethel is to break the UN 1-2-3-4 continuum of UN prophecy being fulfilled since 1990 and the 3rd UN placement as prophecy now covered up.
Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

This is why it is best to wait for the Bethel judgment rather than be affected to strongly by Jehovah’s witnesses backward minded Bethel state of understanding on many things stalled in the JW mind in 1970. JWs are heading for a judgment because we did at one time have a valid UN exposing ministry that accompanied a valid Kingdom proclamation up until the 2nd UN placement of 1945.

Then very gradually (Dan8:12), JWs have been diverted into a UN NGO 8th King annex supporting ministry whose cover up of modern globalization and UN prophecy and world government formations in those advancements aids the final UN world government completion cycle over the next 10 years. Instead JWs have been misled to think “it can end any day now brothers!”.

It is Bethel, not the world, that can “end any day now”…
PDF “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”;

Bethel is actually the foretold final apostasy in the final point of the Christian ministry after 1914 to have been identified and now again diverted from the Kingdom mission.

Bethel Repeating Patterns of Apostasy

In spite of the depth needed to a certain degree to prove these claims as prophecy actually ready to activate a final cycle, the basic framework of what is already repeating in Bethel “in the temple” lawlessness is actually pretty straightforward. The temple is of course actually the anointed body as shown in Zech 3 and Matt25:1-13 “10 virgins” symbols as in reproach and asleep (Matt25:5). Of course that is a symbolic illustration, but as per Dan11:30-31 a defection of some anointed allowed what has developed at Bethel to become also impostor access to the “temple”. Bethel is a world known symbol of representation of the temple “voice” and as such is to be also a symbol of God’s target to hit first, as before, in repeating manner, He uses the enemy system to perform the judgment desolation.

And we have just such a UN NGO to make the connection to who the enemy will be. And we have the Daniel 11:30b-31 connection to know “king north” is the originator of even the defection and further operation and this is backed by the meaning of Daniel 8:11-12 as also globalist sources of power. In Ezekiel 9 therefore we know by who and how the “hole” and “certain entrance” into the “temple” has been accomplished. It is no longer just defector anointed, it is now impostors and it affects also all JWs and world audience, as now impostors and predators also infect the whole congregational system, not to mention a pulled blessing, not to mention Satanic spirit now also invading the congregations.

So in effect, while imagining otherwise, JWs are at the lowest level of spiritual strength, discernment and understanding of all Christian history other than maybe the Dark Ages. But given our former understanding we are far worse off spiritually as set up for judgment, we are much like Jerusalem of old rejecting the Christ in person, because we had accurate knowledge and we were tracking UN former developments that logically parallel Kingdom developments. And that parallel will continue in reality because 8th King and Kingdom will in fact converge over this decade approximate to the Armageddon situation.

Thus it is important at some point for God to act to blow away the Betel smokescreen and it’s source. If not the Christian Kingdom ministry would fail the final leg of the mission. And it is foretold it instead will be successful (Dan11:32b), only a purification is to occur not a total destruction of JWs or the ministry. As in Jesus time with Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea we also have many “secret disciples” and stumbled ones needing to be brought into an “organization” of spirit, thus foretold as well, once the purposeful or incorrigible sinners are gone from the JW system God’s spirit will make that “organization” a spiritual reality, because at some point people will stand by faith, not a ministerial means to an end. God has foretold a recovery that must transcend human power in Rev8-9 meanings.

Not saying He will not have an organizational support of some sort, just it never should have or can become a symbol of salvation as Bethel idolatrously promotes distracting away from the Christ and the Kingdom that WILL be arriving to take that position of actual salvation and power to apply sinless perfection to human beings for real. Obviously the stalled JW perception focused on the “mecca” of Bethel, all distracts and retards JW Christian development away from were it was all supposed to pointing in Messianic Kingdom completion at arrival. The Bethel lawless diversion and stall is so effective JWs think it is all done, adding to the actual potential shock a downfall opposite development can create. In effect Bethel has setup a potential mass stumbling condition that can develop as the JW focused idols all go down hard.

But a recovery and final mission as per Rev10:11 is what must form instead, and it is clearly a Kingdom arrival that parallels also 8th King “arrival” in full world governmental power to develop over but another world tribulation designed to as the “chaos” from which UN 8t King “order” is to be presented again.


So the actual Daniel and Revelation tracking of the core structure of rival sovereign development JWs do have incomplete, but still present, is with Kingdom development prophecy maybe 10 Bible pages of information. Meaning it is actually quite simple and easily ascertained in time, because 90% of it is now world history my friend!

We have a verifiable trek of Kingdom and rival system development with two UN points of manifestation in 1919 and 1945 JWs did track as IBSA and JWs. And we have an uncommented 3rd UN manifestation of 1990 that as per Daniel 11:36 required continuum connects to 4th UN placement of the future all conveniently concealed by UN NGO Bethel – repeating Christendom’s endorsement of the League of Nations and UN as they too cover up Rev13:11-15, Dan12:11 an Rev17:8-11 prophetic meaning now histories of UN manifestations as globalist upgrade intent to world sovereign power in forming condition.

And the rest of the Bible prophecies and clues of the prophets merely fits Kingdom development weaved along into 8th King development throughout history to astonishing detail in Daniel 11:30-45 to Armageddon. It cannot get much more plainly obvious where a UN 4th placement is heading, and what Bethel is as subversion enemy in this point of temple inspection completing or complete now, and judgment making it all official. Thus let us guard our standing in spirit by faith and not in fear of men or focus on them, we are being inspected NOW, and the judgment desolation phase will continue determination of a well focused wheat and chaff sift prior to final mission.

We need to truly desire God’s Kingdom to come, and realistically accept the reality a final real test will also come as both Kingdom and 8th King go into a side-by-side final phasing. It is all very real, of course all Brothers will be made to understand what God is revealing when His spirit also is poured out again as the temple is purified to true Kingdom proclaimers. And of course given the length of the period of Daniel 12:7 and 12:11, recovery and repentance attainment is also a priority of God since the man of lawlessness at Bethel has been damaging sheep for an outright 30 years minimum of Bethel anti-anointed leadership with designed stumbling policy and reproaching policy and treason policy merely “smooth word” (Dan11:32a) injected into JW minds, hearts and the polluted “constant feature” now. (Rev8:10-12). (This subversion is now really “1/3” of the whole IBSA and JW overall ministry timing as well as per prophecy of Rev8:12 meaning; 37 years of GB abomination rulership).

Obviously Brother, we are at a crossroads, in fact JWs are far down the wrong path, that must be reversed and rerouted because this is the final warning coming John, before actual Kingdom of God arrival. So it is CRUCIAL the final sovereign framework and meaning all be laid out for planet Earth, because this is very real what a 4th UN in completion at the end of the final phase will mean, a war in time with God’s Kingdom in sealed completion of the anointed approved through this final phase completing Rev14:1 (and Rev7:1-8) meaning and actuality in Christ’s final “gathering” which as per Matt24:29-31 occurs as “that tribulation” (Mark13:24-27) ends into a UN world government.

Thus the Kingdom is truly in our midst, it is but few years off, and UN world government development to become more vocal in time is the completing gauge to actual Armageddon arrival, for the final gathering and war phase are shown prophetically to also arrive with UN completion as Daniel 12:11 final round correlates to “the tribulation of those days” in spiritual meaning ending the 1260 days portion into a UN world government presentation, and of course God’s own Kingdom warning that preceded that all for a number of final warning years.

So truly we are at the end phase. And truly God will give a final and clear warning in a simple of terms as possible of what a UN world government will trigger. That single line is how simplified the final warning boils down to, because Kingdom completion phase parallels the 8th King completion phase. It is all very well mapped out now, and merely already repeating the key principles for a final prelude to actual Armageddon.

Thus just keep studying to verify for yourself the meaning with prayer and spirit and await the holy spirit that MUST fill the vacuum of Bethel’s evil spirit when that is vanquished as per final mode 2Thess2:8. It is Christ, not men, who will indeed clean out the Bethel polluters. (Zech3:1-5). It is GUARANTEED a crucial ministry cannot be simply left in the current Bethel state.


As we see a JWN or other development is actually ultimately aided by Bethel lawlessness. True, theological dissension and disagreement would always form in Adamic men, BUT Bethel provides actual lawlessness to fuel the stumbling exposition of the Bethel hypocrisy on purpose. That kind of purposeful opposition (2Thess2:3-4), is what Bethel and the GB are actually designing and deploying with external to internal 8th King foretold assistance as not “conspiracy theory” but detailed prophetic certainty of Daniel 11:30-35 and Daniel 8:11-25. We have the enemy running the Bethel house and aiding a huge world stumbling and reproach campaign based on web spread information concerning actual Betel spiritual criminal activity. It is not simply a random development and typical hypocritical oversight – it is on purpose, it is foretold, it is a “lawless one” signal “in the temple”, it itself indicates as a repeating lawless development that a final cycle is ALREADY active in  the initial signal of 2Thess2:1-4.

Thus as you can plainly see at say JWN, all the minutia merely distracts attention further from the more important FACT that Bethel activity is a lawlessness prophecy IN ACTION NOW. Very very few are connecting Bethel brazen sins with prophecy. Very few are connecting Bethel sins with a lawlessness signal that is connected as precursor to the final prophetic cycle. And instead every form of controversy, doubt, speculation and argument is instead the heart of these JWN like developments, breeding more lost focus and confusion, creating doubt of the whole JW ministry, totally eclipsing Bible guidance by prophecy originally present in early JWs.

It is very effective as foretold. But as per Daniel 11:32-35, it also aids a refinement process. Although in plain sight, as you said the lie (2Thess2:11-12) is so big, it goes by virtually unperceived. But in fact John, it is an OMINOUS sign of judgment.

As we see all the web based minutia is merely a further Bethel connected design to distract away from reality. Internally they subvert prophecy and maintain a silencing and sheep beating policy system infused with actual cold hearted evil, such as shunning. And it only translates the GB personality into JW self righteousness, and in reality that will only lead to massive JW disappointment as none of that impression JWs have is actually truth, the GB is the body of evil now venerated by many JWs.

Thus it cannot just continue as is, or the UN 4th placement would complete with no exposure, and that would be a worse world disaster than it is going to be anyways. God has sheep and people “in Babylon” again as Bethel itself, that He and Christ WILL get out and into an accurate knowledge condition again, and it must in time be supernaturally aided by God, because the 8th King and Devil will be going into overdrive to try to keep JWs in that “abyss” of intense darkness to only get worse as the temple is judged and desolated.

Thus in time God ad to elucidate prior to this darkness a reality of what is actually going on. It is not about a person, it is about the meaning that must in time be understood by Christians who can make the virgin wake up call coming, not as already awake for all nodded (Matt25:5), BUT with enough crucial “oil” left to light the way. Without that oil the holy spirit cannot light up the way for a virgin. The oil is the understanding that already got the virgins to the overall marriage arrangement prelude gathering by former light of Christian truth based on God’s Word and doing His will. The Word contains the “wick” that transfers that holy spirit propelled oil (Zech4) to make the light from Bible prophecy of what is actually in development. Christians rejecting the final mission will do so but not having our foundational truth in appreciation as early JWs did have valid truth that is still truth. (And no wonder Bethel stumbling attempts to raise doubt on the whole JW ministry from incept).

If we do not respect the fact Christian truth did arise from IBSA and early JWs, we will not be able to see it’s continuation is merely a replication of it’s original meaning, but to a truly grad climax finality over the final cycle. As you know as Bethel lawless one intends, some view JW hypocrisy as an excuse to abandon the original Kingdom ministerial meanings, and slip out as loners with no handle on the most important message to come from the 1914 based ministry, Kingdom arrival in the face of 8th King completion. We do not want to “flee Jerusalem” so far as to lose all sight of truth.

It is the period of GB tenure in which all this hypocrisy as culminated in really 37 years of progressive error to UN endorsements. The first 2 UN related exposés as prophecy are valid – they summarize the whole national trek of Daniel 2,7,8 and 11 as a globalist world power  – that is very very important to understand a globalization is the basis of 8th King final world power far beyond any single nation or bloc of nations power, for it is based on ALL the nations as one big bloc opposed to God Kingdom as a globalized alliance, a globalist unification, a true “united nations” not just in “image”, but soon world government ruling totality. Ultimately it would be demon rule as directly as could be possible given the limitations imposed after Genesis 6 demon activity on earth. So it is no joke to God to have a real demonized full world government in power as Rev12-13 plainly connects “seven headed” dragon activity to “seven headed” wildbeast activity.

Globalization is the basis of “scarlet wildbeast” absorption of the seven headed classic “wildbeast from the sea” as the national structure worldwide the globalist 8th King will soon control fully. ALL that understanding in basics is already present in JW truth of Revelation 13 and Daniel 2. It is merely updated a little to understand a globalization is what takes the UN “image” further into the reality of world government of which the “image” is just a representation, not yet the full and real thing. Like a cell nucleus and DNA, the UN provides the hub of a “cell” that will become a far larger full world government soon.

So we just need patience. Just two years ago I thought the GB merely needed help. I bought the BTG attack first scenario. I thought too the GB was Biblical. None of that is true I know now, so it took a direction of God to have a rationale based fully on early IBSA/JW meanings merely completing in a replication. ALL the elements of classic judgment is also repeating. It is not hard now to prove across the Bible the Daniel 12 periods’ events that will mark those periods. It is not hard now to demonstrate Bethel lawlessness is the “befouled” state of Zech3:1-3. And it is logical a judgment is needed to clarify this situation and purify out the lawless elements leading this campaign.

And as in classic Adamic error, a small group knowing full well the lawlessness they are leading are using duped JWs to assist the process. It is not a fully whole knowledgeable operation, it is just a central subversion of purpose with demonic aid (2Thess2:9; Zech3:1), leading the whole apostasy from 8th King direction as per Dan 11:32a, and Daniel 11:30-31 overall development having “king north” as the impetus of “consideration of those leaving the holy covenant”.  At anytime after 1919-1922 ONLY what was to be named Jehovah’s witnesses Christian anointed are actually “in the holy covenant”. Christendom cannot apply to Daniel 11:30-35 developments, only Bethel can be the location of organized apostate defection that resulted from 8th King subversion “consideration”, noted as such because the “consideration” is unique, it is undercover infiltration, not yet external attack, but merely aids the “trampling” finale of coup-de-grace Daniel 8:13 meaning.

It is not hard to understand the UN NGO is a serious sin, the “transgression causing desolation”:

(Daniel 8:13) And I got to hear a certain holy one speaking, and another holy one proceeded to say to the particular one who was speaking: “How long will the vision be of the constant [feature] and of the transgression causing desolation, to make both [the] holy place and [the] army things to trample on?”

There simply was no sin equaling a UN NGO in JWs in 1930 and 1940 as Bethel tries to continue former error of that interpretation from a time Fred Franz could not have known all the details, and when he did, they shut him up prior to his 1992 death.

But once the 8th King is understood as King North at Daniel 11:30-45, of course an active mental connection to live events that must lead to Daniel 12 is obvious. Thus Dan12 must also fulfill while Daniel 11:42-45 is also active live and real-time in the future. Thus the Bethel retained USSR error also dead-ends JWs psychological awareness Daniel 11:42-45 MUST connect to Daniel 12 “during that time”, in a “time of distress” that will again be orchestrated globally to aid 4th Un placement by Daniel 12:11 time. The WW1 era principles are used again, as that “great war” aided initial UN related manifestation and presentation as the League of Nations of 1919. That is not coincidence, that is connected. And so will the final phase simply replicate that principle including world tribulation for a now predictable UN final manifestation in completed form, the whole cycle will culminate principles to completion.

In time God MUST clarify it to all approved anointed Christians as the only actual divine approved “body” of guidance of all others to be affected by this final message.

And that is how we see as “sweet” as it is, it has “bitter” import for the world when the full “little scroll” is even basically explained as a UN development will lead to a God’s Kingdom response and clash as foretold, with enough time prior, to make the final warning known. It will be “sweet” to those with fait and desire for God Kingdom, but “bitter” and eventually again opposed (Rev11:7) by the world in general and the 8th King in specific. But it must go forth, for it is guaranteed irreversible prophecy. And it already had a 1914-1926 preview fulfillment so JWs will know exactly what it means.

But the return of God’s full blessing and full holy spirit will be required to make blinded JW minds see reality. It will take time. But to think none of Daniel or Revelation is valid, as if God is going to create a whole new final interpretation (2Pet1:19-21) is of course impossible. The 100 year JW ministry for most of it’s approved deployment already has explained the Daniel and Revelation meanings as a Kingdom prelude warning proclamation. Of course those not actually desiring such radical change to come, will deny the Kingdom meaning and actuality for it is not fully in their heart and soul. Christendom is full of these kinds of fence sitters, they use Biblical minutia that actually has a central whole framework of real import. And as we see the Bethel lawlessness is attempting to also make even JWs doubt the entire central framework and basic meaning of a Kingdom of God arrival in a completed 8th King face.

We want to be prepared BEFORE that arrival, for at that time final sheep and goat separations will be taking place based on faith, or lack of it. Many will say “Lord, Lord” and know who he is, but will not really have the Kingdom in their deepest desire. That kind of spiritual attempted fence sitting to have cake and eat it too until too late, is what is developing in the 5 foolish virgins as well. It is at the heart of a GB that lifted itself after the whole spiritual and organizational system was virtually complete, to take credit for it for their own glory. In 1976 we had a similar manifestation of anointed who instead chose the world’s glory in such a body, a body drawing focus to itself as divine, but in fact such an attitude is foreign to anointed respecting the actual source of all truth is God through Christ and onto anointed who maintain faith, not some mythical “supreme council” of now JW world celebrities. The GB itself was an evil slave manifestation now transformed fully into also impostor filled “man of lawlessness” with KEY UN endorsements that also defined the preview fulfillment cycle “man of lawlessness” in Christendom’s UN touting cleric and world associations.

So the concept of virgins turning harlot is not uncommon, and is present right at Bethel, and such power and glory seeking is what ultimately defines the motive of lifting GB authority above even the “body of Christ” while in evil fashion they claim to be it’s “apostolic” representatives. And given the gradual and now long past placement of that foreign body “in the temple”, many JWs just accept it as fact, but in fact like it’s non-Biblical “Governing Body” terminology, it’s “supreme council” function is also an invention on man. All it is is now ego driven defector anointed and impostors over it’s developmental history to all impostor, lording it over the ministry similar to the Papacy system, with also a UN central allegiance “disgusting thing” UN NGO idol of it’s own squarely placed dead center at Bethel proper. And all that egomaniac development hidden in, but the core of, this now plainly lawless body, is also infected into the whole JW organizational arrangement. Many elders are also affected by such disdain and ego driven hubris, like Rev8:10-11 wormwood of injustice, it spreads like leaven, now systemic and terminal, and in need of judgment and purification in also a final cycle.

We cannot use Bethel lawlessness revealed to simply drop completely out of the Kingdom ministry. True as per Matt24:15 COMMAND of Christ, once we ascertain the “disgusting thing” as UN NGO we MUST flee the doomed organization, we still cannot just flee the original Kingdom truth, Bible, Christ and God, or support of the anointed body now in a perilous situation. Yet foretold for a sifting purpose of purification and refocus, because ultimately no one can stop God’s purpose at any period of it’s key manifestations, the foundational JW truth will be preserved and have the final truth built on it, once the Bethel lie is blown off that foundation.

That is what must come from this period of tumult in overall world context into which Bethel will also be “trampled” as per Dan8:13 reality of developments. That “evening” of Dan 8:14 is also to develop into “the middle of the night” in which the 10 virgin wake up call is heralded as first four trumpets of temple judgment meaning to be explained to JWs in “abyss” darkness of the end of the Dan8:14 “evening” period of temple trampling.

As per logic of the original Rev9 meaning of released Christian truth from that era’s darkness, the “light” to come in that abyss opening, it also the “morning” phase of Daniel 8:14, and Daniel 8:26 reaffirmed as true periods in that order of “evening” first then “morning” phases of temple judgment and recovery purification to the “right condition”:

(Daniel 8:14) So he said to me: “Until two thousand three hundred evenings [and] mornings; and [the] holy place will certainly be brought into its right condition.”

(Daniel 8:26) “And the thing seen concerning the evening and the morning, which has been said, it is true. And you, for your part, keep secret the vision, because it is yet for many days.”


It is now getting plainly obvious Bethel is already a spiritual dungeon aiding spiritual darkness that MUST be dealt with by God to open an escape for many still stuck in that Babylon annex and UN annex system.

It is also IMPORTANT to know God is performing a recovery to truth, so a Daniel 8:14 timing will become very useful to convince now very misled and deluded JWs of temple judgment reality in the period and after, and it is wise on God’s part to mark such a signal with a timed verification of 2300 “evenings and mornings”. And it being rather cryptic of 1150 days or 2300 days, there will be two notable phases, and we need to stay on the count and on our toes to see how it actually manifests. We have enough approximation to know Hosea6:1-3 is of years meaning as per Dan8:13 2300 units.

(Hosea 6:1-3) “Come, you people, and do let us return to Jehovah, for he himself has torn in pieces but he will heal us. He kept striking, but he will bind us up. 2 He will make us alive after two days. On the third day he will make us get up, and we shall live before him. 3 And we will know, we will pursue to know Jehovah. Like dawn, his going forth is firmly established. And he will come in like a pouring rain to us; like a spring rain that saturates [the] earth.”

Of course the more we appreciate early JW truth, the easier will it be to see the replication is indeed repeating upon the same pattern and ultimate meaning of Kingdom proclamation, while of course 8th King is also completing. It is guaranteed as per Rev 9 King Destroyer, a recovery period will be opened, focused on ministerial deployment of Rev10-11, not yet full world conquest, but a final “little scroll” warning.

All that basic principle is already present in JW foundational truths. We are not inventing a new wheel, just rolling the former wheel forward. We are merely ascertaining 3rd and 4th UN events are in Daniel 11:30-45, and Daniel 8:11-14 is the required final temple judgment and sorely needed purification. NOTHING is really new here, it merely repeats well known JW principles if we stay on our original ministry meaning. True Daniel 8:13-14 is a unique prophecy as is Daniel 11:42-45 progression of live events in the future, the temple judgment is a repeating principle all JWs should easily appreciate.

Of course clearly seeing “lawless one” at Bethel being revealed more and more aids awareness of the need of the Zech3:1-5 purification parallel of temple judgment cleansing. Once we ascertain the campaign to create doubt is part of the “set in opposition” work of an opposed “in temple” “body”, we can actually use Bethel lawless manifestation to BUILD FAITH!!!! LOL!!!! And that connection not being made is aiding the final stumblings of Daniel 11:32-35, and v. 41. Not of “lands”, but of PEOPLE, as Bethel lawlessness undermines our original Kingdom meaning impressions of validity. None the less, it is still a valid Kingdom proclamation, merely needing a final clarification prior to UN 4th placement.

So we need to clearly understand as per Rev8 “1/3” compromise, the original 2 UN tracking JW ministry is valid and a guide of the future 3rd and 4th UN explaining ministry to complete the continuum God purposes as a final warning “little scroll”. No wonder the 8th King by Daniel 11:44 timing of near UN completion gets “disturbed” and engages the “two witnesses” to shut up a by then completed 1260 day ministry as Rev11:7, ascending from UN abyss as UN final world government in that scripture.

It is disturbing because logically as well as prophetically we know what a 4th UN completion implies, plainly Armageddon, and it will still catch the world overall asleep as per Rev 16 first 4 plague indications. But for Christians the final “little scroll” is a life saving set of final prophetic information being revealed live and real-time with 8th King world events perfectly matching the final divine forecast.

We need patience to see all this unfold in 1Pet4:17 JW temple judgment signal first. Let us recall GOD AND CHRIST will have to perform another deliverance event to effect “little scroll” deployment, and it is they that will save what will be left of JW proper for this final warning campaign. It WILL be a Rev9 (Hos1:4-7) actual covert divine deliverance required, or JWs would be Zech3:2 TOAST. It will all unfold not as I say, but as prophecy ALREADY stated in the 1914-1926 JW original ministry to be reconnected, clarified and finally sent forth as final warning of Rev10-11 Zech3:4-7 parallel deployment and success.

Thanks Brother, as always make the truth your own so to speak, and verify all things for yourself, and ask God if it is accurate, for I tell you He does answer such requests for determining prophetic truth, as I personally know prayerful non-stop request to God aided my own eyes being opened. In time there will be greater reason for all the prophecy to repeat and be made known in the process as purposed by God for such a repeating principle to be easily understood as we stick to reviewing the past JW truth, for the future final meanings.

Be patient and stick to prayer as aid and it will become more and more obvious, and in time very real events on Bethel will affirm the first stage as temple judgment amidst for now unknown world context of developments as Daniel 11:42-43 must also activate soon. It really does boil down to a simple outline of basic truth. 8th King completion will equal a divine response at Armageddon and 8th King completion will become world news as it progresses in the final cycle unwinding. UN 8th King completion activity is a gauge to actual arrival of Christ and eventual Armageddon divine war.

God bless you through Christ, ask them about truth, they will reveal the answer, guaranteed for those truly seeking. Soon it too will be a form of world “good news” for world final deployment. Just continue in your own area of gift as well, as it all must eventually come together for final Christian and JW Christian aid, and the world audience to receive the final invitation and warning. We need to see the big picture, not get stuck on arguing details as many are doing, the big picture is easily provable upon even just UN development towards world government that will require a final cycle, just as in the 3 previous cycles leading to 3 UN manifestations in 1919, 1945, and 1990 in a continuum of UN development towards an actual world government.

Of course God and Christ cannot arrive to depose a rival world sovereign entity until the 8th King is actually that full and proclaimed rival system completed and stated as as such as 1Thess5:1-3 final world peace sovereign claims worldwide. Thankfully, it is all fully logical in a number of areas of basic reasoning, but we also have many details to further affirm God’s forecast already present in early JW UN exposing ministry and prophecy meanings in basic terms.


On Prophecy and UN World Government

There is only ONE truth,


It’s not my interpretation, everything simply is repeating before your eyes, and all eyes, day over day;

The basic pattern already fulfilled in 1914-1918 as a prelude to temple judgment; God was marking false-Christianity and true Christian prophetic meaning that the Kingdom WILL arrive and final judgment will be rendered by God, just as in Noah’s day, just as in Jerusalem’s day, just as in Christendom’s day;

Now it is Jehovah’s witnesses day; (1Peter4:17; 2Thess2:3);

The blindness of mankind and those in the judgment also repeats; It is typical for Adamic fallen man;

The judgment gives a world timed signal (Dan8:14), and cleanses a final ministry repeating Revelation 11’s 1260 day final warning;

The “man of lawlessness” “operation of error” has repeated in concept of the “evil slave” as God makes a determination in judgment of who is who, faithful or evil; (Mal3:18);

That lawless signal was present in all the judgments, this is one a signal in particular because it must be “IN the temple”;

The lawless Bethel UN NGO presumptuous of all JWs to the United Nations, regardless of the reasons, is an obvious signal Bethel has corrupted;

And that concept of corruption is ALWAYS present prior to the judgment; Isaiah, Jeremiah, Ezekiel, Hosea, Amos, Micah and others are an example of “whistlelowers” exposing the corruption prior to judgment;

Bethel is self-exposed because the GB “man of lawlessness” and their lawless network MUST utilize the internet to spread all the corruption proofs with great evidence, while they direct JWs into the Watchtower illusion; (Dan11:32); But the prophetic logical principle of things repeating, and the signal prophecies exposing Bethel’s corruption in detail of the alliance (Dan11:30-32) and the gradual nature of the subversion (Dan8:11-12) and it’s consequences (Dan8:13-14) are present for divine proof of where it is all repeating “in the temple” of true Christianity defined in the 1914-1922 era of a similar temple judgment and purification and also a former Christendom “man of lawlessness” also allied with the UN related League of Nations, just as Bethel’s new “man of lawlessness” is also tied in with the UN NGO; (Matt24:15);

Like Jerusalem, the diversion is very effective and will catch JWs asleep; And as that temple judgment signals final world judgment to follow along the lines of Revelation 8-11 replicating, the world, like Noah’s day will mostly be asleep as well, but what must take place will take place, a “great crowd” will be spared by faith in Christ’s blood and attainment of repentance in spirit, as some will be spared in the last hour of the judgment;

Thus it is just repeating, this time with far more evidence, to be marked by JW temple desolation, of where it is all going, as the UN world government will also be proceeding to it’s 4th and last Bible foretold placement to trigger Armageddon; People can doubt now, but as the UN “new world order” comes to take names and addresses in time worldwide, after a final world marked tribulation ceases for a while (matt24:29-31) people will plainly see a final human world government will be a reality leading to Armageddon as also God’s Kingdom 144000 under Christ will also complete in the UN’s face;

Then the end will come, again, but this is global; and will be marked day over day as JWs go down (Rev8) and get back up by God (Rev9) for a final world warning pronouncement of God (Rev10) in a final cleansed ministry as 1260 days of final warning; (Rev11);

It will be hard to deny by the time all that prophecy occurs in the world’s face, day by day, for some final years; JW temple judgment is the BEGINNING of the end;




Well in the end we have to choose between the Messianic Kingdom or the UN final world government (Dan11:42-45), that is where it is all going, and that is the only two powers that will be in operation by the time Daniel 11:42-43 national financial implosion delivers full national assets and financial infrastructure to 8th King globalist control, and Revelation 17:12-18 finalizes globalization into 8th King world sovereignty transferred from these national pawns – in an approximate concurrent fashion – accelerated and covered up by a unique form of world war;

8th King total world globalization is the main impetus and driving force of “gathering” all the “kings of the earth”, nationalist and globalist, to Armageddon; (Rev16:12-16); The financial and sovereign power transfer of Daniel 11:42-43 and Rev17:12-18 will greatly aid the persuasion of that final Armageddon gathering into the 4th UN placed world government;

By that time, it is either God’s Kingdom or the 8th King, period; That consolidation of all national power aligned against God in a final globalist UN based collective, is the apex of defiance to develop in this final cycle very quickly, say 7-10 years;

JWs will be cleansed of the UN serving Bethel apostate system and leaders by that time, as per prophecy;

The churches GUARANTEED, will lead their sheep to the 8th King UN fraud “Kingdom of God” on earth, by the bait of rejected Israel used by the 8th King for maximum deceptive effect; The churches, in effect, will herd themselves to the 8th King, ending in their own deposition of power;

And that is why a firm distinction of loyalty is required now, God is not sparing 666 marked humans in league with final UN 8th King world government, and that is exactly where this multi-national financial implosion, turned to world war in time, is going to lead ALL the nations by powerful persuasion (Rev13:16-18); Far more severe, and faster than anything people have ever witnessed in all human history;

Even JWs have duplicitous UN alliances, the churches are fully 8th King infiltrated, so if not for the message of distinction to eventually develop from the desolated JW ministry (to be purified), it is unlikely well meaning but weak faith “Christians” will chose death for God’s Kingdom, over “life” under the New World Order, and that very choice is what is coming from the next cycle of world collapse to serve 8th King financial, military and governmental control of every nation on earth as this next phase truly goes into overdrive; Every Christian claimant on earth will be put to the test, in one way, or another; The churches live in utter denial of this fact, addicted to “Egypt’s” pleasures; Let’s face it, they are 6th plague toast as institutions in the Babylon judgment; Rrev16:12 set-up at Rev17:15-16 timing)

Lone Christians and the churches are at a clear disadvantage by not even perceiving the JW temple judgment is the BEGINNING of the end, or the Bile’s basic sovereign progression; These individuals and institutions are trying to eat the Christian cake and have it too; Plain and simple the churches are UN serving, soft, materialistic and spiritually weak, they will be easily compromised; That is not judgmental, that is the truth, the reality of 100 years of shameless luxury in a the pinnacle Anglo led form of modern Sodom – with no true guides, all materialistic men making a living off of Christ, not willing to admit the error; It is what it is, they are not fooling anyone, they can’t skip a meal, they are sitting ducks, because like Jerusalem, they too did not perceive the time of their inspection;

JWs are not far behind; This is not a pleasure cruise here;

And now it is judgment time; It starts with JWs, also sound asleep spiritually; (Matt25:5);

And from that Christian judgment, the final clarification (Rev10-11) will be made as to the two choices people will have being fully distinguished live and real-time as te UN heads for final world placement of world government, in a final 1260 day final warning prior to actual “Let Your Kingdom Come”, and come it will, right into Earth’s atmosphere and planetary spaces after Revelation 11:7’s final fulfillment;


The two choices WILL be made far more distinct by God and the 8th King in diametric purpose; This next collapse will drag every nation on earth into it’s economic and financial blackhole – from which hole ONLY 8th King globalized  finance overhaul “life preservers”, for a 666, will be sent out to the dying nations; (But they will recover (Dan8:25 is 1Thess5:1-3), into the final 8th King UN “New World Order”; (Dan11:44-45);

Neither JWs, churches or lone “Christians” are saying a peep about this prophetic and soon to be historic reality in it’s clearest form; That is the problem now; The 8th King already has ALL of them, where he wants them with the Devil;

Something has to give soon; And it is a precursor massive JW judgment and organizational total desolation; THAT is the signal of the end, the sign of the final cycle beginning; (Rev8-11); The current prophetic delusions of the churches, of course are not going to aid steering away from a course into the eternal Grand Canyon of final judgment to manifest some years after the JW desolation signal, the churches have not a single clue on Revelation or Daniel, plain and simple; And that is a problem, as even JWs are misled concerning Daniel 8, 11-12 and the replication of Daniel 12, led to by 8th King Dan11:42-45 live prophecy soon, as Revelation 8-11, and 15-16 MUST replicate with Daniel 12, live and real-time; (Rev8 is parallel to temple judgment meaning; (Dan8:13-14);

Four United Nations Placements – Final One is World Government

Four United Nations Placements – Final One is World Government

Are you guys holding a bible study with Alex Jones, or is he holding a bible study with you guys?

LOL, I am going to remember that one.

But world government is not a foreign concept or conspiracy theory as Ron Paul is a credible public official who has made several statements concerning eventual UN sovereignty. (See [1]) And it is not just the US that would be affected, Putin has also made “uni-polar government” statements in ominous fashion.

World government is actually logical, it is a natural evolution of man’s self rulership and planetary management strategy that in fact is needed if the planet is to extend another century under current administrations. In fact God’s Kingdom in the Messianic agency is a world government, but it is not based on the UN, so eventually a conflict of that definition of true super-super-power will arise in time, guaranteed. (Dan2:31-45; Rev19:11-21; Zeph3:8-9)

The point being in part, talk of world government as policy, not just theory, is reality in national governments and geo-political thinktanks. National government complete capitulation to a world sovereign authority is the final part of the UN puzzle. (The financial and military system is already past 50% globalized foundations.) If states rights reflect the generic human need to feel autonomous personal sovereignty of state government as independent of federal government as far as possible, then national governments will also not completely willingly accept world government sovereignty; initially.

It will take a few world events to persuade national power that it is all inevitable:

“We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.”
– David Rockefeller.

That “right major crisis” will be initially, partly, financial in possibly the context of another world war or terror cycle. (Dan11:42-43 meaning);

Thus the UN issue of sovereignty currently debated in national governments is just part of the 8th King consolidation of power development, the last part of it.

This is because a “UN” principle of finance and military organization/globalization already is in place, and already also co-exists with the political focused UN entity. Existing finance and military globalization already well advanced in operation will drive the [national] governmental final part into place over the coming decade.

And like Global NATO (1999), the US and EU and other nations are ALREADY in a fully globalizing context of financial “united nations” aligned world institutions and organizations like the IMF, World Bank, WTO, and other massive investment and market super-corporatocracies and organizations that already have national finance networks well debt positioned for the final absorption. Of course the expenses of maintaining a Global NATO globalizing military system, and a “Global War on Terror” (GWOT) is why the financial plumbing was the first system in globalist control and worldwide deployment in supra-national manner – not subject to national governmental control or knowledge.

Now the world positioning of maybe 1000 more Global NATO aligned world bases since 911 through GWOT, and the massive multi-hundred-trillion dollar national debt scenario (and unfunded liabilities), merely papered over with the creation of more currency, mostly digitally, at world record levels, have the core Anglo-American national system and other controlled national systems poised for that “right major crisis” as partly engineered financial meltdown, to bring in the national governmental public “corporations” defined as national sovereign entities, into line by use of debt, martial and security solutions designed and ready for full implementation at globalist worldwide levels of supra-national authority.

The final world war is actually the globalists versus all the nations, but the nations will not know that for the most part, as all world wars have aided globalist wealth and expansion power. (“global war” “on terror” is just another way of saying “world war on terror”, and it means a world war already as begun in unique form in 2001; It can just escalate to final use);

The next stage of national power history is not national recovery from within, but multi-national recovery into a globalized financial system to start along with whatever events it takes to militarily and generally accelerate the globalization process worldwide. That is the 8th King UN meaning of Daniel 11:42-43 financial references, when we know Daniel 11:30-45 is not the USSR or any national power or bloc of power. It is globalized world government of which the UN is but a nucleus. There is a financial and military element of this globalization process, and those two government drivers are already in place for this absorption which is the meaning of Revelation 17:11-18, national sovereigns will eventually capitulate and give their sovereign power to the UN world government super-sovereignty in time.

Prophecy guarantees it, as will world events.

In the meantime the coercive intrigues of Revelation 13:16-18 are already well advanced in the financial compromise of the national powers. People are merely unaware or ignoring the implications of 100 trillion in say US unfunded liabilities, and 16 trillion in debt – it means a national “foreclosure” of financial systems that must fail in part as implied in Daniel 11:42-43 world wealth power consolidation meaning.

And that the US Dollar “reserve currency” global saturation underpins 2/3 of other worldwide national fiat currencies, and so on in this domino effect to come, the compromise of that monetary system valuation will of course affect the whole world economy and finances. (As the context of Daniel 11:42-43 developments going on for some years); But since the globalist already control at least 50% of this world economic and financial power by actual hard wealth ownership, only a percentage nationally will collapse, and it will be absorbed into the core globalist world wealth consolidation to the Daniel 11:42-43 implied global magnitude in progressive final consolidation over say a decade into this final UN cycle.

Catalyzing world developments like war, terror, and/or natural disaster at global scale will merely aid accelerating this consolidation process, the core globalist system cannot be shaken, is hard wealth based ownership, commodity control and precious metals based, it is at the greatest level of wealth it has ever been at, and it will get richer in this process. All oil and other energy sources for example, must go into 8th King control. And as that vacuums out national hard wealth already positioned, for debt and fiat currency filler illusions of wealth, the national power sovereignty based on former wealth power, will of course naturally transfer into the 8th King super-corporatocracy that already runs the globalizing financial and military super-system. National governments will be the last “egg” to go into the sovereign control basket of world government.

(The main financial and military globalizing part of that “power and authority” triad is already supra-national and already in 8th King predominant control, the national governmental element will be the final globalized entity.)

And that is all clearly outlined in Daniel 11:42-45 as it merges in time into Daniel 12:1-12 live and real-time in that continuum of the UN world government completion phase eventually “bumping into” the Messianic Kingdom of Christ, and 100 billion angels ready for planetary warfare for the rulership and restoration of this fine planet. God and Christ are not allowing financiers, warlords, and technocrats to possess planet earth much longer. (Rev11:15-19);

On Conspiracy Theorists

So an Alex Jones type, and others, are merely touching on secretive world government engineering development already simply outlined in Revelation 13:11-15. That “two horned wildbeast” is the secretive guiding globalist architects. Rather than draw worship to itself as “two horned wildbeast” (Rev13:11), for it is a covert globalist system, it draws worship to national and globalist world government solutions (Rev13:12-15) such as the UN “image” it engineers in that Rev13:11-15 sequence as first the League of Nations of 1919.

And we see in Rev17:8-11 a post WW2 “abyss” of inaction to keep “world peace”, did mean a UN rise of that same world government nucleus as the United Nations of 1945. And as the cold war ended (Dan11:29), again the UN manifests then in “new world order” publicly stated initiative in 1990. Thus we see too, the use of world war or world conflict, hot or cold, now THREE times, is used to be eventually the “world problem” resolved for the UN “world peace” effect “solution.

It is like a world government formula. So, logically, intuitively, and prophetically, a similar final cycle development context, a fourth UN phase with worldwide impact, will again be used for the same hopeful “world peace” effect, to be achieved after that coming worldwide “problem” is resolved into a UN world government “solution” finale. (and this overall “problem” will also be financial);

Thus the basis of Alex Jones and others’ “theories” is actually Biblical and world reality of world governmental development outlined in Revelation 13:1-18 and Revelation 17:3, 8-18.

Now your David Icke types of theorists are contained in the reality of Genesis 4-6 of demonic angelic activity that accompanied the need of a global deluge to put an end to that demonic “alien” direct involvement in human and earth planetary development prior to the flood. (Jude6, Gen6, 1Pet3:19,20; 2Pet2:4,5; Eze28:12);

Genesis 10-11 was the first globalist world government attempt at Babel 4000 years ago, symbolized by the “tower of Babel”, and it was to be thwarted by divine intervention in language confusion, with Nimrod as the first globalist.

That merely delayed the world government process and entity to arise in 1919 in Genesis11-revisited modern form as the League of Nations foundation and international globalist hub, and to continue in 3 more, 4 total renditions to UN final world government in the coming decade. And again, as per Zeph3:8-9 God will intervene, as before at Gen11, the human language will be unified as again God will react to globalized world government when it is completed in time here. (Dan2:31-45); The Zephaniah 3:9 language reset connects the two era of globalized power from Genesis 11 to Revelation 17:11-18.


Very simply put, JWs are no longer tracking that UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle as prophecy and key world events properly since they ignore 3rd UN “NWO” placement of 1990, and instead became a UN NGO world advertising agency for UN promotions. (See UN1-2-3-4 at [2])

Simply put as the UN makes world government intent and actuality more and more known progressively through the final cycle to really start in earnest soon as Dan11:42-45, it’s UN world government completion will gauge the time of conflict with the Messianic Kingdom of Christ according to the concurrent UN sovereign progression and the Messianic Kingdom sovereign  progression found in a framework of Biblical prophetic samplings devoted to this subject and development. (as Dan2,7,8,11, Rev13,17);

Thus many credible world authorities, and many researchers understand this world sovereignty development is active in globalizing finance, military and government evolutions, they just are not putting together were it must lead as Revelation 16:13-16 “Armageddon” “gathering” power is mainly by globalization actualities of much former national power and authority going into uni-polar 8th King world sovereign total control in time.

Thus many “conspiracy theorists” may error in many details, they do have the basic framework subject matter correct. The Bile itself gives an alien-angel connection to Genesis 6, and the world governmental development from national root systems of Rev13, 17, Dan2,7,8, 11, are correct – in fact now world histories. Those entities do exist as per Bible information from man’s formative past world history as well since Eden (Gen1-6) and since after the flood in initial demon guided human defiant “kingdom” development as per Genesis 10-11.

Thus “conspiracy theorists” merely echo information from credible sources in national government, research, finance and military development and even globalist world government technocrats themselves. It is now going beyond “theory”, but to application of world government as a real global super-structure of guiding finance, military and governmental consolidation in that order, as national government will quickly follow financial implosion into 8th King world government power and final developments. (There will be no other way for recovery, and recovery will occur; Isa41:1);

Since as per Rev13:16-18 coercive agenda, it is not just Christians who will be resistant to world government, but many national individual and institutional powers will also resist it [1], it is best to keep it’s development as low key as possible until the world events that will make it inevitable arise. JWs aid this process by not continuing the UN1-2-3-4 tracking of 1919 and 1945 UN developments as prophecy to 1990 (and beyond) as 3rd UN placement of Daniel 11:31b (1990) must continue to Daniel 11:45 4th (future) and final UN manifestation as a continuum (Dan11:36).

Of course the world media and shows like “Discovery” and the “History Cannel”, news agencies, etc, are not going to make world government development part of an ongoing detailed exposition, the 8th King will employ not just an element of surprise, but also one of deception to coerce and or persuade all the nations to accept this world government finality.

And it will take time and a final drawn out cycle of development.

But as per prophecy as Daniel 11:42-45 + Rev17:11-18 = Rev16:12-18, all the nations will in fact be drawn into this final globalist unification “8th King” in operating form powerful enough and globally present beyond scale and function of the UN alone, to make the final 8th King UN world “peace and security” proclamation of that super-sovereign world government entity to end the next tribulation cycle as per Matt24:29 into this final sovereign affront to God’s Kingdom. (1Thess5:1-3 parallel of Dan8:25; 11:44-45; 12:11);


This is therefore not a “high pressure” message, it is just tying it all together so people can understand a Biblical thread of Dan2, 7, 8, 11 and Rev13, 17 is merely what is manifesting to this completion as the Messianic Kingdom must ALSO complete, as well, the final Kingdom “body” in the process outlined in Revelation 14, and Revelation 11:1-14, and Revelation 16:12-20.

And since Daniel 11:42-45 merges into Daniel 12 timed periods, and is signaled by Daniel 8:13-14 timed JW temple judgment, we know a decade approximate is contained in this fourth and final UN developmental phase and final world government birthing tribulation cycle. (Contrary to JW delusion, it cannot simply end tomorrow, or for years in fact. It is not “the end” coming up, it is the BEGINNING of the final UN cycle);

You can know what it all means over the next decade as this must unfold, as most of the prophecy forecasting it’s national sovereign developmental roots is already now world history. The rest of the prophecy will also become world history – GUARANTEED – unto Christ’s arrival and after; (Rev20-22);

That prophecy turned world history sovereign framework is what JWs did lay out since 1919 to say 1970, but are now not making the final connection to UN world government as a UN1-2-3-4 super-cycle, they have dropped the UN ball at 1945 meaning, going UN NGO instead in 1990, thus truncating and breaking a very important continuum to understand. [3]

And you can know for sure over the next decade of UN developments:

1. The coming tribulation will end. (Matt24:29) And it will end into a UN based form of “world peace” as Daniel 8:25 “freedom from care” parallel to 1Thess5:1-3. There will finally be NO “wars or reports of war”; (Matt24:6 inverse meaning applies, thus then “the end” can come); There will be a world recovery, not yet the end, as this cycle climaxes in UN world government. Many things have yet to take place.

2. And in time, Christ will confront that rival world sovereignty and depose it AFTER he makes a final sheep gathering and final salvation pass over the entirety of planet earth. (Matt24:29-31 parallel Rev11:7-15; Matt25:31-46 parallel Rev14:14-20);

Anyone can surrender now and up to a point in Daniel 12:11 to Christ’s universal sovereign authority to be spared, and this final message must in time become the final Christian message of Revelation 10-11 final Kingdom completion proclamation which will parallel this UN final developmental cycle to also a diametric world sovereign announcement, and that itself will take a number of years to unwind into Revelation 11 “7th trumpet” finalities parallel with 7th plague meaning as Rev16:17-18.

In basic terms, Christ arrives AFTER the UN proclaims world government, AFTER the world tribulation that births it, concurrent.

These things will start to manifest much more clearly as time progresses, so please make a mental note of it all, the UN world government intent and development will also become more and more vocal and known as this progresses, eventually they must just come right out and say it. (climaxing as 1Thess5:1-3 “world peace!”);

Thus in reality, prophecy in actuality of world developments will stretch out for a while and in forms not exactly expected by even Christians at this time, even JWs have fallen asleep fully; (Matt25:5 principle)


Action Alert: H.R. 75: American Sovereignty Restoration Act Of 2013

Time to Renounce the United Nations?
by Rep. Ron Paul, MD

UN1 of 4. 1919 – WW1  resolution leading to the League of Nations presentation in 1919; (Daniel 12:11; Revelation 13:11-15); (JW tracked);

UN2 of 4. 1945 – WW2 resolution leading to the United Nations presentation in 1945; (Revelation 17:8-11); (JW tracked);

UN3 of 4. 1990 – WW3 “Cold War” resolution leading to the United Nations  presentation in “New World Order” initiative in 1990; (Daniel 11:31); (JW covered up);

UN4 of 4. Future – WW4 resolution leading to the United Nations and 8th King world government total presentation in the relatively near future; (Daniel 8:23-25; Daniel 11:44-45; Replicating Revelation 11:7 and Daniel 12:11); (JW covered up);

Outline – UN has Four Cycles in World History and Bible Prophecy

JW Self Fulfilling Prophecy Aids Cover Up of Final Cycle – UN 1-2-3-4 Cycle

On the Significance of the UN 1-2-3-4 Super-Cycle to 8th King World Government

Daniel 12 Prophecy Will Repeat

Daniel 12 Final Fulfillment Timed Periods 

The timed periods of Daniel 12:7 (1260 days), 12:11 (1290 days) and 12:12 (1335 days) will replicate upon the former patterns of 1914-1918, 1919-1922, and 1922-1926, in the near future;

The 1150 days or 2300 days of Daniel 8:14 will connect in some manner unknown for now into the 1260 days starting on God’s “stopwatch”, and that is why the temple judgment of JWs is important to be aware of as Dan8:13-14 paralleling 1Pet4:17, Rev8:1-6, Zech3:1-9, Mal3:1-5 in final fulfillment; Once misled JWs and others realize what is really going on by undeniable TIMED temple desolation, that timing and meaning will be better appreciated with great proof, as it will soon being the 1260 days unto 1290 days and so on, IT CANNOT BE REVERSED, it ends up at Armageddon and the marriage of the Lamb who will not allow trespassers and opposers even into the human earth :sheep” reception;  (Luke 12:35-40);

But keep in mind we can now prove from various cross references that the 1260 days, which cross links Daniel 12:7 with Dan7:25, Rev11:2-3, Rev12:6, 14 and Rev 13:5, will end the 1260 days in the Matt24:29-31 “tribulation of those days” ending (and Christ’s full revelation of Rev1:7 – BUT not the end yet) which cross references events at Rev6:12-17;

And VERY IMPORTANT, the ending of the 1260 days is required for this to take place:

(Revelation 11:7) And when they have finished their witnessing, the wild beast that ascends out of the abyss will make war with them and conquer them and kill them.

Which completes the parallel Dan12:7 and Dan7:25 “harassment” to a finality which completes the “killed number” of Rev6:9-11; BUT a finality of Matt 24:30-31 as Jude 14 and other Christ gathering events (2Thess2:1) MUST complete “those who are surviving” (1Thess4:17) into a complete 144000 in that Matt24:29-31 final gathering segway of sheep of heaven and earth, which parallels the final sheep and goat separation of the final world judgment for which Dan7:25-26 v. 26 “Court” is parallel to Christ sitting on the throne of the sheep and goat court of Matt25:31;

The parallel:

(Luke 17:34-37) I tell you, In that night (when the “sun” turns “black as sackcloth”; Rev6:12-17; Matt24:29) two [men] will be in one bed; the one will be taken along, but the other will be abandoned. 35 There will be two [women] grinding at the same mill; the one will be taken along, but the other will be abandoned.” 36 —— 37 So in response they said to him: “Where, Lord?” He said to them: “Where the body is, there also the eagles will be gathered together.”

Thus the 1260 days ending is leading into Rev11:7-14 which is the “3.5 days” post 1260 days hint of a brief period after the 1260 days ends, required for final 144000 completion, and the effects of that completion now gathering the protected (Zech2:5; 12:6-9; Zech 9:8-9) “great crowd” finality as the 1290 days starts; By knowing the 1260 days of Dan7:25 ends at that time, we know Dan7:26 starts with Dan12:11 removal of the purified constant feature, 4th UN placement, and the 1290 days beginning;


1260 Days is the Dividing Line

In effect when the 1260 days first period ends, Christ is in full Kingdom completing to full completion power, and will take his sweet time in the events of the 1290 days which will see a final UN placement world government (Dan12:11) also marking the commencement of the 1290 days, the securing of the earth sheep who after 144000 completion will be the only “sheep” left on earth, and of course cordoning off of the goats worldwide, with the 8th King head goats for the eliminations of Rev14:14-20 which parallels the sheep/goat events of finality of Matt25:31-46 as per 2Thess1:6-10 revelation of Christ;

The sheep are secured FIRST, it is not ending instantaneously, hence God’s Daniel 12 time frames for those with faith; We also see the 8th King is completed as ALSO the Messianic Kingdom is completing IN HIS FACE;

But we see the 1290 days period and 1335 days period are under Christ’s full power so in effect [[!!!… the end of the 1260 days is the important near future timing to be most aware of …!!!]], for at it’s conclusion approximation, all sheep and goats are going to be finalized for whatever way Christ is going to selectively save sheep, and surgically remove the goats (worldwide), WHILE the 8th King is at Dan12:11 placement;

The Daniel 12:11 4th UN final placement as also world government “scarlet wildbeast” is paralleling Dan11:45 “palatial tents” globally of the same final UN placement, paralleling Daniel 8:25 last “stand” of the self-same 8th King also symbolically represented by King North and the King of Fierce Countenance as ALL THE SAME IDENTITY AS THE 8TH KING SCARLET WILDBEAST, ALL ending up at Armageddon 16:13-16 event of Rev19:19-21, and Eze38-39 finality of divine war for planet earth’s total worldwide and universal rulership (Rev20:1-3) given fully to Christ even fully crowned well prior to the finality in the 1290 days initiation of 144000 full completion;

The 1Thess5:1-3 actual “peace and security” is the sovereign final defiant claims of the 8th King as TOTAL world government opposed to Christ’s Kingdom, now representing every nation of earth “gathering” globalized into that 8th King globalist disaster zone of sovereign well warned defiance; Very soon, but not immediate after that event, it is going to end, for the 8th King will have made the official claims of world rulership representing every nation on earth now “collected” into the 8th King final sovereign container “bulls-eye” of the Messianic Kingdom (also complete in all 144000 under King-Priest FULL King Christ), and Armageddon war can proceed worldwide;

Which means the Revelation 6:12-17 effects on 8th King and opposers will drag on with various forms of angelic extrication taking place worldwide while sheep are secured for the whole 1290 days period and the 1335 (third watch; third Daniel 12 timed period (Luke 17:34-37)) marriage actuality of deliverance into a covenant of that marriage of the Lamb which must now include the great crowd delivered like Egypt through the “Red Sea” of Rev14:20 enemy “blood”, into an actual marriage covenant (as children of earth) of the Eternal Father and the Bride who will begin the perfection and sin removal process “leading them to waters of life” gradually (Rev7:9-17), but even as Christ arrives healing will be taking place so the great crowd can better enjoy the final show, “regard that day with wonder” of 2Thess1:10;

(2 Thessalonians 1:9-10) These very ones will undergo the judicial punishment of everlasting destruction from before the Lord and from the glory of his strength, 10 at the time he comes to be glorified in connection with his holy ones and to be regarded in that day with wonder in connection with all those who exercised faith, because the witness we gave met with faith among you.

Jehovah’s Witnesses Repeat False Prophecy Pattern

Subtle Development of False Prophecy in Jehovah’s Witnesses

We need to use basic logic here, as Bethel has none. A prophet and an interpreter of prophecy are not the same thing, they are separate things entirely. The only prophets are people who foretell future events before they occur from no previous prophecy. Most Bible prophets, if not all, understood almost nothing of the prophecy they recorded.

Like Daniel, who just went through on temple desolation, was now foretelling another temple desolation, even before the temple was rebuilt! No wonder he was exhausted!

But Daniel knew nothing of the detailed meaning of the prophecy.

As per 2Pet1:19-21, an interpretation that is accurate, must come from God. So an interpretation of accuracy initially must be opened by God, such as recognizing a nucleus of human world government (in the League of Nations as Rev13:11-15) is unique and indeed ominous if in fact Christ is the appointed world ruler to come. That means a conflict will occur as both complete kingdom.

So is the interpretation of Rev13:11-15 correct in world government formative manifestation as an “image” or nucleus of that kind of globalized world power?

People have to make their own decision.

At the churches Rev13:11-15 has many interpretations, none of which must offend their allegiance to the League, still maintained. With JWs, they have a similar agreement with the UN as UN NGO. And like the church interpreters not signing off on IBSA interpretations of Revelation 13, JWs do not reveal the UN 8th King as King North of the 3rd UN placement of 1990 at Daniel 11:31b either. (As Bethel too, made agreement in tangent with a UN worldwide manifestation and fulfillment of prophecy, like 1919 with Christendom cleric councils).

So Bethel or JWs cannot be prophets by logical default explained here, and are not valid interpreters either, for like their twin sister world government escorts of 1919, today’s Bethel UN escort service has JWs concealing King North identity as if the USSR “places the [UN] disgusting thing”, which is of course impossible and thus a falsehood now maintained as Bethel prophetic interpretive policy.

Thus distinguishing a prophet who spoke things he/she did not understand, and an interpreter who can make true or false explanations of prophecy is important to logically understand to easily disqualify post 1945 JWs at 1990 evidence as never prophet, but merely false interpreters.

JWs did expound the 2nd UN placement as prophecy of Rev17:8-11. But again, one has to make their own determination of it’s validity in both those first two UN placements JWs explained as others covered it up with various false interpretations in relation to JWs view of their 1945 veracity.

But now what is a UN 1-2-3-4 continuum when we include Daniel 11:30-45 final two UN placements (1990; future) as 3rd and 4th renditions, with the JW expounded first two UN placements of 1919 and 1945, we no longer have a valid 1-2-3-4 continuum to implied Armageddon (Dan11:45), because in 1990 JWs went UN NGO, and could not explain Daniel 11:27-45 properly so as not to betray their UN allies by proper exposition of that 1990 post “cold war” (Dan11:29) 3rd UN placement of actual Daniel 11:30-31 intrigues at Bethel in UN collusion.

The Bethel self-incrimination in that prophecy, hence it’s diversion, is fairly obvious in the prophecy in the UN NGO itself, not to mention the diversion of interpretation later, as church central clerics did the same thing in 1919 and 1945.


So JWs are not prophets or valid interpreters, because even the Daniel 11:44, now delusion of “attack”, “to fulfill next brothers”, is based on USSR fiction. And that USSR fictional position in the prophecy is advanced too far into Daniel 11 as far as the overall 8th King globalization process. Thus as Daniel 11:42-43 obvious coming global debt intrigues ends in a national collective pawning to subservience as captured “King South” wealth and finances, by a globalized 8th King “King North” credit and finance system, JWs will think those intrigues are Daniel 11:44; prematurely.

And thus the internal UN operation at Bethel, obvious in it’s allegiance (UN NGO) and interpretive diversions, can then implode Bethel financially in the same worldwide context of debt and investment meltdowns, and the 8th King can proceed with Daniel 11:42-45 to 4th UN placement as also full international government – and JWs will be sold a brilliant hoax “interpretive” “explanation” already in place for such use.

Now the UN 1-2-3-4 super-cycle since 1919 can then complete with no obstruction as to Bible prophecy, and place a fully functioning world government (Dan11:45; 8:25; 12:11) like a decade into that final cycle, with no potential JW problem, or aid, as JWs already aided the UN development to even get this far with no prophetic exposure, and misapplied prophecy to aid the JW delusions.

In a way, JWs are prophets now.

In fact the Bethel theology is so well engineered, JWs are now “self fulfilling prophets” as a purposeful interpretive deception is obviously at work in JWs in marked manner since 1990 and the USSR deposition which of course renders King North impossible as per Dan11:36 to fulfill in the USSR, so that error must be purposely maintained to position JWs psychologically at Daniel 11:44, which can be very useful later to finish off the JW organization as JWs actually expect that desolation in their “self fulfilling prophecy”.

Only problem is it will not be Daniel 11:44, or the desolation JWs think is in action, and by the time they figure it out, of course it will be way too late, the 8th King will be pedal to the metal towards world government having just run over JWs as the latest road kill in that roughly ten year trip to 4th UN placement.

So yes, Bethel does have self-fulfilling prophets foretelling the JW future for the 8th King. And Bethel does have prophetic interpreters engineering JW theology to hoax JWs. And like 1919, it all has a clear tie in to UN related organizational operations at Bethel, signaled in the UN NGO. And in this unique case the “prophet” and the “interpreter” is the GB. In most cases prophet and interpreter are separate functions and entities.


Of course that’s my “interpretation”, people have to make their own determinations. Bethel though, is a defunct visionary, as many do agree now.

On Prophecy Repeating Upon Jehovah’s Witnesses

On Prophecy Repeating Upon Jehovah’s Witnesses

There are two JW rules (ignored by JWs) that indicate the 1914 cycle must repeat. And those rules have scriptural logic. And Bethel breaks those rules for a dumbed down JW mindset of a premature end.

First off, none of the “previews” of 1914 actually manifested literally. BTG is present. The Kingdom is not in literal sovereign power totality. The whole cycle started with the “7th trumpet” (Rev11, thus out of sequence), the wildbeast is not a globalized world unification, the UN is just a schematic power system sitting on 17 acres in NY state in aging buildings NOT a world government. And so on, NOTHING in those spheres of finality has actually occurred at or since 1914.

1. But Daniel 11:42-45 must be a one time only sequence that must climax. Regardless of JW USSR error, that prophecy means financial/monetary globalization and first cycle world government receivership of all a true globalization of finance and investment implies. (Dan11:42-43). That means according to JW rules now ignored by JWs, Daniel 12:1 “during that time” must activate as Daniel 11:42-45 progresses to? Daniel 12 activating “during that time” of Daniel 11:42-45 future final globalization intrigues far beyond mere UN international forum schematic scale.

2. By JW rules the “holy city” is trampled? SEVEN times as 2520 years as seven symbolic lunar years of 360 days as years. Seven time 360 years is 2520 years.

And by JW rules in symbolic form, the Revelation 11:2 “holy city” in adjusted “last days” form has only been trampled? 3.5 times.

By JWs’ own rules, that “holy city” must be trampled “seven times” as now 2520 days, as 1260 days in 1914-1918, and 1260 days in the future as Daniel 11:42-45 connects to Daniel 12 live, which has a logically then repeating 1260 days at Daniel 12:7 parallel to the 1260 days of Revelation 11:2, and 11:3. And that would theoretically complete the JW rules required “seven times” as 2520 days in a related principle.

Thus even if this was all fiction, JWs are still not observing their own rules and basic logic that a final cycle of Daniel 12, with very literal culminations, is required by? JWs’ own rules of their own game. Even JWs await Daniel 11:44-45, albeit prematurely and out of sync with the globalization process and world news of financial globalization coming up first (Dan11:42-43), and by JWs’ own understanding, Daniel 11:44-45 must be a unique future event that must logically proceed into Daniel 12 time periods repeating in literal, in sequence, in live and real-time form.

In effect JWs are derailed and the pieces have fallen off of their own board game psychologically disabling the final rounding of the board and finishing their own game – they forfeited. And a related effect from Bethel is also misleading JWs in the process to think “it can end any day now brothers!”. When in fact it cannot end any day now, the final globalization cycle can BEGIN any day now is what is the actuality, and go on for several globalizing years is the certainty. And that multi-years certainty is from world globalization projections, prophecy and supposed prophetic JW rules being ignored at the supposed home stretch, not the “finish line” as JWs’ prematurely expect in error.

Thus it is very strange what is actually happening to JWs, who at least used to act like they paid attention to the rules of their own game way back when they tried to explain prophecy.