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After Temple Desolation – Delaying the 8th King

Delaying the 8th King

(Isaiah 41:1) “Attend to me in silence, you islands; and let national groups themselves regain power. Let them approach. At that time let them speak. Let us come up close together for the judgment itself.

Isaiah also foretells a national recovery under a “new world order” finished world government product;

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The coming “sword stroke” will again be healed for final “freedom from care” and final world “peace and security” UN proclamations; But in the meantime the GB is building the New World Order Headquarters to give to the 8th King administrations of the NWO built with JW donated millions;

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But God will set their “sun” ten steps back, and give JWs the Dan8:14 affirming temple judgment sign:

(Isaiah 37:30-32) “‘And this will be the sign for you: There will be an eating this year of the growth from spilled kernels, and in the second year grain that shoots up of itself; but in the third year sow seed, you people, and reap, and plant vineyards and eat their fruitage. 31 And those who escape of the house of Judah, those who are left remaining, will certainly take root downward and produce fruitage upward. 32 For out of Jerusalem a remnant will go forth and those who escape out of Mount Zion. The very zeal of Jehovah of armies will do this.

(Isaiah 38:1-8) In those days Hezekiah got sick to the point of dying. Accordingly Isaiah the son of Amoz the prophet came in to him and said to him: “This is what Jehovah has said, ‘Give commands to your household, for you yourself will indeed die and will not live.’” 2 At that Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and began to pray to Jehovah 3 and to say: “I beseech you, O Jehovah, remember, please, how I have walked before you in truthfulness and with a complete heart, and what was good in your eyes I have done.” And Hezekiah began to weep profusely. 4 And the word of Jehovah now occurred to Isaiah, saying: 5 “Go, and you must say to Hezekiah, ‘This is what Jehovah the God of David your forefather has said: “I have heard your prayer. I have seen your tears. Here I am adding onto your days fifteen years; 6 and out of the palm of the king of Assyria I shall deliver you and this city, and I will defend this city. 7 And this is the sign for you from Jehovah that Jehovah will perform this word that he has spoken: 8 Here I am making the shadow of the steps that had gone down on the steps [of the stairs] of Ahaz by the sun retrace backward ten steps.”’” And the sun gradually went back ten steps on the steps [of the stairs] that it had gone down.

In that sequence God affirms:

1. A JW temple recovery will come as the 8th King “Assyrians” “sun” is set back “ten steps”; (Rev16:8-9 sun) Delayed for temple recovery by Rev9 Destroyer’s covert angelic forces;

2. JWs will get a three year sign as per Dan8:14, Hos6:1-3; Isa20:3; Isa 16:14; Isa 37:30;

3. The 8th King will NOT take JW Jerusalem at this time (only Israel/Bethel in desolation of Dan8:13); (Hos1:4-7; Isa31:8-9; Isa37:33) not until the final 1260 day warning is given; (Rev11:7) leading to a delayed final 8K attack;


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