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On The Bethel Symbol of the Christian Anointed Ministry (and Judgment)

On The Bethel Symbol of the Christian Anointed Ministry (and Judgment)


Help me out buddy
Why do you think a [Bethel] 501c American book publishing house has ANYTHING

THEY [Bethel] could be time life or publishers clearing house
It’s just a printery that hawks religious genre publications 

The point of this response is “Bethel”, the “Watchtower Bible and Tract Society” (WTBTS), the “Watchtower Society” (WTS), “The Watchtower” are not the anointed Christian temple reality in the anointed Christian remnant still on earth who assumes the real judgment meaning and target of all the Bible symbols of “temple” “holy place” judgment.

But Bethel and the other secular symbols of that anointed Christian ministry are world known entities that have assumed a claim of being that anointed Christian ministerial “established place” (Dan8:11) and “fortress” (Dan11:31a), and so are good publicly known elements to bring Daniel 8:13 “trampling” and “desolation” upon, because of this high profile of world awareness.

In this way, when the “desolation” and “trampling” for the UN NGO is brought about later, people can also more easily make the connection between a world seen divine judgment event “on Bethel” as really the anointed Christian judgment under it all, by reality or claims, that is really what has been judged, for good and bad outcomes. That it starts the final cycle of prophecy to Christ’s arrival will be made more clear as time goes in in Daniel 8:14 (temple judgment) and Daniel 12:7 (cleansed final warning) identified time periods whose start-points are unknown, but whose overall meaning is known.


Exactly. It has nothing to do with being idolized as the center of salvation.

BUT, it has made the claims, it is a target with immense assets, protected by gullible dolts.

So, for God it will make the point of the connection and association to the original Christian ministry that came forth as the globalist world government foundation was laid as the League of Nations.

And since the global tribulation is greatly financial in nature (Dan11:42-43), in time the globalized recovery must be 8th King monetary and finance globalization.

It is the end of the nation-state sovereign system. World government will in time become a global known issue en route to inevitably becoming for final actual global authorization. World government will become widely known as the final world war is playing out, engineered for the same effect as WW1, WW2, and Cold WW3, to present?


For the King North 8th King boys in and around Bethel it is 5 billion in free assets, so they will not pass up this mark. And the derivatives and HFT context of the Daniel 11:42-43 prophecy AND it’s world reality of globalist world finance control, will provide the perfect context of Bethel’s implosion, financially.

And JWs just so happen to EXPECT it, but for all the wrong reasons. Rather than be “the end”, it will be instead the START of the final 8th King world government and world war cycle, number four, and there is no more.

So it is the Bethel worldwide ministerial identity, classic Bethel is no more even now, it is the known association to claimant anointed Christians that makes Bethel’s JW organizational “established place” (Dan8:11), the place to “desolate” to account for the UN alliances, and to get full and clear world attention for the final announcement of what it really means.

The final 8th King prophetic and world government development cycle will have started with the Bethel downfall, and the global financial intrigues of Daniel 11:42-43. It will probably start with an investment event 10 times larger than the 2008 CDO events. That was just a test, the final phase of GWOT can proceed as WW4 some time in this progression, for the 4th UN placement, this time, some years down the road, as actual “world government”.


Because prophecy already explains globalist intel involvement in the Bethel infiltration (Dan11:41), we know all these world government downplaying and King North/8th King concealing Bethel developments are not random, but 8th King guided.

Thus the Bethel downfall will allow later the real explanation to come forth, and it is 8th King related, and the world will be heading to world government, so the climax warning will be while the 8th King is ascending to King North global domination, the nation-state will fall, the 8th King is who will recover them, and in that financial system recovery is when all the nations will be fully unified as sovereign partners with 8th King world super-sovereignty.

Targeting Bethel will put the world’s attention upon the world government issue and the context of this apostasy. It is an 8th King intelligence operation allowed by an anointed defection years ago, at Bethel. “Bethel” itself is not the issue, it is just a symbol, the Christian ministry it represents is the issue, world government used to be it’s main import and tracking, and that is what it will refocus on as world government nears, and with it, God and Jesus Christ – for real.

Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

Is The Governing Body Biblical or Divinely Appointed

“is jw leadership appointed by god ?/? ! ?” – JW leadership Biblical? 

No. The “body of the Christ” is the only divine entity identified in the Bible as Christian anointed.

The “governing” “body” is a fictional JW papal-like system; a collective “Pope”. Fred Franz condemned the “governing body” as a fraud synod, between the lines. (Gilead talk; 1975) That “body” is naturally “set in opposition” to the “body of the Christ”.

PDF “The Man of Lawlessness – Governing Body Based Bethel UN Prophetic Deception Operation”;

This is why the “Governing Body” adjoined JWs to the UN, at UN 3rd placement of 1990 as Daniel 11:31b, and covers up King North as 8th King henceforth.

The Bethel system is now UN NGO signaled for Matthew 24:15 judgment because JWs used to have a valid Kingdom proclaiming ministry now diverted.

Bethel Apostasy 1990 – Jehovah’s Witnesses UN NGO and the UN Prophecy Tracking Lost

Now as the 8th King heads to world government as Daniel 11:45, JWs are not connecting the 3rd UN placement (Dan11:30-31) as a required continuum (Dan11:36b) that leads from 1990 to Armageddon a number of years after Daniel 11:42-45 activates enroute to 8th King world government soon.

Instead JWs are misled by the Bethel apostates that it is “the end”, but in fact it is just the beginning of the final prophetic cycle. The Bethel judgment of Daniel 8:13-14 begins the cycle as 1Peter4:17, as Revelation 8:2-5 replicating now upon JWs.

Instead, as stated, the UN will require the ten years or so after that Bethel downfall to complete that world government now in progress as the “New World Order”:

8th King United Nations World Government Final Cycle – Final Prophetic Replication and Milestones

The modern JW “leadership” is the final version of the “man of lawlessness” because they divert the last point of Kingdom truth into UN NGO and other error to aid that final 8th King world government formation. The “operation of error” of 2Thess2:10-11; Zech3:3;


Watchtower is a Distraction

Watchtower is a Distraction

Sadly, you make the claim that scriptures I posted are out of context. Yet, you fail to point out to your audience how they are out of context.

Wrong wording; It is that many in the Christendom overall apostasy IDd after 1918 have no actual context; That they pick scriptures that appeal to self glorification at the same time avoiding “hell fire” which is thus not a choice, but a coercion;

The fundamental logic of thousands of scattered church teachings are therefore fundamentally serving self glorification with a persuasion of a “hell fire” that does not exist, meaning churches are not teaching the truth;

And that is the problem IDd in 1918 and now made obvious for millions to flee from that Babel like instituion;

Now JWs have a similar apostasy at work, not to re-introduce Babel and church error in theology, but to align JWs in a very dangerous spiritual relationship with the UN as UN NGO, thinking it is all harmless;

That infraction (Dan8:13-14) is going to cause a JW organizational destruction of Biblical proportions, not so much physical but financial and governmental, the main method of making a ministerial operation cease;


Than you once again repeat lies of WTS teachings as being in context.
Prove one prophesy of the WTS or the ones your making up have has come true?

Few prophecies were ascertained before they fulfilled in the past, so there is no “false prophecy” as far as the sovereign progression of Daniel 2, 7, 8 and 11, until recently the GB covers up 8th King prophecy as King North from Daniel 11:27-45; That is the 3rd and fourth, final UN placements of world history in Daniel 11:31b and Daniel 11:45 respectively;

We ascertain the GB error, along with their UN alignment as UN NGO, to see why they cover up the final two UN placements in Bible history for it is the Daniel 11:36 REQUIRED continuum to Armageddon;

Churches do not understand Daniel and Revelation’s connection to the sovereign progression of world national powers, being globalized into a UN world government; JWs had that made apparent by historical patterns fitting the prophecy; But today, like the churches, JWs are not aware that globalization is the main “gathering” power of Revelation 16:12-16 which leads to Armageddon;

So JWs have indeed accurately INTERPRETED most prophecy after the fact to identify a worldwide development that will unify all national powers on earth into the 8th King consolidation of globalist world government; And that is why it is an 8th King; Daniel 11:42-44 + Rev17:12-18 = Rev16:13-16 (Dan11:45) which is Armageddon;

The churches and the lone “Christians” thinking they are going to a Kingdom them scarcely understand, by scarcely understanding the rival 8th Kingdom have NO idea of Revelation or Daniel sovereign prophecy and it’s progression to the end of the world of all opposed to Kingdom of God world rulership; The churches do not put together the most simple test of loyalty to God’s Kingdom, but instead back up te United Nations as a form of God’s Kingdom “on earth”, and such traitorous harlotry is of course why they do not understand Daniel or Revelation or what it really means;

Therefore the churches are part of the puppet “false prophet” and anti-Christ system portion, that will lead you guys to the 8th King UN 4th placement, GUARANTEED, that is the Kingdom the churches, and now even JWs as UN NGO are serving;

The desolation of the JW ministry is to also remove the lawless elements covering up the final portion of Daniel 8 and 11 sovereign progression to 4th placement UN world government; The impostor GB cannot overturn previous understanding, but tey can divert attention away from the final prophetic cycle and world tribulation developmental cycle required for the UN to become a world government in control of all the nations;

JWs nailed the identification of the UN “image” as Rev13 and 17 significant, but are now diverted from the reality that image ultimately represents a final world government globalist unification against God’s Kingdom of all the nations on earth, which must complete and make sovereign final claims before God’s Kingdom wipes it out at Armageddon; There is not much time left in the world, 7 to 10 years, maybe a little more, and the churches are even lass aware of Biblical reality then most JWs; Organized JWs need to be desolated and purified to teach the full truth;

There will be a massive final world collapse, tribulation and unique world war, and a recovery (Dan8:25; 1Thess5:1-3); leading to the 4th UN placement made fully vocal to all the world in the process; That is not a “WT teaching”, instead it is being diverted by the Bethel apostasy, but it will come true because now we have i former fulfillment at World War 1, simply repeating at final world war, to be resolved for the UN world government, “NO wars and NO reports of wars” (Matt24:6);

And that is the end;

World Recovery After World War 4 – Daniel 11:27-45 3rd and 4th Final United Nations Placements