Bethel Trick: Conceal Truth with Truth

Bethel Trick: Conceal Truth with Truth

1. Bethel’s main technique is to misarrange final prophecy to instill false expectations in JWs so as to conceal their real “operation of error” in an obviously “lifted over everyone” corporate board acting like “God’s chosen” infallible and unapologetic “Governing Body”, even capitalizing thus titleizing their fraud secular term that is actually absent from all Bible text—thus it is superimposed by the “board of directors” to cloak their tyranny in a delusion of scriptural precedent. If the GB is scriptural, then so is the Papacy, for they are the self-same technique at work: a lie.

2. The second technique employed by signal lawless Bethel, being initially exposed even now by God to undeniable spiritual corruption they are, is to distract JWs by use of diversion to places the apostasy cannot be present as all prophetic Biblical scale apostasies take place in the spiritual LEADERSHIP as the priesthood is profaned by impostors and lawless frauds, today forming the modern Bethel “cave of robbers” that has stripped anointed Christian input from the JW ministry systematically—hence “gradually given over” to the enemy system by subversion in Daniel 8:12 and Daniel 11:32a, from within at Daniel 11:41.

3. Everything else at busy body Bethel, is to keep JWs overly busy, fully mesmerized and distracted, sharing transgression (Dan8:13, Zech3:3), and [[disconnected from prophecy and the former rules of testing and explaining prophecy]], as now Bethel reveals their ever important “dumb down” policy in Watchtower 3/15/2015 to justify the butchery of more parables in that “smooth word” issue. (Dan11:32a)

Thus by these kinds of successful DISTRACTIONS, further aided by the visually obsessed circus carnival at the Global-Bethel-org-idol, spotlighted by their celebrity GB ring leaders as the MAIN FOCUS OF GLOBAL DISTRACTION. Those GB Ringleaders are merely a secular, mundane and profane corporate pack of CEOs, nothing more nothing less, as now the Global Central Clowns of JW Circus with their centerpiece UN NGO UN partnership JW embedded abomination in the central ring of distraction as the WHOLE is now a TOTAL GLOBAL DISTRACTION from the original “Kingdom message” of guaranteed prophecy.

So the goal of the GB is sleight of hand demonic magic as per Zechariah 3:1-3, 2Thess2:1-4,9 and 2 Corinthians 11:13-15 terminal apostasy to ENCOURAGE PEOPLE TO LOSE FOCUS ON PROPHECY [[and]] [where we are in the prophecy at the final cycle about to start, not end], and the fact this severe apostasy is of course ALSO in the main prophecy Bethel covers up at Daniel 11:30-35 and Daniel 8:11-13.

Connecting Bethel Lawlessness to Final Prophecy

Required Completions Yet to Come

Do not lose sight of the FACT all the prophecies leading to Christ’s arrival in the Bible will come true. The Bible is already 90% prophecy that is ALREADY world history. It stands to reason the final 10%, the climax 10% will also become world history.

There are only a few things that are required to complete, or Christ would already be rolling across planet earth with 100 billion angels and God Almighty Himself, to SAVE the place from man and demons. Do not let religious organized confusion, with the apostate Bethel “cherry on top” of that WHOLE error, distract you.

1. The Bethel apostasy is the FIRST THING in this final series of developments and events that must COMPLETE, and be fully revealed after they have sacked Bethel as a given divine judgment. (1Pet4:17, Zech3:1-5, Dan8:13-14)

2. The final anointing and affirmation sealing must complete as well (Rev7), as Bethel hinders this as that “set in opposition” final significant apostasy in the JW LEADERSHIP (2Thess2:1-4, Zech3:3), not out in the pews were they also beat the sheep and whip their fellow slaves for more more more, as JWs are modern Bethel slaves, no longer “slaves of God” or Christ, but minions of the Bethel EVIL SLAVE fully manifesting with actual crimes under their fraud-frock.

3. 8th King world government must complete (Dan11:45, Dan8:25, Rev17:11-18) when the 7th King goes down fully (Dan11:42-43, Rev13:3 (repeat)) into the “ascension” of that final world government entity (Rev11:7, Rev17:8-12) also required to complete before all the final judgments take place.

4. Those final developments as judgments to complete as well, are the:

A. Enemy system removal (Rev13:5-7) of the “two witnesses” (Rev11:3) final warning (Rev11:7-10; Dan12:11) to emerge from the, by then, Bethel apostasy terminated and exposed (Dan8:13-14, Rev8:3-5, Zech3:4-9, 2Thess2:8, Mal3:1-5),

B. Babylon the Great deposed at the end of this cycle (Rev16:12,19; Rev17:15-18), under full 8th King/King North world government as Christ’s arrival is triggered (Rev11:11-12, Matt24:29-31, Rev16:17) [[by the COMPLETION]] of the 8th King totality in “one hour” of final global reign (Rev17:12, 1Thess:5:1-3), under Satan fully empowered over earth to the hilt. (Rev12:14-17, Eze38:7)

C. That enables the final global judgment of Christ. (Matt25:31-46, Rev14:14-20)

5. In the meantime, the globalized “gathering” of Revelation 16:12-16 will also complete as foretold, globally.

A. The 8th King world government will declare “world peace and security” in that Daniel 8:25 identical “freedom from care” ONLY WHEN 8th King WORLD GOVERNMENT IS 100% COMPLETE. That is “the end” marker climax development of global defiance to God’s Kingdom at 1 Thessalonians 5:1-3.

It’s All Going to Come True Including Apostate Bethel’s Downfall Aided from Within

Regardless of human denial and Bethel global criminal lawlessness aiding their final Festival of Doubt, all that will still unfold as foretold, and as desired by the 8th King world government backing “two horned wildbeast” globalist elites and their cronies. (Dan11:42-43; Rev13:15-18)
Bethel Trick: Conceal Truth with Truth

What Bethel is doing therefore is concealing the truth, with the truth. They are using valid prophecy, misarranged and misapplied, to aid their CENTRAL DELUSION, the premature “end of the world” they now hype up all JWs with as per:

(2 Thessalonians 2:1-2) However, brothers, respecting the presence of our Lord Jesus Christ and our being gathered together to him, we request of you 2 not to be quickly shaken from your reason nor to be excited either through an inspired expression or through a verbal message or through a letter as though from us, to the effect that the day of Jehovah is here.

And because of successful apostasy and infiltration such as this (Dan8:11-14, Dan11:30-35,41), Bethel is the final apostasy that must be instead revealed 100%, before that “end” can really come:

(2 Thessalonians 2:3-5) Let no one seduce you in any manner, because it will not come unless the apostasy comes first and the man of lawlessness gets revealed, the son of destruction. 4 He is set in opposition and lifts himself up over everyone who is called “god” or an object of reverence, so that he sits down in the temple of The God, publicly showing himself to be a god. 5 Do you not remember that, while I was yet with you, I used to tell you these things?

JWs have well forgotten that warning (Rev2:2, not), and instead entertain the Bethel GB “man of lawlessness” heads as if they are gods on earth. (Zech3:1-3)

They only way to get through to JWs in Bethel bondage, is to of course sack Bethel and terminate the “lawless one”, which God and Christ will do in the temple judgment (Dan8:13-14), once the UN NGO “transgression causing desolation” is accounted in global “TRAMPLING” of the JW org.

And that is why the literal demons up at Bethel (Zech3:1-3, 2Thess2:9, 2Cor11:13-15), have devised this great “its the end brothers!” delusion of these modern apostate doomsday-hypers, so JWs can misperceive the “trampling” judgment end of the of Bethel apostates (Isa66:6, Dan8:13-14, Rev8:3-5), as the “end of the world”, thereby paralyzing JWs fully and fully derailing their now apostate ministry. (Hos6:1-3) This is how JWs are to soon follow the pattern of the “sign of Jonah”, three years neutralized (Dan8:14, Isa37:30), they are tossed into the sea under an “abyss” judgment of God, until God comes (Mal3:1-2) to recover them (Zech3:2, Rev9:1-2, Hos1:4-7), which he will, for the final warning (Rev10:5-11) must complete from this to be globally notable condemned apostate Bethel downfall.

And this is why Bethel has JWs focused on a double-jeopardy “Christendom must be judged, again, next brothers!”, and or the “Babylon the Great must go down next brothers! that starts the end of the world brothers!” and or “Gog of Magog will attack us next as King North brothers, we will tell you who they are then brothers! then comes Armageddon brothers!”.


All these things will in time come true, but not in the reverse order Bethel is now selling JWs and people in general, to conceal their own judgment and required downfall for mass idolatry, UN NGO and many lawless crimes against humanity, Christians, Christ and God. Bethel judgment will match the scale of their transgression, it is they who “left the holy covenant” at Daniel 11:30-32.

The Governing Body 1976 dictatorial coup, is how the 1991 UN NGO and 3rd UN presentation prophecy (Dan11:31b) was all covered up, to form this horde of impostors that now run Bethel into the ground (Dan11:32a), from within (Dan11:41), to climax in the total global coup of the JW organization to come in the future.

Therefore, make a mental note, the Bethel forecast will fail with their apostasy going down first. THAT is what they are diverting attention away from.

Bethel Apostasy Foretold in Daniel 8 and 11

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